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    FAQ/Walkthrough by War Doc

    Version: 1.13 | Updated: 08/18/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                                  | A R E A   5 1 |
                  GAME:  AREA 51
               CREATOR:  MIDWAY Copyright 2005
    AUTHOR OF THIS FAQ:  Kevin Butler AKA War Doc
                E-MAIL:  kevinb(at)technologist(dot)com
           FAQ VERSION:  1.13
                                  TABLE OF CONTENTS
     1.  Legal Stuff
     2.  Version Information
     3.  Acknowledgements
     4.  Welcome
     5.  Overview
     6.  Getting Started
         6.1  Area 51 Menu
         6.2  Campaign Menu
         6.3  Split Screen Menu
         6.4  Settings Menu
         6.5  Edit Profile Menu
         6.6  Pause Menu
     7.  Taking Control
         7.1  The Controls
         7.2  The Game Screen
     8.  General Strategies
     9.  Specific Strategies for Areas
         9. 1  Area  1:  Welcome to Dreamland
         9. 2  Area  2:  The Hot Zone
         9. 3  Area  3:  The Search
         9. 4  Area  4:  They Get Bigger
         9. 5  Area  5:  The Last Stand
         9. 6  Area  6:  One of Them
         9. 7  Area  7:  Internal Changes
         9. 8  Area  8:  Life or Death
         9. 9  Area  9:  Dr. Cray
         9.10  Area 10:  Hatching Parasites
         9.11  Area 11:  Project Blue Book
         9.12  Area 12:  Lies of the Past
         9.13  Area 13:  Buried Secrets
         9.14  Area 14:  Now Boarding
         9.15  Area 15:  The Grays
         9.16  Area 16:  Descent
         9.17  Area 17:  The Ascension
         9.18  Area 18:  The Last Exit
         UNIT  IV:  APPENDIX
    10.  Weapons
    11.  Enemies
    12.  Conclusion
    To find a particular chapter or subchapter do the following:
    1.  Highlight the chapter or subchapter name you wish to find.
    2.  Press CTRL-C
    3.  Press CTRL-F
    4.  Press CTRL-V
    5.  Press CTRL-F
    5.  You will arrive at the desired chapter or subchapter.
    ********************************* U N I T  I **********************************
    | 1.  LEGAL STUFF |============================================================
    This guide may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal
    private use.  It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
    publicly without advanced permission from the author.  Use of this guide on
    any other web site or as part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and
    a violation of copyright.  All content in this guide is Copyright 2005 by
    Kevin Butler.  Only the sites listed below have permission to publish this
    work or to display it:
    If you wish to put this guide on your site, e-mail me and ask.  Save yourself
    the headache of putting up with lawsuits and whatnot because you failed to ask
    a simple "Can I post your guide on <insert site>?".  If you wish to use info
    in this guide, please acknowledge that you have done so.  If I don't respond or
    I say no, accept it as fact.  This especially goes out to Dave at
    www.cheatcc.com since he has a habit of taking guides without permission.  In
    addition, do not modify this guide in any way whatsoever to suit your purposes.
    The latest version can always be found at www.gamefaqs.com.
    If you see this guide on any other site then the one listed above, please
    e-mail me.  If you wish to ask questions or give input to this guide, please
    e-mail me.  Just have Area 51 as the subject so I know it isn't another kooky
    vendor trying to sell me hair gel or another XXX site telling me I have new
    | 2.  VERSION INFORMATION |====================================================
    Version 1.0    5/20/05:  A guide is born.
    Version 1.1    5/22/05:  1.  Added two units for Playing the Game and the
                             2.  Added additional chapters for gameplay.
    Version 1.11   6/ 4/05:  Fixed a header.
    Version 1.12   7/26/05:  Fixed a silly error in the Overview.  Thanks to
                             nickelboy3000@yahoo.com for pointing it out.
    Version 1.13   8/18/05:  Fixed Chapter 16 which accidently read as Chapter 19.
    | 3.  ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS |=======================================================
    The following are a list of people or organizations that have made this FAQ
    My wonderful family (who has had to put up with the tapping on the keyboard)
    Midway for making a great game
    GameFAQ's for putting up this FAQ
    nickelboy3000@yahoo.com for pointing out my oversight for putting Blackhawk,
    not Blackbird for the SR71 in the Overview
    | 4.  WELCOME |================================================================
    Welcome to my FAQ for Area 51.  Since this is an action/adventure game, there
    is no walkthrough per se.  Instead, this FAQ is broken up into parts.  First
    you will be given an explanation of choices you have for playing the game.
    Next, you will be given all the possible commands you can give with a brief
    description of what those commands are.  The last part is dedicated to
    strategy.  This strategy will give you an idea on how to fulfill the
    requirements for getting the various items or doing the various tasks required
    to complete each area.  Input is appreciated along with constructive criticism.
    If you wish to e-mail me thoughts on this FAQ, better ways of doing things,
    other strategies, etc., feel free.  Make sure you put Area 51 in the subject.
    If you don't, I'm liable to discard the e-mail as spam.
    | 5.  OVERVIEW |===============================================================
    Area 51 has always been shrouded in mystery.  Part of the governments "Black
    Ops" program, many things, both known and unknown, have been done at Area 51.
    Things such as the U2 spy plane and the SR-71 Blackbird were developed there.
    Also, weapons and other "exotic" things have been rumored to be developed and
    test there.  The big thing Area 51 is rumored to contain are the bodies of
    alien life forms.  In addition to the bodies, they are also purported to be
    working with these aliens in developing new technologies.
    In this game, after the alien spaceship crash, in Roswell, in 1947, the
    government has been covering up the fact that they have been working with the
    Grays on some new wonder weapons.  At the forefront of these efforts have been
    Dr. Cray and Mr. White.  In exchange for a few human subjects, they have
    received the latest in "cutting-edge" technology.  Their main purpose is to
    help the Gray's to develop a super-weapon codenamed Theta to assist in their
    war.  Of course, Mr. White become corrupted by the power the Gray's offer and
    Dr. Cray wants to put a stop to it.  He does this by releasing the viral
    contagion into the facility and forcing the military to respond to hopefully
    stop this madness.
    ******************************** U N I T  II **********************************
    | 6.  GETTING STARTED |========================================================
    Once the game has loaded you will get the main Area 51 menu.
    | 6.1  Area 51 Menu |----------------------------------------------------------
    You will get the following choices for this menu:
    CAMPAIGN       :  Start a new campaign or resume one already in progress.
    SPLIT SCREEN   :  Allows you to play head-to-head against another player.
    ONLINE         :  If you are set up to the net, allows you to play online.
    SETTINGS       :  Allows you to adjust settings for your game.
    MANAGE PROFILES:  Allows you to create, edit, or delete profiles.
    CREDITS        :  Shows you all the wonderful people that made this game
    | 6.2  Campaign Menu |---------------------------------------------------------
    You may have to load up, or create a profile before you get to this menu.
    NEW CAMPAIGN   :  Allows you to start a new campaign.
    RESUME CAMPAIGN:  Allows you to continue a campaign already in progress.  You
                      will be allowed to go back to any checkpoints you have
                      already cleared.
    EDIT PROFILE   :  Gives you options on adjusting your profile for both single
                      and online play.
    DATABANK       :  Allows you to examine further the items you have scanned in
                      the different areas.
    SECRETS        :  Allows you to see Dr. Cray's and Mr. White's take on things
                      in the form of videos.
    EXTRAS         :  As you unlock them, shows you about the making of the game
                      and reviews of key characters.
    | 6.3  Split Screen Menu |-----------------------------------------------------
    These options allow you to choose the players, contest conditions, and areas
    for these deathmatches to be conducted in.
    | 6.4  Settings Menu |---------------------------------------------------------
    Allows you to change various aspects on sound and appearance of the game.
    EFFECTS VOLUME:  Changes the volume of sound effects.
    MUSIC VOLUME  :  Changes the volume of music in the game.
    SPEECH VOLUME :  Changes the volume of speech in the game.
    STEREO SETUP  :  Your choices are Surround, Stereo, or Mono.
    HEADSET SETUP :  Make sure that you can use a headset during online play.
    | 6.5  Edit Profile Menu |-----------------------------------------------------
    Allows you to further fine tune the specific profile.
    CONTROLS           :  Allows you to change things such as Inverting the Y axis,
                          Horizontal and Vertical Sensitivities, Crouch Toggle,
                          Vibration, and Auto-Switch Weapon.
    MULTIPLAYER AVATAR :  Allows you to choose what your avatar looks like during
                          multi-player games.
    CAMPAIGN DIFFICULTY:  Allows you to choose from Easy, Medium, or Hard.
    ONLINE STATUS      :  Checks to make sure you have an online connection.
    AUTOSAVE STATUS    :  Determines whether you have autosave activated or de-
    | 6.6  Pause Menu |------------------------------------------------------------
    You can do a couple of things from the Pause Menu:
    RESUME         :  Resume the current game.
    QUIT           :  Quit the current game and return to Campaign Menu.
    PROFILE OPTIONS:  Brings you to the Edit Profile Menu.
    SETTINGS       :  Brings you to the Settings Menu.
    | 7.  TAKING CONTROL |=========================================================
    / 7.1  The Controls /__________________________________________________________
    The controls for this game are pretty simple.  It is just a matter of being
    able to use them for split-second decisions.
                                     << HUMAN >>
                  | BUTTON INVOLVED     | RESULT                   |
                  | LEFT ANALOG STICK   |                          |
                  | OR DIRECTIONAL      | CONTROL YOUR CHARACTER   |
                  | BUTTONS             |                          |
                  | X                   | ACTION/RELOAD WEAPON     |
                  | SQUARE              | THROW GRENADE            |
                  | TRIANGLE            | CYCLE TO PREVIOUS WEAPON |
                  | CIRCLE              | CYCLE TO NEXT WEAPON     |
                  | R1                  | FIRE WEAPON              |
                  | R2                  | USE WEAPON'S SECONDARY   |
                  |                     | ABILITY                  |
                  | L1                  | JUMP                     |
                  | L2                  | CROUCH                   |
                  | L3                  | ACTIVATE FLASHLIGHT      |
                  | R3                  | MELEE WITH OPPONENT      |
                  | DIRECTIONAL PAD     | LEAN LEFT OR RIGHT       |
                  | LEFT/RIGHT          |                          |
                  | DIRECTIONAL PAD UP  | TURN INTO A MUTANT       |
                  | START               | PAUSE MENU               |
                  | SELECT              | SHOW OBJECTIVE           |
                                     << MUTANT >>
                  | BUTTON INVOLVED     | RESULT                   |
                  | LEFT ANALOG STICK   |                          |
                  | OR DIRECTIONAL      | CONTROL YOUR MUTANT      |
                  | BUTTONS             |                          |
                  | R1                  | LAUNCH PARASITES         |
                  | R2                  | LAUNCH CONTAGION         |
                  | L1                  | JUMP                     |
                  | L2                  | CROUCH                   |
                  | R3                  | USE CLAWS TO MELEE       |
                  | DIRECTIONAL PAD     | LEAN LEFT OR RIGHT       |
                  | LEFT/RIGHT          |                          |
                  | DIRECTIONAL PAD UP  | TURN INTO A HUMAN        |
    / 7.2  The Game Screen /_______________________________________________________
    This is the primary game screen:
    |                                                                   |
    |  CURRENT OBJECTIVE                                                |
    |  CHECKPOINT                                                       |
    |                                                                   |
    |                                                                   |
    |                                                                   |
    |                                                                   |
    |                                                                   |
    |                                 < DISTANCE/DIRECTION TO           |
    |                                   NEXT OBJECTIVE                  |
    |                                                                   |
    |                                                                   |
    |                                                                 | |
    |                                                       SCANNER ->| |
    |                                                             ----+ |
    |      ________                                GRENADES LEFT -> ____|
    | +---+\_______\<- MUTANT METER                          ______/____|
    | |   | \_______\<- HEALTH METER       ROUNDS IN CLIP ->/______|____|
    | +---+                                TOTAL AMMUNITION REMAINING-^ |
    Current Objective                    - What your current objective is.  This
                                           part also will show when you pass a
    Distance/Direction to Next Objective - Gives you the distance in meters and the
                                           general direction of your next
    Mutant & Health Meters               - Tells you how much energy you have for
                                           these.  Mutant power is yellow while the
                                           Health power is green.
    Scanner                              - Tells you how close you are to an item
                                           that can be scanned.  When the red
                                           indicator is at the top of the meter, it
                                           means you are practically on top of it.
    Grenades Left                        - How many grenades you have remaining.
    Rounds in Clip                       - How many rounds you have left in your
                                           current clip.
    Total Ammunition Remaining           - The total amount of ammunition you have
                                           for that weapon.
    NOTE:  Only the BBG doesn't have the Total Ammunition Remaining number since it
           regenerates Rounds in Clip.
    ******************************** U N I T  III *********************************
    | 8.  GENERAL STRATEGIES |=====================================================
    These are general strategies to make your journey through the different areas
    more enjoyable (or tolerable at least).  These also can be used when you don't
    want to look at the specific strategies and want to solve things on your own.
    Again, these are not all-encompassing and I know there are other general
    strategies to use.  These are, though, the best I have found to work for me.
    / 8.1  Save, Save, and Save /__________________________________________________
    First, I recommend that you set the Autosave feature to ON.  This saves you
    having to worry about saving.  If you don't like to do things like that, then
    I recommend saving often.  This is especially true if you are going to do some-
    thing risky or just plain dumb.  No sense in starting over at the beginning of
    the game.  In addition, if you missed any scannable items, it makes more sense
    to start from a Checkpoint that is close then to have to do the entire level to
    scan something at the very end.
    / 8.2  The Law of Conservation of Ammunition /_________________________________
    While you are working your way down to the lower levels of Area 51, ammunition
    becomes harder to come by.  This will be especially true when you enter the
    alien levels.  Pick your targets and use short bursts to conserve ammo.  It
    makes no sense to burn an entire clip into a mutant when only four or five
    shots would suffice.  Besides, if you run out of ammo fighting the small
    things, you may find yourself in some serious trouble when the big things
    attack and you have no ammunition.
    / 8.3  Grenades Clear Out Guests Quickly /_____________________________________
    Have to contend with a room or an area heavily infested with enemies, then the
    grenade is your answer.  Chuck one of these into a crowd and it is guaranteed
    to help disperse said crowd very quickly.  Of course, you don't want to stand
    too close or you may become part of the problem and not the solution.
    / 8.4  One Shot, One Kill /____________________________________________________
    Sniper rifles are great equalizers.  When you have to go through areas all by
    your lonesome, you need a way to equalize the odds.  A highly motivated
    individual with a sniper rifle can do a lot of damage in a short period of
    time.  Keep in mind that you have limited ammunition for the rifle so make each
    shot count.
    / 8.5  Never Fight with Someone Braver then Yourself /_________________________
    Areas 1 through 5 allow you an ample opportunity to collect ammunition and
    other equipment and not have to use it.  That's right, let your current team
    (whether it is Bravo or Delta) do the fighting.  Just find yourself a nice
    quiet corner and let them do all the work.  Why risk your neck when others are
    more eager.  It's always better to be a live coward then a dead hero.
    / 8.6  Mutants Need Love To /__________________________________________________
    Knowing when to mutate and when to stay human can be a tricky thing.  Both have
    their advantages and disadvantages.  This comes more down to personal
    preference then anything else although the boss fights usually work better when
    you are mutated.  Again, this isn't an absolute since everybody has their own
    way of doing things.
    | 9.  SPECIFIC STRATEGIES FOR AREAS |==========================================
    These strategies cover the 18 Areas you will be going through in the game.  You
    can obtain the latest Objective by pressing the SELECT button.  Objectives
    won't be listed since each area functions in a linear manner.  This means you
    can't make it to another part of the area without first completing the
    requirements on a previous part.
    In addition, each area has five items that can be scanned.  These items are
    spread throughout the areas and most are pretty easy to get to.  Of course,
    this doesn't mean that they won't be in areas that are subjected to high enemy
    gunfire and whatnot.  Scannable items will be noted as to where they are
    located and what the item is.
    Each Area will also have one or more checkpoints along the way.  These check-
    points enable to the player to start from that location versus having to start
    at the very beginning again.  This comes in extremely handy if you missed a
    scannable item or there is something else you want to do in an area but you
    don't want to go through the entire area to get to that point again.
    The chapters will be set up by the area name like so:
    / Area #:  Area Name /
    Brief overview of the area and what you will be accomplishing.  Furthermore,
    these areas will be broken up by the various checkpoints you will encounter
    like this:
    | Checkpoint #:  Checkpoint Name |
    Both of the above will have a walkthrough accompanying them.
    / 9. 1  Area  1:  Welcome to Dreamland /_______________________________________
    You have just found out you have been assigned to a Hazardous Materials
    (HAZMAT) team.  The first part of this area is some training and weapon
    familiarization.  The last part of this area has you put your training to good
    use and prepare to go into the depths of Area 51.
    -  Follow Ramirez to the armory and pick up your pistol.  Once you have
       acquired your weapon, turn left and head over to the shooting range.  Once
       you knock off five targets, Crispy challenges you to a pistol competition.
    -  Crispy wants to see who can knock down five targets the quickest.  Crispy is
       a pretty lousy shot and you can do this with your eyes closed.  Once you
       win, follow the squad around to an area with some trailers.  Remember this
       area for later on.
    -  You can practice pistol whipping the dummy hanging there.  Once you are
       done, go into the next area the squad is in.  Before you join the squad,
       raid the cage and the area just outside of it for ammo and any other
    -  Once you get into the hospital area, you are instructed to pick up your
       scanner.  Do so and turn around and go back to the body on the gurney.
       Activate your scanner and scan the body.  You will store "Unknown Skin Type"
       in the scanners data bank.  (Data bank #1)
    -  Before meeting up with the squad, it's time to scan a few things for the
       data bank.  Go back to the area with the large, blue cylinder.  Scan it to
       store "Canister Specs".  Then head over to the area with the dummys you beat
       on.  (Data bank #2)
    -  Go around the trailer until you get to some pipes.  Crawl under and get to
       the body with a syringe sticking out of it.  Scan it for "Health Syringe" to
       be stored in the data bank.  (Data bank #3)
    -  After this, go to the squad which is now in the big area.  Right now, they
       appear to be fixing the elevator when the major tells the squad that an
       intruder (read saboteur) is loose in the area.  Time to go hunting.
    | 9. 1.1  Checkpoint #1:  Saboteur Search |------------------------------------
    -  As you and McCan go back into the compound, you will see some soldiers
       tangling with the saboteur.  Unfortunately, they are on the losing end of
       this battle.  In addition, a pallet of tires has been knocked down off the
       shelf.  Remember this location for later.
    -  Follow McCan to the shooting range.  He tells you that you will split up and
       surround the saboteur.  Head over to the other side of the armory and get
       around the obstacles.  Don't get too close to the windows since there are
       explosive tanks on the other side.
    -  The saboteur will use those tanks to try to take you down.  Let him have his
       fun then peer into the doorway and get off some shots.  The saboteur will
       retreat to the far corner of the large room.  Either shoot the saboteur or
       the explosive barrels next to him to eliminate him.
    -  Before you head over to the body, look for the laptop to your right.  Scan
       it for "Decoded Laptop Information".  Then head over to the area where the
       saboteur was.  (Data bank #4)
    -  You will see a pool of blue blood.  Apparently the saboteur wasn't human and
       there is nothing left of the body.  Before you head back to see the major,
       go back to the area where the tires fell.
    -  Get behind the pallet and overturned tires to find a document lying on the
       ground.  Scan it for "SM-BB Turret Specifications".  (Data bank #5)
    -  Go back to where the elevator is.  The major will tell you all it is fixed
       and get ready to go down.
    / 9. 2  Area  2:  The Hot Zone /______________________________________________
    You are now entering an area that very few people get to witness.  It seems
    that all of the military hardware and biologicals (both legal and illegal) are
    developed and tested here.  Of course, one of those viruses got away and it is
    now wreaking havoc on the base.  Your team is tasked with helping to clean up
    this mess.  This is all described in the cut scene from Deep Underground.  You
    are tasked with locating Team Delta.
    -  Once the elevator reaches the area, you will immediately be involved in your
       first firefight.  A bunch of mutants attacks a security teams position.  You
       can either assist or wait until everyone else clears the area.
    -  After securing the area, collect ammo and follow the team into the next
       area.  Kill off the mutant after the cut scene and proceed along the
       corridor until you get to some dark office space.  Turn on your flashlight
       and proceed with caution.
    -  In the next area, you will watch a scientist transform into a mutant.  Once
       you have control, send him to kingdom come and enter the conference area.
    | 9. 2.1  Checkpoint #1:  Mutation |-------------------------------------------
    -  A few mutants will jump your team.  Once you have cleared the area, head
       over to the conference table.  On the table there is a document to scan.
       Scanning will get you "Alien Propaganda Sites".  (Data bank #1)
    -  Leave this area and head into the darkened office spaces.  On one of the
       tables, you will see a body glowing yellow.  Once you clear out some rogue
       mutant, you are told to go over and scan the body.  "Super Contagious Body"
       is the result of this scan.  (Data bank #2)
    -  Continue to work your way through the office area until you get to the
       stairs.  Prepare for an ambush from above and climb the stairs to a balcony
       overlooking the conference area.  Go over to the sofa which should be
       opposite the door.
    -  On the sofa is a document.  Scan for "New Employee Name Policy".
       (Data bank #3)
    -  Go through the door.  A conversation ensues between Ramirez and the major.
       Apparently there is a way to restore power to this area.  You and McCan are
       volunteered for this mission.  Go down the ramp.
    | 9. 2.2  Checkpoint #2:  Mainframe Room |-------------------------------------
    -  Instead of following McCan, turn right and go under the ramp.  In the back
       corner a document is lying on the floor.  Scan it for "Employee Reprimand".
       (Data bank #4)
    -  Go back and follow McCan to the door.  Take care of the three mutants that
       attack.  Right now, ignore the mutants coming on the walkway overhead.  Go
       up the stairs and you will see the two members of Team Bravo being attacked
       by mutants.
    -  Follow McCan to the door at the end of the hall.  McCan tells you that you
       will need to restore the generators before he can restore power.  Depart and
       go to the corridor that is flanked by two generators.
    -  You will see electrical currents going both high and low.  You need to time
       your run so that you jump over the low currents and duck the high ones.  You
       can afford to take one hit but its best not to get hit at all.
    -  At the end is a small computer area.  Look right for a document on the
       floor.  Scan for "Unknown Artifacts Discovery".  (Data bank #5)
    -  Go up the ladder to the left.  You will end up in a small area overlooking
       the generators.  Go right to the control panel and activate it.  McCan will
       then tell you to flip the generator switch.  Once that is done, power is
    -  After you depart, a cut scene showing McCan getting decapitated will play.
       After the cut scene, kill the mutant and rejoin the team (jump out the
       window to get to them quicker).  You will then have to fight off a gang of
    -  Follow the team up to the next area.  Go through the door and head down the
       corridor to exit this area.
    / 9. 3  Area  3:  The Search /_________________________________________________
    It seems that Team Delta is nowhere to be found.  The major wants the team to
    get to the computer and find out if they left a SITREP (Situational Report) as
    to what is going on.  Although this area is somewhat small, there are more then
    enough enemies to keep you busy.
    | 9. 3.1  Checkpoint #1:  Hallway 5 |------------------------------------------
    -  When you enter this area, you are in for another firefight.  The mutants are
       pouring in from a room down the hall.  In addition, they are also using
    -  Once this horde is cleared out, go through the room and up the corridor.
       You will end up on a catwalk overlooking some security guards attempting to
       keep the mutants at bay.  Ramirez instructs you to go to the communications
       center and see if Team Delta left a SITREP.
    -  Before you head to the communications center, turn right and go to the room
       at the end of the catwalk.  Go in and you will see a short corridor that is
       blocked by debris.  Go to the fallen soldier and collect the keycard.  Head
       back to the communications center.
    -  When you enter, be prepared to get jumped by a mutant from the right side.
       Once you clear the mutant out, go over to the console and activate it.  Turn
       right and go to the desk to collect the keycard.
    -  Turn around and go to the door that has a card reader on either side.  Use
       the keycards to open this door to reveal a short passage with windows and
       flaming rooms on either side.
    -  Be prepared to take down a few mutants as you work your way in.  You can
       collect the shotgun and shells here.  In addition, climb up the boxes in
       the middle of the room to scan the document.  Your scan will reveal "Alien
       Autopsy Photos".  (Data bank #1)
    -  Leave this room and get back with the team.  This will open up another area
       on the lower area.  Follow the team through the door and you will pass some
        burning areas on the left.  At the second area, shoot the fire extinguisher
       to subdue the flames.
    -  Carefully enter this small area to scan the document.  The document is
       "Pictures of Human Oddities".  (Data bank #2)
    -  When you enter the lab area, take out the mutants that attack, then go to
       the far side of the room to the green cylinder on the floor (it is located
       next to the fallen power cord).  Scan the cylinder for "Mite Jar".
       (Data bank #3)
    | 9. 3.2  Checkpoint #2:  Heads Up |-------------------------------------------
    -  Get ready for another firefight as you enter the next large area.  Help to
       defend against the mutant attack.  Mutants will come from both the ground
       level and the upper platforms.  Once you have cleared them out, head for the
       stairs opposite the burning stairs.
    -  As soon as you move, a cut scene will show a portion of the wall collapsing.
       A large number of Mites will come out of the wall and attack.  These things
       are small and quick so be ready to let loose on them and keep moving around.
    | 9. 3.3  Checkpoint #3:  Crispy Hacks |---------------------------------------
    -  Once you dispose of the mites, Ramirez will lead you to a room where Crispy
       can override the security system.  Unfortunately, he needs the proper key-
       card to do this.  Guess what...you just volunteered to retrieve said card.
    -  Go over the catwalk to the door.  The power is down again so be ready for
       action.  Three mutants will attempt to make "friends" with you, return the
       kind gesture.  Go right down the wrecked hallway.  At the doorway, look down
       to collect the arm.
    -  Go further back in the room and look left.  You will see a pool of blue goo
       on the floor.  Get out the scanner and scan it.  You will get "Unknown
       Lifeform" as the result.  (Data bank #4)
    -  You may have to cap a couple more mutants before you get to the armory door.
       Once you get through the first door, you will see a mutant munching on some-
       body within the armory.  Use the hand you "borrowed" on one scanner and put
       your hand on the other to open the door.
    -  Take out the mutant as it comes out to feast on you.  When you enter, go
       right to take care of the other mutant lurking in the locker area.  Then
       shoot the glass over all the weapons and collect everything you can.
    -  After this, look to the right of the entrance for a wall with cubbyholes.
       The security card is in one of these holes.  Once you get the card, go to
       the desk next to the entrance and scan the document.  This will get you the
       "Vechtol Work Order".  (Data bank #5)
    -  Take out any mutant roadblocks and get back to Crispy with the card.  A
       countdown will start at 45 seconds.  You must keep the mutants away from
       Crispy while he hacks the system.  If Crispy has to fight, the clock goes up
       instead of down.
    -  After the system is hacked, escape through the door on the right to finish
       this area.
    / 9. 4  Area  4:  They Get Bigger /____________________________________________
    Looks like things just went from bad to worse.  You must find a way out of the
    complex while surrounded by mutants and other strange creatures.  The SITREP
    from Team Delta doesn't look good and you are knee-deep in the hoopla.  You
    will now get to encounter Black Op soldiers for this area.  Move only in be-
    tween waves of enemy soldiers.
    | 9. 4.1  Checkpoint #1:  Overrun |--------------------------------------------
    -  That's right, you guessed it, another firefight.  This time, you will having
       to work your way around the room to move that big crane around to open up an
       escape route.  First, after the first wave is taken care of, go into the
       room on the right and scan the document.  It is "Experiment Volunteer
       Request".  (Data bank #1)
    -  Go to the opposite wall (from the office above) and follow it around.  You
       will see a red pipe with a document under it.  Scan it for "Star Chart and
       Pyramid Alignment".  (Data bank #2)
    -  This next one will be a little dangerous.  You must work your way up the
       ramp (where all the mutants are coming down).  You had better be at full
       health and maximum ammo for this.  Before you activate the crane at the
       panel, turn left into the dark room.
    -  Take out the mutant and go to the far, left corner to scan a document.  This
       will reveal "Crop Circle Documents".  (Data bank #3)
    -  You may have to fight your way out of this room.  Either way, go to the
       crane control panel and activate it.  It will move the crane backwards.  Go
       down the ramp and head for the ladder to the left.
    -  Climb the ladder and carefully navigate along the I-beams.  At the first
       junction, turn left.  Look left and down at the next junction to see the
       document laying there.  Scan for "Atlantis Map".  (Data bank #4)
    | 9. 4.2  Checkpoint #2:  Trapped |--------------------------------------------
    -  Backtrack to the first I-beam you were on and follow it to the end.  Jump
       across to the platform on the other side.  Drop down and go into the control
       room to activate the hanger door and open it.  The crane will move back to
       its original position.
    -  Fight it out with the mutants that storm the control room.  Then go back
       into the hanger and continue the fight.  Crispy and Ramirez have manage to
       get to the other side of the door but you are trapped since the door closed
       again.  A cut scene shows Crispy and Ramirez being used to "paint" the
    | 9. 4.3  Checkpoint #3:  Alone |----------------------------------------------
    -  To escape, look left and you will see some planks leading up to a
       ventilation shaft.  Make sure you are well equipped with ammo and other
       destructive things then head through the shaft.
    -  There is a drop-down to the other side of the hanger door.  When you drop
       down, you will encounter Crispy but he is no mood to talk.  Instead, he has
       mutated and is coming after you.
    | 9. 4.4  Boss Battle:  Crispy |-----------------------------------------------
    Crispy is fast, mean, and he's out for blood.
    -  First of all, make sure you light is on.  Since it is so dark, Crispy can
       sneak around you in the dark.  Might as well give yourself some kind of
    -  "Shoot and Scoot" are the name of the game.  Get off a burst then move
       around to prevent a counterstrike.
    -  Use area effect weapons (namely grenades) only when there is some distance
       between you and Crispy.  Since the area is so tight, it will amplify the
       "splash" damage done by grenades.
    -  Once you bring Crispy down, go to the shelves on the other side of the
       room.  On one of the boxes is a document.  Scan for "Saucer Ship
       Schematics".  (Data bank #5)
    -  Exit this area to find Team Delta.
    / 9. 5  Area  5:  The Last Stand /_____________________________________________
    Looks like Team Bravo has been wiped out and you are the last survivor.  Your
    goal is to find Team Delta and hook up with them.
    -  When you enter this hallway, move carefully since there are mutants waiting
       around the corner.  Once they are cleared out, look to the left wall for a
       large sign (before you do this, you may have to clear out some mutants in
       the communications room).  Scan the sign to reveal "Groom Lake Weapons
       Testing Facility".  (Data bank #1)
    -  Go down into the communications room and clear out any stragglers.  Go over
       to the console to get in touch with Team Delta.  Exit this area through the
       door and head down the stairs.
    | 9. 5.1  Checkpoint #1:  Team Delta |-----------------------------------------
    -  Be prepared for a fight as you go down the stairs into the next part.  You
       will see a group of soldiers on the other side busy blasting mutants.  Get
       over to them.
    -  You have finally hooked up with Team Delta.  They welcome you aboard and
       give you your first assignment.  They want you to go upstairs to the armory
       and get some ammunition for the gun turrets.
    -  Head upstairs into the armory.  When you approach a metal door, you will
       head a mutant pounding on it to get in.  If you have a grenade, toss it at
       the door to quiet the mutant down.
    -  Before collecting the ammunition, go in-between the shelves and look to the
       right for a Large Health pack.  Right around it, on the same shelf, is a
       document begging to be scanned.  Scan it for "KGB Research Information".
       (Data bank #2)
    -  Go out from between the shelves and go left to the corner to collect the
       ammunition.  Head back down the stairs and load the turrets.  You may have
       to kill a few mutants who get in your way.
    -  You will have to help support Team Delta in their extermination efforts of
       the mutants.  Once you help take out another wave, you are assigned the job
       of getting communications back up.
    -  As you are facing the way you entered this area, go left and at the base of
       the stairs is a broken grill.  Crawl through and you will see a body, broken
       wire on the wall, and a document.  Scan the document for "Public Ebola
       Test".  (Data bank #3)
    -  Looks like you're going to need some tools to repair the wire.  Head back
       upstairs to the armory.  This time, be ready for a mutant attack from beyond
       that steels door they were pounding on earlier.  Once you clear them out, go
       into that room and get the tools.
    | 9. 5.2  Checkpoint #2:  They Keep Coming |-----------------------------------
    -  Head back to where the broken wire was and repair it.  Go to the
       communications panel in the pit and contact the major.  He basically
       explains there isn't much he can do and for the team to do their best in
       finding their way out.  Such a big help.
    -  Chew comes over and tells you he has an idea.  Follow him to the second
       armory taking out mutants along the way.
    -  When you get to the second armory, chew will open the door and proceed down
       the corridor.  You go ahead and make a right into the first room.  Go to the
       shelf and scan the docs for "Congressional Disinformation".  (Data bank #4)
    -  Exit the room and head to where Chew blasted a hole in the wall.  He will
       tell you that he will keep the mutants at bay while you go in and collect
       the explosives.
    -  When you get to the boxes on the right, use the wood ramp to climb up to the
       top of the boxes.  Then get on the overhead pipes and go along until you are
       over the next room.
    -  Drop down and go to the small opening.  Be prepared for a mite attack.  Once
       the critters are cleared out, go around the boxes to the explosives room and
       collect the explosives.
    -  To exit the area, go up the wooden ramp onto the boxes.  You are going to
       detour for another scan before you hook up with Chew.
    -  Turn right and climb up those boxes.  Go to the highest boxes and turn back
       to where you dropped down into this part.  Jump over to those boxes and get
       up on the pipes.
    -  Look to the left corner and you will see a document lying on top of some
       boxes.  Head over and scan the document for "Unidentified Metallic
       Substance".  (Data bank #5)
    -  Go back to the exit and follow Chew.  When he gets to the back wall, give
       him the explosives and he will set them.  Then head back to the bunker area.
    -  You are now assigned to get in one of the gun turrets.  It doesn't matter
       which one you get into.  Once in, aim at where the explosives were planted
       and shoot them to blow out the wall.
    -  Be prepared for a mad rush of mutants.  The gun turret should make short
       work of them.  Once you are done, hop down and follow the team to the
    -  Unfortunately, a much bigger and badder mutant is blocking the path.  The
       cut scene shows this mutant basically take out Team Delta like it took out
       Team Bravo.  You and the last survivor go through the hole in the wall.
    -  The cut scene shows you both blacking out.  When you awake, you are
       surrounded by mutants.  Worse still, the contagion is now in your body and
       you have mutated.  You exit this area as a new mutant.
    / 9. 6  Area  6:  One of Them /________________________________________________
    Well, things have gone from bad to worse.  Not only are both teams gone, you
    are now a mutant with a totally different outlook on things.  You need to find
    a way undo this mutation.  Note that Edgar will now start communicating with
    you through various bodies.  This will continue until you meet up with him.
    -  You will end up in a room with other mutants.  Instead of welcoming you, the
       other mutants will attack.  This is fine since killing them increases your
       level of mutagen and keeps you alive.
    -  Eventually a ladder will drop down.  Climb this ladder and go into the next
       part.  Some more mutants are there to "help" you out as you work your way
       around the room to the elevator.
    | 9. 6.1  Checkpoint #1:  Out of the Frying Pan |------------------------------
    -  Follow the stairs down to a door.  Go through this door then exit through
       the next door on the right.  Dispose of the soldier and head for the chamber.
    -  Once you have been brought back to "normal" again, go behind this chamber
       and scan the document for "Green River Launch Complex".  (Data bank #1)
    -  Head for the exit to this room.  Before you get to the door, a monitor with
       Dr. Cray will drop down telling you to head to him to be "fixed".  Once this
       cut scene is over, go to the right of the door to scan the document "Project
       Blue Book".  (Data bank #2)
    -  Exit this room and get prepared for a major fight against Black Ops
       soldiers.  Work your way down to the end of the corridor.  When you see the
       medical cart on the right, look for the document to scan.  Scanning reveals
       the "Gray Experiment Chat Log".  (Data bank #3)
    -  Go back to the other door, picking off any soldiers that get in your way,
       and enter the room.  In the next room, you will see a bunch of scientists
       being held by some Black Ops soldiers.  When you approach the glass, a cut
       scene shows these scientists being executed.
    -  Enter the room to clear out the soldiers.  Then head over to the desk to
       find the document.  Scan to find "Cray's Assassination".  (Data bank #4)
    -  Exit this room and go back to the corridor.  When you make it to the
       elevator, turn left and go into the garbage room.  Go to the back to scan
       the document.  The scan reveals "Demute Chamber Warning".  (Data bank #5)
    | 9. 6.2  Checkpoint #2:  ...and Into the Fire |-------------------------------
    -  Leave this room and get onto the elevator to exit this area.
    / 9. 7  Area  7:  Internal Changes /___________________________________________
    You are now on a quest for Dr. Cray.  He promises that he can reverse the
    process so now you will have to work your way to the lowest depths of Area 51.
     Dr. Cray will appear on monitors from time to time to guide your efforts.
    -  As soon as you exit the elevator, be prepared for a firefight with Black Ops
       soldiers.  Turn right and work your way down to the end of the corridor.
       Scan the document for "Death Request Form Letter".  (Data bank #1)
    | 9. 7.1  Checkpoint #1:  Enter the Leaper |-----------------------------------
    -  Go through the door to see a laboratory below.  Take care of any Leapers
       that get in your way.  Once you are in the lab, more Leapers will attack.
    -  Head to the body on the table and scan it for "Leaper Vivisection".
       (Data bank #2)
    -  Go across the room to where the caged mutant is.  Use the switch on the wall
       to open the door to a room across from where you are at.  Go to this room
       and scan the document for "Mutant Vision".  (Data bank #3)
    -  When you get to the mutant cage, there is a switch to the right.  For fun,
       you can electrocute the mutant.
    -  Head over to the lift and go up.  Press the button on the control panel to
       open the lower door in the lab.  Head to and out this door.
    | 9. 7.2  Checkpoint #2:  Watch Your Back |------------------------------------
    -  Take care of a few more soldiers in this hallway.  When you turn right, you
       will see a cage to your right.  On the other side is a document.  Scan it
       for "Destruction Orders".  (Data bank #4)
    | 9. 7.3  Checkpoint #3:  Conduit Corundum |-----------------------------------
    -  It seems that the Black Ops soldiers are planting C4 charges around the next
       room.  You are tasked with clearing out the charges in 45 seconds.  This
       will be a major fight as you deactivate charges and fight off the soldiers.
    -  Once the room is secure, grab the Level 3 Keycard and go back toward the
       door.  On the right is a console with a document lying next to it.  Scan the
       document for "Red Ops Information".  (Data bank #5)
    -  Exit the room and you will be on the opposite end of the corridor you
       entered this area from.  Head over to the elevator and go down to the next
    / 9. 8  Area  8:  Life or Death /______________________________________________
    Your search for Dr. Cray will lead you into the thick of things.  There are a
    lot of things to be gathered in this area and the Black Ops soldiers won't make
    it any easier for you to make it through this level.
    -  As per the norm, when you exit the elevator, get ready for a firefight.
       Once you have cleared the corridor of hostiles, go to the table to scan the
       document for "Illuminati Dollar Bill".  (Data bank #1)
    -  Head over to the second, malfunctioning elevator and get the lockbox key off
       the dead soldier.  Go back left and go to the lockbox and unlock it for some
    | 9. 8.1  Checkpoint #1:  Stairwell |------------------------------------------
    -  Go down the stairwell into the generator room.  Be advised that there are a
       lot of Black Op soldiers shooting at you from different levels.  You need to
       make your way to the bottom of the generator pit.
    -  At the bottom, clear out the Black Ops soldiers and look for the hand
       analyzer, on the generator, that needs to be scanned.  Scan for "Capacity
       Overload Orders".  (Data bank #2)
    -  Work your way around the outside wall of the pit until you get to the lock-
       box.  Open it and scan the blueprint for "Alien Implosion Technology"
      (NOTE:  This will upgrade your grenades).  (Data bank #3)
    -  Go back up the central ladder and head to the other ladder to get to the top
       again.  Then head for the lift to get you to the upper catwalks.  Follow the
       catwalks around and jump across the broken catwalk (opposite the SUBLEVEL
       53) marker on the wall.
    -  Follow the catwalk to the platform and through the door, taking care of
       Black Ops soldiers along the way.
    -  Go through the door to the Arm Room.  Head quickly on the right catwalk to
       the other side and take care of the Black Ops soldiers.  Collect the keycard
       from the floor.
    -  The catwalk you went across is now gone so you will have to go down into the
       pit and go up the other side.  Use the lift to go down to the next level
       then use the ladder to go into the pit.  Clear out the mites that attack and
       go up the ladder on the other side.
    -  Use the keycard to activate the arm then turn right across the catwalk (on
       the same level) to unlock the wall panel.  Scan the display for "Servo-Arm
       Manual".  (Data bank #4)
    -  Go back down into the pit and up the other side.  Open the MAINTENANCE gate
       and wait for the arm to make it to you location.
    -  Once the arm is at your location, jump on it and ride it to the other side.
       Hop off onto the platform to the right and go up the ladder.  Take care of
       the Black Ops soldiers on the stairs and go into the door.
    | 9. 8.2  Checkpoint #2:  Arm Room Exit |--------------------------------------
    -  It seems that this generator room has been targeted for overload.  You must
       make it to the bottom of the pit in four minutes to deactivate the overload
       in the four generators.
    -  Go down to the bottom and clear out the Black Ops soldiers and deactivate
       the generators.  Be aware that soldiers will be firing at you from the cat-
       walks above.
    -  Head back up to where you entered this room.  Along the outer edge are tubes
       with specimens in them.  One of them can be scanned for "Big Foot Canister".
       (Data bank #5).
    -  Follow the catwalks around and jump across the broken areas to get to the
       door.  Go through the door and follow the corridor to the elevator to exit
       this area.
    / 9. 9  Area  9:  Dr. Cray /___________________________________________________
    Well, you have finally made it to Dr. Cray's area.  You will have to do some
    tasks for Dr. Cray before he can help you out.
    -  Go up the corridor to a cave.  Clear out the Black Ops soldiers that are
       trying to break into Dr. Cray's lab.
    -  Once you clear the cave, go up the stairs to the right.  At the end, look
       toward where you entered the cave and down to the roof of another structure.
       Jump onto that structure and scan the document for "Dr. Cray Weapon
       Experiments".  (Data bank #1)
    -  Go through the two vault doors and chat with Dr. Cray.  He will tell you
       that he needs to set some things up.  In the meantime, more Black Ops
       soldiers are in the cave and Dr. Cray asks you to take care of them while he
       is getting set up.
    -  Head out and do battle with the Black Ops soldiers.  Once they are
       eliminated, go back into the lab.  Dr. Cray states you need to go see Victor
       to get a molecular sample.  Head to the lift at the back of the room and go
    -  Make a left at the door and head into the office space overlooking the lab.
       Scan the document on the floor for "Victor Weisbrod Cloning".
       (Data bank #2)
    -  Enter the next area and make a right at the cage to the shelf.  Scan the
       document for "Mr. White Cloning".  (Data bank #3)
    | 9. 9.1  Checkpoint #1:  Meeting Vidor |--------------------------------------
    -  Go to the back of the room and meet up with Victor.  Victor is a nervous
       type who requires prodding from Dr. Cray to get him moving.  He opens up
       access to another lab area.
    -  Enter the area and take care of the Leapers that come out.  Once they are
       cleared out, go to the other side of the lab and scan the body on the table.
       You will get "Mutation Extraction Subject".  (Data bank #4)
    -  Go upstairs to the office and scan the document "Decontamination Chamber
       Specifications".  (Data bank #5)
    -  Head back downstairs and go to the chamber to get your body fluids
       extracted.  Once they are extracted, get the sample and head back toward Dr.
       Cray's lab.
    | 9. 9.2  Checkpoint #2:  Return to Cray |-------------------------------------
    -  Unfortunately, Black Ops soldiers have infiltrated this area so you will
       have to fight your way through to Dr. Cray's lab.
    -  Once you are in Dr. Cray's lab, put the sample in the analyzer and head
       toward the chamber.  Get in and let Dr. Cray do his magic.
    -  Unfortunately, power is cut and Dr. Cray only succeeds in giving you a new
       ability.  Fight it out with soldiers and exit the lab to enter the next
    / 9.10  Area 10:  Hatching Parasites /_________________________________________
    Well, it seems that Dr. Cray only helped in enhancing your mutant powers.  You
    will now have to make it through a few areas in order to find a way to talk to
    the folks above.
    -  After you enter this area, you will be in a lab.  Go over to the blueprint
       on the floor, next to the scientist, and scan it for "Alien Grenade
       Specifications".  (Data bank #1)
    -  Follow the hallway around until you get to the severed head in a small room.
       Collect it and head over to the optical scanner.  Put the head on it to
       open the door.  Follow this hallway around until you are overlooking a lab.
       Go down into said lab.
    -  After eliminating the critters, go over to the computer and activate the two
       switches to blow the malfunctioning door open with the laser.  Head back up
       and through the new doorway.
    | 9.10.1  Checkpoint #1:  When It Rains |--------------------------------------
    -  In the next room, go all the way back to scan a document "Gray's JFK
       Assassination".  (Data bank #2)
    -  Go into the next room and clear it of hostiles then head into the next room
       on the right side.
    -  Go to the panel that is in-between the two blue tubes and scan it for "Alien
       Parasitic Creature".  (Data bank #3)
    -  Head back up the hallway.  When you turn the corner, you will see a wrecked
       area.  At the far end are Black Ops soldiers ready to extinguish your life.
       Use the columns as cover and take them out.
    | 9.10.2  Checkpoint #2:  ...It Pours |----------------------------------------
    -  Go up the stairs and past the Turret Test Lab.  Enter the door on the left
       and go through that room.  Follow the hall to the lab.  You will see a
       couple of Leapers attack the scientist, then turn on you.  Eliminate them.
    -  Head to the panel the scientist was at and activate the anti-gravity device.
       Head into that room and use the lift to go to the second level.  Time your
       jump to land on the I-beam.  Then just follow the floating path.
    -  Jump into the open area on the second floor and work your way up the hall-
       way.  When you get to some boxes on your right, follow them around to a hole
       in the grating.
    -  Jump down into the opening and take out the mites that attack.  Follow this
       passage to the document.  Scan it for "Anti-Gray Report".  (Data bank #4)
    -  Go back and continue to follow this balcony to the end.  On a desk sits the
       keycard to get you into the Turret Test Lab.
    | 9.10.3  Checkpoint #3:  Better Part of Valor |-------------------------------
    -  Be prepared for a major fight as you head back to the Turret Test Lab.  Once
       there use the keycard to get in and head up to the highest level.  Follow
       that walkway around to a dead end.  A document lies on the ground.  Scan it
       for "Laser Progress Report".  (Data bank #5)
    -  Go back down to the second level and go to the control panel to fire the
       laser.  Leave and head toward the door the laser blasted.  Go across the top
       frame of the door to the other side eliminating hostiles along the way.
    -  Head up to that balcony and enter the ventilation shaft to leave this area.
    / 9.11  Area 11:  Project Blue Book /__________________________________________
    Well, you made it closer to being able to effectively communicate with the
    major, but you aren't out of the woods yet.  Seems that Black Ops soldiers are
    making sure that nobody can get in or out and they aren't willing to take
    -  A cut scene will show, once you are over the ventilation shaft down, two
       Black Ops soldiers interrogating an individual about access into the room
       behind him.  He doesn't know the codes so they shoot him.  Once this scene
       is over, drop down from the vent and waste the Black Ops soldiers.
    | 9.11.1  Checkpoint #1:  Clandestine |----------------------------------------
    -  The soldier will tell you to get inside for communication.  He dies and the
       door opens.  Head into this room and go to the left of the computer pit to
       find a document.  Scan it for "Roswell Communication".  (Data bank #1)
    -  Activate the vault door and go through it and be prepared for a big fight.
       Take the lift down and go to the left wall.  Black Ops soldiers are busy
       firing at you from the left.  You need to make a mad dash down to the
       computer console and activate the right-hand switch.
    -  Once this is done, run to the UFO and you will be transported into the
       interior.  Look for a computer display on the wall and scan it for "Bermuda
       Triangle Singularity".  (Data bank #2)
    -  Go to the control panel and activate it and go back down to the elevator.
       Run to the console again and press the other button to activate the UFO's
       laser.  It will blast a hole in the wall and eliminate some of those pesky
       Black Ops soldiers.
    | 9.11.2  Checkpoint #2:  CE-11 |----------------------------------------------
    -  Follow the catwalk to the new "bridge" and climb up.  Clear out any
       remaining Black Ops soldiers and go all the way back to the end of the
       corridor, past the stairs, to scan the document which reveals "SETI Re-
       direction".  (Data bank #3)
    -  Go up the stairs and past the vault door.  You will see a UFO hovering
       within a cylindrical chamber.  You goal is to get to the controls and de-
       activate the hover control.
    -  If you want to make life a little easier, get out the sniper rifle.  Look
       across the UFO and you will see an automatic machine gun.  Snipe the power
       to prevent it from firing.  Also, snipe some of the Black Ops soldiers to
       soften them up.
    -  Continue moving to the right and clear out any opposition.  About midway you
       will see a document on the ground.  Quickly scan it for "HyperX Technology
       Report".  (Data bank #4)
    -  At the end of this corridor is a computer console.  Activate it to de-
       activate the hover control.  Black Ops soldiers will come out shooting.
       Backtrack to where you entered this room and jump on the UFO.
    -  Turn right at the middle of the UFO to a lift.  Go down and run down the
       catwalk to another lift and go up.  Get ready for some more fighting as you
       clear the Black Ops soldiers off the stairs.
    -  Go left at the second landing and go behind the automatic machine gun to
       find a document.  The scan will reveal "Public Alien Technology Device".
       (Data bank #5)
    | 9.11.3  Checkpoint #3:  Making Contact |-------------------------------------
    -  Head back up the stairs and go right.  Go through the door and follow the
       corridor to some more stairs.  Clear out the soldiers and watch for the
       soldier under the stairs.  Head to the door to exit the area.
    / 9.12  Area 12:  Lies of the Past /___________________________________________
    Major Bridges wants you to establish communications with him.  He also needs
    you to eliminate the jamming and interference that are going on.  In addition
    to this, you will learn the truth regarding the lunar landing in 1999.
    -  You will enter the Grooms Lake Facility.  First thing, go right and behind
       the boxes you will see a document.  Scan it for "Echelon Network".
       (Data bank #1)
    -  Go to the main desk and push the button to unlock the door on the left.  Be
       prepared to battle it out with a few Black Ops soldiers before you go
       through the door.
    -  Follow the corridor to the next room.  Battle it out and collect the BBG.
       Exit via the hallway.
    | 9.12.1  Checkpoint #1:  Universal Truths |-----------------------------------
    -  Take care of the Black Ops soldiers and descend the stairs to the
       communications room.  Keep in mind that you will be having a running battle
       with Black Ops soldiers as you go up and down the staircases.
    | 9.12.2  Checkpoint #2:  Comm Station |---------------------------------------
    -  About halfway down the stairs, you will be at a catwalk leading to a door.
       Go through this door and corridor to the communications area.  Activate the
       communications and the major will tell you that something is jamming and
       interfering with your communications.  You need to destroy the cause of
    -  Keep going through this room to the window overlooking the stairs.  Look
       right and you will see a document.  Scan it for "Film Reel and Documents".
       (Data bank #2)
    -  Break through the window and get onto the stairs below.  Go back toward the
       tall structure with glowing energy every few feet.  This is the jammer and
       you have to destroy all four glowing balls to put it out of commission.
       This will mean you having to travel back up the stairs to take out all
    -  Once you have destroyed the jamming device, head back into the
       communications room.  Bridges will tell you to find an escape route.  Head
       out of the communications area and go to the basement, eliminating Black
       Ops soldiers along the way.
    | 9.12.3  Checkpoint #3:  One Small Step for Man |-----------------------------
    -  Go through the basement and continue to battle the Black Ops soldiers along
       the way.  Look for some pipes along the left wall.  When you get to them,
       crawl under them to scan a document.  This reveals "Animal Experimentation
       Notes".  (Data bank #3)
    | 9.12.4  Checkpoint #4:  ...One Giant Leap for Mankind |----------------------
    -  Continue to follow the hallway around to a lift.  Use the lift and you will
       end up seeing the Lunar Lander on a simulation of the moon.  In addition,
       you will hear radio traffic between the lander and mission control.
    -  Turn right and head to small building.  Go through the door and to the left
       to scan the document.  This reveals "Witness Elimination Methods".
       (Data bank #4)
    -  Go to the crane next to the Lunar Lander and you will find out you need two
       batteries to activate it.  The first battery is behind the Lunar Lander and
       the second battery is to the right of the Lunar Lander next to the forklift.
    -  Once you have inserted the batteries and taken care of the Black Ops
       soldiers, activate the ladder to allow you access to the hanging light
       runners.  Go back toward the area you entered from and head for the second
       floor walkway.
    -  Jump from the runner onto the walkway and go around to the door.  Go
       through the door and eliminate the enemies.  Go to the computer consoles and
       look for a document.  Scan for "Future Mars Landing".  (Data bank #5)
    -  Exit this area.
    / 9.13  Area 13:  Buried Secrets /_____________________________________________
    Looks like you are deep underground now.  You will need to watch your step as
    any bad move will put you in the lava below.  This area is crawling with Black
    Ops soldiers and Leapers so be ready for action.
    -  As you enter this area, be prepared to take out a few enemies.  Watch out
       for the Leaper that crawls from the pit to the left.
    -  Go behind the lift you went down and look for the document.  Scan it for
       "BBG Specification Sheet".  (Data bank #1)
    | 9.13.1  Checkpoint #1:  The Refinery |---------------------------------------
    -  Follow the corridor around to a large cave.  You will have to take down not
       only the usual enemies in this place, but also the automatic turrets.  Use
       your sniper rifle to clear the two turrets from in front of the cage.
    -  Once the turrets are cleared out, go straight and look left for some pipes
       going under the metal grating.  Get on these pipes and crawl to the end to
       scan the document.  The scan reveals "Alien Skeletal System".
       (Data bank #2)
    -  Backtrack and head toward the area where the two turrets are.  Turn right
       and use the ladder to climb up to the pipes.  Go to the end to scan the
       blue, "Y" shaped structure.  The scan reveals "Alien Metallurgy".
       (Data bank #3)
    -  Backtrack and follow the pipes until you are past the door into the cage.
       Drop down and get ready to battle the Leapers that come out to "greet" you.
    | 9.13.2  Checkpoint #2:  The Bridge |-----------------------------------------
    -  You will eventually make it to a bridge.  Battle your way across and look to
       the left and climb the boxes on the left for a document.  Scan it for
       "Population Control Documentation".  (Data bank #4)
    -  Go into the next corridor and to the next cave.  There are several Black Ops
       soldiers both on the ground and bunkers in the walls of the cave.  Use
       either your sniper rifle or BBG to clear this area.
    -  Once all enemies are cleared out, go along the right edge until you see a
       catwalk below.  Drop onto that catwalk and go to where it turns left.
    -  You will see a break in the railing and pipes running under the catwalk.
       Get on those pipes and crawl under the catwalk until you are in the bunker
       complex.  Climb the ladder to get into the bunker and prepare for another
    -  Climb the ladder inside to get to the document.  Scan it for "Cloaking
       Device Report".  (Data bank #5)
    -  Go back down the ladder and eliminate any hostiles that are left.  Activate
       the override switch for the security lockdown and crawl under the door then
       go across to the next door to exit this area.
    / 9.14  Area 14:  Now Boarding /_______________________________________________
    As you battle your way through the caves, you will eventually come upon those
    who are guiding the missions at Area 51.  As per the last area, there are still
    a lot of hazards, besides the enemies, to contend with.
    -  Head through the corridor until you get to a glassed-in bunker.  The
       scientist within is grateful for your appearance and opens the security
    -  Go inside and take care of the Leaper crawling from the pit.  Go over to the
       machinery on the other side of the pit and scan the document for "Alien
       Language Leak Closure".  (Data bank #1)
    -  Head left toward the bridge.  Clear out the enemies on and around the bridge
       and proceed across until you get to a large cave.  You will again have to
       deal with automatic turrets in this cave so eliminate them as you did the
    -  Once you clear out the cave of enemies, head right to the bridge control
       room.  At the bridge controls, scan the document for "Alien Artifact Storage
       List".  (Data bank #2)
    -  Activate the bridge controls and head across it.  Keep to the left side and
       climb up onto that platform.  Climb up the ladder to the second floor.  Go
       to the second light on the right and scan the document for "Personal Diary
       Recording".  (Data bank #4)
    -  Go back and get the good doctor and escort him across the bridge so that he
       can open the door across the bridge.
    | 9.14.1  Checkpoint #1:  Hold off the Enemy Forces |--------------------------
    -  Climb back up to the left side and blast the enemies while the good doctor
       opens the door.  A lot of enemies will try to get through so make sure you
       hit for maximum effect.
    | 9.14.2  Checkpoint #2:  The Airlock |----------------------------------------
    -  Once the door is open, the scientist states he will stay until help arrives.
       Go through the corridor until you get to the dead end.  Look for some
       dynamite in the area.
    -  Grab the dynamite and put it against the corridor wall.  Get back and shoot
       the dynamite to blow a hole through the wall.  Go through and follow the new
       passage around.
    -  At the end is a very large cave.  Go to the left and scan the document next
       to the wheeled generator.  This scan reveals "Cloaking Device Report".
       (Data bank #5)
    -  Jump down to the big, flat arena for the boss battle.
    | 9.14.3  Boss Battle:  Theta |------------------------------------------------
    Theta is big and bad plus he has a wide variety of attacks.
    -  The main goal of this battle is changing back and forth between human and
       mutant form.  Use mutant form to launch parasite attacks and also to melee
       with both Theta and the Leapers he releases.
    -  When your mutant form becomes weak, become human again and let loose with
       the BBG.  When Theta releases the Leapers from the vents, a well placed
       grenade not only takes them out, but also does a bit of damage to Theta
    -  Keep moving around shooting and avoiding his attacks.  Again, mutant form
       offers a good chance of keeping regenerated by launching parasites.
    -  Maintain this pattern until Theta is history.  So much for the ultimate
       killing machine.
    / 9.15  Area 15:  The Grays /__________________________________________________
    Well, you now get to meet the masterminds behind this whole plan.  Edgar
    explains to you how this whole mess got started.  Unfortunately, Edgar is no
    position to assist you other then to give you advice.  It will be up to you to
    infiltrate the Gray's base and do your stuff.
    -  Once you get off the transport car, head left and through the door to the
       next room.  Go to the panel to open the door to the left, as you entered
       this area.  Go in and scan the item for "Suicide Note".  (Data bank #1)
    -  Head out and go to the other door.  There are alien wall turrets on the far
       side of the room.  You will have to go back and forth to minimize damage as
       you take these things out to open the next door.
    -  Go into this room and turn left through the doorway.  Take out the alien
       parasites and go to the end to scan the glowing panel for "Theta Scan".
       (Data bank #2)
    -  Go down the corridor into the control room.  Head right and activate the
       lifter that brings the transport car to the upper level.
    -  Turn around and activate the item dispenser and scan the object inside.
       This reveals "Cattle Mutilations".  (Data bank #3)
    -  Go through the door at the end and you will see a laboratory with some Grays
       in it.  You must destroy all four alien turrets to unlock the doors in this
       room.  Again, hitting and running should enable you to destroy them.  Area
       effect weapons also work well in this battle.
    -  After you destroy the turrets, get on the upper level until you get to a
       small room.  Go in to scan the item for "Human Autopsy".  (Data bank #4)
    | 9.15.1  Checkpoint #1:  Alien Experiments |----------------------------------
    -  Head back to the lab area and exit through the bottom door.  Go up the lift
       into the next room.  You will now have to battle a Gray.
    -  Gray's don't really fight themselves.  Instead, they generate Black Ops
       soldiers to do their fighting for them.  Your primary goal is to destroy the
       shield around the Gray so you can take him out.
    -  While destroying this shield, make sure you keep track of where the soldiers
       are.  Once the Gray is eliminated, clear out any remaining resistance and go
       into the room.
    -  Go to the right corner and scan the document for "Alien Shield Memorandum".
       (Data bank #5)
    -  Head up the passage to the next room.  Open the door and get ready for
    | 9.15.2  Checkpoint #2:  Alien Toys |-----------------------------------------
    -  This next part will involve a running battle with the alien parasites as you
       make your way through the room.  Each control panel you activate will break
       the holding cylinders and allow the aliens to get out.
    -  Do this three times and eliminate the parasites to unlock the door on the
       other end of this room.  Go through the door and get on the transport car to
       exit the area.
    / 9.16  Area 16:  Descent /____________________________________________________
    You are now in the cargo area.  Be ready for more Grays because they will
    definitely be "gunning" for you.  Your only purpose is to get through this
    area relatively unscathed.
    -  Before you enter the corridor, look to your left and scan the item for
       "Alien Base".  (Data bank #1)
    -  After you exit the corridor, be prepared for a firefight in the next room.
       Once you clear the room, activate the item dispenser to scan the item for
       "Lower Level Map".  (Data bank #2)
    -  Get onto the lift and go down.  Go around to the back of the lift and scan
       the item for "Hover and Propulsion Technology".  (Data bank #3)
    -  Follow the platform around and get ready to do battle with another Gray.
       Again, take the Gray out as soon as possible to prevent him from creating
       more Black Ops soldiers to make you miserable.
    | 9.16.1  Checkpoint #1:  Infiltration |---------------------------------------
    -  Go down the next lift and work your way around the platform.
    -  Head over to the controls and extend the bridge.  Go about a third of the
       way onto the bridge then go back because the enemy will lower the bridge
       from the other side.  This will be a long-range firefight.  Once they are
       cleared out, re-extend the bridge and cross.
    -  Go across the bridge to the lift.  Before getting on, go left to scan the
       item for "Canister Cargo Orders".  (Data bank #4)
    -  Take the lift down and follow the pathway around.  Get ready to tangle with
       two Grays.  Use the same tactics you did with one but make sure you use the
       natural obstacles and only take out the soldiers directly threatening you.
    -  Once everything is cleared from this area, head for the door.  Before
       exiting, go right to scan the item.  This reveals "Maglev Memorandum".
       (Data bank #5)
    -  Go through the door to exit this area.
    / 9.17  Area 17:  The Ascension /______________________________________________
    It's time to disable the Gray's plans for world domination.  You will be going
    in, alone of course, and doing as much as you can to disrupt their plans.  In
    addition, there is another surprise awaiting.
    -  After you go through the door.  Go all the way back into that room.  Scan
       the panel on the back wall for "Alien Power Generators".  (Data bank #1)
    -  Enter the next area through either the left or right entrances.  Turn right
       and blow apart the generator.  Be prepared for a major firefight in this
       room after you do this.
    -  Go all the way to the back left corner of this room and look up.  You will
       see an item through the clear floor.  Scan it for "Meson Cannon
       Documentation".  (Data bank #2)
    -  Go through the door that the soldiers came out of to attack you.  Then
       follow around to the next room and clear out the Black Ops soldiers.
    -  Head across the room and exit through the other door and go up the ramp.
       You will see a large creature in a cylinder on the other side.  Note it
       because you will see him again.  Battle it out with more soldiers then head
       to the opposite side under the creature.
    -  Before going down the ramp, go to the right side and scan the item for "The
       Super Theta Project".  (Data bank #3)
    -  Go down the ramp and into the next room for yet another firefight.  After
       you clear the room, activate the item dispenser and scan the item for "Crop
       Circle Origins".  (Data bank #4)
    -  Go to the back left-side of the room and turn off the containment field.
       Head down that hall and eliminate anything that gets in your way.  When the
       room bends to the left, go straight and scan the item "Scalar Teleportation
       Notes".  (Data bank #5)
    -  Head over to where the generator is and blow it apart.
    | 9.17.1  Checkpoint #1:  Damage Done |----------------------------------------
    -  Backtrack to where the big monster, taking care of any soldiers in your way,
       and prepare for a major encounter.
    | 9.17.2  Boss Battle:  Super Theta |------------------------------------------
    -  As before, running and shooting will be one of your better bets.  Mutate to
       use the parasite to gain energy.
    -  After dropping the monster down a notch, it will go over and break one of
       the parasitic canisters.  Bring out your Meson Cannon and let loose.  The
       blast should clear out the parasites and deal some damage to the Super
    -  Change back, if you can, and repeat.  If you run out of mutant powers,
       using grenades and BBG firepower will knock the monster down also.  Just
       keep moving to avoid his attacks.
    -  You should have at least enough ammunition to do one more blast with the
       Meson Cannon when the Super Theta releases more parasites.
    -  If you do the above, you should drop him in no time.
    | 9.17.3  Checkpoint #2:  Fallen Foe |-----------------------------------------
    -  Go back to the room you destroyed the first generator in.  Go up the
       conveyer ramp and go across to the door taking care of the enemies along
       the way.
    -  In the next room, clear it out and go through the next door to the transport
       car to exit this area.
    / 9.18  Area 18:  The Last Exit /______________________________________________
    This is for all the marbles.  It's time to permanently put the Grays out of
    business and return earth to the humans.  You will basically have to destroy
    their ship and escape.  Of course, it won't be easy since they will resist all
    the way.
    -  Upon entering this area, take care of the guards in the doorway.  After
       that, go left and scan for "Stolen Technology".  (Data bank #1)
    -  Fight your way through this room and exit on the opposite side and enter the
       next room.
    -  Blast the two alien turrets to unlock the door.  Before you depart this
       room, go to the left corner (next to the door with the alien turrets) and
       scan the item for "Alien Turret Life Form".  (Data bank #2)
    -  Go through the door and go into the teleporter.  Then get into the transport
       car.  When you exit the car, go straight and scan the item for "Model of
       Satellite Ship".  (Data bank #3)
    -  Enter the teleporter and then head down the corridor.  When you enter the
       room with the glowing, blue cylinder, be prepared for a major firefight.
       After you are done cleaning the room, proceed through to where the alien
       turrets are guarding the lift.
    -  Destroy them to activate the lift.  Take it up to the next level and fight
       your way down the corridor until you get to a room.  Take out all the
       soldiers and go left through the door to the bridge controls.
    -  Turn right and scan the object for "Core Specifications".  (Data bank #4)
    | 9.18.1  Checkpoint #1:  Unlock the Core |------------------------------------
    -  Activate the bridge and a couple of soldiers will come across.  Deactivate
       it to drop them into the pit then reactivate it again.  Backtrack the way
       you came up to the bridge controls.  DO NOT jump off to the landing below or
       you will die.
    -  This will become a long, running fight back to where the first room you
       entered was.  In that room, you will have to battle a Gray to escape this
       room and head across the bridge to the UFO.
    | 9.18.2  Checkpoint #2:  Road to the Core |-----------------------------------
    -  Go across the bridge and deal with the weak resistance in front of the
       teleporter.  Use the teleporter to get to the core.
    -  Use the red shields to hide behind as you blast the vents.  When a vent is
       destroyed, it shoots out fire which can reduce your health down very
       quickly.  Just walk at the same pace as your chosen shield.
    -  Once all the vents are wiped out, it is time to take out the top and bottom
       turrets.  Again, use the shields and "lead" the target with your BBG to
       destroy it.
    -  After this happens, you will have 45 seconds to get out.  Get to the
       teleporter, cross the bridge, go to the other teleporter, and run through
       the room.  Only shoot if something gets in your way.
    -  If you have like 25-30 seconds left, stop and scan the item right before the
       final exit.  This scan reveals "Galaxy Portal".  (Data bank #5)
    After the core implodes, you see a view of the entire desert going up.  You are
    transported to another place to watch it from afar.  As the scene fades, you
    don't know what is going to happen next.
    ******************************** U N I T  IV **********************************
    | 10.  WEAPONS |===============================================================
    In your travels throughout Area 51, you will be able to acquire various weapons
    to help you clear out the undesireables.
    This part will be set up as follows:
    Dual-Wield:  Can the weapon be dual-wielded?
    Damage    :  Low, Medium, or High
    Range     :  Short, Medium, or Long
    Magazine  :  Maximum rounds in a magazine
    Max Carry :  Maximum number of rounds you can carry
    Secondary :  Any secondary abilities of said weapon
    / 10.x  XM-32 "Viper" Assault Rifle /__________________________________________
    Dual-Wield:  Yes
    Damage    :  Medium
    Range     :  Medium
    Magazine  :  30 for single/60 for dual-wield
    Max Carry :  270 for single/300 for dual-wield
    Secondary :  Combat Flashlight (Press the L3 button)
    The primary assault weapon issued to soldiers.  Great for clearing out a room
    due to full automatic function.
    / 10.1  BBG /__________________________________________________________________
    Dual-Wield:  No
    Damage    :  Medium
    Range     :  Long
    Magazine  :  50
    Max Carry :  N/A
    Secondary :  Intelligent laser aiming device
    This is a great weapon to use once you acquire it.  You don't have to worry
    about finding ammunition since the gun "recharges" its magazine.  Just make
    sure you are in a quiet area to let this occur.
    / 10.2  M-25 Frag Grenade /____________________________________________________
    Dual-Wield:  No
    Damage    :  Medium
    Range     :  Medium
    Magazine  :  1
    Max Carry :  5
    Secondary :  Contact or delay fuse
    Good for crowd control and blasting obstacles out of the way.
    / 10.3  JB Grenade /___________________________________________________________
    Dual-Wield:  No
    Damage    :  High
    Range     :  Long
    Magazine  :  1
    Max Carry :  5
    Secondary :  Actually flies toward the enemy its aimed at
    Good for long range, explosive strikes.  Has a wide blast radius and does
    double damage.
    / 10.5  Meson Cannon /_________________________________________________________
    Dual-Wield:  No
    Damage    :  High
    Range     :  High
    Magazine  :  1
    Max Carry :  5
    Secondary :  None
    The ultimate way to clear a room of all enemies.  Fire a shot from this beast
    and you will pretty much clear out anything that isn't of Theta quality or
    / 10.6  M-11 "Scorpion" Pistol /_______________________________________________
    Dual-Wield:  No
    Damage    :  Low/Medium
    Range     :  Short
    Magazine  :  8
    Max Carry :  120
    Secondary :  Combat Flashlight (Press the L3 button)
    Primary sidearm issued to soldiers.  Use only when needed.
    / 10.7  M-170 "Hammer" Combat Shotgun /________________________________________
    Dual-Wield:  Yes
    Damage    :  High
    Range     :  Short
    Magazine  :  10 for single/20 for dual-wield
    Max Carry :  40 for single/50 for dual-wield
    Secondary :  Fire from both barrels simultaneously
    Great for close quarter fighting.  When you are surrounded by the enemy, this
    weapon does a great job of clearing a path.
    / 10.8  SR-125 "Wraith" Special Purpose Rifle /________________________________
    Dual-Wield:  No
    Damage    :  High
    Range     :  Long
    Magazine  :  6
    Max Carry :  24
    Secondary :  You can use 2x and 10x magnification on the scope with laser range
    Excellent weapon for evening the odds a big.  Great for picking off those nasty
    automatic turrets and enemy forces that are beyond the reach of your other
    | 11.  ENEMIES |===============================================================
    There aren't a whole lot of enemy types to deal with.  Unfortunately, the types
    you do have to deal with can cause a lot of hate and discontent if you don't
    take them seriously.
    / 11.1  Scientists /___________________________________________________________
    These guys are pretty easy to take down.  They usually rush headlong into your
    / 11.2  Security Guards /______________________________________________________
    These guys are a little more dangerous.  They still know how to use their
    weapons to great effect.
    / 11.3  Leapers /______________________________________________________________
    When a human is fully mutated, this is the result.  These things are quick and
    their claw attacks are extremely strong.  They can also climb over and onto
    most objects.
    / 11.4  Black Ops Soldier /____________________________________________________
    A genetic hybrid from the combination of alien and human DNA.  They make
    efficient killing machines and are extremely deadly.
    / 11.5  Black Ops Leader /_____________________________________________________
    Even more deadly then the soldiers due to the fact that they use cloaking
    devices which makes them nearly impossible to see.
    / 11.6  Grays /________________________________________________________________
    These are the creatures behind all the research going on at Area 51.  Although
    they don't tend to fight, they have powerful shields and they can teleport
    Black Ops soldiers in to assist them.
    ******************************** U N I T  V ***********************************
    | 12.  CONCLUSION |============================================================
    Area 51 is a fast-paced game that doesn't leave much time to breathe.  Although
    the puzzles aren't as in-depth, it is the constant moving from place to place
    that can get frustrating due to not only the enemies, but also having to go
    around obstacles and other obstructions.  Another nice feature is the ability
    to play head-to-head with other players and to also play online.  The graphics
    are sharp and they definitely add to the "dark" theme of this game.  This guide
    was a lot of fun to write and I hope you get as much enjoyment out of reading
    it as I did writing it.  If you do have other ideas or thoughts, please e-mail
    me and share them.  Who knows, maybe I'll start a Q&A chapter in this guide if
    enough people ask the same questions.  Anyway, thank you again for reading this
    To see other FAQ's I have written please go to:
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