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Stat Increase Guide by Paragon

Version: 0.7 | Updated: 05/18/04

La Pucelle Tactics
Stats (Statistics) Increase Guide version 0.7
Created: 05/14/04
Last Updated: 05/18/04
Copyright 2004 by James Spairana
jparagons AT hotmail DOT com

I.                             Table of Contents

I.      Table of Contents
II.     Stats List
III.    Increasing Stats
IV.     Skills
V.      Skill List
VI.     Monsters and Stat Increasing
VII.    Credits
VIII.   Legal Information

II.                               Stats List

HP  - Hit Points.
      Your character's "life".  0 HP = death.

SP  - Special Points. 
      Fuel your character's special attacks and magic spells.

ATK - Attack Power.
      Increases strength of normal attacks and some special abilities.

DEF - Defense.
      Reduces damage from physical attacks.

INT - Intelligence.
      Increases strength of magic, purification, and some special abilities.

SPD - Speed.
      Increases dodging ability and allows your character to act faster.

HIT - Accuracy.
      Allows your character to successfully score a hit more often.

RES - Magic Resistance.
      Reduces damage from magical attacks.

MV  - Movement.
      Allows your character to move farther distances on the battle grid.

JM  - Jump.
      Allows your character to move across steeper inclines.

III.                           Increasing Stats

There are two dimensions of stats--their values and their levels.

Stat values are the numbers on the left side of the level-up screen.  These
directly affect the things I listed in the last section; for example, your
ATK value factors into the damage you cause with _every_ physical attack you

Stat levels are the bars and numbers on the right side of the level-up screen.
These are less direct; each stat level increases your stat values, but can also
give you special Skills (which I will go over in the next section).

Essentially, stat values are short-term benefit, stat increases are long-term

Both are raised by equipping items.  Most if not all equippable items will
increase both; stat values are increased directly, stat levels indirectly.
A weapon, for example, might increase your ATK value by 10, but will also
have a little red icon displaying "ATK 1" on its status screen; this does not
increase your ATK level by 1, but rather increases the amount of experience
that your ATK level gets per kill.

As I mentioned before, the screen which shows the EXP you get from a kill
also shows your stat levels.  When the bars related to each respective stat
fill up, you gain a stat level.

Usually items that give a lot of one give only a little bit of the other.
Most weapons will give a good boost to your ATK value (relative to how far
you are in the game), but only a slight boost to your ATK level/experience.
Items like the "Raise ATK" items will only give a slight boost to your ATK
value but will help you level up your ATK stat faster.

"If you get enough purification bonuses with a character to level those Raise
[stat] items up to lv. 10, you can equip 2 on any monster and combine them
to create an item that will boost two of each stat.

And then you can level that combined item up to lv 10 and repeat the process."
- Enygmatic

This technique will allow you to level up your stats all at once.  While they
won't rise as fast as if you'd focused on specific stats, you'll learn ALL the
skills available and increase ALL your stats.

"Seriously, individual stats go up not as fast as they could, but all the
skills they get make any character a powerhouse."

Just be sure not to neglect any stat!  If you just assume that you have enough
HIT already, for example, then later on you'll have a pretty hard time landing
blows on some of the faster enemies.

IV.                                Skills

Skills are special bonuses to your abilities which you receive with stat
levels.  They can either provide randomly activated, one-battle bonuses, or
passive, constant bonuses.  

The former activate at the beginning of a battle session and last until the
end, giving a boost to an ability; this could be a boost to a stat value, or
an added bonus to your action (such as a critical damage bonus, or a 
purification effect).

The latter will provide a bonus every time you use the skill they affect; this
could include a boost to your Purify range, your Movement range, etc.

"How can I tell when a skill is being used?"

Glad you asked.

If it's a randomly activated skill, there are two possibilities:

- Before attacking, your character will pose, and the name of the activated
  skill will flash across the screen.

- When being attacked, the phrase "Guard Skill" will pop up upon each hit
  your character takes.  This does not tell you which skill is being used.

If it's a passive skill, it'll be activated no matter what (i.e. with Purify
Range +2, the range from which you can choose to Purify will ALWAYS be at 3

V.                               Skill List

A quick note on how to read this section of the guide.

Gained by levelling (stat name):
     Game's description of the skill
     Clarified effect of the skill
     Names of each level of the skill
     Leveling pattern

This is the part of the guide that is going to be the most comprehensive, and
subsequently is going to still be "under construction" for awhile.  There
will, however, be fairly frequent updates.
Also, some of this is approximation (noted by ~).  When I start my second run 
through the game I'll finalize as much as I can.

Gained by levelling HP:
     "Recovers HP (at end of turn)."
     At the end of your side's turn, the character will regain some HP.
     Deep Breathing (5), Miracle Recovery (10)

Gained by levelling SP:
     "Purify range increases by X."
     Your character can Purify things X squares farther away.
     Purify Range +2 (~3), +3 (~6)

Gained by levelling HIT:
     "All attacks hit."
     When activated, no attacks during that one battle session will miss.
     (This is NOT a passive/automatic skill, it's a random/chance one!)
     Auto-hit (3)

Gained by levelling ATK:
     "Attack strength temporarily up."
     When activated, increases the damage of a physical attack.
     Tiny Power (1), Chance Power (3), Muscle Power (6), Mega Power (10)

Gained by levelling DEF:
     "Defense temporarily up."
     When activated, decreases the damage you take from an attack.
     Tiny Guard (1), Chance Guard (3), Cross Block (6)

Gained by levelling INT:
     "Purify power increases by X."
     Your character's Purification Power is X points stronger.
     Purify Power +2 (3), +3 (~6), +4 (~9)

Gained by levelling SPD:
     "Jumping power increases by X."
     Your character's JM stat is raised by X.
     Jump +2 (3), +5 (6), +7 (9)

     "Can dodge most attacks."
     When activated, dodges most physical attacks.
     Super Dodge (3)

Gained by levelling RES:
     "Magic defense temporarily up."
     When activated, reduces the damage you take from magic.
     Tiny Barrier (1), Chance Barrier (3), Magic Barrier (6)

Gained by levelling INT and ATK:
     "Attack has purification effect."
     When activated, will increase the chance of the target converting.
     Baptism Attack (~5)

Gained by levelling SPD and HIT:
     "Movement incfeases by X."
     You character can move X squares more at a time than previously.
     Movement +1 (3)

Gained by levelling DEF and SPD:
     "Decreases enemy defense."
     When activated, decreases an enemy's defense.
     Tiny Break (1), Chance Break (3)

Gained by levelling RES and SP(?):
     "Increases experience points."
     When activated, increases the experience points you get from a kill.
     Goddess' Blessing (~5)

Gained by levelling ATK, DEF, and HIT:
     "Allows critical hits."
     When activated, the damage done from an attack will be increased.
     Tiny Critical (1), Chance Critical (3), Critical (5)

VI.                     Monsters and Stat Increasing

Monsters have the benefit of the Train command, as well as items.

On the Train screen, you'll see a few things.  On top is a few random quips 
or jokes from your monster, determined by happiness level.
On the left is a grid with four bars: Happiness, HP/ATK/DEF, SP/INT/RES, and
SPD/HIT.  As you can see, the stats are divided into clusters.

On the right, you'll see a list of "Training Commands".  If the command will
benefit your monsters' stats, the cluster of stats it affects will be 
highlighted on the left.  If nothing is highlighted, it will benefit Happiness.

Any training command which boosts a stat will reduce Happiness.  The bigger
the benefit to a cluster of stats, the more Happiness will be reduced.

Unhappy monsters lose more Happiness from training that focuses on stats;
monsters which are already happy will gain more Happiness from training that
focuses on Happiness.  I don't know if this also applies to the stat boosts 

As far as the point of Happiness goes, a very low Happiness will cause your
monster to leave your party.  A very high Happiness will allow the monster
to use the Purify command.

The stat bars, from what I can tell, speed the increasing of stat levels.
They do not increase stat levels on their own, however.  My guess is that
a full bar counts as an extra "(stat) 1" icon on an item, however, you will
still have to have an item equipped to receive stat levels.

VIII.                              Credits

Enygmatic for the Raise [stat] item combination trick.

VIII.                         Legal Information

Copyright 2004 by James Spairana.

This guide may only be posted on GameFAQs.com.

This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
publicly. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public
display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
respective trademark and copyright holders.

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