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Axl by HumanHighlightReel

Version: Final | Updated: 08/13/03

                        _             _ _
                       / \   __  _   | | |    _____      __
                      / _ \  \ \/ /  | | |   / _ \ \ /\ / /
                     / ___ \  >  <___| | |__| (_) \ V  V /
                    /_/   \_\/_/\_\____|_____\___/ \_/\_/

                                 Axl Low FAQ               
                             Guilty Gear X2 (PS2)
                         Final Ver. (August 13, 2003)
                By: Sergio Sykes (taozenforce[at]aol[dot]com)

-=  T A B L E   O F   C O N T E N T S  =-

N O T E: Use CTRL+F to get to a certain part of the FAQ. Simply enter the
         section/subsection's index number as the search string when the menu 


2.0)----------Character Intro

3.0)----------Why Choose Axl?

4.0)----------Direction Notation

5.0)----------Important Universal Moves
           5.1---Air Dashing and Instant Air Dashing (IAD)
           5.2---Roman Cancel (RC)
           5.3---False Roman Cancel(FRC)
           5.4---Dead Angle Attack (DAA)
           5.5---Psych Burst
           5.6---Gatling Combos 

6.0)----------Normal Attacks

7.0)----------Special Attacks
           7.1---Axl Bomber
           7.2---Rensen Geki
           7.3---Rasho Zen
           7.4---Tenhou Seki
           7.6---Raiei Sageki
           7.7---Benten Gari

           8.1---Shiranami no Homura
           8.2---Hyakue Renshou

9.0)----------Instant Kill: Midare Gami

10.0)---------His Throw and Air Throw

           11.1---Simple Combos
           11.2---Intermediate Combos
           11.3---Expert Combos
           11.4---Prototype Combos

           12.1---Zoning and Other Long-Range Tactics
           12.2---Axl Bomber Loop
           12.3---Raiei Sageki Loop

13.0)---------Random Tips

14.0)---------EX and SP mode
           14.1---EX Overview
           14.2 SP Overview


Version History:

Final - Spellcheck, new ASCII, search function revised.

2.1 - FAQ now hosted at ign.com

2.0 - Many corrections (esp. about FRCs), new combos added, new semi-
      infinite added, impossible dust set-up for A-Bomb loop added.

1.0 - A FAQ was born.

=====================1.0          Introduction           1====================

Welcome to the character FAQ for GGX2 character Axl Low. Keep in mind I'm not 
the Axl-god but I proven I can hold my own with Axl and thus, have some 
pointers to share. Also bear in mind that I only own and play the PS2 version 
of GGX2, so if you have the Japanese version, play in the arcade, or play on 
some other version I'm unaware of, some tactics may NOT work. If you have 
questions, comments, suggestions, corrections or you want me to explain 
something in better detail, feel free to email me.


If the subject says otherwise, the chances of your prize-winning suggestion 
will be deleted without being read are pretty high. I'm also on the GameFAQs 
message boards quite often, under the user name "HumanHighlightReel" so you 
could reach me by those means as well...

There's some lingo that I'll be using in this FAQ. So here's a quick glossary 
for the uninformed:

CHAIN: Any attack that can follow another attack and count as a 
       combo. No pun intended in its useage (for Axl uses a sickle 
       and chain).

LAG or LAGGY: Terms I use to describe moves that have terrible 
              recovery time.

OTG: Means "Off the Ground" or "On the Ground". this is when you're doing an
     air combo and the victim makes contact with the ground. You will know this 
     because you'll see a orange splash effect emit from the ground. 
     By this point, attack damage is severely reduced and teching is 
     extremely likely due to the opponent being pushed back so

CATCH: Another name for "reversal". This is when a character uses 
       their opponent's attack against them.

WHIFF: to completely miss with a move; embarrassing to the person who 
       did it, insulting to the person who it was supposed to hit.

SCALING: Decrease in move damage due to starting combo with low 
         attack or decrease in opponents guard gauge.

TECHING: when a opponent is struck airborne and regains his/her 
         balance; also known as air recovery.

PRESSURE: Keeping an opponent on defense with an offense that has no 
          room for a counter attack.

STAGGER: officially termed "slip"; when opponent stumbles; caused by 
         certain attacks (see "Normal Attacks").

RUSH-DOWN: Aggressive offense that involves frequent charging towards 
           the opponent.

WAKE-UP: the attack/move you (or the opponent) use when getting up 
         off the ground.

LAUNCHER: any attack that sends opponent airborne.

OKIZEME: Interfering with an opponent's wake-up by attacking the 
         moment the opponent rises.

CROSS-UP: Usually involves unexpectedly attacking the opponent from 
          behind; this requires the defender to change their block 
          direction or they'll "walk" into the attack.

ZONING: Locking down select areas of the stage by attacking in that 
        area whenever the opponent attempts to cross it.

=====================2.0        Character Intro          2====================

Name: Axl Low
Height: 5' 10" (179 cm.)
Weight: 172 lbs. (78 kg.)
Birthday: December 25
Blood Type: B
Eye Color: Blue
Origin: England
Favorites: his girlfriend Megumi (sorry ladies)
Hobbies: Billiards
Dislikes: Preaching

Battle Background: London
Song Title: Make Oneself


Axl actually hails from the 20th century. Born in the slums, he placed himself 
in the middle of a gang warfare to bring peace to the area, and with his 
extraordinary physical prowess he was able to achieve his goal without any 
casualties in six months time. Some time later, due to a cruel twist of fate, 
he's been forced to travel into the future.

Even at the conclusion of the last tournament, Axl couldn't return to his own time 
period, and was finally lost again in a different age. And then one year later, 
Axl found himself experiencing the same events again (although from his point of 
view, this was three years later.) However, he did not gain anything from his 
travels. Hearing about a man with the same time traveling ability as him... That 
Man, Axl wondered if he could learn how to return to his own time period from him. 
Recognizing the scent of That Man on the previous tournaments, Axl sets forth 

(info from: http://sammystudios.com/games/ggx2/bio_axl.htm and 

=====================3.0          Why Choose Axl?         3===================


-Range, range, range, range, range, range...

-A large variety of useful attacks

-Axl has some devastating combos

-Devastating Overdrives

-Attacks are murder on the opponent's gaurd gauge

-With the proper application of Roman Cancels, Axl has a plethora of             
 attack options

-Rensen Geki has more general-purpose uses than a Swiss Army knife

-He has three, count 'em, THREE catches!

-He has some nasty high low mix-ups and crossovers

-Damage scaling doesn't seem to affect him much

-Axl is one of the most dangerous characters on offense

-Instant Kill ain't half bad

-Same goes for his standing dust

-A good Axl is Johnny users' worst nightmare

-His win poses are entertaining

-He's a fun yet challenging character to use for both beginners and  

-Did I mention he has insane range?


-Axl's moves are generally laggy so if you whiff ANY of Axl's moves, 
 you'll pay a very heavy price

-Although his overdrives are powerful, they're very tricky to use 

-False Roman Cancels are also trickier than the norm

-He takes more damage per hit than the average

-Like Street Fighter's Dhalsim, Axl's "hit box" increases when he 
 does his pokes. Meaning the opponent attacking Axl sickle's during 
 standard pokes will be the same as attacking Axl himself

-His air-dash his dreadful (not a compliment)

-He's a pretty slow character overall

-His lengthier combos are hard to execute

-Not many options when under pressure

-Axl requires some skill to handle close-range combat situations

=====================4.0      Direction Notation         4====================

I prefer to use number notation when referring to directions to press and I 
have an abnormal obsession with describing directional input assuming the 
character is facing right. To understand this, look at the number pad on your 
keyboard (if you lack a num pad, find a calculator and look at its key setup) 
now take a moment to picture it as a D-Pad (5 is neutral). If you still don't 
get it or you ignored the previous sentence, here's a translation and a table:

Forward (Advance) = 6                |   Dragon Punch = 623 or 412
Backward (Retreat/Guard) = 4         |   Quarter Circle = 236 or 214
Down-Back (Defensive Crouch) = 1     |   Half Circle = 41236 o4 63214
Down-Forward (Offensive Crouch) = 3  |
Up (Jump) = 8                        |
Up-Forward (Forward Jump) = 9        |
Up-Back (Backwards Jump) = 7         |

                    |  Visual aid (5 is neutral)  |
                    |           7  8  9           |
                    |            \ | /            |
                    |            4-5-6            |
                    |            / | \            |
                    |           1  2  3           |

=====================5.0   Important Universal Moves      5===================

The goal of this section is NOT to go over every single universal move (it's 
been done to death by all the other FAQs at this site) but to mention and 
describe the ones that are the most important for Axl users to know and 

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~5.1 Air Dashing and Instant Air Dashing (IAD)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

While jumping, tap either forward or backward twice to perform an air dash. For 
faster air dashing the moment you jump forward or backward tap the adjacent 
horizontal direction for an "instant" air dash that's closer to the ground and 
faster in execution. The motion should look like this:

Tap 9, then tap 6 = forward air dash
Tap 7, then tap 4 = backwards air dash

Though I mentioned Axl's air-dash is crappy (in comparison to the other 
characters), it is still important for keeping outside of the opponent's range 
and well within your range.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~5.2 Roman Cancel (RC) Requires 50% Tension~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

When hitting the opponent with an attack, press any three attack buttons 
(except Dust) to nullify all recovery time of the attack and it'll result in 
Axl immeditaely returning to his standing pose, ready to attack again. A 
succesful RC will have a Red Flash.

A good portion of Axl's damage comes from RCs. This not only allows Axl to 
stregthen combos, but can set up for the Axl Bomber loop or other deadly 
combinations and strings that were otherwise impossible.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~5.3 False Roman Cancel(FRC) Requires 25% Tension~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

This involves pressing any three attack buttons (except dust) at a specific 
moment during attack animation. You'll see a blue flash (as opposed to the red 
flash seen when doing an RC) and any and all recovery time will be nullified 
and Axl will return to his standing pose. To find out the FRC timing to a 
particular move, go to training mode and enter the pause menu. There, you will 
see "display". Set display to either "input" or "both" and you'll see a shaded 
bar at the bottom of the screen that shows the player's controller input. If 
you do a move that can be FRCed, you will see a blue flash in the input bar. 
Time the three button presses the moment you see the flash and you should do 
it. Simple.

Axl has three moves that can be FRCed: his crouching hard slash, Raiei Sageki
(HS version), and Rensen Geki (each described in "normal attacks" and "special 
attacks" respectively).

The FRC for Axl's crouching hard slash is easy (probably the easiest in the 
game) but you risk the chance of accidentally doing a normal Roman Cancel and 
you'll lose more tension than planned (50% compared to 25%), so be sure to 
practice the timing diligently. FRCing this move will almost always earn you a 
free combo.

The FRC for Rensen Geki is very unforgiving in the timing but if you can master 
it, you'll definitley have some interesting combo/pressure options. Even if you 
are sporadic with the timing, it's still worth attempting during a match due to 
the many options obtainable upon success.

The FRC for Raiei Sageki is useless because that move is generally useless  
(except for a little RC trick mentioned in "specials"). But if you FRC this 
move, it won't have any recovery time. So i guess it can be used to escape the 

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~5.4 Dead Angle Attack (DAA) Requires 50% Tension~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

While you're guarding an attack, press the direction towards the opponent and 
any two attack buttons (except, you guessed it, dust). With Axl he'll perform 
his regular thrust punch but it knocks the opponent away, has invincible 
frames, and does negligible damage.

Important because Axl doesn't have many options when being pressured, and DAA 
may be your only option when you're being pushed to the corner and you don't 
have the chance to go for one of his catches (or don't want to take the risk of 
it being "scouted"). You may be thinking to yourself that you should save the 
tension for a future RC or OD. But look at it this way, connecting with a OD or 
RC won't help you if the opportunity came 2.256 seconds right after you DIED in 
the corner like a dog.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~5.5 Psych Burst (Requires full BURST gauge)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Use the psych burst by pressing Dust and any other attack button simultaneosly. 
If this is done while Axl is being attacked (i.e. he's knocked down, gaurding, 
being thrown, etc.), a blue burst will occur and knock the enemy away. If done 
when not being attacked. Axl will perform a yellow burst. If this hit's 
successfully, Axl's tension bar will be completely filled.

To put it simple, yellow burst is usually the way to go. Axl with full tension 
is scary. With only one RC, Axl can already take over half of a character's 
life bar. But don't overlook saving the burst guage to escape pressure 
sometimes. Be warned that some of the more experienced players will scout your 
psych burst and use it against you, so use it wisely regardless of what type of 
burst you plan go for.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~5.6 Gatling Combos~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

This is the chaining together of normal attacks to form combos. To do this, 
just do any normal attack and then do another normal attack as the previous 
connects. Applies to jump attacks as well. Not all normal attacks link to one 
another and the number of possible combinations vary among characters.

Axl has so many mix-ups using normal attacks, it's not even funny. Many of 
Axl's low moves can link with his various overheads. Thus, early comprehension 
of, "what chains with what?" is critical knowledge for aspiring Axl users.

=====================6.0        Normal Attacks            6===================

I'll list the move, it's command and the abbreviation name that it'll be 
referred to as from that point forward. All damage totals were the result of 
repeatedly smacking Ky Kiske upside the head with each attack.

N O T E: Ky Kiske was SLIGHTLY harmed in the making of this section and following 

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Punch (P or 5+P)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Damage: 33


Axl tosses his sickle forward. This is Axl's longest-reaching normal attack and 
also one of the laggiest. Be sure to use with caution against shorter 
characters like Bridget or May because this move will harmlessly pass over 
their heads and leave you seriously open. Becuase of that x-factor, this is 
better used against jumping opponents.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Thrust Punch (6+P)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Damage: 33


Axl spins around and hits the opponent in the teeth with the handle of his 
weapon. This is a fast attack that has upper-body invinciblity so it has good 
uses as an anti-air attack. Because it's one of the few 6+Ps in the game that 
can hit most crounching characters as well (the exceptions being Faust, Zappa, 
Millia, Kliff, Chipp and Bridget, it's a great starter for gatling combos. On 
counter hit, it knocks the opponent down. Can be Jump Canceled.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Special Punch (3+P)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Damage: 24


Attack where Axl pokes the opponent in the toe with his sickle. This move is 
deceptive becuase it is one of the few low attacks in the game where the 
character is standing while doing the attack. For a low attack with this kind 
of range and combo potential, it's pretty fast too. Almost...cheap. On counter 
hit, it knocks the opponent down a la sweep.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Crouching Punch (1+P or 2+P)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Damage: 28


Long-reaching poke that hit's low. Like the rest of his long pokes, it's laggy 
so make it count. Very effective at stopping opponents trying to rush in.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Jumping Punch (7+P, 8+P, or 9+P)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Damage: 10


A VERY short-range punch in mid air. I don't use this move myself but it's a 
pretty fast attack that may have some good uses in air-to-air combat (I 
seriously doubt it though).

~~~~~~~~~~~~~Jumping Special Punch (press 6+P or 8+P while jumping)~~~~~~~~~~~~

Damage: 16


Another long range poke, but it's done in the air. A good way to push jumpy 
opponents back that are either too close or too high to hit with 5+P or 6+K.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Kick (K or 5+K)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Damage: 16


Just your standard kick in the chest. It's one of Axl's quicker attacks so 
don't overlook it!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Thrust Kick (6+K)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Damage: 37


Another one of Axl's super-long pokes. The range is almost the same as the 
punch's except this one has more of an upwards angle and should be used against 
opponents who are trying to jump to move in.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Crouching Kick (2+K, 1+K, or 3+K)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Damage: 9


Standard low kick that's a good starter for gatling combos.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Jumping Kick (7+K, 8+K, or 9+K)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Damage: 18


Your basic kick that's done in the air. Becuase it can be Jump Canceled, it's a 
good first hit in some air-combos.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Close Slash (c.S)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Damage: 28


When close enough, Axl will perform an upwards slash with his sickle. Good move 
becuase it can chain with so many of his other attacks and it can be jump 
cancelled for added pain.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Far Slash (S or 5+S)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Damage: 34


Axl swings his sickle horizontally. Not too much you can do with this move 
despite it's speed and range outside of using it as a poke. It can, however, 
stagger on counter hit, so be ready to rush in to pressure the opponent 
(because they'll be too busy trying to shake it off to try attacking), or, if 
you can, go for Rensen Geki.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Crouching Slash (1+S, 2+S, or 3+S)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Damage: 35


Axl tosses his sickle high over his head. This move has insane vertical reach 
and can even be Jump Canceled for dealing out even greater punishment. This 
move rarely connects against standing opponents but that's not its purpose. A 
pure anti-air move in every respect.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Jumping Slash (1+S, 2+S, or 3+S)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Damage: 28


Axl throws his sickle in a downwards diagonal. His farthest reaching jump
attack and is useful for pinning opponents on the ground while you grace the
sky with your presence.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Hard Slash (HS)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Damage: 43


Complicated-looking downward swing with the sickle. It's one of the slower HS
in the game. It has more vertical range than it does horizontally, so it's a
nice anti air-attack. Due to it's power and block-stun, you'll mainly be using
this attack in gatling combos and pressure strings.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Crouching Hard Slash (1+HS, 2+HS, or 3+HS)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Damage: 41


Axl tosses both sickles along the ground. This attack staggers whenever it
hits. This move is powerful, fast, and a good starter for mix-ups (see
"strategy"). The move can also be FRCed which will give you the time to rush in 
for a free combo. FRCing this move will also halve its range.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Jumping Hard Slash (7+HS, 8+HS, 9+HS)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Damage: 39


Axl twists through the air with sickles exposed. Strong attack that you'll
mainly save for air combos.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Dust (D)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Damage: 20


Axl uses his chain as a jump rope and launches his opponent for a dust combo. A 
pretty fast (in both start-up and recovery) dust with good range and is hard to 
see when fighting on the darker backgrounds like the Colony. It has to be
blocked standing so apply it to your various mix-ups. It also has lower-body
invinciblity (meaning it can avoid low attacks) during the animations where Axl 
is jumping the chain. Make sure not to abuse it though...

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Crouching Dust A.K.A. Sweep (1+D, 2+D, or 3+D)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Damage: 30


A good sweep that has both speed and range on its side. Great for pushing the
opponent back and useful in gatling combos.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Air Dust (7+D, 8+D, or 9+D)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Damage: 45


Yet another good dust of Axl's! A mid-air dropkick that has speed, priority and
decent range. Good for air-to-air combat and a powerful addition to any air

=====================7.0       Special Attacks           7====================

I'll list the move, description, and it's input. All damage totals were the
result of hitting Ky Kiske repeatedly with each attack.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~7.1 Axl Bomber~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Input: (air)623+HS

Damage: 61


Axl makes an upwards slash that's immediately followed by a streak of flame. 
This move has serious recovery time but it doesn't matter since this will be 
Axl's premier move in air combos for it does a lot of damage and can be 
followed up for additional pain if it's Roman Canceled.

This move also can be done from the ground by using either a 823+HS or 62368+HS 

Be sure to delay the HS input in either motion so Axl will have time to get his 
feet off the ground. There is also a semi-infinite combo that can be done with 
this move; suitably named "Axl Bomber Loop". This will be described in the 
"Strategy" section.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~7.2 Rensen Geki~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Input: hold 4 brefly then press 6+S

During Rensen Geki: tap 7 or 8 to do Kyokusa Geki,
                    tap 2 or 3 to do Sensa Geki

Damage: 54 (4 hits)

Damage[Kyokusa Geki]: 36

Damage[Sensa Geki]: 105 (5 hits)


Axl throws his chain along the ground and it's coated with some form of energy. 
This is Axl's general-purpose special for it has almost too many uses to list. 
Most noteworthy is that it can push gaurding opponents back pretty far; 
allowing you to do your long-range zoning again. It can also be FRCed for the 
oppurtunity to do follow-up combos or to continue pressure. When FRCed, the 
range is cut down to about a third of it's original range.

Rensen Geki can go into two other attacks: Kyokusa Geki (by pressing 7 or 8) or 
Sensa Geki (by pressing 2 or 3).

In Kyokusa Geki, Axl will toss the Chain upwards and back to him. This attack 
is good for opponents who jumped over Rensen Geki becuase it's very hard to 
block in the air (it hits from behind). On counter hit, the move is virtually 
untechable and you should be able to rush in and dish out some extra damage.

In Sensa Geki, Axl pulls his chain back close to him and spins it like a 
helicopter. Not only can this attack score big damage, but it must be blocked 
low! This can be used as an okizeme move (by deliberately whiffing Rensa Geki 
and going into Sensa Geki when the opponent rises and tries to attack) or for a 
high damage combo if Rensa Geki scored a counter hit, if the opponents gaurd 
gauge is maxed, or if the opponent is in the corner. Can also be used if 
opponent tries to charge in after defending against Rensa Geki.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~7.3 Rasho Zen~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Input: hold 4 brefly then press 6+HS

Damage: 77


Axl throws a ball of energy out. When it hits the opponent, Axl dashes forward, 
hangs the opponent from the top of the screen and gets a safe distance from the 
opponent before blowing their ass away. Not only is it a cool looking move, but 
it's UNBLOCKABLE!! But don't get overly excited about it becuase it's a very 
laggy attack that can't be comboed or used as a okizeme move, so use it 

This move will definitely amplify your mix-ups (hit 'em high, hit 'em low and 
just when they think they can block all of your attacks, do the unblockable!) 
and will frustrate your opponents (it's a very embarassing attack, especially 
as a finisher), so keep it in mind when trying to get inside your opponent's 

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~7.4 Tenhou Seki~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Input: 214+P (high/mid catch)
       214+K (low catch)

Damage: 105


Axl gaurds with his chain. When attacked, Axl will toss his bandanna over the 
opponent's head and attack them from behind. An attack that is both 
entertaining and effective. It's also a great way to send a harsh message to 
your opponent that he/she is becoming VERY predictable. Abuse-able against 
newbs to the game and the CPU but not jaded experts. Use in situations where 
you KNOW your opponent will attack. 

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~7.5 Hachisubako~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Input: 623+P (high/mid catch only)

Damage: 61


Axl blocks an attack and then knocks the opponent back (and they may even 
bounce off the wall). This reversal executes a lot faster than Tenhou Seki, 
making it harder to see and becuase of it's invincible frames, it can be used 
more aggressively. This one is actually the strongest of Axl's reversals for it 
can cancel into an overdrive attack (see "overdrives").

This move can also block any one-hit projectile (including Testament's 
Nightmare Circular and May's whale), so it's a great way to stop any rushdowns 
before they get a chance to develop! Can also be used to reverse the blue psych 
burst to continue your rushdowns.

Becuase of it's speed, it can shorten the recovery time of Axl's basic pokes 
(P, 6+K, 2+P) when they hit. Not a big deal, but can be useful to at least one 
Axl player out there...

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~7.6 Raiei Sageki~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Input: 63214+S or HS

Damage: 51 [S], 54 [HS, 3 hits]


For the S version, Axl leaps over the opponent's head and attacks them from 
behind. At the right range, this move will be a cross-up. If used while 
dashing, it's range increases. When used against a cornered opponent, it can be 
followed up with Axl Bomber loops (see "strategy"), or can be turned into a 
loop by itself (also in "strategy")


When jump installed, you can Roman Cancel the attack and have the option to air 
dash afterwards. You can airdash in for the unorthodox surprise attack or air-
dash away to a safe distance (be sure to do j.S or 6+P to keep the opponent 

The HS version, Axl leaps off the screen for a few seconds and then plummets to 
the ground while twisting his sickle. Not too useful of a move by itself unless 
you know how to FRC it, then you can use it to escape from bad situations like 
having your back against the corner. If you do plan to use it, try zig-zagging 
over the opponent's head to make it harder for them to block. Also if you feel 
like RCing it, you can sneak in the quick sweep to catch your opponent blocking 
high (both versions of Raiei Sageki are overheads).

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~7.7 Benten Gari~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Input: 623+S or HS
       623+HS, 623+HS (continues to Axl Bomber)

Damage: 47 [S], 59 [HS, 2 hits]
        106 [623+HS, 623+HS; 3 hits]


For the S version, Axl makes an outwards slash with both sickles. Has  some 
invincibility frames so it's a good move for wake-up. An additional property of 
this move is that on counter-hit, it's virtually un-techable, so try RCing it 
and moving in for the additional damage.

For the HS vesion, Axl does an outwards slash, tosses his sickle into the air 
and can be canceled into an Axl Bomber by doing the second 623+HS motion for 
good damage. This has more recovery time than the S version, so when using it 
outside of small combos (where it's most effective), use wisely.

=====================8.0            Overdrives           8====================

N O T E: both require 50% tension

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~8.1 Shiranami no Homura~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Input: (during Hachisubako) 421+P

Damage: 94 (3 hits, +not counting Hachisubako hit+)


After succesfully executing Hachisubako, Axl will position his weapon 
horizontally and swings both sickles upwards. They then go on to collide above 
Axl's head and cause an explosion. This is actually Axl's stronger OD for it 
can be easily followed up with a standard air combo (see "combos"), or, if the 
mood is right, the Axl Bomber loop (see "strategy").

When doing the 421+P input, be sure not to do it too early or the Hachisubako 
hit will never connect!

This OD is also useful against people who jump over the Hachisubako hit for 
Hyakue Renshou is unblockable in the air (it attacks from both sides).

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~8.2 Hyakue Renshou~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Input: 2363214+HS

Damage: 207 (7 hits)


Colorful Overdrive where Axl's chains set aflame and he spins them around 
before tossing them forward. This move is capable of serious damage but its 
range is very strange. The opponent should be right in the middle of the first 
swing in order for them to feel the full power of this attack (this move is 
more forgiving against Potemkin). This move can be used for chip damage or as a 
combo finisher (keep the combo short due to scaling). Despite how cool looking 
this move is, you won't use it much with so many better attack options out 
there (like Roman Cancels).

=====================9.0   Instant Kill: Midare Gami     9====================

In this attack. Axl lays his chains on the ground like a spider web. If the 
opponent is foolish enough to step on it, they'll be comboed high above Axl's 
head before finally exploding and at the same time, the announcer will say 
"DESTROYED!". This is one of the better IKs in the game, for the attack stays 
active for a long time. However, the complete loss of tension for the remainder 
of the round makes this move a serious crapshot. Because of it's "all or 
nothing" nature, save it for VERY, VERY desperate times (except against the 
CPU, where it's very abuseable).

====================10.0    His Throw and Air Throw      10===================

For Axl's standing throw, Axl grabs the opponent with his chain and slams them 
to the ground.  This move will change sides with the character (depending on 
your throw input) and will launch ever-so-slightly, but high enough for a combo 
nonetheless so be sure to follow up with Rensa Geki! Doing his throw in the 
corner will set up the Axl Bomber Loop (see "strategy")

For Axl's air throw, he'll grab the opponent and will toss them into the ground 
for good damage. You can't do any serious combos from here but you'll be in the 
prime position to go for the 6+HS okizeme (explained in and "strategy").

====================11.0           Combos                11===================

I divided the combos into three teirs based on the execution difficulty and 
overall usefulness. I'll consider you a ligit Axl user if you can consistently 
do several of the combos in the intermidiate teir. There is also an extra teir 
with a couple of combos I have yet to prove if they are 100% possible. Also 
keep in mind that you don't have to know every single combo on this list to be 
considered a good Axl user. This list is designed to give you an idea of the 
many ways Axl can put the hurtin' on his foes. First, here's a recap of the 
move abbreviations:

/|                              Legend:                            |\
\|   punch = P                          False Roman Cancel = FRC   |/
/|   kick = K                           jump = j                   |\
\|   close slash = c.S                  double jump = dj           |/
/|   far slash = S                      [] = charge(hold)          |\
\|   hard slash = HS                    Jump Install = JI          |/
/|   Jump Cancel = JC                                              |\
\|   Roman Cancel = RC                                             |/
/|                                                                 |\

NOTE: Damage was done on Ky Kiske unless noted otherwise.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~11.1 Simple Combos~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

6+K -> 2+S; (2 hits, 68 damage)

2+K -> c.S -> 2+HS -> 6+HS (4 hits, 73 damage)

2+HS -> 6+HS; (2 hits, 84 damage)

throw -> [4]6+S -> 8; (4 hits, 83 damage)

K -> 6+P -> 3+P -> 2+HS; (4 hits, 93 damage)

2+S -> 6+K -> 2+S; (3 hits, 97 damage

6+P -> c.S -> HS; (3 hits, 94 damage)

3+P -> 2+HS -> 6+HS; (3 hits, 100 damage)

2+S -> 6+K -> 6+HS; (3 hits, 108 damage)

j.K -> j.D -> 623+HS; (3 hits, 109 damage)

*6+P -> 3+P -> S -> 623+S; (4 hits, 116 damage)

*6+P -> c.S -> HS -> 2+D; (4 hits, 116 damage)

6+P (or K) -> 3+P -> 2+HS -> 6+HS; (4 hits, 123 damage)

3+P -> 2+D -> 623+HS, 623+HS; (5 hits, 135 damage)

3+P -> S -> 623+HS, 623+HS; (5 hits, 138 damage)

63214+S -> land -> K -> c.S -> 2+S -> 6+K -> 2+S;
(5 hits, 140 damage to I-no)

*6+P -> 3+P -> 2+D -> 623+HS, 623+HS; (6 hits, 153 damage)

c.S -> HS -> 2+D -> 623+HS, 623+HS; (6 hits, 170 damage)

* = can be ommitted or replaced with 2+K or K; damage and   
    effectiveness will vary when doing so

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~11.2 Intermediate Combos~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

(OTG combo)
dash in -> 2+K -> c.S -> 623+S; (3 hits, 51 damage)

2+S -> j.K -> JC -> j.K -> (air)623+HS;
(4 hits, 110 damage)

throw -> dash -> K -> P -> 63214+S -> land -> K -> 623+HS, 623+HS;
(6 hits, 120 damage)

(in corner)
throw -> dash -> 6+P -> 2+S -> j.K -> JC -> dj.HS ->j.D ->
(air)623+HS (6 hits, 120 damage)

63214+S -> land -> K -> 2+S -> JC -> j.K -> (air)623+HS;
(5 hits, 144 damage to I-no)

j.K -> JC -> dj.S -> j.HS -> j.D -> (air)623+HS;
(5 hits, 147 damage)

63214+S -> land -> K -> 623+HS, 623+HS; (5 hits, 150 damage)

623+S -> RC -> j.K -> JC -> dj.HS -> j.D -> (air)623+HS;
(5 hits, 153 damage)

6+P -> c.S -> JC -> j.HS -> j.D -> (air)623+HS;
(5 hits, 162 dmg)

*6+P -> c.S -> HS -> 2+D -> [4]6+S; (8 hits, 167 damage)

6+P (counter hit) -> c.S -> 6+P -> JC -> j.HS -> j.D -> (air)623+HS;
(6 hits, 176 damage)

63214+S -> K -> c.S -> JC -> j.HS -> j.D -> 623+HS;
(6 hits, 179 damage)

623+S (counter hit) -> RC -> dash in -> 6+P -> 2+S -> JC -> j.HS -> j.D -> (air)623+HS; 
(5 hits, 180 damage)

*6+P -> c.S -> 6+P -> 2+HS -> dash in -> 6+P -> c.S -> 6+P -> 2+HS; (8 hits, 185 

(dust combo)
D -> j.D -> j.D -> j.HS -> j.D -> (air)623+HS -> RC -> wait ->
dj.HS -> j.D -> (air)623+HS; (9 hits, 196 damage)

63214+S -> land -> K -> P -> 63214+S -> land -> K -> 623+HS, 623+HS;
(8 hits, 198 damage)

3+P -> 2+HS -> FRC -> dash in -> 2+HS -> D -> j.D -> j.D -> j.HS -> j.D -> (air)623+HS; 
(9 hits, 200 damage)

2+D -> 623+HS, 623+HS -> RC -> j.S -> j.HS -> (air)623+HS;
(7 hits, 201 damage)

623+HS, 623+HS -> RC -> j.HS -> j.D -> (air)623+HS; 
(6 hits, 202 damage)

**6+P -> 2+D -> 2363214+HS; (9 hits, 213 damage)

S (counter hit) ->63214+S -> land -> K -> P -> 63214+S -> K ->
623+HS, 623+HS; (8 hits, 210 damage)

2+HS -> D -> j.D -> j.D -> j.HS -> j.D -> (air)623+HS -> RC ->
wait -> dj.HS -> j.D -> (air)623+HS; (10 hits, 215 damage)

*6+P -> 2+HS -> FRC -> 63214+S -> land -> K -> P -> 63214+S -> K -> 623+HS, 623+HS; 
(9 hits, 227 damage)

*6+P -> 3+P -> 2+HS -> FRC -> 63214+S -> Rensen Geki Loop; (13 hits, 232 damage)

623+P -> 421+P -> j.K -> JC -> dj.S -> j.HS -> j.D -> (air)623+HS; 
(9 hits, 233 damage)

c.S -> S -> 623+S -> RC -> j.HS -> j.D -> (air)623+HS -> land -> 
K -> c.S -> 623+HS, 623+HS; (11 hits, 250 damage)

* = can be ommitted or replaced with 2+K or K; damage and   
    effectiveness will vary when doing so

** = can be ommitted or replaced with HS, 2+K or K; damage and   
     effectiveness will vary when doing so

*** = see "strategy" to learn more about the Rensen Geki Loop

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~11.3 Expert Combos (You're CRAZY!!)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

(in corner)
throw -> *6+P -> 2+S -> JC -> **(air)623+HS -> ***A-Bomb Loop x2;
(12 hits, 153 damage)

632147+S (JI) -> RC -> airdash -> j.HS -> j.D -> (air)623+HS;
(5 hits, 165 damage to I-no)

2+HS -> FRC -> dash in -> 2+HS -> D -> j.D -> j.D -> j.HS -> j.D -> (air)623+HS; 
(8 hits, 199 damage)

c.S -> HS -> 2+D -> [4]6+S -> FRC -> 63214+S -> land -> c.S -> JC -> j.HS -> j.D 
-> (air)623+HS; (11 hits, 223 damage to Sol)

(foe in or near corner)
6+P -> c.S -> 2+HS -> FRC -> 63214+S -> ***A-Bomb Loop x2;
(10 hits, 230 damage)

*6+P -> c.S (or 3+P) -> 2+HS -> FRC -> ****Rensen Geki Loop x2 ->
K -> 623+HS, 623+HS (12 hits, 232 damage)

(foe in corner)
63214+S ->  ***A-Bomb Loop x3 -> 2+K -> c.S -> 623+S;
(13 hits ,236 damage)

2+HS -> FRC -> dash in -> HS -> 2+D -> 2363214+HS;
(10 hits, 244 damage)

2+HS -> FRC -> dash in -> 6+P -> c.S -> 2+HS -> FRC -> 63214+S -> land -> K -> P 
-> 63214+S -> land -> K -> 623+HS, 623+HS
(12 hits, 248 damage)

(foe in or near corner)
6+HS -> RC -> (air)623+HS -> ***A-Bomb Loop x3;
(14 hits, 273 damage to I-no)

* = can be replaced with 6+K or c.S; damage and   
    effectiveness will vary when doing so

** = Instant Axl Bomber (see "special moves")

*** = see "strategy" for more about the A-Bomb Loop

**** = see "strategy" for more about the Rensen Geki Loop

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~11.4 Prototype Combos (do at your own risk!)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

N O T E: These are combos I'm very sure are possible but I haven't been able to 
do them yet or I could only do them once or twice, and forgot to write down the 
data (argh!). If you can find out the damage (on Ky if you can), hits or if 
it's impossible, contact me!!

(opponent in corner)
*6+P -> 2+D -> RC -> c.S -> JC -> **(air)623+HS -> ***A-Bomb Loop x??

(opponent in or near corner [has to be a lighter char.])
2+HS -> 6+HS -> RC -> (air)623+HS -> ***A-Bomb Loop x??

2+HS -> FRC -> dash in -> HS -> 2+D -> [4]6+S -> FRC -> dash in ->
HS -> 623+HS, 623+HS

2+HS -> FRC -> dash in -> HS -> 2+D -> [4]6+S -> FRC -> dash in ->
6+P -> 2+S -> air combo

2+HS -> FRC -> dash in -> HS -> 2+D -> [4]6+S -> FRC -> dash in -> 63214+S -> land 
-> ****Rensen Geki Loop

* = can be replaced with 6+K or c.S; damage and   
    effectiveness will vary when doing so

** = Instant Axl Bomber (see "special moves")

*** = see "strategy" for more about A-Bomb Loop

**** = see startegy for more about the Rensen Geki Loop

====================12.0             Strategy            12===================

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~12.1 Zoning and Other Long-Range Tactics~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

When you first try out Axl, chances are, you'll instantly veiw him as a long-
range character due to his many long-reaching attacks that can attack above and 
in front of him. Axl's 2+P poke keeps standing opponents at bay and his 6+K and 
P will pick off any attempts to jump. If the opponent does manage to get in the 
air, Axl has other poking attacks like his 2+S, j.S, and j.6+P; all three of 
these attacks have great reach and can easily pick off airborne or teching 
opponents with proper timing. Remember that I said Axl's 2+S can be jump 
canceled, so be sure to follow it up with a nice air combo (see "combos"). If 
the opponent was trying to play it smart and used Faultless Defense as they got 
in the air after jumping or teching, you can do 2+S, IAD backwards and then 
throw out a j.S to push them away, forcing them back to square one in terms of 
getting close to you again. With practice and being able to anticipate your 
opponent's movements, this zoning technique can really demoralize your 

Another poking move of Axl's is his Rensen Geki ([4]6+S). This move stays 
active for a while and pushes a gaurding opponent back very well. Don't forget 
about the Rensen Geki follow-ups! If the opponent got hit by Rensen Geki or if 
they try to jump over it, your best option will usually be Sensa Geki (tap 8). 
If the Sensa Geki scores a counter hit you can rush in and try to score some 
additional damage.

When the opponent does somehow manage to break through your zoning, you can try 
pushing them back with several of Axl's attacks. Axl's far slash is extremely 
fast and can stagger on counter hit (you can do it repeatedly if you like), if 
you're fast enough, you could do a Rensen Geki for the extra damage and for the 
extra push. Other good push-back moves are Axl's 2+D, 2+HS and 3+P. 2+D is very 
fast sweep with good reach; when followed up with Rensen Geki, it'll push the 
opponent back far enough to do your zoning again. 2+HS is also very fast and 
can stagger, if you did this very close to the opponent, you can cancel it into 
your dust and do the basic combo (see "combos").

2+HS can also be canceled into 6+HS if you're good at fighting close range. 
Otherwise, try FRCing 2+HS so you can rush in and do a simple gatling combo to 
push your opponent away (i.e. HS, 2+D, Rensen Geki). Be sure not to overlook 
the 3+P as well for it is very hard to read and can chain into some good 
gatling combos (i.e. 3+P, 2+HS).

(paraphrased from gamecombos.com becuase I don't use Axl as a long range character 

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~12.2 Axl Bomber Loop~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Axl can do some great damage just using basic combos, but if you really want to 
strut your stuff, try learning the world-renowned Axl Bomber Loop, or what I 
like to call it, the "A-Bomb Loop". In order to do this loop you need a good 
grasp of how to do Instant Axl Bombers (see "specials"). If you can do instant 
Axl bombers quickly and consistently give this string a try:

(cornered opponent)

63214+S -> land -> K -> c.S -> Axl Bomber -> [c.S -> Axl Bomber]x2

The first move, Raiei Sageki, launches the opponent, upon landing, you quickly 
go for the kick and close slash before jump cancelling into the Axl bomber. If 
done properly this should have launched the opponent high enough for YOU TO 
LAND FIRST, and thus be able to connect with close slash into Axl Bomber for 
the relaunch. Remember that the Axl bomber is virtually untechable due to its 
extremely late tech point, so the loop is not very hard to do. Personally I do 
it slightly differently to be more consistent. When I go for the loop I always 
do K, c.S, Axl Bomber as opposed to just c.S, Axl Bomber. My way is a bit 
easier to time IMO, and it can sometimes do more damage depending on the 
launcher/set-up. But with some launchers, it does less damage than the regular 
version and there is a heightened chance of the opponent teching out mid-loop. 
Regardless of which way you do it, on your last rep JC for the air combo (see 
"combos") instead of just doing another Axl Bomber. I'm a bit conservative so I 
usually just do another Axl Bomber (hence the damage totals in my combos using 
the A-Bomb loop), but the air combo will usually be the more powerful option.

If you read the combo section, you will see that I listed some A-Bomb Loop 
combos. Bear in mind that those aren't the only ways to set up the loop. 
There's actually almost a countless number of ways to set up the loop including 
but not limited to:

-catching a jumping opponent with j.K, j.D, 623+HS

-Doing Shiranami no Homura

-RCing the S version of Benten Gari

-Throw (the easiest way as far as executing the loop, but it does  
 less damage)

-Certain Impossible Dust Combos like:
 D -> double jump -> (air)623+HS
 D -> j.S -> j.HS -> (air)623+HS

Basically, if it's any attack that makes the opponent fall into the corner 
without being able to tech, you can try for the A-Bomb Loop!

Of course, your opponent doesn't want to lose 2/3 of their life bar so they're 
going to try for the Psych burst. This may sound discouraging but you can use 
this to your advantage! Rememeber that kick and close slash can both cancel 
into Hachisubako: a reversal that can reverse the blue psych burst. By doing 
that reversal and going into Shiranami no Homura, you can combo for BIG damage 
(or if the opponent fell back in the corner, you can do the A-Bomb loop 
again!). Other options after the psych burst inlude:

-block it, dash in, and do 623+S, RC it, and do a simple air combo 
 that can be followed up with the A-bomb Loop (i.e. j.HS -> j.D ->

-block it, dash in and throw the opponent into the corner and go for 
 the A-Bomb loop (less damage but still painful nonetheless)

Be sure to experiment and let me know if you come up with more resets!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~12.3 Raiei Sageki Loop~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

If trapping your opponent in the corner isn't your thing, or if the A-Bomb Loop 
is too hard for you, try the Raiei Sageki Loop. It can be done midscreen or in 
the corner(where it can be used like the A-Bomb Loop in every respect). The 
Raiei Sageki Loop looks something like this:

63214+S -> land -> K -> P -> 63214+S -> land -> K -> P -> 63214+S...

As you can see, it's simple loop. The trick is that the opponent can tech out 
of this after an x amount of hits (depends on character, against Potemkin you 
may have to omit this loop in your strat). But with proper practice and timing, 
you should be able to get a decent amount of damage in before they can escape 
(tip: do the Kick just before they hit the ground and they shouldn't be able to 
tech for a bit longer). When you begin the rep that the opponent usually tech 
out of, instead of doing K -> P; finish it with

K -> 623+HS, 623+HS.

Both flashy and damaging!

Start-ups for this move is essentially the same as the A-Bomb Loop, except now 
you have some more set-ups that can be done from midscreen. But the basic 
starters for this move is a throw, connecting with a Raiei Sageki (alter the 
timing of the Kick if Raiei Sageki was a Counter hit), or after FRCing Rensen 

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~12.4 Close-Range~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

An Axl that can fight close-range sends chills down the spine of almost any 
player. Axl's attacks shoot the gaurd level up VERY fast. Don't believe me? 
Then try this string in training mode:

HS -> 6+HS -> K -> HS -> 6+HS

That's only five hits and the opponent's gauge is already flashing! Remember 
that the gaurd level affects how much damage the opponent takes, meaning that 
building up the opponent's gaurd gauge will make your combos even more 
devastating (and because a flashing gauge means counter hits, you may be able 
to do some original combos). Axl has plenty of moves that can work together to 
make some interesting high-low mixups. Doing 2+HS to 6+HS has high priority, 
gets you in closer, and is surprisingly hard to block consistently (remember 
that 6+HS is an overhead). Also there is a small frame adavatage after doing 6
+HS, meaning that you can continue your attack if you use a quick move like 2
+K, S or 623+S. Here is a list of other useful moves to use when trying to rush 
your opponent:

---Rensen Geki
     Chaining any gatling combo into this move will result in good 
     damage not to mention push your opponent away so you can use 
     your long-range options. Plus, if you can FRC this move, you can 
     combo afterwards or if it was blocked, you can rush in and 
     continue pressuring with little risk. 

---Hard Slash
     This move produces a hefty amount of block stun; meaning your 
     opponent can't do anything for a split second except block some 
     more. You'll now have several good options to choose from at 
     this point to crack your opponent's shell: you could go for the 
     sweep and chain it into Rensen Geki, or if they're expecting you 
     to go low, you can do either 6+HS or your dust, or if your 
     opponent is looking pretty sharp on defense you can try Raiei 
     Sageki for the cross-up or you can go for the unblockable Rasho 
     Zen to make them cry foul. To sum it up, when an opponent is 
     blocking try to find some way to get them to block HS so you can 
     take full advantage of these options.

---Rasho Zen
      Besides being used after HS, it can be used any time your 
      opponent is starting to look too comfortable on defense. It 
      looks an awful lot like Rensen Geki so you can use it any time 
      an opponent expects you to simply do Rensen Geki.

---Raiei Sageki
     This confusing move has options outside of being used after HS.
     For starters, it has little recovery time, meaning you can 
     continue attacking if it was blocked. If you hit the opponent 
     with Raiei Sageki, you can go for a combo or just let them fall 
     and begin your okizeme game (see next section for details). If 
     the opponent was in the corner when you hit them with Raiei 
     Sageki you can follow up with the A-Bomb Loop. Also if you can 
     Jump Install it, you can RC the Raiei Sageki and air-dash in for 
     the bizarre surprise attack (since they'll expect you to land 
     after that move). 

---Special Punch (3+P)
     This deceptive attack strikes low and can chain with many other 
     moves of Axl's (including the dreaded HS). It can also be used 
     with 6+HS for an even faster high-low transition than
     2+HS, 6+HS.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~12.5 Okizeme~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Axl has two moves that can screw around with a rising opponent: 6+HS and Rensen 

The Rensen Geki okizeme is relatively simple. When the opponent is on the 
ground, you deliberately whiff Rensen Geki. They'll percieve this as a grave 
mistake and will try to attack upon rising. This is when you go into Sensa Geki 
(tap 2) and screw them over big time! This is especially effective in the 
corner. When trying this against characters with good wake-ups like Sol or 
Bridget, you may want to try this trick from further away (but still within 
range of Sensa Geki).

The 6+HS okizeme is very abuseable. 6+HS is a very meaty attack and with proper 
timing, connecting against a rising opponent will give you a huge frame 
advantage (even if it was blocked!). You now have some interesting options, the 
most noteworthy being Benten Gari. This move has good priority and on counter-
hit it's virtually untechable. Chances are, you'll score a counter hit against 
an anxious opponent so be sure to RC the move to go for some follow-ups (see 
"combos"). Eventually, your opponent will buckle down and will just block 
whatever comes after the 6+HS, giving you even more options! Now when you force 
them to block 6+HS you could go for the "tick throw" (throwing once they 
recover from block stun) or just do some Rensen Geki combo to push them away. 
There are more options than these so experiment!!

====================13.0         Random Tips             13===================

Some last bits of wisdom I couldn't squeeze anywhere else in the FAQ:

-If your long-range tactics aren't working against a particular 
 opponent try switcing to short-range or vice-versa.

-Also when you alternate between long and short range you'll make 
 your opponent have a harder time reading your movements.

-Once you become comfortable with Axl pokes, try poking opponents who 
 tech often. Once you have them blocking after every tech they do,  
 try for air throws!

-FRCing Axl's Rensen Geki is as tough as nails, but it's a critical 
 element to have in your strategy, so try practicing it until at 
 least have some degree of confidence in the timing. When you can 
 accomplished that goal, you'll have matches where you can time it 
 right occasionally and there will be times you will be on fire with 
 the timing. So try for the FRC whenever Rensen Geki connects; you'll 
 have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

-If you can scout an opponent's psych burst well, try going for the 
 air throw. Air throws have priority over bursts (they come out 
 faster). Then try your okizeme set-ups while they eat dirt.

-Axl's 2363214+HS overdrive does good chip damage and it shoots up 
 the gaurd gauge. If you want the quick finish against an "almost 
 dead" opponent, try it!

-If an opponent gets dizzy during the Axl Bomber loop, switch to the 
 Rensen Geki loop to get some extra hits and more damage.

-Never forget to take the time off from battling and try  
 experimenting with various techniques to enhance your game. Remember 
 this saying, "When you stop being better, you'll no longer be the 

====================14.0         EX & SP Mode            14===================

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~14.1 EX Overview (Hold L2 while choosing Axl)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Usually in EX mode, the characters lose some moves and gain others that are 
different in nature; this doesn't seem to apply much to Axl. The only move he 
really loses is Raiei Sageki (63214+S). And I'll be the first to admit that 
I'll miss that move but his gains make me forget about it real quick. Here's a 
list of EX Axl's upgrades:

---Two COMPLETELY new moves
     Axl gains a new special (236+K) and a new overdrive (2363214+K). 
     Both of these moves are dust launchers and can be followed up  
     with the standard combo for great damage.

---Sensa Geki can be done by itself
     Axl can now do this move without going into Rensa Geki. By 
     simply doing 236+S, Axl will spin the chain. Does less damage 
     than the original but its redefined versatility is a profitable 

---Benten Gari
     The S version is a little different and can be done up to 3
     times in a row (by doing 623+S 3 times), thus making it even 

---Raiei Sageki
      The HS version is still there and now is done in mid-air by 
      simply doing 623+S. Great cross-up potential and fairly abuse-
      able when FRCed and RCed.

---Rensen Geki
      No longer has to be charged! Now done with 214+HS. Can still go 
      into Kyokusa Geki (8 or 9) as well.

---Hyakue Renshou
     A WHOLE lot more versatile now that the second swing has been  
     replaced with an Axl Bomber. Now it's like a stronger version of 
     Benten Gari! The last hit lauches and can even be used to set 
     up the Axl Bomber loop (yep, it's still there).

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~14.2 SP Overview (Hold L1 while choosing Axl)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Choosing Axl in SP mode will give you a different selection of outfits unless 
you pick him with Start, which will give you the shadow version of Axl who has 
infinite tension. Picking SP Axl with R1 will give you gold-Axl. Axl get's most 
of the basic gold upgrades (higher attack power, more defense) but now he can 
move backwards really fast. His best and most powerful upgrade is that the 
Hachisubako catch will always cancel in Shiranami no Homura automatically and 
won't cost any tension! How cheap is that? Gold Axl is probably one of the 
better gold characters assuming you know his good combos.

====================15.0             Credits             15===================

Major thanks to Arc systems for making a game that's been taking a large chunk 
of my life (I mean that in a good way!). Thanks to gamecombos.com for some of 
the combos as well as educating me about Axl's Jump Install. GameFAQs earn some 
thanks too for publishing the FAQ and for running an all-round good site "by 
gamers, for gamers". Very big thanks to Master Frylock for some good 
contributions regarding the Axl Bomber loop and many other moves of Axl's (is 
it pure coincidence that we like all the same characters?). Thanks to Nethus 
for also posting an interesting combo and sambao for giving up the Raiei Sageki 
semi-infinite and for giving some constructive critcism.


WARNING: If you become god-like with Axl and you're friends grow to resent you because 
of it, don't blame me or this FAQ for I was only doing a community service. Besides, 
the Constitution protects me so HAH!

Copyright 2003. Sergio Sykes. Site FAQ is posted: [gamefaqs.com] [ign.com]

The respective trademark and copyright holders own all trademarks and copyrights 
contained in this document.

If you plan to publish this FAQ to fulfill ambitions that are beyond personal and/or 
private use, I advise you to let me know first because you don't want me to find 
out on my own...

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