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FAQ/Walkthrough by wayalla

Version: 1.7 | Updated: 12/08/03

             __________   _________   ___        ___   ______
            |____   ___| |___   ___| |   \      /   | |  ____|
                 | |         | |     | |\ \    / /| | | |_
                 | |         | |     | | \ \  / / | | |  _|
                 | |      ___| |___  | |  \ \/ /  | | | |____
                 |_|     |_________| |_|   \__/   |_| |______|
          _____   ______   _________   _____   _________   _____
         |  ___| |   _  | |___   ___| |  ___| |___   ___| |  ___|
         | |     |  |_| |     | |     | |___      | |     | |___
         | |     |    __|     | |     |___  |     | |     |___  |
         | |___  | |\ \    ___| |___   ___| |  ___| |___   ___| |
         |_____| |_| \_\  |_________| |_____| |_________| |_____|

                               |____  |
                                 ___| |
                                |___  |
                                ____| |

Time Crisis 3, FAQ/Walkthrough written by Aaron Baker

Current FAQ version: 1.7 
Email ns_java_games(at)yahoo.com.au

Any comments about the guide are welcome, as well as any contributrions

NOTE: It seems a lot of people are having trouble unlocking cheats, for 
      example, the unlimited handgun bullets. The reason is in the 
      Unlockables/Secrets section (Section 11.) Please see this section 
      before mailing me.


1.0:  Table of Contents

2.0:  Introduction
      A. Guide introduction
      B. Game Introduction
      C. Story
      D. Version

3.0:  Controls
      A. Controllers
      B. G-con2
      C. G-con45
      D. Controller
      E. Notes
      F. Pictures

4.0:  Game Characters
      A. Alan Dunnaway
      B. Wesley Lambert
      C. Alicia Winston
      D. Daniel Winston
      E. Wild Dog
      F. Giorgio Zott

5.0:  Heads up Display
      A. Score
      B. Life/Health
      C. Time Limit
      D. Ammunition
      E. Weapons

6.0:  Weapons
      A. Handgun
      B. Machinegun
      C. Shotgun
      D. Grenade Launcher
      E. Sniper Rifle

7.0:  Enemies
      A. Soldiers
      B. Armed Soldiers
      C. Advanced Soldiers
      D. Rocket Soldiers
      E. Turrets
      F. Vehicles
      G. Bosses
      H. Falling Objects

8.0:  Game Modes
      A. Arcade
      B. Rescue Mission
      C. One Stage Trial
      D. Link
      E. Two Player
      F. Crisis Mission

9.0:  Game Basics
      A. Reloading
      B. Weapon Select
      C. Crouching
      D. Aiming
      E. Health Bars
      F. Routes

10.0: Messages
      A. Wait
      B. Reload
      C. Action
      D. Danger

11.0: Secrets
      A. Unlockables
      B. Cheat Codes
      C. GameShark codes
      D. Glitches

12.0: Game Tips
      A. Scoring Tips (4)
      B. Weapon Tips (5)
      C. Survival Tips (2)
      D. Boss Tips (3)
      E. Time Saving Tips (3)
      F. Rescue Mission Tips (3)

13.0: Looking to buy?
      A. Release Dates
      B. Reviews
      C. Game Rankings
      D. My Review
      E. Trailers

14.0: Boss FAQ
      A. Gunship guy
      B. Beast guy
      C. Wild Dog
      D. Wild Fang
      E. Giorgio Zott

15.0: Stage Walkthrough
      A. Stage 1, Area 1 (Beach)
      B. Stage 1, Area 2 (Ship)
      C. Stage 1, Area 3 (Desert road)
      D. Stage 2, Area 1 (Town)
      E. Stage 2, Area 2 (Waterfall)
      F. Stage 2, Area 3 (Train)
      G. Stage 3, Area 1 (Outside)
      H. Stage 3, Area 2 (Library area)
      I. Stage 3, Area 3 (Missile command)
      J. Ending

16.0: Challenges
      A. One weapon
      B. Original credits
      C. Highest score
      D. Short time
      E. Verse a friend

17.0: Rescue Mission Basics
      A. Story
      B. Unlocking
      C. Upgrades
      D. Sniper Rifle
      E. Other Differences
      F. Rescue Mission Tips

18.0: Rescue Mission Boss FAQ
      A. Gunship
      B. Town Battle 
      C. Train Car
      D. Giorgio Zott
      E. Enemy Escape Plane

19.0: Extra Help
      A. My Email
      B. Message Boards
      C. Other Guides
      D. Namco Site

20.0: Frequently Asked Questions
      A. Score Questions
      B. Weapon Questions
      C. Guide Questions
      D. Game Questions

21.0: Ending
      A. Last words
      B. Email
      C. Copyright
      D. Websites
      E. Credits
      F. Still to come

NOTE: In the TOC Section 18, I have not listed the real name of the Boss 
due to spoilers. See the section if you want to know what the boss is 
called, but showing you in the TOC would ruin the storyline.



Welcome to my guide for Time Crisis 3 on the Playstation 2. My family 
has all of the time crisis games (yep, all 4 of them, 2 on the 
playstation 1 and 2 on the playstation 2.) This guide will display you 
information on how to play the game, and beat the game as well as cool 
info on the weapons and enemies as well.

Time crisis 3 is a very addictive game made by Namco. It needs the use 
of the Gcon (well actually you can use the controller, but it is a pain 
in the ass using the controller, so it is better to use the Gcon 2. I 
will mention the story of the game in the next section.

The Zagrios federation has launched an unprovoked invasion on the 
Astigos island, a small, peaceful Mediterranean island and territory of 
the neighbouring nation of Lukano.

Despite heavy resistance from the front for liberation and independence 
of lukano, the Zagrios federation army has already seized 80 percent of 
the island. It's only a matter of time before the territory is fully 

Our sources on Astigos has revealed that the Zagrios federation has 
installed tactical missiles at strategic sites on the island, posing a 
threat not only to lukano, but to all of the surrounding countries. We 
have also been informed that a small resistance task force was deployed 
to destroy the missiles, but the mission has been declared a failure.

The ocean surrounding Astigos is heavily patrolled. You must find a way 
through and then attempt to locate the missiles. You are authorized to 
use full force and make use of resistance support and supplies, should 
they become available.

Success in this mission is imperative. We must restore peace to the 
region and soothe the currently volatile state of global affairs. Good 
luck agents; I look forward to reading your successful debrief 
statements upon your return.

NOTE: You can find the Rescue mission story, by going to backstory in 
      the game.


Version 1.0: Released to gamefaqs. First version, not spell checked and 
11/10/03     some stuff is not complete.

Version 1.1: Second version released to GameFAQs. Credit section added, 
11/11/03     and also the stage walkthrough section is completed. 
             Document spell checked also.

Version 1.2: Third version released to GameFAQs. I added in the 
11/12/03     descriptions to the areas in the Table of Contents. Added 
             in the trailers section, and put in some nifty challenges 
             you might want to look at. Added in Time Saving tips.

Version 1.3: Added in the Frequently Asked Questions section, as well 
11/13/03     as the Extra help section. Added Things to come under the 
             ending sector, and that's about it.

Version 1.4: Added in the Rescue Mission basics section, which includes 
11/14/03     info about the Sniper Rife, Tips, Differences and more.  
             Added in more Q's, and put some stuff in the TOC.

Version 1.5: Changed around the start of the guide, and added in the 
11/15/03     ASCII art (email me if you have a better one that I can 
             use.) Added in the Boss FAQ for Rescue mission and more 
             game basics, as well as updating the unlockables section.  

Version 1.6: Corrections were added to the cheats section, and also the 
11/16/03     guns section, about the desert eagle (deadgle) and other 
             guns. News section added/updates.

Version 1.7: Been playing TimeSplitters 2 again. All I did here was 
11/21/03     fixed the ascii art at the top, so that the 3 is in the 


11/10/03 "Guide Submitted"

Wow, this is the quickest I have ever got an FAQ out since I got the 
game. I got the game on Saturday, and this Guide was posted on a Monday, 
although it isn't complete. I was thinking about delaying this and 
waiting to the Stage walkthroughs and the rest of the stuff was 
complete, but I thought I better post the guide, before someone else 
does. Of course, it isn't complete, but it soon will be.

11/11/03 "Not Accepted yet"

24 hours since I sent the guide in to www.gamefaqs.com, and it hasn't 
been posted. That hardly ever happens. Either A) There is a really big 
backlog, or B) It's not going to be accepted. I hope that it is not B, 
cos I did put a fair amount of time and effort into this guide, and what 
a waste it would be if it wasn't posted.

11/12/03 "Finally Posted"

Okay, it has finally been posted. You can send any information about the 
guide to my email adress, which is at the of the guide. Remember to 
place the (at) part with the real at symbol. It's only a "bare bones" 
guide, but I soon hope to change that into a full guide.

11/13/03 "Unlockables?"

Questions, questions, questions. There are a lot of them. People are 
trying to find out how to unlock infinite handgun bullets, and sub 
weapon bullets and everything else. To be serious, I have no idea as of 
yet. People are claiming all different ways of getting infinite handgun, 
from finishing in first place, to beating the game in under 30 minutes, 
to just using the handgun. If anyone knows the correct way, please 
explain to me via email.

11/14/03 "Hosting Websites"

Other sites want to host my work, and I'm not so sure about it. IGN are 
actually a good place, and don't steal/rip off guides, so I'm not sure 
about letting them host my guide. I am currently saying that this guide 
is exclusive to GameFAQs, but the main reason to write guides is to help 
people out, and the more websites it is on, the more help. I'm still not 

11/15/03 "Ascii Request"

Ascii art is certainly not my speciality, as you can see at the top of 
the document. If anyone has any better tart that they would so kindly 
let me use, I would really appreciate it. Send it to my email, although 
it may get screwed up due to my email. 

11/16/03 "Conformation"

Finally I have got some conformation on the Unlimited Handgun cheat. I 
have tried beating the game with just my handgun, and of course it 
didn't work. Before you try out to get the handgun bullets, first beat 
the game in under 30 minutes, and also finish in first place (not in the 
same game) and then you can go for unlimited handgun. Correct me if I'm 
wrong, please.

11/16/03 "Websites Reminders"

Just wanted to let you know that www.gamestop.com actually host the 
guide as well, but since GameFAQs and GameStop are owned by the same 
company (I think) GameStop gets the GameFAQs guide, so when you really 
think about it, it isn't really exclusive, but there is nothing I can do 
about that. Also, if you find this document on www.cheatcc.com, please 
email me right away! That site steals FAQs. Please email me if you find 
it there. 



To play Time Crisis 3, you need either one of these:

- A G-con2
- A G-con45
- An analog controller
- Any other gun that is compatible

Either one of the top two are preferred, but don't play it without the 
gun, using the controller can be a pain, but really still worth a 
challenge if you think you are really good.


- A trigger (in the usual spot)
- Button where a clip would go on a normal handgun (C button)
- 2 buttons near the trigger (A and B buttons)
- A select and start button (farthest away from trigger)

- Trigger: Shoot/Change weapon when ducking
- A button: Reload/Crouch
- B button: Reload/Crouch
- C button: Reload/Crouch
- Start: Pause game
- Select: Nothing (?)

G-CON 45

- A trigger
- An A and B button

- Trigger: Shoot
- A button: Reload/Duck
- B button: Pause


- 4 shoulder buttons 
- D-Pad and 2 analog sticks
- X, [], /\, O buttons

- Triangle: Shoot
- Square: Shoot
- Cross: Shoot
- Circle: Shoot
- L2: Increase cursor movement
- R2: Increase cursor movement
- L1: Reload/Duck
- R1: Reload/Duck
- Analog sticks: Aim
- D-Pad: Aim


- Use the G-con2 or 45 to play (its a lot easier)
- All button configurations are default
- You can change controls (like reloading type) by going to options, 
  and then to controls.
- Apparently there are more guns you can use (like the Desert eagle 
  (deagle), but these are the ones I have heard about that I'm 


Just in case your wondering what gun is what, here is some ASCII 
pictures to show you what they look like.

BIG credits to Punishment_01 here, a fellow South Australian.

NOTE: This is a shorten version, due to it had to fit within 70 
characters per line.

                      MMS8BWBB08                                 .2Xi
                       2:7r::..:i7iiiiZSS2X             8WMMa0a27ii7;,
                SMM08808888@WMMZ    BMMBBB0B0BBBWWBBBB0BB0000000888BBBW
         7MMMMBBBB00WBWMMM MMM       @MWMMMB8888BZ0BB00B0BB0B008000@0i
         MM@W0BBB000@80MM  XMM        M@MaMMMMMMM00B0B0000000BM0000WM
         M@88ZZ8ZB@BWBBM    XM7      XMMB       M800000000008088MMMMM;
GCON 45:

The G-con 45 is way too big to fit here, but for a good picture....


Not far down is the picture, and the rest of the pictures.


Looks shabby cos of the 70 characters per line thingy.

              r@MMMMMMa                             ,MMMMMMMM;
            rMMMMB0B@MMS                           MMM8B0WMMMM
     XMa8r   iMMM0  ,Wir2,0a:;;r2Z0BX:88ZS7;i;X@iXr   :XZMMMWM  i2@M
    :MSXXWMMMMX iMMMMM  X WZSWB@Miii,:;;;MBMMBXM  Mr  B:    ,MB: ra2
   M@Xa7S87    M ;;X ;8WaWXir7Sri7r77rriXZi ;r0ZaaMMMZ. ..S; WMMMSr
  MB22XX; MMMMMi. ZZaS7;77a0,...        .r8ZSX7r777X .aM    X.  :: 
 MM87ii;.     ,.B8XX7r77i:MrX2 MMZ8MM ZrW2,:iiirrr88 i0MMMM2iii  i
  rWZ@W2:., .   :rMZXr;i::rBMM 2r,ZSXZ SiiMMSii,.::i@@         XMM 
a00WM@WW8Z2Z0BBMMM   .;;.  0MMMM208887MMMM:  ir:    MM0ZZ8BW@@WMM
MaB@M@08Z2880088B@@M@MW0BB0W0MMZ      MMM@0WBW@@@@MW@B08aaZ8BB@W@
MZ8@@B88a20B2ZMM      i77i                 :SaZS.  MM@W08Zaa0BWM@M
:MZW@WB8Za0W22MM                                   WM@B0Z2a8BBWW@B
ZMZ@@B8ZZSZZ7MM                                     MMW0aZ2Z8B@WWM
7MB@WB8aSB0rMM                                       MMB88aZ80WWWM
MMW0ZaaZ07WM                                          MM8ZZZZ8BWMZ
 MMMMWWaZM7                                            ZM0X2Z0MM@M
  SMMMMMMS                                                8MMMMMMM




A promising operative in his fourth year at V.S.S.E, Alan's remarkable 
capacity for mastering new skills has won the respect of many senior 
officers. Even in the most hopeless of situations, Alan is not one to 
give up - he is always positive and fearless in the face of adversity. 
On tactical missions, Alan is a natural team motivator, quick to crack a 
joke to enliven his disheartened comrades.


Wesley is also a fourth year V.S.S.E operative. He holds a doctorate in 
engineering and is always ranked first or second in marksmanship and 
combat assessments within his peer group. Quiet and restrained, Wesley 
is known for his ability to carry out strategic operations with 
unflappable coolness. He does have a warm side though, and enjoys 
nothing more than spending time at home with his pets. Wesley's 
personality may be almost the opposite of Alan's, but their 
accomplishments together as a team have won them great reputation within 
the V.S.S.E.


The younger sister of Daniel Winston, and a member of the Lukano army, 
alicia would not hesitate to take a position on the front lines to 
protect her country. Despite her sight frame and good looks, Alicia has 
trained hard to become a powerful fighting force and is recognised as 
the top sniper in her unit. She has travelled alone to Astigos island to 
rescue her brother.


The leader of the Lukano army, Daniel has earned the respect of his men 
through hard work and his devotion to the Lukano cause. Daniel has 
organised a special task force to destroy the missiles being installed 
on Astigos island by the Zagorias Federation, but he and his soldiers 
were captured before the could complete their mission.


An evil murdered driven by an insatiable bloodlust, Wild Dog was once 
destroyed by V.S.S.E agents, but rebuildt his body and returned to earth 
from the pits of hell. Leading a crop of new henchman, he will do 
anything to impede Alan and Wesley's mission.


The commander of the Zagorias Army. Little is known about Zott, although 
his hand-to-hand combat skills and shooting skills are the stuff of 




Located:   Top left of the screen
Indicator: Numbers

Score is how much points you get. You get points by killing enemies 
(also using chase hits) and not hitting your partner. 


Located:   Top right of the screen
Indicator: Health packs

How many lives you have left before you use up a credit. To lose a life, 
you must be shot by a rocket, grenade, or a direct hit bullet.


Location:  Bottom right of screen
Indicator: Minutes and seconds

How much time you have left to complete the little section. Time will 
regenerate to full (40 seconds) when you clear the action area, or you 
lose a life.


Location:  Bottom left of screen
Indicator: Bullets (plus a number)

How much ammo you have in the current weapon (handgun has infinite ammo, 
but must reload every 9 bullets.) Weapons like the shotgun don't have to 


Location:  Bottom of screen, centre
Indicator: Picture

Shows which weapon is currently selected, it will be highlighted. To 
change weapon, duck and press the shoot button (the trigger on the G-




Your basic weapon, from all of the Time Crisis games. One bullet will 
kill normal enemies, but you will find that when you get to the enemies 
with health meters, this will take too long to kill the enemy, and you 
will need to reload a lot to avoid being hit. It is good though, because 
you have unlimited ammo for it, just the only problem is that you need 
to reload after shooting 9 bullets.


A great weapon. Can fire automatic rounds at an enemy, great for any 
boss, and the only problem with the machinegun is that you seem to go 
through your ammo really quickly. You can only hold a maximum of 200 
bullets, and I suggest only using this on people like bosses, or in the 
middle of the game where you fight the guys with the big health meters.


Has its drawbacks, like all of the other weapons, but is still okay. If 
you have ever played Time Crisis 2 on the Playstation 2, you will know 
that finishing the game a certain amount of times will give you wide 
bullets. The shotgun in Time Crisis 3 is like have wide bullets on from 
Time Crisis. The shotgun like fires 5 bullets, all around where you aim 
and shoot at, this is bound to kill enemies around where you shot. The 
Shotgun is great for killing packs of enemies near each other, or bosses 
and soldiers with health meters that take up a lot of the screen. The 
shotgun is an ideal choice. You get 50 shells, and each shells sprays 
out 5 bullets.


The grenade launcher is basically just a rocket launcher. There are a 
lot of bad things about this weapon, but there are also a lot of good 
things about this weapon. Lets start off with he bad, shall we? You can 
only hold 5 grenades to shoot at a time. I don't like this; they should 
have made it ten, although that would make it a bi easy to kill things 
like bosses. Ammo for the grenade launcher is hard to find, and when you 
find it, you wont get any more ammo for a while. Use your ammo wisely. 
The great thing about the grenade launcher is that it can do a lot of 
damage to things like vehicles; for example, it can take out one of 
those tanks in the second stage with just 2 grenades. It can also take 
out the guards with the meters and the enemies around them in just a few 


First of all, you only get this in the rescue mission mode, as far as I 
can see, and in the rescue mission, you get unlimited ammo for this 
weapon. But, you only get 3 bullets in a clip, which is bad, cos you 
need to reload every 3 bullets. To aim in Sniper mode, press the duck 
button, and now you can use the gun to select which way you want to 
point the sniper rifle, and then when you have an enemy on sight, shoot 
within the middle part of the circle and shoot the enemy. On the g-con2, 
you can also use the D-pad to move the Sniper aim.




Soldiers are just the normal infantry that you will face in the game. 
These are just normal guys, with pistols that shoot at you, and attempt 
to kill you, although a lot of their bullets miss you, and you can 
hardly ever lose a life from their bullets, apart from when they start 
to get harder in the middle of the game. They don't carry a shotgun, or 
machinegun or anything like that, and like most enemies, die in just one 
shot. Later in the game they also have shields, so wait to they pop out, 
and then shoot them anywhere and they will die.


These soldiers are just like the one above, although they have 
machineguns, flamethrowers or a shotgun for you to pick up when they 
die. They only seem like they are using a pistol against you, but some 
of them are actually using a machinegun. Be careful, and duck often. 
They will die in one shot, just like most enemies. You will 
automatically get the ammo that they leave behind when they die.


These are soldiers with those health bars above your head. The health 
bars tell you how much health that they have left before they will die. 
The best way to take these guys out really quickly is with a machinegun, 
just rapid fire it into their body, and they will usually leave behind a 
machinegun, and the ammo you just used on them will be replenished. 
Shotguns can be used as well to quickly take them down, and the handgun 
can also be used, but you might find yourself ducking alot, then popping 
back up and shooting them, ducking, etc.


These are the guys usually dressed in blue and fire rockets at you. They 
can sometimes be hidden away, but their clothing is a dead give away. 
Try to take these guys out first if there are just normal soldiers 
around you, because these guys pose more of a threat. If they fire one 
bullet and it hits you, well then you will most likely lose a life. 
Fortunately, they die in just one shot, and you don't get a grenade from 


I think this is located near the end of the first area of the first 
stage. Because it seems to want you dead, I have included it in the 
enemies' section. It will shoot bullets at you, and has a health meter. 
Duck to avoid the bullets (just like you do to avoid every other bullet 
that is firing at you.) Your best bet with this is to get up, prepare to 
fire a grenade at it, aim directly (there is nothing worse than a 
grenade that misses.) Once the grenade has hit, then finish it off with 
whatever other weapon you want to use. Any will do, just try not to get 
hit by bullets.


There are a lot of them, so I will list them under this section. They 
aren't really an enemy (they don't shoot at you and stuff, except for 
the tank and a boat) but the people inside them can be troubling to you. 
If you find that the enemies that are inside a car (like at the end of 
the first stage) are too hard to hit, then pound the car (or vehicle) 
and it will explode killing the people in it. For the tank, fire 
grenades at it until you have none left, then finish it off with any 
other weapon, preferably the shotgun because of the 5 blasts, but the 
machinegun is also good. Cars and other vehicles have a health bar.


Found in the end of the first stage, this can seriously pack a punch on 
you. It has two missile launchers on the front, which you will have to 
dispose of first, and then a chain gun type thing underneath the middle 
section. You need to wipe that off first to destroy this. Then destroy 
the machineguns on the side, using a grenade, and then shoot the enemies 
on board. Kill the boss to fully bring this down.


Bosses are people in the game who are major enemies, like Wild Dog for 
example. Bosses have a large amount of health, more than any other 
vehicle, gunship, or normal solider in the game. Bosses usually have a 
blue health bar, and once all of their health has gone, they will go 
away for a while, and finally come back with a new health bar. You have 
to get rid of their health bars so many times before you kill the boss. 
Each boss has different attacks, so duck often, and watch out for other 
guards around the boss.


Objects are just stuff like crates, and other falling things that you 
can get hurt by. For example, in area one, stage one, if you fire a 
grenade at the lighthouse, it will fall down, and hit you unless you 
duck, so you must duck otherwise it will hit you. If some objects are 
coming at you (like a missile) you can actually shoot it and get some 
points, but if you are not a good shot, duck and let it go past you. 
Grenades will do no damage to you if you are ducking. 




This is really story mode. Play through the game as Alan or Wesley. 
Change ports if you want to play as Wesley. There are some more options 
you can go through here, like Link mode, Two Player, and stuff like 


This mode can actually be found in arcade, but to get this mission you 
must complete the story mode. This mission puts you through the eyes of 
the other agent in the story, Alicia Winston. She is out to save her 
brother. You can also get a sniper rifle in this mode.... cool!


Choose this if you want to just play one stage in the game. If you only 
want to play stage one, then just select stage one. The game will end 
after the stage is complete. If you want to do something on the 3rd 
Stage, but don't want to do the 1st stage again, then this is a good 


Play a link game. A link game is where you set up two playstation 2's on 
a television then connect them together using a link cable, and then one 
player plays on one television and playstation 2, where the second 
player uses the other. You can now fight on different screens, and is 
great cos you don't have to put up with the split screen and also it 
just feels better.


Play with a friend. The game will be set up in a split screen, with the 
one player on one side, and the other player on the other side. I don't 
like this mode. They should of made a double gun mode, where one player 
could be one gun, and the other player would be another, so you could 
both have the same screen, and shoot from the same player. Your screen 
is too small in the two-player mode, that's why I don't like it. By the 
way, one player can use a g-con and the other player can use an analog, 
so you both don't have to have a g-con to play.


Crisis mission is basically the same as it was in Time Crisis 2 (well 
not the levels, of course) you are given a set amount of time, ammo and 
lives, and you have to complete the mission, without failing one of the 
above parameters. It can be hard at times, so be careful.




Reloading you must do every so often with the Handgun, otherwise you 
will run out of bullets. The Shotgun, Machinegun and also the Grenade 
launcher do not need to be reloaded, but the handgun does. To reload, 
just press the crouch button, and your weapon will be reloaded with full 
ammunition (of course, only applicable to the handgun.) Reload when you 
can, even if you have 6 bullets left, because it's better to go into a 
battle with full ammo.


As you may already know, in Time Crisis 3, you can get 4 weapons, the 
Handgun, Machinegun, Shotgun, and also the Grenade Launcher. To change 
weapon, when you are in the crouching stance, press the trigger and you 
will change weapon. Press it fast two times if you want to quickly 
change to a weapon that is two slots away. You cannot cycle back, you 
have to go through the rest of the weapons to get back to one you went 


Crouching will keep you alive. The reason you need to duck is so that 
you don't get hit by bullets and die. If you see someone coming at you 
with a rocket launcher, and fire a bullet, quickly duck. To duck, 
release your finger off of the reload button. You will now be ducking. 
Here you cannot be hit by any bullet, grenades, explosions, or anything 
else, but you will need to pop up soon, otherwise time might run out. 
When you are crouched, your handgun will automatically be reloaded.


Aiming is quite simple with the G-cons. On the menu, just shoot which 
icon you went. For example, if you want to go into options, then aim the 
g-con at options, and fire at the icon. It will take you into options, 
if you aimed right. To calibrate your G-con, when the game starts up, 
shoot directly at the + in the centre of the screen. Keep shooting until 
you have got it right. You can go to options to re aim your gun. In 
game, aiming is the same. Aim at a person, and pull the trigger. The 
person in line with the bullet will die (or be injured if they have more 
health or it is a boss or vehicle, but you get the idea.) Using the 
controller, you will need to use the directional buttons to aim. Press X 
when an enemy is on the cursor, and they will be shot.


Enemies have health bars, which is a new addition to Time Crisis 3. 
Basically, you can see how much health an enemy has, once you hit them 
once. This only applies to bosses, and enemies that take more than one 
shot to kill. Get the health bars to nothing, and the enemy will die.


By putting the G-con2, G-con45 or the analog controller in the second 
spot, you can play as Wesley, not Alan. This will mean that Alan will be 
played by the computer. Wesley takes a different path in some places, 
but Alans is quicker. 



In the game, some messages will come up. Most of them are pretty basic 
and all, but still, here is a list of what messages come up, what they 
mean, and how to get rid of them.


Means don't do anything. Your character is changing position, or 
something like that, meaning that you cannot shoot, hide or do anything 
just yet. It will go away when your character reaches his new position. 
From there, you can play again.


Means you quickly need to reload. To reload, let go of the button you 
are holding to be out (on default mode if course). To save this message 
coming up, reload when you can, instead of letting your bullets run low 
all of the time.


Comes up when you reach your new action point, so after wait. Action 
means that you are ready to fight, so get out of the crouched position, 
and start shooting anything that moves, apart from your partner, of 


This appears when there is a falling object coming your way, and it 
could harm you. It only tells you things like a crate or a part of a 
building is going to hit you, not a grenade, a bullet or knife, so just 
keep that in mind. Take cover to avoid being hit by the falling object.



Thanks Cheng :) 
and FINALLY!! I got it!! here: 
Levi: ok, 
Levi: In order to open up Crisis Mission Mode you must clear Rescue 
Mission Mode. (completing 1 stage trials will not count towards this 
Levi: In order to open up Rescue Mission Mode you must clear the Story 
Mode (completing 1 stage trials will not count towards this goal). 
Levi: Bonus Options (Rescue Mission) 
Levi: Infinite Handgun Ammo- Clear Rescue Mission Story Mode with an 
accuracy of 75% or higher. 
Levi: Infinite Sub-Weapon Ammo- Complete Rescue Mission Story Mode 
within 25 minutes. 
Levi: Mirror Mode- Clear Rescue Mission Story Mode without any 
Levi: Bonus Options (Arcade Mode) 
Levi: Infinite Handgun Ammo- Clear Arcade Story Mode with an accuracy of 
75% or higher. 
Levi: Infinite Sub-Weapon Ammo- Complete Arcade Story Mode within 30 
Levi: Mirror Mode- Clear Arcade Story Mode without any Continues. 
Levi: You start out with 4 Credits. After using all of your lives and 
credits you will receive an additional credit the next time you play 
through Story Mode. Here is a cheat to unlock those Credits faster. Go 
into the Options from the Main Menu and set your LIFE to 1. After that, 
go into Arcade Story Mode and die repeatedly as quickly as possible. 
After using all of your lives and Credits 6 times you will have unlocked 
FREE CREDITS, which will allow you to Continue as many times as you 
would like. If you are an intermediate Time Crisis player, then you may 
be able to clear the game with 7-8 Credits available. (CREDITS FOR 
I tested it out YES>..finally have ALL for ARCADE.. 
as for Resque mission; only infinite sub is missing..DAMN HARD....!! 
last time got 26 MIN argh.. 
and ofcourse mirrir mode is missing too.. 


It seems that a lot of people are having trouble unlocking umlimited 
handgun bullets, and unlimited sub-weapon bullets.

Most people say that they hever changed weapons during the game (to 
unlock unlimited handgun bullets) which I believe.

Here is the reason.


Play through the game numerous times to unlock these stuffs... 

Continue Increase     
Keep using up your continues in the game. After game over, you'll get a 
message that says your continues have increased.

Trial Stages 1-14 unlocked for Rescue Mission
Same method as unlocking the trial stages in Arcade Mode

Trial Stages 2 and 3 unlocked for Arcade Mode
To unlock them, simply get to the stages. For example, getting to Stage 
2 will unlock Trial Stage 2 and so forth.

Unlock Bonus Options for Arcade Mode
Reach first place in Arcade Mode (i.e. get 1200000 points)

Unlock Bonus Options for Rescue Mission
Reach first place in Rescue Mission (i.e. get 1600000 points)

Unlock Crisis Mission mode
Finish Rescue Mission mode on any difficulty and Crisis Mission mode 
will be unlocked

Unlock Free Play (Arcade Mode)
Play on Arcade mode and use up all continues. Keep playing and using up 
continues. After numerous replays, you'll get Free Play mode

Unlock Free Play (Rescue Mission mode)
Same as the method of the arcade mode

Unlock Infinite Handgun Ammo for Arcade Mode
Complete "Arcade Mode's" "Story Mode" using only the Handgun throughout 
the game to unlock Infinite Handgun Ammo in "Arcade Mode's" Bonus 
Options". (Apparently you have to complete it in under 30 minutes also)

Unlock Infinite Handgun Ammo for Rescue Mission Mode
Complete "Rescue Mission's" "Story Mode" using only the Handgun 
throughout the game to unlock Infinite Handgun in "Rescue Mission's" 
"Bonus Options".

Unlock Infinite Sub-weapon Ammo for Arcade Mode
Complete "Arcade Mode's" "Story Mode" with Infinite Handgun Ammo turned 
on to unlock Infinite Sub-weapon Ammo in "Arcade Mode's" "Bonus 

Unlock Infinite Sub-weapon Ammo for Rescue Mission Mode
Complete "Rescue Mission's" "Story Mode" with Infinite Handgun turned on 
to unlock Infinite Sub-weapon Ammo in "Rescue Mission's" "Bonus 

Unlock Mirror Mode for Arcade Mode
Complete "Arcade Mode's" "Story Mode" without continuing to unlock 
Mirror Mode in "Arcade Mode's" "Bonus Options".

Unlock Mirror Mode for Rescue Mission Mode
Complete "Rescue Mission's" "Story Mode" without continuing to unlock 
Mirror Mode in "Rescue Mission's" "Bonus Options".

Unlock Music Player Complete all missions in "Crisis Mission" mode to 
unlock the Music Player in "Options".

Unlock Rescue Mission
Finish the game on any difficulty.


Ahh, you came here expecting button codes, didn't ya? Well, as far as I 
know, there are no cheat codes for this game, well, none that I know of 
yet, so there is a possibility that there could be some cheat codes. For 
those who want something like invincibility and infinite ammo, well just 
play through the game a few times, and get the free play mode, which 
means you have unlimited continues, so it doesn't matter if you get hit. 
If you don't like that, they use the next thing I'm going to talk 


Try www.gameshark.com for gameshark cheats. There will probably be some, 
but because this game is pretty much new, they might now have put the 
codes on the sight yet. 


Got any? Send them to me.




Score is what you want to get if you want to attempt to get first place 
in the rankings. To get a good score, you must kill a lot of enemies, 
and use chase hits, which I will explain more about. 

- Chase bullets are where you hit a multiple enemy more than one time 
  before he goes to the ground. Even if he only takes one bullet to 
  die, you can still hit the enemy three times, and get 3x the score, 
  which means more points. Do this on just about all enemies that 
  require one hit to die, it will give you more points.

- Some enemies you don't have to kill. But, if you are going for a good 
  score, well then shoot all enemies that you normally don't have to 
  kill, with chase shots as well. For example, when you are on the 
  ship, enemies slide down. You don't need to kill them, but if you are 
  going for a good score, then shoot them.

- Don't shoot your partner. If you shoot your partner, you will lose 
  1,00 points. This is bad, because you really don't want to lose 
  points. To avoid shooting your partner, don't use the shotgun when 
  you can see his face on screen, or where you can see him. 

- Go for combos all the time. The more hits you get in a combo, the 
  more hits you will get, and your points will start going up by more 
  when you get more than 10 hits in a combo. Keep shooting fast at 
  enemies, and reload quick so that you can still keep your combo. 
  Using the machinegun for this can be quite useful.


- Use the Handgun the most of the time. The handgun is great because it 
  has unlimited ammunition, but it still has to reload, and you need 
  to duck anyway from time to time, so you will reload doing that. Save 
  your machinegun and others for when you really need them. The handgun 
  can do just fine, if you've ever played Time Crisis 1, or Project 
  Titan, you will know that you need to use the handgun throughout the 
  whole game, also like on Time Crisis 2.

- Save ammo. Don't go spraying machinegun fire everywhere. The only 
  weapon that you really can waste ammo for and it's allowed is the 
  handgun, because you have the unlimited ammo feature on it, and none 
  of the other weapons have unlimited ammo, so you need to conserve it.

- Use the right weapon for the right situation. Don't use a handgun 
  against a massive gunship for example, try using a grenade, or even 
  some shotgun or machinegun fire. Use handguns most of the time 
  though, and use machineguns on bosses, shotguns for lots of enemies 
  grouped together, and stuff like that. I think it makes sense.

- Use crappy weapons at the start, and towards the middle and end, 
  start to use the good weapons. There is nothing worse than going into
  the last battle with a handgun only, because you used it all on the 
  first stage, where you could of easily used the handgun there, and 
  used all of your other weapons on the last battle.

- Chase hits seem to give you more ammo for your weapons. Chase hits 
  are when you hit the enemy like three time before he falls to the 
  ground. Just shoot the person three times, even if they are dead in 
  the first shot, and you will get triple the points, and it seems you 
  get more ammo for it.


- Sometimes you can get your friends to shoot enemies for you. If you 
  feel like you are running low on credits or life, and don't want to 
  get hit, then let your partner take them out for you. In a two player 
  mode, you can get a friend to do the shooting, while you duck until 
  you have the same amount of lives left. It may sound wimpy, but 
  whatever. Also you may need to get back up and shoot before the time 
  runs out.

- Shoot whoever poses the biggest threat to you first. For example, if 
  there is 5 enemies. One has a pistol, one has a machinegun, one has a 
  flamethrower, another one has a rocket launcher and the last one is a 
  boss. Try to take out the person who poses the biggest threat, but 
  because the boss will take ages to kill, do it in this order: Rocket 
  Launcher enemy, flamethrower, machine gunner, pistol men and then the 


- Each boss is different in how they attack, and how you have to kill 
  them. In the bosses section I will describe how to kill them easily, 
  and what methods they have of attacking, how many health bars they 
  have, and stuff like that.

- Bosses have many health bars, but which one is their last? How do you 
  know? Well, the normal health bar for a boss is blue. This is not 
  their total health though. Once you deplete that life bar, the boss 
  will go away for awhile, and then come back with a new health bar, 
  and this process will repeat itself. Keep injuring the boss, and get 
  it dwon to a green bar, like the ones of the normal enemies, and 
  deplete that. Then he will die.

- Use all of your good weapons on the boss. Your machinegun will work 
  best, so use that and you can sometimes tun your enemy, so keep on 
  shooting him.

- Time is alsi a big foe of yours, and you have to complete an action
  area is less than 40 seconds. Sometimes you will get more time 
  though, for example, if you lose a life, then the time will be 
  restored for the action part.

- To finish some parts of the level quickly, then try to find better 
  and quicker ways to kill the enemy. For example, if there is a barrel 
  or something next to about 10 enemies, then shoot the barrel. This 
  will kill all of the enemies, meaning that you can quickly move onto 
  the next area.

- Don't worry about score here, if you are attempting a good time. So 
  there is no need to do chase hits (which wastes time if you do them) 
  or things like that. Just shoot every enemy you see, or, just like 
  above, find an alternative quicker method.


- Make sure you calibrate your g-con correctly for the sniper mode. 
  There is nothing worse than having a really bad calibration, when 
  using the sniper rifle, which needs pin point accuracy.

- Try to get weapons upgraded, especially weapons like the grenade 
  launcher, because its maximum bullet capactiy can get to a maximum of 
  nine, I think. 

- Lets say you have 2 bullets remaining in the machinegun, and you 
  shoot one bullet, which gets your energy bar thingy to a new upgrade,  
  it will automatically replenish your ammo to full capacity. 
  Something to think about when you are thinking about saving ammo.



Want to buy the game? Will this section is put in for people who want to 
know about the game, what it has in it, what are the graphics like, and 
everything like that. Some people might just want to know when it is 
coming out in their country.


Time Crisis 3  10/21/03 NA
Time Crisis 3  10/31/03 EU 
Time Crisis 3 (w/GunCon2) 11/20/03 JP
Time Crisis 3  11/20/03 JP 
Time Crisis 3 (w/GunCon2)  01/07/04 NA 

With G-con2 I'm guessing would be the package, which has TIme Crisis 3 
in it as well as the G-con. Correct me if I'm wrong. By the way: NA = 
North America, EU = Europe, JP = Japan.

I live in Australia, which will probably come under the Europe section.


Looking for a review for Time Crisis 3? Well, I currently know of 3. 
Here is a link to the three reviews. Each review has ratings of the 
game, and bases their rating on things like graphics, etc.


GameSpot review:


You can also get previews, news and downloads and stuff at the above 


Games Domain:   4.5/5
Gamepro.com:    5/5
GameSpot:       7.6/10
PSX Nation:     8/10
Game Zone:      8.6/10


Just a quick review by me.


The graphics in Time Crisis 3 are absolutely great. Look at Time Crisis 
2, well; the graphics are slightly improved over it. Face look real, and 
the amount of detail is great. All the area you fight in look great, 
like the beach scene for example. Flames look totally real, and so do 
the bosses faces, like Wild Dog has much more detail, he now looks 
older, and scarier. All cut-scenes are also superb.


A gang, take over a little island in the Mediterranean, well they take 
over most of it. As two agents, you have to attempt to stop the leader 
taking over the island. He is also planning something else; Missiles for 
the neighbouring country and state that is trying to reclaim the island. 
You must take back the island, defeat the evil guy, and stop the 


Sounds are great. One thing that there is more of in Time Crisis 3 is 
explosions, because you get a grenade launcher, and more of the enemies 
have grenades and other explosives weapons. Sound effects of the 
explosions are actually great, as well as the sounds of the enemies 
dying, and other shots. Music is good too. Some of the music in Time 
Crisis 3 was in Time Crisis 1, the original. Overall, the music is 


You don't actually move yourself in the game, but because it's a light 
shooter game, you are not ment to. You can either use a g-con gun to 
play, or the analog controller for your Playstation 2. The g-con is way 
better, do not play this with the controller, it totally sucks, aiming 
can become a real pain. You get 4 weapons in this, a handgun, 
machinegun, shotgun and grenade launcher. Also, there is rescue mission 
and crisis mission mode, and tuns of unlockables.


Time Crisis 3 poses more of a challenge than any of the other games. 
Story mode is quite hard, even on very easy mode, with 4 lives per 
continue. You don't start off with very many credits, but once you lose 
those credits, you get some bonus credits for the next time you play, 
which can be saved. It may take you 5 replays to get to free play mode, 
then you will complete it, definitely. Crisis mission and rescue mission 
is also hard, as in crisis mission you only have a set amount of ammo, 
time and health.

Graphics:   9/10
Story:      9/10
Sounds:    10/10
Gameplay:  10/10
Challenge: 10/10

Total: 48/50
Total: 96/100
Total: 9.6/10
Total: 10/10 

A game for anyone who likes shooting


In case you don't know, trailers are like little movies that are put out 
that show you abit about the storyline, show some gameply scenes, the 
characters, and cut-scenes from the game. They try to make the trailers 
really good showing the best parts of the game.

If you want a trailer, go to www.timecrisis.namco.com, and look for one 

Additionally, if you live in Australia, you can pick up the Official 
Playstation 2 magazine, which has a demo disk in it. On the demo disk is 
a trailer for Time Crisis 3. Not much sound though.


Just a note, the first two bosses don't have names, so i can't exactly 
tell you their name.


When the area starts, pull out your machinegun, not your grenade 
launcher. Fire firstly at the machinegun in the centre, and then shoot 
at the missile launcher under the left wing. The missiles will not hit 
you due to the fact you will be shooting them down as soon as they are 
coming out. Once that has been taken care of, shoot the launcher on the 
right, which will fire missiles at your partner. Once that has been 
taken care of, you find yourself with trucks. 

Destroy them, and after awhile, the gunship will come back. Pull out 
your grenade launcher. You will need this to destroy the machinegun 
things on the side. Aim properly, cos you don't want to waste a grenade, 
and then shoot at it to destroy it. Once that is done, shoot the guys on 
the place, and you will be transferred to the other side. Shoot the 
other machineguns with this. Now the gunship can't hurt you, only the 
people inside it can. Okay, this is the part where you fight the actual 

He will come out the back of the plane. Shoot him using your handgun, 
and remember to duck to avoid fire. Once his life bar is down, men will 
come out. Shoot them until they are all dead, and wait for him to come 
out again. Shoot him, and then repeat it. Later, he will have a 
machinegun thing that every bullet shot out of it will lose you a life. 
Wait to the bullets are over the other side, then shoot the gun, it will 
make him lose health. Continue doing that, until he loses it, and will 
finally have one last health bar. Reduce that easily and you win.


Once again, I can't find this guys real name, so I will just call him 
the beast guy, because those claw things he and his killers have. The 
first time you fight this guy, he will just have the one health bar, and 
he will be in front of you in the train. Shoot him, until he loses 
health. A cut-scene will come back in, and show the train falling.

Play through the rest until you get back up, and are ready to fight the 
boss. He will decide to move around alot, and his friends take more than 
one hit to kill, so either use the shotgun or machinegun, or use the 
handgun and duck often to avoid their attacks. The boss himself will be 
on the crates at first, and will come up close to attack. Shoot him 
before he attacks, then duck when he does attack, and then finally shoot 
him again after he attacks to get his health bar down.

Near the end he will move about the scaffolding stuff a lot, this is 
where you need to take blind shots, or unless you have really good 
reflexes, you can take this guy out. Just keep on shooting him with your 
handgun, or shotgun, and reduce his health bar. Time shouldn't be a 
worry at all. 


Wild Dog, the guy that never dies. He has been in all 4 of the Time 
Crisis games, and he never seems to die when you kill him. It's kinda 
actually good that they have kept him through all of the Time Crisis 
games actually. Anyway, this boss fight will go on for ages, and there 
is actually 2 bosses to fight, that means it is going to be double as 
hard. These two are powerful, and you can lose lives very quickly 
against them.

Fang attacks by kicking those crate things at you and also shooting at 
you, while Wild Dog likes to get up close and person with his hand that 
is a chain gun. Just continually shoot Wild Dog, and Wild Fang, until 
you move positions. Once out at one section where you are hiding behind 
the crates and looking out into an open section; Wild Dog will have a 
flamethrower, which when it hits you, you will lose a life instantly. 
Avoid it by ducking, then pop out and shoot at him.

When you get to the middle section, just keep on shooting Wild Dog and 
Wild Fang. Fang will have two attacks here. He will kick those crates at 
you, which mean you will lose a life, and will also try to come at you 
and kick you. Just keep shooting, which machineguns or whatever else you 
have got. When it gets down to the last health bar, shoot the boss to 
deplete it. Just a note, you need to get rid of both of their health 
bars to win, not just one. If one has no health left and the other has 
full, for example, you need to deplete the boss with full to finish the 

You will see a cut scene, showing Wild Dog dying, and then he will press 
the trigger on the button, which makes the crates and stuff explode. He 
also does that on every Time Crisis. Namco must like keeping old stuff 


A hard battle, and it will seem that this guy just doesn't want to die. 
First of all, you have to fight him at the start of the last area in the 
third stage, the last area in the game. Take out the enemies surrounding 
him first. He will attack by like speeding up to you, and swiping you 
with his sword. Duck to avoid being hit, but this can sometimes be bad 
because you can't duck in time. Use a machinegun to wear him down until 
his health meter is full.

When you fight him next, just keep shooting at him, and doing the same 
as before. Use your shotgun to do the job fast, and you don't have to 
worry about wasting ammo, since this is the last area of the game. Keep 
pounding him with your shotgun, and ducking his attacks. Kill the men, 
and he, and you will run upstairs. Do the same to his thugs.

When he has those tanks near him, you will need to duck the electricity 
stuff, and then shoot at either the boss or the tanks. A grenade will 
take down the tank, but yoiu might want to save them for the end boss 
battle, but if you have 5 left for example, then you can use two on the 

Once his next life bar is depleted and the tanks are gone, it's time for 
a final battle. His last life bar. Shoot him with everything he is got, 
ignore his enemies surrounding him (unless you are looking for a lot of 
point) and just shoot the boss. Give him everything you have got. First, 
all of your grenades (you better have a good aim), then machinegun 
bullets, followed by the Shotgun and the handgun, just keep on firing to 
kill him, and the game will be over.



Stage 1:


When you get to the section with the paratroopers, then you can shoot 
them down to more points. You don't have to shoot all of them down, by 
the way, you can just leave them, but they don't pose much of a threat 
in the air, and their bullets all miss. More points for you.

Just before that is a place with a lighthouse. You can shoot a grenade 
at the lighthouse, and you will be rewarded with some more points, and 
the lighthouse will fall down, and will either blow up or crush any 
enemy near it. Duck or you will be hit by it too.

Just before the paratroopers again is a section with some barrels. Shoot 
the barrels and it will kill all the enemy around it, even if the enemy 
takes more than one hit to kill them, they will die instantly.

To defeat the turret when you are hiding in the trench section, use a 
grenade on it, and ignore any other soldiers. Then shoot a grenade at it 
and then wear it down with mahcinegun or handgun fire. Don't waste two 
grenades on it.


Near the start, watch out for the enemies that pop out very quickly, for 
example, when you are on the ship, guys will come down from the hatch 
and quickly hurt you if you are not looking. Be careful and have your 
finger on the trigger, which I hope most people will have.

When you are in the main section of the boat, just before the missile 
attack, you can shoot one of the barrel type things and it will destroy 
all the enemies around you, plus give you some extra bonus points. only 
one of the barrel things can be exploded though.

Just generally watch out for rocket men and other infantry here. 
Remember with the guys who have health bars to shoot them rapidly, then 
duck, shoot again to their dead. Easily nail the guys who are shooting 
at your partner.

At one stage, where the ship is like sinking, there will be enemies 
sliding down, you don't have to kill these people, but you will get 
extra points for killing them though, so you can kill them if you want, 
but remember they don't really have to be killed.


First of all, shoot out the machinegun and the two rocket launchers on 
the wings of the gunship. Don't use grenades just yet. Use your 
machinegun or shotgun. When they are both gotten rid of, the gunship 
will fly over, leaving you to deal with other enemies.

There are many ways you can shoot the jeeps coming after you. The normal 
way is just with your handgun, and what you do is just shoot the shooter 
first, and then the driver. if you want more points, you can also shoot 
the car itself to get more points, but remember once you shoot and kill 
the driver, the jeep will explode.

After awhile, the gunship will come back. As soon as the machinegun 
things open up on the side, then shoot a grenade at each one, make sure 
that you have sufficient amount of grenades left, and don't waste them, 
so aim carefully. 

Once that is done, go back to shooting at all of the jeeps that go past 
you, until it's time for another boss battle type thing. Keep wearing 
down the boss, and shooting him when he has his massive chain gun. After 
that, kill him.

Stage 2:


This is where it can start to get hard. Watch out for those ninja guys, 
and also the guys with health bars. At one stage there is two attacking 
you. Pop up, shoot about two or three bullets at one guy, then duck. Do 
the same to the same guy next time you pop up, and kill him. Now there 
is only one of them, so you can shoot him at ease.

When you get to the part with the bikes circling around you, it is best 
to use the shotgun, not the grenade launcher. Shoot the shotgun at the 
bikes, and two direct bullets (meaning all 5 of the shell spread out) 
will destroy the bike. Watch out that you don't shoot your partner; it 
is really easy to do that.

Through this whole area, there is no need to use your grenade launcher 
at all. All of your other weapons are good to do the job in this level, 
and you probably need to rebuild your grenades from the last boss 
battle, which you probably used on the last battle.


This section you are in like a waterfall section. Not very hard, apart 
from those beast things that seem to hurt you more than you can hurt 
them. They can be annoying, like coming right up to you and swiping at 
you. You need to shoot at them, wait to they attack, crouch, and then 
shoot them again.

With he boat fight (the ones that come up and shoot rickets at you) you 
need to be really careful. It doesn't look that they are going to attack 
at you, but they will, and before you know it, you will be hit. Wear 
down all the boats with some grenades, and also machinegun fire. 
Shotguns can also be used, but make sure that you rapid fire them.


Okay, here you are on a train, and there are a lot more of those stupid 
beast things (well, I call them best things, I'm not sure what their 
real names actually are, so I just call them that.) These things can 
take a lot of pounding, and the bad thing is that they don't seem to be 
stunned at all, so they can still attack you while you are shooting 
them. Remember to duck a lot.

When you are on the train, you will see a door open to your left. Duck 
right now, because a beast guy will swipe you, and well, you can hit 
him, but he wont die, and he will still attack you. Your best bet is to 
just duck, and leave him be. 

The people actually off of the train don't have to be hit, and they 
don't shoot at you either (well, some of them actually do shoot, but the 
majority are actually those beast things. you can easily ignore these 
guys, but, once again if you want to just get your score up, then you 
can actually shoot these guys.

For the boss, shoot the beast guys around him first, and then shoot at 
him. Once his first bar is lost, then there will be a cut-scene, showing 
the guy putting a grenade in the train. Fight your way up; to you are 
looking the way you were before he fired the train. Shoot him when he 
goes along the pillars, and get his health down, and then wait to he 
goes along the other side, and gets to his last health bar. Use your 
handgun so you don't waste ammo (cos he moves around a lot, it is easy 
to miss him with the grenade launcher and machinegun.) and kill him.

Stage 3:


Now the game starts to get really hard. There is a boss at the end of 
this area, and there is a lot of enemies that have machineguns, and the 
health bars. If you are playing with credits, getting past this can be 
quite hard. A lot of ducking is requires, and also you must have a quick 
trigger finger, and be a good shot with weapons like the Machinegun. 

At the start, the tower thing will collapse automatically at the end 
(well I at least think so, anyway) so you don't have to shoot it down or 
anything. Alot of the guards up there have one shot kill bullets, so be 
careful, and once again, duck a lot.

To defeat the tanks stationed in this area, you must use a lot of ammo 
on them. Firstly, you will have to use a grenade on them, so fire one at 
it, avoid the bullets being fired and then shoot it using the shotgun, 
preferably. There are two tanks you have to defeat.

And for the bosses, just shoot them continually. Kill the henchman 
around them also. Wild dog and Wild Fang are the bosses. See the bosses' 
section for a more detailed way to kill them. Basically, keep on 
shooting one and the other will come out, then shoot him. Watch out for 
the crates being fired at you. You have to get both of their health down 
for them to both die.


Did you see what I mean about Wild Dog looking a bit older, and... well, 
just weird. Also, they introduced the new character, Wild Dog's son, 
Wild Fang. Anyway, area 2 becomes harder than area 1, but is still not 
as hard as area 3, of course.

The main part of this level you will be fighting in like the library 
section. The flames may take away some of your view, so be careful, and 
duck often, just like in most areas. No bosses in this level, that is a 
good thing, I guess. Watch out for the enemies wielding rocket launchers 
and stuff, and you should be right.


Duck often, as well as shooting the enemy that poses the most threat to 
you first, minus the boss. All enemies carry a health bar pretty much, 
so be careful, and start to use your machinegun, because this is the 
last level section in the game.

For the opening part with the boss, shoot him, then duck and wait for 
him to attack with the swords. Once he has attacked, shoot him again to 
get his health bar down. Grenades don't really work here, because he 
moves around a lot, and is quite speedy.

When facing the tanks, use machineguns or shotguns on them. Shoot them 
whenever they are not attacking you. They are not stunned like some 
normal enemies or bosses, because they are tanks. These tanks remind me 
of the Tesla Tanks in command and conquer. Once they are dead, and the 
boss life bar is depleted, next area.

Here is the final showdown. Shoot him using whatever weapons you have 
got. First use your grenades, then machinegun, followed by the shotgun 
and then the normal handgun, use everything, because you don't need to 
save ammo, since this is the last level of the game. Once he is dead, 
the game has finished. See the boss FAQ section of the guide for more 
info to kill the boss.


*Spoilers for those who are not up to it*

Alan and Wesley use the rocket launchers left behind by the men to shoot 
at the roof, to make the missiles hit it, and explode in the command 
centre, because Giorgio Zott sets off the missiles. The missiles don't 
get out of the control centre.

Alicia and Daniel are waiting outside for Alan and Wesley, and that's 
where the credits roll.


Sit back, and watch the credits roll.




Everyone knows that going through the game only using a handgun is 
insane. Well, try it. Go through the game only using a handgun, for 
everything, from the planes, to the boats, to the bosses, to everyone. 
You will need to work quick, as bosses will take ages to kill, and you 
will lose time.

See how fast you can complete the game in, and how many lives you can 
keep. Doing this is just like the first two Time Crisis games, where 
there was absolutely no machineguns, shotguns or grenade launchers 


Try the game on Normal mode, with only the original first two credits. 
If you do have more than 2 creidts, although if you do have more than 
two credits, you can make it when you lose two credits, the game is 
over, you will just have to quit yourself.

See how far you can get. Lives can be set on whatever you want. I don't 
think anyone has completed the game on normal mode with these two 
credits, so try it. It is extremely hard. Thanks to s message board user 
for this idea (jubrany).


Attempt to get the highest score in the game, on each of the arcade mode 
stages. To get highs scores, you will need at least 100,000 points on 
each area, which requires things like chase hits. Check the tips section 
if you want to know how to get some good tips.

If you can get 1st place on each of the challenges, you are certanaly a 
king at this game. Just remember to do chase hits, and not to hit your 


Try to beat the game in a very quick time. To do this, you must have a 
sharp trigger finger. A good time is under 40 minutes, which can be 
accomplished if you are pretty good. You can see your time just under 
your score after you enter your name. Try to get a very low time.


Same as the score thingy, but play it out against a friend to see who 
can get a bigger score. Use my tips for scoring once again, it's sure to 
get you a good score. Also try to play against someone good.




Alicia Winston is out to save her brother, Daniel Winston. Play through 
the eyes of her, as she goes out to rescue him. Her story fits in with 
Alan and Wesley's story, for example, you play on the train, you shoot 
giogio, etc.


To unlock the rescue mission mode, then just defeat story mode, on ANY 
difficulty, and using ANY amount of lives. Just beat it and you will get 


Okay, new to the game is weapon upgrades. Wepon upgrades occur when you 
do so much damage to enemies. Look at the bar just above the weapon 
name. Get this to full, and you get a weapon upgrade. From what I know, 
this is what upgrades change.

- Maximum capacity of bullets (how much bullets it can hold when full)
- Rate of fire (how fast the bullets come out)

Anything else?....


This is once again new to the TIme Crisis series. You get to use a 
Sniper Rifle. First things first, what levels are the sniper rifles on? 
Well, you get it at the start of the level, meaning you don't have to 
find it.

To activate the scope, hold down the reload button.

Zooming in:
Unfortunately, you can't

With the g-con2, use the d-pad on it to move, otherwise you can just 
move the gun to the outside circle to move it.

When an enemy is in the circle, even if they are at the side of the 
circle, you can shoot them. Aim at the enemy when he is in the circle 
and shoot.

The Sniper Rifle has unlimited ammunition, but it does need to reload 
after evey 3 shots.

To reload, take your finger off the reload button. You are immune from 
hits while not in the scope.


- In the Sniper mode, it displays the amount of targets left to hit

- If you lose all of your lives in the stage, you lose a continue and 
  have to start the stage again. This prevents people from getting Free
  Play and finishing it easily.

- Rescue mission is harder than arcade, even when it is on Very Easy, 
  it is harder compared to arcade.


- Make sure you calibrate your g-con correctly for the sniper mode. 
  There is nothing worse than having a really bad calibration, when 
  using the sniper rifle, which needs pin point accuracy.

- Try to get weapons upgraded, especially weapons like the grenade 
  launcher, because its maximum bullet capactiy can get to a maximum of 
  nine, I think. 

- Lets say you have 2 bullets remaining in the machinegun, and you 
  shoot one bullet, which gets your energy bar thingy to a new upgrade,  
  it will automatically replenish your ammo to full capacity. 
  Something to think about when you are thinking about saving ammo.




You will know this battle from the Arcade mode, where Alan and Wesley 
take it down. Okay, there are things that change in Alicias level, so 
don't think that it is going to be easier than the arcade part of the 
game. Most of the things still happen though, and you still get to 
defeat the boss.

Start off by hitting the motorbikes in front of you. As soon as you cap 
the driver, the bikes will explode. Shoot the bikes until they have no 
health left and they will also explode. Use this to your advantage. Then 
the Gunship will fly over. You don't need to destroy the machinegun 
things on the side.

When the boss can see you, and you can see him, fire at him. Use 
something like your machinegun in an attempt to get it upgraded. Shoot 
rapidly at him, and remember to duck often, so you wont get hit. He will 
still shoot at you with the Chaingun type thing, so shoot when the 
bullets are straying away from you. Shoot him in the legs, arms, or in 
the legs, anywhere you can see.

Something that doesn't happen in Arcade mode is the throwing of the 
Chain gun. You need to duck when he throws the Chain gun. A message will 
come up saying "Danger." Duck now, and stay crouched until it has gone 
over. Just shoot him when he throws the grenades at you, and Stage 


If your not up to this battle, then please don't read here, it is a 
massive spoiler in the storyline. In case you want to know, even if you 
are anot up to the stage, Jake (Can't remember his last name, although I 
can remember that it starts with an L.) Betrays you just after you fight 
in the town, for the second time. he puts a gun to Alicias head, then 
she turns around and kicks him in the stomach. Great move. Alicia grabs 
a gun, and Jake runs off. You now have to fight him as a boss.

Okay, the first part is easy. Just shoot him unitl you get his blue 
health bar down to nothing. He hardly fires at you at the start, so it 
is easy. The only problem you might have is the other troops surrounding 
Jake shooting at you.

For the second part of the Boss battle, he will hold someone hostage, 
like using them as a Human Shield. This bit can be hard, because if you 
shoot the civilian, you lose a live, and she doesn't go away either, she 
stays there, meaning that you can lose multiple lives. This bit reminds 
me of the Saving Chrity Ryan section from Time Crisis II.

Shoot him in the head. Well, actually, just above the head, and to the 
left a bit. It will usually still count as a hit, and he will lose 
health. Take out the troops around him first, then kill Jake. For the 
third battle, just shoot him and duck constantly when he attacks.


This thing can be annoying, especially the Chainguns on the front. This 
boss is located on the Train level, for Alicia. it has numerous attacks, 
and can kill you quite quickly. Okay, here is how to defeat it.

There are three things on the front of the train car. Shoot the one in 
the middle first, with a machinegun or shotgun, save your grenades for 
later in the boss battle. Now take out the Rocket Launchers on the side. 
Use any weapon you please. The Rocket Launchers will fire out rockets at 
you (what else is it ment to do?), and if you shoot at a rocket, it will 
dissapear. Shoot the rocket launcher when the rockets arn't out. Disable 
both of the Rocket Launchers.

It will now decide to attack you by raming into you. This happens a few 
times during the boss battle, and to avoid being hit by it is to duck, 
yep, plain and simple ducking. Stay ducked until it goes away from you, 
and shoot the rockets on the side.

When it goes back, a Chaingun appear. This can kill you on every shot 
that it does, so notice how all the bullets like glow, that means you 
will lose a life if one hits you. Avoid being hit by ducking, but you 
will realise that it seems to take a few shots, then stops, then about a 
second later it shoots again. Pull out your grenade launcher. In the 
second that it stops, quickly go up, shoot a rocket, and then duck 
again. You need to be really quick.

More troops will emerge on the Train Car. Your best bet is to take them 
out. The chaingun thingy will pop out a few more times, and if you want 
to save your ammo for your grenade launcher, then use the shotgun. Pop 
up in the second that it stops, then shoot at the Chaingun, then duck 
again. Repeat in the 1 second of stopping time. 


This guy doesn't really have a health meter (when your playing as 
Alicia) but since he is like the main bad guy in the Arcade version, I 
will include this guy as a boss. 

For this mission, you need to shoot the handgun of Giorgio Zott when he 
is about to shoot Daniel Winston, Alicias Brother. It may sound easy, 
but Alicia Shakes a lot, you have 1 bullet to do it with, and you need 
to do it in 5 seconds, otherwise Alicias brother will be dead. 

Shoot the handgun on the screen that tells you what to do, and then 
press the reload button to take up the scope stance. Use the direction 
buttons (on the G-con2) and find Giorgio Zott. Move to the left of him a 
bit, and up. When the handgun is out to the left, shoot it anywhere. 
Make sure you hit it, and not any other place on Girogio. Once you hit 
the handgun, the Stage is complete, the smallest stage in the game.


Another Gunship. You have to do two things to this; the first thing is 
to disable it so that Jake cannot get away, and the second thing is to 
destroy it permantly. Shoot the middle part of it first, with whatever 
you want, and once it is destroyed, machineguns will come out from the 
side. Shoot them until they are destroyed, and duck to avoid being hit.

Shoot the enemy troops that are near the plane first, before taking it 
out. Now you have to shoot those things on the side. Use your handgun 
(as those things don't hurt you) and shoot it until it is destroyed. 
Shoot both of them.



Can't find what you need in this guide? Well, there are other places you 
can go that mght answer your question.


You can email me your question. Just make sure that it easy to 
understand and all, and abide by these rules.

- Don't flame, troll or anything like that
- Don't spam me, or send me viruses
- Make sure the question is easy to read


The GameFAQs message board is a great place to go to get your question 
answered. There are people there willing to help you. you must of course 
have a message board account, and one is easy to make. You can still 
visit the board, even without an account though, you will need an 
account to post. Here is the link to the board. By the way, registration 
is free.




Try either the two above, then go to either FAQs list, or Guides list. 
They might have a FAQ/Guide there.


No-one knows the answer to your question? Maybe the makers will.






Q: Do you get bonus score if you complete areas quickly?

A: Yes, the less time you take, the more bonus points.


Q: What are chase hits?

A: When you hit an enemy three times before he hits the ground, and you 
get more points for it, even if he only takes one shot to die normally.


Q: Do I lose any score when I die?

A: As far as I can tell, no.




Q: How do you unlock unlimited handgun bullets? (No reloading?

A: There has been some controversy over this, SureFireProductions (off 
the message board) says this.

for infinite subweapons beat the game in under 30 minutes with infinite 
handgun on. 
for infinite handgun, beat the game with only your handgun


Q: Is there really a weapons qupgrade system, my weapons are not 
upgrading, why not?

A: It only happens during Rescue mission, so play rescue mission.


Q: Where can I find the Sniper Rifle?

A: It's only available on Rescue Mission mode.


Q: How do I move the scope on the Sniper Rifle?

A: Use the D buttons on the g-con2, or just move the gun to the side. 
It's easier with the d buttons on the g-con, and very hard with the 
analog controller.




Q: When was this guide first released?

A: It was released to GameFAQs on the 10th of November, but wasn't 
posted until the 11th.


Q: Can I use this guide on my site?

A: No, sorry. Only GameFAQs can use it for the time being.


Q: Where can I send my questions/comments about the guide?

A: To my email. See top of guide.




Q: When was Time Crisis 3 released?

A: Check the release dates section in "Looking to buy."


Q: I'm stuck on X spot in Story Mode, help please?

A: 1) Check my Stage Hints
   2) Check my Game Tips
   3) Email me with the part you are stuck on.


Q: How do I defeat X boss?

A: Look in my Boss FAQ.


Q: What happens at the end of the game?

A: Not telling. Nah, it's already said at the end of the walkthrough.


Q: How do I unlock Crisis mission mode?

A: Defeat Rescue mission mode.





I just want to say thankyou for reading my guide on Time Crisis 3. I 
hope that you find it helpful in some way or another :)


Feel like sending in a tip, hint, or anything else? Please send me an 
email. Currently, my email is:


Any contribution is fine, or any question you want answered can go here.


This document is Copyright Aaron Baker 2003. It may not be reproduced 
under any circumstances except for personal and private use. you may not 
display this on a website without my permission. 


This guide is exclusive to GameFAQs.com


CjayC: For putting my guide up
www.gamefaqs.com: For putting my guide up (which is CjayC anyway)
GameFAQs, again, for supplying the cheats
Namco, for making such a great game, as usual
Time Crisis series, for being so good, and addictive
Everyone at the board Space Adventure, you are all great :) 
Punishment 01, for the ASCII of the g-con 2 and the controller
OKong, for some cheats in the unlockables section
Wakazashi, for some cheats in the unlockables section
Jacen Solo, for some cheats
Cheng, CORRECT info on the cheats
Judany, off the boards, for supplying a challenge
SureFireProductions, for posting on the boards about infinite handgun
Tex18525, for some corrections on cheats and guns
Bruce Wen, for asking about infinite handgun bullets
Edwin Colon, same as above
Myself, for making this document
You, for reading this guide
Everyone off the Time Crisis 3 message boards


- Rescue mission walkthrough
- Crisis mission walkthrough



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