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Reviewed: 03/08/03 | Updated: 03/08/03

All-Star Baseball 2004, It's just that good

All-Star Baseball 2004

This year’s version has to be the best baseball games I have ever played. I am not saying that there are not any better games out there. That is just my opinion. I have not played any of the other new baseball games released this year. Reviews are just somebody’s opinion. Some people might think a certain feature in a game is good, while somebody else might think that it is horrible. That is sort of the feel you get from All-Star Baseball. Either you like it or you don’t. And I do.
First off, the graphics are just as amazing as ever. The players look a lot like real life people, and the faces are right on. Randy Johnson actually looks like Randy Johnson. That’s the same with almost all of the players in the game. The stadiums look even better, as the jaggies are fewer and fewer. The developers of this game boast that there are over seventy-five stadiums to play in, two hundred uniforms, and twenty unlockable teams. There are many new animations that make the players move and look even more life-like. Though there are still times when a player will stop and wait for the ball to roll to him, but the problem is that the ball is ten feet to the left of him. The ball will just magically appear in his glove. I have only had this happen one time in the twenty plus games I have played, so it is not that frequent. The uniforms are more detailed than in years past. The classic uniforms, throwback jerseys, and Negro League uniforms are great additions to a feature filled game.
This game has tons of new features thrown in. There are the standard exhibition, season, franchise, and home run derby modes. But then there is a bunch of extra things to do. Some of the extras are scenario mode, trivia, batting practice, stadium tours, pick up game, collectable trading cards, and a multimedia section. The scenario mode puts you into some of the greatest moments of last season. For example, scenario one puts you in the top of the eleventh inning as the Brewers (I think it was) and you just have to win the game. In real life there was a strike ‘em out throw ‘em out play, and the Brewers lost the game. Your job is to make the Brewers win. It is pretty fun and a great addition. The multimedia section has a bunch of interviews that you can watch. You start with fifteen videos that you can unlock and there are around fifteen already unlocked. So far I have seen interviews with Derek Jeter, Cal Ripken Jr., and Buck O’Neal. Each video is a certain question, and the player answers the question. The feature I am most excited about is the online roster downloads. This keeps the game’s rosters fresh and new. So if there are any mistakes in the default rosters, then you can download an update that fixes the problem. But I am sort of disappointed that the development team took out the online play. It was originally planed to be included but was taken out towards the end of the development cycle.
The gameplay is the main part of the game. Playing the game is fairly simple to play, if you want it to be. There is the normal batting cursor, where you have to put the batting icon over the pitching icon to make contact. Or you can turn on easy batting and all you have to do is push the X button when you want to swing. The control stick moves the player, obviously. And the four face buttons correspond with the bases. The players are, for the most part, accurately rated. There are occasional ratings that I think are a little off. For example Mike Piazza is a B, and Eric Gagne is also a B. Each of those players should be at least an A-.
Overall this game is a lot of fun to play. The franchise mode is very deep. And there are lots of extra things you can do besides play baseball. For all people who love baseball as much as I do, this game is a must buy. Even for those people who are casual fans of the sport, I would recommend buying this game.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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