Review by gelkster

Reviewed: 09/19/05

This ain't no pleasure cruise...

Resident Evil: Dead Aim by Capcom is one of those games you play through to finish not because you enjoy it, but only because you've bothered (trying) to get so far. Even then, it's not that deep or involving to begin with, & only tenuously clings to the Resident Evil name & franchise as a forgettable side story.

You're Bruce MacGavin (although in the manual it's "McGivern", a perfect example of glaring errors here), Southern-fried STRATCOM agent in pursuit of Umbrella Corp. reject/renegade Morpheus Duvall, an androgynous albino (not that there's anything WRONG with that!) whom you discover later in the game is tied to the events of Raccoon City in the first RE. Ol' Morphy has made off with the T-virus, bent on ruling a twisted utopia of his own creation, & you're to stop him- or die trying. Action takes place on the sea-jacked cruise ship Spencer Rain, possibly the most visually boring vessel in the fleet. Grey hallways connect grey rooms in which you can only interact with "important" items- usually notes, reports, etc. that move the story along. (Even the sunken ships in EverBlue2, also by Capcom- hmm- were more appealing!) No shooting bottles, glasses, windows- just blast away at the zombified crew & passengers, monsters, & occasional bosses. About halfway through, you get to an Umbrella Corp. waste control facility, but the surroundings stay drab & dreary- MORE grey passages, rooms, & tunnels knee-deep in water that makes a repetitive mechanical sloshing sound as you wade through. Hey, I wasn't expecting lush, colorful outdoor areas with rainbows, but a little variety would be nice.

Dead Aim is both DualShock2 & GunCon2 compatible; the best control scheme uses BOTH of them. Spot-on accuracy is required in tight situations, & especially in the final boss battles, which are very unfair & unforgiving, even on "Easy". By the way, make sure you play with captions OFF, unless you want to see the WORST cutscene speech-to-text EVER- what's being spoken rarely matches the words! I really don't know how it got past (over? around?) Quality Control. To me, this is inexcusable & unacceptable in a "professional" game from a well-known, established, popular name in the business.

The only other things worth mentioning are brief play as Fongling, an Asian female agent Bruce meets aboard the ship, & the many guns available, though I mostly used the shotgun.

Get this game only if you're a big RE fan, or to round out your collection of GunCon2 games. Judging from the other reviews here, I'm one of the few who didn't enjoy this game very much.

PROS: multiple control support, adds to RE storyline, unintentionally humorous & laughable (is that good?)
CONS: dull environments, horrible text/speech issues, too short, shoddy execution, obviously lacks "finesse"

Rating: 6

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