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Low Level Game Challenge Guide by Kouli

Version: 1.5 | Updated: 11/17/03

-- Final Fantasy X-2 --
-- Low Level Game Challenge Guide --
-- By Kouli {aka Ken Zhao, kenzhao99@yahoo.com} --
-- Version 1.5 --



With the traditional leveling up back to FFX-2, I thought that a 'Level One' game could
be possible. I tested it two times and it worked for both times. This 'Level One' game
truly can be done and it can only be done at New Game Plus. The first time I tested it,
I rushed to finish the game, which means I avoid fighting optional bosses like Anra Manyu,
Trema...etc. It went quite well and wasn't necessarily challenging. So, the second time I
tested it, I went on and faced the optional bosses like Anra Manyu and Trema. The hardest
parts were to get through the 100 Floor 'Holy Bevelle Mausoleum', and fighting Trema. But
I managed and did it.


<Message To All That Is Doing This or Going To Do This>

I am playing the Japanese Version of the game and will not get the English Version. For
those that have the Japanese Version, you will know what I mean on some of the names. What
I am afraid is, When North Americans got this game, hence the English Version, the names
in this Guide will definitely be different from the English Version. So I wish to ask,
when any of you got the English Version and found any difference in names, like the desert
boss 'Anra Manyu' got translated into something else, Do tell me through E-Mail or FFX-2

Secondly, If you have strategy or hints related to the Level 1/1/2 game, send it to me
through E-Mail or FFX-2 Board so I can add it into this guide and make it better.
Strategies on Bosses like 'Anra Manyu' and 'Trema' are What I most looking forward. And
If it works, I will definitely add it to my guide.

Lastly, I just wish to say I am not getting the English Version of FFX-2. However, I will
get FFX-2 International Version + Last Mission.


<Things I Did Not Do Initially>

- Fight against Yojimbo {Should be easy}

- Mushroom Rock Sealed Cave {The One-On-One fights might be difficult}

Maybe you should do it and tell me about it.


- I went back and defeated these things that I mentioned above. They weren't hard at all


<Main Focus>

What Is The Most Important Thing To Do?

- Simply defeat Anra Manyu, 3 Azi Dahaka, Trema and beat the game.



<Any Purpose?>

-- Just For Pure Challenge --



- I will only detail on some Item/Accessory/Result Plate

* Good amount of Hero Medicine {I have around 40 to begin with for my second testing}

Where To Get: - Steal from Last Boss, Shuyin
              - Drop by Turret A {When fighting VegnaGun's Foot}
	      - Drop by Turret B {When fighting VegnaGun's Foot}
	      - Drop by Turret C {When fighting VegnaGun's Foot}

Notice: - I got around 40 because I already beat the game for about 10 times
	- Getting 3 Hero Medicine from Turret A, B and C requires LUCK
	- To higher the chances of getting Hero Medicine from Turret A, B and C, Use
	  Dress Sphere 'Thief', Because of its Auto-Ability 'Item Hunt'
	- Right after you beat VegnaGun's Tail, head back and save. Dress Yuna, Rikku
	  and Paine as Thief, then go fight VegnaGun's Foot. If Turret A, B and C don't
	  drop you any Hero Medicine, Reset and Reload Saved File, Do It Again
	- You can get up to 99 Hero Medicine if you wish, but It's very time consuming,
  	  Having more Hero Medicine just makes your 'Level One' game more safer
	- Hero Medicine allows to one character to be invincible to Physical Damage, But
  	  every positive and negative status still works on the character

* 3 Minerva Bustier{Accessory}

Where To Get: - Take the mission to protect the luggage at Moon Flow in Story Level 1
	      - Take the mission to find the Band Members/Musicians in Story Level 2
	      - The Hypello should give it to you after you found the Musicians
	      - Repeat this 3 times to get 3
	      - When you equip Minerva Bustier, you don't get any Experience

* Result Plate 'Destroyer of Heaven and Earth' {I used it for Anra Manyu and Trema}

* Ribbon, Get 3 If you wish {But I end up not using it}

* 3 Agile Bracer{Auto-Haste}, For Trema, A MUST

* Lots of Phoenix Down

* Lots of Mega Phoenix

* Good Amount of Panacea

* Non-Element Attack Based Items, Like Dark Matter {I had 99 Dark Matter to begin with}

* Several Single Based Items, For Killing your own characters in the beginning

* Some Chocobo Feather, Chocobo Wing, Lunar Curtain, Light Curtain, Star Curtain,
  Healing Spring, Twin Stars, Three Stars {I used all these on Trema}

* Some Mana Spring or Soul Spring, A MUST For Trema Because you need to suck out his MP


<Actual Level One Game Challenge Hints>

Let me get it clear: The best you can do is to have 2 Level One Characters and the third
one at Level 2, hence Why I sometimes call it Level 1/1/2 game. You can avoid battles
simply with Exorcist Bracer, and avoid Exp with Minerva Bustier, But this doesn't apply
to the very first mission of the game. Because of that, there is this 17 Exp that you can
not avoid in any way, hence you have to let one character have it all and level up to
Level 2.

<First Mission>

* First Fight {Un-Avoidable Exp = 3}

- Use Twin Stars on Rikku or simply use Three Stars
- Rikku now can use 'Steal Spirit' {0 MP}
- 'Steal Spirit' on the 2 Male Fighter meaning 0 Exp from them
- Have Rikku kills herself by using Single Target Attack Based Items
- Have Paine kills ???? and get the 3 Exp

* Second Fight {Un-Avoidable Exp = 0}

- Use Rikku{Revived Automatically} to 'Steal Spirit'

* Third Fight {Un-Avoidable Exp = 6}

- Get Yuna and Rikku kill themselves
- Use Paine to kill Uno and Sano, then get 6 Exp

* Forth Fight {Un-Avoidable Exp = 8}

- Have Rikku kills Yuna
- Have Rikku kills herself
- Let Paine kills LeBlanc and get 8 Exp

Results - Both Yuna and Rikku stay at Level 1 with 0 Exp, Needs 4 Exp to Level Up
        - Paine gets 17 Exp and Level Up To Level 2


<Free From Now On>

Once you can control Yuna, get to Save Point and save. Then use the following tips:

- Result Plate, 'Mount of the Brave', Cuz of 'Pre-Emptive Strike'

- Dress Sphere, Item Shooter, Cuz of 'Item Lv. 2' and 'Non-Elemental Knowledge'


- Dress Sphere, Thief, Cuz of 'First Strike'

- Accessory, Taima No Udewa/Exorcist Bracer

- For Un-Avoidable Battles, Use Items to Win, Like Dark Matter

- Save Alot {^_-}

Right from this point on, you are free to do anything as long you have all three
characters to equip with Minerva Bustier. If you wish, you don't have to fight meaningless
battles with one character equipping Exorcist Bracer.


<Constant Low/Yellow HP Trick>

- This is done outside a battle

- 'Constant Yellow HP + Kyu So Neko Kami{Lucky Kitty} + Gunner' = Great Damage

Needed Items:

-Tinurareta{Bloody Hell}

-Siboridasu{The Juicer}

-Crystal Bangle

-Un-Equip your character's two accessories if they are equiping something, head to save
 point and fully heal. Then stay away from the save point. Now, equip either Tinurareta
 or Siboridasu, now, press cancel couple times to get out of the menu, Press 'Triangle'
 again to get back to the menu, go to equip menu again, now, select the Tinurareta or
 Siboridasu you equip earlier to exchange to Crystal Bangle, and equip Kyuso Neko Kami on
 the second slot, done. You are now in Low Health, and this is done outside battle. Have
 a blast with your gunner.


<Key Things>

- Speed is a huge thing in this Level 1/1/2 game. With Item Shooter's 'Item Level 2', You
  can cast Items almost instantly, and you need that IN MOST BATTLES

- For damage, Use Non-Elemental Attack Based Items like Dark Matter, It works great with
  Item Shooter's 'Non-Elemental Knowledge'

- I got 99 Dark Matter to begin with for my second testing

- Most Un-Aviodable Battles can be won by using one or two Dark matter

- Do Not Run Away until/At least after you beat Anra Manyu. With that, The Result Plate
  'Destroyer of Heaven and Earth''s Special Move 'Galaxy Skyquake' will cause 99,999
  damage on Anra Manyu. And with that, you can kill it in like 4 hits. In my opinion, you
  should not run away even after you beat Anra Manyu because you still have three
  'Azi Dahaka' at the Farplane {Optional, But Fight Him Anyway}

- You can run away after you beat Anra Manyu if you wish, Because that Special Move is
  totally useless to Torema because it will always misses. And you don't need that to
  beat the Final Battles, you can simply use Dark Matter for the final battles

- Another way to deal 99,999 is Samurai's Ougi's Training, if you have killed enough

- Third way to to 99,999 is Use Samurai to Throw Gil to deal damage, with Break Damage
  Limit, and 30,000,000 Gil, you can deal up to 99,999 damage

- Don't use Hero Medicine unless you have. You will definitely need it for Trema

- In Holy Bevelle Mausoleum, Watch Out for two Catuars and a Jumbo Catuar, They can
  instantly wipe out your party, you should either flee or make you character invincible

- 'Galaxy Skyquake' and 'Training' will always misses on Trema, Cuz of Low Accuracy?


- According to my memories, 'Galaxy Skyquake' also misses on Anra Manyu. Do check it
  for me if you wish. That would be very kind.

- It seems I asked for it in my game. I didn't use Iron Duke at all for my characters, and
  that means all my characters have low accuracy, hence 'Galaxy Skyquake' and Samurai's
  'Training' miss all the time. The recent two people that did this challenge, YOJIMIBO
  and BlitzAceTidus and krystallina, It seems they used Iron Duke and it gives their 
  characters a fair good amount of Accuracy, hence 'Galaxy Skyquake' worked for them.
  In conclusion, before you take on this challenge, make sure you have at least 3 Iron 
  Duke and a way to do instant 99,999 damage, with that, this challenge isn't 
  necessarily hard.


<Throwing Gils For Damage>

As you know, you can use a Samurai to throw an amount of Gil to deal a particular amount 
of damage, such as 99,999 (Of course, you need to Break Damage Limit for that). Here is 
the equation of how it's calculated:

[(22)(Gil)(SquareRoot of Gil)]/[(Gil)+(20)(SquareRoot of Gil)] = 99,999

As you can see, you will just need to solve the equation and find 'Gil'. And it ends up to
be some number. '99,999' is just the amount of damage you wish to do by throwing an amount
of Gil. If that's not what you are looking for, you could replace with some other number.


- Replace 'Gil' with 'X'

(22)(X)^(3/2) = (99,999)[(X)+(X)^(1/2)]

Let U = (X)^(1/2)


(22)(U)^(3) = (99,999)(U)^(2) + (99,999)(U)


(22)(U)^(2) - (99,999)(U) - (99,999) = 0

- Then apply the Quadratic Equation

- You will end up with two solutions for U but only one of them works

*Since U = (X)^(1/2)

*So you have to Square the correct solution (Which means U^2) after using the Quadratic

*In the end, you will end up with 20,651,652 for X or 'Gil'. However, that doesn't seem
 to work when you actually apply that amount of Gil in the game. I probably did something 
 in the actual Quadratic Equation

*If you wish to do 99,999 damage, you might just want to throw 20,900,000 or 21,000,000
 Gil to just do 99,999 damage FOR SURE



- HP 999999
  - Meaning 1,000,000 HP, Maximum Damage you can do is 99,999, which is 100,000
  - 1,000,000 / 100,000 = 10, Meaning you have to hit 99,999 damage for around 10 times

- MP 999
  - Can be suck out easily, One of his major flaw
  - With his MP sucked out, his can't cast spells except for Meteor

- He Is Very Fast, Be Sure to cast Haste or have Auto-Haste of your party in order to
  match up to his superior speed


<My Fight With Trema>

- By simply throwing Gil.

- Started off the battle with 999,999,999 {Yup, Max Gil, Battling every battle in the
  dungeon sure pays off + I beat the game 10 times already}, then by the end of the
  battle, I earn like 11,000 Gil, and now have 610,010,999, meaning I aproximately used
  up 389,987,000 Gil to kill him. Of course, I threw 30,000,000 Gil per time, and ensure
  me 99,999 damage. Well, Money is indeed everything!

{Actual Battle}

I fought against 'He Who Threw Away Everything', and wasn't that bad, hence I had a good
start with Trema. Now, right in the beginning of the battle, He did go on his Triple
Attacks on the characters, hence I didn't die, so I get to make my characters invincible.
Then he slows cast his damned spells. Then I used 'Mana Spring', that absorbs around 200
MP from him, used like 4 or 5 of them... then start crazily changing DS, to get the
ability to Break Damage Limit..then started using one Samurai throwing 30,000,000 Gil to
do 99,999 damage while having two Item Shooters to heal/revive party, since these two
item shoters have their auto-ability, Item Level 2, they cast items almost instantly,
while having the samurai to deal damage, I just have my item shooters to cast all these
protects, regen, shell, haste on the whole party, and alwasy have at least one item
shooters Invinsible just in case. Now get on to Trema's Metor, my gosh, that was a joke.
It does around 9 damage per hit due to my Level 1/1/2 characters..... I was so afraid when
he does that, but ROTFLMAO when I see it does only 9 damage per hit... And this is about
it, Not too long, as compare to the normal way you fight him, ie, using mascot, or other
DS at high level... The key is still the speed. Without Item Shooter's ability to cast
items instantly, I don't think anyone can survive. In conclusion, I think you need at
least Two Item Shooters.


<Trema Honour Roll>

This Is Not Show-Off. Beating Trema In Level 1/1/2 Game Requires Large Amount of Time,
Efforts and Patience. This Is For Die-Hard Fans of FFX-2. I will update this as soon as
there are other people beat it.

1. Kouli - Level 1/1/2 - Two Item Shooter + One Samurai - July 14, 2003
2. YOJIMIBO - Level 1/1/2 - Three Item Shooter - August 8, 2003
3. BlitzAceTidus - Level 1/1/2 - One Item Shooter + Two Thief - August 31, 2003
4. krystallina - Level 1/1/2 - Three Item Shooter - November 13, 2003

When you truly beat him, I will also add you to the <Trema Honour Roll>. You just need to
let me know by E-Mail or Topics from FFX-2 Board. But rememeber, I'm not gullible AT ALL.
I battled Trema and died like 20 times, I can tell if what your claims are True or BS.



1. Is The 17 Exp A MUST?

Yes, like I said, you can not avoid it. So whatever you do, you gotta have one character
to get all these 17 Exp, or Paine and Rikku share the 17 Exp, as long as Yuna doesn't
level up, She won't be at Level 2, hence when you save the game, it will still shows Yuna
Level 1 regardless of other characters levels. So technically speaking, There can't a
Level 1 game, Level 1/1/2 is the best you can do.

*More Questions Coming*

*Feel free to ask me questions regarding to this by E-Mail*


<The End>





This Document Copyright 2003 Kouli

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