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Character Guide by Kari / Anubimon

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 06/29/05

Growlanser III: The Dual Darkness
Character Guide
By: Kari (kariohki@comcast.net) and Anubimon (anubimon@gmail.com)
Published: 06/29/2005
Last updated: 06/29/2005


I. Introduction
II. Disclaimer/Legal Stuff
III. About/Contacting Us
IV. Version History
V. Playable Character Info
VI. Battle Strategies
VII. Non-Playable Character Info
VIII. How to get Endings
IX. Credits

Welcome to the Growlanser III: The Dual Darkness character guide! This guide is
designed to help give information and strategies on the main characters from
Growlanser III, along with non-playable character information and ending guides.
The lovely Table of Contents above this paragraph outlines what order the
sections come in. Use Ctrl+F to easily find anything you're looking for, and
have fun!

Copyright 2005, Kari and Anubimon

The following sites may post this work:

This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
place other than the ones listed above is strictly prohibited, and a violation
of copyright. You will be prosecuted to the full extent of the laws, and we
shall send our penguin army of doom to your house.

I'm Kari, writer of this guide, and I wander the Neoseeker and GameFAQs message

I'm Anubimon, co-writer of this spiffy guide.

If you have any questions about this guide, email one of us at
kariohki@comcast.net or anubimon@gmail.com. Please put "Growlanser III Guide" in
the subject line, or else you mail will be deleted. Read this guide through
before emailing us, because if the info is in this guide, we'll probably mail
you back saying that it's in here and that you need to look for it. Use Ctrl+F
to easily search for something. If we don't give you an instantaneous response,
don't email over and over again. We more-or-less have amazing things called


Version 1.0 (06/29/2005) - Uploaded with playable character info, important NPC
character info, and how to get character endings.

The first beefy section of the guide, this serves as an introduction to the
characters. A notice for those who didn't read the very top of the guide, there
ARE spoilers included in the descriptions. So when you see this sign:
It means that the spoiler paragraph is coming up.

Slayn Wilder
Age: 17
Height: 178cm

Slayn is the mostly silent protagonist of the game. You, as the player, have the
ability to shape his personality, making him anywhere from a good man that loves
justice to an evil playboy. Slayn was found at the base of a cliff, the fall
causing him to have amnesia. Rescued by Annette, they go in search to find out
exactly who he is.

Slayn is actually the soul of the Dark Lord, sent away after he used a forbidden
art. He got into the body of Gray Gilbert, a childhood friend of Annette. After
the last battle, Slayn's soul is coaxed out of Gray's body, and Slayn can live
or die depending on whether or not you had Viktor read the book on how to make a

Annette Burns
Age: 17
Height: 165cm
Chest: 84cm
Waist: 56cm
Hip: 82cm

Annette is the daughter of the President of Xironia Federation. She misses her
mysteriously killed mother and cares a lot about her father. Annette wants to
stop that war that is occurring between Xironia and Aggressival, and also wants
to help Slayn recover his memory.

Annette's mother was killed by Randolf, an assassin, while looking for Lobelika
Root to save Gray's parents. Incidentally, the boy's parents had been poisoned
by Randolf himself. The scene where she gets killed is actually the first battle
of the game.

Hugh Foster
Age: 20
Height: 185cm

Hugh Foster
You first meet Hugh outside the library at Bibliostock. Shortly thereafter, he
joins at Granford's mansion. He enjoys telling jokes, and eventually gives Raimy
comedy lessons. Likes to tease Viktor by giving him many nicknames. He's also
met Yayoi before, though no one knows how.

He is a Wind Messenger. He gives up his shot at being Wind Spirit Lord for the
greater good, to help save the world. He knows Yayoi because she is also a
Spirit Messenger.

Monika Allenford
Age: 12
Height: 147cm
Chest: 75cm
Waist: 48cm
Hip: 77cm

Monika is a half-human, half-Featherian girl who lived in Bornia with her
grandfather. She joins the group to take them to Featheria Isle, where the other
Featherians live. Her mother, a Featherian named Rumika, died two years earlier,
and her father, a human named Peter, mysteriously disappeared. Because she is
neither human nor Featherian, she is teased often and doesn't have a lot of
confidence in herself. Monika wants to find out where her father went when he
left. She has an uncle named Linasis who also wants to find out what happened to
Monika's father.

Monika's father was a Dark Spirit messenger killed in the battle against Zion.
Monika didn't originally live in Bornia, but moved there after she was pushed
off of a cliff by other children trying to make her fly. She landed in the ocean
and almost drowned. This is why she is afraid of the water. Her uncle Linasis
was the one who built the machine that keeps Michelle's room sterile, and Rumika
looked after the machine. After she died, Monika took over looking after
Michelle. If you fully complete Monika's side quest, she becomes a Dark Spirit

Viktor Hugo
Age: 50
Height: 180cm

Viktor is a scientist that helped the Featherians on their project. He joins
your party so he can see the Imperial Library at Bibliostock. He can invent
items for your party to use in the Voltone lab.

If you read certain books in the Bibliostock library, Viktor can make more
special items, like his own ultimate armor. He also can make a Homunculus for
Slayn which is used at the end of the game to keep Slayn alive. If you get him
the correct items, he also makes a Space-Time Summon Device which is used to
transfer Growlanser II characters in this game.

Yayoi Tachibana
Age: 20
Height: 167cm
Chest: 88cm
Waist: 54cm
Hip: 90cm

Yayoi is a mysterious girl who came to the continent from the East. She is
traveling in pursuit of a woman from the East, who fled the shrine where the two
of them worked. She joins your party permanently once the Water Crystal is
stolen in order to help get it back, and track down Barbara.

She is a Moon Spirit Messenger. The one she is pursuing is Simone, who changed
her name to Barbara. Simone was also a Wind Messenger.

Age: Unknown
Height: 16.2cm
Chest: 7.8cm
Waist: 5.1cm
Hip: 8.0cm

Raimy is a Dark Fairy that Slayn finds in Schwartzhaas. After he does a task for
her, she decides to stick around him. Not many people can see Raimy, so her
invisibility comes in handy. In some battles, you can control her to scope out
enemy positions.


***Coming Soon!***

This section is filled with spoilers, so read at your own risk. Very important
spoilers will have the  [!SPOILERS!] tag.

Michelle Liedbulk
Age: 14
Height: 153cm
Chest: 80cm
Waist: 52cm
Hip: 79cm

Michelle is a friend of Monika's that lives in Bornia. She has a immune
deficiency disease that forces her to live in a sterilized room. Her mother left
her and her brother, Orpheus, when she was young, and her father is dead. Her
wish is to get better and be able to see the outside world. She asks Slayn to
bring her items from his travels around the world.

At one point in the game, the machine that keeps Michelle alive is damaged. You
have the choice of fixing it and letting her live, or ignoring it, causing her
to die. If you let her live, you have the option to cure her disease by picking
up a Root of the Dark Tree in a battle and bringing it to a doctor in
Faulkenfreuk with the Ultimate Water to make a medicine for her. If you cure
her, and let her mother live when you fight her later, you can get her ending.

Gray Gilbert
Age: 17
Height: 178cm

Gray is an old friend of Annette's. He later became an assassin, but would only
kill if he seemed it was just. Gray was mostly successful because of his
Invisibility Gem, of which Randolf later found out about and stole, dropping
Gray off of a cliff in the process.

Gray was not killed by Randolf. After falling down the cliff, Slayn's soul
entered his body and took control. When you meet Yayoi, she is able to coax
Gray's soul to appear again. Throughout the game, you get information from Tony,
Gray's informant, and get the chance to kill Randolf. At the end of the game,
Slayn's soul is taken out of Gray's body and either sent into the underworld or
into a Homunculus.

Age: 36

Randolf is an assassin like Gray, except that he takes any job and will kill for
any reason. He disposed of Gray and took his Invisibility gem.

Later in the game, you can have Informant Tony set up a trap for Randolf,
opening up another battle in which you dispose of him.

Age: About 200

Zion was the former Dark Lord. He is the one behind everything in the game, and
the ultimate enemy.

Zion wants to collect 50,000 souls to achieve immortality. He has to keep
transferring his soul into a Homunculus to get this goal. He can only use this
spell during a solar eclipse, and when he uses it, it causes the destruction of
the world to speed up.

Age: Appears to be 27

Clive is one of Zion's subordinates. He works with Barbara to find the three
magic crystals.

He also knows another way that the Space-Time Crystal can be used. The crystal
can also be used to create an unbreakable barrier around the person using it.

Age: Appears to be 26

Barbara is the Court Magician for James, being able to use powerful and
mysterious magic. She also works with the mysterious man Clive to get the three
magic crystals.

Barbara's real name is Simone Liedbulk, the Moon Messenger that Yayoi is after
for betraying her clan. She is also Orpheus and Michelle's mother that left to
find a cure for their diseases. Zion promised to get her the cure if she got him
the Dark, Space-Time, and Water Crystals. If you cure Michelle and don't kill
her in the second to last battle, Orpheus will step in and tell her that
Michelle was cured and she doesn't have to fight any longer.

Orpheus Liedbulk
Age: 19

Orpheus Liedbulk is the older brother of Michelle. He fights for James' Army,
and is often seen accompanying Vincent. He has a mysterious illness which often
hinders him in battle.

His mother is Barbara and she is making medicine to help his illness. If you get
Michelle's ending, the Dark Spirit Lord will make a medicine to cure the

Sir Granford
Age: Appears to be 25

Son of the mayor of Bibliostock that disappeared for a long time. He eventually
becomes a great asset and source of information to your party, and eventually
grants them full access to the Bibliostock Library.

The cause of his disappearance was that he was a Ground Messenger and went to do
his training.

Before the specifics on getting each character ending, here are some general

-Mission Completes = Higher charisma. Mission Fails or having Slayn die in
battle = Lower charisma.
-Never let the character you're aiming for die in battle. However, if you cast
Raise on them, their relationship level won't go down.
-Sidequests aren't necessary, but they do raise relationship.
-Depending on how well you do, you may get to skip some scenes.
-The order in which you talk to them during relationship building makes an
-To get everyone's "Good" ending, read the Homunculus book in the library.
-If you get the Fortune Teller to come to Voltone, talk to him often. If you're
getting "The ____ Star shines brightly. Believe in it and move forward." you're
doing well. When he says "The ____ Star blazes as if kissed by flame." you can
get that person's ending.
-At the end of the game, be sure to talk to the person whose ending you want.

Annette has a lot of side events, so pay close attention.
~Relationship Building~

-Annette asks if the others are all right in the new world. Choose "Probably"

-Annette will ask if you want to ask her something. Choose "It's about old

-Annette will ask what your favorite length of hair is. Choose "Your hair?" She
will follow up by asking you if you think Monika's short hair is cute. Choose
"No." (Sorry Monika ;_;) After a bit more dialogue, she will say that if
anything happens, now you know. Respond with "Any time."

-Knock on Annette's door and she won't be there. After knocking twice (you knock
automatically, if I recall correctly) Annette will enter with her mother's
diary, wanting to be alone.

-Annette asks "Yes?" Respond with "Did you find out anything from the diary?"
She then invites you inside her room (Don't get any ideas, guys.) and reads a
passage. When she asks if it reminds you of anyone, choose "Michelle." Talk to
her again and Annette will remember something. Go to your item inventory and
select the Small Key Pendant to trigger another scene. She asks if you're Gray.
Choose "Right."

-Annette is mad that you are only visiting her to pass the time. Choose "What do
you think is a good reason?"

-Annette will notice that Monika has changed and thinks you are the reason.

*Around this point is where paths may start diverging. You may miss this scene*

-Annette will mention that she's been dreaming about her mother often, and she
thinks it's because of you.
-Annette will ask you to go on a walk, and discuss the situation about you and

-Annette asks what Slayn really looks like. Choose "I was more handsome" or "I
looked precisely like Gray."

-Annette asks Slayn if he will summon Gray. Choose "Of course."

Annette's sidequest ties into Michelle's, so if you want Michelle's ending, make
sure you do this one.

-When you go on the overworld for the first time and head for Voltone, you will
encounter a battle. Do NOT run from the battle. In the battle, make sure you
kill the thief (two magic attacks do the trick. If you only have enough MP for
two attacks, save it for the thief. If not, attack the Assassin.) After killing
the thief, defeat the Assassin. Speak to the woman after the battle. You will
receive the Small Key Pendant and Thief's Button.

-After the third relationship building event (Annette talks about hair length),
go to the president's house and to Annette's mother's room. Annette will talk
about her mother's diary. Look at head of the bed around the pillows to find it.

-When heading to the North Delfinia Cave (A little while after Battle 19), go to
Taoberia. You should find a boy running around frantically. He will mention his
sick brother, and Annette will say she could help if she had her mother's notes.
Choose "You can do it!" Return to Voltone and go to Annette's mother's room in
the mansion. Examine the book on the desk and Annette will make the Secret Fever
Tonic. Go back to Taoberia and give it to the kid. Annette should receive the
title Aspiring Chemist on the status screen following this.

-In Delfinia, following Battle 21 (Protecting the Lighthouse), show the Thief's
Button to the Innkeeper. Choose "You stole the bag ten years ago!"

-Immediately following this, head to Faulkenfreuk and find the doctor (to the
right of the second Ring shop). Talk to him about the bag. Choose "Yes" later
on. Eventually Annette will find a small box. Use the Small Key Pendant to open
the box and trigger a touching scene.

-Following this, return to Voltone and do the relationship building and such
events. Spend the night and Informant Tony should appear in the middle of the
night. You will fight Randolf. Beat him (it's not very hard, just watch out for
his paralysis and poison attacks) and you will see a scene about Annette's

I don't care if you don't want his ending and would rather him rot and DIE.
You're getting his event list.
~Relationship Building~

-Hugh will mention he has his own situation to deal with. Respond with "That's
all right."

-Hugh will want to have a meal. He asks if you noticed that he responds to
situations with comedy. Choose "Exactly!"

-Hugh teaches Raimy about jokes. At the end he asks if she remembers the
importance of a set up. Choose "No set up, no comedy!"

-More comedy lessons for Raimy. Today's subject: Reacting to a joke.

-More comedy lessons. At the end, reply with "Whew! I'm glad that's over!"
That'll trigger a follow up scene. Choose "KNO~CK IT OFF!"

-Hugh will ask which girl is your favorite. If you're working really hard for
the endings, "The Guys" will be a grayed out choice. ;_; Choose whichever you
like. As far as I know it doesn't make much of a difference.

-Hugh talks about fighting Zion.

-Hugh and Slayn go on a walk and talk.

-Hugh asks about fighting Zion. Respond with "The world is counting on us."

-Hugh will talk about how rewarding helping Slayn was.

-More talk about kicking Zion's rear.

Hugh's sidequest is not required for his ending, but it is STRONGLY recommended
that you do it. It will allow him to learn the ability Teleport, one of the best
moves in the game.

-After the battle in Voltone for the Water Crystal (Battle 14), go to
Schwartzhaas and make sure Hugh is in his party. Someone will speak to him.
Afterwards, speak to Hugh and continue on.

-After getting the letter to deliver to Sir Granford, (After Battle 19) go to
Bibliostock. When you enter the city you will encounter Hugh's rival. Stay at
the Inn. The choices you make shouldn't matter. After the scene, Hugh will be
able to learn Teleport when his INT level is high enough.

Monika almost has as many elaborate events as Annette. They give her character a
lot more depth, though.
~Relationship Building~

-When you first meet Monika, agree to visit Michelle before you leave town.

-Take Monika out to eat by talking to her first. She'll comment about the food.
Choose "Word of mouth is sometimes wrong."

-Monika will ask what you're doing out at that hour. Respond with "You did a
good job today."

-Monika will ask you if you have ever flown. Say "No, but I wish I could."

-Monika tells you why she is sad. Respond with "That must be so difficult."
She'll mention wanting to search for her father. This time say "I will help you
find him!"

-Monika takes a walk with you and speaks about her father. Respond with "Do you
have something to say to him?"

-Monika will ask if you are tired of visiting her. Say "Don't you want me to?"
She'll then do something strange. This time, respond with "What?"

-Monika will talk about Bornia and Featherians. Respond with the ever boring

-If you had found out what happened to Monika's father (read Monika's sidequest
section under these events), Monika will go to your room to talk to you. Choose
"I'm sorry you couldn't see him"

-To get this event, read the Off-Sheet Report titled Monika's Relocation. Raimy
will ask you what you will do about her phobia, say "Help her" Raimy will then
ask how you plan to do so. You can choose to take her to the lake or to use
Yayoi's ability.
	-If you decide to take her to the lake, choose "Ask her to come along."
When you reach the lake, Monika will get scared. Choose any choice, and she'll
overcome her fear.
	-If you decide to use Yayoi's ability, visit Yayoi before reading the
report about Orpheus. She'll erase Monika's phobia.

-Monika will ask if it bothers you that you don't have wings. Respond with "I've
never thought about it." Depending on earlier choices, you may not get this

-Monika will ask if you have a special ability as the leader of the Dark
Messengers. Answer "I...I must have one, right?"

-Monika tells you to imagine if someone was pulling their strings and
controlling them.

Monika's sidequest is an elaborate sidequest. But it's worth doing to find out
more about her family.

-After the Water Crystal is stolen, go to the Remington Detective Agency. Buy
the off-sheet report titled "Monika's Father" for 100 Elm.

-Go to Bornia and speak to the guard named Ted to find out more about Monika's

-After the battle for the lighthouse in Delfinia, go back to Bornia and speak to
Ted again.

-Take Monika with you when you go to Dark Mountain. Talk to the Chief Spirit
Master to learn what happened to her father.

-Visit Linasis at Magic Generator No.4 on Featheria Isle with Monika to tell him
what happened to Monika's father.

-When you go back to Dark Mountain to take Slayn's trial, bring Monika with you.
She'll also take the trial and awaken as a Dark Spirit Messenger.

~Relationship Building~
He has no relationship building events as far as we know. No, really. He
doesn't. Now move on to the sidequest.

-Have Viktor create every item on his creatable items list. It's that simple.

Yayoi's chest is so developed that there isn't any room for character
~Relationship Building~

-Agree to go out to eat with her when she asks.

-For the next few Relationship Building events, ask her any question. If you ask
"What was life like at the shrine?" choose "Yes" when asked. If you ask "Have
you met anyone interesting?" choose either "I'd prefer to fly over using magic!"
or "Magic is far more important than flying!" Once the question is asked, it
will disappear from the list, and every so often a new question will appear.

-If you had read a report from the detective agency about Orpheus, after Battle
22 (the one where you must kill at least 15 soldiers) Yayoi will speak about

-Yayoi wishes to stop Barbara from causing more suffering. Choose "Can you
contact her?" and then choose to contact her with "A Fairy"


-In order to complete Yayoi's sidequest, all you really have to do is finish
Michelle's quest. In Battle 27 (where you fight Orpheus and Vincent) Michelle
will stop Orpheus once he is defeated.

-In Battle 30, simply kill everyone but Barbara. Then attack Barbara, and after
a few rounds, the Orphmeister will appear and stop Barbara.

Michelle is the only character whose sidequest is required to get an ending. In
order to save Michelle, you must do Annette's sidequest. Since she isn't really
playable, her relationship and sidequest are grouped together.

-After Battle 03, you meet Michelle. Respond with "I'm so sorry" and then speak
to her again. Respond with "I saw your brother."

-In Bibliostock, after Hugh joins you, there is a man on the south side of the
fountain who will sell you an art kit for 50 elm. Buy it. Then go to the pier on
the eastern edge of the town and talk to an old man who will mention giving you
tips later on.

-When you arrive on Featherian Isle, go west to Magic Barrier Generator 1. Talk
to the little kid to receive the Beautiful Shell.

-When you return to Bornia, speak to Michelle after Battle 07 and give her the
Beautiful Shell. She will mention she wants some Star-Shaped Sand. She will also
mention Raimy, so respond "You can see her?!"

-When you reach Taoberia, go south from the village a bit until you reach a
small beach-type area. Press X and you'll pick up some Star-Shaped Sand.

-After Battle 14 (The fight in Schwartzhaas) go to Bornia and deliver the Star
Shaped Sand to Michelle. She will ask Slayn about lighthouses. Any choice works,
and she will mention she wants to see one, even if it's only a painting.
Remember that art kit you bought? This is where it comes in handy.

-In the Imperial Library, read Sketching for Dummies.

-After the battle in the Library, talk to the man at the pier from earlier (on
the Eastern edge of town) and he will teach you advanced painting techniques.

-After the battle in Delfinia, find the guy and girl standing close to each
other near the center of town. Use the Art Kit. A music note should appear over
Slayn's head, and he'll paint a picture of the lighthouse.

-After the Battle in Lake Beine ruins, you will receive the Miracle Water.

-In Voltone following the battle, go to Viktor's lab and he will tell you he
needs help. He will tell you about his project, and mention "positive, negative,
positive" Go to the shelf in the northwest corner and look at the reaction
chart. Speak to Viktor and choose Component C. He needs to know what that is. Go
to the bookshelf in the northwest corner and examine it, then go back to him and
choose Ultimate Water. Examine the document on the Secret Art of Spirits and
talk to Viktor. He will start working on the Water.

-Provided you did the very first battle in the game, you can show the Thief's
Button to the innkeeper. Choose "You stole the bag 10 years ago!"  He will
mention that the bag is in Faulkenfreuk. Go there.

-To the right of the second ring shop in Faulkenfreuk, you will find the doctor.
Talk to him about the 10 year old bag. He will mention the Immunity Medicine
that requires Ultimate Water and Dark Tree Roots. If you can get both of them,
Michelle can be cured.

-Next time you are in Voltone, Viktor should have the Water ready.

-After Battles 23 and 24 (the ones in Bornia) visit Bornia with Monika in your
party. The device that keeps her room sterile was damaged. You will need to find
Linasis to fix it. Respond with "Did he make that?" Talk to Michelle and she
will be upset. Choose "Don't you want to live?" and "I won't let you die!"

-Go to Featherian Isle and find Linasis at Magic Barrier Generator 4. He will
give you the parts. Return to Bornia to fix the machine.

-When you take the trial in the Dark Mountain, you will have to race an
Archfiend. While Slayn is racing, have Hugh go to the chest where the Archfiend
was and get the treasure from the chest. This is the Dark Tree Root.

-Go to Faulkenfreuk and give the items to the doctor. He will make the Immunity
Medicine. Return to Bornia and give it to Michelle.  She will be happy and want
to go outside. Choose "You should rest until you're sure."

-In the following battle, Michelle will appear once Orpheus is defeated. After
the battle, she will be walking around. Choose "Prepare for the worst." followed
by "Just being yourself is enough."

-In Battle 30, in James' Castle, do not let Barbara die. Kill everyone else, and
attack her last. After a few hits, Orpheus will appear and stop her.

Many thanks and many glomps to:

-Atlus and CareerSoft: For originally making the game.

-Working Designs: For translating and releasing this game, even though it took
them forever.

-Satoshi Urushihara: For making the beautiful game art and drawing something
other than hentai.

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