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Angra Mainyu FAQ by Fantasy Gamer

Version: 1.8 | Updated: 04/13/04

               Final Fantasy X-2 - Angra Mainyu Killing Guide
                                  Version 1.8

                  by Anthony Morales (a.k.a. Fantasy Gamer)


 1.0 - Introduction

 2.0 - Angra Mainyu Killing Guide
    2.1 - Mission
    2.2 - Scan
    2.3 - Attacks/Moves/Abilities
    2.4 - Preparations
    2.5 - Battle Strategy
      2.5.01 - Darkness Strategy 1
      2.5.02 - Darkness Strategy 2
      2.5.03 - Darkness Strategy 3
      2.5.04 - Darkness Strategy 4
      2.5.05 - Darkness Strategy 5
      2.5.06 - MP Absorb Strategy 1
      2.5.07 - MP Absorb Strategy 2
      2.5.08 - Ultima Strategy 1
      2.5.09 - Ultima Strategy 2
      2.5.10 - Balanced Party Strategy
      2.5.11 - Annihilator Strategy
      2.5.12 - Floral Fallal Strategy
      2.5.13 - Quick Trigger Strategy
      2.5.14 - Invincible Party Strategy

 3.0 - Miscellaneous
    3.1 - Battle Rewards
    3.2 - Trivia
    3.3 - The Author

 4.0 - Legal stuff

 5.0 - Version History

 6.0 - Credits

 7.0 - Last Words


This is my fifth game guide!

Once upon a time in Chapter 1, I was digging at the Bikanel Desert for the Al
Bhed Primers when, suddenly, I got into this battle with an enormous fiend...
Anra Mainyu. I scanned him immediately and whoah!!! 333,444 HP... and I was at
around level 15, then. I tried my best. I said to myself, "this will take a very
long for me to beat a random enemy", until he starts killing my party. On the
good note, he didn't kill me, but ejected me out of battle, instead. After that,
whenever I encounter him, I never get nervous... he'll eject me anyway.

From that time on, I keep wondering if that fiend can be defeated. What are the
rewards, if possible, in beating him?... until I finished the Cactuar Quest...

Chapter 5, Bikanel Desert will again be a Hotspot. Now, no digging, no chasing of
our prickly friends... it's time to settle things with this behemoth. It's a new
job for the Gullwings!

He's a really tough cookie to beat, especially when your level is not that high
and you don't have the best accessories in the game. It would be advisable that
you finish the optional 'Via Infinito' dungeon in Bevelle... [I heard you'll get
some of the best accessories there] you'll find the second best, if not the best,
accessory there. Try to reach, at least, the 40th Level and you'll be thankful to
me. For those who haven't beaten it yet... [like me] unlike me, but still want to
beat this boss to the bloody pulp, this guide will be of some help.

This is it... This is really, is it!

Happy gaming!


Baguio City, Philippines
15 December 2003
09 January  2004 (updated intro)


Boss       : ANGRA MAINYU
Location   : Bikanel Desert
First Seen : Chapter 1 (random battle)
Defeat     : Chapter 5 (optional boss)
Requirement: Finish Cactuar Quest

 2.1 - Mission

Chapter 5: Bikanel Desert (after the Cactuar Quest)

                              - Demon of the Sand -

              A legendary fiend that sleeps beneath the sand has
              attackd the camp! This is it, Gullwings! Let's go!


 2.2 - Scan

He has three targets: Angra Mainyu, Tawrich and Zarich. This are the informations
you can get when you scan him using your Magic Gunner:



   Classification: -
   HP: 333444/333444
   MP: 9999/9999



   Fire:          Ice  :
   Lit :          Water:
   Grav: Immune   Holy :

 KO, Petrification, Sleep,
 Silence, Darkness, Poison,
 Confusion, Berserk, Curse,
 Eject, Reflect, Slow, Stop,
 Defense Down, Magic Def. Down


   A terrible fiend that has
   awakened from slumber beneath
   the desert sands. Bent on
   destroying all it encounters,
   it is a fiendish fiend indeed.


   Classification: -
   HP: 5540/5540
   MP: 9999/9999
          Null Magic


   Fire:          Ice  :
   Lit :          Water:
   Grav: Immune   Holy :

 KO, Petrification, Sleep,
 Silence, Darkness, Poison,
 Confusion, Berserk, Curse,
 Eject, Reflect, Slow, Stop,
 Defense Down, Magic Def. Down


   An extension of Angra Mainyu.
   It is responsible for physical
   attacks but can also inflict
   Silence, Darkness, Poison, and
   Confusion. And then there's
   its Bloody Breath...


   Classification: -
   HP: 5540/5540
   MP: 9999/9999
         Null Physical


   Fire: Half     Ice  : Half
   Lit : Half     Water: Half
   Grav: Immune   Holy : Half

 KO, Petrification, Sleep,
 Silence, Darkness, Poison,
 Confusion, Berserk, Curse,
 Eject, Reflect, Slow, Stop,
 Defense Down, Magic Def. Down


   An extension of Angra Mainyu.
   It is responsible for magical
   attacks. In addtion to elemental
   magic, it can use Glimmer of
   Despair to lower the party's
   attributes. What a bully!

 2.3 - Attacks/Moves/Abilities

Angra Mainyu
   Demi      - reduces HP by 1/4. All targets.
   Flare     - strong non-elemental magic. Usually kills a non-shelled character.
               Single target.
   Bio       - poisons a character. Single target.
   Curaga    - adds 2000+ HP to either Tawrich or Zarich.
   Full-Life - regenerates dead parts to full HP
   Osmose    - he'll use this to suck your MP.
   Perdition's Flame - multi-hit, non-elemental attack. The killer move. Random,
                       all targets.
                     - I think he only uses this when Tawrich & Zarich are both
                     - Oh no! This is a physical attack!!!

   Physical Attack - physical attack, single target.
   Bloody Breath   - deals small non-elemental damage with Darkness, Silence,
                     Poison and random Confusion. All targets.

   Firaga   - fire-elemental magic, single target
   Blizzaga - ice-elemental magic, single target
   Thundaga - lightning-elemental magic, single target
   Glimmer of Despair - multi-hit, random MP damage. Lowers character stats. All

 2.4 - Preparations

 Party Members

   - Yuna
   - Rikku
   - Paine

 Garment Grid

The choice of Garment Grid will depend on your style: Offensive or Defensive. I
tend to become more of a defensive fighter when it's my first time to fight an
enemy, but becomes very offensive-minded in my succeeding tries.

For now, I recommend you use the Valiant Lustre or Unwavering Guard for the great
defense it gives you. Of course I used the better, Valiant Lustre.

 Valiant Lustre:

                 /    |    \
         Yellow X     |     X Red
               /      |      \
              /       |       \
              \       |       /
               \      |      /
         Blue   X     |     X Green
                 \    |    /

Equip: Defense, Magic Defense + 20
Yellow X: Defense + 20
Blue   X: Defense + 20
Red    X: Magic Def. + 20
Green  X: Magic Def. + 20

 Unwavering Guard:

                 /    |    \
         Yellow X     |     X Red
               /      |      \
              /       |       \
              \       |       /
               \      |      /
         Blue   X     |     X Green
                 \    |    /

Equip: Defense, Magic Defense + 15
Yellow X: Defense + 15
Blue   X: Defense + 15
Red    X: Magic Def. + 15
Green  X: Magic Def. + 15

As you can see, these Garment Grids provides some good defenses in both physical
and magical attacks. In the fight against Angra Mainyu, denfense is the most
important consideration especially when your level is quite low. You are free to
use other Garment Grid if you think you'd be better with it.

Sorry for the not so artistic illustration. Actually it's rounded, but I'm not
good in making illustrations out of text... :(

 O - slot for dress sphere (nodes)
 X - colored crystal (gates)
 - - connection
 / - ibid.
 \ - ibid.
 | - ibid.

 Dress Sphere

The following DSP are the most useful ones. Be sure to have, at least, the
abilities with asterisk.

 --> White Mage  - Protect*
                 - Shell
                 - Reflect (recommended)
                 - Curaga*
                 - Full-Life
                 - White Mage Lv2*/Lv3 (recommended)

     WHY? You need a character that will take care of healing and curing the
          negative status dealt by the enemy. Decent MP and magic defense.

 --> Alchemist - Mix*
               - Phoenix Down
               - Mega-Potion*
               - Mega-Phoenix
               - Chemist (recommended)

     WHY? A very good alternative for the White Mage.

 --> Dark Knight - Darkness*
                 - Poison Proof
                 - Confuse Proof (recommended)

     WHY? 'Darkness'. Although it consumes your HP, it's the best attack you can
           use against the boss. High HP and great denfense, both physical and

 --> Gunner - Quick Trigger Lv2*/ Lv3 (recommended)

     WHY? Quick Trigger.

 --> Gun Mage - Annihilator

     WHY? Annihilator deals MEGA damage to Angra Mainyu.

 --> Black Mage - Osmose*\
 --> Thief   - Pilfer MP*  >  WHY? MP damage dealers.
 --> Samurai - Magicide* /

 --> Fighter    - Power Break*
                - Magic Break

     WHY? Power/Magic Break can be helpful. Change to Dark Knight afterwards.

 Dress Sphere Placement

Using the above Garment Grid, put the Specific Dress Spheres in the following
positions (For Darkness Strategy 1):

 For Yuna: Start as a Dark Knight.

             (White Mage/Gunner)
                 /    |    \
         Yellow X     |     X Red
               /      |      \
              /       |       \
       (Any) O--------O--------O (Any)
              \       |       /
               \      |      /
         Blue   X     |     X Green
                 \    |    /
                (Dark Knight)

 For Rikku: Start as a White Mage.

                (Dark Knight)
                 /    |    \
         Yellow X     |     X Red
               /      |      \
              /       |       \
       (Any) O--------O--------O (Any)
              \       |       /
               \      |      /
         Blue   X     |     X Green
                 \    |    /
                 (White Mage)

 For Paine: Start as a White Mage.

                (Dark Knight)
                 /    |    \
         Yellow X     |     X Red
               /      |      \
              /       |       \
       (Any) O--------O--------O (Any)
              \       |       /
               \      |      /
         Blue   X     |     X Green
                 \    |    /
                 (White Mage)

The purpose of these will be explained in the "Darkness Startegy 1".


 Phoenix Down
 Light Curtain - Protect
 Lunar Curtain - Shell
 Star Curtain  - Reflect
 Chocobo Wings/Feather - Haste
 Stamina Tablet/Tonic  - Double HP


These are some of the most useful accessories:

 Champion Belt - Attack +40, Defense +40

 Crystal Ball - Magic +50

 Crystal/Mythril Bangle - HP +100%/60%

 Crystal/Diamond Armlet - Defense +60/40

 Gold Hairpin - half MP consumption

 Kaiser Knuckle/Power Glove - Attack +50/40

 Ribbon   - Protection against all negative status

 Shmooth Shailing - 'Ribbon' on, 'Slow' on

 Soul of Thamasa - Magic +15, 2x MP consumption, magic potency x1.5

 Speed Bracer - 'Auto-Haste', enable 'Hastega'

 Sprint Shoes - 'First Strike' on, Speed +10, enable 'Haste"

These are some "super special" accessories:

 Adamantite - HP +100%, Defense +120, Magic Defense +120, Speed -30, Auto-Shell,

 Cat Nip - allows character to deal 9999 damage per hit when in critical status

 Invincible - 'Break Damage Limit'

 Iron Duke - HP +100%, MP +100%, Attack +100, Defense +100, Magic +100,
            Magic Defense +100, Speed +100, Accuracy +100, Evasion +100,
            Luck +50

 Ragnarok - 0 MP consumption, no HP damage when using Dark Knights 'Darkness'

 Character Level

Level requirement may range from 1-99 depending on the accessories available for
your characters. These were the levels of my gals when I defeated Angra Mainyu for
the first time:

 Yuna  @ 57
 Rikku @ 58
 Paine @ 59

For those who had a very powerful set of accessories, these levels may be a little
bit high, but for first timers, I recommend you to have a level of 60.

 2.5 - Battle Strategy

 2.5.01 - Darkness Strategy 1

This is the basic and most challenging strategy.

So, the battle will start at Yuna as Dark Knight, and Rikku & Paine as White Mage.
Rikku and Paine will have 'First Strike'. If any of them, as White Mage has
learned 'Protect', cast it. The other should immediately change to the next Dress
Sphere in the left. This will add +20 to their Defense. When you got your next
turn, change to the Dress Sphere at the top to add another 20 to your Defense.
You just got +40 to your Defense, add the +20 you got when you used the Garment
Grid for a huge +60 Defense! Another thing, use a Stamina Tablet/Tonic to double
the amount of your maximum HP.

Now, that you have the top Dress Sphere, you should have Yuna as White Mage and
Rikku & Paine as Dark Knight. This is your final party in beating Angra Mainyu.

The strategy here is you use 'Darkness' for your 2 Dark Knights every turn to
deal 1500-2500 damage to all targets. Two consecutive 'Darkness' from Rikku and
Paine should dispatch Tawrich and Zarich fast! Yuna's concern is to keep the
party's HP to top condition. Of course Curaga cannot do it alone. When your HP
drops to 1200, skip using 'Darkness', but instead, use Hi-Potions. You cannot
depend on Yuna all the time.

Another thing, be sure that Yuna ALWAYS have at least 60 MP, so that in case
your party is almost wiped ot, you can easily use Full-Life. You may always skip
'Darkness' and use Ether on Yuna just to be safe.

I remember, if you have the same set-up like mine, your Dark Knights can use
'Haste'. It will be an advantage to you since Dark Knights are quite slow.

Whenever the deadly 'Perdition's Flame' is used by Angra Mainyu, if Paine is the
one left, Make it a point to use Hi-Potion on her first before reviving Yuna. If
Yuna is left, Hi-Potion on herself and Full-Life on Paine. Don't worry, once he
used 'Perdition's Flame', it will take some time before he will use it again.
When everyone's up again, don't forget to turn your 'Protect' on.

Sometimes, he uses 'Flare'. This will usually cause death to your character...
he may also use it 3x in a row so be careful. Only a character with full HP and
'Shell' on can stand it or much better having 'Reflect' on to deal additional
9999 damage.

His 'Bloody Breath' will deal at most 200 HP of damage, but the real kick here is
it may also cause Darkness, Silence, Poison, and Confusion. 'Darkness' is not a
problem. 'Silence' is also not a problem because Yuna have a Ribbon and the Dark
Knights can still use 'Darkness' even when Silenced. 'Poison' and 'Confuse' will
not affect Yuna as well as the 2 Dark Knights if they have learned Poison Proof
and Confuse Proof.

'Glimmer of Despair' will wreak havok on your MP... not only that... If you will
try to cast 'Shell' or use Antidote, you'll notice that he even played with your
stats! So, it is good that you have passed all the colored crystal in the Garment

Tawrich's physical attack and Zarich's elemental magic is nothing to worry about.

Keep doing the drill and victory will be yours... but it will take some time :)

Note: At my level, it took me 1 hour, 15 minutes to beat him using the above
      strategy. Quite cumbersome, but the tension in fighting him using this strat
      will keep the fun running until the end.

 2.5.02 - Darkness Strategy 2

A variation of the first. Acclaimed to be "foolproof". It's a slight variation
of the first, but if you have the right things, it makes it a lot easier and
quicker. Recommended for those who have beaten the game 2 or more times.

First off, you'll need a White Mage with Curaga, Full-Life, and Protect. White Mage
Lv.2 and Lv.3 are also handy, but not needed. Give her the Ragnarok accessory,
and something to boost her magic, like a Soul of Thanatos. For a Garment Grid,
something that boosts her speed or Defense is a good idea.

Now, have the other two girls as Dark Knights with all the ***proof abilities
learned, and give them the best strength boosting accessories you have. For a
Garment Grid, the best Strength boosting one you have. If you want, Black Sky is
also handy, but it really sucks the MP.

Now, for the battle itself.

Starting off, pass the two Dark Knights through the Str nodes of their Grid, and
have the White Mage cast 'Protect'. Now, on EVERY turn she gets, have her Curaga
the party. (From the Ragnarok acc., this costs no MP. ') The only time she should
stop casting Curaga is if another girl dies, or 'Protect' wears off. 'Protect' is
*very* important, as Angra's meanest move, 'Perditions Flame', is reduced by
'Protect' somehow. Now, on EVERY turn, the Dark Knights should be using Darkness. If
you can catch Angra alone (i.e. arms are dead), and have 80MP to spare, use a
Black Sky on him. It will take off a good 5000HP.

Now, you only have two things to worry about:
1) Bloody Breath. It may confuse your White Mage. If this happens, have a Dark
Knight use a quick Remedy on her.
2) Flare. This will probably kill off a girl in one hit. If a Knight goes down,
use a Full-Life. If the White Mage goes down, have the Knights team up to use a
successive Phoenix down and a Hi-Potion. Or a Mega-Potion if you have on to spare.
If you want, casting Shell on the party will lessen this move's damage, but it
will also lessen how much you heal with Curaga. With this, your White Mage may
have trouble keeping up with the HP loss from the Knights' Darkness.

Just pound away with this all, and he's as good as dead.

 2.5.03 - Darkness Strategy 3

Well, this strategy is another variation of the first strategy, but this time
you'll be using the Alchemist instead of the White Mage.

Equip the Alchemist with Sprint Shoes so it gets 'First Strike'. It wouldn't hurt
for it to have 'Haste' either.

Now the moment you enter battle, 'Mix' a Light Curtain and a Lunar Curtain. This'll
bring up Wall on all your characters. This way, you don't need the Defense+
Garment Grids because Protect and Shell are enough.

Secondly, 'Mix' a Chocobo Wing and a Star Curtain to bring up 'Final Wall'. This
will give your characters Reflect and Haste. Why Reflect? This is for the ever so
annoying Flare. Flare is much more useful if you use it to damage the person who
casted in the first place.

Now you might think that Reflect is risky because now you can't cast Curaga on
your people, but remember that you are using the Alchemist now. If you have stocks
of Mega-Potions, which can be easily obtained from Earth Worms at the Farplane
Abyss, not only does it heal 4000 worth of HP to each character (if your Alchemist
has learned 'Chemist') it also works faster than casting Curaga. This way you
shouldn't have to worry too much about Reflect, since Reflect only works on spells,
not Items. If you don't have Mega-Potions, then fret not:

That is what 'Mix' is for! Two Hi-Potions can bring you an easy Mega-Potions, and
in case any of your characters get KO'ed, Phoenix Down + Phoenix Down equals Mega
Phoenix! In case of status damage, combine two Remedies to get the problem solved.
Your only problem now will be what will happen if your Alchemist dies.

At level 60 though, as long as you have Protect and Shell, there shouldn't be anything
this guy can do that can knock out your characters in one hit. If you think that the
Alchemist's HP is too low and dies too quickly, give her the accessory that adds 100%
of the characters normal HP or again, take advantage of your items and use a Stamina

The two Dark Knights should just keep on using Darkness while the Alchemist DOESN'T
DO ANYTHING until she's needed. Don't waste her turn by making her attack or mixing up
an offensive item. Just let her wait for her to be needed so that you don't have
to wait so long for the incoming Mega-Potion. (You can keep using the Valiant
Lustre Garment Grid if you think that your defense STILL isn't high enough yet
even after Protect).

Another option would be to replace the two Dark Knights with two Samurais. Fireworks
can be just as damaging as Darkness except that it consumes MP (which can be gnawed
away easily) but on the upside, a Samurai's time bar charges faster than the Dark
Knight. Choice is yours.

 2.5.04 - Darkness Strategy 4

And another variation of the first.

At level 70+, used 2 Dark Knights and an Alchemist who knows the skill Mega-Potion.
First use a Star Curtain on everyone to reflect the -ga spells and Flare (does
9999 to him) and would re-use this item if anybody dies.  Every turn use Darkness
and use a Mega-Potion (mixed or stashed).  If you are hit with Bloody Breath
mix up a Panacea with the Alchemist.  Also, max your HP as much as possible with
Crystal Bangles.

Using this strategy you can beat him in 20-25 minutes.

 2.5.05 - Darkness Strategy 5

And another variation of the first?

Needed: Garment Grid giving Double HP (forget the name) 2 Dark Knights(with all
the -proof abilities), Sprint Shoes, and a Stamina Tablet/Tonic and an Alchemist
with stashed (or just lots of) Mega Potions and Ribbon, and several Star and Light
Curtains (readily available).

The Stamina Tablet/Tonic and Double HP Garment Grid will give you to 9999 HP with
ease, this allows you to readily survive pretty much everything Angra can throw at

Have your 2 Dark Knights use "Darkness" every round.  This does the damage to
everything, and keeps killing off the two "mini bosses", wasting Angra's time
casting Full Life.

The reason you don't want to use the White Mage, however, is as follows:

Hastega everyone (a 'la Sprint Shoes on a Dark Knight)
Mix a pair of Light Curtains (or whatever else) to get Wall or use a Star Curtain
(or other reflect casting item/ability/whatever) to get everyone reflected.

Once all party members are under Reflect status, Angra will not cast Flare anymore.
Reflect will bounce the assorted 'aga spells back at Zarich, doing a few more
points of damage to him too.

Shell protects you from any magical attacks.

Protect protects you from physical attacks.  Note that this *INCLUDES* Perdition's

From this point on, have the Dark Knights use 'Darkness' and the Alchemist toss
Mega Potions. If all goes horribly wrong, an Alchemist can always stash/use Mega
Pheonixes, Elixirs, or whatever else too.

Once you worked out this strategy, just tape down X and watch the battle go.

 2.5.06 - MP Absorb Strategy 1

All you have to do is have people with good MP draining abilities (Osmose, Pilfer
MP, Magicide) and suck all the MP out ofthe  Angra Mainyu part. Once his MP is
gone, he can't revive his arms and he won't use anything else but 'Osmose', which
will take away very little MP from you, but you can just take it right back. With
one character draining MP, he's a sitting duck for your other 2 party members. Hack
n' slash him to death!

It's kinda cheap but Angra's picking on poor little cactuars...

 2.5.07 - MP Absorb Strategy 2

This is short of a variation of the one above.

Characters at level 60?
Yuna: equipped Salvation Promised Garment Grid.
      Needed DSP White mage and Black Mage.
      Accessories: Speed Bracer

Rikku: equipped Tetra Master Garment Grid.
       Needed DSP Berserker
       Acessories: Crystal Bangle

Paine: equipped Tetra Master
       Needed DSP Dark Knight
       Acessories: 2 Hyper Wrists

First thing to do at the start of the battle is to allow Yuna, Paine, and Rikku
to circle all their Garment Grids. Yuna should then aquire the ablity to cast
Auto-Life. Paine and Rikku should then aquire the ablity to absorb all element
cast by Angry Mainyu's left body. After this, Paine and Rikku should no longer
worry about magic elements cast on them. They should more be happy because they
get healed. Yuna should then cast Protect on the party. Allow Paine and Rikku to
constantly attack Tawrich. In 2-3 attacks, Tawrich should be dead. Then make Yuna
cast Hastega as soon as possible. Allow Yuna to be in Black Magic DSP, this allows
her to MP Absorb from Angry Mainyu's left body almost everytime. When all of this
happens, your party should already have an easy match.

Protected against Perdition's Flame and magical elements(except for Yuna, which
doesn't really matter since magical elements cost do only a hair of damage while
she's in Black Mage DSP). When the party gains momentum, make Yuna cast to every
character Auto-life, it is for an assurance that they be alive when Flare does
9999 damage to them, or if Perdition's Flame seemed to break their defense. Make
Yuna cast curaga on all party members in every turn if needed, MP should not be a
problem. Yuna having infinite MP because of MP Absorb skill from Black Mage DSP
while being able to cast Curaga most of the time. While Rikku and Paine attacking
while being healed by spells.... characters who die get automatically resurected...
only one needed to be killed is Angry Mainyu's main body and Tawrich since its
left body only helps in contributing HP to your other characters.... when your
momentum builds up, this overall becomes an easy match.

 2.5.08 - Ultima Strategy 1

Beat the fiend with weaker accessories and lower levels... IN JUST TEN MINUTES!!!

Garment Grids needed: Megiddo (for 'Ultima') or... Flash of Steel/Undying Storm

Dressphere needed: Black Mage/White Mage
                   Dark Knight/ Berserker (Berserker is recomended because of it's
                        high Agility)

Assecories needed: Ragnarok X1/ Gold Hairpin X1 (For those without the Ragnarok)
                           Soul of Thamasa X1
                           Champion Belt X2/ Muscle Belt X2
                           Speed Bracer X2/ Sprint Shoes X2

Items needed: High Potions
              Chocobo Wings (if there is no Speed Bracer)

Anyway, just set Black Mage on the Megiddo Garment Grid right after 'Ultima'. Equip
your mage with Ragnarok/Gold Hairpin and Soul of Thamasa. If you used the White
Mage, you can also use it as a healer in between turns

Set either Mascot, Dark Knight or Berserker on the Flash of Steel or Undying Storm
Garment Grid. Equip them with Champion Belts and Speed Bracers. If there aren't
any Speed Bracers, equip Sprint Shoes or use Chocobo Wings.

Anyway, enter the battle at level 40-50.

Start by keeping your party members healthy by killing Tawrich and healing every
turn with High Potions. Meanwhile, let your Mage change dresspheres until she
acquires the ability to use 'Ultima'. When that happens, use 'Ultima' EVERY turn.
Keep using 'Attack' or 'Darkness' on Tawrich to keep it KO'ed. 'Ultima' will damage
both Angra Mainyu and Zarich 9999. If the Ragnarok is equipped, the MP cost for
'Ultima' is 0. If you chose to use the Gold Hairpin, use Ethers to keep your MP

 2.5.09 - Ultima Strategy 2

A more deadly variation of the one above.

Have a party of  2 Black Mages and an Alchemist use the Megiddo Garment Grid. Be
sure you have learned Black Mage Lv3 and Chemist to make your party more effective.
Have your Black Mages equip the Ragnarok/Gold Hairpin & Speed Bracer/Sprint Shoes
and cast 'Ultima' like an insane! You may consider equipping Invincible instead of
Speed Bracer/Sprint Shoes to let you deal more than 9999 damage. Your Alchemist should
have the Speed Bracer/Sprint Shoes and Ribbon.

Start the battle with your Alchemist using Light Curtain (for 'Protect') to save
your life from Angra's 'Perdition Flame'. Once you've done that, change your job
while passing all the colored crystals in the Garment Grid to enable you to use the
all-powerful 'Ultima' spell.

Now that you have the 'Ultima' ready, have your Black Mages cast it every single
turn they have. Your Alchemist may help casting 'Ultima' when you see an opening,
but she'll be all right as a healer. As long as you have your 'Protect' on and your
Alchemist using Mega-Potions every turn, you'll be fine.

Using this method will take you at most 17 turns to beat the fiend... at most 34
'Ultima' spells.

 2.5.10 - Balanced Party Strategy

 Strategy Name - "And the Sky was a mixture of red and black".

Yuna - 74
Rikku - 76
Paine - 78

Crystal Bangle (HP %100)
Star Bracer (Auto-Reflect)
Safety Bit (Life Preserver)
Tetra Bracelet (Converts Fire,Ice,Water and Lightning Damage to HP)
Diamond Gloves (Def +60)
Power Gloves (Atk +40)

Dress Spheres

Garment Grids
Beginning Steps
Unerring Path

Must Know Abilites before battle
Dark Knight - Black Sky ( 80 MP ) All the Proofs you can learn from this Sphere
Beserker - Howl, Magic Counter, Beserk, Counter Attack, Auto Regen
Alchemist - Mega-Potion, Items Lv2, Chemist

Stats For Each Girl
Paine - HP 4653 MP 108 Strength 187 Defense 90 (with Stamina Tonic) 9031
Yuna - HP 4344 MP 95 Strength 106 Defense 49 (with Stamina Tonic) 8430
Rikku - HP 4251 MP 291 Strength 151 Defense 181 (with Stamina Tonic) 8240

The Stamina tonic HP rate is probably off. although Paine was at 9000+


When the battle starts be sure to use LUNAR CURTAIN, STAR CURTAIN and LIGHT
CURTAIN these will greatly help you out! Next, Have the Zerker use Howl (on
herself DOUBLES HP) With Dark Knight use black sky.

If you have a Stamina Tonic (able to get in the Find Bartschella! Mission) have
Yuna use it. It doubles your entire parties HP by double (it does not stack with
Paine's Howl) Keep having rikku use Black sky and make Paine go ballistic (Beserk).

With Yuna keep using MEGA-POTION to heal the party and let Rikku and Paine deal
the damage. If you have a TWIN-STAR use it on rikku so she can use Black Sky
Limitlessly. Just keep pounding on them.

Talwhich will die by paine because she can do 6000 + damage almost every time.
and with reflect on your able to cast back any spells that Zalwhic or Angra casts.

When Angra uses Perdition of Flame it won;t hurt you as hard but will do some
damage. if so use a MegaPoition from your Items (Stash will take a bit longer
and can't always guarantee a successful surivial rate of a near dead girl)  or
Megapheonix if any of them die.

Keep having Paine beserk. In the event that Talwhich uses Bloody Breath just put
yuna on the job to remedy them all so you can continue wailing on him.

After a while this behemoth will fall.

 2.5.11 - Annihilator Strategy

This strategy works like the Darkness Strategy, except that you will use Magic
Gunner's instead of Dark Knights.

Have a 2 Gun Mages with the 'Annihilator' ability (learned ONLY from "Experiment",
level 5 machina of the Al Bhed in Chapter 5). 'Annihilator' will deal heavy damage
to Angra Mainyu. It can deal up to 9999 damage... much more if you are equipped with
the 'Invincible' accessory. Your Gun Mages should have learned all the ***proof
abilities. Equip them with Power Gloves to boost their attacks and have the Speed
Bracer or Sprint Shoes to speed them up.

You may use a White Mage or an Alchemist to do the healing and other support
functions. I would choose the White Mage with the Ragnarok accessory and Ribbon.
Using the White Mage will save you lots of items. With Ragnarok's 0 MP consumption,
you can cast Curaga/Protect/Shell/Reflect/Haste/Full-Life/Regen to your heart's
content. Be sure you have learned White Mage Lv2/Lv3 to make them more effective.

Just have your Magic Gunners use 'Annihilator' to Angra Mainyu and Tawrich every
turn. Your White Mage, after casting Protect, should constantly use Curaga to the
party and Full-Life in case someone falls. If you're having trouble with the spell-
casting Zarich, change one of your Gun Mages to a Dark Knight and use 'Darkness'
to dispatch it fast.

 2.5.12 - Floral Fallal Strategy

This stategy may take some time, but it's one of the safest method.

Have Yuna wear the Unerring Path Garment Grid and the others equip anything that
increases Attack or Magic. For accessories, pack the gals with Attack+ and/or
Magic+ accessories.

'White Honey' (Right Pistil) can heal the entire party for over 4,000 HP. On this
Dress Sphere I maxed out all of the abilities except for the Break Damage Limit
(which doesn't work anyway), considering that you can't hit him for 9999 with Floral
Fallal. 'Mirror Petals' casts Reflect on the party for the duration of the battle.
Barrier and Shell's effects also work until the end of the battle, but only work on
the main body (Yuna)... it doesn't matter if you continually cast 'White Honey'.

The steps are easy. Start the battle by using 'Tough Nuts' to increase your Defense
(Perdition's Flame) and and 'Mirror Petals' to reflect Angra's magic (elementals, Flare).
If you have 'Floral Rush' for Haste, use it. Now, use the skill 'Great Whirl' for Floral
Fallal, then 'White Polen' for the Right Pistil, and just continually use the Left
Pistil's 'Left Stigma' or any other useless attacks. Repeat the process until you win.

 2.5.13 - Quick Trigger Strategy

The 100% FASTEST way to beat Angra Mainyu... and all other enemies in this game!

If you have the Cat Nip accessory, make Yuna a Gunner and give it to her. Before
the battle starts, make her critical. Now, when you engage, just use her 'Quick
Trigger' and deal 9999 damage each hit! You'll be killing this fiend in less than
a minute.

(Sob)... if I only knew earlier that this amazing accessory is in Bevelle, I
should have killed him without too much sweat.

 2.5.14 - Invincible Party Strategy

When you've tried all the strategies out there, but to no avail... you still lose :(
use this little advice as a last resort.

Bring up an Alchemist and 'Mix' Dark Matter (Unfortunately, you can get it by bribibng
Via Purifico's last bosses, Paragon, and beating Trema --- and note that they are a-lot
harder than Angra Mainyu) + Potion to cast 'Miracle Potion', which will make your whole
party invincible against all attacks (except Stone, Doom, Death, etc.) throughout
the battle.

Now that you don't have to worry about your life, it's payback time! Unleash everything
you've and beat him to the bloody pulp as payment for the humiliation you got by having
to use this strategy.


 3.1 - Battle Rewards

To make you more interested, here's the list of the rewards you can get by beating
Angra Mainyu

Steal     : Angra Mainyu - Megalixir
            Tawrich      - (Nothing)
            Zarich       - (Nothing)

Rare Steal: Angra Mainyu - Megalixir
            Tawrich      - (Nothing)
            Zarich       - (Nothing)

   NOTE: Whenever you encounter him in Chapters 1-3, you can always steal a
         Megalixir from the body.

         If for some lucky reason you have killed him in one of those encounters,
         don't worry, he'll still appear in this mission.

EXP  : 5000
GIL  : 5000
Items: 'Ribbon' Accessory
       'Mercurial Strike' Garment Grid
            - Grid that speeds up Warrior, Samurai and Beserker abilities!

 3.2 - Trivia

Angra Mainyu or Ahriman was the "evil spirit" in the dualistic strain of the
religion Zoroastrianism. Angra Mainyu is the adversary of Ahura Mazda, the god
of good.

The name does not occur in the Old Persian inscriptions. In the Avesta he is
called the twin-brother of the Holy Spirits, and contrasted either with the Holy
Spirit of Ahura Mazda himself. He is the all-destroying Satan, the source of all
evil in the world and, like Ahura Mazda, exists since the beginning of the world.
Ahriman chose evil consciously, and by this act he created death. Eventually, in
the great world catastrophe, he will be defeated by Ahura Mazda and disappear.
The later sect of the Zervanites held that both were visible manifestations of
the primeval principle zruvan akarana (infinite time).

The central subject of Zoroastrian teaching and theology is the constant ongoing
battle between Angra Mainyu and Ahura Mazda.



Zoroastrianism was once a very widespread religion, but now it has few adherents
(about 150,000). It connects more closely with the Bible than any other religion,
excepting, of course, Judaism and Christianity. For example, the Bible mentions
some of the Zoroastrian kings who ruled the Persian Empire. These kings (Cyrus,
Ahasuerus, and Darius) are named in Isaiah, Daniel, Ezra, Nehemiah, Esther,
Haggai, Zechariah, and 2 Chronicles.

This religion is the product of one man, Spitoma Zoroaster, who lived about the
seventh century B.C. (his dates are sometimes given as 628-551 B.C.). Zoroaster
is the Greek form of his name; he is also known by his Avestan name, Zarathustra.
What little we know about Zoroaster comes from the Gathas, a set of hymns
included in the Zoroastrian scriptures (the Avesta). Zoroaster was born in Persia
at a time when the popular religion was the worship of the Aryan nature gods.

In the third century A. D., a reformation movement within Zoroastrianism began,
which helped restore its original monotheistic purity. However, the spread of
Christianity and especially the spread of Islam all but eliminated Zoroastrianism
in Persia.

The Muslims defeated Persia (A.D. 651), and the Zoroastrians who would not
renounce their religion had to flee. They eventually found refuge not far from
Bombay, India (A.D. 717). The priests reorganized the people and the religious
worship ceremonies in the new land. These Zoroastrians who moved to India came
to be known as Parsis (Persians). Today there are only about 120,000 Parsis in
India and another 30,000 in Iran. The Parsis are well-educated, moral people,
and many of them are financially successful. They have kept themselves aloof from
Hinduism, almost like a separate caste.

The Zoroastrian scriptures, the Avesta (knowledge) are written in Avestan, a
language similar to Sanskrit. A commentary (lend) was added in the third century
A.D., and the combined scriptures and commentary are called the Zend-Avesta. The
Avesta is divided into two parts: (1) The Great Avesta contains the Yasna (which
includes the Gathas, songs written by Zoroaster), the Visparad, and the Verridad.
(2) The Small Avesta is a ritual and prayer book.

The most distinctive feature of Zoroastrian teaching is its dualism. It paints a
picture of a constant struggle between two primal spirits, one good and one bad.
Ahura Mazda (or Ormazd) is considered the supreme deity who will eventually
triumph over Angra Mainyu (Ahriman), the devil. While Ahura Mazda is one god, he
is depicted as having seven diverse attributes, called the AmeshaSpentas. Later
Zoroastrianism turned these attributes into lesser gods or archangels. Angra
Mainyu also has seven attributes, the corresponding opposites of those of Ahura

 Ahura Zazda -The Seven Attributes       Angra Mainyu - The Seven Attributes
 Ahura Mazda -God of Light, Wisdom       Angra Mainyu (Prince of Darkness)
 Asha (Right, Justice)                   Druj (Falsehood)
 Vohu Monah (Good, Mind, Thought)        Akem (Evil Mind)
 Kshathra (Power, Strength)              Dush-Kshathra (Cowardice)
 Haurvatat (Health and Perfection)       Taromaiti (False Pretense)
 Ameretat (Immortality)                  Avetat (Misery)
 Armaiti (Piety, Love, Faith)            Merethyn (Annihilation)

Zoroastrianism presents a works salvation which emphasizes very high moral
standards. The three great virtues are good thoughts, good words, and good deeds.
Each person must freely choose truth over falsehood. Salvation is achieved only
if a person has a moral credit balance, that is, if his good deeds outweigh his
bad deeds.

The bodies of all the dead will be resurrected, and there is a final judgment.
Each soul comes to the Sifting Bridge or Deciding Bridge which leads to heaven
(the House of Songs). Those who fall off this bridge descend into hell. At the
end of time all who are evil are finally destroyed by a fiery stream of molten
metal. Angra Mainyu and his demons will also be annihilated. Before these
judgments occur, the Avesta teaches, a savior or deliverer (Soshyant) will

Rituals and formulas have become so much a part of this religion that
Zoroastrians seem to be concerned more with ceremonial purity than with ethical
purity. There is an emphasis on avoiding defilement by certain things, especially
dead bodies. When a Parsi dies, he is not buried or burned because Zoroastrians
do not want to defile the earth, water, or the sacred fire. Therefore they place
the body in a Tower of Silence where the bones are picked clean by vultures.


(1) The Zoroastrian view of God is closer to that of Christianity than any other
major Eastern religion. It is monotheistic, and Ahura Mazda has many of the
attributes of Jehovah. However, the god of Zoroastrianism falls short in at least
two ways:

   (a) Angra Mainyu, the spirit of evil, appears to be as powerful as Ahura Mazda.
This dualism indicates that Ahura Mazda is not really sovereign and omnipotent.
He does not actually have the power to defeat Angra Mainyu even though the Avesta
says he will at last.

   (b) Ahura Mazda is not a personal god like the God of the Bible. Worship is
centered around ritual forms, not a personal relationship.

(2) Salvation is achieved by works, not by faith. If a man's good works outweigh
his bad works, he is allowed into heaven. The problem of man's sinfulness is not
resolved, and heaven will be populated by sinners. Because of this, Ahura Mazda
does not possess the burning righteousness of the God of the Bible.

(3) In this religion the good has become the enemy of the best. There are a
number of parallels with Christianity, but these similarities often obscure the
critical differences.

(4) In actual practice, Zoroastrianism involves superstition and occultism. This
is especially true of the near worship of the sacred fire and the white bull in
the temples.

(5) Modern Zoroastrianism is characterized by empty ritual, ceremonial forms, and
by legalism.

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