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FAQ by BakaOrochi

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 10/06/2003

Keyboardmania II ~Keyboardmania 2nd Mix & 3rd Mix~
Version 1.0

Music/Keyboard simulation
1-2 players

USB Keyboard
(either Konami's or a Yamaha compatible USB keyboard)
Copyright 2003 by JuneHa Kim/BakaOrochi
All Rights Reserved.
Unauthorized reproduction of this FAQ in any shape or form is prohibited.

Come on, it's not like it's HARD to e-mail me if you want to use any part
of this FAQ, is it?

If you want to use ANYTHING, even codes or whatnot from this, CONTACT ME
FIRST.  This is my work, and not one bit of this is to be reproduced in any
way, shape, or form.  Copyright laws protect this FAQ.  This is
purely my own work, any other similarities to other FAQs are purely

I do respect all other copyrights and if I have inadvertently infringed on
any, please contact me immediately so that I may remedy the problem.
FAQ History:

-First release

1. What's the point of this FAQ?
2. What the heck is "Keyboardmania?"
      2a. Why "Keyboardmania II"?
      2b. Sequels, US versions, etc.
3. How to play
4. Modes of play
5. Frequently asked questions...well maybe not that frequent.
6. Can you give me some tips/secrets?
7. Songs in this version
8. Lyrics
9. Closing notes/Thanks/Contact Information

1. What's the point of this FAQ?
In all honesty, I was playing and forgot how to get certain modes and songs,
and looked online.

Hey an FAQ!

...but I couldn't find what I needed.

That's what this is for.  Everything you need to know, and thensome.
2. What the heck is "Keyboardmania?"
At this point, Konami has released a Dance simulation game, a DJ simulation game,
a guitar simulation game, and a drum simulation game.

Why not a keyboard simulation game?

Keyboardmania (or "KBM" for short) brings the heart of the "Bemani" sound simulation
series to the keyboard, and adds a large difficulty factor to it.

Think "Beatmania" except with 24 keys, plus an effector wheel.

People might think "I play piano, this game should be easy!"

That's what Konami had in mind when they designed this game.  IMHO, this is why
KCEJ did NOT have this game read by simple sheet music; it would give pianists
a natural advantage.  Instead, now the game is read by reading bars.

24 keys sounds hard?  It actually gets easier as you get used to the game.  Believe
it or not.  It took me a day or two until I was able to start passing 1-2 star songs.

While it's not as flashy as the other Bemani games, it's still quite as enjoyable, 
the tracks are done very well, and the music is quite excellent.

If you enjoy the tracks on this game, Konami Music Entertainment released a CD full
of longer versions of certain songs (additionally, each soundtrack has some of
those long versions).

      2a. Why "Keyboardmania II"?

Because Konami killed the series after Keyboardmania 3rd Mix, this left anymore
home versions (aka Consumer or CS) hanging in limbo.  Players were now stuck with
a keyboard, and a very-limited-songlist 1st Mix.  Rather than making 2 separate
mixes and have players pay for both, Konami made a bold (and very satisfying move
for fans) to release both mixes in one DVD, and release it as the second KBM release
for home.

      2b. Sequels, US versions, etc.

KBM 4th Mix was rumored in the works, then rumored to be released as a PS2
exclusive, but that was eventually quashed too.

The only other Keyboardmania that currently exists is the version that Yamaha
released under Konami's blessing for PC.  It advertises of the ability to
download songs as well.  However, I do not know if the PS2 Keyboard works
or what songs are currently on it, nor do I have any further information about
this title (or how it works for that matter).

3. How to play
The main point of the game:

Hit the corresponding key as the falling bar(s) line up with the red line
on the bottom of the screen.

If you see a flashing elongated bar, you must HOLD the key down until the end
bar lines up with the red bar.  If you release it too early or too late, it
will be counted as a miss.

If you see an arrow scroll down from the side of the screen, you must use your
effector wheel.  If the arrow points up and is blue, scroll (either left or 
right wheel) effector up when it hits the bottom red line.  If the arrow is
red and is pointing down, you must scroll the wheel downwards.

You will only pass a song if your "life meter" is above 70%.  If you miss too
many keys, and your bar reaches below 0% (you CAN survive if you have EXACTLY
0%), your song will end early, with a "STAGE FAILED" message.  This may change
depending if you changed your settings.


If you hit the key right on (give or take a few milliseconds), you'll get a 
GREAT! rating.

If you hit the key on the red line, but not exact, you'll get a GOOD rating.
Your combo will still be held.

If you miss the key entirely, or miss a hold key, you'll get a MISS rating.

That's all there is to it.


There are two things going on while you play.

The maximum score you can get it 1000000 points (that's a million points for those
not wanting to count the zeroes).  This means you get 100% Perfects.

If you get ALL perfects, you will be greeted with a "PERFECT PLAY" message.

You will also notice there is a "COMBO METER", unless you changed the
on-screen keyboard size (in which case, the Combo Meter will not be there).
The bigger the combo you can hold out, the bigger your "Combo Bonus" will be
at the end.  Also, if you can hold a good combo/Great rating, you will
be greeted with a "GOOD PLAY" or "GREAT PLAY" message.


At the end of your song, you get a letter grade for your performance.
This is primarily based on how many GREATS you can score.

Grades are as follows:

SS-Perfect performance, nothing less than a "Great!"
A-Excellent, several mistakes, good combo meter.
B-Very good, enough to get by.  A decent combo meter.
C-Average.  Low combo number.
D-Bad, Very low combo number.
E-Pretty much means you've either failed, or didn't hit a lot of the keys.
F-Well, either you played a song you're REALLY bad in, or you just messed around.
As in, barely played the song.
G-Well...you didn't play the song.  At all.

4. Modes of play
There are several modes to choose from.

This is for beginners just starting out.  Instead of the full 24 keys, you will
only play the left 12 keys.  In game mode, you will NOT fail your first song on this mode,
regardless if you drop below 70% or if your meter hits 0%.
You can switch between Light and Light+ by hitting any white key on the keyboard during
song selection.

You will use the full 24 key keyboard, however songs will be MUCH easier than on
REAL mode.  Most crazy sequences will be shortened to just one key press.
You can switch between Light and Light+ by hitting any white key on the keyboard during
song selection.

This is the difficult mode.  Every key that you hear, you will be playing as you
hear it.  Scales, runs, everything.  There's a reason why it's called "Real" mode.
Certain chords however will be simplified into one key.
You can switch between Light+ and Real by hitting any white key on the keyboard during
song selection.

You'll need two keyboards to play this mode.  Unlike VERSUS mode, this mode is meant
for one player only.  That's right, 48 keys Keyboardmania.  And no, nothing will happen
if two players play double mode.

This is your survival course.  However, unlike most other Bemani games, your
life gauge will NOT recover at all, whatsoever.  Not even 1% between songs.  Worst
of all, your bar will not go down any easier; every miss will still take off
percentage off your bar, no exceptions.  Each miss takes off about 2%, so
you have about 50 misses total.
Thankfully, you can choose your difficulty for these courses.

This is NOT a selectable play mode, as only 4 songs have this option.
This will make songs more difficult by adding more keys to play.  In some cases,
you will have to play the full chords, in others like Carreza, you will have to do
EVERY key press (so the song which was hard just became a WHOLE LOT harder).
You can only access the Anothers of these songs by playing in REAL mode, then hitting
the far left black keys (a tone will play, and the "REAL MODE" banner will change to
"ANOTHER").  See Section 6 for which songs have Anothers.
5. Frequently asked questions...well maybe not that frequent.
Q: Can I use my PS2 USB keyboard for my computer?
A: Only if you can find the appropriate drivers.  No, I do not have them.

Q: Can I use my PS2 USB keyboard for *insert peripheral here*
A: Try it out yourself.  If it does not recognize it, you will have to find drivers.

Q: Will there be any more KBM mixes coming out?
A: Mostly likely not.

Q: Why not?
A: Pffft.  Go ask Konami of Japan.  Probably because it wasn't popular enough.

Q: Is this game sessionable/super-sessionable with Guitar Freaks and/or DrumMania?
A: No.  Only the arcade version is.  Keyboardmania II contains NO features or
unlockable features that allows for any kind of sessioning, even though most of
the session/super-session songs are there.

Q: Will the next GF/DM (GitaDora) mix have sessioning/super-sessioning with KBM?
A: Who knows?  GF5/DM4 CS is LONG overdue, so no one knows if KCEJ has left the CS
versions or not.

Q: Who's the psycho rabbit and the green thing with the HUGE mouth?
A: The rabbit's name is Usao.
The green bear (yes, it's a bear)'s name is Hikki.
Often times either is referred to as "Usao-kun" and "Hikki-kun."

Q: Is the secret track "Gymnopedie" on KBMII?
A: No.

Q: Are there any other secret tracks?
A: Only the ones mentioned below in section 6.

Q: Is there a way to change the interface to Keyboardmania 2nd Mix style?
A: KBM 1st Mix is basically the same as 2nd Mix's anyway.  Otherwise, no.

Q: Is there anyway to make the movie screen bigger?
A: Nope.  Your best bet is to use the background movie option in the
Options menu.

Q: Can I turn off a modifier in the middle of a game?
A: Not that I know of, the only controllable modifier is speed.

Q: Is there a longer version of Akumajo Dracula Medley?
A: Unfortunately, none that I know of, not even in the Battle Selections or
Perfect Selections or soundtracks.

Q: Where's Presto from?
A: Beatmania IIDX 3rd Style.

Q: How many long versions exist in Keyboardmania?
A: Only two are playable: Mighty Guy (1st Mix), Ma-Ssa-Ra (3rd Mix).
The others that exist but are NOT in the game include:
Cycletron, Heaven's Gate, Shiritori, Armajiro, Pink Rose, Henry Henry,
Ma-ssa-ra, Mighty Guy, and etc.
You will want to find either the original soundtracks for each mix, or
just buy the "Keyboardmania Full-Sized Collection" soundtrack.

Q: Why don't some songs have music videoes?
A: For the majority, a very few number of songs do not have movies.
Some of those are the Session/Super-Session songs from the arcade, so
they weren't given music videoes.  Those songs were playable along side
Guitar Freaks 5th Mix and DrumMania 4th Mix (GF 6th and DM 5th was the only
other combo mix that were sessionable with KBM).

Those songs are:

Monkey Magic
Cosmic Cowgirl
Mr. Moon
Three Worms
Depend on Me (New version)
Dear My Friend
Classic Party 3 (Extra stage on GF5/DM4)
The Least 100 Sec. (Encore stage on GF5/DM4)

Shiritori was the only other sessionable/super-sessionable song, which is on
KBM 1st Mix CS.

Vitalize is also sessionable/super-sessionable, and is the only song with a movie

Q: Some of these songs are IMPOSSIBLE?  Can ANYONE pass these?
A: I saw a video of a very talented Japanese Beatmania player "DJ LISU" pass
The Least 100 Sec. Real, all one handed, with a VERY good score.
Yes, it's very possible.

Q: Are there sheet music (or scores) for some of these songs?
A: Although they're not too easy to find, they are available, made by fans.
keyboardmania.org is a good starting place.

Q: How can I hook up a Yamaha keyboard for KBM II?
A: You will first off need a MIDI-->USB adaptor from Yamaha (they're rather
pricy, I don't know if Radio Shack sells one, or if it's compatible).
You may have to check your manual if your keyboard will be recognized by the PS2.
I would strongly suggest sticking to the Konami PS2 keyboard (you can find them
for less than $60 standalone).

Q: Does a 3rd party/Yamaha keyboard work with Keyboardmania 1st Mix?
A: No, because 1st Mix CS does NOT have USB keyboard support.

Q: Can you tell me where else these songs are in?
Ride on the Light can be found on Beatmania IIDX 6th Style (as a remixed version).
Pink Rose can be found on Pop n' Music 7 (AC), Pop n' Music 5 (CS), and DDR Extreme.
Presto can be found on Beatmania IIDX 3rd Style.
Cassandra can be also found on Pop n' Music 8
The Least 100 Sec. can be also found on DDR Extreme and Beatmania The Final
Frozen Ray can be found on Beatmania IIDX 6th Style and DDR Extreme.
Ma-Ssa-Ra can be found on Pop n' Music 8

Q: Why does Monkey Magic and Dear My Friend have no artist listing?
A: Because they are Guitar Freaks/DrumMania cover tracks.  The artists listed
in section 7 are the cover artists.
Monkey Magic is originally performed by Godeigo.
Dear My Friend is originally performed by Every Little Thing.

6. Can you give me some tips/secrets?
Choosing 3rd Mix versions
Some songs have altered versions.  You can distinguish the versions
by looking at the font of the song name.  Italicized means the normal
version, the regular font means it's the 3rd Mix version.  The 3rd Mix
version generally isn't any different, but the hold keys may not be there,
or very minor changes are made to the keys.

To get these versions, you must play the following songs 3 times in a row
in one game:
Ride on the Light
Sabre Dance

They will be playable in the next game after the first song (they will be
at the very bottom of the list with a "(3rd)" designation).

Hidden songs
Two songs are "extra" tracks and you will need to fulfill certain requirements
to unlock them during game mode.

"Fur Elise" (ERISU NO TAMENI) can only be unlocked by passing your first
song with at least an A.
March of the Toy Soldiers can only be unlocked by passing your first song with
at least a C.

Long versions
Only Ma-ssa-ra has a long version, and is naturally unlocked under 3rd Mix.

Accessing Anothers
Only 4 songs have an Another version.  See Section 4 as to what "Anothers" are.
You MUST be in "REAL MODE" to select the Anothers.  Highlight one of the following
songs, then hit the farthest left black keys at the same time (you will hear a tone,
and "REAL MODE" banner will change into "ANOTHER."  This banner will change back once
you either hit the black keys again or change to another song):
Pink Rose
Illegally Sane
Smoky Town

Hidden Pressure course
Well, it's not hidden, but it's only available in REAL mode.
Just switch the difficulty over to Real when in choosing a course, and 
scroll down passed course 6.
It's called the "Dokkiri" course.

7. Songs in this version
-=-From Keyboardmania 2nd Mix-=-

1. Mr.T - Ride on the Light
Genre: Fusion
BPM: 160
Difficulty: 3

2. A.Khachaturian - Sabre Dance
Genre: Fight
BPM: 185
Difficulty: 4

3. Naya~n - Memories
Genre: Dramatic
BPM: 80
Difficulty: 2

4. Sparker - Motion
Genre: Electronica
BPM: 160
Difficulty: 4

5. V.C.O. - Steam and Dream
Genre: Eu-Tech
BPM: 135
Difficulty: 2

6. Kukeikakurabu (Rectangle Wave Club) - Akumajo Dracula Medley
Genre: K-Classics
BPM: 124
Difficulty: 5

7. Osama Kubota - Presto
Genre: Piano Ambient
BPM: 135
Difficulty: 6

8. N.P.B. - Journey to the Wonderland
Genre: Polka Dots
BPM: 130
Difficulty: 3

9. III - Inspector N.
Genre: Dandy
BPM: 125
Difficulty: 1

10. Univers 6 - Snow Afternoon
Genre: EZ Listenin'
BPM: 122
Difficulty: 1

11. Simon - Manhattan Sports Club
Genre: Turban
BPM: 178
Difficulty: 5

12. World Sequence - Beyond the Ocean
Genre: Asian
BPM: 120
Difficulty: 3

13. The Rabbits - Usao-Kun
Genre: Kids
BPM: 140
Difficulty: 3

14. Natural Bear - Ma-ssa-ra
Genre: Lite Pop
BPM: 164
Difficulty: 2

15. Saki - Hear My Love Song
Genre: Power
BPM: 120
Difficulty: 3

16. Ryo & Q-Mex5 - Regret
Genre: Hammer
BPM: 132
Difficulty: 5

17. Sphinx - Vitalize
Genre: PWM
BPM: 138
Difficulty: 4

18. Nahjee & Hata - Heaven's Gate
Genre: Brilliant
BPM: 152
Difficulty: 4

19. Hiroyuki Namba - Cycletron
Genre: Fingering
BPM: 176
Difficulty: 6

20. Hiroyuki Namba - Onion Ring
Genre: 60's
BPM: 132
Difficulty: 5

21. Nahjee - Sun Beam
Genre: Hyper Latin
BPM: 125
Difficulty: 4

-=-From Keyboardmania 3rd Mix-=-

22. Natural Bear - Massara Long Version
Genre: Lite Pop
BPM: 164
Difficulty: 2

23. Kiyommy + Seiya - Pink Rose
Genre: Heart
BPM: 145
Difficulty: (Light) 3 (Real/Another) 4

24. Magic Project - New Century Generation
Genre: Spark
BPM: 131
Difficulty: 3

25. Nahjee - Show Them the Way
Genre: Relax
BPM: 115
Difficulty: (Light) 2 (Real) 3

26. Nahjee - Labyrinth
Genre: Cool
BPM: 154
Difficulty: 1

27. Tatsuya Nishiwaki - Illegally Sane
Genre: Dangerous
BPM: 131
Difficulty: (Light/Real/Another) 4

28. Q.U.A.D. - Smoky Town
Genre: Quartet
BPM: 189
Difficulty: (Light/Real/Another) 4

29. Tatsuya Nishiwaki - Threshold Label
Genre: Chaos
BPM: 184
Difficulty: 6

30. Mr.T - To The 44883
Genre: Walky
BPM: 100
Difficulty: 4

31. Shinji Hosoe (REMIX) - EE-AL-K
Genre: Far East
BPM: 120
Difficulty: 3

32. Shinji Hosoe (REMIX) - Sensation -from Salamander 2-
Genre: K-Generation
BPM: 200
Difficulty: 4

33. DJ Taka - Frozen Ray
Genre: Trance
BPM: 156
Difficulty: 5

34. Q-Mex - Citta' Del Sole
Genre: Vivace
BPM: 140
Difficulty: 4

35. Simon - KlungKlung 1655
Genre: Gamelan
BPM: 180
Difficulty: 5

36. Seiya Murai - Limitation
Genre: Theme
BPM: 150
Difficulty: 5

37. J.S. Mech - Q no tameno SONATA
Genre: Noble
BPM: 147
Difficulty: 6

38. Q-Mex - Blessing
Genre: Sanctity
BPM: 72
Difficulty: 1

39. Osama Kubota - Carezza
Genre: Swing
BPM: 128
Difficulty: (Light/Real/Another) 6

40. Naya~n - Midori no Kaze
Genre: Cure
BPM: 72
Difficulty: 2

-=-Session/super-session songs from Guitar Freaks/DrumMania-=-

41. Gary Adkins - Monkey Magic
Genre: J-Pop
BPM: 116
Difficulty: 4

42. Maki - Dear My Friend
Genre: J-Pop
BPM: 133
Difficulty: 2

43. Sasaki Hirofumi - The Least 100 Sec.
Genre: Progressive
BPM: 264
Difficulty: 6

44. Hideyuki Ono - Classic Party 3
Genre: Classic Medley
BPM: ??? (~152-->~76-->~152-->~176-->~120-->~186-->~240-->~100)
Difficulty: 5

45. Annetai Maji SKA Bukudan - Cassandra
Genre: Ska
BPM: 190
Difficulty: 3

46. Jimmy Weckl - Three Worms
Genre: New York Funk
BPM: 140
Difficulty: 6

47. Julie Ann Frost - Mr. Moon
Genre: Dance Pops
BPM: 150
Difficulty: 5

48. Thomas Howard with AMSD Band - Depend on Me
Genre: Pops
BPM: 129
Difficulty: 4

49. Toshio Sakurai - Cosmic Cowgirl
Genre: Rock
BPM: 145
Difficulty: 3

-=-Hidden tracks-=-

50. Ludwig Von Beethoven - ERIZE NO TAMENI (Fur Elise)
Genre: Classic
BPM: ??? (~130)
Difficulty: 5

51. Leon Jessel - March of the Toy Soldiers
Genre: Classic
BPM: 125
Difficulty: 4

-=-3rd Mix changed tracks-=-
*All these songs have the same difficulty and BPM as their 2nd Mix counterpart*

52. Ride on the Light (3rd)
53. Sabre Dance (3rd)
54. Vitalize (3rd)
55. Memories (3rd)

8. Lyrics
I transliterated Pink Rose a long time ago, so this was easy to get.
Plus it's still my favorite song =P

The rest are pending for now.

Pink Rose
-Kiyommy + Seiya

Hontoono kodokumo shiranai
Mada awai hanabirani
Namidano tsubu kakaetamama

Ah, sawaranaide
Atataka nasonotewa
Watashi no subete kuruwasu

Ne, yurusanaide
Kitsuzuchio osaete
Hohoenderu anataga iru
Mou, karaenaine

Ochiteku tokino amai katori
Kurikae sutabini hidokunaru

Imadake suki datta furishite
Datta hitotsunakenara
Zenbu zenbu iranai

Hontoono kodokumo shiranai
Mada awai hanabirani
Namidano tsubu kakaetamama
9. Closing notes/Thanks/Contact Information
Thanks to...
Konami for making such a kick arse game

Copyrights...(every game I mentioned thus far, just to be safe)
Beatmania, Keyboardmania, Guitar Freaks, and Dance Dance Revolution
are trademarks of Konami and the Bemani development team.
PlayStation 2 is trademark and copyright of Sony Entertainment.


Before e-mailing me...

Know that I don't read or respond to the following types of e-mails:

-Begging for codes
-Asking for the GameShark/Enhancer/whatever bypass code
-How to modify a PlayStation
-How to pirate games
-How to unlock *your favorite song here*
-Unlocking codes
-Where to find MP3s or the songs
-Personal stories about how DDR changed their life
-Stupid crap that's already been explained in the FAQ, but you're too
lazy to read
-Other such stupidity

You can e-mail me at BakaOrochi at bemanistyle dot com
If you'd like to reuse this FAQ in ANYWAY, SHAPE OR FORM, YOU MUST contact me
FIRST!  So please save yourself the legal trouble.  I won't bite your head off
or anything =E
This FAQ can be located http://www.geocities.com/bo_iidx

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