1. Scott Saiger ADR Engineer
  2. Chris Lundeen Associate Producer
  3. Jeremy Jimenez Asst. Editor
  4. Paul Collin Copywriter
  5. Peter Armstrong Director of Production
  6. Paul Hellier Director of Technology
  7. Kurt Carlson Documentation Specialist
  8. Morgan Tomaiolo Graphic Designer
  9. Norio Wakamoto Japanese voice of Cell
  10. Ryusei Nakao Japanese voice of Frieza
  11. Masako Nozawa Japanese voice of Goku, Gohan and Great Saiyaman
  12. Ryo Horikawa Japanese voice of Vegeta
  13. Dimps Misc.
  14. FUNimation Misc.
  15. INFOGRAMES Misc.
  16. Evan Jones Mix Engineer
  17. Hironobu Kageyama Opening Song: "Cha-La Head-Cha-La"
  18. Akira Toriyama Original Author
  19. Roger Arias Product Acquisitions
  20. Jesse Mancilla Production Assistant
  21. Michael Cucchiarella Senior Producer
  22. Daniel Mancilla Sr. Editor
  23. Paul Rinde Sr. V.P. of Product Development
  24. Patti Ringler Talent Coordinator
  25. Christopher Robin Sabat Voice Director
  26. Jeremy Inman voice of Android 16
  27. Chuck Hubber voice of Android 17
  28. Meredith Thompson voice of Android 18
  29. Philip Wilburn voice of Anroid 19
  30. Tiffany Vollmer voice of Bulma
  31. Brice Armstrong voice of Captain Ginyu
  32. Dameon Clarke voice of Cell
  33. Cynthia Cranz voice of Chi-Chi
  34. Chris Forbis voice of Dodoria
  35. Kent Williams voice of Dr. Gero
  36. Linda Young voice of Frieza
  37. Stephanie Nadolny voice of gohan
  38. Sean Schemmel voice of Goku, King Kai
  39. Bill Townsley voice of Guldo, Cui
  40. Chris Rager voice of Hercule
  41. James Fields voice of Hercule Announcer
  42. Don(Sonny) Strait voice of Krillin
  43. Michael McFarland voice of Master Roshi, Yajirobe
  44. Phil Parsons voice of Nappa
  45. Kyle Hebert voice of Narrator, Great Saiyaman
  46. Brad Jackson voice of Oolong
  47. Monika Antonelli voice of Puar
  48. Justin Cook voice of RAditz, Cell Jrs.
  49. Lane Pianta voice of System Voice
  50. John Burgmeier voice of Tien, Saibamen
  51. Eric Vale voice of Trunks, World Tournamanet Announcer
  52. Christopher Robin Sabat voice of Vegeta, Piccolo, Yamcha

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