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Reviewed: 12/20/02 | Updated: 12/20/02

Easily The Game of The Year

Once again I ride off to Blockbuster in search of a cure for boredom. I was unaware that Tom Clany’s: Ghost Recon had been released to rent that same day. Well, as soon as I was about to grab it, some kid takes it off the shelf. I told him I was about to take it, and he says he got there first. I told him I would pay him if he gave me the game, so he handed it over and I took off to the counter. So was the game worth the 5 bucks I paid for it, and stealing from a child? You’re Darn Skippy It Is!

Graphics: 10/10
Simply beautiful, that’s all I can say. These are probably the prettiest graphics I have seen for a PS2 game for a long time! The guns look real, the textures are amazing, I really have no room to complain about the graphics. One great thing about it is bullet dust, if you fire close to a table, gun powder residue goes onto the table! I know it doesn’t sound like much, but what detail that is. There is one slight flaw which I can’t even count against this masterpiece is that when enemies die, if you shoot them in the chest, you can’t actually see it close up, no matter what angle your at. Oh well. Another fantastic thing is that the vehicles are very well designed and structured, even parked cars. The folks at Red Storm have really out done themselves on this one, congratulations to them.

Sound: 10/10
The voice acting, the gun fire, the explosion, the rain, the footsteps, the crackling of fire, the wind, right down to a simple breath from an enemy, they hit it all dead on the bulls eye. The gun fire sounds so realistic, it isn’t a loud bang like every other game, it is exactly what sniper rifle, or an M-16 would sound like, they are all very distinctive and no two guns sound alike. The footsteps are very well times too, every time you move even slightly, the game picks it up and plays the sound. I have heard a tank fire a round in real life, and not one game has ever hit that noise as close this game has. Even the hydraulics sound dead on when the tanks spout is rotating.

Controls: 9/10
I was really confused at first of what all the buttons did, because in basic training it tells you to push the [action] button, but doesn’t actually tell you which is which. Either way, I figured them out shortly after. Despite the fact there are a lot of buttons to memorize, they space them out evenly enough to make it really easy for anyone to learn. A really cool option in the game is at anytime you can adjust the sensitivity of the controls which is great if your camping out, playing a sniper.

Story: 9/10
Before you say it’s like any other Tom Clancy game play it, because it is not! A group of elite soldiers are trying to prevent a war. I don’t really mind it is becoming a clichè because each style of Tom Clancy game is different in it’s own way. The year is 2008, and the Soviet Empire has rejuvenated and is starting an uprising. They are invading their old territories to take back what is theirs. Now, income the Ghosts, to act as an unofficial advance force to slow down the Soviet advance. It doesn’t have the same feel as Rainbow 6 or any other Tom Clancy game for that matter, it feels better. Oddly enough, this is my favorite plot so far, and Tom Clancy did now actually write it.

Gameplay: 10/10
The gameplay is amazing, you can switch 6 different men, and 2 different squads. Usually that number is higher, but the game is still very fun with 2 squads. You have many weapons to use and many bad guys to take out. I really enjoy using the sniper rifle, that’s almost all I use. In the game, before you start the mission, you can set up your squad, you have a choice from anywhere between 10-15 Ghosts. There are 4 different types of ghosts you can put on a squad too, they are; Rifleman, Support, Sniper, Demolitions. The Riflemen are default squad leaders and carry assault rifles. Support carries heavier artillery. Sniper carries the sniper rifle, and small arms, or extra ammo. Demolitions carries an assault rifle, and has the option to take 3 demo charges with him, or an anti tank gun.

To Rent or To Buy
Well, if you are a fan of first person shooters, you’ll wanna own this game because it is an amazing FPS. If your just in need of a quick shooting fix, then rent it. But I am personally going to purchase this game because it is very well done, the plot is great, gameplay, controls, graphics, sound, everything about this game just screams; “Buy me!” So it is really up to you, but once you rent this and play it, you’re gonna wanna play it again, and again. So once again, it’s your call, but you can’t deny this is easily the Game of the year!

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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