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Nah, you're a dumb ol' girl. 08/22/04 Tachibana Ukyo
Since when is it wrong to just have fun? 12/15/04 Auron255
An insult to the magnificent series. 04/06/05 Davideogamer
What the hell Square, what the hell... 12/28/04 EvilRobinHood
Few gamers will find anything good within FFX-2, and this includes even the most dedicated of perverts 11/02/05 UltimaterializerX
Let these girls rock your world. 02/14/05 Alucard517
Three girls, a guy and an Airship... time to get busy then! 10/16/07 Arkrex
For the last time... This is not a soft-core anime porno! 10/09/03 bubbleboy
Butt-kicking for goodness x 3 03/19/04 chandlerbing
YuRiPa - Saving the world before bedtime 11/29/04 chaoticone
Was Final Fantasy X-2 destroyed because it went so far away from Final Fantasy X, or was it saved because it went so far away from Final Fantasy X? 07/08/11 Chemuraderie
Complete awkwardness overshadows what is potentially a good plot and gameplay system 06/17/05 ChronoEternal
It is your mission to play FFX-2 12/30/03 Cid13
A surprisingly fun game, but it proves why Final Fantasy games shouldn't have direct sequels 08/18/06 Computerbug8
A sequel!?! Blasphemy!! Well... Maybe not. 01/26/04 Cow Killer
A Worthy Game To The Name of FF! 07/29/05 DarkZeT
Good ol' Final Fantasy material, well most of it. 09/06/04 DavidCarr8
A mixed bag, but overall, extremely gratifying! 11/29/03 delateur
Thought I was trippin’ the second time they rolled by 01/01/04 Denouement
Excellent game, Y, R, P, Unexpected, and Rocking all the way. 01/02/04 DevilSlayer250
Utterly disappointing *Die Square Die!* 05/24/05 divegatorsback
What a Disaster! 11/17/09 DiviDude
Here is a holistic view of one hell of a gem of the Final Fantasy series. 04/26/10 DreoreSilere
Looks can be decieiving...this is a good game! 06/28/07 duffman13
It will never beat Final Fantasy X......but it still deserves a place on my game shelf. 01/23/04 ehson
An unnecessary sequel worse than its predecessor in pretty much every single way. 07/19/12 Exodist
Sure this is our Final Fantasy… but less filling. 01/09/04 Fantasy Gamer
Divine Secrets of the Yu-Ri-Pa Sisterhood... REVEALED! 12/14/03 FDelles
Disasterrific! Completely disasterrific Square! 11/27/04 Fein
A Final Fantasy that's not for everyone 01/08/04 Final Legion
First time for everything 04/04/17 Galactus21
You've got originality, but at the expense of much quality 08/02/05 Gbness
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun 02/20/04 Genjuro Kibagami
This game made me cry. Not because it was touching, however. 01/03/08 gothic_chic
Is The First True Sequel To A Final Fantasy Game Worth The Hype? 02/13/04 Guy Xeno
Not the Best for a Sequel but a still a must have game. 04/21/06 HeavensSecret
Good for a new-time Final Fantasy fan 07/17/06 IrishBoom
A Sequel that outshines the first one 07/06/03 JillV
Who says sequels are bad? 03/02/10 KeyBlade999
FFX-2 is an extremely disappointing sequel to FFX, however if it had nothing to do with FFX it could have been a great game. 07/13/05 KnightsoftheRound
What was Square Enix thinking???? 12/05/05 lastscreenname
Y, R, P, in position... It's showtime, girls. 08/05/04 Little Peco
The second trip to Spira is not as exciting as the first 03/15/10 LordShibas
The best gameplay RPG around. 01/20/04 MalachiX
A game for all the lonely males in the world. 01/07/04 Malveasor
Final Fantasy meets true "action" role-playing 11/24/03 Mike Charger
Final Fantasy X-2: Not what I expected, but I'm not disappointed. 01/08/04 moperockboy
I'm not really a big fan of Final Fantasy.. 01/02/04 Naru2005
A Short but worthy experience 03/10/04 NaughtyCalibur
Not Nearly Epic 02/23/04 NeoTS
The entire game feels like a sidequest 07/06/09 nintendosega
What happens when a classic game tries to mix with Charlie's Angels... 07/20/06 paraibaocean
The prime example of an awesome game being destroyed by devastating flaws, and easily the worst FF in over a decade. 11/08/05 Psycho Penguin
Get it for the fun, not just for the girls! 11/29/03 Renatus
A Cataclysmic Sequel To a Decent Game. 12/28/03 Repugnance
My Favorite Headache 02/27/07 Rewikitty
Charlie's Angels ain't got nothin' on these girls 03/29/04 robbiekeane22
Slow to Begin, Addictive by the End (Criticisms and Compliments) 09/20/06 Ryphis_Demeanor
Overhype equals inevitable disappointment 07/15/09 ShapeQuest
A great game for fans of the series 09/12/05 Shaylis
Gives a whole new meaning to the phrase 'Attitude Adjustment'. 01/13/04 Shinnokxz
When Sin was defeated, Spira went straight to hell 06/15/06 Shivan Reincarnated
Simply an average game, that wouldnt be so great if the words Final Fantasy weren't in its title. 01/17/04 shneepshnop
My take on Square's big gamble 10/23/06 Silent_Partner
Good: The return of a real-time battle system | Bad: A math based minigame and dungeon. | Gratuitous all female steamy bath scene? Check. 07/05/04 SmockJoc
A great game, and a great sequel, Final Fantasy X-2! 07/26/04 SSJ10Gohan
Go costume crazy! 01/20/04 The Manx
A poor sequel to an already poor game. Final Fantasy X-2 will leave a bad aftertaste. 07/01/04 treehouse
A pleasant surprise 07/07/05 xanxus
A blend of old school Final Fantasy and present. 12/12/03 XxPiccoloxX
An open-minded review of this controversial game. 08/24/09 zitro1987

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