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FAQ/Walkthrough by Mad Monarch Gyl

Version: 2.5 | Updated: 06/02/03

                        F I N A L    F A N T A S Y    X - 2 
Final Fantasy X-2 FAQ/Walkthrough
for PS2 (Playstation 2)
FAQ/Walkthrough created by Mad Monarch Gyl
Mad Monarch Gyl (evil_tyrant_gyl@hotmail.com)
MSN Conact: evil_tyrant_gyl@hotmail.com
Copyright 2003 by Mad Monarch Gyl
Created: April 13, 2003 (04.13.03)
Version 2.5
Date of Update: June 02, 2003 (06.02.03)

This FAQ/Walkthrough is created for personal use only, meaning it should not
be used for anything that gains any money. Magazines, Game Guides, Websites
in particular should not have this guide with out my permission. Ripping off
part(s) of this FAQ/Walkthrough and putting it as your own results you to be
guilty of the crime "Plagiarism". 

Plagiarism is an act of stealing, ripping off, copying ideas or words of
another person and taking it as your own without a crediting the real source
the just way that he/she should have been thanked. To simply put it,
Plagiarism is bad.

Also, you could never ever use this FAQ/Walkthrough to make your own 
FAQ/Walkthrough, you must do everything yourself or if you do somehow use this
or any other guide you should give proper credit to the author. Also, you
could have this FAQ/Walkthrough on your website provided that not a single
character has been altered and you must have my permission before you could
do so. If you didn't have my permission then you have crossed the lines of the
copyrights law. By the way, you could print the whole thing/parts of
the FAQ/Walkthrough though.

"Walang nakawan pare..." (Please don't steal =P)

The guide could only be seen at:

I.    Introduction
II.   Updates/Revisions
II.   Character Information
      A. Main Characters
      B. Arch-Enemies
III.  Walkthrough
IV.   Side Quests
V.    FAQs(Frequently Asked Questions)
VI.   Item Lists
      A. Weapons
      B. Accessories
      C. Items
      D. Result Plates
VII.  Classes 
VIII. Endings
IX.   Credits

                            * Introduction -

Greetings! Hey Gyl after I finally got my head cleared off everything I somehow
didn't realized that FFX-2 is actually a sequel of the very successful tenth
Final Fantasy installment. Anyway I'll try to bring you comprehensive guide 
for one of the most anticipated RPG for the Sony Playstation 2 Console. Final 
Fantasy X-2 or Final Fantasy X part 2, a game released earlier by Japan during
the mid-March and just the 11th of April 2003. So finally the much awaited Final 
Fantasy sequel is back. I'll do my best to finish the FAQ/Walkthrough as fast 
and as helpful it could possibly be. BTW, check out the credits section as they
should really be thanked for this FAQ to have the very least information.

The game takes place in two years after the events of the original Final
Fantasy X(10) this time Rikku and Kimahri found a sphere on Mt. Gagazet, which
shows our fearless hero, Tidus trapped. Seeing this Yuna immediately set out
on an adventure to rescue him. The game, given in another view, makes Yuna,
Rikku and Pain as hunters searching out for spheres. Okay, I hope that's as
much as for an overview of the game. Well then, let's roll...

Okay, as suggested by some friend. To make things easier you could use this
way to navigate around the walkthrough. Basically, the walkthrough goes for
mission after mission so the Find key should be like this <Mission # N>,
where N stands for the number of mission you're looking for. E.i. you're
looking for Mission 14 all you have to write is Mission # 14 and it'll bring 
you to it.

By the way, contributions are pretty much accepted. If you do contribute I'll
be certain to add you on the credit lists.

                             * Revisions *

April 13, 2003 (04.13.03) Version 1
- It's basically what the FAQ is composed of. Started most of what a basic
  FAQs and Guides should hold.

April 23, 2003 (04.23.03) Version 1.2
A couple of things to be tweaked around so let's get moving. It's been a very
busy day lately so it took me so long for the next update. Anyway here are
the list.
- Changed the Introduction - noticing that I made a mistake with FFX-2
  thinking as FF12 I'm very sorry.. really.
- Updated the FAQs Section- Updated the Side Quests Section with 3 more quests
- Updated the Walkthrough with the Boss' HP and MP.
- Updated the Result Plates in the Item List Section
- Updated the Classes Section adding the Singer Dress

April 24, 2003 (04.24.03) Version 1.3
After being in a sudden mood of trying to update the guide I definitely
added some little stuff. Now take a look:
- Updated the FAQs Section
- Updated the Side Quests Section with a few more quests
- Updated the Walkthrough till mission 10

April 26, 2003 (04.26.03) Version 1.4
I messed up with the dates again anyway I think the revising stuffs would
rather slow down a bit. But hey an update is good than nothing anyway here
you go:
- Finally corrected a few typos and misspelled words.
- Fixed the FAQs section.
- Side Quests are updated at least from the range of the Story Level 2

April 28, 2003 (04.28.03) Version 1.6
Finally having the whole weekend to tamper on things I finally had the time to
keep a decent update on this guide. Not the longest revision list but hey at
least they're a bit complete already.
- Walkthrough now near completion (simply possible corrections or something
  could perhaps make it here.)
- Side quest remained un updated though some minor typos have been corrected.
- FAQs have been updated for a bit.

April 29, 2003 (04.29.03) Version 1.9
Just having some time off now as the walkthrough er... just one update
- Walkthrough COMPLETE! 

May 9, 2003 (05.09.03) Version 2
After a long time of not updating I decided to put up a few more stuffs around
just to tell you guys that I'm not dead yet.
- Endings Section *New*
- A couple of changes with some Boss HP and MP
- Fixed a couple of things that appears bad when I submitted the guide.
- A new style format for the guide.

May 22, 2003 (05.22.03) Version 2.4
Just passing by anyway here's just a quick list of the update
- Cleared out some stuffs
- Character Information changed
- An upcoming section'll be up, Hopefully
- Sidequests are turned to be spoiler free in some parts

June 02, 2003 (06.02.03) Version 2.5
- Preparing for a new section: Episode Complete - Next Up!
- Updated the Classes Section
- Changed those I missed walkthrough style/format
- Corrected reported typos
- Updated the website hosting list

                          * Character Information *

*-                 -*
*- Main Characters -*
*-                 -*

Weapon of Choice: Gun
Yuna, one of a the original character from Final Fantasy X who had made a
great impact in the story as well as for Tidus. A very charming daughter of
Braska, A High Summoned who defeated the evil called 'Sin' many years ago.
Now, History just kept on repeating its self as Yuna and the rest of her
guardians set off for a journey to fulfill the very same fate his father has
fulfilled several years ago.

Weapon of Choice: Twin Daggers
Rikku, a young girl who has served Yuna 2 years ago during their mission to
vanquish Sin. She is a very open girl where the other guardians find her to be
so merry. A girl who cares not of what others would think as she would want
herself to be heard. Okay, Rikku is of Al Bhed and ones had lived as a thief.

Weapon of Choice: Sword
Paine, a very mysterious girl whom no one knows about. Her past are pretty
much shadowed by his keep-to-herself personality. Became an orphan just after
the dreaded Sin hit their home, Paine has lived her life to the way she wished
developing her physically. 

                                * Walkthrough *

      //Note: The Game is nowhere near completion. If I do ever missed an//
     //item or something like a secret passage or something. I'll sure  //
    //try to get over it. I just have to get over the game first. Also,//
   //the guide might not lead you to a 100% total story completion    //
  //but simply will aid you to finish the game yourself. Don't worry // 
 //I promise to add a section for it on the future.                 //

         -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-Story Level 1-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

 Mission # 1 
Okay, Like most FF Series everything should start on some FMV right? Anyway,
after some introductory scenes you'll be prompted to a scene till you could
finally control Rikku. Okay, now continue on and you'll definitely have the
very first taste of what FF12 Battle has in-store for you. You'll be up
against some puny soldiers. Okay, after the battle proceed to follow Paine
and uh... Yuna.

A scene will take place introducing you to some new guys(Hm... replacements
for Vicks and Wedge perhaps? =P) the fat guy is named as Uno and the tall
one is Sano. An easy battle will take place. (Hm... don't they remind you
of Salt and Pepper? Crono Cross one) Completely over power them.

You'll know learn about the sphere hunting group as the Imposter Yuna
revealed her as the leader of the group known as Le Blanc. As she 
makes her presence be felt you'll be up against her. Not much skill is
needed in this battle. Just keep on making decent damage per turn and heal
when needed. Le Blanc is nothing compared to the latter enemies you'll be
encountering. After defeating her you've earned yourself a MISSION COMPLETE!

 Mission # 2 
Now you're currently boarding a cool airship called 'Celcius'(Hm... What
happened to the highwind? =P) You should speak to every character boarding
the airship. Okay to proceed with the Story talk to the guy resting area.
After talking to him the siren will go on. Head back to the airship's
cockpit and activate the Activate Link to proceed to the next mission. A 
couple of scenes would take place and when you finally gained control.
Now, follow the trail and just go back down to the pair of stairs.

You'll see a blue colored switch, activate it and you'll be dropped off to
the ground below. Just keep on heading down the cliff and climb up again
to the very top, the one on the very right corner. There'll be an open area
there and be surprised with a unfamiliar group. Guess what? Your new best
friends would be greeting you so prepare to battle.

Le Blanc     Uno         Sano
HP: 120      HP: 130     HP: 100
MP: 320      MP: 10      MP: 25

Okay, another round of very easy battle. The very key here is to keep on
casting blind on them. Uno is pretty much the easiest target as he has a
small chance of hitting percentage on the first place, he is the
strongest physically next is Le Blanc then Sano. Sano has a rather
advantage over the three as he could be the most agile. Le Blanc is a
combination of both with added magical features. Anyway, you should worry
a lot as they'll barely finish you off. What I did as to cast Blind on
Uno then keep on pummeling Sano as he has the lowest HP. A blind Uno is
pretty much next to useless. Just keep on attacking and heal when your
health reaches 1/4 of the original.

After ridding of them you'll be asserted to just 6 minutes to reach the
group of sphere hunters. Now precede further the direction you're facing
and pick up the chest. Now head back as to proceeding just would waste
your time. Now press the action button near the ledge to get over the
tower. You'll be welcomed by a group of soldiers headed by Sano. Defeat
them and enter the tower. Flip both switches from both junctions, this 
will cause a platform for you to jump on and chase after them. Jump
across a fallen pillar and climb up to the tower, here a save point is

If you do make it before the time expires you'll see Le Blanc's group
hanging on a cliff. Pick up that item and head up. Another scene will
occur and oh! Time for a Boss battle!

HP: 804 (In Oversoul)
MP: 0

The spider's health differs so I'm not quite sure of how long it could
last. Anyway, just keep on attacking and healing with items at the same
time. The spider could release a web that cause stop but it'll wear off
in time. Just trust your judgment and proper timing, then you could
easily finish it off.

Now back at the ship, you'll see some guy lying down on the floor.
Another scene would follow, then talk to the lady(I forgot her name =D)
and she'll give you the Black Mage Dress Sphere! After that, the Celcius'
alarm signal goes! Time for another mission!

 Mission # 3 
Now another mission in Spira, enter the Besaid Village and in the hut
just on the right, look for... Lulu! Yeah! She's here as well. After the
greetings, Lulu will walk out of the tent and you'll have to talk to her
again. A scene will take place. You'll view yourself with her on a hill.
She'll be handing over a precious sphere. As you'll be prompted back,
Lulu will be back in her hut again. Talk to again and you'll be given
choices, just pick the top choice. 

Your new mission would be to find your good ol' friend Wakka. Well too
bad he isn't present in the village. You'll basically have to go look for
four numbers to open up the door near the Besaid's beach. Here's the 
places to look at(They are marked red on your map):
- On top of the hill where the scene with Lulu takes place.
- By the beach, by the woman.
- Again, By the beach near the dock.
- On a stone.
Continue and you'll finally unlock the doors. Meet that Wakka and you'll
finally get a taste of some FFX-2 exploring. Another sphere here awaits
for you so get it and guess what? BOSS BATTLE!

Now, head back to the door and enter the digits. You'll find Wakka inside.
Explore the dungeon to find another sphere. After getting the sphere, Boss

Red Dragon
HP: 980
MP: 84
Red Dragons are Fire dragons and fire dragons are immune to fire and those
who are under the sign of fire are weak against ice. Start the battle with
Blind to at least make it miss. Periodically heal yourself up and keep on
Blinding it to gibe you enough time to both heal and cause damage. 

Now just head back and talk to Wakka and you now have a couple of items 
including the White Mage Dress Sphere.

 Mission # 4
Mission four now takes place in Zanarkand ruins. You'll notice the people in
the place? Well, anyway go way up the hill and meet a familiar face, Isaru.
He'll then ask you if you remember his name. Just choose the second one and
after that proceed to the entrance of the ruins. There'll be three kids
having a conversation here. Just simply follow them as they talk and they'll
take you to a chamber. There'll be an elevator so take it down. You'll meet
Cid up the basement. Talk to the man beside Cid and a long conversation would
take place. Ones its done keep on going till you reach a very familiar
dome where you fought Yunalesca. A voice will then ask you, simply pick the
2nd option. Then you'll receive a Result Plate again. Keep on continuing to
the last level using the steps. Then head straight in and into another 
boss battle.

Sanctuary Keeper
HP: 2886
MP: 1000
Now for some real boss battle. The Keeper is quite an average boss so you 
better be careful now. Don't attempt to use magic on it since it simply
doesn't affect him. Keep on attacking it and if you wish blind could
pretty much help in here even a little. Maintain a half HP as he could
sometimes swipe it away. Heal with potions if necessary. Overall the
battle won't be that long.

After the battle. Mission 4 has just ended.

 Mission # 5
Kilika Island, another very familiar place for those who had played the 
last one. Okay, just head straight to the gates and notice the bustling
place? Anyways that isn't a big thing here, just follow the pathway to 
the Temple. Simply take the left route here and then head north towards
a dead end. Hide behind the trees by choosing the top choice and you'll
hear a soldier's conversation. There'll be a save point near by so you
could save before initiating the mission. Near it would be a guard,
just talk to him and tell him the password so you could pass. 

Every time the correct answer is given you'll be rewarded with an Item
but if you do give them the wrong one you'll have to fight them and
get the Item as well. At the very top you'll get a short scene here
and then another BOSS BATTLE!
Zero-Type Machina
HP: 1935
MP: 0
A Machina suggests that some robot with a lot of brawns than brains.
Anyway all you have to do here is to keep on blinding it and you'll 
have no more problems. A Blind Machina has only a few chance of being
able to hit well. But be reminded that it could still make a one shot
kill on a character that has a low level. Keep on attacking, blinding
and healing and there won't be a problem here.

After the battle. Mission Completed!

         -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-Story Level 2-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

Once you've gained control head over to Shinra and talk to her. Choose
the top choice and a short scene would take place again. Now talk to
Aniki take the top choice to make the Active Links available.

 Mission # 6
Head to Guadosalam and in the Mansion talk to the guards here. They
won't let you in anyway so to get in you need to get three uniforms
to disguise yourself.

1st Quest - Mount Gagazet
Got to Mt. Gagazet and talk to Kimahri. Take the top choice and then
speak with him again and then take the top choice ones more. After
the long conversation you could take the teleporter behind him and
choose to be transported on top of the mountain. Simply climb up and
head straight to a scene when you reach the cliffs. Notice a female
soldier climbing it? Now just follow here and climb it as well.
At the very top go into the cave and exit on the other side. The
very same woman would be running just run after her and get a scene
where two women taking a bath >.< Now prepare to battle Uno as he'll
show up. Why would such fat man appear just like that? And in a place
where two women are bathing. =P

HP: 1350
MP: 22
Basically Uno isn't that hard as he is just with a weaker companions
now. Simply blind him and keep on pummeling them with attacks. In no 
time this'll be over.	

Just take the disguise and that'll conclude the mission.

2nd Quest - Djose Temple
Now to obtain Rikku's disguise head back to Djose Temple. Enter the
tent just outside the temple and talk to the guy at the counter and
choose the very top choice then the second one. You'll now get to 
enter the temple. You'll now meet some new guy again named Gabriel.
Talk to him and exit the temple and head south. You'll see him
talking to another guy. Speak with him and choose the top choice.
An active link will appear on the map.

After the conversation, now return to Celcius and travel to Sanubia
Desert. Talk to the guy near the lady twice to get an option, choose
the top one and you'll be in an oasis where Rikku's dress sphere is.
But again another Le Blanc's troop is there. 

HP: 1220
MP: 46
Sano is with two other female soldiers as well. Now just kill his
back up first and then beat him last. Just keep on healing and
there'll be no problem. Just remember to finish off the women first
since the could deal more damage than Sano.

Defeat him and you'll earn the uniform.

3rd Quest - Mushroom Road
From where you are travel south to the Mushroom Road and you'll see
another pair of female soldiers here. Simply follow them. There'll be
a sphere here. Take it and be greet Sano and Uno again.

Sano         Uno
HP: 1030     HP: 1150
MP: 48       MP: 22
I think they have the very same number of HP back then and I'm
guessing it's around a thousand. What I do here is to cast Blind on
Uno and Keep on attacking him. Sano could barely damage you so no
problem with that. This battle will be over soon enough.

Now just head back to Guadosalam and they'll be dressed up.
Mission Complete!

 Mission # 7
Approach the guards and a scene will take place. Take the top choice and
the Mission starts. A cut scene about Le Black and Nooj will take place.
Shortly after enter the room just below the stairs. Uno and Sano will be
having a conversation. Exit and into the room Le Blanc entered earlier.
Walk to her and a mini game will take place. You're about to massage her!

Now the game works this way. There'll be 9 boxes and you're supposed to
hit the area where she wants you to massage her. Just keep on hitting
the yellow one as it entitles you to more points but stay away from the
red one since it'll make you start all over again.

After exceeding the point limit a scene will take place. Now head back to
where Sano and Uno is talking about and search the blue wall for a passage
way. A scene will occur and you'll be back in your normal outfits. head
where the arrow points at and a boss battle would take place.

HP: 1640
MP: 40
Simple strategy here. Attack and heal and it'll be over.

After the battle enter a room near the save point and grab the item.
Again follow the arrow into a room with an Akagi #10 sphere. Grab it and
prepare for yet again another battle.

Sano         Uno
HP: 989      HP: 1344
MP: 70       MP: 45
Simple strategy again here. Blind, Heal and attack. I take out Uno first
then again Sano has a lesser Health than Uno.

After the battle head down the slope and into a place where you gotta
climb the wall. There'll be switches by the walls. Activate all of it
and wait. After the scene you'll be in a different room and just
activate the switches again and a path will open on the other end.
Follow the arrow and guess what? Boss BATTLE AGAIN!

Le Blanc    Sano         Uno
HP: 1380    HP: 989      HP: 1344
MP: 460     MP: 70       MP: 45
Same strategy as the one earlier could be use here. Blind is quite useful
as Power/Armor breaks could be quite useful as well. Take note that
Le Blanc's immune to those. Just concentrate on Sano then Uno and 
lastly Le Blanc.

After a 'W' here the mission is over.

 Mission # 8
Once the short conversation is done, travel to Bevelle to start Mission 8.
Enter the Temple and take the right way and flip a switch on the rock.
Now back to the other way in the entrance and flip the hologram. It'll
lower a lift at you. Take it to the bottom level of the Temple. Grab
all treasures here and take the pathway to down and to the left. Head to
the slope for gils and head back up to the other. There'll be a left route
there, take it to get 6 High Medicines. Turn back and follow the red

Take the lift to the second level then right. Back in the Chamber of
Fayth. You'll then be in a section and in to a corridor to have a look
at the view over the area. A scene would take place and proceed up to the 
section of the scream and Yuna will slide down. There'll be a lot of
platforms around you and just activate the first, the third and the fifth
one. After that a battle would take place.

Ghost Keeper
HP: 3680
MP: 9999
Breaks works like wonder against him. Just keep on betaking him and it'll
weaken him of. Though watch out since he could cast a spell to slow you
down. Just have a character to keep on healing and dispelling. Just keep
on attacking him and it'll be over.

HP: 4420
MP: 9999
Same as for the Keeper strategy. The difference is that he could deal
greater damage than the keeper. BTW, This boss will only appear if 
you have activated the other 3 towers making this an optional one.

Save then heal yourself for another boss battle. This time he's a 
tougher boss than you've ever seen. Continue on and you'll meet up with

HP: 3380
MP: 540
He's a pretty strong boss. Anyway, you may want to try and steal the
Encounter None Item from him since it'll be very useful for most parts.
The guy could deal heavy damages so you may want to keep you HPs at a 
high level. Baralai is rather under no element so he could probably
take elemental damage pretty well so you may not want to use it on 
him. Blind could be helpful here though. 

Replenish your health then get ready for another battle.

Dark Bahamut
HP: 8400
MP: 9999
Break! Break! Break! Keep on casting Break Spells and he'll be an easy
opponent though watch out for it's Overdrive which can really hurt you
a lot. Make one character keep on casting protect/shell/heal as it
could really help you a lot. Just keep on attacking him as I don't
find any elemental attack quite useful against him.

After this one Mission 8 and Story level 2 is finished.

         -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-Story Level 3-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

 Mission # 9
As you enter the village of Besaid, talk to Lulu again and a conversation with
Shinra, there'll be a scene with Wakka and some guy take place. After that
go to Besaid Temple and talk to Bechrem to start the mission. Enter the
Chamber of Fyth until you see Wakka lying in the floor. Talk to him and take
the elevator down to a Boss ^_^.

Dark Valefor
HP: 8430
MP: 9999
Simply do what you normally do on boss battles. Use breaks skills and magic 
attacks. It's wise to bring along who'll be dealing damage as one character
should normally heal. The assigned healer should keep on casting protect
and/or shell as the Valefor's desperation attack is quite deadly and could
really pack a punch. He has two kinds actually one of which could simply wipe
your party with a blow so you better keep them above 1/2 of their original HP.

 Mission # 10
Mission 10 is rather simple. Simply talk to Dona in her house (in Kilika
Island) and this will activate an event. All you have to do is get pass the
guards to reach the Kilika Temple. Dona'll distract the guards and time it
right when'll you dash off. After some tries you'll somehow get pass it as
timing won't be that hard. You'll not be in Kilika Forest and each route
there is guarded by guards. Simply approach each gates to activate events
till you'll get to Kilika Temple. Head back to the Chamber of Fyth and
there'll be a blue flame in your path, and simply approach it.

 Mission # 11
Back in Djose Temple again, another Aeon attack had happened. Head to the 
Chamber of Fayth and take the 2nd elevator to the 2nd floor just at the far
end of the five pillar thingy. Activate the right one to deactivate the electric
barrier that serves as the chamber's shield. Anyway if you rather in a mood of
fighting just smack the other buttons to activate a battle. Once being
deactivated prepare for another boss to fight.

Dark Ixion
HP: 12380
MP: 9999
The boss here is rather lightning based so you better watch out for lightning
or thunder attacks from it. Break skills would be at its best here as most would
be barely blocked or be evaded. Aim for it's offensive power first then simply
keep pummeling him ones he's done.

After the battle Yuna'll be in the underground world will Nooj and Gabriel.
You'll receive 2 Akagi spheres automatically. Anyway, after the scene just
keep pressing the 'O' button and another scene would take place. After which
you'll be out of that ugly place. Mission Completed.

         -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-Story Level 4-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

Note that upon entering Story Level 4 you won't have much freedom to roam about
as you'll automatically be linked to active link missions per ALM. I suggest you
try to complete and do everything you need before proceeding as you won't find
much in SL4.

 Mission # 12
Mihen Road, approach the group of guys there and notice a guy in red running
away, that'll be your mission... to find him. Simply follow that guy wherever
he goes. After which look for the save point in moon flow and a scene will occur.
Now a guy will pass by you, follow him and head back south from where you
entered. In another area, you'll see another guy and he's exhausted. A scene
will take place then find your way back to Moonflow. Now take the elephant ride
to the other area. Leave it and head to Guadosalam. Now after that long trek how
in the world has the red guy managed to get here fast? Anyway a result plate
will be given to you and Mission Complete!

 Mission # 13
Thunder Plains, simply follow the red arrow to the dragon's hideout. You could
talk to the guy by the entrance to replenish your health, just for information.
As you enter you'll be in a junction, simply take the left route and make your
way to the dragon. Treasure chests will be lying along the way approach the 
dragon and... guess what?

HP: 14234 (In Oversoul)
MP: 276
This creature is awfully hard to beat as his simple tail attack could almost
wipe you party out though you could still survive a blast but the time of 
you attacking will be reduced and be allocated to healing. Anyway I suggest
you bring along either of the two teams: (Be reminded that this' merely a 
suggestion =P you may use what you think would be best.) 2 Dark Knights and
a white mage or A Gunner, a Singer/Dancer and a Trainer Dress (Paine).

Team one tip:
Simply have the Dark Knights keep dealing the damage. But before hand equip 
them with accessories that'll boost their defensive power and a hefty stock of
Mega Potion as this will be your prime way of healing whenever you're in
critical. The White Mage is basically for support spells and healing as she
could definitely turn tides with her hand. Just

Team two tip:
Carnival dance, Final Dance and Accel Dance are your key here. Try to rotate
unto those skills as each would definitely benefit your characters. Paine
in her Trainer dress should be the prime healer her Flory spells special the
one that heals and casts haste would benefit you a lot here. A gunner would
simply be your main attacker as she should keep on using the strongest of her

General Boss Tip:
Simply blind this creature and hope that his tail attack would miss. Overall
that should be the only one you should look out for. Anyway in case his tail
swing connected simply use up all healing spells/items you could and get back to
attacking again.

After the battle go to the cockpit and a scene will take place. Mission Compete!

         -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-Story Level 5-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

This is the last Story Level anyway after the conversation with Rikku and Paine
head back to the cockpit and a scene would occur, talk to Aniki and simply
choose from those poses. Now onto the Active Link Missions.

 Mission # 14
This is not an ALM but happens after the posing style selection. Anyway
just keep going down and fight a boss!

This is not an active link mission but it is compulsory. It starts right away
after choosing the posing style. There's only one thing left to do now. Just 
follow the route and head down. Boss fight! 

Dark Shiva
HP: 14800
MP: 9999
Perhaps the toughest of all bosses so far. Anyway Shiva is quick and very agile
so her attacks could definitely pack punches. Simply slow her down with Break
Skills then simply have her pummeled all the way till she's down. The only
problem here is that she could really deal damage left and right so having a
white mage around is a good idea. I suggest you keep your HPs as high as possible
and just have that White Mage dedicate the time for healing alone.

 Mission # 15 (Last Mission)
I suggest you complete as much side quests as you can before heading here as
well as stocking up on items preferably those that heals loads of HPs and MPs
as you'll be needing an awful lot of it. Back on board, talk to Aniki and
choose the top choice as you'll be back to the underground world. Keep going
down and you'll be in for a boss battle!

Bee        Wasp         Ladybug
HP: 9788   HP: 10330    HP: 12240
MP: 9999   MP: 9999     MP: 9999
This bosses are way tough so be sure you're ready enough before fighting them.
First off keep in mind that you should take them down in this order Bee, Wasp,
and Ladybug as the lowest HP should be out. With the three around their United
attacks could really be devastating so with one out of them it'll be out of your
league. Just keep your HP high up again and keep attacking the White Mage should
have an endless supply of Mana Points as she would be needed to
heal/protect/shell/dispel constantly. If you've got a problem about one of them
healing or casting spells that they benefit from simply dispel it. Once two
are down it won't be a tough job.

Head back up and replenish your health as another boss would be battling you in
the next area.

Dark Anima
HP: 36000
MP: 9999
After three troublesome sisters this boss isn't that hard compared to the last
three. I suggest you attack her with the 3 best jobs you currently have,
preferably those who have the highest attack rating. Simply watchout for Pain
spell as it'll give you multiple status ailments so having a heck of remedies
would help. Also keep your HP high so her overdrive attack won't do you harm.

After the battle a scene would follow. You'll be in a nice place now. Talk to
Le Blanc and a scene would start. After that save before entering the portal.
Deactivate the barrier by selecting the appropriate keys. Now on a split road
just take the left route and activate the blue thingy. In a junction go south
and you'll find yourself in an area with a lot of those earlier blue thingy.
Deactivate the Barrier and simply reach a Y like junction take the right road
and jump down to another route. Now, take the left route and step on that
thing again and play the notes on the piano. It'll deactivate the last barrier.
Inside you'll find Gabriel and meet up with Le Blanc's group.

Anyway you'll be in a new area again. This area simply require you to play the
tune according to it's appropriate tune by moving to the proper step. Okay
I'll run down the steps to take to make it easier. So you basically would
start from either two places, each is near the save spot. Take the top one
from the two and then jump to the right for 3 notes to be played. Right
again  then up to another block for 2 more tunes. Now head back to the
starting block near the save point and step on the other one. Now back at
the start take the one that you didn't took earlier turn left simply being
transported to a higher level. Step on the next block for a note and take
the last block to a higher stage. Jump on the platform near the platform with
the treasure chest and 2 more tunes will be played. Back at the save point
Take the last block you took again and take the lower one as to play 1 more
note. Now, back at the save point, take the block again by the save point to
jump to a lower platform and the last 2 tunes will be played. Head back up
to the barrier and stand on that thingy again to activate all note you've
played if you've done it correctly the barrier will disappear. You could
continue but I suggest save first as a boss would come next.

Keep on going till you meet Nooj for a scene, after which you'll hear some
familiar voices talking to Yuna. Keep going straight as it leads to a boss!

Vegnagun's Tail
HP: 34200
MP: 9999
Just watchout for its tail attack(darn a tail already...) He could deal
swing attacks as devastating as the last one so keep a high HP to
survive his onslaught. Anyway the other attacks are merely puny as
surely you'll survive it. Keep attacking with the strongest attacking 
job you have and he'll be down.

After the battle walk right straight and reach another boss!

Vegnagun's Leg
Arm           Red Sphere     Green Sphere     Yellow Sphere
HP: 18220     HP: 300000     HP: 300000       HP: 300000
MP: 9999      MP: 9999       MP: 9999         MP: 9999
Darn... perhaps the hardest boss so far but perhaps not. =P
Anyway I suggest that you use everything you have on this boss. Start of
taking the Arms as it's its main way of attacking. Ones the arm is gone
you won't have to worry much now as those sphere could do nothing to
harm you. Just boost your attack power and quickly remove the arm and
it'll be all over. Two Dark Knights works perfectly here as well.

Head on and rest for a while with a scene, and guess what? Boss Battle!

Vegnagun's Body
Body          Right Arm     Left Arm
HP: 33040     HP: 3000      HP: 3000
MP: 9999      MP: 9999      MP: 9999
Perhaps another easy battle. Simply take off the arm first and simply use
the techniques you've been using as you start battling his body parts.
Just replenish your HP or MP reserves if you've taken the two arms out.
Be quick to beating his body out as it could restore his arm back. Just
keep on destroying the arms and then dealing damage to the body and it'll
be out.

Then again another...

Vegnagun's Head
Head         Right Tusk    Left Tusk 
HP:38420     HP:2500       HP:2500
MP:99999     MP:99999      MP:99999
Use the very same strategy as it's Body just think of this Head=Body,
Tusks=Arms. Just concentrate on one then the other and it'll be finished.
Just be sure to keep a high level of HP here.

After defeating that troublesome body parts =P Prepare for your last test.

HP: 23850
MP: 210
Gaack! He copied Tidus' attack! Anyway he'll be gone if you keep on
attacking him left and right then heal when needed. Remember that his overdrive
looks like Tidus' so you do now how strong that is.

After the battle the last scene will occur and just keep smashing 'O' till you
reach the garden of flowers. A guy will appear then and ask you about Tidus.
Choose being reunited with him and just sit back and enjoy the show!

Congratulations! You've just completed the game!

                            *- Side Quests -*
***NOTE: Excuse me for putting up the Spoiler-free version of the Siequests
         I'll just try to change them back to the original form when time
         allows me anyway here yo go:

 Paine's Special Dress
Travel to Macalania Forest. If you could remember it correctly it's the place
where the Jecht Sphere in FFX is obtained. Talk to Tromell Guado in the middle
of the lake a couple of times and he'll hand over Paine's Special Dress Sphere.
You can get this by complete "Where's my musician" in the same place too.

In Macalania Forest again. There'll be a shiny route to the end of the woods.
Exit it and you'll see a scene where soldiers are attacking a house. The
house belongs to O'Aka. You'll then see him run away. The Mission will then
start. All you have to do is to chase him. Follow him till the route is split
to 4. Take the north one and you'll see a person standing. Move to him and
have Yuna to him and choose the top options. Now he'll be availably in the 
Celcius airship.

 Akagi Sphere # 9
Back at Mushroom Road. There'll be a group of soldier somewhat guarding the
place. Talk to the leader and a mission will start. Speak with Clasko who
is just behind them and on to the next scene Sano and Uno will be running
towards something, follow them and you'll see the sphere. Grab it and
return to the main path and take the elevator up. After a short talk with
a lady(Darn! forgot her name) Mission is over.

 The Moogle Suit
After the first scene and after gaining control of Yuna, notice that she's
lovelier in a moogle suit >.< Now, Run your way down the stairs and a man
will have a conversation with you. Now, You have to locate him, it isn't
that hard though so don't worry. Go to a small stall where a woman is 
standing and you'll see him there. Talk to him and he'll ask you to give
some balloons away. After the errand the mini-game is over.

 Dark Gunner Dress
Go to Mihen Road and just where you're about to reach Moonflow talk to 
the peddler along the road and agree to go along his journey. The mission
then begins, all you have to do is to defend the peddler’s stuffs from
thieves. As a reward for doing so you'll receive the Dress Sphere.

To meet with him for the first time. Head for Bevelle as you go to the
temple a priest will talk to you in a scene here. Then Baralai will appear
for the first time, he'll talk with Yuna about a sphere and after the
conversation head back in the temple and take the lift to the 2nd floor.
There talk to Baralai to receive an Item from him. The event solely adds
a1% to the story and I believe I've did this in Story Level 1 before
meeting up with Lulu/Wakka at Mission 3.

In Mihen Road in an inn will be a girl curious about chocobos. After starting
a scene approach the lady and choose the 2nd option when she asked you about
her name, then the first to start the mission. Your next mission would be to
catch a chocobo, now run to the south of Mihen Road and when Rikku stops 
pick the second choice as to continue on chasing it. It'll happen thrice. In
the next scene you could approach the chocobo and this time you'll be guessing
which direction it'll run next. Guess it 4 times correctly and you'll be on
the next part of the mission. The next part'll simply make you follow Rikku
or Paine wherever they go till the chocobo runs away. Now head back south
and talk to the guy near the road. Pick the top choice then talk to the
girl near a machina. Pick the top choice and you've completed your job. Next
after, a boss will fight you.

Chocobo Eater
HP: 2350
MP: 230
The enemy is rather weak against fire so use it as your advantage. Blinding
him won't work though as he's immune to it. Break skills are rather helpful
but watch out as he guards pretty well against Power break and a little on
Magic Break. Simply keep on damaging him per turn and use healing items if
needed it'll be over pretty soon.

After which you'll receive a Result plate for winning.

 The Shooter Dress
Go back to the Monster Arena in Nagi Plains and talk to Clasko, pick the
top choice and you'll be given a mission to locate monsters. A total of
five would be it as all other would be simply holograms. It's pretty simple
to spot the real one as it'll be the only one doing a unique action in the
group. Once it's over you'll help Clasko and he'll reward you with a
Shooter Dress and that'll be it. Also, If you do accomplished this the arena
will be turned into a chocobo farm ^_^ Yey!

 The Short Conversation in Mushroom Rock Road
You better pick this mission before Mission 9 as it somehow disappears after
you pick another one of the Active Links available. Okay, in Mushroom Rock
Road there'll be group of soldiers there and a conversation between a guy
and Yuna will take place. After a somewhat long conversation head back to
Djose Temple and talk to Gabriel. This'll simply complete the event.

In Story Level 1, you could meet a lady called, Dona(old face?). Anyway, in
Kilika Island, after the introduction of Yuna earlier, head to the other part
of the village and Dona will be in her house with just a red cloth as a door.
Talk to her and somehow earn story level completion. (I'm not sure how many
but a help could be great.)

 Shooting Game
Back in Besaid Island, notice the Blitzball gang there and talk to them. After
a short scene a guy will appear. He'll challenge you so accept it. Then the
mission starts. The objective here is to score more than what he marks. Anyway
if you gain more you'll be awarded with a mission complete. ^_^" So much for
the trouble.

At the beginning of Story Level 2. In Luca, as you take the stairs down an
event will follow and you'll see a lady interviewing. Walk to her and talk
to her as she ask questions keep on choosing the top choices and she'll reward
you with a result plate for the trouble also It somehow adds a % in the

 Missing Musicians
SL2, In Macalania Forest talk to the guy along the pathway and head to the
place where you obtained Paine's Special Dress Sphere. Talk to the Harp player
and he'll ask you to look for his fellow musicians. If you talk to him again
he'll point them for you. Locate them all anyway here are where does guys are:
- Near the guy playing the harp, there are 2 of them.
- 1 of them in a cliff of the old pathway in Macalania.
- 1 on the new pathway in Macalania.
- The last one should be in a pond where Tidus made his romantic stuffs
  with Yuna.
If you haven't got Paine's Dress earlier then it'll the reward.

 Ticket Vendor
SL2, in MoonFlow talk to the red guy to help him sell tickets. Here are the
guys who'll buy them.
- Near the ticket vendor, a lady with his kid.
- Near the ticket vendor, a lady in the stall.
- Docks, a guy just standing by it.
- Docks, an old guy sitting on a chair.
- Save spot, a guy by the bench.
- Save spot, a lady with his kid.
- Mihen Road, a guy and a lady near the road.
- At the other side of MoonFlow, take the shopuf, a guy near the station.
- At the other side of MoonFlow, take the shopuf, a girl near the station.
- At the other side of MoonFlow, take the shopuf, a lady at the bulletin board.
- At the other side of MoonFlow, take the shopuf, a guy near the road.
- At the other side of MoonFlow, take the shopuf, a guy near the Guadosalam.
After which, mission will be completed. If you missed the Magic Gunner it'll
be the reward and I think a result plate comes with it.

Rion 1/2 (see Rion 2/2)
- Go to Calm Isle
- Talk to him behind Mt. Gagazet

- Go to Mihen Road
- Talk to Hikaru
- Chase after Rikku
- Chase the chocobo
- Guess 3 or so times correctly
- Follow P/R anywhere
- Talk to the guy located south
- Talk to the girl near the machina vehicle
- Defeat the Boss
- Return to Hikaru and talk to Clasko

Shooter Dress
- Go to Nagi Plains and to the Monster Arena
- Talk to Clasko
- Locate the real monster

The Interview
- Go to Luca
- Look for Shinrida hosting an event
- Be interviewed

- Go to Macalania Forest
- Talk to the guy in blue
- Be back to where Paine got her special dress
- Talk to the guy with the harp
- Look for his musicians

- Go to Moonflow
- Talk to the guy in Red
- Help sell the tickets
- Return to him

Mad Soldier *
- Go to Mushroom Road
- Talk to the group of soldiers
- Speak with Clasko
- Defeat the Soldiers and the boss
- Take the lift

Akagi Sphere # 9
- Go to Mushroom Road
- Enter the Canyon
- Find/Talk to Nooj

Rion 2/2 
- Go to the Thunder Plains
- Talk to Rion and his friends

Wild Machina!
- Go to Mi'ihen Road
- Destroy every machina here

- Go to Guadosalam Mansion
- Talk to Uno, Sano & LeBlanc
- Talk to Uno and Sano again
- Go down the underground to Sano's Room
- Talk to Maechen

- Go to Moonflow
- Talk to the guy in red twice

Berserker Dress Sphere
- Go to Macalania Forest
- Kill every monsters
- Talk to the half-dead man

Playing Savior
- Go to Nagi Plains
- Approach the group by the entrance
- Search for the 15 people
- Proceed to the Chamber of Fayth
- Defeat the Boss

Animal Trainer Dress Sphere
      and a little bit more
- Go to Mt. Gagazet
- Talk to Kimahri
- Accept his challenge
- Climb up the mountain
- Defeat the boss

*Note: You must meet Kimahri during the 1st/2nd
       story level.

Gambler Dress Sphere
- Go to Luca Docks
- Talk to a girl there for a coin mini game
- Beat her and the kids on the last area
- Beat the guy who'll pass by Rin
- Challenge Shinra

Lightning Strikes!
- Go to Thunder Plains
- Talk to the guy near a tower twice
- Accept his challenge/game
- Beat it and talk to the guy in the shop there

- Go to Zanarkand
- Go to the worshipping area before the chamber
- Talk to Isaaru

Akagi Sphere # 1
- Complete every Active Link in Besaid and Kilika
- Go to Bevelle
- Go back to where you fought Dark Bahamut
- Defeat the Boss

Rin's Investigation 1/2 (see Rin's Investigation 2/2)
- Use the Ze Shin Sphere
- Help Rin in his investigation
- Look for the sphere in Mi'ihen Road

Akagi Sphere # 5
- After the scebe with Maechen in Mission 13
- Head to the Engine Room of Celcius
- Talk to LeBlanc

Episode Complete
- Several Active Links will be on
- Just complete each of them
- They're pretty straightforward

Rin's Investigation 2/2
- Meet Rin

Akagi Sphere # 4
- Go to Guadosalam Mansion
- Enter the Underground passage
- Reach the Chest for it

Akagi Sphere # 6
- Go to Bevelle Temple
- Approach Pacce's Group
- Take the portal to the 100th level dungeon 1st floor
- Pick up the sphere

Akagi Sphere # 8
- See Akagi Sphere # 6
- Jump to the hole till the 20th
- Defeat the boss


                          * Frequently Asked Questions -

1. How can I summon aeons in the game? or is it possible?

A: I don't think you could. Aaww... our hopes just let us down eh? Hoping
   for some new aeons to be summoned on the sequel.

2. How many endings are there?

A: Hm... I think it could possibly have 3 a Perfect, A Good and a normal one.

3. How'd it differs?

A: Basically the better ones have added FMVs as well as added storyline.

4. Is it possible to finish the game with 100% Story Completion?

A: Yes it is! There are people who have managed to do so and some has even
   turned to the magical Code Breaker to help them out =P

5. So after I've completed the game what'll be up?

A: There'll be a New Game+ Much like Chrono Cross' The option would allow you
   to use all items that you've collected in your last game though the
   character's level won't be the same as it was before.

6. How could I use the Special Dress Sphere?

A: You gotta activate the dresses on your result plates. So you better change
   all your dresses on your RP. After that hit the L1 button and an option
   will come out and that's R1. Ones it's done you could now use it.

7. Is it possible to achieve a 100% Story completion with your first game?

A: No. That's why they've designed the new game. Think of Chrono Cross as the
   New Game+ and that's just very similar to FFX-2's.

8. Are there any other characters beside the 3 lead?

A: You mean besides Rikku, Paine and Yuna? Well like the manual it only has
   the three lady characters so if you're thinking of being able to get Tidus
   or something... it isn’t possible.

9. How many percent could I get on my first game?

A: Hm... I'm not sure how to answer this since most gamers would have a very
   different styles of playing. Basically I would think roughly around 94 to
   99% as to what most players received.

10. Is skipping cinematic do any harm?
A: I've noticed it as well. In a game of my friend he skipped almost all of
   the cinematic in his second game yet he would still retain the score of
   99%. Perhaps skipping results to not adding into the statics. Still not
   sure though.

11. Could I contribute in this guide?

A: Well yeah... and surely you'll receive credit for it.

12. There's this typo/grammar error I found in <insert part here>.

A: Well I'm very busy and could barely keep up with updating the guide
   regularly and just to tell you guys that English isn't my first language
   so excuse me on that part. Anyway, I'll try to be as understandable (Ain't
   sure if such word exist) as I could.

13. About stats and abilities, how'd you gain them since the sphere grid
    is nowhere?

A: Like most RPGs you simply level up and increase your stats that way.
   About the abilities, if you've played final fantasy tactics well it kinda
   resembles the same class skills as it has. You gain them by learning them
   and I guess purchasing them with points

14. Where can I find <insert dress sphere here>?

A: If you're having trouble looking for a certain dress sphere, I've included
   the location of the dress sphere in my Class sections but if it's unclear
   in any case or if you've followed it and still didn't managed to get it it's
   either you've missed that certain part already or my description is not that
   accurate... hehehe sorry.

15. What should be my typical battle line up?

A: I know the answer here should be the player's own call since we all got a
   very different style of playing the game I guess I could give a very basic
   line up which is basically consists of a healer, a main attacker, and a
   support unit. A healer is uh... well... healer she should also have that
   certain support magic in any case that it may be needed. A main attacker
   is essential as to most groups there's always this battle-tank-like unit
   that could both take damage and deal damage in the same way. She should be
   equipped with skills that could either boost her powers or use those skills
   to his advantage on certain units. A support unit is someone who could both
   focus on healing and dealing damage as a healer isn't that reliable in terms
   of dealing damage. He should be equipped with at least the most basic healing
   and raising spell as well as skills that could deal an average damage simply
   to pick up what may be loss if something happens.

                                  * Item List *






Item Name: Potion
Effect: Restores 200 HP
# of targets: One Character only.
Use: Ones
Type: Healing
Cost: 50 Gil

Item name: Hi-Potion
Effect: Restores 1000 HP
# of targets: One Character only.Use: Ones
Type: Healing
Cost: 500 Gil

Item name: X-Potion
Effect: Restores HP to full
# of targets: One Character only.
Use: Ones
Type: Healing

Item name: Mega-Potion
Effect: Restores 2000 HP
# of targets: Party.
Use: Ones
Type: Healing

Item name: Ether            
Effect: Restores 100 MP
# of targets: One Character only.
Use: Ones
Type: Mana Replenishing

Item name: Turbo Ether
Effect: Restores 500 MP
# of targets: One Character only.
Use: Ones
Type: Mana Replenishing

Item name: Elixir
Effect: Restores both HP and MP to full
# of targets: One Character only.
Use: Ones
Type: Healing and Mana Replenishing

Item name: Megalixir
Effect: Restores both HP and MP to full
# of targets: Party.
Use: Ones
Type: Healing and Mana Replenisher

Item name: Phoenix Down
Effect: Revives KO'd character.
# of targets: Unconscious/Dead/KO'd character.
Use: Ones
Type: Revive
Cost: 100 Gil

Item name: Mega-Phoenix Down
Effect: Revives KO'd character
# of targets: Unconscious/Dead/KO'd Party.
Use: Ones
Type: Revive

Item name: Soft
Effect: Removes Petrify status
# of targets: One Character Only.
Use: Ones
Type: Status Ailment Item
Cost: 50 Gil

Item name: Antidote
Effect: Removes Poison Status
# of targets: One Character Only.
Use: Ones
Type: Status Ailment Item
Cost: 50 Gil

Item name: Holy Water
Effect: Removes Curse Status
# of targets: One Character Only.
Use: Ones
Type: Status Ailment Item
Cost: 300 Gil

Item name: Echo Screen
Effect: Removes Silence Status
# of targets: One Character Only.
Use: Ones
Type: Status Ailment Item
Cost: 50 Gil

Item name: Eye Drops
Effect: Removes Darkness Status
# of targets: One Character Only.
Use: Ones
Type: Status Ailment Item
Cost: 50 Gil

             -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-Result Plates -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

Plate Name: Beginner
Story Level: 1
Abilities: None
How to Get: Defeat LeBlanc the first time.

Plate Name: Square Formation
Story Level: 1
Abilities: Attack +5, Magic Attack +5
How to Get: After talking to Shinra about Result Plates.

Plate Name: Protecting Circle Formation
Story Level: 1
Abilities: Defense +5, Magic Defense +5
How To Get: After the mission of searching Wakka.

Plate Name: Fire Demon
Story Level: 1
Abilities: Absorbs Fire attacks.
How To Get: After the Mushroom Road Mission. 

Plate Name: Protection of the Sun
Story Level: 1
Abilities: Casts Protect, SOS Protect
How To Get: Given along with the Dark Gunner Sphere.


                                * Classes *

This section is basically for the abilities listing in the game. They're
from special dresses found in the game, which should be not much of a
trouble to acquire. I Currently have a few and some are on the way so
expect a couple of revisions overall not just in this part.

Name: Gunner
How to Get: Yuna starts with this Dress.
Innate Abilities: 
Quick Trigger - Shot with R1 damaging the target in a period of time.
Power Shot    - Damage a single enemy.

Attack          - Strike the opponent with basic weapon.
Burst Shot      - Critical damage to an enemy.
Darkproof       - Immune to darkness.
Hard Shot       - Damage target enemy, defense being not a factor.
Level Shot      - Damage target base on level.
Magic Shot      - Magic Damage to enemy.
Mental Shot     - Damage enemy MP.
Multi Burst     - Critical damage to all enemies.
Multi Shot      - Attack all enemies
Quarter Shot    - Damage target by 1/4th of their AP.
Quick Trigger 2 - Lengthen quick trigger time.
Quick Trigger 3 - Further lenghten quick trigger time.
Reverse Shot    - Deal damage as the target's defense.
Sleepproof      - Immune to Sleep

Comment: Perhaps what Squire is in FFX-2. It's pretty damaging oriented and
would kinda remind you of the Gunblade Trigger ^_^. Anyway gunners are well
adept at dealing damage and could perhaps make themselves tough for some
ailments. The gunners are very basic and could be replaced anytime onces a
better dress comes.

Name: Magic Gunner
How to Get: Complete the Dark Gunner Dress Sphere Side Quest
Innate Abilities: 
Sensor     - Scan your opponent.
Magic Shot - An attack that mimes the opponent's technique.

Anti-Air Shot   - Deals 4 times the damage to Flying-type opponents.
Anti-Pidding    - Deals 4 times the damage to Pudding-type opponents.
Attack          - Strike the opponent with basic weapon.
Bane Shot       - Deals 4 times the damage to Devil-type opponents
Disassembler    - Deals 4 times the damage to Human-type opponents.
Drake Killer    - Deals 4 times the damage to Drake-type opponents.
Element Shot    - Deals 4 times the damage to Elemental-type opponents
Fatal Shot      - Deals damage by using Fatal Shot attack.
Fatal Shot 2    - Fatal Shot starts 40% than normal.
Helm Fire       - Deals 4 times the damage to helm-type opponents.
Lizard Shootout - Deals 4 times the damage to Lizard-type opponents.
Mechablow       - Deals 4 times the damage to Mecha-type opponents.
Sensor 2        - A sensor that targets the enemy.
Sensor 3        - A sensor that could target your party.
Wolf Hunting    - Deals 4 times the damage to Wolf-Type opponents.

Comments: The Magic Gunner Class makes a great anti-creature class
since it has a lot of skills that quadruples the damage on selected
opponents and at the same time gain more knowledge about a certain
opponent. The Magic Gunner class works well on dungoens as such
that most would support a certain type of creature making the class
very useful.

Name: Black Mage
How to Get: After the very frst mission, Mt. Gagzet.
Innate Abilities: 
MP Absorb     - Absorbs target's MP
Concentration - Momentarily Increase the user's magic attributes.

Attack   - Strike the opponent with basic weapon.
Black Magic 2 - Speed of casting blach magic reduced by 30%.
Black Magic 3 - Speed of casting blach magic reduced by 50%.
Blizzard - Deals ice elemental damage to target.
Blizzara - Deals ice elemental damage to target.
Blizzaga - Deals ice elemental damage to target.
Fire     - Deals fire elemental damage to target.
Fira     - Deals fire elemental damage to target.
Firaga   - Deals fire elemental damage to target.
Thunder  - Deals lightning elemental damage to target.
Thundara - Deals lightning elemental damage to target.
Thundaga - Deals lightning elemental damage to target.
Water    - Deals water elemental damage to target.
Watera   - Deals water elemental damage to target.
Waterga  - Deals water elemental damage to target.

Comments: A very offensive class supporting every type of elemental
attacks that could draw fear from opponents a like. The Black Mage
Class is great against hulking enemies much like bosses as to most
would pretty much have an elemental weakness.

Name: Soldier
How to Get: Paine starts with this.
Innate Abilities: 
Assault   - Cast Shell/Protect/Berserk/Haste on Party.
Iron Wall - Decrease damage received from an enemy.

Armor Break   - Deals damage and decreases defense attribute.
Attack        - Strike the opponent with basic weapon.
Aqua Saber    - Deals water-element damage.
Delay Attack  - Deals damage and slows the speed of the target.
Delay Buster  - Same as Delay Attack but a bit more powerful.
Excalibur     - Deals holy-element damage.
Flametian     - Deals fire-element damage.
Gravity Sword - Deals gravity-element damage.
Ice Brand     - Deals ice-element damage.
Magic Break   - Deals damage and decreases magic attribute.
Mental Break  - Deals damage and decreases magic defense attribute.
Power Break   - Deals damage and decreases strength attribute.
SOS Protect   - Cast protect on dying character.
Thunder Blade - Deals lightning-element damage.

Comments: A Class that is pretty much looks as a cannon-fodder class.
They could mostly take damages pretty well and deal the same way as
well. They could have their weapons filled with elemental forms to
the extent that they'll deal much damage to the opposite elemental
attribute. They could not only deal elemental damage but also weaken
the opponent much that it'll benefit the whole party.

Name: White Mage
How to Get: After the mission in Besaid.
Innate Abilities: 
Pray   - Heals party in small amount.
Cheer  - Heals self in small amount.

Arise         - Bring a character back to life with full HP.
Attack        - Strike the opponent with basic weapon.
Cure          - Heals a few HP.
Cura          - Restore some HP.
Curaga        - Heals a lot of HP.
Dispel        - Removes any freindly/negative status from target.
Esuna         - Dispells all negative ailment.
Full Cure     - Heals HP to full and remove all negative status.
Protect       - Cast Protect on a character.
Raise         - Bring a character back to life with few HP.
Reflect       - Cast Reflect on a character.
Regen         - Cast Regen on a character.
Shell         - Cast Shell on a character.
White Magic 2 - Speed of casting white magic reduced by 30%.
White Magic 3 - Speed of casting white magic reduced by 50%.

Comments: The Healing Class. The White Mage offers a range of healing
and supporting spells that'll make the party last longer and receive
damage pretty well. The white mage could pretty much heal and raise
dead and at the same time protect all those who believe in them.

Name: Thief
How to Get: Rikku starts with this.
Innate Ability:
Steal - Steal an Item carried by target.
Flee  - A higher chance of escaping.

Attack         - Strike the opponent with basic weapon.
First Strike   - Gives a higher percentage of attacking first in battle.
Slow Defense   - Neagate Slow status.
Initiative     - Gives a higher percentage of getting a pre-emptive strike
                 in the beginning of the battle.
Item Hunt      - Increas the chance of recieving more/better items after a
Stop Defense   - Negate Stop status.
Steal Heart    - Puts enemy to Berserk status.
Steal HP       - Damage and receive HP according to the damage.
Steal Gil      - Steal money from enemy.
Steal MP       - Much like Steal HP but this time it takes MP.
Steal Nerve    - Scare and make the target run away.
Steal Rare     - A chance to steal a rare item from an enemy.
Steal Time     - Cast Stop on target.
Surefire Steal - 100% chance of stealing an item from an enemy.

Comments: Perhaps the best class as their speed benefits them well. Equipped
with an awesome agility they could mostly steal and cause havoc in their
fiends turning tides with their little ways. Though they aren't as much
offensive as any class they're great dexterity and speed works for it at the
same time their thievery skills could conjure problems in their foes.

Name: Singer
How to Get: After the first boss battle, LeBlanc.
Innate Ability:

Accel Dance    - Casts haste to all allies.
Breakdance     - Casts slow to all enemies.
Carnival Dance - While in this state, all Allies' HP doubles.
Darkness Dance - Casts blind to all enemies.
Defense Song   - While in this state, all allies' defense raises.
Final Dance    - While in this state, all alies deals critical damage.
Focus Chant -  While in this state, hit percentage ratio are up.
Mabaria Dance  - While in this state, magic damage is reduced to 0.
Matador Dance - While in this state, evade ratio increases.
Magical Dance  - While in this state, no MP will be wasted.
Mysterious Melody - While in this state, all allies' magic attack raises.
Purity Preparation - While in this state, all allies' magic defense raises.
Silence Dance  - Casts silence to all enemies.
Sleep Dance    - Casts sleep to all enemies.
Stop Dance     - Casts stop to all enemies.
Support Song   - While in this state, all allies' attack raises.

Comments: Perhaps it's true that the battlefield isn't a place for
entertainers but the class could prove them wrong. The Singer class' though
has no offensive attacks doesn't mean that it's weak. The Class could
definitely direct the flaw of battle whenever the dancer/singer took the
initiative to do so. Their negative status ailment moves could really hurt
their opponents as well as the helpful dances/songs they could do for their

Name: Item Shooter
How to Get: Complete the Mihen and Mushroom Rock Road missions, Story
            level 2. Should take Hikuri and Clasko on your ship then
            complete the Monster Arena Mission.
Innate Ability: 
Mix Bullet  - Mix two items for a special attack.
Item Lvl. 2 - Preparation time hasten by 80%.

6-Elements Knowledge - Double the effect of elemental items.
Elixir - Use Elixir not using that of the inventory.
Ether - Use Ether not using that of the inventory.
Hi-Potion  - Use Hi-Potion not using that of the inventory.
Medicine Knowledge - Double the effect of healing items.
Mega Phoenix - Use Mega Phoenix not using that of the inventory.
Mega Potion - Use Mega Potion not using that of the inventory.
Non-Elemental Knowledge  - Double the effect of non-elemental items.
Phoenix Down - Use Phoenix Down not using that of the inventory.
Potion - Use Potion not using that of the inventory.
Purifying Medicine - Use Purifing Medicinge not using that of the inventory.
Remedy - Use Remedy not using that of the inventory.
X Potion  - Use X-Potion not using that of the inventory.

Comments: A pretty awesome job to be with in any party. Think of
doubling the item effect as well as not using that of the inventory.
Though not that to be reckoned with in terms of physical Item Shooter
relies on other tank-type jobs to focus for the party's offense. They
are well as support units and is a very good addition to any parties.

Name: Samurai
How to Get: During the Kilika Temple mission in SL 3, after defeating
            the boss there.
Innate Ability: 
Coin Throw - Deal damage to the amount of moeny thrown.
Mirror - Loose a part of your HP to deal more damage to target.

Fearless - Raise Attack and Hit percentage.
Gale - Raise Evade stats, casts haste on self.
Iron-Cutter - Instantly KO an enemy but sometimes fails.
Light Shot - Damage one target.
Majestic - Cast Shell and Protect on self.
Motion Stop - Stops a target's action during preparation phase.
Renewal - Heals self and cures status.
Seal Evil - Damage target's MP.
SOS Critical - Always deal critical blow when HP is in critical.
Supreme Shot - Damage all enemies.
Supreme Iron-Cutter - Instantly KO all enemies but sometimes fails.
Train - Deals damage based on the number of kills.

Comments: A very versatile warrior of the east. Adept in using a
blade and is capable on fighting a number of enemies even when
alone. Samurais are also capable of killing a number of enemies
at once or could deal big damage the same time. They're very
focused on building up theirselves and is very good at protecting
themselves as well.

Name: Berserker
How to Get: Complete the Macalania Travel Agency Mission in SL 3.

Auto Regen - Starts a battle with a regen status,
Berserk - Casts Berserk on self.
Bit by Bit - Damage enemy and poison it.
Commence - Damage and cause slow.
Changeproof - Be Immune to some status.
Counter - Counter physical damage.
Evade & Counter - Evade and counter a physical attack.
Guts - Increase max HP.
Hasten - Damage target equal to remaining HP.
Hard Blow - Damage target by 1/2 of their total HP.
K.O. - Kills enemy but rarely hits.
Magic Counter - Counter magic damage.
Negate - Damage target and removes protective status.
Plunge - Heavy damage but would rarely hit.
Scare - Damage and lowers Hit and Evade stats of target.

Comments: Fighting with brute strenght Berserkers could walk
their way in and out of battles easily. Equipped with powerful
attacks that could edge battles into their side they could
turn tides and still be doing damage to the target. They're
mostly made as tanks.

Name: Gambler
How to Get: Defeat Shinra in the Luca locker during SL5
            (Sphere Break Mission)

Always Critical - Always deal critical damage
Attack Slot - Random Physical attack.
Bribe - Bribes an enemy to leave the battle.
Charm - Confuses all enemies.
Exp 2x - Gain 2x the total Exp. recieved after battle.
Four Dice - Attack with four dice.
Gil 2x - Gain 2x the total Gil recieved after battle.
Item 2x - Gain 2x the Item recieved after battle.
Item Slot - Random item use.
Luck - Raises own Luck.
Magic Slot - Random Magical attack.
Random Slot - Random effect.
Sharing - Raises all allies' Luck.
SOS MP Consumption 0 - No MP used when critical.
Two Dice - Attack with two dice.

Commetns: Though the battlefield may not really be for
those who aren't serious about fighting. Gamblers has
never been welcomed into one yet they could use their
persuasiveness to overcome them and at the same time
using their luck to be able to do so. They may not be
as tough as any other classes but their ability to
double experience, money and the item recieve is
ranked second to no one.

                                  * Endings *

This section is basically a list of all known endings yet. I'll just
enumerate them first and just update them with a bit more in-depth

Perfect Ending
- Simply by getting a 100% story completion

Good Ending
- Completing all the side quests/active links in the duration of the
  story level 3 and story level 5.
- You should've activated the whistling event during the time Yuna's
  in the underworld.
- Finish the Blitzball season and go to where Tidus taught Yuna to
- Choose the top option when Inoringo is summoned after beating

Normal Ending 1
- Finishing the game without completing any of the things listed under
  the Good Ending.

Bad Ending
- When you fought Vegnagun in his last form erm... last parts (Head).
  Purposely lose to it and you'll get a bad ending. This also triggers
  the Game Over screen to appear.

                                  * Credits *

I would like to thank the following:
Square Soft - For creating such a wonderful game. They've done a heck of
              a job this time.
GameFAQs - The best FAQ site in the world nuff' said.
The other contributors! - Honestly I used their guides first before I come
                          up with the idea of creating one myself. Billion
                          thanks to you all! I think they deserve something
YOU - This won't be called a guide with out anyone being guided. Thank you.
The People of GameFAQs FFX-2 Message Board - You'll learn a couple of things
      in there so just keep yourself from browsing and hopefully open a sweet
      topic. =P
MoOMoOMilk (djbeatmania@hotmail.com) - Hehehehe... he pointed out that FFX-2
      is simply a sequel to FFX not exactly FFXII. And also supplying me with
      Bad Ending.

If I ever missed someone e-mail me. I'm just tired and desperate to finish
athe guide early enough to get it on the site. THANK YOU!!!!

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