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Reviewed: 03/15/03 | Updated: 03/16/03

Apparently, Squaresoft wants to try out something new.............

While you think Final Fantasy X-2 offers a game which introduces you to play as scantily clad characters, or Charlie's Angels, or Tomb Raider, or sluts whatever you think it is. It is surprisingly a good game. A game with only girls in it does mean neither scantily clad's nor sluts will hook you up in this game. FFX-2 will prove you wrong if you really think it is.

However, you may disagree with this. Or not it's up to you.

Final Fantasy X-2, which is a sequel of the first game Final Fantasy X, comes out with another new adventure of Final Fantasy's series which Square has to offer. To be very honest, I don't feel hooked up with this game, neither I feel this game is surprisingly great, but it is a great game honestly. Maybe I just feel that the storyline of the first game is better than the sequel?

What happened after 2 years, when Sin is no longer a threat?
Set after two years of the first game, Where on one day, Yuna accidentally found a Sphere which shows a Mysterious person who looks awfully alike Tidus, who is suppose to be disapeared since he is only a dream. Shocked to find this out, So Yuna sets herself for a new journey, to form a new group called Kamome Dan, which hunts for spheres to look for Yuna's long lost love, after she gets ''separated'' with Tidus soon after Sin is defeated.

Soon later, She goes the journey hunting Spheres with her two trustable companions, Rikku, and a new character, Paine.

The Story? Good or Bad?
No good, No bad. Neutral. But since Squaresoft likes to bring up a normal, peaceful and boring story level to the exciting, fun addictive storyline. I don't see why FFX-2 didn't do it in the same way. Recycled the same old way of creating a storyline might not be a good idea, but overall, people will still hook up on it. It's already a ''tradition'' for the FF players, FFX-2 is no exception. However, developments between characters is very strong bounded. Interactions between characters is well developed, that's how this game scores quite a high score in it. If I were to give the marks, in my own opinion, I would give it a 5. But in overall gamers perspective, it should score around 7-8 marks. A fair one, and it still turns out good in the end.

Charlie's Angels pose in Final Fantasy X-2. Geesh.....and, The cheesy opening scene, This is a RPG game, not a MTV show!

I think there should be Graphic improvements isn't it? Later FF games should have that..
Well not really, In game graphics still uses the graphics from FFX. But the CG scene have improvements, far better than the first (I think it should be hit on the par to Kingdom Hearts). Much smoother, and beautiful. Graphics in this game were good, the animations is much smoother. But some character actions were too extreme, and overdone. Take Brother (Aniki), and Rikku as an example.

Interface designs is brighter, and suits the main theme of the game, with rocky textures and emboss effects, The menu designs are well done. A very great job done in there.

Character designs are extreme enough. Too much if you ask me, luckily this game is set in the modern, futuristic world, so costume designs like this isn't a big surprise.
Personality of each characters is very well done. Each characters interactions, and the way they act and speak shows a lot of variety to the players to pick up with. And Character Artworks is great. Well proportionate (Well this IS drawn by a professional anyway) and well designed. Except I don't really like some of the costume designs, others is fine for me.

What about the music? Did they recycled some of the old songs on FFX and insert it here?
Music in this game is good, unfortunately, I personally feel that FFX's music were much better than the second. I can't help myself having the feeling of ''those music were simply done'', But however, those songs are very nice to hear with. Even some songs were better than the first. And it won't annoy you. Music lovers should try getting FFX-2 Soundtrack when it is released.

Music is composed according to the mood flows. Same to FFX, it's great. With the differences of : In FFX, the songs are more to the feeling of ''orchestrated'', Classic, yet effort is well put. But in FFX-2, music is much more in the style of modern genres that you can name of : Techno, Jazz, Rock...etc. So which one is better is depends on which genre of songs you like. So far I feel neither FFX nor FFX-2 won on music, both were greatly composed (Well Nobuo Uematsu didn't compose the music on the sequel either.....Since it's composed by others that I don't really know.)

About Voice acting, you shouldn't be complaining, since it's great and very well developed. (Japanese games always score the marks for voice acting, always energetic, natural, and always have the strength in acting) but for the NA version of this game, Just hope that they will not getting back the old voice actors and actress of FFX.

Since you'll hear the Voice Actresses singing in the game, (Mayuko Aoki and Koda Kumi), they sound great! Hey! Voice Actress can both sing and act! Very well pick on selecting Voice Actors and Actresses.

What about Gameplay?
Long explanation here
This time, from the real time turn based system, it turned into the Active Time Battle system (ATB). Yes, it made a comeback. And this time, it's a fast paced RPG game, Before you act, make sure any attacks you've done must be short and accurate, you have no time to think in battle back in FFX. Selections of different attack is very wide. Job systems from FF5 and FFT is back, and this time in FFX-2, they called it as ''Dress Up Sphere'' system. Where you can change from a job to another job in the battle. So sometimes it's quite useful for players to change their strategy to make the battles easier. As I told you, it's a fast paced RPG game, so any commands executed must be fast and accurate.

Since there is a Dress Up Sphere feature. When outside of the battles, You will use dress up feature by equipping the job you want on a Result Plate, which is for you to equip jobs into the plate. And equip it into a character, Let's say you equipped Warrior, Gunner, and Thief in a Result Plate, in battles, you can change your job by pressing L1 to change jobs, from a Warrior to a Gunner, or a Thief to a Warrior.

Jobs in this game is interesting. You change jobs, and it'll effect your stats, some jobs added some bonus in it. Where you'll have 17 jobs in total for your selection. Different jobs have different ability for you to learn. As to learn abilities, you can learn and master it by obtaining AP's. In battle, you earned AP's, but not after battles will show you how much AP you got. It means, if you're learning an ability, in battles, once it's mastered it will have a message pop up on your head, and you can use the newly learned ability instantly.

Besides Dress Up, there is another system called Special Dress Up feature which is a cross between Summon and Limit Breaks/Trance/Overdrives. When you use a Special Dress Up, you'll transform into a form (not monster, but similar to that), you will have parts that aids you in the battle.
In that form, you're extremely powerful. But in Special Dress Up feature, You're solo in the battle. While the other two party members have to be away.

This time, Sphere grid system is gone, so you'll gain levels and exp's instead of Sphere Levels.

Phew! that's a long explanation anyway. But what about the others?
Mini Games.
This time, there are many mini games for you to play with, Blitzball is back, and it also adds another new mini game call Sphere Break. Some new mini games were also introduced, example the Besaid Gun Shooting mini game. Fun and enjoyable, and it could be annoying at times.

This time, Camera viewing is dropped, it could be your worst nightmare. In dungeon exploring, better beware with your surroundings. Since the viewing is a bit screwed, it won't be your best friend here.

Lip Synchronize
It's bad, I bet Kingdom Hearts have the best lip synchronizing in a Voice Acting Game that I can find so far. You won't see characters talk according to the lip moved. Sometimes, when a character finish a talk, the lip still moves. They really have to take care of that in the next FF games.....

Facial Motion
Improved, Various emotion and expressions on characters shows a lot improvement, and it's accurately done. They did quite a great job in this section, But overall it can be having more improvements. Kingdom Hearts did a better job than FFX-2.

Oh thanks! So really, Should I really buy the game or not?
Every Square RPG's is worth for you to buy it, as I always said, it's always up for you to decide whether you wanna spend your penny on this game? Or you are not interested in buying this game? It's up to you, but if I were have to convinced you, Honestly, I rather you would take it for a rent rather than buying it instantly. Square fanboys would not regret it if they import, or purchased it. But if you are very serious in games, it's best to rent it out and try it first before you start to regret.

Overall this is quite a promising game, if you're really interested in ''All hot girls in a fast paced RPG game with actions'' Then you should really try it out.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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