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Original Sountrack FAQ by Iluna

Version: 0.1 | Updated: 05/04/03

Created by : Luna~Holybell~Enzoera
GameFAQs Message board User : Xenoserphia
Date Created: Friday ,May 02, 2003.
Ver : 0.1
E-mail : squirestand@hotmail.com, 


This FAQ is written for music lovers and the fans of
FFX-2. So it is NOT a walkthrough, so never ask any question
related to gameplay. And, this FAQ will only appear on GameFAQ's. 
No permission is allowed to take this FAQ and post it on the 
other places unless you asked. You can only take this FAQ and 
keep it to yourself without asking me, no changes, no plagarize
is allowed. Thank you.

Legal actions will be taken if you post into the other side
without letting me know.

This FAQ Document is copyrighted by Luna 2002, 2003. All
rights reserved.

-Luna~Holybell~Enzoera- 2/5/2003
Luna Works of Art (2003 All rights reserved)


Welcome to the FAQ of the Music Guide : Final Fantasy X-2.
It's been a while after playing the whole game, listened to
the soundtrack, and loved the songs. However, to be fair, this
soundtrack is not as good as the first game. But I do love
some of the songs of this game.

This is the second time I've written a FAQ about OST, as for
my feelings towards this sequel's music, I have a totally 
different impressions and feelings towards the music composed
by a different composers. Some songs were great, but some
of them were so-so. But overall, it is still managed to
blend the music to the game well. This is the fact that I've to
admit on.

However, the songs were totally different from what the first 
game has to offer, Where FFX has a classic and moody type of songs, 
and FFX-2 songs makes you go everything into a modern feel type.
So some of the music lovers might not like the style of the
composed songs changed : Like for instance - Besaid tends to
go very quiet and peaceful mood in FFX, but in FFX-2, it tends
to go more happy mood kind of feeling. so you can see the 
difference between the first and the sequel. So here, I still
going to review every single track of the songs avaliable in
FFX-2. And make a difference between songs from FFX and FFX-2
(Which applies to some songs only). Enjoy the FAQ and appriciate
the beautiness of the songs of FFX-2!

~Biodata of FFX-2 Original Soundtrack~

Final Fantasy X-2 Original Soundtrack
ファイナルファンタシー X-2 オリシナルサウンドトラック

Game Company : Squaresoft (now known as Square-Enix) (スクウェア。エニックス)
Released by : Avex Trax (エイベックス株式会社)
Sold Distributor : Avex Trax Distribution (株式会社エイベックス・ディストリビュ−ション)
Code: AVCD-17254
How many CD(s) : 2 CD's in 12 CM CD format (CCCD)
Price : 3,650 Yen
Total Track : 61 Tracks
Year Release : March 31st, 2003
Composer : Noriko Matsueda 松枝賀子
           Takahito Eguchi 江口貴勅
Website : http://www.square-enix.co.jp/shop/



-> Special Note
-> Track Listing
 .Disc 1 (#0r12)
 .Disc 2 (#3t21)
 .Special Disc - Eternity ~Memory of Lightwaves~ Music from FINAL FANTASY X-2

-> Lyrics
 .Real Emotion (#44167t)
 .1000 no Kotoba (#31028z)

-> Frequently Asked Questions
-> Voice Actors and Actresses listing (UNDER CONSTRUCTION)
-> Version History
-> End of FAQ and Credits 



-Since this CD is copyrighted and distributed by Avex Trax, and no longer 
released by Digicube. So if you brought the imported CD by AVEX TRAX (not
the bootleg version). Please be fair, keep it to yourself. Even if you want
to share it out, it's ok to host it in a website of your own, as long as you
SHARE it, not gainning profit from the tracks without permission. 

Avex Trax will take an immediete action against ones who rip the CD off and
resell it without the company's permission. Therefore, keep the CD and tracks
off from bootleg industry, and support the original.

-Secondly, The tracks will be given code name based on my settings. So, any
tracks that you want to find specifically will be labelled, saving the readers
a lot of time by scrolling the page (sometimes you might even miss the ones
that you want to find)

To find out what tracks/songs that you want to find out, press and hold CTRL+F
and type in your search according to the code number given (it's labelled at
the contents section). Make sure you choose the search direction to "down" so 
that it will find the results for you accurately. Be sure to check the "Match
Case". And make sure it's on.

-Lastly, You may give questions, and opinions, but the questions you ask must 
be not found at the FAQ. Once the questions already answered inside the 
"Frequently Asked Questions", you may not need to ask the same questions anymore
If you asked the same questions and you don't get a reply. Then the answer is 
already found on the FAQ.



Here, I'll list the tracks according to the order given:
- Japanese Hiragana and Katakana 
- Japanese Romanji 
- English translation of tracks with Code Numbers (Review Section)
- Lyrics code (Only applied to the track names : Real Emotion, 1000 no Kotoba)
- Eternity ~Memory of Lightwaves~ Music from FINAL FANTASY X-2 Track list

So it'll be easier for you to search for the tracks that you want to find. Well
then, let's go!  

Disc 1  
ディスク: 1

Tracks avaliable in Disc 1 : 31

01 久遠~光と波の記憶~
02 real Emotion(FF10-2 Mix)(倖田來未)
03 ユリパ ファイトNo.1
04 ユウナのテーマ
05 ユリパ ファイトNo.2
06 ミッションコンプリート
07 スフィアハンター・カモメ団
08 ミッションスタート
09 ガガゼト山
10 ユリパ ファイトNo.3
11 ゲームオーバー
12 ルブラン様はなんでもアリ! 
13 お熱いのをくれてやるよ
14 シューインのテーマ
15 ビサイド
16 キーリカ
17 ルカ
18 ミヘン街道
19 キノコ岩街道
20 青年同盟
21 マキナ派
22 グアドサラム
23 雷平原
24 マカラーニャの森
25 ビーカネル砂漠
26 新エボン党
27 ナギ平原
28 ザナルカンド遺跡
29 スフィアハンター
30 寺院
31 緊迫

Disc 2
ディスク: 2

Tracks avaliable in Disc 2 : 30

1 カモメ団マーチ
2 大いなる存在
3 おやすみ
4 不安
5 潜入!ルブランのアジト
6 リュックのテーマ
7 チョコボ
8 パインのテーマ
9 ベベルの秘密
10 アンダーベベル
11 ユウナのバラード
12 お助け屋カモメ団
13 オラたちのデバンだなや
14 迷宮
15 混乱
16 召喚獣
17 異界の深淵
18 久遠~楽団員さんの演奏~
19 1000の言葉(FF10-2 Mix)(倖田來未)
20 洞窟の悪夢
21 アカギ隊
22 ヴェグナガン起動
23 激突
24 死闘
25 破滅
26 終焉
27 1000の言葉~時を越えた想い~(Piano Version)
28 エンディング~また会う日まで~
29 1000の言葉(Orchestra Version)(倖田來未)
30 エピローグ~再会~

The Romanji version (Japanese translated version)

Disc 1
01 Kuon ~Hikari to nami no Kioku~
02 real Emotion(FF10-2 Mix)(Koda Kumi)
03 YuRiPa Faito No.1
04 Yuna no teema
05 YuRiPa Faito No.2
06 Missyon conpurito
07 Sufiahantaa. Kamome dan 
08 Missyon sutaato
09 Gagazeto yama
10 YuRiPa Faito No.3
11 geemu oobaa
12 Ruburan-sama ha nandemoari! 
13 Oatsuinowo Kureteyaruyo 
14 Shuuin no teema
15 Bisaido
16 Kiirika
17 Ruka
18 Miruhen Kaido
19 Kinokoiwa kaido
20 Seinen doumei 
21 Makina ha
22 Guado saramu
23 Kaminari Heigen
24 Makaraaniya no mori
25 Biikaneru sabaku
26 Shin Ebontou
27 Nagi Heigen
28 Zanarukando iseki
29 Sufiahantaa
30 Jiin
31 Kinpaku

Disc 2
1 Kamome dan maach
2 Daiinaru sonzai
3 Oyasumi
4 Fuan
5 Sennyuu! Ruburan no ajito
6 Ryukku no teema
7 Chocobo
8 Pain no teema
9 Beberu no himitsu
10 Andaa Beberu
11 Yuna no baraado 
12 Otasukeya Kamome dan
13 Oratachi no debandanaya
14 Meikyuu
15 Konran
16 Shoukanjyuu
17 Ikai no shinnen
18 Kuon~Gakudaninsan no ensou~
19 1000 no Kotoba(FF10-2 Mix)(Koda Kumi)
20 Doukutsu no Akumu  
21 Akagi tai
22 Vegunagan kidou
23 Gekitotsu
24 Shitou
25 Hametsu
26 Syuen
27 1000 no Kotoba ~Tokiwo koeta omoi~(Piano Version)
28 Endingu ~mataau himade~
29 1000 no Kotoba (Orchestra Version)(Koda Kumi)
30 Epiroogu ~Saikai~

English Translated Track list  

Disc 1 (#0r12)
01 Eternity ~ Memory of the Lightwaves~    (#3r12)
02 real Emotion(FF10-2 Mix)(Koda Kumi)     (#1n45)
03 YuRiPa Fight No.1                       (#4i90)
04 Yuna's Theme                            (#8u67)
05 YuRiPa Fight No.2                       (#4g18)
06 Mission Complete                        (#2p91)
07 Sphere Hunter ~Kamome (Seagull) Group~  (#9n64)
08 Mission Start                           (#1m42)
09 Gagazeto Mountain                       (#2w13)
10 YuRiPa Fight No.3                       (#1n32)
11 Game Over                               (#8h51)
12 Master LeBlanc has everything!          (#3e41)
13 I'll give you something hot!            (#5o96)
14 Shuin's Theme                           (#6y45) 
15 Besaid                                  (#2m41)
16 Kilika                                  (#0i74)
17 Luca                                    (#6t10)
18 Milhen Highroad                         (#2u67)
19 Kinoko Mushroom Highroad                (#7u62)
20 The Youth Alliance                      (#1p10)
21 Machina Faction                         (#8a34)
22 Guadosalam                              (#3n19)
23 Thunder Plains                          (#0e08)
24 Macalania Forest                        (#9e19)
25 Bikanel Desert                          (#3r45)
26 The New Yevon Alliance                  (#7g10)
27 Calm Lands                              (#6t13)
28 Zanarkand Ruins                         (#2f98)
29 Sphere Hunter                           (#1p07)
30 Temple                                  (#2j13)
31 Tense                                   (#8k29)

Disc 2(#3t21)
1 Kamome Group (Seagull) March                   (#7i71)
2 The Greatest Existence                         (#3o89)
3 Good Night                                     (#5g71)
4 Anxiety                                        (#6k68)
5 Dive in! LeBlanc's Residential Area            (#7u30)
6 Rikku's Theme                                  (#6h17)
7 Chocobo                                        (#3f19)
8 Paine's Theme                                  (#9u90)
9 Beville's Secret                               (#1l90)
10 Under Beville                                 (#9b45)
11 Yuna's Ballade                                (#3c80)
12 The Helping House ~Kamome (Seagull) group~    (#7k53)
13 Now it's our turn!                            (#4g16)
14 Labyrinth                                     (#3t15)
15 Chaos                                         (#1m60)
16 The Summon Beast                              (#2g10)
17 Depth of the Farplane                         (#1n87)
18 Eternity ~Memories of the Lightwaves~         (#1s34)
     (Band Member Performance version)           (#3q41)
19 1000 Words(FFX-2 Mix)(Koda Kumi)              (#2a14)
20 The Cave's Nightmare                          (#4q44)
21 The Akagi Team                                (#1h31)
22 Vegnagun's Start Up                           (#2z13)
23 Intensive fight                               (#8z51)
24 Sudden Death                                  (#9q17)
25 Destruction                                   (#5n18) 
26 Demise                                        (#1k16)
27 1000 Words ~Crossing the time of memories ~(Piano Version) (#9z10)
28 Ending ~Until the day we meet again~          (#1y67)
29 1000 Words (Orchestra Version)(Koda Kumi)     (#5w16)
30 Epilogue ~Reunion~                            (#7f24)

*The English track list will change after the NA version of FFX-2 is released. 

~Lyrics code~
- real Emotion (#44167t)
- 1000 no Kotoba (#31028z)

Eternity ~Memory of Lightwaves~ Music from FINAL FANTASY X-2 (#4m70)
Track List

1. Eternity ~Memory of Lightwaves~ 
2. Besaid 
3. Yuna's Ballade


Now, the lyrics section.
In my last FAQ, there are many vocals and lyrics about Final Fantasy X and 
it's side soundtracks. But this time. In FFX-2, there is only 2. But 
ironically,  even though Nobuo is not participating this time, the theme song 
came out a very satisfying result. It's nice to hear those songs over and over 
again. Especially the 1000 no Kotoba theme song, I found this song is better 
Suteki Da Ne. But after reading through the lyrics (I do know some of the 
although not much of it) I found out that the lyrics is the most well written/ 
main focus of the whole song. It has deep meanings and every sentences of one
lyrics is well suit the flow of the song. Plus the melody and the setting of
the song makes this theme near perfect. Although it's not a "classic" as 
Suteki Da Ne. 

This time, no more Rikki, instead we have Koda Kumi, a famous J-pop singer,
to do the job. She is also the voice of Lenne. Shuin's long lost love. Well.
Her voice have the strength, and the attractness to have one audience listen
to her voice. Although not really "gentle" and "smooth". But her voice had
the strength and the deepness to get this song sung well. That's how a song 
should be. In my personal opinion, Although I prefer Rikki more, but Koda
Kumi also does a great job in this job. (Rikki is more to gentle and
sweet, Koda Kumi is more to depth and strength, makes her voice more masculine
rather than femine)

Well, that's the lyrics given. Enjoy the lyrics! 

*There is no English translation at the moment (neither do the Japanese wordings
of this songs, It will be updated after the translations is out)

(About the biodata, some of the translations credit goes to mao2 and vilaeth! 
they've made a great translations for some parts that I can't translate it by

~Biodata of Koda Kumi~ 

生年月日 S.57.11.13 
Date of Birth : 1982, Nov 13th (Shouwa year 57)

血液型 A型 
Blood Type : A

出身地 京都府 
Place of Birth : Kyoto Prefecture  
趣味 買い物、雑貨 
Hobbies : Shopping, General Goods

好きなスポーツ スカッシュ
Favourite Sports : Squash  

好きな音楽 ROCK,R&B
Favourite Music : Rock, R&B 

好きな本 自己啓発系の本 
Favourite Books : Self-Developement books

好きなビデオ ひとりごっつ
Favourite Video : Hitori Gottsu
好きな洋楽アーティスト Christina Aguilera、Ja Rule
Favourite Foreign Artists : Christina Aguilera, Ja Rule 

好きな邦楽アーティスト 米倉利紀 
Favourite local Artist  : Yonekura Toshinori 

尊敬する人  夢があって、向上心のある人
Person respected : Those who have dreams, who have the will to
                   do something (ambitions)

最近お気に入りのもの 眼鏡、帽子 
Recent favourite things : Glasses, Hat

最近気になる音楽 JAZZ
Music that she is recently got into: Jazz 

最近気になるアーティスト 倖田さん?!
Artist that she is recently got into : Herself (!?) 

好きな食べ物 エリーゼ
Favourite food: 'Elise' (Elise is a brand name of a snack made by 
                Bourbon http://www.eal.or.jp/Radio/coffee/05/okashi.shtml)

好きな言葉 一期一会
Favourite Quote : 'ichi go ichi e' (Once in a lifetime)
好きな色 みずいろ&きみどり
Favourite Color : Light blue & Yellowish green 

将来の野望  セルフプロデュース 
Future Ambitions : Self-Produce (It means become own producer)


~real Emotion~
Code: #44167t

Lyrics: KennKato 
Composer: Yamaguchi Hiroo 
Arrangement: h-wonder
Vocal : Koda Kumi 


あの ひ こころ の かなた に えがいてた ばしょ に いる 
Toh・の くれてたり する けれど m・もどれない 
ゆめ に みた かたち とはなに も か も が ちがう 
げんじつ にはめまい さえ する 
Real な せかい に ゆれてる kanj・
M・ただ はしる しか ない この むね に きこえてくる 
きみはひとり じゃない 
けっして ふりむきはしない あなた にはたよらない 
なに か が あれば かならず すぐ に きてくれる から 
いま ぼく に できる こと それはしんじる こと 
しんじつ なら この むね に ある 
Real な せかい に ゆれてる kanj・
ささえる の は 
S・あなた が おしえてくれた すべて いま の わたし 
だから ひとり じゃない 
Real な せかい に ゆれてる kanj・
あなた が めをとじた なら そこ に いる きずな が ある 
だから ひとり じゃない 
Real な せかい に ゆれてる kanj・
M・ただ はしる しか ない この むね に きこえてくる 
きみはひとり じゃない 


Ano hi kokoro no kanata ni egaiteta basho ni iru
Toho no kuretetari suru keredo mo modorenai
Yume ni mita katachi to wa nani mo ka mo ga chigau
Genjitsu ni wa memai sae suru

Real na sekai ni yureteru kanjo
Mo tada hashiru shika nai kono mune ni kikoetekuru
Kimi wa hitori janai

Kessite furimuki wa shinai anata ni wa tayoranai
Nani ka ga areba kanarazu sugu ni kitekureru kara
Ima boku ni dekiru koto sore wa shinjiru koto
Shinjitsu nara kono mune ni aru

Real na sekai ni yureteru kanjo
Sasaeru no wa
So anata ga oshietekureta subete ima no watashi
Dakara hitori janai

Real na sekai ni yureteru kanjo
Anata ga me o tojita nara soko ni iru kizuna ga aru
Dakara hitori janai

Real na sekai ni yureteru kanjo
Mo tada hashiru shika nai kono mune ni kikoetekuru
Kimi wa hitori janai


~1000 no Kotoba~
Code: #31028z

Lyrics: Kazunari Nojima  
Composition and arrangement: Takahito Eguchi and Noriko Matsueda 
Vocals : Koda Kumi

きみ の ことば わ 
ゆめ の やさしさ かな? 
ウソ を ぜんぶ 
ズルイ よ ね 
たびだつ きみ に 
さめた せなか みせて 
きいていた よ 
ひとり たたかう の? 
ズルイ よ ね 
"Kaettekuru から" 
おいこしてゆく きみ の こえ 
いじ はって 
つよい フリ 
とき を もどして 
さけべば よかった? 
いかない で と なみだ こぼしたら? 
どんな こと も 
1000 の ことば を 
はるか な 
きみ の せなか に おくる よ 
つばさ に かえて 
1000 の ことば わ 
きみ の せなか に よりそい 
ゆめ の つづき わ 
きみ を おもいながら 
あの ひ の こと 
わすれた ふりして 
ズルイ よ ね 
"てがみ を かく から" 
しせん そらした きみ の こえ 
いじ はって 
つよい フリ 
とき を もどして 
おこれば よかった? 
まてない よ と かた を おとしたら? 
どんな こと も 
1000 の ことば を 
きみ の せなか に おくる よ 
つばさ に かえて 
1000 の ことば わ 
きみ の せなか に よりそい 
1000 の ことば を 
きみ の せなか に おくる よ 
つばっさ に かえて 
1000 の ことば わ 
きみ の せなか に よりそい 


Kimi no kotoba wa
Yume no yasashisa kana?
Uso wo zenbu
Zurui yo ne

Tabidatsu kimi ni
Sameta senaka misete
Kiiteita yo
Hitori tatakau no?
Zurui yo ne

"Kaettekuru kara"
Oikoshiteyuku kimi no koe
Iji hatte
Tsuyoi furi
Toki wo modoshite
Sakebeba yokatta?
Ikanai de to namida koboshitara?
Ima wa dekiru 
Donna koto mo

1000 no kotoba wo
Haruka na
Kimi no senaka ni okuru yo
Tsubasa ni kaete

1000 no kotoba wa
kimi no senaka ni yorisoi

Yume no tsuduki wa
Kimi wo omoinagara
Ano hi no koto
Wasureta furishite
zurui yo ne

"Tegami wo kaku kara"
Shisen sorashita kimi no koe
iji hatte
Tsuyoi furi
Toki wo modoshite
Okoreba yokatta?
Matenai yo to kata wo otoshitara?
Ima wa dekiru
Donna koto mo

1000 no kotoba wo
Kimi no senaka ni okuru yo
Tsubasa ni kaete

1000 no kotoba wa
Kimi no senaka ni yorisoi

1000 no kotoba wo
Kimi no senaka ni okuru yo
Tsubaksa ni kaete

1000 no kotoba wa
Kimi no senaka ni yorisoi


The reviews, impressions, and opinions on those songs will be written
at the Reviews section. I do love those songs in my opinion. They are
very well done and composed. Great job to those composeres, and Koda
Kumi, who've done her job on singing those songs well!


〜メール : 問題と答案〜

None at the moment





〜キャスト 紹介〜




Ver 0.1 - Song list, Biodata, Lyrics, all done. About the other sections
will be complete in the next update.



For hosting my FAQ on this site.
GameFAQs is one of the best website to find any helpful source about the 
game, and it's side walkthroughs.

Thanks on the translations about Koda Kumi's profile! I owe you one

Thanks on the translations about Koda Kumi's profile! I owe you one

She posted a translations about the song list. Which is better than
mine. So I take it as a reference. Thanks a lot.

And those who've read my FAQ, don't forget, if you think this FAQ is
helpful, or whatever it is, Vote me one!


END OF FAQ, Luna~Holybell~Enzoera 2002,2003 All Rights Reserved.
~Luna's Art Of One - Works of Art~

"Mo tada hashiru shika nai kono mune ni kikoetekuru Kimi wa hitori janai"
--- real Emotion, Koda Kumi

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