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Reviewed: 12/20/02 | Updated: 12/20/02

Another good Tom Clancy game but not one of the best.

Well I was completely oblivious to the fact that Red Storm had released another Tom Clancy game, but I can honestly say I had a big smile when I saw it for rent at a local Hastings. I have been a fan of all the Tom Clancy series games and I had high hopes for this one. While it might not have fulfilled all of them it reaches about 90% of my expectations.

When you first start the game the graphics look really nice, but as you get deeper and start playing more you find little flaws and things that might turn you off a little. Allow me to explain more. If you see a enemy in the distance walking or running the animations are really choppy but they do clear up as he gets closer. Also the sides of cliffs look horrible. You would expect the rocky cliff to be ... well rocky but not in this game. It is just a flat surface with a occasional jagged edge. But remember this game was brought over from a PC version so all in all they did a good job with graphics.

SOUND - 10-10
The sound is very good. The gunshots, yells, team talk, etc, sounds really good. People have criticized the previous games by Red Storm for its poor sound quality but they don't let us down this time. The only thing that kind of turns the sound off is the lack of talk. The only thing players say to one another is got him, or enemy down.

The controls are very simple and easy to learn. Basically you move with the two analog sticks. You fire with R1, you crouch by pushing down on the D-pad, and reload with the X button. Of course there is much more to it all but thats just the main buttons I commonly use. Also there is a training mode that is supposed to teach you the controls, but there idea of teaching you the controls is letting you find them out for yourself. I hated it when the guy telling you what to do tells you to press the action button and he never specifically says what the action button is.

I can't nag about the gameplay. It is very solid and very addictive. Basically you have up to 6 guys on two different teams (3 on each team max). You have Sniper Support, Rifleman, Demolitions. Snipers have sniper rifles which I recommend. Support men carry the big heavy guns. Rifleman are your average leaders of the group who usually carry Assault Riffles. Demolitions has a Assault Riffle and Demo Charges or Anti Tank Gun(Rocket Launcher).

OVERALL - 8-10

Overall this game is definitely worth some time. Also something I didn't mention in the review above is there is a multi-player mode. The reason I didn't rate it was because I haven't tried it yet. Well if you find yourself bored and have 5 bucks go and picks this game up for a rental, or if you have money to spend go head a buy it. Either way it is a win-win situation.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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