PlayStation2 Max Drive Save (Japan)

Save Game File10/12/05Spekio13K
File#1 Game Clear Data. 7880 grade to spend at the grade shop and Unknown battle rank unlocked.

PlayStation2 SharkPort 2 Save (Japan)

Save Game File01/02/04Cless Aileron56K
At the end of the game.
Save Game File01/02/04Cless Aileron56K
File #5 - Game clear data. You have about 3,000 Grade Points to use on bonus benefits on a new game.
Save Game File02/21/05Cless Aileron56K
File 06 - Saved on an island in front of a hut, where you can go into it and view every screen chat.
Save Game File05/21/04Cless Aileron56K
Saved at Dycroft in the Parallel World. The identity of Judas is revealed.
Save Game File09/09/04Cless Aileron56K
Saved at the Noischtat (Neuestadt) Arena. Able to fight Kyle's cousin, Rimuru, by talking to the receptionist.
Save Game File06/11/04Cless Aileron56K
Saved at the Ruins of Laguna. Head to the meeting place to see a cutscene between Kyle and Reala before the group heads into the God's Egg.
Save Game File06/11/04Cless Aileron56K
Saved at the start of the timeline of 18 years ago (The timeline the events of Tales of Destiny took place on).

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