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FAQ/Walkthrough by micken

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 10/27/04

                  _            , __                  _   _      
               \_|_)          /|/  \                | | | |     
                 |     __,     |___/        __   _  | | | |  _  
                _|    /  |     |    |   |  /    |/  |/  |/  |/  
               (/\___/\_/|_/   |     \_/|_/\___/|__/|__/|__/|__/
                        (_) |              o           
                            | __,   __ _|_     __   ,  
                          _ |/  |  /    |  |  /    / \_
                         (_/ \_/|_/\___/|_/|_/\___/ \/ 	 

This FAQ for La Pucelle: Tactics written by Micken
and is thus copyright (c) 2004 by Sam Moggach.

Only THESE sites are allowed to post my FAQ on their site:


If you see it on any other sites, please notify me I will give them a
good spanking.

All materials used in construction of this guide are owned by their
respective owners. This guide may not be copied, or reproduced in whole or in
part anywhere else unless you have my permission.

// Table of Contents

Section A: Introduction

 - Some Basic Information
 - A few bugs to take advantage of
 - Some tips for battle

Section B: Walkthrough

 - Chapter  1: On the Job Training
 - Chapter  2: A Child's Promise
 - Chapter  3: Prier and Alouette
 - Chapter  4: A Gigantic Problem
 - Chapter  5: A Hairy Situation
 - Chapter  6: The Journey Begins
 - Chapter  7: A Dance in the Sky
 - Chapter  8: To an Undiscovered Land
 - Chapter  9: Memories of Fatima
 - Chapter 10: The Prince of Darkness
 - Chapter 11: The Maiden of Light
 - Chapter 12: A Legend is Born

Section C: Mini-guides

 - A simple guide to Mass Miracles
 - Of Luring and Decoys

Section D: Taking the Game Further

Section E: Thanks & other stuff


Section A: Introduction 

Hi! This is the first FAQ that I have ever written. Hopefully there will be
more to come in the future for other great games.

Why am I writing this FAQ?
Well, there are a few reasons. The main being that I have never written a FAQ
before and I'd like to get into the field. This is the first game that has
compelled me to even consider writing a FAQ for, considering I have beaten the
game and there are still very few FAQs available for it.

The first time I played through this game was extremely entertaining and this
walkthrough will be developed as I play through for the second time (with the
japanese voices hehe).

** Please Note **
this FAQ is intended for those more "extreme" gamers who enjoy playing a game
to it's fullest without missing anything but is still suitable for those who
just want help beating the game.

Some basic information

Miracles:   A miracle will occur when you successfully create a "box" with the
            flow of dark energy that lasts for a minimum of 15 sqares.

A few bugs to take advantage of

Miracles & movement & changeups
You can move any character and cancel that movement with circle at any time
Even when they were in the path of any dark energy flows. So you can move one
of your characters onto the flow of energy to change it's path, have another
character purify the portal, and then cancel the movement. This can be useful
when setting up miracles. The same goes with changeups. You can have a
character pull out a changeup and change it's direction without putting it down
so if you want the direction of any portal changed, simple move over it with
a changeup and change the direction, then cancel.

Some Tips for battle

Don't be afraid to use specials: You can almost always return to the world map
to restore after every battle. in fact, use them as much as possible, but save
them for the tougher enemies. this is because if you just attack normally there
is a good chance you will miss (especially when you get to the tougher enemies)
and doing a special attack is much easier than hoping you get an auto-hit.

get the upper hand: when possible always try to have your strongest attacker
higher up than the enemy, more damage is dealt this way

attack from behind: I'm not sure about this one, but you might do more damage
if you attack from behind the enemy

don't be afraid to use decoys: The AI in this game is pretty simple, and most
monsters will attack the weakest character on your team and ignore everyone
else. This means if you have 3 guys next to a monster, and a level 1 bat
sitting by the base tile, the monster will walk towards the bat...

Never ignore the dark portals. Enemies will come out of them so purify them 
as soon as possible.

Always try to refrain from having 8 characters on the battle field. Once 8 of
your characters die it's game over, use 7, so If you do get into a sticky
situation you can always pull someone out of the base tile and move them onto
the exit.


Section B: Walkthrough

// Chapter 1: On-the-Job Training

Ah the first chapter of the game. You can talk to the people here to learn
how to access the menu in the world map & where your first mission will take

You can also explore the town and talk to the people to learn more about the
game and catch onto a small "joke" that you will only get if it is your second
time playing through the game. if you go out the right exit from the first 
screen there will be a guy leaning on the wall. If you talk to him you can
learn a lot about the mechanics of the game.

I'm not sure what significance this has, but just for good measure, head on
over to the orphanage (the house with the gate in front of it). Inside talk
to all the kids and one of them will pay you 1 prica.

If you want, head into the church to find out that a little boy named rocini 
is sick and that father salade is "out" right now.

OK, finally we get to do some fighting (yay!) head out of town and go to
devil's stomach.

the first few maps are just for training. The first, culotte will foolishly
try to take on three bats. He will lose no matter what (if the other 2 bats
don't kill him, the third will get a critical hit and pwn him.)

training mission 1

Enemies:  Bat (3)

Come on, it's the first training mission. if you lose this just put
down your controller and return the game now.

training mission 2

Enemies:  Bat (4)

If you want to make a little cash, purify all the portals before
defeating all the enemies. They don't have a chance against you
as they are just training enemies and there is a chance you will
kill them all while purifying the portals when they attack you.

// Devil's Stomach

Devil's Stomach mission 1

your first real mission! it will start with culotte telling you how to
convert enemies and will then convert one of the bats in front of you.

Enemies: Bat (4)
         Zombie (1)

kill the 2 bats in front of the base panel (1 if this is your first
time and you have converted one of them) And then purify any portals
in the area before moving your characters down to battle the other
3 enemies. You can even get a few miracles going if you have a good
portal setup. Afterwards I had all my characters move up and purify
any portals. After the enemies attack any characters that were close
enough have prier coup de grace the zombie, culotte purify any
remaining portals and have alouette use tough love on one of the bats
or if there are still portals, purify one. This should be over quickly.
It is still very hard to lose at this point in the game. If you purified
all of the portals you will get double the purica for purification.

Here you have a choice. You can go to the Grave of Fools, or you can go to
the Hall of the Dead. I would suggest going back to the world map first (to
heal any injured characters) and then heading to the Grave of Fools.

Grave of Fools

Here you will learn to convert bigger monsters.

Enemies: Bat (4)
         Big Zombie (1)

If this is your first time, do not worry about the big zombie. he will make
no attempt to attack you. He will only stand there and let you purify him.
So the first task is to take care of the bats at the entrance. this should be
easy enough. Set up your 3 main characters to attack either of the bats and
make sure you have your previously converted bat on the field. All the enemy
characters will go for the bat (because he is the weakest). Once you've
taken out the bats, proceed to purify all the portals on the map. Make some
miracles if you want to (you will not be bothered by the zombie).

a simple trick: since you are so close to the base tile, you can get double
moves for anyone. just move them back to the base tile, pull them out and
move them again.

You will be wanting to concentrate on 1 of your characters mainly I choose
Prier because she is one of the coolest attackers, so have her kill the big
zombie by herself & put any attack items you may find on her. Why is this
important? For future sections of the game you will need to have mainly 1 or 2
of your characters to be powerful enough to take down some huge monsters that
would otherwise be impossible for a group of mid-leveled characters.

At this point I went back to town and bought some weapons (muscle gloves &
such) for prier and got lucky enough to get a survey that asks if I had one
wish what would it be? I chose "triple xp for next purification" because I
knew that the next map (Hall of the dead) was a tutorial on doing miracles.
So if you really want to level up some items, buy some muscle gloves or
manly gloves, put them on prier and use her to purify the portal in the 
Hall of the dead.

Don't bother training any of your monsters unless you really plan on leveling
them up and keeping them throughout the course of the game. I try to use
monsters as little as possible because it is much more cool to have higher
level story characters.

Hall of the Dead

In this map you will learn about miracles for the first time and they will have
a nice big one set up for you already. I would seriously suggest going to
Section C of this guide now and giving it a once-over to get an idea of what
you can do.

Enemies: Zombie (8)

The first time you're here a nice miracle will be already set up! You will be
told that you first must defeat the zombie standing in the path of the energy.
this is a LIE. Pull out culotte or Alouette and have them place a changeup on
top of the zombie pointing upwards and the energy will go through him and
complete the circle. This will net you more points for the purification because
the miracle will have 1 more enemy to kill. Have prier do the miracle and if
you were lucky like me and got triple XP for next purification your new weapons
should reach level 6 or 7. You will also get more money $$.

Caretaker's Room

This map has an event tile! yay!

Enemies: bat (2)
         zombie (3)
         big bat (1)

Take out the 2 bats first, then send prier up to take on the zombies. with her
spiffy new high level weapons she should be able to take at least on of them
down. Move your other 2 characters up a bit, then end the turn, the 2 remaining
zombies will hopefully go for prier and if you are lucky she will take another
one of them down in the process. Next have prier attack the third zombie and
alouette and culotte take the other if he is still there, then step on the
event tile to unlock the next map (before it was labled "????" on the list)
and heal prier if you need to with iyashi.

It is pretty easy to set up miracles on this map as well because there is a
big bat in the middle who will not come after you unless you get close so
place guys at all the corners and send prier up to purify the portals (since
we want to level her items up some more). doing miracles will also net you a
lot of purica as well which we can use to buy more weapons later on.

I killed the guy in the middle with 2 miracles, but if you can't or are not
comfortable with miracles yet, just send your crew up to bash on him and get
the item in the treasure box (though if you did some miracles that should get
you more than enough money to buy 5 of ANYTHING you might have gotten from
the treasure chest). but if you want it THAT bad just send a useless guy in.
(namely: culotte).

// MontBlanc Castle

you might want to head back to town and talk to some people and buy some stuff
before trying these missions. In fact, upon entering the next area, culotte and
alouette will suggest you do this.

Hall of Justice

This is where things start to heat up and the missions become tougher.

Enemies: Bat (4)
         Zombie (1)

Don't worry about purifying all of the portals in this map and just go strait
for the bats. kill 1 with prier alone and the others with culotte and alouette
and take out any monsters you may have to distract the enemy.

second turn have prier go strait to the zombie if possible and give him a coup
de grace (pwned!). by this time the ATK on prier for me was around 80 which is
enough to take this zombie down with 1 coup de grace. Have your other
characters continue working on the bats and have prier mop up the rest after
killing the zombie. stage complete! head back to the world map to restore.

The Birdcage

There is an event tile in the middle of this map.

Enemies: Bat (2)
         Zombie (3)
         Will-o-Wisp (1)

Don't be afraid of the big flaming ball. he isn't that scary. To avoid
confrontation with the wisp, pull all your characters out of the base tile
and line them up horizontally about 2 spaces above the base tile. End the turn
and the zombies & bats should come after you (but you will be abl to kill them
easily. As soon as you get the chance, send prier after the will-o-wisp and
use deliverance (if you have it) or coup de grace. hopefully it will die. if
not don't worry it shouldnt be able to kill you in one hit. If you killed it
move all your other characters back into the base tile.

The next turn, move prier onto the event tile for a cutscene. If you kill
everything before getting a chance to get to the event tile don't worry you
can always re-try the map and head strait for it. Once you're done with the
cutscene kill off the rest of the enemies and head back for the world map
as usual to heal your characters.

Hall of Courage

enemies: zombie (4)
         big bat (1)

if you don't like the dark portal setup here, send a guy to the top right.
there is a red event tile here that will take you to the next map. once there
just head back to the previous map. you will now start from the top right.

Send prier just close enough to the group of guys to lure 1 of the zombies
out. once it comes take care of it. send culotte and alouette around to purify
all the portals. Keep luring guys out of the group with prier and taking them
one at a time. and eventually you should be swatting them off like flies. This
one should be over quickly.

Hall of Truth

remember that room you went to in the last stage? this is it.

Note: there is a "room divider" of sorts right in front of the base tile.
hidden behind it is an event tile in front of a suit of armor (rotate the
camera with r1 or l1 to see it)

enemies: Bat (6)

This is where having that level 2 bit you got in the first area comes in handy.
take prier out and move her as close as possible to the event tile, and take
your bat out and put it in front of his 6 buddies :-D (they'll ALL go for him)
next turn move prier onto the event tile and trigger the cutscene. This is
required to achieve the good ending for this chapter. (as is touching the
event tile on the earler map "hall of courage")

afterwards, proceed to wipe out all the bats on the level. Prier should be a 
fortress by now and should have no problem.

Throne Room

The end of the chapter is near!

enemies: bat (5)
         Zombie (3)
         Will-o-Wisp (2)
         Boss (1) 

Start off by taking on the bats and zombies in the middle, they shouldn't be
too hard. then send your guys around purifying portals and move prier up one
of the sides. Send your 2 decoys (the bat and the big zombie) strait up the
middle to draw the wisps out, once they are out have prier take them on. Once
everyone else is dead, go for the boss. He might come after you though so watch
out for his muscle bomber attack, it hurts. But, as usual, he should be no
match for prier. Don't be afraid to let your other characters die. they will
come back to life and it has no effect on the outcome of the story. Just don't
let prier die, if you do your only chance is to run for the exit really.

 Chapter complete!

if all went well you should have gotten the good ending which nets you 2000
purica & a decent item.

// Chapter 2: A Child's Promise

Now is the time (if you want) to explore mass miracles. You should have enough
money to be able to afford lots of changeups by now. Refer to the Mass Miracles
section of this faq for details on how to do mass miracles. Now is also the
time to think about making your first good item using the item fusion that the
cloaked figure in the rosenqueen shop provides. If you haven't leveled any of
your items up by now it's still ok to keep playing, but making good items now
will make the game a lot easier later on. Refer to Wakuseino Mamoru's item
fusion guide for more details. By the time you get back to the story
you will most likely have forgotten what it was you were supposed to be doing..

Anyways, I used my big zombie to convert my level 3 manly fist, 2 level 4
muscle gloves and another level 3 manly fist into something bigger (atkx3, 26
atk) which I then leveld up to 21 with a mass miracle (along with a few hyper
knuckles and a sleepy hammer)

Again this is not necessary but fun anyways, after doing so my Prier had about
291 atk which is enough to whomp any monster in this chapter in 1 hit.

OK, back to the story. Head to the "Crime Scene" from the world map to see the
message written in blood & a good quote. "I don't kill people! ... but I do
get revenge"

Suggested levels:
Prier:      7
Alouette:   5
Culotte:    4

Mt. Tarte (foot)

enemies: Bloom (6)
         Bear (1)

you will lose culotte before you start this, so if you don't have any monster
friends, now's the time to get some. Specifically, the blooms on this level.
I would suggest starting off by purifying the closest ones and capturing them.
once you've got them you can either re-start the level by walking onto the 
exit tile behind the base tile and going back to the world map or you can
continue from here if you feel you have what it takes. (i didn't, that bear
packs a punch! we'll be going for him soon tho *snicker*)

getting the bear: This can be quite a challenge. There are a few ways you can
do it. the way I did it was to get lucky! I converted 1 bloom, and used it as
a decoy along with my bit. It took me 3 turns to purify the bear all the way
to will convert no matter what, and that's only because I got lucky and they
got alouette to 1 health and she was able to purify the next turn.

So I would suggest getting at least 2 or 3 blooms to use as decoys while you
purify the bear. As long as you have blooms nearby, the bear will ignore prier
when she moves next to the bear to purify him.

Lure the bear down with a bloom or bat and proceed to purify him with your 2
main characters while he munches on your decoy posse. He might kill alouette
in the process, but dont worry, once you have him the rest is a sinch. Equip
him with any atk equipment u might have and chomp through the rest of the

Spring of Mercy

enemies: Bloom (5)
         Bear (1)
         Fairy Fire (1)

You should go here first before going to the Mysterious Path because I is a
dead end and you must complete it to get the good ending. Start by taking out
the blooms on the left, the bear and fire shouldn't bother you. once they are
dead move your bear and prier over towards the bear and fire and use specials
on them. they should go relatively quickly. Head out to the world map to
restore and go back in.

Mysterious Path

enemies: Bloom (6)
         Bear (2)

Make sure your bear and bloom(s) are equipped with atk equipment. I bought some
hyper knuckles for my bear with all the money I made from 1 mass miracle.
These 2 will help a lot with this level. Have prier and your bear concentrate
on the 2 bears in this level while alouette & the bloom concentrate on the
blooms. Of course the bears will be too far away on the first turn so have
prier and the bear go for some blooms. Make sure you take out your bat to
distract some of the monsters.
Fairly simple, just kill everything. The bears should come after you and
greatly damage you but this is the last turn they'll take. Take them out with
prier and the bear and then take out all the blooms

Mt. Tarte (Side)

enemies: Bloom (7)
         Bear (3)
         Fairy Fire (2)

Wow lots of guys on this map! Croix joins your party tho and He makes it a
little easier. If you want you can step on the exit tile and go back to town
to buy him some equipment.

Start off by having croix try to take out the closest fire, your bear take one
of the enemy bears, and prier take the other. Alouette & the bloom can finish 
off the fire if you dont manage to kill it. That leaves a bunch of blooms to
mop up before heading up across the narrow section of the map. Once that's done
move your strongest character in front of the narrow part, they'll be ITCHING
to come across and get you (pwned!) if they do manage to kill your main
character make a run for it and try again, but hopefully they wont ALL come.
If you position yourself 1 square in front of the narrow spot, only the bear
should come across for you. Kill all the blooms that come across with the bear
then proceed to kill the fire guy.
If you have problems with this map, convert some more blooms or another bear
to help you.

Mt. Tarte (peak)

boss time!

enemies: Bloom (6)
         Big Zombie (2)
         Fairy Fire (2)
         Gargoyle (1)

This map isn't as big as the previous boss battle, but has a lot of monsters
still! Start by taking the front 3 blooms and placing your lower levels around
the base panel. They should get attacked by the left fire, and your others will
be attacked by the right one. Next turn, take out the 2 fires & the rest of the
blooms, if you don't have them dead by the end of this turn dont worry, just
kill them next turn!

If the boss comes after you, ignore him and go for the zombies. Killing the
boss will clear the stage, so take the zombies with your main chars (bear,
prier, croix) for experience, then next turn womp the boss with a deliverence
from prier. if that fails to kill him, bring in your other 2 with some special
attacks of their own.

Chapter complete! hopefully you got the good ending. If not, revert to a saved
game and remember to complete all the stages this time.

// Chapter 3: Prier and Alouette

Start off by heading to the castle. Here you will meet one of the more useful
members of your party in the future Eclair (no you dont get her yet).

I chose this time to upgrade my items again. I took my level 20+ items from
the previous mass miracle and put them on the bear (he was the highest level
of all my monsters, he was still too weak) and came out with a +70 atk item
which is pretty good, I then proceeded to buy a more expensive item (kitty
punch) and a few more hyper knuckles. If you didn't do the mass miracle at the
beginning of last chapter ignore this section unless you want to start doing
it this time. Then I proceeded to get the triple purification xp AGAIN (jeez
I'm lucky!) and headed to Hall of the dead to set up another mass miracle.
This one wasn't as big but was still able to get my items 20 levels which
resulted in my newly crafted weapon having +140 atk and my kitty punch +121 atk

I am yet again strong enough to pwn all the monsters in the next chapter.

Now is the time to start leveling up culotte and alouette as well so they will
be high enough to use the most useful spell in the game: braveheart. They will
need to get at least to level 10.

invest some money (whether you have a lot or not!) in buying 2 Aid Rods. This
will enable the wearer of these rods the ability to cast Braveheart if they are
high enough level (hence why we are leveling up Culotte and Alouette, so they
can braveheart our main guys) so we'll concentrate more on letting them kill
in this chapter.

If you followed my advice and used your bear to craft a new item, you might
want to convert a new one to have another attacker (but now that you have
croix you shouldnt really need one)

Head back to pot a feu city and go to the church to start the next mission.

Go straight to meuniere forest for a nice scene involving croix and prier.

Forest Entrance

Enemies: Bat (5)
         Hippo (1)
         Box (1)

Start by taking out as many of the bats as possible. The hippo will come after
you and he hurts. But he'll only be getting 1 hit in because now that he's
close enough we can whoop his arse with prier (and croix if necessary)
take the rest of the bats with alouette and culotte. Then head for the box
he shouldn't be too hard with prier. if you can't hit him use a special, if 
you still can't hit him well you need to level up or make some better items
(refer to my previous comments about mass miracles)

Forest of Grief

Note there is an event tile on this map. You will need to hit this tile before
moving on if you want to get the good ending.

Enemies: Bat (7)
         Hippo (2)

Start by sending prier after the hippo on the right and the rest of your guys
bunched up attacking the bats around the hippo on the right. Keep them far
enough away so the hippo on the left won't come after you. If not, just kill
them, you can always come back a second time and just go strait for the event
tile. After the hippo is dead, send prier up towards the event tile and kill
the bat who should have moved into range, leave your other guys where they are
so the hippo wont come yet. Hit the event tile to trigger a scene involving a
whining eringa. Once this is triggers, send croix after the other hippo and
mop up the rest of the bats, getting culotte and alouette in on as many battles
as possible. Should be over quickly.

Forest of Judgement

There are 2 event tiles on this map and loads of enemies. be careful and watch
your lower level characters!

Enemies: Bat (4)
         Hippo (4)
         Box (1)

You'll want to be avoiding the 3 hippose lined up on the right for now so only
take your strongest characters out to combat the 4 bats & the hippo.

The hippos can be really annoying because they often use the ability "Hypno
Yawn" which will put your character to sleep, so if possible always kill the
hippo first. (this is where having a pair of shoes might come in handy, they
will allow you to move 1 extra square, wearing 4 pairs of shoes will allow
you to move 4 extra squares. And you can unequip them after moving. So if
you can't reach the hippo on the first turn, put some shoes on, move, take them
off, and use a special on the hippo. On your second turn have your strong
character search the event tile behind the tree to find the mushroom essence.

If you have the chance, keep moving your strong character towards the box at
the upper part of the map and leave the rest of your characters in the base
tile. After killing the box with a special get the event tile for another

Now we'll go back towards the base tile to take on that horde of hippoes.
The 3 hippoes should have remained grouped so try to attak them like this:

Hippo - Croix
Hippo - Prier
Hippo - another strong character if you have one

to get all your guys in on the battle and minimize your chances of getting

It should be easy to kill the bits with any other characters you have (just go
to town and buy lots of hyper knuckles and muscle gloves for them and they
should be able to take on a bat easily

Remember that shroom from the event tile in the forest of grief? we have his
essence now! let's go give it back.

head back to the forest of grief and make a run for the tile, leaving some
decoys behind by the base tile (leaving at least 1 inside), unless you feel
like leveling up some and killing some guys. Once you've gone through the event
take your guy out of the base tile and move to the exit.

Barsom's House

Another event tile (this chapter is full of them!)
this one's on the doorstep of barsom's house in the top right.

Enemies: Hippo (6)
         Bat (2)
         Box (1)

This map can be VERY annoying, so many hippos you are lucky if your stronger
characters don't get put to sleep at some point. So it is good to have a lot
of decoys on this map.

Gather your main characters on the rightish side closer to the house and have
them attack some hippoes (try to get culotte and alouette in on these fights)
and put some monsters on the left side to lure away some of the other hippoes
(they wont last long). Remember your goal here is to get the event tile and
complete the map. It's easier this way. If you try to make a run for the portal
you're going to need all the decoys you can get. So I'd suggest fighting your
way. On the second (or first if you can reach it) attack the box with your
strongest character. Once you've reached the tile, search the area for a 
short cutscene that gives a hint at what's in the chapters to come.

Now that that's over it's time to let loose on these hippoes. Some bats will
probably have appeared at the portals but they are no biggy. Concentrate on the
hippoes first. If you manage to get sleeped, just bear through it, chances are
you will live through it to whomp his arse for doing it to you!

Endless Forest

Enemies: Hippo (4)
         Bat (4)
         Box (1)

This level can be tough since all the enemies are bunched together. You'd think
this would be a good place to do miracles to level up your items but if you've
taken my advice and gotten to know your mass miracles by now you'll laugh at
this joke.

go for the hippoes on the corners first. this is how i set it up

hippo      bat      hippo
prier   alouette    Croix
extra monsters & culotte down here to leech exp

hopefully both hippoes should die. The box will attack next round along with 
the other 2 hippoes but you should be able to live through it. I managed to
convert one of the hippoes with baptism attack somehow (funny how luck is)
oh well, another monster to throw on the stack with the other decoys.

Next have your strongest take out the box and your others chop away at the
other 2 hippoes (the bats should just die while trying to attack you)

Easy map.

****** IMPORTANT *******
do NOT proceed to the next map and kill the forest lord you won't get the good
ending! go back to the church infirmary first before finishing that map!
****** IMPORTANT *******

You can however start the map and watch the scene, then exit it and go back to
town. when you come back some events will happen and you'll be facing a
different boss. (yet ANOTHER gargoyle. these things are starting to annoy me.)

Shrine of Beasts

Enemies: Bat(4)
         Hippo (4)
         Box (2)
         Gargoyle (1)

I didn't get to do this, but if you want, buy a few pairs of sneakers in town
before starting this map, and if your main character is strong enough you might
be able to finish the boss off in one hit. But if this is not the case, use
some good decoy tactics. Move prier up and whoop the nearest hippo, and spread
your weaker characters out around behind her. All the big guys surrounding the
gargoyle and including the gargoyle should kill off a few of them. But now that
the gargoyle is close you can unleash your wrath upon him. For me all it took
was one Divine storm from prier, But i imagine 1 deliverance & a special from
croix should take him down. If now, you should be able to live through the
next turn as the enemies take out the rest of your weaker units and kill the
boss the next turn

EASED! another chapter bites the dust. Hopefully you got the good ending, which
I am sure requires clearing all the stages and touching all the event tiles.
The most important part though is getting the mushroom essence back to the
Shroom. But If you don't there is supposed to be some kind of skill you can
get later on in the game.

Chapter complete!

// Chapter 4: A Gigantic Problem

This is the first chapter where there is the possibility of getting a SPECIAL
Ending! yay! but it requires a lot of work. (if you've been taking my advice on
having 1 powerhouse character and having culotte and alouette level 10 before
doing this it should be somewhat easier)

You will need to do some of your first serious leveling.

To get the special ending you need to defeat the level 40 monster (whale like 
thing) instead of luring it to mt. tarte like alouette suggests.

If you want, save your game and head to the harbor to test your mettle against
the monster. It is most likely that you will get pwned. My prier was level 13
and had 513 attack. I ALMOST got him on the first try but I lost because the
monster ate my healers.


This really isn't that hard.

First, if you don't already have, get 2 aid rods (or 4 if you can afford it).

Now we're going to level up culotte and Alouette to level 10, this shouldn't
take long if we've got a high level prier and some wicked attack items.

Go to any map (devil's stomach is my suggestion) and pull out prier, then pull
out culotte and equip your best atk items. have him use tulip spear on prier. 
This will get you a lot of xp. You should only need to kill prier 5 or 6 
times to get to level 10.

do the same with alouette except use tough love or repent! Now they should be
able to use braveheart which will raise the target's atk by 20% (meaning, if
cast 5 times in 1 turn, DOUBLE the target's current atk).

Alouette and Culotte can "learn" braveheart after gaining a level in it, so if
you dont have enough for 4 aid rods, have 1 character cast braveheart until 
they level it up and gain the skill permanently and then pass it on.

We really don't need much for this monster so we'll only use alouette and
culotte for now.

Prier is already the highest so it will be slower leveling her (i didn't
bother) but if your items aren't so great you might want to (or just go make
some good items!)

This SHOULD be enough. You will need lots of decoy monsters.

Mayonaise Harbor

Enemies:  Monster (1)
          Bat (5)
          Box (2)
          Whale (1)
          Fish (2)      (they look more like mermaids to me...)

Ok there are a lot of ways to beat this monster and I'm only going to
explain a few.

First the way I did it:

I like to hit 'em hard and fast. And that's what I did. Braveheart prier
with culotte and alouette and she SHOULD be around 700 - 800 atk.
get the monster with your strongest special attack (so he can't fight back
and so you can't miss) You should do around 400 - 500 damage.

Pull out a decoy and place him nearby, end the turn. The monster will go for
the decoy, the bats will move closer, and you'll have another bravehearted turn
but this time you will have even MORE attack. since you bravehearted twice last
turn only 1 will wear off this turn, so braveheart twice again and you should
almost be in the 900's. If you have sp left do another special but this time 
box him in with your weaker characters. His next turn he is stuck and will
be forced to attack 1 of your weak characters leaving culotte and alouette
safely outside the battle to braveheart you yet again next turn! He should be
nearly dead by now. next turn pull everyone away and give the monster a whack
with prier. She should get a good 10 or so levels (up to level 23 ish) and
should learn a few skills including redemption which is your most powerful
attack for taking out single monsters (i.e. bosses)

Second the way I have heard a lot of others have done it (without the awsome
equipment and braveheart):

Go out and find yourself a nice level 4 or 5 box to convert and do so. Once he
is in your party, go to the shop and buy him some spiffy defense raising armor.
Because this monster already has a nice high base defense he will not be hit
very hard by the monster. But he is ALSO the lowest level weakest character
in your posse.

Make sure you have at least 1 character that can hit the monster.
On the first turn, place 1 character including your attacker and your box on
each side of the monster. then set croix up on a box or something to protect
the group from bats that will wonder in from the side. Now have your
spellcasters set up beside your attacker and your box. Heal your box every time
he needs it and/or braveheart your attacker if you have braveheart.

Now just whittle away at his hp while healing the box and you should have him
beat in around 20 to 30 turns depending on your attack strength and luck.
(sometimes the monster regenerates 100 to 200 health)

This monster gives loads of exp and this is the main reason for killing him. 
You also get the angel shoes at the end of the chapter which will be VERY


Mt. Tarte (foot)

Hey it's Homard! let's whoop his arse and save the monster.

Enemies: Chocolat (5)
         Yattanya (1)
         Homard (1)
         Monster (1)

This one is pretty straightforward. If you want the special ending, take down
Homard before he kills the monster, and since we've already killed the monster
kill homard should be easy as 1, 2, 3, ...

Pull prier from the base tile, move her as far as she will go, end turn.
Watch as the chocolats try to hit the monster & hopefully homard will not
attack it. 

Next turn. Move up beside homard, and test your new skill on him: redemption.
Stage clear. can you say pwned?

If Homard hides then try getting to him with some shoes on, if not, move
as close as possible and let them have another whack at the monster, he should

Head back to the church for more scenes.
Afterwards you can do one of 2 things.

You can go to Eringa valley and talk to elizabeth (the shroom from the forest
in the last chapter) and she will offer to sell you some kinoko jiru for
50000 purica. what a ripoff! I'm not sure if doing this will effect the ending
but either way the second option is more fun.

The second option is to fly to My. Champaignon with Homard and complete a set
of areas. So head that way for now.

Homard will warn of the shroom dragons but We just killed a level 40 monster.
These dragons will be a piece of cake.

Lotsa Mushrooms

Enemies: Shroom (5)
         Ghost (1)
         Dragonshroom (1)

pull prier out and take out the ghost first, then attack some of the mushrooms
with the rest of your party. Some of your party members may die but oh well.
Bring prier back to help mop up the shrooms then move her up to lure the dragon
out of his place. If you're REALLY scared, move all the rest of your party back
into the base tile except 1 weak character, and move prier or another strong
guy up the side to steal the treasure box after the dragonshroom moves, then
wail on him with prier and croix. Pretty easy.

Mushroom Festival

Enemies: Shroom (4)
         Ghost (2)
         Dragonshroom (2)

This map is just as simple as the last one except there are 2 treasure boxes
and 2 dragonshrooms. Try to take 1 of the ghosts out with prier first. You
may have to put some shoes on to move close enough. Bring all your other
characters out and work on the shrooms. The top right dragon should ignore
prier and head for the weaker guys by the base tile if you placed one close
close enough. If not don't worry prier is twice the level of the dragonshrooms
and will be able to take it. If you are lucky the other ghost will make the
mistake of attacking prier and you will have that one out of the way before
your second turn. If not, go for the second ghost with prier, then for the
dragonshroom that should be attacking your weaker units. The dragonshroom
in the left of the map should ignore you for now so use prier to take out
the shrooms because chances are they will have killed half your posse of weak 
guys by now. Once your done with those shrooms take out the dragon with prier.
don't worry if more shrooms appear you should be able to handle them. if not:
run away and level up your lower guys and get them some better items.

Mushrooms Galore

This is the boss level.

Enemies: Shroom (3)
         Ghost (2)
         Gargoyle (1)

You pretty much have to go through the group of guys to get to the gargoyle
unless you have really high jump and can make it over the canyon on the right
side. But killing is more fun, so take 1 ghost out with prier, and another with
croix and sick the rest of your posse on the shrooms.

Don't forget that culotte and alouette have healing spells, so if you are
damaged just use them to heal. And if they get attacked and live, get them
to heal themselves so they can take another hit and distract the enemy longer.

The gargoyle should ignore you if you stay near the bottom when taking out the
ghosts and shrooms.

If you take too long some shrooms might appear at the top of the map as well
but by now you should have a clear shot at the boss and won't need to kill
them at all.

if you still have culotte or alouette or both alive, braveheart prier and move
up to the boss and hit him with redemption. it only took me 1 redemption.

if not, just keep wailing on him.

head back to the church for the ending scene. Special ending, yay! We get
the 50k we didn't spend on kinoku jiru & the angel shoes which give +3 mv


// Chapter 5: A Hairy Situation

This is one of the tougher chapters to get a good ending in but it really isn't
necessary unless you are a perfectionest.

First head off to meuniere forest to meet your "hairy problem(s)"

Forest Entrance

Enemies: Fur (10)

I know, it's annoying to go through the forest again but you have to do it.
All the enemies are the same in this level so just rip through them however you
want. Some of your weaker characters may die, but they'll get some exp first
because these furballs give more than they look.

Now you are given the choice to go back to town or keep looking in the forest.
I would suggest going back to town because you'll get a hint as to where the
furballs are coming from. If you REALLY want the good ending, go back to town
otherwise just go to barsom's house and play the map, you will automatically
get a scene. When the map starts just step on the exit tile to get out. Go back
to town yet again for another chat with that snotty girl.

ANOTHER trip back to barsom's house will start the boss battle.

Barsom's house

to get the good ending you have to make sure barsom and the girl don't get

Enemies:  Fur (10)
          Belial (1)

Ok, this won't be too hard. The whale was harder than this chump. only the
catch here is you need to kill him on the first turn if you want the good
ending. There are just too many fur's to protect barsom and the girl from
so we're going to end it before it even starts. Get culotte and alouette out
and have them braveheart prier. Then put your spiffy new angel shoes and
some sneakers on prier and stand beside the boss, take off your shoes and 
hit him with redemption. If that doesn't get him, move croix up behind
prier and attack (getting prier in on the fight). If it still doesn't get 
him you might have to re-load your game and level up some more in advance 
or get some better items. But getting the bad ending here is no biggy if 
you are too lazy. Again, don't bother with the fur's unless you want some
levels & extra money but by now that shouldn't really be a problem.

Ok this was a rather short chapter and one i've now seen both endings to.
The good ending sees barsom and the girl get together, and the bad sees the
girl dumping barsom.

Chapter complete! you get 12k and an item.


// Chapter 6: The Journey Begins

The Courtyard

Enemies: Fire (8)
         Dark Knight (1)

Ok, when you first get in the circle of energy looks tempting but do not
trigger it just yet. You must have an enemy INSIDE the circle for a miracle
to happen, and that is not the way it is here, so we'll need 2 changeups to
make it that way. put 1 behind the blue fire right in front of you facing
towards the base tile, then another in that path facing left back into the
stream. Now we have someone in the middle we can set it off for a nice miracle
and a lot of dead fires. If you did set the miracle off well at least they're
all injured now. take them out with prier and hope you don't lose too many
characters. or reload.

Creep up and try to get in range (with your angel shoes) without provoking the
blue fires up on the pillars. Then just braveheart prier and unleash a
redemption on the dark knight. pwned.

For the good ending i'm pretty sure you need to clear all the stages. Don't
worry about healing, once you beat the first map you can always go back
to the garden for healing. 

Closed Heart

Enemies: Big Zombie (6)

This shouldnt be too hard. Prier should be able to kill a zombie in 1 hit and
nearly kill one from support.

These small maps are easy to get lots of multiple attacks in. You should have 2
ranged attackers (culotte, croix) who can link prier so she hits 2 zombies
or more each turn. kind of like this:

Croix     prier  Zombie

have croix attack the zombie on the right of prier and prier attack the zombie
above her. 2 dead zombies just like that. Spread your decoys out and take out
as many zombies as you can next turn and so on. easy map.

Resigned Heart

Enemies:  big zombie (5)
          Fire (1)

send prier after the fire first and croix after a zombie, then scatter your
decoys as usual. This map is just like the last and shouldn't need much

Fleeing Heart

Enemies: big zombie (4)
         Fire (1)

Exactly the same as the previous map with less zombies. no explanation needed

Lying Heart

Enemies: Big Zombie (5)
         Sir Zombie (1)
         Fire (2)

This one is going to be a little tougher as you probably have figured out.
Take out one of the fires with prier, and try to take the other with croix
both using special attacks. (Prier and croix should be on either side of 
the blue zombie) Now put culotte beside prier and attack the sir zombie. This
should bring prier into the battle against the sir zombie to take a good chunk
out of his life. Spread some decoys around and leave alouette in the base tile.

Next turn redeem the sir zombie (with redemption from prier) and send croix
after one of the other zombies along with any decoys that may be alive and
bring alouette out to heal if you need to.

Afterwards proceed to take out the rest of the zombies with prier and croix.

True Heart

enemies: Big Zombie (4)
         Sir Zombie (1)
         Fire (2)
         Dark Eclair (1)

This shouldn't be too hard. Take out one of the fires with croix first so you
can get through, then equip the angel shoes on prier, walk up to dark eclair, 
take the angel shoes off and give her a redemption.

Go to the royal library to start another part of this chapter.

Hidden Library

Enemies: Pumpkin (10)

these pumpkins will pwn your weaker characters and injure your stronger ones

Start off by taking 2 of the pumpking with croix and prier getting them both
in both fights (the 2 pumpking on the right like this:)

 croix      Prier

leave culotte and alouette in the base tile but take out a few decoys.
Do the same thing next turn except take culotte and alouette out of 
the base tile. Keep killing the pumpkins this way (some will die while trying
to attack prier and croix if you keep them close together)
and finally take out the big one.

Maze of Books

Enemies: Pumpkin (13)

Apparently it's hallow'een in the library.

You can take the 3 pumpkins blocking your way all in one turn by putting prier
in the middle and having her attack the middle one, place croix on either side
and have him attack the one in front of him and another character on the other
side attacking the third pumpkin. this gets our powerhouse prier in on all 3
fights pwning them all. If not well, take the hits and get them next turn.

The pumpkins from below will come over and shoot you with their lasers and try
to paralyze you which is REALLY annoying. BUT they DO have to get CLOSE to
paralyze so either way you wont need to move to kill the one that phantasm's
you ^_^

my croix was closest to the edge here and got paralyzed and hurt so I healed
him with alouette and had him double-shoot one of the nearby pumpkins.
Send prier after the king as soon as possible using the angel shoes if you
have to. If you send prier too deep into the group of pumpking she might die
the next turn so try to get a decoy as close as possible to her. if not she
will take several of the pumpkins with her when she dies (suckers!) there
shouldn't be enough left to pose much of a threat to croix but if you are not
confident just move someone to the exit tile and try again. If she lives
through it, heal her a.s.a.p (move her back, heal her, cancel the movement)

Don't worry about the "pumpkin head" that is alone on top of his block he
wont come after you unless you come in range of his laser spell so take
the rest of the other pumpkins first.
If prier is still alone this time don't worry there are less pumpkins to
worry about and they wont hurt that much if you took the bigger one out with
your last attack. Kill them off then take out the pumpkin head guy. If some
guys came out of the portals take them afterwards.

if you want to do ANYTHING else on the main continent do so now because next
time you see hermes you wont be seeing this continent again for a long while.

You'll meet up with a dinosaur bone-like thing called hermes and he'll tell
you to go to mt. tarte, so go there. You'll get captain homard in your party
and be directed back to hermes, so go.

... (10 minutes later)

one of the longest scenes in the game.

Chapter complete! good ending nets you 17000 purica and an item (i got a 
changeup. what a ripoff!)


// Chapter 7: A Dance in the Sky

Ok, more scenes after the chapter starts. I s'pose you'd like to get up and
stretch after watching that so once the first area starts step on the exit tile
to go back to the bridge. you can't save here, so go out the exit to the map
selection menu, you can save here.

First Passage

As usual if you want the good ending you're going to have to clear all the

Enemies: Bat (5)
         Box (1)

Send prier after the box (redemption will do fine) you might have to equip the
angel shoes to get there. Eclair is in your party now and will be useful later
so start turning her into an attacker now by including her in fights and
putting some good atk eq on her. Send her & some others like culotte and
Alouette at one bit, croix at another, and pull out some decoys by the base
tile. The bats won't be too hard to kill so this is a pretty easy map.

Head back to the bridge to heal

Food Storage

Enemies: Box (2)
         Bat (5)
         Big Bat (1)

Send prier after the closest box again and have the rest of your units gang 
up on the big bat. This guy has a lot of hp so use special attacks. Bring all
your other characters out (except 1 in case you need to escape) but don't
bother attacking anyone as they are probably too weak to do much damage and
the bats will hit them for a lot of damage. Once the enemy is done chopping
your decoys into pieces send prier after the other box and start killing off
the bats with croix and eclair and prier when she's done with the box.

Ship's Mess

Enemies: Bat (5)
         Big Bat (1)
         Box (1)

This one should be easier than the last one there's only one box. 

Put the angel shoes on prier and hop onto the table next to the box and
re-equip your weapons and blow it away. Take out the big bat with croix and
eclair and pull the rest of your guys out as decoys for the bats.

Cleaning up the rest of the bats should be a cakewalk by now.

if not then you should be leveling like mad off of them, in which case you can
simply enter a map, take out as many as you can in one turn and use another
character to exit the map and go to the bridge and repeat.

Second Passage

Enemies: Bat (6)
         Big Bat (2)

You'll notice the small bats are blocking your path to the big bats. So take
one of the middle batas out with a special attack (or regular) from croix
and/or eclair. Once a bat is dead send prier through the gap to take out one
of the big bats. Take out some decoys and end the turn. Take the next big
bat with prier and the rest of the bats with croix and eclair and prier when
she is done.

The Armory

Enemies: Bat (4)
         Box (5)

This map is a little tougher as you can imagine. Send croix up to the first
box and use a special attack on it to kill it, now move prier into the newly
opened space and attack the green box, hopefully he'll die, if not you're going
to be hurt :P Take out a bat or 2 with eclair and some other monsters if you
have them, then take out some decoys and end the turn. The boxes all ganged
up on my croix =/ that hurt. Next turn kill as many boxes as you can and hope
you have some decoys left and hopefully some of the bats will die trying to
attack you. Finish off the rest of the bats if there are any. If you manage
to lose prier you can still run away or try your best to finish the map.

Engine Room

Boss fight!

Enemies: Bat (4)
         Big Bat (2)
         Box (1)
         Ghost (1)
         Tempete (1)

This is one of the tougher bosses in the game because he is hiding behind his
(strong) minions like a panzy and we can't go straight for him. We're going
to use the obvious solution: Clear a pathway.
Make sure croix and eclair have lots of atk. I equipped them both with a bunch
of kitty punches and knuckle arrows. Have croix take out one bat and Eclair
take out another bat from the next row. This should clear a path to the ghost
for prier. The ghost is dangerous because he can attack multiple characters at
the same time with powerful magic wheras the box can't so we're going to take
the ghost out first. Send prier after the ghost.

Afterwards, take out alouette and place her next to croix and attack the other
bat and do the same with culotte and eclair hopefully you'll take those 2 bats
out as well. The next round is unpredictable and will hurt very much. We can
only hope that they don't take out prier.

Oh boy, I got unlucky and the box & bats surrounded the boss (arg!)
So cast braveheart on croix and use your best special attack on the boss. If
however prier does have a clear shot, use it, braveheart her instead :)
take out a box or bat with prier and end the turn and hope the boss doesn't pwn
you again but he shouldnt if you have decoys by the base, and he should still
go after croix if you dont.

unleash your fury on the boss and hope you  kill him, if not, wait out another
turn and watch more decoys die and get him next turn.

HAHA a funny quotes here

"Ohmigod Ohmigod! Somebody put out the fire!"


"We are about to experience uncontrolled flight into terrain"

Chapter complete! good ending wasn't too hard to get this time.
23000 purica & another item you probably won't have a use for.


// Chapter 8: To an Undiscovered Land

This is the second and last chapter with a special ending. To get this one is
going to be a little harder than the last one but yields a much cooler reward.

Save your game and head into the jungle.

Note that you now have homard in your party and he will, like eclair, be
useful later no so let's treat him the same way we treat eclair. buy him some
nice weapons.


Enemies: Shroom (6)
         Bloom (1)

The game is starting to get harder. These shrooms are strong and threaten even
prier But we should have enough decoys for our regular strategy to work.
Just knock off all the shrooms & the bloom when you can and place your decoys
about the map. You won't have many left by the time you finish but croix,
eclair, and prier should still be alive.

But if you take note of their starting position you will notice a lot of them
are facing the same direction, so if you get a portal setup that looks
promising enough you can try sending a stream through them.

Unexplored Jungle

Enemies: Shroom (6)
         Bloom (2)
         Bear (1)

This map is a lot harder than the last one simply because there are more
monsters that are more powerful (an extra bloom and a bear that will pwn you.)

Move prier, croix, and eclair up to the right to take out the bloom and the
shroom as shown:

Bloom   Prier
Shroom  Eclair

And have croix attack the shroom as well as eclair. Both should be taken out.
Don't bother bringing out any decoys (well maybe just 1, one of the shrooms
might come over and try to cast a spell on you)  The Bear and 2 shrooms in
front of him will attack the weakest no matter what so they'll walk across
the water towards you.

Take out the bear with prier and some shrooms with croix and eclair and Homard
and bring out some decoys for the rest of the shrooms to play with.

Next turn take out the rest of the shrooms (And any turns thereafter)

Explorer's Bones

Enemies: Shroom (4)
         Bloom (1)
         Bear (2)
         Dragonshroom (1)

Start off by taking out the bloom with prier and the rest of the shrooms with
eclair, homard, and croix. Place a decoy for good measure.

next mop up any shrooms remaining. Once you've cleared the entrance it's time
to go for the bears and the dragonshroom at the top. Chances are you won't
be able to move prier close enough to the dragonshroom even with the angel
shoes so mvoe them as close as you feel necessary and end the turn.

If the dragonshroom attacks all the better. 1 redemption should take him out.
if not, smoke him with croix. Move homard and eclair up to the bears and do
as much damage as you can with specials (dont worry if you cant make it there.
prier and croix will be helping next turn anyways (if the bears dont kill
them). Some shrooms probably should have appeared by now so of course take them
out too.

You now have access to the cave of ruins. It's almost time to do some leveling!

You can also recruit monyamonya for 5000 purica at the camp if you want another

Cave of Ruins

Enemies: Pumpkin (4)
         Fish (1)

The pumpkins are too far away so move up your 4 (prier, homard, croix, and
eclair) a little. one of the pumpkins might come and attack you only to meet
his maker.

Move them all up and take out all the pumpkins and the fish if you can, if not
wait till next turn. then it's over. that was easy :)

Breath of Death

This is pretty much the same as the last map except there are more pumpkins
and they are closer.

Enemies: Pumpkin (6)
         Fish (1)

You won't be able to reach the fish so just wack all the pumpkins closest to
the base tile and pull out some decoys.

The pumpkins will come and attack you (and hopefully die in the process)
Take out the fish with prier and mop up any pumpkins with the rest of your

OK here's the deal. To get the special ending in this chapter you must defeat
the level 100 boss in the next map. There is a side map that you can go to 
that will lowere the monster to level 25 if you can't take the heat but you'll
be giving up the special ending and the goddess ring which is very useful.


The first thing we're going to do is teach some new characters braveheart.

The 2 chocolats in our party are good for 2 things: luring and bravehearting.
They don't look like mages but they are among the easiest to train (right up
there with alouette and culotte)

So, give a chocolat all your atk eq and kill prier once. this should get them
3 or 4 levels which will take them over 10, repeat this process for the other
chocolat, then give them each 2 aid rods and have them cast braveheart on
someone 7 times (cause they need 7 to pass level 1 in that spell)
once they have it learned you can take the rods off and give a couple to eclair
who is even easier to teach the spell to. Now your bravehearting gang should


It's going to be hard to make mass miracles and level up your items while you
are on this island so you are pretty much stuck with what you have, unless
you want to do "DEI 300 blitzes" which are annoying and based largely on luck.

Depending on your stats, you can either:

level up like mad,
DEI 300 blitz
or if you've got the good weapons already, go strait for the boss!

ok, if your atk on your main character is around 600 - 700 you should be fine
to go for him right away.

if your atk is around 400 - 500 I would consider leveling up like mad, because
it will probably not take as long as it would to do a DEI 300 blitz.

if your atk is lower you are going to need to do a DEI 300 run or spend lots
of time leveling up items and combining them with the cloaked figure that
somehow happens to be with you all the time...

leveling up is a simple process. Prier should be your highest level character.
so give all your atk equipment to whoever you want to level and kill prier
over and over. If you need to level prier up a lot you can kill off your second
highest character over and over, that will take a while so I would suggest
opening a dark index 100-200 portal in the Cave of Ruins (do this by killing
your own characters a lot, make sure you end the turn before exiting the map
after killing your own guy) If 100 dei is too easy just keep raising it till
it fits. Another way is to kill the fishes by the monster over and over.
do this by entering the map, sending prier up and using a special attack on the
fish, then having another character exit the map.

Unknown Fear

Enemies: Fish (4)
         Giant Thing (1)

Ok, here's how to kill the giant thing with 1 power character that has at least
1300 atk with 5xbraveheart.

Make sure you go into this battle with some fairy dust because if the fishes
come after you they might put you to sleep which can mean the end.

keep re-entering the map until you get it so the giant thing has below 4500 hp
and below 700 defense. this might take a while but is necessary if you have
less than 1500 atk. Use your own discretion as well, you might get a giant
thing with 3500 hp in which case you should go for it no matter what defense
he has.

Check the giant thing's movement. if it is 6, move your weakest decoy up 5
spaces from the base tile. if his mv is 5 move your decoy up 6 spaces from
the base tile. Now take out prier and your bravehearting squad and place them
to the right or left of the base tile (far enough away to put 1 monster in
front of the base tile next turn and have him get pwned by the thing)
Now braveheart prier up fully and end your turn.

Next turn, braveheart prier twice and bring out another weak decoy and place
him 1 tile in front of the base tile. Move the rest of your bravehearters back
into the base tile. end turn.

The thing will take out your decoy by the base tile and is now in your trap.
You will not be bothered by any fishies and you will have 6 turns to hit the
thing. Each turn, braveheart prier twice if you have the guys, then coup de
grace him. Use coup de grace cause it costs the least sp to perform and is
quite effective. And you do NOT want to be manually attacking this guy as he
gets to kill one of you off each time you do and we don't want that considering
we've already used 2 decoys just to get him this close.

Use the steps to your advantage and try to be 1 step above him every time so
you can do more damage. Hopefully you will be able to kill him. if not try
again and hope for better stats. Or level up a bit. you will get him eventually

If fishes come out of the portals don't worry they will ALWAYS attack for their
first action and hence die because your prier can kill them in one hit. the
thing gets to go first most of the time so he'll take out your decoy leaving
only prier.

Another thing to do is keep prier beside one of your decoys so she will get 
a hit in when the thing attacks. it's even better to have her beside both when
the fishies attack.

The best setup is kind of like this

B = bravehearting character & decoy
P = prier
T = thing

B  P  T

so either way prier will have a chance to hit the thing even when it's not your
turn, which can mean the success or failure of this mission sometimes (like how
i had it at the end, i did 200 damage with the hit which was just enough to put
him in range of death with the next coup de grace.)

These are the stats I had when i beat the monster

Prier: atk = 1340 with 5x braveheart
Thing: def = 643, hp = 4300

Attacking from behind and from the sides will make a big difference here
because every little bit of damage counts.

If you still have trouble you will need to refer to the strategies above
(leveling in the dark world & blitzing 300 DEI demon overlord worlds)

woot, my prier went from level 31 to 45 by killing the giant thing (pwned!)

It feels good to have this guy out of the way. But there are still tons of
fishes out there and you've only got 1 or 2 characters to beat them all with
If you have another character and they are powerful enough, purify portals
as prier kills the fish. if they are not powerful enough, find the nearest
smoking portal and stand on top it. The enemies can't come out of the portal
if you are standing on it! (teehee! suckers!)

another way of going about it is to simply keep both your characters side by
side the whole time.

if you are only left with prier well just keep killing and hope you live :)
it is even easier if you have cough drops or lausenges. But the majority of
the fishies will miss you or will do mediochre damage.

Life and Death

Enemies: Pumpkin (8)

The rest of this chapter is a cakewalk if you defeated the giant thing.

It is possible to take out an entire side of the pumpkins on your first turn
if you strategically place your units. You have 2 long range units (croix and
culotte) who will act as links. the setup looks like this

P = pumpkin

^  P
/  >  P
   /   > P

the arrow points in the direction your attacker is attacking (/ means diagonal)

Naturally the other 4 (or 5 or 6 if you didn't manage to kill some of them)
will naturally go for your weakest character so use a decoy or just let them
kill off culotte or something.

Foreign Land

Enemies: fish (4)
         Gargoyle (1)

None of these guys should pose a threat to prier so we'll use regular tactics.
attack with prier and the rest will decoy. the enemies are too far away so
move your guys halfway and get attacked by the first 2 fishies who will get
destroyed by either prier or your mass of semi-good attackers (eclair, croix

NOTE: if you leveled up prier a lot you should have the batterup skill, we will
be using this a lot in the future so start leveling it now by using it to
attack as much as possible. it doesn't do a lot of damage but it's not exactly
like we're going to get killed by some wimpy level 25 units. In fact if this
is the case you can probably just walk in with prier and own each and every one
of them without breaking a sweat.

Continue onward and you're done chapter 8!
special ending gets you the goddess ring and 200000 purica. woot!

Chapter complete!

// Chapter 9: Memories of Fatima

the next few chapters will take place on this continent and you still will have
no chance to go back to the main continent (doh!)

You might want to save your game before continuing.

Enter couscous village and talk to everyone. You might want to upgrade your
arsenal at the shop dood. I invested in a whip of love and a karate chop with
the money from getting the special ending.

This is the shortest chapter in the game.

Couscous village 1

Enemies: gargoyle (8)
         Demon Lord (1)

Okay, to get the good ending you have to do exactly what prier said: defeat
the demon lord without harming the villagers. So how do you do that? whipe
the floor with his face in one hit. We should be able to do that with our
handy dandy new godess ring and 5xBraveheart. Simply pull out prier and your
braveheart squad and power her up and use redemption on the demon lord. pwned!

if you don't manage to get him in 1 hit don't worry, just make sure your
bravehearters are weak and close and the gargoyles should attack them all.
if not well, load and try again or realize that you dont need the good ending
in all the chapters :P

Couscous village 2

Enemies: gargoyle (7)
         Demon Lord (1)

we have to fight him AGAIN with the same conditions as before except this time
no braveheart. we only get to use croix. Equipping all the spare items I had I
managed to get his atk to 990 which isn't enough to kill him in one hit.

DO it anyway, sitting on the base tile, use banish on him.
Luckily, 990 attack also isn't enough to kill a gargoyle in one hit either
so when the gargoyles attack you chances are you wont kill one.
He'll probably go and heal himself but you should still be able to kill him
as long as you get to higher ground this time. If you do kill a gargoyle well
too bad. either reload and try again or live with the bad ending.

Chapter complete. good ending nets you 38000 purica and another useless item.


// Chapter 10: The Dark Prince

Head to the ghost village to meet some ghosts. talk to all of them then go
back to the world map and head over to the hill.

Run for the hills!

well, not really.

Enemies:  Zombie (5)
          Fire (2)
          Demon Lord (1)

Once again we're going to kill him in one turn. Take out one of the front
2 zombies on either side with croix's special attack, and if that doesnt work
have culotte stand behind croix and attack, that way croix gets another shot
at it and the zombie will die. Now you can waltz in with a bravehearted
prier and whomp the demon lord. eased! If your croix is weak, use your second
best attacker instead, and if your braveheart is high enough level, braveheart
prier AND your other attacker at the same time and take out the zombie with
your other attacker. if you STILL don't get the zombie well you have enough
decoys to distract them for a while.

Wow we just travelled back in time!
right about now you should be realizing how incredibly stupid the characters
in this game are and should also be getting tired of the same music over and

Save your game and head back to couscous village to meet angelique.

then head to her house for a feast. yum!

after some more scenes you'll be taken to the world map. 

If you don't already have, go to couscous village again and buy shoes
so that you have at least 3 pairs + the angel shoes. If you can't find shoes
on the menu just buy a changeup, take the survey and say more unusual items
and exit and re-enter the shop until you get them.

Now save and go to the hill again. This is one of the harder parts of the game
because to get the good ending you are not allowed to kill anyone. way to 
take the fun out of it!

Choux Fleurs Hill

Enemies: Soldier (6)

Okay, our objective here is to reach the exit without killing anyone.
The logical decision here would be to put all your shoes on papillon. But
we'll never be able to make it to the exit all in one go anyways, and
papillon is the weakest of the weakest so they'll go for her first. So we'll
use *drumroll.....* prier!

Also, seeing as we're not killing anyone we wont be completing any stages so
the monsters we have now are all we have for THREE of these maps so we have
to use our decoys wisely (unless of course we have copious amounts of them
which i don't.)

Ok, you'll need 2 decoys for this map. First put all your shoes on prier and
move her as far as you can up the side of the map. Next take out 2 decoys and
place 1 in front of the first 2 soldiers and another behind the first 2 and
in front of the second 3. use the shoes if you have to (always unequip the
shoes after moving.). end the turn and your 2 decoys will go bye bye and
prier will have a clear path to the exit. Also remember to unquip prier so
in the case she is attacked she will have the least atk possible and hopefully
wont kill anyone.

Choux Fleurs Hill 2

Enemies: Soldier (6)

This one is just a more complicated version of the last one. Again we will need
2 decoys. This time we'll use croix because he should have 6 mv. move him as
far as possible up the side. Move 1 decoy right in front of the guard blocking
the narrow path and 1 in between the 4 facing eachother. end turn. if the guard
by the exit comes for croix, youch. try again. unless he doesnt block your path
and you manage not to kill him. Otherwise next turn you should have a clear
path to the exit.

Choux Fleurs Hill 3

Enemies: Soldier (9)

This map causes a lot of people a lot of grief. Why? there is 1 narrow pathway
for you to take to get to the exit. the base tile is blocked by 4 soldiers
and there are 3 more behind them who will move to block the narrow passage.
So your chances are pretty much completely random. Put 1 decoy 1 square down 
and 1 square left from the base panel and hope that the guy in the narrow 
path moves out and leaves you a clear path. otherwise move another character 
to the exit.and re-enter to try again. The more decoys you have the more
chances you have.

Eventually I gave up and decided getting 1 bad ending wouldn't hurt. plus all
you get from it is a little extra money and an item you'll probably have no
use for.

Another short chapter. Chapter complete.

normal ending gets 9400 and a crappy item. i'm sure good ending is the same.

In my opinion, the next scene is the best in the game. the first part I
actually didn't see coming from a mile away.


// Chapter 11: The Maiden of Light

This chapter sucks as your main characters should all be gone. You are left
with Homard, culotte, and eclair and whatever monsters you had before + the

Fortunately you get all the equipment you left on prier so suit up homard with
the strongest stuff and culotte and eclair with the rest.

You now have access to the cave of trials, so if you feel you need it you can
level up your characters there but i'm going to save that for when we get our
other characters back.

save and head to mayonnaise harbor.

after that's done, save again and head to where you found hermes before. We're
losing party members left and right here!

this mission is all about eclair. culotte just kinda tags along and doesn't do
much. and he doesnt really get stronger he just gets a kitty he keeps in his
backpack that has a rocket in it's arse that he throws at people. Eclair gets
the REAL power!! I just think it's funny that culotte plans on protecting
Alouette with a rocket kitty...

Eclair's heart

Enemies: zombie (5)
         Dark Eclair (1)

You get all of the stuff you had on homard before so equip eclair with the
goddess ring and your best atk stuff. move her next to dark eclair and maneuver
culotte into a position where he can braveheart the both of them. Do so and
then royal lightning dark eclair. This shouldn't kill her but you will be
able to survive another round especially when all the zombies AND dark eclair
gang up on culotte. Next turn another royal lightning should do the trick.

Now you can use dark eclair woot! we'll be using her the majority of the time
now. She just has better attacks, sounds cooler and looks cooler as well.
Culotte gets his stupid kitty. You have 2 choices here. You can either go
to the cave of trials and level up dark eclair or just go for it at mayonnaise
harbor. You should have no trouble just going there if you were able to defeat
dark eclair in eclair's heart though and you will do some major leveling
in the next chapter anyways.

Mayonnaise harbor

Enemies: Fish (3)
         Succubus (2)
         Demon Lord (1)

If you watched the cutscene you'll notice homard created a new technique.
It is called burning soul and will do 10x damage to this foul demon.
Unfortunately he is beinh blocked off by some fishes and succubae. By now
your bravehearters should be at least level 2 in the skill and should be able
to cast it on 2 people at once. Equip homard with your best atk eq and dark
eclair with the next best and braveheart them both. then have eclair take
out one of the fishies with omega lance so homard can get through. Once the
fish is down move homard next to the demon and burning soul his arse. pwned!

But if you don't have enough mana for burning soul then use demon blade on him.
it should dent him a little. You might want to move up some decoys as well.
Keep attacking the demon with homard but if he gets out of reach use homard to
take out one of the succubae. Chances are you aren't near powerful enough to
do this if you dont have enough sp to use burning soul, but you should have
plenty of decoys and should have no problem.

It's all coming together now! go to pot a feu city and head to the church


Enemies: Big Bat (4)
         Gargoyle (2)
         Cloaked guy (1)
         Dark Prince (1)

The final battle? maybe.

Everyone is back together now and you have father salade who has a considerable
atk. So give him all your good atk items unless your prier is better than him.
give prier the second best stuff, move them out and braveheart them both as
much as possible concentrating mainly on salade. Move salade up next to the
dark prince and unleash a holy truth on him. this should take at least half
his health away. But that's why we bravehearted prier too, move her up to the
other side and redemption him. pwned in 1 turn!

Chapter complete! Good ending nets you 57000 purica and another crappy item.


// Chapter 12: A Legend is Born

And so ends the story walkthrough. The introduction states that this guide is
for the more extreme gamers and will branch off from the story here. once you
come back you won't need any help completing the last chapter. in fact you can
do it whenever you want it isn't really that hard.

The map will start but just exit the map.

Right now you can head over to Section D to get serious.


Section C: Mini-guides

A simple guide to Mass Miracles

The best place to do mass miracles is at the map "Hall of the Dead" in devil's
stomach. It is a nice big area and there is at least 1 monster that shouldn't
chace after you that will be inside the circle at all times. the only annoying
thing is that since you don't have much movement bats will continuously be
popping out of the portals which can be really annoying.

What is a mass miracle?
When a circle is created with the flow of dark energy, a miracle happens, but
what also happens is every portal INSIDE that circle is purified completely as
well. So if we set it up right we can use the portals inside to trigger another
miracle after the first and more and more miracles afterwards.

There are 2 types of miracles. Damaging miracles and healing miracles. The kind
we like the most are Healing miracles.

When 2 dark energy streems flow into eachother they become a new energy stream
of a different color. The color we want is light blue (cyan). To get this
colour we mix green and blue.

Every map in the game (except special ones) has at least 2 of
each colour portal. For each portal we should be able to make 1 miracle.

So, if we ignore the red portals we will have enough green and blue portals
for 3 healing miracles and 1 damaging miracle. This is because since we have
2 green and 2 blue portals the stream will only be cyan for 3 miracles because
the last portal will not be mixed with any others.

So, our ideal mass miracle looks like this:

B = blue portal
G = green portal
R = red portal
- = dark energy stream

B --------------
 |              |
 |---G          |  R
 |         B----|
 |     G        |
 |     |        |  R
 |     |        |

But we're obviously never going to get a set up THAT perfect, plus we'll want
to be adding zig-zags later for more complex miracles.

How do you do this you ask?
First you must prepare. You will need 16 changeups. you can buy these at the
shop. You might also want to get a bunch of pairs of shoes if you have the
money to save some time.

let's make our first mass miracle in the hall of the dead. head there and 
enter the map, look at the portal set up. What you're looking for are portals 
that are mainly on the inside of the map and not on the edge right against the 
wall. if there are too many against the wall then re-enter and get another 
setup. Once you have a portal setup where most of the blue and green portals 
are on the inside we can start. 

Now no 2 portal setups are exactly the same (except if we take advantage
of a certain bug which I will explain later) so I will try to be as general
as possible.

Before doing ANYTHING you should decide what your setup will look like in the
end. if you are having trouble creating a picture in your head, feel free to
take out a pad of paper and doodle.

The first thing to find is your main portal. the one you will purify to start
it all off. Try to use the one most on the outer edge of the map. You can use
a red portal if you want but if you do, the miracle at the end will have no

Once you have your main portal, picture it going around the map with the cursor
and basically follow the path you want it to take (around the entire map).
don't worry if any monsters are in the way that can be changed. The only
monster you need to worry about is the one that is in the middle of the map
beside the stairs that are in front of the base panel. Stay away from that guy
as much as possible simply because you can. you will end up killing most of
the other zombies.

Make sure your path encircles all of the other portals (excluding the other red
one but if it is inside don't worry.

Now that we know where our main path will be, we're going to bring the rest of
the portals into the miracle. This is why we need so many changeups. At first
it may seem easy enough to just point the portals into the main stream. Wrong.
Once the main portal is purified it's not going to be there anymore, you still
need to have a complete circle.

To "bring the other portals in" you need to use a changeup or a player. Here is
how it looks

P = portal
- = stream
> = changeup


Now go around your path picturing how you'll bring the other portals in. It
isn't that complicated. just point it towards the main stream and put a
changeup on the spot where it connects.

Please note: do NOT use ANY of the zombies to change the flow of the dark
energy if your first miracle is a damaging one (if the stream is white, yellow
or pink) because once the zombie is dead he won't be there to re-direct the

So by now you should have a pretty good idea of how your path is going to look.
Take out 2 characters with lots of atk to kill any zombies that come after you.
move one down the left side and one down the right side. Move down the sides
placing changeups where you need them and re-directing any portal flows with
the changeup bug (take out a changeup, move it over a portal, change the
direction, cancel). Always think twice before placing a changeup unless you
are absolutely sure because it is a real pain when you screw up after putting
10 - 15 minutes of work into a mass miracle. The character on the right side
should place a changeup at the top right corner to re-direct the flow.

Once your 2 characters reach the bottom corners, they will be the cornerstones
of the mass miracle, changing the direction. I'm sure by now some bats will
have come out of some portals and changed their direction so go over your path
and change any portals back.

if you are unsure of your path, dont be afraid to take some more characters out
of the base tile and place them to send your main portal's path around, and 
pull out a changeup to see what it would look like if there was a changeup
there. Sometimes it can be really tricky bringing in a portal so don't be
afraid to use several changeups to bring one in, just remember you are only
allowed to have 16 changeups placed on a map.

Ok, now about the red portals. if there ARE any inside your miracle, use a
changeup to change their direction so they go towards the middle of the map
where there is a big gap. do not face them towards an enemy, because when that
enemy dies the path will go through.

Now that everything's set up, equip a character who has enough purify power
with whatever equipment you want to levelup and have them purify the main
portal. if any bats are blocking the path, well either take someone out
to kill them or just let them come. Once everything looks good, watch it fly!

if you STILL have trouble, msn or email me, or browse the message board. if you
did fine here, I would suggest moving on to A l e x's guide to mass miracles as
he takes this subject into MUCH more depth and explains the bug i talked about

Of Luring and Decoys

One 0f the main flaws of this game is the AI. nearly EVERY monster in the game
will go for the weakest character in their range. This is very easy to take
advantage of. Here i will explain some of the uses for this flaw.

Keeping someone safe

if you have a character that you need to survive an enemy turn without dying
here is how to do it. Take your character out you need to be safe, have them
do what they do, then depending on how many and what type the enemies are, you
will place your decoys. A decoy monster is one that is WEAKER than the
character you need to be safe. Place a decoy in range of each monster that can
kill your main character. If the enemy is of a low level you can probably place
the decoy close to the main character. if the enemy is high level you might
want to check what special attacks he has. if he has a big area attacking spell
you'll want your decoy in range of the monster but at least 4 spaces away from
your main character. (but if you know they have the checkerboard area attack
then keep that in mind when placing your decoy) Now that that's done, do so for
any other monsters that may be in range of your main character. The enemies
should go for the decoys and in the odd case go for the main character.

Luring monsters out of a path

This can be a little tricky (especially in chapter 10)

When a monster is in your path and you need him out of the way the first thing
to do is check his mv. mv is the amount of spaces that character can move. So
if a monster has a mv of 5, he can move 5 spaces in any direction (not

so it would look like this

M = monster
# = where he can move


SO of you want him to move you're going to have to place a decoy just outside
his mv range. This works fine if there's only one guy, but if there's several
how do you get to choose which one moveS? That's where it gets tricky. Check 
the surrounding monsters' special attacks, if they have spells like wind, ice
fire, holy, lightning and the likes they might go before the monster you want
to move and cast a spell on your decoy.

One way to get around this is to give that monster it's own decoy to keep it
busy while our other decoy goes to work.

This can get REALLY tricky when we're trying to blitz a 300 DEI dark world
because A LOT of monsters have these spells and will often be blocking your
path. But for my way of doing things you'll never have to do 1 blitz.

Section D: Taking the Game Further

Okay. Right now I am assuming you have just started chapter 12 and are ready
to start getting serious about becoming more powerful.

here is an outline of what we will be doing:

1. Make a new uber-weapon
2. Level up prier like mad while going through the Cave of Trials
3. Obtain our first title and the warp engine
4. Level up some more
5. Capture 6 or 7 baals
6. Obtain our second title & the lightyear cannon.
7. Complete the game (story-wise) this can be done at any time really

believe it or not that's all there really is to this game.  unless you are
really extreme and want to levelup every monster as high as you can (nerd!)

1. Creating your first uber-weapon.

While doing this we will clear the first level of the cave of trials as well
because that's where we'll be doing most of our mass miracles.

Okay, first you need the base of your uber weapon. I will use a whip of love
because it starts with a decent attack and sounds cooler than all the other
weapons. If you can't find one of these in the shop, you're going to have
to keep taking surveys and saying "not enough weapons" each time until you
get one and if you still can't find it you're going to have to raise your
rank by buying lots of stuff. By now though you should have lots of money.

Buy as many whips of love as you can.

make sure you have 4 level 0 attack items, or if you already have made a
somewhat uber weapon, have 3 level 0 weapons and the goddess ring. You will
be getting these to level 20 or 30 in the next mass miracle. Afterwards we'll
be combining 4 weapons into 1, and then getting some more level 0 weapons, and
leveling our new uber weapon up along with 3 other weapons and combining them
again until we have no monsters left that can convert them.

Once you have your 4 weapons selected, 

go to Cave of Trials 1 and keep using batterup on a shroom. use
braveheart if you can't take it in one hit. Do this until your batterup has
a range of at least 4 and you do at least 320 damage to a shroom in 1 batterup.
your batterup should have a range of 4 by level 3. I had prier at level 50
by now and level 3 batterup. if you get batterup to level 3 before you are
powerful enough, go to another map and kill father salade with redemption for
some good exp.

if you got the triple xp and saved and reset before you were powerful enough
just go out and get powerful enough then save and restart again and you will
still get the right setup.

 - enter shop
 - buy changeup
 - take survey and say whatever you want
 - exit shop (until you have 16 changeups)

if you have 16 or more changeups, then use these steps
 - enter shop
 - buy changeup
 - take survey and say whatever you want
 - sell changeup
 - buy changeup
 - etc...

until you are asked if you had 1 wish what would it be and say triple xp for
next purification.

if you get this before you have 16 changeups don't worry just keep buying
changeups until you have enough.

now exit the town and go to the world map and save. when it's done saving
restart your ps2. load your game and go to the cave of trials level 1. Now
go to A l e x's miracle guide and do the 600,000+ purica mass miracle he has
set up there. Doing it the first time might be hard but once you get the hang
of it you'll be whipping through them fast and have money coming out of your

don't worry if you mess up just restart and try again.

note: this feels REALLY good when you do it the first time :-D (i'm looking at
it go now, wheeeeeee!)

Ok, now that you have your items leveled up, put them on your strongest monster
and go to the shop and talk to the guy in the cloak. go to "introduce monster"
and pick your monster with the items, if it says at the bottom that your
monster is too weak then this is no good we need to find a stronger monster.
So let's go back to the cave of trials 2 and try to convert some fishies. With
a level 50 prier this should be no problem, just pull out all your purifying
characters and purify 1 fish and end the turn, do the same next turn until it
is at will convert no matter what. then kill it with prier. Make sure salade
has some good atk eq so he can help prier mop up the rest of the monsters.
Complete the level or run away if you're scared.

the fish will be able to combine the items (it will still say she is too weak
but the combined item (shown on the right) will be nearly powerful enough.
But if you are picky and want it to be perfect, we can use our leveled up
items to make our way to CoT 4. so head to CoT (cave of trials) 3 and beat
that level. it won't be too hard there's just LOTS of BATS. they will hurt too
so you'll need to use some decoys. prier's batterup should take the smaller
ones in one hit. You may also want to use dark eclair's meteor slash here to
level it up some.

congrats, you now have access to the first big leveling map. CoT 4.
There are 5 boxes clumped together in the front of the map. simply braveheart
the character you want leveled with the good atk items & goddess ring on and
have them use their best area attack on the boxes, rinse, and repeat.

So we'll level prier first with batterup. get her to level 80 or 100 or so.
with an atk of 300 you shoudl be able to take the boxes with 1 batterup.

once she's level 80 or so you should have no problem converting one of the bats
from CoT3. try the same thing as you did with the fish with the bat. same thing
happens so we're going to have to go for something even bigger like say one of
the fires from CoT4. Getting a fire will be much trickier. With 1 purify from
prier a fire will get to showing some interest. pull out the rest of your
characters and spread them out! purify the fire with these guys as well. make
sure you leave at least 1 guy in the base tile to escape if you need to.

You will need a 100% pufify item so get one from the shop (sexy langerie
bustier, etc...) equip it on prier with your atk items and end your turn.
the enemy turn can take a LOOOONG time, you're going to have to sit through
4 omega winds and 5 battlecries. hopefully prier will survive. on your next
turn simply attack the fire with prier with the 100% purify item on and hope
that you get the fire. I don't know if you would because i managed to get a
baptism attack special. if you can't get a fire don't worry you can keep using
the atk items you have. luckily the fire is powerful enough to convert the
items into something nice (mine had 325 atk)

buy some more (3) whips of love with your money from the last mass miracle
and 16 changeups and get the triple xp for purification again from the shop
and repeat the process from before to level up these items. the last time i
was too powerful and missed out on getting the huge bonus, so this time I went
and got a low level hippo from meuniere forest. 
if you have a 3x3 area attack the quickest stage to complete is endless forest
in meuniere forest, just keep completing it to train your hippo up to 10 happy.

now proceed to do a l e x's mass miracle again.

2. Levelup prier and dark eclair

You should now have some pretty decent weapons. Now we're going to use them to
levelup on the boxes in CoT4. level prier up to 150-180, and level dark eclair
up to 120-150 that should be all you need. this may take a while because
after 100 or so the boxes will only give you 2-3 levels in one go. so this is
where the mindless leveling comes in. If you want to try you can levelup
your other characters like culotte, alouette, and i seriously suggest doing
homard as well. Once you've got them up to these levels, actually beat CoT4.
this can be tricky. kill off the 5 boxes with prier or dark eclair (without
bravehearting for now) and use the other one to take out one of the farther
green fires. have homard and salade kill off 1 fire each and bring out
the rest as decoys (spread them out!) let the enemy have a turn, some of the
purple fires should come down and kill salade, dark eclair or some decoys.
Next turn head for the purple fires with prier and have homard use a burning
soul on another purple fire. have salade kill the last green fire. move your
decoys up and end turn. next take down the last purple fire and the last box.

Now you should be powerful enough to get a higher monster to combine your items

go to CoT5 and use prier and dark eclair to purify a zombie with high atk, then
use homard who is equipped with a 100% purify item attack it. should get him
on the first try :-D put your items on him, introduce him and you should
get a NICE new weapon with 700-800 atk.  Buy some MORE items from the shop
and level them all up with a l e x's miracle and try again with another zombie
if the new zombie isn't powerful enough we'll have to make due. if he is then
all the better, buy some MORE good weapons and do a l e x's miracle again!
by now you should have some really wicked items.

CoT5 is much harder. You're going to need to bring homard up to dark eclair's
level and have their area attacks at level 7 so they can use checkerboard.

Bring out eclair and homard and have them checkerboard both sides killing off
all the ghosts in one hit. if they don't die they will pwn you. Have prier
get bravehearted up and take down the level 200 guy in the middle. once
that's done end your turn. you only need 1 decoy here and make sure it's not
any of your bravehearters. Because your fighters should be able to take a few
hits from the gargoyles and zombies and survive you don't need any decoys, you
want to save room for your bravehearts. once they're all dead, you should have
the main area all to yourself in which to braveheart your guys up.

gauge your distance to the level 500 zombie in the right side of the map by
equipping all your shoes and selecting move from the menu. count the number
of non-shaded squares between the zombie and your movement area and move that
many spaces in his direction. remove the shoes and put your weapons on.
Braveheart yourself up and end the turn, next turn go to the zombie and give
him the business. if he doesn't die in one turn it's cool, just braveheart
dark eclair up and send her in too (be ready to do this beforehand because 
the zombie will regenerate if you give him the chance)

Once the zombie is dead you'll get the god hand. it kind of sucks compared to
the wicked items you've been making recently, so put it on dark eclair or
father salade or something.

3. Obtain first title and warp engine

If you can handle a level 500 zombie, you can handle a 500+ demon overlord.

But just to be safe, get prier up to at least level 200. 
Choose any map and get a dark energy index of 300 on it. achieve this by
taking out all your human characters placing them in a 3x3 grid on the map
and have prier use batterup on them all, end the turn, and exit out. 

Once the portal is available, suit up your guys, pick up some new decoys save,
and head in.

suiting up: by now prier should have more movement than even papillon with a
full set of shoes on so she'll be our main character. put all the shoes on
her and keep her attack eq ready.

if the first monster you look at in the darkworld is level 250-300 this is good
you will be fine. if it is higher, you are screwed and can only hope to get
out by walking. if it is lower you should have an easier time but wont get the

Hopefully this should be your first time in the dark world.
There are 10 maps that you have to complete by clearing all the enemies or
entering the portal to the next map. the easiest way is to enter the portal
to the next map. to find out what level you are on press triangle and look
at the top.

Enter a level, pull out prier and see if she can walk to the next portal. if
she can, woot!, if not you might have to clear a path or do some serious decoy


By now prier should be powerful enough to take out at least 1 level 300 guy
with redemption and full braveheart. If not, finish the job with dark eclair.
If you don't want to risk it, try to lure the guy out of the way. if there is 
more than 1 guy blocking the path, your best chance is to kill 1 and lure
the second one out somehow. If that doesn't work you may as well reset now!

if prier can't make it to the portal in one turn, your best bet is to move her
halfway, equip your attack items. Surround her (4 or 5 spaces away) with decoys
and place even more decoys (don't be afraid to use all 8 characters here
because there is no way to escape!). End the turn and hope prier doesn't die.
if she doesnt walk onto the portal to the next level. 

What if someone's sitting on the exit portal? have prier take him off (snicker)
and have someonelse move onto the portal.

Once you make it to level 10 do NOT go strait for the portal. make sure you
can get there with another character and not prier. braveheart prier and send
her to the nearest level 500+ overlord, send her to a haniwa overlord if
possible those are easiest to kill. Once she takes out the overlord you are
done! head for the exit and watch the special ending and receive your title
and warp engine.

4. more leveling up and more uber items

the special ending nets you tons of money so buy some more good weapons.

Remember that level 200 guy from CoT 5? he is a boss. put all your atk items on
dark eclair or homard. take out prier on CoT5 and move her up to purify the
level 200 guy. he should get to will convert no matter what in 1 try :-D thanks
to our new title. Convert 7 or 8 of these guys (they get tougher to purify
every time just like other monsters) You might have to stop at 3 or 4.

Either way, put your items on 1 of them and combine to get a wicked item.
do a l e x's miracle again which should be super-easy now that we have the
warp engine. and repeat until the level 200 guy won't suffice any longer.
now you should have some REALLY wicked weapons. 

Now take all your level 200 hekawhats-a-ma-whoo-zits out on any map and put
them in a formation that suits you and have prier wack them with 1 batterup.
you will get some major levels off these guys. keep doing this and as you level
convert some more till you have 7. when you're killing 7 of these guys at a
time you will be able to get to level 500+ very quickly. do this with your
other characters too like dark eclair and homard and salade. Get them all
around level 400 - 500. specifically homard he needs to be up there.

5. getting a baal posse.

Where is baal? in the dark shrine. remember where the ghost village and
the likes were in chapter 10? there is a new place there called the dark
shrine. kill everyone in the first level to pass it, then head to the second
level which should be unlocked now that you've beaten the level 500 zombie in
CoT 5.

in the second level is where you'll find baal. he has a nifty robo suit on
which is really good. but he is also a sinch to beat with homard. braveheart
homard up and use a burning soul on baal. baal is the same type of demon as the
posh sounding demon from the story that injured homard's dad so you will do
10 times the damage! (pwned!) you should receive the robo suit from baal.
flee the map.

now we're going to sidetrack for a bit to combine some items. put your goddess
ring in the first slot with a leveled up god hand and angel shoes and another
leveled up weapon or something you might have to beef up your goddess' ring.
and convert. buy a couple of good weapons from the shop and do a l e x's
miracle again to level up your new items (robot suit, weapons, goddess' ring)

ok, that's done let's go back and see baal. See the gorgon on the right? we
want to convert her. Prier can do it in 2 turns. How do we live through a turn?

simple. pull prier out, purify the gorgon. Pull out homard, put him in the
middle and surround him with bravehearters. braveheart him up and have him take
out baal again. make sure your bravehearters are really spaced out yet close to
the 3 other demons (including the gorgon, might as well put someone right next
to her.) end the turn and hope prier lives. if homard SOMEHOW manages to
survive take off his atk items and give them to dark eclair or salade if he is
high enough. Have prier purify the gorgon again and have the rest of your
units braveheart the party and gange up on the gorgon. once you have the gorgon
converted you are set!

exit the map and re-entier with the gorgon wearing all your atk eq and a 100%
purify item. braveheart her up and move her up behind baal. attack him. this
should put him to "will convert no matter what" right away. if the gorgon
doesn't kill him, finish the job with the rest of your group (homard).

Now you have 1 baal, use that same tactic again to convert another and another.
if the gorgon can't do it anymore, get one of your baals to do it.

Now that you have a posse of baals you can use them to combine items almost
infinately! make as many uber items as you want and also use them to level
up the same way you used the level 200 guys from CoT5. Once you feel you
are at a respectable level you can head to the dark world again.

6. getting prier's second title and the lightyear cannon.

doing this REALLY isn't necessary and there is a lot of speculation over the
proper way to do it. I might go more in depth into this some time in the
future but not now. I'd suggest quitting now, finishing the story and playing
another game.

why? let's see. the second title makes you an overlord. wow. you can't do
anything new.

the lightyear cannon is one of the worst weapons in the game now because
you can ALREADY move to ANYWHERE on the map. what good is an item that lets
you attack anyone on the map when you can move in front of them and attack
them already? plus it doesn't give you enough atk to be of any kind of use
right now so it's really only good for it's cool picture and flashy red text.

Don't trust me on this, look on the message boards. But here's what I did to
get the second title.

Arm your posse of baals and mainly yourself (prier) and head to a D.E.I 300
dark overlord world. if the first enemy's level is 250, go through and kill
everything. enter AGAIN, if the enemy's level is 250+, go through, kill
everything. Now go to some other maps and open 300 d.e.i. portals and go
into them. Just keep experimenting until you find one that you can enter
that has a 500+ demon overlord on the first level. once there just go through
and kill everything. Just keep doing this until you get the title. now it
is VERY time consuming which is why I wouldn't suggest doing it as your time
could be spent doing much cooler things.

Once you have the title congratulations you've now done everything fun there is
to do in the game. and I can guess you've spent almost 120 hours doing it. (the
back of the case lies! to beat the story it only really takes 20 - 30 hours)

and so ends this guide.


Section E: Thanks & other stuff

Thanks thanks thanks!

thanks to nippon ichi for making a great game!

thanks to gamefaqs.com for providing such a wonderful service!

thanks to A l e x for helping me understand mass miracles

thanks to alamone for some useful info about the first title and CoT5.

How to contact me

email & msn: soundweaver@hotmail.com
ICQ: 40649025

Please, this is my first walkthrough so if you find any spelling mistakes or
grammatical errors feel free to email me the correction (i am a bad typer and
hit the backspace button nearly as much as i hit space.)

Update History

May 30, 2004 - finished the guide. I just got disgaea so I was very 
               reluctant to continue playing la pucelle but I did it as much
               as I could. I wrote the last part without actually doing it
               from what I remember from doing it the first time because I
               just can't leave disgaea sitting in it's package any longer.
               updates in the future MAY come but are not likely. sorry.

May 28, 2004 - The walkthrough is finally complete! next in line is taking
               the game further.


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