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Music References FAQ by DieselMachine

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 03/08/2003

Guilty Gear XX
List of music references
v1.1 - 03.08.03
by JT (dieselmachine@punkass.com)

Version History
v1.1 - 03.08.03
Second Version. Fixed a mistake, added some reader-submitted info.

v1.0 - 03.04.03
First version. Also likely to be the last version.

Quick Intro.
I've never even played this game, so you'll find nothing in here about strategy
moves, or anything like that. This is just a list of terms from the game that
have their roots in the world of heavy metal (and a few from other musical
genres). It won't make you any better at the game. It's all useless trivia.
Don't ask me anything about the game. I've never even played it. I just grabbed
a list of moves online and made this. With that said, here's the list, broken
down by character. If a character isn't listed, it means i have nothing to say
about any of their moves.

Sol Badguy:
(move) Napalm Death
	Napalm Death is a grindcore band that originated in Birmingham, UK in
	the early 80s.

Ky Kiske:
	The last name Kiske is a reference to former Helloween vocalist
	Michael Kiske.
(move) Ride the Lightning
	"Ride the Lightning" is a song by Metallica, off the album of the same
(move) Rising Force
	"Rising Force" was Swedish guitar virtuoso Yngwie Malmsteen's first
	release, in 1984. A track named "Rising Force" appeared later on his
	1988 release "Odyssey".

Millia Rage:
	A reference to the band "Meliah Rage", an 80s style thrash metal band
	which originated in Massachusetts, USA.
(move) Iron Savior:
	"Iron Savior" is the name of a power metal band from Germany, as well
	as the name of their first cd, and also the name of a song on that
(move) Winger:
	An 80s hair-metal band originating in Colorado, USA.
(move) Emerald Rain:
	Emerald Rain is a Canadian heavy metal/AOR band that formed in the late
(move) Silent Force:
	Silent Force is a german power metal band, featuring former Royal Hunt
	vocalist DC Cooper.
(move) Iron Maiden:
	Iron Maiden is a heavy metal band from the UK that formed in the late
	70s. The first album was also called "Iron Maiden", and the last track
	on that album shares the same name.

	Eddie is the name of Iron Maiden's zombie-esque mascot.
(move) Break the Law:
	A reference to the classic Judas Priest song "Breaking the Law"
(move) Shadow Gallery:
	"Shadow Gallery" is a progressive metal band from the USA.
(move) Amorphous:
	A reference to Finnish folk-music inlfuenced death metal band, Amorphis
(move) Black in Mind:
	"Black in Mind" is the title of an album released by German thrash
	metal band "Rage" in 1995.

(move) Hammer Fall:
	Hammerfall is a power metal band from Sweden, and also the name of a
	song from their first album, "Glory to the Brave".
(move) Heavenly:
	Heavenly is a power metal band from France.
(move) Magnum Opera:
	A reference to the Yngwie Malmsteen album "Magnum Opus", released in
(move) Giganter:
	A reference to German punk band "Gigantor".

Chipp Zanuff:
	A reference to Chip Z'nuff, vocalist for American hair-metal band Enuff

	Faust (real name Bard G. Eithun) was the drummer for Norwegian black
	metal band Emperor, until he was found guilty of murder and jailed.
(move) Going My Way:
	A reference to the Lenny Kravitz song "Are You Going My Way?"

Axl Low:
	A reference to Guns n Roses vocalist Axl Rose.

	Venom is a thrash/black-metal band that originated in Newcastle, Great
	Britian in the late 70s.
(move) Dark Angel
	Dark Angel is a Thrash Metal band that formed in Los Angeles,
	California USA in the early 80s.

	Testament is a Thrash Metal band that formed in San Francisco,
	California USA in the early 80s.
(move) Grave Digger:
	Grave Digger is a German heavy metal band, formed in the early 80s.
	Their 2001 release is titled "The Grave Digger", and the first track on
	the CD shares the name.
(move) Warrant:
	Warrant is an American hair-metal band from the 80s.
(move) Master of Puppets:
	"Master of Puppets" is an album by American (former) thrash metal band
	Metallica, and also a song by the same name off that album.
(move) Seventh Sign:
	"The Seventh Sign" was a CD by Yngwie Malmsteen, released in 1994.

	Dizzy is a reference to former Guns N' Roses keyboardist Darren "Dizzy"
(move) Skull Crusher:
	A reference to the Overkill song "Skullkrusher" from the 1989 album
	"Years of Decay".
(move) Gamma Ray:
	Gamma Ray is a German power-metal band that formed in the late 80s.
(move) Hunger Strike:
	Hunger Strike is a song by the 90s grunge band "Hair of the Dog"

	Slayer is a thrash metal band from California, USA that formed in the
	early 80s.
(move) Undertow:
	Undertow was an album released by the American band Tool in 1993.
(move) Dead on Time:
	A song from the Queen album "Jazz", released in 1978.
(move) Spread Your Wings:
	A song from the Queen album "News of the World", released in 1978
(move) All Dead:
	"All Dead, All Dead" is a song from the Queen album "News of the World"
	released in 1978
(move) Under Pressure:
	A song collaboration between Queen and David Bowie.
(move) It's Late:
	A song from the Queen album "News of the World", released in 1978
(move) Royal Hunt:
	Royal Hunt is a progressive metal band from Denmark.

(move) Kickstart my Heart:
	A song from American hair-metal band Motley Crue's album "Dr. Feelgood"
(move) Shoot the Moon:
	A song from the Mr. Big album "Take Cover"

	A reference to musician Frank Zappa.
(move) Last Edguy:
	"Edguy" is a power metal band hailing from Fulda, Germany, which formed
	in the early 90s.

Kliff Undersn:
(move) Soul Survivor:
	Spelled this way, it could be a reference to the 1996 Gorefest album
	"Soul Survivor". Or it could be a reference to the Helloween song "Sole
	Survivor", from the album "Time of the Oath". Seeing the lack of death
	metal references, and noting the abundance of power metal references,
	I'd guess the latter is more likely.

(move) Aegis High:
	A reference to the Iron Maiden song "Aces High", from the 1986 album

	Cloudberry Jam is apparently a Swedish pop group. I know nothing other
	than that.

	a reference to musician Brian Eno
(move) Chemical Love:
	Chemical Love is the name of a Stevie Wonder song from the "Jungle
	Fever" soundtrack.
(move) Last Will and Testament:
	Title of the greatest hits album by the Lurkers, a late 70s punk band
	from the UK.


	a reference to the 90s grunge band Nirvana.

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
respective trademark and copyright holders!

Thanks to the following people for more info!
caer@dragonball-se.com for pointing out that hammerfall is from sweden, not
	Germany, as I had typed in the first version.
lostphrack@aol.com for the following info: I-No, Chemical Love, Nirvana,
	Dizzy, Going my Way, and Hunger Strike
kennytam@foxhound.zzn.com for info on I-No

Copyright 2003 Gerald Thibault

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