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Reviewed: 03/11/03 | Updated: 03/11/03

Ugh-Lame lets us down again

First of all, I just want to say I am a baseball fan. I live it, breathe it, the works. So after having played All Star Baseball 2004 from Acclaim, I can honestly say this game is a blight on baseball games all over.

Graphics- The only redeeming factor of the game. The visuals are stunning. The stadiums are well rendered and the players animate well.

Sound- Okay, the graphics aren't the only good thing going here. The sounds are good, right down to the umpire's warning following beanballs. The music samples get old pretty quick. When I first heard them I was like ''Whoa that's Smashmouth!! How'd they do that? DMX too.'' After the first time though, TEDIOUS! Thom Brenneman and Steve Lyons insight also get too old too quickly.

Playability- Here's where the whole thing goes to crap. The batter interface is God-awful. Even on Easy difficulty the ball gets no easier to hit with consistency. Fielding isn't a whole lot better. On Assist mode the CPU takes such lousy angles to the ball, it's terrible. When controlled by the CPU, your fielders are too inclined to play it safe, even when you have a clear shot at throwing out someone trying to stretch a single. When you let the CPU control your baserunners, they get hung up, they don't run on sacrifice bunts, they don't get back to the base on line drives, in a word, AWFUL!!!

Realism- The strong point of any solid baseball game, this is where All-Star Baseball 2004 falls flat. Hey Acclaim, all pitchers don't field the position as well as Greg Maddux. In fact some of them suck at fielding, why don't you put THAT in instead of having them snag every 200 mile an hour liner that comes back at 'em. The realism also is severely lacking in the hitting department. Home run threats like Mo Vaughn and Vinnie Castilla seldom go yard, even off pitchers who should be carrying luggage. I like the fact that they have errors, but when gold glovers botch double plays by not throwing the ball anywhere, it turns the stomach.

So speaking as a baseball fan, I wouldn't make a recommendation of this game to anybody looking for a decent game. This game is lousy in so many ways, don't be fooled by the flashy graphics and good sound. You can all the shine on a steamer you want, but it's still a steamer.

Rating:   2.0 - Poor

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