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Reviewed: 01/22/03 | Updated: 01/22/03

Great FPS for those Gamers Dating back to N64 FPS's

This game takes me back to the old days of play Rainbow Six on the N64 and Dreamcast... boy were those that days.

Game play:

Like most FPS's, this one is in the First Person Point of View... wow. Unlike others though (Perfect Dark, 007, Halo) you cant see your gun. But that’s just the same for all the Tom Clancy novel based FPS's, and it gives you a good view of everything. All in all this game can be catered to your liking. There are 3 modes of difficulty, those being Recruit (East), Veteran (Normal), and Elite (Hard). Recruit lessens the amount of enemies and their chances of seeing you as well as shooting you with and accurate shot. As you set the difficulty higher, the enemies as well as their odds of hurting you increase. The story mode isn’t too bad at all. 15 missions against an Ultra nationalist Russia are what your team is up against, and it wont be an easy trip down that road. Also, once you finish with the Russians, there are 8 added missions, which on the PC were called Desert Siege. These are only available after going through the 1st 15, so get ready for another campaign.

There are also different game modes in Quick Mission and Multi player. Firefights, where you go through and clear out a level full of enemies. Mission or Coop Mission (in Multi player) where you just go and do the mission. And finally there is Survival, which is just a Multi player versus.

The last thing for Game Play that I will add is that you are in control of up to 6 soldiers, each having abilities of their own as well as weapon kits. You are able to customize your team to an extent before entering each mission, a change from the old Rainbow six games, but nothing too big.

Game Play Score: 9/10


Graphics wise, this game isn’t too bad. Up close everything looks really nice and detailed, but as you get further and further they sort of degrade. Nothing too serious except when watching enemy soldiers from a distance, it tends to be a bit choppy and can sometimes be unfair to snipers... but hey I guess the AI needs a little upper hand against Snipers. All and all most decent gamers will be happy with the Graphics.

Graphics Score: 8/10


This area of the game is flawless. The guns all sound great, each having their own sound, and its not the same sound over and over again, it does variate just a bit from time to time. Team members voices are well done, as well as the enemies voices. Sound distance has even been done well, if your are right up close, you hear it, but if you are quite a ways away, then likely you wont. Music is done very well, some of it is recognizable from Rainbow Six. It'll give you a good sense of what’s going on, sometimes being creepy, or full of suspense to get you going.

Sound Score: 10/10

Replay Value:

Campaign mode isn’t really useful for this unless you want to go through and see all the Specialists. But the Quick Mission and Multi player options are where this game hits home. After going through the Campaign mode, you should have access to the levels to play on with friends. So its not too bad here either.

You also have the chance to unlock little extras the game makers put in such as pictures and texts. There are also game models you can look through too.

Replay Value Score: 8/10

Total Score: 9/10 (Score rounded up)

For those of you who have yet to purchase this game, give it a good rental as you should with any other game, so that you can develop your own thoughts upon this game. In reading this Review I hope that I have impacted at least some thoughts of playing this game.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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