• Cheat Codes

    First Go The Fighters Section(For Characters), or the Stage Select(For Venues) and Hold L1,L2,R1,R2 and Enter One Of The Following Codes

    Briggs (alternate costume)X, Triangle, O, Square, O
    Briggs (alternate costume)X, Triangle, Square, X, O
    CarlaX, Square, X, X, X
    ChukklezSquare, Square, Triangle, X, O
    CruzO, Triangle, X, X, O
    D-MobSquare, Triangle, O, X, O
    D-Mob (alternate costume)Square, Square, Triangle, Square, Square
    Dan GX, O, X, O, Square
    DeeboO, O, X, X, Triangle
    DejaO, Square, O, O, X
    DMXO, X, O, Triangle, Square
    DrakeTriangle, Square, O, X, X
    Drake (alternate costume)X, Triangle, Triangle, O, O
    Funkmaster FlexO, Triangle, O, O, Square
    HeadacheTriangle, Triangle, Triangle, Square, O
    HouseTriangle, X, Triangle, O, X
    IcebergSquare, Triangle, O, Square, O
    LudacrisO, O, O, Square, Triangle
    Manny (alternate costume)O, Square, O, Square, O
    MasaX, O, Triangle, Square, Square
    Method ManSquare, O, X, Triangle, O
    MosesTriangle, Triangle, Square, Square, X
    N.O.R.E.O, Square, Triangle, X, O
    NyneSquare, O, X, X, Triangle
    OmarO, O, Square, Triangle, Triangle
    OpalO, O, Square, Square, Triangle
    PeeweeX, X, Square, Triangle, Square
    Peewee (alternate costume)X, Triangle, Triangle, Square, O
    PennyX, X, X, Triangle, O
    PocketsTriangle, Square, O, Square, X
    Proof (alternate costume)X, Square, Triangle, Square, O
    Razor (alternate costume)Triangle, Square, Triangle, O, X
    Razor (alternate costume)Square, O, X, Triangle, Triangle
    RedmanO, O, Triangle, Square, X
    RuffneckX, Square, X, Triangle, O
    Ruffneck (alternate costume)Square, O, Triangle, X, Squre
    ScarfaceO, Square, X, Triangle, Square
    SketchTriangle, Triangle, O, Square, X
    SnowmanTriangle, Triangle, X, X, O
    Spider (alternate costume)Square, Triangle, X, Square, O
    Spider's 2nd OutfitSquare, Triangle, X, Square, O
    Spider's 3rd OutfitO, O, Square, X, Triangle
    SteelX, Triangle, O, O, Triangle
    T'aiO, O, Square, X, O
    Tank (Alternate Costume)Triangle, Square, Circle, X, X
    Unlocks Bounty ClubX, Square, Square, O, O
    Unlocks Club LudaO, Triangle, Square, X, Square
    Unlocks Def JamO, X, Square, X, Triangle
    Unlocks Def Jam VendettaTriangle, O, X, Square, Square
    Unlocks Dragon HouseTriangle, X, Square, X, O
    Unlocks Face Club After HoursSquare, X, Square, Square, O
    Unlocks GrimeyvilleSquare, Square, Square, X, Square
    Unlocks JunkyardX, Square, Square, X, Triangle
    Unlocks WarehouseX, X, Square, X, Square
    ZaheerTriangle, Triangle, Square, X, X
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  • Unlockable Goodies

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    AriiBeat the Arii/Ruffneck team in story mode
    Bounty ClubBeat D-Mob in Story Mode.
    CarlaPlay through Story Mode until you get to face Ludacris.
    ChukklezBeat the Chukklez/Sketch in story mode
    Club Luda VenueBeat Ludacris in Story Mode.
    Club LudacrisBeat Ludacris in Story Mode.
    CruzBeat Cruz in story mode
    D-MobComplete the game once
    Dan GBeat Dan G im story mode
    DeeboComplete Story Mode with all 4 characters.
    Def Jam ArenaDefeat Keith Murray, WC, Capone, Ghostface Killah and D-Mob.
    Def Jam Vendetta VenueBeat D-Mob in Story Mode.
    Def Jam VenueBeat D-Mob in Story Mode.
    DMXBeat DMX in Story Mode.
    DrakeBeat Drake in story mode
    Face Club (After Hours)Beat Pockets, House and Snowman in Story Mode.
    Funkmaster FlexBeat D-Mob in Story Mode.
    Grimeyville VenueBeat N.O.R.E. in Story Mode.
    HeadacheBeat Headache in story mode
    HouseBeat House/Pockets/Snowman team in story mode
    IcebergBeat Iceberg in story mode
    LudacrisBeat Ludacris in Story Mode.
    Manny's alternate costumeComplete the game once
    MasaBeat Masa in story mode
    Method ManBeat the team of Method Man/Redman in story mode
    MosesBeat Moses in story mode
    N.O.R.E.Beat N.O.R.E. in Story Mode.
    NyneBeat Nyne in story mode
    OmarComplete Story Mode with 2 different characters.
    OmarComplete Story Mode with all 4 characters.
    OpalChoose Opal as your girlfriend, and defeat your girlfriend.
    OpalDefeat Opal with your girlfriend.
    PeeweeBeat Peewee in story mode
    PeeWee's alternate costumeBeat PeeWee and Zahler in a Tag Team Match in Story Mode
    PennyDefeat Penny with your girlfriend.
    Penny Choose Penny as your girlfriend and defeat your girlfriend.
    PocketsBeat House/Pockets/Snowman team in story mode
    RazorBeat Razor in story mode
    Razor's alternate costumeBeat Razor in story mode with a different character
    RedmanBeat the team of Method Man/Redman in story mode
    RuffneckBeat Ruffneck in Story mode
    Ruffneck's alternate costumeBeat Ruffneck and Arii in the Tag Team Tournament in Story Mode.
    ScarfaceBeat Scarface in Story Mode.
    SketchBeat Sketch in story mode
    Sketch's alternate costumeBeat Sketch and Chukklez in the Tag Team Tournament in Story Mode.
    SnowmanBeat House/Pockets/Snowman team in story mode
    SteelBeat Steel in story mode
    T'ai MoniqueDefeat T'ai with Deja.
    T'ai MoniqueChoose T'ai as your girlfriend and defeat Deja.
    The Junkyard VenueBeat DMX in Story Mode.
    ZaheerBeat the team of Zaheer/Peewee in story mode

    Contributed By: Veinz, mypantsaresobaggy, Rocko, and Swilly.

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