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Sphere Break FAQ by sakuracream

Version: 3.0 | Updated: 01/04/2004

                      Final Fantasy X-2 Sphere Break FAQ
                           Written by Sakuracream
                  Version 3.0 - Last revised: 4th Jan 2004

                This document is Copyright 2004 Sakuracream

               Latest revisions of this guide can be found at:


  If there's any errors in this FAQ, or you had even better spherebreak tips
                             You can email me at

          Forward, chain, curse emails are not accepted. Thank you. ^_^

Legal Disclaimer

  This document is Copyright 2003 Sakuracream.  It may not be
  reproduced nor retransmitted in any form without prior consent from the
  author.  It may not be altered, published, sold, given as an incentive to
  buy, etc. without advance permission from the authors.  All outside sources
  which have contributed to the making of this guide in some form have been
  cited in the last section of the guide.  Violation of the above terms can and
  will result in a lawsuit.


Table of Contents

   I.    Introduction to Sphere break and Revision History

   II.   How to Play

   III.  Sphere Break Tournament Walkthrough

   IV.   Sphere Break players in Luca

   V.    Frequently Asked Questions

   VI.   General Strategy

   VII.  Tips and Cheats

   VIII.  Credits

                     I.  Introduction and Revision History

Introduction to Sphere Break
Sphere break is a mini-game in FFX-2, just like card games in the past FFs.
Basically, Sphere break is a game that's all above sums and multiplications.
Instead of following the old system of card games, in which you can win easily if
you have got some rare cards in your hand. This requires you to use a little brains.
Sphere break is a race against the clock to create multiples of the core sphere's
core number by combining numbers of the 16 coins on the board. Confusing? Well,
like Shinra said, "Once you get the elementary, you will get the hang of it."

Like what mini-games supposed to mean, this is NOT compolsary. However, it's
required that you win the tournament in S level. 3 to get more % and a dress
sphere, Lady Luck. Lady Luck is one of the most useful dress spheres in the game
(if you know how), and definitely getting it asap would be a high advantage.

Revision History

Version 1  -  November 28, 2003-    Started working on Spherebreak FAQ after
                                    withnessing many questions on Spherebreak
                                    at the Gamefaqs board.

version 1.1 - November 29, 2003-    Make a big mistake at the multiplication area.
                                    Thanks -bigGS-

version 1.2 - December 2, 2003 -    Add in a tip from Nioden (Thanks! ^_^) and
                                    correct the quota mistake. (Thanks guys.)

version 2.0 - December 14 2003 -    Add in a new section. Thanks blo0d_j4m, since
                                    your email did make my work a lot easier. Add
                                    in tips against the AI kid too. Thanks. More
                                    QnA in the FAQ section.

version 3.0 -   Jan 4th 2004   -    Add in new section. Received overwhelming emails,
                                    fix some mistakes.
                          II.  How to Play

Basically, there's an in-game tutorial on how to play Sphere break. A
little guy at the room just left of the Luca stadium entrance
(The blitzball player rooms) will teach you how to play. There's also
a fair amount of people in that room that will challenge you.\

In S.level 3, that little guy will be just beside Rin at the Square staircase.

Basic instructions

To win this game, you get to combine the numbers on the coins to make multiples
of the core number. What does it mean by that? It means, you need to use both
border and entry coins to make multiples of the number in the core sphere.
The number in the core sphere is then called the =core number=. All coins
have numbers from 1-9.

Border coins
12 coins that are in blue-purpish in colour. They are all positioned
at the extreme corner, thus the name border coins. They dissappear after you
use it.

Entry coins
4 coins that are in yellowish colour. They are positioned within
the square the border coins made. These entry coins will never dissappear, but
does not add to the quota every time you use it. You MUST select this first
before you can select the entry coins to make multiples.

Core number
The sphere that is in bright blue. It's positioned at the center
of the board. This cannot be selected, and act as the guide on the multiples
you need to achieve in that particular turn.

Quota is something like the score in the game. By using border coins, you
get one quota for each border coin. You will need to reach a certain quota
by the end of the game. So with 20 quota, you must get 20 and above to win
the game!

The game comes in turns. Every time you core break, the turn ends. The
amount of turns varies player from player. You will need to complete the quota
before all the turns ends!

Time Limit
Every turn, there's a time limit. Normally is 60 seconds, but it varies from
players as well. You need to make your decision using the border and entry
coins fast! If the time runs out, you will automatically lose the game.

Confused yet? Well, I will explain now. What do I mean by multiples and sums?
You know maths? There's divide, multiple, add and subtrate. And yes, we are
talking about the multiplication in maths. (Those evil stuff your maths teacher
force you to learn)

For example, your core number is 2. Multiples of 2 are 2, 4, 6, 8... You will
need to use addition for your border and entry coins to get the multiples.

Now you have 2 for your entry coin. Select it. The twinkle sound will be heard
and you get a Core Break written across your screen and the next turn comes.
You have achieve the multiples by selecting the correct number. BUT you do not
get quota just using the entry coin. You will need to use border coins to add
on your quota.

For example, your core number is 7. Your entry coin only has 2,3,5 and 6. Select
3. There's no core break because you have not reach the criteria! Next, you
have the choice to either use the border or the entry coins. Select 4, the
border coin. 4+3=7. You reach the criteria! The twinkle sound comes, and Sphere
Break! You used one border coins. So you will have one quota.

Collect as much quota as possible before the set number of turns ends.

Just getting the multiples per turn is NOT enough to get the required quota.
Even if you are lucky, you can't meet a quota of 40 in 15 turns! Thus, you
will need to do combos.

Coin Count Echoes
This is like a combo. For example, you use two coins to have a core break.
Second turn comes in, you use two coins to have a core break again. By right,
you should have only 2 quota right? Wrong!

Since you use the same amount of coins for two turns, you did a coin
count echo.

Number of border coins you used X number of consecutive echo

So in this scenario, you have the first echo. 2 X 1 = 2! You will get 2 bonus points
for that turn.If the next turn, you use a different number of coins, you will
break the echo, and start all over again. Build up the amount of echo, then
getting quota won't be a big problem!

Multiplier Echoes
When making a core break, if you use that same multiplier as you used in your
last turn, you receive bonus points for quota.

For example, you have a core number 2. 2,4,6,8... You have a sum of 8, core break.
Next turn, you have a core number 3. 3,6,9,12... You make a sum of 12, core break.
8 and 12 is a multiple of 4. In this case, you will get a echo bonus. (Thanks -bigGS-
for pointing out my mistake.)

Target multiplier X number of consecutive echoes

In this case, 4 X 1 = 4. You will get 4 bonus points for that turn.

This is a great way to get in quota. Even though the coin combo echo is easy
to do and understand, mastering the multiplier echo technique could get you
more quota and meeting 100 quota won't be a problem. (Since core number 1
won't break the chain unlike coin combo.)

                          III.  Sphere Break Tournament Walkthrough

During S.level 3, you will get to access to this Sphere break tournament at Luca.
Simply enter Luca, after some events, you will get to start hunting for people
to play. In this event, you need to win 3 matches to procceed. If you lose 3
times, you will lose the tournament. After battling and winning three rounds,
you will have to beat Shinra to complete this event.

The range of players are at the Luca stadium entrace, the walkway towards Luca
stadium, the Square and the area with the stairs leading to Mi'hen highroad.

Name: Dream Shop Core Sphere
Location: The woman near to the save point at the stairs leading to Mi'hen highroad
Rules: Turns:15, Quota: 25 coins, Time limit: 60 seconds
Difficulty: 2
Strategy: She's an average player, and definitely the one for you to practice
since the save point is just around the corner. If you are new to Spherebreak,
she's a good practice player. To win, you need to get in echo combos as usual.
2, 3 coins would be enough.

Name: Fisherman Core Sphere
Location: He's walking around at the Square.
He's wearing a green-colour with brown shorts.
Rules: Turns: 15, Quota: 20 coins, Time Limit: 60 seconds
Difficulty: 2
Startegy: If you want an easy game, he's the one. Just keep using 2, 3 coins
to win. The 3 other players listed below are the ones if you want to
win the 3 rounds easily.

Name: Shades Core Sphere
Location: He's hiding behind the statue at the Square
Rules: Turns: 15, Quota: 20 coins, Time limit: 60 seconds
Difficulty: 2
Strategy: Another easy one. Use 2, 3 combos to win.

Name:  Grannie Core Sphere
Location: At the walkway leading to Luca stadium, she's sitting at the side,
wearing a purple shirt
Rules: Turns: 15, Quota: 20, Time limit:60
Difficulty: 2
Strategy: Again, another easy one. Use 2, 3 coin combos to win.

Name:  Intimidator Core Sphere
Location: She's standing in front of the counter, talking to a woman.
Rules: Turns: 15, Quota: 20, Time limit: 60
Difficulty: 2
Strategy: Like the 3 other players, she's easy. Just use 2, 3 coin combos to win.

Name: Gigolo Core Sphere
Location: He's standing near to the radio station at the Square. He's wearing a
very flashy yellow pants
Rules: Turns: 15, Quota: 30, Time limit: 60 seconds
Difficulty: 3
Strategy: He's a fairly good player. If you have get the hang of Sphere break,
he's not a big problem for you. 2, 3 coin combos again.

Name:  Pet Core Sphere
Location: Talk to the woman sitting with a dog at the Square.
Rules: Turns: 15, Quota: 40, Time limit: 45
Difficulty: 3
Strategy: This is slightly tougher, but it's still possible. If you are
trying to practice for the Shinra match, she's the one that gives you that
pressurised feel. If possible, make 3 coin count combos. 2 coin combos
are pretty slim because core number 1 occasionally appears.
Items: White Signet Grid (can someone confirm with me?)
(Thanks Kurasu Soratobu: When you compete with the dog/woman, you will get 10
turns instead of 15. A glitch? A mistake?)

Name:  Punk Core Sphere
Location: The two kids jumping around at the Square. You need to win at least
one game to compete with them. (If not, they will be trashing another guy and
have no time to play with you)
Rules: Turns: 15, Quota: 40, Time limit: 60
Difficulty: 3
Strategy: The kid is a good player so don't under-estimate him. However, you
can beat an AI kid any time. Use 2 and possibly 3, 4 coin combos to beat him.

*Strategy 2 from em?*: If you have a echo coin (like malboro) just put that in
and a 1, 2, 5 coin and set the multiplier to 1 when you start.
From then on, just add up to the core number and you should be done by turn 11
without too much effort. It works because the multiplier starts to add up after
turn 4, where even just using a entry coin gives you 4 quota, and by turn 11
thats 11 quota points x whatever border coins you used (so one border coin =
22 quota points at turn 11).

Name: Shinra Core Sphere
Location: Once you defeat 3 people, there will be a scene and you will need to
battle him.
Rules: Turns: 15, Quota: 50, Time Limit: 40
Difficulty: 4
Strategy: Shinra is the most difficult among all the players. Getting 50 might
seems impossible as Core Sphere 1 appears a lot more frequently, as much as
5 times in a row. If it happens too many times, you should really... restart.
Even if it means, playing the third round of Sphere break again. You can defeat
him by using 3, 4 coins each time, but still the core sphere 1 is very damaging.
Need a lot of patience and luck for this one. If you are lucky, you can even
add in 2 coin combos to win him. (without even 1 core number 1.)
Items: Lady Luck dress sphere, Treasure Hunt grid

Still have problems? You can check out the General Strategy at the later section.

                          IV. Sphere Break players in Luca
You can start playing Sphere Break in S.Level 1. How do you get to access them?
After completing the Yuna moogle sidequest, get back to Luca, and go to the
east side of the Luca stadium. There will be a little scene with Rin and you can
start playing from that point.

A lot of people have emailed me about the point of playing spherebreak besides
the Sphere Break tournament in S.level 3. I have been playing for a while, but
other than getting the Treasure Hunt grid and Lady Luck dress sphere, there's
nothing you can get much out of Sphere Break. Basically, all the items can be
found available else where, and it doesn't play such an important role in FFX-2.
(Unlike the FF8 Triple Triad which you can get great items from refining cards)

That aside, I will list out all the players that are available in the west and
east side of the Luca stadium. I have excluded the strategy involved, since
I figured that it's more or less the same, just that the number of coins, and
the coins you used varies. ^_^ (Okay, I'm lazy, so sue me.)

West Hall of Luca Stadium
Name: Practice Core Sphere
Location: He's the first beak guy on the screen, and the one who has access
to the Sphere Break game tutorial
Rules: Turns: 15, Quota: 20, Time Limit: 60
Difficulty: 1

Name: Mi'hen Core Sphere
Location: He's just beside the tutorial guy on the right.
Rules: Turns: 30, Quota: 150, Time Limit: 20
Difficulty: 5

Name: Gigolo Core Sphere
Location: He's talking with someone, and his yellow pants makes him very distinctive.
Rules: Turns: 15, Quota: 30, Time Limit: 60
Difficulty: 4

Name: Punk Core Sphere
Location: He's right~ at the back, being the only other kid in the hall, it's easy
to spot him.
Rules: Turns: 20, Quota:80 , Time Limit: 45
Difficulty: 4

Name: Dream Shop Core Sphere
Location: Talking with the Gigolo (yellow pants)
Rules: Turns: 20, Quota: 50, Time Limit: 45
Difficulty: 3

Name: Shades Core Sphere
Location: Behind the beak tutorial guy
Rules: Turns: 15, Quota: 20, Time Limit: 60
Difficulty: 2

Name: Bevelle Core Sphere
Location: On the right side of the screen near to the Mi'hen core sphere player
Rules: Turns: 30, Quota: 200, Time Limit: 30
Difficulty: 5

Name: Macalania Core Sphere
Location: Close to the Shades core sphere player
Rules: Turns: 30, Quota: 80, Time Limit: 45
Difficulty: 4

East Hall of Luca Stadium

Name: Shoopuf Core Sphere
Location: The only Hypello in the room
Rules: Turns: 20, Quota: 50, Time Limit: 45
Difficulty: 3

Name: Gagazet Core Sphere
Location: he's leaning on the left wall
Rules: Turns: 30, Quota: 100, Time Limit: 60
Difficulty: 3

Name: Pet Core Sphere
Location: Right at the back, left of the screen
Rules: Turns: 15, Quota: 50, Time Limit: 30
Difficulty: 3

Name: Shinra Core Sphere
Location: Right at very back of the hallway, you can't miss him, can you? ^_^
Rules: Turns: 20, Quota: 100, Time Limit:30
Difficulty: 5

                          V. Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How am I supposed to defeat Shinra?! He's so difficult. Getting 50 quota is
totally impossible!
A: Like I said, patience and practice is the key. To defeat Shinra, you need to
get in 3, 4 coin combos as frequent as possible. If there are too many core
number 1, there's always the restart button. Yes, Shinra seems highly annoying,
but just as the seemingly impossible Blitzball match against the Luca goers,
it's very difficult, but not impossible. Good luck!

Q: The rules are very confusing. I followed what they says, and still I can't
win!!! Why?!
A: Again, practice and patience. In this game, just getting the multiples is
not enough. You need to make use of echoes and multipliers to get as much
quota as possible. Never wait till the last turn to get in the quota.

Q: I lost in the tournament and Shinra won it. I want to get the Lady Luck
dress sphere but how?
A: You can play against Shinra at S.level 5 to get it. Be warn though,
he seems more difficult that time. I would definitely encourage
you to beat him during S.level 3, not only for the dresssphere but
also to get the required % that contributes to getting the perfect
ending. If you lose in the tournament, it also means losing the story %.

Q: I can't beat _____!!! That ___ quota is crazy!
A: If echoes can't work, you can start searching for coins. There are coins in
the Bikanel desert and by competing against players. This is only reccomended
when you are really hard core in Sphere Break. ^^;

Q: What's the point of playing Sphere break beside the tournament in S. level 3?
A: Well, so far (unless someone proves me wrong), no point. ^^; Other than
the Treasure Hunt grid and Lady Luck you get from Shinra, there's no real rare
items you can get ONLY in sphere break. The items can be found elsewhere in the
                          VI.  General Strategy

There's lots of strategies to win in Spherebreak, but basically you need to
make some mental note on how to get by this mini-game.

1. Patience. Practice. I can't stress enough. Just like the chocobo mini-game in
FFX, you need a lot of patience. But Sphere break is a 100 times easier than
the highly annoying chocobo game.

2. One word. Echoes. They are the key to getting a lot of quota.
Just getting in the correct number without combos are not enough. It's not
even enough to make it to 20. Try to be as consistent as possible, and you
will pwned the game. ^_~

3. Never ever attempt to wait till the last turn to complete your quota.
Seriously, I make this mistake too often. Your top priority is to get as much
quota as possible within a turn. I don't mean to use all the numbers, but if your
mind allows it, try to make it 3.

4. They tell you the quota, time limit and turns are not for nothing. Before
you even start, you need to plan how many coins you need to use per turn! For
example, 50 quota. You have about 15 turns. Considering the core number 1
appearing,make it down to 10. 50/10=5. With combos, take consideration you
need about 3 coins each turn to win.

5.*Thanks Nioden for this tip* "For beating hard people... there should be a
multiplier echo coin with the number 6. If you can use that with any coin of
numbers 1, 2, 3. You can make any number with just the entry coins.  This way
you won't be messed up if the number 1 comes up.  So basically you can keep
the multiplier echo going for the whole game and it's an easy win.
Other than that a multiplier echo coin with #8 is more common, can use 1,2,4
coins with it and that should work as well."

6. Loves Sphere break? But can't get in the overwhelming ___ quota?! If echoes
still can't help you. There's one more magical word for you. COINS! You can
get coins in the Bikaniel desert and by competing against Sphere break players.

7. *Thanks to Murray McGuire for this tip*

"Simply use any coins with the numbers 1,2 and 3 and use the defender coin
which is 8 and has the multiplier echo. You can get this coin early in the game
by digging at the dessert. Now even without using any border coins (except for
when the core number is 8 or 9) you can create a sphere break that is twice the core

Core Number:1     Coins to use: 2
Core Number:2     Coins to use: 1 and 3
Core Number:3     Coins to use: 1,3 and 2 *Make sure it is in this order otherwise
it will corebreak with multiplier one and ruin ur echo streak*
Core Number:4     Coins to use: 8
Core Number:5     Coins to use: 2 and 8
Core Number:6     Coins to use: 1,3 and 8
Core Number:7     Coins to use: 1,2,3 and 8.

With this, all you have to worry about is core number 8 and 9 which can easily
be done since u will have lotz of border coins because you have not used any.
Using this method you will only use about 10 border coins the whole match
(approx.) and you can get 300 quota in 30 turns no problem!

8. Lastly, no matter what happens, DO NOT throw your controller or your
PS2 or the disc out the window! Not only dangerous, but you will lose your game
as well.(Basically I mean, don't resort to violence when you lose your patience)

                          VII.  Tips and Cheats

This is not the gameshark area where you could really cheat. ^^; It's the stuff
some players and I have observed that could made the game a little easier.

1. (Thanks to Bhekar_Ro and Gabe Routh)"Make use of the pause between turns -
specifically, when the "Start Turn X" dialogue comes up.  The game is paused
and will not proceed forward until you press X.

The method calls for a pad of paper and a pencil.  During said pause,
note the outer coins and your inner coins.  Write on the paper 8
equations - each one adding up to a multiple of a different number.  So,
you would write an equation for 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9.  This allows
for easy and stress-free play."

2. This also make use of the pause between turns. When the "start turn X" appears,
you can check out what's the core number. Even though it's covered partially,
you can guess the number and make that turn easier. ^^;

Making Money with Sphere Break
Gil is hard to get by, and Sphere Break is the way for you to earn great bucks.
How to do it? Thanks Brian Suh for the tip!


1. On the bottom left corner when your cursor is on a border coin it shows the
effects that will happen if you select the certain border coin.

2. Gil raises/lowers value of a coin. Coin raises/lowers amount of coin(s).

3. Gil effects will raise/lower only the last picked entry coin.

4. Coin effects will raise/lower all picked entry coins at the time when the coin effect
goes into effect.

How to use the Basics to "MAKE GIL"

1. Using good effects on only one coin is highly recommended.
I chose the entry coin 1. Always select entry coin 1 sweep all or most
possible good effects border coins and it should be core break if not you can
then use another entry coin to finish. Do this every turn and many matches and
the coin you chose to have good effects will gradually become more expensive
and numerous. Be sure if it reaches 99 coins to sell some because you can't
get more than 99 coins. I always keep my main coin at 70 coins. Happy gil making.

My coin stats

Entry Coin 1
Value: 825 gil
Amount: 70
Total value: 57750 gil

My goal
Value: 1000 or more gil
Amount: 70
Total value: At least 70000 gil

My average income per game: 17400 gil and going up
My average income per minute: 3480 gil and going up
My average income per second: 58 gil and going up

Sakuracream's note: For this tip, it takes quite some time to build up the
amount of gil (per coin). Unless you are serious with Sphere break, I doubt
people who just want to pass Chapter 3 mission would find this a way to make
                          VIII.  Credits

FFX-2 In-game tutorial
Without their explanation, I won't be able to get through the whole
Sphere break game

The ultimate source whenever I got stuck in an RPG.

Dallas Scott and AstroBlue
Without both of them, I won't know how to write a standard FAQ.

If you're interested in hosting this guide on your website, please contact me
and give me the URL of your site.  This guide may not be published on any
website without prior consent from the author. In other words, DO NOT steal it!

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