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Search Sphere Quest FAQ by NightMare185

Version: 0.1 | Updated: 02/24/04

 ____                    __      ____              _                      
(  _`\  _               (_ )    (  _`\            ( )_                     
| (_(_)(_)  ___     _ _  | |    | (_(_)_ _   ___  | ,_)   _ _   ___  _   _ 
|  _)  | |/' _ `\ /'_` ) | |    |  _)/'_` )/' _ `\| |   /'_` )/',__)( ) ( )
| |    | || ( ) |( (_| | | |    | | ( (_| || ( ) || |_ ( (_| |\__, \| (_) |
(_)    (_)(_) (_)`\__,_)(___)   (_) `\__,_)(_) (_)`\__)`\__,_)(____/`\__, |
                                                                    ( )_| |
 _    _          __   
( )  ( )       /'__`\ 
`\`\/'/'______(_)  ) )
  >  < (______)  /' / 
 /'/\`\        /' /( )
(_)  (_)      (_____/'

Final Fantasy X-2

Search Sphere Quest FAQ

By: NightMare185 AKA MakaveliRidah AKA Tai Ly
Date: Febuary 1, 2004
Version: 0.1
E-Mail: Hell_Fire185@hotmail.com(Primary)/HusseinFatal@networld.com(secondary)
Contact: AIM: TyRaNt184 MSN: Hell_Fire185@hotmail.com
Copyright 2004

Contributor Page: http://www.gamefaqs.com/features/recognition/39020.html

Table Of Contents        %
Version History/Updates
Contact Info
Copyright Info

-Commsphere/Green Sphere Locations
-Tips to finding Commspheres
-Tips to finding Green Spheres

Frequently Asked Questions



Introduction          %

My second guide posted on GameFAQs. This is made for people who have
trouble with the Second Cipher Quest/Search Sphere. Since I find that
people have lots of trouble with this, I thought I'd make a FAQ for it.


Version History/Updates     %

Version 0.1
Febuary 1, 2004 FAQ is posted. Might add other things to it in further


Contact Info             %

E-Mail me or IM me if you have any questions about the game or give 
feedback. I check my E-mail about 4 times a day, so don't worry if
I'm going to reply or not. If you want to IM me, do not hesitate to.
If you have other tips and anything to contribute to the FAQ, feel
free to do so. I will credit you for any contributions you give.

If need help and if you are able to provide pics, please send them
to me so I can help you decipher them. If you can not provide pics,
then I can still help you, but you will need to provide the possible
code you think it is.

E-Mail: Hell_Fire185@hotmail.com(Main)
E-Mail: HusseinFatal@networld.com(Secondary)
AIM: TyRaNt184
MSN: Hell_Fire185@hotmail.com  

DO NOT E-MAIL/IM ME ABOUT: Spam, Questions/Others that are in my FAQ,
Viruses, and other bull that I don't care about.


Copyright Info       %

Any plagirism, reproduction of my FAQ, taking without credit,
posting my FAQ on your site without permission, public use of
my FAQ(Selling it, posting it on a magazine, ETC.), and any
other acts of copyright, will piss me off and go all out.

If you want too post your FAQ on your site, E-mail me and ask for
my permission. If your going too take info from my guide and share it, 
please credit me for it. Crediting yourself for my work will piss me 
off til I piss my pants or something(that would not be good).

So to avoid any trouble, following these guidelines should be worth

If you see a site with my FAQ and its not on this list, please inform
me(especially if you know how it feels to be ripped off because we all
know that feeling sucks hard).

These are the following sites that can use my FAQ


If you see any other sites besides the ones listed on here, please 
contact me about it.


Walkthrough         %     

In this section, you will find out about the Search Sphere and anything
else related to this quest.

This quest can be done ANY time in the game. If you want to do this in
the beginning chapters, you MUST raise 900,000 gil and buy the Besaid
Key. Where do you buy you ask? Its in the last shop, northwest if your
at the entrance.

DO NOT TALK TO THE SHOPKEEPER. Why? Because talking to her about the 
Key will increase the chance by 25% that the key will be sold to a 

crossing his legs in one of the chambers. If you talk to him, your 
chances that the Key will be sold, will increase to 50%.

Of course, If you don't want to buy the key, or it has been sold, all
is not lost. You can get the Key for free, but that happens in 
Chapter 3.

In order to obtain this Key for free, you MUST participate in the
Mission in the Calm Lands in Chapter 3. If you missed it in Chapter 3,
you can still do this mission in Chapter 5. Head to the Cave of the 
Stolen Fayth. Check below if you do not know where this is at.

When your at the Calm Lands head towards the Entrance to Mt. Gagazet. 
When your heading towards the entrance, you will see a bridge(your still 
at the Calm Lands). Cross the Bridge and you will see slope going down 
and a hidden path. Head down path until you see a group of people. 
Participate in this Quest by rescuing all the people in the Cave of the 
Stolen Fayth.

Once you participate in this, find a male traveler(he has no shirt), 
and rescue him. He will give you the Besaid Key as a gift for rescuing

Now that you have the Key, lets head back to Besaid, shall we...

If you haven't done the missions needed in Besaid already, do it now.
After you've done whats needed in Besaid, lets get on with mystery
Besaid Key.

So what does it do? It unlocks that Chest inside the Besaid Temple.
Head into the chamber and open that chest. Its... a Search Sphere.

Now you might be wondering what it does? It locates hidden Commspheres
that exsist underneath the ground. Your goal is to find 4 Commspheres
and find the password. 

To use the Search Sphere, you have to hold the O button. That will 
bring up a meter that reacts when your near the Commsphere. It reacts
by turning "Red" when you are near. It will make "beeping" noises when
you're over it. Then you press the X button to dig it up. When you find
a Commsphere, look in it to find a Green Sphere to look up the password.
It has a number on the Green Sphere. Make sure you input the in order
from the starting position to ending position. 

Check Commsphere/Green Sphere Location Section for the order.


Once you find all the Commspheres and Password, its time to find where 
you input the code. Remember the Cave you found Wakka in the beginning
of the game? Lets head back there shall we. Once you're there, head to
the part of the cave you saw Wakka at in the beginning. Turn to your 
right and you will see a big wall. Right by it, is a Input Pad. Press
X button to bring up the Password Input Screen. Input your password to
unlock the wall. 

Go through the path and you will find 4 Ethers. No this is not your 
prize for unlocking this wall. Continue the path up until your at the
top. Go through the next area. 

Remember the Besaid Sphere you saw at the beginning of the game? 
You will find 2 things about this sphere. 

1. This is Sphere reveals the Location of a Green Sphere.
2. This is where your prize is at.

You will be on top of the waterfall/cliff. Run through on top of this
cliff and you'll find a chest. Open it up and you will obtain a Garment
Grid. The Raging Giant Garment Grid. A Garment Grid that has Confuse,
Confuseproof, Berserk, Berserkproof.

A Prize that was well worth 900,000 gil.... *not really*


Commsphere/Green Sphere Locations     %

I decided to split apart this section from the walkthrough so I don't 
spoil anything for some of you who want to do this yourself. If you're
having a hard time finding them or the order of it, check here.

-Commsphere Locations/Order

Comm. #1- Besaid Village. Check Map for hidden path behind a shop.
Comm. #2- Below the Save sphere. Hold O to eventually find it.
Comm. #3- The path before the first waterfall. Hold O to find it.
Comm. #4- The Cliff before the cave. Its on the left side by the edge.

-Green Sphere Locations

Grn Sph. #1- Check over the Temple. It should be somewhere on the roof.
Grn Sph. #2- Check high up on the right side. It should be on a tree.
Grn Sph. #3- Check Besaid Sphere to find it. Its high up in front of you.
Grn Sph. #4- Check far in the horizon. Its on the highest tree. 

-Tips to finding Commspheres.

Just in case my descriptions are a bit vague, here are some tips.

1. Always hold O in the location. Run around when needed to and 
holding O. You'll eventually find it in the locations I gave.

2. Pay attention to Meter. The more red it gets, the closer you
are. When it beeps, you're on top of it.

-Tips to finding Green Spheres.

Just in case my descriptions are a bit vague, here are some tips.

1. Most of them are on top of trees, so look for an object that 
is less green than the other objects. Zoom in on it.

2. Zoom in at least once and look around. Check the highest points
to find the spheres. 


Troubleshooting              %

In this section, I will provide as much troubleshooting info as possible.
With this quest, there are times that a password not might work. 

Is it a glitch? No
Is it a defect? No

What is it???

Its you. The number you inputted, was incorrect. Or you inputted them in
wrong order.

Here is all the info I know that can help you solve it.

|NOTE: If You played Sphere Break, detecting the numbers is a snap  |
|and should be no trouble at all since they both look alike in this |
|quest and Sphere Break Coins.                                      |
-Wierd Looking Numbers

There are some numbers that you'll find on a sphere to be a bit...
wierd looking. Some even look like other numbers. Take a look below
for some examples.

Example Password: 8,7,1,5

Some of the numbers will look wierd, but different. 

In the example above, the 8 might be a 3 or the 7 might look like a 2.
Here are the numbers that will look wierd/alike numbers.

The Number 1= 7, 2
The Number 2= 7, 1
The Number 3= 8, 0
The Number 4= 9(possibly, but rare)
The Number 5= None 
The Number 6= None
The Number 7= 2, 1
The Number 8= 3, 0
The Number 9= 4(possibly, but rare)
The Number 0= None


1. Try other numbers and mixing them around according to the different
looking ones in this FAQ. Try different combos if you need to.

Example: 8,7,5,1

Mix around: 3,7,5,1- 8,2,5,1- 3,2,5,1- 8,7,5,2- Etc.

2. Make sure you have the correct order. If you know its correct, then
mix around and try different combos.

-The Order

If you've tried all possible matches and mixing, it might be the order.
Just make sure you inputted the order of the location they're found.
Here is the order again.

1. Besaid Village- Behind Shop
2. Below the Save Sphere
3. The Path before the first Waterfall
4. Cliff by the Lagoon.

-Other Troubleshoot

If you are still having trouble, try Zooming in more on the number and
try to figure it out. If you can, play Sphere Break for a while and try
to get to know the numbers. 


Frequently Asked Questions   %

Q1: Is this quest worth completion points?

A1: No, just a simple thing to do for a Garment Grid 
and to reveal how to get on top of that cliff.

Q1: Is this quest worth an Episode Complete?
A1: No.


Closing                %

Finished with FAQ. More Credits will be added in the future.

Thank you for reading this FAQ


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