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FAQ/Walkthrough by ChandooG

Version: 0.00 | Updated: 09/30/03

(( This one goes out for my mom who suffered from food poisoning while
   i was writing this walkthrough ))

#####   #####  ####  #### ###    ##### ##    ## ####      #####  ##   ## #### ## TM
######  ##### #####  #### ####   ##### ####  ## ####      #####  ##   ## #### ##
##  ##  ##    ##      ##  ##  ## ##    ## ## ##  ##       ##     ##   ##  ##  ##
##  ##  ##    ##      ##  ##  ## ##    ## ## ##  ##       ##     ##   ##  ##  ##
######  ####  #####   ##  ##  ## ####  ##  ####  ##       ####   ##   ##  ##  ##
###     ####   #####  ##  ##  ## ####  ##  ####  ##       ####   ##   ##  ##  ##
####    ##        ##  ##  ##  ## ##    ##   ###  ##       ##     ##   ##  ##  ##
## ##   #####  ##### #### #####  ##### ##   ###  ##       #####   ## ##  #### #####
##  ##  #####  ####  #### #####  ##### ##    ##  ##       #####    ##    #### #####

    @@@@   @@@@  @@@  @@@@         %%%   #   %%%          @@@  @@@@ @@     @@
    @@@@@  @@   @@ @@ @@@@@       %%%    #    %%%        @@ @@ @@@@ @@@   @@@
    @@  @@ @@   @@ @@ @@  @@      %%%    #    %%%        @@ @@  @@  @@ @ @ @@
    @@  @@ @@@@ @@@@@ @@  @@      %%%   ###   %%%        @@@@@  @@  @@  @  @@
    @@@@@  @@   @@ @@ @@@@@    #####################     @@ @@ @@@@ @@     @@
    @@@@   @@@@ @@ @@ @@@@        %%%   ###   %%%        @@ @@ @@@@ @@     @@
                                  %%%    #    %%%
                                  %%%    #    %%%
                                   %%%   #   %%%

      A traitor with a dream...
      An agent with a mission..
      A ship taken over...
      Who will prevail...

      #                                                                           #
      #     Resident Evil Dead Aim /  Biohazard Gun Survivor Hero's Never Die     #
      #                           FAQ / Walkthrough                               #
      #                             By Adnan Javed                                #
      #                                Alias AJ                                   #
      #                 ChandooG on gamefaqs.com message boards                   #
      #                     Returnofthemaniac@hotmail.com                         #
      #                          Completed on 30/8/03                             #
      #                                                                           #
      #                   www.planetdreamcast.com/residentevil                    #
      #                   www.rebiohazard.com *under repairs*                     #
      #                                                                           #

This walkthrough for Resident Evil Dead Aim has been written by Adnan Javed
better known as AJ among his dearly beloved friends and as ChandooG on
the gamefaqs message boards. This is a complete walkthrough for Resident
Evil Dead Aim, so sit back and..


If you have any questions about this guide or about this game then contact
me at this email address : Returnofthemaniac@Hotmail.com

######    ###       ####          ###
  #   ##  #  # #    #            #   # ####
  #  #  # #### #    ###          #   # #
  #  #### #  # #    #            #   # ###
  #  #  # ###  #### ####          ###  #

                               ###      #   #     ####      ##### ###
                              #     ##  ##  # ### #    #  #   #  #
                              #    #  # # # #  #  ###  ## #   #   ###
                              #    #  # #  ##  #  #    # ##   #     #
                               ###  ##  #   #  #  #### #  #   #  ###

             |                                                     |
             |       * Guide information                           |
             |                                                     |
             |       * Introduction to Resident Evil : Dead Aim    |
             |                                                     |
             |       * Story                                       |
             |                                                     |
             |       * Characters                                  |
             |                                                     |
             |       * Control's                                   |
             |                                                     |
             |       * Monsters and Boss battles                   |
             |                                                     |
             |       * Weapons                                     |
             |                                                     |
             |       * Basic Survival Tips                         |
             |              --> Tips                               |
             |              --> Health chart                       |
             |                                                     |
             |       * Complete Walkthrough                        |
             |              --> The Spencer Rain                   |
             |              --> The Umbrella Secret Lab            |
             |                                                     |
             |       * Game Item's listings                        |
             |                                                     |
             |       * Game File listings                          |
             |                                                     |
             |       * Tips and Cheats                             |
             |                                                     |
             |       * Misc Information and Important stuff        |
             |              ---> Official Resident evil Timeline   |
             |                                                     |
             |       * Review at GAMESPY                           |
             |                                                     |
             |       * Fun stuff                                   |
             |              ---> Game observations                 |
             |              ---> Memorable quotes                  |
             |                                                     |
             |       * Boring Legal information                    |
             |              --> The Allowed - Unallowed list       |
             |              --> Legal stuff...                     |


Version Updates :


30/8/2003 : First version of this walkthrough, if i dont get anything
            from anyone then i guess this will be the final version
            aswell, i got all the stuff i want inside the walkthrough.

!*!*!*!*!*!*(`'·.¸ ¸.·'´)¸.·'´)¸.·'´)!*!*!*!*!*!*

               GUIDE INFORMATION

  !*!*!*!*!*!*   '·.¸)`'·.¸)`'·.¸) !*!*!*!*!*!*

Game : Resident Evil Dead Aim
Publisher : Capcom
Developer : Capcom
Platform : Sony PlayStation 2
Category : Lightgun, shooter

Author : Adnan Javed
Age : 16
Statis : Still kicking
Blood : 0+
Guide size : 177kb

End Section

!*!*!*!*!*!*(`'·.¸ ¸.·'´)¸.·'´)¸.·'´)!*!*!*!*!*!*


  !*!*!*!*!*!*   '·.¸)`'·.¸)`'·.¸) !*!*!*!*!*!*

Another game in the survivor sub game's for the resident evil series by
capcom, but this time its something differnt, where the past survivor
titles have failed capcom this one promises to be something new and most
of all something better. Does this game live up to the hype, sure it does.

The first Survivor game was released for the sony playstation in 2000,
and quiet frankly it was one of the shabbiest games capcom ever made.
Only 2 years after that capcom made another survivor game for the PS2,
this time it followed the story of Code Veronica and the character played
as claire or steve burnside, but not so surprisingly that game didnt
do well at all. The same year they released another new game for the
survivor series but it wasnt a resident evil game, it was more like a
Dino Crisis title.

Now capcom have released the 4th game in that line, and this game looks
like a hit game already, providing much better graphics then most of the
resident evil games, this game is a first and third person mix up, where
the character turns to first person for shooting and third person for
exploring. The games character animations and visuals are smooth and
realistic and they play good too.

This game features the use of GunCon 2 along with the normal PS2 dual
shock controller. The best thing about this game however are the FMV's
or full motion video's in this game, they are completely different them
the movies of any given normal resident evil game and they look fabulous

Over all this game is an instant winner and much better then the rest of
the survivor series, every resident evil fan or just someone looking for
a good shooter should give this game a go.

From Capcom :

A Deadly Game of Search and Pursuit

Join anti-Umbrella searchand pursuit team agent, Bruce MacGavin, as he
encounters a new layer of Umbrella’s insidious activities. In this all-
new Resident Evil first-person action-shooter, you must search, sneak
and use battle moves to regain control of a sea-jacked cruiseship lost
in the Atlantic. And should you find yourself trapped amongst hordes of
zombiesand mutant beasts, your aim better be dead on … or you’re gone!

Game Features:

• An all new Resident Evil story-line
• Firstperson, seamless navigation and combat
• Weapon upgrades as you progressthrough the game
• An intense blend of action and puzzle solving
• Sharp graphics and intuitive gameplay
• Guncon™2 light gun controller compatible.(Also supportsDualShock 2

From The Survivor's Guide :

Samples of the T-Virus have been stolen from Umbrella's Paris branch
by an unknown terrorist organization. The following day a cruiser was
high jacked, and all contact was lost. Its crew and passengers are
presumed dead..

End Section

!*!*!*!*!*!*(`'·.¸ ¸.·'´)¸.·'´)¸.·'´)!*!*!*!*!*!*


  !*!*!*!*!*!*   '·.¸)`'·.¸)`'·.¸) !*!*!*!*!*!*

" Raccoon City, a mid-western town in the United States, was
  destroyed when a substance known as the t-virus leaked throughout
  the town.

  However, Umbrella, the corporation developing the virus, refused
  to abort the project, and once again the threat of biological terror
  was thrust upon the world.

  A large amount of t-virus was stolen three days ago when a terrorist
  group hit an Umbrella Lab in France. Yesterday, one of Umbrellas
  cruisers was hijacked and contaminated with the same virus. "


The story starts with our hero Bruce McGivern being sent in by the
US government to take back the umbrella cruiser which has been hijacked
by Morpheus Duval who was a high ranked umbrella officer before he
rebelled. The scene goes to the deck of the ship where Bruce is
being held at gunpoint by Morpheus himself, all the other crew and
all the people on the ship have already been turned into zombies because
of a T virus outbreak on the ship. Morpheus threatens to shoot bruce
and hits him on the head with the butt of the gun.

Morpheus mocks Bruce and tells him that there is nothing he can do
to stop morpheus, but unknown to morpheus is that bruce is not the
only agent onboard the spencer rain. Secretly China has also sent
an agent of their own for their own little objective. The chinese
agent looks at the 2 men from an overhead place. Trying to listen
in on what they are talking about. Then she takes out a handgun and
pulls the pin and throws it in their direction

Bruce gets up and spots another figure in the background, this unknown
person throws a hand grenade in morpheus and bruce's direction, bruce
spots the grenade and makes a run for it, morpheus takes a little too
much time to see it and the grenade explodes right at his face but
still morpheus doesnt die, instead he gets horribally injured and almost
falls into the fire, bruce races for his gun and when he finds it he
turns around to see that morpheus has disappeared, bruce looks for the
person who threw the grenade towards them but that person is missing

Bruce makes his way inside the ship where his journey begins...


Long story short Dead Aim is the story of an american agent who was
sent to this ship to get rid of the hostage situation, his nemesis
morpheus is incharge of the ship now and bruce must find a way to
stop morpheus and get rid of the mess he has caused.

End Section

!*!*!*!*!*!*(`'·.¸ ¸.·'´)¸.·'´)¸.·'´)!*!*!*!*!*!*


  !*!*!*!*!*!*   '·.¸)`'·.¸)`'·.¸) !*!*!*!*!*!*

Age : 27
Nationality : USA
Sex : Male

Bruce is what we can call a good action hero, being a member of
US STRATCOM (US Strategic Command Forces). He has all the training
he needs for his missions, but bruce tends to go in missions with
his guns blazing, not his mind thinking, and this has led him many
times to many bad situations before, but fortunately he has enough
skills to back himself up and that is why he always comes out on
top of situations.

Currently working as an undercover agent for the US government, bruce
is a strong well build guy, his current assignment leads him against
umbrella. Bruce has handled many serious hostage rescue missions
before but what would this mission bring for him. Bruce can sometimes
be an out of control person and during action he tends to loose
control and his trigger finger takes over, but besides being that,
bruce is also a justice kinda guy by heart, he would do anything
to make sure that the order is maintained.

## Covert operator for the Anti-Umbrella Pursuit Investigation Team
of the United States Strategic Command (U.S. STRATCOM). Has a strong
sense of justice and may act recklessly without concern for his own
life. Often bordering on out of control, but does a first-class job. ##

Subject : FONG LING
Age : 25
Nationality : China
Sex : Female

Fong Ling is the best chinese agent at the time and that is why she
is selected for this job, while the US government has sent an agent
of their own, china also secretly have sent their top agent for the
same mission, getting rid of morpheus. Fong Ling works for the safety
department of china but her fighting skills are legendary, armed
and unarmed combat both skills shine and she can also be some good
with mechanincs.

Fong Ling tends to keep her mind focused on her missions and she doesnt
let her emotions get in the way of her mission, that is why she ignores
bruce the first couple of times she meets him, but slowly the friendship
grows stronger and bruce and fongling start helping each other out
in situations. But what Fong doesnt know is that after her mission
is over her government wants to remove all traces of her and any
evidence of her existance, what does this mean ?! play the game
and you will find out.

## Covert operator for the Safey Department of China. Pursued and
arrested her brother, a democracy activist, as ordered by the government. (
He was executed that day). Ling harbors no grudge against hersuperiors
or the government. ##

Age : 32
Nationality : European . (french maybe)
Sex : Male

Morpheus is one sick man, he used to work for umbrella himself
but for some reason he rebelled against them and now to make them
pay morpheus and his gang of followers have stolen quiet some amount
of T virus samples from the umbrella paris lab, but that is not all.
Morpheus also overtook an umbrella cruiser, while he and his fanatic
followers celebrate their victory, the followers doesnt know that
they mean nothing to morpheus.

He unleashes the T virus on the cruiser turning everyone, including
all the hostages and his followers into flesh eating zombies. Not
morpheus is the only living person on the whole cruiser. Morpheu's
dream is to make the world perfect, which indefinetly involves
total world destruction, the US and china govenrmnent wont stand
for his idiotic dreams and they both have sent their top agents
after him.

During the course of the game morpheus injects himself with a special
kind of virus which mutates him into a smart tyrant, a female smart
tyrant. Now morpheus and Bruce battle throughout the cruise and off
it aswell. Can morpheus fulfill his dream ?!

## Ex-member of the Umbrella Research and Development Department.
The "t-virus" was stolen by a fanatic group of Morpheus-worshippers,
who also easily captured and overpowered the cruiser. But Duvall was
crazy enough to make his follwers the prey of the "t-virus" ##

End section

!*!*!*!*!*!*(`'·.¸ ¸.·'´)¸.·'´)¸.·'´)!*!*!*!*!*!*


  !*!*!*!*!*!*   '·.¸)`'·.¸)`'·.¸) !*!*!*!*!*!*

Much like the previous survivor games this one can also be
controlled by a GunCon 2 and the normal Ps2 dual shock pad, but
this time, dead aim can also be controlled using the PS2 USB


Start :          Open up the inventory screem
Select :         Open up the map screen
A :              Check things, pick up things, make decisions, select items
B :              Check things, pick up things, make decisions, select items
C :              No use available
Down key :       Turn from 1st person to 3rd person, move character backwards.
Up key :         Move character forward
Left key :       Turn character left
Right key :      Turn character right
Trigger :        Fire weapon, go into first person mode for shooting

PS2 Dual Shock Controller

Start :          Open up the inventory screen
Select :         Open up the map screen
Circle :         Check things, pick up things, make decisions, select items
X :              Check things, pick up things, make decisions, select items
L1 :             No use available
L2 :             No use available
L3 :             Move character in 3rd person, aim in first person
R1 :             Go in first person mode and fire gun
R2 :             No use available
R3 :             No use available
own key :        Turn from 1st person to 3rd person, move character backwards.
Up key :         Move character forward
Left key :       Turn character left
Right key :      Turn character right
Trigger :        Fire weapon, go into first person mode for shooting

PS2 Mouse :

Move Mouse :      Aim
Left Click :      Fire
Right Click :     Reload

End section

!*!*!*!*!*!*(`'·.¸ ¸.·'´)¸.·'´)¸.·'´)!*!*!*!*!*!*

               MONSTER's AND BOSS

  !*!*!*!*!*!*   '·.¸)`'·.¸)`'·.¸) !*!*!*!*!*!*

Normal In-Game Enemies

Zombies :

These are the regular enemies you find in any RE game, in this case
these are the hostages and the famous morpheus followers who have
turned into zombies due to the T virus, zombies basically bite
you from front or behind, if a zombie falls down they sometimes
grab you're legs and have a bite out of them. Pretty easy to kill
but its just best to avoid zombies if they are less and the area
is wide enough to escape. Along the game you will find various
kinds of zombies, there are zombies later who can only spit acid
at you and can't bite, and later you'll even find the famous naked
zombies. But in this game since all the shooting will be done in
first person mode we can always focus on a specific weak point
for the zombies and start firing towards it, for this game that
specific point is the head and the neck area, whenever you come
across any amount of zombies always be sure to take aim at their
skulls with the handgun and fire off rounds quickly so they
donot get a chance to come close to you at all. But if there is
a group of zombies coming towards you then you can shoot the
legs of the front leader and he will fall down causing all those
coming behind to fall aswell, and while they are down you can
easily shoot off their heads.

Hunters :

Ah the good old hunters return, but whats this, this time they are
competely transformed visually from the past games hunters, looking
more like frog then anything else these hunters are much more
acrobatic then before, now these are the elite class of hunters
as compared to the alpha beta and gamma hunters. These hunters have
the tendency to stick togather in pairs which makes them even
more deadlier, they can now perform HUGE leaps and can just slash
you while they fly above your head. There normal claw attacks
are just as devitating as in the previous resident evil games.
If you ever come up with a hunter the first thing you should do
is take out a shotgun or the semi automatic handgun, the only
given flaw with these hunters is that they tend to come face to
face with the player, meaning that they will be easy shooting
targets, but because of their great defence they can sometimes
take more then 2 shotgun blasts to kill.

Nautilus :

These are something new to this game and there are only 2 of these
throghout the game, and you only come across them in the sewer area's
later on in the game, these are basically large masses of meat which
throw small offsprings at you which can really damage you quickly.
As soon as you spot these the first thing you should do is take out
your most powerful gun, and start quick shooting at it, it will spawn
some offspring in about 3 seconds time, be sure to kill it before
it launches too many of those little things, the only weakness against
this thing is that its not mobile and if you can manage to get on its
sides or its backside then it will be completely helpless, then you
can kill it any way you want to.

Torpedo Kids :

These are the little things which the nautilus's throw out, these
look alot like small torpedo's thus the name, they come towards
your direction in a very fast rate and they jump out of the water
to bite the character, as soon as you spot one heading towards you
quickly get out of its way.

The only real countermeasure against these things is that you go
ahead and kill the nautilus that is spawning them, they are respawned
at a very fast rate so it might be a good idea to get rid of their
source very quickly.

Red Eyes :

These are a new kind of enemies you find in this game, they look alot
like the hunter gama's from resident evil 3, but the only real difference
in their appearance is that they have red eyes which apparently gives
away their position in dark hallways, other then that these are very
nasty little creatures and you shoud shoot them off as soon as you
spot one, having all of the qualities of a hunter they can be a pain
in the neck.

The only weakness which these red eyes have is that if you charge
at them or just try and shoot them they will get scared and hop
back into corners, that way you can force them back into a corner
and then easily shoot them with any gun in hand.

Halberts :

These are the large bee's you find near the end of the game just before
the large queen fight, actually these little things are the queen's
offspring, these little buggers arent that big of a problem to worry
about and they can be killed with one shot from any gun, the only
thing they do is sting the character and they make a shreiking noise
just before they are about to sting . They also help their queen
out during the boss battle.


Boss Battles and Brief Descriptions

1. Tentacle'd Tyrant :

Description :
Another Tyrant makes an appearance in Dead Aim. Different than the others
because of its long limbs it uses to swat you from long distances. It
isn't perfect however, on the back of its neck is a critical organ that
will cause extreme damage to the creature. The problem here is to get
behind the creature and hit it. But once you get behind him and lay a
bullet into that area the creature will fall down, giving you a chance
to put in some more rounds before it resumes its attack.

This is the type you would want to do if your playing the game on
easy mode or if you think that you have plenty of ammo to finish
this boss off, as soon as the boss fight starts quickly take out
the magnum and start shooting away at the monster head on with the
magnum, pretty soon you will run out of ammo for it, when that happens
time to take out the assault rifle if you have it (( For the easy
mode players )) or the shotgun if your not playing the game on easy
mode and start shooting at the monster from medium range, this tyrant
has a strong jumping attack and it can really take off alot of health
from you, so its wise not to stand too close to the tyrant . After
some serious pounding the boss should finally fall dead.

The second method is what we call the smart man's method, this method
involves less shooting and more running and dodging, make sure you take
out a not so powerful weapon at first like the shotgun, our aim here is
to hit the tyrant where it hurts, its throbbing heart which can be seen
over his shoulder on his back , so try your best and head behind him,
you'll get the chance, and shoot its heart, it should fall down to its
knees now, this is the time, quickly take out the magnum and start pumping
lead into its heart, if this trick is done correctly then the tyrant
should fall down quickly, keep in mind that when ever its raising its hands
that means that its about to attack so either run away from it or
start dodging.

2. Pluto Tyrant :

Description :
Pluto is another failed experiment that escaped from its cell before it
could be destroyed. He has no eyes and relys on his hearing to find you.
This is a good time to sneak around rather than run and use the silenced
hand gun. Pluto is a big boy and looks like he's been eating his fill of
babies so don't bother wasting ammo shooting his massive body. Instead focus
on his head.

Just like the previous boss this is the trick which you should be using
if your either playing the game on the easy mode or if you think you
have ALOT of ammo to spare. As soon as the fight starts quicklt take
out the grenade launcher and fill it up with acid rounds, make sure
your aiming right at the boss and start shooting away, these rounds
will do quiet some damage to the boss, its not necessary for it to
die like this, but if the grenade launcher does not do the trick then
just go and take out the shotgun or magnum whichever you prefer, using
either of these 2 guns start pumping led into the boss, sooner or later
it should fall down and die.

As most of you all probably dont know pluto is almost blind and he
functions upon hearing sounds and gun fire, so this is what we call
the ingenious plan to kill this large overgrown boss, but for this
it is a necessity that you have the silenced handgun and quiet some
handgun ammo with you, so here is what you do. First off take out the
silenced handgun, then press the aim button while walking and you will
see that bruce walks quieter in this way, to make him even more of a
stealth guy press the aim button and the weapon button at the same
time and then make him walk, this will now become a bit like a first
person shooter, with your new skills start aiming for the pluto's
exposed brain, as soon as its brain is in your target start shooting
rounds quickly at the brain, the pluto will probably come close to you
so walk quietly away from it, no need for running, keep on stealth
shooting and running from it and sooner or later it should die.

3. Queen Halbert :

Description :
A huge insect. Like Pluto her weakest area is the head. Don't stand
around and fire however, she spits out smaller flying insects and acid.
So running and shooting works best here.

Now this boss isnt hard if your playing the game on easy mode, if your
playing the game with easy mode or if you just have alot of grenade launcher
ammo to waste then just take the launcher out and start shooting at the
queen, this boss will fall quickly , not a hard one if you use this trick.
If its on the easy mode then there is highly no chance at all that the boss
will squirt out more halbrets.

If your not playing the game on the easy mode then you just have gotten
the first assault rifle for bruce a while ago right, the trick to do
now is take the assault rifle you just found and get a little distance
between you and the boss and then start shooting, even though the boss
will squirt some of those little halberts out they will fall in the
fire of the assault rifle, if you run out of the rifle's ammo there
should be a little more near the door, or if you just have plenty
of shotgun ammo or magnum rounds then you can use those powerful
one's to finish off the boss, the assault rifle is suitable for this

4. Morpheus Tyrant :

Description :
With the electrical field protecting him, bullets have no effect on
him. The only weapon with any effect is the Particle Rifle. Its still
not going to be easy though, he's fast and uses a ton of acrobatic moves
to dodge and attack. When he comes down he attacks hard with the claw.
Aim for the head and prey that you have enough healing items.

As soon as the boss fight starts you should first know how the boss
attacks, first off he is a quick mover and its a very wise idea not
to be in his sight, he can do some very mean acrobatic attacks and
he can beat the crap out of bruce with those, then he can do that
electric shock move which is also devestating, pray to god that you
had alot of healing items for this fight, if morpheus catches you
with one of his claw swipes then he is just gonna keep on attacking
you until your dead so whenever he's about so swipe press the aim
button to dodge his attacks, when you find an oppertunity aim with
the particle rifle and start laying particles into morpheus's butt.
The best and most easiest time to fire him is during his attacks, if
you can catch him then he's gonna fall down. This fight is a real
hard one , but if you follow the given strategy and make sure that
he doesnt attack you then sooner or very later morpheus should finally
fall down.

End Section

!*!*!*!*!*!*(`'·.¸ ¸.·'´)¸.·'´)¸.·'´)!*!*!*!*!*!*


  !*!*!*!*!*!*   '·.¸)`'·.¸)`'·.¸) !*!*!*!*!*!*

" so what else do you need besides a miracle to finish this mission "
" guns... lotsa guns "

* Handgun :

Fully Loaded : 15 rounds
Ammo Required : Handgun Ammo

This is the basic handgun of the game, nothing much here to look
at except that this gun has an average firing rate , but the only
thing this gun should be used against is the zombies, since this
gun is good for making random headshots this gun should be only
used on zombies, ammo for this kinda gun is not so scarce almost
everywhere so feel free to blow away anything you want to, as
long as it is a zombie.

* Silencer Hand Gun

Fully Loaded: 8 rounds
Ammo Required : Handgun rounds

This gun can be found in one of the guest room, being nothing
more then a slight modification to the normal gun where you
cant hear the shooting noise now, i think that this gun is
slightly disappointing, but the only place where this gun
trully shines is the second boss fight of this game, against
the pluto tyrant whcih is virtually blind. But this gun has
alot of flaws, basically its a very slow firing gun and its
reloading sucks big time and its clip size is also too small.

* Semi Auto Hand Gun

Fully Loaded: 18 rounds
Ammo Required : Handgun rounds

Now this is what were talking about, the best kind of handgun for
this game, this gun fires off 3 rounds at once which is great for
holding back zombies and taking out hordes of the undead at once.
This gun can also be used against the hunters if you wish too,
firing alot like leon's advanced handgun from resident evil 2 you
should equip this gun as soon as you get your hands on it, and since
the handgun ammo is scattered everywhere running out of bullets
should not be a problem for the player.

* Shotgun

Fully Loaded: 7 rounds
Ammo Required : Shotgun Shells

As the trend continues with every resident evil game this game
also has a shotgun of its own, and as always the shotgun proves to
be one of the best guns in the entire game, firing spread shots
this gun can be an instant killer at close range and better yet
from a far range it can take out multiple targets at once because
of the scatter shots. Best used against the hunters who like to
get close and personl.

* Magnum

Fully Loaded: 7 rounds
Ammo Required : Magnum rounds

The boss killer in every game the magnum revolver returns in this
game aswell, the amazing power of this gun is no less then any other
RE game, capable of killing every in game enemy in 1 shot, even the
hunters, this gun is best saved for the bosses, this gun can be
found later on in the game, the ammo for it is very precious and
should be saved for the bosses.

* Grenade Launcher

Fully Loaded: 6 rounds
Ammo Required : Grenade rounds

Ammo for the grenade launcher is scarce but rightfully so because
this is one of the most powerful guns in the game, as it is the
only explosive weapon in the game it can damage multiple enemies
just like the shotgun which come in the blast area, the grenades
are hard to find, save this gun for the end of the game parts.

* Assault Rifle

Fully Loaded: 100 rounds
Ammo Required : Assault rifle rounds

This is the fastest and one of the most usefull guns in the entire
game, the only fault is that you find it too late in the game, a little
while before the queen fight, but this gun works like a gem during that
fight, because the fast action of this gun will literally stop alot
of thigs right in their tracks, if you manage to run out of ammo for
it there should be a couple of clips for it throughout the game, but
the bad thing is that you cannot reload until you are complete out
of ammo meaning that you can run out of ammo during a hard fight.
Other then that if you come across zombies with this gun equipped
then you can just shoot like hell at them and they wont even be able
to move.

* Charged Particle Rifle

Fully Loaded: 3 rounds
Ammo Required : self charging

This is a new addition to the series, and the potential final boss
killer, this gun is the best gun for this game because of many factors
the most important being its power and its unlimited ammo, but the
catch is that there will be a small waiting period before each round
of 3 shots is fired, you can use this gun all you want before your
final fight with morpheus so be sure to test it out a bit on zombies
before you start your final fight, the reloading takes a bit time so
while the gun is reloading it might be a good idea to run like hell.

End Section

!*!*!*!*!*!*(`'·.¸ ¸.·'´)¸.·'´)¸.·'´)!*!*!*!*!*!*

               BASIC SURVIVAL TIPS

  !*!*!*!*!*!*   '·.¸)`'·.¸)`'·.¸) !*!*!*!*!*!*




* Save your ammo :
   I dont know why but unlike the other survivor games or unlike any
   other shooter game at all capcom have made the ammount of ammo in
   this finite for all guns, that inclused the handgun too, so like
   all the normal resi games it becoms a priority here to save your
   ammo and use it wisely. Try and shoo the zombies on the heads so
   that less ammo is spent, the more you save then you will have less
   wase near the ending parts of the game where its all a rush.

* Distance does matter
   Whenever you have a gun like the handgun or magnum in your hand
   then be sure to use them from as far as you can, because these are
   single projectile guns and they will do the same damage from any
   distance you take them, the shotgun on the other hand is a different
   matter, the closer you use the shotgun from, the more damage that gun
   will do .

* Head shots make life easy
   When your playing with a shotgun in hand and you want to waste a
   zombie quicker then just wait for him to get close to you,and then
   raise your gun and just one shot and the zombie will flap like a
   headless chicken before if falls down. Other then that if your
   playing with a normal handgun then you can also do random head
   shots, just aim at the zombies heads and start shooting, if you
   dont get a headshot then atleast the zombie will go down in less
   then normal rounds.

* Find a save room and SAVE
   In this game there are several rooms which are called the save
   rooms, not just because they are the keepers of the typewriters,
   also because you will never face an enemy in these rooms, and
   also you can find loads of ammo in these rooms, so whenever
   you come across one of these rooms just sit down and have a rest.

* Find a map
   This game has a little different mapping system then the normal
   resident evil games, like the silent hill series the hero will
   mark important stuff on the map like locked doors or places
   which require you to use items or blocked off paths, so using
   a map in this game makes the game and finding your paths a lot
   easier as compared to the other RE games.




This is the basic health chart, this same chart can be ussed as a
little health guide for every RE game, so dont worry be happy.

# Health Chart #

The health meter in this game is very similar to any other Resident evil
game, you'll see the similar green line thingy which i dont know the exact
word for, but the rest of it is pretty obvious, here are the health

This means that your character is in top shape and they have their health
between 75% and 100%, its best to always keep your character in green
fine status, cause they run the fastest, they dodge the quickest and they
can turn around much quicker, otherwise shooting is not affected.

This means that your character is suffering a little bit and that their
health is between 50 % and 75 %. Now in caution mode your character's
running speed is effected a little bit and your character will hold their
side and run with a limp as a sign of them being hurt. If your health
is in status then its best to use just a green herb as most. Turning
around gets alot slower in this mode.

This means that your character is not in a bad way and that their heath
is between 25% and 50 %. The character stance and running action in
this mode will remain same as the yellow caution but if your in this
mode then its best to use a double herb healing item immediately.
Hunters are able to do head removing shots from this level on.

This is the death row, when your character is between 0 % and 25 %
they go from bad to worse, they start limping like hell and their
running speed is even slower then a zombies speed. If in this
mode immediately find something to heal and use it, no need to
be the hero now. Hunters will definetly kill you if you wander
into them .


Green herb :            Restors about a quarter of your health
Herbal Medicine :       Restores about half of your health
First Aid Spray :       Restore 100 % health at a single go.

End Section

!*!*!*!*!*!*(`'·.¸ ¸.·'´)¸.·'´)¸.·'´)!*!*!*!*!*!*


  !*!*!*!*!*!*   '·.¸)`'·.¸)`'·.¸) !*!*!*!*!*!*

                     NOTE NOTE NOTE NOTE NOTE NOTE
     | Before the Walkthrough starts let me clear a few things up, this game|
     | changes the items according to the difficulty setting choen at the   |
     | start of the game, my walkthrough below follows the item setting     |
     | as in the NORMAL (recomended)mode.. so if your playing easy then     |
     | your gonna find ALOT of items not written here.                      |


|                                                                   |
|    EASY                                    NORMAL                 |
|                               ||                                  |
| Bruce starts off with the     || Bruce starts with only the       |
| handgun and shotgun.          || handgun and less ammo            |
|                               ||                                  |
| Fong ling starts with a       || Fong ling starst with the 2      |
| silencer handgun and the      || guns but less ammo and herbs     |
| assault rifle .               ||                                  |
|                               ||                                  |
| You will die after about      || 5 good bites and its game over   |
| a dozen good bites            ||                                  |
|                               ||                                  |
| There will be ammo and health || Health and ammo will be few      |
| pick ups in every second room || and very far between             |
|                               ||                                  |
| Bruce can pick up the AR      || The AR comes very late in the    |
| much earlier in the game      || game near the queen fight        |
|                               ||                                  |
| You can hold more ammo in     || Half ammo can be stored in       |
| one slot compared to normal   || one slow compared to easy        |


     #####            ##
       # #  # ####   #    #### #### #   #  #### #### ###
       # #  # #      #    #  # #    ##  # #     #    #  #
       # #### ###    ###  #### ###  # # # #     ###  ###
       # #  # #         # #    #    #  ## #     #    ##
       # #  # ####   ###  #    #### #   #  #### #### # #

                      ####    #   ### #   #
                      #   #  # #   #  ##  #
                      ####  #   #  #  # # #  AKA THE CRUISER
                      # #   #####  #  #  ##
                      #  #  #   # ### #   #

So now were at the start of the game, your game will start in a rather dark
hallway, all you have to do now is take a hold of your controls, make yourself
familar with the controls and the camera angel, now head down to the end of
the hallway and enter the first door. Now your going to come into a bedroom,
check the bedroom and you'll find some ammo for your gun, take the ammo and
head through the door into a hallway.

Now in this new hallway there will be plenty of dead bodies but there wont be
any zombies in here, for now that is. There should be plenty of doors in this
place, first off find a door which is marked 102 and enter it, inside this room
you will find 2 boxes of handgun ammo, it is an absolute must that you take them
because your going to need some soon. Now exit back to the hall.

Now find the door marked 101 and enter it. A little shocker for you when
you enter this room, who the hell is that ?! Ignore the body for now and
head towards the back of the room and you'll find a door, enter this door
and head down the small hallway which you come across now, at the end of this
small hallway you will find the body , search the body and you will get 2 items
the first class key and a map. Take them both and head back.

When you reach back to the room the hanging zombie will come back to life,
kill it quickly with your handgun, the critical area's to shoot are the
head and the neck area, always aim for these area's when you come across
any zombie, this wont be difficult at all. Once the zombie is dead head back
to the central hallway.

Back at the central hallway, head to the right side and unlock the double
doors with your new A class key. Now you'll find yourself in another dark
hallway, go either left or right as both the places have 1 zombie each,
kill the zombie of either side and head to the double doors, enter them
and you'll find yourself in the stairs hall. This room is pretty quiet now
so run down the hall and enter the door at the end.

Now you'll come out in a new hallway with some zombies, kill them all and
enter the door to the right which leads to the VIP room. In this room to
your left is a dead body, search it and you will key a key card, once you
pick it up the other zombies in this room will get up and be very pissed
at you, kill them all and then exit back through the door you came in.

Now back in the previous hall you will find that 2 zombies are staying
guard to a double doors, if you want to kill them then one of them holds
some handgun ammo , otherwise its not that hard to run through them to the
doors, anyway you choose head through the double doors.

Now your back in the stairs hall, here you will find that a couple of
zombies have taken control of this hallway, if you have plenty of ammo
for now you can kill them all, but if your running low on ammo then you
should just run past them and enter the door back to the first central

Once your back in the first central hallway you'll see that ALL the dead
people here have risen, but they are far away from each other meaning that
you can easily run through them, do just that and head straight for the
double doors at the end of the hallway, use your new key card and the door
shall open for you to enter.

Now in this new room a beautifully rendered FMV will start to play, apparently
bruce gets a call from his HQ, while bruce is attending to the call he doesnt
know that someone is watching him closely, bruce turns around but its too
late, the female chinese person kicks the radio out of his hand and
literally kung fu's bruce's ass. Now THAT's a woman. After some small
talk bruce gets the upper hand on the girl and they finally introduce each
other. Her name is fo ling and she is there is a mission of her own. After
some more small talk fo ling leaves, and bruce is left thinking about what
just happened.

After the nice FMV is over you will come back in control of bruce again.
Now you'll find yourself in the spiral staircase hallway. You cant enter
any of the doors here because they are all electronically locked, so head
down the staircase to the first floor. On the first floor you should find
the control panel which unlocks the doors on the second floor, the keycard
you have should do the job for you. Once the doors have been unlocked head
back up the stairs to the second floor.

Back upstairs take the brown door . Now once your in this new hallway you
will come across some more zombies but this hallway also has an explosive
box, if you can try and lure the zombies near the box and then shoot at it
for quick kills of the zombies. Once you've gotten rid of all the zombies
enter the first door you come across. This is some sort of cabin and all
thats inside are some handgun ammo, take the ammo pronto and head back out
the door you just came in.

Back in the hallway enter the second door you come across. This room holds
the second gun in this game, pretty useless for now , the silencer handgun
much like the normal handgun the only difference is the silencer, take the
gun if you want to but its pretty useless for now. I would rather use the
normal one. Once your done here head back to the hall.

Back at the hallway enter the second room in line which comes in line and
you will come into the first save game room of this game, inside this
room you will find a typewriter and a cabinet full of handgun ammo, first
take all the ammo you want and then save your game . Once your done saving
the game head back to the previous hall.

Now its time to check out the second floor state room, in the hallway enter
the door marked 203, once your in this room you'll find some more zombies
kill them quickly and take the key card in the room, once you take it you
will find some more zombies on your ass, but since your probably full of
ammo right about now i dont think your gonna have any problem in taking
care of them.

Now continue back down to the end of the hallway and open the door at the
end of the hall, your back in a familiar place, once your back here head
back to the control panel on the first floor via the spiral staircase
now use your new keycard on the control panel and you will also unlock
the doors on the first floor, so what do we do now ?! enter the door
which is closest to the control panel.

Once your in the new area enter the metalic door to your right. Now you'll
find yourself in the gallary of the ship, in this place just head down to
the end to the doors which lead to the freezer. Nothing else to do here
for now, once your inside the freezer you'll find alot of blood in this
area and there will also be a shotgun for you to take here, take the shotgun
immediately. Return back to the previous hallway and this time enter the
door at the end of the hallway and you'll find yourself in the pool area.

Now once your at the pool table area go and check near the front area of the
ship and you will soon spot a hatchway and besides it a control panel, you
cant open the hatch yet but check the control panel and you will get the
maintainence key . Take it and head back through the door you came in here

Okey now time to do a little backtracking, head back to the spiral staircase
hallway, you should know the path to it by now, once your there on the first
floor enter the other unlocked door, now in this new hallway just run to the
end and enter the door at the end of the hallway , in this second new hallway
find the door which is marked room 302, once you enter the room you may come
across some zombies, kill them immediately.

Now once your inside this new room you will find another new weapon for your
arsenal, the semi automatic handgun, a nice alternative to your current handgun
and a much better chioce then the silenced handgun, take it and equip it if
you wish and exit back through the door which you just came from. Now head
to the other side of the hallway and find the door marked 305, time to check
this one out, enter this room and all you'll find inside are some handgun
ammo, take them and exit back through to the previous hall.

Now time for some business so head to the very end of the hallway and you'll
find a door there, enter it and you will be in a room which has a shutter
which is sealed and there is a control panel besides it, use the maintainence
key you just found on this control panel and the shutter will raise revealing
a door behind it, exit through that door. You will find yourself back in a
familiar large hall from earlier, you should be quiet familiar with this place.

Now head to the far north wall of the room and there you will find a door,
enter this door, now in this new place find the door to the seven sea's
bar and enter it. Inside the seven sea's bar you will find a handgun ammo
box and another file, take both the items. Once you've taken both the items
time to move forward to head through the door which is on the other side of
this bar, head through that door, in the next hallway just head through the
metal door you come across and you will find yourself in the store room.

Now in this new hallway head down the hall and enter the open door you come
across to your right, your now in the storage area, here take the shotgun
shells and also the valve handle you come across, now make your way out and
a scene will start.

Bruce catches a glimpse of something out on the deck but just before he can
do much a huge claw strikes him and he looses the valve handle, and who else
but fong ling shows up and takes the valve handle from bruce al mighty.

#    ### #  #  ####
#     #  ## # #
#     #  # ## #  ##
#### ### #  #  ####

Now surprisingly enough the game will turn the control over to fongling and
you will be controlling her for a brief period of time, assuming the role of
fongling your objective is simply to make it to the pool side deck with the
valve handle, the good thing however is taht fongling comes equipped with an
assault rifle, but please save it for later and dont spend it like hell.

Now assume control of fongling and test her assault rifle out a little bit,
dont waste it, now make your way back to the pool side deck, remember the deck
where we found the hatchway and the control panel , when you finally reach
there head up to the hatch and use the valve on it, now another scene starts.

Bruce wasnt too far behind from fongling and just as she is using the valve
handle on the hatch bruce shows up, some cheesy dialogues take place and then
the camera switches over back to morpheus and we see that he's still alive
but not doing well, he's sitting in some sort of control room and watching
every move our hero's are making. Morpheus visably very angry releases a pair
of hunters (( new design )) on the hero's. Bruce spots them and takes out his

#   #       #### ### #   # ### ###  #   #
## ##  ### #      #  #   # #   #  # ##  #
# # # #    #  ##  #  #   # ##  ###  # # #
#   # #    #   #  #   # #  #   ##   #  ##
#   #  ###  #### ###   #   ### # #  #   #

Now the game will turn back to bruce, the firt thing you should immediately
do is take out the handgun or the semi automatic , since the hunters start
off a bit far you can take them out with the handgun if you wish, use the
handgun and take out the hunters quickly for another scene.

Now we see that fongling has finally opened the hatch but she goes below without
bruce, the camera goes back to morpheus even in worse condition then before,
he injects himself with something, and suddenly starts getting electrical
shocks, this cant be good...

Now the game goes back to bruce and we see that he has gone below deck too,
as soon as your back in control run down the hallway and you will find out
that your in another save area, stock up on the ammo as much as you want
again and use the typewriter to save your game. Now when your done saving
your game take the elevator present there to the floor below, now in this
new hallway just take the first metal door you see.

Run down this new hallway and you will be ambushed by some zombies from the
front and behind, time to kick some zombie butt, kill them all and head to
the end of the hallway and you will come across another door, enter it. Now
run forward in this new hallway and you may be attacked by some more zombies,
take care of them quickly and head to the end of the hall and you will find
another lift, take it to the floor below.

Once your out of the elevator you will find yourself in a circular shaped
hallway, now start exploring this hallway until you come across a door which
is electronicaly locked, but the sad thing is that there is nothing you can
do to open the door now, so for the mean time remember its position well and
start more exploring until you find the door to the cargo area, you'll recognize
the door once you find it so dont worry about it.

Once your inside the cargo room you will find many boxes around you but they
are saeled and you need something to open them up, something like a crowbar,
but we dont have one yet so ignore the boxes for now and make your way to
the end of the cargo room where you will find another door, enter it. In
this new area as soon as you enter you will see a door right in front of
 you but you cant open it right now so either go right or left down the
hallway, exit through the door at the end and you will come out at the
presentation room.

Looks like umberlla were showing off their *stuff* here, now make your way
to the door by the window and enter it, once inside take the crowbar in
this room. Now make your way back and another scene will start.

Bruce hears something and he goes and hides behind a wall waiting for whatever
it is to approach, we can see something electrical moving at a distance,
the thing comes up to bruce and he is shocked to see the thing, what the
hell is that ?!. The thing punches bruce half way across the room then goes
and picks him up by the throat, then it starts talking unlike any other
tyrant in the resi series, and we find out that its actually morpheus
** what the hell happened to him **.

Some more dialogues later the control will turn back to bruce and then
its time to RUN . Reminds me of nemesis, the bullets wont work on the
tyrant so its best to quickly run and dont even try and come in the range
of the thing. With the crowbar in hand make your way quickly back to the
cargo room, remember. Now start cracking open the sealed boxes one by one
with the thing in hot persuit and sooner or later you will come across a
key card, morpheus should have gotten a few hits on you by now so heal if
you must and head back through the door which led into the cargo room in
the first place.

Remember i asked you to remember where the electronically locked door was,
well now is the right time to remember it, quickly head over to that door
and open it using your card key, morpheus will still be behind you.

Another unique scene starts in which we see bruce running like hell with
morpheus in hot persuit, but bruce **BARELY** makes it to the door at the
end and closes it, fongling is also there, but morpheus wont give up, bruce
stays at the door preventing it from opening and fongling goes through the
ventilation shaft and now she must find a way to open the other door to let
bruce out.

#    ### #  #  ####
#     #  ## # #
#     #  # ## #  ##
#### ### #  #  ####

Fongling will come out now in the engine room, first turn around and try to
open the door and you will see that its really locked :p. Now time for some
quick action, quickly head towards the stairs and head down them while keeping
a close eye for the 2 hunters which can attack you at any moment. Now that your
in the below area find the power switch and use it quickly. Now keeping up with
the pace quickly haed back up the stairs you just took down and find the control
console which should be right near the door bruce is in. Use it and you will
unlock the door which leads to bruce.

Head for that door and another scene, bruce quickly lets go of the first door
and quickly goes inside the door which fongling just opened, morpheus lunges
forward again but again he is left bruce-less. Now some more pounding later
morpheus finally leaves the 2 alone and heads away. Fong and bruce will split
up again and now you will find yourself back in the engine room area.

#   #       #### ### #   # ### ###  #   #
## ##  ### #      #  #   # #   #  # ##  #
# # # #    #  ##  #  #   # ##  ###  # # #
#   # #    #   #  #   # #  #   ##   #  ##
#   #  ###  #### ###   #   ### # #  #   #

Take a look at the door morpheus was pounding at, look at the damn scratches
he left, imagine those scratches on bruce's body :p. Now time to do some
backtracking so immediately head for the familiar cargo room, now calmly open
up all the remaining boxes without morpheus on your ass, there is still a
hunter there kill it quickly and check inside all boxes for some ammo and
medical supplies. Now head back through the other door at the end of the
cargo room.

Remember the door right in front of you, previously it was locked but this
time it should be open so head inside. Finally a save game spot after that
large amount of action, first things first, fill up your handgun ammo and then
save your game, before you exit this room be sure you take the key off the desk.

Now with the new key in hand head to the door which was previously locked
this door leads to the crew quarters, enter it. Now you will enter a new hallway
which has a couple of rooms worth checking, so the first thing were gonna do here
is enter the door marked 003. Once your inside this room there will be a single
zombie here, kill it quickly and it will drop off some handgun ammo, pick it up
and back to the previous hallway.

Now head for the door which is marked 006, head inside that door and you'll find
yet another zombie and a herb, take the herb and head back to the previous hall.

Okey now its time to do some serious backtracking, remember the presentation
room, its quiet near the place where you first found the morpheus tyrant, if
you remember where it is located then make your way there. Once you have
reached the presentation room there will be a switch on the wall, press it and
a set of stairs will lower down. Take the stairs and you will find yourself
in a much familiar hallway, remember the staircase hallway from a little
early in the game.

Now you will need to make your way back to the seven sea's bar, once you have
reached the bar you will find that more zombies have risen, dont bother shooting
the zombies which are near the slot machines because they wont move until you
get close to them or start bothering them, now use the key you just found and
enter the door which leads to the recreation room.

Once your inside you will see some stairs, climb them to the next floor and you
will come across a door, enter it. Now you will come out in a new hallway, in
this place just walk along the hallway until you make it to the doors to the
captain's room. Enter this room. Once your inside the captain's quarters go
and read his log and the dead captain will take offence, he will burst into
the room so you should put him out of his misery.

After you have killed the captain search his bedroom and you will find the
best gun in any given resident evil game, the magnum, and the best thing
is that there should be some ammo for it too, take it ASAP. Before we leave
the room go and search the dead body of the captain and you will fine some
healing items. If your playing on the right difficulty level then there should
also be some shotgun shells in this room, dont forget to take them before exiting.
Now exit through the door at the back of the room, not the one you came in from.

Now you will come out in another hallway. In this hallway just run forward and
kill any zombies which may or may not come in your way and keep heading forward
until you run into some stairs.

Take the stairs to the next floor, now you will see a door and a zombie, no
need to shoot at the zombie so just ignore it and enter the door, an alarm
will sound just as you are entering the door.

Now another scene will start, fongling is already in the control room and
bruce enters now too, fongling is staring at something in front of her and
when the camera shows it we see that the ship is heading straight for a
collision course with an island right in front and its not that far away
anymore. Before either fontling or bruce can leave the room a couple of
zombies burst into the room to crash the party, as soon as you get into bruce's
control back again take a look at the timer on top of the screen and KNOW that
you dont have much time to spare, so ignore these idiotic zombies and just
run for the hell of it, exit through the door.

Now another scene will start in which bruce spots fongling getting her butt
kicked by something, he runs in time to save her but soon see's the huge
tentacle's tyrant, this wont end well. But the good news is that this tyrant
is your final enemy on this ship :D be happy, bruce asks fongling to leave
as all hero's do, and stays there to take care of the "MUNSTER" . While fongling
goes after morpheus bruce stays for the tyrant, not a bad choice brucy ol boy.

#                             #
#                 TYRANT      #

Now your first boss fight of the game will start , actually there are 2 strategies
to beating this boss. Here they are...

This is the type you would want to do if your playing the game on easy mode
or if you think that you have plenty of ammo to finish this boss off, as soon
as the boss fight starts quickly take out the magnum and start shooting away
at the monster head on with the magnum, pretty soon you will run out of ammo
for it, when that happens time to take out the assault rifle
if you have it (( For the easy mode players )) or the shotgun if your not
playing the game on easy mode and start shooting at the monster from medium
range, this tyrant has a strong jumping attack and it can really take off alot
of health from you, so its wise not to stand too close to the tyrant . After
some serious pounding the boss should finally fall dead.

The second method is what we call the smart man's method, this method involves
less shooting and more running and dodging, make sure you take out a not so
powerful weapon at first like the shotgun, our aim here is to hit the tyrant
where it hurts, its throbbing heart which can be seen over his shoulder on
his back , so try your best and head behind him, you'll get the chance, and
shoot its heart, it should fall down to its knees now, this is the time, quickly
take out the magnum and start pumping lead into its heart, if this trick is done
correctly then the tyrant should fall down quickly, keep in mind that when ever
its raising its hands that means that its about to attack so either run away
from it or start dodging.


As soon as the boss fight is over keep in mind that the timer is still ticking
so quickly make your way to the ladder. Once your there the most beautiful FMV
(in my opinion) of the game starts.

The camera shows up from a long distance and we can see that the ship is VERY
close to the island now, bruce is standing on deck, seeing nothing else to do
he jumps over board and from underwater while bruce swims off in a direction
we see the ship colliding with the island and some HUGE sparks flying off.
On the other end on another place bruce makes it out of the water, struggling
to catch his breath bruce makes it to a ledge and sits on it while looking back
at the destruction behind him.

Bruce gets up and starts exploring the area he's currently in, is this
another umbrella facility ? he looks around until something catches his
eye and he starts running towards it. Bruce spots a fence but its melted
away and there are still traces of electricity around it, bruce assumes
that this was morpheus's handy work and carefully enters the area behind
the fence.

      #####                 #    #
        #   #   # #####     #    # #   # ###  ###  #### #    #      #
        #   #   # #         #    # ## ## #  # #  # #    #    #     # #
        #   ##### ###       #    # # # # ###  ###  ###  #    #    #   #
        #   #   # #         #    # #   # #  # ##   #    #    #    #####
        #   #   # #####     ###### #   # ###  # #  #### #### #### #   #

        ####                               #
       #      ####  ### ###  #### ###      #        #   ###
       #      #    #    #  # #     #       #       # #  #  #
        ####  ###  #    ###  ###   #       #      #   # ###
            # #    #    # #  #     #       #      ##### #  #
        ####  ####  ### #  # ####  #       ###### #   # ###

                      AKA , the second half of the game...

When you finally get back in control of bruce after that amazing movie,
just run to the door that is right in front of you, keep in mind that the
ship part of this game is over meaning that you have gone through half of the
game from here, now were in another secret umbrella base filled with monsters
and other stuff.

Now you will come out in a new hallway, the first thing to do here is find
a save game room and the door to your right is just that, enter the right
door and you will be in a save room, there are some handgun ammo for the
taking here aswell as a herb and another file, take all these items and
save your game. Once you have saved the game head back to the previous
hallway, now run down to the end of the hallway and you will find a good
weapon for the taking, the grenade launcher . Take the launcher and head
back and enter the door which you see on the left wall.

Now you will come out in a room which has a sewage passage going through
it, just make your way through all this mess and dive into the water. Once
your inside its pretty simple , just make your way through the passage until
you see a path turning right, take the right turn and keep on moving forward
until you can raech another platform.

Just head up the platform and enter through the door in this room to another
passageway, once you enter this new passageway you will see another door
very near you, but ignore it for now and head down the hallway and once you
see the door at the end, enter it. Once inside this room you will come
across another sewage passage, we know what to do so dive into the water
and head south. Pretty soon you will come across a mountain of flesh but
this aint to ordinary mountain, this one is a nautilus and it throws out
little things at you, they are called the torpedo kids, these torpedo
kids are just like torpedo's and they fly towards you.

But since we took the long way around we literally avoided them, so
put the nautilus out of its misery and continue down the path again.
Behind the dead nautilus you will find another door, enter it. Now
you will come out in another passageway and here your path will be
blocked by some zombies, kill them all immediately, one of them will
drop some medicinal items, take it and use it if your hurting .

Now enter the door at the end of the passageway. We know the drill here
drop down into the water and make your way across the watery passage but
this time stick close to the edges to avoid the torpedo kids, when you
reach the platform at the end climb it and take the grenade launcher ammo
you find, then head through the door.

Now in this room you will come face to face with some more torpedo kids
but this isnt even a water room !. Time to go hug the walls, do just that
and slowly and carefully make your way across the room until you see the
nautilus, shoot a couple of rounds into it to stop the assault of the
torpedo kids. Once your done with this mess head towards the door and enter

Now in this new room you will find another elevator for the taking, take
it down and bruce will find himself in the control room, there is some
radio equipment in this room, go check on it and bruce finally finds a
method to communicate with his HQ.. after such a long time.

Another scene starts, this time bruce finally gets in contact with
his HQ, the men back there inform bruce about the current situation
but when bruce mentions fongling's name he gets a bit pissed off and
now we know that fongling is their target, where is she anyway ?!

The camera pans back to fongling and we see that she is in some other
part of the lab and she's apparently in danger, standing in a dark hall
she spots a HUGE tyrant coming down from another hallway, the tyrant
looks in her direction but is unable to see her so it continues down
its path, fongling a little shook up continues her mission.

#    ### #  #  ####
#     #  ## # #
#     #  # ## #  ##
#### ### #  #  ####

The control goes back to fongling again. Once you are able to control
fongling again head down the hall to where the tyrant went, at the end
of that hallway will be another door, enter this door.

Now you will find yourself back in the sewer system , now head south
down from the tunnel and turn to the east passage when you get the
chance. Here you will find a platform, climb the platform and there you
will find a key, take the key and drop back down into the tunnel, now
head back to the passage you came from here, but this time head to the
north direction . At the end of this passage there will be a door which
is locked, but the key you just found can open this door, open the door
and enter it.

Once inside you wll find yourself in another control room, where is bruce ??
wait is this even the same room ! . Anyway take the ammo you find in this
room and before leaving release the electronic lock. Now time for some
backtracking so head back all the way to the platform where you got the
key which opened this door. If you noticed before there was a door here
too, but it was electronically locked so you were not able to enter it.
Not anymore. Enter the door.

All this hard work and we end up in another damned hallway, just like
before head down the hallway until you see a door at the end of the hall,
just go over to it and enter it, inside you will find another sewer
passage but this one will be filled with some zombies, these zombies
dont drop anything to it may be a wise idea if you can just avoid them
and run north through the hallway until you come to its end where you
will see an elevator. Head to the elevator and take it down.

Once your off the elevator just head down the hallway and at the end you
will spot a door, enter through it. Another beatiful FMV starts.

Fongling finds herself finally arriving at the heliport , but she
doesnt have much time to celebrate as she spots multiple red lasers
roaming around, suddenly all the lasers gether around her and form a
single laser right on her forehead, she looks up right in time to see
a satellite about to fire a lasor cannon, before she can do anything
herself, in comes bruce to the rescue, out of nowhere he comes running
down and pushed fongling out of the awesome laser cannon's way, the
laser barely misses them, not wasting any more time bruce and fong run
towards a room in the corner, they head inside but bruce is still in
a rush. He quickly takes out a knife and heads towards fong, not to
kill her but to take out the transmitter from her left arm. After taking
the thing out they both rest in the room for a little while before bruce
heads out again leaving fongling there. The chinese govenrment wanted
all their traces removed that is why they dispatched the satellite after

#   #       #### ### #   # ### ###  #   #
## ##  ### #      #  #   # #   #  # ##  #
# # # #    #  ##  #  #   # ##  ###  # # #
#   # #    #   #  #   # #  #   ##   #  ##
#   #  ###  #### ###   #   ### # #  #   #

Now the game gives the control back to bruce. As soon as your back in
control of bruce you will find yourself back in another dark hallway.
There is a door on your right check it out for some ammo, then head back
to the previous hall, there is only one door at the end which will open
for now so head towards it and enter it. Now you will come out in another
hallway, in this hallway just make your way down until you can turn left.
Turn left and at the end of the hall you will find another door.

In this new hallway you will come across something new, these new creatures
are very similar to the hunter gama's from resident evil 3, remember the frog
hunters, those. But the only real difference is that they have red glowing
eyes which apparently make them easier to spot in dark areas. Kill the one's you
find here quickly, but make sure you keep a good distance from them because
just like the hunters they have a strong jumping attack. Dont stay too close
to them. Once you've gotten rid of the things ride the elevator at the end of
this hall to the floor below.

In this new floor just head through the only unlocked door at the moment.
Now this is what i call a HOT room, it can get a little hot in here so be
careful, watch out for the fire and the zombies which are running around the
fire, the best thing to do here is just run away from the zombies, but if
they get a bit too close for comfort dont hesitate in popping a few in their
meat. Carefully make your way across this hallway and at the end of this
place you will find another door. Enter it.

In this new room just head down south and you will find another elevator,
take it down to the floor below. Now once your at the bottom floor via the
elevator you will come out in a room, in this room find the following items
and dont exit until you do, first off find a key in here, then some much
needed magnum ammo and there should also be a file in this room, take all
these items and head back up the elevator. This time when your out of the
elevator head north and exit through the door at the end. Now head to the
end of this hallway and you will find another elevator, ride it to the
next floor.

In the new floor just run forward and exit through the door you see. In
this room you will come across some more zombies, the best thing to do
here is to just avoid them and head east, at the end of the east path
you will find another door, enter it. In this room you will find some
zombies which are apparently burning, avoid them at all costs and head
to the south where you will find a locked door, use the keycard we found
a little while ago and you will be able to open the door.

You will find yourself in a pretty large elevator room with some crates
around here and there, head over to the elevator and press the call
switch. Not so long afterwards bruce will be attacked by the large
inflated tyrant which fongling saw at the start of her last quest, that
thing has been following bruce all this time.

#                             #
# BOSS FIGHT :  PLUTO         #
#                 TYRANT      #

Now there are 2 methods of beating this boss too just like before.

Just like the previous boss this is the trick which you should be using
if your either playing the game on the easy mode or if you think you
have ALOT of ammo to spare. As soon as the fight starts quicklt take
out the grenade launcher and fill it up with acid rounds, make sure
your aiming right at the boss and start shooting away, these rounds
will do quiet some damage to the boss, its not necessary for it to
die like this, but if the grenade launcher does not do the trick then
just go and take out the shotgun or magnum whichever you prefer, using
either of these 2 guns start pumping led into the boss, sooner or later
it should fall down and die.

As most of you all probably dont know pluto is almost blind and he
functions upon hearing sounds and gun fire, so this is what we call
the ingenious plan to kill this large overgrown boss, but for this
it is a necessity that you have the silenced handgun and quiet some
handgun ammo with you, so here is what you do. First off take out the
silenced handgun, then press the aim button while walking and you will
see that bruce walks quieter in this way, to make him even more of a
stealth guy press the aim button and the weapon button at the same
time and then make him walk, this will now become a bit like a first
person shooter, with your new skills start aiming for the pluto's
exposed brain, as soon as its brain is in your target start shooting
rounds quickly at the brain, the pluto will probably come close to you
so walk quietly away from it, no need for running, keep on stealth
shooting and running from it and sooner or later it should die.


Now another scene starts, the elevator finally arrives just in time
and so does fongling, bruce and fongling climb onboard the elevator
togather and it starts going down. But this scene is probably the
most terrifying in a sense and exciting scene in the game, while the
hero's are riding the elevator down, suddenly out of nowhere morpheus
jumps on top of the elevator shaking it wildly, bruce tries to take aim
with his handgun but to no avail. Morpheus just smiles at them and cuts
the elevator cables, the hero's start falling down quickly, bruce
presses the emergency break switch, the elevator stops near a floor
bruce helps fongling get out of the elevator but before she can give
bruce a hand the elevator suddenly falls down and fong is left screaming
bruce's name.

#    ### #  #  ####
#     #  ## # #
#     #  # ## #  ##
#### ### #  #  ####

Now the control goes back to fongling. As soon as your back in control
of fongling head down the path and check out the first door you see.
Finally a save game room, save your game here the first thing and dont
forget to take the handgun ammo before you exit out.

Back in the previous hallway head down and you will see that all the doors
are locked but there is a garbage shoot at the end of the hall, no other
choice so fongling must squeeze through the garbage shoot and head down
to the floor below. Now fongling will come down in a laundry room *DUH*

Since it is a bit too dark in all these hallways now we need to turn
on the power so head to the door at the end of the hall which leads to
the power restoring room. Once your in this room you will find that
everything is off except for one computer so go and check it. Finally
we get some power in these dark , well, not so dark hallways anymore.

Now that the power is restored an elevator in the previous hallway
should be working so make your way back through the door which you
used to come into this room. Exit the room and in the hallway head
to the end and find the elevator, ride it to the level below.

Now you will come to a pretty futuristic looking hallway but its pretty
straight forward just run down the hallway and enter the first thing you
see. Another scene starts.

Fongling looks around and notices that she just reached the nerve centre
of this place, computers and flashing lights everywhere, and while she
is busy looking at them she doesnt notice the thing coming close to her
from behind, she looks just in time as she spots morpheus but he knocks
out fongling. The camera goes back to bruce who eventually IS still alive.
He gets up from the wrecked elevator and regains his composure.

#   #       #### ### #   # ### ###  #   #
## ##  ### #      #  #   # #   #  # ##  #
# # # #    #  ##  #  #   # ##  ###  # # #
#   # #    #   #  #   # #  #   ##   #  ##
#   #  ###  #### ###   #   ### # #  #   #

Now the game gives the control back to bruce, as soon as your back in
control of bruce run down the hallway and now your in the lab complex
area, the first thing we notice here is that even though the power is
restored its still very dark in here, so keep your eyes open, make a left
around the corner.

Here you will find a door which leads to another storeroom, and wherever
there is a store room there are some goodies involved so dont forget to
check this room out, because you need to. Enter the store room. As soon
as you enter the store room the first thing we do is scan for zombies
and if there is anything in this room first clear the room off, then go
and start taking the goodies, there should be some handgun ammo, some
medicinal herbs , another file and a keycard which is an absolute must
for you to take, take all these items ASAP. Once your dont taking the
goodies head back to the previous hallway and this time head to the end
of the hallway and you will find another elevator , take it to the
next floor.

Take the elevator to the 3rd floor, thats where fongling is. The first thing
you will see here is that now this place is crawling with zombies, now
normally i would ask you to get the hell out of this place as quickly as
you can, but the special thing here is that 2 of the zombies are carrying
the much needed grenade launcher rounds and MAGNUM rounds. !!.

Kill the zombies and take the items, once your done with this head over to
the door of the pod bay, the one with the wheel on it, and use the keycard
you found earlier to open this door. Inside this room not much to do here
just take the digital record from the desk and dont forget to take the
herb before you exit out of this room. Now make your way back to the elevator
lets check out some other floors.

Go to the elevator and choose to go to the second floor, once out of the
elevator head down a small hall and make a right turn when you can, there
will be a zombie in this direction but no problem, kill it and exit through
the door there.

Now inside this room you will find a herb , take it, and a very important
file, according to this important file you will need morpheus's voice
recognition to open the door to the clean room. This wont be too much of
a problem will it, head back through the door you came back to the previous
hallway, continue down to the hallway again, and when you get the chance to
turn right again do it. Take the right into the next hallway and enter the
door you see on the right wall. Inside this room you will find a computer
which will have an email which , with just plain LUCK, will have a sample
of morpheus's voice .

just use the tape recorder here and you will get the sample you were looking
for, if you want to get some shotgun shells, just exit out of this room and
head to the door across is, you should get these rounds as they are very
valueable. Now time to get to the first floor and check out this clean room.
Head back to the elevator and take it to the first floor, once your there
head over to the door which has a voice panel beides it. Use the tape
recorder on the panel next to the door and you will have your access to the
clean room. Before you do anything here check out the locker which is open
and you will find an assault rifle. WOOPIEEE..

Take the rifle and exit through the door at the other end of the clean room.
In this new room either go left or right it wont make a difference because
both of these paths lead to the same door, enter it and inside you will
find a single skinless zombie, nothing big though you can just run past it.

As you just go outside you will run into a new kind of enemies, look like
large bee's which are called the halberts, if you want to get rid of them
just shoot at them with the handgun , or you can just run from them, either
way make your way to the double doors. This aint good. !.. Head down this
new room and you will be attacked by a large queen bug.

#                             #
# BOSS FIGHT :  QUEEN         #
#                 HALBERT     #

Now this boss is also a 2 strategy based boss, so here goes...

Now this boss isnt hard if your playing the game on easy mode, if your
playing the game with easy mode or if you just have alot of grenade launcher
ammo to waste then just take the launcher out and start shooting at the
queen, this boss will fall quickly , not a hard one if you use this trick.
If its on the easy mode then there is highly no chance at all that the boss
will squirt out more halbrets.

If your not playing the game on the easy mode then you just have gotten
the first assault rifle for bruce a while ago right, the trick to do
now is take the assault rifle you just found and get a little distance
between you and the boss and then start shooting, even though the boss
will squirt some of those little halberts out they will fall in the
fire of the assault rifle, if you run out of the rifle's ammo there
should be a little more near the door, or if you just have plenty
of shotgun ammo or magnum rounds then you can use those powerful
one's to finish off the boss, the assault rifle is suitable for this


When the boss finally dies just exit through the door . Now you will
find yourself back in the lab area, time to get the last and probably
the best gun of the game, just check the lab area and search the area
behing the cage and you will get the final gun, the particle rifle.
Now we are really ready for some serious zombie butt kicking.

Before you do anything check out the file which is actually a manual
telling you how to use your new particle rifle, but i dont think that
we need to learn how to use a weapon its pretty straight forward , some
zombies will come into the lab area now, use your new gun and use these
zombies as targetting practice.

Now before we do anything go and check the chambers where the zombies
were locked, you will find a key there, take that key and now its time
to do some backtracking, we have to make our way through the clean room
back to the elevator hall . Along your path you may come across some
more undead zombies but your new gun should be more then enough to
kick their asses, once you have made it back to the elevator hall head
to the far north wall and there you will find a door which was previously
locked with a strange key, now that we have a key use it and the door will
open up.

Now open the door and head inside and there you will find a familiar
elevator , this is the elevator which took fongling to the nerve
room remember ?! Now bruce's turn so head into the elevator.

Run down the hallway and you will come across a small control room
there will be a file on the desk there, take that file and then
check out the chair in that room, you will get the option to push
it forward and bruce does so, revealing a control panel under it.
Use the control panel and a hidden door is revealed. Enter this
hidden door.

We need to hurry up because fongling is in trouble, in this new
secret room ride the elevator to one floor down. Once your down
of the elevator you will come out in the final save room of
the game, be sure to save your game here at all costs and take
all the ammo this room has to carry, stock up full of ammo, make
sure your health is okey and use a herb or two if its not, once
your ready for the final encounter exit through the only door

#                             #
#                 TYRANT      #

This is the final boss of the game and as long as i can think there is
only one way to kill this one, by using the partical rifle, here's what
you need to do.

As soon as the boss fight starts you should first know how the boss
attacks, first off he is a quick mover and its a very wise idea not
to be in his sight, he can do some very mean acrobatic attacks and
he can beat the crap out of bruce with those, then he can do that
electric shock move which is also devestating, pray to god that you
had alot of healing items for this fight, if morpheus catches you
with one of his claw swipes then he is just gonna keep on attacking
you until your dead so whenever he's about so swipe press the aim
button to dodge his attacks, when you find an oppertunity aim with
the particle rifle and start laying particles into morpheus's butt.
The best and most easiest time to fire him is during his attacks, if
you can catch him then he's gonna fall down. This fight is a real
hard one , but if you follow the given strategy and make sure that
he doesnt attack you then sooner or very later morpheus should finally
fall down.


But its not the end yet, bruce rushes over to fongling and surprisingly
she's ok, unhurt, but now the main characters discover that the missiles
are about to be launcher towards them and they have only 5 minutes to
stop the attack. While bruce and fongling are deciding upon their plans
something strange starts happening to morpheus's body, it starts squirming
then it literally explodes, but the gore full body manages to squeeze
itself from the area. Is it still alive ?!!!... On the other side bruce
and fongling come up with a plan , fong will stay there and guide bruce
while he must go out and stop the missile launch from the silo's.

As soon as you regain control of bruce know that you only have 5 minutes
left on your counter, you have to reach the silo and fongling will guide
you through it.

As soon as your running you will notice that morpheus has mutated
yet again , this time he has turned into a large mass of flesh and
meat, and with him in persuit its gonna be a tough run to the silo.
The worst thing however is that one hit from the new morpheus is
powerful enough to kill you.

Just run forward through the first door you see, now this new area
is more like a maze, fongling will keep on giving you the right
directions from back there so its best that you listen to whatever
she says, there are some zombies in this place too but its best that
you just let them go around. If you followed her directions properly
you will come across a door at the end of the hallway. Enter it.

Now you will come out on another bridge like walkway, again just
keep dashing across to the door at the end and now we know that
morpheus isnt far behind, not far behind at all, once you reach
the door you will find out that its locked, and while fongling
opens it from there you need to take care of the advancing morpheus.
This isnt a boss fight more of a shoot out.

The first thing to keep in mind here is that one hit from morpheus
can kill you never let him come close to you, the best thing to do
here is just take out the magnum and aim for its randomly popping
head, if it gets a little too close then just take out the shotgun
and pop a few into him to knock him back, never use the particle rifle
here because its very slow reloading means certain death for bruce.

Dont think about killing morpheus right now because we dont need to
do that, just focucs on keeping him away from you at all costs,
and getting through the door. As soon as fongling opens the door
up all you need to do is head through it and not look back.

Again you will come out in another maze like place and again
fongling will be there to guide you through this maze, just
listen to the direction she is giving and keep on following,
eventually you will come across the door to exit , take this door.

Exit through the door and you will come out in another bridge like
area, with morpheus in hot persuit again, just like before, but
time is running out so run, RUN. Try to open the door and you
find out that this one is also locked like before, and like before
you must wait for the door to open up thanks to miss fongling
while you use a similar strategy as before to knock out morpheus
but this time its do or die, so aim for its head and let a rip.

Soon the boss fight should end and the game will end with an explosive
ending, bruce fires the final shot into morpheus and suddenly his mass
begins rising and it becoms so big that the area isnt able to contain
it and the whole silo area blows up because of it.

After the destruction some choppers come in flying from a direction
and meanwhile in an escape sub pod bruce and ling make their way
to the surface, bruce asks fong to come with him to america because
there is nothing left for her back in china, but fong refuses and
tells him that she belongs there, bruce finally admits that he
knows how to speak chinese and he understood when fong called him
"Don Gua" which means idiot. Fong laughs about it and claims that
this wasnt written in bruce's dossier, and the game ends, happily...

#    #  # ###
###  ## # #  #
#    # ## #  #
#### #  # ###

End Section

!*!*!*!*!*!*(`'·.¸ ¸.·'´)¸.·'´)¸.·'´)!*!*!*!*!*!*

               GAME ITEM's LISTING

  !*!*!*!*!*!*   '·.¸)`'·.¸)`'·.¸) !*!*!*!*!*!*


Found : Not so often
Use it to fully restore your health
These are the first aid sprays, found not as common as you will find
the normal green herbs , but they are the best thing for healing.

Found : ALOT of places
An herb native to this area.  It can be used to recover health.
Use a green herb whenever your health is down a bit, these things
are found all over the place so dont worry about it.

Found : Many places
Use this item to restore half of your health at once, this is a
new item to replace the usual herb mixing gimmick.

Found : Few places
This is the common type of ammo for the grenade launcher, save them
well because they are powerful and can kill the enemies quickly.

Found : Very uncommon
The ammo for the highly useful assault rifle, as far as i have
found there is only 1 reloading clip available throughout the game.

Found : Common
Shells for the shotgun these things are a bit more common then
the magnum or grenade rounds, but still these are powerful ammo
and are worth saving for hunters or later bosses.

Found : VERY uncommon
Rounds for the most powerful single shooter gun in the whole game
these rouds are precious and should be kept very carefully, only
use these babies against the bosses.


Found : 2F Room 101, check the body
Use this key on the double doors which will take you to the guest
room I eventually leading you through to the VIP room.

Found : 2F VIP Room
This keycard will open the doors in the first central hallway
which will lead you to the spiral staircase and Fong Ling.

Found : 2nd class room no 203
Use this key on the control panel by the spiral staircase
to open the doors to the second floor.

Found : Control panel besides hatch 1F Pool Deck
use this key on the door which will lead you to the ships
store room and to the valve handle.

Found : Store room 1F
Use it on the hatch on the pool deck to gain entrance
to the ships holds

Found : Same as above
Use it to open the shutters which will lead you back to the
staircase hallway.

Found : Cargo room boxes with morpheus behing you
Use it on the door which has the card reader in front of it.

Found : The monitor room of B1 area.
Use it on the door in the bar seven to lead to an old area.

Found : Check body in the sewer area
Use it to open a door at the other end of the same sewer area.

Found : Check body in B5 floor by the helipad area.
Use it to open the door leading to the elevator in B5.

Found : 1F store room lab area
Use it on the pod landing door to gain access.

Found : In the pod landing room
Use it on the computer with morpheus's voice sample to gain the
voice sample, then use it on the voice reader to open the door.

Found : 1F Lab area, check the female corpse
Use this key to open the door leading to the dust shoot in Lab 1F area.

End Section

!*!*!*!*!*!*(`'·.¸ ¸.·'´)¸.·'´)¸.·'´)!*!*!*!*!*!*

              GAME FILE's LISTING

  !*!*!*!*!*!*   '·.¸)`'·.¸)`'·.¸) !*!*!*!*!*!*


Good morning, Bruce:
This time, your target is a former executive of Umbrella named Morpheus.  This
man has stolen the "t-virus" and hijacked Umbrella's cruiser.  Your mission is
to infiltrate the cruiser and report the status immediately to the Base of
Strategic Forces.  We've prepared some equipment for you to review.  Good luck.

Your standard equipment consists of a handgun and some recovery items for
first-aid.  However, you will find other useful items during the mission.
Some of them are essential items you will need to proceed like keys for locked
doors and special tools.  Also, by using the Sneak Move, you will be able to
locate items more easily.

Every time you receive damage, your status will vary as follows:


View the Status Screen (Press the START button) and keep your status at FINE
with the recovery items.

If you fight against two or more enemies at close range, you will almost
certainly be damaged.  Therefore, if you are surrounded by enemies, move
quickly to keep enough distance between you and them and then target them.
In case you are cornered, use the "Escape button" to evade.

Your amount of ammo is limited.  Therefore, do not shoot more than is necessary
and always aim for the enemy's fatal spot.Although the number of bullets you can
cary is limited, you can re-supply indefinitely.

  Emergency FAX from Paris Branch

Date: Sep. 18, 2002
To: Int'l Sales Division
ATTN: Roberto

Today three "t-virus" samples have been stolen from this Paris lab.
Our prime suspect is Morpheus D. Duvall, who belonged to the R&D
division of HQ.

His motiviation appears to be based upon retaliation against our company.
Therefore, we are sending out this general warning to all divisions.
Anyone who obtains any information regarding this matter should
contact HQ immediately.

Umbrella Corporation, Paris

  Regular Report No. 1162

TO: HQ Int'l Investigation Dept.
ATTN: O'Neal

This will be my final report on Morpheus for a while since it appears
that he is starting to suspect something. Until further notice from me, please
refrain from contacting me, so that I can devote myself to doing my "Regular"
job as his aid.

After robbing the lab in Paris, Morpheus appears to be preparing to
board "The cruiser" to auction the items. His obsession with "The beauty"
keeps escalating.  And just recently he has undergone plastic surgery
to retain his youthful looks.

He often says questionable phrases like, "I will eliminate the ugly things
in the world and create my kingdom filled with beauty". We need to take
action against him before it becomes too late, since he's currently in
negotiations with several countries including the United States.


  Admin Report 9/16/2002

We will begin the facility improvements today.

The handle to open and close the hatch for pool drain on 1F is quite
rusty and should be replaced. We'll keep the current one in the storage
of 1F just in case.

  Waiter's Letter

Sep. 14, 2002


How's Everything?
My life has taken a turn for the better because I'm on a luxury cruiser...
Well actually, I work as a waiter on a cruiser.

Most passengers are well known and I've seen them before on TV. My colleague
told me that they came from various countries to discuss business and
that a world famous drug company owns this cruiser.

Anyway, I'm doing fine.
Take care of mother for me.
Love to all,

Joseph Carter

  Freight Crewman's Diary

Aug. 27 (Tue), 2002

Yes!  Today is my 100th day anniversary since coming aboard. But that's
all I can write about since this place is so boring! I expected a lot
because this is a "Luxury cruiser", but I've learned that there is
almost no difference from working on a cargo vessel...

Sep.4 (Wed), 2002

I finally have something to write about.  Today large cargo was carried
into the Presentation room, which is  beyond the Boiler room.  Recently,
many people have been going in and out of that room.

I wonder what's taking place there?  I'm curious because the crew doesn't
have access to that room...

Sep.6 (Fri), 2002

I saw a red mark through a break in the sheet of one of the cargo crates today.
I think it's a symbol for biological and chemical weapons.

Somehow passengers are still going in and out of that room.  Maybe there is
a hidden door in that room, but I'm not sure where it would lead...

Sep.7 (Sat), 2002

My boss yelled at me today for not paying enough attention to my job.  What
a jerk!  But, I'd better be more careful since I really need to keep this job...

  Research report #220329

This special "Elite" version has been modified for presentation.
It is faster and more powerful than a standard Hunter.

This sample was created with a newly developed virus.  It attacks
objects with its huge arms.  While its agility and striking power
are outstanding, it currently has a fatal flaw because an essential
organ is exposed. However, this will be rectified in future models.



We have succeeded in fusing the "t-virus" and the "G- virus" so that
it has electrical properties.

However, after observing the prototype known as [T-091], we have to
concede that there is much room for improvement.

In this newest version (ver.0.9.2), we have finally been able to achieve
a high voltage current, which was our initial goal.  Its electromagnetic
barrier should make it near invulnerable.

Now we require a human test subject that matches the conditions to
experiment on and observe.

  Dismissal Notice

Date: August 20, 1998
To: R&D Division
ATTN: Mr. Morpheus D. Duvall

Upon investigation, we have concluded that you are responsible for
the incident in Raccoon City on May 11,1998.  Your services with
this company are hereby terminated.

However, your nondisclosure agreement shall remain in effect.  Finally,
your final paycheck will be fulfilled in accordance with the
"Dismissal Procedure" portion of your agreement.


Umbrella Corporation.
Personnel Division

  Ship's Log


It will be four months tommorrow since the Spencer Rain left port. I'm proud
that we have been having a safe voyage so far. A representative from
Umbrella, the owner of the cruiser, spoke words of appreciation to me.


Something is strange.  Although the crew reports "nothing special",
I am concerned that "The ones" may be breaking free. I will make sure
to always have my Magnum pistol with me.


I can't send a signal for rescue.  What should I do? The passengers and crew
are all dead now... All I can do is accept what has been happening on my ship
as my destiny.

  Operator's Notebook

June 16th, 1997

One month has passed since I was dispatched here. I am astounded
at the sloppy supervision of this Umbrella waste disposal facility.
It's not surprising that this accident happened.

I know that if I must die, I want to die as a human...

June 24th, 1997

The supervisor here called Morpheus, is so annoying.  He drives me
nuts. He must pay more attention to worker health management and
biological weapons that anyone I have ever met. This facility
belongs to Umbrella, but he obviously doesn't think so...

I have no idea how long I've been here.  I don't wanna stay in
this facility, But I can't move. My body won't move...

  Biological Report

This is a survey report on the changes to the B.O.W.s which have
been considered failures and disposed of in this facility.

April 7th

The unknown water creatures are increasing rapidly, primarily in
the drainage ditch. Since their body fluid contains strong acids,
they are extremely dangerous to touch. I named them "Torpedo Kids",
since they swim like torpedoes.

April 9th

I have learned that there is a mother that spawns all of the
"Torpedo Kids". If I can find this mother and kill her, I will
be able to exterminate all creatures in this area.

April 16th

I decided to try and exterminate the "Torpedo Kids", and so I
explored the drainage ditch in order to destroy their mother.
However, the "Torpedo Kids" appeared to try and protect their
mother and badly injured me.  Now they've extended their territory
to my place, so I must find a way to get rid of them...

  Biological Report 2

This is a survey report on the changes to the B.O.W.s which have
been considered failures and been disposed of in this facility.

May 18th

Today I will relocate the observation area to be underground.  This area
is low on power and so most areas are very dark. I assume creatures fond
of dark places must inhabit this area.

May 19th

We saw red shining objects.  They look like the eyes of some creature
but we have not confirmed the entity yet. It moves extremely
quickly and runs away as soon as we approach. I named this creature
"Glimmer", for its glimmering eyes.

May 20th

In order to collect samples, I had some workers go and try to
capture a "Glimmer".  However, the plan did not work out and instead,
the target attacked them and two people are now dead.

May 22nd

I increased the number of workers in order to try and capture a
"Glimmer".  This time they succeeded in shooting down one of them.
According to workers, the "Glimmer" will open itself up just before
it goes to attack. Although it is dead, I have gained valuable samples.

June 1st

I have been examining the collected samples but I don't have any
idea as to how the "Glimmer" evolved and transformed into this
figure.  It seems it is a subspecies of "Hunter".  I, however,
need to research this further...

  Experiment Alpha Log

Sep. 26th, 1996

Today we will begin the experiment.  The subject is a condemned
criminal called "Alpha".  It has been one month since the subject
was transported to this facility. He is not exactly aware of what
is going to happen to him. However, he seems to be very frightened...

Day 1: Commence Experiment

We hammered a metal rod into the subject's frontal lobe in order
to alleviate some of the pain.  This was done only for
humanitarian reasons.

Day 4: Removal of Eyeballs

We have removed the eyeballs in order to observe its reactions to
external stimulation.

Day 14: Dose of Muscle Booster

After administering the muscle booster, we confirmed the unusual
development of the muscles.  It gained a drastic amount of weight
before the treatment.  In the future we will consider using
hampering items...

Day 36: Sharpened Hearing

An effect of the eyeball removal procedure has been an enhanced
sense of hearing.  It recognizes precisely where a sound originates
and its distance from that sound.

Day 41: Experiment Suspended

The experiment has been suspended due to the fact that the
subject has escaped.  Even without its vision, the subject
is quite dangerous.

We should use extreme care not to make sounds when we try to capture it.

  Architect's Memo

We have completed construction on the missle base.  I assume that
HQ doesn't know that this facility is operating and is under Morpheus's
control. Furthermore, even though I am only an architect, I'm concerned
about how this faciliy will be used. Morpheus tends to go too far
after the Raccoon incident.

  Research Report #220120

A being that has an external skeleton of a horeshoe crab and the survival
power of a cockroach.  We have confirmed that its ecology is
similar to ants and/or bees, which have been known to work in groups.

  Orders from Morpheus

I have arrived and have begun the plan.

I need you to make sure all the instrument panels work properly.  The
facility is on strict alert and you will need to input my voice to
the voice recognition panel at the entrance of the clean room in
order to enter the Research Area and check the instrument panels.

I've sent an e-mail containing my voice.  You can recieve it on
a terminal in the residence area.  Be sure to delete the e-mail after
your work is complete and remember to keep this confidential.


  Charged Particle Rifle User's Manual

A charged particle rifle that was developed to cope with any
biohazard that was caused by the "t-virus".

It is based on a particle acceleration device, which virus researchers
use for gene manipulation and decomposing molecules.  By hitting accelerated
particles, it induces physical destruction on the molecuar level.

The weapon can penetrate barriers of electric discharge and give
damage to the target. Currently we have confirmed this on animal
experiments only. However, we are confident that this weapon can
damage "tG" charged beings.  Remember that this weapon has limited
usage because it requires a lot of power.  Make sure  that you properly
charge it before you decide to use it.

  Morpheus's Journal

The symbol of power is in Africa...

 The symbol of knowledge is here
       in the Bio-Sphere...

 The symbol of beauty is mine...

 The beauty controls everything
   and I shall dominate it...

Establishing a kingdom where beauty has absolute authority is the
dream, which I must make a reality. I was disappointed by Umbrella's
betrayal, but that's fine, I'll just use them in return.  If
I secure enough funds,

I will materialize the construction of my kingdom deep in Africa.

                     Morpheus D. Duvall

End Section

!*!*!*!*!*!*(`'·.¸ ¸.·'´)¸.·'´)¸.·'´)!*!*!*!*!*!*

                 TIPS AND CHEATS

  !*!*!*!*!*!*   '·.¸)`'·.¸)`'·.¸) !*!*!*!*!*!*


                         PLAY AS FONG LING COMPLETELY :
When you complete the game once the game will ask you to make an extra
save file after the ending credits, if you make this file and start off
a new game with it then you will be able to play as fong ling for the
entire game, the bruce parts will automatically feature fong ling now.

                         TITLE SCREEN COLOR CHANGES :
If you complete the game once and restart the game with the complete save
game memory card in the slot then you will see that the title color has
now a new color sceheme, nothing big , dont worry so much about it.

                         END GAME REWARDS :
These are the rewards you will get for the A or S rank for the following

Easy mode A rank :                Every handgun in the game and shotgun
Recomended mode A rank :          Every gun except for the particle rifle.
Extreme mode A rank :             All guns except particle rifle with inf ammo
Easy mode S rank :                All guns except charged particle rifle
Recomended mode S rank :          All guns excelt particle rifle with inf ammo
Extreme mode S rank :             ALL weapons with unlimited ammo.


* This is a cool trick one of my friends told me how to do, if you want
  to see bruce walk in first person do this,  first off take out any
  gun, then press the aim button while walking and you will
  see that bruce walks quieter in this way, to make him even more of a
  stealth guy press the aim button and the weapon button at the same
  time and then make him walk, this will now become a bit like a first
  person shooter.

* If you want to make a quick 180* turn then tap the down button twice
  quickly and bruce will turn around. Nice.

* This is an obvious cheat but still , if you want to kill the zombies
  much quicker then do take your time to aim at their heads, and you'll
  see that they go down much more faster that way, usefull if there are
  a couple of zombies approaching.

* If you want to kill a torpedo kid but cant because they're too fast
  then do this, take out the shotgun and ger ready and aim forward
  you will soon see a little trail like a torpedo which the kids
  leave, as soon as the torpedo kid jumps out you press the trigger
  and thanks to the wide shot of the shotgun the torpedo kids
  will go down.

* A very easy method of getting rid of the final morpheus is to first
  take some time and look at his moving patterns, then take out the
  magnum and aim at his eye and shoot, it should fall a little back
  quickly scout how much distance goes back and then make this into
  a rhythmic motion and you shall get rid of him easy.


Bruce McGivern Codes: Have All Guns
04403B6E 9E34C19A

Bruce McGivern Codes:
Infinite Ammo
24901028 34B4C53C
D4401976 BF3C0EC4
24D03068 16B4C198

Bruce McGivern Codes:
Infinite Health
24D03368 1634C1A8

Bruce McGivern Codes:
Megga C.P. Rifle Move Gun Off Screen To Stop Firing
24403876 9FBC8892

Fong Ling Codes:
Have All Guns
04403B6E 9EB4C13A

Fong Ling Codes:
Infinite Ammo
24901028 34B4C53C
D4401976 BF3C0EC4
24903068 1634C138

Fong Ling Codes:
Infinite Health
24D03368 16B4C118

Fong Ling Codes:
Megga C.P. Rifle
24003876 9F3C8832

Infinite Health Both Characters
24901128 34B4C51C

[M] Must Be On
F450B620 F7740416

Bruce McGivern Codes:
Full Ammo Clip For All Weapons
04D0306C 16B4C12A
0450326A 96B4C1BA
04503068 96B4C10A
04503068 96B4C13A
04D03068 96B4C18A
04C03068 9EB4C1A8
04D0306A 16B4C118

Fong Ling Codes:
Full Ammo Clip For All Weapons
0490326C 1634C19A
0410326A 9634C18A
04103268 9634C1AA
04103068 9634C10A
04903068 9634C12A
04803068 9E34C118
0490326A 1634C1B8


0E3C7DF2 1853E59E
EE8B688E BCA99C80

*3rd Person Shooter*


Max Countdown Time

Max Kills
DE911D4A BCA9C292

Max Critical Hits
DE911D52 BCA9C292

Always 1st Save


Infinite Health
DE911E4A BCA99B83

All Weapons
CE911E56 BCA99B82

Handgun:No Reload
CE911E12 BCA99B92

SD Handgun:No Reload
CE911E26 BCA99B8B

Shotgun:No Reload

Semi-Auto H.G.:No Reload
CE911E1A BCA99B95

Magnum:No Reload
CE911E22 BCA99B8A

Grenade Launcher:No Reload
CE911E2E BCA99B89

Assault Rifle:No Reload

C.P. Rifle:No Reload
DE91F63A BCA99B83
DE91F6E2 BCA99B83

New C.P. Rifle Battery
CE94BE72 BCA99B83

Max Rounds: Slot 1

Max Rounds: Slot 2
CE911E76 BCA99BE6

Max Rounds: Slot 3

Max Rounds: Slot 4
CE911E06 BCA99BE6

Max Rounds: Slot 5

Max Rounds: Slot 6
CE911E16 BCA99BE6

Infinite Green Herb

Infinite Herbal Medicine

Infinite Medical Spray
CE911E66 BCA99BE6


Infinite Health
DE911EC6 BCA99B83

All Weapons
CE911EC2 BCA99B82

Handgun:No Reload
CE911D8E BCA99B92

SD Handgun:No Reload
CE911D92 BCA99B8B

Shotgun:No Reload

Semi-Auto H.G.:No Reload
CE911D96 BCA99B95

Magnum:No Reload

Grenade Launcher:No Reload
CE911D9A BCA99B89

Assault Rifle:No Reload

C.P. Rifle:No Reload
DE91F63A BCA99B83
DE91F6E2 BCA99B83

Infinite Green Herb

Infinite Herbal Medicine

Infinite Medical Spray

End Section

!*!*!*!*!*!*(`'·.¸ ¸.·'´)¸.·'´)¸.·'´)!*!*!*!*!*!*

                 MISC INFORMATION
                  AND IMPORTANT

  !*!*!*!*!*!*   '·.¸)`'·.¸)`'·.¸) !*!*!*!*!*!*

NOTE :.. Some people may complain that my TimeLine section
         looks alot the Excellent TimeLine FAQ which Rob
         McGreggor has. But I assure everyone that this is
         completely ORIGINAL STUFF. I DID NOT RIP OFF A
         SINGLE WORD.

NOTE 2 : Keep in mind this is NOT a complete timeline
         but just a column for the timeline of the
         main characters.




Doctor James Marcus, Lord Edward Ashford and Ozwell E Spencer discover
the mother virus.

Birth of Kenneth J. Sullivan S.T.A.R.S. Bravo Team Scout.
Deceased July 23, 1998 inside Spencer Mansion.  Devoured by Zombie.

Birth of Enrico Marini.  Captain of the S.T.A.R.S. Bravo Team.
Wounded during Spencer Mansion penetration.  Killed July 23,
1998 by a single gunshot wound.  Murderer unknown; possibly
Barry Burton under the command of Albert Wesker.

Birth of Albert Wesker, captain of STARS Alpha team

Early 1960's
Alexander ashford graduated with a Ph.D in biogenetics and joins his
father in research for the mother virus.

Birth of Barry Burton.  Ex S.W.A.T. team member; currently part of
S.T.A.R.S. Alpha Team.  Working under threats to his family by
Albert Wesker.  Competent helicopter pilot.

Michael Warren, an engineer, moves to Raccoon city and begins work
the city's cable car system.  He eventually becomes mayor.

New york city architect George Trevor is hired by spencer to build a
huge mansion in the arklay forest.

Birth of Brad Vickers.  Part of S.T.A.R.S. Alpha Team. Known as
"chickenheart" he pilots the helicopter (and abandons the team)
during a botched team disembark at the Spencer Mansion.


November 10, 1967
Progenitor Virus administered to Jessica and Lisa Trevor, wife and
daughter of famed architect, George Trevor.  Kidnapped and held in
the Spencer Mansion, Jessica eventually dies, Lisa lives.
Trevor's Diary: George Trevor's aunt becomes ill and is sent to a
nearby hospital.   Jessica and Lisa Trevor intend to visit her.

November 13, 1967
Trevor's Private Papers: Architect George Trevor arrives at the Spencer
Mansion, which he designed over a five-year period for Lord Ozwell E.
Spencer.  Spencer tells Trevor that Trevor's family has recently
departed to visit a sick aunt.   Both gentlemen feast in the dinning
room before viewing the mansion's art collection.  Trevor mentions
the house's "numerous secrets."
Lisa Trevor's Letters: Part torture subject, part bio-experiment,
Jessica Trevor writes a final, emotional note to her daughter,
pleading for an escape plan and fearing the worst is upon them.

November 14, 1967
Trevor's Private Papers: Trevor views Lord Spencer's collection of
European paintings and parchments.  Spencer tells Trevor he is
contemplating turning the residence into a seaside resort.  He also
wishes to start an "international industrial medicine company." The
company's name would be "Umbrella."
Lisa Trevor's Letters" Lisa Trevor feels dizzy from the shot she was
given four days ago.  She wants to escape the mansion, but her mother
hasn't returned.

November 15, 1967
Lisa Trevor's Letters: Lisa finds her mother and they eat together.
Lisa is happy until she realizes her mother is a "fake" and "different
inside." She locates her mother's face, peels it off her skull, and
attaches it to herself.

November 18, 1967
Lisa Trevor's Letters: Lisa mentions a coffin under the house where
her mother rests.  Little else of the letter is comprehensible.
Trevor's Private Papers: Trevor notes in his diary that his wife and
children have not returned from their Aunt Emma's.  There are no
telephones, so he can't check their whereabouts.  Trevor heads to a
second floor terrace.  Large crows perch here; Trevor feels strange,
as if he is being watched.  He spies a lower courtyard with a ladder
leading down into a hole ­ this wasn't in his design.

November 20, 1967
Trevor's Private Papers: Trevor notices that the shotgun gave Lord
Spencer has been swapped for a broken one.  Trevor is alarmed at his
family's disappearance, and his employer wants him back at work.

November 21, 1967
Trevor's Private Papers:  Trevor is ushered into an enclosed
reception chamber, where a man in a white lab coat tells Trevor
that his family is dead.  Trevor feels pain in the back of his
neck; he falls to the floor.

November 24, 1967
Trevor's Private Papers: Trevor is imprisoned in the room' the
man in the white coat brings him "revolting" food.  Only he and
Spencer know the mansion's terrible secrets.  He mentions
preternatural entities roaming the manor grounds.  Trevor wonders
if Spencer is testing the mansion's "secret mechanisms" on him.
A strange ant-like creature lands on Trevor tramples a number of
them.  Trevor's Diary also notes these occurrences.

November 26, 1967
Trevor's Diary: George Trevor loses his favorite lighter ­ the one
Jessica gave him.

November 27, 1967
Trevor's Private Papers: George Trevor escapes from his room, but
the mansion is securely locked.  He mentions Crests, an eye needed
for a statue, and a Golden Emblem.  He hasn't time for these games.

November 29, 1967
Trevor's Private Papers:  Trevor begins to lose his mind.  He stumbles
upon a room with a giant plant growing through it.  He describes it
as "absurdly gigantic." Trevor escapes the mansion and moves through
a laboratory, in to a cave system.  He mentions high-heeled shoes.
He hopes his wife escaped by this route.  Trevor's diary entries
become increasingly disjointed.  He hasn't had food or water for
days. He feels trapped.
Trevor's Diary: Trevor continues to ramble on about being trapped,
writing about large glass tubes and wet, eerie caves.

November 31, 1967
Trevor's Private Papers: Trevor is in the dark.  He scrambles through
a secret tunnel that ends in a damp chamber.  Something monstrous
looms in the shadows.  With his final match, he illuminates the room.
Near him is a headstone carved with his name carved into it.  Trevor
scrawls a final goodbye to his wife.

Sometime in 1967
It is assumed that Lord Ozwell Spencer and Alexander Ashford completed
the experiment known as the T-virus.

Sometime in 1967
The Special Tactics and Recovery Squad (or S.T.A.R.S.) is formed in
New York City as a special branch of the police force.  Its specially
trained troops deal with cult-affiliated terrorism.

Birth of Forest Speyer, S.T.A.R.S. Bravo Team sniper and vehicle
specialist.  Deceased July 23, 1998 on a balcony inside Spencer Mansion.
Devoured by an unknown entity.

Estimated "birth" of Alfred Ashford and Alexia Ashford, twins in a
long line of Ashfords.  Their father Alexander (along with Lord
Spencer) created the T-virus.  The twins then experimented on
Alexander, turning him into a "Nosferatu".  After the nvention
of the T-Veronica Virus, Alexia enters a cryogenic state chamber to
mutate and strengthen her powers.

Birth of Joseph Frost, S.T.A.R.S. Bravo Team vehicles specialist,
who joined Alpha Team under orders from Albert Wesker.
Deceased July 23, 1998 on Spencer Mansion grounds.
Devoured by zombified hounds.

The Raccoon City chapter of S.T.A.R.S. is established.

Birth of Chris Redfield S.T.A.R.S. Alpha Team member.  Dishonorably
discharged from the Air Force, Chris is recruited from S.T.A.R.S. by
Barry Burton.

Birth of Richard Aiken, S.T.A.R.S. Bravo Team communications specialist.
Bitten to death July 23, 1998 on Spencer Mansion grounds.

14th Feb 1975
Birth of STARS alpha team member Jill valentine.
Current status. Active.

Wesker's Report II: Albert Wesker arrives at the Arklay Laboratories
ignoring the Umbrella president and remaining aloof to the other staff.
He commences research on the Ebola Virus, and attempts to create a
Bio Organic Weapon (B.O.W. Entities).  Wesker first encounters the
"woman," a creature who has been constantly experimented on with
multiple viral strains since her first injection on November 10, 1967.

Birth of Rebecca Chambers, S.T.A.R.S. Bravo team medic and part-time
pianist.  One day before Alpha Team's arrival in Raccoon Forest,
she investigates a mysterious train.  Albert Wesker shoots her in the
chest, but she survives and escapes the mansion.
Her status is currently active.

Birth of Steve Burnside.  An immature but good-hearted child, he is
 held on the remote Rockfort Island with his father as a prisoner
of Umbrella, Inc.

July 27, 1981
Wesker's Report II: Ten-year old Alexia Ashford is given permission
to head up Umbrellas' remote Antarctic research station.  Her family's
 reputation is legendary (her father, Alexander Ashford first
discovered the T-virus), although Alexander's son, Alfred, is
useless.  Wesker vows to commence research on the laboratory's older
workers, but Dr. William Birkin ins envious of Alexia and isn't
mentally capable of helping Wesker.  An imprecise killing machine,
 name the Zombie, is created.  However its infection ration isn't
perfect.  The "woman" still lives ,l and Wesker is surprised at
how resilient she has become.


January 30, 1983
Alfred's Diary: Alfred Ashford, inside the secret Umbrella Antarctic
base keeps a diary where he mentions a hidden passageway, accessible
only by using three family brooches.  He cannot retrieve his father's

February 17, 1983
Alfred's Diary:  Alfred manages to secure the brooches and enter the
sealed room.  He makes a shocking discovery-his DNA was spliced from
a family ancestor and surrogate mother; both Alfred and Alexia are
experiments.  Angry and jealous that his father chose Alexia (she
exhibits genius intelligence, but Alfred does not), Alfred is determined
to avenge his blundered birth.

March 3, 1983
Alfred's Diary: Alfred and Alexia begin to experiment using the
T-Veronica Virus on a "human body" they find- most likely their
father.  Alfred worries that the family butler will find out
about this macabre experiment.

April 22, 1983
Alfred's Diary: Alexander Ashford is turned into a freakishly
mutated being that comes to be known as "Nosferatu," and he's
locked away in a secret basement room.  Alexia, meanwhile,
continues to experiment on herself, and she informs Alfred that
she needs to be frozen for 15 years before the T-Veronica Virus
can completely consume her Alfred, now alone, mentally degenerates

December 31, 1983
Wesker's Report II: Wesker hears that Alexia died after injecting
herself with the T-Veronica Virus.  He can't rely on Alfred to
help with research.  Wesker begins to wonder why Ozwell Spencer
locate the laboratory here, especially as Wesker believes other
species (both animal and vegetable) could be affected by the virus.
He realizes that placing a base in the Antarctic wasn't so crazy
after all.  The "failure" at the laboratory (the woman infected
back in 1967) has been forgotten. Wesker's true intentions- that
 he's been planted in the Umbrella organization by another company ­
are still secret.

Birth of Sherry Birkin, daughter of Umbrella scientists, Doctor
William Birkin and Annette Birkin.  Sherry wears a small neck
pendant that carries the G-virus.  Albert Wesker's forces may be
holding her against her will.

Residents of Raccoon City elect Michael Warren (the engineer who
pioneered the town's cable car system) mayor of Raccoon City.
Warren holds this position until the town is destroyed; he dies
in the nuclear explosion.

Wesker's Report II: Wesker can't believe Birkin is bringing life into
the world when he works in such a place, especially as work has begun
on the Tyrant, a genetically superior soldier.  However, very few
"test subjects" could survive with the T-Virus inside them; most turn
into Zombies.  Only 10 people in the United States have the correct
DNA.  Hear the Umbrella France has recently started the Nemesis Project,
Wesker requests appropriate samples, realizing that a tremendous
soldier can now be created.   The Nemesis parasite has a short life
expectancy outside of the host body, so Wesker resolves to plant
the Nemesis parasite into the "woman."  The results are surprising ­
she devours the parasite and lives.  Wesker switches his research
completely and begins to work on the "failure".

After five years as mayor of Raccoon City, Michael Warren begins to
rely heavily on Umbrella's "charitable" donations.  The money helps
to build a hospital, a public utility works, a municipal building,
and helps "keep the public peace."

The newly appointed Raccoon City chief of police, Brian Irons, begins
to take bribes from Umbrella, Inc. to ignore the disappearance of
locals, Umbrella's "experimental" areas of the city, and other
atrocities.  Chief Irons becomes more erratic.


July 31, 1995
Wesker's Report II: Wesker returns to the Arklay Laboratories after
a four-year absence.  Birkin heads the G-Virus experiment that Wesker
began.  The G-Virus continuously mutates its host, creating a creature
that resurrects itself from the dead.  Spencer spends less and less time
at the Raccoon facility.  A new lead researcher named John arrives,
and the experiment on the "woman" begin to turn violent ­ she rips
the faces off careless researchers and wears them on her hunched
back.  She is destroyed, but Wesker wonders what Spencer has in
store for Umbrella.

While Mayor Warren and Police Chief Irons stonewall any protests,
Umbrella, Inc. is permitted to construct the Arklay Laboratories
near the old Spencer Mansion, away from the main business district,
but still within Raccoon City Limits.

Barry Burton leaves his job as S.W.A.T. team sergeant to become
a full-time member of S.T.A.R.S. Burton recruits Chris Redfield,
and both move to Raccoon City to revamp the S.T.A.R.S. team there.
Ada Wong, a spy infiltrating the Umbrella organization to gain more
information on their viral experiments, manages to become intimate
with an Umbrella researcher named John. The Raccoon City Police
Department moves into the disused Raccoon City Art Gallery.
Artwork remains in the building during the move, but many more
expensive paintings and statues arrive shortly afterward.  They
belong to Chief Irons.


April 25, 1998
Manager's Diary: A technician is hired to manage Arklay Laboratories
and "disposal" facility.  The lab is near the mansion, disguised as
a factory.

May 10, 1998
Keeper's Diary: The keeper looks after a new specimen, which may be
a Chimera.  The beast dismembers and disembowels its meat (a wild pig)
before eating. Secretary's Diary: Chief Irons acquires another disgusting
painting; a naked human, being hanged.

May 11, 1998
Keeper's Diary:  A T-Virus leak shuts down the Arklay Laboratories
 basement area.  The keep dons a haz-mat (hazardous materials) suit.

May 12, 1998
Keeper's Diary:  the Keeper feels "musty" and "itchy" after 24 hours
in the haz-mat suit.

May 13, 1998
Keeper's Diary: The Keeper goes to the laboratory clinic when his
itchy back becomes swollen.  He removes his haz-mat suit, and they bandage his back.
Prisoner's Diary: On Rockfort Island, a prisoner complains that
his cell "stinks of death." He shares a bunk bed with an
"interesting" fellow named Bob.

May 14, 1998
Keeper's Diary:  A blister appears on the Keeper's foot; he
hobbles to the dog pen.  Some of the hounds have escaped.
Manager's Diary: Arklay Laboratories tests a special, but
unstable, gas that decomposes living cells.

May 15, 1998
Keeper's Diary: An armed guard prevents the Keeper from leaving
or making phone calls.

May 16, 1998
Keeper's Diary: A scientist is shot trying to escape from the
secured Laboratory.  That night, a piece of rotting flesh falls off
the Keeper's arm.
Prisoner's Diary: Bob says that he was the assistant to Alfred
Ashford, but was imprisoned over "a tiny little mistake."

May 17, 1998
The T-Virus accidentally saturates a laboratory plant in Arklay
Laboratories, creating Plant 42.  An angry researcher floods the
mansion's lower rooms, freeing sharks infected with the T-Virus.

May 19, 1998
Keeper's Diary: The T-Virus metamorphosis is almost complete.
The Keeper attacks and eats the guard.

May 20, 1998
A female hiker is found on the bank of the Marble River.  The body
shows signs of animal lacerations.
Manager's Diary" Despite possessing a keycard, the Manager is accidentally
locked inside a "treatment room" in the Arklay  Laboratories.
Prisoner's Diary: Military personnel move Bob to a building from people
never return.

May 21, 1998
Plant 42 Report: Umbrella researcher Henry Sarton writes about a mutating
plant that attacks by crushing its victims in its vines or by bloodletting
with its tendrils.  This monster has preyed on several scientists.

May 27, 1998
The Raccoon Times writes a report on the discovery of the dead hiker.
The police think a grizzly bear attacked her.

June 7, 1998
Manager's Diary: Staff members are becoming unruly and will not correctly
dispose of experimentations.

June 8, 1998
Researcher's Note: John, a researcher, tells his sweetheart how to correctly
exit the Arklay Laboratories.  Pass codes are mentioned.

June 16, 1998
The Raccoon Weekly runs a story about strange "dog-like" creatures
roaming the Arklay Mountains near the Spencer Mansion.  The paper
urges people to try to photograph or capture a specimen.

July 9, 1998
The Raccoon Times: "Mystery in the Arklay Mountains" reports that
local authorities closed the roads into the wilderness area; they
summoned S.T.A.R.S. to help investigate.  Grotesque monsters are
still in the area, and more families have vanished.

July 16, 1998
Manager's Diary: Bodies in the facility are still being dumped
into exterior containers and not burned per instructions.  The
plant disposal system cannot cope with "demand." The workers feel
a little strange, they're taking medicine, but it isn't working.

July 22, 1998
White Umbrella: A clandestine organization give strict orders about
an "X-Day." S.T.A.R.S. members are to be lured into a laboratory to
battle the mutating experiments.
Suicide Note: A researcher, writing to his wife, details a viral
outbreak in the Arklay Laboratories.  He destroys his colleague
with an ornate pistol and then hangs himself.

July 23, 1998

Raccoon City television runs a story about 10 families missing in
the Arklay Mountains.  Human remains have been found in the area.
A military police vehicle is discovered inside the Arklay Mountains.
Rebecca Chambers reports that corpses of Military Police, plus an
unidentified body, are uncovered near the vehicle.
Alpha and Bravo S.T.A.R.S. teams are ordered to look for any survivors.
The teams assemble on the evening of July 23rd. Bravo Team makes an
initial sweep of the lower-lying forested areas.

But before the Bravo team can do much their chopper maul funcions
and they are forced to make a forced landing in the Raccoon forest.
The team spreads out except for the chopper pilot kevin who decides
to stay there to make some repairs. Rebecca Chambers the rookie
member of the BRAVO team soon finds an overturnd car which has
the corpses of a few MP personal among it, the MP vehicle also
contains a report about a convict being transported named billy
coen, but coen's body is not among the rest of the people which
meant that he is out there in the forest. The BRAVO team captain
Enrico Marini warns the team about this man and then asks them to
spread out in the forest.

Rebecca soon finds a train in the middle of the forest, cautiously
approaching it she readies her gun, but before she can enter the
train it starts to rain. Rebecca enters the train and soon she
comes across billy coen, not surprisingly enough he points a gun
to her but doesnt shoot and asks her to go, not long after their
first encounter Edward , another member of the BRAVO team comes
crashing in through the train windows but dies before revealing
anything important to rebecca. A little while later rebecca is
contacted by Enrico again and he tells her some more information
about Billy and the amount of people he killed, rebecca finds it
hard to believe that he could kill 23 people.

Not long after that they both meet up again, billy and rebecca
dont get along at first but after rebecca encounters a strange
zombie and billy saves her life they decide to stick togather, but
suddenly the train starts to move again.

They make their way to the cockpit only to see some soldiers
being killed by some huge leeches along the way, they make it
to the cockpit and try to stop the train but are unable to do
so and the train crashes near a training facility. Inside the
facility we see the robed man mocking albert wesker and william
birkin. Rebecca and Billy start exploring the training facility.

After saving her life once more billy finally tells rebecca
about the people he killed, he actually didnt kill them, but
billy was the man they all put the blame on, rebecca knew it.
The 2 hero's find several things reguarding one doctor James
Marcus through out the training facility, who is he !?
The two make their way across the facility then go through
umbrella's own private little church. During this course
they find some more things related to this doctor marcus.

Rebecca and billy finally make it to a cable car system but billy is
attacked and he falls down somewhere, rebecca goes through the cable
car alone and she comes to a place with a huge elevator, there she
meets up with his captain enrico, and that was the last time she
ever see's him, after enrico leaves rebecca continues's her search
for billy, soon after she finally finds billy clung on for dear life.
After saving billy , they both head forward and finally encounter
the robed man, he explains his story to the two hero's and we find
out that the robed man is actually james marcus, then suddenly
james marcus starts mutating and turns into a monster, a huge
battle insue's which see's marcus's defeat in the end.

William birkin and Albert wesker turn on the self destruct system
to this facility as rebecca and billy struggle to get out of
the facility, along the way they are attacked by the queen leech
who feels almost no pain from any weapon but sunlight is lethal to it.
So using sunlight billy and rebecca kill the queen leech and billy
shoots it down into the flames, they both escape the place just in
time. Outside rebecca spots the spencer estate and she heads
towards it and takes billy's dogtags with her and claims that officially
billy coen is dead....

July 24th, 1998

After contact with BRAVO team is lost Albert wesker takes out the
ALPHA team for search and rescue, soon they arrive at the raccoon
forest. The ALPHA team locates the BRAVO's chopper but they dont
find anything inside except for the dead body of their pilot kevin.
Joseph cant take the sight and he almost throws up. The team starts
searching the forest for more clues. While searching Joseph comes
across some noises but before he can do much a horribally skinned
dog attacks and kills joseph before he could defend himself. Jill
tries to shoot the dogs but the bullets have no affect. One of the
dogs notices her and tries to attack but she is saved right in time
by chris. They both make it to their feet and run away but a dog
closes in on chris, this time its wesker who shoots the dog away.

The ALPHA team's pilot Brad Vickers chickens out and leaves the
team alone in the forest, chris spots an old abandoned mansion in
a distance and asks the team to head for the mansion, along the
way they dont stop for anything, this was supposed to be an old
abandoned mansion and luckily they could find a hiding spot in there.

Jill, Barry and wesker enter the mansion and discover that chris
is not with them, suddenly they hear a gun shot and thinking it
might be chris jill and barry head out to investigate, but all
they found is kenneth J sullivan's body, being eaten by something
or someone. Upon dispatching the zombie the 2 return back to
wesker only to find out that he's missing too.

Jill and barry go their separate ways then, while chris redfield
in the mansion finds the only surviving member of BRAVO team
rebecca chamber who is terrified out of her life. Togather they
both find Richard who was bitten by a large snake, even though
they try to, they are unable to save him. While barry and jill
find the body of forest spayer from the BRAVO team , chris and
rebecca make their way to the guard house behind the mansion, where
they find a large mutated plant called Plant 42. Luckily with
rebecca's knowledge of chemicals they are able to kill the snake
and upon finding a valueable key they return to the mansion.

When chris and rebecca return to the mansion they find out that its
been taken over by a new kind of enemy, the hunters, while chris
and rebecca take care of these things jill has managed to find a
way out of the mansion, she makes her way to a cemetary and a
cottage outside the mansion, there she finds a new monster , it
looks alot like the hunchback from the fairy tales, but this one
isnt a nice one and jill cant seem to kill her at all.

Escaping the place jill makes it to the guardhouse where she
overhears barry talking to someone else but barry blows the
topic off and ignores it, then the two make their way to the
catacombs below the mansion. In those tunnels jill finds the
BRAVO team captain Enrico Marini but before he can reveal the
indentity of the traitor in the STARS someone shoots him, jill
gives chase only to be led to an elevator with barry on it
leading down into a huge pit.

But before they can do down again barry and jill are attacked
by that thing jill met in the cottage again, jill turns to barry
for help but finds out that he left her alone, jill gets really
mad at this and dodges the thing again, taking a ladder to the
cottage again she makes it to the mansion and a secret alter
right under the mansion main hall. She finds barry in the alter
and barry almot tries to ambush her after they have an arguement.
But the thing attacks them again, jill thinking wisely gives
barry his gun back and they both shoot the thing down a large

Jill and barry make their way into a secret lab below the
mansion via a secret passage into the alter, chris and rebecca
are in hot persuit as they make their way to the lab not soon
after, but there they have to fight a large spider which they
kill togather. Meanwhile in the secret lab jill finally discovers
albert wesker's plans and finds out that barry was involved in
them thats why he waa acting weird towards jill.

But barry doesnt want to hurt jill so he turns against wesker
and during this the tyrant impales its own master, wesker. Barry
tries to stop it but the tyrant knocks him out, jill is left
alone to fight the thing and after a very close battle jill
finally gets the upper hand and the tyrant is knocked out.
Barry also wakes up in time, and they both find out that the
mansion is about to explode, they both make their way to the
heliport and run into rebecca and chris on their way back.
Togather again all of them head for the heliport. The tyrant
is however up now and it blows a hole to the roof of the mansion
while brad is closing in to catch the team, the tyrant throws
chris away and the rest of the team is left to fight the tyrant.
Brad vickers from the chopper throws down a rocket launcher
which chris redfield catches right in time and he shoots the
tyrant dead with it. Brad sets the chopper down and the team
climb it and escape with the mansion exploding behind them and
the sun rising up.

August 7th, 1998

Jill valentine cant still get over her experience at the spencer
mansion, she writes in her diary that her physical wounds may have
been healed but her emotional wounds may never heal.

August 13th, 1998

Chris redfield causes a little commotion in the Police station
and punches one of his co workers.

August 15th, 1998

Chris invites jill over to his appartment where he shows her
some confidential pictures of a new umbrella virus in testing
the G virus. jill cant believe what she see's.

August 24th, 1998

Chris and barry leave for the umbrella base in Europe, chris
lasts the last note in his diary for his sister, jill elects
to stay behind in case of any emergencies and she quits the

September 28th, 1998

After chris and barry had opted for going to umbrella's europe branch jill
decided to stay behind in the city and investigate more on this new
rumored G virus, but suddenly near the end of september the whole town
was infested with zombies, an outbreak of the T virus, the same virus
which cause all the residents in tne mansion to turn into zombies had
been leaked into the city, nearly all the townfolks had turned into
zombies, and those who hadnt were being eaten alive by them. Jill
surprisingly escapes infection and begins her escape from this town
from her appartment.

Not long after she starts she comes across dario russo, a novelest to
be who just lost his daughter out there among the zombies, jill asks
him to come with her because she knew there wont be any rescue attempts,
but dario frustrated locks himself in the back of a truck and asks jill
to leave immediately, jill tries to talk him into coming with her but he
just doesnt listen. Not long after that jill spots his old team mate
Brad Vickers but he is being chased around by a group of zombies, jill
gives him chase only to meet him in a bar, he tells jill about
something which is coming to get all the STARS member and he warns
her that they're all gonna die. Then he leaves jill. Then at the main
entrance of the RPD jill again finds brad but he looks in very bad
condition, before he can reveal anything to jill a new kind of monster,
nemesis, comes down from no where and kills brad mercilesly right in
front of jill, she tries shooting it but her bullets dont work. Jill
retreats into the RPD. Using her STARS badge she makes it to the RPD
office where she catches a grumbled transmission from someone.

Before she can escape jill is attacked by nemesis again inside the RPD,
she quickly dodges it using her skills and makes it out of the station.
Exploring more parts of the city jill comes across a man named carlos,
togather they both fight nemesis but before carlos leaves he tells jill
about his team's mission, later jill comes across a cable car and when
she goes inside she finds more men like carlos, their leader is apparently
injured, nicholai isnt really pleased that they need to take help from an
outside but carlos's persuation convinces him, they are from the UBCS and
there mission was to cleanse the city and take care of survivors. Now they
have to escape to the clock tower where a chopper is waiting.

Jill along with carlos find the necessary parts neded to run the trolley
and togather they all ride to the clocktower, once reaching the tower they
find that its also infested with zombies, solvnig puzzles there and
obtaining the mechanic parts needed to operate the clock tower bell jill
gives the extraction team the signal, but before they can land their c
hopper a rocket fired by nemesis blows up the chopper and jill is left
to fight the monster, with some help from carlos and after an extraurdinary
fight jill finally gets rid of nemesis , for now. But during the battle
nemesis had injected her with the T virus and as soon as the fight is over
jill collapses and carlos takes her to the chappel.

September 29th, 1998

Raccoon city now almost dead from the zombie assault lies quiet as 2
strangers leon S kennedy and claire redfield make their way into town
from opposite ends, leon is here for the first day of his job and claire
is here to find his missing brother. After some commotion with the zombies
leon and claire finally meet up togather in the back alley of a diner,
thinking that it would be more safer for them at the police station leon
and claire ride on an empty police vehicle , but a zombie ambushes them
from the back seat and leon looses control of the car as it slams into a
wall, a large truck is coming in straight for them and they both jump on
the opposite sides to save themselevs. Now the fire separated them and
they have to find their way to the police station.

Not far from the crash leon comes up to a human , the owner of a gun
shop, but he doesnt live long as zombies break through the glass and eat
him before leon's eyes, he runs for his life and after some running
through the city streets leon finally makes it to the front entrance
of the RPD. Claire has a shorter run to the station but when she gets
there she has to go via the roof. When she climbs to the roof via a back
alley staircase she see's a failed chopper rescue attempt which ends with
the chopper crashing into the RPD. Claire quickly scatters into the station
and finds the tool needed to put out the fire, but before she can go back
in another chopper comes overhead, and it drops a large capsule on the
station. Clarie goes in and spots what it was, a huge human like monster
which just doesnt give up. Claire dodges it and continues her
journey into the RPD.

Both claire and leon make it to the STARS office at the same time where
they discover that claire's brother is no longer in this town, they both
decide to split up and find anyone living and get the hell out of there.
Not long after that claire finds a little girl but she is too terrified
to tell anything and runs away, claire gives her chase only to be led to
the office of chief brian irons, there is a girls body on her desk and he
tells claire that she was the mayor's daughter and the zombies killed her,
even though the bullet wound is visable. She goes in a door through iron's
office and finally confronts the little girl, she tells a little bit about
herself before she runs away after hearing a monster's scream. Claire gives
chase but she see's that iron's has disappeared too. She see's a painting
with 3 holes in it. She needs to find something to fill them up with.
Meanwhile leon finds his way to the RPD parking lot where he meets another
survivor, a chinese women who's name is ada wong. She claims to be searching
for a reporter who knows where her boyfriend is. Using the aid of leon
they both finally find this reporter called ben who has locked himself
up. But he refuses to leave his cell.

Meanwhile back in the RPD claire finds the stone pieces she needs and
heads back to iron's office where she meets shery again, this time she
doesnt run away, leon on the other hand also makes his way to the sewer
system . Claire encounters iron's in a torture room of some sort but
he is pulled down by something hideous, claire goes down and she finds
what did it, a humanoid monster with a large claw which had an eye on
his right side. Claire fights off this monster and he throws himself
over the railing. Claire and sherry make their way to the sewer system.
Leon on the other hand runs into a woman in a lab coat but she tries to
shoot ada, leon gets in the way and takes the shot. Ada runs off to get
the shooter. She finaly does and finds out that she is the wife of the man
responsable for all this. After some talking and a little fight annete
falls down into water and ada goes back to searching.

Leon wakes up in the mean time and finds ada hanging around in the sewers,
togather they make their way across a cable car where they are briefly
attacked by william, but he runs away. Claire and sherry are also close
behind them, leon and ada make it to a vertical elevator which they take
to ride down to the umbrella base, but during the way ada is injured and
when they reach down leon asks her to rest and he goes to find something.
Claire on the other hand gets stranded in the umbrella lab and sherry is
left alone. While searching for her claire runs into annete again, togather
they spot sherry in danger via the monitors, claire quickly makes her way to
where sherry is and she outsmarts mrX and he falls down into a pit of molten
lava. Leon on the other hand finally finds out the truth about ada, but before
he can talk her out of it annete arrives and shoots ada off the railnig
into a deep pit. Leon , angrily throws the g virus he just acquired off
the railing behind ada. Claire and sherry finally make it to an elevator
which takes them to the escape train. Claire turns the power on but she is
attacked by a mutated MrX which apparently dies after someone drops a rocket
launcher for claire to take.

Leon on the other hand runs into william birkin again, but using his skills
he kills him and makes it to the emergency train just as claire is leaving,
togather they ride the train, which is ambushed by william again, the train's
auto destruct system goes on and it blows along with william as the hero's
run for safety.

September 30th, 1998

claire and leon along with sherry escape the town but they run into an
arguement and claire leaves to find her brother, leon is picked up by some
strange men who give him an unknown offer, they also take sherry away from

October 1st, 1998

jill finally awakes after 2 days, carlos had been watching over her
all this time, carlos goes to find a cure for jill only to run into a
hospital full of zombies and hutners, there he successfully finds an
antidote and jill gets cured thanks to it. Now healthy again jill continues
her escape as she makes her way to the city park , fighting a huge worm in
the park she comes across nicholai there who is apparently a traitor, jill
escapes him and then she finds her way to a treating facility, there she
confrons nicholai again but he escapes again. Jill finds out that this
plant was used to get rid of the bodies of the test subjects, carlos
arrives on the spot and tells jill that a nuclear strike is about to
happen on this city and that they need to get out of here ASAP.

Jill along with carlos's help in severa occasions finaly make it to
the control room of the plant, but not before she gets rid of nemesis
for good. At the control room jill confronts nicholai for the last time
and he escapes in a helicopter after telling jill that she's as good as
dead. Not long after that jill and carlos receive a message from someone
on the radio that he is looking for jill. They both get happy at this hope
of life, and make their way to the helipad behind the plant. Along the way
jill finally runs into nemesis for the last time but this time she gets
 permanent rid of him with the help of a rail cannon which blows nemesis
into bits. Upon reaching the helipad carlos and jill see the chopper
coming in at a distance, when they get in it jill finds that the pilot
is someone who she knows very well, barry. They make it just in time
as the city is attacked by the nuclear bomb.

?? November, 1998

An island on the atlantic ocean, named sheena island, apparently is another one
of umbrella's test grounds, much like raccoon city this is a completely bought
out place where the people work for umbrella and umbrella own nearly all of the
town's important places, it is here that a stranger wakes up from a chopper crash.
He doesnt remember anything about himself. All he has is a gun in his hand,
and now his search for truth begins. Very soon he discovers the body of a
man in white who is holding dogtags with the name Ark Thompson, the stranger
assumes that was his name and continues on his path , after encountering a
church full of zombies this man comes across an alley where a phone is
ringing, but before he picks it up it hangs up. Not long after the man
spots another phone, this time he picks it up in time and the man on the
other end starts calling him a murderer and killer, and reveals his name vincent.

Vincent continues on with his passage through an arcade where he comes up
with some cleaning squad which are apparently sent to clean everything, which
means killing everything. Getting rid of them and making his way through the
sewers he finds the sewer chief's diary in which he finds out what he thinks
about vincent. Spotting an unknown boy vincent gives chase and comes out in
a prison, while making his escape he runs into a large monster, but it goes
down after a fight. Vincent makes his way through several more of these large
monster and goes through a night club and turns out in front of a large complex
owned by umbrella. Entering the complex he makes it to the top floor where he
finds an office which was apparently vincent's. Then vincent spots another
child through some monitor's and gives chase. The 2 kids run away from him
and lead him to their house, here vincent spots the little girl and some
talk later she tells him that her brohter went out himself.

Vincent goes after him only to be lead through a mountain passage full of
these large trench coated monsters, the trail ends at a large mansion and
vincent enters it, he hears the boy's scream, following his scream vincent
comes across a hidden laboratory under the mansion, he finds out that those
large trench coated monsters (MR X's) were being built there, vincent
finally finds the boy and after some talking the boy tells him his true
identity, our hero's real name is ark thompson, and vincent was the real
man who cause all of this. Not long after that the facility's auto destruct
sequence is activated by the cleaner's leader, but he falls pray to the
tyrant. After escaping it once, ark fights the tyrant again on the
helipad, the tyrant goes down after a massive fight and the hero's escape
the exploding island. But the tyrant catches the chopper , ark with his
quick thinking skills launches the chopper's missiles with the tyrant
on board, and they all fly away to safety.

December 17th, 1998

3 months after the raccoon city incident claire redfield finally gets a
lead on his brother which leads him to the umbrella facility of Paris.
Claire manages to infiltrate the base but inside she is spotted and some
guards chase her down the halls. Suddenly a chopper comes right in front
of her, she dodges it only to find herself face to face with a dozen
troopers, getting rid of them with a sneaky move claire runs out of
ammo and a guard captures here and she is taken to a prison.

December 27th, 1998

Claire wakes up in a prison after hearing some explosions upside, a little
while later a man walks inside the area and opens up claire's prison, claire
uses her lighter to see that its the same guard who cought her. The guard
lets her out and tells her about what happened, this place was just
attacked by a special forces team, but the guard warns her that there is
very slim chance of her escaping.

Claire runs out of the prison area but before she goes she checks up the
man's name on a list and also finds out that he needs some hemostatic
medicine. After some commosion top side claire comes face to face with
a dozen zombies, her nightmare relived, quickly dodging them she moves
to the next area where she meets another prisoner who almost shoots him.
Steve burnside, but he's got a rotten attitude and he leaves claire goes
away. Claire follows him and soon they meet again in a computer room, this
time steve asks her if she's related to chris, after some more of his
attitude steve goes out of the room leaving claire to wonder about it.

After managing to get herself the right keys claire escapes from the
prison and comes up to a training facility, most of the doors here are
locked however to she heads up to a nearby palace. Reaching the palace
claire finds a strange room with a lock which needs 2 guns to be opened
a little while after that she finds a childs room where she reveals a
secret door by playing a movie of 2 blonde childs torturing a dragonfly.
She finds the 2 guns she was looking for but taking them out releases
a trap so she puts them back in. But before claire can leave she hears
steve scream from that place, using her quick thinking claire sets him
free from the trap and asks steve for the guns but he isnt trading until
he gets something better. Again before claire can escape she encounters
a new man, alfred ashford. After some threatning alfred leaves. After that
claire uses a submarine to find the underwater seaport, she finds a plane
but its locked so she has to get the keys for it.

With the help of steve claire follows alfred into one of his traps and he
releases a new monster called the bandersnatch on her, steve saves her
again and claire gives chase to alfred only to be trapped by her sister
alexia in their bedroom, holding alfred's rifle. Steve comes in the nick
of time and saves her, alexia gets shot but she escapes,, heading through
the passage they discover that alexia was actually alfred in disguise.
They dont even want to kill alfred after his reaction, the two make their
way to the seaport but the bridge is blocking their way, claire volunteers
to get it out. Claire goes and raises the bridge but she has to come the
long way now, along the way alfred releases a tyrant on her, she barely
makes it to the plane and they take off. The tyrant comes into the plane
and claire has to push it off the plane. Not long afterwards alfred takes
control of the plane and makes it crash land in umbrella's antarctic base.

Once they wake up in antarctica they split up, soon after claire finds
a huge monster trapped inside a floor and later she finds out from some
files that its actually alfred's father, finding an ice digging vehicle
they start raising it but steve causes a blunder and the whole area fills
up with gas, claire finds a gas mask and as soon as she shuts off the
gas valve she is attacked by alfred, this time steve shoots him down a
huge chasm, alfred drops his rifle before falling. Claire and steve use
the ice digger and they blow a hole in the wall allowing them escape
via a heliport. On top of the Helipad claire comes face to face with
alexander but using alfred's sniper rifle she fires at his overgrown heart
killing it instantly. Soon after alfred still alive from an unknown place
goes to see alexia, but he cant live long to see alexia coming out of the
sleeping pod. Alexia is awake. !

Alexia mad at what claire and steve did releases a tentacle which literally
flips their snow mobile over, and it starts burning as alexia watches from
a monitor.

Chris arrives in rockfort island as claire and steve are in the antarctic.
not long after arriving he comes face to face with rodrigo but before he
can tell chris alot a huge worms swallows him, chris fights off the worm
which spits out rodrigo's dead body before it dies, chris continues his
journey and finds most of the island already destroyed, he finds a hanger
which still has a harrier jet standing, but he needs the right key to open
the hanger door. Soon after wards while exploring the base chris comes
face to face with his worst nightmare, albret wesker, apparently albert
has somehow gained superhuman powers and he kicks chris's ass, but after
seeing alexia on a monitor he lets chris go.

Soon afterwards chris finds the key he is looking for but he has to fight
a large underwater monster for it, after obtaining the right items chris
makes it to the hanger and flies to antarctica in the last remining harrier

The plane lands in antarctica and chris continues his search for claire
through the rooms of the umbrella base, one of the floors has a exact
replica of the main hall of the spencer estate, chris finally finds claire
behind the staircase there, but alexia interrupts their reunion and after
hearing steve scream claire runs after her, but they are separated again
thanks to another tentacle, claire goes after steve while chris stays there.
Soon afterwards claire finds steve but he mutates right in front of her
and almost kills her, but after claire's life is in danger due to another
tentacle, steve's human side takes over and he kills the tentacle but it
whacks steve pretty bad into the wall. After finally telling claire that
he loved her steve dies and claire is left crying.

Chris in the main hall see's wesker conftonting alexia, after alexia refuses
they get in a battle, wesker shows some more of his super human abilites
and cracks one on alexia's jaw, but after discovering chris wesker leaves
him to take care of alexia. Chris kills alexia easily and goes and finds
claire , claire tells him how to turn the self destruct system on and after
he does it claire and chris finally get togather again. But alexia interupts
again and this time its for the last time, chris asks claire to leave and
stays there to fight, using umbrella's own linear launcher chris gets rid
of alexia for good. But when he makes his escape he see's wesker taking
claire hostage. Giving chase they end up at wesker's submarine.

Wesker lets claire go for a chance of revenge from chris, the battle starts
chris is literally taken to hell by wesker, but after one explosion separates
them wesker lets chris go, until the next time, chris returns to the jet
and claire and chris escape just in time as the base explodes behind them.

End section

!*!*!*!*!*!*(`'·.¸ ¸.·'´)¸.·'´)¸.·'´)!*!*!*!*!*!*

               REVIEW AT GAMESPY

  !*!*!*!*!*!*   '·.¸)`'·.¸)`'·.¸) !*!*!*!*!*!*

Over in Japan, where personal firearms are rarer than anime that
makes sense, Capcom cranks out a series of light-gun games under
the Gun Survivor label, an appellation that would never, ever fly
in the States, where the video-game industry dyes its light-guns
neon green and Day-Glo orange and calls them "Justifier" and "Super
Scope." Resident Evil: Dead Aim is the fourth entry in the GS series,
the third to draw upon the Resident Evil mythos (Dino Crisis inspired
the other), the third to make it to North America (Gun Survivor
2, based on RE Code: Veronica, was stranded across the Pacific),
the second with light-gun support (which was yanked from the U.S.
version of Resident Evil Survivor), and the first to be a damn good
game -- despite being shorter than the journeyof a Double Decker
taco though one's digestive tract.

My first of two beefs with Dead Aim is a minor one: it doesn't much
seem to matter where you shoot a zombie, as it takes roughly the
same number of shots to kill whether you're plugging it in the
head, the torso, or the forearms. I know it would destroy the game
balance to allow every zombie to be slain with a single shot from a
handgun, but I would've been happy with a unique animation for the
(re-)killing shot; exploding head, hollowed-out torso, arms a-flyin',
et cetera. In a light-gun game, pinpoint accuracy should be rewarded
with something special.

As previously mentioned, Dead Aim's engine is buttah-smooth, although
it does suffer the rare slowdown seizure when the screen is chock-full
o' zombies. (Dead Aim wisely doesn't even bother with the series'
trademark awkward attempts at suspense, instead placing a focus
on the action.) There's very little music (background noise is
supplied by the ship's droning engine), average sound effects,
and the usual horrendous voice acting; the most shocking moment in
any Resident Evil game would be if a character read his or
her dialogue with genuine emotion.

Dead Aim is a very cool combination of gameplay elements, and the most
intriguing light-gun title for a home console since Elemental Gearbolt
(anyone remember that one?) It suffers from such a limited lifespan
that only hardcore collectors and RE maniacs would be advised to
purchase thegame instead of making it a Blockbuster night. But hey, at
least it's a much more entertaining rental than Just Married. •

End Section

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                    FUN STUFF

  !*!*!*!*!*!*   '·.¸)`'·.¸)`'·.¸) !*!*!*!*!*!*


*  The first and foremost strangest thing about this game, clearly all of
   the files state the date of this game as 2002, does this mean that even
   though the usual characters always plan of destroying umbrella they
   wont be able to do so for 4 years, either that or this is a stupid typo
   from the guy who writes the files .

*  Another file in this game puts the blame of the entire raccoon city
   incident on morpheus, whats up with that ?! i thought that the raccoon
   city incident happened due to birkin, whats going on here.

*  Why is bruce's accent the way it is, couldnt they have just asked
   the voice actor to keep a straight face while talking... i mean
   for gods sake he calls the tyrant "munster"

*  Just a minor note , the cruiser's name, the spencer rain, is it involved
   with the spencer mansion, does umbrella like to name all their things

*  In one of the files the author wrote at the end that his body was
   unable to move, how the hell did he write the file then ?!

*  The glimmers, more then anything or any resemblance to the hunters
   in this game remind me more of the gamma hunters from nemesis, just
   the red eyes are what makes them unique.

*  The file which describes how the pluto tyrant was made, is quiet
   damn disturbing.. eww...

*  Whats up with morpheus, and all his plastic surgery's, he almost
   reminds me of someone else who i wont name here...i guess you
   all know who im talking about.

*  If you thoght alfred from CVx was bad, think again, good old
   morpheus is the plastic surgering high heel wearing bad boy of
   the new millenium.


*   " allright munster payback time "
    Bruce just before the first tyrant fight

*   Why you American spies choose to use such ugly guns is still a
    mystery to me."
    morpheus in the opening FMV..

*  "Same business doesn't mean same side Bruce MacGavin."
    Fong ling when she kicks bruce's butt

* "Should have left by now somewhere in America there's a kitten stuck
   in a tree desperately needing your help. Oh well thanks for the present"
   Hillarious, fong ling when she steals the valve handle from bruce

*  Bruce: Beauty and brains
   Fongling: And you are just brawn
   hatch opening scene

*  "Don-Gua" I'm truly an idiot after all."
   Bruce, ending FMv, bruce finally realizes the truth... :P

*  "Sorry but my dance party is full."
   Bruce, before final shot to morpheus.. ta-daa

End Section

!*!*!*!*!*!*(`'·.¸ ¸.·'´)¸.·'´)¸.·'´)!*!*!*!*!*!*


  !*!*!*!*!*!*   '·.¸)`'·.¸)`'·.¸) !*!*!*!*!*!*


First off before i say anything about the Legal issues let me make one
thing clear, on the whole face of the internet there are only 2 sites
which have the permission to edit this walkthrough and change it and
do whatever they want with it, except of course call it their own :)
And those two sites are the following.

1 : www.planetdreamcast.com/residentevil
2 : www.rebiohazard.com

mucho's boredome thingy..

This guide was made only for the purpose of helping other people, and i dont
intend to use it for profit, and i would really really appreciate it if no
one else does it too. This guide is as free as everyone of us is.
Use it nicely. The following sites have are the special sites who this
guide belongs too in full right...  (( PS ... this doesnt mean that other
sites cant use the guide, any site which i want this guide to go to and any
site which tells me before using it shall be allowed )))


And any other site which take my permit first...

Any other site can also use this guide as long as they keep it to themselves
and inform me about my guide being used, and i really wouldnt like it if
anyone uses it for money  PLEASE TELL ME BEFORE YOU USE MY GUIDE.

This guide was made by Adnan Javed , better known as ChandooG on the
Gamefaqs message boards, i made this guide just for the people for free to be
used as a source of making your game easy and enjoyable... or if you dont
understand in those words or you think of using this guide for profiticle
purposes then know this that I have a very qualified lawyer in my
family :) get the picture.

Resident Evil all its characters and all the logo's are copyright of capcom co.
I am in no way associated with capcom and this guide is an uffocial work.
Resident Evil/Biohazard is a regestered trademark of capcom co.


If you want to contact me just mail to this address

I will reply only to those mails which have something important for me , or
which will ask me some decent questions. No funny stuff.. that is my
family e mail add for gods sake.

the address again is :- returnofthemaniac@Hotmail.com


* First and foremost God for making us all and giving me the power to do
  this work

* Secondly my friend kad... without kad my internet life would never have
  been the way it is right now, and besides she knows alot more about RE
  then i do. LOVE YOU .

* Thirdly another good friend sean for making his superb site and MI trooper
  along him for making the RP spencer mansion, its all cause of you people.

* Randy for not getting mad at me when i kinda did a bad thing ( which i wont tell )

* Again randy for clearing my name for a little honest mistake * not telling either *

* Fong ling for making bruce look bad any time she could :D.

* Now the formal thanks.. Thanks capcom for making this game

* thanks STEVE for being in the series

* Thanks wesker for being EVIL

Closing moments :



This has been fun... will do it sometime again soon... for now its
curtains i tells ya .. curtains...


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