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Strategy Guide by Aviare

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 07/15/2005

          _____         _           _       ______            _   
         |_   _|       | |         (_)      | ___ \          | |  
           | | ___  ___| |__  _ __  _  ___  | |_/ / ___  __ _| |_ 
           | |/ _ \/ __| '_ \| '_ \| |/ __| | ___ \/ _ \/ _` | __|
           | |  __/ (__| | | | | | | | (__  | |_/ /  __/ (_| | |_ 
           \_/\___|\___|_| |_|_| |_|_|\___| \____/ \___|\__,_|\__|
              "Mastermind manic music manipulation and mayhem."
                                               - Mastiff Games
                   Aviare's Technic Beat FAQ Version 0.80

Table of Contents
  1) Version History
  2) Introduction
  3) Controls
  4) Game Modes
  5) Gameplay
  6) Characters
  7) Song List
  8) Tips & Techniques
  9) Secrets
 10) Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)
 11) Legal Stuff & Contact Info


1) Version History

July 15, 2005 - Version 1.00 (100% Complete)
This is it. I've finished up all of the unfinished sections and rearranged the
sections so that they read a little more sensibly from top to bottom. Fixed
the formatting issues (thanks Kyle!). Added a new Secret that I found while
recently playing! Completed the entire Song List - as complete as it will get
in this FAQ, anyway. Still missing a few songs from the list, but hey, this is
a hard game! Look for a song-by-song strategy guide (by your's truly) soon!

July 12, 2005 - Version 0.80 (80% Complete)
Newly created FAQ for Technic Beat. Most sections that should be needed in the
final version have been included and at least a little bit of information has
been provided for each section. Most sections have been completely fleshed
out, with only a few areas remaining to be completed. All sections needing
additional content or details are identified as (X% Complete) for easy


2) Introduction

Publisher:      Mastiff  (http://www.mastiff-games.com/)
Developer:      Arika    (http://www.arika.co.jp/arika_eng/index.html)
ESRB Rating:    E        (for Everyone!)
Players:        1 - 2
Release Date:   11/7/2002

Technic Beat is a budget-priced ($10-$15 US) rhythm-action game for the PS2
that features some of the most unique gameplay in the genre. Technic Beat
features over 80 different songs, all of which are video game themes and songs
that have been licensed from Namco. With a definite Japanese flair, the music
in Technic Beat runs the gamut from J-pop to Hardcore Rock. There are enough
tunes in this game that almost anyone will be able to find something to enjoy.
Several tunes should even be easily recognized by American audiences with
songs like PacMania and the themes from Dig-Dug and Galaxian3 in the mix.

Technic Beat is a rhythm-action game that is fresh and new in many senses
of the word, although anyone with even a little experience with other games
in the genre should warm to this title in no time. Take one part Amplitude,
one part DDR - add a dash of Tetris - blend on the 'frappe' setting for a few
minutes and voila - Technic Beat!

In Technic Beat, you play as one of six different characters, each with their
own unique abilities and stats. Your objective is to move your character
around a square playing field, called the "Stage", in an effort to find and
"Activate" circular "Markers" that will play a note or musical phrase when
Activated in time with the music.

The visual style of Technic Beat is bright and colorful with some snazzy
special effects that get bolder and wilder the better you perform. This game
has a very clean, yet pleasing look about it that belies it's extremely low

The sound quality of Technic Beat is very good, as should be expected from a
rhythm-action title, although some of the tunes have a distinct MIDI sound to
them that can detract from the overall impressiveness of the music. This is a
minor issue, however, since basically, all of these songs were originally
created with MIDI. In spite of this fact, the vast majority of the songs in
Technic Beat are well remixed and produced. Many songs feature orchestral
instrumentation that is quite impressive or even vocal tracks that bring some
of these retro tunes a nice new sound.


3) Controls

- Left Analog Stick:    Move character
- D-pad:                Move character
- Square Button:        Activate Markers
- X Button:             Action (varies by character)
- Triangle Button:      Action (varies by character)
- O Button:             Super Action (varies by character)
- Right Analog Stick:   Adjust Music Pitch


4) Game Modes

 A) Arcade
    This is the main game mode. Choose a character and a difficulty level and
    try to beat between 2-4 songs to win. For 1 or 2 players.

 B) Free
    Pick up to 10 songs that have already been completed in Arcade Mode and
    try to beat them all in succession. You can also save a Replay of any
    song you complete in this Mode which can then be viewed in the Replay
    Mode. For 1 or 2 players.

 C) Level Certification
    This game Mode plays just like the Arcade Mode, but you get a special
    "Certification" screen at the end of the game which gives you a "Level"
    number based on your performance. Achieve a high enough level, and you
    can unlock new Bonus Mode features like extra character colors! For 1
    player only.

 D) Challenge
    Challenge Mode consists of a series of short, goal-based exercises aimed
    at improving your general skill level in Technic Beat. There are about 20
    different challenges per difficulty level. Get 100% completion percentage
    in any difficulty level to unlock the next group of challenges. Also, each
    challenge has two versions. Once you complete the normal challenge, an EX
    version of that challenge becomes available for play. Finish all normal
    and EX challenges in a particular difficulty level for a possible 200%
    completion percentage! For 1 player only (and only Knitty!).

 E) Sudden Death
    In this Mode, you simply play one song after another until you get a score
    of "Bad" on any Marker, then its game over! For 1 player Only.

 F) Replay Mode
    Watch a replay of any song you've saved in Free Mode. Also, there are 6
    replays included on the disk showing one song as played by each of the
    different characters. Use these replays to learn more about each character
    and how to best employ them.

 G) Tutorial
    This Mode will teach you, step-by-step, the basics of Technic Beat.

 H) Stats
    See information about characters, songs and scoring.

 I) Options
    Yup. These are the options, alright.

 J) Bonus
    Access any mini-games, gallery images and alternate character colors
    as they become available. I don't know what exactly unlocks the different
    items found in Bonus Mode, so if anyone has any ideas, please send me a
	message and I'll add your knowledge to this FAQ.


5) Gameplay

Generally speaking, Technic Beat's gameplay is based on the concept of
activating circular "Markers" that appear on the playing field (or "Stage").
By Activating Markers, you release musical notes and phrases that link together
to play a song. Successfully Activate enough Markers with good timing, and its
a rock-n-roll music-fest.  However, if your timing is off too much or if you
miss too many Markers, than its game over, buddy! This is a deceptively simple
explanation of a system that allows the gameplay to encompass simple training-
level difficulties as well as mind-blowingly difficult gameplay that will have
you feeling like a hack with no sense of rhythm at all!

We've all heard the phrase, "Easy to learn, hard to Master."  Well, that's the
case with Technic Beat. You can get through the training session in about 10
minutes, but you'll spend the rest of your natural life trying to master it.
Having a natural sense of rhythm will go a LONG way toward reducing the
learning curve of Technic Beat, but you don't have to be Elvis to enjoy this
game. There are enough visual cues on screen to help overcome any lack of
natural musical ability you may have, but some of the more "Japanese" songs
will either take lots of practice or a true funkiness of spirit to beat.

At the heart of each game mode in Technic Beat are the circular Markers that
rhythmically appear at various locations around the Stage. Shortly after a
Marker appears, another concentric circle will appear within it which begins
to expand outward until it overlaps the perimeter of the original Marker. As
soon as the inner circle expands to the same size as the original one, it
will flash, indicating perfect timing. You can Activate the Marker simply by
positioning your character within the circle and pressing the Activate button
(Square button) as close to the flash as possible.

When Activating Markers, you are scored based on how accurate your timing is.
Every time you Activate a Marker, you are shown one of four ratings that let
you know how good your timing was. The ratings are Perfect, Great, Good, and
Bad. The more Perfect ratings you get, the higher your overall score will be.
Also, your ratings affect the Tension meter. The Tension meter is a sliding
scale at the top of the screen that increases proportionally with Perfect,
Great and Good ratings. Bad ratings will lower the Tension. In order to clear
a song, your Tension meter must be higher than a certain point at the end of
the song. Also, if the Tension meter drops to empty, the song ends, and its
game over!

The main way to score big points in Technic Beat is to create long chains of
Reserved Markers as often as possible. Simply put, if you find or can create
a group of Markers that overlap each other, you can Activate just one, and the
other linked Markers will become "Reservered" and will play all by themselves.
The longer the chain, the quicker your scores and Tension will increase. Since
Marker Chains are the main way to build your score, it is important to use
each character's Actions as often as possible to reposition Markers around the
Stage in an effort to create long chains, consistantly.

To help you in Activating Markers and creating chains, each of the six
characters have two special abilities, called "Actions" and "Super Actions".
You can perform Actions as often as you like. Super Actions can only be done
three times per song. Depending on the character, the Action may be an absolute
necessity or it may be an afterthought. This can really change the difficulty
of any song in the game. You almost have to approach the game in a completely
different way with some of these crazy characters. I think this adds a lot to
the replay value of Technic Beat. As far as Super Actions go, they are always
a game-saver, for all the characters. Save them till the chips are down, and
you can get right back in the game with just the push of a button. The
O button, to be precise.

Considering these basic tenets of gameplay, you can see how Technic Beat can
actually play more like a puzzle game than anything else. Sometimes, it feels
like a wild game of Tetris where all of the blocks are constantly rearranging
themselves, but you can only clear space out if you can get "funky"! With a
platypus! Heh heh.


6) Characters

Character selection in Technic Beat is much more than just an aesthetic choice.
Each of the six available characters has their own Action (X button) and Super
Action (O button) that can dramatically change the way in which a song plays
out. I've tried to organize this list based on how difficult each character
is to use, with beginner level characters listed first, and advanced characters

    Action:  Catch
           - Pick up a Marker and carry it around with you!

    Super:   Marker-King
           - Create a huge Marker that Activates all Markers
             that it overlaps.

        Knitty is the most basic of all the characters. Her "Catch" Action
        is intuitive and easy to use. Her mobility is good and the
        "Marker-King" Super Action is a guaranteed game saver when the chips
        are down. Use Knitty to learn the basics of Technic Beat without being
        bogged down with some of the more sophistocated requirements of the 
        advanced characters.

    Action:  Grow
           - Pick up a Marker like Knitty can, but the Marker
             continuously grows larger the longer you hold it!

    Super:   Size Change
           - Makes all Markers on the Stage increase in size.

        Rain is another beginner level character. Rain has high mobility and
        actions that are very similar to Knitty's, although Rain's "Grow"
        Action is far superior to Knitty's "Catch". Rain's "Size Change"
        Super Action is a bit more difficult to use than "Marker-king", but
        the incredible usefulness of "Grow" makes Rain my favorite character,
        hands down.

    Action:  Hyper Speed
           - Pick up a Marker and zip around the Stage at high
             speed, but the Marker shrinks the farther you move.

    Super:   Laser
           - Shoot a laser beam that will automatically Activate any
             Markers you aim at.

        Bot bridges the gap between the basic characters and those that only
        the most skilled players can handle. Bot moves well under normal
        circumstances, but his "Hyper Speed" Action gives him an amazing,
        nitrous-induced burst of speed for as long as he carries a Marker
        around. Not only that, but any Marker that Bot carries around will
        continuously get smaller as long as he's moving. Stop moving, and the
        Marker will slowly grow in size. Obviously, Bot's Action could take a
        little getting used to, but his Super Action is CAKE. Just hit the
        Action and Bot shoots a laser beam from his head that will Activate
        any Marker you aim it at. So simply spin around in circles anytime you
        use the "Laser" Super Action.

    Action:  Slide
           - Jump on the nearest Marker and slide forward across the
             Stage at high-speed while activating the Marker.

    Super:   Hyper Body
           - Character grows massive in size, Activating all Markers
             he touches.

        Hassy... Now this is a beautiful thing! What other game do you
        know where you get to play as a Duck-billed Platypus wearing swimming
        trunks and a snorkel? I mean, come on, that's just COOL! Seriously,
        though, this is a character that only an experienced player will
        be able to fully employ. His normal movement speed is very slow,
        making even the normal Activation of Markers a difficult chore. So,
        what's to be done? Well, just "Slide" everywhere! Hassy's Action
        lets him jump on the nearest Marker and zip across the Stage at high
        speed while activating the Marker (at Perfect!), or until you run
        into the edge of the Stage. With well timed and accurate Actions, this
        character can complete many songs with almost no normal movement at
        all! Hassy's Super Action will make him enormous for a short
        time and any Marker that he touches will instantly be Activated.
        Although Hassy requires good song knowledge and accuracy, timing is
        handled for you, as long as you Slide. You can easily get a 100%
        Perfect rating with Hassy if you know the songs well enough.

    Action:  Kick
           - Kick Markers around the stage to reposition them.
             Markers continue to move as long as Action is held down.

    Super:   Eraser
           - Kick a Special Marker that ricochets around the Stage
             Activating all other Markers it comes in contact with.

        Cart is the only truly Human looking character in Technic Beat.
        Cart can move around the Stage at a good clip, allowing for easy
        Marker Activations. What makes this character more specialized are
        his Actions, which will take a large amount of skill to get the most
        out of. His main Action is "Kick", which will knock a nearby Marker
        in whatever direction Cart is facing. The Marker will continue to move
        for as long as you hold down the Action button, even rebounding on
        the edge of the Stage like a billiard ball. However, If you use "Kick"
        and aren't facing another Marker, this Action can actually make it
        MORE difficult to Activate Markers. Cart's Super Action is just a
        glorified "Kick" where the moving Marker will automatically Activate
        any other Markers it touches. Beginners will find Cart very
        challenging to use, so give the game a little play time before you
        try to beat a song like 'Hectic' with him.
    Action:  Lift
           - Catch a Marker and any Markers that are linked to it
             and move them around together.

    Super:   Big Wave
           - Sends a shockwave across the Stage that Activates all
             Markers in the blast-zone.

        Like Hassy and Cart, Willie is one of the most difficult characters to
        play well with in Technic Beat. First off, Willie is huge. This can
        make it easy to miss Markers that appear behind him, since Willie can
        completely obscure large portions of the Stage. Secondly, Willie is a
        major slow-poke. This character doesn't even have a speed benefit when
        using either of his Actions. You probably won't be able to use Willie
        very well until you've begun to memorize the songs and have a clear
        idea of where you need to be before you need to be there! As far as
        Willie's Actions go, they are basically advanced versions of Knitty's
        Actions. With "Lift", Willie can pick up Markers in groups, as long as
        they are linked. Of course, you can pick up a Marker, drop it on
        another, then pick them both up and continue the process, assuming you
        have the time. Willie's "Big Wave" still has me a bit baffled as to how
        it differs from Knitty's "Marker-King", but I think the only real
        difference is that you don't have to Activate "Big Wave" and that it
        lasts for a short period of time.


7) Song List (90% Complete)

Here is a list of the songs in Technic Beat. The song numbers are based on the
complete song list found in Free Mode. Any songs denoted with ??? are ones
that I've not been able to unlock yet. If anyone out there knows which songs
are missing from this list, please email me with that information and I'll
update this list. You can find my contact information at the end of this FAQ.

I'm considering creating a separate FAQ/Strategy Guide specifically designed
to help you beat each of these songs. If such a Guide is ever created, it will
be posted on www.GameFAQs.com along with this document. Otherwise, this list
will have to do. :(

 1) Days Dreamer
 2) Phone Dead Room
 3) Earth Will
 4) Sweet Patch
 5) Visited Alone
 6) 62-1
 7) Clip Click
 8) Mao's Travel
 9) E.H.M.Y.
10) TGM in the Bottle
11) Rambler
12) Inside One
13) Diamond Troll
14) Spiral Life
15) Hypnotherapy
16) Broken Shackles
17) 1970 Modern
18) Bossa Antique
19) Happy Happy
20) Marine Snow Dance
21) Dizzy Dog
22) Hard Head
23) Dynamite Egoist
24) Segment4
25) Hectic
26) Sasia
27) Arabesque
28) Night Life
30) Roteen da moon
32) TE-20
33) Rambler (Hard Ver.)
34) Days Dreamer (Hard Ver.)
35) TGM in the Bottle (Hard Ver.)
36) Clip Click (Hard Ver.)
37) E.H.M.Y. (Hard Ver.)
38) ???
39) ???
40) Xevious
41) Dig Dug
42) Mappy
43) New Rally-X
44) Libble Rabble
45) Assault
46) ???
47) Metrocross
48) Youkai Douchuki
49) Motos
50) Thunder Ceptor
51) Ordyne
52) Rolling Thunder
53) PacMania
54) Berabo Man
55) ???
56) Dragon Spirit
57) F/A
58) The Return of Ishtar
59) ???
61) X-Day
62) Sky Kid
63) Ridge Racer
64) ???
65) ???
66) ???
67) Wonder Momo
68) Gun Bullet
69) The Tower of Druaga
70) Cosmo Gang the Video
71) ???
72) ???
73) ???
74) brisa do mar
75) Spider Control 16th
76) The Absolute
77) Stronger
78) Crowded Town
79) Prismatics
80) Sakura Mankai
81) Ancient Zone
82) L7-A2
83) ???


8) Tips & Techniques

- Use your character's normal Action (X or Triangle buttons) AS OFTEN AS
  POSSIBLE! You can use normal Actions an unlimited number of times per song,
  so abuse them! Actions are designed to make songs easier to complete. Most
  of the time, using an Action will allow you to Activate multiple Markers at
  once. Do not underestimate the usefulness of this ability.

- You can simply run from Marker to Marker, Activating each one is succession,
  but to get the super-high scores in Technic Beat, you need to be more
  creative in Activating Markers. Try standing between two or more Markers
  that are close together and Activating them simultaneously to create a
  Multi-Tone Chord! Try Activating a series of Markers that overlap each other
  to create a Tone Chain! You can even use your character's Actions to
  reposition Markers on the Stage allowing you to create your own Chords and

- Enter the "Replay" mode from the main menu to see that there is already
  an available replay video for each of the six characters! Load 'em up
  and watch for a first-hand lesson on what each character can accomplish in
  the hands of a true master. These replay videos will also give you a more
  practical example of some of the advanced techniques like how to extend
  reserved Marker chains for unbelievably huge chains.

- One unique aspect of Technic Beat is the ability to change a song's
  arrangement on the fly. The simplest way to change a song's arrangement is
  to Activate different Markers in a Marker Chain, which is a set of
  overlapping Markers. For example, if you Activate the left-most Marker in a
  chain you can hear the notes A, then B, then C. Activate the right-most
  Marker and you would hear C, then B, then A. Activate the central Marker and
  you may hear note B, followed by a Two Tone Chord of A and C! Of course,
  this isn't the only way to change a song's arrangement. Experiment with your
  Actions and by Activating Markers in different ways. Woohoo! Fun stuff!

- Unlike most other rhythm-action games, Technic Beat is very tuned to the
  timing of your Marker Activations. If you Activate a Marker early, the
  resulting tone will play early. Activate one late, and the tone plays late.
  You can use this technique to further personalize a song's arrangement (as
  long as you don't mind a small hit to your score by taking less than a
  "perfect" activation).

- Another way to alter a song's arrangement is to press the Activate button
  again shortly after Activating a Marker. This will make the note or phrase
  you just Activated begin to ECHO! I'm not sure if this has any impact on
  your score, but it certainly provides a cool way to personalize a song.

- My final Tip is simple: practice, Practice, PRACTICE! This game is quite
  difficult (compared to other American rhythm-action games) and even the
  easy songs can take several run-throughs before you figure out the tune and
  how best to Activate enough Markers to successfully complete it. Good luck!


9) Secrets

Unlock Bonus Mode
- Clear Arcade Mode once on any difficulty with any character to unlock the
  Bonus Mode menu option.

Unlock Songs in Free Mode
- Clear a song in Arcade Made to unlock that song for play in Free Mode.
  (Some songs must be beaten in the "Channel" style of Arcade Mode!)

Play PacMania (Hard Version) In Arcade Mode
- In Arcade mode on Normal difficulty, pass PacMania on the second stage.
  PacMania Hard Ver. will appear below Galaxian3 in the final stage.

Change Character Outfits
- Press UP or DOWN on the D-pad or Left Analog stick at the Character Select
  screen to change outfits. Push UP or Down again to put on your original

Unlock New Character Colors
- Achieve Level 6 with any character in the Level Certification Mode to
  unlock new colors. All unlocked character color options are selectable in
  the Bonus Mode under "Change Character Color"


10) Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

- I can't find a copy of Technic Beat! Where can I buy this incredible game?
= Excellent question! Because, of course, everyone in America should buy this
  amazing, low-priced rhythm-action game, because we want more rhythm-action
  games sold in this country! Seriously though, this is definitely a niche
  game with low demand in the States, but I've seen it available through many
  online video game sales sites. I bought my copy through GameSpot.
  (http://www.gamespot.com) You may also find this game in your local game
  store's Bargain Bin.

- More FAQ's to come as I think them up or as soon as someone actually sends
  me the first real question (come on folks, let's get to playing!)


11) Legal Stuff & Contact Info

This FAQ is Copyright 2005 by Mark Jermyn (Aviare)

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
respective trademark and copyright holders.

This document is to be used primarily for personal use. It is not to be
copied, edited, or otherwise reproduced, unless it is for strictly personal
use. If you see it posted in an altered form or on another website, please be
sure to let me know. (See below for contact information)

Primary thanks go to Vic Elder, aka Voton. This is my first video game FAQ,
and I needed a nice template to help me organize this document. I found a
sweet little music game FAQ of Vic's on GameFAQs.com for that wonderful game
Gitaroo-Man, which I used as template for this document. None of Vic's content
has been used herein, but I want to acknowledge the use of his document as the
template for this FAQ. Thanks, Voton!

Additional thanks go to Kyle U. for helping me to proofread this FAQ.

If there is anything incorrect or missing from this FAQ, or if you just want
to talk about Technic Beat or music games in general, then please contact me
via eMail at: mark.jermyn@bellsouth.net

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