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Chapter One Power Earning Guide by Coduan

Version: 1.2 | Updated: 06/02/04

** ”La Pucelle: Tactics” Chapter One Power Earning Guide ***
********************** By Andrew Lake **********************
********************** aoryx@juno.com **********************
************************* 06/02/04 *************************
*********************** Version 1.2 ************************

This document Copyright 2004 by Andrew Lake.  This document 
is intended for entertainment use only, in helping others to 
learn about and enjoy La Pucelle: Tactics by Nippon Ichi/
Mastiff.  No parts of this document may be copied and put in 
any other document, unless with the express permission of 
Andrew Lake.

*****Table of Contents*****
1.  Introduction
2.  Experience Levels
3.  Monster Recruiting
4.  Spells/Skills 
5.  Attributes/Item Combining 
6.  Miracle Chains
7.  Money/Rosenqueen
8.  Just How Crazy Am I?

*****1.0 Introduction*****

I am writing this guide to help players get the most out of 
Chapter One of La Pucelle: Tactics.  When I play RPGs or 
SRPGs, I like to make what I call a seed.  This is where I 
earn up as much as I can right at the beginning of the game 
before I proceed with the story.  Then whenever I want to 
play the game in the future, I can start from the seed and 
have powerful characters right from the very beginning.

WARNING:  Using this guide may eliminate any challenge in 
the game.  I don’t particularly want my games challenging; 
I would rather build up tremendously strong characters and 
laugh as I breeze through the game, including smashing all 
of the optional bosses that everyone seems to have a lot of 
trouble with.

My main goal for this seed is to beat a Level 500+ Overlord 
in the Dark World so I can recruit all of the bosses through 
the whole game, including Chapter One.  I have stopped my 
game to create the seed right at the end of the Devil’s 
Stomach dungeon but before I go to Montblanc Castle.  

*****2.0 Experience Levels*****

There are many different things to earn up in this game to 
make your characters powerful.  The first one that you may 
notice is the levels of the characters.  Going through the 
Devil’s Stomach board or the Hall of the Dead several times 
with a character can help you get to level 5 or 10, but 
leveling becomes very hard after this point.

The best, most consistent way to level up in this point in 
the game is to kill your own allies.  You can do this by 
using Special Attacks, but the game won’t allow you to use 
normal attacks on an ally.  It is useful to go into a simple 
board like the Devil’s Stomach, kill your allies, then 
finish off the board.  Some people say to just leave the 
board without killing all the enemies, but I don’t like this 
method for several reasons.  First, killing all the enemies 
will give you gold, and for some reason you get lots of gold 
for killing your own allies.  Secondly, if you leave a board 
without completing it, your training commands won’t restock, 
so it can be difficult to get your monsters trained.  

Killing monsters that you have recruited will lower their 
Happiness and cause them to run away, but your human allies 
don’t have Happiness levels so you can kill them to your 
heart’s content.  The problem with not progressing past 
Chapter One is that you only have three human characters.  
This means that Prier, Culotte and Alouette have to earn up 
by killing only two allies.  The monsters in your party that 
you earn up have an advantage because they can kill all 
three humans, and thus get more experience per board.

Killing your allies will open up a gate to the Dark World on 
the board in a very short time.  You can go to the Dark 
World to earn up your characters, but I prefer to kill 
people who don’t fight back.  Besides, the dark gate that 
appears quickly becomes too much for you to handle.  It 
doesn’t take long to get the Dark Energy Index up to 300, 
and the enemies you encounter through that gate are in the 
300-500 level range.  If you have trouble killing your 
humans, buy some Iron Boots for them to equip.  Once you get 
to Rank E or D in Rosenqueen, they may start to carry this 
item.  It costs 615,000, and it lowers the stats of the 
person wearing it.  Earn it up a few levels with 
purifications, and it will reduce their HP, DEF and RES 
enough that they will be easier to kill.

Here is a description of a very fast way to level up in the 
Devil's Stomach .  First, have the character that you want 
to earn up get a long-range skill up to level 5.  This will 
allow you to attack in a cross formation.  Have the 
character equip your attribute-boosting item(s) and fill up 
the rest of your inventory with items that boost the attack 
power of the leveller.  If he is using a physical long-range 
attack, then give him three weapons.  If he is using a spell, 
give him items that boost INT.  If the person you are 
levelling up is a human, move her between the two bats in 
front of you.  Move the other two humans in front of you and 
behind you so that the three of you and the bats form a 
cross.  If you are strong enough to kill your allies in one 
hit, then use your skill in a cross on yourself.  This 
should kill your allies and the bats.  If that character 
isn't strong enough to kill the allies on his own, cast 
Braveheart/Magic Up on him with the other two characters 
before using your level five skill.  End your first turn.  
If one of your humans happened to survive your first turn 
attack, just take them down with you when you attack the 
other zombie and bats, making sure that they will be hit 
again.  On your second turn, move up so that you are right 
in front of the Zombie down below and use your level five 
skill again.  This should kill the Zombie and the other two 
bats, and you have completed the level in two turns.  If you 
are levelling up a monster, have the three humans form the 
cross with the bats in the beginning of the board, and have 
the monster use their level five skill on the three humans 
and the two bats.  The rest is the same.

*****3.0 Monster Recruiting*****

At this point in the game, there are four normal monsters 
that you can recruit.  These are the Tiny Bat and the Zombie 
that you can find anywhere, the Big Zombie (from the Grave 
of the Fool), and the Big Bat (from the Room of the 
Caretaker).  Of these, my favorite is the Big Zombie.  He 
got very high attack power, higher even than Prier.  The Big 
Bat is also pretty nice.  It will be helpful in later boards 
where you need to fly.  If you put enough strong weapons on 
a Big Bat to boost his attack power high, then Suck Blood 
becomes very effective, and will heal him to full HP while 
damaging the enemies.  I have had my level 20 Big Bat do 
several hundred points of damage twice with this skill.

I prefer to train a monster fully (so that their Happiness 
and all the other stats are maxed out) before I start to 
earn up their levels.  This makes sure that you are 
maximizing their stat growth.  To train the monster, I have 
a character run through the Devil’s Stomach board really 
quickly.  After the board is over, go back out to the world 
map and you will have new training commands.  Do this over 
and over to train your monsters.

If you want a head start on your monster’s levels, sometimes 
in the Devil’s Stomach board one or two of the monsters will 
be a higher level than the others.  The Tiny Bats will be 
level 1 and the Zombie will be level 2 normally, but 
sometimes one or two of them will be level 11-13.  If they 
don’t have any items, then you can recruit them.  If they do 
have an item and you try to recruit them, they will give you 
the item instead of joining you.

There is one more monster that you can get to join you at 
this stage.  This is the Hani type monster in the Dark World.  
Go to one map that you don’t normally use, and kill your 
allies on it a few times.  This should increase the Dark 
Energy Index on this map by 30 or so each time.  Killing one 
ally will raise it by 10.  You can decrease this index by 
purifying all of the dark portals.  Your goal is to get the 
Dark Energy Index to just over 100.  110 may be too high, so 
you should try to aim for 101.  In the Dark World, you will 
see many monsters from the normal world.  However, you can’t 
recruit most of them.  The Hani creatures that you can 
recruit look strange.  One of the ones that I have is a blue 
sphere with a handlebar moustache, and the other is a white 
cylinder with eyes, a mouth, and two leaves sticking off the 
top of it.  I think their form is random, but they don’t 
look like a normal monster.  If you purify these monsters 
well enough, they will not only join you, but they will 
bring along all of the equipment that they had equipped.  I 
caught mine on floor 1 and floor 2 of a 108 Dark Energy 
Index Dark World.  The monsters were all level 13-20.

I discovered quite late in my earning up process that the 
Hani creatures are actually superior to even Prier on a 
comparable level.  Their HP and ATK are much higher, and all 
of their other stats are higher than hers as well at a 
comparable level.  I got one with a good long-range physical 
attack (Here & There and Lord Hani and the only ones they 
can have), then I earned him up as my main fighter.

*****4.0 Spells/Skills*****

I don’t want to get into spells and skills too much because 
they are described well in the instruction manual and in 
other FAQs.  Spells and skills are pretty much the same 
thing:  they are special attacks that you can use that use 
up SP.  To me, skills are what a character learns 
automatically, while spells are learned from having items 
equipped.  The strength of physical skills are derived from 
your ATK stat, and magical skills are based on your INT stat.  
Sometimes it is hard to tell which is which, or what element 
the skill is.  For example, there’s Prier’s Holy Wind skill, 
where she throws a bunch of spinning batons at the enemies.  
Is this skill a Holy-based magical attack, a Wind-based 
magical attack, or a physical attack?  It seems to become 
more powerful when you cast Braveheart on her, so I think it 
counts as a physical attack.

There are three types of ranges for your skills.  If you 
look at the bottom of the screen where it describes the 
skill, you will see an icon on the left side of the 
description.  It looks like either an S, an M, or an L next 
to a rectangle.  S stands for a short range attack, and 
these will always only affect one person who is directly 
next to you.  A Medium range attack will attack one person 
within a range of 3.  A Long range attack starts off 
affecting one enemy within a range of 2.  As you level long 
range skills up, they will affect more people and have a 
longer range.  

As you level up any skill, it will get more powerful.  
Spells and skills are very important to earn up because they 
are the only way to attack your allies, which is your main 
way of earning levels at this point in the game.  I would 
suggest picking a nice long-range skill or spell and 
focusing on earning that one up.  Even a simple Fire spell 
becomes very powerful at the higher levels.  Your main goal 
is to increase the range and area of effect of your skill so 
that you can kill more than one person at a time.  To earn 
up skills and spells, you just have to use them over and 
over.  Go through the Devil’s Stomach or Hall of the Dead a 
few times, using that one skill to kill all of the enemies.

*****5.0 Attributes / Item Combining*****

Another important thing to earn up is your attribute levels.  
To earn up an attribute, you must have an item equipped that 
gives at least one level to the attribute.  You can see 
these in the lower half of the item description.  They will 
be a box with the stat abbreviation and a number.  For 
example, a Raise HP will have an orange box that says HP 
with a 2 next to it.  This means when you have this item 
equipped and kill an enemy, you will get some experience 
given to your HP stat.  Having a boost of 2 will give you 
twice as much experience as a boost of 1, etc.  

As you level up your attributes, you learn traits that can 
trigger whenever you use a normal attack.  I think the 
higher the attribute level is, the better that attribute 
will grow on your character.  For example, a character with 
a level 15 ATK attribute will get more ATK power when they 
level up than the same character would with a level 3 ATK 
attribute.  The main thing you are looking for, though, are 
the traits.  I think the most useful ones are the Deep 
Breathing series that you get from earning HP, and the 
increased Movement from earning up Hit and SPD.  All of the 
traits that you learn are helpful, though.  I would suggest 
earning up all of the attributes evenly.

The key to earning up your attributes is making one or more 
attribute-boosting items.  At the beginning of the game, buy 
a Raise HP item and a Raise ATK item.  Level up the items by 
purifying dark portals, then combine them by equipping the 
items on a monster that you are about to send to the Dark 
World.  Combining them will give you one item that raises 
the HP attribute by 2 and the ATK attribute by 2.  Earn this 
item up along with a Raise SPD or something.  Combine those, 
and your item will raise all three attributes.  It doesn’t 
take too long to create an item that will raise all of the 
attribute levels.  Once you have this item, continue 
combining in Raise ___ items or Elevate ___ items to further 
increase the attribute boosts.  Once your customer rank is 
high enough to buy the Elevate items, don’t bother buying 
the Raise items any more.  When raising Int and SP, it may 
be a good idea to use Holy Staffs to do both at one time.  
This will also give your earn-up item a high Holy value so 
you can learn the Saint series of spells.

When you want to earn up an item, go to the Hall of the Dead 
where you can set up huge Miracle chains (see the next 
section).  When you need to combine items, recruit a level 
11—13 monster that occasionally appears in the Devil’s 
Stomach board.  Equip the items on the monster, and 
introduce him to the dark world representative in 
Rosenqueen’s shop.

When you are getting ready to take on the level 500 Demon 
Overlord, you are going to want some weapons with very high 
attack power, and perhaps some good defensive items.  
Getting a weapon or two to about 1000 raw attack power would 
be a good idea.  By this time you have probably obtained 
some really good weapons from your guys in the Dark World 
with around 500-600 ATK.  Combining more weapons onto this 
one will add half of its base power to your main weapon, but 
first you should consider the elemental bonuses of the 
weapon.  If an item has the same element as the purification 
stream, it will get twice the experience from the 
purification.  To maximize how fast an item gets earned up, 
you should put on the Cool, Wind, Healing and Holy elements.  
This will double the experience you get from any miracle 
chains that you do in the Hall of the Dead, and will earn up 
your weapon very quickly.  Before combining in any items to 
increase the stats of your super weapon, you should combine 
in some items to add these elements to the weapon.  If you 
don't have enough monster weapons or you don't want to waste 
them in combining, buy the best weapons you have access to 
at Rosenqueen's.  The difficult thing is that when combining 
items with over several hundred points in a stat, you are 
going to need your combining monster to have about 35% more 
attack power than your weapon will have.  To get my ATK 1000 
weapons, I had to raise a Hani up to level 145-150 to 
combine it.  Once you have a good weapon, earn it up a few 
times in the Hall of the Dead.  This will raise the ATK 
power up to 2000 or 3000.  Putting these two weapons on my 
level 160 Prier boosts her ATK power to over 10,000.

*****6.0 Miracle Chains*****

Creating huge miracle chains is by far the best way to earn 
quick money and raise the level of items.  In Chapter One, 
the best board to build chains on is the Hall of the Dead.  
First, I will describe the basics of chaining, then I will 
show you how I personally set up my chains.  

To get a miracle, you have to direct the stream that comes 
out of a dark portal into a loop that is at least 15 squares 
long with a monster inside it.  When you purify the dark 
portal, it will trigger a Miracle Attack.  This attack will 
hugely damage all of the enemies in or on your loop, as well 
as greatly increasing your purification bonus.  There are 
two ways to bend your purification stream.  The first way is 
to have a character (or monster) stand on the stream and 
face in the direction you want it to go.  The other way is 
to use a Change-Up item.  This item can be placed on the 
stream and turned in the direction you want the stream to go.

The next thing you need to understand is how to direct 
streams from other dark portals into your stream.  Doing so 
will cause a chain.  The secondary portals all need to be 
INSIDE your main loop.  If it is outside the loop, the 
miracles won’t trigger it to purify, and if it is on the 
loop, it will break the loop and make the whole thing 
worthless.  I like to send a character over to stand on the 
secondary dark portals and point them in the direction you 
want them to go.  This prevents other enemies from coming 
out of those dark portals and pointing them in a direction 
you don’t want them to go.  When it is time to purify your 
main dark portal, have your character walk along the stream 
from the secondary portal until it meets your main stream.  
Stand on the main stream and point in the direction it 
should go so that it doesn’t stop the main stream, but 
becomes part of it.  See my lovely ASCII figures to see what 
I mean.


* = secondary dark portal
- = secondary purification stream
! = your main purification stream
Figure 1 – Just pointing your secondary portal at the main 
stream will most likely cut off the stream and mess it up


* = secondary dark portal
- = secondary purification stream
^ = the place where your character should stand and face up
! = your main purification stream
Figure 2 – Moving your character over onto the main stream 
allows you to force your secondary stream to follow your 
main stream

Now that we have those basics down, let’s talk about miracles.  
The only way to have multiple miracles is if the middle ones 
are healing miracles.  Healing miracles happen on the 
aquamarine stream that comes from combining blue and green.  
For example, you could have a Ragnarok miracle start off 
your chain, which would come from combining red, blue and 
green streams.  Then you could have one or more Evangel 
healing miracles.  Technically, you could have another 
damaging miracle after the healing miracles, but in the Hall 
of the Dead I have never had any enemies survive the 
starting Ragnarok.  This means that the most you can get is 
four miracles to trigger on this board.  

The Hall of the Dead always has six dark portals:  two red, 
two blue, and two green.  The blue and green combine to the 
healing aquamarine, but add the red and the stream turns 
white (holy).  This means that in order to trigger your 
healing miracles, you will need to make sure all of the red 
portals are purified before any of the blue or green ones 
trigger.  The easiest way to do this is to purify one of the 
red portals at the beginning of the board before you worry 
about your chain.  Then purify the other red portal to begin 
your chain and you are left with only blue and green, so you 
are guaranteed at least two healing miracles.  This does 
limit the ultimate length of your chain, since you will go 
around the loop 5 times instead of 6.

If two blue portals trigger first (after your red) or two 
greens trigger first, then it will stop your healing 
miracles after two, because the stream will be a pure color.  
However, if a green purifies after your red and then the 
blue one is next, or vice versa, then there will be three 
healing miracles because the stream will still be aquamarine.  
See figure 3.

B = Blue portal triggering
G = Green portal triggering
Figure 3 – If two of the same color trigger first, the 
stream will be a pure color and won’t be able to trigger any 
more healing miracles.  If one blue and one green trigger 
first, there is still one of each left, so the stream will 
be aquamarine and you will get another healing miracle.

There is a set order that the portals will purify.  After 
your initial one, the portal closest to the bottom wall will 
purify next, followed by the one that is next closest, etc.  
If two portals are on the same row, then the one on the left 
will trigger first.  Using this knowledge, you can make sure 
the portals will purify in the order you want them to.  You 
could even leave that last red one in, if it will purify 
before any of the blues or greens.  In that case, you would 
get a bigger bonus because you would be going around your 
loop six times.

Here is an ASCII representation of how I like to set up my 
miracle chains in the Hall of the Dead:

|!V<        v<!|
|!!!        !!!|
|!!!|X|    |!!!|
|!!!| |    |!!!| 
|!!!| |    |!!!|
|!!!|X|    |!!!|
|!!!| |    |!!!|
|!!!| |    |!!!|
|!!!|X|   _|!!!|
|!!!| |  _||!!!|
|!!!| |  |  !!!|
|!!!|X|  |  !!!|
|!!!| |  |  !!!|
|!!!  |  |  !!!|
|!!!  |  |  !!!|
|!!!  |  |  !^<|
|!!!  |  |  ! X|
|^<!  |  |  !  |
--|! |-  |  !  |
  |! |   |  ! X|
  |! |   |  !  |
__|! |___|  !  |
|  !        ! X|
|X !        >-v|
|  !          !|
|  ^---------<!|
| ^-----------<|
B = Base Panel
X = Column
<>^V = Change Ups
!- = Purification stream
|_ = Walls
Figure 4 - My ideal Hall of the Dead purification chain

The path of this chain is 178 squares long.  With a 5 chain 
combo, your square total will get up over 890.  With a 6 
chain combo, this setup will result in over 1068.  This is 
not to be confused with your purification bonus, which will 
usually top 10,000. The highest I have gotten is a chain of 
1013, which gave me a purification bonus of 45051 which was 
then doubled.  I had gotten the Triple XP on next 
Purification wish at Rosenqueen's, so that had tripled the 

When choosing a good map to try this on, here is what to 
look for.  First, there should not be any dark portals along 
the walls.  The dark portals all need to be INSIDE your loop 
(except the trigger red one), meaning there needs to be at 
least one square between your portals and the wall.  Next, 
you should look at which portals are closest to the bottom 
(bottom-left) wall to see what order they secondary portals 
will purify in.  If the closest portal to that wall is red, 
then you are able to have a 6 chain combo.  You are really 
checking to make sure that a blue will trigger, then a green 
will be next or the other way around.  This will make sure 
that you get four total miracles instead of 3.

Here is a description of how I go about setting up one of 
these chains:  The first step is making sure that the dark 
portals are set up in a good way for you.  None of them 
should be along the walls or between columns.  If the dark 
portals aren't set up like you want them, bring a character 
in on the Base Panel and have them move to that glowing pink 
square to leave the level, then come back in and try again.  
Once I have a good board setup, I will send out my main 
characters to stand on the dark portals.  See how many dark 
portals are down the left side of the map, and send that 
many characters down that stairway.  Send the characters for 
the right side of the map over by that stairway.  Each group 
should have at least one person with good Movement.   The 
character that you will have stand on the red portal to 
trigger it should have the items that you want earned up 
equipped.  This should preferably be a human character, 
since they can extend their purification range and you won't 
have to stand right next to the portal.  End your turn.  The 
two zombies up top will attack you and probably get killed.  
On the second turn, continue moving your two parties toward 
their dark portals.  On this turn, I like to bring out the 
extra party members to bring the total up to eight.  I move 
one of them to the upper-left corner to act as a living 
Change-Up, and I send the other one or two to the upper-
right corner to act as living Change-Ups.  Have these 
monsters set up any Change-Ups that need to be placed in 
these corners.  Once the two parties get to the bottom of 
their staircases, have them set up the Change-Ups that you 
want to place there.  Continue having your characters move 
onto the portals that they will be guarding and placing your 
Change-Ups until everything is all set up.  Once you are 
ready, move all of your characters off of the dark portals 
to where the stream joins up with the main loop.  Have them 
stand there on the main loop and face in the correct 
direction to make the loop continue on its way.  When 
everyone is in place, follow your loop around to make sure 
it is continuous and that everything is how you want it, 
then have the person equipped with the items to be earned up 
purify the dark portal, sit back, and enjoy the show.

There are some modifications to my ideal setup that may need 
to be made.  If there are any dark portals on the left 
stairway, this will mess up your setup on that side.  If the 
dark portal is high on the stairs, arrange your change-ups 
so that the stream goes up to it, then turns and goes back 
down the stairs right before you reach that dark portal.  At 
the bottom it will be sent back up the stairs as normal.  
Just make sure that your portal is on the INSIDE of your 
loop.  It gets a little tricky if the portal is low down the 
stairs.  You need to arrange the Change-Ups so that the 
stream goes up the stairs, turns and comes back down at the 
top, then turns back up right before it hits the portal.  
The tricky part is that you need the portal to be on the 
inside of the loop, so you first need to bend the stream as 
soon as it crosses the bridge over to the left wall and send 
it up the stairs from that side.  Then when it reaches the 
top wall, turn it to go back down the stairs, then turn it 
back up right before it hits the portal.  You then need to 
bend the stream back to the right when it gets to the top.  
This can be done on the base panel by bringing a character 
in, then choosing Change Facing to have them face to the 
right.  Or you could use a Change-Up to turn it right before 
it gets to the base panel.  If there are portals on the 
right stairway, you have an extra option if you don’t want 
to shorten it like you need to on the left stairway.  You 
can shift the whole backtracking section to the bottom 
portion of the map.   Bend the stream down one square away 
from the right wall on the top level.  This should send the 
stream down the middle of the stairs so that it is goes 
right up along the columns at the bottom.  When this stream 
hits the bottom wall, move it over one and send it back up 
to the bottom stair.  Put a Change-Up on the bottom stair 
over to that little ledge thing, and put one there to send 
the stream back down.  When it gets to the bottom again, 
bend it to the left and continue as normal.  If there are 
portals on the bottom portion of the map, just shift the 
stream that you send over up or down, making sure that all 
of the portals are INSIDE the loop.

You are only permitted to place 16 Change-Ups on a map, and 
you may notice that I have 18 Change-Ups on my map.  The two 
extras come from your party.  Six of your party members need 
to be camped out on the dark portals, but that leaves two 
to act as living Change-Ups.  

It seems that the bonus you get from the miracle is based on 
how many times it has gone around your chain.  If you get a 
miracle on the first time around your chain, your bonus will 
be 800-900.  A miracle on the second time around your loop 
will give you a bonus of 1600-1800, or about twice of 
whatever your first one was.  A miracle on the third loop 
gives 2400-2700, a fourth-loop miracle gives 3200-3600, and 
a miracle on the fifth loop gives a bonus of 4000-4500.  
There is no way to get a miracle on the last loop if there 
are no enemies left to damage (and there probably won’t be).

*****7.0  Money/Rosenqueen Shop*****

There are two main reasons that you will want a lot of money.  
The first is so that you can buy all the good equipment that 
you will need.  The second is so that you can raise your 
Customer Rank at the Rosenqueen Shop to allow you to buy 
more expensive items.

There are three main ways to earn money in this game, two of 
which are closely related.  The first and most obvious way 
to get money is to beat all of the monsters on the map, 
which will give you a monetary reward.  At first, this 
amount of money is minimal.  However, as your characters get 
into the higher levels, this becomes the fastest way to get 
money.  When Prier, Culotte and Alouette were on level 40, 
having a monster kill all three of them earned me over 5500 
gold per fight.  That's not bad for about a minute's work.

The second way to earn money is through purifying dark 
portals.  You get a bonus for each purification chain, which 
is doubled if you have purified all of the portals.  This 
monetary bonus can be quite substantial.  Using my miracle 
chain method described above, you should get a bonus of over 
10,000 which is then doubled.  If you take the Rosenqueen 
survey until it asks you what you would wish for, choose 
triple gold on the next board.  This will triple the 
purification bonus, which is then doubled.  I have gotten 
80,000 prica from one miracle chain using this method.  
Another option is to choose the Triple XP From the Next 
Purification wish.  The advantage of doing this is that it 
triples the experience that you get for your weapons, which 
also triples the amount of gold that you get.  The other 
wish triples the gold after the experience has been applied 
to the weapon.  The disadvantage is that it counts the next 
purification, so if you decide to purify a red portal to get 
it out of your way, your bonus was just wasted.  This means 
that if you want to choose Triple XP, you will need to keep 
leaving the level and coming back in until everything is 
perfect:  The portal closest to the bottom wall is red, the 
next portals that will be purified are blue and green, and 
none of the portals are along the walls (except perhaps 
the first red that you will use as the trigger).  Sometimes 
it takes me half an hour to get a board that is just right, 
but it is worth it when your items get up to level 26 or 27 
in one chain.

The third way to make money in this game is by earning up 
items.  If you earn an item up to level 20 (two or three 
large miracle chains should do it), it will sell for about 
30% more than you paid for it.  This means that you should 
buy the most expensive item you can afford.  Earn it up to 
level 20, then sell it.  Then buy the most expensive item 
you can afford now, earn it up and sell it.  Your profit can 
be quite substantial.  A 378,000 Angel Orb will sell for 
over 500,000 if you earn it up.  That is a profit of well 
over 100,000.  This also helps you to raise the Customer 
Rank at Rosenqueen's which will allow you to purchase the 
more expensive but more powerful weapons.  Using this method 
also lets you gradually increase the value of the weapons 
and armor that you have.  Take that 84,000 Axe Bomber and 
earn it up.  Sell it, and you should have enough for a Whip 
of Love. 

The disadvantage to using miracle chains to earn money and 
earn up items is that it takes a long time to do so.  Once 
your characters are around level 40, and you get 5,000 for 
taking one minute to kill them in the Devil's Stomach, you 
could do that 15 or 20 times in the time it would take you 
to do one miracle chain.  That would be 75,000 to 100,000 
gold from the Devil's Stomach compared to a possible 80,000 
from a miracle chain in the Hall of the Dead, not including 
profit from earned up items.  Of course, when your 
characters get to level 100, you will be getting 20,000 to 
30,000 per fight, and at that point it is no contest.  Your 
money will be coming from killing your own guys.

*****8.0 Just How Crazy Am I?*****

This section describes the stats of my game when I finally 
beat a level 500+ Demon Overlord and got my title.  When I 
got back from the dungeon after the cutscene, my timer stood 
at 188:09:09.  I had entered a DEI 200 Dark Gate in the 
Caretaker's Room.  There were two other Dark Gates, DEI 300 
in the Devil's Stomach and DEI 101 in the Grave of Fools.  
In my DEI 200 Dark World, the creatures on the first floor 
were about level 380-390.  On the tenth floor the only enemy 
over level 500 was my Demon Overlord, a Grendel on level 509.

Prier was level 180 before going into the Dark World (she 
got three levels when she killed the Demon Overlord).  
Alouette and Culotte were both level 170, and so was Sensei 
Haniwa, my main fighter.  Sensei was at 173 when I finished 
the Dark World.  Sensei Haniwa had the Here & There skill 
earned up to level 8.

Because Prier has the highest movement of any of my 
characters, I put four shoes on her and made her my blitzer, 
running for the exits in the Dark World.  I had my main 
fighting equipment on Sensei.  This was:  a Great Axe that 
had been combined up (ATK 3034), a Crusade that had been 
combined up (ATK 2892), a Master Blade (ATK 940) and a Great 
Dagger (ATK 835).  These items brought that Hani's ATK up to 
15,185.  When it was time to kill the Demon Overlord, I saw 
that my Hani probably wouldn't be able to kill him in one 
turn. so I equipped Prier in my secondary set of fighting 
equipment.  This was:  Terrific Dagger (ATK 774), Great Claw 
(ATK 652), Thor's Sword (ATK 537) and Terrific Punch (ATK 
574).  This brought her ATK power up to 6216.  I Bravehearted 
them both five times, had the Hani attack with Here & There, 
then Prier attack with Batter Up.  I was just barely able to 
kill him.  I then had a monster with four shoes on sprint 
for the exit.

In my earning up, I had done the Devil's Stomach board 1890 
times, and the Hall of the Dead was done 82 times for a 
total Purification of 734,519 (an average of 8957.5 each 
time).  I had 35,616,894 Prica, and Rosenqueen's shop was on 
Customer Rank B.  I might have been able to get it up to A 
with all the money I had, but I didn't feel a need to.

All this was accomplished without ever having gone to 
Montblanc Castle in Chapter One.  It was all done in the 
first dungeon of the game.

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