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Reviewed: 07/28/03 | Updated: 07/28/03

Graphics could have been better

As a huge fan of Rainbow Six, I was salivating as I bought a copy of Ghost Recon for PS2.
In my opinion, GR is the sequel to RS. I was not disappointed overall, but the game has one major shortcoming described below.
Story - The storyline is actually very good, and the missions are directly linked to it. You must avert a major war in Eastern Europe. A very cool story.
Graphics - This is where the problem with GR for PS2 lay. The graphics are barely better than Rainbow Six for the N64! Some of the illustrations are okay and the backgrounds are fairly realistic. However, most of the environments are extremely blocky and don't look realistic at all. There are large rocks and hills which don't look like rocks and hills, but more like large triangles. As well, enemies who are far away sometimes disappear, only to reappear in a jerky, halting way. Considering the capabilities of the PS2, I feel this is completely unacceptable, especially considering what we are expected to pay for this game.
Music-Sound - Very good. The music is high quality, almost like a movie. Characters speak to you realistically, and some of your team members even speak in accents! The sound effects are at least average in every level. The weapons sound realistic, and you can even hear things like birds, equipment rustling etc.
Playability - Much like Rainbow Six. The controls are good, and the characters respond well. You must become accustomed to the movement modes in this game, however, as it is not like Goldeneye for instance. Maybe because I spent so much time playing Rainbow Six, I had no problems with the control. It would be nice to scope in on a target and still be able to move though, and the turning can sometimes be a little jerky, but all in all it has good controls.
Replay Value - The multiplayer mode is a great bonus, as is the Quick Mission mode where you can play three different variations on each mission. As you play through mission mode, you unlock hidden characters who have very cool weapons. As well, there are five training missions which are a lot of fun, and a tutorial. The eight secret Desert Seige levels are pure gold baby. Very good replay and multiplayer value.
Overall - I like this game, and it's a lot of fun to play. However, I was expecting much better graphics especially considering the price of this game. Almost $100 in Canada! Although I gave this game an ''8'' overall, it would have only been ''7'' if the Desert Siege missions weren't included.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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