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Blitzball FAQ by Jack Power

Version: 1.4 | Updated: 03/29/04

Final Fantasy X-2 Blitzball FAQ

Version 1.4
Written by Jack Power
Questions, additions, and comments can be directed to JackPower "at" aol "dot"
com with "FFX-2" in the subject line.

Version history
0.5; 11/19/03 Initial release
0.8; 12/03/03 Significant corrections and additions, new sections, some
translations from English version
0.9; 12/07/03 More corrections and additions, new sections, new tips, more
translations (including all training commands from English version)
1.0; 12/15/03 Added a few more additions and corrections. Basic guide is
complete for all intents and purposes.
1.1; 12/18/03 Added another player-made team, and added more official player
1.2; 12/27/03 Added more player-made teams, a few minor corrections and
clarifications, and more official player names
1.3; 1/13/04 Added more player-made teams and a few clarifications
1.4; 3/28/04 Added a few more FAQ’s and player-made teams. This wil be the
second to last update of this document.

Basic FAQ
   Play style
   Max stats
   Growth pattern
   Version changes
   Opposing teams
   Player-made teams
Wakka's Tips
Special thanks
Legal notes

Important note: The contents of this guide are based on the Japanese version of
FFX-2. I assume no responsibility for changes made in the localized versions.
Thanks to helpful readers, most of the names are now their official English
names. Please send any further changes to me.

Important note 2: PLEASE, read through the entire document beforesending me
questions. 95% of the time, it has already been covered in here. Use Crtl+F to
find what you’re looking for.

Important note 3: I will only update this guide once more, as I honestly
haven’t touched FFX-2 in many months. Any player-made teams sent in after that
final revision date will not be included. Questions which the guide already
covers will not be answered. Please do not send e-mail with excessive html; if
I see “ ” one more time, I will murder someone. However, I will answer
inquries asking to use or post my guide elsewhere. Thank you for your support.

Basic FAQ
Q: What is blitzball?
A: It's the most popular sport and national pastime of Spira. It resembles a
combination of soccer and American football, played underwater in 5 minute
periods. It was introduced as the main minigame of FFX, and appears once again
in a different form in the sequel.

Q: Why write a blitzball FAQ?
A: Amazingly, it's the only aspect of the game that has yet to be covered in a
FAQ (nor even on popular message boards). Since it's hard to get into, but also
worth playing, I decided it needed a FAQ. Besides, blitzball is the best
minigame in FFX-2 (though that's not saying much).

Q: How is Blitzball different in FFX-2?
A: There are a lot of differences. The most obvious one is that you no longer
actually have any control once the game is in motion; you simply manage your
team, set up formations and play style, cut, recruit, and train your players.
It still looks the same, except when it fast-forwards through the "dink and
dunk" passes in an overhead radar mode. Also note that games are only 5 minutes
long, with no half-time.

Q: How do I start a blitzball game?
A: Once you are in Story Level 5, go to Luca. A cutscene will ensue and you'll
be given the option to play a game of blitzball. You do NOT have to play
immediately, however, and can go do the "Yuna's flashback" mission right away.
From that point on, you can play blitzball any time by going to the girl at the
office at the square in Luca (where the cutscene was) and choosing the first

Q: Why should I play blitzball?
A: First, it's one of the only places to get a Grow Egg/AP Egg, an accessory
that grants the wearer 3X AP during battle. There are other rare accessories
available as well. Also, even exhibition games are rewarding, as winning one
earns you two Megapotions, X-potions, Megaphoenixes, or Ether turbos. These are
all powerful healing items that can't be bought anywhere. Lastly, one Japanese
player claims on his website that he was able to see the full "happy ending"
after beating the final secret team, without getting 100% story completion. I
have yet to see proof of this, however, so take it with a grain of salt.

Q: Since when can Yuna (and co.) play Blitzball?
A: They can't. Just look at their starting stats! Yuna has, however, learned
how to hold her breath for long periods of time (see the Eternal Calm video).

Q: Are the Al Bhed Psyches still ridiculously overpowered?
A: More than ever. Fortunately, if you train your team efficiently you can pass
them in raw stats.

Q: How can I stop the Psyches (and other teams) from using their special shots
every time and getting cheap wins?
A: Play in Overhead view. It is widely believed that special shots happen much
less, if at all, under this formation, making it a battle of raw stats instead.
Thanks to all who sent this tip in.

Q: How do I play against the two secret teams?
A: For those of you who can’t seem to read the whole FAQ, I’ve decided to put
this here as well. To play against the Aurochs, just get an Episode Complete in
Besaid, and then watch for a blitzball prize called “right to play the Aurochs”
to show up. Win that, and you can play against them. To unlock the other secret
team, which is revealed in the “Opposing teams” section (watch for SPOILERS
there), you need to play through the game once and get the good ending. Once
you get back up to story level 5, look for a similar “right to play” prize in

Q: Can you get Tidus on your team?
A: Actually, yes. See the sections on teams and trading for a hint on how to
get this “Ace.”

Q: What are "Kamomedan" and "Grow Eggs?"
A: "Gullwings" and "AP Eggs." Like I said above, this guide is based off the
Japanese version, so just substitute in the localized names where appropriate.

Q: Do blitzball stats carry over in a New Game+ ?
A: Yes (unlike the Sphere Break coins, for example).

Q: Where do the Gullwings go if their contract expires or they’re sent away for
A: This is already answered elsewhere below, but here it is again. They can be
found in Scout Level 2. You will have to reset the list a few times to find

As the player, you are more of a manager than anything else in FFX-2's
Blitzball. You do not directly control any of your players. Instead you must
handle the following:
-Coaching during matches, telling your players how hard to work
-Training your players, to increase abilities and set up formations
-Scouting for new players, and cutting ones you no longer want

Once you enter the blitzball menu, you will see five options:
Proceed to match

Training, matches, and scouting are explained in sections below. In the
system/tutorial menu, you can read the tutorial text, which I have incorporated
into this guide in a clearer form. You can also reset the blitzball data to all
the starting values.

In the upper right hand of the screen in blitzball mode is a number. This
number is your Command Point (CP) total. Command Points are used for training,
scouting, and renewing contracts. You earn them by walking around the field and
playing blitzball games. How to use CP will be covered in the training and
scouting sections. Note that CP has an upper limit, which increases as you win
games and raise your Team Level. (Why does everything in FFX-2 have a level
assigned to it??)

TOURNAMENT PRIZE TRICK: If there is no tournament available, just enter and
exit the blitzball menu (all the way out to Luca stadium) a few times. Usually,
a tournament will appear every 4 times and cycle out again every four times.
Playing matches has the same effect as entering and exiting. Note that the
prizes are randomly generated. If you don't see see prizes you want, just keep
entering and exiting until something good pops up.

There are three types of matches you can play: the Spira league, tournaments,
and exhibitions. In terms of structure and potential prizes, they are set up
exactly like in FFX. In leagues and tournaments, you can earn a prize if you
place first, second, or third, and/or have the highest scoring player on your
team. The prizes can be anything from rare accessories, to healing items, to
special abilities you can assign to your players, and even matches with
legendary teams. You only get a couple of random (but rare) healing items for
winning exhibition matches, but they are the best way to earn Command Points
(see Training, below). Note that you don't have to play an entire league or
tournament at once; you can stop, save, run around Spira, train, scout, and
play exhibitions.

During the matches themselves, your input is limited. You can change the camera
style before the match. You can rotate the camera with the key pad or analog
stick. You can zoom in and out with the Square button. If you press Triangle
during play (press it a few times to be sure), and after the next point is
scored, you can change your team formation and play style. You can also change
how hard your team is trying. On the top of the screen during matches is a bar
called the "adrenaline gauge." Pressing R1 will add stars to it (up to 10), and
pressing L1 will take away stars. The more stars in this gauge, the higher the
chance of your players performing "critical" moves which have double the
effectiveness of normal moves. However, the more stars, the faster your players
will get tired. Too much fatigue is dangerous for a player, and may lead to
them getting injured. For league and tournament matches you are not involved
in, the game shows them in super-fast forward in overhead map style.

After a game, if a player's contract is up, a window will appear. Choose Yes to
re-sign that player for a certain amount of CP, or No to let them go. Released
characters from the original Kamomedan team can be found again in the first
Scout Level, but you may have to cycle through quite a few times to find them.

Play style
You can set your play style either during training or before or during a match,
so I'll detail it here instead of in the Training section. Next to your
players' raw abilities, this is the deciding factor in games. The play styles
are as follows:

-Center Breakthrough: Thread through the center and break through the opposing
defense. Good if you have characters in the middle with good endurance and
-R-Side Attack: Dribble around the right side to get past defenders. Good if
the other team has weak defense on the right, or if you have strong offense on
that side.
-L-Side Attack: Dribble around the left side to get past defenders. Good if the
other team has weak defense on the left, or if you have strong offense on that
-Post Play: Stretch your centers forward, get the ball up there and look for
chances to shoot. Works good in theory, but sometimes the offense will pass the
ball around and never shoot.
-Short Pass: Make quick, direct passes until getting a chance to shoot. This is
actually better if you made a goal and just need to keep the ball away from the
other team.
-Long feed: Make long passes from the defense to the forwards. Very risky if
the opposition has good blockers, but very rewarding if you have strong passers
and some luck.

To set play style, simply select the option from the training or pre-game menu
and choose one of the six above options. I strongly recommend trying out
different styles before you use them in an important game.

Like play style, you can set your formation either during training or before or
during a match. It goes hand in hand with play style; you can't change one
without considering the other. Basically, the formations determine where the
seven players are positioned on your team. (The eighth player, the goalkeeper,
obviously never moves.) These are listed in the format
defenders-centers-forwards. They are as follows:

To change formation, simply select the option from the training or pre-game
menu and select one of the formations. After that, you can move the cursor
around to any of your players, including those in reserve, and swap them around
by pressing the confirm button (Circle for Japanese PS2 users) for the ones you
want to change.

Training mode is actually where you will spend the bulk of your time in the
blitzball minigame. It's the only way to increase the stats of your players, as
they do not level up as they did in FFX's version of the game.

When you get to the training screen, you will see your team members' names in
their assigned formation, as well as your CP in the upper right, and four
commands in the lower left:
Play style
Proceed with training

Formation and play style are explained above, so let's move on to the training
process itself. Move the cursor up to any of the players and press the conform
button. A list of 12 options will come up. These are the training options. The
type of practice your player does will determine how his or her stats increase
or decrease. (See below for an explanation of stats.) Even if you have the
Japanese version and can't read it, the training options are all numbered for
your convenience.

1: Downtime. FTG down
2: Iron man. END up, BLK down
3: Sandbagging. ATK up, CAT down
4: Passing. PAS up, END down
5: Shooting. SHT up, REC down
6: Blocking. BLK up, RNG down
7: Goalkeeping. CAT up, PASS down
8: Recieving. REC up, SHT down
9: Throwing. RNG up, ATK down
10: Pep talk. Chance of MOR increasing to max
11: Counseling. Improves biorythm (see below)
12: Teamwork. Improves teamwork with selected partner
13: Scrimmage. Raises some stats randomly, with no decreases. FTG greatly
increases. Unlockable as a tournament prize.
14. Hot Springs. Lowers FTG greatly. Unlockable as a tournament prize.
15. Defender. Raises BLK, CAT, and END; lowers PAS and SHT. Unlockable as a
tournament prize.
16. Midfielder. Raises PAS, BLK, RNG, and REC; lowers CAT and END. Unlockable
as a tournament prize.
17. Forward. Raises END and SHT; lowers ATK and PAS. Unlockable as a tournament

After selecting one of the options, select the amount of CP you want to put
into the training session (0 to 9). The more you spend, the more of a chance
the affected stat will increase (or decrease in the case of resting). This
seems to be based on a 1:8 ratio for everything except RNG and REC, which have
a 1:1 ratio. In other words, if you spend 8 points on ATK, you will always
increase it by one. Spending 4 on ATK twice also seems to do the trick.
Spending 9 points on REC will always increase REC by 9. However, more points
will also make your player get tired and accumulate fatigue. If you don't want
a player to do anything, just set them to Rest and spend 0 points on it. Once
you have decided what kind of practice each of your players will do, hit
"proceed with training" and watch the results. Increases will be displayed in
light blue, and decreases in dark blue.

There is a trick to training. The numbers in blue to the left of the characters
stats are his or her "biorhythm." Those represent how many points you can spend
increasing the stat without gaining fatigue. For example, if Paine has a blue 7
to the left of her SHT, you can spend up to 7 CP on shoot practice without
worrying about her getting tired. If you spend 9 points, she will gain 2 points
of fatigue (9-7=2). Don't worry too much about fatigue; while injuries occur
randomly at high FTG or after many training sessions from gaining even small
amounts of FTG, injuries are easily fixed (see below).

What you really need to worry about is stats decreasing on you. Biorythm comes
in to play again here. Each kind of training increases one stat at the cost of
another. You could make use of a growth pattern and max each stat except SHT
and REC one at a time (see below), or you could play the numbers.

The biorhythm number is also how much of that stat that could be lost during
training. For example, if Paine's REC biorhythm is at 4, she will lose 4 points
for REC every time she does shoot practice (as it increases SHT and decreases
REC). If it was at zero, she could do shoot practice as much as you wanted and
never lose anything. In other words, wait until the REC biorythm is low before
you train for SHT, and vice versa.

Note that for the stats REC and RNG, you will gain or lose numbers on a 1 to 1
basis. Spending 9 points on receiving practice will get you 9 points on the
actual stat, for example. However, the other stats are based on a ratio of
about 1 to 8. If you did receiving practice and your player had a SHT biorhythm
of 8, you would only lose a single point of SHT.

Beware of using Counseling on characters, especially those who are training in
SHT and REC. Because this increases some or all of their biorythm numbers, you
may end up in a position where any stat you increase will cost you points in
something else.

In a nutshell:
-Wait until BLK biorythm is down to do iron man (#2, END up)
-Wait until CAT biorythm is down to do sandbagging (#3, ATK up)
-Wait until END biorythm is down to do passing (#4, PAS up)
-Wait until REC biorythm is down to do shooting (#5, SHT up)
-Wait until RNG biorythm is down to do blocking (#6, BLK up)
-Wait until PAS biorythm is down to do goalkeeping (#7, CAT up)
-Wait until SHT biorythm is down to do receiving (#8, REC up)
-Wait until ATK biorythm is down to do blocking (#9, RNG up)

Once you get the Scrimmage command, which shows up as a "new training option"
prize in tournaments, you can increase lots of stats at once for a
comparitively cheap price and without the risk of other stats decreasing. This
is an absolute must for building up Lucil and Yuyui. However, using Scrimmage
can increase a character's fatigue very fast-- sometimes 20-50 points per
training. As one might expect, and overall high biorythm is best when using
Scrimmage, so use counseling at 9CP right before it for best results, and
you'll gain very little fatigue instead. Otherwise you'll need to do a lot of
resting if you don't want injured players.

If a player is injured, which can even happen during the most mundane of
training* if their FTG level is high, you will only have two options for him or
her. The first is Downtime, which you probably won't need unless they were
injured during a game (often by a critical tackle), and the second is Special
Treatment (a.k.a. Intensive Care in the English version). If successful, the
player's OUT count will decrease by 1 and he or she will be back to normal.

(*I once saw Rikku get injured during Counseling. 0_0)

By the way, make sure that you're not accidentally training players when you
don't want to. Not only is this a waste of CP, but you might end up lowering
their stats because of the way each practice works (one stat up, one stat
down). Keep idle players on Downtime using 0CP.

When you enter the scouting menu, you'll see some different options:

Choose the scout option to look for players. Scouting has five different
levels, which will be displayed here once they're available. Your scouting
ability will increase as you win games, allowing you to find better players to
recruit. To scout for players, go to the main blitzball menu and choose the
Scout option. At first, the game will charge you 10 CP to even look at any of
the players from a new scout level. Once you have done this, some of the
players from the appropriate scout level (see below for a comprehensive list)
will appear randomly. If you want to sign one of them, highlight him or her and
press the confirm button. The game will display his/her cost and ask for
confirmation again.

If you don't see anyone you are interested in, select the second to last
option. The game will charge you 10 CP again, but will randomly display a
different set of players.

I recommend scouting for temporary players during the beginning, because the
cost to hire one is much lower than the cost to raise one of your starting
character's stats higher then the new recruit. However, some members of the
default Kamomedan team are worth keeping; see the Mini-maxing section for more

Besides scouting, there is also trading. In order to trade, you will need to
win the tournament prize called "Trading Privileges" which lets you swap one of
your players for another player from any team. (Note that in order to trade
with the two secret teams, you will need to beat them in a game first.) There's
a good incentive to keep a cheap, weaker player on your team-- give them to a
much stronger team for a better player and level the field.

However, keep in mind that traded players will only stay with you for 10 games,
and then they will return to their original teams. CLARIFICATION: You can
re-sign them for another 10 games (often at a very high CP cost) once their
contract is up. However, if you send them away for any other reason, including
special training, they go right back to their original team.

Any changes you make to the stats of traded players will carry over when they
return to their original teams. Devlyn Brown suggests using trading to boost
the stats of the Kilika Beasts so they actually have a chance in the

Personally, I'd do the opposite. Borrow a few shooters from the Al Bhed, and
then just abuse the Biorythm system, spending 0 CP to train their REC until
their SHT is at zero. Then repeat by spending 0 CP on their SHT until their REC
is at zero. And so on with their other stats if you're feeling particularly
cruel. In a matter of minutes you will have completely neutered a member of the

There are a lot of stats for each player in Blitzball. When viewing a player's
stats in Training Mode, the main thing to consider is that one ones on the left
column (END, ATK, PAS, SHT, BLK, CAT, RNG, REC) can be increased (or decreased)
through practice.

END: Endurance. How well the player can resist tackles.
ATK: Attack. How powerful a player's tackles are.
PAS: Passing. How accurate a player's passes are.
SHT: Shooting. How well the player can shoot goals.
BLK: Blocking. How well the player can tip or intercept passes.
CAT: Catching. How well the player can block goal attempts.
RNG: Range. How far the player can shoot or pass the ball.
REC: Receiving. How good the player is at catching passes.
SPD: Speed. How fast the player swims.
RCH: Reach. How far away the player can attack the ballholder.
OUT: Down time. How many games a player has to miss (if injured).
CNT: Contract. How many more games the player is signed on for.
GIL: Gil cost. How many CP it costs to sign this player.
MOR: Morale. How often the player can execute special moves, if available.
FTG: Fatigue. How tired the player is. Fatigue carries over between games and
training, and increases the chances of injury.

Max stats
Here are the maximum stats for your starting team and all the players available
for scouting. Use this to determine the potential of a player and decide if you
want him or her on your team. Note: I have left out certain stats, such as MOR
(as it is fluid between each game) and GIL (as it is constant and obvious). The
two stars t the end represent special moves that the players might have. The
stars are yellow and green in the game, respectively, and are listed beside a
player's name. An "n" means they don't have a move, while a "y" means they do.
A couple of characters have two specials; get them if you can.

Kamomedan (cost 3)
NAME    END   ATK   PAS   SHT   BLK   CAT   RNG   REC   SPD   RCH  **
Yuna     41    28    84    42    73    65   119   154    30    50  nn
Rikku    43    22    78    45    82    34    89   190    35    65  nn
Paine    48    20    30    92    20    10   130   135    30    50  nn
Buddy    38    61    63    32    40    10   120   105    30    65  nn
Shinra   44    20    11     5    42    79    72    26    33    70  nn
Brother  45    12    43    51    21    10   115   200    40    60  nn
Biggs    33    10    71    42    21    10    88    95    30    60  nn
Wedge    33    57    60    20    40    10    95    82    30    60  nn

Scout Lv1 (cost 10)
NAME    END   ATK   PAS   SHT   BLK   CAT   RNG   REC   SPD   RCH  **
Sulla    39    30    10    13    30    57    80    72    30    60  nn
Ukyo     61    16    26    31    28    11    78   132    30    55  nn
Shu      62    37    39    45    19    16   102   112    30    60  yn
Nida     41    40    58    27    56    57    75   105    30    60  nn
Hildy    40    21    38    53    42    51    89   113    30    60  nn
Balkei   33    74    60    20    53    17    73    99    30    60  nn
Ropp     28    40    26    19    56    26    81    78    30    60  nn

Scout Lv2 (cost 15)
NAME    END   ATK   PAS   SHT   BLK   CAT   RNG   REC   SPD   RCH  **
Nhadala  26    26    71    17    30    28   120   155    30    60  nn
Mep      54    55    55    75    54    29    98   115    30    60  yn
Zalitz   52    42    56    28    72    39    91   150    38    60  nn
Svanda   26    19    72    11    26    71   111   132    35    70  nn
Naida    75    20    56    54    42    28   118   130    30    60  nn
Durren   51    31    53    37    79    39   120   154    30    60  nn
Jumal    44    94    11     6    60    57   100    70    30    60  nn

Scout Lv3 (cost 20)
NAME    END   ATK   PAS   SHT   BLK   CAT   RNG   REC   SPD   RCH  **
Neffe    73    56    51    73    41    31   120   156    30    60  nn
Shaami   53    39    29    72    31    19   125   171    30    60  ny
Zev R.   31    64    39    42    68    56    92   175    30    60  nn
Yuma G.  39    21    37     5    73    40   115   114    30    60  nn
Kiyuri   55    95    42    20    21    16   110   136    30    60  nn
Hy Alai  38    75    40    16    30    30   130   110    38    60  nn
Mifurey  31    28    26    16    18    73    70   192    30    60  yn

Scout Lv4 (cost 30)
NAME    END   ATK   PAS   SHT   BLK   CAT   RNG   REC   SPD   RCH  **
Miyu     54    41    41    83    39    38   110   210    30    60  yy
Tatts    55    42    39    92    96    41   121   188    30    60  yn
Rin      53    27    52    73    52    27   135   152    30    60  nn
Cahan    38    51    76    30    74    28   132   200    30    60  nn
Forbe    22    31    51     3    93    72   104   168    30    60  nn
Atta     28    56    93    29    40    10   110   174    30    60  nn
Kwinn     3     4     5     4     2    94    95    23    30    60  ny

Scout MAX (cost 40)
NAME    END   ATK   PAS   SHT   BLK   CAT   RNG   REC   SPD   RCH  **
Yuyui    99    99    99    99    99    99   255   255    30    60  nn
Auborine  2     4     4    99     2     6    11    11    60    60  nn
Lucil    77    77    77    77    77    77   177   177    30    77  yy
Maroda   41    27    92    19    29    40   105   158    30    60  nn
Isaaru   92    10    96    12    96    10    22   210    30    60  nn
Barthello42    20    18    94    31    92    71    90    30    60  ny
Dona     52    52    51    54    52    54    84    84    28    60  nn

Unlike in FFX, where you could keep all the original team members and still
have a solid winning combination, managing the Kamomedan requires a bit of
savvy and ruthlessness to the members. You WILL have to cut and trade if you
ever want to win a league.

Mini-maxing is a old RPG term that means minimizing your weak points and
maximizing your strengths. Because training a player up to his or her maximum
potential takes a very long time, you need to plan ahead, think of what kind of
team you want, and waste as few CP as possible on players and stats you won't

Let's start with the obvious weak links, the Star Wars guys. Although Biggs and
Wedge were absolute monsters in the first incarnation of blitzball, they start
at rock bottom now and have mediocre maximum stats. Kick them off as soon as
you can recruit anyone better. (Even at Scout Level 1, anyone is an
improvement.) Buddy is useless except for his ATK, and there are much better
players out there, so either give him the boot or have him sit on the sidelines
as a backup. Brother is useful if built up because of his speed, but his
starting stats suck so bad you may just want to have him warm the bench until
you have gobs of CP to spare.

The first thing you should do in training is spend as much CP as you can spare
to max out Shinra's CAT. It maxes out at 79, and once it gets that high, it
will be rare for anyone to score on you, no matter how bad the rest of your
team is. The next step is up to you. Usually I improve Paine's SHT, so you can
get some points reliably. The next step could be boosting Rikku's BLK and
Yuna's PAS, as well other things to round out your defense. It all depends on
what kind of team you want. Keep in mind that aside from YuRiPa and Shinra, you
will probably not find anyone worth a permanent spot on your team until you
achieve Scout Level 4. Feel free to scout for temporary help, but don't spend
too many points on them unless you seriously intend on keeping them.

One last thing to keep in mind is not to waste CP on stats you don't need. No
one except for the goalie needs CAT, for example. In fact, goalies only need
CAT, PAS, and RNG. Forwards do not need a lot of PAS or BLK, and defenders do
not need SHT. Centers should have a bit of everything (except CAT).

Growth pattern
Sent in by William A. Perrotto III, here's a good growrth pattern for
methodically maxing out all your player's stats. Note that this method will
waste a lot of CP since most of your stats will end up going down (often to
zero) before going back up. It's much simpler than waiting for favorable
biorythms, however.

"Since Non-Goalies do not really need catch that I have seen,
I might be wrong but with a team of 0 catch capable non-goalies
I kick some serious tail so I assume it's a no brainer."
[Editor's note: Correct, Catch is useless for non-goalies. Have no fear in
lowering it to zero.]
   4. [+Pas / -End]
   2. [+End / -Blk]
   6. [+Blk / -Rng]
   9. [+Rng / -Atk]
   3. [+Atk / -Cat]
  End with max main stats but 0 catch.

"Since Goalies do not really need strength, like above my goalies
have 0 strength but I have seen no adverse effects from it but my
goalies can stop nigh everything that passes their way:"
[Editor's note: The only things that matter for goalies are CAT, PAS, and RNG.
The first is for blocking shots, and the other two are for getting the ball to
your players. END and BLK are not needed whatsoever.]
   7. [+Cat / -Pas]
   4. [+Pas / -End]
   2. [+End / -Blk]
   6. [+Blk / -Rng]
   9. [+Rng / -Atk]
  End with max main stats but 0 attack

"Only Shoot and Receive are left to tweak after the above but
with their direct influence on each other they are left to the
player to pick and choose their values."

[Editor's note: For tweaking SHT and REC, read the part about biorythms in the
Training section of this FAQ.]

There are a few oddball abilities in blitzball that I've decided to lump
together under the heading "specials." A sparse few characters come with
special abilities, represented by stars next to their name. Most or perhaps all
of them are special shooting abilities that make them much more valuable (and
also fun to watch) than other players. If you have one of these players, keep
his or her MOR high for important games so the special move will occur more

The one you will see most frequently is the corckscrew shot. The player will do
a jumping spin move and release the ball at high speed. These seem to connect
more often than normal shots, but other than that I can't say for sure what it
does. The other common special is the volley shot. Similar to the volley shot
in FFX's blitzball, if the ball is passed (or fumbled) towards the player at
the right angle, the player will immediately shoot it at the goal. There are a
couple of variations of this, including the overhead volley shot which looks
pretty damn cool. FYI- All of the forwards on the Al Bhed Pysches team have one
or both of these specials. Did I mention I hate them?

Fortunately, you can enhance your otherwise ordinary team members by winning
special moves and better stats through training. Once you assign a special
training prize to your player, he or she will leave the team (for secret
training I suppose) and you will have to go re-sign them in the Scout menu.

Here are the special moves I've seen so far:
-Besaid Waterfall Shot. This gives the player a gold star and the ability to do
volley shots.
-Killika Stairs training. This apparently gives the player a greenish star and
the ability to do the corckscrew shot.

There are also special abilities that you can win which raise the upper limit
of a player's stats. These are called "Intensive Training." For example, if you
win the CAT intensive training and give it to Shinra, you will be able to raise
his CAT attribute to 99 rather than just 79. There are intensive training
prizes available for every stat, though some are harder to come across than

Note: Special shots seem to happen much less (if at all) when playing in
Overhead view mode. This may actually be used to your advantage, forcing the
game into a battle of raw stats and denying special-heavy teams (i.e. the
Psyches) their greatest strength.

Teamwork is a kind of ambiguous thing. Supposedly, players who are paired up
with teamwork will work together more efficiently. For example, a defender with
a high teamwork rating with a forward seems more likely to pass to that
forward, and more likely to connect with passes even if PAS and REC are on the
low side. More importantly, forwards who are teamed up are more likely to do
special tricks like volley shots. Teamwork levels can go up to 100, though how
much benefit such a high level gives is anyone's guess. No one ever loses
fatigue from Teamwork training, so it's something to spend extra CP on once you
have maxed out your players.

Version changes
Apparently, there were some changes made in the US version, possibly including
some stats for the players. It’s no big deal, however. The major things are the
name changes (most already corrected in the stats chart, but I prefer Tatts as
Tatsu because Tatsu means dragon, and dragons are bad-ass. Uh, yeah. Also, he
looks like a member of the Dragon Clan from the game Legend of the Five

This section will cover the different teams you can face, as well as strategies
to beat them, and player-made teams. Note that there is a SPOILER a bit
further, so you may want to skip over this section unless you’ve finished the
game or have heard from someone else what the other secret team is.

Opposing teams
Kamomedan: A.k.a. Gullwings. This is your team. You start off weak, and any
team will be a challenge at first.

Luca Goers: The Goers are back and stronger than ever. They have well above
average stats in all categories, and tend to do volley shots and other tricks a

Kilika Beasts: The Chicago Cubs of blitzball. Their stats are so pathetic that
even your starting team is a good match for them.

Al Bhed Psyches: I hate the Psyches. They are hugely overpowered, and most if
not all of their forwards have special shots. Good luck even getting the ball
to their side of the field.

Ronso Fangs: A fairly difficult team to beat unless you metagame against them.
They all have very high endurance and good attack, so you need to flank them
with quick moves and passing.

Guado Glories: A step up from the Beasts, but still easily beaten. They have an
excellent passing game, but if you have good blockers and characters with high
attack, they're no problem.

Besaid Aurochs: Yes, the legendary Aurochs are in the game. All of their stats
are above average, and they have some very strong offense in Wakka and Beclem.
You’ll need to get an Episode Complete in Besaid to enable them, and then win
the right to face them in a tournament. If you beat them, you earn the right to
trade with them.

Zanarkand Abes: Since apparently everyone knows already, I’ve lifted the
spoiler on this team. According to most sources, you must complete the game
once with the “good ending” and in your second time through, the right to face
them will appear as a prize. And like the Aurochs, if you beat them, you earn
the right to trade with them.

Player-made teams
Send in your best or most interesting team setup, and I'll post it here with
due credit.

My current team: (updated with new formation)
"Gulls of Prey"
2-2-3 Formation
Play style: varies
 Tatsu          Miyu
Yuyui            Lucil
Yuna             Rikku
(Brother and Zeb Ronso on the bench)
This team seems pretty well balanced, with a very effective offense. As my
players' stats are maxed (after 60 or so games... whew...) nearly any play
style works well with them. I changed to 2-2-3 formation in order to get as
many shooters near the goal as possible and abuse the volley shot. (Thanks to a
little training, Paine now has 96 END, 255 REC, and the overhead volley.) Note
that this setup requires NO TRADING and very little intensive training, so that
it’s a good bet for anyone who doesn’t feel like spending the rest of their
natural lives on this game.

I have Yuyui and Lucil as centers, because with extremely high stats on
everything, they are best as "jacks of all trades." (Or is that "jills of all
trades?") I already have a devestating offense, so these two make a good
offensive/defensive swing combination.

Yuna and Rikku provide cover and can flank the opposing team and make deep
passes to my forwards. Shinra has the CAT special training, and 99 CAT. This
will probably be my permanent team, unless I am able to get a trade and pick up
Wakka (for old times sake).


Devlyn Brown's team:
"Amy's Vengeance" [formerly Seraphim’s Vengeance]
Playing Style:  The default 4-2-1 Center Attack.

I figure since it only takes one person to score (and Yuyui always scores), I
might as well have everyone else as close to my own goal as possible to get the
7-0 shutout.

Formation:                  1.
                       2.        3.

                4.                      5.
                       6.        7.

1.  Yuyui (Scout Level MAX) - Her max stats go up to 99/255, so she doesn't
require "intensive training."  I did send her off for the Kilika Stairway and
Besaid Waterfall Training to get the Yellow and Redish/Green Stars (special
shots).  As a forward, she quite often catches opponent's passes or tackles
them, and follows it up with a goal.

2. & 3.  Lucil (S.L. MAX) and Miyu (S.L. 4) - They are the only players you can
scout that originally have both special shots.  So naturally, they should
belong as the centers (which act like back up forwards).  I put them both
through intensive training - SHT, END, ATK, REC.  This raises their max SHT,
etc, mostly to 99/255 (unless if their original max was below 50, i.e., Miyu's
original max ATK = 41).

4. & 5. Tatts (S.L. 4) and Mep (S.L. 2) - Both of their original max stats are
well-rounded and close to 50, so after intensive training-ATK, END, etc., they
are pretty powerful.

6. & 7. Yuna and Rikku - I suppose I kept them because I felt kind of guilty
cutting most of the other team members.  They weren't as bad as say Biggs or
Wedge. After intensive training, they become much more efficient at defending.

8.  Kwinn (S.L. 4) - I use Kwinn because he has the highest natural max for CAT
(94!), and I haven't come across an Intensive Training - CAT.  As soon as I do,
I will hire Svanda (S.L. 2) and give her the Intensive Training.  She has the
highest PAS, 72, out of the players you can scout with a CAT of at least 50
(which will double to 99).

I keep everyone's cooperation points at 100 with everyone else.  This tends to
increase volleys (which usually always make a goal assuming your players have
99 shot).  Before every game, I raise everyone's Morale to 99 (nothing else to
do with 3000 CP a game).  I try not to ever use the "critical gauge" (so I
never have to use "Downtime/Hotsprings") so I can keep everyone's practice
command set for "Pep talk" with 9 command points, and just hit practice once or
twice in between each game.


Kaji's team:
"Mercy Killers"
Team Formation: 2-2-3
Play Style: Post Play

Neffe   Shaami
Nida    Zalitz
Ropp   Jumal


Neffe: Neffe doesn't have any skills like Shu, but his SHT is remarkably high.
Mep: If Mep gets to shoot a fumbled ball or a ball thrown at his direction, he
might do an overhead volley. And his SHT is high.
Shaami: I love her Corkskrew Shot and her high SHT.

Nida and Zalitz: The new combination that gives to the FW. Zalitz had hight
stats than Wedge.

Ropp and Jumal: The backup for Nida and Zalitz. Jumal replaced Rikku with his
high stats.

Mifurey: I have never seen anyone with a high CAT of 29.
[Editor's note: Kwinn from Scout level 4 starts with even higher, and has a
much better max stat...]

Death Kitty’s team:
"Youth League"
Formation: 2-2-3
         Lucil           Miyu

        Yuna              Rikku
          Durren      Yuyui

                Kwinn (or Dona)
Strategy: Post Play

Basically, this team contains members of the Youth League...or at least those
with sprites that resemble Youth League Members.
I can generally beat out any team 7 to nothing, even the Psyches...though they
DO sometimes score once or twice on me.
Durren isn't normally that great, but with an Intensive Training--ATK, he's a
good defender. And since Yuyui doesn't have any special shots, I put her as a
defender too.
Paine has a Corkscrew shot that she learned from a Kilika something-or-other
training lesson, and the main strategy my players use is passing the ball to
her so that she can score. Every now and then Miyu or Lucil score instead, but
that's the least of my
worries. If you want to substitue Dona for Kwinn, make sure to max out her
Catch with an intensive training session first...like I did.
Yuna and Rikku I use for intercepting passes made by the opposing team. Their
ATK stats are too low for them to really be defensemen in my opinion...but with
the ability to intercept and great passing stats, their perfect as


Tom LeValley’s team:
“Sub-Max Wings”
Formation: 3-1-3

  Paine               Neffe
Yuna/Rikku            Balkei

I switched from a 1-3-3 formation when I got in a game
against the Al Bhed that lasted well over 20 minutes,
due to Paine's Injury. (No one would shoot)
I like having people up the middle, in case of long
shots.  Zalitz has grabbed more than a few opening
game shots.

ReLiC's Team
Formation: 3-1-3
Center Attack
*=Overhead Volley
!=Corkscrew Shot

Paine*!       Blappa*!
      Abes Ace*!
Lakkam!       Sazam

Paine: Has Corkscrew Shot and Overhead Volley with END and REC training. I only
use her because i had put many special trainings and abilities into her and
couldn't let her go. After the above trainings she becomes a great shooter.

Abes Ace: Hell he doesn't need anything else. Bow fools! Star Player of the
Zanarkand Abes is mine!

Blappa: Has RNG training. This guy improved a lot from FFX. He's so annoying, i
just had to have him on my team.

Tatts: PAS training. Makes and excellent midfielder b/c of his high BLK and
PAS. Surprisingly, he will sometimes score from midfield when the opponent lets
their guard down.

Lakkam: BLK and REC training. Legendary defender for the Al Bhed Psyches. She's
even better in this game. I can't tell you how many times i wanted to injure
her, but now she's mine!

Sazam: BLK and RNG training. Mad high attack and with the proper training, no
one will ever get past her.

Lucil: ATK and END training. She's awesome with (1)77 in all stats and 77 RCH
making her an ideal defender.

Svanda: CAT training. I use her because she has 99 CAT, high PAS, and doesn't
cost much to hire.

NOTE: I don't like Yuyui. Her stats reminds me too much of Orlandu (the
god-like character in FFT who took all the fun out of everything).


Nick C’s team:
Hokuten (Bonus points if you recognize the name)
[Editor’s note: It means “Northern Sky” and is a reference to FFT, among other
Formation: 2-2-3
Play Style: Post Play

1.  Paine        2. Brother
  4. Buddy  5. Miyu
6.Rikku         7. Wakka
        8. Shinra

(Lucil on bench, gaining stats)

Alright.  This is my team, it's currently under construction.  Paine, with  her
godly 92 shot is in one of the front positions just waiting to score. Yuna's
shot is good enough to get her the top scorer award most of the time,  but
generous as she is, she tends to set Paine and Brother up for volleys, which
they claim and score with.
Brother's shot is decent enough to keep him in front, but he's mostly there to
get the ball quick off of possessions thanks to his speed.  Buddy and Miyu are
my centers, mostly to keep the ball moving forward, although Miyu has scored a
few with her corkscrew shot.
Buddy will be replaced with Lucil later (I just can't use Yuyui, it just
feels like cheating... Kinda like using Jecht Shot 2 from my goal in FFX.)
Rikku's 82 BLK and 78 PAS keep her as one of my defense players, although she
doesn't get too many balls from attacking.  That's alright, because with her
BLK she doesn't need to.  Wakka's mostly back there only because I wanted him,
but there's no room for him in the front lineup of my team, although I may
switch him with Brother for a few games to see what comes of it.  One of the
reasons he's in the back is because I needed someone with the END to hold on to
the ball long enough to get it to the middle players.
Shinra is my goalie after taking on the Intensive Training: CAT.  Well,
that's my team!  Current Beasts called game record: 1:30:26.

Alright.  Now my "review" of the formation 2-2-3.

Formation 2-2-3, also known appreciatively by me as the "They can't block 3
guys at once, can they?" formation is made for getting volley chances and
keeping as many players near the opposing goal as possible.  With the three
shooters, you've almost always got someone open near the goal to shoot.  With
the 2 in the middle, you've got some great players who can play offense or
defense, and usually are used to move the ball between the zones.  Often, the
front players will pass back to them to manuever into better position.
Using 2 defenders can sometimes lead to scoring opportunities, so high BLK
stats are recommended, as well as a good goalie.  However, once you've gotten
the ball into opposing territory, you're almost guaranteed a goal.  This
formation works very well with the Post Play style, as the middle players will
pass to the center, who will set up the two wings for overhead volleys, either
allowing a volley or an easy way to set up a shot after they've claimed the
ball.  Center Attack works OK, but the challenge with CA is to get the ball
past the halfway point or your players will just pass the ball around.


AresKaminari’s team:
"Dischord and Chaos"
Formation: 2-3-2
      1.      2.
       3. 4. 5.
     6.        7.

1. Paine (Max-stats, except for Cat..duh). I generally like to keep main
characters on my team, just because I'd feel bad. Paine's a great forward, 92
shot, just needs a little intensive endurance and she'll be set.
2. Miyu (soon to be "Star Player"). Great round stats, has both special shots.
As much as it's cool to have special shots, you really don't need them.
Corkscrew shot is probably the best, since I don't miss my shots anyway...so
overhead volley doesn't help me much.
3.Wakka. He's a good player, but not high enough shot to be a forward, but he
can hold onto that ball for his dear life with 70+ endurance. Mostly there for
emotional attachment..^^;
4.Yuyui. As much as people like to stick this goddess of blitz as a forward, I
like her as a mid-fielder, so she does a bit of everything.
5.Rikku. What can I say, she's a main character. She's a decent mid-fielder.
And if you add in Intensive Shot Training...She'll have 90 shot.
6.Lucil. She has both shots...big deal. I just wanted somebody solid in the
back to hold down the fort. I wasn't about to let Yuyui sit back here and waste
7.Cahan = higher atk version of Yuna...so if I always keep all my main
characters..where's Yunie?
8.Yuna...she's a goalie! With the elusive Intensive Training - Cat, She goes
from 65 to 99 cat. With higher pass than even Svanda (Devlyn's choice): 72 to
84. Yunie also has a higher range. Betcha you didn't
think Yuna would be a good goalie huh?

Now get the teamwork stats high up, this team will volley and pass like crazy.
Rikku loves to do this upper-left corner volley to Paine right in front of the
goal..never seen it intercepted. I love it because anybody of the five (MFs or
Fs) can just volley to another. I've seen Paine to Miyu, Rikku to Wakka across
the whole sphere, Yuyui to Paine from half-court straight up..it's nuts. Oh and
just to help, if you're attempting to duplicate this team, it helps to have
your teamwork stats highest with somebody with high shot (like Paine) until


Razorice0007's Team:
“Razorice0007's Unbeatable Team”
Formation: 2-3-2
Play Style: Post Play or Long Feed

        1.             2.                  Bench: 9.
3.             4.              5.                 10.
        6.             7.                         11.

[1. Paine] (Original Gullwings, or Komodean, Team) -  I put her in Besaid
Waterfall training, and Kilika Stairway training, but didn't see the need for
intensive..... I like her max 92 SHT, her high, or kinda high, END, and the
fact that she only cost 3 cmd pts.
[2. Tatts] (Scout Level 4) - yes, I'm an idiot, I wasted a training on him and
put him through both trainings.... blah. Anyway, I didnt bother with the
intensive training.... His 92 SHT was good enough plus he  is a well balanced
midfielder, but he has his low spots which are made up by SHT and END, plus,
all my spots were filled up anyway...

[3. Yuyui] (scout Level 5, or Max) - 99/255 everything!!!!!!!!!!! Why have him
on just Defence or just Offence when he is good at all??? Yes I put him in
Besaid Training (BT) and Kilika Training (KT) because midfielders do make shots
and Volleys every now and then...
[4.Lucil] (Scout Level 5) - yes you guessed it, 77/177 max stats and both
skills already learned is what I like as a midfield, even stats are really
good... [5. Mep] - He's my center midfield and doesn't really shoot so i
figgured volley shot is all he really needs if he does shoot. he has 50's in
all and 78 SHT so He wold be a good forward but I like him as a Midfielder.

[6. Rikku] (Original Team) Well first of all, I wanted to keep the "Saviours of
Spira" together and her stats make for a good Defender. I use her for her PAS
and her BLK which are both high.....END is not really a Defender factor but is
always needed.......and you always have her 3 gil contract ^_^
[7. Jummal] (Scout Level 2) Short and simple, his godly ATK and his BLK is
really good too. See? Simple.

[8. Yuna (omg!)] (Original Team) first of all, I'm used Intense Training on her
CAT to boost it up to 99, so she has the best CAT a goaly can have.... some
people say Kwinn is best and other ppl say boost up Svanda, Yuna has best
PAS/RNG with CAT over 50, so she, after Intense Training, is clearly the best
aside from Yuyui.

My team is fairly well balenced, especially the Midfielders. The Forwards have
max stats wit SHT at 92 each..... The Mids are very well balenced, the
Defenders are a team because one has PAS and one has BLK, but both have about
the same BLK and END. The Goalkeeper, I already explained, 99 CAT, high PAS and
high RNG. And lastly, the bench. [9. Kwinn] (Scout Level 4) has good CATand is
my back up Goal Keeper, [10. Zev Ronso] (Scout Level 3) is a back up Defender
and last, and least, [12. Biggs] (Original Team) Short and sweet, when Second
or Third is better than First. (My Want-To-Lose Goalkeeper)


Pai Johnson’s team:
“Divine Intervention”
formation: 3-1-3
playstyle: varies

shuu                   shammi
lucil                  tatts

w/some teamwork they make awesome offense and almost impentrable defense. w/the
exception of maybe al bhed pysches, aurochs and posssibly the abes. the
formentioned teams will not get trounced however at the very least u shouldnt


JustinDB47’s team:
“Player Haters”
Formation: 3-1-3
Play style: Post Play

Pro's: I havent lost with this team since I got them were I wanted, I went
8-0-2 (tied with the Al Bhed and Luca) in my last league play, never lost a
tournement except when I went for the Aurochs) And with the right use of the
Adrenelin gauge I can 7-0 Kilika, Guago, and Ronso, and Luca (sometimes)

Cons: My players are very position oriented, and a weak bench, injuries cost
games against luca or Al Bhed.

        Shaami          Tatts

               Hy Alai
     Kiyuri                Jumal

Shaami- Max Shot, high REC and END
Tatts- High SHT and BLK
Auborine- Max SHT, working on other stats
Hy Alai- Max PAS and RNG, high ATK, 30+ Teamwork with everyone
Kiyuri- Max ATK, high END PAS RNG and REC
Jumal- Max ATK, High END PAS RNG BLK
Durren- Max PAS and BLK, high RNG
Mifurey- Max CAT, OK PAS and RNG


Yuna- Ok pass, 20+ teamwork with everyone, comes in for Hy Alai
Rikku- High BLK, Ok PAS, comes in for DF Injurys
Paine- OK SHT and REC, used when Auborine cant take the hits
Dona- Ok in EVERY stat, used to cover Injurys, 10+ Teamwork with everyone


UltimaWeapon747's Team:
"The All-Spiran Rejects"
Formation: 2-2-3
Play Style: Post Play
Abes Ace   Paine    Yuna
    Kiyuri     Rikku
    Lucil     Yuyui
        Zev Ronso

*Above is my usual team (I tend to subsitute players every now and then)
*All players have natural maxed out stats, and all have gone through the
necessary Intensive Training sessions so that they can be used in any position
(only Zev Ronso, Yuna, Lucil, Yuyui, Tatts, and Miyu can be used properly as
goalies though.)
*All players have Overhead Volley and Corkscrew Shot, so they're able to make
*Using Adrenaline ISN'T NECESSARY when using any of the players. Just raise
each starting player's Morale to 99 and they'll do fine. And they'll still play
well without high Morale.

1. Abes Ace: He's always there to back up Yuna when she can't make the goal.
When playing in Default/Visual mode, Yuna will set him up for Overhead Volleys.
2. Yuna: She's my main girl. She's used to do everything, acting as a shooter,
defender, or attacker when she's used as a center forward. So she makes a great
CF. She's usually taking most of the shots in Overhead Mode, but usually
setting up Abes Ace and Paine in Default/Visual mode.
3. Paine: She's always there to back up Yuna when she can't make the goal. When
playing in Default/Visual mode, Yuna will set her up for Overhead Volleys.
4. Kiyuri: She's my main attacker. She works well with Abes Ace, Yuna, Paine,
and Rikku because she passes to them the most.
5. Rikku: She's my main midfielder. She will steal the ball once in a while,
and intercept many of the incoming shots/passes. Kiyuri, Lucil, and Yuyui are
there to back her up when she doesn't intercept or steal.
6. Lucil / 7. Yuyui: The two of them act as my strongwall. They're incredible
defenders who can get the job done. Lucil works a bit better though, as she has
a higher defensive reach and she intercepts more of the passes/shots than Yuyui.
8. Zev Ronso: With the necessary Intensive Training, he makes a great goalie.
He's my main goalie

9. Tatts: Along with Miyu, he's my main substitute attacker, defender,
midfielder, and goalie. Used more as a forward though.
10. Miyu: Along with Tatts, she's my main substitute attacker, defender,
midfielder, and goalie. Used more as a forward though.
11. Wakka: He's mainly focused as a forward. He makes an excellent shooter now,
with his Intensive Training for SHT and RNG, and uses Corkscrew Shot.
12. Brother: Man, get the ball to him, and he makes another excellent shooter.
Brother's high speed gets him closer to the goal than the other forwards, so it
makes it easier for him to shoot

Side notes

*I don't use Adrenaline when playing (unless I wanna lay the smackdown on the
opposing players). I just raise everyone's Morale to 99, and it's good enough
for me. I can go for a 7-0 shutout with any team except for the Zanarkand Abes.
The Abes are still an excellent team even with high stats.

*I used Scrimage A LOT to max everyone's (except for Barthello's and Shinra's)
stats. Didn't matter if it greatly raised their Fatigue, since I had Hot

*I score a lot easier when playing in Overhead Mode, since the main focus in
that mode is stats.


Ian Chisholm’s team
(no name given)
Formation: 3-1-3

             Abes Ace
      Wakka         Beclem
Isaaru                         Maroda

As you can see I have the Ace of the Abes, Tidus or Abes Ace, and not 100%, you
just need the good ending even the online guide of
http://square-enix-usa.com/seui/index.htm agrees.


Angie Wall’s team
“Spira Ultimates”
Formation: 2-3-3


      everyone has both special shots and every needed intensive training to
bring their stats up as far as possible, except for catch. only Yunie's got
that. she's got all the int trn.

      now there could be some substitutions (Berrik for Yuna, a number of
players for Ace) this is a killer team. plus i couldn't bring myself to split
up Ace and Yuna. Goers are in shambles w/ level 1 players in place of Pretus
and Bicksen, and a goalie of 0. same w/ Psches. Nimrook has 0 catch and Judda
has every stat at 0, except reach and speed of course. and Blappa will forever
grace my bench.

      this took longer to do than 1 1/2 games! estimate 60 hours.


Jenova Lee's team
"Jecht Disciples"
3-1-3 Formation
Play Style: Post-Play (If Tied or Winning)
Center Attack or Short Pass (If Losing)

   Blappa               Miyu

          (Yuna or Mep)

Lucil                        Lakkam



All my players are maxed out except for my second-string players they
are at minimal levels.  This way I can get any place in league or tournaments
as needed.

LF- Blappa- Gotta love the trade feature.  High endurance, High Shot, Above
Average Pass. Range and Rec are adequate.  Main thing is it weakens the
Al Bhed and levels the playing field.  Bonus is he also has both special shots

CF- Shaami- She is my leading scorer.  Quick passes from Yuna or Mep to
Shaami almost always gets a score.  For 20 CP you can't go wrong.

RF- Miyu- Second leading scorer and first one on my squad to have 100
teamwork/cooperation for everyone including replacement players.  High Shot
and Rec mixed with mid-level Endurance, Attack and Pass.  She's even got
both special shots.

MF- Yuna (If winning)- High Pass and descent Range.  I had to keep her in the
mix just because I believe any team should have at least one original Gullwing.

MF- Mep (If Losing and trying to come back)- Middle of the line all the way, but
not bad. Mep got special training to get both shots and got intensive training
Rec and Range.

LDF- Lucil- Above Average on every stat.  2nd in command of Youth League how
could you not want her.

CDF- Yuyui- Maxed in every sense of the word.  In my opinion this position is as
important if not more than goaltender.  If you block the shot then Catch has
nothing to do with anything.  She's also the play starter in my formation.

RDF- Lakkam- Another trade to weaken those Al Bhed Scum.  High Attack, Mid-
Level Pass and Block.

GL- Kwinn- High Catch, but pathetic if I hadn't used intensive training on Pass,
Range, and Catch.  I wanted a kid but I hate Shinra because of the way he used
to beat me at Sphere Break.  He is also the reason I didn't get 100% my first
through.  This kept me from The Zanarkand Abes for the first game.

All my players are maxed out except for Ropp, Balkei, and Shu.  These are the
players I use when I wanna lose for certain obvious reasons.

    My philosophy on Blitz is Great Defense plus above average offense, plus one
good mid-fielder equals getting 7-0 on every team, multiple times.  On one Spira
League season, I got the maximum 70 goals with the Gullwings.  52 of these were
scored by Shaami.  I forgot to mention that teamwork is important to me as well
all my players are at 100 cooperation with every other player.  Before I start
match I
lower Fatigue and raise Morale.  I haven't strayed to much from my formula, but
I will
play different styles and formations if i wanna lose.  The only challenge left
is to see
how fast I can get to seven.  On one occasion against the Kilika Beasts I did
it in
1:58 seconds.


KANEC326’s team
Formation: 3-2-2
Play Style: all caps, apparently...

                   ABES ACE-(WORKING ON STATS)

MIYU-(MAX STATS)                       LUCIL-(MAX STATS)

BUDDY-(MAX STATS)                    DONA-(MAX STATS)


                                      YUNA-(99 CAT)



Brett’s team
“Winged Victory”
Formation: 3-3-1(a), 3-1-3(b)
Play Style: Center Attack(a), Post Play (b)

       Yuyui                                 Bench:
  Miyu       Tatts (or Tatsu :))              Mep
       Lucil                                  Shaami
Zev R.       Zalitz                           Paine

Yuyui: Simply amazing. 100 Teamwork with everyone, so he's volleyin' all over
the place. With Kilika Stairway and Besaid Waterfall training, he's always the
top scorer.

Miyu: Intensive SHT. Kinda greedy, taking that shot when he can. Always makes
it, though.

Tatts: Great blocking as well as great shot.

Lucil: With all those lucky sevens, you know she's bound to succeed. Intensive
SHT and REC. (Anyone else think she looks better in the water than in person?)

Zev Ronso: This big boy has Intensive ATK, so you better move outta the way,

Zalitz: A decent defender with low cost.

Rikku: Couldn't let her go, but her BLK and PAS are both pretty darn good. A
sexy swimmer, if you ask me.

YUNA!: As seen in a few other teams, the big Y-U-N-A is seated permanently at
goalie with her Intensive CAT. Plus, she looks good.

Mep and Shaami: Good backups in case someone else gets hurt, each with a
different special shot.

Paine: Couldn't let her go either, but she's just not up to par with the
others. She's got Waterfall training, just in case she makes a grand entrance.

Note: Using no adrenaline guage whatsoever, this team can 7-0 every opponent,
with the exception of sometimes the Psyches (usually around 6-0) and the
Aurochs (5 or 6-0). Haven't gotten those Abes yet, but they'll just wait for me.


Lionus Prime’s team
“The Anti-Psyche Regime”
Formation: 2-2-3

    Brother            Wakka
         Lucil         Yuyui

       Yuna           Rikku

All their stats are maxxed out, and paine has been intensely trained on REC.
Yeah, I know, you're all thinking 'Brother?!' but hey, he's my favourite
character! He sort of reminds me of me... ^^; and as soon as Intensive
Training - SHT comes up as a prize, his shot'll be 99, and his END's pretty
good too, he's at least on a par with Paine as a forward after the intense
SHT training!
I've built up 100 teamwork between certain pairs:
Rikku<=>Yuyui Yuna<=>Lucil
Paine<=>Wakka, Brother

I do this to take advantage of the left side/right side tactics. The 100
trust/cooperation between each flank means that when i'm on left side
tactics, i's less likely someone'll randomly pass it accross their defence
to set up a volley on the right (as would happen with max coorperation all
round) and have the ball intercepted. Once it's past their defence to Wakka
or Brother, however, they can set a volley up to Paine bang in front of the
goal when the defence come running... err, swimming after the guy with the
ball. I've been experimenting and this is the best team i've found to take
on the Psyches. Since setting this up, i've never failed to beat them! I can
7 - 0 the Beasts 100% of the time, Fangs 100%, Glories kind of irritate
me... all their passing means I hardly ever score quickly enough to 7-0
them, the Goers about 60%, and when I don't it's always 5 or 6 nil and on
one legendary occasion I 7 - 0'd the Psyches! I kid you not, it is NOT
impossible! You just need to injure Blappa during the first minute of the
game and then have another series of flukes... ^^;
The formation and positions are pretty darn fine, too. With a 77 attack
midfielder one side and a 99 attack midfielder the other, if an opponent
manages to get the ball past my forwards, they're not getting much further,
and with 77 and 99 block, they needn't think they're pulling off a long pass
through the middle! Another strength is that the midfielders can get off a
decent shot themselves if there's no forward open to give the ball to - as a
matter of fact, Lucil is my top scorer where she is, but when I tried her up
front, her goals became less frequent and my defence got weaker, so I put
her back!
One drawback is against the Glories... 2-2-3 is easy to pass around once
you're past the line of strikers because of how central it is, but Shinra's
more than capable to deal with the shots they do manage to get off, and then
he gives it to Rikku or Yuna and two passes and a goal generally tend to
Every league I 10 - 0 - 0 with these guys, but there is one other problem...
Having 3 strikers and 2 shot-happy midfielders makes it kind of hard to have
one solid scorer, and it kind of blows your chances of getting a 'top
scorer' prize in tournaments!


Joe de Casanove's team:
"The Spira Dominators"
Playing Style: 2-3-3 Post Play (although I usually use Post  Play I tend to
vary it to suit my situation)
          Tatts         Miyu
Atta                                 Dona
Kiyuri                              Jumal
              Zev Ronso
I use 2 because I love vollys and it seems that more are  carried out if you
use two forwards.
Tatts: I did Kilika Stairway on him  so he has both specials (he starts of with
vollys anyway). He and Miyu are  constantly performing vollys (I try to keep my
teams teamwork at 100 with  everyone). He can withstand most defender's tackle
attempts. Also with a BLK of  96 he occasionally blocks a pass out from a
keeper and  scores.
Miyu: she (or he im not 100% sure) already has both  specials and with
intensive SHT training a SHT of 99. Shes a supurb forward with  endurance high
enough to withstand most defenders.
I feel with midfield that any more that 2 is unecessary. With 2  I have enough
to tackle the other team from the middle or recieve from  the defense and pass
on to the forwards.
Her PAS is extremly high and she can tackle most players. Thats  all I really
need her for.
Shes good all round and she tends to do alot of swimming around  the whole
sphere I've noticed (defending, shooting and midfielding) so  I put her in the
middle, then she can get to the front or the back easily or  just stay put and
pass to the attackers.
I use 3 defenders because it's not too much nor too  little. The left and the
right protect their sides or close in on the  center forward and tackle them
while the middle just blocks anything that comes  his way or tackles if a
forward comes near.
Very high ATK, although his BLK is poor. I don't really  need him to block
anything though because Yuna is 99 CAT (Intensive  Training) and Zev Ronso is
right in front of her with 99 BLK (Intesive  Training).
Also has very high ATK and his BLK isn't half  bad.
Zev Ronso:
With a good ATK and 99 BLK with intensive training he's  unstoppable (or should
I say he makes the unstopable stoppable?) What more is  there to say?
Yuna: With (and I'll say it 1 more time) intensive training her  CAT is 99 and
her PAS is 84 so she is by far the best passer out of the best  keepers... is
that makes sense :-\
I don't like to use Yuyui and Lucil too much because they are  just too darn
good, so since they are good all rounders I leave them on the  bench in case of

Wakka's tips
"E komo mai! Dis hea da 'Wakka's Tips' section. I give you plenny hints from da
no ka'oi kanaka blitza! What you mean, I talk funny? Ho, you like beef, haole?"

On the Besaid Aurochs: "Brah, you like play da Aurochs or somethin'? I gotta
take care of my new keiki, so my team not gonna enter da Spira League right
away. First, you gotta see da event when I name her. You know, get 'Episode
Complete.' Den you gotta win 'Right to play da Aurochs' from a tourney or
whatevers. It always stay da second place prize, so you betta lose once. Teach
you some humility, ya?"

On the other secret team: "No can play dis team first time through. You gotta
get da good ending first, and den start one 'New Game +' before dey show up.
Den you jus' win da kine 'Right to Play' prize for 'em."

On enhancing your team: "When you start blitzball, you team kinda shetty. No
stay good like dat, brah. Jus' play plenny games against da Kilika Beasts. Get
choke CP and start training. In da mean time, no worries if you hire some

Scout Level 1 picks: "Not too much good here, but hey, dey cheap. I recommend
Shu for one forward, 'cuz he get one special move. Balkei stay pretty good on

Scout Level 2 picks: "Get Zalitz if you need one good blocker. Pretty fast too,
dat guy. Mepp get one special and pretty good stats too."

Scout Level 3 picks: "Da big blue guy Zev Ronzo, he stay one solid defender.
Kiyuri get better ATK, but junk for BLK."

Scout Level 4 picks: "Ho, lots of ono picks here. Miyuu get good SHT and two
special moves. Not bad, ya? Tatts get super-high SHT, super-high BLK, and a
special. And if you need one betta goalie, Kwinn probably da best in da game."

Scout Level MAX picks: "Kinda weird, dese guys. Yuyui start at all 1's fo'
stats, but can get everything to 99. Lucil like dat too, but she start wit' 7's
and two specials. Auborine start wit' 99 SHT and mad speed, but hard to use,
dat guy."

On fatigue: "No good if you push your players too hard, ya? Give 'em time to
hang loose after every time they get tired."

On the ATK stat: "Except for da goalie, everybody on da team should hit da
sandbag. Some guy take da ball from you, whoeva it is, you jus' bust 'em in da
mouth an' take it right back, das' why."

On blockers: "Even with CAT 99, sometimes a goalie can mess up and miss a shot.
Put any kine guys wit' high BLK in front on defense. Lotta times if da other
team shoots, dey can grab da ball outta da air-- uh, water."

On the adrenaline gauge: "No need push your team too hard if dey got da ball,
unless you down and need a score. If da odda team got it, crank it up a couple
stars. Maybe you can get one critical tackle!"

On how to do volley shots: "So you wanna do volley shots, ya? OK, four tings
you gotta keep in mind-- Formation, Play Style, Teamwork and Morale. For get
one volley, da passer gotta be in front of or to da side of da shooter. No can
do volleys from behind, brah. So use one formation wit 3 forwards, so dey can
toss the ball around between 'em. As fo' style, Post Play is the best if you
want volley shots. Next is Teamwork. If all your forwards get high Teamwork
with each other, they set each other up way more. Das' probably da biggest key.
One last ting is Morale. More Morale means more chance to get one special shot,
including volleys. Give your players Pep Talk to boost it before da big game."

Special Thanks
-Jonakon for confirming that you don't actually have to play a game of
blitzball to initiate the mission in Luca
-Angelcient for telling me about Scrimmage before I had gotten it
-Tallguy077 for informing me that blitzball stats do carry over in a New Game +
-William A. Perrotto III for the player growth patterns
-HurleySurf4333 for finding the "Trade Privileges" prize
-F.I. Remeeus for a good tip about resting
-Devlyn Brown for telling me about Hot Springs, Defender, Midfielder, and
Forward, providing details on special shots, and an interesting use for trading
-Nick C. for providing the English version training option names
-Robert Ursem for telling me the additional requirement for the Aurochs to
appear- the Story Level 5 event in Besaid.
-Jade Kenni for Shu's max PAS in the US version
-Craig Colquhoun for more changes in the US version
-GeneralRamuh for the correction on max Teamwork (100, not 99)
-YRP Nova for some more name translations
-Tom LeValley for more name translations
-AresKaminari for reminding me that you can re-sign traded players
-Brad Lapalme for some name corrections
-Jeffrey Park for the tip about overhead mode affecting special shots
-The following people for their teams: Devlyn Brown, Nick C., Kaji, Death
Kitty, Tom LeValley, ReLiC, Ares Kaminari, Pai Johnson, JustinDB47,
UltimaWeapon747, Ian Chisholm, Angie Wall, Jenova Lee, KANEC326, Brett, Lionus
Prime, Joe de Casanove

Legal Info
This document is copyright 2003 by Jack Power. It is not to be used for profit
in any way. If you wish to reference part of it in your own guide, please ask.
Final Fantasy X, FFX-2, blitzball, and all related characters are property of

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