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Demo to Final Game Changes FAQ by AzN bReAkEr BoI

Version: 3.7 | Updated: 09/03/2004

          ***** ***                                                       
       ******  * **    *                                 *                
      **   *  *  **   ***                               **                
     *    *  *   **    *                                **                
         *  *    *              ****                  ********    ****    
        ** **   *    ***       * **** *    ***       ********    * ***  * 
        ** **  *      ***     **  ****    * ***         **      *   ****  
        ** ****        **    ****        *   ***        **     **    **   
        ** **  ***     **      ***      **    ***       **     **    **   
        ** **    **    **        ***    ********        **     **    **   
        *  **    **    **          ***  *******         **     **    **   
           *     **    **     ****  **  **              **     **    **   
       ****      ***   **    * **** *   ****    *       **      ******    
      *  ****    **    *** *    ****     *******         **      ****     
     *    **     *      ***               *****                           
           *****    **                                                    
        ******  *  **** *                                                 
       **   *  *   *****                                                  
      *    *  *    * *                                                    
          *  *     *         ****                    ****    ***  ****    
         ** **     *        * ***  * ***  ****      * ***  *  **** **** * 
         ** **     *       *   ****   **** **** *  *   ****    **   ****  
         ** ********      **    **     **   ****  **    **     **         
         ** **     *      **    **     **    **   **    **     **         
         ** **     **     **    **     **    **   **    **     **         
         *  **     **     **    **     **    **   **    **     **         
            *       **    **    **     **    **   **    **     **         
        ****        **     ******      **    **    ******      ***        
       *  *****      **     ****       ***   ***    ****        ***       

      *     **                          ***   ***                         

                             Demo to Game Diffrences
                     By : Joelaw B. (A.K.A. AzN bReaKer BoI)
                       Email : AznbReAkErBoI51O@yahoo.com
                             AIM : AznbReAkErBoI51O

1) Intro
2) Version History
3) Legal Crap
4) Demo/Game Diffrences
5) Video/Game Diffrences
6) Credits
7) Closing

                                  1) Intro

Well, I finally decided to write a FAQ (yay!) about the Demo vs the Game. I was
thinking since SwiftShark contributed to Rise to Honor, I figured I should give
in also. This is my very first FAQ, so please, tell me if it sucks or not. ^ ^
Let me give you a bit of information about me. If you dont care, then just
skip ahead...I am a 16 year old who has played video games for a bit more than
a decade. My first game was Street Fighter II...yay! But over the years, I've
seen technology fly by so much, look it it now...a vibrating controller to a
game system that plays DVDs AND CDs? Wow...is all I can say...wow...anyways,
my point...

The FAQ is to basically, like it says, compare the Demo to the actual game. So
here it is!

                              2) Version History

4/25/04 - Version 0.2 - Newly Opened FAQ...yay! Did the intro, legal crap and
                        demo stuff
4/26/04 - Version 0.5 - Major Update, added in the video section, did some more
                        demo stuff
4/28/04 - Version 0.7 - Meh...only worked on a few...it should be nearly done, 
                        added credits and closing crap...
8/4/04 -  Version 0.8 - Too lazy to update recently..so finally, I updated
                        since I was so bored...anyways, small updates...I have
                        one more update before this FAQ is final. but thatll
                        happen maybe in a month or 2...

                                3) Legal Crap

This FAQ is the property of Joelaw B. (AzN bReAkEr BoI) and is subject to all
applicable copyright laws. If you would like to post on this FAQ, please e-mail
me at the address above or IM me at the SN above.

This FAQ is found at the following websites :


(Yeah, not alot, so what?)If you would like your site to host my FAQ, please
e-mail me.

                            4) Demo/Game Diffrences

-On the selection screen where they play a video, Kit Yun wears a diffrent kind
of attire, a grey jacket, a black shirt underneath and black pants. Also,
instead of Kit Yun doing a fighting pose with a golden-yellow screen, its a
picture of him doing a pose as you see 4 people chasing Kit. The options you
can choose is "Play Game", "Chapter Selection" and "Options".
-The button that appears on the bottom right when an unskippable FMV is played
seems to look slightly diffrenth than the games button.
-The trademark color in this game is supposedly golden-yellow. In this real
game, its blue.
-When the enemy comes in and shoots the body guards, he wears a black trench
coat and red shirt. In the game, its a red trench coat and a black shirt. Also,
a person runs at Kit Yun with a knife, Kit does his combo and kills him. Then
three other guys come in and surround him as Kit looks around (like he does
when people surround Jet Li in all his movies). In the game, the person runs in
with a knife, gets knocked down, but gets back up as his backup arrives. They
surround him and...yeah...Kit beats all three of their asses.
-As you can see, the HUD seem to look diffrent. There is an 8 boxed bar, it
shows the amount of combos you do. They take out the boxed bar in the actual
game put how many hits you have done.
-Adrenaline combos seem to be executed faster, in the original game, it wasnt
as hard and fast to pull off and looks like it has less range (ie: Butterfly
Attack/Spin, Triple Bicycle Kick). One of the effect that I notice is that the
screen becomes brighter as you pull off an Adrenaline combo. The noise Kit
yells out sounds diffrent from the game, even though both of them is Jet Li's
-The taunt seems diffrent. A taunt is when you complete the normal combo and
hold the R3 toward the last direction you attack. Kit will do a stance. In the
demo, he does a Ninja like stance, where one leg is forward and the other leg
is bent to the side. After the adrenaline combo he does a similar stance, but
with his right arm raised up instead on his hip. In the actual game, he spreads
his arms apart and stances his legs a part also. For the adrenaline he turns
toward the direction he was facing at first before he started his adrenaline
combo (turns in 360 degrees if he did it forward) and stands with both arms out
and legs bent.
-The Adrenaline taunt doesnt vibrate the control, and it cannot be done simply
by holding L1 and L3. Instead, he must finish his hand movements when you hold
L1, then are allowed to do the taunts. In the game, the taunt rumbles the
control and can be done without finishing his hand movements on the L1 button.
The taunt (R3 toward the last direction you attacked after Kit finishes his
combo) also does not vibrate the control.
-The cash register on the bottom left screen and the glass with the roasted
ducks above unbreakable in the demo. In the actual game, when you hit/smash the
cash register, the money flies out. When you hit the glass, it breaks.
-Stun moves are not in the demo. In the game, stun moves where moves when you
combo normally, pause, and attack again.
-There is no flare attack. The flare attack is the breakdance move Kit does
when you rotate the right analog stick in a 360 degree motion. Its replaced
with a double spinning backhand. It seems to be done faster than the flare.
-The running attack (double spinning kicks) fills up adrenaline meter. In the
game, it takes it away. An adrenaline attack is unleashed if you run and attack
someone holding L1 and the direction toward the opponent. Kit does a wall flip
onto the enemy and kicks them with both legs before landing. This move is taken
out in the game and given to Mui Lin, the Nurse in Chapter 50 : Medical
-The wall on the far back before you face the head-butting-bald-guy subboss is
unbreakable. In the game, if you attack an enemy on it, smash someones head on
it or simply attack it, the pieces will simply fall off.
-The chairs Kit Yun pick up are less of style. In the demo, he just picks it up
normally into his hands...with both hands...and throws it, no style at all. In
the game, he tosses it up spinning it 360 degrees vertically, spins and tosses
it. Looks more powerful and has more style to it.
-In the cutscene where Kit Yun jump kicks the motorcycle rider, the explosion
where the motorcycle hits the door seem slightly diffrent.
-In the room of the head-butting-bald-guy subboss, there is a door that traps
a cook(?), when you try to open it, he says "Si hoa ah!", meaning "Can't open"
or "Try to open it!"(Yay for my Cantonese!). In the game, the cook doesnt say
anything. Also, the action says "Locked" in the game and "Door" in the demo.
-Action buttons seemed to be diffrent, in the demo, "Door" would have a door
icon next to it, "Smash" would have a table on it. In the game, its just basic
-Actions (like head smashes) are a bit easier done in the demo, all you have
to do is hold R1 and "smash" will appear, then you slap the right analog
stick toward an enemy, Kit Yun will grab him and slam him toward the table or
wall. In the game, a player would have to move a bit before any head slamming
-It takes one hit in the room where the head-butting-bald-guy subboss to
break the fish tank in the demo. It doesnt really break, it just cracks and the
fishies seem to dissapear. In the game, it actually breaks after hitting it
-In the part where one of the twins tries to shoot Kit (in the game, its
known as Chapter 6 : Run and Gun), you can have Kit run on the walls by simply
running at an angle at the wall and hitting R1. You can do this at least four
diffrent times as you run. In the game, they take out this action and put it
as a jump action for certain places you jump at.
-In the head-butting-bald-guy subboss room, there are lockers and bosses, the
glitch in the Rise to Honor demo is that if you attack the boxes and lockers
in that room even if there are no enemies, the screen will zoom into Kit and
do the slow motion cinimatic hit, even if it isnt the last hit in his combo.
The same for the boxes and tables in the first area and the tables in the next
area with the TV monitors on top of the pillars. This "glitch" is taken out
in the game.
-In the kitchen(in the game, its known as Chapter 7 : Fowl Recipe) it seems
harder to attack an opponent onto the grill, which is insta kill. Also, the
combination that Kit uses is diffrent with the frozen duck. The cook seems
to dodge all attacks Kit does, even adrenalines, until you defeat the others..
but in the game, he can be killed any time.
-In the shooting part of the demo, Adrenaline is used much diffrently. You do
not need full adrenaline to do the adrenaline dive. Instead, it takes a small
amount of adrenaline to dive, which is recovered by shooting the enemies. In
the actual game, it takes the whole bar just to do an adrenaline dive.

                            5) Video/Game Diffrences

I've only seen two videos of Rise to Honor, one on "Official U.S. PlayStation
Magazine" Issue 67 on the Inside the Game section of the disc and another on
"Official U.S. PlayStation Magazine" Issue 72 on the Videos section.

-As you can see, obviously, the first thing you notice about Kit Yun is his
attire, he wears a black/grey t-shirt and black pants.
-The HUD seem to be diffrent, it appears on the bottom of the screen, saying
Life, Adrenaline and Block. In another scene, he is shown fighting Cheung Mo
Pao, the barkeeper who uses drunken style on Chapter 18. The bars seem to take
up MUCH more space than even the demo HUD itself. The bars are incredibly thick
and ugly ¬_¬. Actions are underneath the bars. Not only that, Cheung Mo Pao
seems to be wearing a diffrent color attire, black instead of white.
-The "original" twins is...no other than...Kwan! Well, he looks like him to me.
He just wears a blue jacket, blackish blueish shirt and blue pants with a few
color designs on the foot and wrist area. The other one wears red shirt
instead. Not only that, their moves diffrent from Fei and Hungs from the Rise
to Honor game.
-In some parts, you see Kit use diffrent combos. In the actual game, he does a
double handed palm attack to the side (on the bottom left or also, south west).
In the demo, he seems to add in a hop, leaving him vulnerable to be attacked.
-The bar scene is really popular and you can notice alot of change there. The
colors are reddish, orangish. There are innocent by standers watching the bar
fight. Once again, Kit grabs a chair with no style and throws it plainly.
-In the part where one of the twin supposedly watches Kit fight a bunch of
people before he goes crazy with the guns (the room with TVs), the enemies
carry a type of knife or sword. In the original game, they just battled
-In the restaurant (in the game, its known as Chapter 6 : Take Out Order), the
motorcycles that the rider rides is blue, not green. There also seems to be
over 3 riders. Instead of a plain cutscene, Kit is supposed to dodge all of the
riders using jump, wall runs or counters. In one cutscene, he rolls from the
path of the rider. In another cutscene, instead of him simply doing a jump kick
to knock out a rider, he pushes a chair forward, steps up on to the chair and
jump kicks him off...more style in my prospective.
-In the kitchen (in the game, its known as Chapter 7 : Fowl Recipe), it shows
that not one of the enemy is a cook, but all the enemies are. When knocked
down, the cook drops the knife, but when he gets back up, he picks it up again.
Not only that, there is a knife that Kit can pick up. The frozen duck is also
placed at a diffrent location, the table instead the floor.
-You can clearly see that the target (when using a gun) is completely diffrent.
Instead of a green and red circle, its like angles of a red box. Plain...also,
when enemies get shot, they could fall down. If they fall down and not die,
they can flip themselves up and continue to shoot Kit.
-The way Kit picks up items is slightly diffrent. Instead of jumping up and
throwing the item up with his legs, he kicks forward and the item goes into his

                                   6) Credits

-My wife...just because...^ ^

-Most of my friends who helped me come up with some quotes (below)..

-CJayC for making this very nice site...and I mean GameFAQs NOT GameSpot!

-SwiftShark for helping me so so much in making my first FAQ and letting me
"borrow" his information on his FAQ ^ ^...thanks alot SwiftShark...

-Jet Li and Jim Wallace!!! for making this game...especially Jet Li, his movies
are amazing...If only you stayed till 10:30 and not 9:00 I wouldve gotten your
autograph! >_< But oh well, thanks you guys ^ ^.

-And lastly, *you name here* for reading my FAQ! ^ ^ Thanks...

                                   7) Closing

I would just like to finish with a few Jet Li quotes from all sorts of his
movies...guess which one it is if you feel like it, if not then ask me...

*This section may contain spoiler to a movie...read at your own risk*

"My name is not Johnny.."

"In Taiwan, we can make him talk."

"This is Chinas land, Chinese go where they want..."

"The diamonds are not what you think they are..."

"It is better to die with honor than live without..."

"There has never been anything like what I have become..."

"Shortest distance between two points will always be a straight line..."

"In Hong Kong, you would already be dead!"

"I am Yulaw! I am nobodies *****! You are mine! I do not need to know who you
are...you only need to know me! I will be the one!"

"You can beat me up but dont touch my hair, if you touch my hair, I will kill


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