How do I solve the Besaid puzzle?

  1. I'm having a hard time finding them?

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  1. There are two "Besaid Island puzzles". The first is immediately available when you first visit the island. The second requires opening a treasure chest in the Temple with the Besaid Treasure Key. Each requires collection of four numbers to express a cipher key that opens a lock.

    To "solve" the first puzzle, speak to everyone in Besaid Village. They will provide a set of clues that should make it pretty simple to find the four numbers. Leave the village, save at the save sphere and search per the clues.

    If that is not simple enough, consult the Guide Map that appears in the upper left hand corner of the viewing screen. The locations of the clues will appear in pink as you move along. If you don't have the Guide Map on the screen, turn it on using the Config option from the main menu of the game.

    And, finally, for the first puzzle, if you are still clueless the numbers are located as follows:

    1. On the prayer stone on the right hand side of the pathway to the beach at the top of the slope when you leave Beasaid Village.

    2. At the top of the broken column on the right-hand-side of the pathway opposite the blue seal on the column on the left hand side of the pathway to the beach.

    3. On the ruined tower to the left of the path as you enter the main beach of Besaid Island.

    4. On the top of the bluff past the boats, huts and nets on the beach side where the boat dock appears.

    The second puzzle requires use of an engraved key with the Besaid Island symbol on it. You will get the key later in the game as a prize of, if you are really impatient, you can collect 900,000+ gil and purchase it from the Besaid Island shopkeeper.

    Use the key to unlock the Temple Chest to receive a special "instrument" that allows collection of the next four cipher numbers. To make a long story short, seach using the instrument as follows:

    1. Go to the ruined hut behind the Crusader's lodge and use the instrument to find a "best" viewing location. Check out the top of the Besaid Temple to find the first number.

    2. Leave Besaid village and explore the right-hand-side of the path leading up to the prayer stone. Use the instrument to find a "best" viewing location. Look along the ridge to fine the second number.

    3. Continue down the path toward the beach. Pass the ruins to search along the right-hand-side of the path after the ruins have be passed but before you reach the first bridge to find a "best" viewing location. Look toward the waterfalls to find the third number.

    4. Continue farther down the path toward the beach. When you get to the place where you jump off some ruins near the beach, go left rather than right. At the cliff's edge search with the instrument to find a "best" viewing location. Look toward the distant palm trees to find the fourth number.

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