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Blue Bullet FAQ by Split Infinity

Version: Hitomi 7* | Updated: 02/28/11

                            SPLIT INFINITY PRESENTS
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Name of game:   Final Fantasy X-2 (based on and written for US version)
Type of guide:  Gun Mage's Blue Bullet Guide / FAQ
Platform:       Playstation 2
Version:        Hitomi, released on 27th February 2011
Author:         Damir Kolar (Split Infinity) <lifearmor(at)gmail(dot)com>
Copyrighted to: (c) Damir Kolar - All rights reserved
Made in:        MS Word, Courier New, Font Size 10, Chrs/Line 79
Best viewed:    MS Word, Courier New, Font Size 10, Chrs/Line 79
MAKE SURE to check out mailing policy at the bottom of the document!
WARNING! This guide contains certain spoilers of people's names.

01.)                       LEGAL INFORMATION - G0100

This document is copyrighted to me, Damir Kolar. It is intended for *PRIVATE*
use only. It cannot be used in ANY form of printed or electronic media
involved in a commercial business, in part or in whole, in any way, shape, or
form. It cannot be given away freely, as bonus or prize, it can't be given
away with the game and so on. It cannot be used for profitable or promotional
purposes, regardless of the situation. Breaking any of these rules is in
direct violation of copyright law.

This document is protected by copyright law and international treaties.
Unauthorized reproduction and distribution of this document, or any portion
of it, may result in severe civil and criminal penalties, and will be
prosecuted to the maximum extent possible under the law. Any characters,
names, places, or miscellaneous objects are copyright of their respective

If you are a webmaster of the site that wishes to post this document, you may
do so under one condition - you must e-mail me first for permission. If
permission is granted, you cannot change a single character of this document,
and you must leave it in txt format. Permission will *not be granted* to fan
based websites.

*ONLY* following sites can host this guide:
- http://www.gamefaqs.com
- http://www.neoseeker.com
- http://faqs.ign.com
- http://www.squareuniverse.com
- http://www.rpgdreamers.com
- http://www.ffslo.tk

02.)                       TABLE OF CONTENTS - G0200

If you need to find something quickly, press and hold CTRL (Control), then
press F button. This will bring up 'Find and Replace' box. In it type the
word you're looking for and you should be taken to it immediately. This is
much faster than scrolling thru entire guide.
For your convenience I've inserted special search codes near every section to
help you easily hop on to that section by using search code provided. Each
search code will appear only twice in whole guide - thus getting stray hits
will be impossible.

01.) Legal information    | G0100 | Copyright protection and legal info.
02.) Table of Contents    | G0200 | Sections of this guide.
03.) Latest Updates       | G0300 | Read what was added in last update.
04.) Introduction         | G0400 | Just some small rambling from me...
05.) Read this first!     | G0500 | Absolutely vital info one must know.
06.) Blue Bullets         | G0600 | Details on 16 Blue Bullets.
07.) Past Revisions       | G0700 | History of this guide resides here...
08.) Credits              | G0800 | All who contributed... Thank you.
09.) Contact Info         | G0900 | Find out how to reach me.

03.)                        LATEST UPDATES - G0300

- Version Hitomi (27th February 2011)
# Some beauty touches.

04.)                         INTRODUCTION - G0400

Hello! I am Damir Kolar and I welcome you to fifth FFX-2 related project.
There is many a question rising each day on FFX-2 gameplay board on GameFAQs
regarding Blue Bullets skills and people grow weary of answering them.
Hopefully this guide will offer a helping hand to those guys and gals.
Without further wasting of my and your time, welcome to my Blue Bullet guide.

05.)                       READ THIS FIRST! - G0500
Main issues addressed in this section are:
What is a Blue Bullet? ------------------------------------------------ G0501
What do I need to start learning Blue Bullet skills? ------------------ G0502
How do I get one of Blue Bullet skills? ------------------------------- G0503
Anything else I should know about? ------------------------------------ G0504


In a nutshell, this is another term for blue magic. Blue Magic is the type of
magic which can be learned from enemies (fiends), for your own personal use.
In my opinion blue magic has been the most useful type of magic thru the
history of Final Fantasy games - luckily, the collection of blue bullets
available in this game doesn't let you down.


You only need one simple prerequisite - getting gun mage dressphere. This
dressphere can be obtained in either CH1 or CH2. Here's how:

CH1 - attempt 'Shave the Hypello' subquest in Moonflow by finding the stuck
      Hypello on screen called 'Moonflow - South Bank road'; agree to escort
      it back to Moonflow; even if you lose all luggage, YOU STILL GET THE

CH2 - attempt 'YRP, the scalpers three' subquest in Moonflow by talking to
      Tobli, who will want you to sell some tickets; to ensure you get this
      doesn't matter if you make any profit

Once gun mage dressphere is yours, you're already set. Blue Bullet skill in
Abilities screen of your main menu is already active, but if you look into
it, you'll see it's empty. So you wonder how do you actually learn some? Look


             YOUR GUN MAGES!
             Jeremy comments: I own FFX-2 Int. In this version, you can capture
             and raise pretty much any of the monsters in the game and use
             switch one one of your 3 characters to replace her for one of
             these "fiends". Actually, they can learn pretty much any skills
             the three girls learn, since you assign a dresssphere to them, but
             they are run automatically, and not manually by the player.
             If you have a gun mage in your party, and one of the monsters on
             your team uses a skill like White Wind or Mighty Guard, even if
             the Gun Mage hasn't already learned the skill, she can't learn it
             this way. It has to be from a monster that is free-roaming. It is
             pretty much the same as the rule where a fellow Gun Mage can't
             pass the skill on.


Yep. There's 16 BB skills you can learn in this game. 14 of them are attack
type skills, and only two are of defensive nature - these are White Wind and
Mighty Guard. As you would suspect, White Wind and Mighty Guard aren't going
to be used on you 'accidentally' by the enemies - you have to help them make
the right choice.

And how do you that? Power of confusion, mon ami. Here's some ways of
inflicting confusion on the enemies.
- Full Throttle: Crazy Wing ability
- lady luck: Tantalize ability
- alchemist: Blaster Mine mix (combine Potion + Sleep Grenade)
- dark knight: Confuse ability
- Chaos Shock accessory: Confusetouch ability
- Raging Giant garment grid: Confuse ability
- Floral Fallal: Panic Floralysis
- Machina Maw: Confuse Missile

Just pick one of the above and inflict confusion on desired enemy (list will
appear below, don't worry). Now you must be patient - White Wind and Mighty
Guard may not be used on your party straight away. It will take some time
before luck works in your favor and prompts the enemy to cast them on you.
But as soon as they do, it's party time.

Here's some more useful tips and reminders it would be good for you to know:
- BB skills require MP to be cast - no MP no magic
- MP cost for BB skills can be:
  -> halved by equipping Gold Hairpin acc or Font of Power GG
  -> reduced to 1 once you cross all gates on Font of Power GG
  -> reduced to 0 if you use Twin Stars or Three Stars, or equip Ragnarok acc
- even if your gun mage is silenced, she can use BB skills
- three BB skills are available only once or twice for learning, look in next
  section for more info
- remember, it must be the enemies using BB skills against you
- many of BB skills are crappier in terms of usefulness when used by your
  girls - an example would be Mighty Guard cast by Haizhe; just look at all
  the useful statuses enemies gained
- BB skills cannot be reflected; so your attempt at trying to cast reflect on
  enemies in order to have BB skill bounce off won't bear fruit
- if there's a tough BB you would like to learn, but your girls are not quite
  fit yet to take on the fiend, do the following: enter the battle against
  the fiend that has the BB you wish to learn - have one girl run away, then
  just hold your ground with other two girls until they've learned the BB -
  you can now either escape or let them be killed - you won't get game over
  cos one girl escaped beforehand (contributed by Joe B.)

06.)                         BLUE BULLETS - G0600
Main issues addressed in this section are:
1000 Needles BB --------------- G0601 | Absorb BB --------------------- G0602
Annihilator BB ---------------- G0603 | Bad Breath BB ----------------- G0604
Blaster BB -------------------- G0605 | Cry in the Night BB ----------- G0606
Drill Shot BB ----------------- G0607 | Fire Breath BB ---------------- G0608
Heaven's Cataract BB ---------- G0609 | Mighty Guard BB --------------- G0610
Mortar BB --------------------- G0611 | Seed Cannon BB ---------------- G0612
Stone Breath BB --------------- G0613 | Storm Cannon BB --------------- G0614
Supernova BB ------------------ G0615 | White Wind BB ----------------- G0616

1000 NEEDLES - G0601                                   MP CONSUMPTION - 24 MP
What does it do? - inflicts 1000 units of special damage to one target
Learned from?    - Cactuar, CH5, Bikanel - Cactuar Hollow, ViaInfinito floors
Additional tips? - Not a great skill to own. What it is good for is that
                   damage it does ignores special traits. As for learning,
                   when you see Cactuar bounce around followed by funny
                   noises, it's prepping the skill to be used.

ABSORB - G0602                                          MP CONSUMPTION - 3 MP
What does it do? - one target loses some HP and MP, which are added to user's
                   HP and MP gauge, increase user's MAG to deal higher damage
Learned from?    - Baralai - CH2, Bevelle - labyrinth
                   Black Elemental - CH5, ViaInfinito floors 40 & 81-99
                   Cindy - CH5, Road to Farplane
                   Flan Azabache - CH5, Calm Lands - ruin depths, ViaInfinito
                                   floors 65-69
                   Haizhe - CH1&2, Macalania woods, ViaInfinito floors 16-19
                   Jahi - CH5, Farplane Heart
                   Protochimera - CH1&2&3, many places
Additional tips? - This is a great skill to have at start of game. For measly
                   3 MP you steal both HP and MP from one enemy, crippling
                   them effectively.

ANNIHILATOR - G0603                                    MP CONSUMPTION - 48 MP
What does it do? - inflicts non-elemental magic damage VS all members in
                   target party, increase user's MAG to deal higher damage,
                   damage can be reduced with shell
Learned from?    - Experiment, CH5, Djose temple; Special trait must be Lv5
                   So where do we get these 6 chances from, huh? First five
                   chances (coming from 5 repair manuals) plus the initial
                   battle, but you have to meet the requirements first. If
                   you increase the Special Assembly parts, it can get a new
                   attack. For example, if its levels are 4-4-5 and you have
                   not yet fought it, do it and you'll it'll use Annihilator!
                   So to get 6 chances, just dig up only Special Assembly and
                   nothing else. Save at the SSP and reset whenever you get
                   anything else if you want the easy battle of 1-1-5. Then
                   just fight it 5 times at the level of choice (but special
                   must be level 5) and turn the last chance into the Episode
                   Complete battle by finally gathering the level to 5-5-5
                   and fighting it for the final time.
                   Annihilator is used as next attack after boss uses
                   Lifeslicer, so make sure you're under shell to survive.
                   Great thing about Annihilator is that it ignores MDEF of

BAD BREATH - G0604                                     MP CONSUMPTION - 64 MP
What does it do? - inflicts poison, silence, darkness, slow, sleep and either
                   berserk or confusion on all members in target party;
                   target cannot be both berserked and confused
Learned from?    - Great Malboro - CH5, Farplane Heart
                   Malboro - CH3&4&5, Besaid, Thunder plains
Additional tips? - I love this BB. Unfortunately, you need to have at least
                   one girl still be able to fight after this BB has been
                   used on you. It will be learned regardless of the outcome,
                   but if girls kill each other cos of being confused, it
                   doesn't do you much good, huh? Anyway, make sure girls are
                   protected against sleep, berserk and confusion. If you're
                   trying to learn it from Malboro - it must be attacked or
                   healed ten times, and Bad Breath will be used on Malboro's
                   next turn. As for Great Malboro, it'll use Bad Breath soon
                   enough, don't you worry.

Author's note: I've received a strat on learning Bad Breath from MaliceDR:

You'll need gun mage, alchemist with Mega-Potion stash ability (or white
mage), White Wind for all three chrs, and you need to be immune to sleep. Now
here's what you do. When the battle begins, change all three of your girls to
gun mages (or start out as gun mages - I prefer to change in-battle and gain
a gate bonus or two). Next, cap it a few times to soften it up. The more
damage you do now, the less you have to do later. And it'll be tougher later
because, each of its Squirt attacks afflicts your girls with all four breaks.
Scan is always there to keep you informed of its HP and prevent you from
killing it.

From the start of the battle, keep an eye on your Malboro and count how many
attacks you did to it. When you get to 10th attack, it's time to change
tactics. Start spamming White Wind every turn for every girl. It won't remove
the breaks, but it WILL top off your HP before the Bad Breath comes out. Plus
it will prevent you from being caught off guard, which would prove quite

After receiving 10th attack, it'll open wide and spout out big green cloud of
gas. Now all of our girls have learned Bad Breath, but are afflicted with
every status effect known to man. But not for long. If you've been spamming
White Wind like I've told you, these afflictions, every last one, will be
wiped away from your girls before they even knew they had them. Now you're at
exactly the same place you were beforehand, except now all of your girls
know Bad Breath. From there, just pop a cap in it.

BLASTER  - G0605                                       MP CONSUMPTION - 30 MP
What does it do? - special type damage, reduces HP of one target by 93,75% of
                   current HP, may inflict KO
Learned from?    - Coeurl - CH1&2&5, Besaid, Calm lands, ViaInfinito floors
                   Queen Coeurl - CH2&3&5, Besaid - cave, many other places
Additional tips? - Learning this BB from Coeurl is no biggy, but from Queen
                   it is, as it may KO your girl instead. To avoid the latter
                   case, make sure you have something with Deathproof
                   equipped - this will lower girl's HP to 1 HP instead when
                   hit. Anyway, since there's very high probability of enemy
                   being immune to effects of Blaster, don't rely on using it
                   too much.

CRY IN THE NIGHT - G0606                               MP CONSUMPTION - 80 MP
What does it do? - inflicts non-elemental magic damage VS all members in
                   target party, increase user's MAG to deal higher damage,
                   damage can be reduced with shell
Learned from?    - Mega Tonberry - CH5, ViaInfinito floors 41+
Additional tips? - An absolute toughie to be learned. First, Mega Tonberry
                   must be oversouled and at low HP. Furthermore, make sure
                   your MDEF is somewhere around 200 with shell in effect as
                   well (Adamantite equipped would be nice) - whittle Mega's
                   HP down and hope that he uses Cry in the Night soon. With
                   200+ MDEF you will take about 500 damage at most. But once
                   you do get it, it's crying time for the enemies. I
                   recommend that you learn it one girl per one fight.

Author's note: I've received rather lengthy e-mail from contributor Rei N. in
which he has shared his strategy on getting Cry in the Night BB (I've
modified the text a bit). Enjoy.

my experience, Firaga is one of oversouled Mega Tonberry's favorite spells,
often his first attack, and Fire Eater will go a LONG way in keeping the
girls alive. His other major spell is Flare (which fortunately only hits one
girl), so Reflect is nice, but not necessary (in fact, it may affect the
strategy, so you may be better off just Phoenix Downing). In fact, I'd go so
far as to say that oversouled Mega Tonberry is EASIER than regular Mega
Tonberry; because he can cast spells while oversouled, he'll (almost never)
attack you with Chef's Knife for more than one turn in a row, and so with the
proper magical preparation, you're much less likely to die. Here's a sample
layout that's along the lines of what I used:

- Yuna (Ray of Hope GG), lv95 or so: gun mage (should be neighboring
alchemist on the GG, just in case something goes horribly wrong), equipped
with Crimson Ring and acc which boosts HP or MDEF (or consider Auto-Shell)

- Rikku (Ray of Hope), lv95 or so: gun mage (neighboring alchemist), equipped
with Force of Nature and acc which boosts HP or MDEF

- Paine (Highroad Winds), lv99 gunner (MUST neighbor gun mage), equipped with
Cat Nip and Crimson Ring and in critical

As an aside, most of my levels came from a LOT of fighting as a party of
three lady lucks. An ideal time to do this is while catching and dispatching
chocobos to access the chocobo ranch dungeon, and while you're traveling the
five roads leading to the Farplane to get the Megiddo GG.

So, thus prepared, I go up against the Mega Tonberry. There's a chance, of
course, that the regular Tonberry will be the one oversouled; just reset if
so. Anyway, Paine strikes first, thanks to Highroad Winds. She hits Mega
Tonberry with EXACTLY four hits of Trigger Happy. This puts Mega Tonberry
within striking distance of low HP. You can have Rikku or Yuna heal Paine if
you like here, but your higher priority is to switch Paine to Gun Mage ASAP.
More likely than not, Mega Tonberry's first attack will be Firaga. Thanks to
my important tip, you actually gain HP for this, especially good for Paine,
now that her Cat Nip attacking has served its purpose. Of course, occasionally
Flare or Chef's Knife will kill someone; just Phoenix Down and keep their HP
up (just in case Firaga doesn't do that for you). But it's VITAL to make sure
Paine switches to Gun Mage quickly.

Once all three girls are Gun Mages, hit Mega Tonberry with regular attacks or
weaker magics, making sure all three girls stay alive. After 9999 or less
damage total, he should pause for longer than he usually does. This is your
cue. Watch as he casts Cry in the Night and all three of your Gun Mages learn
it. At least one girl should be alive after this, more if their HP and MDEF is
up. Mega Tonberry SHOULD be weak enough so that one hit from any girl should
destroy him; if you're nervous, make your first priority a Mega Phoenix. If
Mega Tonberry casts Firaga, you're golden; if he does anything else (and
nothing else he does can hit more than one girl now that he's done his Cry in
the Night), a regular Phoenix Down should do the trick while the other girl
gets the job done. Then just finish the trivial task of defeating the regular
Tonberry and get thee to a save point!

Now, though this sounds simple, it took quite a bit of trial and error to get
to this point. I had to maintain a count from my first oversouled Tonberry
(around Cloister 40 or so) to make sure I timed things right. I also took a
while to gain the Fire Eater insight. But once I did, my very next battle got
me three Cries in the Night, as opposed to just two - without Fire Eater,
someone usually died before Paine was able to switch to Gun Mage, diverting
precious turns and wasting time.

DRILL SHOT - G0607                                     MP CONSUMPTION - 32 MP
What does it do? - inflicts physical damage VS one target, increase user's
                   STR to deal higher damage, damage can be reduced with
Learned from?    - Baralai - CH2, Bevelle - labyrinth; CH5, Den of Woe
                   Make a combination of ten moves against Baralai which
                   *must* cause his HP gauge to be changed. For example,
                   attack him twice, then heal him, attack thrice, heal him,
                   attack thrice... Now Baralai will use Drill Shot as the
                   next move against the girl that last attacked/healed him.

FIRE BREATH - G0608                                    MP CONSUMPTION - 28 MP
What does it do? - inflicts fire magic damage VS all members of target party,
                   increase user's MAG to deal higher damage, damage can be
                   reduced with shell, don't use this skill on enemies that
                   reduce or absorb fire damage
Learned from?    - Balivarha - CH3&4&5, Thunder plains, Calm lands
Additional tips? - Yawn. Absolutely useless BB - use it for healing your
                   girls instead when they have Fire Eater auto-ability.

HEAVEN'S CATARACT - G0609                              MP CONSUMPTION - 22 MP
What does it do? - inflicts non-elemental magic damage to all members in
                   target party, and reduces DEF & MDEF by -2 levels,
                   increase user's MAG to deal higher damage, damage can be
                   reduced with shell
Learned from?    - Chac - CH5, ViaInfinito floors 80-99
                   Gucumatz - CH3&5, Thunder plains, Zanarkand
                   Kukulcan - CH2&5, Bevelle - underground, ViaInfinito
                              floors 16-19
Additional tips? - Make sure you're supremely protected against magic damage
                   by boosting your MDEF as high as possible before learning
                   this BB. Don't forget to have Stoneproof on to avoid being
                   petrified. Once you attain this skill, it's of great use
                   on enemies, as you can effectively decrease both DEF and
                   MDEF by -2 points, assuming of course that the enemy isn't
                   immune to Armor and Mental breaks.

MIGHTY GUARD - G0610                                   MP CONSUMPTION - 32 MP
What does it do? - adds shell and protect on all members of target party
Learned from?    - Garik - CH3, Mt Gagazet
                   Haizhe - CH1&2, Macalania woods, ViaInfinito floors 16-19
Additional tips? - Both of the above enemies must be confused in order to
                   have them use this BB on your party. Even though it only
                   adds shell and protect, this is great asset to your list.

MORTAR - G0611                                         MP CONSUMPTION - 99 MP
What does it do? - physical attack VS all members of target party, increase
                   user's STR to deal higher damage, damage can be reduced
                   with protect
Learned from?    - Gippal - CH5, Den of Woe
                   Bring Gippal's HP below 75%, and chances for him to use
                   Mortar have just been increased. Great thing about Mortar
                   is that it ignores DEF of target/s.

SEED CANNON - G0612                                    MP CONSUMPTION - 28 MP
What does it do? - removes 37,5% MAX HP from one target, physical type
                   attack, damage can be reduced with protect
Learned from?    - Cephalotus - CH3&5, Besaid, Mi'ihen road
                   Leucophylla - CH3&5, Calm lands
Additional tips? - Another of yawn-type skills, and another not worthy of
                   your MP. Before learning it, make sure girls have more
                   than 50% MAX HP.

STONE BREATH - G0613                                   MP CONSUMPTION - 32 MP
What does it do? - attempts to petrify all members of target party
Learned from?    - Dolmen - CH5, Road to Farplane, many other places
                   Epitaph - CH5, Mi'ihen fiend colony, ViaInfinito floors
                   Monolith - CH5, Road to Farplane
                   Tomb - CH3, Kilika temple, Djose temple, ViaInfinito
                          floors 27-29
Additional tips? - Simple enough to learn... just have that Stoneproof. In
                   the end, mildly useful for dispatching multiple enemies
                   susceptible to petrification at once.

STORM CANNON - G0614                                   MP CONSUMPTION - 38 MP
What does it do? - inflicts non-elemental magic damage to all members in
                   target party, which is equal to caster's level x 30,
                   damage can be reduced with shell
Learned from?    - Ironside - CH3&4&5, Kilika, Zanarkand, Thunder plains
Additional tips? - A tough one to learn. Make sure you're healed regularly
                   cos of Ironside's attack which reduces HP to one. Usually
                   some time after you see Body Splash Ironside opens its
                   chest and starts charging - this is the time when it will
                   use Storm Cannon; apply shell if not already. This skill
                   is nice as it ignores MDEF of targets, but the bad thing
                   is that it's reduced by shell.

SUPERNOVA  - G0615                                     MP CONSUMPTION - 70 MP
What does it do? - inflicts humongous non-elemental magic damage VS all
                   members in target party, increase user's MAG to deal
                   higher damage, damage can be reduced with shell
Learned from?    - Ultima Weapon - CH5, Calm lands - ruin depths, ViaInfinito
                   floors 47-49
Additional tips? - Supernova is only used by Ultima Weapon in its regular form.
                   Supernova is *not* used if Ultima Weapon is oversouled. Your
                   HP and MDEF should be top notch to survive the onslaught.
                   Once this BB is yours, it's time for some ownage.

WHITE WIND - G0606                                     MP CONSUMPTION - 16 MP
What does it do? - recovers 37,5% of MAX HP for each member of target party,
                   removes poison, silence, darkness, berserk, confuse, sleep
Learned from?    - Bully Cap - CH1&2&5, Mi'ihen, Mushroom rock, Bikanel
                   Coeurl - CH1&2&5, Besaid, Calm lands, ViaInfinito floors
                   Ms. Goon - CH1, Zanarkand
                   Mycotoxin - CH3&5, Mi'ihen, Gagazet, Zanarkand
                   Queen Coeurl - CH2&3&5, Besaid - cave, many other places
Additional tips? - Get this as soon as you get gun mage dressphere. White
                   Wind's ability to restore HP as well as remove many status
                   changes makes it invaluable thru whole game. Like with
                   Mighty Guard, you must confuse the enemy in order to have
                   it use this skill on you.

07.)                        PAST REVISIONS - G0700

- Version 1.01, (18th December 2003)
# Added how to learn all BB, added that it doesn't matter if girls survive BB
being used, added awesome tip of getting Baralai to use Drill Shot.

- Version 1.0, (12th December 2003)
# Initial release.

08.)                            CREDITS - G0800

1. Companies
- SquareEnix: they created this game
- Sony: for making PS2
- Lik-Sang: I imported the game from their website and very glad I did (I
received my copy within 8 days)

2. Internet sites
- GameFAQs [www.gamefaqs.com]: for hosting my guide
- www.neoseeker.com: for hosting my guide
- www.ign.com: for hosting my guide
- www.squareuniverse.com: for hosting my guide
- www.rpgdreamers.com: for hosting my guide
- www.ffslo.tk: for hosting my guide

3. People
- aragtago: for telling me that girls don't need to survive to learn skills
- Jonathan O.: for telling me location of Mortar BB
- Adem O.: for a brilliant tip of learning Drill Shot from Baralai
- Benson S.: for a tip on learning Mortar BB
- Joe B.: for tip on escaping and learning BB-s
- Rei N.: for truckload of tips on Cry in the Night BB
- NGEVA: for tips on learning Annihilator BB
- Daryle W.: for reminding me of adding which BB's are one-shot only
- jake_lethal_364: for noticing a mistake in Annihilator BB

09.)                         CONTACT INFO - G0900

Send your comments, ideas for improvements, additional info, correction of
mistakes I may have made, and anything else via e-mail at:

lifearmor (at) gmail (dot) com

I need to put down a few guidelines.
- as a subject of e-mail please include Final Fantasy X-2, or FFX-2
- please make your e-mail be readable, ie do not send me e-mails that are
written badly or in some strange gibberish
- don't ask me to send you updated versions of my guide, because I won't
- *make sure* to check if your question is already answered within these
pages; I may reply to one of your questions, but if you'll persevere in
asking more questions which are answered in my guide, I'll simply direct you
to my guide
- I accept e-mails in English, German, Croatian and Slovenian language
- I will answer the e-mails in English, Croatian or Slovenian language; I can
read and understand German well, but my writing skills of German have rusted,
therefore I will answer such e-mails in English
- when crediting contributors, I won't disclose their e-mails
- finally, treat me as you'd like me to treat you

2. Damir Kolar's Contributor page


Yours truly,
Damir Kolar

End of Document

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