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Spoiler-Free Walkthrough by Swiftshark

Version: Final | Updated: 04/25/2004

                       :::::::::  ::::::::::: ::::::::  ::::::::::
                      :+:    :+:     :+:    :+:    :+: :+:
                     +:+    +:+     +:+    +:+        +:+
                    +#++:++#:      +#+    +#++:++#++ +#++:++#
                   +#+    +#+     +#+           +#+ +#+
                  #+#    #+#     #+#    #+#    #+# #+#
                 ###    ### ########### ########  ##########

                            ::::::::::: ::::::::
                               :+:    :+:    :+:
                              +:+    +:+    +:+
                             +#+    +#+    +:+
                            +#+    +#+    +#+
                           #+#    #+#    #+#
                          ###     ########

              :::    :::  ::::::::  ::::    :::  ::::::::  :::::::::
             :+:    :+: :+:    :+: :+:+:   :+: :+:    :+: :+:    :+:
            +:+    +:+ +:+    +:+ :+:+:+  +:+ +:+    +:+ +:+    +:+
           +#++:++#++ +#+    +:+ +#+ +:+ +#+ +#+    +:+ +#++:++#:
          +#+    +#+ +#+    +#+ +#+  +#+#+# +#+    +#+ +#+    +#+
         #+#    #+# #+#    #+# #+#   #+#+# #+#    #+# #+#    #+#
        ###    ###  ########  ###    ####  ########  ###    ###

    S  P  O  I  L  E  R    F  R  E  E   W  A  L  K  T  H  R  O  U  G  H

               |                                            |
               |   Version: FINAL                           |
               |   Percentage Complete: 100%                |
               |   Last Updated: April 25 2004              |
               |   Written By: Swiftshark (Oliver Ferrier)  |
               |   Email: GoodVibesPadna@Yahoo.com          |
               |                                            |
               |                                            |
               |   Game Title: Jet Li: Rise To Honor        |
               |   Platform: Playstation 2 (NTSC Version)   |
               |   Creators: S.C.E.A (Sony)                 |
               |                                            |

                          >-=TABLE OF CONTENTS=-<

                           I.COPYRIGHT INFORMATION

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| simply use the Section Titles as found in the "TABLE OF CONTENTS" above.     |

                         >-=I.COPYRIGHT INFORMATION=-<
This FAQ is the property of Oliver Ferrier (A.K.A Swiftshark) and is subject
to all applicable copyright laws. Anyone wanting to post this FAQ on any
websites or other form of publication must request permission in writing by
emailing me at the address found at the top of this document. In all likelihood
the answer is already no. However, the most recent version of this FAQ can
always be found at Gamefaqs.com

Presently the only websites permitted to host this FAQ are:


NOTE: If you are reading this FAQ on any other site than those listed above then
      please email me at GoodVibesPadna@Yahoo.com and let me know. Thanks.


                         - P L E A S E    R E A D -

Welcome to my Jet Li: Rise To Honor SPOILER FREE "FAQ/Walkthrough". This FAQ is
made for those of you who want only the detailed chapter walkthrough without the
added spoilers or cutscene depictions. For information regarding anything else
including, but not limited to, CONTROLS, WEAPONS, COMBAT TACTICS, CHARACTER
INFORMATION, CUTSCENE DEPICTIONS or any other features, please refer to the full
FAQ/WALKTHROUGH Guide that should be posted alongside this FAQ or simply copy
the following URL into your browser.

 >>>  http://db.gamefaqs.com/console/ps2/file/rise_to_honor.txt  <<<

If you absolutely need to contact me then you should first look for me on the
Rise to Honor message boards at either GameFAQS or Neoseeker. Alternately you
can send me an email but make sure you type "Rise to Honor" in the subject line
of your email or it will most likely become a midnight snack for my always
hungry Recycle bin. If you don't receive a response please don't take it
personal, it may just take a while as I often work on various projects


In this section I have listed all of the available attacks, blocks and other
maneuvers that you can perform in this game.

A special thanks to "ADoomedMarine" for his fine PS2 Controller ASCII.

    __________________                                   _____________
    L2: Target Objects|                                 | R2: Fire Gun
    _______________   |                          None   |  ___________________
    L1: Adrenaline |  |  Toggles HUD On and Off   |     | |R1: Block/Grab/Hide
               _=====_       |                    | _=====_    Special Actions
              / _____ \      |       Pause Menu   |/ _____ \
           /   |     |  `.   |  S O N Y  |      .'| |  |-----------ShowControls
          / ___| /|\ |___ \  |           |     / _|_| /_\ |___ \
         / |      |      | ; |__         |__  ; | |         _ | ;
  None-----| |<--- --->  | | |__|        |__| | ||_|       (_)-----Show HUD
         | |___      |___| ;SELECT       START; |___       ___| ;  Diagram
         |\    | \|/ |    /  _     ___      _  \    |  X-----------None
         | \   |_____|  .','" "', |___|  ,'" "',`.  |_____|  .' |
         |   `-._____.-' /       \ANALOG/       \ `-._____.-'   |
         |               |  L3   |______|  R3   |               |
         |              /\       /      \       /\              |
         |             /  `.___.'        `.___.'  \             |
         |            /      |              |      \            |
          \          /       |              |       \          /
           \________/     (Move) (Directional Attack)\________/


L3.............................................Move Character
R3.............................................Directional Attacks
L1 + R3 (Directional)..........................Adrenaline Taunt*
R1(Without Gun Only)...........................Block / Pick up Melee Item
R1(With Gun)...................................Hide (Only if prompted)
L2(Without Gun Only)...........................NO USE OR FUNCTION
R2(Without Gun Only)...........................NO USE OR FUNCTION
R2(With Gun Only)..............................Fire Gun** (Certain scenes only)
D-PAD..........................................NO USE OR FUNCTION
START..........................................Bring up PAUSE MENU
SELECT.........................................Toggle HUD On and OFF
TRIANGLE.......................................View Controller Configuration
CIRCLE.........................................View HUD Diagram
SQUARE.........................................NO USE OR FUNCTION
X..............................................NO USE OR FUNCTION

*  ADRENALINE meter must be flashing
** You must be aiming with the "R3" stick in order to fire your guns. Keep R2
   pressed to fire and endless stream of bullets


R1 + R3(Left, Right, Up, Down).................Grab / Throw Melee Item
R1 + L3 (While GRABBING).......................Lead Grabbed Victim Around
L1 + R1 + R3(Left, Right, Up, Down)............Counter Attack / Knock Bikers Off
L1 + R3(Without Gun Only)......................Adrenaline Attack (When Flashing)
L1 + R2 + R3(With Gun Only)....................Adrenaline "Slo-Mo" Dive
R2 + R3(Left, Right, Up, Down).................Targeted Firing* (Gun Only)
L2 + R3(Left, Right, Up, Down)(With Gun Only)..Target Objects**(If available)

*Green Crosshairs (Red when enemy gets shot but is still targeted)
**White Crosshairs (Look for scooters, explosive canisters, hanging signs etc.)

NOTE: For a more In-Depth look at how the CONTROLS function in various scenarios
please refer to the Full-Fledged FAQ.

Here is the SPOILER FREE version of my Rise To Honor Walkthrough. Since several
chapters (Scenes) are cutscenes only I have omitted them entirely from the
document. If you want to know the storyline/Cutscene depictions/specific
gameplay tips and or strategies then please refer to my other FAQ on the game.

As you gain control you can start pursuing this thief down the alleyway. You
cannot lose track of him so take your time and get used to Kit's control scheme.
(If you have the language settings set to English you can get a nice little
chuckle out of the prostitute's conversation with the broke civilian) Follow the
thief and press R1 (ACTION BUTTON) to jump over the chicken cages that block the
path. A short distance later jump over the conveyer loaded with boxes. When you
arrive at the filled dumpster jump up onto the scaffolding on the right and then
continue back down into the alley to continue giving chase. Follow the thief and
bear left at the end and then jump over the two crashed red taxi's as they
appear and block your path. (Get used to timing your R1 taps as fluidity is key
in this game) You will notice that the culprit has reached a dead end and as you
jump over the last boxes here the cutscene will kick in. Afterwards simply jump
up onto the scaffolding and follow the thief up the ladder towards the roof.

As you gain control head for the glass sliding door and press R1 when prompted
to jump. This will show a brief cinematic of Kit smashing feet first through the
glass and landing inside. The aforementioned goon is waiting on a little wooden
walkway for you. Approach him and let loose some blows by tapping your R3 stick
rhythmically in his direction. The fight will quickly be interrupted by a short
cinematic showing the goon running toward the back of the room and saying:
"Let's see how you handle a real fighter." Follow him to the far end and proceed
to give him a hearty beating until the next cinematic kicks in. The cinematic
shows a cemented doorway being bashed open by a bigger, burly enemy who is
holding a hammer. As the goon sees this he runs over and punches the hammer-
wielding goon in the face causing him to fall. The goon then runs off as you are
left to face this new foe. Enter the room and easily defeat this enemy in one
strike and then proceed to jump up onto the scaffolding on the left and walk up
the stairs into the next room. The first cowardly goon is waiting on yet another
wooden walkway for you here. Beat the crap out of him and then continue through
the doorway at the end onto the steel walkway in the next room and climb the
ladder on the left side. Climb the ladder on the next level immediately and a
cutscene will kick in

As you gain control get ready to donate a beating to these hapless morons who
don't yet realize just who they are messing with. Once you've dispatched them
head over to the thief who is waiting behind the metallic fence. When you go to
the doorway Kit will smash it open and the thief will quickly jump up onto the
billboard walkway and scowl: "Can't you keep up?" Jump up and give chase and as
soon as the <JUMP> Icon appears press R1 to wall run over the gap and safely
land on the other side. At the small wooden railing that blocks your path turn
to face the screen and jump onto the wooden plank. (You cannot jump over the
wooden divider) A brief cinematic will kick in. Once you regain control beat
down these two punks and then continue giving chase over the rooftop until the
cinematic kicks in showing you flipping down onto a lower rooftop facing the
thief. Suddenly two doors open and some goons come running out at you while the
thief runs through the opened door. Beat these clowns and remember to share your
blows equally when surrounded and also grab and throw them or block/counter if
necessary. Several more goons will arrive on the scene but you should easily
defeat them if you are following my advice. Once you've defeated all 10 or so
enemies a brief cinematic will kick in. Once you regain control simply attack
him furiously right off the bat and use your adrenaline attack if need be. As he
dies two fat hooded punks climb up from the sides and begin charging at you.
Simply divvy up your beating accordingly to keep them stunned and off balance
and you will defeat them in no time at all. Once they are done a cinematic will
kick in.

You begin right where the previous cutscene left off and must fight these three
unarmed thugs. Simply share your blows accordingly so as to avoid being hit from
the back while focusing on only one enemy. These three thugs are weak and should
pose no problems. As soon as you kill the last one a brief cutscene will show a
Mohawked thug on the overlooking balcony above you. There are also four thugs
alongside him. He instructs: "Get him!" as they all jump over the railing to
drop in and fight you.

As with the previous fight, simply share your blows accordingly and also take
advantage of the chairs here which make for great face action. Use the room to
avoid being crowded and you can also JUMP off the walls to perform spinning
kicks which can easily knock multiple enemies down. (NOTE: JUMP must be prompted
onscreen) As they are all defeated the Thug above will be quickly shown again as
he barks: "Don't just stand there! Fight!" to five more thugs who then also drop
in to fight.

Use the remaining chairs that you have available and continue to share out blows
as though charity was your middle name and use the aforementioned survival
tactics to eliminate these aggressors as well. Several more will join the fight
as you kill a few but just continue fighting and take advantage of COUNTERS and
ADRENALINE attacks and you will defeat them handedly. A brief cutscene will then
show a motor biker smashing through the front window and speeding right at Kit
who quickly jump kicks him off as his bike smashes in a ball of fire through the
back door. The thug above folds his arms and mutters: "Impressive!" as the
helmet wearing biker rises and attacks.

Dispatch this weakling with one or two blows and then proceed through the door
that the burning bike crashed through. (You can punch open the cash register
first in the dining room if you want to explore) Once inside the back room you
will see a locked door by the burning bike with a man looking at you through the
little glass window. You cannot unleash fury on him sadly. Instead head left
towards the aquarium (Which can be destroyed) and a brief cutscene will kick in
showing an elevator arriving and opening up to reveal a relatively large bald
thug in a reddish shirt and shades who runs out and assumes his stance for

|SUB BOSS BATTLE: Bald Head-Butting Man|
To easily defeat this foe simply use your COUNTERS to stun him and then quickly
volley combinations off against him. Also he can often be combo'd again while
trying to get back up. Beware around the aquarium as he can easily grab you
there and smash you into it. He really only has two main attacks besides that
which include a lunging head butt and a looping right hook. Both are easily
countered and followed up with multiple hits. Try to stay back towards the bike
area and allow him to come towards you, this way you won't get stuck somewhere
tight like around the fish tank. Once he is defeated enter the elevator.

As soon as you gain control begin running to your left as the bulletspray lights
up the wall behind you. Run along the wall's edge to bypass littered furnishings
in your path. At the first left turn get ready to press "R1" to JUMP when
prompted and Kit will hop over the safe. Jump over the next safe as well and
keep running. Turn left again and JUMP over the bench and immediately again over
yet another safe and a cutscene will show the thug run out of ammunition, throw
his guns down and walk through the door behind him. Kit follows the thug through
the doors and right into a hidden upstairs gambling room complete with
thoroughbred racing TV's and Mahjong tables. Oh yeah, four thugs are waiting to
fight as the thug is seen pacing about in the office at the far end.

Beat these goons with fists, feet and chair bashing and simply remember to not
get caught up focusing on only one enemy at a time and they will quickly be
defeated. A brief cutscene will show the Mohawked thug in the office as he picks
up two handguns and says: "Guns are everywhere." He then menacingly laughs while
emptying both guns at you but the dividing office window is bulletproof and
hence allows us to proceed. Kit rolls towards the office door as the Mohawk thug
is seen dropping out of view. Just then 5 more thugs come storming out of the
office and prepare to attack.

Continue with the same tactics to defeat these five but pay most attention to
the two big guys (White tank top + Dark Grey tank top) as they are more likely
to try and grab you. Simply counter them and then take out the weaker foes. Once
they are defeated stand in front of the bulletproof window and press R1 when
prompted and Kit will smash through the window into the office. A brief cutscene
will show Kit locating a trapdoor and dropping down into it as arguments are

TIP: Once the window is shot up you can kick and jump through it without having
     to defeat the second wave of enemies. It will immediately trigger the
     (Credit: kslin88)

TIP 2: Send any goon crashing into one of the pillars and the TV will come
       crashing down on his head.

As soon as you gain control be prepared to fight these goons. If you immediately
attack the guy in front of you, you can send him flying onto the burning grill
for some stir-fry action. There is also a FROZEN CHICKEN on the table there that
you can pick up and play Barry Bonds with. The cook will also attack you so be
prepared to also counter and then attack him. As soon as you kill them all a
brief cutscene will show the two innocents running out of the kitchen through a
back door while crying: "It's too bloody!" They are immediately shot dead
outside and collapse on the ground. Kit then charges out, rolls forward and
kicks the hooded shooter in the chest sending him flying backwards. More
gunshots are fired and Kit does a somersault into the alley. And draws his gun.

TIP: GRAB someone and drag them towards either of the two sinks and the prompt
     "DUNK" will appear. While still pressing "R1", slap the "R3" stick in the
     sinks direction and Kit will hold the guy underwater for a bit. This also
     works on the fire.

You begin hidden behind some garbage as the first goon runs zig zaggedly towards
you. Shoot him. Move slowly from hiding spot to hiding spot and take these guys
out. They are very predictable and you should not have any serious difficulty
here. Read the Gameplay Tips right above this paragraph for specific hints. When
you get to the far end you'll see a roadblock up ahead with a silver barrel to
the right. There is an Uzi-wielding gunner behind there. Hide by the corner and
observe his pattern. Then simply point and press "L2" to lock on to the silver
barrel and fire to explode it causing the gunman to die as well. (Alternately
you can just start shooting and wait for him to pop up and get leaded. Next go
through the small alleyway on the right and a brief cutscene will kick in
showing Kit discarding his gun and looking up as the Mohawked thug is seen
climbing a scaffolding on the adjacent building. He briefly looks back at you
and motions you to climb after him. Kit then proceeds to climb.

Start out by COUNTERING to get a feel of their attack strategies. When you can,
simply let loose on them and then be prepared to BLOCK or COUNTER some more. The
key is really just to keep moving in order to not get crowded and overwhelmed.
They use a certain tandem attack where they spin each other around for a kick.
This is an easy opening to strike as their move is very predictable. Also watch
out for their flying kick because the second kick is always right behind the
first one's. One they lose approximately 15-20% of their health a brief cutscene
will kick in.

NOTE: The most that you can deplete their health bar is a just a bit less than
      halfway. If you would like to practice your skills you can try to get them
      down that low.
      (Credit: AzN bReAkEr BoI)

As you gain control shoot the oncoming thug and call him a sucker. Then proceed
to the next hiding spot ahead and take out the gunman who appears from behind
the column on the left. Another will request being shot right behind this guy.
Keep going and then shoot two more assailants that come out from the left behind
the big steel pipes. Kill another from the right side and continue towards the
truck ahead. Observe the pattern of the gunner behind the truck and then shoot
him as he pops out to shoot. As you get to the truck you will see a small blue
bulldozer ahead with another explosive barely on the right. L2 to target and
then kill the gunman there and also shoot the guy coming from the left who is
armed only with a melee item. Keep L2 pressed because there is another explosive
barrel just beyond the bulldozer. Shoot the remaining enemies down by ducking
and timing them as you head to the rear.

Now head to the right and you will see a little dock along the water. Follow
this path and be prepared to shoot two more thugs as they drop down in front of
you. Now run up the stairs at the end and get ready to fire some more as goons
start running towards you. Use the environment to hide if you are low on health.
Two more explosive barrels can also be targeted here. Proceed towards the yellow
backhoe and keep taking out the enemy gunmen as they appear. Once beyond it a
brief cutscene will kick in.

Beat down these thugs by divvying up your hits and using multi directional
combos to keep everyone in check. Use the canisters to smash over someone for
added joy. A few more thugs join the party but sadly their fate will be the same
as you commence a major Jet Li style ass whipping on them. Once they are all
taken care off head over to the little blue bulldozer and a brief cutscene will
show Kit jumping over it into the next area as more thugs arrive. Proceed to
dole out some more punishment and again, take advantage of canisters to beat all
assailants. When you have finished you can continue on to the next area via the
opening next to the yellow machinery.

As you arrive in the next area here about 10 thugs arrive to fight. More of the
same here. COUNTER when needed, use ADRENALINE attacks etc. Once you have
defeated them head to the far side and a brief cutscene will show Kit jumping
through the wooden structure into the next area.

Immediately run over the little walkway you are on and head towards the left
corner of your screen. (Use the planks for guidance) As soon as you cross the
little walkway head to the center of the screen to JUMP (R1) over the wooden
plank that blocks your path. Keep running stick to your left again to cross the
next little bridge like walkway and then over the cement bags ahead. Stay to
your left over another little walkway and then JUMP over the small barrels next
to the big barrels. (It is a diagonal jump so approach it correctly to get
prompted) A brief cutscene will then kick in showing Kit outrunning the bullets
and quickly rolling behind some cover as the chopper flies by.

As soon as you gain control run up and hide(R1) by the green tarp-covered cement
bags to avoid being shot. The chopper will now fly away. Next JUMP to climb up
onto the scaffolding on your left and then drop down on the far side for yet
another fight. At first it will be just be one thug but two reinforcements soon
come to make the appointment more enjoyable for you. As you continue eradicating
these guys a few more show up but really, this is a pretty pathetic display of
aggression. Send these punks back to mama!

As soon as the last of them is defeated a brief cutscene kicks in. As you gain
control again, JUMP up onto the brown wooden box and then JUMP up again on the
white cloth covered scaffolding and make your way along the path to the overhead
diagonal wire. Press "R1" to slide down the wire and as soon as you land run for
your life as the bullets are right on your tail. Avoid the barrel obstacles and
quickly turn right up the stairs and hide (R1) behind the green tarp-covered
cement bags to avoid being shot. As soon as the chopper flies away continue to
the back and JUMP up the scaffolding structure to the top and follow the wooden
walkway to the end and slide down the cement slide. JUMP over the small wooden
barriers at the bottom and then over the reddish box lastly climb over the
bigger box into the next area where two more goons await.

Kill them and then kill the next two that appear. Be careful not to allow
yourself to get cornered because the space here is relatively limited.
COUNTERING works well to avoid this. Three more thugs arrive afterwards and
require beatings as well. Once they too have been defeated a brief cutscene
kicks in. As you regain control simply follow the thug and then JUMP back and
forth between the walls to get to the top. (Timing is crucial as otherwise you
fall back down again) Once up top, follow the walkway until you are prompted to
JUMP up onto the overhead pole. Now simply climb along it to the other side and
then jump down again and slide down the cement slide into the next area. Once
below run and JUMP over the wooden obstacle in your path and then climb up onto
the scaffolding again in the back. You will hear the chopper again so be
prepared to run once you bend the corner up top as the gunman starts firing.

While you run for your life two thugs climb up behind you and get shot in the
hail of bullets as you drop down to the lower level of the scaffolding safe from
fire. You are immediately assaulted by a thug with a hooked stick so quickly
COUNTER and volley off some blows. A second thug will quickly join the fight so
make sure you prioritize and take them out quickly to avoid being beaten with a
sharp stick. Kill yet another thug or two who climb up, or knock them over for
added spectacle and then continue along and climb up on the other end. (Sadly
you must leave your melee weapon behind)

Follow the walkway and then drop down till back on solid ground and a brief
cutscene will kick in.

|SUB BOSS BATTLE: Long Pony-Tailed Thug|
Start off by COUNTERING his attack, which will momentarily stun him. Immediately
follow up with an ADRENALINE or regular combo. Beware of his combination as it
is quite long and a mistimed block could mean several hits received. COUNTERING
will easily win this fight though. Once he is defeated head to the back and Kit
will swing through an opening in the scaffolding structure to the next area.

Immediately climb up the walkway and JUMP over the cement pipe as the Chopper
fires and you hear the man say: "I see him! Over there!" Run and JUMP over the
next cement pipe and up onto the next walkway and then JUMP over the next wooden
obstacle and keep running until you see the green tarp-covered cement bags
behind which you can hide safely. As the chopper stops firing, run around the
corner and a cutscene will kick in showing Kit outrunning the bullets as a thugs
appears with two Uzi's. Kit dives and knocks and grabs the guns from the
assailants hands and then quickly rolls and opens fire at the chopper causing it
to crash in a fiery explosion.

As you gain control prepare to COUNTER and attack. These guys, although big can
easily be dispatched by simply COUNTERING and also grabbing them and smashing
there heads into those glass decorations in the lobby. Once they have been
killed simply enter the elevator door to be brought to the next area upstairs.

You begin as soon as the cutscene ends and must now defeat these thugs in usual
Jet Li "I'm-gonna-make-it-hurt" fashion. Use chairs and pick up the steel bar on
then ground towards the lower right corner of the bar. Unleash the pain by
grabbing enemies and dragging them across the bar and to their demise. More
thugs quickly join the fight. Keep sharing blows and don't get cornered.  Also,
COUNTERING between to enemies who simultaneously strike here will treat you to
some slow motion head bashing animations.

As the second batch of baddies are offed a brief cutscene will show a big dude
running in with a baseball bat in hand. Hopefully you picked up the sticks
before. If not simply counter and attack. Either way, once he is dead, three
more large well-dressed bouncers will enter. Same deal, punish them. As you
fight another guy in a white suit will join the fight. Unleashing a well timed
ADRENALINE attack while holding two weapons will send Kit tornadoeing around the
enemies with bone crushing results. Once they are defeated a cutscene will kick

TIP: If you COUNTER while two enemies charge at you at the exact same time you
     can perform a DOUBLE INSTANT KILL COUNTER. If they charge from your front
     it will be a Double Head Butt and if they charge from the sides it'll be a
     punch and kick in the air.
     (Credit: AzN bReAkEr BoI)

TIP 2: GRAB an enemy and bring him to any of the four corners of the bar to
       trigger the DRAG prompt.

|BOSS FIGHT: CHEUNG MO PAO (Drunken Barkeep)|
The key to this fight is relatively simple. COUNTER his attacks and then
immediately return the favor when you see an opening. Try GRABBING him while he
is momentarily stunned and press down on the R3 stick to drown him. Keep your
distance while he does his drunken master dance and wait for him to come at you
and then COUNTER him some more. Now when he grabs you and tries to drown you,
quickly slap both analog sticks like mad and you'll break free without the
momentary pause while vomiting water.(If you successfully break free from his
drowning you can quickly unload combos on him) Also stay clear while he gets up
after being knocked down as his kick will trip you up. Follow these rules and
your off to the next stage in no time. Once he is dead a brief cutscene kicks

As mentioned in the cutscene, you begin this fight while stuck in a mirrored
elevator with a very big bouncer. Immediately pound this guy with a combo or
two. Be careful to pick your shots well because if you miss the target he will
counter and slam you face first into the mirrors. COUNTERS ALWAYS WORK and set
up other opportunities. Try to flow in the battle and you'll defeat him with
ease. Afterwards a brief cutscene kicks in.

After the cutscene get ready to fight another boatload of thugs. Use this room
to your advantage. This is the same lobby where you fought the first two
bodyguards, only darker. The concept is very simple here. Aim to fight fluidly
by constantly staying on the move and sharing your blows around evenly. This is
a test of survival. COUNTERS work also although you have to be very precise to
avoid get clocked from behind by a baseball bat. Once your ADRENALINE meter is
flashing, unleash the fury and quickly pick up the weapon. Now simply teach the
remaining threat a lesson in what happens when you stop Jet Li from going where
he wants.

Three more thugs with nightsticks show up as soon as the last one bites it. Now
that you have two weapons you simply have to share the wealth around and fill
your ADRENALINE meter to unleash a tornado like move where Kit spirals and
swings his bats around. These guys are no match.

As they perish three more thugs arrive. The big bodyguard is wielding two spiked
clubs. Pay your attention to him but be quick to hit the other two as approach.
Use COUNTERS if needed and continue methodically breaking their will. Once these
three are dead the cutscene takes over.

Several thugs are running towards you from the far end of the alley and some are
firing. Immediately walk forward and shoot. Press L2 to target the red scooter
by the railing ahead and when the first gunmen are near it, blow it up. Keep
moving and shooting and then take your position by hiding at the planter on your
left. There is a gunman right behind the next planter and several more ahead.
Take a moment to note the pattern and then anticipate and shoot them as they
come out to shoot. You will always be quicker than them this way. Move on and do
the same to the two remaining gunmen at the end. (L2 can target the sign above
the stairs on the right)

As you turn right at the corner, take cover behind the green "bulletproof"
plastic garbage can and then shoot the first approaching thug. Next time the
pattern of the guy behind the far planter on the left and take him out before he
fires. Also shoot the guy on the left corner as well. Now quickly run and hide
behind the next garbage can on the left and then quickly shoot the three thugs
while the Uzi-wielding thug is down. You can also target the white scooter as
well as the sign above the Uzi-wielding thug. Next anticipate the Uzi gunman and
be waiting for him as he pops up. Once he's dead continue and turn left at the

As you go up the stairs three gunmen arrive just ahead of you and begin
shooting. I recommend backtracking to the white fish boxes by the dead Uzi
gunman and then timing them rather than running in Gung-Ho style. (Both ways
work though and if you run up the stairs shooting, you can easily target the
sign above the gunman on the left) Now hide behind the green garbage can and
shoot the two gunmen at the far end. As you get to the fountain start shooting
as a gunman comes running around the corner. You can also target the blue
scooter but it doesn't always kill him.

Use your ADRENALINE dive by pressing L1 and fly and shoot the three thugs around
the corner. Also shoot the gunman ahead who is running towards you. Keep
shooting as another will appear ahead from behind a corner. You can target the
sign on the upper left above the planter. Now use the alcoves on the left to
slowly make your way down the alley while timing and shooting the baitfish. Get
behind the planter and note the Uzi-wielding gunner up ahead. Shoot all of the
other thugs while he is down and then time him or target the sign above him
right before he rises. (You can also target the white scooter on the right but
should then take cover on the left alcoves ahead) Once he is dead a cutscene
kicks in.

As you gain control hide against the wall on the left. Now quickly run and hide
behind the garbage pile on the left. And then shoot the thug behind the shed on
the right. Now hide behind the shed and take out the shooters at the far end.
Just stay by the shed and fire as a few thugs start running at you foolishly
with a hunger for some leaded nourishment. You can also target the exploding
canister by the dumpster ahead. Now quickly run and hide behind the green
garbage cans on the left and then time the Uzi-gunner or target the sign above
him just before he pops out. Next hide behind the dumpster and also shoot the
three remaining thugs at the end and running out from around the corner.

Your ADRENALINE meter must be flashing at this point and I would use it as you
dive around the corner and blast two thugs to St. Peter. Three more thugs appear
at the end but can easily be simultaneously dispatched. Hide behind the burning
pile of garbage if you have trouble getting the gunman who pops out from behind
the right corner.

ADRENALINE dive again and shoot whomever you see around the corner and quickly
hide behind the green garbage can on the left. Shoot the three thugs ahead and
take note of the Uzi-wielding gunman under the fire escape ahead. Move to the
garbage pile on the right and then time him or target the fire escape and kill
him. (there is also an exploding canister but it won't reach the gunman) Another
gunman rolls out from the left too as you get to the white dumpster.

Go around the corner peacefully and then take your position behind the garbage
pile on the left. There are four gunmen at the far end. One of them has an Uzi
so let his timing be the most important as you eradicate the other three. The
fire escape can be targeted above him for an easy kill as you run up. Another
one or two goons runs out from behind the corner but should be easy to handle by

Hide by the corner on the right and notice the three gunmen immediately ahead. I
would ADRENALINE dive and take them out or you could hide behind the garbage
pile and time them. Once they are dead hurry over to the silver garbage cans and
take cover again. Two gunmen up ahead are seen scrambling around and a third
pops out from the right. Shoot them and you'll notice another Uzi-wielding
gunman way at the far end. Hurry over and take cover behind the car and then
quickly behind the green garbage can on the left ahead. The Uzi gunman will now
run towards you but then bank off and take cover behind the truck on the left.
Another one covers him from behind the far corner. Easily time the one behind
the truck but be quicker than the far one so as not to get caught greedily. Take
out the remaining Uzi gunman from either hiding spot ahead and continue running
down the alley until the cutscene kicks in showing Kit firing a few last shots
back into the alley, catching his breath and then running away.

As you gain control share blows around. COUNTER the big guy with the gun
holsters as well as the driver in the gray jump suit. Grabbing here makes for
some nice wrist bending, followed with a heel to the upper back but don't try it
on the big guys as they will smash you into walls instead. You can also take
advantage of ADRENALINE attacks but that should pretty much be standard by now.
Once the four thugs are dead a quick cutscene takes over.

|SUB BOSS FIGHT: Cap-Wearing Man at Food Court|
As you gain control start unloading some combos. COUNTER his attacks and be
offensive minded. Don't stand idly by and let him grab you because he'll pick
you up and throw you into the tables and other surrounding stuff. His other
predominant move is a three-punch combo. Use your ADRENALINE combos and pick up
chairs to smash him with.  Just keep throwing him a beating and he will soon
die. A brief cutscene shows Kit looking up and seeing countless thugs on the
surrounding balcony above.

Six thugs drop down and attack. Immediately start divvying up blows to the
nearest group and COUNTER your enemies. As thugs die more jump in for a total
somewhere around 12 or so. Once they are defeated another cutscene kicks in.

Defeat the first goon with an opening combo and immediately get to work on the
guy who jumps in on the right with his red tank top. Another goon then quickly
comes up from behind who you should COUNTER and attack. This goes one until two
jump in and deserve the same treatment. (The thugs in the bus are no threat to
you) All of them are relatively weak except for the ones with the shiny brown or
black jackets and ski caps. (They are more powerful) Use your ADRENALINE attack
when they start screaming: "Surround him" as they will swarm. Otherwise just
keep moving and sharing blows around. Don't get stuck in any of the four corners
here because it will be difficult to beat them all off without taking excessive
hits yourself. In total you will have to defeat around 20 or so guys. Once the
last one dies a cutscene shows Kit jumping over one of the wrecked cars and out
of the area.

As soon as you gain control COUNTER both bikers, which will cause Kit to perform
a flying kick. Quickly attack and kill the stunned bikers. (Get used to this)

Two more bikers and a running thug will now come. Again COUNTER each biker and
let that be the most important action for the entirety of this scene. Even if
the biker's get back on to their bike for another go it's better than you
chasing him down and getting hit by his buddy. Often times to can cause the
COUNTERED biker to also knock down running thugs. When no bikes are charging
quickly divvy blows and try to stay as far back on the screen as possible. My
strategy was simply to hang back, COUNTER, go up and attack, and then hang back
again. When a runner was going to get to me before the biker I would throw two
punches and then COUNTER the biker. As with the last fight, the thugs with the
shiny jackets and ski caps are the strongest ones. In total you will defeat 17
bikers and about 14 or so thugs. Once the last one dies its cutscene time.

TIP: Head over to the truck at the right side of the tunnel entrance only when
     Kit is low on ADRENALINE and there is NO running thug around for Kit to
     Have to fight. Now JUMP against the back of the truck to refill the
     ADRENALINE bar. Although the bikers can seldom hit Kit there, the running
     thugs can and simply staying there will not help Kit clear this chapter.
     (Credit: kslin88)

As soon as the gameplay begins stay hidden (R1) behind the pillar and observe
the guard who is walking towards you. As soon as he turns again to walk back,
come up behind him and simply strike one to render him unconscious. Continue
along the path until you see another guard stationed ahead who simply turns left
to right. Analyze his pattern and simply sneak up behind him to take him out
with ease. (They don't hear you creeping up behind them) Now continue straight
ahead towards the next guard and then hide on the left side by the railing. Wait
for him to walk up and scan left to right a few times and then as he begins his
walk back, sneak up and take him out. Continue on and head up the few steps on
your left and immediately hide behind the pillar on the left and observe the
stationary guard here. As he turns to his left, quickly sneak around behind him
and knock him out. Continue heading past him towards the rear until you see the
soda machines at the far wall. Slowly make your way over there and use the
canister there to throw and knock the stationed guard there out. (He'll whistle
to himself as you draw near)

The camera then briefly pans through the next area filled with guards and then
as you gain control simply head for the far left wall and sneak along it towards
the two stationed guards. Pick up the canister and then throw it at one on the
left while quickly charging the other guard to knock him out. (First he'll be
alerted, then he'll quickly look for you - Use the few seconds to quickly subdue
him) A short distance later another guard is stationed. Simply stay just out of
his flashlight's reach and as soon as it starts to sputter, charge and take him
out. Forget about the stationed guard facing you ahead and go down the steps and
hide at the bottom left little wall. Observe this patrolling guard carefully as
he will do a double take before really walking away. When he marches away, sneak
up and introduce him to sleepy time. Just ahead to your right is another guard
who patrols and does a double take. Use the nearby canister to take him out and
then head up the few steps again to take out the last two guards up there by
simply timing their movements as well. (The civilian chicks outside on the
balcony will never notice you)

The camera then briefly shows two guards blocking a hallway before giving you
control again. Notice that the guard on the right scans much slower than the one
on the left. Hide by the lamp on the left and time it so that you can sneak past
them on the left. Once behind them use the canister to take one out while you
quickly take out the second one. (If you want you can listen to their brief
conversation before you take them out) Next head to the right and hide on the
right side near the stationed guard. Simply time his movements so as to be able
to sneak past him and then safely dispatch him from behind. You will see two
more guards stationed side by side up ahead. Jump over the lobby front desk on
the left and safely get past them before jumping over again and using the
canister there to take one out while you take out the other. Now jump over the
partition rope and hide by the pillar next to the long hallway and observe the
patrolling guards habits. As soon as he turns to walk, sneak up and remove him
from the payroll.

Another brief camera sequence shows two guards patrolling side by side. As you
regain control, walk in the direction the camera panned from and then take up
your hiding position on the right corner where the guards stop and turn. Use the
canister to knock out the one on the left and quickly dispatch the other one. A
brief cinematic shows a guard up on the escalator walking down and then
stationing himself at the foot. Simply stay just out of his flashlight's range
and as it begins to flicker, move in for the kill. (Make sure you get close
enough as the collision detection is a little odd in this instance)

As soon as you gain control, begin giving chase by running along the walkway. A
brief cinematic shows Kit getting surrounded by three thugs. Quickly dispose of
them by sharing your beating accordingly and also kill the three reinforcements
that join in as the first group dies. Once you have defeated them you will see
Michelle fending off two thugs up ahead. Continue towards Michelle until you are
surrounded yet again and quickly kill these 8 or so goons as well. (Keep your
eye on Michelle's health bar - The faster you kill these guys, the better) Use
your ADRENALINE attacks whenever possible to speed up the process. A brief
cinematic will show that Michelle is still fighting off the goons at the end of
the walkway and runs off as you arrive and the thugs turn their attention
towards you.

As soon as you gain control quickly attack the four thugs who surround you by
sharing blows in all directions to keep them off guard. You can pick up and
smash their heads with the GARBAGE CANNISTERS on either side for added
humiliation to their demise. A few more arrive as the brawl progresses and then
a brief cinematic will show Michelle watching from around the corner as two dead
thugs lie on the ground. As you gain control again, quickly give chase until the
cutscene kicks in.

SHORTCUT TIP: As soon as you clear the initial scaffolding obstacle, immediately
              JUMP over the railing onto the second beam on your left. Now
              simply run across to the far side and then wait for Michelle as
              she runs around to your side and cut her off. The cutscene will
              them immediately kick in and you have avoided the lengthy chase
              altogether. Additionally you won't have to fight the security
              guards either.

As you gain control be prepared to JUMP 5 times in quick succession in order to
clear the obstacle and continue giving chase. Michelle says: "What do you want?"
as she continues running away. She runs past a stack of boxes she knocks them
over so as to delay you even more. Right then from behind the right corner as
you pursue, a guard jumps out with a kick that will most likely floor you.
Another guard can be seen ahead running after Michelle up ahead. Quickly get up
and unload a combo on the enemy and immediately continue giving chase by JUMPING
over the fallen boxes and again over the 'Caution: Slippery Floor' barricade. A
guard is waiting at the beginning of the walkway ahead.

Dispose of him with one attack and then JUMP over the metal shelving that blocks
the walkway and continue giving chase. As you approach the far end of the
walkway, two more guards charge out towards you. Quickly attack them and just
keep running after her. Around another corner she will say: "Go away!" and
simultaneously knock over another stack of boxes. JUMP over these boxes instead
of running around the right side so as to make up a little ground and keep after
her. Now go through the same scaffolding-like type of obstacle again by
repeatedly JUMPING (Stay centered to trigger prompts) and keep chasing Michelle.

Once you have cleared the obstacle Michelle will jump over the railing to the
left and run along the rafter to the other side. Follow suit and now just keep
on her tail as she runs across the rafters a few more times before finally
giving up and stopping. The cutscene then takes over.

before you actually get to face Sung Lung you will need to defeat two waves of
thugs who are hell bent on killing Michelle. Practice your tandem attacks (See
chapter 'Gameplay Tips' above for specifics) and get a good feel for how they
work. When your BLOCKING meter is empty, Kit will release Michelle. Repeat this
process and or simply beat the living crap out of the first wave of goons (6
total) until they are all dead.

Sung Lung will laugh briefly and order the next wave to: "Attack!" Use the same
tactics and just remember to not allow Michelle to get swarmed. Once you and
Michelle have killed these 6-8 thugs, Sung Lung leaps over the railing and runs
down saying: "My turn."

As soon as you gain control, he will say: "I am Sung Lung." During this time he
is completely vulnerable to attack so quickly unleash a full fledged combos on
him. (Unleashing an ADRENALINE attack midway through your combo can really take
a good chunk out of his life bar. If you can get him to fall up on the stairs
you can easily land a few more combos while he tries to walk back down. Once his
health bar drops to around half however, he will become somewhat more
formidable. At this point you should use your tandem attacks (Combined with
ADRENALINE whenever possible) to continue depleting his life. COUNTERS also work
well although there is a good chance that he will grab you, lift you overhead,
and then throw you a short distance. But as long as you keep him off of Michelle
at all costs and use her as your tandem partner as much as possible, he will
soon perish.

As you gain control start beating the crap out of this first group of thugs.
Break the candlestick holder in the upper right corner as soon as you can to
pick up the METAL CANDLESTICK. Proceed to unleash some serious Jet-Li style fury
now and keep Michelle from being surrounded. Whenever you COUNTER the ski
jacket-wearing thugs, Kit will twist their arm and follow up with a heel kick to
the back. (Armed or not) As thugs die more will come totaling around 20-25. Keep
an eye on Michelle so that she doesn't get swarmed and basically just divvy your
blows according to who is closest/approaching as well as who is attacking her.
Once you kill this small army a cutscene will kick in.

Immediately after you regain control, unleash a full-fledged combo ahead. (3
goons will be crashing in through the rear windows but you should be able to
knock the armed thug back as they land) Quickly begin divvying up your blows
according to who is closest/approaching all while remaining aware of where the
armed thug is. COUNTER as necessary and focus your energies on killing the armed
thug first. JUMP kick off the walls to keep these attackers at bay if you get
crowded and don't forget to use your ADRENALINE whenever possible.

Once you kill the first 4 goons, four more will hop in through the windows. One
of them will have another ELECTROCUTION STICK and the other three are ski jacket
thugs. COUNTER the ski jacket thugs to twist their arm/heel kick them and just
like before, concentrate on killing the armed goon as quickly as possible. JUMP
kick off the walls if you need to get out of a tight spot.

Once you have defeated this wave of thugs a brief cinematic shows a gray
sweatsuit-wearing thug somersaulting in through the window and taunting Kit with
some martial art poses. Kit taunts back just as and several more sweatsuit-
wearing thugs hop in.

Chances are that your health bar will be very low by now. (If you die here you
can continue from this point) Stay near the wall in the lower left corner of the
room so that you won't get surrounded. Now simply COUNTER and then attack with a
combo whenever the nearest attacker is stunned or more importantly, when they
get winded from all the jumping and flying around. (They will hunch over and
pant) With a little patience you can kill all of these fools without getting hit
at all.

Once they are dead four more goons hop in through the window. All four are armed
with ELECTROCUTION STICKS. I would simply remain in the same lower left corner
and COUNTER them all until a striking opportunity presents itself. Often you can
land a two or three strike combo and then immediately COUNTER another thug as he
comes in to zap you. They are also extremely susceptible to wall kicks and you
can always be brave by trying to GRAB one of them and then either throwing him
or smashing his head into the wall. Once you've killed them the cutscene will
kick in.

After the cutscene defeat this thug who is easy to beat. Simply COUNTER to stun
him and then unleash a cantankerous combo of your own in return. Repeat this two
or three times and he'll die in a crumpled heap on the floor in front of you. If
you miss however, he will land a 8-10 strike combination on you. COUNTERS are
the key here though. The truth is, he's never seen moves like yours before. :)

Once he is defeated four more thugs show up. Divvy up your blows accordingly and
COUNTER when you get surrounded. Try to stay in the center of the room for this
fight as they can swarm you in the corners or in the little alcove by the window
up top. Once you have killed them three more sweatsuit-wearing goons join the

Kill the orange guy just like I mentioned before and kill the two gray ones by
also COUNTERING and then unleashing combos as needed.

Lastly, four more thugs arrive. COUNTER them and return attack only towards the
nearest aggressor but keep your attention on the ski jacket-wearing thug with
the ELECTROCUTION STICK. Again, the center of the room is best to avoid being
swarmed. Once these last few thugs are dead the cutscene will kick in.

Start firing nonstop and keep slapping your "R3" stick back and forth at the
various enemies that appear during this chapter. My recommendation is to head to
the lower left corner of the room so as to have the widest possible range of
vision. (You can also hide there but I didn't find that necessary) Target and
shoot all enemies as the appear and try to divvy up the shots in such a way so
as to keep them all off guard. If you get targeted by a laser beam, immediately
fire towards the gunman who has you locked on. This gunfight is very similar to
the "Chop Shop Shootout" with the exception being that this area is much
smaller. If you prioritize from gunman down to melee weapon-wielding thug, you
ought have no difficulty completing this segment unscathed. Once the last of
them has been riddled with bullets a brief cutscene will ensue.

You find yourself trapped in a darkened locked room. Look for the overhead pipe
and press "R1" when prompted to jump and hide. As you do a brief cutscene kicks

As you gain control again, simply let go of "R1" and you will fall on the guard,
knocking him out. Quickly exit the room and move all the way to the left and
wait for the HIDE prompt once under the pipe. Take out this guard the same way
as you did the last. Next follow the path around the corner and you'll see a
stationed guard on the walkway ahead. The pipe to hang from is right next to
him. Move up and hide from the pipe and wait for the guard to go on alert. As he
turns away, drop down and sneak up behind him for a knockout blow. Follow the
walkway slowly and at the corner by the guard who is facing away, hang from the
pipe. As soon as he becomes calm again, drop down and knock him out too. Now
walk past him and immediately turn left at the corner and walk back to where the
opening is on your right. You'll be behind two guards here. Go up to the chair,
pick it up and smash it on one of them while quickly then knocking out the other
one before he spots you. Now move ahead and then turn left again to see a guard
looking down through a glass roof. Sneak up and attack him so that he goes
crashing through the glass. From here simply turn away from the glass roof and
head left at the end to continue.

The camera will briefly pan out at the corner here to show you two guards back-
to-back with flashlights. As you gain control again, simply wait for the beam of
light to start moving away and follow it until you are prompted again to HIDE
from the pipe directly in front of the guard. He will briefly go on alert. As
soon as he calms down, drop again and continue around to the other side. Perform
the same action again with the second guard and then proceed until you see the
next scanning flashlight beam. Stop just out of sight and observe a second beam
right above. Time it so that both beams are moving away and run up to where you
are prompted to JUMP and then quickly press up and press "R1" again to hide from
the pipe up here. Wait for the upper beam to safely pass to your right and then
drop and move on. Just ahead there will be another beam of light scanning up and
down. Time it and run under the beam to avoid being spotted. Now run towards the
end and drop down through the opening in the railing until you are on the floor

You will immediately notice a light beam coming through an open door. Forget
about that for now. Head to your left and you'll see a guard stationed in the
dark far corner. Approach him slowly either head on or from his left and he will
wake up startled and briefly scan around. As he turns to walk to the edge, sneak
up and put him back to sleep for good. A brief cutscene will now kick in.

Now that you again have control and see the guard scanning ahead, simply time
his movements and strike from either side to finish him. Press "R1" to open the
door behind him and go through it. Five guards immediately come to attack you
once you enter the room so start handing out pain as if Christmas came early and
you were Santa and COUNTER them if you get surrounded. This room is rather large
so feel free to move around so as not to get swarmed. Once you have killed them,
head to the far end of the room and open the door to enter the next room.

As you enter you'll notice a guard ahead scanning side to side. Head towards the
wooden elevator on the right and sneak up next to the guard while scans away and
take him out. Right next to him is a small space where no need to JUMP back and
forth to get to the upper level. (Press "R1" as you touch each side to jump up)
Once up top, take out the last guard who is just motionless looking out. Now
simply head to the edge by the wooden freight elevator and press "R1" when
prompted next to the chain. This will trigger a brief cinematic showing Kit
pulling the elevator door open by dragging the chain down to the ground. Now
just enter the open elevator and Kit will do the rest.

As you exit the elevator you will find yourself in a long room with two big
thugs at the far end. As you approach them they will attack. Use COUNTERS to
execute a nice little arm twisting/back breaking action and basically beat the
crap out of them until they can handle no more. Divvy up blows accordingly when
both surround you. Use the room to your advantage by moving around and wall kick
to keep them off balance. These guys liker to grab and punch you. Once they are
dead, exit through the door at the far end.

After a short cutscene run along the catwalk until you encounter the guard at
the midway point. Either beat him up or simply GRAB and press down on "R3" to
throw him over the edge to his death. Continue to the far end and CLIMB the
ladder to the upper catwalk. Throw this guard overboard as well and continue to
the far end and CLIMB the next ladder there. Follow the catwalk again and send
the next guard base-jumping without a parachute and then CLIMB the ladder at the
end up to where the cable is. Press "R1" to Jump up and grab the cable and a
brief cinematic will show Kit sliding to the far building. (Observe the guard
below as you slide - He is the reason we saved our full ADRENALINE bar.

As you arrive and gain control again, head to the ladder and press "R1" to slide
down it and the next one to the catwalk below. Here you will face another guard
but this one is no pushover like the last few. (Notice his blue health bar =
Strong foe)

Use your ADRENALINE attack to quickly knock him down and deplete some life from
him. As he gets up quickly volley more attacks to overwhelm and kill him. Beware
his seemingly endless stream of blows if he gets behind you. If you have a
chance to pass him, just keep running to the open door at the end to leave him
behind. (I have not been able to throw him overboard) A brief cinematic shows
you entering the door.

As this next fight begins, attack the nearest two thugs and try to divvy up
blows on your way to the table. If you can break the table you will be able to
pick up a TABLE LEG for use as a melee weapon. You can also knock free LOCKER
PIECES by smashing the lockers on either side. Use the weapons to easily beat
these guys up and keep your main attention on the guy with the PLUMBERS WRENCH
and the one with the SPIKED BAT. (If you have two melee weapons you can tornado
around all of them quickly by using your ADRENALINE attack) Once they are
defeated, exit through the door at the far end of the room. (Take two weapons
with you)

TIP: Simply COUNTER the last guard and then immediately GRAB him while he is
     momentarily stunned to throw him over the railing.
     (Credit: kslin88)

Although a new chapter, this hallway is immediately following your last fight
with the armed thugs. Hopefully you brought your weapons along from the previous
room but either way, administer a beating to the guard by the soda machines in
this small room. If you can take him by surprise he probably won't even know
what hit him. You can smash the soda machines and water cooler if you have
destructive tendencies like me. Once he is dead, exit through the door at the
end. As you walk down the next hallway a brief cutscene kicks in.

Three of the five thugs in this next battle are armed with SPIKED BATS and
PLUMBERS WRENCHES so keep your eye out for them especially. Use the two melee
weapons you should have brought with you to make the going much easier and use
COUNTERS, ADRENALINE attacks and wall kicks to hasten the battle. Once they are
all defeated go through the door at the end.

As soon as you walk into the next hallway another cinematic kicks in showing two
guards with ELECTROCUTION STICKS ready for fighting. Immediately pick up the
PLUMBERS WRENCH on your left as you regain control and then take them out with
COUNTERS and divvying of blows. (Alternately you can throw the CHAIR as well)
Keep in mind that every time they zap you with their sticks you will drop your
weapon so be ready to pick it up again immediately. Once they die, Kit will
throw his weapon away. Now proceed through the door at the far end of the
security room.

As you exit the room you will notice a stairwell on your left. (We'll come back
to this later) For now, head straight and through the door ahead. Once inside
you'll notice two stacked aquariums (smashable) along with some office
furniture. Simply head through the next door and run down the long hallway to
the door at the end. Enter it and a brief cutscene takes over.

As you gain control simply COUNTER, ADRENALINE attack and wall kick to keep
everyone at bay. Try kicking one of them onto the red-hot table for kicks and
just remember to divvy around your blows. You can also GRAB and drag thugs over
the red-hot table in the back. Once they are defeated head back the way you came
and back down the long hallway towards the previous room with the aquariums. As
you enter the door the cutscene kicks in.

|SUB BOSS BATTLE: Well dressed man with suspenders in office|
The best strategy here is to simply GRAB and throw him around. He has almost no
defense against GRAB moves. Every time get gets up again simply GRAB him again
and then double tap the "R3" stick to unleash another painful throw on him.
Slowly but surely you will completely deplete his life bar this way. (I
literally went through this entire fight without even being hit) You can also
lead him around after GRABBING him and then SMASHING him into the aquarium and
other objects around the room.

Alternately if you want to make things more challenging, unleash a quick volley
of attacks right off the bat. Then use your COUNTERS as much as possible as he
rarely is open to attack. Wall kick off the back wall to knock him down and try
to attack from behind while he is getting up. Try to steer clear of the aquarium
because he will grab and smash your head into it every time. Be patient and your
COUNTERS will wear him down eventually. If you do get behind him while he is
getting up, unload a 4-Hit combo into a full-fledged ADRENALINE attack to get in
massive damage. Once he is dead, proceed out the door and head back towards the
way you came. You will now notice that the door at the bottom of the steps is
now unlocked.

As you gain control you'll find yourself back in the hallway from where you
entered earlier. Turn to Kit's right and head down the stairs towards the now
open door leading into the car garage below.

As you gain control again after a brief cinematic, start targeting and keep the
"R2" button pressed. Simply share your firepower around by hitting each enemy
two or three times and then quickly hitting the next guy two or three times.
Focus your attention immediately on any shooter who locks his red laser scope
onto you. If you stay in the rear right corner you should be able to pick them
all off. Just keep spraying and wait for them to all die.

After a short cinematic immediately head backwards again and spray them with a
relentless dose of bullets until they explode. (You can lock on to them by
pressing "L2") Head all the way to the rear right corner again and continue
lighting up the swarm of enemies as they approach. Kill the laser-scoped guards
first followed by the slower moving bomb-strapped goons and lastly the melee
weapon goons.

TIP: Come out from behind the car in the rear-right corner to light up the bomb
     goons from afar as they take more shots to kill. Also you can target
     numerous exploding canisters here as well if you decide do to run around
     but know that the camera angle will hinder your vision behind you.

Once the last of them is dead a brief cutscene kicks in.

AS you begin a slew of thugs start rushing you. These guys are armed with MEAT
HOOKS, MACHETTES and PIPES. Share your blows around quickly to keep them all off
guards and immediately pick up weapons as thugs die. The big MEAT HOOKS were not
my favorite as they seemed a little slow but either way, once you are armed you
should easily dispatch these amateurs in grand fashion. Several more drop in the
fight as goons die but after about 15 0r 18 kills the enemy ceases to attack.

As soon as the Billy Soon fight begins go and break the box in the upper right
and left corner by wall jumping to quickly find and pickup the first WOODEN
STICK. Billy is very slow so go to the upper left corner next and strike the
wooden box these to find and pick up the second WOODEN STICK. From here on out
the battle becomes a breeze.

Simply wait until Billy is nearby and then throw a stick at him ("R1" + "R3" in
his direction) to momentarily stun him. Now quickly run up and unload a
combination. As soon as he gets up again, run around him and pick up the WOODEN
STICK again. (Sometimes the thrown weapon is hard to locate again but typically
it'll be along the perimeter wall or container and you'll see the "PICK UP"
prompt appear onscreen) Repeat this process three times and a brief cinematic
will kick in.

During the second phase of this battle, Billy will try to unleash some longer
combos and a tornado-like twirl. But if you simply COUNTER his every onslaught
and then repeat the above-mentioned technique a few more times, you'll defeat
him with ease. Once you do a cutscene will take over.

TIP: The closer you are to Billy when you throw the WOODEN STICK, the better
     your chances are of landing multiple shots on him while he is stunned.

TIP 2: Try lining up left to right on screen to make throwing and retrieving the
       WOODEN STICKS even easier.

       (Full Boss Strategy Credit: Maximus Cerberus)

<<Thanks to Need Help Guy for a small bit of info here regarding stick

These two thugs are really easy to beat if you simply exploit their one glaring
weakness. They let you GRAB at will! Take this time to really practice and hone
your multi-directional GRAB blows by simply pressing and holding R1 while
slapping R3 in the direction of your enemy. Now while still holding R1 and R3
towards them, quickly slap R3 in any of the 6 directions. (Try slapping the
stick twice or three times to unleash more powerful blows and throws) I pretty
much GRABBED, threw and slammed them to death while never even breaking a sweat.
Just COUNTER if needed or unleash a few ADRENALINE combos as needed if you need
to because what you want to do is save as much of your health as possible.

Once they are dead a brief cinematic will introduce a new foe. As you regain
control immediately resume the GRABBING and slamming and COUNTER if necessary.
He is very easily stunned and should pose no serious threat to you.

Once you have eliminated him from the payroll, head toward the upper left area
and JUMP over the boxes blocking the way to the ladder. CLIMB the ladder to the
upper level of this wooden boat deck. Now continue downwards, go over the zinc
sheets and over the metal rods that form a walkway to the adjacent boat. Once
you get onto the adjacent boat a brief cinematic shows Kit running right up to
three thugs who are perched behind a crate and cement-bag fortress of sorts. Two
of them are massively large thugs in green, one on each side in the back with
numerous large vases handy. There is also a thug with a yellow-hooded sweatshirt
in the middle who watches Kit with disdain. Kit performs his ADRENALINE Taunt
and the yellow thug hops over to fight. (If you die you will be able to start
from here)

The key to this victory is health and strategy. Both green guys alternate
throwing a vase while the thug in yellow is stunned or on the ground. Ideally
you should immediately COUNTER his initial blow and then immediately evade the
first incoming vase's path as you run around to unload a two or three strike
combo on him. Immediately COUNTER the second vase after the second or third blow
and then move back and wait for the yellow thug to attack again as you repeat
the strategy. Make sure you COUNTER his initial punch because otherwise he will
light you up with a punishing 10-12 hit combination. (You still need to fight
the two green goons too)

TIP: Here are the steps required to beat the yellow thug!
     1: COUNTER the very first blow
     2: Avoid the first vase by running around the incoming path
     3: Land 1 - 3 hits while he is stunned
     4: COUNTER the second vase
     5: Repeat

Once he is dead the big green thug on the left jumps off his perch and storms
down towards you. His buddy on the right will continue throwing vases whenever
you stun, hit or knock the goon down. The most important thing to keep in mind
is that he has a BLUE life bar above his head meaning this guy will take
numerous combos to kill. Knowing this you should AVOID COUNTERING, GRABBING, and
BLOCKING at any cost. He is simply too big and overwhelming for those tactics.
If you do he will instead pick you up and throw you across the area for some
serious health loss. My best tip is to unleash a two or three strike combo while
he charges at you or starts to swing. Immediately get ready to COUNTER the vase
and then repeat the offensive attack. If you can get him up against the crates
and cement bags you should unleash your ADRENALINE combos while remembering to
COUNTER the vases.

Once he is dead the last green thug comes down to fight. Simply repeat the
offensive attack methods on him and since there are no more vases to COUNTER he
should be easily dispatched. Even though he may dodge 4 or five combo strike at
times, the 5th and 6th should knock him down. I simply overtook him with
relentless combos and attacks. He never even got shots off.

Once he is dead head back to the lower right area to continue. Jump down and
then run over the wooden planks to the next boat. Now CLIMB up the ladder and
take either plank to cross over to the next boat. (One simply requires you to
CLIMB another ladder.

Once on the next boat, JUMP up on the deck and you'll see two thugs ahead under
a large suspended fish. Quickly run up on the right and USE the lever when
prompted to release the fish, thereby killing the thugs. Now USE the lever in
the upper left area and immediately JUMP up in the lower right while the way is
clear. (A cinematic will show the fish-hanger moving out of the way) Once past
the obstacle, CLIMB up the angled ladder and a brief cinematic will show Kit
ascending the ladder to the top of the mast with the beautiful Hong Kong skyline
behind you. Now USE the overhead wire to zip down to the far end.

Before anything let me just make it clear that you must proceed through this
level by staying on the upper balcony. If you jump or get pushed down to the
dock a brief cinematic will show the sniper setting his sights on you. One shot
will kill you and it can be anticipated by his last minute cocking of the gun.
If you do end up below and in his crosshairs, quickly move from hiding spot to
hiding spot back to the ladders on the left. Once you are back upstairs he will
complain to himself about the fact that he can't see you there anymore.

Several enemies will jump out at you from behind dark corners and through
windows while navigating your way along the upper balcony. Make sure that you
move slowly as you approach every window and corner. If you COUNTER or Attack
right as you get to these spots, no one will be able to throw you down below.
One COUNTER or blow and they die. (Sometimes they simply run away)

As you go up the first steps a goon jumps out from behind the corner. Once he's
dead continue to the first lit window. COUNTER the thug who comes crashing
through and do the same at the very next corner as another springs out at you.
Keep going until you see the next lit window and get ready for a thug to jump
out from behind the barrels just before the window. COUNTER him and the also
COUNTER the thug who crashes through the window. Now head to the next lit window
and COUNTER the assailant there. Now simply run along to the far end and a brief
cinematic will show a crate attached to a pulley system that requires you to
move out of your way by USING the lever below on the dock.

Head back a little and CLIMB down the ladder to the dock below. Quickly HIDE
behind the boxes right there and then move from hiding spot to hiding spot until
you can see the lever at the far right. USE it and then go again from hiding
spot to hiding spot as you make your way back to the ladder and CLIMB up. Once
back up top, head right and continue along past where the crate was, over the
planks and onto the next building.

Once on the second building, move unbothered until you arrive at the second lit
window. COUNTER the thug who crashes through and then immediately COUNTER the
next one at the corner just past the window. Continue along past the next two
lit windows and quickly COUNTER the thug who springs out from the dark corner
just before the next lit window. Now COUNTER the thug who crashes through this
lit window as well as the one at the very next corner past it. Move past the
next two lit windows and then COUNTER the thug who comes crashing through the
third lit window. (You should see his shadow inside) Just past the next corner
another thug must be COUNTERED from behind some boxes and right at the next wall
another as well. Continue to the next lit window and again and right after to it
there is a dark window which you must also COUNTER a thug. (This is the first
dark window that you need to be aware of) Now run along unscathed to the far end
until a brief cinematic shows you another lever on the dock below.

Jump down and USE the lever and quickly run to your left to the first hiding
spot. Now run to your left and quickly CLIMB the ladder. You must do this
fluidly to not get shot. Once back above, quickly head right and bypass the
obstacle before it returns to its initial position. COUNTER the thug at the
first lit window as well as the next thug in the adjacent dark window. (If you
get knocked down here you must run left from your hiding spot and JUMP twice
back and forth between the crates and wall to get back up) Another thug must be
COUNTERED at the corner immediately following the dark window. Then COUNTER
another thug at the second corner ahead and again right behind the cement-bag
pile ahead. Now walk past the next two lit windows without concern and keep
going until you trigger the cutscene by the last lit window at the far end.

This is a lengthy gun fight that is broken into three parts. Make sure you use
the hiding spots until they are demolished by his gun fire. The best time to
shoot him is immediately after he stands up from doing his Adrenaline dive. (He
will laugh momentarily) Shoot some of the objects above his hiding place so as
to drop them on him because he'll certainly do the same to you. Once his life
drops down to around 70% a brief cinematic will show him somersaulting backwards
and landing on the deck of the next boat.

Head to the right side and drop down so that you can cross over the plank to the
boat he was just on. Once aboard, JUMP up on the left and immediately take cover
behind the wooden box. He will run from left to right while shooting and you
should quickly target and shoot the object above his right hiding place for a
quick hit. Try staying as far back in terms of hiding spaces and avoid hiding
behind the EXPLODING CANNISTER on your left side. Whenever he stands up briefly
you should come out and fire at him. Then immediately seek cover behind another
spot. (ADRENALINE Diving is good for this) After every dive he stands up again
so use this as your primary opportunity to get in one or two shots. The steel
Drums in the rear left area was my ideal hiding place since it was protected by
the steel drums directly in front. Once his health drops to about 40% a brief
cinematic shows him diving through the air and somersaulting onto yet another
boat. He gets up and menacingly laughs some more while twirling his guns.

JUMP up onto the small roof in the upper right corner and use the wooden plank
to get onto the boat he just vacated. Immediately HIDE behind the first drums on
your left. When he stands up and laughs, tag him with a few shots and again try
to shoot objects above his hiding spots. Stick to the rear hiding areas while
you can to avoid having to HIDE under objects yourself. You can also shoot some
EXPLODING CANNISTERS on the right side of his boat when he is there. Once his
health gets low he will pretty much stay far back and go left to right and back.
At this time (Depending how much health you have left) you can strafe and fire
from the rear and tag him a few times. My recommended hiding place is the center
box in the back because you have some additional cover from the box directly in
front. As soon as you take the last ounce of his health away the cutscene takes

Four thugs in black will be running towards you as you begin but are easily
dispatched by simply divvying your attacks as usual and COUNTERING as needed.
These guys also have no defense for GRABBING so you can experiment by SMASHING
them into the various objects around this hallway. (I especially enjoyed
throwing them through the glass dividers. You can also exercise your green thumb
here by SMASHING some PLANT POTS on this helpless saps. Once they are defeated
head to the far end and USE the doorway to proceed to the next room as a
cutscene briefly takes over.

Although this next thug is pretty large, he is easily overwhelmed with offensive
combos. You can easily COUNTER his initial move and then land a barrage of your
own shots. Try GRABBING him and then SMASHING his head into the right side of
the MRI machine for a nice little treat. Alternately you can momentarily DUNK
him in the sink or smash him into the rest of the equipment found in the room.
Once he is dead exit through the door as another short cinematic takes over.

Now start running down towards the three thugs at the far end who will be very
willing to receive a beating. A fourth thug is waiting by the little alcove on
your left so make sure to take him out on your way down. Divvy your blows
accordingly and eliminate them through whatever favorite method you have at this
point. You can also use the MOP BUCKET to throw at them as well as the PLANT
POTS. Once they are dead continue to the door at the far end and proceed through
it. A brief cutscene again takes over.

Now simply attack with a vengeance to overwhelm him and COUNTER needed. Try
unleashing your ADRENALINE combo midway through a regular combo to really rack
up the hits. You can also GRAB him and SMASH HIM AROUND. As soon as he starts to
get up again, unleash some more strikes r throw the PLANT POT/GARBAGE CAN at him
and he should quite easily be defeated. Now exit through the door for another
brief cinematic.

As you gain control again you'll see four thugs ahead. Wait for the first two to
run up and then dispatch them with ease by divvying up some combos between the
two. Now move up and kill the other two goons by using the same method.
Additionally you can GRAB and SMASH THEM or throw some melee items at them. When
you have finished them go through the door at the end of the hallway to trigger
the next cutscene.

Immediately attack the guy on the left and unleash a combo. Use the operating
table in the middle as a way to divide and conquer these thugs. If you
aggressively attack them you should be able to overwhelm and keep them off
guard. Use your ADRENALINE attacks during your combos to gain massive amounts of
hits and remember to divvy your blows around so as not to get caught from
behind. Once they too are dead proceed through the door to trigger yet another

Mui Lin has some wicked combos and scissor kicks but can easily be defeated by
simply COUNTERING her initial blow and then unleashing a combo while she is
momentarily stunned. GRABBING, although possible, is very risky and often causes
you to eat some combos in return. Initially, try to throw as many Melee Items at
her as you can. If you don't, she will. If she throws Items at you, simply
COUNTER them and wait for her to exhaust them. Unleash an ADRENALINE attack on
her midway through a regular combo to rack up a lot of hits quickly. You can
also JUMP Kick off the walls to send her flying. When she falls down, get behind
her and unleash another combo as she gets up again into her back. Follow these
directions and in no time at all Mui Lin will be defeated.

As the elevator doors open remain in a hiding pose inside. Two thugs open fire
from across the way and there are two more behind them. Time their pattern and
then run to the other side of the elevator while taking the first two out. Now
HIDE again and observe the firing pattern of the gunmen behind and then repeat
this process again as you run to the other side of the elevator while killing

Now run out of the elevator and immediately run back inside as two goons
adrenaline dive into the hallway and open fire. Another one comes crashing
through the window on the left. Now either use an ADRENALINE Dive out of the
elevator as you take them out or simply strafe in and out while firing.

More gunmen will appear down the hall and you must take them out while seeking
cover either by the vending alcove on the left or by the white medicine cart on
the right.

Once you have killed them three more gunmen appear further down the hall. Two
are shooting semi automatic weapons so stay behind the medicine cabinet. (The
guy who runs up will not come around the medicine cabinet) Simply time their
pattern and then take them out. Now move from hiding spot to hiding spot until
another gunman adrenaline dives out from the left. Time him and then give him a
free visitors pass to the morgue.

Once he is dead go to the white hiding spot on the right. (It is the last one)
Take a moment to survey the end of the hallway. There are two gunmen who are
hiding behind the copy machines at the end but if you look closely you'll notice
the EXPLODING CANNISTERS in front of both hiding spots. Keep your finger on the
"L2" and then run and or ADRENALINE Dive while you blow them both to
smithereens. Both gunmen will die from the blast. (NOTE: Both gunmen must be
visible when you blow the CANNISTERS otherwise their hiding spots will protect
them) Once they are dead the doors open at the end for you to proceed.

As you enter the next hallway stay on the left side and head for the alcove. A
brief cinematic will zoom down the hallway to show a machine-gun wielding thug
behind the desk. Notice the EXPLODING CANNISTER right in front? As soon as you
regain control, HIDE in the alcove to avoid and observe his stream of fire. He
fires left to right with a momentary pause in between. When the stream comes to
you and stops, run to the hiding place on the right. Always try to run ahead of
the stream of fire and you will make it to every hiding spot unscathed. Keep
moving from hiding spot to hiding spot until you get to the last white medicine
cabinet on the left side. Now simply wait for his stream of fire to go towards
the right and then run out, target the EXPLODING CANNISTER by using "L2" and
BOOM! (King Kong ain't got nothing on you!) Once he is dead, head through the
door on the right into the next area.

As soon as you enter this next hallway a thug comes out from behind the white
medicine cabinet on the left. Light him up as another comes crashing through the
glass on the left. A second one shoots from inside the window too. Shoot them as
you take cover by the corner on the right and then wait until two more gunmen
come up from the hall. Use an ADRENALINE Dive if you like or simply time and
then eradicate them. Now continue down past the window and shoot the perp behind
the window on the right. Now move from hiding spot to hiding spot and take out
the gunman in the window on the left. Now simply run up to the gurney (Stretcher
on wheels) and USE it.

As soon as Kit hops onto the gurney it goes sailing down the hallway. Two gunmen
will jump out of each window you pass(8 total) but if you simply keep firing and
use "L2" to target and shoot every EXPLODING CANNISTER along the way, you will
have no difficulties whatsoever. When you get to the far end of the hallway the
gurney will topple over a desk and you should immediately get up and HIDE behind
it. (ADRENALINE Dive and kill the last two gunmen if they weren't killed on your
way down here)

Two punk rocker looking thugs with bulletproof vests will now come and start
throwing EXPLODING CANNISTERS at you. If you HIDE they will simply fly
harmlessly passed you. The trick to defeating them is using your "L2" button to
target the CANNISTERS while the thugs approach but hide if they get to close.
(It takes 5 shots to blow a CANNISTER) Take your time and they will eventually
die from the explosions. A brief cinematic will now kick in.

As the elevator doors open head to your right side. A brief camera zoom will
reveal another machine gunner at the far end of the hallway. Immediately take
cover behind the right corner and observe his left to right firing pattern. When
the bullets come to you, run ahead of them and HIDE behind the medicine cabinet
of the left. (You should have just enough time to make it without being hit) Two
gunmen will then come out from the alcoves on either side ahead. Wait for the
machine gun stream to steer away and then patiently shoot the two thugs while
repeatedly HIDING again to avoid the machine gunner's stream of fire. Once they
are dead wait again for the stream to momentarily pause by you and then run
ahead of it towards the hiding spot on the right. (Alternately you can run along
the left wall to HIDE by the vending alcove) Continue from hiding spot to hiding
spot until you are positioned behind the medicine cart on the left right before
the gunner. Now simply wait for his stream to steer away from you and then run
up and use "L2" to target and blow the EXPLODING CANNISTER in front of him. The
explosion will kill him instantly and the door on the left side will open for
you to proceed.

As soon as you enter this next hallway take cover behind the corner on the
right. Two thugs come crashing through the window on the left and another runs
up from down the hall. Take out the nearest gunman and you'll notice that the
other two have decided to hide on either side behind objects. Stick to the right
side and HIDE behind the second drawer chest where the first gunman is hiding.
He will then adrenaline dive away and remain in the open. Now simply time and
kill him. The next victim is hiding behind the white medicine cart on the left.
As you approach another set of gunmen appear from the windows and corner ahead.
Immediately shoot the nearest one and simultaneously use "L2" to target and blow
the EXPLODING CANNISTER in the middle ahead. If timed right it will kill the
second nearest enemy. (There is nothing wrong with retreating back to hiding
spots if the gun battle gets too intense) The last two gunmen will cartwheel
from left to right down the hall. Use the hiding spot where the CANNISTER was to
take them out one at a time while dodging their return fire. Now stay on the
right side as you continue until a brief cinematic shows two gunmen with machine
guns taking aim at you from behind the window at the far end of the hallway.

Immediately take cover by the alcove on your right and analyze their firing
habits. Time them and then either ADRENALINE Dive and shoot them. (Alternately
you can just pop in and out of the hiding spot and target the EXPLODING
CANNISTER on the left) Once they are dead go to the gurney and USE it.

As soon as you begin sailing on the gurney gunmen again start diving out of the
window behind you. Keep firing and targeting EXPLODING CANNISTERS and you should
have no problems at all. There are a total of 8 thugs that you need to kill
here. Once the gurney ride ends, kill the last two by ADRENALINE Diving to avoid
their gun fire. The doorway will then open and as you proceed, Kit discards his
weapons and the cutscene kicks in.

As soon as you have control start outrunning the explosions. You will need to
JUMP over 10 obstacles in order to clear this scene. The key is simply to run
straight down the middle of the walkway and JUMP every single pile of debris.
Some of the piles will try to fool you into running around them but the time it
takes to re-center yourself will cost you dearly. Stay centered and JUMP fluidly
over each pile and the cutscene will kick once you get to the other end of the

As soon as you gain control HIDE at the corner here and observe this first guard
as he walks towards you. As soon as he turns to walk away again, sneak up behind
and take him out. Now observe the guard ahead and also take care of him when he
walks away. (Oddly enough you can run right up into their backs and they won't
get alarmed) Now HIDE midway around the corner and wait for the patrolling guard
to appear. When he checks his watch and begins to turn, run up behind and render
him useless as well. Now run and HIDE in the doorway on your left while the
guard is at the far end of the tunnel. He will walk almost to where you are
before turning back. Once he turns, he will take a few steps and then quickly
look back again. Don't get caught being greedy! After his double take you can
easily run up behind him to finish his tour of duty. (Alternately you can JUMP
up onto the scaffolding on the right and time him from there)

Continue to the next bend now and wait for the guard to complete his walk
towards you. (Stay out of the flashlight's range) As soon as he turns run up
behind him and take him out.

Continue around the bend and you'll see a 5 or so second plume of steam blocking
the path every 5 seconds. (Steam hurts damnit!) As soon as the plume ends you
can quickly pass the danger zone and the HIDE at the corner by the wooden beam
on your right. Observe the patrolling guard ahead and as he turns, introduce him
to the after life. Wait for the nearest patrolling guard to turn and walk away
from you and then walk up towards him but as soon as you spot the guard who's
seated in the doorway on the left, turn back to safety. The guard in the dark
will go on alert and turn his flashlight on. After his brief patrol however, his
flashlight will begin to flicker you can easily approach him for the kill. Now
either SMASH the next guard with the chair as he walks into range or time his
movements from while remaining just out of his field of vision. (If you hide in
the doorway he will spot you.) Now look up ahead and you'll see two guards. One
is walking back and forth while the other idly leans up against the scaffolding
with his flashlight turned off. Remain just out of range and wait for the
patrolling guard to do his double take before then quickly JUMPING and
CLIMBIMBING up on to scaffolding. (The JUMP prompt is triggered when by the
corner) Now simply bypass these two and drop down from the corner at the far end
of this scaffolding. Now simply walk towards the steam vent on your left and a
brief cutscene will take over.

Walk around the corner time the steam plume before walking up to the guard who
is stationed just up ahead while staring permanently away. Take him out before
he develops a rash from all that ass scratching and then observe the next
patrolling guard while remaining very close to the steam plume you just passed.
After he comes out of the alcove on the left, wait for him to do a double take
and an ass scratch before running up and permanently removing him from duty. Now
stay out of the next guard's range as you JUMP up onto the scaffolding on the
left and bypass him. (You can take him out as he walks by beneath you)

Time the next plume of steam and bypass it and then immediately take note of the
flashlight beam shining out of the alcove on the left. JUMP to climb up onto the
scaffolding on your right and simply bypass the beam of light and then drop down
from the corner at the end and HIDE. A guard will walk up before turning back on
his patrol. When he turns wait for his version of the now famous double take by
the plume of steam ahead and then quickly come up behind him as though you were
death personified.

Now get as close to the plume of steam as possible and observe the patrol
pattern of the guard on the other side. The key is to bypass the plume just
after he checks the time on his watch and turns to walk away. (I usually let him
go through one or even two patrols before I feel the timing is right) Now stay
out of the next guard's range and JUMP to climb up onto the scaffolding on the
right. Now walk along as you bypass the first two guards and then immediately
stop and observe the beam of light coming from the alcove on the left. The beam
moves up and down but briefly nudges up again. In order to pass it you need to
stay just out of range and then wait for it to actually briefly point down to
the floor itself before running past it. Immediately drop down at the corner and
run to the next scaffolding and JUMP up without delay to avoid being spotted by
the guard who steps out from the alcove on the right ahead. Observe his pattern
and take note that his double take is really a triple take. Wait for him to
actually walk beneath you and then drop down for the kill.

Now bypass the plume of steam and JUMP up onto the scaffolding on your right.
Completely ignore him and the next one as you walk along the top all the way to
the far end. Stay up top at the end and observe the patrolling guard up ahead.
He will walk all the way towards you before turning back. Immediately drop down
and kill him as he turns to walk away and take note of the light beam emanating
from the alcove on the left there. JUMP up onto the scaffolding and bypass the
next group of complaining guards and then drop down at the far end to trigger
the cutscene.

The best strategy to employ during this battle is attacking with two and three
hit combinations followed up with an immediate COUNTER. If you stick to this
regimen you should barely get hit. Do not waste your time GRABBING hold of
enemies because there will always be another to strike you during the process.
If you get surrounded, remain in a COUNTERING position and then strike once or
twice followed with an immediate COUNTER to sweep all the enemies down. Once
your ADRENALINE meter is full, use it and attack with your "R3" stick in a
circular fashion so as to keep as many of them off guard as possible. Follow up
halfway through with another COUNTER. A few more guards join the fight as others
perish but following the above-mentioned strategy should take care of business.
When the last one dies a short cinematic takes over.

Now follow the same strategy as before except rely even more so on your
COUNTERS. The bigger guards when COUNTERED will get their arm-twisted followed
with a heel kick to the back and immediately die. Use the two or three hit
attacks followed by a COUNTER on the rest and crush anyone who gets separated
from the group. GRABS are not recommended here either since others will attack
you thereby nullifying the hold. As you kill these guys several more join in for
a grand total of around 20-24. If using ADRENALINE attacks remember to perform
them circularly and interrupt it with a COUNTER to stay ahead of the next
aggressors. Once you have killed the last one another brief cinematic takes over

Next continue with the same strategy as with the previous two waves and COUNTER
after every two or three hits that were divvied around. Remember that the riot
gear guards will die when COUNTERED with the arm twisting animation. The pony-
tailed thugs can simply be attacked and COUNTERED along with the regular guards.
And as with the last waves more will come as victims die at your feet. Once you
have killed the last one, head over to the ladder and JUMP up onto the walkway
leading out of this area. Run down the other end and follow the hallway at the
far end alongside the pipes. When you get to the end where the trapdoor is open,
JUMP up to hang from the metal bar and then shimmy along to the other side in
order to bypass the pitfall. Run around the bend and onto the walkway leading
into the next boiler room. Your health meter will replenish...(CONTINUE NEXT

Drop down from the walkway to trigger a short cinematic sequence. Then as soon
as the action begins unleash a circular ADRENALINE attack. Since they all attack
simultaneously. Now use the same strategy as you did during the previous chapter
by striking out once or twice and then immediately COUNTERING to knock
additional aggressors back. Several more thugs keep showing up as you fight
including the pony-tailed goons in white. COUNTER everything that comes your way
and strike whenever possible as you defeat this first wave of thugs. During the
brawl a brief cinematic shows a large guard jumping down from the walkway above
while wielding an electrically charged stick.

As the fight continues simply continue with COUNTER attacks and he will quickly
drop the weapon. Pick up the ELECTRIC STICK but keep following the two to three
strike method followed by a COUNTER to avoid being hit needlessly. The ELECTRIC
STICK will give you some added leverage though. (Whenever you COUNTER or simply
strike an enemy with the ELECTRIC STICK the charge will kill him)

As this brawl continues without a break in between, another ELECTRIC STICK
wielding guard shows up cinematically. Repeat the strike to COUNTERING technique
and then pick up the second ELECTRIC STICK as it becomes available. Now fight
off and shock another 20-25 assailants while still COUNTERING as necessary
before the battle comes to an end. (With both ELECTRIC STICKS you should clearly
have the upper hand) Once the battle is won, CLIMB up the stairs on the opposite
walkway and run towards the tunnel bend at the far end to trigger a brief

TIP: Just keep running up on the ladder by holding "R1" and then press both "L1
     + R1" when he lands to execute the BACK FLIP KICK. This move will help you
     out a lot as the move knocks everyone around you down until they die. Since
     there are no other walls here you can only run up the ladder. Once you get
     both ELECTRIC STICKS you should be unstoppable.

As soon as you gain control go and HIDE behind the cubicle right next to the
pillar where you are. From the safety of your hiding spot you can observe the
situation across the way. Notice the gray TV's that are hanging above some of
the gunmen? Wait for the gun fire to momentarily calm and the ADRENALINE Dive
while targeting and shooting the TV's and whatever else you can. Immediately run
and shoot as you make your way to briefly HIDE behind the couch along the
railing. (Note: This couch will only offer brief protection before
disintegrating) As soon as the machine gunner on the other side briefly stops
firing, target and shoot down the TV above his head as you make your way towards
the next office chair just to the right. (Keep shooting while running from spot
to spot) Stay here only for a moment and then quickly move towards the screen so
as to be able to HIDE behind the near cubicle. Now head to the right side of the
cubicle where you are and HIDE again to observe the next couple of gunmen under

ADRENALINE Dive or simply run out and shoot the TV's during a lull but do not
hide behind the little cart with boxes on it as it will not stand up to much gun
fire at all. Instead keep shooting until you are able to HIDE behind the cubicle
right next to it. (You can easily refill your ADRENALINE meter by shooting the
weaker gunmen from the left side as the arrive) HIDE at the right corner of the
cubicle now and during a lull, target and shoot down the TV on the far side.
Then ADRENALINE Dive while shooting and quickly take cover behind the couch.
Keep shooting and run from fragile hiding spot to hiding spot along the railing
until you are HIDING behind the file cabinet. Use this vantage point to pop in
and out as you kill shooters while refilling your ADRENALINE meter. Now head
down screen again to take cover behind the near cubicle. (You can also duck in
to the cubicles if the heat is too much or you are low on Health)

Dive to the right side of the cubicle wall and then use the lull in gunfire to
HIDE in the cubicle thereby bringing you closer to the railing again. Now
ADRENALINE Dive and shoot like mad and keep heading right along the railing as
you finally get to the far side. (You must stick to the railing at the corner) A
brief cutscene will ensue.

Head left and quickly hide behind the file cabinet at the corner as the first
gunmen begin shooting at you. As soon as there is a brief pause ADRENALINE Dive
while targeting and shooting the three TV's on the other side. As you land keep
shooting until you are safely hidden behind either the couch (Which doesn't
survive more than two lulls) or better yet the file cabinet next to the cubicle.

Now wait for the next brief pause and then quickly move and HIDE on the left
side of the cubicle and prepare for the next set of shooters. As soon as there
is a lull in the action run left along the railing while shooting the TV's to
fill your ADRENALINE meter and quickly HIDE in the cubicle. Again wait for a
lull before shooting and moving to the rear of these two cubicles. When the
pause in gunfire again arrives, HIDE on the left most edge of the cubicle wall.
Now wait for another lull in the action and then shoot the TV ahead while moving
up and HIDING in the same cubicle. (The TV shot should have refilled your
ADRENALINE meter) Wait again for a lull and then quickly ADRENALINE Dive to the
left as you shoot the other two TV's. (Make sure you ADRENALINE Dive along the
railing so as not to get stuck behind the adjacent cubicle which will only delay
your progress)

As you land continue shooting and quickly HIDE behind the chair after the couch.
Wait for the first lull and then shoot as you run to the foreground so as to
quickly hide behind the two cubicles here. Wait again before HIDING on the left
most edge of the cubicle wall. As the next lull arrives quickly move up and hide
in the cubicle and then wait for the next pause before ADRENALINE Diving along
the railing while shooting the TV's and gunmen in flight. Upon landing quickly
take up hiding in the cubicle there. Wait for a lull before shooting and moving
into the rear cubicle and then repeat this process again as you make your way to
the rear of the row of three cubicles and quickly position yourself on the left
most edge again.

Wait for a lull and then run towards the railing while shooting and targeting
the TV and quickly HIDE behind the file cabinet. (The barrels are not a safe
hiding place - Only use if extremely low on health) If you shot the TV's you
ought to have a full ADRENALINE meter so wait for the lull and then ADRENALINE
Dive while shooting down the next TV's and quickly HIDE behind the couch. (If
you cannot ADRENALINE Dive then simply use the chair as a hiding spot before
shooting the TV's and then continue to the couch) Once behind the couch simply
wait for the very next lull and then shoot while running left and run passed the
cart with boxes as the end is right there. (Hiding behind the boxes is more of a
trap than anything else) You can also ADRENALINE Dive as soon as you see the
boxes to avoid being killed by a last stray bullet. Once you get here the
cutscene will kick in.

As soon as you gain control quickly ADRENALINE Dive towards the lower left
corner while shooting whoever you can. Once you are located by the stairs next
to the bar you should be able to kill all assailants without concern. (I like to
position myself right by the opening to the bar) Keep your guns blazing as thugs
attack and after a short while you'll notice the first laser-scoped gunman
hopping over the railing on your left. (Remember the CHOP SHOP SHOOTOUT?) From
this point on, start divvying up your stream of fire by prioritizing these
gunmen as most important. There are a total of 17 gunmen who will hop over the
railing but none will come from anywhere else. Once you have killed this army of
assailants a brief cutscene will take over.

This time around it's a battle to the death with these two. Begin by COUNTERING
their attacks until and unleash a short combo if the opportunity presents
itself. After a short while they will take turns leap kicking at you. COUNTER
the kicks and one of them will momentarily hunch over as he catches his breath.
Unleash a full-fledged combo on him and then quickly COUNTER his brother who
will lunge. Continue COUNTERING and landing short combos until they start doing
their brothers-in-arms tandem attack. It is the same move that they used in the
earlier battle and if you sidestep it you can easily land a full-fledged combo
or ADRENALINE attack on both from behind. They are extremely vulnerable to
attack from behind. Basically as long as you COUNTER and wait for your openings
the battle will remain in your favor. Once you have killed the second brother a
brief cutscene takes over.

During the first portion of this battle you should simply COUNTER constantly
until you get your hit in. Often time this will seem like a stalemate game as he
is also looking to counter you. Keep COUNTERING and Kit will start unleashing
his No Shadow Kick on Kwan. (A 7-Hit flurry of flying kicks to the face/chest)
It is important to not let your guard down as Kwan will then quickly grapple you
to the floor for some punishment. I recommend leaving the chair for the second
phase of the battle but you can obviously use it to momentarily stun him before
unleashing a combo or ADRENALINE attack. Once his health reaches to around 25% a
brief cutscene will kick in.

TIP: Keep "L1 + R1" pressed constantly and just keep tapping "R3" in Kwan's
     direction to win the COUNTERING match thereby triggering the No Shadow

NOTE: The No Shadow Kick is only triggered by winning an extensive COUNTERING
      match with Kwan. No other enemy in the game has the wherewithal to COUNTER
      so much which makes it impossible to use this kick on other enemies.

As you regain control you will immediately notice a new AIR meter under your
BLOCK meter. The key to survival is by not running out of air. The way you
achieve this is by GRABBING Kwan (R1 + R3 towards him) and taking his gas mask
for a quick recharge of clean air. You can only perform this move until your
BLOCK meter runs out and then Kwan will immediately retaliate with a wrist grab
and kick. As soon as you let go of the gas mask immediately COUNTER this move.
Also, if you saved the chair from the previous phase you can use it now when he
is nearby to smash it in his grill. It is important to note that grabbing him
after the second time requires you to first COUNTER his attack (Which is scarce
since he is more interested in avoiding you) and then immediately following up
with the GRAB move.

The best method after the second GRAB is to GRAB at him and then immediately
COUNTER his retaliatory blow before GRABBING him again and getting the mask.
Also, if you knock him down try to position yourself beside him to GRAB him
easier as he begins to get back up. Lastly, if you can get behind him after
knocking him down, you can easily unleash a combo to ADRENALINE attack for major
damage. Once his health meter reaches to around 25% again the cutscene will take

TIP: Get him near the walls to be able to more effectively land combos.

NOTE: If you die during this phase you can restart here again.

As soon as you gain control immediately COUNTER Kwan's attack. Keep COUNTERING
Kwan and playing the stalemate game until you unleash the No Shadow Kick (See
Phase 1) and then quickly run to Michelle and GRAB her (R1 + R3 towards her) to
instantly give her health meter a boost. You cannot literally pull her up from
the balcony but the key is to keep her strength intact while you defeat Kwan.
Now repeat the COUNTERING game with Kwan again until you unleash another No
Shadow Kick and then again GRAB Michelle. Repeat this process several times
until Kwan is defeated and the final cutscenes will take over. Additionally if
you can get behind Kwan while he gets to his feet you can easily unleash a 4 hit
combo before unloading a full-fledged ADRENALINE attack. (This will take a good
chunk of life away from him)

TIP: When playing the COUNTERING game with Kwan, keep tapping the "R3" stick in
     his direction to maximize the chances for the No Shadow Kick. Keep "L1 +
     R1" pressed constantly.

TIP 2: You only have to momentarily GRAB Michelle to give her the full boost of
       health. (The kick Kwan gives you while grabbing her is non-threatening)

NOTE: If you die during this phase you can restart here again.

(-End of Walkthrough-)

-Fist of all I'd like to thank CJAYC for GamefAQs. Undeniably the best!
-Thanks to Jet Li for being the focal point of this truly amazing game.
-Thanks to SCEA for making this game as well as the Console and selling it at a
 most reasonable price.

And a special thank you to all who have contributed in some meaningful fashion:

-ADoomedMarine: For letting me use his excellent PS2 controller ASCII.

-AzN bReAkEr BoI: For several key bits of information here and there throughout
 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^  the document.

-kslin88: For several key bits of information here and there throughout the

-Maximus Cerberus: For the BOSS STRATEGY on how to easily defeat BILLY SOON.

-Need Help Guy: For information regarding a Weapon location.

-Colin Reynolds: For some "Gameplay Tip" contributions and some targeting tips
                 during "Keep Looking".

(c)2004 Oliver A. Ferrier (SWIFTSHARK) - Unauthorized reproduction is unlawful.

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