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FAQ by CyberLord X

Version: 2.0 | Updated: 08/22/03

For the PlayStation 2 Video Game Console
Rated "T" (Teen: Ages 13 and up) by the ESRB
(For Strong Language, Strong Lyrics, Violence, & Suggestive Themes)

FAQ/Walkthrough (PS2 Ver.)
---=+Version 2.0 FINAL (c)2003+=---  

FAQ Created by CyberLord X
Email:  cyberlordx@hotmail.com
MSN ID: CyberLordX
ICQ # 85818704

NOTICE:  After 08/25/03, I will no longer be accepting any more emails 
regarding this game.  I will be moving on to other projects...so stay 

This FAQ/Walkthrough is copyright protected under US and international 
laws.  This entire document is intended for private home use only.  You 
are free to use this document for your own personal use, and are free to 
reprint this document for your use.  However, this document cannot be 
reproduced, reprinted, or reformatted in part or whole with the intent 
of distributing it (i.e. either through guides in magazines, selling it, 
posting on a website, giving it away as a means of barter, or to use as 
toilet paper) without direct and explicit permission from me.  

This FAQ/Walkthrough can be found ONLY in the following websites:


Any other website that is not listed is prohibited to post this FAQ 
without direct permission from me.  As long as you understand this, 
we'll be just fine--and I won't have to come looking for you.  >:)

-Quick Game Info-
(c)2003 Electronic Arts Inc.  Electronic Arts, EA SPORTS, and EA SPORTS 
BIG are trademarks or registered trademarks of Electronic Arts Inc. in 
the US and/or other countries.  Developed by AKI USA, Inc.  Def Jam 
artists and music used with permission from The Island Def Jam Music 
The views and opinions used throughout this FAQ/Walkthrough are made 
only from the author (that's me), and do not reflect or have any 
affiliation, in part or whole, of the views and/or opinions of 
Electronic Arts, AKI USA, Inc. or the Island Def Jam Music Group.

Table Of Contents (sections with added info will be markes as *NEW*)
I.     Revision History *NEW*
II.    Introduction
       1.  First And Last Spoiler Warning
III.   Controls/Basic and Advanced Moves
       1.  General Moves 
       2.  Advanced Moves
       3.  Irish Whip Moves
       4.  Opponent on Ground Moves
       5.  More Advanced Moves
IV.    Story Mode Walkthrough
       1.  Choose Your Hero
             A.  Quick Tips
       2.  The Face Club
       3.  The Warehouse
       4.  Grimeyville
       5.  Da Bridge -- Tag Tournament Pt. I
       6.  The Sanctuary Pt. I
       7.  Da Bridge -- Tag Tournament Pt. II
       8.  The Sanctuary Pt. II
       9.  Club Luda  
       10. The Dragon House Pt. I
       11. Da Bridge -- Tag Tournament Pt. III
       12. The Dragon House Pt. II
       13. Da Bridge -- Tag Tournament Pt. IV
       14. The Junkyard
       15. The Face Club -- After Hours
       16. The Def Jam Tournament
V.    Survivor Mode -- Tips & Strategies
VI.   Miscellaneous Hippycrap
       1.  Hidden Characters/Venues 
       2.  Controller Cheat Codes 
VIII. CLX's Final Thought
       *CLX's DEF JAM VENDETTA Personal Record *NEW*
       *Special Thanks *NEW*

-=I.     Revision History=-
8/18/03  Ver. 2.0 -- Made a few grammatical corrections, and added some
more questions/answers to the FAQ section.  This will most likely be my 
last update--no new info has come up for this game, and I've pretty much 
put in as much tips and strategies I can possibly give.

5/15/03  Ver. 1.5 -- OK, so the update wasn't as soon as I wanted; 
hippycrap happened that prevented me from doing so.  Completed the Story 
Mode walkthrough, and added tips and strategies on Survivor Mode.  Also, 
I've answered the most frequently asked questions in the FAQ section.  I 
decided against adding any movelists for characters too, due mostly to 
time constraints.

4/20/03  Ver. 1.0 -- Added some more info in General and Advanced Moves.  
Finished the majority of the Story Mode Walkthrough, and added the 
controller cheat codes.  Also made some corrections, especially in the 
Hidden Characters/Venues section (had them in the wrong order and left 
out some things).  I also was supposed to add in my own personal records 
the first time, but left them out at the last minute. >_<  So, it's 
there now.  Still working on adding the tips on Survival Mode and the 
Hero Movelists, and I may change my mind about the whole "not adding a 
list for all 44 characters" thing.  Expect another update for the FAQ 
very soon.

4/08/03-4/17/03  Ver. 0.5 -- April 8.  Happy Birthday to my li'l sister. 
:-P  Today also marks my first attempt at this FAQ.  Still a very early 
work in progress (not quite Ver. 1.0 worthy), but added almost all of 
the basics needed to get things started.  Currently working on the Story 
Mode Walkthrough and adding "Hero" Character-specific moves and combos 
for all 4 Heroes (before and after build-up)  Chances are 98% of you may 
not even see this first draft, but I just thought you should know the 
work that was done.

-=II.    Introduction=-

What up, fellow DEF JAM VENDETTA players, and welcome to my guide!  I am 
CyberLord X (a.k.a. CLX to many players in arcades), your host--or MC, 
kingpin, tour guide, whatever--for this FAQ/Walkthrough.  For those of 
you that don't know me--fear me.  For those that do...well, uh...just 
try to fear me a little more, m'kay? ;)  If you're reading this, you've 
purchased/rented/borrowed probably one of the hottest joints to hit the 
PS2 since SSX Tricky and NBA Street (the latter having a sequel which 
hits in April 2003), and you're obviously in need of some assistance.

Developed by AKI USA and produced by the EA SPORTS BIG line of games, 
this was a fusion of some of the phattest artists and music in the hip-
hop world with one of the biggest (no pun intended) names in the video 
game industry.  Most of you that had the pleasure of playing the WCW/WWE 
games on the N64 a few years back (WCW vs. nWo World Tour, WCW/nWo 
Revenge, WWF Wrestlemania 2K, WWF No Mercy) are probably already 
familiar with the AKI engine, probably one of the best (if not THE best) 
and easiest wrestling game engines ever--a very smart move on EA's part 
to implement it.  However, there are quite a number of you out there 
that may still have some trouble trying to get used to the style of 
fighting in this game--not to mention its incredibly difficult AI.  Thus 
the reason for the creation of this FAQ--I'm going to offer some of my 
tips and strategies to help you out.  And you can bet yer ass that this 
comes from hours of practice--not to mention some help from local peeps.  

I'm never too proud to accept help from outside sources, and seeing as 
how this is still a work in progress I will accept help and info (until 
otherwise noted) that can help make this FAQ much more informative and 
enjoyable.  Keep in mind that when I say that "I will accept outside 
help" that it means I will accept help with something that needs 
correction or tweaking within the FAQ (i.e. proper execution of moves, 
accurate info about particular attacks, listed cheats, etc.).  PLEASE do 
not send me anything that hasn't been inputted into this FAQ yet, unless 
it's a particular cheat code/hidden character/hidden move.  Credit will 
be given to the first accurate/confirmed tip or cheat recieved.  I 
promise that the updates will be as frequent as possible, but I do have 
a life ya know--be paitent with me, please. :)

It must be said though that this FAQ was specifically designed to aid 
gamers on the PlayStation 2 console; although both the PS2 and GameCube 
versions are identical, there may be some slight changes somewhere that 
I'm not aware of.  Plus, I don't own a GC yet, so I can't possibly check 
for myself.  So for you GC owners out there, feel free to use this FAQ 
if you like, but keep in mind that all tips/strategies/moves are all 
geared at PS2 owners--they MAY or MAY NOT work for you.

This FAQ was specifically designed to aid you, the gamer, in not only 
providing tips and strategies for the different playable modes of the 
game (especially Story mode and Survival), but also mastering the 
various techniques needed to conquer the ultra-tough CPU muthas as well 
as your friends (or ex-friends, after you whup their asses a few times 
too many).  Keep in mind that I'm explaining info about game modes with 
the assumption that you have a general understanding of what each mode 
already is about (most are self explanatory), since basic info is 
explained already in the instruction manual.  This FAQ also isn't in any 
way designed to give you detailed info about the main story, but I may 
slip up once in awhile and put in a minor spoiler here and there (hell, 
this IS a walkthrough).  Lastly, unless I get a large request to do so, 
I will not be putting character-specific moves or combos in this FAQ.  
There are plenty of FAQs out there to help you there.  So, with that 
being said, it's time to break yo'self and get ready to get that Money, 
take that Power, and earn some Respect.  So let's get started son!!

-+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=FIRST AND LAST SPOILER WARNING!!!=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+-

Since there's bound to be one or two of you out there that probably 
missed it the first time, let me reiterate this fact--THERE WILL BE SOME 
Since I don't want to deny you of the fun of witnessing certain events 
unfold for yourselves, I'll refrain from going into too much detail 
about particular events.  However, to properly explain certain 
situations, some things MAY be revealed.  My suggestion is go only as 
far as you NEED to go to avoid being spoiled.  Don't say I didn't warn 
yo ass...


-=III.    Controls/Basic and Advanced Moves=-

This is a complete listing of all the regular moves that can be executed 
during gameplay.  This is targeted at the newbies or those that want to 
know more detail about specific controls, so most of you that are 
familiar with the game may want to skip this section.  For you AKI 
engine vets out there that haven't played this game yet (or are having 
trouble getting used to the controls), keep in mind that there are some 
moves that differ from previous wrestling games--some aren't even 
available at all in this game.  Also, this is in no way intended to be a 
replacement for the instruction manual, so don't be suprised if I leave 
out menu controls or anything that's just too self explanitory.


---[1.  General Moves]-------------------------------------------------

Left Analog Stick 
or Directional Button
(will be referred from here
on out as "D-pad")
 -- Moves character around.  'Nuff said.

Light Attack
 -- tap Square button.  Pressing a different direction when tapping will 
sometimes create a different move.  Can be used in conjunction with the 
grapple button for pressure attacks. especially if opponent is blocking 
(explained later).

Medium Attack
 -- hold Square button.  Has more striking power, and can stagger or 
knock down your foe.  Pressing a different direction when holding will 
sometimes create a different move.  Try mixing up your timing with Light 
Attacks to create various combos (explained later).

Hard Attack
 -- hold Square+X Button.  Pressing a different direction when holding 
Square+X will sometimes create different moves.  The strongest of the 
three strikes, used primarily to knock down your opponent or finish a 

Light Grapple (front or back)
 -- tap X Button.  It's fast, does small damage and builds your Momentum 
meter slightly.  Pressing a different direction and/or Square while 
tapping X will usually create a different move.  Use this often to wear 
down your foe before attempting stronger moves.

Hard Grapple (front or back)
 -- hold X.  Does great damage and builds up your Momentum meter 
quickly, but slow to execute.  Pressing a different direction and/or 
Square while holding X will usually create a different move.  Should be 
used only when you've substantially weakened your foe.

Turn Opponent Around
 -- Press L1 while grappling opponent, or when foe is dazed (press 
direction towards foe and hold L1 before grappling)

Release Grapple
 -- Press R1 if you're grappling an opponent.  Do this only, if for some 
strange reason, you wish to let go of your opponent. 

Throw Opponent In/Out Of ring
 -- Grab your opponent, then press /\ + direction towards ropes to toss 
your foe outside/inside the ring.  Must be near the ropes to execute. 

 -- Press O Button + any direction (can use either Left Analog stick or 

Running Attack
 -- Square Button (while running towards opponent).  The move executed 
varies per character.

Running Grapple
 -- X Button (while running towards opponent).  Move varies depending on 
which side you grab your foe.

Climb Turnbuckle
 -- Hold O Button + direction toward corner.  You'll climb/hop onto the 
turnbuckle to set up for a high-flying move.  Keep holding O to stay 

Climb Down Turnbuckle
 -- Press L2 while still holding O.  Useful if your opponent recovers 
and you don't want to risk missing your mark.

Jump Off Turnbuckle
 -- Release O button while still perched on turnbuckle.  Move executed 
varies depending on character and if your opponent is standing or on the 

Get In/Out of the ring
 -- Press /\ Button + direction towards ropes.  Tap /\ to step out of 
the ring and stand on the outside apron, or hold /\ to get completely 
out of the ring.

Taunt/initiate BLAZE/execute BLAZIN' Special moves
 -- Move Right Analog stick.  Move Right Analog stick Up/Left/Right for 
a regular taunt, and press Down on Right Analog stick for a kneeling 
taunt.  This helps to build Momentum slightly, but repetitive taunting 
causes the increase to be less over time.  Once your Momentum bar starts 
to flash, move Right Analog stick to initiate BLAZE (NOTE: you're 
temporarily invulnerable during the BLAZE taunt).  While you're in 
BLAZIN' mode, you can do more damage with your moves, and you can even 
run HELLA fast (perfect for chasing after those wimps who try to run 
away).  To do your character's BLAZIN' Special, just do a Light Grapple 
from the front/back and move the Right Analog Stick (can only be done 
while BLAZIN' is activated).

---[2.  Advanced Moves]------------------------------------------------

Dodge Opponent
 -- Press L1 to back away from your opponent.  Pressing L1 and pressing 
either to the left or right of your opponent at the right time may cause 
you to side step your foe's attack (not fully tested, although I've done 
this a couple of times.  Any further info is appreciated.).

Dodge Opponent (while you are running)
 --Press L1 or R1 to attempt to dodge your opponent.  Type of dodge 
varies.  Useful if you want to try to get behind your mark if you 
anticipate an attack/grapple.

Block/Counter Grapple
 -- Press L1 the instant you are being grabbed to push them off, causing 
them to stagger slightly (degree of stagger depends on the strength of 
the grapple used against you).  Press L1 then press O slightly 
afterwards at the right time will cause you to counter the grapple and 
immediately go into a rear grapple.

Block/Counter Attack
 -- Press and hold R1 to block against any attacks.  While blocking, you 
are vulnerable to a grapple, so be careful.  Press R1 the instant you 
are being attacked to block it, causing them to stagger slightly or in 
some cases to be knocked to the floor (degree of stagger depends on the 
strength of the attack used against you).

Reverse Grapples/Irish Whips
 -- I have mixed opinions about this one.  The manual lists to rapidly 
tap L1+R1 the instant the grapple is initiated, which works fine 60% of 
the time.  I've found that if you press/rotate the D-pad while rapidly 
tapping L1+R1+Grapple Button the instant the grapple starts, you'll 
reverse a helluva lot better (especially against CPU opponents).  See 
what's really good with you and get back at me.  Reverse Irish Whips in 
the same matter, the instant the whip begins or as you bounce off the 

Reverse a Reversal
 -- YES, IT IS POSSIBLE.  Rapidly tap L1+R1 and rotate the D+Pad the 
INSTANT the reversal animation begins.  Since you lose some Momentum 
when an opponent reverses your moves, you'll want to attempt this quite 
often.  Note that not all reversals can be reversed.

---[3.  Irish Whip Moves]----------------------------------------------

Light Grapple
 -- Tap X button as the opponent rebounds from the ropes.

Hard Grapple
 -- Hold X as the opponent rebounds from the ropes.  Easier to reverse 
if the opponent isn't weakened, so be careful.

Light Attack
 -- Tap Square as the opponent rebounds from the ropes.

Hard Attack
 -- Hold Square as the opponent rebounds from the ropes.

Dodge Running Opponent
 -- Press L1 Button or press L1 Button + Up as opponent rebounds from 
ropes.  Try a combination of the two when attempting combos (more on 
that later).

---[4.  Opponent on Ground Moves]--------------------------------------

(NOTE: Unlike other AKI games, there is no way to drag your opponent 
while he/she is lying on the ground.  The only way to drag your opponent 
is while in a standing grapple, which is dangerous since your opponent 
can reverse you the longer you hold 'em down.  Also, there isn't any way 
to flip your opponent's body over either.)
Pick up Opponent
 -- R1 Button while standing near opponent.  This is different from 
previous AKI games--tapping R1 doesn't sit them up in a sitting 

Jump on Opponent
 -- Press Square while running towards the fallen prey.  The attack 
differs per character.

Strike Opponent
 -- Press Square Button while near the opponent's body.  Again, the 
attack differs per character.

Go for a Pin
 -- Press L1 near a fallen opponent.  All pins done in this matter are 
the same (cocky foot on opponent's chest), but keep in mind that since 
an opponent's Health increases while in the pin, and the opponent's 
Momentum meter increases if he/she escapes, it's not exactly the 
brightest idea to pin an opponent who isn't weak.  However, it should be 
noted that if you decide to break the pin yourself, the opponent doesn't 
gain any added Momentum to his/her favor (thanks to kraniac for pointing 
that out).  Breaking a pin at your own accord is a good strategy to use, 
especially considering that the opponent can be sometimes temporarily 
stunned afterwards; for example, if your opponent has a move that ends 
in a pin, such as a German Suplex pin-type move, break the pin 
immediately after execution and the opponent may still remain on the 
ground for you to follow-up with another move of your choosing.  (NOTE: 
To break a pin on your own accord, press R1.  If you're caught in a pin 
yourself, tap any button rapidly to fill up the Escape Meter and escape 
the pin.)

Submission Moves
 -- Press X when near either the head or body to put them in a 
submission maneuver.  The type of move differs per character.  Keep in 
mind that if you attempt a submission near the ropes (or if the opponent 
makes it to the ropes), you'll be instantly pulled off and little damage 
will be done.  (NOTE: To break a hold on your own accord, press R1.  If 
you're caught in a submission yourself, tap any button rapidly to fill 
up the Escape Meter and escape the hold.)

---[5.  More Advanced Moves]-------------------------------------------

Light Turnbuckle Move
 -- Tap X + direction toward opponent (while opponent is dazed against 
the turnbuckle).

Hard Turnbuckle Move
 -- Hold X + direction toward opponent (while opponent is dazed against 
the turnbuckle).

Light Rope Grapple
 -- (after Light Grapple) Tap X + direction toward ropes.  If done 
correctly, you'll use the ropes to inflict pain on your opponent.  The 
move done may vary per character.

Hard Rope Grapple
 -- (after Hard Grapple) Tap X + direction toward ropes.  If done 
correctly, you'll do an even more damaging move using the ropes.  The 
move may vary per character.

Rebound Attack from Ropes
 -- (when running towards ropes, with opponent to your back) Tap X + 
direction towards ropes just before rebounding to hop on ropes and 
perform a backwards attack against an unwary opponent.  If missed, 
you'll take some damage--especially if the opponent anticipates it and 
reverses you.

Dive/Baseball Slide Through Ropes
 -- Tap X button while running towards ropes and opponent is outside the 
ring.  Not sure if this can be countered in this game... (Let me know 

Jump Off Ropes to Outside of Ring
 -- Hold direction towards the ropes and press X while standing near 
ropes and opponent is outside of the ring.  A very risky move.

Jump Off Ropes to Inside of Ring
 -- (while outside the ring and standing on outside apron) Hold 
direction towards the ropes and press X when opponent is on the ground.  
The move executed varies per character.


That's pretty much all the moves you need to know to get you started.  
Character-specific moves and combos for the 4 "heroes" will be explained 
in further detail later within the FAQ. 


-=IV.      Story Mode Walkthrough=-

"...Used to be, you wanted to make yourself known, you prove your worth 
as a street fighter or a hustler.  We don't fight out in the streets no 
more.  We're organized now; we...too gangsta for the gardens--so we've 
taken it underground...inside.  I'm a business man, and this is my 
'biznez'.  My soldiers are legion--METHOD MAN, NORE, CAPONE, LUDA', 
REDMAN, DMX.  If you wanna shot at me, you gotta make it past these 
brothas.  It's a dangerous world out here; seems everytime I turn around 
there's another young buck wantin' to take me on.  I lay down for no 
man.  You wanna take what's mine, you gotta beat me.

...But NOBODY...EVER...beats ME..."

                                                    -- D-MOB


Simply put--you used to be the shiznit.  You were at the top of your 
game, the king of all street brawlers.  That is, of course, until the 
one known only as D-MOB came along and knocked you out of the box, 
taking not only your pride but your lady as well.  It's been a long 
while since that time--but an unexpected call from yo' boy MANNY brings 
you back into the game.  Seems that while you were away, he's been 
hangin' in the fighting scene running hustles and kicking ass--until an 
injury put him on the sidelines.  And that's a bad thing son, because he 
can't get no cheese; moreover, your old nemesis D-MOB is out looking for 
a return on the loan he gave MANNY...and he doesn't take I.O.U.s.  This 
is where you (reluctantly) come in.  MANNY wants you to fight in his 
place--and help him avoid laying on his back lookin' up at the roof of a 

This is where it all begins--a chance to get back what was taken from 
you.  Money.  Power.  Respect.  And take your revenge out on the man 
that took all that away from you.  But before you do so, you need to 
choose who's gonna represent.


--*[1.  Choose Your Hero]*----=----*----=----*----=----*----=----*-----

You have 4 heroes to choose from, each varying slightly in style and 
ability.  As you progress through Story Mode, you'll be given the 
opportunity to win money from various fights, improve upon the 
attributes of your chosen fighter, and even check out the photos of the 
cuties you picked up along the way.  You also get to buy locked photos 
as well, but let me say right now that I strongly oppose doing this, 
since that loot is better spent on building your character up for the 
tougher challenges down the road.  

The attributes of each hero are measured in a scale of 1-30.  The 
specific attributes you build up are as follows:

POWER          affects the amount of damage your moves/attacks inflict

SPEED          affects the quickness of your character's movements
               (i.e. how fast you move)

GRAPPLE        affects the success rate of your grapples

DEFENSE        affects the success rate of counters/reversals

STAMINA        affects the total health and health recovery rate

Why do you want to build 'em up, you ask?  Not only does your character 
grow stronger over time and develops new moves and combos, but once 
you've completed Story Mode with that character you won't be able to 
play Story Mode again with him--so you'd better do as much building up 
as you can now.  A good tactic to help build characters BEFORE using 
them is to play Survival Mode and win as many matches as you can 
(peferrably ALL of them, since beating Survival Mode gives you extra 
cash) then using the dough earned on your weaker heroes.  Here's the 4 
you have to choose from, along with thier starting attributes:


POWER        //////////                        10
SPEED        ////////////                      12
GRAPPLE      ////////////////                  16
DEFENSE      /////////////                     13
STAMINA      //////////                        10
CHARISMA     ////////////                      12

Beginners to this type of game or those that like a little balance in 
thier lives will probably want to start off with this character, and 
this soldier (or former soldier--it's never clarified as to which) 
starts off with some decent all-around stats.  He has some great 
grappling techniques, and is probably the best submission fighter of the 
4.  His damage however is below average, but not so bad that you'll 
notice right away.  It's pretty much your pick what you'd like to build 
up first, but I'd recommend starting with both POWER and STAMINA in the 
beginning.  Of the 4 heroes, he's definitely the best pick to start 
things off.  (Hehe--although I'll admit that I chose SPIDER first.)


POWER        ///////                            7
SPEED        //////////////////////            22
GRAPPLE      /////////                          9
DEFENSE      ///                                3
STAMINA      ///////                            7
CHARISMA     //////////////////////            22

With a name like this guy, how can you go wrong?  Dressed in threads 
that can only be described as that of a street biker (maybe he and Paul 
Phoenix from the Tekken series have the same tailor...?), this cat is a 
crowd favorite, no doubt.  Definitely the fastest and most charismatic 
of the 4, but alas--he is also the weakest at first.  Don't get it 
twisted though; he has some sweet moves and nasty attack combo strings.  
His countering ability isn't anything to write home to Mom about, 
though.  To be most effective with him, work on his DEFENSE until it's 
even with at least his POWER and STAMINA, then gradually build up the 


POWER        /////////////                     13
SPEED        ////                               4
GRAPPLE      /////////////                     13
DEFENSE      ////////                           8
STAMINA      /////////////                     13
CHARISMA     //////                             6

A street thug with a sneer only a mother could love, this dude is 
probably the second best pick out of the 4.  In the early parts of Story 
Mode, you're going to need some mad squabs as well as the ability to 
land 'em successfully--and this cat has 'em.  Probably the second best 
submission fighter and a great brawler, his attacks and grapples dish 
out some decent damage.  His only real downfall is his SPEED; he's 
pretty slow, second to only fat ass TANK.  He's not well liked just yet 
either, as his CHARISMA reflects this.  After you wax your first 
opponent, start building up those two attributes as well as DEFENSE, and 
you'll be a'ight.


POWER        ////////////////////////          24
SPEED                                           0
GRAPPLE      ///////////////                   15
DEFENSE      ////                               4
STAMINA      /////////////////////             21
CHARISMA     ///                                3

The name says it all for this asian brawler--huge, slow, but brimming 
with power.  With his starting stats, he's by far one of the slowest 
characters in the game, and unlike his namesake he doesn't have much in 
the DEFENSE department (i.e., expect a LOT of reversals done to you if 
you don't build him up properly).  Besides being slow and clumsy, he's 
not well liked either, having the lowest CHARISMA out of the 4 heroes.  
Oh, and did I mention he's slow as hell?  He does have some great power 
moves, especially effective when he's in BLAZIN' mode.  I strongly 
recommend that you play as this guy last, since you'll probably have 
some money left over after building up the other 3--or just go through 
Survival mode at least once and use the extra cash.  But for the very 
few of you out there that do choose to play as him sooner, know that 
he'll be able to take damage as well as dish it out--but you'd better 
QUICKLY work on his weaknesses or you'll be the one hurting in the end.

---[A.  Quick Tips]----------------------------------------------------

OK, the time has come to go into battle.  Here are some last minute tips 
to help you--these are all basic strategies that I've found work on 
pretty much EVERY CPU opponent you'll face.  Most are common sense 
reminders, while others are things you may not know about yourself.


1.  The aggressor ALWAYS wins.  Don't think you're going to run all day 
and still stand a chance.  Whomever is the more aggressive during the 
match tends to get more Momentum from executed moves.  So come out of 
your corner swingin', come at 'em hard, and finish strong!

2.  NEVER...EVER...attempt Hard Grapples on a healthy opponent.  They 
have a higher success rate of reversing them if they aren't sufficiently 
weakened first.  Use a majority of Light Grapples in the first part of 
the match to wear 'em down, THEN once they're about halfway down in 
health, tax 'em.  You COULD also attempt Hard Grapples when they're 
groggy, but I'd advise against it on CPU foes unless they're low on 

3.  The L1 and R1 buttons are your friends.  Get in the habit of being 
ready to reverse ANYTHING that comes your way.  It's all good to block 
attacks and back away from grapples, but you'll just be on the 
defensive.  Remember--it's the aggressor that's going to win in the end, 
so attempt reversals on anything and EVERYTHING to get some Momentum on 
your side.

4.  Stand your ground on a fallen opponent.  Granted, they'll more than 
likely try a rising attack or grapple against you when they stand up, 
but with practice you'll be able to anticipate this and counter 
accordingly.  Also, if a opponent is knocked down to the ground and 
you're right next to 'em when they fall, pressing R1 quickly as soon as 
they fall will more than likely pick 'em right back up to dish out more 
punishment.  You'll be suprised at the sheer number of extra moves 
you'll be pulling off if you stick with this tactic.

5.  Keep the action in the ring as much as possible.  Doing some damage 
outside is cool, but you'll lose that precious ROPEBREAK ability--
something you'll regret if you're close to getting a submission hold 
locked on you.  The only time you should really want to get out of the 
ring is to either avoid getting trapped near the ropes with no room to 
maneuver, or to follow a coward that's running from your BLAZIN' 

6.  Activate your BLAZIN' Mode sparingly.  It's an OK tactic to activate 
BLAZIN' the second you get it and all, but against a CPU foe you're 
asking for a longer battle if they're not in DANGER or dazed.  You see, 
once you've activated BLAZIN', the CPU goes into a li'l mode I like to 
call "Bitch Mode".  This is when after you've achieved BLAZIN' status, 
the CPU foe starts to avoid you and run away like the li'l bitch they 
are.  Moreover, their counter and reversal rate is heightened 
considerably, making it harder to land ANY attacks or grapples 
(especially your Specials).  What's even worse is that while their busy 
running away from you, their health that you worked so hard to deplete 
is getting healed up--that spells double work for you.  To keep this 
from happening as much, refrain from activating BLAZIN' mode right away.  
It's cool--once your Momentum Meter is filled to the max, you still have 
about 20 seconds or so to turn it on, and that's more than enough time 
to put the hurting on your opponent.  If all of what I just said is too 
hard to digest, just remember this--it's best to activate your BLAZIN' 
mode when your opponent is low in health, in DANGER status, and dazed.

7.  Make KOs your priority.  It's the surest way to victory.  
Submissions net you the same amount of cash bonus as a KO, but it takes 
longer to make someone tap out than it does to knock 'em out.  Pins are 
the least effective and profitable of the three winning moves, since the 
opponent can escape, heal some health while in a pin, and gain Momentum 
if they escape.  Avoid pinning as much as possible (especially if the 
opponent isn't weakened), and use them only as a last ditch effort at 
getting a win.


Of course there are more tips than these that I can give you, but these 
are probably the most important in any match situation.  More 
specialized tips for particularly tough opponents will be detailed later 
on in the FAQ.  Now, let's go bust some heads.

--*[2.  The Face Club]*----=----*----=----*----=----*----=----*-----

After the first cinema scene ends, you'll immediately step into the ring 
against your first obstacle.  It appears you're right in the middle of a 
very short tourney to determine who'll go up against Scarface, the owner 
of the club.  From this point on, the difficulty of each fight will be 
categorized on a scale of 1-5 stars (*), with * being the easiest and 
***** being the highest level of difficulty.


Difficulty: *             Fight Purse: $2,500
Unlock after Winning: PEEWEE
Your first opponent is PEEWEE, and like his name this country bumpkin is 
pretty pathetic in the brawler department.  You should have little to no 
trouble taking him out--just follow the basic tips outlined earlier and 
you should be done with this guy in two minutes or less.  This fight 
should be considered a good warm-up to get you used to the controls and 
what to expect later, so take advantage of it now.  

If you have ANY trouble against this guy, I can't help you.  Just stop 
reading right now, put down the controller, turn off your console, and 
slowly walk away.


Immediately following this bout, you have the opportunity to develop 
your hero with the money won.  Chances are that if this is your first 
time gaining money that you don't have enough dough to really start 
working on him just yet.  Either use what you can now or wait a couple 
of bouts--but don't wait too long.  A good strategy is to develop little 
by little every chance you get, but it's up to you how fast you want to 
grow.  On to the next match...


Difficulty: * 1/2         Fight Purse: $5,000
Unlock after Winning: DRAKE
This Vanilla Ice/Scotty 2 Hotty wannabe is slightly tougher than the 
previous trick you just wasted, but he's still a pushover.  The only 
major thing to worry about besides his speed is that he can reverse 
pretty well, even when he's hurt.  So be careful when attempting Hard 
Grapples or combos and be ready to reverse his reversals at a moment's 
notice.  Other than that, you got this one, kid.


Difficulty: ** 1/2        Fight Purse: $10,000
Unlock after Winning: SCARFACE(tm), DEJA, and DEJA's Gallery
His idle threat at the beginning of the fight may not be just a threat 
if you ain't careful, yo.  Consider this your first major fight--in 
fact, consider all fights against Def Jam artists to be "boss fights" 
from here on out.  And although FACE-MOBB here is probably the easiest 
of them to beat, he's NO pushover.  He's pretty strong, and has a above 
average reversal rate.  You definitely want to weaken him with Light 
Grapples before attempting any big moves.  The key here is to outlast 
him--that is, if trying to beat him quickly isn't working.  His biggest 
downfall is that his speed just isn't up to par, and he gets predictable 
very fast.  Counter his strikes and go into Light Grapples, and you'll 
have him worn out in no time.  After his health goes down about halfway, 
consider this cat done--start punishing him with your best techniques, 
and watch for counters.


Nice work, kid.  Ya got some bones in your pocket, plus a new lady under 
your arm.  Not the one you're after, but DEJA will do for now.  Just 
remember son, like the old sayin' goes--"We don't love 'em hos".  So 
don't go spendin' your cheese on those other locked photos, a'ight?  
Trust me on this.

The fun has just begun, now that news of your return to the ring is 
startin' to turn heads.  But you're still nowhere near where you need to 
be, so it's time to start really getting down to business.  Feel free to 
play a little of Survival mode before trying to continue if you need 
extra cash to build up, or move on and start your training against the 
next 4 jabronis MANNY has set you up against.

--*[3.  The Warehouse]*----=----*----=----*----=----*----=----*-----

It ain't the MGM Grand, but it's the next stop on your road to glory.  
Things here inside The Warehouse are a li'l tougher than you're probably 
used to yet, so be on your guard.  After all, this is where all the up-
and-coming street brawlers come to make a name for themselves, and 
they're not about to let an upstart wankster like you have it easy.  
I'll be listing the next opponents in order from left to right, but 
you're free to choose whomever you wanna go up against.  You'll win this 
venue as a choice in Battle mode if you win your first match here.



Difficulty: * 1/2               Fight Purse: $7,500
Unlock after Winning: SKETCH and The Warehouse Venue
Yet another busta just waiting to get dusted. This wildman's speed is 
pretty high, but his grapples don't have much umph in 'em.  He relies 
mostly on attacks, and that's one of his major downfalls.  Reverse 'em 
like hell, and go for some grapples to weaken him.  Which brings me to 
his next and most fatal weakness--his defense sucks ass.  He can 
counter, but not nearly as good as you'd think.  Plus, doing Hard 
Grapples and other brutal techniques agaisnt him weaken him fairly 
quickly, and adds Momentum even faster.  You'll dust this guy in no time 
using these tactics.

After the match, you'll get a "friendly" email from an old 


Difficulty: * 1/2        Fight Purse: $7,500
Unlock after Winning: RUFFNECK
I dunno what's worse--the way this guy fights, or the fact that he just 
called yo' ass a "boy".  He uses a kind of shoot wrestling style of 
fighting, throwing out random attacks that lead into grabs and holds.  
His defense and speed ain't bad either.  But he's below average in 
strength and stamina.  The one MAJOR weakness he has is that this inbred 
gets no love from the peeps in the audience--jump him and beat his ass 
and you'll get mucho Momentum in no time.  Next!



Difficulty: **        Fight Purse: N/A
Unlock after Winning: T'AI MONIQUE win or lose; her Gallery unlocked 
                      if you choose her and win (25%)
                      %75 of DEJA's Gallery unlocked if you stay with
                      her and win
Check it--looks like you got another cutie admiring the goods.  
Unfortunately, DEJA doesn't take kindly to this intrusion on her 
territory.  A fight for your affection ensues.  You have a choice as to 
who you wanna side with--you can stay loyal with fine ass DEJA, or kick 
her to the curb and hang with sexy T'AI.  After your choice, you'll take 
control of your old lady.

There's really no need for strategy here--all the girls fight relatively 
the same (different moves done, yes, but same A.I.).  Just remember your 
basic strategies learned earlier and you'll do fine.

The outcome of the match depends on the girl chosen and whether or not 
you win or lose with her.  Just keep this in mind--win or lose, you'll 
still unlock T'AI.  I'll admit though; the resulting short scene post-
match is pretty funny if you lost. :-p


Difficulty: **            Fight Purse: $7,500
Unlock after Winning: STEEL
This hulking giant of a man is no joke.  His moves are hard-hitting, and 
his defense is pretty formidable.  He also has an above average success 
rate for grapples.  In short, avoid getting grappled like the plague.  
He has two major weaknesses--his speed is crappy, and his stamina is 
fairly low.  You'll wanna weaken him with some Light Grapples here and 
there, mixed up with some hit and run tactics.  You can see most of his 
attacks a mile away, so reverse them accordingly.  Once he's weakened, 
hit 'im hard and put him away.


Difficulty: **            Fight Purse: $7,500
Unlock after Winning: RAZOR
Don't expect this ex-champion of the boxing ring to just throw punches--
he pulls out all the stops to take you out.  Like STEEL, he's very 
powerful, and his grapples hurt big time.  But he's a little faster in 
speed, but his defense and charisma aren't too great.  Counter any 
attacks done to you and go for grapples.  He also seems to fall victim 
to random jabs (probably the reason why he's no longer champion), so 
doing an attack followed by a grapple works just as well too.  
Basically, try a variety of techniques here and don't get too 
predictable or too repetitive.

After you're done playing around with those 4 fools, you'll get an email 
challenge.  Next stop...

--*[4.  Grimeyville]*----=----*----=----*----=----*----=----*-----

Located on the rooftops of an urban district somewhere in NYC, this is 
where you'll make your next mark in the pages of vengeance against D-
MOB...not to mention running into him face to face in the crowds.  Don't 
worry about that right now, though; you've got something else to worry 
about--like a fight with another Def Jam artist.  And he's MUCH tougher 
than SCARFACE...

Vs. N.O.R.E.(tm)

Difficulty: ***        Fight Purse: $20,000
Unlock after Winning: N.O.R.E., the Grimeyville venue, and a 2nd outfit
                      for your hero
N.O.R.E. is lookin' to add another win to his record, and he's not 
planning to lose on his home turf.  God's Favorite is pretty fast too--
more than likely faster than you (that is, if you're not playing as 
PROOF).  This cat's got mad squabs, as his punches deal some nasty 
damage (sometimes having the ability to knock you on your ass with 
punches alone).  Unfortunately for him, his fists of fury are both his 
strength and his Achielles' heel.  Reverse him every time he throws his 
soupbones at you, then counterattack accordingly.  He doesn't just go 
for punches, mind you.  He'll attempt the tactics of using Light 
Grapples out of nowhere to weaken you, so be ready to block grapples 
when you see his hands going up for one.  Also be ready to reverse a 
punch that's bound to follow immediately after his missed grapple 



Difficulty: **            Fight Purse: N/A
Unlock after Winning: OPAL win or lose; her Gallery unlocked if you
                      choose her and win (25%)
                      75% of T'AI MONIQUE's Gallery if you stay with
                      her and win
Yet another cutie wants a piece of ya, homey.  You know whatcha gotta 
do--HEY!!  STOP DOIN' DAT SON!!  You gonna go blind! :-p


Your business is done here, kid.  But there's no time to relax--develop 
your character some more and move on to the next challenge...

--*[5.  Da Bridge -- Tag Tournament Pt. I]*----=----*----=----*----=---

It looks like MANNY still needs some help with his cash problems.  
Fortunately he's got your back this time--fully healed and ready to 
rumble, MANNY has just entered himself in a Tag Team Tournament at Da 
Bridge...Guess who's his new partner. ;)



Difficulty: ** 1/2        Fight Purse: $5,000
Unlock after Winning: ZAHEER and PEEWEE's 2nd outfit
Technically, since this is the first of 3 tag matches to determine 
who'll face the Tag Champs, it shouldn't be too difficult.  But 
considering this may be the first tag match some of you will have ever 
played, I can see where you may have trouble.  There are 3 main things 
you need to remember:

1.  Tag often.  To tag your partner, go near him and press /\.  By 
keeping a fresh man in the ring, you'll not only heal the total health 
of the other partner while he's resting on the outside, but you'll also 
ensure that the momentum of the fight stays in your favor.

2.  Isolate a weaker opponent near your corner as much as possible.  By 
focusing most of your attacks on just one foe, your chances of ending 
the match quickly and efficiently is increased tremendously.  You can 
tell if the opponent is retreating to tag out if he starts to back away 
from you.  Counter this by rushing him with a running attack or running 
grab before he can tag out.  Also, to get your CPU partner in the ring 
to do some damage when you want him to,  do a Light/Hard Back Grapple 
and press O.  Your partner will enter the ring and attempt an attack on 
the prone opponent.

3.  Attempt double team moves as often as possible.  These ultra-
powerful moves not only do major damage to your opponent, but add HUGE 
Momentum to both you and your partner.  Whenever you see your CPU 
partner focused on one opponent, get some free time and help him out.  
Time your Light Grapples with his and you'll pull off some devastating 

Now that we've gotten that out of the way, let's focus on this match.  
PEEWEE is just as weak as before, despite the new look.  The one you 
need to really worry about is ZAHEER.  He's strong, and his defense is 
pretty decent.  You DON'T want to get caught in his Hard Grapples, so 
counter/reverse 'em whenever you see him going for one.  Take these 
fools out as soon as possible, and focus the majority of your attacks on 
bitch ass PEEWEE (assuming he's been tagged in).


With the first of 3 tag matches done, you're well on your way.  It's 
time to get some more training in before the next Tag match.  4 more 
fools are waiting to get thier teeth kicked in.

--*[6.   The Sanctuary Pt. I]*----=----*----=----*----=----*----=----

Don't expect asylum in this sacred fighting arena--only blood and 
mayhem.  The fighters here don't play games.  You'd best be on your toes 
from here on out--some prayer on the side wouldn't hurt either.  Again, 
you have a choice as to who to face first, but I'll be listing the 
fighters in order from left to right.


Difficulty: ** 1/2        Fight Purse: $10,000
Unlock after Winning: DAN G
Quick and cocky--that's the best way to describe this guy.  He uses an 
attacking style similar to Capoeira against you, slinging quick kicks 
and dancing to throw you off guard.  His grapples are pretty good too.  
His weakness?  He has a glass jaw.  Tax him with some well placed 
strikes to his grill, then put him away with the usual techniques.  Be 
sure to counter his spinning kicks, too.


Difficulty: ** 1/2        Fight Purse: $10,000
Unlock after Winning: ICEBERG
This pimped-out G is out for blood.  But like any true pimp, he loves to 
show off to anyone.  And since you'll steal some Momentum from him while 
adding to your own, rush him and take him down.  Obviously he probably 
won't taunt as much as I've implied here, but there's another way to 
bait him--try a taunt yourself.  If there's one thing pimps hate, it's 
to be shown up by another rival.  He'll more than likely try to either 
attack you or taunt himself, so cancel your taunting when you see this 
coming and lay him out.  Use all the other techniques you've learned 
thus far and he's history.



Difficulty: **            Fight Purse: N/A 
Unlock after Winning: PENNY win or lose; her Gallery unlocked if you
                      choose her and win (25%)
                      75% of OPAL's Gallery unlocked if you stay with
                      her and win
Do I REALLY need to tell you what to do here?  Um...ok then.  Don't 
stare at her cleavage while fighting or look up her skirt. :-p  
Seriously, like all the other girlfights, just use the techniques and 
strategies you've been honing and you'll be a'ight.  Win or lose, the 
story still moves on.

--*[7.  Da Bridge -- Tag Tournament Pt. II]*----=----*----=----*----

Action returns to Da Bridge when you get set up with a match between 
your dynamic duo and Sketch w/ his new partner.


Difficulty: ***         Fight Purse: $7,500
Unlock after Winning: CHUKKLEZ and a 2nd outfit for SKETCH
...Now I know why Ronald McDonald always gave me the creeps. :-p  Next 
to the Tag Champs, this match is probably one of the harder tag matches 
you'll ever have.  Clown-Boy is speedy as crap for his size, and has 
some power to compliment his wierd moves.  But everyone thinks he's a 
big joke, so his charisma in the ring sucks.  Take advantage of this, 
get the crowd in your favor, and you'll take him.  And maybe it's the 
face paint or somethin', or the pairing with his soulmate, but SKETCH 
comes off a little tougher here too.  He still has the same weaknesses 
from before though, so exploit them accordingly--he's the weakest of the 


Two down, one to go.  The Semifinals are coming up pretty soon.  Yet 
another win under your belt, you return to the Sanctuary for some more 

--*[8.  The Sanctuary Pt. II]*----=----*----=----*----=----*----=----

Not much has changed since your last visit to this elite club, except 
that there are now two jabronis left to beat before you move on.  



Difficulty: ** 1/2        Fight Purse: $10,000
Unlock after Winning: HEADACHE
This cat is ruthless, pure and simple.  But despite his impressive 
physique and above average agility, he has very poor defensive 
capabilities, and most of his moves are easy to counter.  Lay into him 
hard, and just remember what you've learned so far to come out on top.


Difficulty: ***          Fight Purse: $10,000
Unlock after Winning: MOSES
You're going to need more than prayer to beat this guy if you go into 
this match half-cocked and without a sound strategy.  His strength is 
formidable, and his defense is almost godly.  ALMOST, is the key word 
here.  He's still nothing compared to what awaits you later.  Take for 
example his main weakness--low swinging sweet chariots couldn't help 
this prophet's speed.  If he tries one of his slow attacks, reverse them 
or tag him in the eye a few times with some quick strikes to send him 
off balance, then get him with the attack of your choice.  Before long, 
he'll be the one seeking forgiveness for his sins against you.


Great job, son!  You've come a long way from your humble comeback at the 
Face Club, and it looks like you've peeked some interest at Def Jam 
South.  Thier champion awaits you at the next venue...

--*[9.  Club Luda]*----=----*----=----*----=----*----=----*----

Fly honeys.  Phat beats.  Tight game.  Brawls out da yin-yang.  It's all 
poppin' off at one of the tightest clubs around--and Def Jam South's 
champion is looking to disturb the peace.  A VERY amusing (not to 
mention revealing--not everyday you meet someone who's eager to search 
for a real "G spot") scene happens pre-matchup, but no time to 
concentrate on such idle things right now.  So you better come correct 
in this feature bout--someone ya know's watchin'...


Difficulty: *** 1/2         Fight Purse: $30,000
Unlock after Winning: LUDACRIS(tm), CARLA, all of the photos in your
                      current girlfriend's Gallery, and the Club Luda
I got all the love in the world for LUDA--but he's gotta get his ass 
whupped like the rest of 'em.

This cat really knows how to throw dem bows, son.  He's one of the 
faster members of the Def Jam clique, and has great defense as well--
expect many reversals done to you, so be ready to re-reverse.  All that 
speed he has comes at a price; his main weakness is his legs.  Any 
submissions done on them takes off slightly more damage than normal, and 
once they're weakened he slows down considerably.  Despite what you may 
think at first, he's not quite uber-tough.  Focus the majority of your 
submission attacks on his lanky lower extremities, then just use the 
rest of the techniques you've done so far to make this biatch move out 
da way...


At this point, you're going to recieve (rather abruptly, I might add) 
word of the opening of the Def Jam Tournament.  More delicious than that 
is the revelation of what awaits you if you make it to the Finals.  
Looks like you're going to need some extra time honing your already 
sharpened skills.  Someone that's about to email you knows of just the 

--*[10.  The Dragon House Pt. I]*----=----*----=----*----=----*----

Man, this is one creepy venue dude.  Look like some junk off of 18 
Bronzemen of Shaolin Temple or somethin'.  Besides the creep factor, 
make note that this is pretty much your final stop before the Big Time.  
No point in half steppin' now, kid.  So step into the Dragon House with 
no fear in your heart--you got 3 dudes here that could care less if you 
live or die.  As always, I'm listing 'em in the order from left to 
right, but choose who you wanna whup on at your own discretion.



Difficulty: *** 1/2         Fight Purse: $15,000
Unlock after Winning: NYNE and the Dragon House venue
No real big strategies here.  Only major thing to note is that he has a 
good defense--NYNE loves to reverse you, push you away, and generally 
keep his distance.  Also remember that he'll run away QUICKLY if you 
activate BLAZIN' too early and at the wrong time.  If you've listened to 
me thus far, you'll have no problems here.  Make 'im bleed.  


You won't have too much time to celebrate this victory--you've got some 
unfinished business at a certain bridge that needs taken care of...

--*[11.  Da Bridge -- Tag Tournament Pt. III]*----=----*----=----*----

Welcome to the Semis--winner takes on the Tag Champs at the Finals.  But 
if you think these guys are gonna let you just breeze by, you seriously 
deserve to get your butt kicked.



Difficulty: ***         Fight Purse: $10,000
Unlock after Winning: ARII and a 2nd outfit for RUFFNECK
Considering this is the last fight before the Tag Team Finals, you'd 
think this would be even harder than the rest.  Really, it's not as hard 
as when you first started being partners with MANNY--you should've 
pretty much figured out the pattern by now.  That's right; prey on the 
weaker partner for a quick win.  

Huh...?  Oh, what about ARII?  Oh yeah, forgot about him. ^_^  Simple, 
really--like ZAHEER, the hulking Russian's strong but slow.  Really 
slow.  If you get in a scrape with him, just take advantage of this 
fact.  Otherwise, stick to inflicting pain on weaker RUFFNECK.


The Semifinals are a done deal--now there's only the Tag Champs to take 
out.  But first, return to the Dragon House for some more lessons in 

--*[12.  The Dragon House Pt. II]*----=----*----=----*----=----*----

Why anyone would willingly WANT to come back here is beyond me, but 
you're back anyways.  Better make the most of it and make that money.  
Waste the next fool on parade...



Difficulty: *** 1/2         Fight Purse: $15,000
Unlock after Winning: CRUZ
Aye dios mio.  First a gangbanger, now a cartel member.  O_o  
Hmmm...anyways.  The two main things that make this vato so dangerous is 
his sheer power and stamina.  You could try a stick-and-move approach, 
by simply using a couple of distance strikes and then closing the gap.  
Or, you could just stick to the tried and true method of weakening him 
with Light Grapples.  Just try your best to make sure this match doesn't 
go the distance, since he can probably wear you out if you're not 
careful.  Que malo suerte para CRUZ.  Oh well, them's the breaks--we 
kill people for fun. ;-)


Difficulty: ***         Fight Purse: $15,000
Unlock after Winning: MASA
...Naniasundaiyo?!?  Now we've got a member of the Yakuza to tend with?!  
Dude--it's like reliving Grand Theft Auto 3 all over again!  What is 
this--Gangs On Parade??  Ah...gomen asai.  Got a li'l carried away 
there. Calm blue ocean...find my center... -_-

Speed and kicks.  That's the two main things you need to remember about 
this guy.  You see him kick, you reverse.  Pure and simple.  He'll 
attack more than anything, so check for predictable stuff.  But watch 
out for sneaky Light Grapples after a combo.  Wear him down, then take 
advantage of his weak constitution to lay him out.


Here endeth the long road to the fruits of your labor.  Revenge is in 
site, but it's time to tie up one last loose end at Da Bridge.

--*[13.  Da Bridge -- Tag Tournament Pt. IV]*----=----*----=----*----

You've been coming back under this bridge to get paid more times than a 
two-dollar "working girl" during rush hour, but now's the time to end 
the Tag Team rendezvous.  The Dynamic Duo of rap awaits.  Let's get 



Difficulty: ****         Fight Purse: $25,000
Unlock after Winning: Both RED and METH
Their last album isn't the only thing that's going to be titled Blackout 
if you screw around in this fight.  What makes this fight somewhat tough 
is the fact that both METH and RED have above average abilities; RED 
excels in the speed department while having great grappling success, and 
METH is the powerhouse of the two and has stellar defense.  Both have 
good stamina and have VERY good charisma, so it's going to be tough to 
get the crowd in your favor.  My advice is to work on RED the majority 
of the match--he's the weakest of the two, but not by much.  If both RED 
and METH happen to be in the ring at the same time and you see them both 
focused on you, RUN.  Your tag partner will more than likely smack one 
or the other, making it a one on one match again.  Lastly, make most of 
your attacks close Light Grapples--they LOVE to counter attacks, so 
don't throw them out carelessly.

This is mainly post-match related, and I'm not entirely sure it's common 
with other copies of the game, but for some reason after I lost this 
fight using my other profile both METH and RED aren't saying ANYTHING!  
Yeah, their lips are moving, but no sound comes out.  This has happened 
every time, too.  Wierd, and a little frustrating.  And no, I haven't 
tried it yet on my first profile (don't plan to, either).  For those 
that experience the same problem and are wondering what they say, 
they're SUPPOSED to say the following:

METH: Damn shame....DAMN shame!
RED:  Ey yo Meth, I think we broke his vocal cords.  Ey yo he ain't
      sayin' NOTHIN' now...! 


With the defeat of the Tag Champs comes newfound respect--and a chance 
to finally qualify for the Def Jam Tournament by defeating the Bloodline 
champ.  You're almost there, son!

--*[14.  The Junkyard]*----=----*----=----*----=----*----=----*-----

It's time to put in work in one of the most hardcore venues around.  The 
Junkyard is the place that every brawler dreams to at least see--you 
come this far, and you know you made it.  But at what cost?  You're 
about to be face to face with the big dawg, and you're standing in his 


Vs. DMX(tm)

Difficulty: *****         Fight Purse: $50,000
Unlock after Winning: DMX(tm), The Junkyard venue, and a 3rd outfit for
                      your Hero
...and then there was X.  


It must be said--DMX is GOD in this game.  No joke, son.  He's easily 
the hardest cat I've EVER faced in this entire Story mode--at first, he 
gave me even more trouble than D-MOB himself!  Don't get me wrong, D-MOB 
will STILL give you a run for your money, but the one you'll be having 
nightmares about will be X.

Weaknesses?  That's just it--I've played this guy again and again, and I 
can honestly say HE DOESN'T HAVE ANY!!  However, he is FAR from 
unbeatable--I don't care what anyone tells you or what you've thought 
yourself about this fight.  Here's some of the techniques I've found to 
be most useful.

1.  WEAR HIM DOWN WITH LIGHT GRAPPLES.  This can't be stressed enough.  
DO NOT attempt ANY Hard Grapples AT ALL unless he is at LEAST 50% 
weakened.  Otherwise, he'll reverse you almost EVERY time.  Go for only 
Light Grapples the majority of the first part of the match, then when 
you have him reeling start going for your best Hard Grapples.

2.  His defense is godly, so your main focus is to be ready to attempt 
to reverse any reversals done to you.  If you've been working on your 
timing up to this point, it shouldn't be too much trouble.  Also, don't 
attempt too many running attacks or grapples (unless he's dazed).

3.  DMX loves to do submissions that focus on your head, especially his 
infamous Junkyard Dog Combo.  Try your best to reverse it before he can 
apply all three parts of the hold, but the best defense against this 
(especially if you're hurting) is to hug the ropes the majority of the 
match; that way, you'll be able to get a ROPEBREAK easily, lessening the 
effects of any holds done to you.  This is a good strategy, considering 
your main focus is to go for the KO and not a pin or submission.

4.  Use your character's common and specialized combos religiously.  
These attacks build Momentum the fastest, and mixing them up constantly 
ensures that Momentum is always in your favor.

5.  DO NOT activate BLAZIN' unless DMX is in DANGER status AND dazed.  
Since the best way to defeat him is by going for the KO, you'll want to 
hold out on BLAZIN' too early.  Doing so puts DMX into the much-hated 
Bitch Mode--and, in case you were wondering, this is never a good thing.  
Considering he can already block/reverse extremely well already, you'll 
have even more frustration trying to KO a free-moving DMX.  Get him to 
DANGER status, do a quick Light Grapple move that will floor him 
effectively, THEN go into BLAZIN' mode and quickly pick him up and 
finish him off before he recovers.

This is pretty much all the advice I can give you for this fight, kid.  
Just remember what worked against the others and try your best to 
remember what I've also taught you here.  Good luck!


Well, if you're reading this far, I suspect you've either beaten DMX 
(finally), or you're curious as to what lies ahead, or you've just 
thrown your controller at the wall for the 949085749057.6th time and are 
seeking assistance as to what to do now.  The last one I can't help you 
with, but I CAN offer my congratulations to you if you've taken out the 
Bloodline champ.  Now the time has finally come--you VS. D-MOB.  All you 
need to do is win and make it to the Finals and it'll all be over.  But 
it looks like you've got one more piece of business to attend to, as the 
email you just got implies...

--*[15.  The Face Club -- After Hours]*----=----*----=----*----=----

It's dark and quiet--a little too quiet.  (I've always wanted to say 
that. ^_^)  And since you're reading this, you've probably already 
figured out that this pretty much has "trap" written all over it.  But 
since you're locked in the club at 2:55 AM without a cop in sight, 
there's not much you can do about it but fight your way out.



Difficulty: **** 1/2        Fight Purse: N/A
Unlock after Winning: All 3 Brawlers, and the Face Club After Hours
That's right; a inpromtu handicap match against 3 of D-MOB's cronies.  
No crowds.  No announcers.  Just you and three thugs with a job to do--
prevent you from making it to Def Jam at any cost.  This fight may seem 
a bit daunting at first glance--probably because any way you slice it, 
it IS.  Pretty much every move done is doubled in damage and Momentum, 
and even taunts add huge chunks of Momentum to thier meters.  But keep 
in mind that the same goes for you as well, so it's not entirely one-
sided.  You start off right in the middle of the three on the outside of 
the ring; your first move should be to immediately run into the ring and 
away from the danger of the 2 behemoths on the outside.  This trio has 
one major weakness--POCKETS.  He's the weakest of the three by far, and 
has poor stamina and defense.  Focus almost ALL of your attacks on him, 
and avoid the other two.  This is probably one of the very few fights 
that activating BLAZIN' mode early puts an advantage in your favor; 
simply isolate POCKETS from the others and go into BLAZIN' when he's 
down.  You'll be able to do even more damage to him while his "comrades" 
run from you and leave 'im hanging!  If done correctly, this fight will 
be over before it even begins.


Looks like you made short work of those bustas.  You've finally made it 
to the final leg of your journey.  But victory here comes at a heavy 

--*[16.  The Def Jam Tournament]*----=----*----=----*----=----*----

This is it--your long road of destruction is about to come to an end.  
The venue is poppin', the crowd is jacked, and the music is deafening.  
You still have 4 more matches to complete before the epic battle with D-
MOB, but compared to what you've been through already it should be a 
piece of cake.  I'll only list the 4 combatants that you'll face minus 
strategies to beat 'em, since 90% should have no trouble.  If more 
strategy is needed, I'll be more than happy to put it up.  

You don't get anything for beating these 4 guys either--they're already 
unlocked, and you'll be fighting 'em one after the other with very 
little time to rest in between.  Just remember all that you've learned, 
and you'll be facing D-MOB in minutes.

First Round:


Difficulty: ****

Second Round:

Vs. CAPONE(tm)

Difficulty: ****

Third Round:

Vs. WC(tm)

Difficulty: ****



Difficulty: ****



Difficulty: between **** 1/2 to *****  Fight Purse: $100,000

Unlock After Winning:   D-MOB & all of Angel's photos, get both
                        the Def Jam & Def Jam Vendetta venues, Manny's
                        2nd outfit, unlock Funkmaster Flex(tm), & the
                        Bounty Club venue

Heh, pay special attention to the theme music being played in the 
background of D-MOB's intro.  Sound familiar...?  After the cool (and 
shocking) cinematics, your final battle will commence.  To be quite 
honest, this fight is alot easier than you may think.  It's DEFINITELY 
easier than the battle with DMX(tm), but you still got your work cut out 
for you.  He's powerful as hell and has average speed and defense.  And 
since he runs this shiznit, he's got charisma oozing out his bulky 
pores.  There's just one problem--his main weakness is his inflated ego.  
He's so full of himself that all that power he's acquired went to his 
head (hint, hint).  You also want to make sure you don't BLAZE too early 
in this match--similar to DMX(tm), he gets a little tougher if he's not 
weakened yet.  If HE goes into BLAZIN' mode, RUN.  Run your ass off.  
His moves CAN and WILL take off heavy chunks on your Health meter.


Stick a fork in this Story Mode Walkthrough--it's done.  Big ups on 
taking out D-MOB and regaining everything back, but you still got 3 more 
Heroes' destinies to fulfill.  That's right; if you wanna get everything 
possible, you must complete Story Mode three more times.  Shouldn't be 
too hard, right?  ;-)

Enjoy the ending...!

-=V.   Survivor Mode -- Tips & Strategies=-

Some of you are probably wondering "what's the point in doing strategies 
in Survivor Mode?"  There's a method to my madness, but keep in mind 
that I'm not going to make a big 100k file on just Survivor Mode.  All 
I'm going to do here is give you some pointers on its use and how to 
complete it without much frustration (especially if you're attempting it 
after you've already beaten Story Mode).

If you're playing through Survivor Mode for the first time before doing 
the Story Mode, you're in for a very short ride.  You'll only face off 
against the characters that are already unlocked, and you never face any 
of the girls or yourself (at least, I never have).  In other words, the 
more peeps you've unlocked in Story Mode, the more fights you're going 
to have in Survivor Mode--up to 37 in all.  Why would you want to fight 
through 37 jabronis?  Money.  Playing Survivor Mode at any time and 
completing it gives you money you can use to help build up your Heroes.  
Your reward will be greater the more characters you defeat, and if you 
beat the fully unlocked Survivor Mode without losing you'll net $100,000 
for you trouble.  It's possible to even completely max out your Heroes' 
stats by playing Survival Mode.

All basic strategies that you did in Story Mode should work here just as 
well, but here are a few Survivor Mode specific strategies you need to 
keep in mind as well.  If you guys out there think you have some good 
strategies, you know how to reach me.  If I like what I see, I'll put 
you down and give ya credit.


1.  Any damage sustained during your matches will be carried over to the 
next match, with 25% of that accumalated damage healed.  In other words, 
your main strategy is pretty generic--don't get hurt.

2.  Sometimes your opponent may attempt a pinfall on you.  Believe it or 
not that's a good thing.  Although you still wanna escape the pin, keep 
in mind that any damage done to your health will be recovered slightly 
during the pinfall attempt--not to mention that you gain a small boost 
of Momentum after you escape.  It's risky of course, but you could use 
this knowledge to your advantage.

3.  Each opponent gets increasingly harder in difficulty with each 
victory, but their main weaknesses still remain.  Remember them well and 
turn the match in your favor.

4.  Beat each enemy as quickly as possible--you do NOT want to drag out 
the matches, as you run the risk of being too weak to defeat your next 

5.  Keeping the fight in the ring is even MORE important here.  You 
don't want to be outside when you need to get a ropebreak to escape 

6.  Technically, it really doesn't matter who you go through Survivor 
Mode with, but you definitely don't want to use a Hero character that 
hasn't been built up first.  Personally, I'd recommend using any of the 
Def Jam artists--or for added pain, pick D-MOB.  He has great power and 
his stamina is godly; and stamina is one of the main things you'll need 
to help you survive.  I was able to complete Survivor Mode with 
absolutely no problems with him.


-=VI.  Miscellaneous Hippycrap=-

This is where you'll get various info on specific cheats, hidden 
characters and venues, or other stuff that just might interest you.  And 
if it doesn't--DAMN YOU!!!  Just playing... ;-)

---[1.  Hidden Characters/Venues]--------------------------------------

Believe it or not, they're not to hard to find at all.  They're 
practically handed to you as you play through the Story mode (which was 
explained earlier).  The only three slight exceptions are FUNKMASTER 
FLEX and D-MOB's two bouncers--OMAR and DEEBO.  To play as FMF, you must 
complete Story Mode once.  To get OMAR and DEEBO, complete Story Mode 
two more times.  At this time, I don't believe there's a way you can 
actually play as ANGEL (although you get all of her photos in the 
Gallery after completing Story mode once), and you don't get anything 
extra if you go through Survivor Mode either (although I DID beat it 
after completing Story mode first).  So if any of you find out anything 
different, holla and lemme know somethin'.  Also, there is an alternate 
way to open up the characters besides playing through the Story Mode  
(since I'm certain that there are some of you out there that don't want 
to go through Story Mode 4 times just to get everything).  Details on 
that are listed in the Controller Cheat Codes section.  

Here is a complete listing of all 34 hidden fighters that you can get 
during Story Mode (listed approximately in the order they are unlocked), 
including the 7 unlockable Def Jam artists (listed with a (tm) beside thier 
name).  Each becomes available in all other modes after defeating them 
once, while certain characters get an alternate costume when you defeat 
or "meet up" with them.

Peewee                 (also gets 2nd costume after Tag match)
Sketch                 (you also get The Warehouse venue; also gets 2nd 
                        outfit after Tag match
Ruffneck               (also gets 2nd outfit after Tag match)
T'ai Monique
Razor                  (also gets 2nd costume after Tag match)
N.O.R.E.(tm)              (you also get the Grimeyville venue and 2nd
                        outfit for your Hero)
Dan G                  
Ludacris(tm)              (you also get the Club Luda venue)
Carla                  (also unlock all photos in Gallery for your
                        current girlfriend)
Method Man(tm) & Redman(tm)  (get both after beating them in Tag match)
DMX(tm)                   (you also get The Junkyard venue and 3rd outfit
                        for your Hero)

Pockets \
Snowman   >----------  (get all three after winning handicap match;
House   /               you also unlock the Face Club After Hours

D-Mob                  (you also unlock all of Angel's photos, get both
                        the Def Jam & Def Jam Vendetta venues, Manny's
                        2nd outfit, unlock Funkmaster Flex(tm), the
                        Bounty Club venue, and $100,000!)

Omar                   (complete Story Mode twice)
Deebo                  (complete Story Mode three times)
D-Mob's 2nd outfit     (complete Story Mode four times)

---[2.  Controller Cheat Codes]----------------------------------------

Most of you probably know some of these already, but for those new to 
the game, you might want to take a peek.  I usually refrain from using 
cheats myself, but considering that the 2nd Player won't be able to play 
with everyone unless he has opened them up in his/her profile first, I 
can make an exception.  If you hear of any new controller cheat codes, 
please send 'em my way.


Unlock Characters (PS2 Only)

Much love goes out to ReYMysteri0 for posting these codes on the 
GameFaqs.com message boards.

Each character has a seperate code to use to activate them.  There is 
currently no known code to unlock them all at the same time.  To enter 
them, at the Character Select screen press and hold all 4 shoulder 
buttons (L1+R1+L2+R2) then enter the code QUICKLY.  You need to be very 
fast to do them correctly--if you mess up, you must let go of the 4 
shoulder buttons and repress them to try again.  If done correctly, 
you'll hear a confirmation sound, and the character will be accessable.  
And YES, you CAN save them on your memory card.

/\ = Triangle

[] = Square


Arii                        X [] /\ O []

Briggs (alt. outfit)        X /\ O [] O

Carla                       X [] X X X

Chukklez                    [] [] /\ X O

Cruz                        O /\ X X O

D-Mob                       [] [] /\ [] []

Dan G                       X O X O []

Deebo                       O O X X /\

Deja                        O [] O O X

DMX                         O X O /\ []

Drake                       X /\ /\ O O

Funkmaster Flex             O /\ O O []

Headache                    /\ /\ /\ [] O

House                       /\ X /\ O X

Iceberg                     [] /\ O [] O

Ludacris                    O O O [] /\

Manny (alt. outfit)         O [] O [] O

Masa                        X O /\ [] []

Method Man                  [] O X /\ O

Moses                       /\ /\ [] [] X

N.O.R.E.                    O [] /\ X O

Nyne                        [] O X X /\

Omar                        O O [] /\ /\

Opal                        O O [] [] /\

Peewee                      X X [] /\ []

Peewee (alt. outfit)        X /\ /\ [] O

Penny                       X X X /\ O

Pockets                     /\ [] O [] X

Proof (alt. outfits)        X [] /\ [] O

Razor                       /\ [] /\ O X

Razor (alt. outfit)         [] O X /\ /\

Redman                      O O /\ [] X

Ruffneck                    X [] X /\ O

Ruffneck (alt. outfit)      [] O /\ X []

Scarface                    O [] X /\ []

Sketch                      /\ /\ O [] X

Snowman                     /\ /\ X X O

Spider (alt. outfits)       [] /\ X [] O

Steel                       X /\ O O /\

T'ai Monique                O O [] X O

Zaheer                      /\ /\ [] X X


All of the preceeding codes should work properly.  I know I left out 
three codes (Brigg's alt. outfit--X /\ [] X O, D-Mob's alt. outfit--
[] /\ O X O, and Drake's alt. outfit--/\ [] O X X), but I did so on 
purpose.  I can't get them to work, but feel free to try them 
yourselves.  Also, there doesn't seem to be any alt. outfit codes for 

Again, thanks goes to ReYMysteri0 for providing these codes.



-=VII.    FAQ=-

Pretty self explanatory stuff here.  This is the section where I compile 
all the questions you guys have been sending me, and answer the ones 
most commonly asked (and in rare occasions, ones that probably aren't as 
common).  If there are any particular questions you think you might need 
answered, feel free to email me--but PLEASE CHECK HERE FIRST to see if 
your questions haven't been already answered.  Otherwise you'd be 
wasting your time as well as mine.  

Also, please try to put a subject in your email that will particularly 
stand out in my mail list. 

(EXAMPLE: Subject: about your Def Jam Vendetta FAQ) 

Since I get over 150 different emails daily--about half of that as junk 
mail--it's hard for me to sort through it all and not accidently trash 
something that's not recognizable or important.

Well, with that junk out of the way, scroll down to read the answers to 
your most frequently asked questions.


Q.  Is there a way to unlock ANGEL as a playable character?
A.  No.  At this time, there haven't been any confirmed codes either.

Q.  I can't beat [enter character name here]!  HELP MEEEEEE!!
A.  Please read the entire FAQ again.  You should find all the tips and
    strategies you'll need there.  If that still doesn't help you, you
    have my sympathy.

Q.  How do you get Trophies?
A.  Similar to NBA Street, you gain the first three Trophies after
    completing certain requirements in Story Mode.  Just beat the Tag
    Champs Meth & Red for the Tag Champ trophy, the Bloodline Champ DMX
    for the Bloodline Champ trophy (i.e. the "X"), and win the Def Jam
    Tournament to get the Def Jam Trophy.  The last three take slightly 
    more work, but not much.  The eye/camera-looking trophy is yours
    after you acquire all of the girls and thier respective photo
    galleries.  I'm sorta in dispute about the "V", though.  Original-
    ly, I thought that it represented your accomplishment of beating a
    fully unlocked Survival Mode without losing.  But, according to 
    Abelmyster@aol.com, he states that he was able to get the "V"
    trophy before completing Survival Mode, thus making the assumption
    that you get the trophy after making at least the top 3 in all
    game records (Win %, Money, etc.).  This makes perfect sense, but I
    have yet to go back and prove it myself, since my interest in this
    game is almost next to gone.  If anyone else can confirm this is
    true, hit me up.

    The last one is pretty obvious--just finish Story Mode with all 4
    Heroes to get the book-like Story Mode trophey.

Q.  Is there a way to steal your opponent's moves, like in previous AKI
A.  Not that I know of.  If anyone knows how, get at me.

Q.  I tried the controller cheat codes you listed here--they didn't
    work for me.
A.  Then you suck.  Just kidding. :-p  All codes that have been listed
    here have been tested by me beforehand, so they all should
    work just fine for you.  I also made sure to inform you of the
    timing required as well, so you must be very percise when inputting

Q.  Is there a way to unlock AKI Man?
A.  No.  He isn't in this game.  Maybe next time...

Q.  How do you turn off KOs/Ropebreaks/Time?
A.  You can't.

Q.  What do you get after you complete Story Mode with all 4 Heroes?
A.  Besides the satisfaction of doing the task, a trophy in your stats.
    That's it.

Q.  What do you get after you complete Survivor Mode?
A.  Depends on when you complete it.  The rewards are greater if you
    complete it after you've unlocked everyone.  You'll win $100,000 as
    a bonus for completing it without losing.

Q.  Isn't there any other way to go through Story Mode again on the 
    same user profile after completing it with all 4 Heroes?
A.  Nope.  You'd have to either delete your current profile and start
    over, or just create a separate profile to go through Story Mode

Q.  Why can't I use my friend's memory card save to load up his user 
    profile?  We wanted to play against each other, but it only
    recognizes his save.
A.  Unfortunately, that's more or less a programming issue.  You can
    only use user profiles saved on one memory card.  In other words,
    your friend's user profile on his memory card can't go up against
    your user profile, and vice versa.  A big oversight on the
    designer's part IMO, considering that this was possible in previous
    EA Sports BIG games (NBA Street, to name an example).

Q.  My controller stops responding, blah blah blah etc. etc....
A.  Before you say anything else, please first let me inform you that
    I'm not in any form a customer service rep for Sony products or
    whatever company manufactures your controller of choice.  With that
    being said, I can't tell you if it's your game or your controller
    that is the source of your woes, but I CAN tell you that I myself
    have experience a similar issue whenever the vibration function of
    my controller kicks in.  It'll sometime cause the game to pause
    all of a sudden and the controller won't be dectected.  The fix?  I 
    just turned off the vibration--then later got a new controller.
    Hell, the one I had was pretty worn anyways.  This may or may not
    work for you, since the problem could be something completely dif-
    ferent for you.  If the problem persists, I suggest calling tech
    support or something...

Q.  I keep choosing the same girls everytime I go through Story Mode,
    but I never unlock any new Galleries.  
A.  Very few are this dense, but you KNOW there are some out there with
    this unique problem--it wouldn't be in the FAQs if it wasn't true.
    Here's the simple solution: pick different girls the next time
    through Story Mode to open up new Galleries.  If you've been read-
    ing my FAQ completely and with comprehension, you'd know this
    already.  Not to mention your manual to the game says it plain as

Q.  After winning $100,000 in Survival Mode, what do I do with the 
A.  No, I'm not kidding--this was asked before.  More than once.
    Scary, I know.  Here's the very complicated but most accurate

    Spend it.  Dumbass.   :-p

Q.  I completed Story Mode with all 4 Heroes, but some of them aren't
    maxed out in stats.  Will I be able to go back into Story Mode and
    build them up some more?  If not, isn't there any other way?
A.  Unfortunately, once you've completed Story Mode with one of your 
    Heroes, you're done with that hero in that mode.  So you might want
    to build up as much as possible before completing Story Mode--
    otherwise, if you're looking to completely max them all out, you'll
    have to start over.

-=VIII.     CLX's Final Thought=-

As you saw, not much was updated this time around; just a few new 
questions in the FAQ section, a few corrections in grammatical error I 
saw, and that's pretty much it.
Well, unless any new info or questions not answered yet come my way, 
this may definitely be the last time I update for this game.  There's 
not alot of buzz about this title anymore, and not nearly enough to hold 
interest for the vast majority of you that already played it to death 
like me. :)  I'm still going to be around for as long as you guys wanna 
see updates, but to be honest there really isn't much more to add right 
now.  Moreover, with the coming of SoulCalibur 2 to game console (not to 
mention a slew of other great PS2 games already out and in the works), 
my interests will be focused elsewhere.  So unless more info develops or 
some unknown entity comes out of the shadows to challenge me, I'm pretty 
much hanging up my DJV medallions.  It was great while it lasted guys--I 
thank you all for your support and emails.  But all good things must 
come to an end.  

Just a reminder that after 08/25/03 I will no longer be accepting emails 
regarding this game.  Sorry, but you're on your own from here on out.  

Thanks again for reading my FAQ, and I hope to write for you guys yet 
again.  See ya soon.



*CLX's DEF JAM VENDETTA Personal Record (as of 08/18/03)

Profile Name:              CLX

Win/Loss Record:           226-1
Money:                     $11K
Net Worth:                 $2.47 Million



Stages:                    12/12
Fighters:                  39/39
Girls:                     5/5
Photos:                    120/120
Completed Story Mode with all 4 Heroes
Beat Survival Mode without losing (37 wins total)
#1 in ALL Records -- bow down, biatch

*  Special Thanks

*Gotta give props to my mom and dad--thanks for going insane and 
conceiving me.  Now the world is mine...  >:)
Just kidding.  Thanks Mom for everything--even though you could be 
pretty strict at times.

*CJayC for having a phat site and for hosting this FAQ.  For more of the 
best in comprehensive FAQs and walkthroughs, visit www.GameFAQs.com 
Cheap plug--yeah, I know. :-D

*AKI Corp. USA and EA Sports BIG, for finally realizing my dream and 
putting a wrestling game that plays like the N64 ones on a next-gen 
system.  If I could marry you fools, I would.  LMAO!

*Def Jam Recordings, for being one of the tightest labels in the music 
industry today, and The Island Def Jam Music Group for smoking those 
funny cigarettes the day you decided to do this thing.  :-)  I salute 

*kraniac (kraniac@hotmail.com) -- for pointing out to me the importance 
of breaking a pin yourself

*ReYMysteri0 -- for providing the individual character unlock codes

*All my local friends/associates:

    *Steve Jones and Chris at my local Babbages -- just 'cause they cool 
like dat.  :-P

    *Randy, a.k.a. WORM -- for helping me practice and for added input 
on certain moves and tips.

    *Rueben, a.k.a. AxelayLucifer -- for providing me with internet 
access when mine was acting up. >_<  Thanks, yo.
    *Tony Montana -- for changing my life. :-D

    *Tyler Durden -- for showing me the way.  It's all taken care of, 

    *Mr. Smith -- for freeing me and adding me to his collective.  
Together, we will crush the One....um.....er......you didn't hear that.  

...and YOU, for reading this FAQ.  Hope you liked it.  Now go outside 
and get some sun or somethin', ya bum! :-p


"...Reap the prophecy..."
CyberLord X(tm)

(c)2003  All Rights Reserved

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