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Reviewed: 05/22/03 | Updated: 05/22/03

Decent Tactical Shooter

Tom Clancey's Ghost Recon for PS2 isn't by far the best tactical shooter to date, but it is by no means the worst. It may not have the polished look of SOCOM or the easy gameplay of Conflict: Desert Storm....but this game has missions, and lots of them. Not only do you have the Ghost Recon Missions, you also get Desert Siege and a few multi-player maps and training maps as well. You may not get to command your troops via voice command and the graphics aren't up to PS2 standards but none the less this is a fun and challenging game...especially on the hardest skill setting. Now for the Biggity Break Down.


The Graphics are really nothing special in this title, but they do the job. Some things like night vision are decent and the zoom on the weapons and Binocs are cool but this game just isn't up to PS2 standards...more like PSone on steroids. But as I said they do the job and aren't ugly.

SOUND: 7/10

The sound in this game is above average but still not what I want out of a game like this. As far as the sound of the environment ambience the game delivers, but sounds like foot steps doors opening are pretty weak. The weapon sounds are decent as well. I just think sound is still a very neglected part of video game design...not on all titles but most. I guess the sound department gets the shaft as far as the production budgets go. Unless it's an EA game.


The game play in this game is bizarre at first, at least it was to me. Playing a FPS where you cant see the gun and your hands in front of you takes getting used to. But after a while it becomes more natural. Grenade throwing isn't as precise as the mechanics found on SOCOM either, but with some practice you can get decent. The part where this game falls short and can become frustrating is the AI of your team members. At times they can act like total fools with no concern for their own well being...which in a war game usually means they end up dead. This in turn means without much support in time you end up dead as well. You have to basically invent ways to keep yer guys covered and behind building and rocks. Make use of the analog stick press and throw the tac map out the window....its a waste of time and totally useless. Other than the AI and some movement and weapon mechanic issues this game is still pretty solid in gameplay.


I would say rent this game first, I myself am a huge fan of war based games so I bought this the day it was released for PS2. A rental might help you decide if ya like the feel of the game. This is by far a great deal if you buy it used. You can find it used by now for $25 and it would be worth every penny. This game has tons of missions and hours of gameplay as well as some multi-player options. It has a great deal of replay and gets a big 8 from me.

Medal of Honor Series,PSone
MOH: Frontline, PS2
Conflict: Desert Storm, PS2

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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