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Staryear 528...

Humanity has set forth with ten other races, the members of the Galactic Inter-Species Co-operation Alliance, and brought the first and third sections of the galaxy's Formiton region under their control. Though the massive differences in culture and politics initially stirred up conflicts between those in the Alliance, these differences were gradually overcome, and peace was finally achieved.

However, this peace was shattered by the all-out, indiscriminate attack of a new type of life form, totally different to any encountered before. The Alliance called these attackers "THE SEED ARMY" and created the ASDF (Anti-Seed Defence Force) to counter the threat that they posed.

The struggle has now raged for three years...

- Dozens of interior and exterior battleship components to research develop and use in your custom designs!
- 6 battleship designs: Stingray, Corvette, Frigate, Sea Cow, Kraken and Cruiser
- Reasearch and develop new equipment: Sophisticated radar systems, powerful main computers, cloaking devices, deflector shields and more.
- Gain more squad members - each with separate strategies and ship setups - as the story progresses.
- Develop new parts and upgrade your ships. But beware! Parts have to be safely transported to your base before you can use them.
- Determine the best strategy for each of your battleships to use, then watch your strategy unfold in the stunning real-time 3D battles.

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