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Venom by HumanHighlightReel

Version: Final | Updated: 09/07/03


V                   __   __                    ___ _   ___                    V
e                   \ \ / /__ _ _  ___ _ __   | __/_\ / _ \                   e
n                    \ V / -_) ' \/ _ \ '  \  | _/ _ \ (_) |                  n
o                     \_/\___|_||_\___/_|_|_| |_/_/ \_\__\_\                  o
m                                                                             m
F                              Guilty Gear X2 (PS2)                           F
A                      Final Version (September 07, 2003)                     A
Q                 By: Sergio Sykes (taozenforce[at]aol[dot]com)               Q

-=  T A B L E   O F   C O N T E N T S  =-

N O T E: Use CTRL+F to get to a certain part of the FAQ. Simply enter the
         section/subsection's index number as the search string when the menu


2.0)----------Character Intro

3.0)----------Why Choose Venom?

4.0)----------Direction Notation

5.0)----------Important Universal Moves
               5.1----Air Recovering (Teching)
               5.2----False Roman Cancel(FRC)
               5.3----Dead Angle Attack (DAA)
               5.4----Air Dashing and Instant Air Dashing (IAD)

6.0)----------Normal Attacks

7.0)----------Special Attacks
               7.1----Double Head Morbid
               7.2----Mad Struggle
               7.4----Carcass Raid
               7.5----Stinger Aim
               7.6----Ball Formation
               7.7----Dubious Curve

               8.1----Red Hail
               8.2----Dark Angel

9.0)----------Instant Kill: Dim Bomber

10.0)---------His Throw and Air Throw

11.0)---------Venom's Sweep

12.0)---------Jump Installing Warp

13.0)---------Got Ball Formations?
               13.1----Two-ball Formations
               13.2----Three-Ball Formations
               13.3----Four-Ball Formations
               13.4----The Use of Stinger Aim and Carcass Raid w/Ball Formation
               13.5----Auto-Hit Formations

               14.1----Your Mindset
               14.4----Other Set-Ups

               15.1----Practical Combos
               15.2----Maximum Damage Combos

16.0)---------Random Tips

17.0)---------EX and SP mode
               17.1----EX overview
               17.2----SP Overview


Version History:

Final - Correction made about Dubious Curve and Mad Struggle, some big combos
        added, Stinger Aim loop revised, and just when you though this update
        couldn't get any more reloaded, I SPELLCHECKED also. *evil cackle*

2.1 - Spellcheck. FAQ can now be seen at ign.com

2.0 - New sections ("Venom's sweep" and "Jump Installing Warp) and subsection
      ("auto-hit formations") added. Another overhaul in format to fully
       support the ctrl+F function. New additions to "combo" section.

1.5 - Hopefully made the FAQ easier on the eyes with a format overhaul and some
      corrections; new combo added in "combos".

1.0 - Created and submitted for the very first time.

=====================1.0          Introduction           1====================

This is a character FAQ for GGX2 character Venom; arguably THE most complex
character in the game. Because of this, you should be forewarned that I'm not
the world's greatest Venom user and probably not even the second greatest, but
I have proven that I can hold my own with him and thus, have some pointers to
share. Also bear in mind that I only played the PS2 version of GGX2, so if you
have the Japanese version, play in the arcade, or play on some other version
I'm unaware of, some tactics may NOT work. If you (esp. if you're one of those
elusive "Venom Masters") have questions, comments, suggestions, corrections or
you want me to explain something in better detail, feel free to email me.


Or else your prize-winning suggestion will be deleted without being read. I'm
also on the GameFAQs message boards quite often, under the user name
"HumanHighlightReel" so you could reach me by those means as well.

Anyways, there's some lingo that I'll be using in this FAQ. So here's a quick
glossary for the uninformed:

CROSS-UP: Usually involves unexpectedly attacking the opponent from behind;
          this requires the defender to change their block direction or they'll
          "walk" into the attack.

FAMILIAR: "helpers" that aid a main character in a fight (i.e. mini-Eddie,
          Testament's crow, Zappa's dog)

LAUNCHER: any attack that sends opponent airborne.

OKIZEME: Interfering with an opponent's wake-up by attacking the moment the
         opponent rises. Also known as "wake-up games"

OTG: Means "Off the Ground". this is when you're doing an air combo
     and the victim makes contact with the ground. You will know this
     because you'll see a orange splash effect emit from the ground.
     By this point, attack damage is severely reduced and teching is
     extremely likely due to the opponent being pushed back so

PRESSURE: Keeping an opponent on defense with an offense that has no room for a
          counter attack

RUSH-DOWN: Aggressive offense that involves frequent charging towards the

SCALING: Decrease in move damage due to starting combo with low attack or
         decrease in opponents guard gauge

STAGGER: officially termed "slip"; when opponent stumbles; caused by certain
         attacks (see "Normal Attacks")

TECHING: when an opponent is struck airborne and regains his/her balance

WAKE-UP: the attack/move you use when getting up off the ground.

WHIFF: to completely miss with a move; embarrassing to the person who did it,
       insulting to the person who it was supposed to hit

=====================2.0        Character Intro          2====================

Height: 179 cm (5' 10")
Weight: 66 kg (146 lbs.)
Blood Type: A
Birthplace: Village of the Assasins (England)
Birthdate: Unknown (orphaned)
Eye Color: Blue
Favorites: Zato, sympathy
Likes: Chess
Dislikes: blood, those who bother Zato
Voice: Yaeda Mikio

Battle Background: Nirvana
Song Title: A Solitude That Asks Nothing in Return

After Zato's escape from the Dimensional Prison, no one knew what became of
him. No one knew if he had been reimprisoned, or indeed if he were even still
alive. Rumors that he had died or that he had given up his position spread
through the Organization. There, Venom, who had long been by Zato's side, did
not believe anything. Then, learning about a possible location for Zato, he set
forth. At the end of his journey, he realized Zato's death.

(info courtesy of sammystudios.com and gamecombos.com)

=====================3.0        Why Choose Venom?         3===================

|  Pros  |
-Possesses THE best rush-down in the game

-Sick air-to-ground game

-Arguably the most complex character in the game (double-edged sword)

-Ball Formation has almost limitless possibilities

-Venom's Overdrives are powerful, and almost abuse-able

-Attacks and combos score many hits. Gains points and wrecks havoc on
 opponents' guard gauge

-Mastering such a complex character will make you immensely popular with peers
 you casually play with

-Learning Venom will teach you both composure and discipline that you can carry
 on to real-life tasks

|  Cons  |
-Tension charges a bit slow

-Arguably the most complex character in the game (double-edged sword)

-Mastering Venom will take time, patience, and many defeats

-Overdrives have little/no invincible frames

-Possible difficulty fighting characters who love air-superiority (i.e. Millia,

-Attack power is a bit lacking

-No REAL wake-up attack

-You'll have to overcome the stigma of Venom being called a "Double-Head
 Morbid abuser."

=====================4.0      Direction Notation         4====================

I prefer to use number notation when referring to directions to press and I
have an abnormal obsession with describing directional input assuming the
character is facing right. To understand this, look at the number pad on your
keyboard (if you lack a num pad, find a calculator and look at its key setup)
now take a moment to picture it as a D-Pad (5 is neutral). If you still don't
get it or you ignored the previous sentence, here's a translation and a table:

Forward (Advance) = 6                |   Dragon Punch = 623 or 412
Backward (Retreat/Guard) = 4         |   Quarter Circle = 236 or 214
Down-Back (Defensive Crouch) = 1     |   Half Circle = 41236 o4 63214
Down-Forward (Offensive Crouch) = 3  |
Up (Jump) = 8                        |
Up-Forward (Forward Jump) = 9        |
Up-Back (Backwards Jump) = 7         |

                    |  Visual aid (5 is neutral)  |
                    |           7  8  9           |
                    |            \ | /            |
                    |            4-5-6            |
                    |            / | \            |
                    |           1  2  3           |

=====================5.0   Important Universal Moves      5===================

Though these are mentioned in a billion other FAQs as well as in the game
manual, there are a couple of moves that are an ABSOLUTE MUST to learn if you
want your (yes, YOUR) Venom to be any good:

--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--5.1 Air Recovering (Teching)--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--

When knocked down (airborne) press any two attack buttons besides dust to
regain your balance. this is important because Venom has a great air-to-ground
game. Thus, you'll gain an almost definite advantage as long as you're not
teching into some kind of "trap"...

--=--=--=--=--=--5.2 False Roman Cancel(FRC) Requires 25% Tension--=--=--=--=--

This involves pressing any three attack buttons (except dust) at a specific
moment during attack animation. You'll see a blue flash and any and all
recovery time will be nullified and Venom will return to his standing pose. To
find out the FRC timing to a particular move, go to training mode and enter the
pause menu. There, you will see "display". Set display to either "input" or
"both" and you'll see a shaded bar at the bottom of the screen that shows the
player's controller input. If you do a move that can be FRCed, you will see a
blue flash in the input bar. Time the three button presses the moment you see
the flash and you should do it. Simple.

Though Venom has only one move that I know of that can be FRCed (Stinger Aim)
it's imperative to learn this if you want to have any type of pressure game.
Venom's FRC timing is the easiest to learn in the game IMO, so don't fret.

--=--=--=--=--5.3 Dead Angle Attack (DAA) Requires 50% Tension--=--=--=--=--

While you're guarding an attack, press the direction towards the opponent and
any two attack buttons (except, you guessed it, dust). With Venom, he'll
perform his regular kick but it knocks the opponent away, has invincible
frames, and does negligible damage. Important because Venom doesn't handle
pressure too well, and without too many high-priority attacks, may be your only
option when you're being pushed to the corner. 50% tension may sound expensive,
but it beats having your ass handed to you...

--=--=--=--=--=--5.4 Air Dashing and Instant Air Dashing (IAD)--=--=--=--=--=--

While jumping, tap either forward or backward twice to perform an air dash. For
faster air dashing the moment you jump forward or backward tap the adjacent
horizontal direction for an "instant" air dash that's closer to the ground and
faster in execution. The motion should look like this:

Tap 9, then tap 6 = forward air dash
Tap 7, then tap 4 = backwards air dash

Venom's forward air dash isn't the fastest, but it does go pretty far (over
half the screen) keep this in mind when planning rush-downs, cross-ups and the
anticipation of possible anti-air attacks by the opponent...

=====================6.0        Normal Attacks            6===================

I'll list the move and the abbreviation name that it'll be referred to as from
that point forward. I will also note how each attack affects a single ball from
ball formation. All damage totals were the results of hitting Ky Kiske
repeatedly with each attack. All balls are knocked forward except where noted.
NOTE: Ky Kiske was SLIGHTLY harmed in the making of this section and following

--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--Punch (P)--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--

Damage = 6

Effects on Ball Formation:

Ball Damage = 26
Ball Speed = Slow


Venom lightly pokes with his pool cue. He also leans back; possible to avoid
some attacks, I guess. Can be Jump-Canceled.

--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--Kick (K)--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--

Damage = 12
Effects on Ball Formation:

Ball Damage = 33
Ball Speed = Medium


A decent, medium-height kick that can be jump canceled; not much else to say...

--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--Far Slash (S)--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--

Damage = 24

Effects on Ball Formation:

Ball Damage = 39
Ball Speed = Medium


A fencing-style thrust; great range and speed makes it the premier poking
attack. Be sure to cancel into ball formation whenever this connects.

--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--Close Slash (c.S)--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--

Damage = 16 (first hit), 30 (two hits), 42 (three hits)

Effects on Ball Formation:

Ball Damage = 33
Ball Speed = Medium
Ball Direction = Up with a slight forward angle


A small upwards strike with cue that does THREE hits. A very important attack
for aspiring Venom experts. Reason? This attack launches on the third hit, can
be jump canceled, links with dubious curve, but more importantly, it gives you
plenty of time to prepare the charge attacks (Carcass Raid, Stinger Aim). Be warned
that the third hit may miss against the "dwarf" characters even if they're standing.
The third hit will whiff against any crouching opponent.

--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--Hard Slash (HS)--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--

Damage = 43

Effects on Ball Formation:

Ball Damage = 43
Ball Speed = High


A stylish poke from behind; a bit slow for a HS but staggers on counter hit.

--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--Dust (D)--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--

Damage = 20

Effects on Ball Formation:

Ball Damage = 51
Ball Speed = High


A cue shot from behind the back; launches opponent SUPER HIGH; must be blocked
standing. Harder to see coming than most dusts.

--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--Thrust Punch (6+P)--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--

Damage = 28

Effects on Ball Formation:

Ball Damage = 37
Ball Speed = Medium
Ball Direction = Upwards diagonal


A strike to the teeth with the cue's handle, can be used as an anti-air attack;
some upper-body invincibility; misses crouching opponents, use wisely in
gatling combos.

--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--Thrust Hard Slash (6+HS)--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--

Damage = 53

Effects on Ball Formations:

Ball Damage = 51
Ball Speed = High


A cool-looking downward swing with cue. Can also be used as an anti-air attack.

--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--Crouching Punch (2+P)--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--

Damage = 7

Effects on Ball Formations:

Ball Damage = 26
Ball Speed = Slow


A small chop while crouching. Doesn't hit low, BTW. Rock on...

--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--Crouching Kick (2+K)--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--

Damage = 8

Effects on Ball Formations:

Ball Damage = 30
Ball Speed = Medium


A kick that must be blocked low; Good speed and range. Rock on...

--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--Crouching Slash (2+S)--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--

Damage = 22

Effects on Ball Formations:

Ball Damage = 35
Ball Speed = Medium


Looks like his far slash, but he's crouching. It's not a low attack.
Um...Rock on...

--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--Crouching Hard Slash (2+HS)--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--

Damage = 20, 38 (two hits)

Effects on Ball Formations:

Ball Damage = 43
Ball Speed = High
Ball Direction = Upwards diagonal


An upward thrust that does two hits; anti-air potential to boot. Not a low
attack obviously.

--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--Sweep (2+D)--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--

Damage = 20, 38 (two hits)

Effects on Ball Formations:

Ball Damage = 33
Ball Speed = Medium


Venom lies on the ground and trips opponent twice. Fastest sweep in the game
and can avoid some projectiles (i.e. Ky's Sacred Edge)

--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--Jumping Punch (7+P, 8+P, 9+P)--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--

Damage = 10

Effects on Ball Formations:

Ball Damage = 28
Ball Speed = Slow


Another small forward poke with cue, you're just in the air this time. Pretty
good for hitting ball formations.

--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--Jumping Kick (7+K, 8+K, 9+K)--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--

Damage = 12

Effects on ball Formations:

Ball Damage = 33
Ball Speed = Medium
Ball Direction = Downward diagonal


Kick with a downward angle. VERY important move. Learn how to time this move as
soon as your feet leave the ground so can do an air-dash afterwards. Reason of
importance explained later...

--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--Jumping Slash (7+S, 8+S, 9+S)--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--

Damage = 24

Effects on Ball Formations:

Ball Damage = 38
Ball Speed = Medium
Ball Direction = Downwards diagonal


Downward smack with cue. Can connect behind Venom. So there's a cross-up

--=--=--=--=--=--=--Jumping Hard Slash (7+HS, 8+HS, 9+HS)--=--=--=--=--=--=--

Damage = 37

Effects on the Ball Formations:

Ball Damage = 47
Ball Speed = High
Ball Direction = Downwards diagonal


A strong thrust with a downward angle. Good range and power.

--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--Jumping Dust (7+D, 8+D, 9+D)--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--

Damage = 41

Effects on Ball Formations:

Ball Damage = 43
Ball Speed = High
Ball Direction = Upwards diagonal


Looks like the standing dust. Except it has an upward angle and happens to be
practically useless when not being used in an air combo IMO. If it connects,
opponent could bounce off the wall.

=====================7.0       Special Attacks           7====================

I'll list the move, description, and the abbreviation name of the move that
it'll be referred to from that point forward. I will also note how each attack
affects a single ball from ball formation (where applicable). All damage totals
were the results of hitting Ky Kiske repeatedly with each attack.

--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--7.1 Double Head Morbid (DHM)--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--

Input = 623+S (or HS)

Damage = [S] 57 (four hits)
         [HS] 72 (four hits)

Effects on Ball Formations:

Ball Damage = 38(S), ??(HS)
Ball Speed = Medium (both)
Ball Direction = UP(S), FWD(HS)


With the S version, Venom briefly twirls his cue baton-style. With HS version
Venom quickly rushes towards opponent (at any distance) and performs a stronger
twirl with more recovery time. Mainly used as a combo finisher, but I prefer to
use it against a teching opponent or if they're guard is down. When used in
conjunction with Ball Formation, S version becomes an anti-air attack and the
HS version increases in power and no. of hits.

--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--7.2 Mad Struggle (MS)--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--

Input (in air) = 236+S (or HS), (on ground*) 2369+S (or HS)

Damage =[S] 40 (four hits).
        [HS] 75 (seven hits)

Effects on Ball Formations:

Ball Damage = 38 (both)
Ball Speed = Medium (both)
Ball Direction = Downwards diagonal (both);
                 Upwards diagonal (HS +launcher hits+ )


There are two vesions of Mad Struggle: Mad Struggle Dive (S) and Mad Struggle Flip

In the Mad Struggle Dive Venom pauses in the air briefly before making a quick descent
while rapidly poking. The Mad Struggle Dive will be one of your staple moves; its
recovery time is next to nil and it puts you in the opponent's face so you can continue
your onslaught to your opponent's dismay. Plus when "Tiger-Knee'd" with a 2368+S
or 8236+S motion (known as "Instant Mad Struggle"), it becomes a fast overhead that
forms the main ingredient of Venom's high-low game.

The Mad Struggle Flip is similar to the dive except that when Venom lands, he performs
a backwrads flip. The flip does multiple hits and it's untechable regardless of the
opponent's position (a big thumbs up in my book). Another attribut of the flip that
it has lower-region invincibility, meaning that most crouching attacks will be
ineffective while Venom does his "pole vault". You could follow the flip up with
a small combo ( S->623+HS ), but it's usually best to use the time to set up a complex
ball formation or charge a Stinger Aim. Save the Flip to use for some combo finishers
and also as a ghetto anti-air.

--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--7.3 Warp (WRP)--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--

Input = 623+K


Venom teleports above and slightly behind his previous position. Note that
Venom will face in the direction he faced before he warped, so he CAN'T TURN
AROUND while in the air. He also can't double-jump or air-dash.


When used with ball formation, Venom will teleport directly over the FIRST ball
that was "summoned". By itself, it's a good way to start a high-low game or to
avoid bad situations. Use with ball formation to perform cross-ups and/or stay
in an opponent's face longer. Why? To continue pressuring of course...

--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--7.4 Carcass Raid (CR)--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--

Input = press and hold 2 briefly, then 8+S (or HS)

Damage = [S] 37
         [HS] 51

Ball Damage = +same as damage+
Ball Speed = Medium(for S)
             High (for HS)
Ball Direction = +explained in "got ball formations?"+


Venom fires a ball towards the ground. With the S version, it ricochets once.
With HS version, it ricochets 3 times and has more recovery time. The HS
version forms a pseudo-barrier between Venom and the opponent. The S version is
another staple move for Venom users who want to have a supreme pressure game
without sacrificing tension. Continue pressuring opponents that block or get
hit by the CR(S) and continue your onslaught.

--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--7.5 Stinger Aim (SA)--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--

Input = press and hold 4, then 6+S (or HS)

Damage = [S] 30, 40 (if held for 1 sec.), 60 (if held for 2 sec.),
             112(if held for 3+ sec.).
         [HS] 43, 48(if held for 1 sec.), 69(if held for 2 sec.), 115
             (held for 3+ sec.)

Effects on ball Formations:

Ball Damage = 30 (S), 43(HS)
Ball Speed = Medium(S), High(HS)
Ball Direction = +explained in "got ball formations?"+


Venom shoots ball towards opponent at variable speed (based on button press).
You can hold the button down to increase the power of the shot. This is Venom's
only move that can be FRCed. You press three attack buttons (except Dust) RIGHT
AFTER Venom's cue strikes the ball. Once you've mastered the timing (which
shouldn't take long), employ SA as the finisher to most of your gatling combos
for pressure purposes.

--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--7.6 Ball Formation--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--

Input = 214+P, K, S, HS


Venom summons a ball. You can summon up to four at a time. The ball arrangement
depends on the combination of buttons you use. Can also be performed in the air
(there's a long pause that leaves you SERIOUSLY vulnerable to any haters when
doing this move). Explained further in "Got Ball Formations?"

--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--7.7 Dubious Curve (DC)--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--

Input = 421+P, K, S, HS

Damage = 25


Same properties as ball formation. Difference is, Venom spins around then
shoves a ball into opponent's gut. Simultaneously attacks opponent and brings
out a ball, and has foot invincibility (during the first 15 frames
to be exact) so it's worth using. Use as a finishing move for a cheap laugh.

* Low-altitude version of attack. By inputting commands prior to hitting 9, the
commands will buffer and you can press the attack button to perform the move
quicker than you normally could.

=====================8.0            Overdrives           8====================

N O T E: Both require 50% tension

--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--8.1 Red Hail--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--

Input =(in air) 236, 236+HS, (on ground*) 236, 2369+HS

Damage = 129(8 hits)

Effects on ball Formations:

Ball Damage = 40
Ball Speed = High
Ball Direction = Varies


Overdrive where Venom stops in the air and fires multiple balls at a downward
angle. They can ricochet once. Recovery time is proportional to how high in the
air you are when you finish the attack. Don't use at the end of lengthy combos
because the damage will be scaled down drastically. Use if you made your
opponent whiff a move by your jumping away (i.e. they rushed in for a command
throw, you jumped/warped backwards, so while they grasp at air, you make them
eat marble). Can also be used as a cross-up. Whenever you believe your j.HS
will successfully hit (outside of lengthy combos), combo it with this move. Can
be blocked crouching.

--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--8.2 Dark Angel--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--

Input = 2141236+S

Damage 190 (28 hits)


Overdrive where Venom summons a giant orb of unstoppable energy. Eats and/or
passes through any projectile or familiar in its path and keeps on going.
Capable of serious damage even if opponent blocks it. Think of it as a ghetto-
megalomania (I-No) or a Gamma Ray (Dizzy & Justice) without the ghastly start-
up and you can imagine its potential. Again, don't use in air combos due to
scaling. Use it when an opponent is getting up or any other situation where
your opponent is forced to at least block it (blocked gatling combos etc.). Can
combo off of some counter-hits (c.S & HS) so keep your eyes open for red
flashes. I strongly advise NOT to throw this move out randomly. People won't
block this move, but they'll try to IAD over it to put the hurtin' on you
whenever they can. Many people fear this move when it's used properly, so play
off of their eccentric reactions.

* Low-altitude version of attack. By inputting commands prior to hitting 9, the
commands will buffer and you can press the attack button to perform the move
quicker than you normally could.

=====================9.0   Instant Kill: Dim Bomber      9====================

Venom goes into IK mode pretty fast; it's a shame his IK is lame as far as
usefulness. Venom performs a fast swing above his head (a bit higher than his
6+P) turns opponent into a ball, places him/her/it in a 9-ball formation,
breaks it, and after some razzle-dazzle, the cue ball drops on the opponent and
explodes. The IK can be used as an anti-air attack, but usually, people don't
jump around often when they realize they could be killed in one hit (Trust me,
anyone with eyes will know you're in IK mode). Plus, if you botch the IK, you
won't be able to use tension for the rest of the round. Some characters can
live without tension, but with Venom you really need that tension bar. In
short, his IK is a typical IK: cool as hell but practically useless unless you
NEED AN ABSOLUTE MIRACLE to win (praying is much more useful IMO).

====================10.0    His Throw and Air Throw      10===================

Venom traps opponent in a ball for a fixed amount of time. This applies to both
his throw and air throw. Best follow-up for his standing throw is
c.S(2 hits) -> MS(HS). This will make the opponent unable to tech and thus, you
can prepare your next strike while they fall helplessly. If you're throwing the
opponent fairly close to the corner, you may just want to only do one hit with
the close slash. I know no follow-ups to the air throw (unless I pulled it off
close to the ground, then I can treat it like a standing throw) so if you have
an interesting follow-up, let me know! The one flaw is that both of these
throws fills 25-35% of the opponent's BURST gauge (!!!), so be careful...

====================11.0          Venom's Sweep          11===================

As you may or may not know, Venom's sweep hits twice. The first hit of the
sweep makes an opponent land on their stomach (to only hit the opponent once,
simply cancel the sweep with ball formation) while two hits makes them land on
their back. Every character in this game gets up at variable speeds. The speed
of which an opponent can get up will directly affect your wake-up games with a
positive or negative effect; and as far as I know, slower is always better.

To go back to the sweep and individual wake-up topic, some characters get up
faster when they land on their back as opposed to when they land on their gut
and vice-versa. An example is Sol, if you hit him twice, he gets up much faster
than when you trip him only once. Baiken is the complete opposite in that she
gets up much faster after falling face down. There are also some anomalies to
this rule. Some characters fall down the same way regardless to how many hits
the trip did, and thus, get up at the same rate regardless of how the trip was
applied (in this case, two hits is the best option). Another anomoly is that
against some characters the second hit will become OTG, so if you go for the
second hit in these cases, there's a chance the opponent could tech and you'll
lose momentum because of that. This little factor should be in your strategy
and to help it earn a warm spot there, here is a chart depicting how to get the
SLOWEST and therefore the best result when tripping each character (be CERTAIN to
take special note of characters that can tech out of the two-hit sweep).

 ____________/   One hit or two? The Sweep Chart   \___________
| L E G E N D:  SLOW = Slower    FAST = Faster                 |
|               TECH = opponent can tech                       |
|               **** = opponent falls the same way regardless  |
|---------CHARACTER--------|--ONE-HIT SWEEP--|--TWO-HIT SWEEP--|
|         Anji Mito        |       ****      |      ****       |
|          Axl Low         |       ****      |      ****       |
|          Baiken          |       FAST      |      SLOW       |
|          Bridget         |       SLOW      |      TECH       |
|       Chipp Zanuff       |       SLOW      |      TECH       |
|           Dizzy          |       ****      |      ****       |
|           Eddie          |       SLOW      |      TECH       |
|           Faust          |       SLOW      |      TECH       |
|           I-No           |       SLOW      |      TECH       |
|      Jam Kuradoberi      |       ****      |      ****       |
|          Johnny          |       FAST      |      SLOW       |
|          Justice         |       SLOW      |      FAST       |
|           Kliff          |       SLOW      |      FAST       |
|          Ky Kiske        |       SLOW      |      FAST       |
|            May           |       FAST      |      SLOW       |
|        Millia Rage       |       SLOW      |      TECH       |
|         Potemkin         |       SLOW      |      TECH       |
|         Robo-Ky          |       SLOW      |      FAST       |
|          Slayer          |       SLOW      |      TECH       |
|        Sol Badguy        |       SLOW      |      FAST       |
|         Testament        |       SLOW      |      TECH       |
|           Venom          |       SLOW      |      FAST       |
|           Zappa          |       FAST      |      SLOW       |

Study this chart and you'll almost guarantee yourself a constant offense! At
least while you're sweeping anyway...

====================12.0      Jump Installing Warp       12===================

The Warp is one of Venom's most under-appreciated moves. True, it's not
incredibly useful against the CPU (the CPU will just jump to your teleport
destination and punish you the moment you appear the majority of the time).
However, the warp is a must-have for Venoms who want a substantial
psychological game. On it's own, the warp can set-up overheads and cross-ups.

Another thing about the warp and cross-ups is that your options are limited to
just a j.S (the only air move that hits behind Venom and has little/no follow-
up potential). You could also just simply land before attacking, but then the
opponent will probably realize the ploy and will see through the delayed cross-

To give yourself more options during Warp you'll have to Jump Install it. From
what I know about the history of Jump Install, it's a glitch deliberately left
in GGX2. The effect of this "glitch" is that it gives certain moves jump
properties (the ability to double-jump, airdash, etc.). Normally, Venom's warp
isn't considered a jump so it doesn't have those jump properties. However, when
jump-installed, Venom can double-jump and airdash. Plus, he'll always be facing
the opponent regardless of where he teleported to.

There are two ways to Jump Install Venom's warp. The standard way (known as
"Solo Jump Install") involves doing the Warp with a tiger knee motion (62389+K
as opposed to the standard 623+K). This will give Venom the ability to airdash
and face the opponent.

The second way to Jump Install the warp is a technique known as "Combo Jump
Install." To do this technique, just do any normal attack that can be Jump
Canceled (in Venom's case, Punch, Kick, and close slash are all jump cancele-
able), you would then tap up like you were going to jump cancel BUT INSTEAD you
cancel the attack with another normal attack, thus the jump never happened. But
where did that jump go? The system has now "stored" the jump so now when you
cancel the next attack into Venom's warp, you'll now have the ability to airdash
AND double-jump (as oppoesed to just being able to airdash using solo Jump Install).
Confused? Well, here's an example of combo jump install in

|  Combo Jump Install Example 1  |

dash in, K, c.S, tap up, 2+D, 623+K

As you can see, Venom dashes in with a basic gatling combo. Venom's close slash
is Jump Cancelable, so we tap up just before we perform his sweep. If all
went well, when Venom warps, he should now be able to airdash and double jump.
Here are two other examples of Venom's Combo Jump Install.

|  Combo Jump Install Example 2  |

dash in, K, tap up, HS, 623+K

|  Combo Jump Install Example 3  |

dash in, P, tap up, 2+D, 623+K

Combo Jump Install is a simple, yet novel, concept. The first few times you try
Jump Installing, it may feel weird and awkward, but stick with it and it'll
become as natural as blinking.

Regardless of which Jump Install technique you use (hopefully both), the application
of this technique will greatly amplify your game. Most opponents
will expect Venom to fall straight down after a Warp (and he'll probably throw
out an attack or two as he plummets). When Jump Installing, you'll throw off your
opponents expectations, thanks to your ability to stay in the air longer. A perfect
example is any situation where you warp behind the opponent. Normally, you're only
limited to j.S as your attack option. But when you Jump
Install, you can now aridash towrds the opponent and continue with the pressure
(or you can probably land some clean hits on your startled opponent), or you can
do Mad Struggle to continue pressure (thanks to Venom being able to face the

Also, when you're going against Ky, he might try and do a Vapor thrust when you
try warping behind him (the move can hit behind him), but thanks to Jump
Intsall, you can simply Faultless Defense the futile attempt to thwart your
pressure (don't forget to punish him for attempting to escape your offense).

If you're always uncertain about whether the Jump Install was successful, you
can still do j.S like you would normally do, but try jump canceling it when it
connects. If the Jump Install was succesful, Venom will be able to jump cancel
the j.S. If this happens, try for a Mad Struggle, if positioned and timed
correctly, the move will hit the person from behind for the cross-up.

====================13.0     Got Ball Formations?        13===================

(WARNING: I will be saying "balls" a lot in this section, so if you have a
dirty mind that can't be sane for a single moment, then I suggest you go to the
next section.)

N O T E: All ball formation techniques discussed apply to dubious curve as well
unless noted otherwise. All tips listed only apply to formations made while on
the ground (not while jumping).

Ball formation and dubious curve are the bread-and-butter of your overall game
plan. They can keep the opponent on defense, provide cover as you charge in,
tack on extra hits to normal/special attacks, allow you to travel faster and
more erratic (via warp), and can strengthen combos to make them even more
devastating. The balls are your friends, and they'll serve you in spades if you
take the time to realize their true potential. Remember that each attack button
(besides dust, sadly) will summon the ball in a certain position. When using
Ball Formation, the ball will travel to its designated spot and can be hit
during that time; you don't have to wait for it if you don't want to. Also note that
if you've been attacked before the ball left your hand, it may fall to the
ground. Here's a description of each ball position when summoned individually.

P BALL: Summons ball directly in front of Venom. It'll be right at his cue tip
        during his normal stance.

K BALL: Ball will be over Venom's head; just within range of his 6+P attack

S BALL: Ball will be in front of Venom; slightly higher than a P Ball and
        further away

HS BALL: Same as S ball except even further away from Venom; just within range
         of S and 6+HS

While one ball is a start to diversifying your game, you'll also want to know
about summoning multiple balls at once. Remember that regardless of where the
balls may be, summoning a new ball causes existing balls to make their
formation directly in front of you. Here's some descriptions, tips to give you
an idea of how to use it, and crude diagrams about it:

|  Diagram Legend   |
|    P Ball = P     |
|    K Ball = K     |
|    S Ball = S     |
|    HS Ball= H     |

--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--13.1 Two-ball Formations--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--

                            |+|  P BALL -> K BALL  |+|


One of my favorite formations because it can stress an opponent and it has too
 many options to list. One way to use this is to hit the P Ball and if the
opponent tries to jump, you 6+P the K Ball to shoot them down.

                            |+|  K BALL -> P BALL  |+|


Not much you can do with this one except hit it and watch the balls split.
Opponents will usually hesitate about jumping over this because of the split,
so rush in if you hit the balls at a nice speed or make another formation.

                            |+|  P BALL -> S BALL  |+|


Very similar to K Ball -> P Ball, and can be used the same way. Standing Punch
won't hit this one.

                            |+|  S BALL -> P BALL  |+|


Another good formation for mix-ups and applying pressure. Try hitting the P
ball, then Warp to the S ball to quickly move in.

                           |+|  P BALL -> HS BALL  |+|


Formation for beginning aerial assaults. j.K the P Ball and air dash in, the P
Ball will hit the HS Ball and they'll split. If done from far away, opponent
may think twice about jumping.

                           |+|  HS BALL -> P BALL  |+|


Another personal favorite because of its cross-up potential. Use when opponent
is down, punch the P Ball so they're forced to block, then warp to the HS ball
and do a j.S; should connect for a good cross-up.

                            |+|  K BALL -> S BALL  |+|


Same as P ball-> HS ball for all practical purposes. Balls are closer together
which could allow you to use it almost like P Ball -> K Ball as well.

                            |+|  S BALL -> K BALL  |+|


Like K Ball -> S Ball, except it's a bit higher and further away. Same uses

                            |+|  K BALL -> HS BALL  |+|


Much like P ball -> HS ball. Gives you the room to dash, then j.K the K Ball,
which allows you to jump farther without the air dash, so it's a safe
alternative if you have the breathing room.

                            |+|  HS BALL -> K BALL  |+|


There's an interesting okizeme set up for this one known as "Mosaic Style".
Explained in "technique"...

                            |+|  S BALL -> HS BALL  |+|


A bit too low and far to jump after. Try doing 6+HS right after you bring out
the HS Ball for a powerful split.

                           |+|  HS BALL -> S BALL  |+|


Like S Ball->HS Ball, except it's very close to the ground. Try doing a CR(S)
for an interesting split. Has an okizeme set-up.

--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--13.2 Three-Ball Formations--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--

(NOTE: Usually when I can get three balls out, I go for four, so I don't have
very much to say in this section. But they're almost the same so you could
apply the tip I give for the 4-ball (or 2-ball) formation that most resembles
the 3-ball formation you wish to know about. If anyone has any interesting
finds regarding these particular 3-Ball formations, let me know!)

|  Diagram Legend   |
|    P Ball = P     |
|    K Ball = K     |
|    S Ball = S     |
|    HS Ball= H     |

                     |+|  P BALL -> K BALL -> S BALL  |+|


                     |+|  P BALL -> S BALL -> K BALL  |+|


                     |+|  K BALL -> S BALL -> P BALL  |+|


                     |+|  K BALL -> P BALL -> S BALL  |+|
                       *same as P Ball->K Ball->S Ball*

                     |+|  S BALL -> K BALL -> P BALL  |+|
                       *same as K Ball->S Ball->P Ball*

                     |+|  S BALL -> P BALL -> K BALL  |+|
                       *same as P Ball->S Ball->K Ball*

                    |+|  P BALL -> K BALL -> HS BALL  |+|


                    |+|  P BALL -> HS BALL -> K BALL  |+|


                    |+|  K BALL -> P BALL -> HS BALL  |+|
                      *Same as P Ball->K Ball->HS Ball*

                    |+|  K BALL -> HS BALL -> P BALL  |+|


                    |+|  HS BALL -> P BALL -> K BALL  |+|
                      *Same as P Ball->HS ball->K Ball*

                    |+|  HS BALL -> P BALL -> K BALL  |+|
                      *Same as K Ball->HS Ball->P Ball*

                    |+|  HS BALL -> K BALL -> S BALL  |+|


                    |+|  HS BALL -> S BALL -> K BALL  |+|


                    |+|  HS BALL -> P BALL -> S BALL  |+|


HS ball is actually lower than P Ball. For some reason, standing punch can hit
the P Ball in this formation but can't hit the same ball in the P Ball -> S
Ball even though they're in the exact same place. An overlooked bug perhaps...

                    |+|  HS BALL -> S BALL -> P BALL  |+|


                    |+|  S BALL -> P BALL -> HS BALL  |+|


                    |+|  S BALL -> HS BALL -> P BALL  |+|
                      *Same as HS Ball->S Ball->P Ball*

--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--13.3 Four-Ball Formations--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--

N O T E: this is done a little differently from other ball sections, I'm only
saying which ball the formation should end with.

|  Diagram Legend   |
|    P Ball = P     |
|    K Ball = K     |
|    S Ball = S     |
|    HS Ball= H     |

                         |+|  End with P BALL  |+|


If your opponent sat around and let you set this baby up, you can do almost
anything you can think of. P or K the P Ball and rush in; your opponent won't
even think about moving.

                         |+|  End with K BALL  |+|


I call this my "Beam formation" since that's what I use for. 6+HS this baby and
do serious damage to an opponent. Has possibilities that are less
straightforward as well.

                         |+|  End with S BALL  |+|


My "Beam Formation" for shorter characters. Can provide nice cover for rush-ins
(applies to all 4-ball formations actually)

                         |+|  End with HS BALL  |+|


The perfect formation if you plan to air-dash in on the opponent. j.K the P
Ball and air-dash in; you'll have plenty of cover.

Train with these formations early and often to find which ones work best for
you in various situations.

--=--=--13.4 The use of Stinger Aim and Carcass Raid w/Ball Formation--=--=--

Ball formation can also be hit with Carcass Raid/Stinger Aim and it'll have
various effects depending on ball position and range. If a floating ball is
close enough to be hit by Venom's cue (even if the ball is behind venom) when
he does either of the two specials, the ball will travel with the same
properties and speed of the special ball. A good example of this is summoning
a P Ball and then performing a HS Carcass Raid; the two balls will "stick"
together and ricochet three times. In cases when the floating ball is outside
the range of Venom's cue and the special ball hits it, they'll split. Remember
that the balls never lose speed and rarely make a complete change in direction
(the exception being a HS Carcass Raid)when it comes to splits.

--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--13.5 Auto-Hit Formations--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--

Another trick with ball formations that give it even MORE depth is a little
feature known as "auto-hit" formations. Auto formations involve bringing two
balls or more out, and after hitting the ball(s), you bring out another ball
that will cause an automatic ricochet due to the shift in the ball formation.
Another version of auto-hit formations involves dashing ahead of slow-moving
balls and then you bring out another ball that will collide with the moving
balls on its own! This technique will seriously throw off your opponent and
will allow you to have many balls bouncing around on the screen at the same
time (especially if the opponent is retreating). There are many auto-hit
formations but here's some of the more popular ones:

1) Make a P Ball -> K Ball formation, punch the P Ball and immediately summon
   another P Ball. This will make the K Ball shift and collide with the moving
   ball. Can also be done with P BALL -> HS BALL -> K BALL and the
   End with K Ball 4-ball formation.

2) Summon K Ball, hit it with a jumping punch, air dash forward and summon a P
   Ball or a S Ball (I recommend P Ball). The summoned ball will collide with
   the moving ball.

3) Summon a HS Ball -> P Ball formation, punch the P Ball and immediately
   summon a S Ball. The HS Ball should collide with the moving ball. Can also
   be done with HS BALL -> S BALL -> P BALL formation and the 4 ball formation
   that ends with a P Ball.

4) Summon a P Ball -> HS Ball formation, hit the P Ball with a jumping punch
   and then summon another P Ball.The HS Ball should collide with the moving
   ball. Can also be done with S BALL -> P BALL -> HS BALL formation and the 4
   ball formation that ends with an HS Ball.

N O T E: Be sure to experiment with other possibilities!

====================14.0           Technique             14===================

--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--14.1 Your Mindset--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--

So far, I've described each move like it's all you need to win. In order to
catch the opponent with these moves you need to link them up to either:

a) form a combo
b) form a string that's difficult to defend against
c) form a string that increases the opponents guard gauge and provokes them to
   get back on offense somehow (pressure)

In order to comprehend these things in terms of Venom you need a new mindset.
Remember that Venom is a pool player (and a chess player), and like a game of
pool (or chess), you have to think several moves ahead while at the same time,
factoring in your opponents' actions (because they're not going to just stand
there and be whacked on). Turn the stage into your own personal Pool Table. And
if it helps, picture the opponent as an eight-ball that you want to sink into
the CORNER pocket where you can attempt TOTAL LOCKDOWN.

Now that you have the assassin's mindset, I'll teach you some techniques of
varying difficulty that should give you an idea of how to tear things up. But
first, here's a brief recap of my move abbreviations that I will use from this
point on:

 ________________/  Move Abbreviations and Notation  \_________________
|    Punch = P     Kick = K     Far Slash = S     Close Slash = c.S    |
|    Hard Slash = HS     High Jump = hj     Instant air dash = IAD     |
|    Roman Cancel = RC     False Roman Cancel = FRC                    |
|    Homing Jump (performed after dust) = /\     Charge(hold) = []     |

--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--14.2 Loops--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--

To apply constant pressure you need a constant form of attack, which brings me
to loops. There are two loops that are the most popular: Stinger Aim FRC loop
and Carcass Raid loop. They are widely used and exist in many variations. Which
one's better is debatable, but the general consensus is that it's important to
learn both for each have their own strengths and weaknesses. Anyways, I'm sure
your excited to know them so here's a form of the Stinger Aim (SA) loop:

                            |  Stinger Aim Loop  |

c.S(2 hits) -> HS -> [4]6+S -> dash in -> c.S(2 hits) -> HS -> [4]6+S...

It repeats, has a rhythm and takes practice. It's relatively simple to do, can
be done anywhere (you might need to IAD instead), applies nice pressure, builds the
guard gauge and if it connectes, it can do some good damage. Its main flaw is that
it requires tension (25% for each FRC). Of course you won't always be able to start
it off with close Slash because your opponent can easily block it. Because of that,
you need to learn how to factor this loop into your high/low game. Here are two setups
against a cornered opponent:

Overhead Starter

(air)236+S -> c.S(one hit) -> [4]6+HS -> FRC -> dash in -> c.S(2 hits) -> HS ->

Low Starter

2+K -> 2+HS(2 hits) -> [4]6+S -> FRC -> dash in -> c.S(2 hits) -> HS ->

If you have real good timing, you can improve the effect of this loop by letting
the close slash only hit ONCE instead of twice. Doing this will push you back less
and will reduce damage scaling if you're doing a lengthy combo using this loop.

                           |  Carcass Raid Loop  |

(opponent in corner)
2+K -> c.S(2 hits) -> [2]8+S -> 2+K -> c.S(2 hits) -> [2]8+S...

If you never tried this loop, you should know that this move requires EXACT
execution (I still can't pull it off consistently). Advantages of this move is
that it builds up the guard gauge and if the hits are connecting, it can do
some good damage and it builds tension very fast. Weaknesses of this move is
that it's hard to do and can only be done in the corner (I have heard of a
variation that can be done mid-screen, so if you have any info about it, let me
know!). Its difficulty is attributed to one particular part of the string:

2+K -> c.S(2 hits) -> CR. I'll explain why shortly...

Less popular loops are the ones that you probably created but they'll usually
be the combination of the CR loop and the SA loop. But how does one go about
creating a loop? It's relatively simple once you grasp certain elements of
Venom. An important move to know as much as you can about is his c.S. It's
fast, can be jump canceled, and there are moves that combo with it that can't
do so with other moves (i.e. Carcass Ride, Dubious Curve).

Now that I've explained the importance of c.S, I can show you the two staple
moves of most pressure loops you create:

1) Easy staple

c.S(1 hit) -> [2]8+S

Relatively simple if you have 2-D fighting game experience. CR needs a two-
second charge before pressing up+S. Thing is, you can delay when you press up
to a small margin. The margin, however, is large enough to squeeze in a move
before you press up. One of which is c.S. So it should go like: hold down for
two seconds, let go, press S, then press 8+S. Once you're the shiznit with the
timing for this move, try to add in a low kick before doing close Slash to keep
the opponent on their heels.

2) Hard staple

2+K -> c.S(2 hits) -> [2]8+S

This one's a lot tougher and no one will blame you if you can't (or don't) use
it, but it's still worth mentioning. It's the basic attack for the CR loop but
it has some other possibilities if you can master the timing. After doing 2+K
(or any other normal move that links to c.S), then you press c.S, but THE
PRECISE, EXACT MOMENT AFTER you press S, you have to press and hold down. DON'T
GO BY THE SCREEN ANIMATIONS!! You have to time it solely on button presses;
left hand must react to right hand's action. Just before the third hit of c.S
connects, press 8+S. "Easier said than done." yeah, I already know that...

Now we're ready to make a loop. First start off with a nice setup using Mad


(air)236+S -> c.S(1 hit) -> [2]8+S...

This puts you in the opponents face, now you can add in some more stuff to make
the most of your position. Continue with:

...1+S -> [4]6+HS(S) -> FRC...

You've done good guard damage so far, but now you're pretty far away. However,
the job isn't over because we used an FRC. This, combined with the guard stun
gives you the chance to get back in the opponent's face. So now do:

...IAD -> j.S -> j.HS...

This puts you back in lethal range and gives you the option to perform the
string back from the beginning (assuming you press and held 1 during j.S,
j,HS). So now you have an SA loop variation that should look like this(2reps):

c.S(1 hit) -> [2]8+S -> 1+S -> [4]6+HS(S) -> FRC -> IAD -> j.S -> j.HS ->
c.S(1 hit) -> [2]8+S -> 1+S -> [4]6+HS(S) -> FRC -> IAD -> j.S -> j.HS...

--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--14.3 Set-Ups--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--

While it is fun to make your opponent block all day, it's even more fun to fool
his/her defense and score clean hits. This brings us to set-ups. So now I'll
take you through a simple one to show you how they it works...

The set-up (guarding opponent):

6+HS, 214+HS, 2+S, 623+K, j.S

This string let's you attack the opponent with a meaty attack and cancel the
recovery of it by pulling out a HS ball, giving you frame advantage. Remember
how far the HS ball goes and you'll see that it goes behind the opponent. While
it moves in position you hit the opponent again with 2+S, making them stay on
defense even longer. Cancel the 2+HS with warp and you'll teleport behind the
person (over the HS ball) and perform j.S to smack them in the back of the
head. A simple crossover, but now your opponent's attention will most likely be
diverted to future balls you lay out.

--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--14.4 Other Set-Ups--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--

(assuming opponent was knocked down unless noted otherwise)

Pull out HS ball and P Ball, Punch P ball, summon another P ball, do far slash,
if slash is blocked, teleport, if slash connects, do 623+HS

(dashing in towards a guarding opponent) K, c.S(2 hits), summon K ball, 2+S or
2+K, CR(S), dash, jump and kick the ball, land on other side, continue attack.

Summon HS ball->K ball, dash and j.K the K ball on opponents wake-up, land on
other side, do a combo that will hit HS ball for extra damage.

(against guarding opponent) sweep then cancel into summoning a HS ball, fake a
dash in before warping to HS ball. Do a j.S for the cross-up.

(standing opponent) summon K ball, j.K the ball, air-dash in and do j.K, j.S, continue

(okizeme set-up1, opponent down)
dash, jump, back-dash (in air), j.HS, continue attack

(okizeme set-up2, opponent down)
Summon K ball, dash, j.K the K ball, back-dash (in air), continue attack

(okizeme set-up3, opponent down)
Summon P ball, dash, P the Pall, P again, continue attack

(okizeme set-up4, opponent down)
Summon S ball, teleport, attack

(okizeme set-up5)
DC(HS) summon S ball, P the S ball, teleport, attack

(okizeme set-up6, opponent down)
Summon P ball, P the P Ball, Summon P Ball, 2+S, (if opponent is in corner
continue with [2]8+S, otherwise, Warp and continue attack)

(okizeme set-up7)
421+HS, summon K ball, hj.K the K Ball, j.S or j.K opponent and HS ball, do
either a Mad Struggle, sweep or a delayed Instant Mad Struggle

The list goes on and on...

====================15.0           Combos                15===================

Though it may be fun to finish every 3 hits with Double Head Morbid, its far
from your best option. A good quote I once heard says:

The fact that they can tech from the DHM means Venom loses momentum after this
combo. Trying to do maximum damage in a combo is how Venom loses. (Grolin)

Now that I gave you that little philosophy, you'll also see why some of my
combos look the way they do. They're not flashy, but they'll put you in a prime
position to continue your offense. For most combos I have a practical variation
(so you don't lose momentum or you can make a set-up) and the maximum damage
(more damage but you might lose momentum) variation. Final note is that if
you're scoring counter hits (due to the guard gauge or an actual counter) you
might be able to do different combos (i.e. link HS up to Dark Angel). Use of
combos with a ball formation will increase damage and number of hits. And back
by popular demand, here's the abbreviations I'll be using:

 ________________/  Move Abbreviations and Notation  \_________________
|    Punch = P     Kick = K     Far Slash = S     Close Slash = c.S    |
|    Hard Slash = HS     High Jump = hj     Instant air dash = IAD     |
|    Roman Cancel = RC     False Roman Cancel = FRC                    |
|    Homing Jump (performed after dust) = /\    Charge or hold = []    |

--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--15.1 Practical Combos--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--

(Combos that will keep Venom on offense after the last hit [opponent either
can't tech these or will have a hard time trying])

K* -> c.S(2 hits) -> Dubious Curve
(4 hits, 49 dmg)

K* -> c.S(3 hits) -> hj.HS -> P Ball -> j.K the ball
(4 hits, 61 dmg)

(air)236+S -> 2+D
(6 hits, 64 dmg)

HS -> Dubious Curve
(2 hits; 66 dmg)

K* -> c.S(2 hits) -> 6+P -> 2+D
(6 hits, 70 dmg)

(air)236+S -> 2+K -> c.S(1 hit) -> [2]8+S
(7 hits, 71 dmg)

6+P -> c.S (1 hit) -> hj.HS -> P Ball -> j.K the P Ball
(3 hits, 71 dmg)

K* -> c.S(3 hits) -> [2]8+S -> j.P -> j.HS -> Ball of your choice
(7 hits, 79 dmg)

(untechable dust combo)
D /\ ([8]j.D, j.D), 236+HS
(4 hits, 83 dmg)

*K -> 2+S -> HS -> [4]6+HS
(4 hits, 86 dmg)

2+S -> HS -> [4]6+HS
(3 hits, 87 dmg)

(dust combo)
D /\ ([9] j.D, j.D), j.HS
(3 hits, 95 dmg)

1+S -> 2+HS -> [2]8+HS
(3 hits, 97 dmg)

(in corner, crouching opponent)
c.S(1 hit) -> [2]8+S -> dash in -> 2+K -> c.S(2 hits) -> [2]8+S -> 2+D
(8 hits, 111 dmg)

(in corner, untechable dust combo)
D /\ ([9]j.D, j.D), 236+HS, 2368+HS
(10 hits, 114 dmg)

c.S(2 hits) -> 2+S -> HS -> 623+HS
(8 hits, 119 dmg)

(cornered opponent; 25% tension)
dash in -> c.S(2 hits) -> HS -> [4]6+HS -> FRC -> dash in -> c.S(1 hit) ->
2+S -> 2+D
(8 hits, 133 damage)

HS(counter hit) -> RC -> dash in (optional) -> 6+P -> 2+S -> HS -> [4]6+HS
(5 hits, 146 damage)

(cornered opponent; 50% tension)
dash in -> c.S(2 hits) -> HS -> [4]6+S -> FRC -> dash in -> c.S(2 hits) ->
HS -> [4]6+S -> FRC -> dash in -> c.S(1 hit) -> 2+S -> 2+D(1 hit)
(11 hits, 151 dmg)

(50% tension)
IAD -> j.S -> j.HS -> (air)236236+HS
(10 hits, 156 dmg)

(50% tension)
2141236+S -> dash in -> D /\ j.D, 236+HS
(32 hits, 210 dmg)

(50% tension)
2141236+S -> 623+HS
(32 hits, 214 dmg)

(50% tension)
2141236+S -> dash in -> HS -> Dubious Curve
(30 hits, 214 dmg)

(50% tension)
2141236+S -> dash in ASAP -> 6+P -> HS -> 623+HS
(34 hits, 230 dmg *may vary*)

(in corner; CR loop variation; 25% tension)
c.S(1 hit) -> [2]8+S -> dash in -> 2+K -> c.S(2 hits) -> [2]8+S -> dash in -> c.S(1hit)
-> HS -> [4]6+HS -> FRC -> dash in -> 2+K -> c.S(2 hits) -> [2]8+S -> dash in ->
2+K -> c.S(1 hit) -> DC
(17 hits, ?? dmg)

*can be any move that links to the next attack or can be omitted; damage and
effectiveness may vary when doing so

--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--15.2 Maximum Damage Combos--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--

(Combos that sacrifice offensive momentum [opponent can tech] to do bigger damage.
Most combos in this category finish with Double Head Morbid. Try saving
these as finishers to a round.)

2+D -> 623+HS
(6 hits, 95 dmg)

HS -> 623+HS(S)
(5 hits, 95-107 dmg [based on DHM])

(in corner)
236+S -> dash in -> K -> c.S(3 hits) -> JC -> j.S -> j.HS
(13 hits, 104 dmg)

K* -> c.S (3 hits) -> [2]8+S -> 6+HS, 623+HS
(10 hits, 112 dmg)

2+HS -> 2+D -> 623+HS
(8 hits, 114 dmg)

6+HS -> 623+HS
(5 hits, 117 dmg)

1+S -> HS -> 623+HS
(6 hits, 118 dmg)

(dust combo)
D /\ ([8]j.D, j.D), j.K, j.S, JC, dj.K, j.S, j.HS
(8 hits, 119 dmg)

6+P -> 1+S -> HS -> 623+HS
(7 hits, 133 dmg)

(50% tension)
2+D -> 623+HS (4 hits) -> RC -> 6+HS -> 623+HS
(11 hits, 156 dmg)

(cornered opponent; 25% tension)
dash in -> c.S(2 hits) -> HS -> [4]6+HS -> FRC -> dash in -> c.S(2 hits) ->
HS -> 623+HS
(11 hits, 158 dmg)

(standing opponent; 50% tension)
IAD -> j.S -> j.D -> (air)236236+HS
(10 hits, 159 dmg)

(50% tension)
6+HS(counter hit) -> RC -> dash in(optional) -> 6+P -> 2+S -> HS -> 623+HS
(8 hits, 163 dmg)

(standing opponent; 50% tension)
j.HS -> j.D -> (air)236236HS
(10 hits, 171 dmg)

*can be any move that links to the next attack or can be omitted; damage and
effectiveness may vary when doing so

====================16.0         Random Tips             16===================

Still getting your butt kicked? People avoiding all of your moves? Or just need
some extra advice to boost your confidence? Here's some quick tips that I
couldn't find anywhere else to put in the FAQ.

-Alternate between using Instant Mad Struggles, Sweeps and standing Dusts to
 amplify your high-low game

-Want more options following a warp? Jump Install it!(see Jump Installing Warp)
 If you warp behind a person you'll face the him/her/it and this gives you more
 attack options (i.e. the use and abuse of Mad Struggle that was impossible

-Difficulty finding two seconds to charge SA and CR? Remember some specials end
 in a motion that you can charge with. An example is Venom's Warp; it's motion
 is 623+K. Holding down that 3 while he teleports should be more than enough
 time to perform a Carcass Raid when he lands. Be sure to squeeze every
 millisecond you can when trying to use these moves often!

-When using Dark Angel against a opponent some distance away, do a DHM(HS) to
 pin them or maybe even hit them for major damage. Another tip is to follow up
 with a HS Carcass Raid to catch them jumping.

-Whenever you believe you'll connect with j.HS, follow it up with a Red Hail
 for great damage

-It's surprising to me to hear about so many players not charge their Stinger
 Aim! It  really adds to your mix-up game! Example: after your opponent is used
 to your  pressure loops that involve a stinger FRC. Throw them a screw ball
 and instead of doing the same old Stinger Aim FRC, hold it down a bit. Your
 opponent will be so used to blocking another salvo by now that it'll take them
 a second to realize that you've stopped attacking! The moment they flinch,
 release. FRC it if you can in case it doesn't work and so you can keep the
 pressure going. A bit of a gamble at times but will diversify your game even
 more, so don't overlook it! Can also be used okizeme-style.

-When using ball formation, always have a plan behind it. Your Venom will never
 be any good just throwing out random formations.

-Until you master the CR loop (by that, I mean doing it consistently and
 w/confidence). CR will mainly be used to start the pressure and SA FRCs will
 keep the pressure going. (Grolin)

-Need more pressure loops? EXPERIMENT! Once you get the hang of standard stuff,
 get creative! The main purpose of this FAQ is to get you started on making
 your own strings and loops to enhance your game.

-Remember that it's more important to go for the knockdowns rather than maximum
 damage in combos and strings so you can keep your momentum and set-up your
 next strike. Be a river, not a geyser.

-Just because you don't see someone else use a given move with Venom doesn't
 mean it isn't useful. Offensively, Venom is a VERY open-ended character and
 hardly any two Venom users fight exactly alike. He's so open-ended, that none
 have dared claimed they know every possible trick for him! So be sure to open
 your mind in training mode or even in actual matches!

====================17.0         EX & SP Mode            17===================

--=--=--=--=--=--17.1 EX overview (hold L2 when picking Venom)--=--=--=--=--=--

Venom's EX form turns him into something very different. While he still has
some of his moves, he loses the ones that were primary elements in his
pressure/mix-up game (Carcass Raid has more recovery time, lost Mad Struggle
and Warp). He also loses his Red Hail overdrive and Double Head Morbid. But he
does have some gains. His new HS looks weird but it's quicker than the
original, it moves him forward a bit and it can still stagger on counter hit.
His new overdrives (214,214+S & 214,214+HS) do superb damage and it's now easier
to shoot Stinger Aim (which now can be done in the air) and Carcass Raid. He also
gets an anti-air attack (623+K) that's VERY UGLY in terms of usefulness IMO, but
a welcomed wake-up move nonetheless. My conclusion is that EX Venom has a stronger
long-range/projectile game than the regular version but he also takes a major hit
in his close-range game. So I guess you could consider EX Venom as a Dizzy with an
Instant Kill.

--=--=--=--=--=--17.2 SP Overview (hold L1 when picking Venom)--=--=--=--=--=--

SP mode gives you some new colors unless you also press Start, which gives you
an all-black Venom with infinite tension. Picking an SP Venom with R1 will give
you Gold Venom. In Gold mode, Venom is faster, more agile, tougher and
stronger. His Red Hail becomes insanely powerful (close to 290 dmg) as well.
Thing is, compared to some of the other Gold Characters (Sol & Johnny) Venom's
gold improvements aren't all that great. Also, you'll be called a "cheap
bastard" for using him unless the other person is using a gold character. And
if they do pick a gold character it'll most likely be Sol or Johnny, and like
I said before, they're two characters Gold Venom doesn't stand a chance
against. Stick with regular Venom, your friends will respect you for it.

====================18.0             Credits             18===================

First and foremost, I like to thank the creators of this game. I also like to
thank Sammystudios.com for the information regarding Venom's character. Major
thanks to C-God and kerorin of the gamecombos.com forum for giving some
pointers to get me started on getting this damn good with Venom. GameFAQs, for
publishing my FAQ and not deleting my Venom thread. And I also want to thank the
following Guilty Gear-heads in the GameFAQs message board:

Robo Sol: Your determination to master Venom (he even posted a topic about it)
          inspired me to do the same. Thanks for the Venom videos and bumping
          the Venom thread.

Grolin: For correcting me about many things in the message boards and reviewing
        my FAQ. As well as giving good, educated opinions on various Venom

GuiltyChippX: for also reviewing my FAQ and reminding me about the awesomeness
              of Venom's overdrives

Master Frylock: For interesting uses of the ball formations

FogHog: For the Stinger Aim loop

nFNTy, Vegeta7481 & Sie Kensou: for asking good Venom questions that compelled
                                me to spend hours in training mode to

Wutai Shinobi & Craiken: For telling me the name of Venom's stage

Otaku: for reminding me how much I liked the battle between Venom and Slayer in
       Story Mode


WARNING: This FAQ and its creator cannot be held responsible if your friend(s)
hate you for becoming invincible with Venom.

Copyright 2003. Sergio Sykes. Sites FAQ is posted: [gamefaqs.com] [ign.com]

The respective trademark and copyright holders own all trademarks and
copyrights contained in this document.

If you plan to publish this FAQ to fulfill ambitions that are beyond personal
and/or private use, I advise you to let me know first because you don't want me
to find out on my own...

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