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Advanced Game Mechanics Guide by ENAY

Version: 4.0 | Updated: 09/16/04

================== Dynasty Warriors 2/3/4 ===================
================= Shin Sangoku Musuo 1/2/3 ==================
=============== Advanced Game Mechanics Guide ===============
========================= FAQ V4.0 ==========================

A FAQ by ENAY (41342 words)

V1.0 August/11th/2003 - First Version
V2.0 August/18th/2003 - Added more info and sub categorised
                        longer sections, many new sections
                        have been added also, along with 
                        extra info in existing sections.
                        This FAQ was big enough as it was,
                        but now it's twice the size. :)
V3.0 August/24th/2003 - Not much this time. Added some stuff
                        Fixed a few grammatical errors and
                        added more information to the 
                        section with the invisible horse and
                        an extra section about clipping.
V4.0 Sep/14th/2004    - Fixed more grammatical errors and added
                        some more information concerning
                        Dynasty Warriors 4 Extreme Legends.

This document is Copyrighted 2004 ENAY.

Dynasty Warriors 2/3/Extreme/4 &
Shin Sangoku Musuo 1/2/3 are trademarks of 
Koei (c)2000/2001/2002/2003/2004


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2.0 A.I.
  2.1 ALLIES

    3.1.1 STATES
  3.2 Z ORDER
    3.2.1 1 PLAYER MODE
    3.2.2 2 PLAYER MODE
  3.3 MORALE
    3.3.1 EVENTS
    3.3.5 1000 KILLS
    3.4.1 MORALE
    3.4.2 OFF RANGE<->ON RANGE
    3.4.6 BOULDERS

  4.2 ITEMS
  4.7 9999


  6.3 R3 MENU



Welcome! Ever since the release of Dynasty Warriors 2 I have 
been addicted to the sheer fighting excitement of this game.
The release of Dynasty Warriors 3 improved so much over the
original that it was a very wise purchase for me.
I've been a big fan of scrolling beat-em-ups for many years
but the Dynasty Warrior games definitely are the most 
original games to date. Then of course came the sequels.
Although I've felt the series has slumped a little since 
Dynasty Warriors 4.

Being a games programmer myself, I find the AI (Artificial
Intelligence) in these games fascinating. To some extent you
really do feel like you're in a massive war. And for me this
is what makes the game so fun. Each battle is rarely the same
twice. And the 2 player option is just fantastic.
I'd highly recommend anyone to buy any of these games.

The aim of this FAQ is to explain how the game mechanics work
and how to exploit them to your advantage.
All examples used are on the assumption that the game is played
on hard. I like a challenge and as such have never played it on
any other setting. So in which case some of my techniques might 
be a tad overkill for the Normal or Easy settings.
Also, if you're the sort of player who completes every single
level by manually going around and killing all the bosses 
yourself you may find this FAQ interesting reading as there
are other fun ways you can play the game and get your armies
more involved.

If you're reading this to find all the special weapons
or cheats etc then you're looking in the wrong place. There are
many other FAQs dedicated to those. This is for people who are
really into the game and wish to know more, and ways in how to
enjoy the game just that little bit extra. There are also some
tips at the end of the FAQ which really help me to always win.
Suffice to say I've played these games a lot, in excess probably
of 1000 hours, I have a pretty good idea how everything works.
I shall start off simple but get progressively more complex in
my descriptions.

To get the most out of this FAQ I recommend you to start from
the top and read through from start to finish. This is because
I introduce concepts at various points that are later expanded 
upon later in the guide, of course you're free to do as you
please but you may understand better if go through the FAQ in
the order I have written it.

Remember that in my guide I have made up some terminology to
describe some factors or features that the game involves, 
these words are exclusive to this FAQ. I know what I'm talking 
about but I needed to make up some words that you would find
easier to understand, for you to take on board. So basically, 
a lot of slang words are used, so I can make more sense 
quickly when describing things in detail without having to 
constantly explain the same thing over and over again.

Also, in this guide bosses and generals are the same things.
I will often say enemy general and then say boss halfway
through a sentence, I apologise for this but they are the
same thing in reality. I just can't help saying one or the
other at seemingly random intervals. Sorry.

Don't worry if you don't understand everything in this guide.
You may not, but I hope some people find this guide helpful.
For most, it'll be an amusing and interesting read after 
playing the game.
And I apologise in advance if I haven't made myself clear.
I've only briefly proof read this FAQ becuase it is so long
so I am sorry for any spelling errors or grammatical faults. 
If you find an error and it really bugs you then tell me
and in the future I will fix it.

Enjoy! :)


2.0 A.I.

A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) plays a big part in this game.
There is a lot of it going on and without it, there wouldn't 
be much game. I will be explaining each type.

In general, enemies move around in sets of five. Four of which 
follow a leader, usually a rank above the rest.
For generals this tends to differ but generally armies move 
around in small clusters of people.


The allies are your friends, they help you in this war.
You cannot hit your allies and nor can they hit you.
They will move around the map according to which enemy 
generals are alive and whether certain events have
happened. They will also hang around with which general they 
are assigned to. See '2.5 BATTLE ORDER' for more details.
In many cases helping your allies, especially the generals
will be the key to completing almost every mission.
Without any allies to your aid, it will be very difficult to
defeat everyone by yourself. Unless you're really powered


Enemies are programmed similar to Allies except you will rarely
see them stood around waiting for battle because once approached
they will engage you in combat. Except on Dynasty Warriors 4
where you need to get fairly close. Regular enemies will generally
engage with the first person they meet or by the last person
who hit them. Enemy generals have a special bias towards you,
each time they finish a combo a check is made to see whether you
are in close range. If this is true they will give chase and come
after you. Keep an eye out on them on the mini map. This is
less true on Dynasty Warriors 2 where generals can sometimes
be fighting right next to you fighting someone else.


As everyone should know bodyguards fight alongside you.
If there are no enemies on screen they will just stand idle.
When enemies are on screen they will attack or defend depending 
on the orders you give them. Personally I think defend is 
pointless. What good are they if all they do is just stand 
there not attacking? The answer is simple, they're worthless.
Better in my opinion to fight back and have no one to defend 
against. The bodyguards will fight within a certain range, if 
you move too far away from them then they will abandon the fights 
they were having and then follow you.
You can see this is action if you face them, defend and then
walk backwards. 
The bodyguards of enemy generals also do this, as can often 
be seen when you are fighting one of them, then they'll 
just suddenly run off. When they do this they are not programmed 
to retaliate but just run straight towards their general. 
If you can prevent them from returning to their master then
you're pretty much guaranteed a safe. Enemy bodyguards gave 
you food in Dynasty Warriors 2 but sadly do not in the other
versions of the game. In Dynasty Warriors 4 you can press select
to give your body guards orders, the most useful of which
was to make them stand where they were. On any version before
Dynasty Warriors 4, if bodyguards died, they didn't rank up.
Except with the exception of Dynasty Warriors 2.


All the characters in the game move through pretty simple path
finding. It's largely unchanged in all the versions.
Because each battle is pre-determined and all levels mapped out
before hand I very much doubt there are any complex heuristic 
or A* path finding algorithms used in the game. That is in simple
terms, processes which the PS2 will use to calculate the
nearest path towards another unit whilst avoiding the scenery.
Especially since they often get stuck if you follow their every
move from one place to another.
When enemies follow you or are moving to another location they 
move towards a particular location in a straight zig zagged 
fashion. This is rather clumsy, often stopping and starting, 
and even moving backwards and forwards in the same area before 
moving onwards. This is because if they get side-tracked into a
fight they need to get back to a previous way point before they
can carry on moving, even if it means going back through old
ground. If you look at the direction they are moving 
they will almost always move in diagonals. As in NW NE SW SE.
I believe this is so they don't get stuck on scenery like fences
or other straight obstacles.
However, when generals are not with you they move to their
destinations perfectly. This is due to the off range processing,
of which I will describe later. It is therefore faked off 
screen. For this reason generals move towards their locations 
quicker and more efficiently when you are not hanging 
alongside them. There are some levels like the battle of Chi 
Bi on the 3rd and Extreme where generals can get stuck. 
I've had Sun Jian get stuck on two boats and repeatedly move 
between the two for eternity, leaving myself to do the 
rest of the level unaided. Even when I'm moved away from him 
he still wouldn't budge. I've even had Xiahou Yuan stood in the 
ocean instead of on a boat. Definitely a bug.

When running through enemy territory all enemies will execute 
the age old 'run directly to your position tactics'. 
Similar to how bullets approach your ship on shooting games.
A calculation is made to find the shortest distance between
you and the enemy and this is the route they will take. 
They will never try to cut you off or guess where you about
to move so the trick is move in a slightly curved and also
zig zag style fashion between enemies. 
This way you can avoid getting into contact with them at all
when running through enemy territory.
The enemies rarely crowd you on Dynasty Warriors 4 so running
through enemy territory is much easier. I will explain more 
about why this is true later on.

With archers it is recommended to jump in a zig zag fashion, 
even when approaching them. This way they will never be able 
to get a lock on you.

Watching the demonstration will give you an idea of how
obscure the path finding can sometimes be. You should also
note how strange it is that the computers are also able to 
perform the pointless 'circling around' technique during 
the demo. You'll have seen many times enemies do this in 
battle but strange how it is impossible for you to perform, 
yet the demo makes you think it is a legal move. I hope that
last bit makes sense.


Each battle consists of various units set out in strategically
set locations as defined in the battle layout of each level.

Generally speaking the order of this each unit is set is the 
same and only varies depending on which side you're on. 
For instance at the battle of He Fei castle on the 3rd game, 
if you choose Wu you start on the outside ready for the 
attack but if you choose Wei then Wu is already in the castle.
This I believe only applies to Hard, but I could be wrong.
You can often get some rather odd layouts on screen when 
generals are programmed to chase other generals and one has 
moved out of position. Especially if you are playing the stage
leader. The best example is that on many levels, your main
leader will stay in the same position until all the army
in the other team except for the leader has been killed.

The battle order in which the characters move is always the 
same, however what makes the battles often seem different is 
the order in which generals die. If two armies are in battle and 
one dies then the next army moves on. However is there are
a lot of troops left in a particular army on the way to its 
location, the troops will queue up and wait their turn when they
are needed. This is most apparent when you have killed everyone
except the leading general of the level. A set number of allies
will attack and any that die will be replaced.
I swear sometimes generals on your team get stuck when they 
should be advancing forward. Thus leaving you to finish the 
level all by yourself. Very annoying.

If no generals die then no armies with move anywhere, unless
due to a cut scene that triggers an event.

The generals follow a pre-determined route, regardless of what
happens, they do not move to the nearest army. Only a set route.
Unless they are programmed to do so, which is often rather 
stupid as there are many times when you could be losing and
reinforcements appear in the enemy camp and are already on lower
morale and thus die very quickly, it's a pity they don't retreat.
This is confirmed when you are the leader of level, if you 
let all your armies die but move yourself out of your starting 
position, the enemies will move to where you started and 
just wait and not attempt to find you. However they will give
chase if there is nowhere left for them to go once they arrive.

Sub generals are a little more complex. They do seem to move
towards the nearest enemy. They often split up from the main
general and be miles away at the other end of the map. This is 
most obvious on the Yellow Turban Rebellion and the Hu Lao Gate.
Cao Cao and Liu Bei are usually still at the top of the map 
whilst their sub generals Xiahou Dun, Cao Ren, Guan Yu and 
Zhang Fei are miles ahead, Xiahou Dun is often the first general
to reach Dong Zhuo which to me is surprising since the route he 
takes is the longest in the level. I am of course taking about
the 3rd and Extreme games. There are far less directions to take
on the Hu Lao gate of Dynasty Warriors 4.
It is often difficult to see where sub generals are on the map
because they have no symbols. Finding enemy sub generals is 
basically just a case of looking anywhere nearby.
Unless of course you happen to know which path this general
should take, otherwise the only clue is to look for places
where there are few blue or red dots on the map.
This is not so on Dynasty Warriors 4 as you can check this on
the map when you pause the game.
On the Hu Lao gate Lu Bu moves around a lot and at times seems
like he has no movement order at all. Therefore it is 
recommended to keep away from him if you're a weak character.
Because he will give chase for a lot longer than any other
general and he may even come looking for you. I would class
Lu Bu as a special character as even morale affects him
differently too.


Similar to bodyguards, generals will fight in a specified zone. 
However, for generals this area is much larger. And you won't
notice that until they give chase when you are running away.
They will only chase for a certain distance before eventually 
turning back and heading back towards the centre of their zone.
With the possible exception of Lu Bu of course, which I 
mentioned earlier.

The most ridiculous factor of the attack zone is that they 
only follow you when you get within a certain distance.
A distance that is shorter than the possible firing zone.
Put simply, you can arrow them from long range without them
coming towards you to retaliate, an AI problem from the 2nd 
and 3rd games which appears to have been fixed on the 4th.
Also a general that is knocked off a horse will constantly keep 
trying to run towards where his horse stands and just ignore
the fact that you are firing at him. Making the AI look even
more stupid. Again, this appears to have been fixed in 
Dynasty Warriors 4.
With enough arrows it is possible to kill entire generals in
this way but in my opinion, this a good way to exploit the 
AI to your gain. It may seem like cheating, but it's not 
actually a guaranteed technique. For instance, if the 
general is already in battle with another army then the general
will be moving around as normal instead of being a sitting 
target. And at other times there can be other archers 
shooting back at you preventing you from sniping successfully.

The bodyguard technique can also be applied to generals. 
The technique as in repeatedly hitting them when out of their
legal fighting zone.
Get a general to give chase, walk backwards whilst guarding 
and watch them follow you. When he/she starts to run back you
know you've found where their attack zone ends.
Quickly move back into the zone and when they give chase again
unleash a stun arrow. Now that they're dazed run behind them
and combo them out of their zone. Now every time they get up 
their first priority will be to return to their zone without 
even attempting to fight back. You will now be able to fight 
them without fighting back or even using their Musuo when 
almost dead. It will be only the bodyguards now that will be 
of any trouble now.

Gate Captains also have an attack zone. And they too can be 
arrowed to death from a distance using the arrow technique.
The attack zone of generals on Dynasty Warriors 4 is very 
large and for the main troops it is much smaller.
So you rarely get crowded as you do on the previous versions.
One boundary I do find a tad unfair is that of the gates.
It seems everyone in the entire universe can go there 
but you. Horses, elephants, troops. Even your body 
guards! Put your hand up if you've ever knocked a defence 
up outside of the gate captains area? And how annoying 
it is too, you can see it, but you can't touch it.


Any armies that are queuing up for battle or are standing idle
will not be moved. It is possible to nudge people by walking 
into them but they will move back towards to their standing
point if nudged too far. And of course this only happens when
you are stood next to allies.


Surprisingly, combat logic is very simple, and is only 
slightly varied between each version.
For regular enemies they will circle round (a strange yet 
unexecutable technique) the enemy that they've targeted and
occasionally attack. Often though they will not attack for ages
and it looks more like they're dancing than fighting.
Regular enemies will only ever attack you if you hit them, that
is turn their attention towards you if they're already fighting
someone else.

If you're fighting alone then every enemy that comes onscreen 
will instantly target you. Not good when archers come onto the
scene. If this happens and allies arrive on the scene run 
away and then when all enemies have disappeared run back.
Now all the archers will have set themselves to the allies that
just arrived. Allowing you to take out all the archers whilst
they're not looking, except on Dynasty Warriors 4 where they 
actually turn to face you, otherwise you can pick them off
one by one. It's best to stand with your army when there are
archers about so there is less chance of being hit by an

Enemy generals will chase after you and then when in range will 
attack. The attack they perform will be random. But as long as
you just stand there guarding and watch. You can instantly
counter attack with an attack of your own once they have 
finished. This simple defend and then attack back will work 
against everyone. Whilst they're falling run behind them if you
can, then attack as soon as they get up and they will be unable
to defend. 
When a general knocks you down they will either charge up and
use a power up or give chase. For this reason try not to let 
you knock them down. 
Or if they do, repeatedly press the L1 Button, attack button and
direction they are in so you can quickly leap up and knock them
off their feet before they life up.
On Dynasty Warriors 2 you should aim to never knock down a 
general as they never use their powerups unless you do, and they
don't charge, they instantly use an item, no way of stopping them. 
Not possible however when you are fighting with your own army, as
they will often knock the bos to the floor.
And never use your Musuo on a general on Dynasty Warriors 2 either,
especially when you are on low health, unless you're juggling them.
Because it's impossible to get into a Musuo deadlock, meaning that
if they choose to do their Musuo into yours, you will take all 
the hits.
The circling around technique is a weak point for all enemies.
That move where they stand move clockwise around you, the move 
you cannot do yourself.
Whilst they are doing this they are guaranteed to be not blocking,
unless you are playing Dynasty Warriors 2 that is, in which they 
are likely to be already blocking.
When generals knock you down and give chase they always do this,
when they catch up and find you on the floor, on Dynasty Warriors 4
they often do this when someone else has started hitting you.
Simply wait on the floor until they catch up and then when they 
start circling around you hammer attack and you'll get up quickly
and hit them. This technique is a guaranteed free hit every time.
This is especially useful on the Dynasty Warriors 4 duels.

Another point is that generals for some unknown reason never 
use their jumping attack unless you're playing Dynasty 
Warriors 4. Neither do bodyguards that have bow or crossbow as 
their weapon, as they of course don't have one. 



This section explains exactly how the battles are processed.
It is more complex and less obvious than the AI, I will try 
and be as clear as possible but you might not understand 
everything. Not to worry, as long as you find something in 
this FAQ informative or useful. There are also some slight
difference in Dynasty Warriors 4, but I will explain those.


Not be confused with the zones each enemy has to fight within
before they must go back to their local area. But each player
(as in player 1 and 2) that has a region, a circular region
that you can see this region by hitting R2 and changing the 
large map to mini map. I will be referring to this often 
later on in and out of range. As of course, any enemy that
isn't shown on your map, is out of range of your map.

3.1.1 STATES

The in range region is what you can see on the mini map.
To recap:- The green arrow is you, blue dots are troop allies,
red dots are enemy allies, light blue dots are army general 
allies, the other player and the other players bodyguards.
And finally red dots are enemy generals.
The other colours define the landscape but this is not 
important to us. There are a set number of people that can be
processed on the mini map in range. I'd estimate about 80ish 
max. With about 40 to 50 in range for fighting, except on
Dynasty Warriors 4 where enemies don't bunch together as much.

The in range region is also split into two areas. 
What you can see and what you can't see. Basically
Or as I will be referring to these as :- On and Off screen.

On screen is obvious, anything you can see fighting. Off screen 
is  basically any units that are not on screen but this also 
means any units that are not in range either, as in any units 
that are not shown in the mini map window.
Each level starts with thousands of people, because you'll 
only be seeing a select few at a time I'd guess that 99.9% 
of the level is off screen. Remember the difference between 
the off screen, on screen and in range as I will be 
referring to these a lot more from now on.

So to recap, there are 4 states any unit can be in.
Off screen, on screen, in range and out of range.

For example:-

- A person that is outside your mini map is out of range. 

- A person that is inside your mini map is in range.

- A person that is in range that you can also see on 
your main window is on screen.

- A person that is in range that you can't see on your 
main window is on screen. This can be either someone that
is behind or to the side of the you. Or someone that
cannot be drawn to the screen even though they are close
enough for you to see them. (See the next section)


This is where I start getting more technical. I hope
the previous section makes sense to you.

Ok, everyone should know from Maths that X defines left 
and right and Y is up and down. 
The Z Axis is depth, you couldn't define the Z axis on a piece
of paper but you can explain it with your hands. 

Imagine this scenario:-

Think of being in a queue at the bus stop and you're at the 
very back. You can count 20 people in front of you and the 20th
person is about to board the bus.
Now lets imagine that each person is one metre away in length.
If where you are stood is 0 metres in the Z direction then the
20th person is 20 metres away in the Z direction.
Also image that this static image we have in our head is flat.
So that Y direction is up and down and the X direction is left
and right. Still follow me?

Anyway, in Dynasty Warriors a special Z ordering technique is 
used as it is simply impossible to draw all the enemies on
screen at once, but it is does in a way that you're meant to
not notice. (as much)
Not lets go back to our bus scenario and imagine it as a game.
A very boring game "Bus Queue Simulator" on the PS2.
It just happens to have a map just like the one on Dynasty 
Warriors, so you can see all 10 people on the mini map.
But this bus simulator game only has the processor power to
display 10 people on screen. (including yourself)
So the game has to think how to get around this, the game
programmers could choose any technique for choosing which 10
people to draw. So if we adopt the Dynasty Warriors 
technique we'd draw the 10 nearest people, this is what
Dynasty Warriors will do, standing from nearest person and
gradually moving outwards.
So the 10 people nearest the bus are not seen. This would be
very crude of course because we can clearly see on the map that
there are 20 people in front, not 10.

Still following me?
Now lets imagine you move 10 places up the queue. Lets say you
happen to get there first before those 10 people even arrived
at the bus stop. Now our 10 person problem doesn't seem as bad,
or even exist at all, we can see all 10 people in front us.
The 10 behind need not to be drawn, and if you were to turn
round, the other 10 would be drawn and the other 10 would not.
Get the idea, you can only ever see 10 people at once.
This would be ideal only in this example. We could however 
cheat and pretend this make believe game could only ever have
a maximum of 10 people at once, then we could stand anywhere
and always see 10 people. But this is also bad. For example 
imagine if Dynasty Warriors had a maximum of 10? It'd be 
a pretty sparse war now wouldn't it?

This is as simple as I can possibly put it and of course only
happens with the people, this is not the same way the scenery
for example is drawn. And there are also other factors to take
into consideration, whether or not the characters all look
the same for example. And I was only explaining people in a 
straight line and not in 360 degrees of movement. I won't bore 
you with the multiple other reasons, just make sure you 
understand this Z ordering issue, as it plays a very important
role in Dynasty Warriors. The main thing is, there is meant
to be so much going on at once you aren't meant to notice this
drawing flaw.

So to summarise, not everything can be drawn to the screen 
at once because the game would slow down far too much. 
The game can't cope with everything at once is there is 
far too much going on. Therefore many things are faked 
or simulated. 

"Why tell me all that?" I hear you cry. Well, tactical wise
it plays an important role in how the game is played,
especially during 2 player mode. And that's not all to the Z
ordering in this game. Read on and all will be explained.
Also remember the 4 states of player mentioned in the earlier


Ok. So I'm hoping you understand why this Z order is used,
it determines depth of the people in view and who is to be
drawn on screen. 
This is only a guess but I'd say that Dynasty Warriors is able
to render about 30 enemies on screen at once before it runs 
out of time. It even says so on the back of the box on 
Dynasty Warriors 2 I believe.
You've probably noticed that when there are few enemies on 
screen you can see many from a distance but when many are close
you can't appear to see those people you saw stood in the
background anymore.
This is because when more than 30 are on screen at once only
the 30 characters that are closest to the screen will be drawn.
Dynasty Warriors runs at a cool and smooth 60 frames per second.
So you see 60 pictures a second, giving the game that smooth 
animated feeling. Or 50 depending on your region in the world.
That's what 60 frames per second means incase you didn't know.
The PS2 has some seriously good hardware. If you imagine that
the last scrolling beat-em-up I can remember of this type 
"Zombie Revenge" made a few years was able to draw about 5 
to 7 zombies on screen at once. Dynasty Warriors has 30, and
has better graphics. You have to be really impressed with 
how this game copes with so many. 

But it's also about detail too, this is why you can only
have 30 people on screen, but can have thousands of small
sprites say in an explosion, because the sprites are not
complicated and small, but the people are. There have been 
sacrifices made though, just take a look at the general 
scenery, it's pretty simple. But the game is all about 
fighting, not sight seeing. It's much nicer in general 
however in Dynasty Warriors 4.

Anyway, it remains a fact. Using Z ordering all the 
characters on screen are assessed. The nearest 30 are chosen
and then drawn from the character that is the furthest away 
from the screen up till the closest character.

One thing that happens that you probably don't notice is that
units only battle in about 30. If you're fighting alone you will
fight about 30. But say 10 allies appear. Only 20 enemies will
attack. This is to ensure disappearing enemies are less common. 
There are times however when all 30 are so close together 
that you can only see a doughnut of enemies circling you.
Or in other extreme circumstances where there are so many
bosses attacking you and they bring all their bodyguards with 
them. Usually 8 or so each. This number seems to vary, it can
sometimes be 40 or 50. I think it depends on the level and
game in question.

You remember earlier, I explained there were two types of 
in range processing?
Enemies on your mini map you could see and others on your 
mini map that you couldn't?
Well, just as you can only see 30 at a time. You can only hit 
that 30. Collision detection (the ability to hit your foe) 
is only true against enemies that you can see. 
You can't collide (hit) anything you can't see. Not a problem 
really until you use characters that have a fireball attack. 
Or characters like Sima Yi and Zhuge Liang that have 
multiple projectile in many different attacks.
If you are attacking into the screen, you will only hit what 
you see. So any projectiles flying into the screen will only hit
the people standing near the screen. So a Musuo with the Sima Yi 
and Zhuge Liang into the screen is useless. 
Make sure you face your enemies first and that they are in front
of you and not behind the screen.
And don't Musuo next to a cliff or other object. Otherwise the
360 spin when doing your flaming Musuo will not fully turn 
and you'll find yourself not facing where you started.
Unless the other play can seen the projectiles on their screen
any projectiles fired into your own screen will go no further 
than that.

Other objects like food, powerups, items, horses and elephants
also use a similar Z order, but as such these are always 
drawn and not selectively rendered and disappeared like the 
soldiers are. The simple way to limit too many horses and 
elephants coming on screen is to just not let a general on
the screen to happens to have a horse have one when they
arrive in range, it's that simple. Although it seems to be
slightly different with horses in certain occasions.
See section 3.5.4 for more about the horse phenominen. 
On Dynasty Warriors 2 the food and powerups were actually
included in the same Z order loop along with the soldiers.
This was incredibly annoying as you could only see food that
was near you, and not at any distance. This meant that if you
were really packed together tight, you wouldn't see any
food glowing in the distance. Luckily this was fixed after
Dynasty Warriors 2, the programmers at Koei probably didn't 
realise anyone would notice subtle changes like that.
This I believe is why they also made the powerups glow and let
off steam, just so you can see where they are more easily.
They didn't glow on Dynasty Warriors 2 much, if at all. And
finding that attack up in a huge crowd of enemies was a
difficult task in itself.


The two player mode although revolutionary in my opinion,
sadly has many faults with it. Despite them though, I'm 
very thankful this mode was implemented at all. One of the 
games best features in my opinion. You soon live with it.
Firstly I will explain the 2 player mode on Dynasty 
Warriors 3, Extreme Legends and Dynasty Warriors 4 are 
slightly different. In the case of Dynasty Warriors 4 you
can almost ignore some of the problems I am about to explain.
Extreme Legends is almost the same as Dynasty Warriors 3 but
with a few tweaks to improve things, not a gaming engine 
I will now explain the problems of the 2 player mode and
why they happen and how to get around them the best way you can.
You remember before I mentioned that in 1 player mode there are
roughly 30 characters rendered to the screen and you'll 
only ever be battling around 30 at once in range?
Well in 2 player mode it is different.
The rendering system is split between the two screens but the 
battle processing stays the same.
So basically, each player has 15-20 people rendered on screen 
at once but still battling 30 people in range. Sometimes less
people depending on the level in question. 
The graphics rendering is split in half. 
I'm sure they've made some speed critical hacks in their 
somewhere. Such as rendering a few more people on one screen
one when one player has no one on their screen at all.

"Why not put a limit of 15 people in range and 15 on screen 
then?" you may ask. Well if they'd have done that the flow 
of the game would be very different from the one player mode.
You'd basically be having half a fight and the game would
be much easier. Bus as you'll probably see, how can 30 
units be in range but only display 15?
This is of course where the problems start. I explain a bigger
problem with this later in this FAQ.

Hopefully you've understood the Z order system I've explained
so far. I'd actually simplified it for the one player mode
to make it more understandable for you to read by omitting a lot
of technical information. 
I'm now about to add some more factors into the equation,
what I'm about to explain applies to one player mode as well, 
but it's unlikely you'll notice the difference though.
Which is why I'm not mentioned it till now and as not to
overload you with too much information at once in one section.

To cope with this split the Z order uses a selective
mode of display based on character type.
When there are more than 15 people on screen (30 for one 
player) not only are the people calculated in order of distance
from screen but also in type. The order of priority is below.

1. Other player (2 player only)
2. Enemy troops
3. Enemy generals
4. Gate Captains
5. Allied troops
6. Own Bodyguards
7. Other players bodyguards
8. Allied generals
9. Allied Gate Captain

Lets imagine a snapshot in time. As if the game were paused.
How would an example scenario look on the screen of player 1?
In this example scenario I will tell you how it's done.
Remember this is a purely emulated hardware rendering guess.
I haven't reverse engineered the program.
Here are the units being processed in range that will need
to be displayed on screen in our example:-

Guan Yu (Player 1)
Zhang Fei (Player 2)
Cao Cao
Cao Ren
Cao Hong
14 enemy troops
7 allied troops
Pang Tong
4 bodyguards belonging to Guan Yu (Player 1)

Total 30 people to render.

In a one player game (excluding Player 2) there would be 29. 
No player 2 and since there are a max of 30 people to show
all sprites would be drawn to the screen. Simple.

But in a two player game, here is roughly what would happen.
Lets say 20 will be shown on screen.

Firstly the rendering system looks down the list. (Shown above)
Starts from the top of the priority list. Player 2 is present.
Player 2 is added to the list to be rendered. 18 left.
You might probable think that 19 should be left. But Player 1
is always rendered to the screen, so Player 1 takes a slot too.
Secondly enemy troops are rendered. It is the second type
in the list. There are 14 in total and as there are 18 
available rendering slots left all 14 are added and ordered 
against Zhang Fei who is already in the list.
Zhang Fei is in the middle of the enemy troops so he is 
ordered accordingly to fit in the centre. There are now 
4 possible units left to render. Next is enemy generals. 
There are 3 and so all 3 are added to the list and 
ordered accordingly. Next is Gate Captains, none in sight.
So we skip gate Captains. Next is allied troops. There are 
7, but too many to add to the list, so the nearest one to
the screen is chosen. Then we have to stop, there can be no
more rendered. 

For player1 the rendering order for this frame looks 
like this:- (Remembering that 20 if furthest away)

1  Enemy troop
2  Enemy troop
3  Enemy troop
4  Zhang Fei
5  Enemy troop
6  Enemy troop
7  Enemy troop
8  Cao Ren
9  Enemy troop
10 Enemy troop
11 Enemy troop
12 Enemy troop
13 Allied Troop
14 Cao Hong
15 Enemy troop
16 Cao Cao
17 Enemy troop
18 Guan Yu
19 Enemy troop
20 Enemy troop

Then Player 2's is done, I won't list Player 2 though as
for the example in question it's not needed. This makes a 
total of 40. Both are drawn to the screen, we can then view it.
Since this example is imaginary we'll have to imagine what
it would be look.
So a description of what the screen would look like for
Player 1:-
Guan Yu is fighting Cao Cao surrounded by some enemy 
troops. Two are behind Guan Yu but the rest in front.
In the distance there is Zhang Fei fighting with Cao Ren
with multiple enemy troops surrounding him.
Only one allied troop can be seen between these two 

However what you don't see is the problem, Pang Tong 
fighting alongside Zhang Fei is missing, he's just behind 
Zhange Fei and along with the remaining allied troops. 
Nor can Guan Yu see his own 4 bodyguards fighting
alongside him. Even though they're right next to him at the
front of the screen. But because they're at such a low 
rendering priority they're not visible.

I haven't explained the order of Zhang Fei (player 2) but
he is not facing Cao Cao (player 2) and can see Pang 
Tong because he isn't facing Cao Cao and his generals.
Therefore Pang Tong is drawn in favour of enemy 
generals because no generals are on screen taking up
the rendering slots, but player 1 cannot Pang Tong
but can see Zhang Fei. What a complex mouthful.

So as you can see from this one frame example how
misleading some battles may be. If there was 30 enemy 
soldiers on screen at time, you'd never see any allies.

Most of the time in heavy battle situations all you'll
see are enmy soldiers and no bosses, it'll be difficult
to fight them even though they are right next to you.
Even if you are stood with lots of your allied troops, you'll
rarely see them as all the enemies have drawing to the
screen priority.

Because of this order there are times when things don't seem to
make sense. For instance there can be times when you can see
the other player fighting what appears to be by themselves 
in the distance because there are enemies that are being 
drawn nearer to the screen on your window.

During a 2 player game the mini map is your best friend.
It reveals *ALL* units in whereas the main window shows 
only most of it. Watch it wisely.

And also because this sequence happens 60 times a second 
during furious bouts of combat with many units people
will be constantly disappearing all the time. 

However, it gets worse gameplay wise. Not only do they
disappear, they're also impossible to hit. Not a problem
most of the time but if you're happily hitting away at an
army general and a large group of enemies appear from behind.
The general will disappear and any consecutive hits will 
not hit. This means that during busy battles, it is very 
difficult to aim for the enemy generals as they keep 
vanishing, there is more emphasis on fighting regular enemies 
first during a 2 player game.
The worst thing though in my opinion is running past units 
to get to archers. You start hitting the archers and as 
soon as the trailing army catches up, the archers disappear.

Very annoying, however it can also work in your favour too, 
in the middle of being hit by a general they can often 
vanish leaving you to recover and fight back.
Also when you're surrounding constantly, enemies will 
only be drawn at the front of the screen, meaning that you
only need to be aware of enemies from one direction.
Basically meaning that you can't be surrounded, so you can
just keep swinging into the screen.

To be fair, Koei have tried to make this problem as fair 
as possible, for instance, it's a blessing that enemies are
drawn first over allies. Imagine if you were always with 20
allies and enemies never got drawn?
That would be stupid, so Koei have done a lot of testing,
the 2 player mode is fraught with problems but I think that
this is probably the best they could do at the time. Although
I do feel that enemy generals should have been given a higher
drawing priority than enemies. But Dynasty Warriors 4 was
a lot better in this respect.

It is really difficult to know if you're fighting alongside
allied generals since they come practically bottom of the 
list. The only way to know whether you're still near is to 
look at the mini map. It should be noted that they are 
still fighting, you just can't see them in action. 
Saving Pang Tong on the Cheng Du is very difficult as you
often never see him, only the mini map can you know that he
is there.

So that's roughly what happens on a 2 player, I say roughly
because there are a few other factors affecting this rendering.
I know I said before that enemy generals should be rendered
before normal enemies but the reason they're not is because
enemy troops are faster to render because they have fewer 
moves, details and polygons. So it's likely you could render
two normal troops over 1 general. Meaning that rendering for
each screen could be as low as 10.
Even generic type generals are rendered in favour of character 
generals because they have fewer moves are graphics.
Don't worry too much about the in-depth complexities.
You can pretty much ignore all of this if you're playing Dynasty
Warriors 4 on a 2 player mode.

But of course I didn't program the game so I can only 
speculate on to exactly what happens in the rendering department
But I believe 99% of this to be to be true because I've played
the game a hell of a lot and studied how everything works. 
I just hope noone thinks I'm trying to reverse engineer the 
game. :)

The rendering order explained earlier is tweaked slightly
on Extreme Legends to make a much fairer game. 

However it's still impossible to try and find archers in large 
groups of people as the people behind you chasing you make
them disappear. But bosses disappear less often, as do gate
captains. There's nothing more annoying than trying to kill 
a gate captain but he keeps disappearing but as soon as you
kill more enemies more appear. Making it become a 'gate 
captain in a respawn needle haystack' hunt.
There was nothing more annoying that getting a 7 hit combo on
a dead gate captain and then him suddenly disappearing so you
only got a +1 defence out of it. But luckily in Extreme 
Legends anyone you are hitting does not disappear until they
have fallen to the floor. And Gate captains don't disappear 
half as often.

Dynasty Warriors 4 uses an intelligent selective process on
which units to render. This is where similar clusters of 
enemies are rendered in fewer numbers, meaning that a few
people disappear everywhere, but not entire groups.
On the whole this makes 2 player game just like playing the 
1 player mode and is a much fairer system. You can often
have 4 or 5 bosses rendered at the same time on both screens!
Brilliant. Although this new system isn't without its 
drawbacks. Double Musuo is appalling bad on Dynasty 
Warriors 4 anyway, not only does it look so bad but because 
many people right next to you will vanish, you'll barely 
hit more than 5 enemies at all. Whereas before you could
hit up to 50 in one go. Because in the old system although
it drew all the closest people, at least it was people you 
could always hit.
As soon as you run close to a crowd to do it, most vanish.
And that for me one of the best things about Dynasty Warriors
3 and Extreme and a very very bad thing about 4.
You get better performance out of doing it by yourself.
And its made even worse by the fact enemies don't charge you 
in large numbers. You'll often see lots of enemies standing
around right near you.
This is definitely been added to improve the general visual
aspect of the game and stop people disappearing more often.
But unfortunately doing so in my opinion really make the
game less difficult and less exciting from a gameplay point 
of view.


Morale plays the most important part in the game. Morale is
everything, and having a lot of it greatly determines the 
battle outcome. These are 5 things that affect morale.

- Events triggered that harm you or the enemy. These are 
different on each level. The fire attack on Chi Bi is a good
example. These can either affect your army, both armies, or
just one army.

- Killing enemy generals (Not with Dynasty Warriors 4)

- Killing enemy troops.

- Getting kills in multiples of 50 (Not Dynasty Warriors 3 
or Extreme Legends)

- Getting 1000 kills (Not on Dynasty Warriors 3 or Extreme 
Legends on the very hard setting)

Morale is most important for out of range processing. See
section 3.5


3.3.1 EVENTS

Except for Dynasty Warriors 4, killing a general gives your
army an extra star of morale, and sometimes sub generals do
the same.
This isn't the same on Dynasty Warriors 4, so it's not 
possible any longer to go around the map taking out the bosses
only to get to 8 stars quickly.
Dynasty Warriors 4 is also the first version to actually tell
you when your own morale is going down. There is also an event
on every single level, whereas in the other versions, often
there were none at all, or at least non that would greatly
affect morale. It's recommend that you try to get all the 
events to happen that work in your favour and prevent the ones
you don't. It will help you out later on in the battle, and
on some of them and also certain Dynasty Warriors, you will 
gain a special item.


Probably the most obvious of all. As this doesn't work on
Dynasty Warriors 4 you have to think a bit more strategically.
This I believe to be a good move for the game. This also 
happens when a general is killed by someone else, that army
then goes up by 1 star. Of course if you lose a general you
lose 1 star if it was a sub general, it'll be zero stars of
course if it's the main leader you killed.
There maybe other times when other generals may get some 
more morale too when you kill a general. Generally if that
army happened to be fighting against the same enemy as you.

It's slightly more biased though when your own bosses are 
killed. The enemy frequently get more morale.
On some levels you can lose all your generals very quickly 
due to one general dying and everyone in your army losing
morale and the enemies gaining it.


This for me is the most important factor in the game.
I've added an 'IMPORTANT' sign to it as I feel this can
be a very neglected part of the game but also very rewarding
if you get to know what's meant to be going on
Which also goes along with the next two sections after this
Depending on the difficulty setting the morale of each army
is different. The harder the setting the more the enemy 
starts with and the less you have. If you play the game
on Very Easy on Extreme Legends the game plays itself as you
will always start with more morale. You can win without 
even moving, except for the last general.

Ever wondered why your army slowly begins to lose morale?
It's because they are losing enemy troops, this is the key
point to the morale.
If you spend your time fighting an army, the enemy will lose
morale as well, if you manage to kill enough troops they will
be on low morale and your own army will be able to kill
them. They generally lose a star for every 20-50 kills. It 
depends on what morale they are on to how quick they go down. 
But that's mainly because your troops are helping to rack 
up the kills. As soon as you start, your armies are almost
always on lower morale. When armies of different morals
fight each other, the army with the highest morale wins. It's
that simple. Armies that have the same morale will battle it
out indefinitely. Of course the chances of that are slim due
to their being other factors which influence the battle.
For example one army might be against two armies at once.
The size of an army matters, also the lower the morale,
the faster you will die. And the higher it is, the more 
aggressive the army is. If anything, the best army is an
army on a fairly high morale and no army at all. Just generals
and sub generals. This way there is no army they can lose and
thus not really much of a way to lose morale. In Dynasty 
Warriors 4 two armies with the same morale rarely fight 
for too long as armies now have strategies attached to them.
Which basically means that when two armies are of similar 
morale the tactics that they have determine the outcome of
their battle. Personally I've not noticed this to make much
or any difference at all.

Fighting armies and not just bosses is crucial to
maintaining your army. Although diving in there and killing
the bosses is always the fastest way to succeed, it's not 
always possible. This is especially true when your character 
is too weak to just dive straight into the enemy as they 
would die fast. But by helping your army defeat the regular 
soldiers you can lower the morale and possibly increase your
own, and then fight the boss with assistance. Don't just 
stand with the boss on your team or dive straight into the 
enemy either, hang around with the regular troops as well.
This is for me another thing I don't like about the duels
about Dynasty Warriors 4 because they makes the killing the
troops even more of a secondary task since it takes away
all the fun of actually needing to destroy an army since
they're all removed from the battle field. Or what actually
happens if that you and the other general get removed from
the battle field. It's pick off the few troops engulfed 
in your entire army. Even these few can take out all 
your troops if they're on high morale and you are not. 
This is mainly to the harshness of the off range processing.
And when they die the morale of that army will be even 
lower and then even worse. There's no point in saving an army
who exists on 0 to 1 stars as they'll be in trouble again 
when they move to the next army.

This will be covered more indepth later in section 3.5


In Dynasty Warriors 2 and 4 it is possible to gain extra
morale by getting kills in multiples of 50. 50/100/150 etc
Whenever someone congratulates you it's possible to gain 
more morale. This affects all your armies, so it's well 
worth getting a high score. And of course it also lowers 
the morale of the enemy, the army in which you are fighting. 
It appears to be completely random whether you get the extra
morale or not, this also applies to other bosses in your 
team and also for the enemy. So helping your allies to get
high kill counts is a good way of getting even more morale.

3.3.5 1000 KILLS

It's simply the lucky number. Not only do you become the legend
of the Three Kingdoms but everyone in your army goes onto
maximum morale, PERMANENTELY!
It's not easy to do, especially on a 2 player and on more 
difficult levels. But I believe you can do it on every level 
except ones that have limited time. My personal best is in
Dynasty Warriors 3 with Xiao Qiao stood next to one of Lu Bu's
gates where I achieved a score of over 7000 kills. I probably
could have got to 10,000 had I gone to that respawn point at 
the start. So it's certainly not impossible to get 1000 if 
you've never done it. The trick is to find a big army and 
kill as many troops as you can whilst moving towards the 
gate, that way troops come out constantly. And I mean 
constantly. Once you get to 1000 your army is practically


Off range processing is a very important issue, as it accounts 
for 99% of the map and battle. So it's important you understand 
what is happening outside your little world. This is where 
morale comes into play.

This section is long and very important, first I'll describe
the impacts with off range processing with morale, the simple
stuff first. Then I'll explain the problems with the 
transition between off range and on range and other off 
range problems. On range is far simpler, it's anything you
can see on screen and on your mini map, the fact that you can
see this on screen is a nice confirmation and reassurance on
how it all works. On range is a concept easy to accept.

However, haven't you ever wondered why you'll be fighting 
alongside a boss on your team who is in trouble, who'll have 
full health and then suddenly die for no apparent reason?

Also, I guarantee that if you stay with your boss leader
for the entire duration of the level, he will not die.
Almost any boss can be hit many times, they have tons of
health, and even when they are about do die, they have tons 
of health potions and defence/attack up to help them.
So you could argue why on earth when they are left on their 
own do they sometimes die so quickly.

Ok, to explain why these and other mysteries happen I'm going
to unfortunately spoil the illusion of the game a little bit.

When enemies are off range (not on your small map) they are
processed very differently to how they are fighting off screen.
Remember before I mentioned about on and off the range 
of your mini map? If not, remind yourself in section 3.1.1. 
It's all because they fight differently on screen as to when 
you cannot see them on your map. Enemies that are on your map
are moving around fighting each other, just like you are, just
like the enemies that you can see are. So basically the only
real battle is people you can see on your screen.

Morale barely affects anything that is in range of your map.
With possibly the exception that the higher morale you have
you great chance your army will have of fighting instead of
doing that pointless side step move.
But it's still not that different, an army of 0 stars and an
army of 8 stars fighting on your screen, you won't tell any
difference. Which is why when you go to help an army in danger.
You may often feel that when you arrive the army isn't in 
trouble at all. Or at least not THAT much.

Remember when I mentioned about in range processing and how 
many people can be displayed at once on screen? Where
I mentioned that many people can be stood next to you but
only a certain number be displayed through the Z ordering?

Well this also affects how they fight too. Lets imagine we
have 40 people in front of you and say only 20 can be seen.
All 40 will still move around as if they were about to battle
with you, but only the 20 that CAN BE SEEN will be 
trying to attack you. The rest will not.
These invisible people can be annoying for one very good 
reason, you can't attack them either. And one of them could
be something important you want to kill first like a boss,
gate captain or an archer. These people are in range but
off screen. Which is a problem as they are only invisible 
like this when you are looking at them on your screen.

Now lets imagine an even worse scenario. The 20 people you
can see are stood right next to you in a doughnut shape.
They're close enough to you so that no matter which way you
face all 20 are shown. Now lets imagine the other 20 are
archers, there are 5 in every direction. Positioned North, 
East, South and West. You cannot see any of them as they
are too far away, the doughnut people are all you can see,
however you can see all the archers on the mini map, they're
all in range. This is where the gameplay mechanics are
seriously unfair. Whichever direction you face you will have
15 archers off screen, behind, and to your left and right.
So any archers not trying to be displayed in your field of
vision (15 of them) can FIRE AT YOU. But of course as soon 
as you turn to see where they are, you can't see them and then
they stop firing and the others you chose not to face start to
fire. Then when you go to attack and break away from the 
doughnut army they appear. You start laying into one of 
them and then vanish again as soon as the doughnut army 
give chase and catch up the archers vanish again as they
are programmed to run away when you get too close to them.
Picking off archers in this manner get be very frustrating, 
especially when you're trying to run away and find food.

This was a very big problem with the 2 player mode in
Dynasty Warriors 3, but a bit less with Extreme Legends.
Thankfully this is not as much of an issue with 4. But it
still remains, but is more cleverly disguised as the people
you do want to see the most are displayed first using the
more intelligent display system. But since archers are so
very weak in Dynasty Warriors 4, this doesn't even become
an issue. Even on the final stage you don't need to equip
the bow defence item. They've now made the archers too easy.
Another reason I feel Dynasty Warriors 4 isn't hard.

3.4.1 MORALE

I explained earlier that Morale doesn't have much to do with
fights that you can see on your map. Morale is used to 
calculate and emulate battles that are going on that you can't
see. It is not viably possible for the game to process 
1000's of people per stage 60 times a second in the same way
it is when you can fighting with people near to you. So it is 
processed off range in a far simpler process and morale is 
the key factor to this. Unfortunately off range processing
although fairly similar just isn't the same, it works well
enough for when troops are on medium ranges of morale. But
in general I feel the fighting off range is sometimes too slow. 
People can often be fighting in the same place for 5 to 
15 minutes. You've often cleared up half of the map by 
then. It's at its worst I feel when an army is on 8 stars or 0, 
extreme morale is when things go a bit out of control.

You could for example do something like leave your main general
with one weedy person and he be surrounded by 20 of your own army.
Run off screen and then very quickly your main general be killed.
Just from one guy because he happened to be on 8 stars and your
army on 0. It's of course a theoretically impossibility 
that bosses on your own team could die this quickly, but it 
still happens. No matter how confident you are, you could never
win against 20 people. This is where the off range processing 
emulation of a real fight is just too inaccurate. If you'd have 
stood there for about 30 seconds. Your army would have killed
him very easily. Just look at Pang Tong on Cheng Du on 
Dynasty Warriors 3. He dies far too quickly when he's in trouble.
On a 2 player mode you can often barely see him and if he happens
to shoot ahead quickly without you knowing, he's dead within 5
seconds. Same when he gets trapped in Dynasty Warriors 4, and 
when you arrive to help, he's barely in battle with anyone.

It's great however when your entire army has more morale than
the enemy. Having low morale is bad enough, but a low
morale with a very large army is even worse. As the opposite
team will plough through a lot of people very quickly. Getting
50 and 100 kills in the process and gaining even more morale.
The ideal army actually is one with no people at all, just bosses.
This way there is no way of losing morale from losing troops.

If you're fighting alongside an ally that has 7 or 8 stars they
fight better when they are out of range. If they're on 8 stars
and fighting an army on zero. They're unstoppable killing machines.
They fight even better than YOU DO! They also appear to lose no
health at all, they can fight for hours without losing a single 

A good tactic is to stay with one army for as long as possible.
The quicker this army advances, and the faster you can get
an army on 6 or more stars, the more likely it is to survive
the entire level in non stop combat. I'd say basically that
any army you have on 7 or 8 stars is guaranteed never to die.

Put simply, out of any two battling armies, the one with the
highest morale will win, ALWAYS win. The difference in stars
determines how quickly they will lose. The battle will be over
quicker if the armies are 5 and 6 instead of 1 and 2 since
higher morale also means higher aggression. An army of 5 against
6 will rarely win when the morale is that similar. What generally
happens is that the weaker army slower gets weaker. Most levels
start off with the enemy on 5 or 6 and you on 3 or 4. The 
difference in morale is generally proportional to the life 
expectancy of the army. When you're playing the Wu Zhang Plains
with Shu on Dynasty Warriors 3 on Hard the morale is far too
harsh. One of your armies is at deaths door as soon as you
start, and when it dies in 60-120 seconds, your army loses morale
and all the enemy gain it. Within 5 minutes your entire army
is gone. It's like domino effect.

Stopping the fire attack on hard is pointless because by the 
time it happens, practically your entire army is already 
dead. And it has the double negative in that Liu Bei 
doesn't run away to safety, he remains in the centre 
of the map, the worst possible place under the overwhelming
circumstances when every single enemy army comes in for
the kill.

What I tend to do on most levels attack the enemy troops of
the army I start near so it is the same morale as the army
attacking or my army one star of morale higher. Then I go
away and leave my army to win, this often takes 15-20 minutes.
I may end up even coming back later and killing this general 
myself. But it means that army is delayed as long as possible.
And therefore doesn't lose even more morale when it wins too
quickly on the starting army.

If you start on easy you can move your character somewhere
safe and watch how the level will complete itself up until
the last boss. This is because you start with more morale
than the enemy. The enemies morale will start to descend
as your army start killing all their troops. Just in the
same way your own do when you start on hard. Morale 
doesn't how you yourself fight, you can take on an army
of 8 stars by yourself with 0 stars and it won't make a
difference. So it's up to you to take the morale down
on the enemy, your army will not be able to do this until
they get more morale over the enemy. Of course you can't
save everyone, but you can at least give some of your
armies the winning edge.

Progressing too quickly can sometimes be a bad idea, especially 
on Dynasty Warriors 4 where doing so can trigger a cut scene
too early which can almost instantly put a finishing touch
on your army. If you take the time to stabilise your overall
morale and not let the enemy run away with the stage you
can have every general in your entire army survive the stage.
This can be exceptionally easy during a 2 player mode also.

This can really really help you, especially on the Nanman stage
on Dynasty Warriors 4. This level is annoying as it is because
your troops lose morale a lot just from general fatigue.
If you're not careful you can lose all your morale in your
entire army very quickly.
Then the level can be almost impossible, you need to defend
your main guy who is on zero stars, but you can't afford to 
leave to attack Meng Huo. Which basically means you're stuck
for a very long time at the start of the level as enemies 
respawn on this level very quickly.
Here's how I do the level, if you follow my tips, you'll find
the level an absolute breeze.

For starters for some unknown reason Meng Huo accounts for 
almost all of the gate captains in the level, and whenever 
you defeat him, he comes back and also reopens all of his gate
posts that may have been closed. So it's pointless trying
to close any, but I recommend you leave them all open. As they
work to your advantage in the end. Ok, so the level starts, 
I'm presuming you're playing the game on hard. As soon as 
you start you have an army attacking you with two sub generals.
It't best to kill them and also Meng Huo. I then go around
the windy path killing everyone but missing out on Meng Huo 
this time. Once you get out in the open you will fight against
lots of Meng Huo's troops. Kill them all along with Meng You 
and Jinhuan Sanjie, this will probably take off two stars. 
Then go back up to the top and kill Meng Huo and the 
reinforcements that appear at the main camp. Use an elephant
and burst through all the trees in the middle if you can.
Meng Huo should by now be on zero stars of morale.

By now Meng Huo's troops will be getting killed quickly by
your army as they are on zero stars. And because your generals
are constantly getting high amounts of kills, 50/100 etc.
Combine this with Meng Huo's troops that are spawned quickly
and your morale will grow very quickly. You'll almost be able
to let them complete the level on their own, except for that
all the other armies of Meng Huo will be on 8 stars. Go
and kill these other bosses and remember that Meng Huo will
get 1 or 2 stars back each time he appears. But he won't 
for long, if your army is still fair low on morale, you
still may have to go back and help them when Meng Huo gets
any more than one star, just to speed them up a little.
Very quickly each of your armies will be on 8 stars, despite
occasionally losing a star to fatigue.
Eventually the number of kills will spiral out of control.
I've even had bosses reach 1000. Xu Sheng reached 1150 kills
before I had completed the level, with his sub bosses Zhuge
Jin and Sun Shao on around 800 each. In fact most of my
bosses had at least 300. Xu Sheng almost had more than me.
So if you can ever get your troops on 8 stars, you should
try and keep it that way, because when they're fighting
armies of 0 stars, they're even better and quicker at fighting
than you are. Whenever Meng Huo got his extra 1 or 2 stars of
morale, it would within about 5 seconds go back
to zero. Troops were being killed that quickly. And of course
normally it's rare to see any bosses get more than 50 kills.



I could talk all day about morale, but I think I've covered
the more important factors. Now I'll move straight onto off 
range processing. The main thing to note is that lots of odd 
things happen when objects change between in and out range.
Such as bosses that ride horses, if they move out of range 
after falling off one, they are back on another horse when 
they come back in range. I can remember arrowing Lu Xun off
his horse and then watching him run off, to then come back
with another horse 3 more times until he eventually just
came back on running. I've managed to get around 15 horses
on screen on Chang Ban on Dynasty Warriors 3 where multiple
bosses kept doing the same. 

This still happens on Dynasty Warriors 4. You'd have thought
Koei would have fixed that by now. Especially considering Lu
Bu can keep coming back with another Red Hare or Liu Bei with 
another Hex Mark. These rare famous horses that there are
only supposed to be one of. Although it is useful to be able
to get two Red Hare's to get to a destination quickly of 
course. But from a programmers point of view, I don't think 
it'd have been too hard for them to make a check to see if
Red Hare or Hex Mark were already in range before spawning 
another. This also includes Guan Yu who becomes the new leader
of Red Hare when Lu Bu is supposedly no more. I think he dies
and Guan Yu steals it or something. It's something that must
be explained in the book and not in the games. Normally when 
you leave a regular brown, dark brown or white horse, as soon 
as it goes to off range it disappears.
Although I have noticed it seems to get remembered in certain
circumstances, such as on the far east of Dynasty Warriors 3.
The Yellow Turban Rebellion where you must defeat Zhang Bao
from his rolling boulders, once you leave your horse it's 
always there when you come back down. But rarely in any other
We could safely presume, or even pretend that as soon as Red
Hare is off range for both players that Lu Bu and Red Hare
have become united again.
Although then you could argue that since Lu Bu might have
run all the way to the other end of the map and therefore
never travelled to fetch Red Hare, so if you meet him again,
he'd have Red Hare again. But at least if a check to see 
where Red Hare was first, would at least make the 
horse respawning a little more realistic. Just one horse
per general, at least for generals that do ride horses.
Because as realistic as the game can sometimes be. How many
times must we travel to help a general in trouble, to always
find him (or her) stuck directly in the middle of many troops,
who are arranged in a perfect circle around him (or her) and
are on full health. You'd have also presumed that a general
in trouble would not be still on their horse, and true to form
as soon as they are respawned they fall off their horse almost
immediately, something that would never happen if you were 
actually there with a general, witnessing them in trouble.
And since generals never ever remount their horses once they
have fallen off, it's an ever bigger glaring fact. Especially
if you stay with Liu Bei for the entire duration of a level,
as soon as he falls and therefore never goes off range, he'll
never ride his horse ever again.
A little random layout from Koei wouldn't have gone a miss.
Just imagine the time when you go and help your mate somewhere
on the map, when you arrive, it's never the same layout as
when you arrive to help the computer. The spawning in general
is far too static and inconsistent as it stands. I mean the
respawning in general and not just the spawning of generals.

My favourite continuity error which appears to have been fixed
on Dynasty Warriors 4 is one that always seems to happen 
with Liu Bei. Although it can happen to any general it more
often happens with Liu Bei because he tends to move around the
map a lot more. What happens is that whenever Liu Bei is
changed from off range processing to on range processing, he's
always respawned on Hex Mark his horse, and that includes areas
where you are not meant to be able to take your horse. 
With the possible exception of the battle at Chi Bi where on 
Dynasty Warriors 3 and Extreme Legends at least, no horses are
ever spawned. This is all explained in section 3.5.4

I can't remember off the top of my head but I'm fairly sure 
I've seen him charge up mountain areas with his horse. And
as soon as you try to follow suit, you're not allowed.
You'd perhaps think whilst Red Hare is strong in battle and
fast in speed that Hex Mark has some sort of a special 
ability. Being able to run up mountains perhaps?
But this is not true since as soon as you mount Hex Mark
you cannot do the same as Liu Bei. Infact no, now that I 
think of it, I think as soon as Liu Bei gets a point he 
cannot get up, he just waits. Although I'm not 100% sure.
But I know as soon as he's off range, the game just cheats
and allows him to go where he likes. In fact this a general
problem with all off range processing. When objects such
as the scenery are spawned on range they are also checked
for collisions, such as for a wall or set of spikes.
Noone can walk through them as long as they are on range.
But as soon as they are off range thay are ignored, it is
faked to a close approximation.
The best example I can think of is your bodyguards. Since
on Dynasty Warriors 4 they are remembered and shown as
green dots on the large map, they must be moved around
like everyone else. But on the previous games they cheat.
As soon as bodyguards are off range, they walk through 
everything except with the possible exception of water.
In fact no, they might even do this as well with small 
lakes. I bet you've often left your bodyguards behind,
walked through Zhuge Liang's maze, or jumped over the
wall gates in scenarios such as the Hu Lao Gate, to then
find your bodyguards running up to meet with you, often 
in the direction you are running towards as well. They
impossibility beat you to it, reach the destination before
you. This of course is not true if the other player can 
see them, but as soon as they are off range on both screens
they cheat. Still not convinced?
Well here is a test for you, find a wall on a level, a nice
long wall, such as the wall to a castle. Run along it as quick
as you can, try to leave your bodyguards behind but not so 
run so fast that they go out of range. Then as soon as
you find an entrance run outside and run along side the other
end of the wall. So you have something like this on your map:-


           O O O O   <-------Body guards
--    ---------------------

              O       <-------You

Lets imagine we're on the Yellow Turban Rebellion Level as
your bodyguards are stuck inside that big castle and you're
outside. If you move back away from the wall the bodyguards
will move back and forth trying to get to you. The artificial
intelligence however follows a simple 'run directly to your 
position tactics'. I mentioned this very early into this FAQ.
But now I'm going to digress into more detail. The 'run 
directly to your position tactics' is my crude term for the
actual mathematical algorithm of finding the shortest 
distance to an object. The bodyguards won't think of going
through the entrance you just came out of because that
is a longer distance than moving directly down to where you
are stood. You might just laugh and think the game has a bug
in it. But this is not the case, this can be a problem with
many other games. Believe me, describing the concepts of 
a wall or object to a computer requires a lot more processing
power. More than the game probably needs.
You'd probably use a path finding technique that would take
into consideration objects that you cannot pass through.
The whole point of games programming is to make as 
realistic as possible gfx and gameplay with using the 
cheapest tricks.
So anyway, back to the game example, it's a problem with the
AI of the game, but as soon as the wall is off range. It is
no longer taken into consideration because the bodyguards
will be off range as well. Remembering that anything off 
range is not checked for collision. It'll then resort to the 
simplified algorithm for moving around the map.
You could even sidestep slowly so the entrance is far far 
away. No entrance for a great distance, to make the 
experiment even more obvious, of course making sure the
body guards are still at the other side of the wall.

Ok, so you're still stood there like the diagram described
earlier. Now slowly step backwards, move slowly until the
wall and bodyguards disappear from the top of your map.
As soon as they vanish, stand perfectly still. Within a 
couple of seconds your bodyguards will move into range 
and will be running at you.
If you'd have moved miles away from the entrance, you'd
know that unless they had suddenly become the faster
sprinter in the universe and had managed to run all the 
way the nearest entrance and back again, they'd have 
never arrived have arrived that quickly.
It's a cheap trick, and because the bodyguards appear from
the top of the screen and not from the left, where they
should appear if they had run to the entrance, you 
definitely know the game has fooled you :)
You're not meant to notice this of course, you're meant
to be so engrossed in the game that you missed this little
detail, whenever it happens. Of course on Dynasty Warriors
4 this does not happen. Well done Koei again.

Actually, after a little bit of extra testing, I've 
discovered a few extra things, the AI isn't as stupid as
I first thought, and it doesn't seem as obvious on Dynasty
Warriors 3 or Extreme Legends. However, it definitely works
on Dynasty Warriors 2. It's actually quite a lot harder to
lose your bodyguards too, the best way to see this in action
is on Dynasty Warriors 2. Choose the Yellow Turban Rebellion
stage and get your bodyguards stuck behind a wall just
like the diagram above, except go up on one of those 
platforms and jump across to the other side (by the entrance
of course as it won't let you jump in the water) then
quickly run across so the entrance isn't anywhere in sight.
As in run the entrance so it is off range, your bodyguards 
will not stand still either as I first thought, they will keep
trying to find you by running back and forth.
Hopefully you should have a couple, if not all of your 
bodyguards on the other side of the wall. Face them and then 
gradually step backwards by holding down L1. Pretty much as
soon as the wall and moat vanish, the bodyguards will
suddenly appear, this definitely works on Dynasty Warriors 2,
whereas on the next two sequels, you may need to fiddle about
a bit some more.


Remember when I said the off range is faked to a close 
approximation. Well this is true, and it's a very good
way of moving things around the map. That is until you
happen to interrupt the process in the middle of one
of its hacks (cheat tricks to save on processing)
What happens is when things are moved from off range to
on range, many things are not checked. For starters 
they are not checked for illegal boundaries first, this is 
why enemies can be spawned in the oceans at Chi Bi also,
but very very rarely does this happen. You've probably
noticed the leader of a level in the corner of your eye
suddenly snap 5 or 6 pixels somewhere when viewing on
the large map, Cao Cao often does when moving around
on his boats at Chi Bi. You may also have seen on your
mini map a general on a horse suddenly get a sudden turbo
boost out of nowhere. Many of these are odd tricks. When
you see them happening it can keep on doing crazy things. 
It's because you interrupted the computer at the most 
inconvenient moment halfway through what it was doing. 
On the Wu Zhang Plains whilst playing Diao Chan once, a
boss riding a horse was spawned on the very edge of the
boundary in exactly the same position as a set of spikes
were supposed to be. The boss was actually moving at the
time I made it move into range, but it just happened to
be directly over the spikes at the time when I moved it
into view. So how did the computer handle this rare
processing phenomenon? It does what is always does, places
the object there anyway because the collision for object
checking is not done until after spawning. The amusing 
thing was though, is what always happens when bosses in 
trouble come into view, they fall of their horses straight
away. The general never even got to move and as such fell
off his horse which was still on the spikes.
I took a few screen shots of this rare incident and put
it onto my crappy website. It's still there if you are 
interested in seeing it in action. I won't post the exact 
link to the pictures as I may change the url at a later 
date. But the main url to my website is at the top or
bottom of this FAQ. It was also impossible from then on
to mount the horse as you had to be jumping to actually
get anywhere near it. Of course as soon as I moved it in
and out of range it had disappeared.

This is also a similar incident that happens with Liu Bei 
and his horse, which I was meant to be explaining before 
I got a bit side tracked. 

Another good trick by Koei is that pretty much every 
character in the game uses the same moves. I'm talking
about the non special characters of course. The army 
troops and the generals that have no exclusive character
type, such as Cao Pi, Cheng Pu etc. Although in the future
they may be expanded into characters in their own right.
In Dynasty Warriors 2 for example Huang Hai, Zhange He 
and Xu Huang were just regular sub generals. The same
goes for Zhou Tai and Cao Ren in Dynasty Warriors 3.
In each game Koei just keep changing these sub bosses
into real characters. They don't even have to make 
up any names as they already have plenty to choose from.
Except for the women of course, none of them actually
fought in battle in the real story. Although that's
because it would seem odd, maybe even classed as sexist
to not have any women at all. I still believe Yue Ying
was added only because the Shu army didn't have a
woman in it.

Anyway, I'm getting off topic again. These regular people 
are only ever equipped with swords and spears/pikes.
Just look at any sub general with a spear, when they
attack they are always almost using Jiang Wei's moves.

I would consider Jiang Wei and Lu Meng to be not that
effective characters. Which kind of proves the reason
why Koei have chosen those moves for everyone else.
Otherwise they'd be a bit too difficult. Imagine
everyone coming at you with Lu Bu's/Guan Yu's big 

The Musuo attacks are also Jiang Wei's and Lu Meng's.
In fact it's probably like that with anyone that has
a pike or a spear, they're the same as Jiang Wei or Lu 
Meng. Sword wielding bosses are the same as Huang Zhong,
Xiahou Yuan and Gan Ning. As is the Musuo, that one
where they repeatedly spin round with overhead swings.
Even Gan Ning had that move on Dynasty Warriors 2 before
it was replaced by that running slash. Koei have even
changed Xiahou Yuan a lot more now so that he is less
like Huang Zhong.

Strong regular the troops, the ones with lots of armour,
and gate captains, they usually fight like Jiang Wei
and Huang Zhong. Anyone else usually has that generic
left and right swing, then stab and overhead swing. You
can probably imagine that one in your head since it is
used often. Since there are generally so few moves it
is therefore a great memory save for the motion capture
of all the characters.

This is one of the reasons why Dynasty Warriors 3 will
choose sub bosses and regular people as opposed to 
character as there are less moves needed to be shown on
screen. Not 100% sure on this one, I think it's true.


I'd like to explain that Liu Bei, Lu Bu and Guan Yu are
fairly special characters when you are playing as them.
This is of course because they ride special horses, although
Guan Yu only becomes special later when Lu Bu no longer rides
Red Hare. But we'll dismiss Lu Bu and Gun Yu for now since 
Lu Bu isn't on many levels, and Guan Yu isn't on as many as
Liu Bei. All these characters have unique horses to anyone 
else. What special skill Liu Bei has is the fact in 99% 
of levels, he is always on his horse, and his horse Hex 
Mark. Cao Cao, Sun Jian, Sun Quan and Sun Ce do sometimes 
ride a horse, but not on every level. So if you ever need 
a fast horse you can always guarantee Liu Bei has one. The 
reason for this, combined with the fact that since he is 
the leader of Shu, means he is pretty much in any level where
Shu is fighting. So he's a very commonly seen character.
Whether you are with Shu or against Shu, Liu Bei is 

The main point of this section is not about the horse 
themselves but of Liu Bei in general. Since he is almost 
always on his horse and also a leader, he can found almost
anywhere. For this reason, this is where the problems in
continuity start. Liu Bei is often spawned where horses are
unable to go, but because Liu Bei is a special character he
often MUST go through these areas. The first and probably
best example I can give is on the very first level on the
Yellow Turban Rebellion. He starts at the east of the map
going up that hill to fight Zhang Bao (I think) to stop
him from shoving boulders down the hill. It's not possible
to go up that hill with a horse, but it is with Liu Bei.
Instead of killing the general or running up to the top,
just go as far as stopping the boulders and then killing all
the people on the hill and the gate captain. Eventually Liu
Bei will start to follow up the hill, and low and behold,
he's on his horse. As I may have mentioned before when objects
are respawned into off range, it doesn't take into account
where that object is. So Liu Bei gets his horse and if he gets
knocked off you can then proceed to use his horse in the area
that you can't normally have it. The funny thing about these
boundary checks is that they only work in one direction.
Basically if you're below the hill then you won't be able to
get up on the horse, but if you're already up there then
it won't. That's the key to these boundaries.
You can for example go all the way down the hill after 
stealing Liu Bei's horse when he's past the boundary, but
as soon as you do you cannot go back up there. I've had
Liu Bei in lots of other crazy places too. Such as half way 
up some steps on stages such as the Hu Lao Gate. What's funny
about that is the horses back legs are half inside the steps
themselves whilst the front feet are hovering in mid air.

On a 2 player game you can quite easily get a whole ton of
Red Hare and Hex Mark horses. I have no idea what the maximum 
number of horses that can be displayed on screen are.
All you do is get one player to stay away from the general 
in question, it's easiest to do this technique if you're 
with Liu Bei on the same team and choose a level where he
starts fighting almost immediately. Wait till he is in
heavy combat, then when he gets knocked off Hex Mark, steal
it and take it to the other player and leave it there. Go
back to Liu Bei and he'll be on Hex Mark again. Do this 
as many times as you wish and then you'll have an entire
stable worth of Hex Mark horses. Pointless I know. But
something that you don't normally see in the game.

I've tried a few times on the battle of Chang Ban stage
on Dynasty Warriors 3 to see how many horses you can get
on screen at once. My record is 7 Hex Mark horses, 1
Red Hare, 3 brown and 1 white. 12 in total. And that was
with being on the side of Cao Cao. Originally it was
just a test to see how many Hex Mark horses we could get.

We parked the first horse near where Liu Bei starts where
that bridge where Zhang Fei stands on and defends.
Liu Bei of course runs away on this stage and getting
horses became more and more difficult as the stage went
on. We also started on a Hex Mark each to make the
task easier. So we had 3 before we even had to give chase.
The other 5 horses happened to appear as Guan Yu and other
enemy bosses came past. So we thought we may as well add
them into the total too. 

I've also noticed that for in order for Liu Bei, Guan Yu
and Lu Bu to get another horse, they must be spawned on
range when Hex Mark or Red Hare are not. So if you ran
Liu Bei on and off range quickly whilst Hex Mark is 
standing around then Liu Bei will not be on Hex Mark.
However, what is most unusual is that Liu Bei will be
riding another Hex Mark if you happen to be riding the
other Hex Mark he left behind. Generals that are riding
non special horses however appear to be able to go on
screen with the same horse many times. It seems that a few
extra checks are performed on the two special horses just
to make sure that not too many of the horse are spawned.
Again, this seems to level or game specific, there could
quite easily be other factors involved in the processing
that determines whether or not the horses will be spawned.
Such as during the Nanman stage for example, it's likely
that elephants and horses are entered into the same
rendering process, you certainly can't get any more than
3 or 4 elephants on screen, except of course Dynasty 
Warriors 2 where there are no elephants at all.

As soon as any of them go off range, in the case of the
scenario above. I rode Red Hare around the corner and
back again and every single one of them had gone, all 11.

It's unlikely that you'll ever get this many horses on 
screen during a 1 player game. You could theoretically, 
get some horses and keep riding each to the edge of your
range and going back and getting another until they're
all at the front and repeating the process until you
get to the destination where you are going too, but this
would be far too time consuming, probably best to just 
leave a second unused player somewhere safe.

Remember when I mentioned about the selective Z ordering
of the people? Well this doesn't happen with horses or
elephants on any of the versions. If you have 10 horses
on screen, you will always see 10 of them, the only time 
horses will disappear is when a general if still riding
the horse. However in close range during a 2 player this
can often cause amusing occurrences when generals move 
onto the screen quickly. The horse will appear first and
with noone riding it. I'm sure everyone who owns Dynasty
Warriors 3 has seen that and thought that noone was riding
that horse for a moment.

This has been fixed a bit on Dynasty Warriors 4 though.
Generals on horses for example are rarely on horses in 
places where they cannot normally be, like at the top of
castles for example. No longer is Liu Bei the super hero 
mountain climbing horse general. Although the horse 
respawning in great numbers problem still remains, it's not
to the same extent as Dynasty Warriors 3, instead it's far
far worse, but ultimately hilarious :)
I will get onto that more in section 3.6 later.


Anything out of range isn't fighting at all. Infact they're
doing a very simple process that basically just processes
numbers, energy bars are just reduced accordingly depending
on how much morale everyone has, and is calculated at 
certain time periods, again depending on morale.
It's more along the lines of the Championship Manager 
football simulation games. Numbers being crunched in the
background with no gfx at all on screen.

Remember when I said that troops come in sets of 5? One leader 
and 4 other troopers? Well when these guys (or girls) go off 
screen they are no longer processed as 5, they become 1
Each small red or blue dot on your big map represents a cluster 
of 5 people already. What the game does remember is how many
troops there were remaining in that cluster when you left. So 
that when they become on screen again, the required amount 
of people can be respawned again from the one main leader. 
And I do mean when you left them, any dots you haven't 
encountered are treated slightly differently. But it's possible
to leave a set of 3 or 4 troops for them to either vanish from
the entire level or go back up to 5 again.
The reason for this compression is simple, 100 units off 
screen become 20 dots instead of 100. Less numbers to process.
This also means that units die in fives instead of individual

Unfortunately there are many continuity errors and battle
processes that I've noticed which you and maybe even the
programmers of the game have failed to notice or take into

Next time you dive into a battle somewhere you haven't been 
quickly note the following things, all the enemies fighting
your boss/army. They're all on full health, which of course
would not be possible had all these people been fighting for
real, they'd all have random amounts of health, or at least
some would have lost some to indicate that fighting had been
taken place. This is less noticeable on Dynasty Warriors 4.

Except for boss characters, each troop is basically respawned
again, a whole set of troops based on an approximation of where
the units used in the off range processing were.
I'd bet you that your own troops are all on full health as 
well, but of course you can't see those. The only energy bars
that will have changed are the boss energy bars.
The game sometimes tried to hide this by making some enemy 
troops have a very very small amount of health. But this 
simply doesn't work well enough to convince. There are also
other special occasions with health miscalculations when
concerned with the main leader of the enemy. Did you know
that it is IMPOSSIBLE for your own troops to kill the final
boss? Try it yourself, for example fight until you have 
killed everyone on the Yellow Turban Rebellion. Then injure
Zhang Jiao until he's almost dead, then watch as your troops
knock him about all day. He'll never die, EVER.
There's also an even odder trick, do the same as before,
kill everyone but Zhang Jiao but don't go and see him.
Stand somewhere in the middle of nowhere and let your troops
attack Zhang Jiao, leave the game for about 10 minutes.
Then go to attack Zhang Jiao, he won't have lost a single bit
of health in 10 minutes. Not one, as soon as you arrive though
anyone hitting him WILL inflict damage. So be aware that the
final enemy boss is invincible against your army when you are
not around, and they cannot kill him completely when you are.

The leader to each troop of 5 is vital. If you kill the leader
and run away so they're out of range, the remaining 4 often 
vanish from sight. The same happens with sub generals when you
kill the main general of that army. Sub generals run directly
to the nearest outpost. If they run out of range they're gone
forever. So you couldn't get onto a horse and ride after them.
They're gone. Sub generals are represented by a single blue
dot on the main map. If you happen to be chasing a lone sub 
general alone in the middle of nowhere change to the big map and
let the general run away and watch the blue dot disappear from
sight once the boss moves out of range, teleported from the map.

Another cheap trick against the player by Koei.
Unusually this isn't the case with Pang Tong on Dynasty 
Warriors 4 on Chi Bi. When he chains up the boats he retreats
and goes all the way down to Zhuge Liang manually without 
teleporting off the face of the world like a sub general would.

Back to the point I was making before where I mentioned that
when people come in range that are respawned again. On the main
map, leaders of 5 troops, all bosses and gate captains are 
represented by those single dots. Since these dots are compressed
army types they have to be re-displayed when they come back on 
screen. If you leave an army and instantly come back, the exact
positions of each unit will not have been remembered only the
main units. Bodyguards are spawned directly from where the general
is standing, as do the 4 sub warriors to every troop leader.
In battle this is not so noticeable, or bad in any way. But
there are some unusual side effects for the split second of when
they are respawned in other scenarios. Get Red Hare for example and 
then ride through your stationary troops waiting to fight, riding
around your main camp is the best place. Notice how troops twitch 
slightly or are moving to arrange themselves. 
You can see this best on the mini map when people are put in 
range, but the effects are often seen in the main viewing screen.
Watch how a single blue dot suddenly gives birth to 5.
This is because the conversion from 1 troop to 5 is being performed.
The other 4 troops have to be spawned from the standing position 
of the main leader. There are also other times when a general on 
a horse suddenly snaps to the direction that he/she should be 
facing. The same happens to the 2 to 8 bodyguards that most 
generals have in their protection.

Next we come to another mildly devastating gameplay element.
Which you've probably already experienced on a 2 player already 
if you've played it enough. People appearing out of nowhere. I will
explain how this happens, it still happens on Dynasty Warriors
4 too, but the occurrence is far rarer than on Dynasty Warriors 3
and Extreme Legends. It's not really a bug as such, but in my
opinion, an on range gameplay programming quirk.

The AI rules for any pre Dynasty Warriors 4 game was that as 
soon as a troop was in your range, they'd go and fight 
someone. Whether it to be you or someone else nearer to them
in the area. Remember when I said only 40 to 50 could in range?
That's an estimate. But generally in busy crowds, when the 
number gets too low, another 5 move into range, so that it
remains to be roughly around 50 in the area at any one time.
For example if there are 50 enemy troops on screen then no allies
would come to your aid, likewise if 45 allies were on your map
then you'd only fight a group of 5 enemies. Ok then, this concept
is all well and good. No problems there, the game works well
in this mode, and despite this limitation you'd probably
never notice this limit exists. It's a good way of not having
the area too clustered and reducing the problem of 'too many
people' to display on the screen a little bit.

Then comes the odd part, this baffles me a hell of a lot 
actually. Remember how the number of people displayed on screen
is split roughly in half during a two player game between both
halves of the screen? 
Well it appears Koei couldn't seem to find a solution to the in
range processing problem. As I explained in an earlier section.
You couldn't limit each player's in range area to 25 units each
as this would severely change the flow of gameplay.
But Koei have left the limit to 50, for BOTH players. I'm not sure
why this is the case though as gfx tend to the biggest hit on a
CPU, not behind the scenes processing. I guess it must have been
impossible at the time to make the limit to 100.

Ok, so it's a problem with the game mechanics itself. That's what
we'll put it down too. What happens is that there are a number 
of slots available in memory that people coming into range are 
set into. This contain the information about the type of character
and what they'll be doing etc. This is shared in a first come first 
served basis between both players. So if all 50 slots are filled
then noone else can come in range until there are slots free, such
as people getting killed or people in range running out of range.
Similarly if 46 slots are filled then only bosses can come on as
5 slots are needed to add a typical group of troops onto the
screen. This a guess, it may be more than 50, I don't know.

So now I'll put the main problem into context, if one player is
using all the slots, a busy in range moment such as lots of allied 
and enemy troops on the mini map. None are available to the other
player. This will happen when one player decides to leave a battle
to go to another area of the map, thus freeing up all the slots
that player was using. But once the player arrives at the 
destination ready for battle, no troops will be found. 
Until people are killed or left off range in the other players
range. This is the main problem though, remember how there
are single dots in the big map making up small clusters of 
people? The general rule is that whenever one of these dots
approaches your field of range, they are converted into that
particular as soon as they move into your boundary. But when
they cannot be generated into range, THEY CARRY ON GOING!
Which basically means they're actually in your field of vision
already moving around trying to get into a fight with you, 
a 5th state if you like, invisible and not yet spawned.
Except this time you cannot see them on your mini map either.
The co-ordinates of the unit will be present in memory. But there 
is no way of knowing that they're actually there unless you go to
your big map and think to yourself that you should surely be
in battle now. Then of course the inevitable happens, PING!, 
out pops a load of troops seemingly out of nowhere once 
enough slots are available. These invisible troops may be in
your range but because they haven't been spawned yet they
are still processed as being off screen. I hope that makes sense.

There was a time when I needed to help Liu Bei really badly. 
He disappeared off screen and I couldn't find him again. 
I kept checking on the map by pressing start and I was stood 
right on top of him. But he died soon after as he was on zero 
morale and the enemies morale was high. I've also once had Lu Bu 
suddenly appear and Musuo me on his horse, almost killing me. 
That gave me a fright and a half.

On Dynasty Warriors 4 this limit appears to remain. Except 
since regular enemies rarely attack you in large numbers, it 
happens less often. But if you're standing right in the middle
of a huge army of your own and become heavily under attack, even
then the problem still reoccurs.


Yes boulders, I feel boulders are special. Not the ones that
simply fall on your head like on Dynasty Warriors 2, but the
ones that roll.
Zhang Bao and also Zhang Jiao on Dynasty Warriors 4 have the
ability to create boulders.
On Dynasty Warriors 3 it is just him who can create these
boulders but on Dynasty Warriors 4 other generals can as well.
If you stop both Zhang Bao and Zhang Lang running away during 
the two sub section levels of the Yellow Turban Rebellion,
Zhang Jiao will retaliate with boulders, there is also a 
general on the extra Yellow Turban Rebellion who can do this
boulder trick. I can't remember whether or not it is Zhang
Bao or not. Of course to get the extra level on Dynasty 
Warriors 4, you simple skip the first two levels and start
on the third, incase you didn't know how to get it.

Anyway, you're probably wondering why on earth boulders are
special. Firstly they're the only objects in the game that
can do damage to both armies. Except of course with the
possibility exception of the flame geysers from Dynasty 
Warriors 4, but they are part of the scenery and don't move.

Boulders are spawned from certain places, they just appear out
of nowhere basically onto the screen. If Zhang Bao rolls them
on the final Yellow Turban Rebellion stage, they don't just 
roll down a hill, they roll everywhere and come from all 
directions and even have their own physics, they can turn
corners and even get stuck in holes and stop moving.
You still get hurt even if you touch these static boulders.
You can't see a boulder being processed out of range such as
on the dots of the mini map, but they are there of course.

Although boulders are spawned off screen from generally static 
locations, they don't actually hurt anyone until they come
in range. They only hurt people you can see, otherwise they
don't do any damage at all. Which is kind of surprising and
makes a lot of sense in the fact that armies can often stand 
and queue up on those hills and not get hit at all if you're 
not with them. So again, another example of no collision 
detection out of your range. The fun that can be had is 
watching where they go. On Dynasty Warriors 3 you can stand 
right up against the castle wall, simply ride in a straight
line from the entrance up the hill towards the wall. 
Eventually boulders will come rolling and crash into the wall.
Because you're not stood on the slope, the boulder will miss 
everybody. It's certainly not what you're expecting to see if 
you happen to be just stood there minding your own business.
Although sometimes they don't seem to come that far, it might
be down to how many enemy troops there are on the hill, 
although I do not know exactly myself. The easiest way to
get a boulder to hit the wall is to wait on a horse near the
entrance of a hill, but face the opposite way otherwise you'll
witness people getting hit by the boulder. You should feel the
pad rumble when a boulder is about to go fast. Once you see 
it rolling past, simply ride after it without hitting it.

Another inconsistency is that if you're in the 90 degree
turn to the left to go up the hill, the boulders just go
crashing into the wall. They are after all going in a 
straight line, but if you're stood further downhill, they
just seem to magically turn the corner all on their own. 
Although oddly some boulders do seem to crash all the way
round the wall without breaking, this is rare. You might
think this probably contradicts what I have just said but
when you're far enough away from the corner, all boulders
make it round the bend, not just a select few.

You could argue that boulders were being created after the 
turn itself, but you know this isn't the case because if 
you're stood near the top, this is the only place you can 
see them being created.


"Don't Pursue. Wait for Reinforcements"
Probably one of the most pointless things that the generals
say. However, there is some truth in it. Although it isn't 
entirely obvious. Each army on every level has a certain 
number of troops. They come in two categories, ones that
respawn, and ones that don't. Over half don't respawn at all.
But ones that do, are respawned immediately from a gate
captain. It's hard to tell on your own team which gate belongs
to which of your generals. The only way to know is guess in
relation to where each army started, or have a good memory
and remember which it was when you were on the opposite side.

It's a well known fact that you have bodyguards, but did you
also realise you have your own army as well? It's not as big
as everyone else's though unless you're the head of the level.
And unless you're a main general you won't have your own
respawn point. You can tell if you are or not by checking
to see if you have your own name in the army list.
If you're a sub general in anyone else's team then you won't
have a respawn point or an army of your own.
You can tell which is your own as people will follow you
and then stop and arrange themselves in an orderly fashion 
behind your advances.

In fact better still, choose Zhu Rong. Her army consists mainly
of scantily dressed tribe women so you can spot her army a
mile off. Now run somewhere where there is absolutely noone
for miles. Wait around and then your army will eventually
arrive. If you walk backwards by holding down the L1 button
you can watch your army start to chase after you when you
get too far away. It's interesting to stand near walls and 
water and watch your army adopt a new position in accordance
with the landscape. If I recall Zhu Rong on Dynasty Warriors 3
has 10 women and 5 guys. Of which when these die they are 
respawned. Remember of course that all 5 troops of a particular
unit need to die.

This is why there are either so many people near a respawn 
point or none at all. If none come out and the leader general
is still alive it is because the respawnable part of his/her
army is still alive somewhere. You can only respawn of which
that has been lost. Even wondered what all those sparse few
dots were coming moving about? Well it's the reinforcements
arriving, this is what your generals are talking about.
But because they have to walk the entire length of the map
sometimes, this is why you'll be fighting alone and then
suddenly a fair few people come out of nowhere. 
Reinforcements have finally arrived.

The number of people to respawn differs from every level, 
every person and maybe even each difficulty level. But if 
you can manage to hang around a respawn point where all
the troops need respawning, you'll get a high amount of kills
very quickly. Lu Bu's respawn point on Dynasty Warriors 3 
has about 50 coming out of it!

It's a pity you can't press R3 to see the health of your allied
troops, or better still, be able to see the morale any troop.
So you don't need to keep pausing the game to check the map
over and over again.


Probably one of the coolest bugs in Dynasty Warriors 4.
I suggest you read the all of section 3.0 up to this point
or at least the whole of section 3.5 before reading this 
part if you haven't already. If you've skipped here directly 
from the contents you may not understand what I'm taking 
about, as I will be explaining in great depth why this bug 
happens as well, so you'll need a bit more knowledge in
order to get this working, this is so simple to get
working bug. But believe me, once you've got it and seen
it in action, it'll be worth the effort.

Ok, this section expands on the concepts and what we have
learned from the horse trick described in section 3.4.4
Getting ridiculous amounts of horses on screen at once.
I will mention Elephants later.

The easiest stage to perform this on is the very first 
stage, the Yellow Turban Rebellion section 1. The one with
Huangfu Song as your leader. Remember, this is for Dynasty 
Warriors 4 only. I suppose you could do the first bit anyway 
you like and on almost any level. But I've chosen this one
as it is the one I found the easiest, and it's something
you can follow step by step. Ok, start the stage, and join
in both players, don't worry if you're playing alone, you
won't be using the other player, but you will need 2 joypads
plugged in so you can move the other one a little bit.

You'll probably want to read this FAQ alongside the game,
print this part out or if you can play the PS2 next to
your PC.

With player 1 choose Huang Gai, it can be with anyone but
I feel it's best with Huang Gai as you use his bombs to get
allies from their horses, rather than always having to wait
for them to be knocked off.
Choose someone who is in the Shu army for player 2. I 
usually choose Jiang Wei, but it's best to choose someone 
who you've completed the game with if you haven't used 
Huang Gai at all. This is so the Shu player starts in the 
bottom left and you don't have much walking to do. Do not 
choose Liu Bei. You need at least one powered player in order
to do some killing. Ok, I'll imagine you've chosen Jiang Wei.
But follow you guide anyway and pretend you have, even if 
you haven't.

As soon as the stage starts move Jiang Wei to the far bottom
left of the map, he'll be practically stood there already.
So you won't have that far to go, just move him far enough out
of combat. Now with Huang Gai kill a load of troops that he's 
stood next too, keep attacking until you have knocked the
general's morale down to 4 stars. Then move towards Liu Bei
and his army and do the same, and then the same with the army
Cao Cao is battling. 4 stars with each, if Huang Gai is powered
up this should take no time at all. If he's not powered up, 
move him towards Jiang Wei and then use use Jiang Wei or the
character you have chosen to take out the morale in these 
armies. Now you've stabled the level so that Cao Cao, 
Sun Jian and Liu Bei won't lose their battles. They'll win
but not quickly. The only other thing you'll have to worry 
about is when soldiers from the mist arrive to attack HuangFu
Song, for some reason his morale plummets and he will die unless
you help him, kill the general he is fighting. 
You should hopefully by then have about 150-200 kills and 
everyone else in your army should be able to complete the 
entire rest of the level themselves. They won't ever kill
Zhang Liao, they'll wait for you to do that. Which should
give you about 45 minutes of time to mess around with this
bug. Free from having to save anyone, this is mainly so
no enemies arrive to spoil what you're doing. You want
peace and quiet, you're not here to finish the level anyway.
But to have some and mess around. Don't of course help 
Huangfu Song yet, only when he needs it. Which should as soon
as the first army gets killed by someone else.

Ok, with Jiang Wei find somewhere fairly spacious, don't go 
right into the gate captain area, find a space where you are
next to the tents and trees but with a wide open space in 
front of you. Leave Jiang Wei and with Huang Gai go and find
Liu Bei, who will be right next to you, not far at all to 
walk. He should be in battle and should fall off his horse
quite quickly, if not you could get some enemies to come 
after you, don't kill them, jump up and down near Liu Bei
and they'll accidentally knock him off. If he's alone then
just lay a bomb under his horse and when he flies off it, 
steal it and take it to Jiang Wei. You should avoid if you
can bombing Liu Bei as it is very damaging to his health.
You should only bomb him 5 or 6 times at the most.

Each time you go back and forth bringing a horse to Jiang
Wei make sure you get the first 5 in a line, as if they
were in some imaginary stables, line them up as close
together as you can, use the L1 button to help you.
Once you bring the 6th Hex Mark back to Jiang Wei very
odd things will start to happen. Before I explain what
to do next or what happens, it's time for me to get
technical. To explain what is about to happen and why.

Remember back in this guide I explained to you about
Z ordering? Yes? Good stuff. If not go back to section 3.2
and refresh your memory. To summarise, all the people in
the game are rendered using a Z ordering technique, nearest
to player gets rendering priority over people further away.
Although this is slightly different for people in Dynasty
Warriors 4 and is a bit more optimised, we don't need to 
concern ourselves with these details. Then I proved to you
that you could get many many horses on screen at once on
Dynasty Warriors 3, of which didn't seem to affect the rest
of the game in anyway. Well it seems they didn't have
the processing power to spare in the likelyhood of this
scenario in Dynasty Warriors 4, infact the programmers
have instead this time opted for the 'pray this situation
never arises' instead of coming up with a solution. I
still think the programmers were correct to do this. As
grouping horses together in this manner is probably
something that noone would ever think of doing. 
Except sad old me of course though, exploring all the 
possible avenues for bugs ;)

In Dynasty Warriors 4 the horses are rendered using a 
different approach. Gone are the days of a seemingly
infinite amount of horses to be rendered like on Dynasty
Warriors 3. The programmers haven't even attempted to
do a thing with this problem. No clever Z ordering
algorithm at all, nowt, nothing.

The general rule and processing concept is simple.
There can only be a maximum of 5 horses rendered to
a screen at once. Imagine there being 5 empty slots
to store the horses, they're also treated in a first
come, first served, basis. Remember that, as it is
important, remember back to our little stable of 5
Hex Mark horses arranged neatly in a row?
Well if you imagine running up to Jiang Wei, the first
horse to be transferred from off range to on range is
filled in slot one. And then the fifth horse goes into
the final slot. REMEMBER that as long as these five
horses remain on screen, this order cannot be changed.
As soon as one goes the horses are bunched together
accordingly and another slot is spared. And also remember
that each screen has 5 slots. Ok, hope you're following
so far, I'm starting off easy at the moment.

Now back to the game, once you've got your fifth horse 
lined up. Make sure Jiang Wei can see them all on his 
screen. Then line him up as shown below, this is what
Jiang Wei's minimap should look like:-

Horses-->      X
 Tail end->    X     <-Head end

Jiang Wei -->    O

Remembering of course that horses are not shown on
the mini map, you've just to use your imagination a
bit and imagine that if they were shown on the mini map
then the above is how it would all look. Ok? Good!
Make sure Jiang Wei is fairly close and that all 5 
horses are sideways as shown above. Use Huang Gai to
move the horses around if necessary.
I'm probably going into far too much detail already, 
but I want this guide to be fool proof, idiot proof even.

WARNING : Before I go any further I must stress, DO NOT
SAVE, when you save it does not remember where you put
the horses, it remember one at the very most. So you
have to do all of this every time you wish to execute
this bug. Although once you've got the hang of it, it'll 
only take you 5 minutes to do everything at the most 
when you're ready to wow your mates.
If you have any horse saddle powerups available then you
can make your life a bit easier by starting your characters
on horses or elephants. Thus giving you 2 already.

Ok, so now you should have Jiang Wei sorted. Go off with
Huang Gai again, this time for the sake of clarity you
should get a different colour horse, go and find Cao Cao
and Sun Jian is they're nearby.

So what happens when there are 6 horses on screen then?
You're surely asking this by now. Well it's quite simple,
nothing at all. The 6th horse is simply ignored, yep,
it's that easy. So when Huang Gai comes back with a 6th 
horse Jiang Wei won't be able to see it. Huang Gai will
be riding around on mid air. HOORAY! 
Applaude at the legendary invisible horse, attack, musuo 
get on, get off, all whilst floating in mid air. Of 
course you can see the horse on Huang Gai's screen, 
but just not on Jiang Wei's screen. There is no room
for it to be rendered as all 5 slots have been taken.
And there's no clever Z ordering routine or nothing.
You can have Huang Gai positioned right into the 
foreground of Jiang Wei's screen, a big closeup of 
Huang Gai in mid air.

WARNING : If a cut scene comes up then the a check *IS*
performed on the Z ordering of the horses, of course
there are only two cut scenes in the entire level.
So it's unlikely to happen during a critical moment.
The effects are minimal, the horse order will be 
changed though. Just be aware then when you skip the 
cut scene you'll need to do some minor re-adjusting. 
You can safely pause the game however. That's fine.

Basically if Huang Gai is up close when the cut scene
appears. The horse at the back of the line will not
be seen. This is easily fixed though, simply move
Huang Gai away so he cannot be seen on Jiang Wei's
window, instantly the horse at the back will reappear.
And then when Huang Gai comes back on again, BAM! 
Invisible horse riding again. But it doesn't stop there
I tell you, nope, this is just the tip of the iceberg. :D

Ok, next up I want you to leave that brown horse near 
Jiang Wei but don't put it into the row, dump it 
anywhere in the right hand side of Jiang Wei's screen.
Similar to the diagram below:-

Horses-->      X
               X     Y <- Brown horse

Jiang Wei -->    O

Jiang Wei if you haven't moved him should not you see
the other horse, just the five on the left.
Ok, a few tips here with Jiang Wei, if you ever want to
reset Jiang Wei's horse slot rendering priority, simply
hold down L1 and strafe to the left until all horses are
gone and then move right again. Move in a straight line so
you can return to where you were stood. Your goal of course
to make sure you can only see the five Hex Mark horses, not
the ones on the right. I'd use the direction pad in this
case to ensure you get a dead straight line. Just to help 

A few more technical details now. Any horse you can see is in 
range, you can't see it on your minimap but it's definitely
in range. You should remember all this stuff for people
roaming your map from before. However there is a slight 
difference with these horses. For starters you cannot see 
them on your  minimap, but they are still in range and 
processed just like people are. You can turn around and 
although you cant see them on your mini map, they won't 
have vanished when you turn back round.

Anyway, you remember how when troops vanished from the Z
ordering problem you were no longer able to hit them? 
This is partly true to horses, except instead the game 
also requests information from the opposite window. 
For example, although Jiang Wei cannot see the horse 
of Huang Gai, because Huang Gai can see it then the 
game runs as normal. Obviously you cannot see the horse 
with Jiang Wei but both screens are able to plot your 
X, Y and Z coordinates in relation to where both players 
are standing. Because Huang Gai can see the horse it is 
considered real. So far so good. :)
Now take Jiang Wei and move him way off screen to the 
right using L1 to side step. Hopefully you've left the
horse in the position shown above, if not put it there.
Make sure Huang Gai is facing away from this lone horse.
Now move Jiang Wei back on screen, this time you want
him to be able to see the other horse, and 4 of the 
other horses. Now with Huang Gai, this is a little more 
complex. Look at the 5 Hex Marks, once they're all on 
screen start strafing towards the other horse but making 
sure all 5 Hex Marks are on screen at once, you may or
may not find this task hard. Use Jiang Wei's screen 
to help you navigate, once you are alongside the horse
release L1 and press X to mount. You've now just mounted
your first invisible horse. DO NOT MOVE YET!
Pause the game and I'll explain, there are some rules
you should know about riding invisible horses. It will 
only stay invisible as long as the rendering slot queue
stays the same, therefore you can only move around whilst
keeping those 5 horses on screen. The tables have turned
this time, now Jiang Wei is the information giver to
the other screen, because Jiang Wei can see the horse the
game gets all the information it needs on to where the 
horse is in relation to both players. If Huang Gai drops
a horse off screen then the invisible horse reappears. 
You must get off the horse and repeat the process for 
making that horse invisible again.

Ok so now you've seen a horse go invisible on both 
screens. One for the rider and one for the observer.
You're probably wondering why I keep going on about this
communication between both screen? Well it's important
because as one screen sees the horse, the logic for
it remains, for example you can mount it and you cannot
walk straight through it. If both players cannot see it
because of looking at the other 5 horses it vanishes , 
it is still there, it hasn't vanished totally but it's 
now impossible to mount it or use it. You can try to 
mount it but you'll just walk straight through where it
should be. And of course you won't be able to find it 
in the mini map. It's just removed from view and 
processing, just like when there are too many enemies 
on screen. It will be there again as soon as you turn 
to face it without looking at the Hex Mark horses. 
So don't panic, it hasn't been deleted from memory.

WARNING : Never get off an invisible horse that the
other player cannot see. If you dismount an invisible
horse it WILL be deleted from memory forever and ever.
But this isn't true for an invisible horse that you 
haven't mounted. The general warning is, if you're
mounting an invisible horse DO NOT GET OFF IT!

That's why I mentioned putting the five Hex Mark horses
in a strict order, you don't want to risk losing them if
can help it. You can still run the horses off range whilst
they're in this state. But as long as you keep Jiang Wei
where he is, you'll always know where they are. It's also
much easier to focus on the 5 horses instead of having them
arranged in an unorderly fashion. I didn't arrange them and
lost a few horses, well I hadn't lost them altogether, it
as just a pain trying to view 5 horses quickly.

Ok, onto the next bug. I hope you're still paused, I'm
going to explain this bug before you can try it out
for yourself, otherwise you'll be wondering what the hell
is going on. You've probably guessed what I'm about to
say anyway. So what happens when neither player can
see a horse and one person happens to be STILL RIDING IT.
That is of course basically combining both of the 
previously learned techniques. When this happens the game
gets seriously confused and does some very odd things.
When you unpause (don't do it yet) you're going to tap
down on the direction pad of Jiang Wei's controller to
turn him round 180 degrees, as soon as you tap L1 his
view will also turn 180 degrees. Jiang Wei will be
able to see no horses, Huang Gai will still be viewing
the 5 Hex Marks, but oh dear. There is no way now that 
the game can get its vital information about the 
invisible horse Huang Gai is riding, it's full up with
5 Hex Mark horses due to that 5 horse limitation.

The game will now do two things, you can still move 
around Huang Gai, his coordinates will be remembered
in memory but the graphics rendering still thinks you're
on the horse. Huang Gai will not move but strangely 
enough the camera angle will, you'll instead be moving 
the camera. Unpause now and have a go, turn around Jiang
Wei as described. Make sure when you move around Huang 
Gai you keep L1 pressed, if you move the Hex Marks off 
screen you'll reappear again and the bug will discontinue.
You can get some pretty mad views however during this bug.
You can zoom well far out, just don't zoom out the horse.
Also don't move too far, you are still moving around
in memory, if you turn Jiang Wei around then Huang Gai
will suddenly reappear to where you had last been moving
him towards, this could be anywhere, it's usually miles 
away from where he was when you first turned Jiang Wei
around. Pretty crazy stuff you have to admit.

Repeat the process, but this time when you press L1 to
turn Jiang Wei away, make sure you're moving Huang Gai,
I found it best to just alternately tap left and right
on the directional pad of Huang Gai as fast as possible,
this way he turns around really quick but does not move
from his spot. Then whack L1 on the other pad. If you
were moving Huang Gai at the time he'll suddenly start 
having a spack attack as soon as you whacked L1. What's 
happening is that the computer is rapidly switching him 
between the next and previous frames in the player motion
before the game lost its horse information. It won't know 
which frame to show so it'll just show both. It looks 
really funny as it flickers at the speed of light. You
can get some really good mid air spasms to laugh at. 
Some of which are hilarious to watch :)

I hope you've got this far, well done if you have, I 
hope you enjoyed the ride along the way. Ok, lets summarise 
what we've done so far. First we've had too many horses on
screen, cheating by keeping a player to watch over them while
we grab more, then we've had invisible horses and then finally
mid air spazms. What a great bug eh? I hope you enjoyed it.

However, I've saved the best till last, that's right, there's
an even better final conclusion to this invisible horse
madness. If you've been laughing so far at how funny some of
these bugs look, then you're going to fall off your seat when
you see this one ;) 

You may have already guessed the next bit anyway. What we're 
going to do next is get more horses. Normally when I do this
trick I get around 8 or 9 Hex Mark horses and arrange them as

Horses-->      X
               X   Y <- Brown horse

Jiang Wei -->    O

I only suggested 5 earlier on as it would help clarify things
in the explanation. The more horses the better, I'd 
certainly get as many as you need. 10 in total will be
plenty. The beauty is that Liu Bei is right next to where
you have been setting up the horses so it's easy to get many
horses quickly.

What you need to do is as before, get someone to be riding
an invisible horse. To do this quickly, remember to get Huang
Gai to face the Hex Mark horses. Make sure Jiang Wei can see
the brown horse so that you can use Jiang Wei's screen to get
on the horse. If Jiang Wei cannot see it then Huang Gai cannot
mount. Make sure Huang Gai is always focusing on the Hex
Mark Horses, once he mounts the invisible horse. Put the 
controller away somewhere safe for the time being. You won't
be needing to use him again for a while. Right, you'll now
be controlling Jiang Wei. This is where things are a bit more
hit and miss. I know roughly how to get this bug working, there
are two ways of achieving this but sometimes the bug happens
when I haven't even finished setting. 

Firstly keep a close look on the screen of Huang Gai.
Make sure Huang Gai is setup riding his invisible horse quite
a distance from the other horses. The reason being, you don't
want for the time Jiang Wei to be looking at Huang Gai at all.
Try to set up like the diagram below.

Horses-->      X
               X           Y <- Huang Gai riding Brown horse
               X    O    <-- Jiang Wei

To recap, Huang Gai should have Jiang Wei in view and 5
Hex Mark horses and be riding an invisible horse.
For now, I'm not 100% sure what triggers the next bit. What I
generally do is move back and forth with Jiang Wei, focusing
on a random set of 5 Hex Marks. You can strafe back and forth.
Keep an eye on Huang Gai's screen, if nothing seems to be 
happening turn round and face Huang Gai and view his horse,
and then repeat the process. You should also try and get both 
Huang Gai and some Hex Marks in view by moving back to where
Jiang Wei used to be stood. What we're trying to do here is
fool the PS2 into a communication error. Whilst you're moving
Jiang Wei around changing his horse slots, the other screen
containing Huang Gai will be noting this information and sending
data back to the Jiang Wei window. For some unknown reason 
Huang Gai will suddenly jump from the invisible horse to one 
of the Hex Mark horses. I have no idea why this happens but
it seems that Jiang Wei's window has temporarily given Huang
Gai's window false information, this only happens because Huang
Gai's window has all 5 of its slots full. No other reason.
You may to persevere to get this working, you might get it
straight away, often I do, but other times I don't. As soon
as Huang Gai jumps then immediately STOP! Huang Gai will only
make the horse jump on Huang Gai's screen, you WON'T be able
to see his jump in Jiang Wei's window. You've now got the magic
number of horses on Jiang Wei's window to send Huang Gai's 
window the false information, now slowly edge your way to 
the horse that Huang Gai is falsley riding. Remember that 
you cannot move Huang Gai using the other joypad. As soon as 
you move on Huang Gai's pad, it'll just move the camera around 
like before, so don't touch it. You won't be able to ride 
around on the falsley interpreted horse. You'll need to make
sure that whilst moving to Huang Gai that you keep the 
same 5 horses on Jiang Wei's window. You'll need to use 
Huang Gai's window to check which horse to mount as it won't 
be shown on Jiang Wei's window. Remember, Huang Gai will 
only jump to a horse that both Huang Gai and Jiang Wei can 
see, I have a feeling it could be the 5th horse in both of 
the window's rendering slots. But that is only a guess. Once 
you've edged your way to the horse with Huang Gai on it 
you'll be able to mount it with Jiang Wei.  Yes, that's 
If Huang Gai does not appear in Jiang Wei's window pick up
his joypad and attack with Huang Gai by pressing square.
He'll then appear. Well done, you've now successfully got
2 people on the same horse, a complex procedure, but as I'm 
sure you'll probably agree, time well spent. It's just too 
funny for words. As soon as either Jiang Wei or Huang Gai
change any of their 5 horses in the horse rendering slots
Huang Gai will appear back on his own horse again.

Sadly it's not as useful though for anything gameplay 
related either. You won't be able to move the horse using
Huang Gai, doing so still moves the camera angle. It's funny
to watch Huang Gai on Jiang Wei's window lean from side to
side as if he's still riding a horse of his own. However
you can feel free to attack with Huang Gai using square,
triangle and circle. Get them both to perform a Musuo at the
same time or charge the Musuo up, it looks funny. If you're
using a fat character like Meng Huo or Xu Zhu you might not
even be able to see one character that well. As it stands,
it looks like Huang Gai wearing Jiang Wei's hairstyle with
4 arms, legs and two weapons. I'm sure with certain
character combinations you could have some right
freak formations.

Now onto Jiang Wei's pad, you can move the horse around
with Jiang Wei and Huang Gai will automatically move with
you. If you have a mate witnessing this event, give the 
Huang Gai pad to him/her, just make sure they only press the
3 buttons I just mentioned, they don't want to be touching
the directions or other buttons. Although you're free of 
course to change the map, names on/off etc. Just don't
press the other buttons. What I do is rest one pad over
each leg and then press the buttons and directions as 
You've just got to make sure that whilst you're riding 
around with Jiang Wei that you do not disturb the
5 horse rendering order. You must keep those 5 horses
on screen, else Huang Gai will go back to his original
horse. You've also got to make sure the horse that 
Jiang Wei is riding does not vanish from Huang Gai's
screen, otherwise a slot will be available for Huang
Gai's invisible horse and thus he'll return back to
his horse. I think you can dismount Jiang Wei and
Huang Gai still remains on it, but I'm not sure.
Just make sure you don't face in the direction of Huang
Gai either, otherwise the window will get the 
information it needs to successfully put Huang Gai
back on his own horse. Sadly you can't go any 
further than the boundaries I've just mentioned. 
You've got to keep the same 5 horses on both screens
But you can still have lots of fun, riding around
on the tandem horse. :)

So to summarise the confusion between both windows.
Except I've made it into a crude little story. ;)
Imagine each person is a cameraman and once they
have fixed upon 5 horses in their camera lens, they
no longer have the intelligence to see any more.
Both windows agree with each other that both players
are riding a horse. But since Huang Gai's horse is
invisible there are no more rendering slots, the 
game gets this information from the other window
to fill in the missing gap, but struggles when the
other window cannot provide this information. Then 
when Jiang Wei's window has no more remaining slots
somehow (god knows exactly) both windows come to
a disagreement. When a window has no more slots
remaining it makes an assumption based on previous
information and asks the other window if it agrees.
However when both windows are full, neither can tell
which argument is true. One says Huang Gai is actually 
on a horse that Jiang Wei's window can see, Jiang 
Wei's windows disagrees and quite rightly so say's 
you're talking nonsense, there is noone on this horse,
I've been watching this horse all along and I didn't
see Huang Gai go anywhere near it.
However when Jiang Wei tries to mount the horse,
Jiang Wei's window cannot see the information it 
needs to know for certain whether Huang Gai is
on his own horse or not. Then when Huang Gai attacks
Jiang Wei's window admits defeat as it cannot tell who
is correct and wrongly accepts it has made a mistake 
and both windows gladly accept that both players 
are riding the same horse, even though two people on
the same horse is obviously an illegal operation. 
However as soon as just one window has a free slot 
to check the horse layout, they both realise the 
error of their ways and immediately sort of the 
mess they've been making.

That's roughly what is going on.

I've finally discovered exactly how to make the character 
do the horse jump. Once you've got one of the characters 
on the invisible horse and not shown on the other window.
You need six horses to do this. So seven in total. One
for the invisible horse. What you need to do is get
Jiang Wei to view 5 horses and then move in such a way
that one horse gets left off screen and then another
appears. This is easily achieved since you already
have a row of horses. Simply get the first 5 and then
strafe. As soon as the first horse goes missing and
a sixth horse appears (still five in total) this is
the horse that Huang Gai appears on. The sixth one.
This means you can choose which horse Huang Gai appears
on, also you can turn around and do anything you like
with Jiang Wei, even look at where Huang Gai is MEANT to
be as long as you still have 5 horses on screen. But
you can have LESS than 5 horses on Jiang Wei's. I
have finally discovered it does not matter. The illusion
is only broken if you do two of the following with Jiang 
Wei:- (Remember that Huang Gai don't move him)

- The horse Jiang Wei is riding WILL be shown on Huang 
Gai's window. If it moves off Huang Gai's window then
the bug will stop.

- Looking at where Huang Gai is meant to be stood but
with less than 5 other horses on screen already.

If you're having trouble getting this work still, or
it's too complex for you then I've done the work for you.

I've uploaded a movie file to my website at:-

I'm sorry for the low quality but it's so the file is
not large to download. However you can still see the
double horse mounting bug in action.

NOTE : This file could disappear at any time. If you
can't find it any longer, then I have deleted it or
moved it from my site. If it does disappear and you
can't get the bug to work, e-mail me and I might be
kind enough to put it back up for you.

I still recommend you try getting it to work for
yourself as it's very cool to experience it for real.

Anyway, on the movie clip I've got Diao Chan instead of
Jiang Wei on the bottom screen. As you can see on both
screens I've left Huang Gai idle but at the very end
of the clip I make him do his Musuo. Notice how the Musuo
explosion appears nowhere near either of the characters.
It is shown in the centre of Huang Gai's screen as this
is where the game thinks Huang Gai is. You may need to 
pause the last frame to get a better look. Also note
that the horse is invisible on Huang Gai's screen.

The reason why I'm not on the same level as I've told you
to start on is because I'm doing the invisible elephant 
bug at the same time. See how neatly I've arranged
my elephants and horses ;)

Although this method to achieve the bug is very complex, 
once you know what you're doing, you'll be able to pull 
this off with ease. Just experiment, that's what I always 
do. Amaze your friends with your invisible horse riding
antics but don't give away the trick like I have.
Who knows, you might find something out that I've 
missed. If you do, I'd be of course interested to know.

You see, Koei probably knew about this problem, or a similar
one, but the chances of anyone doing the above method as
part of playing the game. It's not going to happen. As
soon as both players move all these horses off range, 
they're gone. For starters what are the chances of being 
under attack from 5 generals on horses all at the same time 
and the player not moving from the spot in which they were 
put under attack? 
Exactly, it's virtually a non existent event.
It's something you have to blatantly force, it'll never 
happen otherwise. 

So there you have it, hope you enjoyed doing that. 
Difficult to execute, but a very cool bug none the less. :)

With elephants it is much easier. Just choose the defence of
the nanman stage. It's the one at night time. Use the same
method as before except this time you only need a 3 elephants.
Only 3 elephants can be rendered at once but it is 5 horses.
Interestingly the game still renders 3 elephants and 5 horses.
Having one type of creature on screen does not affect the
states of the other. Although I'm fairly convinced that this
affects the Z ordering of the troops, as in less on screen.

Sadly two people on an elephant isn't nearly as cool, for 
starters pressing any attack button moves the elephant and
not the chartacter, this in turn moves the window of
Huang Gai and this almost always moves the screen far too 
much, thus stopping the bug straight away. So it really
is quite useless. Although it's funny seeing the player
riding the invisible elephant as they're high up in the 
air and all you can see is their legs. You can even go 
underneath the character and have a look at their 
underside by using your bow and arrow. Thus proving that
none of the characters (including the women) have nothing
between their legs.

It's funny if an enemy arrives on a horse or an elephant
when there are too many already onscreen because the 
enemy will also be riding an invisible animal. Except for
some unknown reason they'll be trailing along the floor 
instead of at the usual height. King Mulu arrived on his
elephant but instead looked like he was skiing. :)


Remember how I explained about people disappearing in relation
to Z order distance as explained in section 3.2?

Well, it's pretty safe to assume that a character that has
moved off screen is not drawn.

Clipping is a term generally used for the drawing of gfx.
Say for example you have a soldier that you can see but isn't
fully on screen. Such as half of their head is behind a wall
or off the edge of the screen. The unseen portion won't be
drawn to screen as it's been clipped at the edges of the 

Clipping is a good way of stopping illegal drawing operations.
The screen that you view is represented in the computers
memory made up of a series of square dots on screen and 
represented as slots in memory. So the game cannot draw 
outside the screen in the way you think it would do as 
it is an illegal operation and would be overwriting other
parts of memory. 

This technique can also be useful for other purposes. For
example as soon as you get out your bow and arrow a new
factor is added to the graphics drawing algorithm for the
game. A clipping range is added to the camera angle of your
window. In relation to the troops Z ordering, there is now 
a small field around the player. For example get close
to one of your bodyguards and immediately get out your bow 
and arrow, they'll be gone. The game has decided that you
have moved too close to the bodyguard and therefore too
close to the bodyguard. Because the camera view is now
inside your head instead of positioned above you are
now much closer to the action. Therefore this feature
is added to stop people getting too close.

Why does the game do this you're probably wondering?

Well I'll explain why. You've probably noticed on Dynasty
Warriors and also on many other games that when you get
really close to something it can look really blocky or
blurry. Such as using a sniper rifle on a shooting game.
It's generally used to stop you from seeing things too 
close and seeing graphical problems, although it can
be used to gameplay reasons as well.

Almost all 3D graphics on any 3D game, including the Dynasty
Warriors games, they're all made up of meshes.
The character in Dynasty Warriors, the scenery, they're all
meshes. A mesh in it's simplest abstract form is a hollow
object. Remember when you were at school you created a cube
by cutting out a cross made out of 6 squares and then
when folded together it would make a hollow cube?
Like this:-


Everything in 3D is made out of hollow paper-like structures
too. Zhao Yun for example isn't a solid character at all. 
His face, legs and arms, his whole body, it's just hollow.
Now think back to the cube again, remember how at school 
you'd colour each square of your cross before sticking the
cube together? So when you finally stick the cube together
it would have a nice pattern or picture all the way round?

Well this is the general principle behind creating 3D
structures. A flat picture is drawn and then wrapped around
a 3D structure, but the flat picture is drawn in such a 
way that when the wrap has taken place, it creates the 
illusion that it is the object that it is meant to be.
This is the general simplified theory.

Now imagine if you had coloured the opposite side of the
paper. The image or pattern would be contained inside the
cube and not shown on the outside. In real life of course
paper is always double sided. This is the same in the 3D
world of computer games, however it is possible in games
for only one side to be present. So if we went inside the
cube we can see from the outside, it would disappear.
The same goes for a cube that we can only see from the 
inside. Like a square room, as soon as you go outside the
cube, it is no longer there, invisible.
In Dynasty Warriors single and double sided meshes are
used for various things.

It doesn't matter if you don't exactly understand, but
as long as you know everything in Dynasty Warriors is 

When you're playing Dynasty Warriors you are playing 
under the illusion that all the characters are full 
bodied people and for pretty much the entire game (and 
any other game) this is partly true. 

For example the scenery is only one sided, the side that you 
can see. If you were able to walk outside the map you would
no longer be able to see the cliff as the other side is
empty and transparent. Of course the game won't let you go
outside as the collision detection prevents you from doing

However this is a really simple example since the 
boundaries of the level are fairly straight and easy to
check against. However these checks are fairly primitive 
as they do not take into account character size and style.
You've only got to watch Guan Yu running very close to
a wall directly on his right hand side and notice that 
the end of his spear is inside the wall.
Another one is to choose Zhao Yun and then say Meng Huo
as the other player, it's possible to position both
characters next to each other so that as Zhao Yun jumps
up and down he is repeatedly poking Meng Huo through
the chest.

Though it's pretty much impossible to check for things 
like this. Since this doesn't affect gameplay however
it doesn't really matter. But you can still get some
quite interesting gfx.

The water and sky are the simplest parts of the level.
They're completely flat surfaces with a picture of a sky
or water on them. If you were to go above the sky, again
there would be nothing on the other side.  

Another object type is that of a flat surface that always
faces your view. Can often be known as sprites or quads.
These are used to display things like the swaying grass
and other information such as the names of generals.

You probably might think that these are just printed 
directly on top of the gfx after everything else is
drawn, but this is not entirely the case. You've only
got to encounter a boss that is fighting right next 
a wall or mountain and see that some of their name 
and energy bar is obscured into the wall. This is 
because half of the sprite containing this information
is also inside the wall.

Now lets imagine a real life camera man in a film. 
You could move and point the camera anywhere you like
but you are unable to move the camera through solid 
objects such as a wall, person or tree. However this
is not the case with computer games, anything goes
through anything. Collision detection does not come as
standard, it must be programmed into the game.
This is one of the main problems with 3D computer games
that use a camera emulated systems.

When you're playing Dynasty Warriors the view of the 
camera is set above the player, this is not only so
you can see behind the player but also so people do
not appear directly in the camera. If no checks
were performed on objects too near the camera, objects
could take up the entire view, if this were to happen
in Dynasty Warriors not only would you not be able to
see what you doing, but it'd probably scare you to
death as well. Imagine if when you went into bow
and arrow mode and when the camera went directly
into your head you could see inside of it? That
of course be an undesired effect, but WOULD happen
if Koei did not prevent it.

If you're stood right next to a cliff facing it then 
you can see it. But if you turn around and also change
your view so it is now behind you then you can no longer
see it. If the cliff was textured both sides then you
would be able to see the cliff and would unfortunately
no longer be able to see yourself or what you were
doing, another undesired effect. The cliff would be a 
complete mirror image of the other side. As if you'd
painted one side of the paper and the colour had
stained through right to the other side.

As far as I can tell everything in the entire game
consists of one sided meshes, except for horses and
elephants. I'll explain why in a moment.
Double sided objects take up twice as processing power
as single sided objects due to the fact both sides need
to be drawn. Of course if you don't draw both sides you
have the added bonus of being able to still see because
once the camera is inside the object you can still
see out of it. The benefit on one sided meshes is that
they take less processing power and thus more objects
can be put on screen. One of the main reasons why the 
elephant is transparent is because when it obscures your 
view you need to be able to see through it but not make
it vanish during play. If it was not double sided then
you would not be able to see the elephant at all and
thus the elephant would be somewhere where you probably
wouldn't think it would be.
On Dynasty Warriors 4 the elephant is transparent all
the time you are riding it when you are moving forwards
so you can see where you are stamping and the enemies
in front of you. I'm not sure if this addition was
necessary to be honest since you can see people on the
mini map.

Ok, enough technical talk. Now lets see some action ;)
This is for Dynasty Warriors 4 but this should also
work for the other Dynasty Warriors, but since I haven't 
tested this, I am not totally sure.

Firstly start a 2 player game and pick Zhao Yun and 
anyone else for the other player. As soon as you start
get as close to Zhao Yun as you can with the other player
and go into bow and arrow mode. Position yourself next
to Zhao Yun's spear. Don't stand too close otherwise
he'll disappear in the clipping range and won't be
shown. If you get it right the tip of Zhao Yun's spear
should disappear as it comes into range with the camera.
It will be so close that it'll go through the view and
you'll be able to see inside of it. Notice how it is
hollow inside, once one edge is missing, you can't see
the other half of the spear. You can do this with any
character that leans their weapon in a direction away
from them.

Now get a horse and an elephant. Make sure you are not
riding them and then get as close as you can near the 
head. Then go into bow and arrow mode and aim directly 
at the head. You should now be able to see directly
inside. You shouldn't be alarmed by what you see.
For example if you look up towards the top of the elephant
you will be able to see the saddle, but from the 
underside of the elephant. Same with the horse, seeing
as these animals are double sided you are able to see
the other half of the mesh. What you see is what I 
explained earlier, the inside texturing of a hollow mesh.

The clipping tries to prevent this by making sure other 
objects do not get close to the camera. This is true
for troops, it makes people too close to the camera
invisible, but it just doesn't work with animals or
characters that have weapons that point outwards.

You can get a better look at your objects by aiming
at enemies that are at a distance. What you do is aim
at the enemies and then when you are fully zoomed in
move the player away from battle with the other player 
on a horse, gradually pushing the player away from
battle. You'll need to keep L1 pressed though with
the zoomed in player at all times. But you're be
able to focus on things at a much greater zoom.

The clipping area will still be the same but now you
have more magnification. Simply put a character
fairly close and then focus on that character. You'll be 
able to get REALLY close of views of the people, far
closer than anything you'll have seen before. You can
look up close at anything you like. 
Especially if the other player brings along a horse 
and an elephant for a close-up inside the bodies.

Yet again, whilst none of this is useful in any way 
gameplay wise. You just may find it interesting.



I suppose not particularly useful tactics. But I couldn't 
think of a better name for this section. I shall be generally
explaining a few good game playing tips to help you on your


Always use the analogue stick for precise movement.
The direction pad is useless, don't use it. Running through
enemy territory and aiming yourself up for battle is just
useless with the direction pad.
I've actually worn out my left analogue stick in the upwards 
part of the pad whilst playing this game. So when I push up, 
the stick often gets stuck in that position, allowing me to 
run forward hands free :)


Except for Dynasty Warriors 2 you can equip items for use in
battle. For Dynasty Warriors 3 and Extreme I'd ALWAYS equip


and on later levels


I'll explain, bow defence is important, but not until level 3 
or after as they are too weak on earlier levels. The scroll
that allows you to use your flaming Musuo. It's the most
important one, your flaming Musuo is so damaging. Because the
burning effect gradually inflicts damage, even the weakest
of characters can do heavy damage to bosses.
I'd certainly prefer Musuo charge over attack up. You want
to be doing your Musuo as much as possible as it is very
effective, far more damaging than just having extra attack.
I always kill more people with Musuo charge instead of attack
up in comparison to my mate on a 2 player game, even if he uses
a more powered up character. Defence, HP and Flaming Musuo are
the must have 3 items for any character anytime.
Ignore Musuo up, you want to be able to do your Musuo as 
frequently as possible as it is a fail safe in almost any
situation. Being able to do it for long periods of time is
useless. I sometimes like to play and bow attack up when I 
have a character such as Yuan Shao that has +60 bow attack on
his maximum secret weapon. A bow attack of +120 is VERY
powerful. Combine with the charge arrow fire and it kills 
almost everyone in one hit. Gate Captains and Generals die in
5-10 arrows. You can even kill the end of level bosses in 15 or 
so arrows. Very good and very effective. Then you can finally
put those 99 arrows to use that you can often have by the end
of a stage.

If playing on Dynasty Warriors 4 I'd equip these in order of
importance as slots appear in your rank.

-- your own choices --

You might wonder why I recommend defence up before hp up.
Think of it like this. If you could double your defence or
double your hit points the results would be the same.
Losing 5 hp out of a max of 50 would be the same as losing
10hp out of a max of 100, depending on which powerup you
chose. Although the effects are the same on how many hits
you take. It's a disadvantage when it comes to needing food
as you will need to eat twice as much to get back to full
health. So get that smaller bar but with higher defence.

You also don't want to equip attack up too early in the game
or at all in early stages as you'll kill bosses too quickly
and not get much weapon experience whilst fighting them.
During 2 player games, you will want to be as weak as possible
because there will be roughly half of the experience going
round from the bosses, so you'll want to be hitting them
as much as possible, you could even let them hit you down
so they use health items, thus allowing you to hit them
for longer.
If you have a third slot free early on, I'd recommend speed
up so you can finish the levels quicker.

I'd also equip break element as you can get weapon exp from
bosses even that block, until your character has 5 or 6 hits
in their weapon and then I'd change to flame element.
Then you can perform the simple uppercut and then juggle
burning people to great damaging effect. Lightning is also
good for characters that have large swings or earthquake style
stomps. I'd not recommend the other 3 to be honest. As you can
inflict more damage using the others. But remember that flaming
attacks are definitely not as strong as they are on the
other games.


I don't particularly dislike any character that much.

My favourite characters are:-

Zhou Yu, Jiang Wei, Lu Meng, Zhou Tai, Xiahou Dun, Zhao Yun

In that order. Because of how they look and fight. Not if
they're actually any good or not. Zhou Yu I find has the best
selection of moves. On Dynasty Warriors 2 his charge 3 attack
made him one of the coolest characters to be, and his running 
attack on the other games is one of the best in the game, with
its multiple hit potential.
Of course Lu Bu is probably the most effective character. 
But he's not one of my favourites as he's so powerful that 
playing him if a bit dull. I still think he's the best character
in Dynasty Warriors 2, his moves weren't THAT long range, he
also has the best voice used ingame in Dynasty Warriors 2 also.
Jiang Wei and Lu Meng are similar and in fact quite difficult
characters to use, but I like to be challenged and like playing
quirky characters, they also look cool too. Zhou Tai is
generally really effective, I especially love his one
sided horse attack, making him the best person to ever use
on a horse. Xiahou Dun is a cool character too in that 
he steps forwards so quickly when he moves.
And Zhao Yun, another cool looking character that can be 
fairly hard to use, but with some quality moves, like Jiang Wei
and Lu Meng. I suppose Zhang Liao should get a mention since
he's a lot like Lu Meng. Ma Chao and Jiang Wei, were in fact the
exact same character in Dynasty Warriors 2, as were Lu Meng and
Zhang Liao. 
I used to like Dian Wei on Dynasty Warriors 2 but they just 
keep making him weaker and weaker and his axe smaller and 
smaller as more DW games are created.

I'm not a particularly a big fan of really slow characters 
like Meng Huo and Zhu Rong though, although these two have
been made a lot better on Dynasty Warriors 4.

For powering up characters, I try to find all the +10 life
up powerups I can but IGNORING all the Musuo up ones. The 
trick is to have as much life as you can but as little
Musuo as possible. This is so you can do your Musuo as much
as possible. Think of it like this, equipped with flaming
Musuo, when your Musuo bar runs out you have a guaranteed
number of extra hits. This is very useful, lets take for 
example Liu Bei, his attack is great, an extra 6 hits in
his Musuo. One long Musuo just isn't effective because you
do these extra hits less often. Consider two smaller Musuo 
attacks which are better than one big long one.

This concerns Dynasty Warriors 3 and Extreme Legends more
than Dynasty Warriors 4. On Dynasty Warriors 2, the Musuo
and health are the same thing, so it's always best to
get the life up in any circumstances, you just have to cope
with not being able to do your Musuo as often.

Lets say you had a Musuo of 50 or a Musuo of 100. Lets 
imagine that a Musuo of 50 gives you 6 hits, so a Musuo of 
100 would give you 12. With me so far? Now lets add a flaming
Musuo powerup to Liu Bei and imagine a scenario where you
had hit enough enemies to equal getting 100 units added
to your Musuo bar and then immediately performing your
Musuo once on full. So for example you'd need to do 2 
Musuo attacks with the 50 length bar to equal 100. 
Below are the results:-

50 = 6 hits + 6 hits
50 = 6 hits + 6 hits
Total = 24 hits

100 = 12 hits + 6 hits
Total = 18 hits

and now lets imagine another example. A Musuo of 25:-

25 = 3 hits + 6 hits
25 = 3 hits + 6 hits
25 = 3 hits + 6 hits
25 = 3 hits + 6 hits
Total = 36 hits

and now for 10:-

10 = 1 hits + 6 hits
10 = 1 hits + 6 hits
10 = 1 hits + 6 hits
10 = 1 hits + 6 hits
10 = 1 hits + 6 hits
10 = 1 hits + 6 hits
10 = 1 hits + 6 hits
10 = 1 hits + 6 hits
10 = 1 hits + 6 hits
10 = 1 hits + 6 hits
Total = 70 hits

As you can see for best results, make sure you have a small bar.
So rather ironically, the smaller your Musuo bar, the LONGER
you are in it, you can also perform it more often. So shorter 
is longer. And this is another reason why I also always equip 
Musuo Charge. This makes you very strong in battle, I pretty
much always save my Musuo for boss battles, with a small
bar I can wait till they attack, perform my flaming Musuo and
then afterwards have it charged up again in only a couple of
swings to nearby enemies. It really does help your character
become 3 or 4 times stronger than they actually are, by having
this invulnerable attack to blast everyone away, almost at 
anytime too. The burning status effect is also very damaging to
any boss, even against Lu Bu with a very weak character.

If you're hitting Lu Bu and barely even making a dent in his
health, one Musuo can do 50-100 times more damage than this.
The burning effect will gradually wear down the damage, and
as long as you keep him in mid air, the burning will continue
to remove his health. If you combine this with the infinite
combo trick which I will describe later in section 4.5 you
can have a boss in mid air indefinitely until they decide
to jump out of it, you can deal some really serious damage 
doing this. With Lu Bu I keep doing this to him, normally
you can't knock him down
It's easiest with Xu Zhu on a low rank, you keep hitting Lu
Bu but as soon as you finish you fall down to safety, then
you can run away easily, charge up your bar by holding down
circle from a safe distance and repeat the process until Lu
Bu dies, and it doesn't take too long to kill him either. 
The burning effect is devastating, I always take on Lu Bu
now regardless of how weak my character is. With tricks like
this you can take out Lu Bu anytime, and often without taking
a hit at all.
Another great trick to do when you're on a low rank is equip
the flaming arrow powerup. As Lu Bu approaches perform your
charge arrow so it'll stun him. Wait till he gets close and
then fire it, as soon as it hits, immediately start juggling
him with the infinite combo as long as you can. You should
aim to be able to put your bow away and immediately be in
range to start hitting. Then you can juggle his burning
body, without even needing to use your flaming Musuo. Or
combine both techniques for a quick victory.

Although this burning has been toned down a lot on Dynasty 
Warriors 4, the speed the health bar moves down is much


If you get big combos on bosses or gate captains you can 
increase the value of the item you will receive out of it.
On Dynasty Warriors 2 it doubled every 8 hits.
So with a 24 hit combo you could get a +8 defence or attack
out of a +1. But you needed 16 to get a +2 to +4
So you couldn't just double it once. But it was very difficult
to get 8 hits anyway, unless you had a 10 second full Musuo
powerup handy.

On Dynasty Warriors 3 and Extreme Legends you could only 
upgrade to a +2, and this required 8 hits or over.

Unfortunately ignore all this if you're playing Dynasty 
Warriors 4 as some idiot decided to take this feature out.
Also, gate captains give you food instead!?!


It isn't a well known secret that large combos on normal troops
gives you +50 food or +5 arrows. You need an 8 or more combo
on Dynasty Warriors 2 and the for the other games 16 or more.

I swear though the game is biased into giving you food when
you're about to die and arrows when you have none and have
already got full health. It seems to always give you what
you don't need.

With almost all the characters in Dynasty Warriors 3
and Extreme Legends. It's possible to keep using your charge
1 and charge 4 attacks over and over again. To keep juggling
an enemy forever.
I've had a 300 hit combo on one boss that I juggled him across
half of the map before being hit by someone else.
Useful for getting food out of regular enemies. Some enemies
attack so fast that you can just attack 3 or 4 times with
square, stop the combo and then start again.
It's very difficult to do this on Dynasty Warriors 4 though.
Especially because the charge 4 uppercut move seems to make
the enemy come back down at fairly random positions, not
to mention that the descend of the bodies coming down is
much quicker. In fact it's so much faster that annoyingly
some people drop them during their Musuo, Guan Yu springs
to mind.


You get bonus points for surviving body guards and surviving
allied generals. Although you do lose bonus this way too, even
going into negative values. On Dynasty Warriors Extreme you
could also get more points for doing combos.

This is basically doing as many different moves as possible 
without there being much time taken between each move. 
This includes all 6 hits, all 6 charge attacks, jumping 
attack and Musuo. The more you do the higher your combo goes.
Until you get a perfect score of 100, your highest combo score
is remember until it is 100. So you can't keep getting 60's and
then expect 300. The game only remembers the 100's and your 
next best game. So achieving 60, 80, 100 and then 35. Will only
give you 135. You need to get as many 100's as you can. Easy
once you get the hang of it, I've managed to do get scores of
3000, more than even killing 10 enemy generals or 400ish 

Getting a maximum of 100 requires you to use most of your 
moves at least once. Quite easy when you're against lots of 
people. I'd say the hardest moves to pull off are generally 
charge 2 and charge 3 moves. SST and SSST. Depending on the
character. If you're Zhuge Liang, Sima Yi or Xu Zhu. I'd
forget about even trying to attempt a combo. Xu Zhu is so slow
and the fan boys can't juggle to save their lives.

What I generally start off with is a charge 2 or 3 attack 
within a group of enemies. Then immediately go into a charge 1
attack and then juggle the same enemy into a charge 4 attack.
Depending on the character I'd then either wait for them to come
back down and perform a charge 5 attack or use all six hits.
Or I'd chase after them by hitting T again and then dive and 
use the jumping attack hitting the same person and continue
into a charge 5 attack or six hits this way. By now you 
should be on 70 or 80, which just leaves a charge 1 or charge 2
or flaming Musuo to get a 100. You can even carry on trying to
get another 100 if you like.
Sounds complex but it isn't with practice. You'll be doing it
non stop with some quicker characters. What you need is lots
of enemies around. If you get hit out of your combo, 
immediately Musuo to carry on the combo, always use the Musuo
last in case you need to rely on it in this way.

4.7 9999

The maximum amount of points you can get from killing enemy 
troops. Killing 1000 exactly gives you 5000 points exactly.
Any kill after this mark gives you a lot more points. For 
example 1200 kills will give you 7500 points. So 1000-1400 
kills is proportional to points range of 5000-9999.
1400 kills is the magic number. Anything over 1400, you still
get 9999. So once you get that amount finish the level. 
If you kill lots of generals too you can get in excess of 
15000 rank points. A great way to rank up very quickly. 
The quickest way to charge up your rank is to start the 
easiest level and charge directly up to the final general
of the level. You should get around 2000 points if you finish
the level in under 5 minutes. Repeating this 4 more times
gives you around 10,000 more points. Although this technique 
is far more boring and tedious than getting a high kill
count, although it does have the advantage that both players
get this high speed finish bonus, with the high kill count,
only one player gets it. So you could argue you get around
4000. Also make sure you equip the strongest bodyguards you
have, surviving bodyguards gives you a lot of points too,
and the higher the rank they are, the more you get.


Archers are another good way to gain extra points. On Dynasty
Warriors 4 make sure as soon as you start you press select 
twice so your bodyguards do not move. You'll then get the 
bonus for them being alive. In Dynasty Warriors 3 and Extreme
Legends always turn them off. They die far too quickly and
just eat into your bonus, thus making you rank up more slower.


On Dynasty Warriors 3 and Extreme Legends any army that is
8 stars on your own team is practically invulnerable.
This is especially good if you are in a team with many bosses.
By killing 2 or 3 generals you give the entire team 2 or 3 
stars extra. Any sub bosses will also have 8 stars. On many
levels this means your sub bosses will go around as 
unstoppable killing machines. If you happen to be part of
the main leader on your team. Then it means you'll never
have to go back to HQ and help, no matter how badly you
are doing in the battle.
The slight disadvantage is that although it's rare for anyone
to die on 8 stars. If they are on low health they will still
die sooner or later. But because they are so high in morale 
they'll never cry for help and will die without warning. Just
make sure this is not your leader, don't leave your main guy
in battle for too long if you can help it. Although this
will only happen if two armies both on 8 stars collide.


There is nothing more annoying than trying to mount a horse
or an elephant and being repeatedly knocked off. You can
make things easier for yourself by immediately going into 
your Musuo as soon you mount to avoid being knocked back
down. Then you can move away to safety whilst in your Musuo 


Lets face it, unless we're talking about sub generals. The
rest of the army is fairly useless. Am I right?

However, that's no reason to dismiss them, although not
as useful in actual fighting, they are very useful in
other situations.

If you're all alone every single archer will target you,
you're wide in the open, but when you're with your army the
archers will be firing at all your army, thus the chances of
you getting hit are quite slim, and even if you are being
targeted by every single archer, the chances of it hitting
someone else before it getting to you are very high in a
big crowd.

You've probably found it hard yourself to fire at a general
whilst they're fighting in a large crowd. The same problem
can also work in your favour too.

The other great point is that they are great fodder and 
decoys. If you didn't have an army everyone would come for
you. Including every single boss, making life for yourself
very hard. They're best for bosses, a wimp hitting a general
in the back, even if they cause no damage is great as it
makes them turn around to whack that person, or at least
distract them long enough for you to hit them in the back.

You've probably ran away from a boss before into your own
army, screaming at your fellow generals and army to come 
and help you, and then they do. Lu Bu springs to mind.
He can follow you forever unless he gets hit by someone else
in your army. My favourite trick is to lure a boss into a
load of allied archers. Then all you need to do is repeatedly
attack, they won't be able to block forever as they'll keep
getting hit by arrows. The arrows won't do much damage, but 
the boss will be at your mercy, and will die very easily from
your whacks.


Apart from very rare or very impossible circumstances, such
as trying to complete the final stage on the hardest setting
with someone you haven't used before, I think it's possible
to complete every single level, no matter how badly you are
doing. You can certainly going through the Musuo mode from
start to finish without having to charge them up elsewhere.

The toughest is that of Dynasty Warriors 2, starting from the
first stage and completing all 5, all on hard. It's very hard,
but still not impossible.

Some of my most enjoyable Dynasty Warriors experiences have
been from situations where only me and the general leader have
been left, taking on the entire army by ourselves.
During a 2 player, the 3 of you taking on the entire world
is a highly exciting experience. This is where the brilliance
of the double Musuo also come into play, ignore this sentence
however if playing Dynasty Warriors 4 though, as the double
Musuo is surprisingly very crap.
It simply isn't necessary to restart the stage or powerup up
your character in free mode if things aren't going your way.
In fact I would consider that to be cheating. For me it's the
hardest setting all the way, I want the hardest challenge.

Here are some useful tips on how to survive when there are 
just you and your leader left. Firstly read sections 4.2
and 4.3 explained earlier, incase you haven't already. It
is vital you have your character equipped as best as 
possible, this will help you a lot in the long run.
Equipping meatbun recovery up will also help if you can
spare a slot. True Musuo, Musuo charge up, meatbun recovery
up, HP Up and Defence Up are the ones I'd always equip if
I knew a tough level was coming up, although I'd definitely
have Bow Defence instead of meatbun recovery if the level
is known to have lots of annoying archers on it.

Depending on the stage there may be some pots nearby. Save
these in an absolute emergency, never open them just because
you're not on full health, use them only when even one hit
from the weakest person in the whole world would kill you.
As you never know when the next food may suddenly arrive.
Since you're basically making the last stand, you won't be
moving anywhere, you'll be fighting on this very spot until
the entire enemy army is destroyed, or all of them except
for the main general.

Since you're on your own and heavily outnumbered, it's almost
guaranteed that your leader is on 0 stars of morale and almost
everyone else on 8. So it's useless even thinking about
morale boosting, any extra you do get will simply be stamped
out almost immediately. Your main concern are archers, 
hopefully you'll have equipped the true Musuo powerup so 
you'll always be able to perform it. Getting low on health
will be your biggest problem, not in the fact you are about
to die, but because you have to stay in the heat of the 
battle. The very instant that the general you are standing
with goes off range, they will be guaranteed dead within
around 10 seconds. So running away isn't an option, unless
you're on a 2 player game perhaps and at least one player
can stay guarding the leader. Being near death can actually
be quite useful as long as no archers are around, you
can tell when you're near death because your energy bar will
be red and your Musuo gauge will charge up constantly without
even hitting anyone, your Musuo bar will charge up at the 
speed of light providing it is small and you have Musuo 
charge up equipped. Meaning that you can Musuo practically 
all the time, the main benefit of course is that during
your Musuo you are completely invulnerable. If there are lot
of bosses or archers around you can simply run around in 
circles and wait for your bar to fill up before attacking.
Or jump in circles if archers are around. If you're near 
death it's always best to attack the huge army in hope that
someone will drop food, ignore the bosses, but reverse when
you're on full health, go straight for the bosses. Keep the
army alive as long as possible and therefore preserve the
food contained within it. On a 2 player game it's best
for the person on the most health to go for the archers that
often build up around the edges of the battle ground.
On Dynasty Warriors 3 and Extreme Legends, getting these
archers will be incredibly difficult. Finding them will be 
hard enough because there will be so many people at all
times around you, use your mini map.
Even when you do find the archers they'll almost immediately
vanish due to the Z order problem and then even worse have
run away without you seeing them. It's best to just dive
in there, do your flaming Musuo attack and just hope for
the best. You will kill them eventually, but it'll be
far harder than normal. You will get shot a lot by the 
archers in the meantime. Usually the archers will aim for one
player, often the player who is nearest where the army are
arriving from. It can sometimes be better for the player who
isn't been aimed upon to find the archers, not only will they
not see you coming, but when they do, it'll reduce the number
of arrows beign aimed at that player. Your health can go
down very quickly by archers if you don't sort them out quick.
You can't see them, but they can see you. The biggest problem
is although the enemy arrows would normally just hit the army
around you, because there are so many at this period, only
the army behind you is drawn, you kind of get a half doughnut
shape of enemies attacking you. As soon as you Musuo this
doughnut, almost immediately the other half appear.
Since the invisible people around you are invisible, they are
also invisible to the enemy arrows shooting at you. In other
words, the arrows being fired at you from the direction 
you are facing, they won't hit the army that is stood there.
It should do, but won't because they are invisible. You can 
minimise the blow by facing away from where the archers are
standing, if they're in range behind but not on screen they'll
hit the foreground enemies trying to attack you instead. 
But the chances of you keeping the screen still whilst fighting
are nigh on impossible. You're relatively safe during a 
1 player when engulfed all around from enemies.
If one player is about to die, save your game and come back.
At least if you die you can try again. Double Musuo if your
best friend in these circumstances, stick together. You
should aim to have all 3 of you as close as possible. The 
enemy has a harder time of hitting you this way. As a
general AI rule, an enemy will fight the nearest opponent who
is nearest, or the person that hit them last. As you'll be so
close together it's likely that one player will hit enemies
going for the other player, and vice versa and this will
happen constantly. With bosses this is ideal, as they will die
much quicker. It's also means your leader will get hit less
often. As soon as both of your Musuo bars are on full, get
together, get in the middle of all the enemies and let rip.
Your best friend in these hectic situations are the attack x2
powerups. Since you're likely to be hitting a minimum of 5 
people every time you swing your weapon, attack x2 really
helps you deal some serious damage, even on the hardest of

The best characters in Double Musuo are Pang Tong, Meng Huo,
Zhen Ji and Da Qiao. There are two things that these 
characters have in common, they all have Musuo attacks where
the character does not move (well at least not very much with
Meng Huo and Pang Tong) and Musuo attacks where when a 
person is trapped within it, they are captured and constantly hit 
until the Musuo ends. They're also one of the few Musuo 
attacks where whoever you start hitting, will not suddenly 
disappear from view in heavy crowds like what normally 
happens during a 2 player game. So once hit, always hit.

For the first three, their Musuos are almost the same. 
Except Pang Tong's has a better vertical range and
has more hits during the flaming Musuo part, Meng Huo and 
Zhen Ji also have many hits during the flaming Musuo part, but
because Meng Huo's attacks are from the floor and Zhen Ji's is
a circular ring in the air, they don't have as much vertical
coverage and as such can sometimes miss. With Pang Tong 
however you can have enemies blasting right off the top of
the screen as his Musuo vertical range is so devastating.
Da Qiao is less effective as she only has about 45-90 degrees
range whereas the others have a full 360 degrees. Although
her Musuo is still pretty effective for its juggle potential.

You're probably wondering what's so good about these 
characters and their Musuo attacks. You may have written these
characters off before as being rubbish if you didn't like
the fact they couldn't move during their Musuo attacks. 

Well if you imagine you were Pang Tong and ran into a big
crowd of enemies and used your flaming Musuo. You'd 
probably kill all the enemies in the crowd, each of which you'd
deal 10 to 11 hits. Now imagine doing a double Musuo with
Pang Tong, whilst the lightning of the double Musuo is
nowhere near as effective as the flaming Musuo, the fact that
bodies will be bouncing about all over the place will almost
guarantee that at least 1 person will be hit 16 times. Thus
allowing you get some more food or arrows. Put say Pang Tong
and Zhen Ji together as you have probably the most devastating
Musuo possible. Each character will be hit for a minimum of
20 times as both players will be hitting the same enemies.
Once the Musuo has finished you will have between 10 and 20 
sets of food and arrows lying around. And that's every single
time you do the double Musuo. Of course with this food
supply, you'll never die. You'll be spoilt for choice.

Although you probably won't have these characters grouped 
together as all 4 are on different sides and Meng Huo 
cannot be selected on most of the regular levels anyway
during the Musuo mode. 

But even with a combination such as Pang Tong and Zhang Fei.
The person playing Zhang Fei can go around hitting all
the enemies that Pang Tong has trapped in his explosion of
destruction, you could spin round spin Pang Tong and get
a few hits on almost all of them. You'll probably only get 
1 or 2 lots of food during each Musuo but this will be 
fine. Especially considering in normal circumstances you 
wouldn't be getting any extra. I know I said before that
you should always aim to have a very low Musuo bar so
that you can do it often, well in the case of these 4 
characters I'd say the opposite. The higher the Musuo bar
the better, sure you won't do your Musuo as often as you
would want too, but if you get it high enough to be able
to do 16 hits with the flaming Musuo every time you do
the Musuo, you'll become an arrow and food creating machine.
You'll be able to get food every single time you do your
Musuo by yourself, and during a Double Musuo, be able to
produce as much food as if the other player were another
Pang Tong/Zhen Ji or Meng Huo. Da Qiao of course should
be kept in the same direction as when she starts her
Musuo so at least for the people you start hitting, they
get hit multiple times. 
Zhen Ji are Da Qiao are slightly better characters in 
general for fighting since Pang Tong and Meng Huo are 
fairly short range. Pang Tong is a little clumsy also, 
whilst Meng Huo is incredibly slow at attacking at all.

I'd have to say the worse characters for Musuo are Zhu Rong
and Xiao Qiao. Xiao Qiao's is just so difficult to steer, whilst
Zhu Rongs is just so hard to aim with and the juggle potential
is none existent. Most people say Xiao Qiao is better because 
she has a better Musuo, I disagree, and for the reasons I've 
just mentioned. Xiao Qiao's Musuo is just too hard to steer
to be 100% effective. Sometimes it is great, other times it
is not.

Zhuge Liang and Sima Yi can also be more effective than you 
might think. They have no juggle potential either like
Zhu Rong but can hit enemies far and wide due to the beams 
travelling off into the distance.
What I tend to do is perform my Musuo in the direction
my partner is. This is so the lazer beams inflict damage on
my screen and then inflict damage to all the enemies on my
mates screen too, pretty much doubling the effectiveness of the
move. Since I can see the other player, the computer processes
the beams as far as you can see, and as soon as it appears on
the other player's screen the computer will process it there too.
However had I not faced in the direction of my mate so I could 
see him and fired off screen in his general direction. It's 
likely they would have been lost, unless my mate happened to 
be facing me at the same time. As is the general rule in 
Dynasty Warriors' general processing,
'Once you've seen it go disappear, it's always gone'

Fast characters also have the edge, especially ones that step
forward, Xiahou Dun is probably the best of the lot as not
only is he quick, he strides forward a lot with each swing.
Often a boss will try to attack you in the back but you'll
have walked away by simple attacking. Characters with big
swings or ones that have big stomp attacks like Zhang Fei and
Huang Gai are also very effective. This is what also makes
Pang Tong and Zhen Ji so effective as their charge 6 attack
is a wide range move like the stomp attacks, except with Zhen
Ji it is even better as it doubles up as a stunning as well.

If you hold out long enough you should eventually win and
have defeated everyone on the map. Sadly, if the last
general does not come to you, you'll have to give chase.
And by yourself, it's still possible of course, but it'd
be nice to have some support. The harder part is over though.
If you managed to survive then well done to you, you've just
passed the greatest Dynasty Warriors test, we've done this
many times though now, and it's become second nature.

Although in Dynasty Warriors 4, the game is generally so much
eaiser that you rarely get to be in this situation anymore.



The best new feature on Dynasty Warriors 4 Extreme Legends is
the Xtreme mode. With my hints and tips I will teach you how
to survive for eternity.

First of all keep playing as normal until you've managed to 
get a significantly high level in HP/Atk/Def and Musuo up.
You must also have achieved the Red Hare Saddle to make things

Ok start off with Lu Bu. He's by far the best character and
he will allow us to cheat in a way so it's almost impossible
to get hit. The emphasis of this strategy is NEVER getting hit
at all costs.

Our objective is to get powered up as quickly as possible and 
always choose the stage with the highest level of bosses.
Make sure you avoid all those novelty levels where you have to
find a monster and such like. The fire breathing carts are 
deadly and we want to stick to simple stages where we fight 

I cannot stress this point enough. NEVER choose the Nanman 
stages. Your allies are stupid, the poison is deadly, 
charging elephants are deadly. It's just not worth it.

You will be more than familiar with the shop and how the more
items you buy the more expensive things will be. The trick is
to make sure you don't buy anything until ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY.
In this way the price will always be cheap. Never buy archers 
and other crap unit types. Save your money.

Recruit your allies as quickly as possible whenever you can.
I'd definitely choose Guan Yu when he is available. He's the
second best character and as such you should definitely get him
if you can. Make sure you choose wisely.
The other good characters are Cao Cao, Liu Bei, Sun Jian,
Sun Quan etc. Basically any of the characters that are fast and 
have wide swings. Avoid all of the women and other crap short
range characters like Taishi Chi. I'd even recommend Zhang Jiao.
Despite him being fairly crappy in battle you often fight 
against and boy is he deadly. It's impossible to kill him without
taking at least some damage so having him on your team means
you will never encounter him. If you get to around Level 15 and
you still haven't got 3 good characters in your team then I
may consider starting again unless someone good comes along
soon. Make sure you don't collect any female characters during
those tasks where you have to deliver women to Zhang Jiao.

Never buy the passes to skip levels unless you're over Level 75. 
Otherwise it's a waste of valuable experience time on easier

As general tips equip the fire orb as soon as it is available. 
Ignore the other orbs. Never use lightning as flying bodies
can often hurt your own allies.

Be wary of characters with a fireball as their triangle attack.
Luckily you can see these characters doing this move a mile off.

Be very wary of characters like Zhen Ji and Xiahou Yuan as their
triangle attacks are pretty deadly if they catch you off guard.
Look out for Huang Gai's bombs!

The moment you sense a character about to jump and slam 
into the ground then jumping attack our of the danger or do 
your musuo.

Ok, lets start off with the basics.
Always buy the menacles to give yourself extra points. Do the 
same with the escort but only when you're got at least 5 hits 
in your weapon, at least 1 ally and not on a Kingdom stage.

Out of Lu Bu's moves. Never use S,T to uppercut. It's pretty
crappy. Also never ever ever ever ever use S,S,S,S,T the 
chances of this ever hitting are small and the chances of you
getting hit are high. Avoid it like the plague.

Lu Bu's S,S,T attack is the best in the game. You move forward
whilst you're doing it, it swings all round your head and it 
ends with a stun attack allowing you to do it again without
fear of getting hit once you've finished the move. Use this 
move nearly all of the time because it is so effective.
It's even better once you get S,S,T,T and S,S,T,T,T.
S,S,S,T is ok but I wouldn't use it when you have allies because
the damage it causes when knocking enemies flying around is 
pretty high.

Lu Bu starts off pretty hard so it will be easy to kill enemies
even from the start of the game.
When they appear run towards the centre of each five and perform
your S,S,T to the character in the centre. In most cases you 
should kill the other 4 characters in the first few hits but 
usually this will be enough to completely obliterate the lot of 
them. Once you've got your fire orb they will be stunned and then 
you can simply repeat over and over again.

Your main concern is Archers. If you're surrounded by bosses 
then run away, if they're alone then jump about like a loony
until you reach. Then do your Musuo to avoid getting hit.
Your allies will also help. Archers are your greatest fear
so watch out for them.

The trick to never getting hit is to move sideways doing this 
move when you're surrounded. Attack to the right and then when
the move finished attack to the left. This will spin the 
camera round a fair bit and will ensure the enemy never gets 
the time to attack you as they're often off screen.

Never attack a boss about to die from the front otherwise you
might get flaming musoud. Or at least make sure you have
a musuo spare when attacking from the front so that you can 
retaliate when he/she starts their own.

Save your Musuo at all times for archers or retaliating when
you're about to be hit. Lu Bu powers up his Musuo bar
very quickly so you will have this in your reserve often.
While Lu Bu's musuo may not be too effective it's more useful
because of the way he spins. It's far more useful in True Musuo
because the final hit causes an explosion similar to the S,S,T

I'd start off first with Attack up so you can clear the stages 
quickly. Then you should get defend up when you
level up to 2 slots. Thirdly get HP up, make sure you equip it when 
you're on full health otherwise you'll extend the bar as empty.
For the final slot I'd either use Musuo up or True Musuo 
depending on how skilled you are. If you find archers to be a
pain then I'd equip bow defence instead. I feel that Musuo up
is the best because it ensures that you have higher defences
against character attacks, but it's up to you.
Even meat bun recovery up can have its uses early on in the 

Ok, so from the very first level proceed to clear up as 
quickly as possible. The first 3-5 levels are a doddle.
Always discount from Red Hare and walk around on foot.
Red Hare is useful in Kingdom defence missions and when searching
the entire level for food.
Make sure you wear menacles and escort a merchant when
possible. Refrain from buying attack/defence up powerups
from the shop. Only buy ones that increase your hit points.

This is because you'll eventually be maxed out in due time and
doing so early is just a waste. In the first 10 levels if you 
find yourself getting low on health take the time on an easy
level to search all the crates and pots on the stage. Hidden
somewhere on each level is food. Break open every box and pot 
you can find. Search the map slowly but religiously to ensure
you don't miss any. At worst you'll have to search the entire 
level. You should on average only have to search half the stage.

Remember that finding a meat bun in battle doesn't heal your
allies but buying one at the shop does. Make sure you have
meat bun recovery up when you decide you're going to search for
the bun on that particular level, this is so the bun gives you
more health. Remember that time is scarce so be as quick as 
you can. Occassionally you'll get lucky and find it by accident.

Allies level up as you do, once you've got at least one ally
with you make sure they are ALWAYS by your side. In battle
make sure you attack around them, if possible try to prevent
them from getting into battle at all. This is not as hard as
it sounds. The more you huddle together the less hits any
of you will take. This is really easy when you have 3 allies
and even better when you have some of the best characters.
(See the list earlier)
Make sure you have all of your allies standing by yourside
before moving into new territory to find more enemies.
It will give enemy archers a tougher time when trying to hit
you and make it easier to take out a group of 5 that split
in multiple directions.

Only buy meat buns from the shop when you and all your allies
could do with a top up of health. Once you get around to Level
25 or so things should be getting tough, by now you should
have a Kingdom of your own. Once this happens you will have
a kingdom defence mission every 5 levels. This is when you 
should buy your health up items unless it's an emergency 
because shops are very cheap in your own kingdom. There is 
always an elixir on stand by and you can buy around 50 
because they become even remotely expensive. From now on you
should concentrate on only healing yourself at every kingdom
defence mission.

To fight a boss on your own simply perform the S,S,T attack
but trying to maneouvure yourself around the boss behind them.
By the time you get to their side you should have done the
stomp move in which time they will be staggered and open to
receieve your attacks. If they're on fire then try to juggle
them as long as you can.

If your allies are helping you pummel the boss then victory
will be easy. Whilst the 3 of them are pummeling into the 
front of the boss and having their attacks guarded. Simply 
cruise around the back and attack. They can't block from all 
directions. Alternatively if the enemy is in a dead end and 
you're feeling brave you should press triangle to perform
a grapple, it's unblockable and will therefore will stop the
player blocking. The throw will fail because your allies will hit 
the  player out of it, but it stops the boss from blocking and 
allows you to continue the juggling. Just don't do this
move with other enemies in the area. Whilst juggling a boss
in safety I would recommend using the S,S,S,S,S,T,T,T,T,T
attack, especially if they're on fire because this will
reduce their health significantly.

In almost every other situation just perform your S,S,T
move to the right and then to the left and just keep doing this
over and over again and noone will be able to get near you. 
I've managed to do about 10 levels in a row without taking a 
single hit. ALl the while with my money increasing.

In Kingdom defence missions things are a little tricky.
Your allies split up and as such are at high risks. I would
recommend you immediately ride over and help each ally in 
turn. Preferably the ones with the least health or the nearest.
This all depends on if you've just healed all your characters.

As long as you can hold out every 5 missions before healing 
your character then you can go on forever. I've got well over
100 stages cleared and although I've bought the elixir a fair
times I've got a ridiculous amount of money and all my allies

Unfortunately I eventually just got bored of playing this 
mode because it goes on forever.

If you're worried about doing badly on a level then I suppose
there is nothing stopping you from resetting the ps2,
backing up your memory card save onto another card and then
retrieving it if you died.



Before you even begin to read this section I must stress that
I still really like enjoy playing the new Dynasty Warrior 
games and this isn't an attack against anybody. 



Up till DW3 Extreme Legends the game just got better and 
better, until 4 where some things did get better but with 
the result of some getting worse.
Dynasty Warriors 4 is just slightly more less than perfect.
It'd be nice if someone at Koei should find this FAQ and read
the following and take note.

I'd still recommend you to buy Dynasty Warriors 4 if you don't
own it and only have the earlier versions. But don't expect 
much more.

The DUEL!?!
Probably the most annoying and useless feature ever.
What on earth where Koei thinking adding this to the game.
The idea sounds great in principle, having a one on one duel.
But the fact you suddenly teleport to the middle of nowhere
to have a duel in an arena, breaks up the continuity. 
And the duel music is just a 3 second looped track.
On a 2 player the other player has to just sit and wait.
When you finish the duel you suddenly appear back in the 
battlefield, as if it was all a dream. Ridiculous!
You can't just simply refuse them as every army in your force
loses a star of morale, as they do also if the duel goes 
to a draw. And you can't turn duels off either.
If you die in a duel, then it's INSTANT GAME OVER!
And the enemy can even CURE THEMSELVES in the duel, whereas 
you cannot. But these energy bars are nothing to do with
your normal health either. And I've already discovered a
way of beating the opponent everytime without being hit
with most characters, almost a cheat in itself.
All you do is do small jumping attacks at the enemy and once
you've jumped behind them, turn and whack them in the back.
But don't knock them down, just hit a few times then stop,
and repeat. The enemy never fights back and therefore dies
very quickly and easily, this can be done with almost
every character in the game, even slow ones and can put
any enemy to death without taking a hit

I can't think of a single good reason for this feature at all.
It just makes the game even easier, and since you can cheat
and win everytime, it just makes a mockery of the overall
game engine.

In Dynasty Warriors 4 you gained weapon experience by fighting 
bosses to charge up your weapon, you can't appear to find 

The fun thing about finding weapons in the previous two 
Dynasty Warriors is that they had random statistics added to
them. So you can almost customise your character slightly.
Keep the weapon that had the parameters/skills you liked the
most. You can't even equip old weapons, incase you wanted a 
challenge of only using 4 hits on a particular level. And 
you can't even get weapons or items for bodyguards anymore. 
Another step backwards in my opinion. It was possible to find
better weapons for Ma Chao and Jiang Wei by finding new 
weapons. I also liked to choose low hit weapons when I
am playing on a 2 player with a playing who is using a new
character, never used before. Because otherwise one player
is so strong that they end up getting all the experience
and leaving the other player behind. Which makes the game
kind of dull for both players. One getting too much action
and the other winning battles with ease.

The linear weapon experience provides the game with a very
effective but unfortunately very dull experience.
The fact that levelling up each character ALWAYS gives you
the same stats makes there nothing to look forward to 
finding. There is pretty no much no reason to ever use a 
character again once they have full experience in weapon 
and rank. And only being able to find your best weapon
when you are on full weapon exp, what is the point in 
that? It was better on DW3 being able to get any weapon
anytime, therefore you could pick it up on your way
to completing the character in the first place.

The game isn't particularly that hard either, even on the 
hardest setting. And hard is the hardest setting, there 
is no very hard mode like on Extreme Legends.
So you may find yourself not breaking into too much of a 
sweat. It's even possible to complete some of the tougher
levels with a character you've never used before. Even the
last level isn't too challenging.

On some levels the colours looks better on Dynasty Warriors 3.
Especially the Yellow Turban Rebellion levels. The colours 
often look really drab. And the menus, especially
the map screen, they're really dark and black. They look
terrible. Why have these graphics been made worse? 

Similar to the weapon problem, but why are the items in 
levels and not in numbers. How much health does a Level 7 
HP UP give you for example?
It doesn't even show you how much extra attack or health you
get when you equip. Why?

I also felt that the elements that were attached to your 
weapons should have been activated during Musuo and not
charge moves. I mean, I barely use my Musuo anymore.
I sometimes never use it because you can do more effective
damage by using your normal attacks.

It seems exciting at first, unlock 6 costumes in total for 
each character. WOW GREAT!
Well first of all there are a maximum of 3. Just a different
colour in each. The final two are just the original 
costumes in Dynasty Warriors 3 and with some characters
2 of them are so patronisingly similar.
Thankfully the last two are there because I've found with 
that almost all the characters, their costumes on Dynasty 
Warriors 3 were better.

So for some characters it feels like they just have one
costume. Huang Gai for example, his 3rd and 4th look just
like his 1st and 2nd. I had to stare closely to figure out 
what was different, a single shoulder pad. I'll really
notice that in battle. Whilst others such as Lu Meng, Zhou
Yu and Zhao Yun are exactly the same but with a slightly 
different hairstyle or hat.

Most of the starting costumes look stupid.
Dong Zhuo for example looks like a performing clown.
Whilst Zhang Liao, Meng Huo and Zhu Rong are participating 
in the silly hat contest.

There are a couple though like Cao Cao, Xiahou Dun and Zhuge
Liang who look better. What I believe Koei should have
done was to keep the Dynasty Warriors 3 costumes as the
starting ones and then have the other 4 costumes as 
unlockable costumes. Because the since the second 2 are
practically the same as the first 2 and the final two
are just the original costumes, it doesn't really give
you that much incentive to get all of the costumes with
each character.

The music on the whole is just as good as the previous 
versions, it's an all new line up of tunes. Some are just
brilliant, some if new better than the previous versions.
There are also some more oriental sounding tracks adding to
the action. However some are just really really terrible 
and don't go well with the game at all.

The duel music is the worst, it's just so repetitive and
the music for the Nanman stages is just as bad, except of
course you have it for the duration of the level, instead
of just for a minute like you do with the duel music. Very
repetitive and annoying. And then there is the Yellow
Turban Rebellion, one of my favourite tunes on the other
versions. However this time they have replaced it with an 
ambience style tune with a lady badly trying to sing in 
harmony. The Hu Lao Gate also suffers as well, not in the 
symphony itself, but in one instrument that sounds exactly 
like the instrument used in the Mars Attack film. 
I'm sure you know the one I mean.

What was wrong with the original voice actors? Most of the
new ones are not really that great. I still think the voices
of Lu Bu, Zhao Yun and Zhou Yu were best on Dynasty Warriors 2.
But why change them from Dynasty Warriors 3 and Extreme
Legends. They were find as they were.

With only 1 ending per army. And 4 extras. You don't need
to finish with everyone anymore. Which is a bit of a shame.
So combined with the weapon system, you may yourself not 
needing too or wanting to finish the game with everyone.

What happened to the try and get to 100 points in a single
combo idea?

And lastly, Double Musuo! Why is it so crap, not only in
how it looks but also in its effectiveness?
The minute you hit one enemy all the others fly away leaving
you to sping around hitting nobody.



I didn't have big expectations for Extreme Legends after being
fairly disappointed with Dynasty Warriors 4.

Let's start off with the big guns.

No new characters.
Not even 1 :(
No new body parts for the 'create a warrior' mode. 
Not even 1 :(

Sadly the duel is back and it still can't be turned off. 
Thankfully the duel music has been improved which is a relief.
I'd like to think enough people complained to get it changed.
But you can still cheat against the computer just like before. 

Thankfully the very hard mode is back which at least makes the
action almost as fun as it used to be on Dynasty Warriors 3. The 
archers are now rock solid and just as annoying as they used to
be on Dynasty Warriors 3 which is great news. (I never thought
I'd ever say that)

I feel though that I have to play the game on very hard
just to have fun which is a shame because you need to keep 
adjusting the difficult in order to find various weapons in 
the game. The game still lacks the excitement of Dynasty 
Warriors 3 because the enemies don't cluster like they used 
too. The double Musuo still sucks in every possible way.

Lets move onto some new features. The Arena challenge!
A whole mode dedicated to the duel. Nooooooooo! The less said
about this mode the better.

The Legend mode seems a nice idea in principle but with every
character having only one level it seems a bit of a let down.
I can remember getting the game and choosing Jiang Wei and 
getting excited about the thought of each character having their
own adventure but then getting disappointed when I had completed
the game so quickly.

The best new mode is by far the Xtreme mode, the most original
and innovative mode and one that you will play for more than 
5 minutes, like you will never do with the new challenge 
mode courses for example. You can buy things in shops, choose
which allies follow you around, choose your level and turn on
your allies. Great new features and great news for the game. 

Unfortunately there is one problem with the Xtreme mode that 
sadly lets it down significantly. 

It never ends!

The game does get harder but then when it is on maximum it never
gets any harder.
What makes it worse is that when you die you lose all the items 
and you have to quit your game to get the items. This is just 
stupid because then you've lost your progress completely and you
have to start all over again from the beginning. While I like the
idea of the non linearity, the fact that the mode is quite pointless
and never ends never gives me any satisfaction of achievement.
If you follow my guide to surviving indefinitely in this mode then
you will have to endure the boredom forever.

Oh yeah I forgot to mention the other big disappointment with this 
mode. Just like most of the other new modes, 1 player only!

There are so few settings that you can't even play the Musuo or Free
modes without owning Dynasty Warriors 4. Musuo mode is the main 
mode in the game and yet you can't even play it! 
Owning DW4 Extreme Legends on its own would suck big time.

I feel now that there are too many things to unlock in the game
and with there being no clues whatsoever on how to achieve these
achieving them without looking at a guide is just pure luck.
And why would you want to unlock them all anyway?
You're just going to full up your your slots with the 
HP/Atk/Def/Musuo up items whenever your slots become available and
by the time you're on maximum rank you'll be powerful enough for
most of these items to be never be needed.

The best new features in my opinion were the improved duel
music and the very hard difficult setting but these were 
features that should have been there in the first place.

I want to love this game to bits but sadly I can't. It's still
a good game but not as great as it used to be. I feel the series
is definitely on the slippery slope.

I hope the next Dynasty Warriors game improves significantly
in order to save it.



The final section contains some stuff that I think would be
great additions to the Dynasty Warriors series. It would
be nice of someone at Koei would happen to come across this
FAQ and maybe take some of these into consideration.


I've noticed that on Dynasty Warriors 4 during the Yellow
Turban Rebellion and Hu Lao gate sagas that the two sub
generals in each of the 3 kingdoms are completely random.
Depending on which characters you have unlocked.
There are other levels though that are similar, such as the
Nanman sub bosses. What I think would be a great idea is that
when you are equipping all your items and changing 
bodyguards there should be an extra menu added.
If you choose Liu Bei, Cao Cao or Sun Jian (Could be for
any character really, or an unlockable feature maybe) you 
could choose which two sub generals you would like in your
team. It'd be great for the players to be able to choose
which characters they would like to accompany them on the
level. I also feel that this would be an easy feature to 
implement as it would not affect the ingame processing, 
just the setup of the level before the stage starts.


Although the select button is used for changing the commands
of bodyguards. I think it'd be great if you could press 
select next to a stationary allied officer to make them get
off their horse for you to have. I've often wanted them to
get off their horse so I could get somewhere quicker. What
a cool feature it would be to be able to give instructions
to bosses like this, you could also make it so Lu Bu refuses.

I don't really want to have to blow them off their horses
with Huang Gai's bombs all the time. And that's just a 
solution for one character only.

6.3 R3 MENU

I don't think the R3 button used to announce yourself it 
isn't effective at all. I also confused it with being able to
summon up a duel. Which of course is not the case. Instead
I feel it should, when pressed and held down, display
all the generals in the entire level in text format.
How much health each general has and what their morale is.
It should also remove all units from the large map except
sub bosses so you know where all the bosses.

This is so you don't have to keep pausing the game and going
into all the menus to check out this info. If you had a 
simple drop down menu during a 2 player game this would stop
having to keep pausing the game and checking things all the
time. It can get a bit tedious when the other player keeps
pausing the game to check out something, getting this 
information in real time would be great.
This would improve the overall flow of the game and
not make it into a stop and start affair. The menu could
maybe even display what the health is of all the allied 
bosses and sub bosses and have ???? bars next to the enemy 
generals. I'd also like to see the number of total ko of
each general too.

If anything it'd at least give the player something to read
whilst they were on those long tedious horse treks/walks
up to the next battle.


Yes, auto aim. That feature where the game decides who
you should be aiming for. It always messes up my combos. The
number of times I've had 15 hits on a dead guy and then auto 
aim takes over. It starts to turn me around to fight some 
other person who is nowhere near me, thus ruining my combo.
Or 7 hits on a gate captain when one of the gate captain's
body guards try to attack me. Surely the fact I'm holding
directly up on the analogue stick should be a clear 
indication to the game that I want to be moving up, not to
start turning left, I'm pressing up, not left.

It should be like during a Musuo, you're free to go 
wherever you want, or at least the feature to turn auto
aim off would be nice. But as soon as you hit someone, 
that's it, you have to carry on hitting that person only.
You can't change direction, which is a shame.

It's maybe best for people using the direction pad as it
substitutes for the lack of 360 motion like on the analogue
stick since the direction pad only has 8 directions.
But surely some sort of check could be made to see if the
player is using the analogue stick or not.
This is probably the biggest gameplay gripe I have, I feel
like the game is playing for me when auto aim takes over.

Or a feature to turn auto aim off.


What else can I say? An on and off feature in the general
options would be nice, next to turning the events on and
off. I also think you should be able to press R3 to escape
or surrender in a duel, instead of having to run in circles
until the time runs out. Although I wouldn't be too upset if
duels were taken out altogether to be honest.


I feel that a bit more info should be displayed at the end
of the stage. For example I feel that the number of kills
for every general in the battle should be shown. Just like
on Dynasty Warriors 2, I'd find that an interesting static
to read, also how many losses (total kills) were suffered
on each side would be good as well.


I think a better survival would be exactly that, survival.
Not survival where you have to run around the map. Similar
to the balancing act stage, instead of being on a platform
you should be in a square room with 4 entrances and respawn
points at each end that you cannot seal. That would be it,
the highest number of kills in one energy bar and 90 minute
time limit would be the top score. The troops/bosses/flame
erupting carts should always be spawned in exactly the same
order so a feeling of true progress can be achieved.
I also feel like this should be a 2 player mode as well, 
a highscore for 2 player games and one for 1 player games.

This would be an incredible feature in my opinion. No 
strategy, just pure action and survival skills, one for the
true die hard fanatics. Maybe even a highscore internet
ranking password too could be added? 

Classic :)


No, a general as a bodyguard, not a general bodyguard. I liked
the feature of having a general as a bodyguard on Extreme
Legends. But this feature was almost useless since you could 
only use it on a 1 player game and free mode. I've noticed
the same behaviour is also present in Dynasty Warriors 4, such
as in Lu Bu's revolt where if you are not Lu Bu, Lu Bu follows
you around religiously like a bodyguard does, even on a 2 player
game, so surely this feature could be added to the next game, 
and also allow it to work during Musuo modes and 2 player modes 
as well.

There should also be more ways to customise your bodyguards than
just choosing a colour. More faces, legs, arms, hairstyles for 
the create a general mode would be great as well.


When you're playing and you kill a general or get 50/100 etc
kills. You're often congratulated by other generals, the same
when you encounter in person generals that are on your team.

But why isn't this the case with sub generals? If all your
generals die except for the main general then only he speaks
to you. It's worse when you are the leader because there is 
no speech at all ever again. I feel that sub generals should
also speak up and have their say at the relevant moment.
Such as during the Yellow Turban Rebellion and Hu Lao Gate
where there can in Dynasty Warriors 4 be a whole ton of 
other generals that could congratulate you, in each of the 
main three kingdoms.
Although I have noticed in Dynasty Warriors 4 that character
bosses in general say something to you as you walk past them. 



Split screen between two PS2 units. 2 playing on each, 
that'd be incredible...........well...........I can dream ;)

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