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Translation Guide by Tales-Umbreon

Updated: 06/26/2012

Tales of Destiny 2
Translation Script
Original Italian script by Kirameki
Changed to English and fixed by Sair Lenneth &

Alrighty ! So to get started, this website
http://kirameki.altervista.org/tod2.php translated Tales of
Destiny 2 from Japanese into Italian
I did not translate all of this myself, there for the credit
goes to them.
All trademarks belong to their respective owners. So I don’t
want to see this posted anywhere other then
And, Super Cheats, without giving the proper credit to the
original translators and myself.

So here's what I've done:

-I took the Italian text and processed it all through Google
Translate, so it would turn into English.

-I Re-ordered the text to make sense.

-I also changed the wording some, so as not to be so

 I went through this several times to work out all the Italian
words that didn’t translate. When I got really stuck I guessed
slightly, not enough to damage any story though. I think
overall though, its great, I love that they translated most
of the Various NPC. I also understand that some sentences
might be off, so if you want go ahead and correct me, by
emailing me, and I’ll fix it.

***IMPORTANT*** This is the last official update, I’ll go in
a fix some things but they won’t show up as an actual update.
Also if you see a  ------ To be continued, disregard it

** Another message, ok, so there’s probably like, a bazillion
typo’s, so at some point, and my grammar’s pretty bad, so
either me, or NarcolepticSloth, will go through and fix things

Table of contents:

1. Introductions
2. Questions and answers
3. Contacting
4. Story script
5. Credits

1. Introduction:

This is a translation script for Tales of Destiny 2, the sequel
to Tales of Destiny. I was originally just going to use the
rough text  translated straight from the Italian one into
English, but I decided that it was far to confusing, and it
gave me a headache while playing the game, trying to
understand it all. So I decided to go ahead and fix everything
taking my time. I tried to keep the character’s way’s of speech
in-character, which wasn’t easy, considering the Italian text
made them very formal, and not how their attitudes really are.
I will also be keeping the character and town names, the same
as the Japanese version. For example, Woodrow, from the
previous Tales of Destiny game, had his name changed to Garr
in English. I believe Miktran, the final boss of Tales of
Destiny, was called Kronos in English, so I stuck with
Miktran. I will be sticking to the Japanese names, considering
this is a Japanese game and follows the original Japanese

2. Questions & Answers

Q. Will this work with the PS2 version ?

A.  It  should do fine for the PS2 one as well, but there may
be some text in this that won’t appear in the PS2 version.

Q. Can I play this game without having played the first Tales
of Destiny?

A. I highly don’t recommend it. You will be really confused
and lost, you need to at least have a strong grasp of the first
story, to understand the second.

Q. Are skits included in this translation script?

A. Yes they are, as well as most the Various NPC.

Q. When will you finish this script?

A. All done, just needs a little fixing here and there.

3. Contacting me

If you need to contact me here’s my email :

4. Story script

PART 1 - Sair Lenneth

Txt version

/ Cutscene \

Stan: Dymlos ...
Dymlos: Okay, Stan.
Dymlos: We have already lived long enough.

Since then ... It's been eighteen years ...


/ Dialogue \
Cinnamon: Quickly, quickly!
Basil: Kyle, hurry!
Yunie: Kyaah!
Kyle: Are you all right!?
Cinnamon: Hurry up, Kyle!
Kyle: I know!
Kyle: Can you stand? Quick, let's go!
Yunie: Alright!
Cinnamon: Uwaaaah!
Basil: Wha-what can we do ...
Kyle: We're surrounded!
Kyle:  These beasts were near our village ...
Cinnamon: Let's go you guys! Let's join forces and fight together with Kyle!
Basil: No, we'll never succeed!
Yunie: Aah! Look out, Kyle!


Basil: Uwaaaaiiih! I won, I won, I won the gaame!
Cinnamon: What are you doing, grr! If  Kyle had stayed dry, we wouldn’t have
been in trouble!
Cinnamon: You are the son of the legendary hero Stan, right? You could at
least have a little bit of resistance! Damn ...
Kyle: Hehe, sorry, sorry! It'll take a while I become just like Daddy ...
Cinnamon: Anyway, we only pretend to fight every day, how boring! And it
always ends with you, Kyle.
Cinnamon: ... Right! Let's go for a real adventure today!
Yunie: Ah, how nice! I agree ~!
Basil: B-but outside the village there are monsters, right?! If we go out
of  town, it could be dangerous ...
Cinnamon: No problem! If a monster pops out, then we'll get it in the legs!
Cinnamon: And then, if things go wrong, Kyle will protect us! Huh? Am I right,
Kyle: Yea! Leave it to me, the Legendary Hero of the Future, Kyle Dunamis!
Kyle: Alright, let's get out of the village, and go on adventure! Kids, don't
ever go away from me! Okay?

Yunie: I'm afraid, Kyle ...
Kyle: It's okay! Whatever happens, I ... I'll be able to save you all!
Kyle: Gwaaah!
Cinnamon: Kyle!
Kyle: ... I'll save you, absolutely ...
??: Dear God ... That was a close one, huh Kyle!
Kyle: Huh?
??: After so long, I'm back in town,  ... and that's what you say, "huh"?
Kyle: ... Loni!
Cinnamon: Aah,  big brother Loni!
Loni: Hey, you guys, stay away from here for a while '.
Loni: Kyle, we'll talk later. First, let's take care of these beasts!
Kyle: y-yeah!

Cinnamon: Big brother Loniii !
Yunie: You should have told us, you're back!
Loni: I kept it  hidden to surprise you.
Loni: But, anyways, that surprised me. Damn, I got chills!
Kyle: Loni ... thank ... goodness ...
Loni: Oh, hey, are you okay?! Kyle! Kyle!

~Bridge in Cresta~

/ Dialogue \

Kyle: Mh ... Uh-uh, w-where are we...?
Loni: Have you woken up, Kyle? Relax, we're in Cresta now. The kids have
already gone home.
Loni: Oh yeah, I won't say a single word about what's happened just now. If
she knew Mrs. Rutee would be angry ...
Kyle: ... Forgive me, Loni. I regret having to cause you so much trouble,
after it's been so long since we were last together...
Loni: Forgive me? Hahah! What's with the formalness, Kyle. We're friends,
Loni:  After I joined the Holy Order of Atamoni, I left you all the
responsibility of
the orphanage ...
Loni: It was the least I could do to help. Something like this isn’t  a problem
for me. I don't mind.
Kyle: Loni ...
Loni: What do you think, before returning to the orphanage, let's take a
stroll in the village?
I'm looking forward to seeing everyone!
Kyle: All right, let's do that. ... And uh, Loni, would you mind putting me
Loni: Hmm? No problem,  it's good enough for me! You know, I didn't even feel
your weight on my shoulders!
Kyle: J-jerk! Don't treat me like a child!
Loni: Hahahaha! Okay, okay!
Loni: Anyways, come on, Kyle!
NOTICE: Loni's title changed to "Bravo Big Brother".
NOTICE: By pressing the SELECT button on the map screen will activate the
"Chat Screen"
NOTICE: From now on, via the "Chat Screen" will be possible to have several
conversations in certain areas
with the characters of the party and to obtain suggestions.
NOTICE: Try pressing the SELECT button in different environments.

-> Skit
Loni: Let's take a walk through the village, and then go back to the orphanage.
Kyle: Why won't you come back now? When Mom sees you, she'll definitely be
Loni: I  would love to come back right away, but there are other important
things ...
And terribly difficult to explain. Let's say there are people who would like
to see me.
Kyle: Hmmm ... is that so?
Loni: When you've been gone from here for a while, you’ll understand.

-> Skit
Loni: Hey, Kyle, has anything changed while I was gone?
Kyle: Something different? Now that I think about it, mom’s often worried
Loni: Ehh?! Mrs. Rutee? Don't tell me that the administration of the orphanage
is in danger ...
Ahh! That someone wants to shut it down!
Kyle: No, no, no, she just complains, "I've gotten more wrinkles."
Loni: Huh, wrinkles ... You spoke so excitedly, it seemed that something big
had happened!
Kyle: Well,  for her it's something big.
Loni: Idiot! The beauty of a woman certainly will never fade, even if there
are more than a few wrinkles.

-> Skit
Loni: Let's take a walk through the village, and then go back to the orphanage.

/ & Various NPC \

[Sign at the entrance]
"There is a sign: 'This is Cresta, the place where it all begins.'"

[Monument near the entrance]
"There is a monument corroded by time: 'In memory of world peace and the
reconstruction of Cresta.
Signed, Woodrow Kelvin '. "

[Bell near the monument]
"It’s a alarm bell . If something should happen to the city, you have to play
NOTICE: "Do you want to play it?"
"Let's Play!" or  "Better not,"
If you play it:
Old lady: KYLE! Stop this fooling around!!

[Garden to the south of the screen]
" vegetable's that look delicious. They should be ripe to perfection."

"It's an irrigation canal. It draws from the fountain to get water to the

[Woman in orange]
Lady: Oh my goodness, to be able to see you again, Loni, this must be a gift
from the,
 God of Atamoni!
Loni: The Sacred Order of Atamoni ... huh. It’s not all that great,
(Talking to her again)
Lady: Now that your in Cresta, Rutee will also be very happy.

[Man in orange]
Old Man: Muooh, Loni and Kyle are here! Stupid brats! Always making mischief!
Loni:  Enough of this 'stupid brats'! I'm not saying I admit to this but,
do you still hold the "The Strange Case of the missing
Dentures " against us?...
(Talking to him again)
Old Man: There’s another thought that came to my mind, but you entered the
Holy Order of Atamoni, so I won't tease you.
Kyle: Don’t tell me that you still remember when we put a snake in your pants,
seven years ago, as a joke...

[Girl with cat hat]
Girl: Oh, look who's here, Loni! Welcome back! Have you come to visit your
hometown, after so long?
Loni: It hasn't changed at all since I left. However, I must say that it makes
me relieved.
Girl: Yeah, there aren’t many changes, but it's only thanks to Kyle's parents
that in this country we all can live in peace.
(Talking to her again)
Girl: It’s because of Mr. Stan and Mrs. Rutee, saved the world, we're all
here now.
Girl: I will never stop being grateful for that.

[Blond boy]
Joe: Fwhahahah! It's been long, my dear "Loni Girandolone"!
Loni Girandolone: Grr! Knowing exactly that name, you must be ... "Flip the
skirts Joe"!
NOTICE: Loni was awarded the title "Loni Girandolone"
(Talking to him again)
Joe: Flip the skirts Joe, Nelson the Lightning, and Loni Girandolone.
Joe: We are the three that have moved in the direction of skirt flipping.
Loni Girandolone: Hmpf, now that we’ve become adults ... It's just nostalgic
memories ...
( Man Loni, I'm not sure even Zelos did that.. although you never know)

[Man in the south]
Man: Yes! The wood is easy enough to chop, so it's best to try to get around
as much as possible!
(Talking to him again)
Man: There are ruins where the trees have grown huge, but they’re dangerous,
don’t approach them you guys!

[Man next to the water mill in the south]
Man with bucket: Rutee is one of those who were called "Legendary Heroes"
after the battle of eighteen years ago.
As a rule, she wanted to have a quiet life.
Man with bucket: But no, those guys have chosen to rebuild the orphanage in
the village.
Damn, how many tunes can someone pick.
Kyle: You think so, but mom is a fantastic person. ... It 's just that,
sometimes, she has a bad temper.
(Talking to him again)
Man with  bucket: Kyle, Loni, if Rutee is having problems,  tell me what it
Man with bucket: Managing an orphanage all by herself, must be exhausting.
I’m going to lend a hand.

[People in the square to the north]
NOTICE: "They're talking about 'Melee Attack'. Do you want to listen?"
( If you said Yes)
Veteran: Alright, we will begin our adventure, but are we sure to we've
learned all the basics?
Greenhorn: Yes, of course, by pressing the "O", you can mount an attack with
Veteran: Yes, it's also unlimited to, combining it with the arrow key's you
can make four different types of attacks!
Veteran: First of all, for now try to use them several times, and then attempt
to learn their speed and
the range.
Greenhorn: How do I perform chain attacks?
Veteran: Just press the button "O" twice in a row while you're unleashing
a attack,
and of course, pressing the arrow keys, you can change the techniques of the
Veteran: When attacking, the Spirit Gauge is lower (it’s the blue bar of SP
during the battle),
if you get it too low you can not attack, and you have to wait for it to
Greenhorn: And why is that? Is it best to stick to the burst?
Veteran: If the Spirit Gauge is low, the effectiveness of the blow and evasion
is lower, so you go and create a
situation even more disadvantageous. Care must be taken.
Veteran: By SP parades will restore a lot, it's often important to use the
"Square" button
for parades.
( If you said No)
Kyle: I'll be on my way!

[Fountain in the square]
"There is a fountain that uses wind energy. It’s the symbol of Cresta."

[Man with pipe]
Man: My daughter was married in this village.
Man: Aigrette is much better than this desolate place, that’s clear.
Man: For the happiness of my daughter, I have to bring her back to Aigrette,
the city blessed by the god Atamoni.
( Talking to him again)
Man: If you want to live in comfort, it would be better to live in Aigrette,
it’s blessed by the God of Atamoni.
Kyle: But I'm glad I live here all the same, you know?

(House near entrance)

[Woman in the kitchen]
Woman: I came from Heidelberg to get information on the birthplace of one
of the four legendary heroes.
Woman: I thought it was a big city fit for a hero, but it really is an idyllic
(Talking to again)
Woman: I also met Mrs. Rutee, and loved it, she is a modest person.
Woman: I am sure, that woman is certainly a legendary hero! She's a wonderful

[Pot in the kitchen]
"It’s curry beans!"
Kyle: V-very good! (Food snitcher lol)

[Woman in purple]
Old lady: Saint Gods, Loni, is that really you, fascinating!
Loni: Nice to see you too, Grandma, as always, you're a beautiful woman!
Old lady: Hohoho, well I never! I'm fifty years to old to accept your advances!
( Talk to her again)
Old lady: I thought you'd left and gone away forever, though, you're also
getting to be a nice man!

[Bottles to the north]
"There's wine. Wine fermented by Aquaveil - Saints Kill , Alcohol 80%'."
Kyle: I can't even drink wine, but ... I have no idea that I'd better even
drink this ..

Child: Hehe ~ Look here, Loni! I found a lens a while back ago.
Loni: Hmm, a lens, huh. When I was a kid, the company Oberon traded for useful
Loni: But now you can't use lenses for anything except by giving them to the
Sacred Order of Atamoni.
(Talking to the child again)
Child: The lens that I picked up long ago, I wonder how the heck you use it?
Booh ...
Child: Here in Cresta they don’t have any value, who knows, I guess there
priceless ...

"It's a nice and clean toilet, but beyond that, there's nothing special about
it."  ( Always good to know'...)

( Weapons and items shop)

[ Weapons Seller ]
 Weapons seller: Hi! Buy something!
Weapons seller: You haven't bought anything, that's my dog's life!

[Sack to the south]
"It says, 'Miso provided by Aquaveil - 298 gald a bag"

[Items Seller]
Items seller: Oh, welcome! Do you need anything?
Items Seller:  Next!
(If you don’t buy anything)
Items seller: Not buying anything?

( Inn and Ingredients Shop)

Chef: Want me to teach you how to prepare a hamburger?
Chef: I'll teach you how to make a hamburger.
NOTICE: "Have you learned how to cook Hamburgers."
(Talking to the Chef again)
Chef: Want to make a hamburger?

[Chubby guy]
Nelson lightning: Oh?! Look over there, why if isn't Loni Girandolone what
a sight!
Loni Girandolone: Yo, Nelson! How have you been! Always going in search of
petticoats with Joe?
Nelson Lightning: Hahahaha! I've settled down, I cant play like that anymore!
Loni Girandolone: No way. .. You're married?!
NOTICE: "Loni was awarded the title 'Loni Girandolone'."  (whichever of his
friends you talk to first, you get that title)
(Talking to  again)
Nelson Lightning: Loni, you're a bachelor, as usual?
Loni: Aaah! What do you think? Shit! Me, Joe and all of us, had promised to
remain bachelors for life, instead!
Nelson Lightning: Don't make me think of nasty things ...

[Ingredients Seller]
Ingredients seller: Welcome Kyle! Have you come to buy a snack?
Ingredients seller: Thanks!
Ingredients seller: Next!

[Inn‘s keeper]
Innkeeper: It’s 10 Gald night,  want to stop for a rest?
Innkeeper: We will wait for your return.

[Man on the second floor]
Old Man: I want to adopt a child from the orphanage, but I can't decide which
one to adopt ...
Old Man: Separating children who love each other like brothers, it seems a
horrible thing to me ...
(Talking to him again)
Old: Rather, I was thinking of moving to this village ...

[Woman on the second floor]
Rich woman: My daughter was married in this village, but ...
Rich woman: I never thought it was a little town like this! Why should we
deprive ourselves of our luxurious Aigrette, for a life here?
Rich woman: There are so many other countries where life is good ...
(Talking to again)
Rich woman: I don’t know why, but it is too rustic ... It's a place that is
not suited to a person like me who is so refined.

[Going to the terrace]
NOTICE: "It seems that there's something in the bottom ...?"

[Treasure chest on the terrace]
NOTICE: "You got a wedding dress."
Woman: Hey, you! Don't touch the things of others!
NOTICE: "You have returned the wedding dress."
Woman: In return, you can have this.
NOTICE: "You got a "Skin Cloak."
(Talking to the woman again)
Woman: Kyle! You know I don't like kids who aren't listening to what I say!

[Woman on the terrace, again]
Woman: For Aigrette, you just have to have some lenses, and the Order of
Atamoni will run to your rescue with their miraculous powers.
Woman: But in this place I have to force myself to rely on my own, right?
It's more fun!
Kyle: Hmmm ... Working hard is more fun than taking it easy? I don't understand
(Talking to her again)
Woman: And the inhabitants of this village are so nice, this place is really

~Near the Orphanage~

/ Dialogue \
Loni: How long has it been since I was last here...
Loni: ...It's a disaster, as usual!
Kyle: It's not quite as  bad as usual, Loni.
Kyle:  On the one hand, we only had one leak in the roof,  now we have  three
and sunk floorboards...
Loni: ... Aaah, if only the rumors were true. You could fix everything in
a flash.
Kyle:  What rumors?
Loni: Nearby are the ruins of Laguna, right? There seems to have been spotted
a giant lens on the top floor!
Loni: The news has come down to the Sacred Order, and already reached a platoon
inspection from Darilsheild. And I've offered as a spare.
Kyle: But then, what does this have to do with the orphanage?
Loni: Heheh ... Listen and marvel. The value of the lens is ... 3 million
Gald, even!
Loni: And therefore, if we can get it, we could fix the orphanage, and let
Lady Rutee
lead a comfortable life.
Kyle: Great, let's go, Loni!
Loni: Come on, huh ... Hey, you said that you're going to ruins?!
Kyle: Yeah!
Loni: But you know ... This is only a rumor, RU-M-OR!
Loni: And even if we were to miraculously find it. The Sacred Order of Atamoni
is already going!
Kyle: But you want to look right, Loni? Then why did you agree to act as a
Loni: Uhh!
Kyle: But, since you're not, Loni ...
Kyle: "I don't want to disturb Ms. Rutee and Kyle"
Kyle: ... You would have said so, and you would have gone to look for it alone,
Loni: Urrrrghhh ...
Kyle: Now you're doing the formal thing! Aren't we friends, Loni?
Loni: ... my my, it's true that a long tongue is the source of all grace ...
Loni: All right, Kyle. I'll take you with me.
Kyle: So you will!?
Loni: But! Just as long as Lady Rutee gives you permission.
Kyle: I see, I see! Well, let's got right now to tell Mom. Come on, Loni!
NOTICE: "Kyle and Loni have been awarded the title 'Family Dunamis'."

-> Skit
Loni: Alright, hurry up and go find Mrs. Rutee. By the way, don't tell her
right away of our
next adventure, ok?
Kyle: Sure!

~Dunamis Orphanage~

/ & Various NPC \

[Yunie, girl with teddy bear]
Yunie: Aah, Kyle, Loni, Welcome back! Don't tell Rutee of our adventure
outside the village!
Kyle: Waah! You're raising you're voice too loud! Mom will hear!
(Talking to her again)
Yunie: It would be bad... We must keep it a secret from Rutee.

[Cinnamon, with Bear T-Shirt]
Cinnamon: Hehehehe! During the adventure we had a little while ago, I picked
up a lens!
Loni: What, are you picking up the lens for? To make a contribution to the
Sacred Order of Atamoni?
Cinnamon: Wrong! I'm going to sell this lens, and then I'll give the money
to Rutee!
(Talking to again)
Cinnamon: If we had tons of lenses, we could make this place a castle!

[Basil, in baby blue tank top]
Basil: Oh, from here on the floor is crumbling. It looks like  it will go
down at any time.
Kyle: I thought that mom and dad had fixed this orphanage, but we're talking
about eight years ago ...
Loni: We could fix it ourselves. If we had that lens worth three million Gald,
that would put it all right again!
(Talking to again)
Basil: There are so many old things in this building. It's Dangerous ...

[Salt, child with a brown jacket]
Salt: Kyle, you're full of wounds! How would you like to stay in my room and
read from time to time?
Kyle: I like reading, but I enjoy playing more under the sun!
Salt: Noo ... I don't. I like to sit alone to read books ...
(Talking to again)
Salt: Noo ... I don't. I like to sit alone to read books ...

(First Floor)

[Hamster in the cage]
"The hamster raised by the orphanage. His name is ..."
"Name the hamster" (name the: Hamster) "Enter, Back, Cancel"
"Select", "Default" "Delete"
NOTICE: " you called it 'xxx'. All right?"

[The shelf in Kyle's room]
"On the shelves there's old toys of Kyle’s ..."

[Cabinet in the room to the south west]
"Written tasks of long ago, crammed together. Loni: Mathematics, 35 points.
Kyle: History, 28 points"

[Desk in the room to the south]
"There is a book looking rather suspicious ... 'text on the science of lenses
- Elucidation of their mysterious power.'"

[Child Rhym, in Rutee's room]
Rhym: Big brother Kyle, your clothes were all filthy, so the laundry was
Rhym: ... You're Mom? She's on the terrace, stretching our mattresses. I'm
helping with the laundry.

[Rutee's clothes hanging in the room]
"Some of the clothes hanging have fallen"

/ Dialogue \
Kyle: Oh, there's mom..
Loni: Wait, Kyle. Give me a second and listen.
Kyle: Great, I love it! Let's do it, Loni!
Kyle: One, two ...
Loni & Kyle: BOOO!
Rutee: Kyaaah!
Rutee:  Kyle! Damn it...!!
Rutee: ... Loni!?
Loni: Hehehehe ... I came back, Mrs. Rutee.
Rutee: Grr, damn you, stupid, kid! You've never sent a letter to me since
you went to the
Sacred Order of Atamoni ...! I was worried as hell for you, idiot!
Loni: W-wait, a m-minute! Lady Rutee! Hmm, mmh fuaah oww ...! Gaaaahhhhh ...!!
Rutee: Ahahahah! Typical of you! But, your superiors won't be pissed?
Loni: Yeah, it’ll be bad, bad, bad, as well! Anyways, I've gotten used  to
Loni: But, by golly, how I was wrong ... Other than prayer, and healing from
disease ...
Those people, the only priority to them, is to those who have lenses.
Loni: The Sacred Order of Atamoni shouldn’t they provide assistance to
everyone, without distinction.
Rutee: That ...
Loni: And then that woman came, Elraine ... It was then, that the Holy Order
was changed ...
Rutee: Loni ...
Kyle: Well, Loni, get to the point, how about talking about that?
Rutee:  What?
Kyle: You know, Loni is going  to the Ruins of Laguna! And, and I want to
go with him!
Rutee: Huh?
Loni: Well, I tried to stop him once, but this here is not the type who listens
when you talk to him ...
Kyle: Well, can I, then?
Rutee: Of course not! You don’t want to create problems for Loni! Even if
I go with him, you would only be a burden!
Kyle: Not at all!
Kyle: You, Mom, at my age you became a Lense Hunter, and like you, many others
Kyle:  In my veins runs the blood of my father! I could never be a  burden
Rutee: ... And that’s exactly the thing that worries me most! The fact that
in your veins flows the blood of my Stan ...
Loni: Mrs. Rutee ...
Rutee: Anyway‘s, this conversation has already ended! It's too early for you,
to go on adventures!
Loni: ... There you go. I knew that this would end this way ...
Kyle: No, I will ABSOLUTELY go to the ruins of Laguna !
Kyle: I decided that I'll protect this place, until my father returns.
And therefore, I’ll return here with the lens!
Loni: .......

> Skit
Kyle: For now ... Let's take a nap.

-> Skit (out)
Kyle: The preparations can wait for tomorrow ... For today I'm sleeping. (
Still so early...)

/ & Various NPC \
Loni: Nothing to do ... I told you, you couldn’t come with me to the ruins

Rutee: It's too early for adventures for you, young man!

Basil: When I saw that just now, I trembled a little ..., I'm a coward don't
you think?
Kyle: But you also have many advantages, Basil.
(Talking to him again)
Basil: Typical of me ... Although I understand the problems of others, I don't
understand anything about myself...

Yunie: I am so glad that Loni has returned!

Rhym: Pheeew, today I ended up with the laundry!
Rhym: You better not have made more dirty laundryyy, I had to work hard!

[Bed in Kyle's room]
Kyle: Well, now what?
"Go to sleep" or "I still don't want to sleep"

/ Dialogue \
Kyle: A lens that's three million Gald ... huh. If you come home with that
much, surely that’ll surprise everyone ...
Kyle: Even if Mom told me so, I'm sure that one day I could prove to become
as legendary of a
hero just like my father ...
Kyle: Ok, so, tomorrow ...

?????: Rutee and Stan, huh. Two of the four legendary heroes who saved us
from the disaster ...
Stan: What do you want?! Do you want money, Lenses?!
??????: I want your, miserable life ...!
Rutee: Kyle, Loni! Escape, both of you!

Rutee: Gyaaaah!
Kyle: ... Huh? ... Mom?
Rutee: Man, you made me startled! You suddenly started screaming!
Rutee: Well, that saved you the trouble of having me wake you up.
Rutee: But that is unusual! You've never woken up in a hurry like this before
... I know that today ... rain!
Rutee: ... Haah. In the end, it always goes like this ...
Rutee: It begins ... Secret technique, Raise the Dead!
Kyle: Uwaaaahh! Wh-wh-wha-what's going on ...!!?
Rutee: Come on boy, wake up, wake up! You don't want to skip breakfast right!?
Rutee: Ah-huh, Loni has already been up for a while . He was waiting for you
to wake up ...
Rutee: KYLE!
Kyle: Y-yes! I'll get up, I'll get up!
Rutee: ... Ok GOOD .
Kyle: Yawwn ... I wonder what it was, that dream ...
Kyle: ... yawwn ... Mnnhaa mhaaah ... ... First, I'll try to go find Loni
NOTICE: "Kyle earned the title 'Sleepyhead' ."

-> Skit
Kyle: Yawwn ... Mmmhh ... Today, me and Loni ... Where should we go?

/ & Various NPC \
Salt: Kyle, brush your teeth for once. Its time for breakfast.
Kyle: Hmmm ... then I have to go buy a new toothbrush ... Zzz ...
(Talking to him again)
Salt: Kyle, before you brush your teeth, maybe you'd better help wash my face

Basil: Ouch ouch ouch, Kyle, don't push. I'm doing my morning exercises ...
Kyle:  We should get that lens first. Come on, Loni ...
(Talking  to again)
Basil: Aaaah, don't push me for fun, Kyle ...

Cinnamon: Oooh, Kyle, are you all right? You look a little strange.
Kyle: ... Zzz ...

Yunie: Huh? Kyle! It's really strange to see you up already.
Kyle: N-not true ... I really have to eat everything, I can't leave the carrots
out ...
(Talking to again)
Yunie: Kyle, I know you're sleeping ...

Kyle: Morning ... Rhym. Zzz ...
Rhym: Hey hey, big brother Kyle, you're drooling!
(Talking to again)
Rhym: Damn you, Kyle, you're such a slob!  (Poor Kyle lol)

/ Dialogue \
Kyle: Yawwwn ... ... morning, Loni ...
Loni: Hey, Kyle! This time you've gotten up quicker than usual! Maybe you're
getting less sleepy ...
Kyle: .... * snore *
Loni: And maybe not then ... ?
Loni: Alright.  I'm ready now, I'm going to the Ruins of Laguna ...
Kyle: Ruins of Laguna ... RIGHT! Loni, where are you going?! You're leaving
Loni: ... As I always say, a long tongue is the source of all misfortune.
Loni: Alright, Kyle! I'll take you with me!
Loni: But! When I say enough, you'll have to go back, you hear?
Kyle: Okay, okay! I got it!
Loni: I hope so ... Well, let's start right away, so we can get ready.
Loni: It would be better if you sell things at the store, you know, Kyle?

-> Skit
Loni: Hey Kyle, you' done getting yourself ready?
Kyle: J-just wait a second ... One, two, three, here, and two, three,  here!
Loni: Not with the warm-up exercises! I asked you to "Gather all the weapons
and items"!
Damn, those ruins are full of monsters, you know!
Kyle: Oh ... Hahahah ... But noooo, from up there to get there! (not sure)

-> Skit
Kyle: Hey, Loni, I'm good to go to the Ruins of Laguna, on the hunt for lenses,
but if you caught up with the Sacred Order, wouldn't you be kicked out?
Loni: Eheheh, don‘t worry about it!  ( I think)
Kyle: But if they find out, what will you do? I thought you were happy, now
that you can become a Knight ...
Loni: I thought that by becoming a knight, I could protect people in need,
like you or Mrs. Rutee ...
But, in reality the only people who can protect, are the members of the Sacred
heh ... In this case, I leave even when it seems that it's better!
Kyle: Got it! Well, even if they discover us, no problem!
Loni: Idiot! It's obvious that it would be better if weren’t found out!

-> Skit
Kyle: Let's go find the huge lens worth three million Gald, in the Ruins of
Loni: The Ruins are south of Laguna Ridge.  You can see the tower in the woods,
Here we come Laguna Ruins.
Kyle: Yeah, let's go!

/ & Various NPC \

Rutee: Ooh, you woke up quite early today. How strange!
Kyle: Yes .. It's because .. I'm going to get that giant lens...
Loni: Uwaaah, no, no! Nothing happened, Mrs. Rutee!
(Talking to her again)
Rutee: Alright, that's okay. Try not to be too late.

~Out side of Cresta~

-> Skit
Kyle: Hmm hmm ~
Loni: Hey, Kyle! Wait a second!
Kyle: Huh? What is it?
Loni: Your walking to quickly, are you sure you know where the ruins are?
Kyle: Yeah! I used to play near those ruins all the time!
I left bread crumbs to mark the way, if we find those,  we'll surely get there
Loni: Idiot! There’s no reason why the bread crumbs would still be where you
them years ago!
 Just look at that map! The map! .... Okay? The ridge is here, and, from there
go south-east,
There are the ruins of Laguna. Got it?

-> Skit
Kyle: Mom told me that when she was about my age, my father left on a adventure
Which means, I can very well become a legendary hero in the same way!
Loni: Too eassyyy, too easy! You're  mistaken if you think you can become
a great
hero so easily, Kyle.
Kyle: Grr! What did you say! Are you saying I can't become one?!
Loni: I never said you couldn't become one. I'm just saying that you’ll need
much, much more exercise.
Well, try to think a little ? If it were so easy to become a hero, then everyone
would be!
It’s just because no one can, that all those who wish to become legendary
Kyle: Yeah. It's just like that ...
Loni: In short, if you want to become a hero, you have to train 100 times
more than the average person.
Kyle: 100 times more! Alright! Since I decided, I’ll go right away to the
ruins and do everything in a hurry! TEEHYAAAAAHHH!
Loni: Heh, hey! Don't go alone! ... Damn, if I don't follow him at once it'll
be bad...

-> Skit
Kyle: By the way, how big are the ruins, inside?
Loni: Hmm. Well, to hold a lens so huge, they should be quite large.
Kyle: Hey,  maybe, besides the lens there's something else! There might be
treasures and hidden secrets of ancient times, ah, machines, from a earlier
era, that would be great! If we brought them to life , the amazing things
that no one’s ever seen before, what would happen? Uwa!
But even if we discovered something like that, can we take them home with
just the two of us, alone? Guuuuh!
It would have been better to bring larger  bags ... Ahhh! But if we turn back
now ...
No, while I go get more, the Sacred Order could find those treasures  first
Loni: Ye gods, why are you so excited. We're not even at the ruins yet ...

-> Skit
Kyle: Aaaah!
Loni: What's the matter, Kyle?! Did monsters come?
Kyle: Look, Loni! It's the first time I've seen a bird that color!
Loni: What the hell, don't go and yell something like that! Got it?
 You'll see things like that a lot from now on ...
Kyle: Uhyaaahhhaaahh! There's a rare lizard that nobody can ever catch!
Loni: Hey, listen to people when they talk to you, hey, hey! Where are you
going! That's the opposite direction of the ruins ...
Hey, eeeh, Kyle! wait a minute, idiot ..!!

~Laguna Ruins~

/ Dialogue \
Kyle: You said there was a platoon coming for inspection, but I don't even
see a shadow.
Loni: It seems that we managed to arrive before them, in fact ... Oh, I didn't
even finish saying it, and they’re already arriving. Kyle, hide!
Captain: Are these the ruins where the Great lens is?
Soldier: Yes!  I got a glimpse of it, long ago in these ruins!
Soldier: It's thought that this place was once the capital where they were
creating lenses.
Captain: So that's why it's no secret that, there are lenses here? ... I
understand everything now.
Soldier: Considering what we were told, we just have to believe it. The lens
is located here.
Soldier: Hey, Sorcerer Brooms! (?)
Kyle: What do we do? If we don't hurry, they'll get the lens!
Loni: Anyways, it would be too dangerous to enter the main entrance. We would
end up face to face with these guys.
Kyle: Well, what about that cave over there?
Loni: Mh, I say that we  give it a try. Kyle! Hurry up!

-> Skit
Loni: Shit! According to my plans, we should have taken possession of the
lens before, the Sacred Order arrived.
Kyle: Well, now unfortunately we have to abandon your plans, Loni.
Loni: Guah! You're the last person I wanted to hear that from!
Kyle: That's right! Hey they could take a shortcut and end up falling in a
trap!  ( Something along those lines)
Then by doing that, we should be able to take the lens first !
Loni: Trap, eh, so what kind of trap, exactly.
Kyle:  I know, a pit in the floor ...
Loni: That’s what you said to do to catch monsters when you were eight years
old, but that never actually fooled anyone except for you!
Kyle: We could lose them, by making false attack signals ...
Loni: You did the same thing when you were 10 years old ... And no one has
ever got lost by that.
Kyle:  T-then ... We’ll ambush them and run away!
Loni: Well, let’s go with what I say ...

-> Skit
Loni: Hey Kyle, you did remember to get the equipment, right? If we couldn't
heal ourselves when we get hurt, it won't be a joke.
Kyle: What are you saying, Loni. You could give me some credit every now and
then ...
Look, you'll be fine! Mh? You'll be fine ... right?...  It's okay, right?
Loni: Fine then don't listen to me!

-> Skit
Loni: We need to get the lens before those of the Holy Order, and give my
legs a rest!

/ & Various NPC \
[Main Entry]
Kyle: It seems that you enter here but...?
If we get discovered we'll be in trouble, we have to enter through the cave.

/ Dialogue \
Captain: What? This side of the road is broken!
Soldier: We could go first ... The road must be collapsed in some way. In
fact it was so old ...
Captain: NORMAL ruins are OLD! Damn it, we came here for nothing ... We are
looking for another way in!

Kyle: Look Loni its a treasure chest! I wonder what will be inside, maybe
a lens?!
NOTICE: "You've got an Apple Gel."  (wooohhoooo ! JK, they are handy in the
Loni: Well, not that they aren't great treasures, they’re just found so
Kyle: What was that?
Loni: Oh, ouch ouch ouch ... Hey, Kyle, are you all right?
Kyle: Yeah, I think so ...
Kyle: ... Wow! What a bad fall we took. Aaaah, this is some bad luck ...
Loni: What the hell is this place for? We fell on a lot of stuff, but ...
Kyle: Really ... There's  seriously a lot of stuff .
Loni: In the midst of all this stuff, maybe we could find something that will
help us climb.

-> Skit
Kyle: Uuuh ... What's with this place, a treasure in one place and then a
pit below!
Loni: These are the kind of places, which usually build these things ...

/ Dialogue \
Kyle: What's this? It seems like it's still running.
Loni: This is ... A device from the time of the battle between Heaven and
I saw it long ago in a book at the temple.
Loni: You should be able to analyze a machine, or see through things.
Kyle: Analyze? See through things? What are you talking about?
Loni: We'll, see what happens. Now let's insert this bandanna, . ..
NOTICE: "Bandana. Normally this is equipped on the head."
Loni: If you enter anything in this slot, it will tell you what it is.
Loni: Using this, maybe we can find something that helps us to get back up
Kyle: Haha! Loni, I want to try!
Loni:  Kyle, then align "the boxes that can be moved" out here and press the
Loni: You can move them by holding the "O", and dragging. Next, enter them
in this machine.

-> Skit
Loni: Kyle, align "the boxes that can be moved" out here and press the "O".
You can always move them by pressing the "O", and dragging.

[Blue box]
Kyle: What if it contained some kind of item, that might get us out of here!
*After dragging it into the machine*
NOTICE: " you got a rope"

/ Dialogue \
Loni: Maybe if we tie the rope to that branch, we should be able to get out.
Kyle: Gotcha, let's try!
Kyle: Alright!

-> Skit
Kyle: Soon the lens worth three million Gald will be in our hands!
If I had three million Gald, then mother could live in luxury!
Loni: Yeah, definitely.
Kyle: Also, how about plans to build another 50 the orphanage's?
Loni: Stupid! If we did something like that, we'd only ever clean the whole

/ & Various NPC \
(Passing over the canal)
NOTICE: "There is a cavity in which it seems you might catch something."
"You can pass on the rock"

/ Dialogue \
Kyle: The passage is blocked?
Loni: This is the end, it seems.
Kyle: ... Maah, what a pointless hike.
Loni: ... Kyle look out!

-> Skit
Loni: Those from the Sacred Order may have noticed the battle a while ago
... Kyle, let's hurry and find the lens!

/ Dialogue \
Kyle: That would be ... it!? It‘s.. huge!
Loni: Cabbages, not kidding, when they said it was worth three million Gald
Loni: What, what the heck!?

/ Cutscene \
Loni: "Are you crazy!"
Kyle: "Th-the lens ...!"
Kyle: "Ah, ah, hey, look, who  are you ...?"
Reala: "A hero ... Yes .. I am looking for a hero."
Reala: "A hero who is a legend ... Or rather, a hero who is able to change
Kyle: "A hero ...? A HERO! If so, you've just found one!"
Reala: "Oh ... And you are ...?"
Kyle: "Yeah, not really right now, but probably one day ... No, I'll certainly
become a legendary hero!"
Kyle: "And to prove it, look! Look at this mole! It's the same place as my
Kyle: "I am Kyle Dunamis! Nice to meet you! Who are you? Where are you from?"
Kyle: "Oh ... Well ... So, what do you want from the great legendary hero
of the future?"
Kyle: "Perhaps, to save someone ..."
Kyle: "Hey, hey, wait a minute!"
Reala: "You, you're certainly not a hero."
Reala: "I understand."
Kyle: "I understand ... But how?"
Reala: "You're not the hero that I'm looking for."

/ Dialogue \
Kyle: Hey, wait a bit! I told you wait!
Loni: What the hell was that. She came suddenly out of the lens, did nothing,
destroyed it, and now she's gone!
Loni: And what's more, she says she's "Looking for a hero ', huh?
Kyle: Let's follow, Loni!
Loni: Follow it ... That girl there?
Kyle: Come on, hurry up!

-> Skit
Kyle: Let's follow that girl! If we go to slowly, we won't be able to find
her anymore!

/ Dialogue \
Loni: Uwaah! My head ...
Captain: Who are you people? And what are you doing here?
Soldier: This is terrible! The lens has disappeared!
Captain: What! What do you mean?!
Soldier: I'm sure I saw the lens  in this place before! But it's not even
Captain: Where did you put the lens?!  Tell me now!
Kyle: As if we'd know! We don't even understand anything that's happened!
Kyle: A girl suddenly  just jumped out of the lens and now its broken ...
Captain: What ... Don't say such stupid things, it's not possible, that lens
was huge and precious ...!
Captain: Hey, stop that guy! And the man who's with him!
Soldier: Ca-captain! This is Loni Dunamis!
Loni: ... uh, oh!
Captain: Damn ... Your job was to be a escort, what are you doing with a thief?
Kyle: Thief, you're talking about me?
Captain: Who else would I be talking about?
Kyle: I'm not a thief!
Captain: What are you saying, you're all the thieves! Now come with us. That
applies to you to, Loni!
Loni: ... But ... ... grr!
Captain: I've got, Loni Dunamis!
Loni: ... Aaah,  this is the last straw!
Loni: Now we'll have to hit the road by force! Follow me, Kyle!
Kyle: Loni!
Captain: Take them to Darilsheid. The toad will spit out where the lens is!
Soldier: Yes sir!

 ~Darilsheid Prison~

/ Dialogue \
Loni: Wretches, you can't put us in a cell without even listening! What rules
are these?!
Loni: Oh, damn! Bring out the guy in charge!
Loni: Shit! We screwed up big time. To know it would end like this ...
Kyle: Hmmm ... Do you know where we are ...?
Kyle: So, we went to the Laguna Ruins, we found the lens, but then it broke,
and the Holy Order of Atamoni captured us ...
Kyle: Uh? ... And then what happened?
Loni: ... How are you so naive, lucky you!
Loni: As you can see, we’re locked in a cell. Maybe we're in the dungeons
of Darilsheid.
Kyle:: Ahaha.
Loni: And you laugh ...
Loni: He-Hey, Kyle, what's gotten into you? You hit your head? Show a little..
Kyle: Not at all, Loni. Right now, I'm so happy! Because you know, I just
started my adventure!
Loni: Adventure ...?
Kyle: The moment I saw  that girl, I thought, well, that my adventure has
just begun!
Kyle: And then, when  she came out of the lens and said "I'm looking for a
Kyle: It's something that only happens  ... No, not even in fairy tales, do
these things happen!
And then she just woke up right before my eyes!
Kyle: Alright, Loni! When I get back to Cresta, I'm going to travel.
Loni: Travel ...?
Kyle: Yeah, on a journey, a adventure, and I'll become a legendary hero!
Kyle: He who is looking for that girl, it's me! Maybe not right now, but ...
In the future I will be!
Kyle:  I have go and tell her ... No, I have to make her understand!
Loni: In the future, huh... Eh. Hmm ... I wouldn't mind something like that.
Loni: Alright well! I'll accompany you, on that trip too!
Kyle: Ehh? But, Loni, you're a member of the Sacred Order of Atamoni ...
Loni: Those people will be too angry now that I'm here! But this time I really
understand! My place is not there.
Loni: My place ... is next to you, Kyle ... So, I'll go with you.
Kyle: Loni ...
Loni: And also, I'm thinking about how I can pay back Mr. Stan ... your father.
Loni: From that day ... All I do is think about it.
Kyle: ... From that day?
??: Uhuhuhuh ... hahahahah!
Kyle: Wh-who's there?!
??: You say, you want to become a legendary hero? When you're to be commended.
Kyle: Hey, why don't you think I could become a hero?
??: Hmpf, simple.
??: A hero is a title earned by the people, because of past merits.
??: It's not something you get for yourself, let alone something that you
can become at will.
Loni: You talk as if you mean it, huh. Like you're saying your, a hero.
??: ..........
??: I'm not a hero. But at least I can say I know people who have been
designated as
the four legendary heroes.
Loni: The four? Ahahahah, aahh ... We not only know them, but we're in close
contact with two of them!
Loni: Why, they are the parents of this guy!
??: Your parents ... Heroes?! ... ! Of course, those two have ...!
Loni: Heheh! As they say, You're so surprised that you can no longer speak!
Kyle: Hey, Loni. Let's hurry back to Cresta! Otherwise, our adventure ...!
Loni: I know, I know. However, this cell seems pretty solid ...
??: Hey, you two.
Loni: What do you want? Don't you see, we're committed here.
??: Do you want to get out of here? If so, I have a great idea.
Kyle: Really? And what is this great idea?
Loni: Hey, hey, Kyle,  don't trust what this guy says to much!
Loni: Who would trust a guy who covers his face with a mask? How can you tell
what he's thinking?
Kyle: If we stay here we'll turn into mold, and that girl is getting away!
I want to start my adventure, immediately!
Loni: ... I see. Do as you please.
Kyle: Alright then! Then tell us, uh well, uh ...
??: Want to know my name? ... Name and identity, those things are totally
meaningless to me.
??: You can call me what you prefer.
Kyle: So ... Judas! (wth ok then)
Judas: Judas ... huh. Okay, pleased to meet you then.
Loni: Well, Mr. Judas. How do you plan to get us out of this place?
Judas: It's simple. You go out the exit.
Loni: From ... HEY!
Judas: Stand back.
Judas: HAHH!
Kyle: That's so cool!
Judas: What are you looking at? Hurry, hurry.
NOTICE: "Kyle has got the title: 'Aspiring Hero'."
NOTICE: "Loni got the title: 'Wrestler Tramp'."
NOTICE: "Judas joined the party."

-> Skit
Judas: For now, let's get away from here.
As things are now, you're a criminal more than a hero.
Kyle: Yea, nice to meet you to, Judas!
Judas: ............
Kyle: Mh? What's wrong with you, Judas. Do I have something on my face?
Judas: No, it’s nothing ...

-> Skit
Loni: Let's get out of here before the troops on watch find us

/ & Various NPC \
[Monument to the north out of the cell]
"With the prayer that Darilsheid be rebuilt. From Philia Phillis of the
Straylize temple."

/ Dialogue \
Kyle: It's no good, there's a guard. We can't continue beyond this point.
Loni: But there's no other way out. What do we do? Make our way out by force?
Judas: ... Wait. This way, follow me.
Judas: That was the villa of "Hugo", the founder of the Oberon company.
Judas: It was confiscated because it served both as a villa for the founder,
and the headquarters for his company, it
has been adapted into a temple, but there should still be the secret passages.
Judas: ... Here it is. Oh, if you want to use it, try pressing the symbol.
NOTICE: "You got the Sorcerer's Ring."
Kyle: This is?
Judas: It's a tool worked by extracting energy from the lens, it's able to
shoot Fireballs and electricity.
Judas: You can release heat waves by pressing R2, but every time you use the
do not use it carelessly.

-> Skit
Kyle: I use the ring to hit the wall on the symbol of the Witch, so, I need
have careful aim ...

/ Dialogue \
Judas: By using the Sorcerer's Ring, you can press switch's located in places
that you can not reach.
Judas: Of course, using the Fireballs, there is the risk that a fire could
brake out, so use it with caution.
Kyle: Got it. ... By the way, Judas, how come you know about this secret
Judas: ... Why would you need to know that?
Kyle: No, I guess I don't need to know...
Judas: Then let's go.
NOTICE: "Judas was awarded the title 'Teacher of the Sorcerer‘s ring."

-> Skit
Loni: Hey, Judas. How did you know about these secret passages?
Kyle: Yea, yea! And also, if you helped us escape so quickly, how come you
never escaped before?!
Judas: A secret passage like this would be easy to find for anyone.
And since I could run at anytime, I did not feel the need to escape quickly.
Kyle: Uuh ... You already had an answer , huh.
Loni: Don't be fooled, Kyle. This guy is a masked suspect!
Judas: Mhpf. Go ahead and think as you like. However. Would you two, alone,
ever have been able to escape from here?
Loni: Ghhh ...!!
Judas:  If you've realized that, let's keep walking.

-> Skit
Judas: We've reach the bottom, using the Sorcerer's Ring, now we can exit
From that point we should be able to take the exit to the sewers.

-> Skit
Loni: Let's get out of here quickly, before the guards find us!!

~Darilsheid Sewers~

/ Dialogue \
Kyle: Uwah, it's dark!
Judas: Following this path, we should be able to emerge from the underground.
Loni: There's no light in here? I don't see one anywhere.
Judas: Don't panic. We can light it using the candles, right here.
Judas: Alright, let's go. Follow me if you don't take too long.
Loni:  Look who's talking, you better not become dead weight, Mr. arrogance!

-> Skit
Judas: Kyle, do you remember how to use the Sorcerer's Ring?
Kyle: Yep, I sure do! Using it will light fires, right?
Judas:  Not only that. Don't forget you can also shock things and press the
Loni:  You're forgetting another important thing. When you use it, your
wasting a lens.
If you press it for fun, you'll end up penniless in a heartbeat.

-> Skit
Loni: I wonder if there really is a exit below. You can't trust to much...
Judas: If it doesn't look good to you, you can leave us here ...
Go spend the rest of your life wandering lost in the sewers.
Loni: How dare you tell me that!
Judas: I don't think you two alone would be able to get out of here.
Loni:  It only takes a few comments for things to turn ugly ...!
Kyle: Uwaah! What's the matter now?! Hey, Loni, that's huge! I thought I just
saw the shadow of a fish! You don't think it's ...
The giant trout that lives in the sewers?! Woooow that's awesoome!
Loni: .... Haah ... Let's go, let's go.
Judas: Yeah.

-> Skit
Loni:  What a shame. If only we could have taken the lens worth three million
Gald, we would be with
everyone doing exciting projects, and yet for some ill fate we're groping
around in the dark
sewer in this mess ... Plus, we have to be stuck with a guy who has arrogant
Kyle: Hey it's just as well! Because he knows so much about great adventures!
Besides, Judas isn't a bad person.
Loni: ... Hah, and since when did you become so optimistic...?

-> Skit
Judas: The drain should be at a intersection. If we continue down this road
we should find it shortly, the only problem is the monsters, that will

-> Skit
Judas: After leaving the underground sewers, we'll reach the surface.
Let's hurry and leave this place.

/ & Various NPC \
"It’s all black and dark."
NOTICE: "It’s all dark, you can not see anything."

NOTICE: "It's a box of tools. Inside are several items, which one do you like?"
Next page:
"Rubber Duck"
(If you take the rubber ducky)
Judas: Kyle ... Do you think this is really the time to be playing with toys?

* You need the Stone-Cutter*

NOTICE: "There is a stone statue. The foundation of the stone was laid on
the ground, but if you could separate it, it would be possible to move and
drag it. "

[A substance is preventing you from entering the passage]
Kyle: Uwah! What's this sticky stuff?!
Judas: It won't wash off ...

[Using the Sorcerer's Ring against the substance]
Kyle: Uh?
Judas: It seems that there's not enough fire power from the Sorcerer's Ring.
We need to find something that can burn it.

/ Dialogue \
Judas: ... Wait. Something's coming! Be on your guard!

Judas: This is the drain. It leads to the outskirts of the city.
Judas: However, it took us more time than I thought.
Damn, I would have gotten out much faster if I were alone ...
Loni: Yea, yea, say whatever you want, damn ...
Loni: Kyle, forget this guy, and lets get back to the orphanage, quickly.
Kyle: Oh, alright.
Judas: What is it? I'll leave you here, and you can continue your trip.
Kyle: I really want to thank you, Judas!
Judas: There is no reason for you to thank me.
Kyle:  I'm grateful anyways. You really saved us!
Judas: ....
Kyle: See-ya, Judas. It would be nice to meet again, sometime!
Judas: Kyle ...
Kyle: What?
Judas: I, want to go with ...
Judas: ... No, it's nothing ...
Judas: If you want to become a hero, you must try your hardest, good luck.
See you.
Kyle: ... You know, this Judas is really mysterious.
Loni: Mysterious? I wouldn't say mysterious, more than anything he's what
I'd call "weird."
Kyle: Now you're just exaggerating, Loni. Judas is a good person.
Kyle: He could have easily gotten away from here alone, yet he took us with
Kyle: And then, he even encouraged me!
Loni: ... Uh, Kyle, that was sarcasm, he wasn't encouraging you.
Kyle: That's what you say ...
Loni: Anyways, let's hurry back to the orphanage. We're terribly late, let's
get a move on.

-> Skit
Loni: Judas, who knows why the guy wears a mask ...?
Kyle: I bet he's "Wanted, and very famous! And that's why he covers his face.
Loni: Idiot! Covering his face that way, would attract to much attention!
According to my thoughts, he is ...
Kyle: Yea?, yea!?
Loni: He does this, because ...
Kyle: Because...?
Loni: ... Because he's really damn ugly.  ( oh nice Loni, really well put,
actually its quite the opposite)

PART 2 - Sair Lenneth

Txt version

(Alright time for a night time trip, not often you get that in Tales, and
heyyy looky you can see the moons, ahh the sound of crickets, makes me wish
it were summer and not winter.)

~Outside of Darilsheid~

-> Skit
Loni: Wow! If I’d have been able to get that lens I would've come home right
away, but thanks to all that crap, we’re crazy late ...
Kyle: Mom is going to be so furious.
Loni: Asoblutelyyy, no doubt about it. I can just imagine all the lines that
will appear on her beautiful face...!
Uhg, we're going to get a hard round of slapping ... for this!
Kyle: The problem is what happens after. We can't tell her that we're leaving
on a trip.
Loni: Well, for starters, we should see how it goes... Right now we need to
rush back to the orphanage, to reduce the upcoming slaps were gonna get.
Kyle: Yeah ... If we get smacked to much, we could end up passing out before
we even get the chance to talk to her about it.

-> Skit
Kyle: I wonder if everyone will miss me, when we go away ...
Loni: I'll bet so ...
Kyle: I wonder if... they'll be ok?
Loni:  You don't need to worry about it.
Kyle: H-how can you say that?
Loni: I thought the same thing when I left the orphanage.
"I wonder if it was the right thing, leaving Kyle like that  ..." .
Kyle: You're so cocky!  I've gotten along just fine!
Loni: Yeah, exactly. You did very well ... And for that, I tell ya. They'll
be fine ... Don't you agree?
Kyle: Hmm ... Yeah ... That's 'true!

-> Skit
Kyle: Hey, Loni, when was our first adventure?
Loni: The first adventure? I think ... It was when you were five years old?
When you convinced me, that when you wet your bed
it was a treasure map, and you were so set on finding it, saying:
"We must find the treasure!".
Kyle: Uwaah! Why do you still remember a thing like that?!
Loni:  How can I forget it! I thought that I'd be forced to dig a hole forever,
from paying attention to your nonsense!   (wow.....Poor Kyle, sure that's
one thing he doesn't want known)

-> Skit
Kyle: It was definitely fate I met that girl!
Loni: Whether it was fate or not, you don't have to go making friends with
Kyle: Anyways, one way or another I'm going to find her!
"Not a hero, so hurry and become one!" and I will!
Loni:  If anything, that was sarcasm, with Judas ... You could at least make
an effort to better understand these things...
Kyle: When Dad met his Swordian Dymlos, he became a hero almost right away,
and for me, meeting that girl is a first step in the right direction!

-> Skit
Loni: Hey Kyle, do you remember the way home? Sure brings back memories..
Kyle: Are you talking about the time, when we went to look for a lost cat,
and we got lost.
Loni: At least we were able to return to the orphanage, in the dead of night
Kyle: And mom was more than happy to slap us alot.
Loni: I'll never forget those blows as long as I live ... at least there's
still someone who cares about me ... When I think about it, I can't hold back
the tears.

-> Skit
Kyle: Wow, we're so late! We've gotta hurry back to the orphanage!
Loni: From Darilsheid, head to the East ridge. Then go around the mountains
to the south
Kyle: I got it, let's hurry!

~Near the orphanage~

/ Dialogue \
Loni: It looks like Mrs. Rutee's still awake.
Kyle: ...
Loni: What are you going to do Kyle? If you're the one who talks about the
journey then that would be bad for you, so I guess I'll...
Kyle: No Loni don't. I'll be the one to say it. Otherwise ... It just wouldn't
make sense.
Loni: ... You're right, forgive me. Well! On you go then!

-> Skit
Loni: You should try to get lady Rutee to understand how you feel with all
your strength.
If you don't tell her honestly it'll just go bad.
Kyle: I won't lie at all... It's just I'm a bit nervous.
Loni: You're to nervous, calm down! ... Okay, listen, just talk it through
and it'll be fine.

/ & Various NPC \
Loni: What are you doing, Kyle? Let's go talk to Mrs. Rutee.

/ Dialogue \
Kyle: I'm back, Mom. Sorry I'm late ...
Kyle: And, uh you know. There's  something I want to talk about ...
Rutee: ...........
Kyle: Hey, Mom ...?
Rutee: .......
Kyle: Look, Mom. I have something to tell you!
Kyle: Uh!
Rutee: What time do you think it is right now?
Rutee:  I thought I told you it was too soon for you to go on adventures ...
You've made us all worry about you!
Kyle: I know it was wrong to leave home and go to the ruins without telling
you anything,
but thanks to that I realized something!
Kyle: Mom! I, Loni, and ...!
Rutee: Enough! For now go to sleep!
Kyle: No! Listen to me, Mom!
Rutee: I told you it's over!
Rutee: ...!
Kyle: ... I want to be like my father! A great hero, just like my father!
So ...!!
Rutee: ...
Kyle: Mom ...
Loni:  You all right, Kyle?
Kyle: ... Yeah.
Loni: Today wasn't quite the right day. Let's talk about it tomorrow.
Loni: Don't worry, come on. If you talk about it right, I'm sure she'll
understand that your feelings are sincere.
Kyle: ... Yeah.
Loni: Now go to sleep. We've done so many things just with today, aren't you
really tired?
Rutee: Today, Kyle forced me to smack him... But this time, things went a
bit differently.
Rutee: How did, how could I go against that boy, who's so wonderful to me!
Rutee: That guy, wants to become a great hero, just like you ... He’s your
son after all.
Rutee: Aah, if only I paid more attention... I'd never say such stupid things
Rutee: ... hah now you'll be laughing, eh? Heheheh!
Rutee: Don't worry. I will ...  strength.
Rutee: Tomorrow, when he comes to talk to me again, I ...
Kyle: ... In the end, I couldn't even sleep last night.
Kyle: Anyway, I better go talk to mom, and begin my journey!

-> Skit
Kyle: I won't give up ... I'll get make my mother understand that we're

/ Various & NPC \
[Rhym out on the terrace]
Rhym: Damn ... Big brother Kyle, you're back and have dirty clothes!

[Salt, in a room on the second floor]
Salt: Oh, Kyle ..., I had a frightening dream ...
Kyle: How? We're all here with you. There's nothing to be afraid of, right?
Salt: Yeah .. I know ... I know, but ...
(Talking to again)
Salt: The one where I really agree with you, Kyle. All other ...
Kyle: But you're saying. As long as you get close to them, and everyone will
Kyle: And then, not that I'll stay here forever. You've had it alone, sooner
or later.
(Talking to again)
Salt: You're right ... And as you always tell me, Kyle. I'll do my best ...
Kyle: Right, don't give up!

[Basil, in a room on the second floor]
Basil: Uuuuhm ... I'm still sleepy ...

[Cinnamon, in a room on the second floor]
Cinnamon: Ooh, Kyle your not being sleepy. You're up early today!

/ Dialogue \
Kyle: Good morning, Mom.
Rutee:  Good morning son ...! And what miracle has happened, to make you wake
up on your own?!
Rutee: What do you have to say? Don't just stand there, go, sit at the table.
Kyle: What's wrong with you? Mom, you look like your in a really good mood.
Kyle: Look, Mom, I want to talk. You know, I ...
Rutee: It's delicious isn't it? The wife of Mr. Gazel taught me to make this.
The secret is to put in onion.
Kyle: Mom ...
Rutee: Oh, we need to get Loni up right away. Should I go get him?
Kyle: MOM!
Rutee: Your leaving with Loni, right ?...
Kyle: Ehh ...!? What, really?
Rutee: Who do you think I am? I haven’t raised you for fifteen years, for
Rutee: This was something that your father used a long time ago.
Kyle: Dad ...?
Rutee:  And then ... here.
Rutee: This is the money sent to the orphanage by Mr. Daddy Long Legs.
...  You have similar handwriting.
Kyle: So you know, mom? But, we can't accept so much ...
Rutee: Ah accept it, no making a fuss! It's normal for a child, to live at
the expense of the parents!
Rutee: ... Because that's what makes us happy. The parents ...
Rutee: Hey, Kyle. Do you remember your father?
Kyle: Dad left on a trip more than ten years ago, right? ... To be honest,
I can't  remember much about him.
Rutee: Yeah ... That's what you've been told.
Rutee: I'm sorry, Kyle ...
Rutee: At a time like this, I don't know how to say this...
Rutee: Go and show them all what your made of! That you can overcome ... Even
him, Stan!
Kyle: ... Mom!
Kyle: ... Mom. I'm going!
Rutee: ... Have a good trip, Kyle.
NOTICE: "You've got:  Scale Mail."
NOTICE: "You've got:  World Map."
NOTICE: "You've got: Bestiary."
NOTICE: "You've got 1000 Gald."

-> Skit
Kyle: I should tell everyone that I'm leaving on a trip, now ...

/ & Various NPC \
Rutee: Kyle, can you hear me? After starting your trip, you'll get a lot
maybe even more then your father!
Rutee: ... However, you should stop chasing the shadow of your father. Because
you're you, and that's that.
(Talking to Rutee again)
Rutee: Well, Loni is waiting for you, don't you see? Go with him now.

/ Dialogue \
Loni: ... You talked to her.
Kyle: ... Yeah.
Loni: ... Alright, let's go.
Kyle: ... Yes!

-> Skit
Loni: Well, Kyle, your long-awaited adventure has finally begun!
Kyle: eheheh! Let's,start right away!

/ & Various NPC \
Rutee: Loni, your stuck with Kyle. You're going where ever this guy goes.
Rutee: ... And of course, I'll see you back safe and sound! You won't lie
to "your mother" right!
Loni: ... Yes! I'll, come home safe and sound.
(Talking to Rutee again)
Rutee: Beee good kids, off you go!

Salt: Kyle, where are you off to so early in the morning? Don't go anywhere
Kyle: Don't worry. I'll be fine!
(Talking to again)
Salt: Kyle, don't go anywhere dangerous.
Loni: Loni will be with me to watch out, so relax!

Cinnamon: Oh, Kyle your not being drowsy, today you got up early!

Basil: Wah, if Kyle's already up, that means I over slept! (Poor kid)

Yunie: waah ... uuuh? Kyle, are you’re leaving?
Kyle: ... Yeah. I won't be back for a while so don't miss me to much. And
you be good while I'm not here!
(Talking to again)
Yunie: Have a good journey, both of you ... waaah ...

[Rhym out to the terrace]
Rhym: You've got paper towls, and tiolet paper right? You haven’t forgotten
anything have you?
Kyle: Rhym, your acting just like mom!
Rhym: I'm just saying this because usually you never end up doing it, big
brother Kyle!
(Talking to again)
Rhym: Kyle, you'll have to do your own laundry!
Kyle: Yeah ..

[In process]
NOTICE: "You have rescued an Apple Gel."
Kyle: Is this still be good?

/ Dialogue \
Kyle: Uwaah ...Look Loni, the weather's great !
Loni: So basically, its the perfect time for an adventure! By the way, Kyle,
do ya have everything all settled for the trip?
Kyle: Yep, we can sell any items we don't need at the store.
Loni: That's not what I meant. ... Here, look. 'Starting here you won't be
back to the village in this for a long time.
Loni: Everything from here on will be a memory, understand no one might see
you again.
Kyle: EH!?
Loni: Adventures  don't come without the price of perils. If luck isn't on
your side, you might lose your life.
Kyle: No way...
Loni: Hahaha!  You didn't even see my wink, ha!
Loni: Unfortunately, this is reality. ... Are you afraid?
Kyle: ... Loni, you know. Right now, my hearts pounding!
Kyle:  It's pounding some from fear, but also ... It's not just that!
Kyle: When I saw that girl in the ruins of Laguna, I knew it was the start
of something!
Kyle: And since what happened there ... In the end, I was able to begin the
adventure that I've always dreamed of!
Kyle: A the journey to become a hero just like dad ...
Kyle: Ah I think, I feel my heart beating in my throat!
Kyle: To the point where I want to shout "WAAAHH"!
Loni: Heheh ... Hahahah! Now I know this is my Kyle!
Loni: No worries, I'm here to protect you. Whatever happens, we'll be fine
for sure
Kyle: Loni ...
Loni: Well you comin or not? Let's start the adventure of a lifetime!
Kyle: You mean: "Of the journey to become heroes," Loni!
Loni: Hahahaha!  Yea, that's what I meant.
Loni: Come on let's go now, Kyle. May your journey to become a hero begin!
Kyle: Yeah!
NOTICE: "Kyle was awarded the title of 'Swordsman'."

-> Skit
Kyle: Hey, Loni, are there any girls your going to say goodbye to?
Loni: Mwhahahah! How long do you think I've lived in this village?!
I have already tried to say goodbye to all the special one's, but I just got
the cold shoulder!
Kyle: It's not something to be proud of ...
Loni: From here on, I'll be searching for new love! Mwhahahahahah ... haha.
NOTICE: "Loni was awarded the title of "Searcher of Love'."

-> Skit
Kyle: Hehe, I wonder if others will be surprised, when I tell them I plan
to become a hero!
Loni: Why should they be surprised. They'll think your just up to the same
old stuff as usual.
Kyle: What do you mean, same old stuff?!
Loni: If this is bothering you, then just prove it to them by coming back
one day.
I'm sure then they'll definitely be surprised.
Kyle: Alriight, you better be watching! I'll come back here right after
becoming a hero.

-> Skit
Loni: Hey, Kyle. You'd better burn the memory of this place into your head.
Kyle: No problem! I could never forget it!
Loni: Look, just do what I say for once! When things get bad...
This could end up your only thought of comfort.

/ & Various NPC \
[Joe Skirt Flipper, the blond boy]
Joe:  I was first called "Joe the skirt flipper", now I'm a man at the inn.
Loni Girandolone: Though we’re not kids anymore, we're still friends ...
(Talking to again)
Joe: Go, pass down the wonders of our legend.
Kyle: Flipping girl's skirts is nothing to pass on ...

[Girl with cat hat]
Girl:  I finished my walk! I'm going home, right now, I have to prepare meals,
and after that, I have to do laundry and then go to the store ..
Loni: Hey, beautiful, your one amazing lady.
Girl: What are you talking about! I'm all covered with soot and I'm not wearing
any makeup, I look terrible!
Girl: Loni, you always do nothing other than harass girls randomly !
(Talking to again)
Girl: Hey, don't look at me so closely. I'm all covered in soot, this is
Loni: You don't understand ... I just want to make you feel pretty...

[Man in the south]
Man: Oh, Kyle, is it true your going on a adventure?
Kyle: Yep, I'm going away to become a hero!
Man:  Listen to me, Kyle!
Man: .........
Man: ... I forgot what I had to say.
(Talking to again)
Man: I can't remember.

[Man next to the water mill in the south]
Man: If you leave, it will bring bad luck to the Orphanage. How about giving
me some help?
Maybe rebuild the place ?
Kyle: Thanks for the offer, but that won't be necessary. Mother like's that
Man: True, Mr. Stan and Mrs. Rutee built that place together.
(Talking to again)
Man: No matter how bad it is, there are irreplaceable things. Even though
that building is so ...

[Man in orange]
Old Man: Your preparing to leave ... And this time, it seems your not  joking
Old Man: ... Hmpf, I knew this day would come. You are the son of the great
hero Stan.
(Talking to again)
Old Man: At the time during the revolt of Hugo, I lost my home, and my way,
I arrived in this village ...
Old Man: After my family had died, I lost the will to live.
It was them who returned the joy of life to this poor old man ...

[Woman in orange]
Lady: Kyle, you're leaving ...?
Kyle: EH! How did you guess?
Lady: You're being so secretive, that I could see it in your  face.
(Talking to again)
Lady: I knew it, the son of a hero, is a hero. Do your best, Kyle!

[Warrior near the entrance]
Mysterious Warrior: I have taken part in many bloody battles.
I'm the one who wants to become a hero. And to you, what is a battle?
"A easy win ," Or "Normal" Or "Painful"
*If you pick Easy*
Mysterious Warrior: Houhou, so, you have accumulated some wonderful scores
in battle.
* If you pick Normal*
Mysterious Warrior: Well, take care of yourself.
*If you pick painful*
Mysterious Warrior: In other words, you are a novice.
-> Yes
Mysterious Warrior: So, anyone can easily call you "Beginners, Beginners"!
-> Yes
Mysterious Warrior: Heh, everyone is afraid at first. You just have to get
some 'experience.
NOTICE: "Kyle and his team have earned the title of 'self-proclaimed
-> No
Mysterious Warrior: You can't escape from a battle! If you are a warrior.
-> No
Mysterious Warrior: You can't escape from a battle! If you are a warrior.

[Maid near the monument at the entrance to Ridge]
Maid: Would you like me teach you the way to Darilsheid in exchange for 5
" I want her to" Or  "I can go it alone"
(Picking No)
Maid:  If you don't want to know anything then you're missing out!

(People's House)
[Woman in purple]
Old Lady: Kyle, your father was a handsome man, very sexy ...
(Talking to again)
Old lady: I will pray to the Goddess Atamoni you will have a good trip.

Child: Kyle, we're pretending to be heroes! I'll be Stan and you can be Lion
Kyle: Eeeeeh! No I don't want to, I don't like Lion. (Ouch poor him)
(Talking to again)
Child: Urgh, I wonder why nobody wants to be Lion.
Child: Well, I guess nobody wants to play the part of the traitor.  (sheesh,
looks like pick on Lion day)

(Inn and ingredients shop)
[Nelson, chubby guy]
Nelson Lightning: Joe, Loni, and I were once a great legend.
Nelson Lightning: But now the days of youth are over. Soon I'll be a father.
Loni Girandolone: Chee! Why did you have to go and settle down like that!
Filthy traitor!
(Talking to again)
Loni Girandolone: Someone my own age has already become a father ... It's
hard to explain how I feel.
Lightning Nelson: Well, maybe it's because it's something you never plan to
do in life.

[Girl on the terrace]
Woman: Oh, Kyle, are you going out to play? Sometimes it's good to check in
at home though.
Kyle: I'm not going to play! This time it's a true adventure!
Kyle: I'll be back after becoming a hero like Dad!
Woman: Hmmpf. Before becoming a hero, learn to do some of the cleaning.
(Talking to again)
Woman: Kyle, don't overdo it. Loni, you should stop playing around with Kyle,
its just weird.
Loni: Zero trust in me, huh ...

(If you sleep at the inn in Cresta)
-> Skit
Loni: Hey, Kyle. Hey, ok that's it, wake up already!
Kyle: Uuuuhmmm ... Come on, just a little more.
Loni: Damn ... Every day you use all of your strength, and you can't even
wake up in the morning.

~Outside of Cresta~

-> Skit (auto)
Loni: Hey, Kyle, what are you doing?!
Kyle: What do you think? I'm looking for that girl!
Loni: That's not something that your just going to find like that! Do you
think your going to find her by searching through bushes!?
Kyle: Well how else, am I going to find her! Do you have any better idea's
Loni: You've gotta use your head a little at times like these. Let's see,
she said she was trying to find a hero right?
The people who are alive and considered hero's are,
the four legendary heroes who saved the world from destruction long ago. So
first of all, your parents,
Mr. Stan and Mrs. Rutee, and  Mr. Hero King, the King of Phandaria Woodrow.
Finally, Miss Philia, from the Great Straylize Temple , also a member of the
Sacred Order of Atamoni.
Kyle: Yeah, yeah.
Loni: I bet she went to see one of these four.  We can already exclude two
among them. One is Mr. Stan, who's still missing. It's not Mrs. Rutee.
So we can forget that one.
Kyle: So then that leaves ...  only King Woodrow and Miss Philia .
Loni: And that's where the problem is. How do we get to Phandaria, where King
Woodrow is?
Kyle: We could get there by ship,  let's go from the port of Aigrette ...
All right!
Loni: Yeah. I guess we'd have to pass through there, if we wanna meet both
the Miss Philia, and King Woodrow.
Kyle: Alright, let's get to Aigrette!
Loni: If you've finally decided, then let's start. If we're going to Aigrette,
we need to cross the
 Bridge west
of Darilsheid, and then I guess we move through the valley of Harmentz.
Kyle: So, for now we should go to Darilsheid! Alright! Come on, Loni.

-> Skit
Loni: Kyle, why do you have to keep chasing that girl? Let's see, I'll judge
on whether it will be worth it.
There's no doubt, in another 10 years she'll become a beautiful woman. But
you know, this world is full of great women,
much more beautiful than her even!
Kyle: That's your only interest, Loni! The reason I'm chasing her is because
I had a vision!
Loni, "Present" ... Don't tell me, its a vision of love! Hah ... Yeaahhh,
you've finally entered that age!
I seeee, I totally understand! And now that I know that, I'll be rooting for
Kyle : Y-you've got it wrong! It was a "vision of adventure"!
I think  chasing that girl , means taking the road to becoming a hero!
Loni: Alright, that's what we're doing. Well, if you need advice about your
little crush,
leave it to Loni the Great!
Kyle:! But I told you that it's a vision of adventure!

-> Skit
Loni: Aah, the time's come, the time I can no longer taste the home cooking
of Mrs. Rutee.
How I wish I could eat a little more of that "mashed game."
Kyle: Did you know ? Mom learned that from a old friend?
Loni: Yeah I knew that. And I think her name was Mary, right?  She's said
to be very good in the kitchen, a older and beautiful woman!
I would love to meet her at least once!
Kyle: But if she's older than Mom, by now she'll be an old hag.  (>< Bad Kyle
!! Rutee hardly looks any older, no clue on Mary yet, but still!!)
Loni: Kyle, you don't understand anything. When a woman is really, really
beautiful, and the years pass,
her beauty only increases more!  But, your just a kid still, you don't
understand these things.

-> Skit
Kyle: Hey Loni, since you were in the Holy Order of Atamoni, you should have
met, Mrs. Philia, the
legendary heroine.
Loni: Yeah, but I've only glimpsed her from afar. We were always to busy so
the chances of meeting here weren't often.
Kyle: And? So? What kind of person she?
Loni: An intellectual beauty, the glasses type ... Heh ... Women like Mrs.
Rutee are
fascinating, but the intellectual ladies, are much, much more, well,
challenging ...
Kyle: That's not what I’m talking about! Isn't there something else?
You know, did the aura of a hero surround her, or did you feel some kind of
great spirit?!
Loni: How should I know?.
Kyle: "How should I know!"?  Loni, isn't it really likely that your
evaluation of her is based only
because she's a beautiful woman!
Loni: That's not the only thing ! There's more I care about, more!

-> Skit
Kyle: I don't know why, at this moment, I feel like we're in the past again.
When we had fun pretending to be adventurers.
Loni: Yeah ... Pfeh ...  thinking back on it, I did nothing but look after
you all these years.
and you still haven’t changed one little bit ...
Kyle: That's not true! Then it was just fake adventures, but now it's
This time we're on a real adventure, and it's the beginning of my journey
to become a hero!
Loni: Okay, okay. In that case, by all means show me just how much you've
grown since then.
Because I'm sick and tired of it when you still whine at me when we get lost.
Kyle: Hey ! You talk like it's always my fault!
If that's what you think, you can just stop following me, and tell me how
and where to get to the next place, alright?!
Loni: Man, if only you'd listen to me, Kyle, my life would be so much simpler
... Hahaha, all right, all right,
don't look at me like that. We'll both follow that girl, alright?
However maybe you should put a nice little speech together for her...

-> Skit
Loni: Now we have a bad reputation in Darilsheid. If it weren’t for that idiot
in disguise,
Who knows how things would have ended...
Kyle: Judas...I wonder what he's doing now ...
Loni: Who knows. Maybe he's off cleaning his mask very, very far from here.
Kyle: What's wrong with you, Loni? You sound like you're in a foul mood.
Loni: That little show off bugs me! I know he just covers his face with a
mask because he's really hideous, it's all so he can get girls!  ( Uhg...'
poor guy, It’s just a bad week for him, isn't is?)
Kyle: Ah-ha ... I see what your saying, Loni, you just don't like people who
are more successful at getting women than you!
Loni: Hey! What’s that supposed to mean? ... And that's why ... Oh well, I
give up.

-> Skit
Loni: For now it’d be better not get too close to Darilsheid ...
Kyle: Eh! Why?
Loni: You idiot! To them we're escaped prisoners.
Kyle: That's right! We're escaped prisoners! Heheh, Yeah!
Loni: What ... How can you be so happy about this?!
Kyle: Hey, isn't this great?! Before we've even set off, we already did
something worthy of being hero's!
Uuuuuhhh that's so cooool!
Loni: ... You know, Kyle. I envy that mind of yours so much ...

-> Skit
Loni: Hey, you've finished shopping right? While in Darilsheid we certainly
aren't in any position to wander around whistling as if nothing happened,
so who knows when the next time we can shop will be, so you better get what
you need.
Kyle: Yeah. This is just a mess.
Loni: Yeah. Of course the people, aren’t having a great time, if we could
... eh oh! We'd be in trouble!
This is no time to worry about others!

-> Skit
Loni: I think this is the first time you get to go to Aigrette, huh?
Kyle: Yeah, it's a really big city, right?
Loni: For you who's been in Cresta all his life, you won’t miss it, with all
that goes on there!
Kyle: Heeeeh. I can't wait! Let's hurry up and go!
Loni: Idiot! Don't run! How the heck can you just forget like that! Stop,
Kyle you idiot!

-> Skit
Loni: What do you think, Kyle? Is the soup really great and delicious?
Kyle: ... Hmm, it's good! I didn't know you were so good in the kitchen, Loni.
When did you learn to cook so well?
Loni: That's easy! When I left the orphanage, and having to live alone without
a girlfriend,
living off of nothing, and then you know you have to learn... I'd say its
my strong will  ...
But ... That's the only way to become good at it.... Sigh ...
Kyle: Uwaah ... Your tears and snot ... They're getting in the soup!

-> Skit
Loni: Darilsheid is located half way between Cresta and Aigrette. South-west
of Aigrette, just North of the Ridge.
It's better to stock up on equipment there. However, given that we're most
wanted in Darilsheid now we can't go around quietly.

-> Skit
Kyle: Aigrette is north of the Ridge, right?
Loni: Yeah to the north-east after crossing the bridge to the west of
Kyle: Alright, let's go!

~On the Bridge~

-> Skit
Kyle: Hey, Loni. Have you ever tried to throw a coin in the fountain in Cresta?
Loni: Yeah. If you throw a coin while from the back of the fountain, you'll
get lucky in love, right? So for that reason,
I threw a lot in the fountain. It’s so easy to get love using money.
Kyle: So, how was it? We're you lucky ?
Loni: If I had, at this very moment, instead of being on this journey,  I’d
be happily living with
 my beautiful wife! ... If only that one time had gone better ... Uuuuh.
Kyle: Whoooops! I think I just touched a sore spot ...

-> Skit
Loni: Too bad your Daddy Long Legs has been blatantly exposed.
Kyle: Hmm. And I thought they did well to keep me out ...
Loni: Oh, well, having been part of the militia, it’s normal that Mrs. Rutee
is one or even two times more clever than you.
Plus, if he wanted to give her some money, he would have given her the benefit
to help many, and many more ...
Man what a fool.
Kyle: Anyway‘s, that's fine! When you become a hero, we’ll get twice the
amount ... Maybe, a hundred more!
Loni: ... Hey, Kyle. Do you think that once you become a hero, that money
will rain down from heaven?
If it were really so, then Mrs. Rutee wouldn’t lead the terrible life that
she’s forced to now!


/ & Various NPC \

(Entering Darilsheid)

(T^T Why is it always my favorite cities that get messed up, in Tales games)

[Maid on the right of the screen]
Maid: Shall I take you to Aigrette in exchange for 5 lenses?
"I want to go" or "No thanks"
Maid: Fine then, miss out!

[Statue in the middle of the road]
" The General of Seven Statue: A statue depicting the 7 leaders who fought
against the revolt of Hugo."
"With the break of the Eye of the God, it's fragments rained down upon us
and destroyed along with it, the Seingald castle. "

[Woman in orange]
Lady:  We used to be able to sell lenses and live in luxury, but now times
are hard for our society.
Kyle: Right, that agency was the first, I-can't-remember-the-name, to
manufacture and sell lenses, right?
Loni: It was called Oberon. When I was a kid, it had a lot of goods.
(Talking to again)
Lady: Now it's even hard to keep the fire going. How I miss the old days ...

[Man next to the statue]
Man: Damn! This statue is just in the way, it's his fault they cut the buying
of alcohol!
Kyle: Sir, it’s useless to blame a statue. If you don't have the money for
wine, you should get to work.
Man: Never mind. I don't know any other methods to drown my memories if I
don't drink ...
(Talking to again)
Man: Right now, whatever I do, always ends in failure. Why should I change
something ...

[Old Man in the cabin]
Old Man: Uga uga! I can’t hide anything, I have grown up with the legendary
hero Stan!
Kyle: Ehh!? Are you serious!?
Old Man: Yes it's true! I was a guide when he was lost in this city! Gahahahah,
Loni: Gramps, your a bit to old, saying that you grew up, then ...
(Talking to again)
Old Man: Uga uga! It seems some of the members of the Sacred Order of Atamoni,
are the fugitives!
Old Man: It seems this is a band of only two members, one 15 and the other
roughly 23.
Loni: Heh, heheh! I bet it's just  two ugly mugs who were opposed to the Sacred
Old Man: You said it, son! Gahahahah, cough cough!

[Inn Keeper]
Inn keeper: 20 Gald a night, want to stay?
Inn keeper: We will await your return.

Chef: Want learn the recipe for a sweet parfait?
Chef: I'll teach you how to prepare a sweet parfait.
NOTICE: "You have learned to prepare the sweet parfait."

Waitress: Aah, not a single customer has come to stay today. It's so boring,
when you never have work.
Waitress: When the port was still open, the lobby was full of customers.
Kyle: So it's not only our orphanage that has financial problems ...
(Talking to again)
Waitress: So, I'm free ... and I have nothing to do, this is really terrible.

(Second part of the city)

/ Dialogue \
Greed: ...  Why not?! We are  very strong, and a absolutely invincible band
of lense hunters, we are the "Dark Wings"!
Greed: Why people like us, can not live without relying on the soup kitchen!
Milly: We'll starve to death, if we don't eat! This job is not worth it.
Greed: What are you saying, Milly! We are proud gentlemen thieves correct?
Do not talk as if we're poor!
John: Just what the boss says, yes and yes! If you can't even stand being
it'll make our ancestors turn in their graves, right right?!
Greed: Well said, John! You are a worthy member of the "Dark Wings"!
Greed: We must carry on the tradition, started by the previous generation,
active during the disaster from eighteen years ago!
Greed: Hah! There are those who will insult our name!
John: Just like that. Hunger! Indeed indeed.
Greed: For what reason,  do we not use the soup kitchen! Come on, you bunch
of villains!
John: Hey, Chief!
John: ... I was going to tell you that I'm starving, and that there's a helmet
on the ground, we could sell that,  right right?!
Milly: Don't be stingy! Pay good and you'll get more food.
Milly: Alright,alright.... now, hurry up and let's go eat!  Eat until we
( Those guys I swear, are never in the least bit normal)

/ & Various NPC \

[Monument in the courtyard of the villa]
" Villa of, Oberon Company's former President, Hugo. Currently, this building
is under the control of the Sacred Order of Atamoni. "

[Table with food]
"Prepared for the soup kitchen, by the Straylize Temple ."

[Woman next to the table with food]
Miss: Don't go to far to please, the soup kitchen is where there's something
for everyone!
Miss: The people of this city aren't fully recovered from the accident that
happened eighteen years ago.
Miss: But do not despair! We of the Order of the Sacred Atamoni, one day,
we shall rebuild this city!
Loni: It's not that, could you take care of my poor heart, that’s full of
love wounds?
(Talking to again)
Miss: The goddess Atamoni will certainly lead us into a new era of peace!

[Girl near the woman in blue]
 Ingredients seller: The rich people have to make a deposit.
Ingredients seller:  Buying anything?

Items seller: What do you need?
Items seller: Until next time.

Knight: We strive day and night to make this city more livable.
Knight: Though, maybe sometimes some of the methods we use are abrupt. Still,
everything is always for the good of the city.
(Talking to again)
Knight: At times the methods we use are little too rough. Still, everything
is always for the good of the city.

[Man with hat]
Man: I am a member of the Sacred Order of Atamoni. They told me I could help
by recruiting new members.
Man: But even though they say they want to rebuild, it's no good, we don't
even know where to start.
Kyle: But, if you don't start someway, nothing'll ever change, right?
(Talking to again)
Man: However I really like this city, and I want it to come back to life,
like it was before. But, can we do that...

[Man in north-west over the destroyed bridge]
Old man: One time, I lead a comfortable life, thanks to the manufacture of
lenses and paraphernalia.
Back then there was still the Oberon firm.
Old man: But they were corrupted by their own tremendous power, and nearly
caused the destruction of this world.
Old man: All that's prosperous one day will cease ...  that's how the world
As a result, the world is on the road to ruin.
Kyle: I know! That's why Dad and Mom saved the world back then.
(Talking to again)
Old man: In this city, the castle that once had been so prosperous ...
Now is nothing but rubble. So lifeless.

[Couple talking at the crossroads]
NOTICE: "They are discussing  'Special Skills'. Do you want to listen?"
-> Yes
Veteran: However, learning these skills, you are able to expand your
strategy, right?
Greenhorn: I continued to press "X" for skill, but my TP fell quickly, so
you have to stop and wait patiently for it to return?
Veteran: Exactly. What’s important to remember now is, you press the "O" and
make a basic attacks.
Each time a basic attack is successful, your TP recovers.
Greenhorn: Alright, so I just make basic attacks using "O"!
Veteran: ... But you don’t do anything about all of the TP. Why to use the
techniques you will also need SP, be careful how you use it.
Veteran: A small part of TP recovers when enemies are defeated, and also,
when you defeat a higher number of enemies, you’ll recover even more TP .
-> No
Kyle: I’ll be on my way!

* Note: Recap on SP aka Spirit System: Goes down when your attacking and fills
when you defend. If you attack, if you continue attacking after its down it
harms you.  I figure at this point most will have figured this out, but I
just wanted to add this in.

[Going towards the north-west]
NOTICE: "The Imperial Castle is nothing more than rubble now. You can not
go any further ..."

(Weapons/Armor Shop)
[ Weapons seller]
 Weapons seller:  Welcome.
Weapons seller: Come back again.

[Armor seller]
Armor Seller: Welcome.
Armor seller: Come back again.

[Girl in orange]
Girl: You know, my older brother went to work for Aigrette. He asked me why
I don't eat at the soup kitchens.
Girl:  To be honest, I would love to return to my normal life with my brother
(Talking to again)
Girl: Thanks to my brother we eat every day,
but actually I would love to be able to live with him again ...

Priest: I would like to restore the vitality of this city, that's why I became
a priest of the
Sacred Order of Atamoni.
Priest: For now, we're still focusing on the soup kitchen.
(Talking to again)
Priest: If we reconstruct this city, we should be able to accumulate a large
number of lenses
very easily.
Priest: By doing so, through the power of the goddess Atamoni, this city will
once again be even more wonderful.
Loni: Hah ... In the end it's all for the lenses. It looks to me, you guys
can't do anything with out them..

[Man on the stairs]
Guard: In the basement there is a bank for the, Sacred Order of Atamoni. The
simple of faith can not access them.

[Objects in the north of the second floor]
"Something is written on the bag: Items for the poor to be removed from the
list, following the usual method.'"

NOTICE: "There is a organ, which once belonged to the former Oberon, company.
Try to play the organ?"
"Play it"
"Don't play it"

~Harmentz Valley~

/ Dialogue \
Merchant: Oh, poor you, you have such bad luck! As you can see, the bridge
is down!
Kyle: No way ... If we don't hurry, we'll lose that girl!
Merchant: Girl? By any chance are you referring to a girl dressed in pink?
Kyle: Huh? Sir,  did you see her?
Merchant: Yeah, and I was scared! When she realized that she couldn't use
the bridge,
she just suddenly jumped off the cliff!
Loni: Old man, tell us, where did that girl jump?
Merchant: Uh, I think it was that way. ... Oh no, you aren't getting any idea's
of going over also, are you?
Kyle: Of course! We have to hurry, or we'll lose her!
Merchant: Hah ... Well, I guess that doesn't make you too bad. Oh, if you
want to buy some medicine, just give me a whistle.

/ & Various NPC \
Merchant: You want to buy some items?

/ Dialogue \
Kyle: Let's go!
Loni: Uhyaah!

Kyle: Use the "O" button to jump. Use the "X" button to cancel.

Loni: I don't want to jump and end up landing in the wrong spot.
Loni: Kyle, You alright? We're looking for places where you can reach easily
by jumping,
places where it would be difficult to fall, and then go up from there.

Loni: Hey, what's that?

Kyle: This ... I bet it's the charm that girl was wearing!
Loni: Maybe she dropped it while she walked through here, or maybe when she
jumped off the cliff.
Kyle: Huuuuuh!
Loni: The hell, you make no sense, why do you have that happy look on your
Kyle: I have something that girl lost... It's definitely fate!
Loni: ... Ah, why do you always think everything that happens to you is a
good thing?!
Loni: Anyway’s, keep it safe. If we meet up with her, we can return it.

-> Skit
Kyle: Hey, Loni ...  I want to ask you something now. Don't you have a
girlfriend in the Holy Order?
Loni: Uuh! What are you saying, young Kyle? I joined the Sacred Order to become
a Knight,
 n-not going there for something so indecent.
Kyle: Ah, yeaahh. You've been turned down as usual!
Loni: You're wrong! You're wrong! I was the one who turned down all of them!
Almost all of them, were from Atamoni, and this fine piece of man, who was
so kind as to
Invite them to go out, and send them flowers,  they refused me, such snobs!
They don't understand the value of a man when they see one, their minds are
too narrow,
there nothing more than a bigot‘s... Hah!
Kyle: Eh, sorry Loni, sorry I asked...

-> Skit
Kyle: This is the first time I've heard of  "Aigrette". Tell me what kind
of city it is.
Loni: uhhh, let's see ... To put it in one word, it's the "Center of the World."
 You can find all kinds people and all things to do. Know what I mean? Kyle?
Kyle: Heheh ... Not so much.
Loni: Pf .. To say no, if there are so many people, probably half of all of
those people are also
beautiful women! I can't wait! And you? Eh? Eeeh?
Kyle: ... At the end its always the same. And I also feel that I was ...

-> Skit
Loni:  Kyle. Hang on tightly to that pendant we found, so you can return it
in person.
Kyle: Eh ... Why?
Loni: When you find something, you've gotta return in person. The best way
to get intimate with a girl.
Kyle: I-I wasn't thinking like that! I just thought it would be a problem
for her, having lost it ...
Loni: Ok, ok, you don't need to apologize. Let's  move quickly and find her!

-> Skit
Loni: If you put your foot in the wrong place and fall off the cliff, there
will be serious trouble. Here, let's find a place that seems safe
and go from there ... Kyle, don't go and run like you usually do, okay?

-> Skit
Kyle: I wonder if we can jump from here to the opposite side ... No, no, better
not to. However,
if I fell from that height, I'd  be in serious trouble. There's nothing left
to do but go slowly ...

/ Dialogue \
????: It's not ... Even here ... Why did I ...
Kyle: I'm sorry?
????: Why can't I ... I can't find it anywhere ... Without that, I ...
Kyle: I said I'm sorry!
????: Huh ...
Kyle: ....! You ... Were you crying?
????: ... What is it? I don’t have the time to talk to you.
Loni: Hey, we're grumpy! And to think that we've found something you lost
????: Eh?
Kyle: This is yours, right? Here!
????: ...!
Loni:  Hey hey,  aren't you going thank us?
Loni: It should be a precious thing,  judging those tears.
????: Ah ...
????: ... I, thanks.
Kyle: Naaah, it's natural for a hero, helping people in trouble!
????: A Hero ...
????: ... As I thought, it’s not so.
Kyle: Uh, what?
????: I have thanked you for what you’ve found for me.
????: But I would ask you to leave me alone from now on. Goodbye.
Kyle: Hey, wait a minute, hey!
Loni: ... Che how rude. Look Kyle, it's not worth the effort, to keep following
that girl!
Kyle:  No! I have to make absolutely sure that, that girl sees me as a hero!
Kyle:  Let's go now! If we stay here, we'll lose sight of her !

-> Skit
Kyle: Hey, hey, Loni, Hurry! That girl may already have gone to Aigrette by
Loni: Truee, you can't resist the tears of a woman!
Kyle: Eh?
Loni: When I see such a little face torn by tears, I'm a man on fire! I want
to see you soon,
and hold you tight my arms! "Let your tears flow out on my chest," ! GHH!
Kyle: L-Loni ... ... Really!
Loni: I understand, you don't have to say any more! Running after the woman
so coveted, its the eternal romantic dream of every man!
Well, let's go Kyle!
Kyle: The woman ...coveted ?

-> Skit
Loni: Hey Kyle, what did you do to your arm? It's bleeding.
Kyle: Mh? Aah, your right. Maybe I scratched it as we climbed the cliff.
Loni: What did you say?! You'll get a infection!  I'll take care of it. Let
me see it.
Kyle: Eh ..........? Uwah! Eh-enough! Don't lick me, your tickling me!
Loni: Even if it  tickles, it'll get better after a while.
I won't let my precious Kyle have painful memories. Be strong, all right?
Kyle: Hey, someone HELP!!!

-> Skit
Kyle: We'll follow the girl, and go to Aigrette!
Loni: After going through Harmentz Valley, we'll come to Aigrette!
Kyle: Alright, let's go!

 ~Aigrette~ (Grand Bazzar)

/ Dialogue \
Kyle: ... Uwah!
Loni: This is Aigrette, the holy city. The capital of this continent.
Loni: It's also the headquarters of the Sacred Order of Atamoni. The great
Straylize Temple is here also.
Loni: What do you think, Kyle? Isn't it way bigger than Cresta?
Kyle: Yes, yes! How awesome ...
Loni: Anyway, let's take a walk through this beautiful city, and then look
for an inn.

-> Skit
Kyle: Uwaaahah! What a city full of life. I wonder if there's a county fair?
I feel dizzy just walking ...
Oh, I saw something there that looks interesting! Let's go, Loni!
Loni: Mwhaaah! Calm down, Kyle! Don't go run around. You'll get lost! Come
on, take my hand!
Kyle: What are you saying! Don't treat me like a child!

-> Skit
Loni: Anyway, let's walk through this beautiful city, and then look for an

-> Skit (out)
Loni: Hey hey hey hey! Where do you think your going? For now let's stop at
an inn, in Aigrette.
We haven’t come here to camp outside, I sure as hell don't want to!

/ & Various NPC \

(At Entrance)
[Girl near the entrance]
Girl: Welcome! This is the candy store "Sweet-sweet"! The sweet things that
free you from trouble!
Girl: See you.

[Seller with a band on his forehead]
Peddler: Ooh! You're not allowed to sample whatever you please!
Peddler: Come back again!

[Young guy in the shop]
Guy: Look, to this day I have always been honest and made fun of for it,
but this time it's my turn to set the traps on the next person!
Guy: ... So you people, why not buy this suspicious-looking item...
Loni: You're not really cut out for the job ...
(Talking to again)
Guy: I, bought this vase! Now it will make me rich ...
Guy: I ...
[Man on the stairs]
Scholar: It is said that after the disaster, that occurred more than eighteen
years ago, those who had gathered at the Temple for salvation, ended up
building this great city.
Kyle: Heeeeh, so the city of Aigrette is really new.
(Talking to again)
Scholar: It's been eighteen years since the fall of the enemies who raised
the eye of the goddess ...
Being able to build a great city like this, it really makes you admire human
strength ...

" The bags are packed with ingredients to cook with, from Aquaveil."

[Blond boy]
Boy: Everybody makes so much commotion about Elraine. Elraine, let me tell
you, there's no miracles from her, it's just a trick.
Boy: You just pray and heal diseases, and babies grow up healthy.
If you can do something like that, then you have to endure it.
(Talking to again)
Boy: It's just a gimmick, nothing miraculous about her. I understood that

[Items on the first roof]
"There's a barrel as tall as a person. ... The contents should be ingredients
for cooking."

[Boxes on the second roof]
"It’s a sack of flour. Something is written on it ' From Bridge '."

[Blue Man]
Man: You know, I'm opening a shop here.
Loni: Hmm. So what do you sell?
Man: I'll get a set of items that recently sold nearby, and sell them at higher
These are the basics of a business, the basics!
(Talking to again)
Man: When I'm done with getting this shop ready, come and buy here! Don't
let me down!
Loni: Suure we will!

(Ingredients shop)
[Ingredients seller]
Ingredients seller: Welcome.
Ingredients seller: Come back again.

Chef: Want me to teach you how to prepare the widow?
Chef: I'll teach you how to make the widow.
NOTICE: "You have learned to prepare for the fishermen."  (<---No clue sorry)

[Woman is cleaning]
Mom: We have several kittens, right? We usually take them to "Gramps the Lover
of Cats."
Mom: No one knows his real name, though, he says: "I am the old man, who loves
cats, and will take care of them, as if they were my children."
(Talking to again)
Mom: At the time of the enemies from eighteen years ago, several people saw
the thing in the heavens sucking the life force of the earth  ... Of course,
the animals knew right away ...
Mom: The cats who lived with "Gramps the Lover of Cats" were all wiped out
then ...
I wouldn’t have wanted to be there, to hear the sorrows of the old man ...
Mom: But, since the restoration of peace in the world, the old man has started
to take care of cats.
Mom: These cats we have with us are probably the grandchildren of those who
he had first ...

[Girl with cat hat]
Girl: My mom was always sick.
Girl: But the Wondrous Elraine healed mother with her miraculous powers!
(Talking to again)
Girl: When I grow up, I want to be like Our Blessed Elraine!

[Man with beard and hat walking in the middle of the square]
Man: Did you know? The reason Aigrette has grown so much in just over ten
years is that ...
Man: Many people come here from other regions to get miracles performed by
the Wondrous Elraine.
Just like me.
(Talking to again)
Man: How I wish I could meet the Supreme Elraine, it would certainly be

[Boy with hat and bag]
Traveler:  Are you here to give lenses?
-> Yes
Traveler: Heeeh,  then you get a miracle. What's that, oh I envy you!
-> No
Traveler: Oh well, then you're just a group of tourists come to admire the
(Talking to again)
Traveler:  Soon I'll gather lenses, So I can get a miracle from the Supreme

[Woman in green]
Woman: Forgive me if I'm mistaken, but perhaps we met somewhere?
Woman: Please excuse me, I have bad eye problems. I can't see your faces.
(Talking to again)
Women: Since I've come here, I've hoped that my vision will improve. Maybe,
I'll see if Elraine can fix it...

[Old lady in purple]
Oldie: The Holy Supreme Elraine, head of the Holy Order of Atamoni, does have
supernatural powers ...
Oldie: Even those who are suffering from incurable diseases, thanks to the
Supreme Elraine,
she never fails to heal someone in no time at all.
(Talking to again)
Oldie: Oooh, although I'm to old for certain things, my heart is bursting
in my chest.
Who would not be Worshipful to Elraine!

[Lord to the southeast]
Lord: The port of Aigrette is on this side.
Lord: The road leads straight to the port, there is no way of getting lost.

[Old Man in orange]
Old Man: I'm old, I quit being a sailor and now I'm retired.
For some reason, every day I find myself going to the port.
Old Man: Once a day to smell the scent of the sea, and I can't explain, but
it makes me calm.
(Talking to again)
Old Man: Back when I was at the Darilsheid port, every time we went there
we had fun, starting from this port.
Old Man: But it's been abandoned now, its activity is no longer even a shadow

[Young Blonde]
Boy: This week I made a donation of 30 lenses to the Sacred Order of Atamoni!
Boy: Just giving them the lenses, we can receive happiness! It's that easy!
(Talking to again)
Boy:  Next time I'll try to make an effort to give them 50 lenses! Ah!

[Girl with pigtails]
Girl: If you bring them a lot of lenses, it seems that the Sacred Order of
Atamoni makes you a member!
(Talking to again)
Girl: I was only able to give them 5 lenses ...
Girl: I want to donate to mooore! I want to enter the Sacred Orderrrr! I want
to live in luuuuxury!

Palace Guard: Halt.
Palace Guard: You can't go any further on the day of prayer.

(Weapons and Items shop)
[ Items Seller]
Items seller: Welcome.  We also treat tools here.
Items seller: Come back again.

[Weapons seller]
Weapons seller: Welcome. We also treat weapons here.
Armor Seller: Come back again.

-------------------------- To be fixed later, when I don’t want to kill this
[Pair speaking]
NOTICE: "They are discussing  'Magic.' Want to listen?"
-> Yes
Greenhorn: I also learned some Magic.
Greenhorn: ... And, what is magic?
Veteran: Um, in simple terms, they are "skill, technique’s or spell’s you
have learned,  that you are able to customize at will. "
Veteran: First you have to continue to serve and to increase the number of
By doing so, you will be able to get different Magic skill‘s.
Greenhorn: Well, then I’ll use one technique like crazy, Right?.
Veteran: Even that would be a method. Only you will still not change in  Magic
Many skills involve various Enchant, and this is not bad.
Veteran: Attacks enemies with weapons after using techniques that reduce
their ability ...
That way, you do your skills and abilities that will enable you to enrich
your strategy ...
Make sure that your teammates do the same.
Veteran: By the way, if you take away from Enchant a shortcut, the number
of uses will remain unchanged,
Proven so many times.
Greenhorn: My favorite technique does not get many results to compensate for
its shortcomings we'll add the shots
of 'Enchantment.
Veteran: ... In your case, the problem is that your shots are not going to
sign. Since it is not going to sign,
not increase the number of uses, it is all a waste of time!
Veteran: In addition, the use of healing spells will increase only when a
target heal
with less than 50% of HP, does attention!
Greenhorn: So even though I use it for scratches, will not increase my
experience, yes.
-> No
Kyle: I'm on my way!

[Goods on the second floor]
"There's some broken armor. It seems to be second-hand and bartered ..."

[Knight on the second floor]
Knight: The Holy Elraine, huh ... She work's miracles for the people, but
who the heck is she?
Knight: If you prove to be an imposter who does nothing but make fun of human
I will arrest you with my bare hands.
(Talking to again)
Knight: I don't get charmed so easily. I don't trust things as suspicious
as her miracles.

[Child out on the terrace, on the second floor]
Child: My dad is a sailor. One day he went to sea and never returned.
Child: But I'm sure he'll return one day, and tell me the stories of all the
places he's been!
Kyle: Heeeh. Sounds like my dad!
(Talking to again)
Child: I always pray that the Goddess Atamoni will make Dad come home safe
and sound.

[Green trunk on the second floor of the items shop]
"There is a book called: 'Instructions on how to prepare tempura'.
Apparently the original recipe of Tempura is in the region of Aquaveil. "

[Refrigerator on the second floor of the items shop]
"A line of products traded by the former Oberon Company. It's a refrigerator

[Man who walks in the items store]
Rich man: Seeing how the Sacred Order of Atamoni always support’s us, I would
like to give them something other than lenses.
Rich man: However, the merchandise here is quite cheap ... I wonder if there
is something more refined and more classy...
(Talking to again)
Rich man: Don't you see, Mr. Shop Owner, I need something that fits to a "Holy
But there is not anything that works,  don't you even have  jewels?

[Items seller]
Items seller: Welcome.
Items seller: Come back again.

"It's a monument carved on the pedestal of the clock.' For the growth of
Aigrette, formerly the city of Armeida.
A donation of the mayor. '" (O_o. .Armeida, that does make sense but,  I liked
it how it was before. )

[Old lady in purple]
Old lady: The city is full of pilgrims ... I think I'll stay here to rest
a while till the day of prayer.

[Blond Man]
Man: Ah ... Owwww ... M-my stooomaccchh hurts!
Man: ...Owwww It must have been the cheese that I ate before ... Or maybe
it's because of that apple?

[Woman looking at her watch]
Woman: Soon I will become a mom  ... I came to the temple to pray for an easy

PART 3 - Sair Lenenth

Txt version

~Aigrette inn~

/ Dialogue \
Innkeeper: Welcome, good travelers! Are you both staying?
Innkeeper: Welcome, good customer’s. Thanks to all the pilgrims who've come
to visit the Temple,
I've been making tons of money, so hand over the money first!
Kyle: Oh, no, we're ...
Innkeeper: Even with simple lenses and offering a prayer, every desire will
be satisfied!
I can very well understand the feelings of the rest of you pilgrims.
Man: The Supreme Elraine! The Supreme Elraine is coming here to visit, right
Innkeeper:  Having the honor of meeting the Supreme Elraine ! I'm really
happy to have lived so long!
Man: I've come here from far away, Snowfreer, and now I will be able to see
, Elraine!
Woman: I ask of you to help me give birth to a healthy baby. And if it's
possible, a boy!
Man: I want to see the mysterious Holy powers at least once with these eyes
Innkeeper: Oooh, I have to go! I'll show you your rooms later,
please wait for me'.
Kyle: W-what? Something's going on!?
Loni:  Elraine arrived. ...  Strange, she doesn't usually appear in public.
Kyle: Elraine? Who's that?
Loni: She's the head of the Sacred Order of Atamoni, now. It's called the
"Holy Blazing"
and apparently she has the power to make miracles.
Loni: She makes miracles before everyone's eyes, and also to convert people.
Loni: ... But I don't like it at all. And since she's appeared,  the Sacred
Order of Atamoni's
 become ridiculous ...
Kyle: Miracles!? Holy? Really!? But that's great, right?!
Kyle: Hey, do you think I can ask for an autograph!? I bet it will be difficult
...  then again maybe just a handshake!?
Kyle: Ah, we can't just stand here doing nothing! Let's also go meet her,
Loni: ... Haah. I'm what a idiot, I was trying to talk seriously with you...
Kyle: Hey, what're you muttering about?! Hurry, hurry!

-> Skit
Kyle: Hey, Elraine, is she really that amazing of a person!? Let's go find
Loni: Alright, Alright, we'll go see her, man try not to get so revved up,

-> Skit (going up)
Kyle: This is no time to wander. Let's go!

/ Dialogue \
Elraine: May the blessing of the Great Goddess Atamoni rain down upon the
people of this city ...!
Man: Uh, UUUH? Until recently I had stomach pain, but now I no longer feel
Old Man: Ooooh, amazing! I see the light, it's been more than thirty years
since my eye's have seen so good ... I see the light!
Child: Yaaay, Mom! Look, I'm walking! I can walk back!
Kyle: W-wonderful ... She really performed a miracle!
Loni: Things like that are a breeze for her. It's just a rumor, but she seems
to become even more powerful each time she does this.
Loni: ... Hey, Kyle. Did you notice that pendant?
Kyle: Pendant ...? Aah! I see it!
Loni: It's the same charm that we brought that girl. They really look alike.
It can't be. Is it possible that ...
Loni: ... What the...  H-hey, Kyle!
Kyle: Give me that pendant! It doesn't belong to you!
Elraine: ... Eh?
Palace guard: Damn! Are you in the presence of the Supreme Elraine!
Loni: I-I beg your pardon! This guy here doesn’t know how to express himself!
Heheheh ...
Loni: You idiot! Don't you understand, that pendant, can't be the same one
that girl had!
Elraine: Wait.
Elraine: You said ... that girl? I might know of her, who would you be talking
Loni: No, it's only we know a girl with the same pendant...
Elraine: Same pendant?
Elraine: ... I see. So this is why.
Elraine: Even if you have heard of it before, I would like to state that this
pendant is mine.
Elraine: It is a means, for all those who are part of the Sacred Order of
Kyle: Huh really?
Loni: I told you, fool, didn't I?
Kyle: F-forgive me! It's just that girl, she wanted that pendant back very
Elraine: I see, if this were to be stolen, I'd do everything in my power to
get it back, I suppose...
And you?
Loni: See you didn't have to shout "Give it back." Who do you think she is,
a thief?
Kyle: I, thought...
Elraine: It's okay. You just wanted to be honest.
Elraine: You are ... A kind person. I shall descend on you the divine
Kyle: Ehh, huh, really? ...
Elraine: I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Elraine, I serve as the
leader of the Sacred Order of Atamoni .
Elraine: If you wish, please, tell me your name?
Kyle: Oh yeah, I'm Kyle! Kyle Dunamis! This is Loni!
Elraine: Kyle and Loni, right? I'll remember.
Elraine: I'd like to meet you again, sometime. By then, I hope to also meet
with the owner of that pendant.
Elraine: ... I feel we could have some good conversations. Heheh ...
Kyle: ...
Elraine: Well, now if you'll excuse me. See you, Kyle.
Loni: Damn, you made me lose thirty years ... Hey, are you listening to me,
Kyle: You know, that ... Elraine she looks like.
Loni: Eh? Who are you talking about?
Kyle: That girl. Didn't you see it Loni?
Loni: I was so freaked out I didn't bother looking at her face... And look
who's to blame for that?
Loni: Well, let's go to the inn now. I feel pretty tired now...

-> Skit
Loni: The Holy Elraine ... huh. I heard that she was traveling around to save
people, but now she's back in Aigrette.
Kyle: Hey, hey, Loni, let's get back to the inn. I'm so hungry, I'm dying!
Loni: Yeah. Me too, and looks who's made me so TIIIRRREEED! We need to return
to the inn!
Man you've made me so TIIIRRREEED!
 Kyle: Alright, sorry, come on...

-> Skit
Kyle: That, really surprised me!  That Elraine had the same pendant that we
took to that girl.
Loni: Why should we be surprised! You were in the presences of the Holy One!
Dammit it was a good thing I was there to take up the situation, because if
we were considered ordinary tourists, we would
have been convicts again! Of course it's the principle that you ...
Kyle: I-I already apologized! Next time I'll pay more attention! ... But,
who knows why they wear the same pendant.
Maybe  this girl has to do with the Holy Order!
Loni: Uuhm ... I don't think I ever even saw it, while I was in Holy Order,
though. Then, did she really jump out of a lens, or not it?
... Oh, I don't understand anything.

-> Skit
Kyle: About Elraine. Meeting her gave me the same feeling, as being around
that girl.  You know?
... Hey, Loni, what do you think?
Loni: Right ... Elraine is a beautiful woman, I admit.
Kyle: Huh?
Loni: But anyway, she doesn't do for me. I just can't understand that way
of thinking "The Goddess
first of all. "Though, of course, if she came and asked me to go out, I would
say YES right then and there.
She is after all, a beautiful woman.
Kyle: ... I won't even bother asking more, Loni.

-> Skit
Kyle: For the moment, let's return to the inn.

/ & Various NPC \

[Young Blonde]
Boy: You! Look at this stone! It's wonderful, right?
Kyle: It's just a rock.
(talking to again)
Boy: Wow, you just have to go and be rude about the Supreme Elraine,  even
this simple stone has the smell of her nobility ...
Kyle: That's not possible.
Boy: Aaah ... Supreme Elraine ...

[Man on the stairs]
Scholar: It's the first time I've gotten to see the power of the Supreme
Elraine ... I was so surprised ...
It's exactly what is called the divine power.
Scholar: I thought that human power was immense, but the divine power, it
is even more amazing.
(Talking to again)
Scholar: This city was built by those who gathered here in search of divine
power ...
Scholar: As it turned out, humans can not live without relying on a god.

[Construction workers]
Construction worker: Aah, Supreme Elraine. What a sublime figure ...
Construction worker: I've decided, I will come and  live in this city! Maybe
so I can meet the Supreme Elraine again!

[Woman in green]
Woman: Thanks to the Supreme Elraine, I have gotten back my sight!
Woman: Aah! She is so wonderful, the Supreme Elraine!

[Old lady in purple]
Old lady: Oh my God ... When she appeared  like that out of nowhere, It
startled me so much!
Old lady: Being able to forgive such a lack of respect ... That was to be
expected, of the Supreme Elraine.

[Old Man in orange]
Old Man: The Power of Supreme Elraine is great. How can she do such miracles?
Old Man: He who witnesses these miracles, can't help but believe in the
existence of God!
(Talking to again)
Old Man: I'd better hand over these lenses too. I enjoy these privileges,
that would affect the land.

[Blond Man]
Man: When the light of the Supreme Elraine enveloped me, my stomach pain's
just disappeared completely.
Man: In gratitude, I will from now on, make numerous donations of lenses to
the Sacred Order.
(Talking to again)
Man: From now on I will make numerous donations of lenses to the Sacred Order.

Dialogue \
Innkeeper: Oooh, I'm sorry for what happened a while ago. Now I will show
you to your rooms.
Innkeeper: By the way, just you two are sleeping, right? What about that other
Loni: The other girl ...  who are you talking about?
Innkeeper: That girl who had the same pendant as the Supreme Elraine. You
know who I mean, right?
Innkeeper: She is indeed pretty! So who's girlfriend is she?
Kyle: Nice huh... Sir, have you met her!?
Innkeeper: I have saw her just a little while ago, while I was out shopping.
I remember her because the pendant she
has, is very special.
Kyle: Hey, hey, where did she go then?
Innkeeper: She was headed towards the Great Straylize Temple. What is, if
you don't mind my asking, is the urgency?
Loni: Stop, stop! Where are you going?
Kyle: What? I have to go after her, isn't that obvious!
Kyle: If we stay here and go to sleep, she'll get away! Come on, let's go
Loni: Heh, hey!

-> Skit
Kyle: Hey, Loni, hurry! If you stay here just to sleep, I'll never forgive
Loni: Hey I said wait! You're so hyperactive! ... You know, women hate men
like that.
This is another plus point to keep in mind ...
Kyle: This time I'll find her, and convince her that I'm a hero!
Loni: Ah, you just don't listen to me ...

-> Skit
Kyle: The Great Straylize Temple, huh. I know it by name, only in letters,
I never thought that one day I would go there.
Loni: Well, except for the faithful, it’s not a great place. The masses of
lenses have made this temple luxurious, it’s just not worth the effort.
Kyle: Loni, you were a Knight of the Sacred Order of Atamoni, do you think
it's fair to say such things?
Loni: Quite right. I only wanted to become a Knight, to have to deal with
this Atamoni, is another matter.
However, for others, it’s more important than the rest of Atamoni.

-> Skit
Loni: You listening to me Kyle? Once we're in the Temple, avoid doing anything
that'll attract attention. Remember that we're
still  wanted. If we even get spotted once, we'll end up being caught, and
Kyle: Even if we do get caught, we can always run away! Just like in
Darilsheid, right?
Loni: haah ... You're so naive. We got saved that time, because of that masked
jerk, remember?

-> Skit
Loni: Aah, chasing that little girl again, we'll have to get into the Great
Straylize Temple.
Kyle: What are you saying, Loni? You sound so logical!
Loni: I know it does ... But, you know. I've abandoned the Sacred Order. No
one wants to see me here now, not even her.
Kyle: Noooowaaay! You'll be fine! I'm sure she remembers you, Loni!
Loni: ... Look, don't follow me anymore, huh ….

-> Skit
Kyle: Loni, I wanted to ask you something ... what exactly... is a...  saint?
Loni: Right ... A Saint is, say ... Yeah ... A holy woman. A woman capable
of doing miracles.
Kyle: So, how do you become a saint?
Loni: Huh? Hmmm ... It takes ... A great effort! Yeah, a great effort!
Continuing to strive ceaselessly, day after day, to become saints!
Kyle: Eeeeeh. So then it's the same as becoming heroes!
Loni: E-eh ... Well, not exactly the same, and um, completely different ...

-> Skit
Kyle: If what the man at the inn said is true, the girl went to the great
Straylize Temple!
Let's hurry and follow her!

-> Skit (taking different routes)
Loni: To get to the Great Straylize Temple we need to take the path leading
from the city.

(Taking the road behind the houses)
Kyle: It seems that this is the end of the city.

/ Dialogue \
Palace guard: What are you doing here!? Today is the day of prayer, got that?
Kyle: Hey, did a girl come up here? One with a pendant!?
Palace guard: ... A girl with a pendant? I don’t know a thing!
Kyle: Huh?
Palace guard: Like I said before, today is the day of prayer. Go home!
Kyle: How can we see, if we can't pass!? The manager of the inn was sure she
went in this direction of the Temple ...
Kyle: Hey, Loni, are there any other ways to reach the Temple?
Loni: No, this should be the only ...
Loni: ... Oh no, wait. Right, I've heard something from the Captain of the
Loni: That somewhere in this city, there are ancient ruins. That are connected
to the Great Temple.
Kyle: So the girl went from there!
Loni: But you know those ruins, even in the Holy,  they’re the same as any...
I don’t think that girl knew them ...
Kyle: Okay, let's go anyway! Hey, how do you get to the ruins!?
Loni: I don't know the exact location, but I know the entrance should be
somewhere in this city.
Kyle: Alright, let's find her!

-> Skit
Loni: It's just something I over heard, from the head in the Order of the
Knights. Somewhere in the ruins you
can enter the temple without going through the main door. But don't tell
anyone. It's a secret between you and me!
Kyle: Ah, I've go it! "We can go to the Temple through the ruins," Alright!
I wont tell anyone!
Loni: You idiot! You're yelling to loud! Those guards at the gate will hear

-> Skit (taking different routes)
Loni: It's said that the entrance to the ruins is somewhere in this city.
Let's search!

/ & Various NPC \

(Cave entrance)
[Old lady in purple]
Old lady: First it was just ruins.
Old lady: Aigrette grew more and more, and eventually was abandoned.
Old lady: I live right there, around that hill.

Lord: Oh no, I packed too much luggage. It’s hard effort to close the door
of the store with all that stuff inside!
Lord: Hah, if someone would give me a hand to tidy up the store. I could put
it all in order,
perhaps by affixing a label to identify the items above ...

[On the walkway to the north-west]
"It’s a dock for boats used to transport luggage. There is a lift to carry
bags of great value."

~Straylize Ruins~

/ Dialogue \
Loni: hhhmm ... It looks like these are the ruins connected to the Straylize
The pilasters and the method of construction are identical.
Kyle: Hey Loni, so then this corridor leads to the Straylize Temple?
Kyle: It's possible that this is place connects to the Temple?
Loni: Maybe. However, be careful, Kyle! It looks like this place has become
home to a bunch of beasts.

-> Skit
Kyle: Uwah! Why are there monster's in this place!? ... Oh, I know! It must
be a new method of monitoring!
Loni: Of course not.  It's very known that monsters live in ruins. Stop
talking crazy, and let's go!

-> Skit
Kyle: These ruins are connected to the Straylize, right?
Loni: As far as I know, Hopefully.
Kyle: Alright. Let's go!

-> Skit
Kyle: I don't think these ruins are going to be easy. There's a bunch of
machines here and there...
 I wonder what will happen, if we press them? I don't get puzzles very well...

/ & Various NPC \
NOTICE: "It seems that it can break through an impact."

NOTICE: "The letter D is Blue."

NOTICE: "The letter E is White."

NOTICE: "The letter S is Green."

NOTICE: "The letter T is Yellow."

NOTICE: "The letter I is Red."

NOTICE: "The letter N is Heavenly."

NOTICE: "The letter Y is Purple."

/ Dialogue \
Kyle: What's this room? There's designed "Letters" in front of these and
"Colored Stones".
Loni: Hmm, the "yellow" is in front of the "4" ...
Loni: This means "something yellow"  makes " a quarter", right?

/ & Various NPC \
NOTICE: "The design is still there."

NOTICE: "The design has faded."

/ Dialogue \
Kyle: Uwaah! Look Loni! It's a huge lens!
Loni: ... Look closer, it's just a fake. It's a smaller version of the "Eye
of the Goddess."
Loni:  "Eye of the Goddess" it was a huge lens with a diameter of 6 meters,
and had an incredible power.
When that guy used it selfishly, the world went into crisis.
Kyle: And that's when Mom and Dad destroyed it to protect the peace of this
Loni: Yep.

~Straylize Temple~

/ Dialogue \
Kyle: B-beautiful ...! So this is the Great Straylize Temple?
Loni: We're in the Grand Shrine located at the center of the Grand Temple.
Only priests of a high rank can come here.
It's my first time being here.

-> Skit
Kyle: Heeeh. I never thought we'd get into the Straylize Temple. It was pretty
Loni: Damn, where the heck are the guards? I mean, this is the place where
you can find the treasures and
most desired wealth in this world. Thieves could get in so easy...

-> Skit
Loni: Kyle, don't wander too much. We've come in like thieves. Let's find
that girl before guards find us!

-> Skit (taking different paths)
Loni: Hey hey! We came in here like thieves! Quit looking around, and try
and find that girl!

/ Dialogue \
??: How can I meet a hero? I beg of you, tell me, Miss Philia!
Kyle: This person ... she's!
Philia: ... First of all, I have a question for you. Why are you looking for
a hero?
??: For the power... I need a power that is able to change the world.
Philia: Power?
??: A hero who has the power to change not only people, but the fate of this
??: I want to know who has the source of that power.
??: And I would like to get that power.
Philia: ... In my eyes, you seem to already have a great power.
?: No, not at all! The power I have right now is absolutely not enough!
Philia: ...
Philia: There's another thing I want to ask you.
Philia: What will you do, once you meet this hero and get this power?
??: ...
Philia: ...I see, It's something that you can not talk about. And because
I'm not the hero you're looking for?
??: ... Forgive me.
??:  I will not try to use that power for evil purposes! Believe me!
Philia: Yes, I understand. I just wanted to know this.
Phil: That is, what do you wish to do with this power and conviction.
Philia: ... To me you are surely ... (not sure)
??: You're one of the four legendary heroes who broke the Eye of the Goddess
... Philia Philis?
Philia: Oh, who are you ...!?
??: It wouldn't make sense for you to know the name of the person who will
kill you. ... Get ready!
??: Miss Philia!
Philia: Don't worry about me! Run away, hurry ...!
Loni: Man, it's bad, Kyle!
Kyle: Come on, Loni!
??: ... Weak, too weak. Would this really be, the power of a heroine from
the past? Somewhat disappointing ...
??: If nothing else, I will let you enjoy the last moments of your agony ...
Kyle: Don't move! Leave Miss Philia alone!
??: ... You people, who are you?
Kyle: Miss Philia! How could you ...! I'm the next ... I am, the Great Hero
of the Future, Kyle Dunamis, here to challenge you!
??: Hero, eh ...!?
??: A worm like you who dares to call himself a hero ...! Do you want to die,
Loni: WATCH it, Kyle!
Loni: What ...!?  What is this guy, a ghost?
Loni: It's bad, Kyle! He's very strong ... We've got no chance against him!
Kyle: Well, I'm not backing down! I'll show him!
??: I admire your determination, Kid. Assert proclaimed a hero in front of
me ... Twist into the abyss of death!

After Battle

Kyle: What did I say, you see!
??: Huhuhuhuh ... I see.  You were able to get me off guard. For this, you
deserve my respect!
Kyle: Ugh! H-he's strong ...!
??: I'm sorry, I'm going to destroy your career as a hero, huhuhuh ...
??: Guaaah! Wh-who the hell ...!?
Judas: Take this, Kyle!
??: Mgwaaah!
??: ... Huhuhuh. So there is a opponent in this world worth my time...
Barbatos: My name is Barbatos Goetia. Kyle Dunamis ... I will keep your name
in mind !
Kyle: There, we did it ...
Kyle: That's right! Miss Philia!
??: Still breathing ... And alive!
Loni: Excellent! Let's get Miss Philia to a room inside the Temple. Let's
go now!
??: ... Yes, that's better. Her breathing has calmed down.
Kyle: Thank goodness ...
Kyle: But, what a show! You were able to heal that deep wound in no time!
??: ... It's not a show. In addition to involving Miss Philia, I wasn't even
able to save ...
Kyle:  B-but! You were the one to heal that wound! You shouldn't get
??: Not at all ... Not at all ... With my power, I can not protect anyone.
With this power ...
Kyle: ... You know, this is something my mother said.
Kyle: "Think about what you do, and have no regrets."
Kyle: Think about something that's linked to the future, but don't let regret
tie you to the past.
??: ...?
Kyle: So, here, let's say ... It seems to me, that you only have regrets.
And that's no good...
Philia: A-as he says.
??: Miss Philia ..!
Philia: The High Priest stole the "Eye of the Goddess" with the ambition to
rule the world.
And without knowing it, I even helped him ...
Philia: After having discovered it, I was miserable with regret. I didn't
want to do anything but cry.
Philia: And it was then that Mr. Stan held out his hand, saying: "It's wrong
to just stand there crying."
Philia: Having nothing but regrets won't help anything. And he taught me this,
and it's thanks to that I'm where I am now.
Philia: Unfortunately, I don't know of a way to meet a hero.
Philia: However, I know what you need.
??: What do I need ...? What is it?!
Philia: They are companions. For me, those are people like Mr. Stan, or Mrs.
Philia: They believed in my strength, I even trusted them myself  ...
And that's what got me going.
Philia: I think you need to have people like them.
??: Companions ...
Kyle: Like father, and mother ...
Kyle: Alright! It'll be me!
??: Huh?
Kyle: I'll become your friend! I've decided, We'll always, always be
Kyle: If you come with us, you'll see yourself as a hero to!
??:  M-Miss Philia. I ...
Philia: Still can't find an answer, am I right? Then maybe after a while you
will understand what's best to do.
??: ... You would come with me?
Kyle: Of course! You don't even need to ask!
??: Thank you ...
Kyle: That's right! What should I call you? I can't exactly keeping saying,
"You" forever.
Reala: ... Reala.
Kyle: Reala, well then ... Nice to meet you, Reala!
Reala: ... Yes! My pleasure, Kyle!
Loni: ... Hey, I'm still in the group, right?
Kyle: Oh! L-Loni forgive me, I didn't mean...
Loni: Eheh, so what about me?! Why you tell them right away? Were "Comrades,"
Reala: Huhuhuh ... Aahahahah!
Kyle: Oh! Wait, Judas!
Loni: The poor fellow, he's escaped!
Kyle: Oh! Miss Philia, see ya!
Kyle: Reala! Come on!
Loni: Miss Philia, take care of yourself!
Loni: ... Hey, wait, Kyle!
Reala: Be, well, Miss Philia, I'm going now...
Philia: Miss Reala.
Philia: Can you hear it, Miss Reala. Thump, thump, it's the beating of my
Philia: This sound ... It's my life, that you've protected.
Reala: Miss Philia ...
Phil: You definitely have a gift. And the power to save others ... So, you
believe in yourself more.
Reala: ... Yes!
Reala: Well, Miss Philia. Please excuse me. Thank you very much!
Philia: ... What a mysterious young girl. Reala ... And Kyle.
Philia: Huhuh! That hair, face, and what he says, he is exactly like ...
Philia: ... Kyle? Right! He must be the son of Stan and Rutee...!
Philia: ... Reala. What you're looking for,  may be much closer than you

Kyle: Wait, Judas.
Kyle: It's not nice to run away so suddenly! And I still haven’t thanked you
for saving me.
Judas: You do not need to thank me for that. I was going that way by accident,
I saved you only because of where I was going.
Kyle: How can you say it was a accident! It's obvious that you came to my
Judas: ... If you think so, you are free to do so. Farewell.
Kyle: Wait! Judas, why did you save me?!
Judas: I am at risk of being annoyed.
Kyle: So why don't you come with us, Judas!
Judas: WHAT?
Kyle: You're angry because you have to keep an eye on us from afar. But if
you're closer, it'll be easier.
Kyle: And, you heard what Miss Philia said. Reala need's companions. So, even
you, Judas ..
Kyle: Judas?
Judas: ... Stop it. There is no point in counting me as a companion.
Kyle: In what way, is there is no point?
Judas: ... There's nothing more to discuss.
Palace Guard: Hey, you guys!
Palace guard: Have you seen a suspicious person around here?
Palace guard: It seems that the robbers have entered the great temple. Did
you know?
Loni: Crap!
Palace Guard: What, do you know something?
Loni: No, no! Nothing! Robbers then eeeeh! How frightening!
Palace guard: ... By the way, why are you guys here, isn’t it a day of prayer?
Kyle: Um, uh, we're here ...
Loni: No, nooo,  we were only walking down the street,  and we got lost, and
ended up in this place...
Loni: Given that our presence isn't welcome, we'll just shoo away! See ya!
Palace guard: ... Hey, wait a second! Who is that standing behind you looking
this way?
Judas: ...
Palace guard: What did I suspect ... Hey, I told you to look back on this
Kyle: W- wait, please! That guy is our friend!
Judas: ...!
Palace guard: Friend ...?
Kyle: Yeah! Isn't that right, Loni?
Loni: Oh ... Yeah, that's right!
Loni: Naaah, it's really just that his stomach hurts so much ... isn't that
Reala: Oh, uh ... That's right! Walking was bothering him, and he was resting
Palace guard: Is that true ...?
Loni: Aah! I saw the shadow of a guy, look!
Palace guard: Huuh, where!?
Loni: There, there, on the other side! Hurry and chase it or you'll lose him!
Palace Guard: Alright, I'll get him!
Kyle: Hey, Loni, where he is!? Where did he go!?
Loni: Idiioot, that was a lie. If I hadn't said that, they would have started
asking us questions!
Judas: ... Why did you cover for me? You even lied about the fact that we
are friends.
Kyle: Because you're a comrade of ours, Judas. It's normal to help a friend.
Judas: I'm not your friend ...! (Give up Judas you'll never escape them)
Loni: So help me understand,  just why did you stay silent when Kyle said
you were?
Loni: If you aren't going to be our partner, you should explicitly deny it.
That's your character right?.
Judas: It's just that I did not have the time to say ...
Kyle: Do you remember what you were going to tell me, when we left
Kyle: You were going to say "Let's go together", right? I'm sure I'm right!
Judas: I really ...
Judas: ... It may be such matters, like what just happened will come up again.
Judas: And in spite of everything ... you're alright with that?
Kyle: A hero can't be afraid of hard things! So, we'll see!
Loni: So we have to travel with this jerk? For me this trip has been difficult
right from the start. ( I think)
Loni: The hard things will only improve from here on. So I don't care.
Reala: It's hard not to be involved with troubles, I think the same way. So,
I don't care either.
Judas: ... What a bunch of idiots. If you regret it, it's not my fault.
Kyle: So that's it! Welcome, Judas!
Loni: Well, we’ve over stayed our welcome. Let's leave!
Kyle: But where should we go? Reala, do you have a goal?
Reala: I have just one. The hero that I have not met yet ...  King Woodrow
of Heidelberg.
Loni: One of the four legendary heroes, King Woodrow. Certainly, when
compared to Mr. Stan, he's one that fits
the title of hero more.
Judas: To get there, take a ship from the port in Snowfreer. From there we'll
head to Heidelberg.
Kyle: A trip on a ... shiiip!
Loni: Alright, let's head there right away! It looks to me that the port is
located east of Aigrette.
Kyle: Alriight, first let's get to the port in Aigrette, and from there we'll
aim for Snowfreer!
NOTICE: "Reala joined the party."
NOTICE: "Judas joined the party."

-> Skit
Reala: So Miss Philia wasn't the hero ... And if King Woodrow, isn't the hero
that I'm looking for ...
Kyle: That's when I'll come into play! I'm still learning, but surely one
day I'll become a great hero! Leeave it to me!
Reala: I'm sorry, Kyle. I was speaking seriously...
Kyle: Eeeeh! But I'm serious! Believe me, Reala!
Reala: Fine... Well, then I'll wait patiently for that day, oh Great Hero
of the Future!

-> Skit
Kyle: The Hero King Woodrow, huh. And the King of Phandaria, right? "Is a
great sovereign, beloved by his people,"
That's what Mom told me.
Judas: He likes to wander.
Loni: Mh? King Woodrow likes to wander? And how did you know that?
Judas: It's just something... I've heard.
Loni: Hmm, its a kind of gossip, then? What interesting news  ...

-> Skit
Kyle: That man who said his name was Barbatos. Why did he attack Miss Philia?
Loni: Heh, maybe he's just a lousy maniac that attacks only beautiful women!
Kyle: EEH, then he's the enhanced version of you, Loni!
Loni: Don't be stupid! If it were me, I would've attacked much more elegantly.
Don't compare me to that weirdo.

-> Skit
Loni: Barbatos was really tough. If it weren't for that masked stalker, we
would've been done for...
Judas: "Masked Stalker", you mean me? Just by looking, you come up with a
strange nickname .
Kyle: Come on, come on. We escaped from prison, I don't care if you're a Masked
Judas: ... You're supporting it as well?
NOTICE: "Judas was awarded the title of: 'Masked Stalker'."  ( Haha poor guy)

-> Skit
Judas: The port of Aigrette is east of the city. If we take the exit in the
neighborhood south of the temple and head east,
we will see it right away.

-> Skit
Kyle: Let's take a ship from the harbor and set sail towards Heidelberg!
Loni: The port of is located in North-East of Aigrette. Sail along the coast.
Kyle: Alright, let's go!

/ & Various NPC \

Priest: During the revolt of Hugo, the giant lens called "Eye of the Goddess"
was placed in the innermost room of this building.
Priest: Now there is nothing. That place was sealed, and along with it his
abominable memories.

(Philia's room, ground floor)
[Book on the round table]
"'The truth about the unrest caused by the Eye of the Goddess'. Put on the
market immediately after the revolt,
it has become a best seller. It's a novel of the day. "
"The author must be the same scientist who collaborated on the development
of weapons called 'Guns Earn lenses'."

"'Philia Bomb - Information about elimination ... It seems to involve the
destruction of something that mass-produced young. " ( Such a frightening

Philia: Praying for your health, I give you the Combo Command.
NOTICE: "You've got: Combo Command."
(Talking to Philia again)
Philia: Heheh. When I look at you, I remember the old days.
Philia: I left the temple without knowing the outside world, on a journey
around the world with my friends...
Phil: There were some sad moments, also some terrible moments, but I enjoyed
it ...
(Talking to Philia again)
Philia: All of you, be careful on the road. I will pray that it is safe.

[Library on the stairs to the left]
"This must be Philia's collection. Several different volumes of the
possibilities of gender." (....)
"'Essay on the Chemistry of lenses", 'Origins of the Creed of Atamoni', 'The
Legend of Dr. Harold',
'How to Fight The Hate of Gels' etc. etc. "

(First floor)
[Library wall to the left]
"Provided texts on geography. It’s, 'The Troubles Caused by the Eye of the
Goddess', shows a topography of how the world was wider before. "

[Library wall to the right]
"Provided texts on geography. ... It's reported that on the continent of
Fitzgald there is a mountain range renamed the 'Chain of White Clouds' because
of the thick haze that has shrouded it. "

[Book on the left table ]
"' Calvalese Walk' ... The story of an adventurer who traveled on foot across
the continent of Calvalese, which has a some what harsh temperature. "
"He collected many treasures abandoned in the desert, and made a fortune,
so to speak. ... It may be that there are
still many treasures scattered in the region of Calvalese. "

[Book on the right table]
"'Culture of the different worlds - Aquaveil' ... A book explaining the
special customs and traditions and the history of Aquaveil."
"The archipelago located in the north-east of the world is called, in other
terms, Aquaveil. If you get the chance, visit it."

(Second floor)
Scholar: I'm doing a research on lenses.
Scholar: It says lenses are likely to have arrived from a falling comet, that
hit the ground long ago..
(Talking to again)
Scholar: I'd really like to conduct research on the weapons that exploited
the lenses, and the Swordians,
but it seems that they became untraceable eighteen years ago.
Scholar: The one who created them, Harold Berselius, is a genius without a
(Talking to again)
Scholar: I hope one day my research will help the Supreme Elraine.

[Library, wall to the left]
"Provided words on the great figures of the past.
'Lydon Bernhardt', the High Priest who started the unrest caused by the Eye
of the Goddess. " ( Greybum, if I'm not mistaken)
"He stole the eye of the Goddess and fled, but had to succumb to the four
legendary heroes."

[Library, wall to the right]
"'Provided words on the great figures of the past.
'Hugo Gilchrist', the president of the Oberon company, also started the riots
caused by the Eye of the Goddess. "
"Eye of the Goddess seized, Hugo revived the Weapon of the Past, 'Belcrant'.
Almost reached the point of destroying the earth, he fell at the hands of
the four legendary heroes. "

[Decoration on the walkway above the bottom]
"There is a decoration with an elaborate design. If sold, it would be of great
value..." (Taking after Rutee are we?)

[Book on the table on the left]
"'Special Patrol - Dark Wings' ... A book about the Dark Ali, during a patrol
special, active in the era of wars between heaven and earth. "
"It says that, there was a special patrol of land, it's duties were to escort
infiltration's and important people. "

[Book on the table right]
"'Military transport vehicle - Radislowe ... It's reported that the ship was
used as a flagship by the land troops
 during the period of the war between heaven and earth. "

[Pendulum Clock]
"There's a big old grandfather clock, a little large. It seems to be the kind
old ladies like."

[Priest on the stairs to the left]
Priest: It seems that someone has got in! It appears to be what is commonly
known in this day, as a  "robber"!
Loni: I think it's better if we sit somewhere else!
(Talking to again)
Priest:  You aren't one of those "dangerous people" of which I'm speaking

[High Priestess]
Priestess: Bad people do evil things to feel happy.

[Priest at the center]
Priest: It seems a thief has gotten into the temple, and attacked  Miss
Priest: To go against the temple ... This is what I say, don't be afraid of

[Crystal on the middle of the stairs]
"It's a crystal that radiates a mysterious light. And very huge, who knows
what in the hell it's used for..."

[Statue of the Goddess]
"There is a statue of the Goddess Atamoni. Atamoni is believed to be the patron
Goddess of Peace."

(Path to the temple)
[From the look out high up]
"You can see the Great Straylize Temple, immersed in the luxuriant nature."

 ~Port in Aigrette~

/ Dialogue \
Kyle: What kind of person is King Woodrow?
Loni: Well, the one who calls himself the Hero King, is not like any other
Reala: This time I'd like to meet a true hero ...
Judas: When you meet him, you'll know. However, we have to buy the ticket.
Kyle: Oh, I'd completely forgotten! Hurry, let's buy it!

-> Skit
Judas: We'll go to Phandaria via the sea route. Are you all ready?
Kyle: Ah, damn it! I still haven’t bought it! If I don't buy it, we'll be
in all kinds of trouble!
Reala: Huh? What should we buy?
Kyle: Heheh, Super Glue, of course! It can repair anything that gets broken!
If we don't have it, how can we go on?!
Loni: ... Listen to that kid. Judas means the "sea route", it means "by sea"!
(Translator's note: Unfortunately I had a hard time with the linguistic
boundaries on the concepts of the translation in this skit.
In fact it is based on a funny play on words between 'Kairo'-and-sea route
'Kairo'-a tool that serves to
heat pockets. Are homophones in Japanese, so when he spoke of Judas about
the sea route, Kyle thought of
 this instrument, and is not cultured enough to know the other meaning of
the word.
Also, since it happens Heidelberg is located in a snowy continent, wanting
to buy this property it makes sense!)
(^ not from me, from the original translator, so why'd it translate to glue
? This one confuses me a bit)

-> Skit
Kyle: That's right! Before we leave, we should go buy something!
Loni: Hey hey, we're not on a school trip! I bet you wanted to buy a snack.
Kyle: Hehehehe, you hit the mark! Can we, can we, get one? Reala, how about
you, want something?
Loni: Kyle. The tea here costs about three hundred Gald and up.
Kyle: Huh? Then, how about a banana?

-> Skit
Kyle: Hey Judas, I've got so much to learn about you, are you really sure
about going to Heidelberg?
Judas: Hm ... For now, I'm afraid, I have no choice. I am not only going because
of my worries though.
Kyle: Don't you have any family that’s worried about you?
Judas: ... Family ... heh ... Don't worry, I don't have any. (...)
Loni: I get it ... why you wear that ridiculous mask, because, your suffering.
Judas: "Ridiculous Mask" that's excessive!

-> Skit
Loni: Hah ...  sea voyages ... don't understand them...
Kyle: What's wrong, Loni? You don't look so good.
Loni: Never mind that, we'll go! But how is this huge thing floating on the
water! If we take it, who knows if we'll ever see ground again!
Reala: It's okay. Look, there are many women and children who are getting
Loni: R-really?! What kind of women!? Beautiful women!? Or at least pretty!?
Well!? Well!? BEH!
Reala: Huh? I mean, there ...
Loni:  Alriiight this is not the time to mess around! Come on, people! Those
women ... er, I mean, the sea is waiting for us!

-> Skit
Kyle: Look, there are the ships! We can use them to get across the sea. Alright
ready guys!
Let's see who arrives in Phandaria first!
Loni: We're all going on the same ship, so we'll all get there first...!

-------Doing these later--------
/ & Various NPC \
[Couple talking at the entrance]
NOTICE: "They're talking about 'normal attacks.' Want to listen?"
-> Yes
Greenhorn: By now I'm used to just pressing "O" button to do a lot of normal
Veteran: Don't get used to that.
Veteran: To tell you the truth, the damage and the accuracy will drop after
the second or third time in a row, and even the same
combined attack power will drop.
Greenhorn: Cheeeee?! So what should I do?
Veteran: Um, the first step would be to change the alternating combination
attacks executed with "Down + O, O, Up + O".
Greenhorn: And so what is the next step?
Veteran: Press "O", it is possible that the attack power and accuracy will
decrease, with "Down + O",it decreases
the accuracy of hitting upwards, with "Left + O" increases the accuracy down,
and finally
by pressing "Up + O" will not diminish the values of attack and accuracy.
Veteran: Remember what was said just now! Pressing "O", will widen the sphere
of effectiveness, is more likely to
center, however this will not be valid if I wanted to make a chain of attacks.
Veteran: This will also influence the next attack, with "Down + O, Down +
O, O" and "Left + O", "Left + O", "O"
change the numerical values of the three chained attacks.
Greenhorn: Well, for enemies with high evasion, I will use the combination
"Left + O"..
On the contrary, with the enemies with low evasion begin from "Down + O".
Veteran: Yes, let's say you can go as an example. Well, changes are valuable
in themselves insignificant, trying to
combining also remind the other rules I told you, and do not overdo it.
-> No
Kyle: I'm on my way!

[Young girl with pink hat]
Young girl: Wow you're ripped! Oh my and what a gallant mask! You people are
Kyle: Wh-what, what, what?
Young girl: That means you are fit to sail. You are young, strong and you
seem, then, wait is that
gliar the mask-ed-guy...!
Loni: I don't understand what connection there is between the stalwart masks
and going to sea ... (This one confuses me some I fixed what I could)

[Sailor next to the man with the hat]
Sailor: Today I'm on vacation. I don't know why, but I came to the port
Sailor: Hah, you see that I am a man of the sea to the core, gwahahah!

[Man in green on the right of the screen]
Lord: Well until the next shipment of letters, I'll take in some fresh air!
Lord: Once you go out to sea, you're forced to stay there for a while . I'm
having a good time on the mainland, as long as I can.
(Talking to again)
Lord: Wellll until the next trip at sea, what can I do? Go and eat some nice
Or maybe I should go and look for a girl ...

(Sneaking on the ship)
Ticket: We will leave after you've bought the tickets.

/ Dialogue \
Kyle: Sir, we would like tickets for the ferry heading to Snowfreer. There's
four of us!
Ticket man: Yes, I see there are four of you! That will be 400 Gald, Alright?
"Get on the ship" Or "Don't get on"
Ticket man: You're welcome! Hopefully you'll have good luck, gentlemen.
Alright then we're done here.
Kyle: Yeah!? Hooray, what luck! maybe some time in the future we really will
have good luck?

~On board the Ship~

/ Dialogue \
Loni: On the ship we can go wherever we want, right? Alright, after you Kyle!
Kyle: Where should we go, Loni?
Loni: Kyle, since you probably don't know, I'll explain it myself.
Loni: Traveling makes you want to open up to people.
Kyle: Hmm.
Loni: It's the only way for lovers to meet by chance ...
Loni: So, since you won't have another chance, the flame of love burns
stronger! Do you get it?
Kyle: ... In other words, your going to go find women, Loni.
Loni: Don't look at it that way! It doesn't necessarily mean it makes me want
to open doors for that.
Loni: Just test it out, how about inviting Reala? This could create a good
situation ...
Kyle: I-I don't do those kinds of things!
Loni: When you see her, tell her that you were looking for her. See-ya!
NOTICE: "Loni got the title: Stories of the Love Hunter"
Judas: ... Damn it. What a noisy and disrespectful guy.
Kyle: Uh? Judas, are you going too?
Judas: I want to sit a while alone to think. Don't follow me.( "Think"
sure Judas..)
Kyle: So then what do I do...?

-> Skit
Kyle: Being on my own is no fun, I could go and find Reala. Mh ... But who
knows where she went.

[Table with books and notes]
"It says something about this notebook ... 'I hate gels to death! I'll never
even eat them in battle, never, never!
And that was how I got the title ...'"
 ( Random moment: You know I've always wanted to eat a Gel/Gummi....)

(Cabin side)
[Table with books and notes]
"There’s scattered borrowed books from within the ship."

[Fortune Teller]
Fortune Teller: I am the great fortune teller Sabadeicho!
(Talking to again)
Fortune Teller: According to my predictions, in a little while something
unpleasant should happen ...
Fortune Teller: Upp ... Oeeeeh!
Kyle: Yeah, it's something bad  ...
(Greaaat, so lemme guess  a monster comes on board ? or hopefully just a
upcoming world destruction thing )

(In front of cabin)
[Couple speaks]
NOTICE: "They are discussing the 'Battle Strategy'. Do you want to listen?"
-> Yes
Veteran: In order to compete with multiple enemies at the same time, you will
need to choose a good strategy
battle, all right! How do you do if you have "enemies with a stiff defense"?
Greenhorn: Using techniques ball with all the others, yes.
Veteran: It's not a bad idea to use the techniques, but they are all busy
preparing a spell,
you will be beaten for good, so it is better that it remains at least one
active in the front rows.
Veteran: When is the case of "use powerful spells on the enemy rear guard"?
Greenhorn: Yesterday, I learned the hard way, yes. There are spells that are
not intended,
because we make a life charging, yes.
Veteran: Well, we say yes.
Veteran: It 'can choose between three types of battle strategies
simultaneously, and you can fight exchanging them
quickly during the course of the battle. Try a little ', and you'll see that
Veteran: The frequency of attacks, the percentage recovery of TP and the
abilities of the characters will change
Depending on the type of enemies, and you can hope for more satisfying
-> No
Kyle: I'm on my way!

[Baggage south of the screen]
"There's a pretty big bag. ... The content seems to be iron ore."

[Sailor on the stairs]
Sailor: A girl? I seem to have seen one on the bridge.
Sailor: Being on a ship, you happen to see a lot of things.

(Large cabin at the bottom)
[Cabinet right of the screen]
"In the cabinet there are bottles of wine lined up. All of them seem to be
high class stuff."

Girl: Hey, mister, have you ever been to Phandaria?
Kyle: Actually this is the first time I'm going there. I hear it's so cold
that you could even break a nail.
, right?
Girl: Hahaha, that's silly! If you beat nails they’d break into pieces right
away, anyhow!
(Talking to again)
Girl: If you want to know something about Phandaria, come and ask me, if you

[Woman with orange skirt]
Mom: We're going back to my parents, in Phandaria.
Mom: My daughter is very happy to be reunited with her grandmother.

[Passengers dressed in white]
Woman: Oh Heavens! Are you here to ask my hand in marriage too?
(Talking to again)
Woman: I'm up on this ship to see my love.
Woman: But there was this guy who insisted on marrying me. He's giving me
(Talking to again)
Woman: If you want to marry me, I'm sorry but I refuse.

[Blonde woman in the north]
Passenger: Ohohohohoh! I would be the leader of the  Good Cooking World Club!
(Talking to again)
Passenger: There is a story about the specialties, in the continent of cold
Passenger: Ah, I imagine it's only going to give me Goosebumps!
(Talking to again)
Passenger: I'm touring this ship looking for gourmet dishes from around the

[Turtle in Aquarium in the north]
"This looks like a turtle decoration. Who knows what's bred in this aquarium

(Bow Bridge)
Sailor: Pay attention, boy! Wind, pirates, ghost ships, the sea is full of
(Talking to again)
Sailor: Get it, boy? Being on the sea means to be always in danger!
Sailor: But you have nothing to fear ... Why do you say,  because the great
man here in front of you is on board!
(Talking to again)
Sailor: When I get noticed, any danger runs away with it's tail between it’s

(Captain Hall)
[Sailor left of the screen]
Sailor: Aaah ... I was scolded again by the Captain ...
(Talking to again)
Sailor: I'm still a beginner in swimming, and I suffer from seasickness ...
As I feared, I'm not cut out for the sea!
Kyle: And if you knew, then why did you decide to be a sailor?
Sailor: Maybe because ... I love the sea.

[Sailor blocking the stairs to the hold]
Sailor: Below is the hold. Sorry, but customers can not pass.

[World map on the wall]
"The world map. ... According to the map"
"In the North West there is the 'Continent Calvalese'. In the South West there
is the 'Continent Fitzgald'. In the North East is the 'Continent
of Aquaveil '. And at the center of the world is the 'Central Continent'.

"It's a hammock. It seems that the Captain uses it."
Kyle: Hm? Something fell. There’s a letter ...
The letter from the Captain: "A rabbit foot, a gift I received by mail order,
but it doesn’t work at all. (I didn’t win the lottery!) Is it true that this
is lucky when you equip it?
Had no effect with me, so I'll give it back. "
Kyle: ... Well, it might be, but ... If you don't need it, I could take it
NOTICE: "You've got: Symbol of the Bunny." ( oh very nice Kyle just steal,

[Shelf in front of the captain]
"It's full of navigational charts on which were scribbled arrows and specific

Captain: Hail, youngster. I am the captain of this ship. Are you enjoying
your stay on board?
Kyle: Yes! I'm enjoying it a lot!
Captain: If there is anything you ail, please come and report, whatever it
is. On board, I am the law.

/ Dialogue \
Reala: Kyleee! Look, over here, over here!
Kyle: Hey, it's dangerous, Reala! If you fall you'll get hurt!
Reala: Uhuhuh, I'm fine, I'm fine! Even if I fell, you would save me, Kyle!
Reala: Why you are the Great Hero of the Future!
Reala: Hey Kyle, how about getting up too? The smell of salty air is so
Kyle: Wait, Reala! I'll be right there!

-> Skit
Kyle: Reala seems mature, but she's also really beautiful. ... Well, this
isn't the time to think about that now!
I have to hurry to Reala!

/ Dialogue \
Kyle: Uwaaah ... magical! You don't see anything but the sea!
Kyle: And the wind blows so hard ... it feels like you can fly in the sky!
Reala: I know? How cool is that?
Kyle: It's amazing. Reala, I thought you'd be afraid to come to a place like
Reala: Why? This sea breeze is just fine!
Kyle: No, it's just that I thought you would say: "How scarryy!" climbing
up so high.
Reala: PHH! Ahahahah! What's, with that "How scarrryy!" what you just said,
were you trying to mimic me? That didn't sound like me at all!
Kyle: No, it wasn't a laughing matter!
Reala: S-sorry, Kyle ... but still "How scarryyy!"... Ahahahah!
Kyle: ... Yeah, it was strange huh? He-heheh ...
Kyle: ...  I feel so relaxed with you now, it feel's funny.
Reala: You think I'm not the same, Silly Kyle!
Kyle: Because the first time I met you, whatever you said, you had the same
Kyle: To be honest, I thought you were a really cold girl.
Reala: ... Well, then, my head was filled with nothing but the need to find
a hero ...
Kyle: Oh, yeah ... So for that matter.
Reala: ... Look, Kyle. Why do you want to become a great hero?
Kyle: I think it's because I want to be like my father.
Kyle: My father was big and strong, but gentle and warm ... He was always
Kyle: And then, when I was little he left on a trip. Since then he hasn't
returned. I don't remember him very well.
Kyle: But, I hope to become just like him one day. ... A truly great hero,
just like my father.
Reala: ... A truly great hero.
Kyle: By the way, why are you looking for a hero, Reala?
Reala: ... The reason ... The reason I'm looking for a hero, ...
Kyle: Wha-what was it?!
Sailor: Everyone! It's the lord of the Devil's Reef!  (Aah so yep, a monster
on board, knew it... DX)
Sailor: Hiiiiih! E-every man for himself! I don't want to die yet!
Sailor: Stop shaking like a leaf! Go and inform the captain!
Sailor: And then increase the number of watchmen! Check and make sure there
are no injuries on board! Move!
Loni: Hey, you two lovebirds! I don't think the sailors are fit for this case
of cool!
Kyle: Aaaah, it's not, Reala! I had no intention of ... Aaaah!
Reala: Kyle, are you all right!?
Judas: Don't worry. We noted at the outcome, and that the idiot has a hard
Kyle: What! Don't be so mean!
Loni: Ok, ok, afterwards! First of all let's check and see what's going on!
Let's go on ahead!

-> Skit
Reala: Kyle, are you okay?
Kyle: Huh? No, hahaha! Reala it's nothing, don't worry.
Reala: But ..
Loni: I'm glad that you two can talk so much, but don't you think we should

/ & Various NPC \

(Captain Hall)
Captain: Nuuuuh! I knew nothing of this Lord of the seas, but don't let him
do this to my ship!
Captain: ... Would you go and report what I just said to the people of this
Loni: Tell them yourself ...
(Talking to again)
Captain: Ah! If only I could, bring down that monstrous creature with my own
hands ...!
Captain: However, it's my duty to watch over the safety of those traveling
on the ship ...

[Sailor farther east]
Supply Officer: I'm the supply guy.
Supply Officer: Head back whenever you want.

[Sailor in front of the supply guy]
Medical Board: Do you want emergency care?
"Yes (100 Gald)", Or  "No"
Medical Board: Come back whenever you want.
Medical Board: I will have emergency care.
Medical Board: Now you're all set.

[Sailor in front of the staircase leading to the hold]
Sailor: Below is the hold! But, now we are fighting against the lord of the
seas! Aah ... what to do...

[Sailor to the west]
Sailor: Pay attention please! Follow the directions of the auxiliary ...
Judas: Alright, let us reassure the other passengers.

(Cabin side)
Passenger: I am the great Fortune Teller, Sabadeicho!
(Talking to again)
Passenger: The Lord is sure to destroy the Devil's Reef, oh my ...
Passenger: And in fact, I ask you please, destroy-iiitt!
Kyle: I’m not sure if that was a prediction or not ...
(Talking to again)
Passenger: It's not my destiny to die in a place of gener-Reeh! (Ehh.... not
a clue)

Sailor: All of you, at a time like this, stay calm and don’t panic. Follow
my instructions!
Sailor: Ehhhm, the first thing to do, is make sure to turn off the source
of fire ... And then, and then ...
Loni: You're the one who's in a panic ...

(Large cabin at the bottom)
Girl: Hey ... I'm afraid. Mom ... Mammaaa ...

[Woman with orange skirt]
Mom: What is ... What the heck is going on ...!?

[Passengers dressed in white]
Passenger: Aah ... If this continues I'll never hug my love again!
Loni: If you talking about me, don't worry ... I will return safe and sound.
Kyle: I don't think she was referring to you, Loni.
(Talking to again)
Passing: O Goddess Atamoni ... Lead me safely into the arms of my beloved.

[Blonde woman in the north]
Passenger:  T-this Lord of the Seas, Is he good to eat?
Loni:  '"Lord of the Seas", not "Taste of the Sea"!
Passenger: Are there are ways to eat this Lord of the Seas?
Loni: What, I don't know, but I can certainly teach you how to be eaten by
the Lord of the Seas.

(Bow Bridge)
Sailor: It, has appeared the lord of the seas! Ohohoh, I was speechless, I'm
no man of the Sea's is what I am!
Kyle: It seems to me that he is speechless, but ...
(Talking to again)
Sailor A-attacked the ship where he boarded, a man of my caliber! That is
very unlucky.
Sailor: L-look at me now! With my superb steel harpoon, I will become a mix
of fried fish!
(Talking to again)
Sailor: Wait for me, oh monstrous creature! W-when I've passed this stomach
ache I will come for you!

PART 4 -Sair Lenneth

~Ship ~ on the bridge

/ Dialogue \
Kyle: It's to blame for the ship being stopped!
Sailor: Hey! Run for it, you guys!
Sailor: This is the "Lord of the Seas"! There is no ship that gets away from
an encounter with this monster!
Loni: Even if we wanted to get away, where the hell could we go?
Kyle: Leave it to us! We'll put him out of action!

Kyle: We did it!
Sailor: So terrible! The Lord of the Seas is under the hull!
Loni: It's bad. It might have opened a hole in the hull, that would be bad
Kyle: Then let's go!

-> Skit
Judas: What a mess ... The real body of the monster is under the hull. And
if it opened a hole ...
Loni: "And if it opened a hole ..." What will happen?
Judas: What a useless question. If you open a hole in the hull, the ship will
sink. Do not ask such pointless things.
Loni: But, but seriously?
Judas: Seriously.

/ & Various NPC \
(Captain Hall)
[Sailor near the stairs leading to the hold]
Sailor: Below! In the hold! The hold! The Lord! In the hold! The Lord! In
the hold! Awaaahhh!

/ Dialogue \
Reala: What, what is this?!
Loni: Shit, he's in his full form! He did some major damage!
Loni: At this rate, the ship wont last! But even if we did defeat him, water
from the hole would still . ..What should we do, Kyle!?
Kyle: Y-your asking me ...
Judas: We don't have time to think. ... IT'S COMING!

Loni: Horrible! Its already beginning to sink!
Kyle: Wha-what do we do!? Uh, we must, we must throw out the water ...
Loni: You idiot! Even if we did, it won't change anything!
Loni: For now, we'll bring all those remaining in the cabins on deck!
Kyle: I got it!
Reala: W- what shall I do ...
Judas: ... Why not use your power?
Reala: Eh?
Judas: By using your power, you should be able to save the people on this
Reala: No. .. I can't! My power is not present ...
Kyle: What are you doing, Reala, Judas!
Reala: F-forgive me!

-> Skit
Kyle: We need to get the passengers up on deck!
Loni: If you don't think of a plan, the ship will sink and take all of us
with it!
Kyle: For now, let's go over to the bridge!

/ & Various NPC \
(Captain Hall)
[Sailor near the stairs leading to the hold]
Sailor: Aah ... The water is rising ... Is this the end?

Captain: Nuuuh! Because of the flood, the ship is sinking!
Captain: What is the end for the great Captain Algernon ...?

(Aft deck)
Passengers: ... The ship is going to sink?
Passengers: How will we ...
Passengers: Help me ...
Passengers: .......
Passengers: Aah ... The water is ...
Passenger: But we were sailing just fine ...
Passenger: I want to leave ...
Passengers: It's the curse of the lord of the seas ...
Passengers: Panic ...
Passengers: What is the lord of the seas?
Passengers: Aaaah ... O Goddess ...
Passengers: What nerve ...

/ Dialogue \
Kyle: Loni, there!
Woman: Blessed Goddess ... I beg you ... I beg you, save us ...!
Loni: Hey! If you can't stand here doing nothing, even if she could save you!
Girl: Mammaaa! Mammaaa, I’m so scaareed!
Reala: Here ... hey ... Do not cry ...
Girl: Mammaaaa! Mammaaa!
Kyle: It's okay! We'll save both you and your Mom, everyone! So, calm down
Girl: Uuh ... Sniff ...
Kyle: There, good girl! Do you understand, you have to go on deck with your
mother, okay?
Kyle: ... Shit! We've got to do something now!
Reala: ...

(Cabin side)
Passenger: I am the great Fortune Teller Sabadeicho!
(Talking to again)
Passenger: From the beginning I had a "vision" ... me when I went up to the
lifeboats and got rescued ggioh!
(Talking to again)
Passenger: It's not my destiny to die in a place of gener-Reeh!

(Large cabin at the bottom)
[Blonde woman in the north]
Passenger: Wh-who was the Lord of the Seas?
Kyle: It's okay! We put it in it's place.
Passenger: I didn't mean that! There will also be the remains of the meat
of it, because I can taste it!
Passenger: I'm going to take the meat of the Lord of Seas!
Loni: It's okay, as long as you hurry to get on the bridge ...

/ Dialogue \
Loni: So now that we’ve all gathered on the bridge ... What the hell do we
Kyle: Hey, you know how to swim to shore right!?
Judas:  The sailors can do it, but it will be impossible for everyone else.
Loni: The lifeboats aren't large enough to be able to save this many ...
(Sounds like the Titanic in a way....if the Titanic were invaded by monsters
that is)
Loni: Shit! We're at a dead end
Reala: ....
Kyle: We can't give up! We must do something, we have to think of a way to
save them!
Loni: Easy to say ...
Judas: There's only one way to save them all.
Kyle: Eh? R-really!?
Judas: ... Use your power, Reala.
Reala: I ...
Kyle: Uwaaaahhh!
Loni: Now I'm feeling bitter!
Reala: ... I want to ... That's all ...
Reala: ...!
Kyle: Reala ...!?
Reala: ... I beg you ... .... Fly!
Loni: Hey, what the hell are you going to do, Reala!?
Judas: She wants to raise the ship. But ...
Reala: ... Ghhh!
Judas: I don't know if she is really able to move a thing right now ...
Kyle: Don't ...
Loni: Give in! Don't Give in, Reala!
Reala: ... Aaah!
Judas: I beg you ...!
Reala: ... This, I knew ... I won't .. succeed ...
Kyle: You can't give up, Reala!
Reala: ....!
Kyle: I know you can do it, Reala! You can really do it!
Reala: ...! ... Kyle!

Loni: Amazing ... We're safe ... seriously! Hahah ... Hahahahaah!
Kyle: You did fantastic, reala ...!
Reala: ... Hooray ... ... With my ... power ... I have it ... I made ...
Kyle: Realaa!? Realaaa!
NOTICE: "Reala won the title: 'Miracle Girl'."

Kyle: I wonder if Reala will be alright...
Judas: She has exhausted her strength, but with a little rest she should wake
up soon.
Loni: She really, has done a lot despite being so skinny. Our reala!
Loni: We’ll, let her rest for a while, and decide what to do next.
Loni: We can't dock with the ship under these conditions. For now let's go
see the Captain.
Kyle: Yeah, right ...
Kyle: ... Reala.

-> Skit
Kyle: It's great, Reala. She had a power like that ...
Loni: Aah, that really rocks. I consider it a "miracle" too now ...

/ & Various NPC \
(Cabin side)
Passenger: I am the Fortune Teller Sabadeicho!
(Talking to again)
Passenger: You've saved them all, you followed my predictions-no-nnih!
Passenger: Sooner or later, you will become the greater one!
Kyle: Are you serious!?
Loni: I don't believe the predictions will ever lie...
(Talking to again)
Passenger: Sabadeicho never lies. Sooner or later, you will become the
greater one!

Sailor: The captain has something to say. Please go talk to him.
Kyle: He does... Well, we've got something to say to him too, then we better
go find him.
(Talking to again)
Sailor: The captain is in the cockpit. Pardon me, but would you go see him?

(Girl in Large-cabin at the bottom)
Girl: The ship is flying in the sky, what a wonderful thing! I'm so surprised!

[Woman with orange skirt]
Woman: What exactly was the mysterious power that has saved us ...?
Loni: ... We don't even know. But I find it resembles the so-called miracles
of Elraine ...

[Passenger dressed in white]
Passenger: I was courted by a strange man and then I was shipwrecked, my
travels are harsh...
Loni: Yeah, it's awful.
Judas: Were you not the one courting her?
(Talking to again)
Passing: Now I can finally get to my beloved, safe and sound.

[Blonde woman in the north]
Passenger: Haaah! And who would have thought, it would be so amazing.
Kyle: Yeah, but it's sad that the ship can't go anywhere now, but I think
we should all be grateful we're still alive.
Passenger: That's where your wrong, if only I had gotten a taste of the Lord
of the Seas
(Talking to again)
Passing: As the leader of the Good food World Club, I need to try in every
way to taste The Lord of the Seas ...

(Bow Bridge)
Sailor: Oh noo! I never thought anyone would have, could kill him!
(Talking to again)
Sailor: What a nuisance! You’ve killed him before I could!
Sailor: If only I hadn’t had that stomach ache, I would have killed not one,
but two lords of the seas!
(Talking to again)
Sailor: Gwhahahaha! The next time we see the Lord of the Sea‘s, leave it to

(Captain Hall)
[Sailor left of the screen]
Sailor: That's great, we're safe ... So we should be able to continue with
(Talking to again)
Sailor: I'm still a novice in swimming, and most suffer from seasickness,
but I will not throw away the
my dream to sail.
Kyle: Don’t give up, I’m sure you realize your dream!
(Talking to again)
Sailor: I will try to become a very good sailor.

[Sailor blocking the stairs to the hold]
Sailor: Thank you, we're safe ...

/ Dialogue \
Captain: Ooh, your here, your here ! We waited, Wonderful Heroes, Guardians
of the Holy!
Kyle: Holy? Heroes? What's this about?!
Captain: Though you are only four, you were able to defeat Forneus, the emblem
of terror, guilty of having sunk many ships!
Captain: And also, you have avoided all danger of a shipwreck using that
miraculous power, even greater
than that of the Sacred Order of Atamoni,  even of Elraine!
Captain: What else should we call you, if not heroes and saints?
Kyle: Heheh, no no...
Judas: I won't rejoice too much, it was not only our strength. More so, it’s
because of this miraculous power that Reala still can't even wake up.
Kyle: I-I know!
Captain: Of course, you will have already heard. Ahead, is the village of
Leane. Would you like to rest there our Saint's ?
Kyle: But docking the ship won't, be a problem?
Captain: Do not worry about that.
Captain: This ship is prepared for any outcome, but we can't land and quickly
return to Aigrette or head to Snowfreer, in these conditions.
Captain: So then, we'll let out Hero's rest in Leane, hopefully you'll regain
your energy, and in the meantime we'll head to Noischtat.
Captain: Given that we'll be in Noischtat, to repair the ship, you can wait
for us.
... And, let's say, it will take some time.
Judas: Unfortunately we don't know how long it will take for Reala to recover
. It could cause us delays in reaching
Noischtat, and this won't matter?
Captain: Ah, of course! You have my word of honor,  the ship won't depart
from there until you are back.
After all, we owe you our lives.
Kyle: Got it, then we'll go to Leane!
Captain: Well, when you want to dock, make sure to call.
Loni: Leane, huh ... Kyle, you may meet ...
Kyle: ...?
Captain: Well, what will you do? Do you want to dock immediately or  wait
a while '?
"Dock now" Or "Talk about it later"
*Dock now*
Captain: Well, then farewell ! See you later in Noischtat! Bye!

Loni: Forget it ... And oh, I’ll carry Reala on my shoulders.
Kyle: Huh?  L-Loni? Taking a girl on your shoulders, Loni, you only do that
if you like her.
Loni: Look ...
Loni: Kyle, doesn't the name Leane remind you of anything?
Kyle: It's the next village where we're headed, right? So then what else ...
Aaaah! Don't tell me!?
Loni: Yeah, it's the birthplace of your father, Mr. Stan!
Loni: He went to live in a place far away from this, well, he did it to prevent
Loni: We can ask Mr. Stan’s younger sister, to let Reala rest there... I think
her name was Lilith?


/ Dialogue \
Kyle: ... So, we came here.
Lilith: I understand ... It must have been terrible for you, Kyle. And for
all of you.
Loni: Nah, for us it's a everyday thing. Anyways, it was more terrible to
her, Lady Lilith,
Standing between us suddenly.
Lilith: Ah, no problem. As you can see, this is a simple village, right?
Lilith: Even here from time to time, things like this happen.
Lilith: Well, that's why my brother left here, he couldn't bear this easiness.
Kyle: Auntie Lilith, can I ask you something? It's ... It's about my father.
Lilith: I see. You want to know what he was like as a child?
Lilith: Yes ... First of all, he was a real sleeper. I'm the one who had to
wake him up, and every day was increasingly difficult.
Lilith: I shouted in a loud voice, I pulled the blankets, pinched his cheeks
... But you know, he didn't even wake up with that.
Lilith: Well, in the end I pulled out my pan and hit him violently on the
head saying:
"Secret Technique! Wake the dead!".
Kyle: ........
Lilith: As for the rest, he was a boy, like so many others. His dreams were
incredibly modest, he said he wanted
become a palace guard.
Kyle: Eh? He didn't want to become a great hero!?
Lilith: No, no, not at all. He said he felt that, he suddenly found himself
having to save the world from the danger.
Lilith: Pfff! "Suddenly", huh? Of course, if you feel that way, people would
lose confidence in him.
Lilith: But I think it was just from my brother saying certain things.
Kyle: I understand, so it went like this ...
Lilith: While your here, why not ask the villagers?
I'm sure you'll hear some good things!
Kyle: But Reala is ...
Lilith: Don't worry about her. I'm here to look after her, so now go ahead!

-> Skit
Kyle: Dad grew up in this village, right? This means that maybe this village
will be a part in my path to become a hero!
Loni: What to say .. I'm not sure you'll find many extraordinary things here,
let alone become a hero.
Well anyways, I'll take a break from flirting today, and spend the day with

-> Skit (leaving the village)
Loni: Hey, where are you going to go? We have a place to sleep here.
And you're not going to leave Reala alone right?

/ & Various NPC \

(Lilith's house)
[The basket in front of the mirror]
"There are children's clothes."

[Pot on the stove]
"It's curry beans!"
Kyle: G-good!
NOTICE: "Kyle has got the title: 'A lover of curry beans'." (I swear the Titles
in this game are so entertaining)

[Shelf, near the rabbit]
"There are books with tips stacked up."
"'The road becoming a Master Gourmet'. 'Methods display Shanball Bistrot'.
and 'Extreme Pans'."

[The bathroom]
Heroic Spy: Hmpf, I seem to have been discovered.
Heroic Spy: More than twenty years I have spied on my little Lilith, when
she takes a bath ...
Heroic Spy: Neither rain, nor wind, nor snow can make me give up ... I'm just
a hero who continues to spy.
Heroic Spy: Hah ...!?
Heroic Spy: Wait! I'm sorry! No stop, spare me from your Sword of Thunder!
Heroic Spy: S-stop it! Gahh! Ah help ... Gwhaaah!
Kyle: Farewell ... Heroic Spy ...

"You won't ever see the shadow of the heroic Spy again. He's probably on his
way to a world far away ..."  ( . . . well I guess he got what he deserved...
let's just hope Lilith never meets Zelos.)

"A swing swaying in the wind."

[Vegetables in Barrel]
"Freshly picked vegetables."

"The laundry is swinging in the wind ..."

[Lady in green outside near Lilith's house]
Lady: Stan when he was small? He was the most impetuous of the boys in the
Lady: Once, little Lilith asked him to go and buy fish, but ...
Lady: That little devil took a carp from the pond in this village, and he
got slapped for a scolding.
(Talking to again)
Lady: No one would have imagined that the young Stan would become a hero and
save the world.

[Lord with orange hat near Lilith's house]
Man: Mh? Where have I seen you.. Hmmm, where have I seen you before ...
Man: Ah, right! The hedgehog, on the hill behind the house, has a head like
yours! (......the heck)
(Talking to again)
Man: Nah, I thought I saw your face somewhere before, but you're just the
spitting image of that porcupine!
Kyle: ... No, if I may, I am the spitting image of my father!  ( You tell
him Kyle!)

[Couple speaking outside of Lilith's]
NOTICE: "They are discussing the 'Technical Smash.' Want to listen?"
-> Yes
Greenhorn: What is the Technical Smash, huh?
Veteran: Mh, when you become a professional in battle, this is certified by
the possibility of conducting
a "Magnificent Quietus." This is the Technical Smash.
Veteran: With the Technical Smash down the enemy, and also runs a juicy item
that says that in doing so,
the rate of probability of obtaining items from monsters rises dramatically.
Veteran: I wonder if it's true.
Greenhorn: And then we go and we will defeat them all at once, yes.
Veteran: Hm, is especially important "to give the coup de grace all together."
When you inflict the coup de grace,
SPs that you had used in conjunction will all be restored. Simply by working
your condition will be reorganized.
Greenhorn: Well, then I'll try to give the final blow using extra techniques,
Veteran: If you have a lack of SP, it would be a good idea.
Veteran: The Action Enchant consume several SP, dealing a coup de grace is
the road to professionalism.
-> No
Kyle: I'm on my way!

[Warrior in east]
Judge: Hardening by training my body for a thousand days.
Judge: Hardening by training my body for ten thousand days.
Judge: So the challenge will last only a second!
Judge: It's better to continue on the road of hard training.

[Farmer working in his field]
Farmer: What? Asking about Stan?
Farmer: Ah I see, Stan was nothing more than a sleeper.
Farmer: Every morning, this village echoed with the voice of little Lilith
who was trying to wake him.
By then, everyone had already woken up.
Loni: I know what you mean, that happened every time Rutee woke Kyle up at
the  Orphanage.
Farmer: It may disappoint you, but Stan didn't have any special side.

[Child near the stairs to the south-west]
Child: I am the legendary hero Staaaan!
Child: What do you think! Take this, "Majinken"! Zbwhaaaaaaamm!
Child: Everything the hero Stan touches is always defeated!
Kyle: When I was a kid I always pretended to be him.
(Talking to again)
Child: One day I'll become a great hero like Stan!

[Vases close to the child]
"It's a vase that's quite ancient."

[Sign at the entrance of the inn]
"Welcome, to the 'Casina Mon'."

[Chimney on the roof of the inn]
"Kyle peeks in the chimney! Unfortunately there's nothing!" (. . .your lucky,
considering it could be filled with smoke)

(House of the village headman)
[Daughter of the headman]
Daughter : A ship has been wrecked. It's the first major event that's happened
in this village!
Kyle: I guess it's a big event, but ... why make such a big deal about it?
Daughter : You don't understand, us country people.  We never have something
like this happen, in this village!
(Talking to again)
Daughter: Nothing ever happens in this village, that's worthy of paying
attention to.
Daughter: Oh yeah, there was Stan who became a hero, but that's another thing.

[Wood and straw near the entrance]
"Firewood and straw are piled up here."

[Sideboard with dishes]
"The decorated plates are aligned and expensive-looking."

"A old stove."

"There is a plastic duck floating in the bathtub."
"It says the name of the plastic duck. But you can’t read anything but the
syllables 'to us ...'."

Headman: Being attacked by the lord of the Devil's Reef, What a harsh trip.
Kyle: Oh! You know already?
Headman: Hohohoho. News comes and passes around in a flash, in a country
(Talking to again)
Headman: Ask those in the village, about Stan. They'll tell you things that
I've already forgotten.

(House of Old Maggie)
"It's a toilet, cleaned, and polished properly!" ( What’s with the toilets
in this game??)

[Old Maggie]
Old Maggie: S-S-S-Stan! W-w-what? ...!
Kyle: Be quiet ! I'm not Dad, I'm his son, Kyle!
Old Maggie: Heh ...? Aah, that's true, what a surprise! You really look like
(Talking to again)
Old Maggie: That's funny ... Why do you resemble Stan so much?
Old Maggie: Maybe it's the pointy blond hair?

[Pot on the fire]
"The Stew's a special of old Maggie. It looks so good ..."

NOTICE: "There is a suspicious trapdoor, but you don't know the method to
open it. Look around to find some tool
that will help open it . "

[Books on the wall near the bed]
"There's an album. This young girl is Old Maggie ...!?"
Old Maggie: Don't pry into the pasts of others!

[On tray]
"There's a piece of paper. 'Champion of the first generation - Noischtat Arena
...'." (. . Now I'm concerned)
Old Maggie: Do not pry into the past of others!

(Inn & Item shop - Item's shop below)
[paper on the wall]
"We sell specialty's of Leane, the Turnovers of Stan! - Owner of the shop"

Child: Ehehehm! Listen and be amazed! I know the secret place where Mr. Stan
Kyle: I know that too. It's the hill behind his house, right?
Child: H-how do you know where Mr. Stan trained!?
(Talking to again)
Child: You know the secret place where Mr. Stan trained ... Are you a fan
of him?!

[Ingredients seller behind the stairs]
Ingredients Seller- big sister: Our ingredients are fresh from the harvest!
Ingredients Seller - big sister: Thank you.

[Front of the inn]
Person at front of the inn: Oh my God ... Don't tell me you're the son of
"Exactly!" Or "You're wrong"
-> That's right!
Person: I knew it! I knew it right away, why your the spitting image of Stan.
-> Your wrong
Person: Really? But you look like him ...

Chef: Want to learn how to prepare rice with omelet’s?
Chef: I'll teach you how to make rice with omelet’s.
NOTICE: "You have learned how to prepare rice with omelet’s."

[Person near the Ingredients Seller]
Person- younger sister: If you wish to purchase ingredients, talk to my sister
next to me.

[Man on the second floor using the ladder]
Mr. Bob: Hey your, Kyle. My name's Bob, I know your old man from a long time
Mr. Bob: Well, Here I want to give you this, please accept it.
"I'll gladly accept" Or "Give me more" Or "I really don't want to take much"
-> I'll gladly accept
Mr. Bob: Here you go,  X Gald. Use it well.
-> Give me more
Mr. Bob: Wow, here's X Gald. The kid doesn't give compliments, huh ...
-> I want less
Mr. Bob: Hahahaha, look at that kid, so humble. You're just the opposite of
your old man.

(Inn & Item shop - Inn above)
[Objects window under the window]
"There's items aligned on display for sale."

[Items Seller]
Mr. Bob: Ohoho, Kyle, what are you going to buy?
Mr. Bob: Promise that you'll return and visit your Uncle Bob again, alright?

[Windmill on the counter]
"Even though there's no wind, the wheel still turns. ... Maybe it's a
automatic toy"

[Flyer on the Wall]
" flyer on the wall in the weapons shop."
"Are you looking for powerful weapons! Come and visit us in Heidelberg, from
'Soul and Sword'!"

*Back at Lilith’s*

/ Dialogue \
Lilith: Oh, welcome back! How did it go? Did you learn something else about
my brother, while asking around?
Kyle: Hmmm ... I know he's very different from how I imagined.
Kyle: He Argued, he joked around, and was often awkward, and even got
depressed. He was like me, in other words.
Lilith: So I've been told by Rutee some time ago, so you also want to become
a hero, right?
Lilith: If my brother has done it, then you certainly can become a great hero
too! Cheer up, Kyle!
Lilith: You must be tired by now, right? How about you spend the night here?
"Go to sleep already" Or "Not Yet"
-> Not Yet
Lilith: I see. Well make sure your back before it gets to late.
-> Go to sleep now.
Lilith: Alright, I'll go get the beds ready.

Kyle: ... Hmmm, no good. I woke up and I can't sleep anymore ...
Loni: What is it, Kyle? Can't sleep?
Kyle: Ah, Loni. I'm sorry, I woke you up.
Loni: It's okay. Hey were you thinkin about Mr. Stan?
Kyle: Oh, yeah ...
Kyle: I always thought that my father lived as a great man, a true hero.
Kyle: But actually I was wrong. He was like me, slept a lot, was clumsy and
loved to make jokes ...
Loni: So then, you feel like you were told a lie?
Kyle: No, no, not at all! The opposite, I feel happy!
Kyle: My father and I aren't that different. So I think that if I tried, I
could be like my father.
Loni: ... Understandable, it's up to you.
Loni: But you're wrong, Kyle. Mr. Stan was born and raised just like any other
Loni: But this man is a hero. So that means you must be really strong.
Kyle: Right. Who knows how many monsters he defeated during his trip.
Loni: I'm not talking about that, Kyle. Mr. Stan isn't physically strong
...his soul used to be.
Kyle: His soul ...is strong?
Loni: Once, Mr. Stan told me something.
Loni: "Continue to have faith in yourself and your companions. Maybe one day
you'll be betrayed, or bad things happen to you. "
Loni: "But you still trust them. Believe in your teammates, and believe in
If you do that, in the end everything will be alright. "
Loni: Easy to say, but not so easy to do. People begin to doubt each the other,
and suddenly lose confidence.
Loni: The only one's who can't do it...are people like, Mr. Stan. And that’s
why he's a hero.
Loni: You have to keep believing until the end ... that's the true strength.
Kyle: Believe ...
Loni: ... You should do it too. Believe.
Kyle: Alright!
Kyle: ... But Loni, you know your great. When it comes to dad, it's like you
know everything about him.
Loni: ...   If it weren't for my life. Then, Mr. Stan.
Loni: If Mr. Stan hadn't existed, I ...
Kyle: ... Loni?
Loni: ... Well, let's get some sleep, and wake up early tomorrow.
Kyle: Y-yeah ... Good night, Loni.

Loni: Good morning, Miss Lilith.
Lilith: Oh, good morning you guys. You woke up quite early.
Judas: With the exception of one.
Loni: Heyyyy! Kyle! Get up! You Get-Up-!
Lilith: Oh ... So just like my brother huh.
Lilith: No way. I'll have to do it again, after soo long!
Loni: Miss Lilith, don't tell me ...
Lilith: Oh, please don't mention it.
Lilith: I'm ready ... Secret technique, "Raise the Dead"!
Kyle: Uwwaaahhhhhh ... Hello ...
Kyle: ... Huh? What is it, Mom ... ... It's just... Yawwn yawwn...
Lilith: Hey, hey hey ! Get up Kyle. Let's have breakfast.
Kyle: ... surezz ...
Loni: ... So that's where it originated. Even though I had plugged my ears,
it didn't help...!
Kyle: ... Huh? where is Reala?
Judas: She needed to think and went off.
Loni: Now that I think about it, anyways we're getting things ready... go
call her. When you get back, we'll have breakfast.  (Not positive about this
line, could be wrong)

-> Skit
Kyle: Yawwwn ... Reala, where have you gone ...?

/ & Various NPC \
Loni: Reala went out a while ago. Hurry up and call her, Kyle.

Judas: She's not back to full health yet. I told her not to go out alone.

Lilith: Hurry up and go call that girl. If you don't hurry up, breakfast will
get cold, you know.

/ Dialogue \
Kyle: Reala! Breakfast is ready!
Reala: Oh, Kyle ...
Kyle: You look so much better now. Thank goodness!
Reala: I'm sorry, I made you worry.
Kyle: Don't worry about that! You've done so much, it's perfectly normal you
were tired.
Kyle: Also, you were great! Your pendant is magical, the ship floated, and
even in the sky besides that !
Kyle: Even the captain was all excited and said: "She's a saint, no doubt!"!
Reala: ... Eh?
Kyle: So you're a saint. A woman who can perform miracles, like Elraine.
Reala: Elraine ...
Kyle: Yes, yes, and about Elraine, she has a pendant like yours, Reala. And
when she uses her power, her pendant also lights up...
Kyle: ... Ah! Maybe It's the pendant that has tremendous power? So then, I
could work wonders too!?
Reala: Actually ...
Kyle: Never mind! There can't be such a thing. When I picked up your pendant
that time, nothing happened for me.
Kyle: However, that power of yours, Reala. Is really amazing!
Reala: ... No. My power still isn't enough.
Reala: This time it went pretty well. But if I was asked to do it again ...
Kyle: Reala ...
Kyle: "Continue to have faith in yourself and your companions. If you that
in the end everything will be fine."
Reala: Huh?
Kyle: Loni told me that, they were the words of my father.
Kyle: Coming here I've heard lots of stories about my father.
Kyle: Dad was not so different from me. He joked, made mistakes, he was a
boy, like so many others.
Kyle: So I think I can become a hero.
Kyle: But ... The words Loni said.
Reala: Continue to believe in yourself and your friends ...
Kyle: Things can be really difficult. I understand that now.
Kyle: But Daddy did it. And that's why he became a hero.
Kyle: So ... I'll try it too! Believe in me, and the other's... And in you,
Reala: Kyle ...
Kyle: Even if you said you won't be able to do what you did before, again
Kyle: I think you can! You'll definitely be able to, Reala! I believe it!
Kyle: So, believe in it too, Reala. Believe in yourself ... And in us.
Reala: ... Yes!
Kyle: Come on, Reala. The others are waiting for us!

-> Skit
Kyle: Alright, let's get back to Aunt Lilith's, it's time for breakfast! My
stomach is complaining ...!

/ Dialogue \
Kyle: Well, we'll leave after breakfast! Thanks for the food, Aunt Lilith!
Lilith: Just like my brother, When it comes to eating, you get quite perky.
Lilith: I've already finished preparing everything. Eat before it gets cold.

Kyle: Aunt Lilith, thank you for everything! Breakfast was delicious!
Lilith: Are you going already? You could stay for a while.
Kyle: I'll definitely come back someday. And next time, with Mom and Dad to!
Lilith: Yes, I can't wait! Ah, right! Before you leave...
Lilith: Here, take this with you. They are supplies from the hero who used
them,  from my brother!
NOTICE: "You've got: Collector's Book."
NOTICE: "You've got: Gladius Moon."
NOTICE: "And you've also got tons of freshly picked vegetables from Leane."
Lilith: Take care of yourself, Kyle. Come whenever you want. You are always
Kyle: I'll come back, for sure! Aunt Lilith, you take care too!
NOTICE: 'You' can now use 'Refine'. "
NOTICE: "Refine transforms the desired objects into different objects. A
command that allows you to combine
weapons and armor. "
NOTICE: "Now, if you want to use Refine, using a Rune Bottle and a lens.
The Rune Bottle's are sold in the cities, so try it several times. "

> Skit
Kyle: I've always thought my father was special. Like a kid who was always
thought to become a hero, like when he was my age,
he would have already been on the path to being a hero... But I was wrong.
My father was just a regular guy.
Loni: Exactly. We're not born heroes, you know. And that goes the same for
Mr. Stan and Mrs. Rutee...
It's what happens after, that matters. You understand?
Kyle: Yeah! What matters is to get as much training done as I can! In other
words, if were to train constantly I could
one day be a hero! Heheheh, thinking about it, I feel really relieved! I can
do it!
Judas: ...........
(I'm with you on that one, Judas)

-> Skit
Reala: Your Aunt Lilith is really cheerful, she's a wonderful person!
Kyle: And she's so good at cooking, and nice to everyone!    (..so much less
violent to)
Loni: And gentle, and pretty, she's good in the kitchen, and is also a very
kind woman. You see, Kyle?
A man who marries a woman like that is just lucky. Remember that.
Kyle: You're talking about your ideal woman again, Loni.
Loni: Idiot! Bumping into a wonderful woman, is the most important thing that
could ever happen in the life of a man!

-> Skit
Loni: The village of Leane ... It's a really nice place. We took a nice
vacation, and Aunt Lilith's cooking is a fabulous thing.
Judas: You mean the stew? ... The rustic flavors lack any finesse.
Loni: What, Judas. You  didn't even leave a speck, you also even asked for
Judas: S-shut up! I never said it was bad!

-> Skit
Loni: Heeeh ...
Judas: What is it? Your strangely silent. Your searching for food, am I right?
Loni: Hmpf. Leave me alone. I have a lot of things on my mind.
Judas: Oooh. So even your sorry for something you did ... I never would have
Reala: Hey, Judas. Loni seems to have gotten on wrong with a girl, so he's
depressed. Would you be kind to him?
Judas: So that's it  huh... What idiocy.
Kyle: But Loni’s very important. In a critical moment between life and death.
Loni: Would you people be quiet! Shuuuttt Uuuup. I'll take my revenge in
Noischtat! Just wait Noischtat , Noischtat!  (This skit I'm not sure on)

/ Various & NPC \
Lilith: When you're tired, or if you feel bad, in difficult times, and when
you're sad ... Come back again.
Lilith: I will always be here for you.
Kyle: Thank you, Auntie Lilith.
(Talking to Lilith again)
Lilith: When you're tired, or when you feel bad, come back again. I'll always
be here for you. (She's so kind, and so much less violent than before...)

~Outside of Leane~

-> Skit (in the fog, automatic)
Kyle: W-what is this?! It's suddenly, foggy ...
Judas: It seems that we have entered the 'Chain of White Clouds'.
Reala: .... Chain of ... White clouds?
Loni: This area. The disaster from eighteen years ago, this place came under
attack by Belcrant,
and the environment changed drastically. If the environment changes, then
obviously, the temperature changes to.
This is the result, a thiiiick fog, that’s here all year long.
It's this fog, that made it named "Chain of White Clouds'.
Kyle: Heeeeeh!
Reala: Wow, Loni! Your so well informed.
Loni: It's nothing, it's nothing. There was a beautiful woman in the library
at the Holy Order.
I wanted to get a little more intimate with her, so I started wildly memorizing
random facts.
 I never thought it would be helpful in a situation like this!
Reala: ...........
Judas: Kyle, Let's head Southeast, for Noischtat.
Kyle: ... Got it. Well, come on guys.
Loni: Hey, hey! Don't make those faces!

-> Skit
Loni: Noischtat is on the South-East part of Fitzgald. It will be easy to
get lost in mountain's with this fog,
so it's best we move all the time and check our direction.

NOTICE: "West: West Tunnel (direction Noischtat). North of Leane."

-> Skit
Reala: What a thick fog ... If we got lost in a place like this,  it would
be serious trouble.
Judas: Several merchants have gone missing in this area before. It would be
better to constantly move.
Loni: If the merchants disappeared, maybe their merchandise, got left behind.
Haah, that would be to good to be true!
Judas: Trying to find the merchandise off road. It's likely something similar
would happen...You'd be paying their price, with danger.

-> Skit
Judas: Kyle, you're reading the map right? You can check the map by pressing
the L3 button.
If we don't stick to the map, we could die like dogs and never be found.

-> Skit
Kyle: Everywhere you look, there's fog, and fog, and more fog! Where the hell
is Noischtattt!
Loni: Now he cries... Noischtat is on the south east of this continent. Walk
carefully, and keep a eye on the map.

-> Skit
Reala: What a thick fog ... I can't see anything on the other side. Hey, Kyle,
Noischtat is located towards the south-east, right?
Are you sure that your going the right way ?

NOTICE: "West: West Tunnel (direction Noischtat). South of the northern

-> Skit (automatic, near the end of the tunnel)
Judas: The Chain of White Clouds has a complex geography. You have to go
through the cave to cross the mountains.

* Note: Just so you know there's 2 tunnels, one you'll just reach treasure
chests, the other you'll get a automatic skit when you reach it.

~Western Tunnel~

NOTICE: "Push the boxes by dropping them into the holes, and use them  as
steps you've created to reach the exit.
Pressing the "O" you can push crates. Otherwise, you can't get them. "
NOTICE: "By pressing the L2 all the boxes will return to their original
places. So this way you can go back to the entrance."

NOTICE: "North: Exit the tunnel to the south-west. West: Direction Noischtat.
East: Direction Leane."

~Outside of the tunnel~

-> Skit (automatic, near the bridge)
Kyle: Ah, look! There's a hut!
Loni: It's just what we needed ! Enough for today, let's go rest in the hut.


/ Dialogue \
Kyle: It's the first time I've been in a hut! Heeh, so this is what it's like...
Loni: You're so full of energy. Uaahhh... I got so tired walking in those
foggy mountains, I can't do anything now.
Judas: You all get some rest. I'll stay on guard.
Reala: Are you sure? Your not too tired, Judas ...
Judas: You can wake up, when I want to swap. Until then, rest.
Judas: ... Damn, he sleeps so hard. Exactly identical to him...
Judas: ... Chal? Don't do it, not in front of them ...
Judas: ... Okay, but only for a while . However, don't you think? He's exactly
like him.
Judas: ... Stan, and now Kyle ... Destiny is ironic.
Judas:  ... On this trip, I've ... Kyle
Loni: What's wrong with you, Judas?
Judas: ... Nothing, go back to sleep.
Loni: It's really nothing... ? It 's just I thought I heard you call Kyle
Judas: I told you it's nothing!
Loni: ....
Loni: ... Judas, I'll tell you one thing.
Loni: I don't care what reason your traveling with us for.
Loni: However .. If you were to somehow hurt Kyle, then I ...!
Judas: ... How zealous you are. How long are you going to play guard?
Loni: ... What?
Judas: I asked you, how long you want to pretend to be his guardian.
Judas: I don't know if this satisfies you, but by doing this you will end
up spoiling Kyle, and he won't grow on his own.
Loni: You bastard ... Who do you think you are! I've always taken care of
Kyle, long before you ...!
Reala: ... Loni?
Reala:  What's wrong?
Loni: Oh, aaah, Reala, did I wake you? I'm sorry, it's nothing.
Reala: ... Your lying Loni. You're face is tense
Loni: Th-thats not...
Reala: You were talking about Kyle right? The reason you look so angry, can
only be about him.
Reala: So, what happened?
Loni: ... Really, it's nothing.
Reala: I don't think it's nothing! Because even now you can't calm down, Loni
Loni: Oh ... I'm sorry. I wasn't going to cry. Here ... (I think ?)
Kyle: Realaaaaah
Kyle: ... Mnngghh ... ... Stay with me forever ...
Loni:  Look who talks in his sleep ... I was scared for nothing, damn him!
Kyle: ... Together ... You too, Loni ... And Judas ... we'll ... ... we'll
stay ... together ... heheheh ...
Reala: Kyle ...
Loni: Hey, Judas.
Judas: What? You still have something to say?
Loni: ... Go to sleep. I'll swap places with you for now.
Judas: ... You ...
Loni: Listening to him talk in his sleep made me feel muuuch better. Damn
him, that Kyle!
Judas: ... Hmpf. Well, then I'll go to sleep.
Loni: You too Reala, go back to sleep. I'll be on guard.
Reala: Alright, and look, Loni! ... I'm sorry.
Loni: It's okay. Now go to bed.
Reala: No, no, not for that. It's just. I asked you a strange question ...
Loni: ... No need to say sorry. I'll look out now.
Loni: Alright, but for now go to sleep. I bet we'll be on another long hike
Reala: ... Yeah, good night.

Kyle: Nap's over, and all tiredness is gone, I bet we can run all the way
to Noischtat!
Judas: ...
Kyle: H-huh? Guys, what's wrong with you?
Loni: ... Nothing. Your just so over excited.  ( I think)
Reala: Heheh! But that's the great thing about Kyle, isn't it?
Loni: Yeah, maybe.
Judas: Let's save this nonsense for later. There's a way for us to go up to
Noischtat again.
Kyle: Alright, but ... what the hell!

-> Skit
Kyle: .... Hah, heheheh ...
Reala: Hehehehe! Kyle, are you hungry?
Kyle: Heheh ... After all I'm still growing.
Reala: Is there anything you'd like to eat?
Kyle: Huh? What is there?
Reala: Wait a second. Eeehm ... Oh no, not me too...!
Kyle: Hahahaha! Reala, your growing too!
Loni: You two ... I see you've already made good progress, hmmm ... That said,
it's great, huh ...

-> Skit
Kyle: Hey Loni. Do you know what kind of place Noischtat is?
Loni: Hmmm, yes. It was, eh ...
Judas: It's a city rich with the industry of developing countries. However,
the difference in wealth is strong, and to say that there is richness in the
hearts of its inhabitants.
Loni: Ooh, right, right! It's that kind of a city.
Judas: I disagree. This was true long ago. After the revolts from before it
was reformed, and the city is now livable and very rich.
Kyle: Heeeeh. Judas, you sure know alot!
Judas: One time, I came to Noischtat... Is all.
(^ this one's a tad confusing)

/ & Various NPC \
"There's emergency food and ingredients with the seal of Kongman. It seems
that its offered freely to travelers."

SELECT "Do you want to rest?"

"A map of the continent of Fitzgald. ... Unfortunately, it's from eighteen
years ago.
Now it's no longer useful. "

~Outside of the hut~

-> Skit
Reala: Aaaah!
Kyle: W-what happened, Reala!?
Reala: I-I feel something slimy, on my feet ...!
Kyle: Huh? .... oh it's nothing, its just a worm! Reala, have you never seen
one? They're almost always on the ground where people grow vegetables. See
here it is!
Reala: No, there's no need to show me Eeek!
Judas: How annoying...!

-> Skit
Reala: Waah, that beautiful flower opened!
Kyle: Your right! Reala, if you want I'll pick it. I'm sure it would be really
pretty in your hair.
Reala: No, no. Flowers are living things. We shouldn't pick them for our
Judas: Only men are living beings in this world. We are granted the privileges
to do as we please.
Loni: Oooh, hey what happened, to saying nice things?! JUDAS! being like you..
Judas: Hmpf, you're pathetic. Those who do nothing but attack people, should
have the right to live?
Loni: How dare you!?
Judas: How?
Kyle: Aaaah, dammit! Quite arguing!

(Time for another tunnel)

NOTICE: "West: abandoned mine’s of the Oberon Company. South Noischtat."


-> Skit
Kyle: We've finally arrived in Noischtat! We'll take the ship from here, and
then head to Heidelberg!
Judas: Once on the ship, it will take us to port in Snowfreer. From there,
walk north to get to Heidelberg.
Loni: We have to keep going, so we can meet the Hero King, Woodrow...
Kyle: It's alright! We'll be there soon, soon! Alright, let's go!

-> Skit
Kyle: Let's head to the port in Noischtat!
Loni: The port in Noischtat, is in the outskirts of the city to the east.
We need to head east down the main street.
Kyle: Alright, let's go!

/ & Various NPC \

[Man in the square below]
Man: We, used to be the poorest section of the city, but we rebuilt this city
from the rubble.
Man: We had no money, and couldn't do anything then.
(Talking to again)
Man: We who used live without money,  we were able to revive this city, from
Loni: Money doesn’t bring happiness ... In other words, you have to accept
a beautiful bride even she is poor.
Kyle: I don't know why but I'm getting doubtful...

[Sign of the shop, under the items banner ]
"Ten Thousand Items - Those who want fresh ingredients, come here please!"

[Woman dressed in green in the vicinity of the Items shop]
Woman: I came to this city to see the Great Battle Tournament.
Woman: Hey, are you also participating?
Loni: Hahahaha, I will do it! Miss.
Woman: Waaaaah! Wonderrfulll! I'll be rooting for you, so give us a good
(Talking to again)
Loni: Hahahaha, I'll fight for you!
Woman: Waaaaah! Wonderrrfulll! I'll be rooting for you, so give us a good

[Boy with a purple shirt]
Boy: You know the arena? It's one of the few buildings, that escaped from
being burned down.
Boy: If it weren't for that arena, we wouldn't have been able to rebuild  this
(Talking to again)
Boy: You might want to participate in the Grand Tournament Combat, if you
want to help the reconstruction.

[Child with blue shirt]
Child: Is it true that if you go to the ends of the sea, then it turns into
a waterfall and you can fall off the edge?
Kyle: GAAAAH! So that's what happens!?
Judas: Go back to school and study again, and take this child too ... (Agreed)
(Talking to again)
Child: Sometimes ships don't return, because they've fallen over the edge

[Old man with orange hat]
Old man: Have you heard? The Lord of the Devil's Reef was beaten by someone.
Kyle: Wow word really spreads fast!
Old man: ahahahah, don't say such stupid things. You can't have been able
to defeat him!
(Talking to again)
Old man: The Lord of the Devil's Reef is incredibly powerful. It's not stuff
for you.
Kyle: Hey! I'm telling you that we really beat it!

[Man walking along the road north-east]
Man: Some time ago, this city, Noischtat was horrible, where the privileged
classes controlled the poor.
Man: On second thought, with the fall Dycroft, this city was destroyed, but
maybe it was a gift from that woman.
Kyle: What woman, who?
Judas: A woman named Ilene Rembrandt. She was a person, whose concerns were
more than the imbalance of wealth.
(Talking to again)
Man: With the fall of Dycroft eighteen years ago, the ruling class lost wealth
and authority,
and it was then that this cities resources, came to a new life.
Man: It's still under reconstruction. As you can see, the city has become
a peaceful and without differences in wealth.

[Notice on the bulletin board in the north of the central fountain]
" A warning" .' The long-awaited autobiography of the Mighty Kongman - Me
and My Fist - is now on sale!'".

[Shop near the bulletin board]
Rune Bottle Shop: Rune Bottle's are sold here.
Shop by Rune Bottle: A bottle is 680 Gald, buy a Rune Bottle?
"Buy it"
Or "Buy  5 (3400 Gald)"
Or  "Refine"
Or "I don't need anything"
-> I don't need anything
Rune Bottle Shop: Using the Refine on weapons and armor, their additional
skills will be multiplied.
-> The buy / I bought 5
Rune Bottle Shop: Thank you so much for buying.
-> Refine Course
Rune Bottle Shop: What would you like to know?
"1. What is the Refine" "2. Transforming objects" "3. Summary of arms" "Next
"4. On slot" "5. Refine accessories" "6. Armaments on which you can use the
Refine" "Previous Page"

[Sailor walking along the road north-east]
Sailor: I'm Joe, the sailor tramp. I leave a lover at every port, and even
today, alone, continue on my journey ...
Loni: GHH ... How I envy you ...
(Talking to again)
Sailor: I'm Joe, the sailor tramp. I leave a lover at every port, and even
today, alone, continue on my journey ...
Sailor: Why ... I love women, there's not one that spares my love ...
Loni: How I DO envy you ...

[Girl with long hair on the upper floor to the north]
Girl: I am the president of the fan club Mach-kun!
Girl: Mach-kun is the fastest guy in this town.
Girl: He jump's on the corner angle as if he might fly!

[Man with blue band on the upper floor to the north]
Man: You want to take a ship? Perhaps the idea would be better if you left,
you know?
Man: The reason? Go to the docks to find out. The port is straight on this

[Girl in blue]
Girl: The boys race is a specialty of this city.

[Boy with his back next to the girl in blue]
Boy named Mach: My name is Mach. I'm the new king of Noischtat.
Mach: You seem to have running legs. Want to compete against me on those legs?
"I dare you!" Or "I don't care"
-> I dare you!
Mach: Alright then I challenge you!
Mach: To participate speak to the girl next to me!
(Talking to again)
Mach: Hurry. To participate speak to the girl next to me!
-> I don't care
Mach: Then it's better that you go away quickly.

[Girl in blue shoulder after saying "I challenge you" at Mach]
Girl: Want to Race?
"From the beginning of the race!" Or "Walk down the track." Or "Check the
track record." Or "Finish the race."

[Pair talking in front of the equipment shop ]
NOTICE: "They're talking about 'Spirits.' Want to listen?"
-> Yes
Greenhorn: Even if the enemy attacks a lot, you can't block forever, right?
Veteran: Enemies with high evasion is a problem. One strategy would be to
hit them with techniques,
but depending on the type of enemy, there are also chances with a single blow
decrease much faster.
Veteran: Hitting and missing, the Spirits will also diminish their ability
to escape the drop ...
It should also aim at this.
Greenhorn: So if I rapidly press "Square" and "Right," it will decrease the
SPs, right?
Veteran: If you do that while doing chain attacks, it will be a problem. It
would be best to leave the rapid attacks
for the end of a fight. 20 The Parade Quick remove SP. Watch out for enemy
Veteran: If the enemy chose to attack both manually, you will understand that
his SP are high by the fact that
the color of the cursor will be more intense. Always check the SP of enemies
during battle.
-> No
Kyle: Moving on!

/ Dialogue \
Greed: Gnnnnnnnh ... My condition right now isn't the best!
Greed: My real power, no, our, the power of the Dark Wings isn't all!
Greed: I am the great Greed! To defile speed with which I have been called
into battle "Young Noble from the Speed of Sound"!
Greed: A great person like me can not lose to a kid like that!
Milly: But if you've already lost 30 times against him ... That's enough,
make up your mind and throw in the towel.
John: If you were in your usual shape, then I'm sure, you'd have beaten that
brat, yes and yes!
John: It's only because your in bad shape now, that you didn't! Oh yes yes,

/ & Various NPC \
Greed: I am the great Greed! To defile the speed with which I have been called
into battle
"Young Noble from the Speed of Sound"!
Greed: The rest of us, Dark Wings, we can not lose!

Milly: You don't learn anything, Greed ... After 30 times in a row you should
have given up.

John: If I were in your usual shape, then I'm sure, you would have beat that
brat, through and through!

Innkeeper: It's 130 Gald per night. Want to stay?
Innkeeper: We await your return.

Bartender: Oh, welcome. Want to order?
Bartender: ... Ah, you're children. I can't offer anything that's alcohol,
I'm sorry.
Loni: But I can drink it. How about mixing a cocktail that suits me?
Bartender: A cocktail that suits you ... "Triple Dose of Alcoholic Heart
Wounded, by Lost Love's Labor’s ."
Kyle: Oh? That suits you perfectly, Loni.
(Talking to again)
Bartender: So ... How about a 'Care of the heartache, Sad Decayed Warrior'?
Loni: It sounds like the name of a poison ...

[Man walking in the bar]
Mr. Mach: You came here to race? Let me tell you, the champion is really fast.
Mr. Mach: Huhuhuh! It couldn't be otherwise, since he's the son of the
previous great racer, that's me!
Mr. Mach: My dream would be seeing my son competing with the son of the hero
Stan, that is the only one who can compete with my kid.
Loni: Hey, so then you realized! What you have before your eyes is nothing
but the son of Mr. Stan!
Mr. Mach: Eeeeh, for really!? Well then I demand that you race with my son!
(Talking to again)
Mr. Mach: What's most important in a race, is to follow the path above all
Mr. Mach: If you can't win at all, then it would be better to recheck the

"There's a piano, but there's no pianist."

[Drawer beside the bed to the right]
"There's a kind of message in it. If you want your bow to be stronger, visit
the home of Chelsea Torn,
To find me head to the north-west of Heidelberg. '"

[Girl in the room with the beds]
Worker girl: Pheeew! Finally, I'm done with the cleaning!
Loni: You did all the cleaning yourself? What a big job, baby!
Worker girl: Oh nooo, It's not. I need a lot of money for when I become a
(Talking to again)
Worker girl: When Mom was working in the mansion, she didn't earn much money.
Worker girl: And every time we talk about that, Mom always end up going and
crying. Such a sad sight, really!
Loni: Wh-what the heck ... even though she's talking about sad things, she
looks happy and smiling ...

(Items and Ingredients store)
[Shelf to the north]
"There's item's imported from other countries lined up . Many of them come
from Aigrette and Heidelberg."

[Customer with the blue skirt]
Lady: I don't use items weighing more than a tablespoon. I can't afford to
work in public.
Lady: What can I do, I can pray earnestly that someone could return the time
when I could live without doing anything.
Loni: It's good to work a little '...
(Talking to again)
Lady: According to rumors, if you hand over lens to the Goddess Atamoni,
whatever your wish will come true.
Lady: I will ask her to let me go back to being a noble.

Chef: Want me to teach you how to make risotto?
Chef: I'll teach you how to make risotto.
NOTICE: "You have learned to make risotto."

[Items seller]
Items seller: Welcome. This is the item shop.
Items seller:  Next!

[Ingredients seller]
Ingredients seller: Fresh ingredients, do you want any?
Ingredients Seller: Come back again.

(Equipment Shop)
[Shelf to the right of]
"There's latest accessories made from Lenses. It says: 'Prototype, not for

[weapons Seller]
 Weapons seller: Welcome. You can buy weapons here.
Weapons seller: Come back again.

[ Armor Seller]
Armor seller: Welcome. You can buy armor here.
Armor seller: Come back again.

[Shelf to the north]
"There's weapons in the basket on display. It says 'Not for Sale'."

[Woman in orange]
Woman: Should I take that ... Or that ... I just can't decide!
Woman: Before I bought the things I wanted based on my preferences, without
bothering to look at the price.
Woman: Now that I pay with money earned from my sweat and blood, I can't afford
a shopping spree.
(Talking to again)
Woman: I didn't think it was so hard to earn money.

[Man looking armor ]
Man: This shop is a subsidiary, of the armor shop 'Soul & Sword' in Heidelberg.
Man: These are products created by the blacksmith 'Winters' master of the
shop ...
(Talking to again)
Man: Uuhm ... What a magnificent job. Winters has golden hands of his
own as they say.

[Armor on display]
"It's a beautiful shield with soft pure metal. It says, ’ The work of

[Display near the entrance]
"It's decorated with golden trophies in bad taste."

Maid: Beyond this point there are private rooms of the Master. Sorry, but
it's forbidden to enter for guests.

[Exhibitor under the heads of animals]
"It's decorated with gaudy jewels."

"On the desk are expensive-looking cigar's."

[Display on the southeast]
" expensive ceramics are proudly on display here."

(Arena, external)
[ Ingredients vendor[
Ingredients seller: You want to eat buttered potatoes while watching the
Ingredients seller: Next!

(Arena, internal)
[Mobile to the right of the mirror]
"They are souvenirs. ... They seem to belong to someone?"

[Girl in blue]
To enter in the arena
Girl: Want to battle in the Arena?
"Single Battle" Or " Group Battle"
Girl: Come back again.

[Girl in Pink]
 Guide: Welcome to the Arena. Is there anything you'd like to ask?
"Nothing in particular" Or "About the Arena" "About the Noischtat hero"
-> Nothing in particular
Guide: Got it. Well, if you don't understand something, ask me when you want.
-> About the Arena
Guide: Men who want fame and riches ... And, sometimes women, these people,
can come to fight in this place.
 Guide: The battles are structured in tournaments. When you win three
consecutive matches, you pass to the next class.
 Guide: Winning the Battle in the base level of a single, you can participate
in the Group Battle.
 Guide: Overcoming the most advanced class, you will get the title of
 Guide: For now there is no Champion, so ... It's a great opportunity for
-> About the Noistchat hero
Guide: At one time, we had a champion who won every day.
Guide: His name was Kongman! He put every enemy on the ground with his bare
hands, and had many fans delighted by his skills.
 Guide: And then, we can't forget! He brought peace in the world by joining
forces with the hero Stan!

(Arena, hospital)
Knight: Fgwwwhooohhhaahh! M-my stomach hurts bad!
Kyle: You got stabbed in the stomach?
Judas: However there seems no visible injuries ...
(Talking to again)
Knight: Gwhooooh! M-my stooomaccch!

Doctor: No need to worry about the man there.
Doctor: He participates in these every day, but when his turn comes, you
always find him hiding in the infirmary.
(Talking to again)
Doctor: That man over there is here every day, but probably will never fight
even once.
Doctor: He said "It's 'my moral duty to register", but is it really?

[Book next to the doctor]
"It seems there are medical records here. ... They are too complex, you don't
understand anything."

(Arena, stands)
[Woman dressed in purple]
Spectator: Fwhaaah. I wonder if the fighters will get to the same level as
the legendary champion Stan.

[Boy dressed in blue next to a woman in purple]
Spectator: What, you want to join too? It's better to not, you'll just get

[Woman dressed in green]
Spectator: I don't care for weak men!

[Elder to the north with orange jacket]
Spectator: Listen to me, youngsters! You shouldn't be here! You are in the

[Noble to the north]
Spectator: Is there a fighter that can make me fully satisfied?

[Woman with blue skirt to the north]
Spectator: Indeed, the figures of the wrestlers are amazing.

[Boy dressed in blue to the west]
Spectator: Me? No, I'm a fighter, it's just that I have a thing for cosplay!

[Brown boy with the green jacket]
Spectator: Hey, try not to push. This is my place!

Kongman: Oh! Don't talk like nothing has happened! Do you know who I am?
Kongman: I am the one from which children run away in tears, the former
invincible Champion, the Great Mighty Kongman!
"I know" Or "I didn't know"
-> I know
Kyle: Former Champion?
Kyle: Right, I think that my mom has mentioned something about you.
Kyle: If I remember you traveled with Dad and his friends ...
Kongman: Ahm?
Kongman: Ugly wretch, don't tell me you're the son of Stan!? That's why you
have that face, I'm not going down!
(Talking to again)
Kongman: I can't believe, I've met the son of Stan.
Kongman: I hate you! Bleh bleh bleh!  (  Someone's having a spazz attack,
be different if Philia where here)
(Talking to again)
Kongman: Hey, son of Stan! Join the Tournament! You'll realize how long this
arena lasts!
-> I didn't know
Kyle: Former Champion?
Kongman: Ahm? Kongman the great don’t you know!?
Kongman: You have a lot of guts to approach me without even knowing me! Wash
your face and then get back!

PART 5 - Sair Lenneth

Txt version

~Noischtat Port~

/ Dialogue \
Loni: What?
Kyle: Maybe something happened?

-> Skit
Loni: It looks like something's  happened at the Noischtat port.
Kyle: Let's go check it out.

/ & Various NPC \
[Boxes to the north]
"There's a mountain of stacked building materials. They're going to

[Load of vegetables on the right of the steps once you go down]
"There's loaded fresh vegetables. It must have been transported by ship, from
neighboring countries."

[Blue box in the south-east]
"There's a chest inside, its equipment for ships. It says, 'Material for
repairs, Mr. Algernon'."

[Taking the road to the east]
"The sailors are busy repairing the ship ..."

/ Dialogue \
Kyle: Hey, did something happen?
Passenger: It appears that the repairs on the ship have not been completed
Sailor: We are terribly sorry, but the repairs have been delayed ...
Sailor: Sorry, but could you give us some more time?
Loni: Hey, Kyle? What should we do? At this rate, who knows when the ship
will leave port.
Judas: There are no other methods to getting to Heidelberg, other than
following the sea route.
We just have to be patient.
Kyle: Hmmm ... just waiting will be a pain. What should we do?
Merchant: Forgive me, but can I talk to you for a minute? If my eye's don't
deceive me, you're skilled wandering fighters ...
Kyle: Wow, we really seem that way?
Kyle: Hehehehe ... we aren't yet, but we look that way! We're considered as
hero's, and talked about like this, right?
Merchant: Considered as heroes ...?
Merchant: Ooh, I feel it, I feel it! You do indeed have some brave traits!
Merchant: Well, I have a question for the magnificent heroes, such as you
... Would you do me a favor and listen?
Kyle: Okay, okay! Tell us what it is. The great hero Kyle will put everything
in order, in a second!
Merchant: Well, if so, when you feel ready, please visit me in my humble abode.
Merchant: It is located in the urban district to the north. Come to me at
any time you wish.
Loni: ... Hey, Kyle. Don't tell me you're going to see that guy?
Kyle:  It's natural that I should accept! It’s the role of a hero, to help
people in trouble!
Kyle: Alright, let's go! If there's a person in distress, let's not make them
tired waiting for the heroes!

-> Skit
Loni: Look, Kyle, are you really going to accept this? At least learn what
it's about first ... That old man stinks of fraud.
Kyle: What did you say? It's all right. After all, he managed to see my hidden
Loni: Haaah ... I don't trust this under handed ...

-> Skit
Kyle: The merchant said that his house "is located to the north in the city."
I can't wait to see what his request is!

/ & Various NPC \

[Girl dressed in white]
Passing: Repairs on the ship have not yet been completed, right?
Passing: At this rate, I don't know when I'll ever get to my love ...

Sailor: We are all terribly sorry ...
Sailor: The repairs on the ship are late, so in the meantime tour the city.

[Man in brown with the green jacket]
Merchant: Damn! It's a beautiful grain. (… uh yea.. Grain??)

(Merchant in the Villa)
[Merchant with the bald head]
Merchant: Hohohohoh! What a stroke of luck, I've met some great fighters.

/ Dialogue \
Merchant: Ooh, I've been expecting you! I hoped you would come here!
Kyle: Of course! That's the duty of a hero, helping people in need.
Loni: ... So, what was it that you wanted to ask?
Merchant: The fact is that, long ago in this city there was a branch,  the
enterprise agency, Oberon ...
Merchant: With the destruction of Oberon in recent life, the treasures
crammed in their safe, vanished like  mist.
Merchant: So I did some research and have come to discover that the treasure
lies in abandoned mines near the city.
Loni: In other words, "I wish you'd bring me the treasure that's in the
abandoned mines", right?
Merchant: There's no need to be so dramatic. I beg, I beg of you, please,
Judas: ... Damn, who gave you that tip? How do you know the only one thing
that was written in it's will?
Merchant: I-I assure you that I was totally unaware of Madame Ilene's will!
These are all things that I learned by chance ...
Judas: That's funny, I just said "its". How did you know that I was referring
to Ilene?
Merchant: U-uh, that's ...
Loni: Hey hey, Judas, stop making him shake! Can't you see you're scaring
the old guy?
Judas: Scare him? He's just panicked because I got it right.
Merchant: Y-your wrong, it's a illegitimate accusation! Things are not so,
and this speech, can’t ...
Kyle: WAAAAAHHH! A-anyway's! It's better if we get going, to get the treasure
now, alright?
Merchant: ... Beeh, I agree. However ...
Kyle: Well, all clear. Wait here, sir. We'll return with the treasure for

-> Skit
Kyle: Hey, everyone! Let's race to the abandoned mines!
Loni: Hey, wait, Kyle! Walking is just as fine! If you use to much energy,
in that way, you're going to be exhausted
 before you even find the treasure.
Kyle: Heheh, I know! But if someone found it before us, it would be trouble!
Finding treasures is the duty of a hero.
We can't allow this to get out to others.
Reala: Huhuhuh! I understand it!

-> Skit
Judas: Kyle, you're really going to accept this request? We have no time to
do this ...
Kyle: I-it's good, things like this don't happen every day ... It's a treasure
hunt, treasure hunt!
Loni: Ah, don't bother, Judas,  it's useless. Once he gets it in his head
to do something,
no one can stop him. We're talking about Kyle, here.

-> Skit
Reala: Abandoned Mines ... There shouldn't be anyone there left, I guess.
Kyle: That's right. Well, there might be ghosts though!
Loni: No, don't be an idiot! I, the ghosts, no, they shouldn't... exist in
this world!
Reala: What is it, Loni? Are you afraid of ghosts?
Loni: No, no, no, I'm not afraid at all! ... It 's just that if there were
... maybe, well ...
I think I'd be bothered ...
Judas: You are afraid, then.

( Loni... is afraid of Ghosts, this is interesting)

-> Skit
Kyle: Let's go to the abandoned Oberon mines, and search for the treasure
that the merchant asked for!
Loni: The mines are to the north-west of Noischtat, somewhere in the chain
of White Clouds.
Kyle: Alright, let's go!

-> Skit
Judas: The abandoned Oberon mines are located to the North-West of Noischtat.
Let's proceed right away.

/ & Various NPC \
Merchant: "The abandoned Oberon mines" are located to the west of this city.
Merchant: If you head through the chain of White Clouds, following the coast,
you should be able to find them quickly.
Kyle: Got it! You can count on us, we'll find that treasure!

~Out of the house~

-> Skit
Loni: The place where we're going next, is located directly in chain of White
Clouds ...
So then we have to walk through that fog again!
Judas: It would be unfortunate to get lost in there ... Do not take different
paths, let's move closely.
Kyle: Everyone, you heard Judas! If we walk on our own, there'll be trouble.
Judas: Look, I was referring to you ...

~ Out of Noischtat~

-> Skit
Judas: Can you hear me? I intend to end this nonsense as soon as possible.
Since I've with you, see that you move. ( Look who’s breaking the 4th
wall…unless he‘s supposedly talking to Kyle, but since its Judas, I think
it’s the first.)

~Abandoned Oberon Mines~

/ Dialogue \
Judas: .......
Kyle: Mh? What is it, Judas?
Judas: It's nothing ... Hurry ...

-> Skit
Kyle: There's no trace of human beings, left in this mine. It's as if something
might jump out of nowhere ...
Loni: All right, listen wellll, guys. If you find ghosts, the first thing
to do is to say, run.
Reala: Huh? You'll look after us, Loni?
Loni: No, I'll run away. I said at the beginning that I wanted to run.

-> Skit
Kyle: Hey, what do you think the treasure is? Maybe it's a legendary sword
or something?
Loni: Something like a Swordian? Nah, too obvious. More like ... Right. The
type of something never seen before.
I want an amazing treasure ... For example ... A beautiful woman or a beautiful
woman or maybe a beautiful woman ...
Reala: That's what you want, Loni ...? So then, I would like a hero!
Kyle: What are you saying, Reala. If you want a hero, I'm already here.
Judas: I do not understand your logic. Humans can‘t fit inside a treasure
Reala: No, Judas. It's obvious that we were joking. Right, Loni?
Loni: Huh? ... It was a joke?

-> Skit
Judas: Immediately after the wars from eighteen years ago, the Oberon
company, was dissolved. It was then that this mine was abandoned.
Reala: And the machines of that time have remained as they were then.
Judas: Because there were other more important things to do than to close
the mine.
Funeral services for all victims of the wars, the reconstruction of the city,
the opening of trade routes ...
While doing this, this place ... Was eliminated from people's memories.

-> Skit
Reala: Kyaah! Right there, a human figure!
Loni: That-that-that-that that, where Reala? There's no ghost right? It's
not true right? Tell me that it wasn't!
Ah, and you aren't telling me! But if it was a ghost, we have to get away...
noo, ghosts can't exist! No they can't be  ...
Judas: Calm down, both of you. Reala, what you saw was your own shadow.
Loni: ... Huh? Damn straight. It's like Judas said! Ghosts don't exist,
Reala! Sheesh, damn it, worrying about something that was wrong! ( I think)
Reala: Ah, Loni, you're wrong! I never said it was a ghost!

-> Skit
Reala: I thought the abandoned mines were more similar to ruins, but the
inside is not so damaged ...
If so, it may be that the machines once used, still work!

-> Skit
Kyle: There's a treasure somewhere in these abandoned Oberon mines ... And
we’ll find it for sure!

-> Skit
Loni: This infamous "treasure" should be hidden here somewhere. Maybe ...
In a secret hidden room
or ... We should explore all the corners of each suspicious spot.

/ Dialogue \
Kyle: The road is blocked by mud. If we don't get rid of it, we can't continue.
Judas: We need to explode the mud, that's the only way.
Loni: Explode? Hey, hey, there has to be something else...
Judas: At one time bomb's in the tunnels were used. If we try, we should find
something. As for triggering ... Right.
We could use the Sorcerer's Ring.

/ & Various NPC \
NOTICE: "The stairs are blocked by mud and boulders. It seems possible to
blow it up."

/ Dialogue \
Reala: It seems ... It's stationary.
Judas: He may not have any more power ...
Judas: All right, let's activate the electricity through the "Motor Lenses"
in the supply room on the first floor.

Kyle: What's this?
Judas: This is called the "Motor Lenses", its a mechanism that absorbs energy
from the lens and transforms it into kinetic energy.
Judas: If we put it in operation, we should be able to reactivate the machinery
inside the tunnel.
Reala: How do we do it?
Judas: ... We need to put 200 lenses in the container.
Loni: 200 You said ... 200 lenses!? Does it really need that many!?
Judas: Complaining is useless. For now, let's get some lenses. If we go to
the bottom of the mine, there should be some.

-> Skit
Loni: Kyle, don't you think it's strange? How Judas is so well informed on
the machines, in this place?
I'm wondering, if he's hiding something...
Kyle: Huh? Why? Aren't you worrying to much? We've been  together alot, and
he's not a bad person, right?
Loni: ... You're right. But even if you say, this is that and the other, I
can't help but think ...

/ & Various NPC \

(Inserting lenses)
NOTICE: "You need 200 lenses. Do you have 100 lenses?"
-> Yes
NOTICE: "You entered 100 lenses."
-> No
NOTICE: "Cancelled."

(After 200 lenses is entered)
NOTICE: "You have enabled the lens motor."

(Wall in the area with the truck)
NOTICE: "It seems that this wall will break."

NOTICE: "Do you want to let go of the raft?"

(Trying to move the levers while it's active)
NOTICE: "When the conveyor is active you can not use the levers."

(Pulling a red lever)
NOTICE: "You have moved the lever."

(Control panel, levers active)
NOTICE: "'explosives.' Lever A: ON Lever B: ON"

(After power levers are active)
NOTICE: "The bomb fell downstairs."

(Examining the bomb on the raft)
"Pick up the bomb" Or "Let go of the raft"

(Bomb triggered the in the mud pile)
"The bomb EXPLODED!"

/ Dialogue \
Kyle: I wonder what the treasure will be...?

-> Skit
Kyle: Well, well, it seems soon we'll be face to face with the treasure. Who
knows what it will be ...
Gwaaaah, I'm not freaked out anymore!

/ Dialogue \
Kyle: So that's... The treasure? What the hell is that?
Judas: It's a special mineral, extracted only in this mine. They inserted
it here to preserve its quality.
Kyle: A special mineral? Does that mean that it's only a stone?
Judas: ... Belcrant you know it?
Loni: Yeah, I know. It's a weapon that was in Dycroft, right?
Loni: It drew energy from the earth's crust, a weapon of mass destruction,
so to say.
Judas: This stone is the same that was used as a catalyst in Belcrant, the
power of the lens.
Reala: Eh? But then, with this , it's ...
Judas: That's right, you can rebuild Belcrant again. A weapon that can wipe
out a city in a breath, could be created again.
Judas: ... But anyway's, it's virtually impossible. No one knows how to use
this stone.
Judas: Actually, the Oberon company was conducting analysis on the subject
... But they are all lost.
Loni: Uheee, what we thought was treasure!
Loni: Man, those guys, what Oberon made, it's not right.
Reala: ... Hey, there's light on that side?
Loni: So it seems ... That is there something else?

-> Skit
Loni: I'm curious about that light ... Kyle, Let's check it out.

/ Dialogue \
Reala: There's a light...!
Loni: There's light filtering through a hole in the rocks. I see,  that's
why it was lit.
Judas: This is ...!
Judas: ... Huhuh, ahahaha!
Kyle: Judas!?
Judas: ... How ironic, that we ended up here...
Loni: What the heck is it? What, what ...
Loni: "By using the minerals of this mine, you can greatly increase the power
of a lens."
"By doing so, productivity will increase, and everyone can afford to live
in dignity."
"These minerals are miraculous stones, void because the gap between rich and
poor in the Noischtat city. "
"As this miraculous stone has a chemical reaction in contact with  rays from
the sun, it is an object useful for construction. "
"If by chance, in this place of light penetrated through the rocks, and if,
in this place, one of these stones is found ... "
"Surely this will become a precious gift of the gods."
"This place must not be destroyed. Protect it fiercely."
"Because in protecting this place, the people of Noischtat will also be
Kyle: " Posterity to the one who will read this. Signed, the President of
the subsidiary Noischtat Oberon company, Ilene Rembrandt. "
Loni: I see... So these stones aren't only for weapons but also for industries
and ships.
Loni: There was something that never crossed my mind. We're identical to those
that wanted to build weapons.
Judas: And also the same Oberon company... I. .. Also to Ilene ...
Judas: A certain fellow and some people lost their way. They wanted to realize
their ideals too soon, and looking for
an immediate effect, they chose the most terrible remedy.
Loni: You mean the disasters of '"Eye of the Goddess"? I get ya ... What the
hell were they thinking doing this ...
Reala: But ... I don't think Ilene was lying about her intentions ...
Reala: She was thinking of extracting these minerals to help the people of
Reala: She also left a message, so that this place doesn't fall into
disrepair, and its minerals can no longer be collected ...
Reala: And that's why it's so beautiful. It's as if ... It was a treasure.
Loni: A treasure ... Eh. Unexpectedly, it might be that this is the real
Kyle: True! That’s definitely right!
Judas: The real treasure ...
Judas: ... That trivial phrase.
Loni: Heh! Just shut up ...
Judas: ... But, after all, sometimes trivial things are not bad.
Kyle: Judas ...
Loni: Well, after seeing the real treasure, how about going back to town?
Kyle: Yeah!

-> Skit
Reala: Ms. Ilene loved the people of Noischtat so much ...
Kyle: I think so. And I also think that it's thanks to those who carried out
the wishes of Mrs. Ilene, that Noischtat is what it is today.
Loni: Well, it didn't turn out to be the 'Treasure of luxury' that we'd
imagined, but I'm glad I came here. You agree right, Judas?
Judas: Yeah ... I think so ...

-> Skit
Loni: So, the 'treasure' our client was talking about , is this mineral then?
Judas: I think so. However, I do not think that the merchant will find this
mineral can be of any use.
After all, it's an object that has many problems to be analyzed from even
the technicians of Oberon.
And now that the company no longer exists ... Oberon does not seem different
from any other stone.
In the end, there's not much to do at all.
Reala: You mustn’t say that. We read the message left by Lady Ilene.
Kyle: Yeah, yeah! That was the 'treasure', all right! There's alot we we're
given to do!
Judas: Well ... If you think so, you are free to do as you please.

-> Skit
Loni: The Lady Ilene, huh ... She communicated her desire to save the people
of Noischtat, not only through
 words, but also from the heart. I'm sure she was really a woman of noble
I was really moved ... Ahm? What's the matter, people? I'm seeing some
surprised faces, have I done somethin wrong?
Judas: ... No. We only wonder why we didn't know that you also judge women
by their hearts,
and not just by their appearance.
Loni: Daaamn that annoying kid. I can't help it if I have a weakness for
beautiful things!
Kyle: For beautiful women ...
Reala: Women, beautiful ...
Judas: You mean the woman, are beautiful ...
Loni: You all... Ah, all right! It's just that! You're right, I was just
"The Lady Ilene, I bet she was a beautiful woman!"! Grr, I'm sorry, what the

-> Skit
Kyle: We have gotten the treasure. We just have to take it to the merchant,
in Neaustadt.


/ Dialogue \
Merchant: This  house I bought was formerly the residence of a Oberon woman,
and I found the will in a safe.
Merchant: And after all, those idiots left with so much enthusiasm.
Merchant: But even if those idiots were to die on the way, I won't have to
spend even a single Gald in damages.
I did a great job, if I may say so.
Man: You have proven to be a merchant of high class, as always. Why can't
I have your luck, hohohohoh!

-> Skit
Loni: Grr! Look at that damned dirty selfish ...
Judas: Don't mind it. We have his treasure for the contract. Let's take him
the reward immediately and then leave.

/ Dialogue \
Merchant: Oooh, I've been expecting you! All I did was worry that you were
injured ...
Loni: Look, you, your nose is growing!
Merchant: In this regard, you will have the promised merchandise , will you
give me it?
Kyle: Yeah, sure! Here, take it!
Merchant: ... Is this really it?
Loni: There was nothing else that we found, okay?
Merchant: ... Um, and what the heck is this?
Kyle: We don't know!
Loni: We were just told to go get the treasure, you know.
Judas: ... Hmpf.
Merchant: T-this is true, but ...
Loni: Well, we brought what was promised. It's time for the reward, don't
you think?
Merchant: ... H-however, this can not be considered treasure, something of
this nature, you do not understand ...
Judas: ... At the last moment, telling us that he wanted us to bring something
Merchant: Hiiih! No, no, I do not want anything at all! P-p-p-p-please accept
NOTICE: "You've got: 3000 Gald."
Kyle: Wow!
Loni: Well, now we can leave!
( I see a trend, getting thrown in jail, and going to some cheap merchant
in the beginning of the game, of coarse last time they got drugged'' and then
thrown in jail, but hey)

/ & Various NPC \
Merchant: What does all this mean! I didn't even allow a single word to be
uttered about it!

Merchant: Doooooh ... The colossal wealth from the Oberon company  was
nothing more than this garbage ...
Loni: What a shame, Uncle. Well, who knows, maybe it's better that way.  (
Right on Loni)

-> Skit
Kyle: Hahaha! We were able to bring the treasure to it's destination, and
we even finished the request perfectly, how awesome!
Judas: Hmpf. I'm curious to see if those people have the skills necessary
to use the mineral.

/ Dialogue \
Kyle: Ahahahahah! Hey, did you see his face!?
Loni: When he had to pay us, right? It looked like he'd swallowed a toad!
Reala: It turned out all ok, right Judas?
Judas: ... Considering how you're done, it was a great performance.
Loni: Well, now  we have no time to lose, how about going to the port for
a little visit  ?
Kyle: Yeah, right!

-> Skit
Loni: Judas, I'm sorry for askin again, but are you really ok with coming
Judas: I told you not to pay any attention to me. After all, I am alone, and
will do far less traveling with you all in my sight.
Loni: Hmmm. That was a little too honest. What your trying to tell us is that
we can't be left alone?
Judas: Mah .. Maybe ... Being with a person who's, reckless, and has a
incapable sense of reasoning, and an idiot with no brain, impulsive, and
unable to think, I'm never sure what might happen, and I must say that this
pleases me very much.
Loni: ... For some reason I found what you said a tad insulting, or am I wrong?
Judas: Huhuh. See, you can’t understand a single jest so obvious, I feel too
awful to abandon you.
Loni: You bastard! You sound like you want to be a stupid kid!
Judas: Oh ... Over there, there's a woman of unparalleled beauty.
Loni: What? Where is she? Where is she? Tell meee!
Kyle: It's funny how he manages to manipulate him so easily ...
(Man am I ever glad he's around again)

-> Skit
Loni: It seems that the ship will be able to sail soon ...
Kyle: Alright, let's go to the Noischtat port!

/ & Various NPC \

[Girl dressed in white]
Girl: Aah! Finally the ship is ready to go.
Girl: We're supposed to wait here, my feelings for him have strengthened,
what a wonderful feeling!

[Man with the green jacket]
Merchant: Finally, they've repaired the ship. Well, time to load the latest

Sailor: Sorry to have kept you waiting. We set sail soon.
Sailor: When you're done preparing, talk to the captain and board.

[Taking the road to the east]
"There are several of anchored ships  ..."

/ Dialogue \
Kyle: Hey, Captain!
Captain: Ooh, my brave young heroes! How did it go, staying on land?
Captain: Let's rejoice! From now on, you can travel back again riding the
Kyle: T-thank you ...
Captain: The Algernon ship is ready to set sail soon. Are you youngster's,
all ready!
"Of course!" Or  "... Excuse me, wait a second."
-> "... If you say “Excuse me, wait a second."
Captain: Well, be back when your all ready. See you later, youngster!

-> Skit
Kyle: Finally, we've set sail. It sure took a lot of time!
Loni: This time I'd like to get to our destination without a hitch. If the
Lord of the Seas
came back, while we're on the ship, there won't be anyone to save us, even
if we had one hundred Reala’s!

-> Skit
Kyle: When we're ready, let's set sail from the Noischtat port to Snowfeer

/ Dialogue \
Captain: The Algernon ship is ready to set sail soon. Are you youngster's
all ready!
"Of course!" Or "... Excuse me, wait a second."
-> "Of course!"
Captain: Aye, aye, sir! We'll fly up to Snowfreer, so be careful not to fall!


/ Dialogue \
Kyle: I'm tired of standing here and doing nothing ...
Kyle: Where did Loni and Judas go?

-> Skit
Kyle: So much has happened until now. We saved Miss Philia at the Great Temple,
and then the fight with
The Lord of the Seas ... And finally, the treasure hunt ... In Noischtat Eh.
Heheh, that's my adventure, already!

/ & Various NPC \

(Cabin side)
Passenger: I am the great psychic Sabadeicho!
(Talking to again)
Passenger: You will be guided through the intense cold of the continent, where
in the body generate-oh! (ehh...dunno)
Kyle: Oh! We will!
(Talking to again)
Passenger: The Psychic forecasts, are always guessed-huh!

[Sailor on the stairs]
Sailor: Thanks to your help, we managed to sail to Snowfreer.
Sailor: Or rather I should say, thanks to the great help of the noble lordship,
Heroes and Holy one.
(Talking to again)
Sailor: This time, it's our turn to lead you safely to your destination. The
pleasure is all ours to have you on our ship.

(Large cabin at the bottom)
Girl: You were able to take out a big monster, big brothers, you are strong!
Kyle: Heheh, it's natural! If I lose against a monster like that, it wouldn't
be a good name for a Great Hero of the Future!

[Woman with orange skirt]
Mom: You were enormously helpful at that time. Thank you, my daughter is doing
(Talking to again)
Mom: We were saved thanks to all of you. We are grateful.

[Passenger dressed in white]
Passenger: Now I can finally get to my beloved.
(Talking to again)
Passenger: Aah, I just want to embrace my love.

[Passenger with blue skirt]
Passenger: Although it wasn't planned, thanks to you I managed to taste the
specialties of Noischtat.
(Talking to again)
Passenger: There are problems like these, which adds flavor to a trip.
(Talking to again)
Passenger: As Leader of the Good food World club, I will continue to try things
from around the world.

(Captain Hall)
[Sailor on the left stairway neighbors]
Sailor: I was just a rookie in swimming, but now I've learned to swim in waters
10 meters deep.
Sailor: When I learn to swim 50 meters deep in the water, as a sailor I will
be done and finished.
(Talking to again)
Sailor: I will train with every ounce of my strength, I'm going to become
a full sailor !

Captain: Well, the emergency landing was successful. And now, we just have
to pull straight up to Snowfreer!
Kyle: Hey, the emergency landing went well?
Captain: Beautifully! We have never done one before, that's why I, Algernon,
can brag about it!
Captain: Alright, now everything will recover the delay in one fell swoop!

(Bow Bridge)
Sailor: My conditions are perfect now! Although if the Lord of the Seas
appeared, this great man would be ready to chase him away!
(Talking to again)
Sailor: You were lucky, you're kids after all.
Sailor: If anything happens, it will be this great man to protect you,
gwhahahah! ( In a Rita like response, that’s nice old man)
(Talking to again)
Sailor: Gwhahahah! The next time you see the Lord of the Seas, let this great
man have a go!

/ Dialogue \
Loni:  Hey, I'm not saying I asked you for that response!
Kyle: That voice ... It's Loni! What's going on?

-> Skit (auto)
Loni: The time when Mr. Stan began his adventure, and when Ilene was president
of the Oberon branch, all happened eighteen years ago. But it seems that
you're very well informed on both ...
Judas: ... And that's why you're suspicious of me? Your ambiguous. If you
can't trust me, you should tell me clearly.
Loni: Okay, now your making me angry. I was just trying to know your age.
Why did you suddenly think I was having doubts about you!?
Kyle: A-ahh!
Loni: Kyle ...
Kyle: Both of you, Calm down! It's not good to fight! Loni was asking you
how old you were just out of curiosity, right?
But you didn't want to answer, right Judas? Alright then, closed discussion!
Judas: ... That's not how it works. Because there is another person trying
to discover my identity.
Kyle: Huh?
Reala: ...
Kyle: Reala ...
Reala: I always thought it was strange. How you ...
Judas: "How does he know about me ?"... right? If you wanted to know the answer
before, just try to explain who you are.
Only then, will I answer you.
Reala: Actually, that's ...
Judas: If this means that you need to know the identity of everyone, my journey
with you ends here.
Loni: ....
Reala: ....
Judas: When the ship comes into port, I will disappear. Goodbye.
Kyle: Hey, Judas, wait!

-> Skit
Kyle: We have to chase him! Judas ... Where’s he gone!?

/ & Various NPC \
Loni: That stupid Judas ...

Reala: ...

/ Dialogue \
Kyle: We've been looking for you, Judas! Stop leaving so suddenly!
Judas: ....
Kyle: Hey look, Judas ...
Kyle: Know I, that I believe in you!
Judas: Kyle ...?
Kyle: I don't care about knowing how old you are or who you are. I believe
in you, Judas!
Kyle: So, stay with us! And continue the journey!
Judas: Kyle, you ...
Judas: ... Why do you do this? How can you believe? I never revealed anything
about myself ...
Kyle: Why do you ask ... Hmm, right ...
Kyle: Because I like you, Judas.
Judas: ... Do you like me?
Kyle: I want to be with you because I like you, and that's why I believe in
you, Judas.
Judas: Even though I've never said anything about myself? How do you trust
an ally like that ...
Kyle: So if we reveal all our secrets, what would change? Judas?
Judas: I really ...
Kyle: It's not that. It doesn't matter if you have a secret or not. What
matters, is if the will of the person is good or not.
Kyle: And the same goes for you, Judas. Even if you have secrets ...
Kyle: No, it's because you keep your secrets inside, that I like you, Judas!
Judas: Kyle ...
Judas: ... Kyle, I'm ...
Kyle: I just wanted to tell you that! ok!
Judas: ... This time I thought it would be different. But in the end, I'm
only repeating the same things ...
Judas: But even if ... Yes, even if it were. I've no reason to take off the
mask. I'll have to take everything out, keeping everything hidden ...
Loni: In a little while we should be able to see the Snowfreer port.
Loni: If we keep this pace up, we'll only be a few inches from Heidelberg's
Reala: Even this long sea voyage came to an end. I don't know why, but I think
I'll miss it.
Kyle: What are you saying, you mean about continuing. Right?
Reala: ... You're right. Getting back to the journey again, yes ... ( I
Judas: Soon we'll come to Snowfreer. Get ready to go. If further ado, I'll
leave you behind.
Kyle: Judas! ... Hm
Loni: Judas, yes you, hear me out... I feel sorry for, what I, just said...
( I think)
Judas: No, I have been immature.
Loni: Judas ...
Judas: Anyway's, in spiritually one is much older than they appear
Judas: I shouldn't stoop to your level and be the same, since I am an adult
and you are still children.
I offer my apologies.
Loni: H-h-how ... How dare you! Your telling me I'm a brat!?
Judas: That's what I meant, do you not understand? It takes more, for you
to understand my language.
Kyle: ... Pff! Ahahahah!
Reala: Pffhhaah! Ahahahah!
Loni: Hey you two, no laughing!
Loni: This damn ... He just says whatever he pleases ...


/ Dialogue \
Kyle: Huh, eee ... Ecchhhuuu! Uuuh, it's cold! Look at all the piled up snow!
( Just like Stan lol)
Loni: Brrr ... Let's get a move on and go to Heidelberg. If we stay, we'll
end up  frozen to death.
Reala: Judas, which way to Heidelberg?
Judas: From here, it's north-west. Proceed north along the coast, and once
you get to the mountain range,
turn to the west.
Judas: Heidelberg is an immense city, we'll find it right away.

-> Skit
Kyle: Now that I think about it, why didn't you go see my mother, Reala? She's
one of the great hero's, just like Mr. Woodrow or Miss Philia.
Reala: ... I went there.
Kyle: Eh? For real!? But Mom didn't tell me a word about ...
Reality: It’s just. Let's say I never directly met her. I've only seen her
from afar.
Kyle: Why? You didn't think you could talk to her like you did with Miss
Reala: My intention was to ... But when I decided to talk to her, I went by
Mrs. Rutee,
but she was struggling with a crying baby. So I thought I might give her
and the next time I tried, the wind blew away the laundry, and Mrs. Rutee
was gone ...
Kyle: Ahahahahaahah! So that means that you've never gotten the chance to
talk to her!

-> Skit
Kyle: This time the trip was kinda boring. It would've been much more
adventurous and fun if something had happened,
something I could get excited from. For example, if a new sea monster
Loni: You idiot! If our ship was attacked by a sea monster again, I'd never
travel on a ship again.
Kyle: Oh look, there's a beautiful woman that just bought a ticket, for the
next ship.
Loni: What? A beautiful woman who goes on a sea voyage all alone ... that
might suddenly be attacked by a monster!
and just when she thinks its the end, a gallant gentleman appears before her!
"Lord, what is your name?", "My name is Loni Dunamis.", "Maah, you're so nice,
please, let's get married!"
"Of course ..."... Hmmm ...niiiice, beautiful beautiful beautiful, you'll
always go home by sea!
Judas: ... Stop with the nonsense and go.

-> Skit
Reala: ... Eek!
Kyle: You alright, Reala!?
Reala: Ah... Yes .. It's the first time I've visited a land of snow, so I
seem to be freezing.
Kyle: Hahaha! If you're not ready to face then land of snow, you'll
immediately feel frozen. You've got to counter the cold.
Loni: Take a look at yourself, you've got stalactites of snot dripping from
your nose!

-> Skit
Judas: Heidelberg, which is ruled by Woodrow, is to the north-west of
Snowfreer. After leaving Snowfreer, proceed
 along the north coast, and once you get to the mountain range, continue to
the west.
Heidelberg is a large city, you will notice it right away.

-> Skit
Loni: To go to Heidelberg, Let's head north along the coast from Snowfreer.
When we come to the mountain range, go West.
Kyle: Got it. Alright, let's go!

/ & Various NPC \

[Sailor near the ship]
Ticket man: For Noischtat, depart from here. Want to get on the ship?
"Let's go to Noischtat (400 Gald)" Or  "I'm not going"
-> "I'm not going"
Ticket: Dear customer, are you sure? If you don't hurry, the ship will leave
the port!

[Boxes and barrels on the right]
"stacked-valued goods. They look like construction materials."

[man near the barrels and crates]
Man: A while ago, a person from the Holy Order of Atamoni asked me to give
him lens.
Man: Of course we've them sent away. If we didn't do it for the Holy Order
of Atamoni, what kind of sailor would I be!
(Talking to again)
Man: Benefits soils, I'm such a cabbage. I can get a living without getting
that stuff. ( They have interesting swear words in this game..)

[Approaching the door near the crates and barrels]
NOTICE: "They've hung a key on the door and complex instructions. 'Using an
object, able to make the impossible possible '. "

[Opening the other door close by]
"It seems to be the immigration office ... But there is no one here ..."

[Child with a red coat]
Child: Shhhh! Don't talk to loud! I'm being chased!
Child: Mom did nothing but scream, "Go 'out to shovel the snow," so then I
ran away!

[Sailor on by the wall before the bridge]
Sailor: Gaaaah finally I returned to my native land! This feeling of intense
cold that pinches my
cheeks ... How I missed it!
Loni: Hey ...  don't you feel cool with those clothes?
Sailor: The cold is the emblem of my native country. I was raised in a land
where even the snot was freezing!
(Talking to again)
Sailor: Standing here watching this water, I'm reminded of the past ...
Sailor: When I almost died after falling in this channel, one winter, even
that's now a beautiful memory ...

[Woman next to the bridge]
Rune Bottle Shop:  Here we sell Rune Bottle's.
Shop by the Rune Bottle: A bottle is 680 Gald, would you like to buy a Rune
" Buy" Or " Buy  5 (3400 Gald)" Or " Course Refine"  Or " I don't need
-> I don't need anything
Rune Bottle Seller: You can create wonderful objects using Refine Rune
->  Buy / Buying 5 Rune bottles.
Rune Bottle Shop: Thank you so much for buying.
-> Refine Course
Rune Bottle Shop: What you would like to know?
"1. What is Refine" Or "2. Transforming objects" Or "3. Summary of arms" Or
"Next page"
"4. On slot" Or  "5. Refine accessories" Or "6. Armaments on which you can
use the Refine" Or "Previous Page"

[Barrel behind the Rune Bottle seller]
"It's empty ..."

[Sign on the right of the Items shop]
"'If you want to buy souvenirs from the Snow Country, you will find them

[When you open the chest to the north]
NOTICE: "You've got a: Broad Sword."
Kid: Heeeh, hello Mister. That Broad Sword you know, it's mine. If you want
it,  pay up.
Kid:... Buuut, since you and I are friends, I can give you it for the price
of 4000 Gald, friend.
It's a special offer you'll not find it again.
"Wow cheap! I'll take it!" Or "I don't trust you, kid"
-> "I don't trust you, kid"
Kid:  What, really? Don't know, that I'll forgive you, Mister.

[Person with hat and purple clothes]
Boy: Welcome to Phandaria, dear travelers! How do you feel about this place?
Kyle: It seems like a important city. I thought there would be less people,
since it's in the snowy countryside.
Judas: It's the only port in Phandaria. It's inevitable to reach many people
and things.
(Talking to again)
Boy: You've been on a long journey of purpose. Enjoy this country!

[Woman next to the Items shop]
Woman: The snow is wonderful! Just looking at it your heart feels purified.
Woman: Actually, I wish I could spend the whole time watching the snow, but
it's too cold outside.
Loni: Hahahaha, let's get together, and get rid of that frost.
Judas: How about you watch the snow too, so maybe you'll get a little more
(Talking to again)
Woman: Yes, the snow is beautiful, but the snow storms are the most terrible
thing ...

[Old Man just south of the Rune Bottle seller]
Old Man: Want a salmon roast?
"We'll take it" Or "Don't take it"
-> We'll take it
Old Man: Eat.
"You ate the roasted salmon. It was horrible.
Old Man: It's 20 Gald.
"You paid 20 Gald ..."
Old Man: Thank you.
-> Don't take it
Old Man: Aah, I see.

[Running Boy]
Boy: No .. I won't speak. If I stop talking I'll have to stop moving ...
(Talking to again)
Boy: I think I told you not to talk to me!
(Talking to again)
Boy: If ... If I don't move I'll be cold, I'm freezing ...
(Talking to again)
Boy: You, I ask of you please, my legs ... Don't make me stop ...
(Talking to again)
Boy: UWAAAANNNNNN! Don't torment me so!

Innkeeper: It's 240 Gald per night. Will you stay?
Inn: We'll wait for your return.

[Cabinet behind the innkeeper]
"It seems there's a few guest records inside. ... From this, it says they
make a good profit."

Chef: Want me to teach you how to prepare a cabbage roll?
Chef: I'll teach you how to make a cabbage roll.
NOTICE: "You have learned to make a cabbage roll."

[Table upstairs]
"It's 'herbal tea!"
Kyle: G-good!  ( The heck Kyle?! Curry's one thing but.. someone's tea?!

[Woman with blue skirt]
Woman: Since I've come to Phandaria, I wonder what I could buy as a souvenir.
Woman: I wonder if there is a souvenir able to freeze the body and heart of
the person who received it?
Loni: Why would you buy a terrifying souvenir like that  ...
(Talking to again)
Woman: Will there be a gift that can stop the shaking of the person who bought

(Items Store)
[Posters on the wall to the north]
"It's a poster.' We are engaged in the manufacturing of bows. For how to use
Please visit the home of Chelsea Torn, north-west of Heildeberg '. "

[Items seller]
Items seller: Welcome! Are you interested in souvenirs from this snow country
Items seller: Next!

[Sailor from behind]
Sailor: I've come from Calvalese, for me, this cold is too intense, now.
Kyle: Calvalese ...?
Judas: It's to the extreme north-west of here. And it's the name of the second
largest continent. Most of the surface is desert, and very hot.
(Talking to again)
Sailor: Being here again, I'm falling more and more in love with the heat
in Calvalese. It's a mystery, alright.

[ Ingredients Seller ]
Ingredients seller: Welcome.
Ingredients seller: Come back again.

[Girl in front of the stove]
Girl: Deheheheh! Every passenger, the tips of your noses are all red!
Loni: It's the first time I've seen so much snow all at once. I don't know
why, my face is red...
Girl: Oh, but this is nothing. In winter, the snow exceeds three feet, and
during snow storms you just can't see anything.
(talking to again)
Girl: If you aren't used  to it, this cold is terrible. Why not rest at the
inn, now?

Kyle: Pheeew, it's too cold outside ...

[Blackboard on the wall]
"Fish ratings of this month. Tuna: rising, 392588 Gald. Salmon: red, 5020
Gilthead: rising, 225884 Gald. "

[Man with hat]
Sales clerk: I'm the guy running the weapons shop in Heidelberg, "Soul &
Sales clerk: I'm looking for metal ghost "Belserium", on behalf of the owner
of the shop, Mr. Winters.
Salesperson: If you find Belserium, hurry up and deliver it to the store.
You may get amazing weapons from Mr. Winters.

[Couple that speaks to the right of]
NOTICE: "They are discussing the 'Discovery Toys.' Want to listen?"
-> Yes
Greenhorn: I decided to live as an adventurer, so I collect a lot of things
from their enemies, yes.
Veteran: Hmm, it certainly will. However, it has spread a rumor that all the
air has to be reasonable,
among the adventurers.
Greenhorn: A voice, and what he says?
Veteran: He says: "For some reason, if you carry too many objects of the same
type, the percentage of probability
enemies that continue to leave those same objects decreases. "
Greenhorn: Oh no, what a mess, yes. I sell them all, yes.
Veteran: I can not tell, but I still recommend you organize and sell you more
than all those weapons or other
you do not need more.
Veteran: Of course, decrease the amount Refine by increasing the quality,
this is the wisdom
of an adventurer.
Veteran: If you want to continue using other consumable items, as I said
I held it would be better, but fewer in number.
Veteran: In the case of consumable items, has nothing to do with their number
in total, but with those six
able to carry, or at least that is the view most in vogue among the
Greenhorn: But if I have a few, with tougher enemies will be pain, yes.
Veteran: It 'also true. It 'important to conduct different types of
-> No
Kyle: I'm on my way!

~Outside of Snowfreer~

-> Skit
Kyle: Woooooow! How coool! The land is all white!
Judas: You won't be warm much. And since you don't work enough, if you slip
and you hit your head, you'll work even less. ( Not sure)
Kyle: Grrr!! This is really true!
Judas: That's right, maybe hitting it will end up adjusting it.
Kyle: Heyy! That's not what I meant...!!
Loni: Judas, you don't understand the circumstances, so don't make fun of
Kyle: Oh! That's Right! Loni, tell him it's been four times already!
Loni: Your idiocy is rooted! Even if you hit your head once, twice, it could
never, ever adjust!
Kyle: Loni ...
Loni: Forgive me, Kyle. I couldn't find the right words to argue ...   ( Poor

-> Skit
Kyle: Hey, since we're in this snowy place, let's have a snowball fight!
Loni: Heh ... What a lovely thought. TAKE THIS!
Kyle: Uwaah!  What the heck! You coward, throwing from behind! TAKE THIS!
Reala: Kyaaah! Kyle, your very mean!
Kyle: Oh! I'm sorry! It was because Loni dodged ... And, hey, waaah!
Reala: Hehehehe! I took the chance!
Kyle: Haah! I'm not going to lose!
Judas: I don't agree with this. I as a boy long ago stopped playing these
games ... Hmpf ...
It seems that you aren't listening. I ... WHO WAS THAT!? WHO PUT IN A STONE!?
Kyle: Waaah! Judas pulled out his SWORD! RUN FOR IT!
Judas: Damn you, apologize immediately!

-> Skit
Judas: I don't have time to join in these stupid games. Let's go to Heidelberg
at once .
Kyle: Loni, he just called you a twit.
Loni: He was talking to you, idiot.

NOTICE: "North Heidelberg. West: Site of demolished military base land."

~Abandoned Military Base~

/ Dialogue \
Soldier: Stop! Beyond this point is monopoly!
Soldier: It's strictly prohibited access to unauthorized personnel! It's
better for you, if you move away instantly!

/ & Various NPC \
Soldier: How many times do I have to tell you, beyond this point is monopoly!
Soldier: It's strictly prohibited access to unauthorized personnel! It's
better for you, if you move away instantly!


/ Dialogue \
Woman: There's guests here, amazing! What's happened? Are you lost or
Kyle: Well no, not really...
Kyle: Young lady, you live here alone?
Woman: Oh, yeah. I have lots of things to do here.
Kyle: In this place?
Woman: Yes, I can't do it anywhere else.
Woman: Before there was a city. It was never a very big city, but for me,
it was a city full of memories.
Kyle: There really was a town here before? Even though now there's nothing?
Woman: Yes, it was destroyed eighteen years ago.
Loni: Right ... It must have been destroyed by Belcrant during the war ...
Woman: Yes, it suffered the attack from Belcrant and has evaporated. It's
name was "Janos". ( T^T I liked that place)
Woman: I want to rebuild it.
Kyle: But how can you rebuild it? Isn't it going to be really hard?
Woman: Yeah, it's a real hassle. Because of Belcrant, the soil has been
Woman: But ... For those who lived there before, this place is still the home
Woman: I ... I understand the feelings of those who have lost their homes,
their place of belonging ...
Woman: So, I want to build a new home for them.
Kyle: I see ...
Woman: What I'm going to say, will sound arrogant, but the truth is that I
hate living all alone.
Woman: If I could be self-sufficient it would be fine, but the truth is that
I often have to leave.
Woman: That's why I'm going to build bows and sell them in Heidelberg. With
that money, I'll do the shopping.
Kyle: Miss, you know how to build bows?
Woman: Let's just say that I have confidence in my bows. Both in the building
and using them.
Woman: My grandfather was an expert in archery, so that said about him: "For
the bows, there Phandaria is in him." ( not sure)
Kyle: ... Heeh! So then, if we asked, would you build one!?
Woman: Of course!
Woman: ... Or rather, I would love to, but at the moment I'm absorbed in
rebuilding the city.
Until its a nice place to live, I won't build one.
Woman: Oh, but if we collaborate with the reconstruction, I might do it.
Kyle: What can we do to help with the reconstruction?
Woman: Going to the store alone, right? There's a lot of things that I can't
carry,  because they're
too heavy, or because I need a large number.
Woman: If you go buy them for me, I'll build a bow!
Kyle: Got it!
Woman: Done! Nice to meet you! Eehm ...
Kyle: Kyle! Kyle Dunamis!
Chelsea: Chelsea Torn. Nice to meet you, young Kyle!

/ & Various NPC \
Chelsea: Young Kyle, would you go buy something else?
Chelsea: First, I want you to buy a spade for the snow shovel .
-> Yes
Chelsea: Alright, I'll count on you!
(Talking to Chelsea again)
Chelsea: Young Kyle, you've got what I asked you?
Kyle: Excuse me, Miss Chelsea, I haven’t got it yet.  ( I think)
Chelsea: Alright, don't forget. Remember that this time.
Chelsea: Please bring me a shovel.

[Cabinet entrance]
"There's a book in the cupboard. A hundred ways to talk seriously with

[Drawer close to the  steps]
"There's a suit that could be used by a man. But it seems quite old, maybe
for someone who comes to visit?"

PART 6 - Sair Lenneth

Txt version


/ Dialogue \
Kyle: So this is Heidelberg! It's such a huge city that only a hero king could
Loni: Heheheheh ... Sort of. We can say that this city and Aigrette, are the
largest metropolis's in the world.
Reala: But the atmosphere is different from Aigrette. I don't know how to
say it ...
Kyle: Alright, let's hurry and go to meet King Woodrow!
Kyle: I wonder what kind of person you are? I'm not worried anymore!

-> Skit
Judas: ... Hmpf.
Kyle: Hey, Judas. What's wrong? Hurry and lets visit King Woodrow!
Judas: But if you're just an ordinary boy, from another land and that most
don't even go to.
Do you really think you will be able to get an audience with the King of this
Kyle: Heh? We can't meet?
Reala: As I thought, it wasn't a good idea ... But, if you speak to him with
all the most absolute sincerity, maybe ...!
Judas: Don't worry we will talk ...
Loni: Hey, hey. For now, let's hurry to the castle. I'll try to fix everything

-> Skit
Loni: Before heading to the castle, how about a trip through the city?
Wouldn't hurt taking a walk
touring and getting supplies maybe some items or weapons, right?

-> Skit
Kyle: Let's hurry and go see King Woodrow!
Loni: King Woodrow should be at the castle. We should continue on to the center
of Heidelberg.
Kyle: Alright, let's go!

-> Skit (out)
Loni: Where are you going? Let's go see King Woodrow.

/ & Various NPC \

(In Town)

[Seller Rune bottle]
Rune Bottle Shop: Rune Bottle Here we trade.
Shop by Rune Bottle: A bottle is 680 Gald, buy a Rune Bottle?
"The buy" "I bought 5 (3400 Gald)" Course "Refine" "I do not need"
-> I do not need
Seller Rune Bottle: You can create wonderful objects using the Refine Rune
-> The buy / I bought 5
Rune Bottle Shop: Thank you so much for buying.
-> Refine Course
Rune Bottle Shop: What you would like to know?
"1. What is the Refine" "2. Transforming objects" "3. Summary of arms" "Next
"4. On slot" "5. Refine accessories" "6. Armaments on which you can use the
Refine" "Previous Page"

[Person the right of the Rune Bottle Seller]
"Stop and rest here! The 'Inn of  adventurers'."

[Fire on the side of the inn]
"This is packed with timber. Maybe they use to heat the inn."

[Green man walking on the stairs to the north-east]
Man: Wahahah! What is it, young man! You've got a stiff look!
Kyle: I came from Seinegald to meet the Hero King, but I'm a little nervous...
Man: You don't have to be so worried. The great Woodrow is a kind person,
you know!
(Talking to again)
Man: When you're nervous, it helps to begin with a good laugh and then you
can relax! Wahahah!

[Boxes under the banner that says "Item"]
"I'd like Bear Cambara carved into the wood? 'Thousand Cross'." ( what ?)

[Bin on the back of the Items shop]
"There's a fire burning inside of the bin."

[Announcement on the left wall near the bin]
"There's a poster with job offers hanging here. 'Fifth run. Shipyard work,
for enlarging the new city. The terms are ...'."

[Woman warming up in front of the shop]
Woman: Even a figure such as his great majesty Woodrow, seems to have once
been in a love that was not reciprocated.
Woman: I don't know how it is possible to reject the love of someone so
(Talking to again)
Woman: I wonder who the hell would reject His Majesty Woodrow ...

[Person in front of the Equipment store ]
"It's the sign of the equipment store.' Sword & Soul '."

[Wood dummy's on the side of the shop]
"Made of timber intended for combustion, its crowded here."

[Young man walking in front of the house to the west]
Young man: I'm planning to enlist in the  Heidelberg knights .
(Talking to again)
Young man: If King Woodrow hadn't existed, we would probably have all died
eighteen years ago.
Young man: So now I want to become a knight, so I can protect King Woodrow.
(Talking to again)
Young man: I want to become a knight, so I can protect King Woodrow and all
the people of this nation.

[Man in green south-west of the entrance to another section of town]
Man: My chest is too cold. My heart is going to freeze.
(talking to again)
Man: When I heard that in other continents its rare to see snow, I decided
to go and sell heaps with my boat.  (  . . .)
Man: In the end, it all melted even before I arrived at the destination, and
I went bankrupt ...
(Talking to again)
Man: I wonder if there is an easier way to transport it ...

[Objects to the left  in another section of town]
"There are bricks piled up under the bench. It looks like you can also use
these as a building material. "

[Child in red in the center of the city]
Child: Yay! Yaah! Toooh!
Child: I'm doing special training to become stronger then His Majesty
(talking to again)
Child: Every day I train hard. I wake up early in the morning, do gymnastics,
and I train
to hold my breath when I take a bath ...
Child: I will become as strong as King Woodrow soon!
(Talking to again)
Child: I want to be as strong as King Woodrow, so I train hard!

[Pair speaking in the heart of the city]
NOTICE: "They are discussing the 'Areas of Influence.' Want to listen?"
-> Yes
Greenhorn: I thought it would be advantageous to hit enemies behind, but I
was defeated, yes.
Veteran: Hmm, do you understand the lesson on Spirits, and cooperate with
your teammates encourage you,
but if you divided the different enemies, the refresh rate will drop a lot.
Veteran: door to the right of the enemy you're facing, it would be better
then go right back to the
stabbing his left shoulder with "Square" + "Left".
Greenhorn: This means that it is better not and argli behind, yes.
Veteran: In practice you'd better think so. However, after you became aware
of the situation in battle,
Perhaps you will take this opportunity to make the penalty.
Greenhorn: If all theories are correct, then there is no restriction, yes.
Veteran: Sometimes even the good things you say.
-> No
Kyle: I'm on my way!

[Woman in green at the entrance of another section of town]
Woman: I'm aiming to become a tour guide. Would you like to listen while I
explain the history of some
of the famous places in this city?
"Sure" Or "Sorry"
-> Sure
Woman: Well, then I'll begin. Eeeeh, ahm-ah!
Woman: The gate that you see here, has been named "Hero's Gate." It was built
to celebrate the conclusion of the recent war.
Woman: Going beyond this gate, you will find yourself at the center of the
old town. The outskirts of the city was renamed, new city.
Woman: This is the old commercial district of the city. There are many old
buildings, and there is also a park.
It became a place of relaxation for many people.
Woman: After the turmoil from eighteen years ago, did damage to the ground.
This is the new city, rebuilt by the citizens of
Janos and Cyril, who have sought refuge here.
Woman: This "Hero's Gate", which connects the two cities, symbolizes the new
It's a monumental structure.
Woman: Also, beyond this gate there is a museum adjacent to a library. You
can find numerous
information about the recent riots and the period of the war between Heaven
and Earth.
Woman: ... Finished! How nice! Today I didn't even get one wrong!
-> Sorry
Woman: What a shame ... When you are free, give it a shot!

[Young man with the shovel at the entrance of the city]
Young man: Welcome to Heidelberg! It's the warmest city in the world!
Reala: Warm ... you say? And yet I feel rather cold ...
Young man: Hahahaha! Your talking about the temperature, right? What I meant
was the warmth of the people's hearts!
(Talking to again)
Young man: If you take a few steps in the city, you'll realize what I mean!
Young man: As far as the temperature goes, its the coldest city in the world,
but the hearts of the people, are the warmest. This is Heidelberg.

(Equipment Shop)

/ Dialogue \
Merchant from Noischtat: Winters, my dear, could I ask for fifteen pieces
of your work?
Winters: Alright give me twenty days and 30 000 Gald. If you want the other,
it'll take even more time and money.
Merchant from Noischtat: Got it, it's a done deal. In other news, back to
the subject we were talking about, Winters, ...
Winters: I won't do it on commission. They take too long. And, first of all,
I'm missing the good raw materials.
Merchant from Noischtat: Not accepting commissions from those who do not have
everything needed... I agree. You're a genius, as they say.
Merchant from Noischtat: Well, your works have a price after all.
Merchant from Noischtat: You? Do you have business to attend with Winters?
Kyle: Huh? Mr. Winters?
Merchant from Noischtat: What, you came here without knowing anything?
Winters, the owner of this shop
is well known for his "art".
Merchant from Noischtat: Well, how about asking him? You will probably hear
something good!

/ & Various NPC \
[Shelf to the west]
"There are several beautiful ornamental accessories. They all seem old and
high class goods."

[Display of equipment in the middle]
"There's weapons of different types aligned . There are some unusual weapons
from other countries, and there's also
some ancient swords that attract attention. "

[Clothes to the right]
"There's strange clothes on the bottom. Even their model is different."

[Young man dressed in purple on the left]
Merchant: I am developing the Ultimate Sword! Its existence will put even
the Swordians in the dark, and I've called it "the Ten Virtues Lama"!
Merchant: It's 'totally different from the traditional sword! In fact, its
blade extends three times its length!
This way, you can even bring down the tallest enemies!
Loni: What the heck does "Tallest enemies" mean... ( ..I think..)
(Talking to again)
Merchant: It's blade can remove,  it can be washed with water, its simple
and useful!
It also can be used as a convertible, tin can-opener.
Merchant: I really think that it'll be useful, however, they have told me
I cannot sell it at this store.
I wonder why ...
(Talking to again)
Merchant: But the "Blade of Ten Virtues" is useful ...

[Armor seller]
Armor seller: Welcome! We sell armor here.
Armor seller: Tsk, how cold.

[Weapons seller]
Weapons seller: Welcome! We sell weapons here!
Weapons seller: Buy something ...

[Man behind the table to the north]
Winters: ... Wait, this material is poor, as I thought. In the end, I'll only
succeed with Belserium to maintain a proper flexibility and strength ...
Kyle: Ehmmmm!
Winters: ... Hm? Aaah, I have some customers. Forgive me, I was in deep
Winters: I am Winters, the manager of this store. Welcome to 'Soul & Sword'.
An antique shop, from the ancient traditions, have a look if you want.
Kyle: Ancient Traditions ... How old?
Winters: From what my grandfather said, "This shop has been in our past
generations, ever since the war between Heaven and Earth ".
Kyle: That's cool! Hey, can I ask you to create something for me!?
Winters: Well, no, usually I don't accept commissions, because they take too
Winters: ... Hm? You seem to be adventurers, am I right?
Kyle: Alright, you can tell! I'm Kyle, nice to meet you!
Winters: I see, you are an adventurer. Hm, then maybe I can accept the
Winters: Kyle,  I am looking for something by the name of, Ghost Metal
"Belserium". It's terribly rare, so it's very hard to get.
Winters: If you bring me that Belserium, I will gladly accept your request.
Kyle: Okay! It's a barter of "Belserium" then! If I bring it, you'll make
something great!
(Talking to again)
Winters: Well, Kyle. You have found the "Belserium"?
Kyle: I'm sorry, I don't have it.
Winters: I see. Well, after all, it's a Mineral Ghost. You can't find it so

[Fruit to the right]
"There’s fruits from the southern regions .. But they are all replicas."

[Pot on the fire]
"It's deluxe soup made by Lady Mary!"
Kyle: Woow it's good!

[Jar with wooden lid]
"The inside of the jar gives off a strong smell ... I wonder which part will
be used for the contents ..."

[Engraving on the right part of the jar]
"There's some thing engraved on this plate : 'To celebrate the opening ...
Your friend, Woodrow.'"

[Animal in the sink]
"It's still alive ..."

[Woman drying a plate]
Mary: Hm? You're...
Kyle: Hm? What is it? Do I have something on my face?
Mary: No, no ... It's just that you look like someone I know ...
(Talking to Mary again)
Mary: That face ... That hair ...
Mary: You just look like someone I used to know. Don't mind me.  (
*Depression* and here I was looking forward to seeing you again)

[Old lady with a pink shawl]
Old lady: I came here on purpose to order as much soup as I can. Would you
like to have some with me?
Kyle: Huh? Really we can? Hooray!
Loni: Hey, hey, Kyle! Before eating soup, shouldn't we be going somewhere,
(Talking to again)
Old lady: The soup here is sublime. I order plenty every time!

[Old lady]
Old lady: My only child is traveling with his wife, how selfish.
Old Lady: I’ve decided to travel to different countries, but I must say that
this is where you live better. Certainly due to the great power of our
(Talking to again)
Old Lady: I really like this continent. I think I will stay here for a while.

[Young person in purple on the second floor]
Minstrel: I am a wandering minstrel. You listen to my song!
Minstrel: In the city leaden, white fragments from ~ It stands solitary, a
hero ~ His name is ... A-achuu! (……… who does this remind me of…)
(Talking to again)
Minstrel: P-pardon me ... It’s Heidelberg's cold, huh. So I’ve caught a cold
Minstrel: Since this is Woodrow‘s city, I thought it would be the excellent
material for my songs, and so I came here. But I ... ETCHOOO!

[Second floor: Scroll to the right in the room to the left]
"There’s nothing behind the scroll on the wall."

[Second floor: Mobile between the beds in the room to the left]
"There is a guide for tourists in Heidelberg. The recommended destinations
are the Hero’s Gate, the library
and the museum that’s inside. "

[The Cabinet]
"It’s really clean a toilet. No doubt, the owners of the inn must love clean
things."  ( Well…. At least Toilets exist in Destiny’s world..)

[Window on the second floor]
"There’s the back side of a building just opposite, so you don’t see well
through ..."

[Second floor: in the locker room to the right]
"The cupboard is empty."

[Second floor: Mobile between the beds in the right room]
"They are sacred scriptures, and seem to belong to the Sacred Order of
Atamoni. Unfortunately, it seems they aren’t very useful. "

Innkeeper: It’s Gald 350 per night. Want to stay?
-> No
Innkeeper: We will await your return.
-> Yes
Innkeeper: I wish you a good rest.
Innkeeper: Good morning.

-> Skit (after sleeping)
Loni: Hey, Kyle, come on, wake up.
Kyle: Hmmm ... Another minute.
Loni: Damn ... You use up all your energy everyday, and it’s the morning,
when you won‘t move at all.

(Items and Accessories store)
[Lord wearing green]
Lord: Ooooh! Finished! Here is the famous Canbara Bear carved from wood, a
Heidelberg tradition!
(Talking to again)
Lord: All the Canbara Bears carved from wood, are souvenirs of Heidelberg.
Lord: But this is a bit bigger, it will be a problem finding a suitable
(Talking to again)
Lord: I wonder if I should buy this, just to annoy the couple who lives near
my house...

[Items Seller]
Items Seller: Welcome.
Items Seller: Don’t you want to something.

[Accessories Seller]
Accessories Seller: Welcome. Here we treat accessories.
Accessories Seller: back again.

Wife: My husband works at the Heidelberg castle.
Wife: A while ago he was called by King Woodrow. I am so excited, huhuh!
(Talking to again)
Wife: At first, I was opposed because it was dangerous. You see, with
everything that’s happened since eighteen years ago ...
Wife: But now we are at peace. What better time for my husband, to be employed
at the castle!
(Talking to again)
Wife: My husband is employed at the castle. I always say that his work is
very funny.

[Cassette left]
Wife: Stop, stop! What would you be doing?

Girl: My dad is so strong! Why he has to defend the castle.
(Talking to again)
Child: When I grow I want to marry someone like Dad!
Girl: And then we're going to live in the castle and I’ll become the princess!
(Talking to again)
Child: Pri-Pri ~ cess Prin-cess-~

Hero's Gate)
Miya: I am the Director Miya. I take orders from King Woodrow, and offer advice
and planning for this city.
Miya: Are there things that you would like to ask about this city?
"I want to ask about the new city" Or "I want to ask the old town" Or "Ask
about the symbol of reconstruction"
Or "Let's go"
-> I want to ask about the new city
Miya: The new city is a district built by the hand’s of the inhabitants, and
immigrants, as a result of the disaster from eighteen years ago.
Miya: They built a residential district and a shopping center, separating
it from the old Heidelberg.
It was a truly remarkable job.
Miya: It was thanks to them, that it has now developed into a well-known city.
How all this makes me happy!
-> I want to ask about the old town
Miya: Only a portion of the old town has survived the turmoil from eighteen
years ago.
Miya: Compared to the new town, there are many more old buildings, have you
Miya: They conducted the work very carefully so as not to spoil the peaceful
atmosphere of the ancient capital.
-> About the symbol of reconstruction
Miya: We have created symbols, so we won’t forget the troubles from eighteen
years ago,
and to commemorate the rebuilding of the city.
Miya: The first of these is the "Gate of the Hero." It’s a giant gate that
is exactly halfway between the old town and the new one.
Miya: Then the museum and library came. If you have research to do, I suggest
you check it out.
Miya: The second is the "Memorial Park". It’s a great park, located next to
the Heidelberg Castle.
Forget the battles, and go to the park and rest.
-> Let's get going
Miya: Now the city is complete, but do not forget the good memories of past

[Sign to the left]
"Here's the museum: ‘The disorder caused by the Eye of the Goddess'."

[Sign to the right]
"Here's the museum: 'Memoirs of the War between Heaven and Earth'."

(Museum: 'The disorder caused by the Eye of the Goddess')
[Capsule inside with small electric shocks]
NOTICE: "'The Eye of the Goddess'."
NOTICE: "Is a legendary lens that appears several times in history books.
It is said that its diameter was from 6 to 10 meters. "
NOTICE: "Because of its tremendous power, it was sealed inside the Great
Straylize Temple, but was stolen during the last period of war. "
NOTICE: "It would have been used to destroy this world, but through the
intervention of Four Legendary Heroes and their Swordians, it was destroyed.

[Lord walking in the room]
Lord: The Swordian’s were six in all.
Lord: The Swordian named Belserius was used by that Hugo pig.
Lord: And they say that "Chaltier" was used by Lion, the traitor.
Lord: Even the wicked had Swordian‘s! I'm sure it must be turning Belserius
and Chaltier in their graves!  (*cough*Chaltieraintinagravebuddy*cough*
just saying..)

(Talking to again)
Lord: What? You don’t get why they lack a portrait?
Lord: Are you trying to say we should throw in Lion Magnus?
Lord: Don’t be silly! I could not hang that traitor Lion kid, among the
portraits of the heroes!

[Model of Airship]
NOTICE: "'Radislow'."
NOTICE: "At the time during the war between Heaven and Earth, a giant frigate
was used as a means of transport by ground troops. "

[First picture from left]
NOTICE: "'Mary Agent. Real name: Mary Vincent.'"
NOTICE: "A fearless warrior who journeyed along with the four legendary
Age at the time of the conflict: 24 years old. "
NOTICE: "After the riots, she has buried the hatchet, and leads a quiet life."

[Second portrait]
NOTICE: "One of the Four Legendary Heroes: Rutee Katret'."
NOTICE: "Mistress of the Swordian Atwight. From once a Lens Hunter she became
a hero who saved the world.
Age at the time of the conflict: 18 years old. "
NOTICE: "After the riots, she returned to her native country, Seingald. And
inherited the orphanage, behind a large contribution from the agency. "

[Third picture]
NOTICE: "'One of the Four Legendary Heroes: Stan Aileron'."
NOTICE: "He attained the Swordian Dymlos. The young man who left his village,
overwhelmed by adventure.
Age at the time of the conflict: 19 years old. "
NOTICE: "The leader of the Four Legendary Heroes. He brought peace in the
world fighting in the front row."

[Fourth Portrait]
NOTICE: "One of the Four Legendary Heroes: Philia Philis'."
NOTICE: "Priestess of the Great Straylize Temple. She was involved in the
unrest. She became the mistress of Swordian Clemente.
Age at the time of the conflict: 19 years old. "
NOTICE: "After the riots she became the Abbess of the Great Straylize Temple,
indicating the path to the peoples of rebirth."

[Fifth portrait]
NOTICE: "'One of the Four Legendary Heroes: Woodrow Kelvin'."
NOTICE: "Prince of the continent of Phandaria, and master of Swordian
Igtenos. Age at the time of the conflict: 23 years old."
NOTICE: "Noble King committed to the rebirth of the world, sorry for the
He has an infinite charisma and is loved by many different peoples. "

[Sixth portrait]
NOTICE: "'Chelsea Tone'."
NOTICE: "The girl who claimed King Woodrow in her days of youth. Age at the
time of the conflict: 14 years old."
NOTICE: "After the riots, she lives a short ways from King Woodrow. Since
then, she no longer has sent news of him."  ( I think)

[Seventh portrait]
NOTICE: "'Johnny Shiden'."
NOTICE: "Minstrel of noble birth from the continent of Aquaveil. He supported
the actions of the Four
Legendary Heroes in many ways. Age at the time of the conflict: 26 years old.
NOTICE: "After the riots, has united the various countries of the continent
of Aquaveil, building a peaceful continent."

[Eighth, and last portrait]
NOTICE: "'Mighty Kongman.'"
NOTICE: "'... However, this is just a stage name which is self-imposed. The
real one is private. '"
NOTICE: "A fighter who has traveled and suffered with the legendary heroes.
Now King of the Noischtat Arena.
Age at the time of the conflict: 39 years old. "
NOTICE: "After the riots, he contributed to the reconstruction of Noischtat,
becoming the spokesman for Delegate of
Fitzgald. "

[The sword from the left]
NOTICE: "'Swordian: Igtenos'"
NOTICE: "Used by Woodrow Kelvin, the Swordian of the wind element."

[Second sword on display]
NOTICE: "'Swordian: Clemente'"
NOTICE: "Used by Philia Philis, the Swordian of the lightning element."

[Third sword on display]
NOTICE: "'Swordian: Dymlos'"
NOTICE: "Used by Stan Aileron, the  Swordian of the fire element."

[Fourth  sword]
NOTICE: "'Swordian: Atwight'"
NOTICE: "Used by Rutee Katret, Swordian of the water element."

[Framework arrangement between the chairs to the right]
NOTICE: "'What are Swordians?'."
NOTICE: "Swordians are weapons developed by the armies of heaven during the
era of the War between Heaven and Earth. "
NOTICE: "In all Swordians lenses are inserted. Also, thanks to them you can
use spells."

(Heidelberg library)
[First Library on the north wall]
NOTICE: "There is a book titled 'The Great Enterprise: The History of the
Oberon Company.' Do you want to read it?"
-> Read it
NOTICE: "The Oberon company has been indicated as the main culprit of the
recent war.
It was a company run by 'Hugo Gilchrist'. "
NOTICE: "Oberon was responsible for the development and sale of gear lenses.
The most bought lenses.
It was an enormous undertaking, with offices on every continent. "
NOTICE: "Unfortunately, the great power ended up with the evil ambitions of
NOTICE: "The ambitions of Hugo were destroyed by the Four Legendary Heroes,
and with them, Oberon was also destroyed. "
NOTICE: "Currently, the lenses from Oberon’s gadget products are kept in the
name of Oberon."

[First library in the center]
NOTICE: "There is a book entitled: 'The disorder caused by the Eye of the
Goddess.' Do you want to read it?"
-> Read it
NOTICE: "The founder of the Oberon company, Hugo Gilchrist, stole the giant
lens" Eye of the Goddess ", which was sealed in the Great Temple of Straylize.
NOTICE: "With tremendous power gained, Hugo resurrected a group of cities
dating back to the celestial Wars of Ethereal, plunging the world into terror
and chaos. "
NOTICE: "Those who objected strenuously to this, were four young owners of
the Swordians."
NOTICE: "Thanks to the intervention of those four legendary heroes, they
shattered the ambitions of Hugo,
and the Eye of the Goddess, along with the heavenly city were destroyed. "
NOTICE: "To the victims of the destruction of any city, land and decay, will
need some time to repair the devastation caused by the Eye of the Goddess'.

[Woman with black hair]
Librarian: Be silent in the library.
Loni: Hmpf ... How am I going to express your beauty if not in words?
Librarian: If you are here to talk about love, do it only out side of this
library, please.
(Talking to again)
Librarian: This is a place created for those who want to read books in silence.
I would ask you to be quiet.

[Central Library on the north wall]
NOTICE: "There is a book entitled: 'Aigrette, City of Miracles.' Do you want
to read it?"
-> Read it
NOTICE: "Aigrette is a city built by the people just after the riots caused
by the Eye of the Goddess."
NOTICE: "Most of the evacuees came from 'Darilsheid', 'Harmentz', and
Their native countries had been completely razed to the ground. "
NOTICE: "In search of salvation, they found refuge in the Great Straylize
Temple, which was just below the Great Temple, and built a city. This is the
foundation of Aigrette. "
NOTICE: "As a strategic point for trade, Aigrette gets bigger and bigger
before our eyes,
It is becoming one of the most famous cities in the world. "

[Library to the right on the wall to the north]
NOTICE: "There is a book titled 'History of the Ethereal wars.' Do you want
to read it?"
-> Read it
NOTICE: "We are talking about more than a thousand years ago ... A giant meteor
had collided with this planet."
NOTICE: "The dust from meteor deprived the earth from sunlight, and for this
reason, it was imperishable ..."
NOTICE: "The human survivors were forced to live in a land of ice, they decided
to go to recover light, by going up to the city suspended in the sky. "
NOTICE: "However, those who were able to migrate to the celestial city, were
only part of those humans, that is, the more affluent. The rest of the
population was left behind ... "
NOTICE: "The inhabitants of the heavenly city, or the so-called 'Eteriani',
ruled the remaining population
on earth through the power of a weapon, 'Belcrant' built in the capital
Dycroft, ..."
NOTICE: "In so doing, 'Eteriani' got the dissent of those who remained on
earth ..."
NOTICE: "This was the outbreak of the war known as the 'War between Heaven
and Earth'. "
NOTICE: "The armed people on ground had to suffer the incredible military
superiority of the armies from heaven,
and would have been defeated, but countered a miraculous victory by using
the power of Swordians. "

[Young Blonde]
Boy: I, really, I want to become an amazing scholar like Dr. Harold. For this
reason, every day I go to the library.
Judas: Dr. Harold was a scientist during the time of the War between Heaven
and Earth.
He has the reputation for being a genius.
Boy: Yes, yes, that's it! He built both the Swordians and Radislowe, all by
his own strength!
(Talking to again)
Boy: I admire that all of the Swordians have a group connection with the
legendary heroes,
but I believe that Dr. Harold is the greatest.
Boy: Well, if Dr. Harold had not created the Swordians, the ground troops
would have surely lost, right?

[Books piled in the corner of the stairs on the right]
NOTICE: "There are a number of books. 'Manual for the game, Tales of
Phantasia', 'Complete Guide to Tales of Destiny' and,
'Final Guide for Tales of Eternia'. "  (…… wow… )

(Museum: 'Memoirs from the War between Heaven and Earth')
[First model in the lower left]
NOTICE: "'Snow ship'."
NOTICE: "Means of transport used by ground troops. There are still many
unclear points."
NOTICE: "The soldiers of the ground troops had nicknamed this car 'shoes',
the name of a every day object. "

[According to model]
NOTICE: "'Anti-aircraft machine gun tripod Fixed'."
NOTICE: "It was built using scrap lumber. It’s a kind of fixed machine gun."
NOTICE: "Towards the end of the war, it’s ammunition was gone, and so it was
replaced with positions of each element, which were thrown with explosives.

[Third model]
NOTICE: "'soldier of the Earth'."
NOTICE: "The inhabitants of the earth, unable to withstand, gathered to its
neighbors Eteriani, and reinforced their control. "
NOTICE: "Pushed to the brink of disaster, ground troops were able to achieve
victory through the power of Swordians. "

[Engraving on the left wall of the monument]
"It’s a sculpture that shows the emblem of the war between heaven and earth

[Painting on the wall to the right of the monument]
"It’s a ‘painting.' The Nightmare of the Meteorite Collision '."

NOTICE: "'Celestial City'."
NOTICE: "To escape the dust emitted from the huge meteorite, humans built
cities in the sky. "
NOTICE: "This group of celestial cities, at the end of the war between heaven
and earth, were sunk in the sea,
By the work of the ground troops. "

(Old man)
[Old man walking at the entrance]
Old man: It’s only thanks to his majesty Woodrow that this city has been
rebuilt so far.
(Talking to again)
Old: It 'our majesty Garr was to lay the foundation stone for the renaissance
of this city, which had been
reduced to rubble.
Old man: We have no time to get depressed! We must hurry and follow quickly
in the footsteps of our King!
Kyle: Heeeh! What a great speech!
(Talking to again)
Old: I do not care if my old body does fail, if it is for the good of his
majesty Woodrow.

[Man shoveling snow]
Man: Well, I finished shoveling the snow away from the road! Now I just have
to shovel it away from my house!
Reala: It seems so hard, shoveling away the snow ... Don’t you feel cold?
Man: Certainly, if one is standing here like this, its logical that I feel
cold. When it is so cold, it’s better to move around!
(Talking to again)
Man: I think that was a few years ago. There was a year when not enough snow
fell. And even then we were in trouble!
Kyle: Why the trouble? There was no need to shovel, wasn‘t that better?
Man: Not at all, both food and wine were inedible! It’s really bad if you
can’t work!
(Talking to again)
Man: shoveling snow! I'm struggling! And so both the food and wine will be
excellent! Would not otherwise!

[Man in front of the door]
Inspection Officer: This is the home of industry inspections. If there
happens to be trouble, please contact us.
Inspection Officer: However, Heidelberg is a peaceful town. A crime happens
once in a million, so relax and enjoy your tour.

[Woman in orange]
Lady: If you were to go to the castle, you will see that our little Billy
is crying?

[Sign on the left of the Inspections Officer:
"Around the corner you will find the grocery store: 'Looks Delicious!'"

[Man walking in green, south of the Snowman]
Young man: Hm, so you come from another continent. You can tell by looking
at your face.
Young  man: In fact, your step is uncertain just like my ... Uwaaaahh!
(Talking to again)
Young man: I’m being careful not to slip. But that’s really difficult to do
in a country like this ...

"It’s a snowman in the shape of a chef." ( If I recall Symphonia had a Wonder
Chef snowman)

/ Dialogue \
Milly: Aaah, it's cold!  How the hell can I be so cold!
Greed: Non .. We can not afford an inn ... The members of the Dark Wings ...
They have ... Failed ...
Greed: ... But ... Why ... Do I feel ... Well ...?
Greed: ... I see it, I see ... A flower garden ... All white ... How ...
Beautiful ...
John: Do not fall asleep, oh no no! If he sleeps ... If he sleeps ...
John: ... Huh? If you are asleep, then that's going to happen, eh hmm? I will
try to fall asleep and see too, and yes ...

/ & Various NPC \

Greed: ... Aah ... Flower garden ... All white ... I'm ... Coming ...

Milly: That idiot Greed has spent all his savings for this trip and now we
are in this situation ...
Dieing really cold ...

John: ....
"He won’t answer. He seems to have fainted."

[Child walking down the street in the northeast]
Child: Gaaaah! My  breath comes out in white smoke, I look like a dragon!
(Talking to again)
Child: Even the breath of my father is stronger than that of a dragon!
Child: You only have to have a faint smell of it!
Loni: You shouldn’t brag about such a thing ...
(Talking to again)
Child: Gaaaoooh! Attack of the stinky mouth!

[Sign at the north-east]
"For the entrance to Memorial Park in Heidelberg, proceed in this direction,
taking the castle on your left. "

(Memorial Park of Heidelberg)
[First sign on the left]
"This park is the memory of Heidelberg. It was designed by the same King
Woodrow in memory of the reconstruction of Heidelberg. "

[Old person at the entrance]
Old person: The Snow Fell in ambles, fish dart darts in the gorges and wine
... By this time, I enjoy wine, watching the snow, its perfect!
Loni: With, this cold its not so easy to drink wine ...
Old person: Gahahahah! If you can not understand how this is elegant, you
have way’s to go, youngster!
(Talking to again)
Old person: The cold that makes me cry, while I drink wine. I am delighted
with its elegance, while I drink wine.
Old person: If the wine is the same, I drink it with joy. To hurt everywhere,
it's just the wine.
(Talking to again)
Old person: In this city, the snow brings joy and pain to the inhabitants.
But if all lives are equal, should not we have fun?
( yea… not sure)

[Young girl in the middle of the park]
Young Girl: Yahoo! Hey you, girl! How about you give up those guys and come
to tea with me?
Reala: You think so? ... If I may say so, I don’t know ...
Loni: Ah-hahaha! You seem to have dropped a deuce of spades, beautiful!
(Talking to again)
Young: haah ... And with this, do not cucco 264 times ...
(^ I'm not sure)

[Monument in the center of the park]
"There's a inscription carved on the pedestal . 'What this of this place
remain to posterity, in hope it will not recur
the mistakes of the past. Woodrow Kelvin "

[Girl in green at the top right]
Misha: My boyfriend is cool and sweet, and is wonderful in every way!
(Talking to again)
Misha: Lark ... As long as I am with you, I won't be afraid of any snowstorm!
Loni: Hey hey, good health!
(Talking to again)
Misha: Lark is my life. With him, I don't need anything else!

[Boy in purple at the top right]
Lark: Ohoho, my darling! Our love would be able to dissolve even the eternal
Lark: Why our love is fire, more than magma is!
Kyle: I'm not sure what you mean ... But it must be something fantastic.
(Talking to again)
Lark: We boiled loving Fire , no, Magma Love!

[Sign in the north]
"To realize the project of the Memorial Park, a special thanks to the former
village head
of the late village Harmentz, M. Volt, which has given us substantial monetary
contributions. "

[Soldier on the left of the sign]
Soldier: You can not enter here. Ask at the main gate.

[Sign to the far right of the park]
"'Raising funds for the maintenance of Heidelberg's Memorial Park.' Funds
payable to the 'Dark Wings'. "

[Girl in purple walking in the east side of the park]
Girl: What? Look, if you want to court me, I'm there. Also have I mentioned,
in the new town,
I'm on sick hours.
(Talking to again)
Girl: I'm not a girl so easy to accept your advances!

(Grocery and Ingredients store)
[Ingredients seller]
Ingredients seller: Welcome.
Ingredients seller: Come back again.

[Small stands to the left of the bar]
"'Why not try the sandwich with linguine? , even our King Woodrow has'"

[Lady in front of the booth]
Lady: Hmm, this is rather expensive. Hey, don't you think so too?
Kyle: Huh? Maybe, I guess ...?
Lady: My children have the appetite of lions. And the cost of the food keeps
on growing, and growing ...
(Talking to again)
Lady: Hmm ... Madam, would you not go lower about this here?

[Woman dressed in green ]
Woman: Welcome ~! You should try the "sandwich with linguine", it's the
special of our store.
Loni: If it entrances you, I'll be sooo happy to buy this sandwich with
(Talking to again)
Woman: The delicious linguine combined with a sandwich is soft .. Eat well,
but don't eat anymore!

[First barrel down the stairs]
"The content's of this barrel ... seems to be 'Spice's' from the continent

[Barrel on the right, the first of three]
"The content's of this barrel ... It looks like 'Miso'  from the continent

Chef: Want me to teach you how to make Toast with Jam?
Chef: I'll teach you how to make Toast with Jam.
NOTICE: "You have learned how to make Toast with Jam."

[Old lady with pink shawl]
Old lady: I wonder where Ginny is?
(Talking to again)
Old lady: In this church lives a little girl named Ginny.

[Priest in the little house on the left]
Priest: ... haah  with that, even today, we weren’t able to donate even a
single lens.
(Talking to again)
Priest: I sailed the seas to guide these people to joy ... But it seems that
it's not necessary ...
Priest: Our proselytizing is not enough ...
(Talking to again)
Priest: I must be able to expand even more the magnificence of the Sacred
Order of Atamoni ...

[Priest by the altar at the center]
Priest: Don't you think that the people of this city want to be happy?
(Talking to again)
Priest:  There's hardly anyone in this city who makes donations to the Sacred
Order of Atamoni.
Priest: All of them, so they don't want to be happy?
Judas: I think they are happy enough without making donations.
(Talking to again)
Priest: But every city is full of people eager to make donations to the Sacred
Order of Atamoni ...

~Heidelberg Castle~

/ Dialogue \
Soldier: Wait, you guys. Looking at you, I see your travelers... Do you want
an audience with His Majesty Woodrow?
Soldier: You've already set a reservation for your hearing? Those who want
a hearing, need to book several weeks ahead.
Kyle: A few weeks!? Your kidding. We can't wait that long!
Loni: Kyle Wait, I got an idea.
Loni: We haven't set a reservation, but can we still try to talk personally
with His Majesty?
Loni: You see, Kyle's arrived, he's the son of Stan. I'm sure you'll
Soldier: But those who have no reservations ...
Soldier: Wait, Stan, you said. Do not tell me ... No, it can't be.
Loni: So you can try, then. If he tells you no, we'll leave immediately.
Loni: ... However, I don't think that King Woodrow is the type to kick out
the son of his old friend Stan.
Soldier: ... Alright, I'm going to report it.
Kyle: Hey Loni, what did you say?
Loni: Hm? Well, the details don't matter.
Judas: You're pretty good at inventing expedients.
Loni: What are you saying, if we want to meet him, we have to do something.
It helps some'!
Judas: ... I'll follow later. I'm going to kill time for a while. Meet him
Kyle: Ah, wait, Judas!
Soldier: Forgive the wait! The King wishes to see you instantly!
Soldier: Hey, seriously? We can't announce those who haven’t booked ...
Soldier: No problem. His Majesty has graciously allowed them to proceed with
the hearing.
Kyle: Uh, huh?
Soldier: Well, Mr. Kyle, you go on ahead!

-> Skit
Kyle: Wow, we got in faster than I expected to... I am a little sorry. But
what did you say, Loni?
Loni: What did I say, I just said "The son of heroes Stan and  Rutee asks
to meet Woodrow." And so we've passed without objection.
Kyle: Heeeh. Heheh! I'm quite famous!

-> Skit
Kyle: We finally got an audience with King Woodrow ... Who knows what he's
like, I can't wait!

/ & Various NPC \

(First show)
[Soldier on the left]
Soldier: The place for the hearing is above! ... .... He‘s, here, really ...
Kyle: Huh? What?
Soldier: No, no! It's nothing!
(Talking to again
Soldier: The place for the hearing is above!

[Soldier on the right]
Soldier: Hoh ... His face is certainly ...
Kyle: Sir ... Do I have something on my face?
Soldier: No, nothing ... Ahem! For the hearing, climb these stairs and go
(Talking to again)
Soldier: For the audience, go up these stairs and go straight!

[Painting on the wall to the north-east]
"It’s a painting that illustrates the disaster caused by the Eye of the
Goddess'. It represents the action of the four heroes and their Swordians.

(Corridors and rooms of the first area)
[First Corridor from right: Armor near the front door]
"It’s 'authentic armor total. Emanates a devastating sense of oppression ..."

[Weapons behind the cook]
"They are very sharp and pointed weapons. They seem to have been forged by
a blacksmith of the first category."

Cook: You want to cook? Use the knives?

[Armor near the south gate]
"It’s giant metal armor. ... It seems very heavy"

[Weapons near the south gate]
"They are a well-maintained line of weapons. They all look like high-class

[Weapons in the southern room]
"Perhaps they are used in emergencies. There are real fighter weapons lined
up here."

[Man in the southern room]
Minister: The soldiers believe that a war is to fight using weapons ... But
the economy is a war.
Minister: Some people thrive, and on the other hand, there are those who are
in poverty ...
Minister: It’s hard that everyone can live comfortably ...
Minister: You have with you (xxx) Gald.
Minister: Try not to forget the value of money and the "evil" that creeps
into money.
Minister: When finances in your possession will be very few ...
And when they come back to be abundant ... Come back and see me.

[According to the corridor from the right: Soldier]
Soldier: They were all amazed that you are the son of the hero Stan, but it's
all a hoax, a hoax!
Kyle: What did you say! I am my father's son in every respect!
Soldier: ... Are you the son of the hero Stan? Hey hey, stop cut it out with
the jokes.
(Talking to again)
Soldier: Don’t you think you overdid it with these big lies? Hurry up and
apologize.  ( Ouch, how mean)

[One of the armor]
"It’s real fighter armor. Its shape is extraordinarily complex."

(Second area)
[Maid walking down the hall]
Maid: For the audience, go up the stairs there .... ... Hey, what happened?
Kyle: No, no, it’s just I’m very anxious because I have to introduce myself
Maid: Huhuh! It's all right! His Majesty is a friendly and easygoing person.
(Talking to again)
Maid: His Majesty is a nice person, there is no reason to be worried. You'll
be fine.

[Maid standing in south]
Maid: These steps lead to the guest rooms.

[Soldier on the left]
Soldier: Yes, for the audiences you need to climb the stairs here before you.
... Aaah, its not every day that I talk to embassies.
Soldier: Why don’t we ever get big things to happen here. ... Well, but in
a world so peaceful, it is impossible.
(Talking to again)
Soldier: The person in the other room would be angry if he heard me say that.
But I’d like something big to happen!

[Soldier on the right]
Soldier: You have come to confer with His Majesty? Climb the stairs here
before, please.
(Talking to again)
Soldier: This one next to me always complains how nothing ever happens ...
Soldier: He does not understand the importance of peace and serenity. Damn
(Talking to again)
Soldier: Ah, excuse me, I spoke out of turn ... The audience hall, is before

(Guest room and corridor of Heidelberg)
[Hall next to the maid behind: the first shelf with objects]
"Beautiful things are lined up here ..."

[Second shelf with objects]
"More detailed objects are aligned here. They all seem to possess a very high

(Heidelberg Castle: Woodrow‘s room)
[Ornament to the south]
"This is a royal palace. Even the ornaments are refined in every detail."

(Exit to the park, at the base of the tower)
Soldier: You are not allowed to pass.

(Bell in the tower)
Soldier: We-welcome! It’s really unusual for someone to come up here.
Kyle: This is ... A bell? It’s really big.
Soldier: Yeah, it was built by an emperor of the previous generations as a
symbol of peace.
It has a very clear sound and deep.
(Talking to again)
Soldier: Everyone says that taking care of the bell is a tedious task ...
But it suits me perfectly.
Soldier: And then, from here you can see the whole city at a glance. When
I am here in the evening,
after finishing maintenance, seems to me that all the effort of one day is
being swept away.
(Talking to again)
Soldier: The bell is rung regularly. If you were to hear it, lend ear.

/ Dialogue \
Kyle: Hm. It seems that someone's here ...
Elraine: We would only lend our support to the people of this nation, to live
Woodrow: I offer my heartfelt thanks. However ... With age, I am becoming
increasingly suspicious.
Elraine: We are aware of the discretion used by you in the offer of a lens,
King Woodrow.
Elraine: However, using the power of multiple lenses, we will be able to help
many more people, and guide them to happiness.
Elraine: As servants of the Goddess, we would like to extend a hand of
salvation to all nations, without any limit.
Elraine: You will provide us with your support?
Woodrow: ... I do not doubt your noble mercy.
Woodrow: However, the recent disasters were caused by an abbot from religious
fervor. I imagine that even you know that.
Elraine: ... I realized that it takes time and substantial perseverance ,
winning the trust of a sovereign.
Elraine: And with that, I will leave for today. However, we will meet again
Elraine: Oh,  you are ... Huhuh, we meet again, sir Kyle.
Reala: Oh, that woman ...!

-> Skit
Kyle: That was Elraine, right?
Loni: Yeah, no doubt. But Elraine should be at Aigrette, why is she here...?
Reala: .......

/ Dialogue \
Soldier: The next hearing is by Sir Kyle Dunamis.
Kyle: Ni-ni-nice to meet you! Thanks for seeing me, your Majesty, I am glad,
aquain, quaintance ...
Loni: ... Hey calm down, Kyle. I can't understand one word of what you're
Woodrow: I am Woodrow. Pleasure. Well ... Before we start talking, there's
one thing I would like to tell you.
Woodrow: You got a hearing without going through the list ... It is certainly
Woodrow: Everyone must wait patiently for their turn. Not only you, is that
Kyle: Oh ... I know, I'm sorry!
Loni: That's not it, King Woodrow! I wasn't trying to disrespect the list
so ...
Woodrow: Never mind, I understand. I have no intention to punish you for that.
Woodrow: Also, next time there will be no need to submit a request for a
hearing. Come see me when ever you want.
Kyle: ... Eh?
Woodrow: The son of my fellow soldiers Rutee and Stan, is like my son.
Woodrow: It would be strange for a child to use so many formalities just to
meet his father, right?
Kyle: Your Majesty ...
Woodrow: "Your Majesty" is still too rigid. I would prefer "Mr. Woodrow",
Woodrow: I will also, from now call you only, Kyle, is that alright?
Kyle: Yes you can! Your Majesty ... No, I mean, Mr. Woodrow!
Woodrow: Going back to the matter, I imagine that there is a valid reason
why you left Cresta ...
Reala: I'll be talking to you about that. I wanted to meet you, Mr. Woodrow,
to be sure of one thing.
Reala: ........
Kyle: It's good, heh ...
Kyle: An-anyways. Cheer Up, Reala!
Woodrow: Kyle. What does this mean ...?
Kyle: Mr. Woodrow. Reala is looking for a hero.
Woodrow: Looking for a hero?
Reala: Yes .. I first met Miss Philia, but it didn't work out, she wasn't
the right heroin.
Reala: And therefore, I thought that maybe, Mr. Woodrow ...
Woodrow: Hm... Not even I'm the hero that you say.
Woodrow: The number of people you're looking for, someone who can be called
a hero in this world, is unlimited ... It will be tough.
Kyle: It's okay, Reala! You have us on your side. We'll be sure to do
Woodrow: Hahahaha! Like father like son! Even Stan, in the past, said the
same exact thing.
Kyle: My father ...
Woodrow: Miss Reala. I will give you a hint.
Reala: Yes ..
Woodrow: "Don't give up, It'll be all right." As Stan repeated these words,
we ought to give it all we have until the end.
Woodrow: Maybe a hero is someone who, like him, never gives up. See that and
remember well.
Reala: Yes, thank you very much.
Woodrow: You can't forget him, Kyle, look here beside you.
Woodrow: It seems that he's inherited the very fabric of the hero of his
Kyle: Huh? So then ...!
Woodrow: Obviously, there's still much effort for him to put in... But there
is no denying the fact that he's from the same cloth.
Kyle: Hah, yes, I'll give it my all! Leave it to me!
Kyle: Hero ... Me, a hero ...!
Loni: About ... A little while ago, that was Elraine here with you. Why was
she here?
Loni: ... It seemed to me that you were discussing something about the lens
Woodrow: So you have heard ... I wanted so much for you not to know.
Loni: She said 'I came to tell you to "Deliver the Lens", right? The methods
of these people are always the same.
Woodrow: Well, I'll agree to that.
Woodrow: To be honest, its something that goes beyond my expertise, but when
its too much, too. I have no reason to surrender them.
Kyle: You really have that many?
Woodrow: If you want, you can go see them. They are in a room behind the throne.

-> Skit
Loni: Hey, as long as we can see them, which means they're from monsters as
well. That mountain of lenses.  ( Not sure on this)
Kyle: Loni, we can't steal from here.
Loni: You idiot! I know, you don't have to tell me.

/ & Various NPC \
Soldier: This is the courtroom.

Woodrow: We have collected the lenses of our nation, and put them into a room
behind the throne. If you are interested, give it a look.

/ Dialogue \
Kyle: Uwaah that's so ... cool!
Loni: These were collected throughout Phandaria, why are there so many.
Loni: Any normal Atamoni they would have spotted them already.

-> Skit
Kyle: So many lenses. It really dazzles ...
Loni: I wonder what you could do with all these lenses. Maybe a crime that
would turn the world upside down.
Now I understand why Mr. Woodrow uses a lot of discretion ...
Reala: ........

/ Dialogue \
Woodrow: In the wake of recent disasters, it's caused the spread of people
depending on lenses, this trend has been increasing over time.
Woodrow: I can't say that I mind, though ... The misuse of it, is a problem.
Loni: If you throw away the extra's, someone with evil intentions might use
Woodrow: And that's why I have offered to manage them.  The result is this
substantial amount of lenses.
Woodrow: I was afraid of the overabundance of lenses, but I ended up
accumulating such a large number ... The irony of fate.
Reala: But, I think this is proof that the people of Phandaria trust you,
Mr. Woodrow.
Reala: I feel calm in commending to you, Mr. Woodrow. The people who had the
lenses in custody felt this way, I'm sure.
Woodrow: If so, I'm happy.
Woodrow: Any way's, I checked by taking responsibility, in addition to taking
them into custody.
I have to guard them diligently, so that no one can make an improper use of

-> Skit
Kyle: The first time I came to this country, I immediately felt it was
different than the others.
Like a lot of energy. Now I think I understand why.
Loni: Yeah. They decided to rebuild it like it was before the disaster,
without resorting to lenses. Totally the opposite
of the Sacred order of Atamoni. And because of that, this nation is most likely
the most "powerful" of all.

-> Skit
Kyle: A Hero ... I am!
Loni: Now to rendezvous with Judas.

/ & Various NPC \
Woodrow: The power of the lenses together in one place could generate a major
disaster like the one that happened long ago.
Woodrow: We must not let this mistake be repeated. As king, I will watch

PART 7 - Sair Lenneth

Txt version

~Heidelberg Castle~

/ Dialogue \
Soldier: Come back when ever you want, Mr. Kyle!
Kyle: Alright, thank you!
Kyle: Hey, listen, Judas! Mr. Woodrow is just a fantastic person!
Kyle: I was sitting there in front of him, he even understood that I might
be a "Hero."
Kyle: I shouldn’t be to proud yet, not right away. But he said it's like I'm
his son! Really!
Kyle: "It seems indeed that he inherited his father's hero stuff."
Kyle: So! The Hero King expects great things from me! Hehahah ...
Judas: ... Ye gods, it's just like I thought.
Kyle: ... Eh?
Judas: Do you not notice? Neither WOODROW nor his soldiers see you, when they
look at you.
Judas: They see the shadows of Stan and Rutee.
Judas: And Woodrow’s words, "You have inherited from your father," is
confirmation ...Am I wrong perhaps?
Kyle: Oh ...
Judas: Reala, Woodrow was not the hero you wanted in the end?
Judas: You were wrong, right? Otherwise, you would not be out of here with
Reala: Yes ..
Judas: A new lead ... Watching you, it seems that you have one.
Judas: And yet, you're the only one to be so cheerful and festive.
Judas: You've been flattered by Woodrow and the soldiers, and are having a
party. I'm sure you feel good.
Judas: However, a person who does not think, with his companions, can not
be a hero. ... Never, ever.
Kyle: .... GHH!
Reala: Aah, Kyle!?
Loni: You really want to fight don‘t you, huh. Do you think that’s the way
to talk to him?
Judas: You have to say certain things from time to time. Yeah, you're equal
to Woodrow and the others.
Loni: What!?
Judas: Did you forget about when we entered the castle? You used the fact
that he was the son of Stan.
Judas: And from that moment, they have not seen Kyle as Kyle, but as "the
son of Stan."
Loni: I-it’s only because we didn’t have time to ...
Judas: Well, it is normal, as a result Kyle is also in this situation.
Loni: ........
Judas: What he aims to become not just a hero but a hero like Stan.
Judas: Whatever happens, one must always think of her fellow ... A hero like
Judas: And why I felt compelled to say those words. ... Even though I knew
that I would hurt him.
Loni: ... Judas.
Reala: ... I'm going!
NOTICE: "Kyle was awarded the title 'Son of Stan.'"

Reala: Kyleeee!
Kyle: Reala ...
Reala: Pan-pant ... Damn you, Kyle! You run to fast!
Kyle: ... Reala, sorry.
Reala: ... Eh?
Kyle: After I met you in the middle of the ruins, and after having been through
a lot during this trip,
I thought that I grew up.
Kyle: I came here to get praised by Mr. Woodrow, to make him say that I could
become a hero.
Kyle: ... But that was it. I failed, I’m neither like my father nor my mother.
I didn’t even save a person.
Kyle: And when you had problems, Reala, I celebrated ... I’m nothing but a
stupid brat.
Reala: Kyle ...
Kyle: After Judas told me those things, I realized that I am a real idiot,
what a shame ...
Kyle: Oh, but anyways I‘m fine! Don’t worry about me, go back.
Reala: And you, Kyle?
Kyle: I'll stay here to kill time. I’ll refresh my thoughts.
Reala: ... Look, Kyle. Can I walk a little, here with you?
Kyle: Yeah I don’t mind ...
Reala: Alright that's it! Come on, Kyle!

-> Skit
Reala: Ah! Look, Kyle! Both the road that the roofs are allll full of snow!
What a sight!
Kyle: Hahaha! Reala, you look like your in a really good mood!
Reala: Oh, look who's talking, Kyle. It looks like your already past what
happened a while ago. Now you're laughing!
Kyle: S-so it seems ... Heheheh.
Reala: ... However, when you do that I recognize you, Kyle.
Kyle: What do you mean, I'm not having fun all the time.
Reala: Oh, your not ?
Kyle: Now you‘ve done it! Damn!
Reala: Huhuh! Kyle, can’t ever catch me!

-> Skit
Reala: Despite everyone’s face’s being so cold, they are all so full of life
... It’s a really nice place. This Heidelberg ...I think it's because Mr.
Woodrow rules this land.
Kyle: Hmmm, yeah, Mr. Woodrow is very strong, but it’s also true that the
people of this country are really tough, right? And as if to say: "Snow, come
down." If it were Loni instead, he would
be saying all the time: "How cooolllld!",  and be cowering under the covers.
Reala: Huhuh! Look at that! However, it might be as you say, Kyle. It’s not
because there is only one great person.
It’s all of those who live by giving their best, this is a beautiful city.

-> Skit <-
Kyle: Let's start back from all the others?
Reala: Yes .. Also because I think they're all worried about you, Kyle.

~Heidelberg, the old town~

/ Dialogue \
Reala: Hey, Kyle,  there is a park.
Kyle: Park?
Reala: Since we’re here, lets rest a little. ... What do you think?
Kyle: But wont you feel too cold? If you want to rest, we can do it in a warmer
place, after we’ve met up with ...
Reala: Oh, you’d refuse a date?
Kyle: A daattte!?
Reala: Huhuh! Come on, hurry up, hurry up!

-> Skit
Reala: Come on Kyle, hurry up!
Kyle: Hey, wait, Reala!

-> Skit
Reala: Let's go to the park. If we go right in front of the gate to the
Heidelberg castle, we’ll enter the park.

~Heidelberg park~

/ Dialogue \
Kyle: Uwaah ... That's cool! Look '! Both the forest and the mountains, are
all white! What a fantastic view!
Reala: It’s really nice ...
Reala: ... But if you look at it one way, it makes you feel anxiety ...
Kyle: ... Anxiety?
Reala: It’s not clear where this snowy landscape ends ...
Reala: It’s not clear where you should go. This ... Doesn‘t it make you feel
Kyle: You think so? I only have to watch it and I feel thrilled!
Kyle: Just because you, don‘t know where the snowy landscape ends, you feel
this way, you know?
Kyle: Even now, just by looking, it’s as if there’s something waiting for
me in this landscape.
It makes my heart beat in my chest!
Reala: Kyle ...
Kyle: But this is something that only we think.
Kyle: If you said to the people of Heidelberg: "There‘s nothing wonderful
about watching the snow?", Well ...
Kyle: I’d be so angry saying: "Just shut up and leave!", Most likely!
Reala: ... Cool.
Kyle: Yeah, the people here are fantastic. Don’t be so saddened by a place
filled with snow ...
Reala: No, no, not that. ... What I meant by fantastic, is you.
Kyle: Huh, am I?
Reala: You and I were looking at the same scene, but we thought exact opposite
Reala: I was afraid because I didn’t see anything. I didn‘t see it, I lost
the goal.
Reala: Ma .. For you it was different. You did expect something from it.
Reala: I’m so envious, your always looking forward ...
Kyle: So you say ... I’m not as sensitive as you, Reala. I guess I'm just
Kyle: In fact, Loni and Judas merely say: "Think about it some more, '" or
"Idiot" ... Hahaha ...
Reala: But that’s what Judas and Loni love about you, I'm sure.
Reala: You are spontaneous, and always upbeat, you make us all happy ... And
this is the Kyle that they love.
Kyle: You think?
Reala: Of course. I understand. Because ...
Reala: The same goes for me ...
Kyle: Huh? ... Reala, you mean ...
Reala: .... It would be nice.
Reala: It would be nice if you had been the hero that I'm looking for ...
Kyle: Reala ...
Reala: ......

/ Cutscene \

/ Dialogue \
Kyle: The castle ...!
Loni: Heeeey! Kyleeee! Realaaaa!
Kyle: Loni, Judas!
Loni: It seems that something serious has happened to the castle. What are
you doing? ... Well, it's useless to sit here talking.
Kyle: You said it! Come on, guys!

-> Skit
Loni: We, too, we were outside, so we don’t know the details, let’s  hurry
to the castle.
Kyle: Yeah!
Judas: Quick to recover, the little guy ...
Kyle: Hm? Did you say something?
Judas: No. .. Nothing. Let us hurry to the castle.

/ & Various NPC \
[Girl running south]
Girl: Hey, buddy, you have three boyfriends? Tell me who is your favorite!
Reala: Well ... uh ... I'm sorry, I'm in a hurry, we’ll talk later.
Girl: Okay, I can wait. Then tell me your techniques of love!
(Talking to again)
Girl: I want to be like you, sis! A woman with three boyfriends ... already!

/ Dialogue \
Loni: Kyle, we need head to that path and leave by the back entrance of the
castle. So lets hurry.
Kyle: Got it!

-> Skit (out)
Judas: Kyle! Where the hell are you going?! Let's go see Woodrow!

/ & Various NPC \
[Boy in purple]
Lark: Hi, hiiiih! A dragon! A huge great dragon! Ru-ru-run away!

[Green Girl]
Misha: He-hey, calm down, Lark!

[Young person in the middle of the park]
Young: Yahoo! Hey you girl! Leave these three and come have tea with me!
Judas: If you want to drink tea, do it alone! We are in a hurry.
(Talking to again)
Young: Hah ... This is the time I downloaded 294esima ... 296esima ... Or
was it? (…… oookk no clue here ^)

/ Dialogue \
Loni: Pheew! They‘ve already saved it, huh.
Judas: This castle is impregnable, it will not fall so easily. As for tactics
of war, that’s another matter.
Kyle: Anyway, hurry up! I'm worried about Mr. Woodrow!

-> Skit
Loni: Hurry up, Kyle! At this point, the enemy could have reached where Mr.
Woodrow is!
Kyle: Yeah, I hear you!

/ & Various NPC \
[Soldier near the destroyed bell]
Medic: Would You like emergency care?
"Yes (100 Gald)", Or "No"
Medic: Head back whenever you want.

[Soldier on the right]
Supply Troops: I’m part of the supply troops.
Supply Troops: Come back whenever you want.

~Heidelberg Castle~

/ Dialogue \
Soldier: Gwaaaaahhhh!
Loni: Heh, hey! Are you alright!?
Kyle: It's bad! Guys, let’s fight!

Reala: Are you all right?
Soldier: Me, I'll be fine! Rather, you must protect his majesty Woodrow!
Judas: As I suspected, this was a surprise attack against Woodrow!
Soldier: No doubt! The man who is in charge of the show said that he would
take the life of King Woodrow ...
Reala: He’s ... in danger!
Kyle: Hurry up, guys!

-> Skit
Reala: If we don’t hurry, Mr. Woodrow’s life could be in danger!
Loni: Let‘s get to the audience hall!
Kyle: It's, he’s okay ... Mr. Woodrow!

/ & Various NPC \
[Soldier on the upper floor]
Soldier: Shit, what the heck it is! Suddenly we all faced a surprise attack!
Even the guards were scattered throughout the castle!
Soldier: It will take a while before the reinforcements arrive from the
country side. But at this rate, all the soldiers
... will be defeated!
Judas: We will replace them. You do not leave your post, and first, make sure
that this area is safe.

/ Dialogue \
Kyle: Shit! At this rate we’ll be slowed down!
Judas: Defeat them in one fell swoop!

/ & Various NPC \
[Wounded Soldier]
Soldier: Uuh ... What a pain ...

[Soldier with shield]
Soldier: I never believed that they would attack the castle in this way ...
Soldier: Mr. Kyle! Be careful, please!

/ Dialogue \
Sabnok: I am Sabnok! I am a gentleman come to claim all your beliefs and your
Reala: Kyle! We better hurry, Mr. Woodrow ...!
Kyle: I know!
Kyle: Because you want to stop us, we'll fight against you with force!
Sabnok: You shall not pass, boy! We will battle to see, between your belief
and my belief, which is the firmest!

Kyle: Alright! Let‘s go!

Woodrow: Gwaaaaaahh!
Judas: W-Woodrow!
Kyle: You, you're Barbatos!
Barbatos: Ooh, I see you, Babe! Kyle was your name, right? What a strange
fate unites us.
Kyle: How dare you attack Mr. Woodrow ...! Shit, he‘s getting away, no!
Barbatos: I reached my goal! Now that woman can do whatever she wants.
Goodbye, Kyle!
Kyle: That woman ...? Who the hell it is she!?
Judas: You're alright!? Hang in there, Woodrow!
Woodrow: Uh, uuuh ...
Loni: That wound is deep, but just missed the vital points. You'll be fine,
we'll help you!
Loni: Hey, hurry and call a doctor!
Reala: First Miss Philia, and now Mr. Woodrow ...
Reala: At this rate, it will create a huge distortion in the flow of time
Reala: ...! I can not believe this is his work ...!?
Elraine: And even then, what do you think ... Reala?
Elraine: I understand ... Typical of him, in the end. It’s true that he has
no mercy to any hero ...
Elraine: If at that time I had handed over the lens of his own accord, no
one would have had to endure all this ...
Reala: Elraine! You're wrong! You can’t save people like this!
Elraine: ... So you feel, what will you do?
Elraine: How can you speak of salvation, you who has not discovered anything
Reala: That’s ...
Kyle: What, what's going on!? Why is Elraine here!?
Kyle: And also, Reala, how do you know ...
Loni: I do not understand much, but one thing seems clear.
Loni: And that is, that this woman has always been plotting in the shadows!
Let's go! Be prepared Elraine!
Loni: GHH! This ...
Garve: Do not lift a finger against Elraine.
Judas: We'll see!
Judas: Gwaah!
Kyle: Judas!
Loni: Gwhaaah!
Kyle: Loni!
Elraine: The salvation of the people is the desire of the Goddess. Anyone
who meddles, will not be spared, whoever they are.
Reala: Stop it, Elraine!
Elraine: No one can stop me ...
Elraine: Exactly. Even you cant, Reala.
Reala: No! Stop it! I still have a mission here ...!
Reala: Someone who has not yet been able to discover something, has no reason
to be here ... Return, or you will fail.
Judas: Let's follow him!

~Out of Aigrette~

-> Skit
Reala: ... Hey ... wake ... hey ... wake ... hey ... ( I’m not sure)
Kyle: .... Oh, Uhmmm ...
Reala: ... Wake up ... Kyle, wake up!
Kyle: ... Reala ...?
Reala: You're back, Kyle?
Kyle: ... Huh? Where are we? Oh, right! Elraine!?
Reala: There's more ... No, we aren‘t there anymore, not where we were
Kyle: We’re not where ...? Huh? What happened to Loni and Judas?
Reala: ... Perhaps they were thrown to another place.
Kyle: From, wait ... From Elraine!? This can‘t be right! We need to find Loni
and Judas!
Reala: Yes, yes ... Just ...

-> Skit
Reala: I hope you are well ... Loni and Judas
Kyle: I know those two will be fine for sure. Judas has a thousand talents,
I’m sure they’ll manage to get by,
 And Loni has always said "I will not die until I’ve found a beautiful wife."

-> Skit
Kyle: It’s like I’m dreaming. That Elraine, was in cahoots with Barbatos ...
What a shame, Mr. Woodrow has had to put up with that ...
Reala: ... Yes.
Kyle: But, why did it happen ... Mmmmmmmmh ...
Reala: You know ... Kyle ...
Kyle: ... Well, although I don’t think I can understand it right now. Let’s
go find Loni and Judas! Ok, Reala?
Reala: Eh? Ah ... Yes! I agree.

-> Skit
Kyle: For now, let's go to the nearest town, and get information on those


/ Dialogue \
Kyle: ... This is Aigrette!
Kyle: Reala, we were lucky! We were thrown into a place we know!
Kyle: Uh? Why does the atmosphere here seem different?
Reala: ... It’s changed, ten years have passed.
Kyle: ... Eh?
Reala: Listen and don‘t worry, Kyle. We were thrown away by the power of
Reala: ... Into the future. Ten years later than the time we came from, Kyle.
Kyle: Hah ...
Kyle: ahahahah! Hey enough with the jokes, come on, Reala!
Reala: ... As I thought, you don’t believe me. But we really are ten years
into the future. Let me show you,
and you’ll understand right away.
Kyle: Reala ...?

-> Skit
Kyle: Although we came here not too long ago, a lot of things seem to have
changed ...
Reala: ......

/ Dialogue \
Kyle: Wha-what's that ...
Kyle: "In honor of the descent of the goddess Fortuna. All the people of
Kyle: What ... Is this stuff!? This statue wasn’t there when we came a while
Reala: Of coarse there wasn‘t.
Reala: This statue was finished a little later, than the period we came from,
Kyle: Okay, alright, I guess what you said is real, it's true ...
Reala: Yes this is what the world will be like ten years after your present,
Reala: First, Elraine has used my power to travel through time ... And all
of you have been involved, because of me.
Kyle: Ho-however, Elraine from the Sacred Order of Atamoni, she’s a good
person, right!? Why would ...
Kyle: An-and also! What the heck does: "In honor of the descent of the Goddess
Fortuna" mean!?
Reala: She says the word itself. In this era, there is a living god. This
is the Goddess Fortuna.
Kyle: I don’t believe it ... No one has ever talked about such a thing!
Reala: Everyone knows it, so nobody talks about it. A goddess is really here.
Kyle: I don’t believe ...
Kyle: He-hey! Is it true, that there’s a living god in this world!?
Citizen: I think so. Didn’t something happen to you?
Kyle: Lies ...
Citizen: Hey, honey, we need to hurry. We‘ll be late for the, ceremony of
Citizen: Ah, right. Is that all you wanted to know, boy?
Kyle: ... Ah, yes ...
Town: Honey, if we don’t hurry, we will not make it in time.
Citizen: Our bishop is very fussy about time. Especially for the ceremonies
of birth. Let’s hurry to the Grand Temple.
Kyle: There really is a living god, in this world ...
Reala: Ceremony of the birth ... Maybe we should go.
Reala: Look, Kyle. Why don’t we see the ceremony of birth with those people?
Kyle: Huh?
Reala: If we're going to see it, I think maybe we can figure out what kind
of world is this.

-> Skit
Kyle: Then it’s true . ...A goddess has descended from heaven ...
Reala: Thanks to the goddess coming, this city ... no, the Holy Order of
Fortuna, has become bigger.
It’s easyier to see than to explain it, I think you will understand. So, let's
go to the ceremony of birth.
Kyle: Oh, alright ...

-> Skit (out)
Reala: Kyle ... We need to continue through the city a while.

/ & Various NPC \

[Knight in the south-west]
Knight: In the past, from here on there used to be a bazaar. The people who
lived there were
simple merchants, such brainless, fools.
Knight: This is the capital of the Goddess, a city consecrated. Idiots do
not belong in a dedicated city... So the bazaar was demolished.
Knight: And so, this city has become more livable.

[Man dressed in green and brown hat]
Man: Wars break out because people don’t agree with each other.
Man: If it were the same for all of us in this city, too many conflicts would
burst out.
(Talking to again)
Man: You, too, use lenses in your foolish desires. Your better off offering
it to the Sacred Order.

[Man dressed in orange]
Man: Look, people in the past have always cheated.
Man: But now in Aigrette, there is no one who makes fun of me.
(Talking to again)
Man: Heck, I don’t even need to sell things.

[Girl with cat hat]
Girl: Hey, you know? The people of the past were just useless.
Kyle: We were useless?
Girl:  Wars or quarrels always happened. People were deceived and cheated.
Soooo useless they were, don’t you think?
(Talking to again)
Woman: Don’t you think that the people of the past sought happiness through
hating others?

[Woman with braids]
Woman: Your clothes are really out of fashion.
Kyle: Yo-you think?
Woman: Yeah, that model was used here about ten years ago.
(Talking to again)
Woman: You're just weird. You seem like you’ve leaped through ten years. (Geee
wonder why)

[Woman dressed in blue]
Woman: Look at those clothes? They were the clothes servants wore in the past.
Woman: Servants are old stuff now.
(Talking to again)
Women: Men must serve only the Goddess. I wonder what people think of a time.

[Man dressed in purple with Blonde hair]
Man: Until about ten years ago, I had a business in this city. My life was
hard, different from now.
Man: But, since, its been descent, I’m very fortunate, I always have plenty
to eat and don’t have to worry about anything.
I'm really grateful to her.
(Talking to again)
Man: Since the Great Fortuna came, I always have plenty to eat and don’t have
to worry about anything.
I'm really grateful to her.

[Boy with the green jacket and purple hat]
Boy: Today is a relaxing day, without problems.
Boy: This joy must always exist because of Fortuna.
(Talking to again)
Man: O Great Goddess Fortuna, I pray that tomorrow will be a quiet day ...

[Woman wearing orange and a headscarf]
Woman: You came here to become a citizen of Aigrette?
Kyle: No, I don’t think so ...
Woman: Oh, really? Did you go choose a lifestyle so terrible, that you are
the original type.
(Talking to again)
Woman: Becoming citizens Aigrette, everyone can become happy, its

[Seller Rune Bottle]
Seller Rune Bottle: Here we trade in Rune Bottle.
Seller Rune Bottle: A bottle is (tot) Galdo, buy a Rune Bottle?
"The buy" "I bought 5 (totx5 Galdo)" Course "Refine" "I do not need"
-> I do not need
Seller Rune Bottle: You can create wonderful objects using the Refine Rune
-> The buy / I bought 5
Seller Rune Bottle: Thank you so much for buying.
-> Refine Course
Seller Rune Bottle: What you would like to know?
"1. What is the Refine" "2. Transforming objects" "3. Summary of arms" "Next
"4. On slot" "5. Refine accessories" "6. Armaments on which you can use the
Refine" "Previous Page"

[Girl in the south / south-east]
Ingredients seller: I have a shop, it reminds me of old times. If you want,
buy something.
Ingredients Seller: What am I going to do with that treasure chest ... It
could cause trouble ...
(Not sure ^)

[Plate in the grass on the left, near the steps]
"'This is Aigrette, the consecrated city where people live as the righteous
servants of the benevolent Goddess."

[Statue in the center]
"'In honor of the goddess Fortuna. From the people of Aigrette .'"

(Equipment Shop)

------------------------------Later  I’ll come back to these when the
script is done)
[Couple speaks below]
NOTICE: "They're talking about 'status changes'. Do you want to listen?"
-> Yes
Ultra-Veteran: When did Captain abnormal status during the battles, and you
have no panaceas, now it's over ...
Son: Do not give up, Dad. Even if you master abnormal status during the
battles, with the passage
time the state will recover.
Son: You should pay attention, because it can also happen that you will be
destroyed if the abnormalities
status are high, no matter what kind of weapons you wear protective.
Ultra-veteran Hell ... I'll have to fight again, right? I do not feel right
Son: Of course, the status is reset. Cooking is also a good way to restore
it, Dad.
It seems there are also recipes and items that help protect against abnormal
Ultra-veteran: It 'a whole slew of colors. (Green) for the poison, (yellow)
for paralysis, (purple) at the dilution,
then there are the slow and freezing, but I'm already exhausted.
Son: Do not lie to you, Dad. There are only four abnormal status per capita.
And 'possible to neutralize
the effects of increasing the skills of Enchant poison, however.
Son: And then slowly and freezing vanish at the end of battle.
Ultra-veteran was so. But the slowness m'è remained.
Ultra-veteran: (Now he's laughing a little 'too ...)
-> No
Kyle: I'm on my way!

[Weapons seller]
Weapons seller: Welcome. We sell weapons here.
Weapons seller: Come back again.

[Armor Seller]
Armor seller: Welcome. We sell armor here.
Armor seller: Come back again.
[Box on the second floor]
"In the box there are goods for the store."

(Store Items)
[Items seller]
Items seller: Welcome! This is a store for those who do not participate in
the banquet of the people.
Items seller: Are you a person who does not use the table?

[Old Clock]
"There's an old clock. It says, ' Donated by the former headman of Armeida'."

Woman: If you are not a citizen, please pay in Gald.
Woman: It’s Gald 480 per night, want to stay?
Woman: I await your return.

Chef: Ingredients for the meatloaf are: cost(?), onion, cheese, milk and
Chef: I see that you don’t have the ingredients.
Chef: If you allow me, I’ll teach you how to make meatloaf, what do you think?
-> Yes
Chef: Alright, wait. Soon I’ll make the meatloaf.
NOTICE: "You have learned how to prepare: Meatloaf."

[Round sofa on the second floor]
"It seems like quite a comfortable sofa."

[Cabin bathroom]
"You see this is a high class hotel! The toilets are spotless!"

~Great Straylize Temple~

/ Dialogue \
Bishop: You are all ready, right? Well, let us begin the ceremony of birth.
Kyle: Birth ... Hey, but this isn’t the temple? And there’s no doctors.
Citizen: Ssssh! Be silent! We are in the middle of the ceremony!
Kyle: S-sorry ...
Bishop: Ooh, our Great Lady Luck! Grant us thy strength, and now, a blossoming
new life in this place!
Bishop: Congratulations ...
Kyle: Did you see that, Reala!? There was a flash and then the baby appeared.
Just like a magic trick!
Kyle: Aah ... I need to be quiet ... Right. Hahaha, ah, ah ...
Bishop: Ah-ahm! ... Well, another time.
Bishop: Congratulations. You have successfully given birth.
Wife: Thank you very much. I felt no pain, it was really easy.
Bishop: This is your child.
Husband: Yes, thank you very much.
Reala: So, in this place, to help give birth, you borrow the divine power.
Reala: You don’t feel pain, and don’t worry of diseases after birth. It’s
the safest way to give birth.
Kyle: Hmmmpf, sure, yeah. ... But, you know, I don’t think neither is really
Reala: ... Yeah, exactly.
Bishop: Well, the name of this child will be ... Under the Convention,
Bishop: "J-237" will be delivered on completion of the initial three years
of looking after.
Kyle: "J-237"!? What kind of name is that!?
Bishop: ... AHM-AH! We are in the midst of a ceremony of birth. I recommend
Kyle: Y-yes ...
Bishop: Well, again, congratulations. "E-102" and "G-113".
Kyle: What on earth, Reala. What's that "J-237"!? So then, and what does this
period of looking after mean ...
Reala: In this city, people have no name. They are named by numbers. When
they are born.
Reala: And then, the children are delivered to their parents only at the end
of an initial care period, which lasts three years.
Kyle: Three years!? They’ve just been born and they must live apart for three
Reala: They, are experts at dealing with this initial time of care giving.
Reala: Children grow up without problems, both in personality and physically.
Kyle: So, this is ... Huh, of course ...
??: It’s mighty strange, huh. Even you feel the same?
??: Ah, excuse me. I didn’t think to find the right people in this city.
??: I’m really, glad huh.

-> Skit
Kyle: Who’s that girl? Let's try to talk to her ...

/ & Various NPC \
[Man with blond hair in green]
Man: Hm, it‘s sad to not live with your child for three years, you say?
Man: What are you saying. It’s so much more comfortable to grow alone. The
parents could not be happier.

[Little girl dressed in blue]
Girl: Heeeh ~ Even I was born that way.

[Woman with braids]
Woman: If I recall. I have given birth in this place.
Woman: Our son was "J-164 ...", or no, I think it was 152 ... oh dear, or
was it 170?
Reala: ........ ( I’m with you there Reala)

[Old woman with purple shawl]
Old woman: In the past, you had to endure excruciating pain during childbirth,
but if I think about it now, I feel silly.
Old woman: How do you think that you can give birth alone, there is no other

[Woman in green above]
Donna: Congratulations "G-113". It’s a truly perfect child. We'll meet again
in three years.

[Man dressed in orange]
Man: In three years time they will be raising a perfect citizen of Aigrette

[Blue-haired man]
E-102: From now on I will be father ... Alright. But, how come I have this
irritating feeling that I don’t know how to explain ...?

G-113: No pain from childbirth, no effort in raising him, no recovery to worry
G-113: Ah, this must be happiness, I'm sure.

Bishop: Those who engage in conflicts are always from other regions, not from
Aigrette .
Bishop: If all the world became as Aigrette, I think it may be able to erase
every kind of conflict ...

[Priest at the bottom of the temple]
Priest: At the time of the disasters caused by Hugo, the "Eye of the Goddess",
was kept here in this room.
Priest: Now there is nothing, this place has been sealed, along with its
unpleasant memories.

/ Dialogue \
??: The only reason I was there, was today I needed some medicine ... And
as usual, this town is strange.
??: In my village it would be unthinkable for parents who have just had a
baby, to be so indifferent.
Kyle: Right, right! People should be more cheerful, like this: "We've DOONE
??: Shouldn’t they make an effort, so that these guys are happy.
??: Oh, a child is born, its a big responsibility. If you take it easy, it
could die easily.
??: But the Sacred Order of Fortuna is dedicated heart and soul to these guys,
before birth and after birth.
Reala: But that way, both parents and the baby are less likely, to be happier
Kyle: ... Are you serious, Reala? So, then ...
??: Reala?
??: ... Hey, you guys, are you Kyle and Reala!?
Reala: Eh?
Kyle: How do you know our names!?
??: Well, so then it was true what they said ...
?: You know, recently the two weirdest people, I’ve ever seen, came to my
??: They shot out your names and here you are.
??: And then they also, said something about "Location", and "Elraine has
blown us away." They said really crazy things.
Reala: So then ... They were Loni and Judas!
Kyle: T-tell me! Where are these two now!?
??: In my village. If you want, come with me and meet them, want to?
Kyle: Yes please!
??: Well, it’s decided! Alright, let‘s get a move on. I want to leave this
disturbing town right away.
Nanaly: ... Um, I haven‘t told you my name. It’s Nanaly. Nanaly from Hope
Town. Pleased to meet ya.
Kyle: Hope Town? Is the name of a village?
Nanaly: Yeah, well Cherik is a village, you can get there, from here by boat.
Nanaly: Let’s take a trip. And, we’ll get know each other better.
Kyle: The pleasure is all ours, Nanaly!
NOTICE: "Nanaly was added to the party."

-> Skit
Kyle: I wonder if Loni's fine ...
Reala: Are you worried about him?
Kyle: Yeah. But you know, when you are suddenly thrown into a world you don’t
know, anyone would have a problem ...
Nanaly: Hmpf! If your talking about this man, in the very least, there's
nothing to worry about. He try’s to shamelessly flirt with all
my girlfriends. He‘s a big problem.
Reala: ... So, are you worried still?
Kyle: ... Absolutely not.

-> Skit
Kyle: I don’t think I’d like to be called a number for life ... So why do
Nanaly: According to those, it’s so they are easier to control. With a name
you would also have a last name,
and there are similar names, there’s a risk of being wrong.
Kyle: Hmmm ... The way I see it, its much easier to make mistakes with numbers.
Look, I already see a lot of numbers together,
my head hurts.
Nanaly: Hahaha! I like you. We share the same opinion.
Kyle: If I become a hero, it wouldn’t be cool if you call me, like "Hero K-308".
( Haha no no it sure wouldn’t)

-> Skit
Kyle: I wonder what they’ll be doing now, Loni and Judas? I bet they’re
fighting all the time ...
Reala: You think? To me it doesn‘t seem things go well with them, but ...
Well, as the say "love isn’t strong if there’s no arguing".
Kyle: ... Pff! Ahahaha! If they’d heard that just now, we’d be getting thrown
some dirty looks!

-> Skit
Nanaly: Let’s take a boat to the Cherik port, from Aigrette. After I’ll
explain how to get there.

-> Skit (entering the ruins)
Reala: Kyle. We don’t need to go this way, right?

/ & Various NPC \

[Priest right]
Priest: ........ Hah!
Priest: I'm not sleeping! I'm not sleeping! I was just absorbed in meditation
before important celebration!
Priest: PHH ... If I was found dozing during the ceremony, I would be
excommunicated, perhaps ...

[Priest left]
Priest: From now begin the ceremonies important to the great temple, so beware
from offering your
prayers now.

[Plate of stone in the south-west]
NOTICE: "On the tombstone are engraved the characters, but they are terribly
difficult to read."

~Aigrette Port~

/ & Various NPC \
Chef: You don’t qualify. Come back when you have them. (????eh?)

[Couple that speaks to the left of the Chef]
NOTICE: "They're talking about the 'Long Speech.' Want to listen?"
-> Yes
Greenhorn: For ten years I hear the same useless speech, I am very tired,
Veteran: By the way, did not I still taught, but with pressing the Square
button and press the "X",
speed up the messages. They are useful to fly on the same speeches.
Greenhorn: How and why did not you ever taught in these ten years, yes?
Veteran: Brood of idiot! Ten years ago it was too early for a rookie like
you gloss over my speeches.
Veteran: That's why I've taught just now. I thought about this.
Greenhorn: I understand, yes.
-> No
Kyle: I'm on my way!

[The two sailors on the stairs to the west]
Sailor: It seems that Captain Algernon has disappeared.
Sailor: Why the captain was a heretic, who mocked the authority of the goddess
Sailor: He got what he deserved in a nutshell.
Sailor: The rest of us should be careful not to stain, by our own faults ...
(Talking to again)
Sailor: Make sure the next trip to sea is safe ...
Sailor: Protect our ship ...

/ Dialogue \
Kyle: Hey, sir. Are you selling tickets for Cherik? If you are, I’d like three.
Ticket man: Tickets to Cherik, right. Three are 480 Gald.
"Embark" Or "Do not get on"
-> Embark
Ticket man: By the way, do you really want to head to Calvalese?
Kyle: Yeah, why ... Did something happen?
Ticket man: No, but those places aren’t in the favor of Lady Luck. There are
many brutes.
Ticket man: Be very careful. May the blessing of the Goddess be with you ...
Kyle: Brut ... Was he talking about you, Nanaly? That’s really  rude, jerk!
Nanaly: It's all right, Kyle. Let him say what he likes anyways.
Nanaly: Don’t meet the favor of the Goddess, we‘re set on this, no matter
what they say.
Now I don’t even want to pay any more.
Nanaly: Anyways, the ship is leaving port. So, hurry up.


/ Dialogue \
Kyle: It’s nice to know where Loni and Judas are, but ...
Kyle: I forgot to ask something important. Where is Reala?

-> Skit
Kyle: Where has Reala gone? I’d like to ask you something.

/ & Various NPC \

Sailor: I do not know, if I’ll be able to help the pilgrims, it fills me with
joy. It’s something that fills your heart ...
Sailor: Uuuh ... URPP!

(Cabin side)
Passenger: All pilgrims bring a lot of lenses or money with them. If I find
the right opportunity, to rob someone.
Passenger: ... However, if I did, it would get me punished by the goddess
Fortuna ...
(Talking to again)
Passenger: I'm going up to Kalviola, which is top of the world. If all goes
according to plan I can get my hands something of value.
Passenger: But I’m so afraid of getting punished ...

(Large-cabin at the bottom)
[Boy with hat]
Boy: Hey mister, did you see the Goddess?
"I saw her" Or  "No."
-> I've seen her
Boy: Luuuckyy! I haven’t seen her yet. I'd like to see her, even for once
-> No
Boy: Chee, I understand. Well, then who knows who among us will see her first,

[Old Man in orange]
Passenger: Being pilgrims at this age is not at all good for your health!
Passenger: My back is crooked, I’ve lost my hair. I'll get to Kalviola in
the nick of time!
(Talking to again)
Passenger: Uooooo, Sup, or Lady Luck! May my fervent thoughts come to you!

[Woman in blue]
Passenger: Even you people are going to Calvalese as pilgrimage?
"Obviously, yes," Or "You're wrong"
-> Yes, obviously
Passenger: I knew it was so! If you are so eager in your beliefs, I'm sure
that even the Goddess can assist you.
-> You are wrong
Passenger: Boy, if you are so very eager in your beliefs, you will not get
the blessing of the Goddess Fortuna.

[Girl in Pink]
Girl: You know, I boarded with my mother to go and pay a visit to the Goddess.
Girl: On the way back, we can buy souvenirs! I can’t wait ~
(Talking to again)
Girl: Ah, we're going to get? I can not wait to buy some souvenirs ~

(Bow Bridge)
Sailor: It’s nice to live in a world where there is a deity. Because we know
that she’ll watch over us constantly.
Sailor: Given that this journey is guarded by the goddess Fortuna, we will
arrive at your destination safely, I'm sure.
(Talking to again)
Sailor: In the ten years that the Goddess has watched over us. It’s an amazing

(The captain's room)
[Sailor in front of the ladder to the hold]
Sailor: Below is the hold. I'm sorry, but passengers can not go down.

[Sailor in the room with a hammock]
Sailor: I'm working, and I can not leave the ship, but if I could, I’d help
Sailor: You see, I am a true to the Goddess of Fortune. I look like a true
believer, right?
(Talking to again)
Sailor: Ah, how I envy those who go to the holy Land ...

Captain: To be able to assist in the pilgrimage, is the privilege of a Captain.
Captain: I‘ll be suuuure, that I will take care of traveler’s to Calvalese!
(Talking to again)
Captain: Well, it’s commitment to reach Calvalese! In all straight!
Captain: I pretended to launch the port side! What do you think, did you fall
for it?

/ Dialogue \
Kyle: So you were here.
Reala: ... Kyle.
Kyle: I should have known you‘d be here. I’ll always look up!
Kyle: Uh, well, Reala ... I have something to ask you.
Kyle: You always know everything, that this world is in ten years ahead, and
that there was a Goddess, right?
Reala: ... Yes.
Reala: Which means that Reala, you ... Actually belong to this era?
Reala: ... Yes, I do.
Kyle: I knew it...
Reala: I'm sorry. I've kept it hidden ...
Kyle: Oh, no, I wasn’t going to scold you! It's just that I’m a little
surprised  ...
Kyle: You know? I never thought to get to know a person who was from the future.
Reala: ....
Kyle: Oh, that's, well, besides Elraine ...
Reala: Kyle.
Kyle: Huh?
Reala: ... Forgive me. I can’t say more than that. So ...
Kyle: Oh ... Uh, uh, you know ...
Nanaly: So you were here.
Nanaly: We'll be in Cherik soon. Let’s all head down.
Kyle: Oh, alright ...
Nanaly: By the way, Reala, are you the "Second Holy"?
Nanaly: I knew that was it. When I heard your name, I realized that it could
be you.
Reala: Please Nanaly! You don’t have ...
Nanaly: I don’t have to tell Kyle, right? I don’t care, it’s not my business.
Reala: Thank you ...
Nanaly: Reala, you ...
Nanaly: ... Alright, I have no right to complain.
Nanaly: Now go to my room. Soon we’ll have to head down.
Reala: ... If possible, I don‘t want Kyle to know.
Reala: But one day he will find out for sure. And that day, I ...
NOTICE: "Reala won the title: 'First time Traveling through Time'." ( One
hell of a title to have..)


/ Dialogue \
Nanaly: Here we go towards the South there’s a river called the Heat River.
Nanaly: Passing the river, we’ll come straight to my village. Via Hope Town.

-> Skit
Nanaly: Hey, your still covering the hole in your dress, you got during a
Reala: Ahh! How huge. It’s gotten a big hole!
Kyle: It’s 'true! Heeeh, Nanaly, you're good with sewing.
Nanaly: You seem shocked, that I’m good at sewing?
Kyle: Oh ... No, I didn’t mean it like that ...
Nanaly: Hahaha, I know! In our village, its a general rule that everyone does
their job. In fact, all of them can do things like this.

-> Skit
Kyle: What‘s the place where you live like, Nanaly? Is it like Aigrette?
Nanaly: Of course not! There, there’s plenty of food and water, you don’t
live in poverty, right?
Hopetown is ... Yeah, the exact opposite.
Kyle: Opposite? Then you don’t have enough to eat ... Hey, that’s terrible!
Why not go live in Aigrette?
Nanaly: Hmm ... If you ask me that, you’ll get me in trouble. I never even
thought of it ... Well, what to say to that, I’d have to say
that its because "It doesn’t reflect our inclinations." Of course, our life
is hard, monsters attack us all
day, but this way we live relying on our own strength, and we feel we really
live ...
Also, life giving thanks to the Goddess, isn’t really my style.

-> Skit
Kyle: Uuuh. Now that I think about it, Calvalese is really hot.
Nanaly: You hot? You were cool before, huh.
Reala: Before coming here we were in Phandaria, the land of snow, so maybe
that's what we feel warmer.
Kyle: Loni and Judas were thrown directly here, they’ll have been shocked.
Nanaly: I am amazed as I am, I’ve had to find two kinds of idiots.
Never seen in all Calvalese, have I met such a pair of fools.

-> Skit
Kyle: So hooooot! Why do people in Calvalese want to live in a place like
Nanaly: Hey hey, I know you've been missing some history lessons! Have you
learned about the war between heaven and earth?
Those who lost in that battle, were our venerable ancestors "Eteriani".
The defeated Eteriani were stuck in this land, Calvalese, even though it was
too hot to live.
Kyle: Uheeh, so that's why you live here.

-> Skit
Kyle: The world ten years later ... Hey, Nanaly? Have you ever heard of a
hero named Kyle?
Nanaly: Hmmm ... Never heard of him.
Kyle: Ah nooo .... What are you doing, myself in ten years! No, wait ... Maybe
I've changed my name after becoming a hero ... That must be it ... Yeah, that’s
logical of coarse!
Nanaly: What’s he talking about ...? He seems to have gone into his own little
Reala: I-it's all right. It’s ... It's like a kind of disease, so to speak
Kyle: ... "Stan Junior"? Too obvious. "General Dunamis", perhaps ... Hmmm,
no too little.
If it were "King Dunamis", that would mean a nation's government would have
... No, but if it were ...

-> Skit
Reala: Hey, Nanaly ... Could you teach me to sew next time?
Nanaly: Sure, that’s not a problem ... But don’t tell me that Saints don’t
know how to sew?
Reala: ... I don’t like to be defined that way.
Nanaly: ... Sorry, sorry ... Right, so. Want to learn to sew so you’ll be
able to mend a shirt for your guy, on your own!
Reala: N-no that’s not it! Me and Kyle, we're just ...
Kyle: Hm ... What do you want from me?
Reala: No ... Nothing!

-> Skit
Nanaly Hope Town is located to the west of Calvalese. Let’s follow the coast
from Cherik, and head to the Southwest.

-> Skit
Nanaly: To go to our village, Hope Town, we need to go past "Heat River."
It’s located west of Cherik, look at the map.

/ & Various NPC \

(Outer south-west section)
[Man on the left]
Ticket man: From here you can go to the Aigrette port. Want to leave?
"Go to Aigrette (480 Gald)", Or "No thanks"
-> Don’t embark
Ticket man: All right, gentlemen? If you don’t hurry, the ship will leave
the port!

[Woman with Braid]
Lady: Oh? Are you also pilgrims heading to the holy land of Kalviola?
Kyle: Pilgrims ...?
Nanaly: Kalviola is just a place that stinks, if you go!
( Talking to again)
Lady: Then are you going to Hope Town? Why would you, there is absolutely
nothing good in that place.

[Fish in the middle of the first area]
"A huge fish was unloaded here."

[Fish being dried]
"There are only dried fish in the sun."

[Couple that speaks to the east]
NOTICE: "They are discussing on the 'Spirit Blaster.' Want to listen?"
-> Yes
Ultra-Veteran: While you're in trouble, you may be able to revive the fortunes
of the battle through
a Spirit Blaster.
Son: Dad, when you make a Spirit Blaster your shots are best to score and
enemies parry less,
but you will always be in danger if they hit you, Dad.
Ultra-Veteran: While the forces are abandoning me, I will be doing a Spirit
Blaster can attack without
even bend over.
Son: Dad Believe it well, but if your HP is low, the effects diminish, and
even if I were to use healing spells,
This will only reduce them even faster.
Ultra-Veteran: I do not care to detail. My Hi-Ougi number 1 is the Spirit
Blaster. You are about to see.
Son: No, Dad. And 'well known that the Hi-Ougi consumes a lot of SP, but you
can still make a Hi-Ougi doing
use of SP to retrieve by defeating enemies.
Son: But there are always people who use bows, which are able to spell
Additional Hi-Ougi instead of the Spirit with the Blaster.
Ultra-Veteran: Well, if it does not bend the enemy with Ougi, you will need
to use the Hi-Ougi, and also launched Ougi
against powerful enemies will not have a big effect.
Ultra-Veteran: And in this regard, because both are not going to launch
Hi-Ougi now?
Son: No, Dad. I am a magician, so I can not use the Hi-Ougi.
Son: And then, once used the Hi-Ougi your SP reaches 0, and is a true grain,
Do not use the Hi-Ougi except to give the coup de grace, Dad.
Son: And 'trouble.
Ultra-Veteran: (Maybe if I repeat once again, I understand ...)
-> No
Kyle: I'm on my way!

[Spices along the first bridge to the north]
"In the tank there are spices typical of the place."

[Old Man in orange]
Old Man: What did you think? In a harbor village, there should be more people?
Well most of the inhabitants moved to Aigrette.
Old Man: They left all their things and they went there.
(Talking to again)
Old Man: They wanted so much to live Aigrette, to the point of leaving this
life? Religion makes me sick  ...

[Man with hat]
Traveler: The entrance to the sacred territory of Kalviola, is a city devoid
of any mysticism.
Traveler: Well, that's okay. What I see is Kalviola, not this place.
(Talking to again)
Traveler: More than anything, its a place that brings sadness.
Traveler: There are so many things, but there are no people around. It’s a
bad feeling.

[Entering the shed to the north]
"It seems to be a warehouse. There are preserved vegetables."

[Goods on the boat just south of the shed]
"It’s gathered fruit from the southern continents."

(Outside the northern section)
[Blonde woman exit to the southeast]
Old woman: We are proud Eteriani-grandchildren. So why shouldn‘t we have a
better life, instead of bitterness, now.
Old woman: ... But what do I say, no one listens to me. It’s regrettable.
(Talking to again)
Old woman: If only the heavenly troops had won in the war between heaven and
earth, now we wouldn’t have to lead this life ...

[People in the east, on the circular platform]
Priest of Fortuna: Well, alright. Are you ready to begin the journey to
Lord: Look ... Is it true that we do not need either money or items, to go
to Aigrette?
Lady: Moving and abandoning our homes and our stores ... If something happens,
what would we do?
Priest of Fortune: Do not worry. We the Sacred Order of Fortuna, will take
you to Aigrette to make sure of your life.
Priest of Fortuna: As followers of Fortuna, you will be reborn to Aigrette.
Priest of Fortuna: Think of this as a "purification", with which you will
get rid of your life up
today, your assets, and your things.
Priest of Fortuna: Entrust everything in Fortuna. In doing so, you will get
eternal joy.
(Talking to again)
Priest of Fortuna: Fortuna Before, everyone is equal. Leave this land all
goods and things that you have accumulated in this life.
Priest of Fortuna: Praise the Goddess! Because man can not live without the
protection of Luck!
( Freaky little cult..)

"Mattresses are stacked here. Is there anyone who rests in this place."

( House)
[Girl in orange]
Miss: Thanks to the influence of the pilgrims, this city became very
prosperous. For the past ten years.
Miss: However, in these ten years many people have emigrated to Aigrette.
Miss: And so we are overdrawn ... The city itself has lost its importance,
perhaps even this place soon there will be no one.
(Talking to again)
Miss: I'm not very interested in this goddess, but for others, they are.
Miss: Believing in the benefits of Fortuna, many people have emigrated to
Aigrette ...

[Chicken in the cage]
"There's a rooster."

Chef: I've got the recipe for Curry with seafood, to buy it, its 6850 Gald?
-> Yes
Chef: You bought the recipe for Curry with seafood.
NOTICE: "You have learned to prepare curry with seafood."

(Shop and food items)
[Ingredients seller]
Ingredients seller: Ooh, customers? We don’t have anything great, but would
you like to buy something anyways?
Ingredients seller: Come back again.

[Items seller]
Items seller: You need Items?
Items seller: Come back again.

[baggage second floor]
"There are heaps of baggage here. Perhaps this room is used as a deposit."

[Boy running on the balcony on the second floor]
Thief: Ooops! I am a thief am I not? I'll take care of abandoned Items here!
Thief: Hey, it’s not right that they rust away here, right?
Thief: Yeah, having in mind those who move! Emigrate and leave their property
here, I‘m entitled to this, right!?
(Talking to again)
Thief: They throw away their houses, they throw away their money, and throw
away their lives, they want to become part of Fortuna?
Thief: I’m afraid of that reasoning ...

(Outside, the south-east section)
[Woman in green]
Women: Most people in Calvalese, don’t have mansions.
Woman: Cherik, Hope Town, and finally the holy land, Kalviola.
Woman: There are these three cities. It’s a sad land.
(Talking to again)
Woman: The continent of Calvalese is a dangerous place.
Woman: The monsters here are pretty wild, we make good use of medicines.

[Seller Rune Bottle]
Seller Rune Bottle: Here we trade in Rune Bottle.
Seller Rune Bottle: A bottle is (tot) Galdo, buy a Rune Bottle?
"The buy" "I bought 5 (totx5 Galdo)" Course "Refine" "I do not need"
-> I do not need
Seller Rune Bottle: You can create wonderful objects using the Refine Rune
-> The buy / I bought 5
Seller Rune Bottle: Thank you so much for buying.
-> Refine Course
Seller Rune Bottle: What you would like to know?
"1. What is the Refine" "2. Transforming objects" "3. Summary of arms" "Next
"4. On slot" "5. Refine accessories" "6. Armaments on which you can use the
Refine" "Previous Page"

[Young person in front of the inn]
Young person: For the young and trendy on the crest of the wave, this city
is too sad.
Young person: At this point it’s better to leave for Hope Town. There is no
life here.
(Talking to again)
Young: Though more than going to Aigrette, I'd rather go to Hope Town.
Young: But there those guys  ... They do a great evil .

[Goods covered with green tarp in front of the inn]
"These tools have been abandoned outside the store."

(Weapons Shop)
Knight: Oh, what a beautiful sword. Rather, this one is a real sword?

[Weapons on display behind the rider]
"There are weapons of unusual shape."

[Seller weapons]
Seller of weapons: Hah. First, both I and the seller of armor were very active.
Now there are more customers.
Seller of weapons: Well, the next.

[Tools north]
"There is a wide variety of tools here."

[Woman with blue skirt]
Darie Landlady: Cus-customers? I missed the administration.
Kyle: Wow, there's not a soul ...
Darie Landlady: Exactly. The inhabitants of this city have emigrated in
masses, they went to Aigrette ...
Darie Landlady: The pilgrims staying in Kalviola ...  Their business
Reala: This city is so silent it makes me feel chilled. It’s really lifeless
Darie Landlady: Boys, if you want to save, stay here to sleep.
(Talking to again)
Darie landlady: We were much more prosperous, at first. Customers came here
in bursts.
Darie landlady: But now ... Haaah it was so beautiful before.

Reception: This is the Darie Beven Inn!
Front: It’s Gald 520 per night. Would you like to stay?
Reception: We will await your return.

Chef: Want me to teach you how to prepare Juice?
Chef: I'll teach you to prepare Juice.
NOTICE: "You have learned to make Juice."

[Man on the outside, exit south-west]
Man: In the continent of Calvalese there are numerous volcanoes.
Man: The majority are still active. In several years, there's always one that
erupts at least once.
Man: What's more, the earthquakes are frequent. There is hardly anyone who
wishes to settle here.
(Talking to again)
Man: This is the place were the Eteriani VUI, were defeated in the war between
heaven and earth.
Man: At first it looked wonderful, but actually it has a grim history.

[Maid on the second floor]
Maid: There’s never a customer, I have a lot of free time ...
Maid: The rooms are always empty. At this rate, I’ll be sinking into poverty.

[The room with the red door on the second floor]
"There are beds equipped with mosquito curtains. In the South, there are
several bugs." (Fun)

[Cabinet in the room, south to the maid]
"Inside there are skirts and dresses for the staff of the inn."

[Cabinet in the next room]
"Inside there are spare sheets."

[Balcony south]
"The view from here extends far beyond the horizon. It’s really a very good

[Knight out to the left of the room's balcony to the south]
Knight: You know the tool called "Sorcerer Scope"? (Magic Lens I believe)
Knight: It’s such a cool Item, it can detect things that are not visible to
the naked eye, or who do not normally perceive.

(Armor shop)
Armor in the middle of the shop]
"It’s 'armor that does not seem to have practical use. Perhaps it’s for

[Armor Left]
"A huge shell from the territory of Aquaveil."

[Armor seller]
Armor seller: Even if we have lots of goods for sale, no one ever buys any.
This city is rusting.
Armor Seller: Come back again.

( House)
Lord: As you can see, we live in with few people, right?
Lord: Why everyone emigrate in masses to Aigrette, but the main reason is
the horrible disease some years ago.
Lord: Since the doctor left the city, they have all went to Aigrette looking
for a way to save themselves ...
(Talking to again)
Lord: If there had been a doctor, this city would not have become the lonely
place that is now ...

[Shelves on the wall south-west]
"There are rare items that depict the culture of the territory of Calvalese."

"He may have been exposed to sea air for a long time. Wardrobe is falling

PART 8 - Sair Lenneth

Txt version

~Heat River~

/ Dialogue \
Kyle: Uwahh! How hooooot!
Nanaly: ... That's weird. Sure, it's hot here, but this heat is abnormal.
Nanaly: Okay, let move on.

-> Skit
Kyle: So hooot! Hey, Nanaly, is it always like this!?
Nanaly: No, this heat is stranger than usual. Is something going to happen?

/ Dialogue \
Reala: It’s all full ... The water flooded the bridge.
Kyle: I wonder if we can pass it somehow ...
Kyle: HOOOOTTTT! NO, NOT OKAY! You can’t cross it on foot, definitely not,
definitely not! ( Face palm alert)
Kyle: Hey, Nanaly. This is normal, here?
Nanaly: No, it's a little strange. Usually there’s almost no water in this
Nanaly: And then, the temperature ... This seems like its just boiling water!
Nanaly: However, if we don’t find out the cause, we can’t even move on. Let's
check the upper area of the river.
Kyle: So it‘ll take longer, its unavoidable ...
Kyle: Reala, you all right?
Reala: Y-yes. More or less ... I think.

-> Skit
Kyle: If we continue to stay in this heat, we’ll pass out for sure! ... Let‘s
hurry and figure out the cause, we have to do something.

-> Skit
Nanaly: However, if we can’t find the cause, we can’t even move on. Let's
check the upper area’s of the river.
Kyle: Right. Hurry up. If we don’t find it, I’ll melt like pudding ...

-> Skit
Nanaly: Why the heck is it so hot! Anyways, let's find out the cause of this
mysterious boiling river. Hoy! I’ll be depressed if, it continues!

/ Dialogue \
Nanaly: In the shade from the boulders, we should be able to handle the heat
Nanaly: Let’s keep moving under these boulders.

Nanaly: This is the cause.
Nanaly: ... Hm? What that rock?
Nanaly: You got it ... This is rock blocking the flow of water, by passing
the course to the section below.
Nanaly: Alriiight, let’s move this rock! You too, Kyle, help me !
Kyle: Pheew ... Now  we can keep going.
Nanaly: All right, Reala?
Reala: I am, I'm fine ... Maybe just a little tired ...
Nanaly: Oh yeah? My children take this road every day to come draw water,
you know?
Kyle: My children, you said ... Nanaly, you have children?!
Nanaly: Ahahahahahah! Wrong! I was speaking of the village children.
Nanaly: Well, I’ve always taken care of them from when they were infants,
so it's almost as if they’re my children.
Kyle: Oh, I see. Then, I guess I have lots of brothers and sisters ...
Nanaly: Shh! Be quiet! I hear a strange sound!
Reala: There, there's something coming!
Nanaly: What is ... Be careful, you two!

Kyle: Oh crap ... Phew, hey, we don’t even have time to take a sigh of relief.
Nanaly: Are you ok? If we don’t deal with more enemies, we’ll lose our rhythm.
Nanaly: So, if we keep it up today, we‘ll do ever better!
Kyle: Hah, hahah ...
Reala: Anf, pant ... ... I can’t do any more ...
Nanaly: Hey, hold on! Until we reach the village!
Nanaly: At the end a lunch with desseerrt, will be waiting for us! Alright,
let's go! ( Ok I am totally not sure if it was dessert or not, it translated
a bit funny)

-> Skit
Nanaly: The main current was blocked, so the extra overflowed, so that‘s why
it was so full.
Well, now we should be able to use the bridge. Let's try it, so we can get
to Hope Town.

-> Skit
Nanaly: Hope Town is located in North-West of Heat River. After leaving the
Heat River, we’ll head North along the mountains, and we'll see it.

~Hope Town~

/ Dialogue \
Dream: Aaah, its big sister Nanaly! Welcome back!
Nanaly: I'm home! You've all been good children?
Frontier: Yes we have! Hey, sister, Nanaly, where are our presents!? Gifts!
Nanaly: Hey, don’t be so hasty! I’ve got them right here. But before I give
them to you ...
Nanaly: Where are Loni and Judas? Big sister needs to talk to them.
Frontier: Those two, are ...
Loni: Wait a second! You braaat, Dammit!
Nanaly: Well, I didn’t even have to ask.

-> Skit
Kyle: Alright, let’s go find Loni and Judas. Heck, those two sure give us
a lot to do!
Reala: Huhuh. If see your angry.
Kyle: Hehehehe, I've always had to hear it from them, now it’s my turn to
say it!

/ & Various NPC \

[Child with the red hat]
True: I finally finished watering the field. I had to go to the well  and
back twenty-five times.
Nanaly: Good, good. You did it all by yourself? That was a really good job.

[Child with the brown hat]
Frontier: It was decided in this city, that everyone will do their jobs using
their own things.
Frontier: But since we’re children, we can only play all day.

[Little girl in pink]
Dream: Nanaly, big sister! Teach me how to use a bow.
Dream: I can’t wield a sword its too heavy, but I can definitely use a small
bow, right?
Nanaly: Alright, so first of all, exercise using small targets.

[Man in front of the blue tent on the left]
Lord: You are the companions Loni and Judas, have been talking about ?
Lord: They can’t wait to see you again.

[Graveyard south of the entrance]
Kyle: I see there are a lot of graves.
Nanaly: Hey, instead of staying here, wouldn’t it be better to make sure those
two, are alright?

[Blue vase on the right of the hill]
"In the tank there is a snake."

[Vegetables raised from the ground]
"A small number of vegetables growing in sterile soil. Calvalese With it’s
unbearable climate, Agriculture is a really unthinkable. "

[To the left of Vases]
"A spicy smell flows from here. It seems to be of flavors."

[Fish on the wooden floor of the center of the room]
"There is meat and fish hung out to dry. It seems that the people of this
continent prefer well-seasoned foods."

[Ingredients seller]
Ingredients seller: Welcome.
Ingredients seller: Come back again.

Chef: Want me to teach you how to prepare steak?
Chef: I'll teach you to cook steak.
NOTICE: "You have learned how to cook steak."

Landlady: It will cost you 660 Gald, want to stay?
-> No
Innkeeper: We will await your return.
-> Yes
Innkeeper: Sleep easy.
Innkeeper: Good morning.

(Nanaly‘s house)
[Leather Bear to the left of / bearskin right of the stairs]
"It’s the skin of some animal, like a bear ...."

[Pink bed downstairs]
"It's Nanaly’s bed ..."

[Furniture on the right of Nanaly‘s bed]
"The furniture is modest."

[Drawer in the room adjacent to the kitchen, after taking the item]
"There's nothing left."

/ Dialogue \
Loni: You shouldn’t beat people up for real!
Gutts: But neither you nor Judas decide to be serious, Loni!
Justice: Right! Especially you, Judas! Be more open!
Justice: And also you talk to softly! You need to "ROOOARRR"!
Judas: Why would I do something like that ...
Brave: Aaah! Say another word and you’ll both end up in bed without dinner!
Loni: You st-stupid idiot! Be more open! Skipping a meal is not something
to be taken lightly!
Gutts: I see that you’ve got it, but then you’ll just start all over again!
Nanaly: Oooh, Loni, Judas!
Loni: Nanalyyyy! Say something to these guys ...
Loni: ... Kyle!? You’re alright, Kyle!
Loni: So you were fine! We both didn‘t have to worry after all!
Kyle: I‘ve been fine! Though I should say, It’s been real pain for us!
Judas: It was harder for us. Damn, why I had to baby-sit ...
Brave: You are mean, Judas! Actually, I decided, you'll skip dinner!
Gutts: Hey hey, Loni, get a move on!
Justice: Hey Nanaly, who are they?
Gutts: And get a move on! Hey, Loni! You can skip dinner too, heh!
Nanaly: Okay, okay, just let me say a word!
Nanaly: These two are Kyle and Reala, are Judas and Loni’s friends. And of
course, friends of your big sister!
Nanaly: Alright, anyone have something to say. Could you lend me a hand, with
Loni and Judas?
Gutts: Ok!
Nanaly: Ok,  Loni, Judas, no dinner tonight! Tell them ladies.
Loni: Oh, seriously!?
Nanaly: Don’t you understand me! This evening you will be my, guests.
Loni: ... I hope you can make something humanly edible.
Nanaly: ... Or maybe you’d prefer to really go to bed without dinner, Loni?
Loni: No, no, I’ll eat it with joy!
Nanaly: It’s done! Alright, go have fun for a while.
Nanaly: I need to tell you a lot of things, but I also want you to take a
tour of the village.
Kyle: And what will you do, Nanaly?
Nanaly: I'm going to cook dinner. And then ... There’s a place that I need
to visit.
Nanaly: Alright, see you later!
Kyle: Well, are we going?
Kyle: ... Hey, Loni, what's wrong?
Loni: Oh, no ... I was just thinking that she has a lot to do.
Loni: It's nothing. Ok, let's go.

-> Skit
Loni: Oooh, Kyle! My lovely Kyle!
Kyle: Stop it! Don‘t hug me! You’ll stick.
Loni: What are you saying. You couldn‘t see meee in soo long, I know you missed
Kyle: That's not true.
Loni: Gahhh! How can you be so mean ... Even Judas said your name in his sleep
for several nights.
Judas: Don’t talk nonsense!

-> Skit
Loni: Hey, Reala. When you and Kyle, were all alone, did he do any strange
Kyle: Wh-wh-wh-wh-what, what the hell are you saying!?
Loni: After all he is a grown man now, wouldn’t be too strange if he were
thinking some things.
Reala: Non .. Nothing happened, really ...
Loni: R-really? ... Kyle, how dare you consider yourself a man!
Kyle: Don’t use your criteria to judge me!

-> Skit
Kyle: Now that I think about it, where did Nanaly go? She said "She had a
commitment" ...
Loni: If you're so worried, why not try to look for her? And in this city,
you’ll find her soon ...
She was  in a hurry to go work, I didn’t think it would be polite...

/ & Various NPC \

[Child with brown purple dress]
Justice: Loni, you have to teach the rest of us, your ways of getting chicks.
Loni: Ohoho! But you can’t Nanaly! She is a narrow-minded woman. ( Then I’m
narrow minded to, BAD Loni !)
(Talking to again)
Justice: Loni isn’t  much help in fencing, but he knows a lot of strange

[Child with blonde hair in orange jacket]
Gutts: Eeek! There are two more people who are monsters!
Kyle: Two more people, you mean it's Reala and me!?
Reala: Monster ...
(Talking to again)
Gutts: Now that I’ve seen Loni and Judas’s techniques, I wonder whether it’s
better to go back to false targets.

[Child with the brown hat]
Brave: Hey, Judas. I’ve realized that you think of our games as mere nonsense.
Judas: No, no, it’s not ...
Brave: Because you know, for us, these are exercises. If you don’t do it
seriously, you'll have to skip dinner!
(Talking to again)
Brave: Stealing Judas’s mask, whose so fast, would be an exercise to catch
the target.

[Women in the east, across the bridge]
Lady Camille: We are the people from the city once called, Junkland.
(Talking to again)
Lady Camille: The city where we used to live, Junkland, well, it was just
a bad place.
Lady Camille: It had accumulated all the garbage produced by the war between
heaven and earth, and gave off gases
That smelled horrible. It was not a habitable place.
(Talking to again)
Lady Camille: The city, Junkland was destroyed by the nightmare eighteen
years ago, and so we lost our homes.
Lady Camille: And then there were movements in the earth's crust. And a Oasis
appeared, and now here is Hope Town.
Loni: The land of hope, appeared during the nightmare ... That's why it's
called Hope Town.
(Talking to again)
Lady Camille: Even if the weather is unbearable, and although they say its
a dangerous place, for us this is the best place of all.

[Seller Rune Bottle]
Seller Rune Bottle: Here we trade in Rune Bottle.
Seller Rune Bottle: A bottle is (tot) Gald, buy a Rune Bottle?
"The buy" "I bought 5 (totx5 Gald)" Course "Refine" "I do not need"
-> I do not need
Seller Rune Bottle: You can create wonderful objects using the Refine Rune
-> The buy / I bought 5
Seller Rune Bottle: Thank you so much for buying.
-> Refine Course
Seller Rune Bottle: What you would like to know?
"1. What is the Refine" "2. Transforming objects" "3. Summary of arms" "Next
"4. On slot" "5. Refine accessories" "6. Armaments on which you can use the
Refine" "Previous Page"

(Weapons, equipment and Items shop)
Equipment seller: Welcome. We sell equipment here.
Equipment seller: Come back again.

[Weapons seller]
Weapons seller: Welcome. We sell weapons here.
Weapons seller: Come back again.

[Items seller]
Items seller: Welcome.
Items seller: Come back again.

[Materials and stones to the North]
"There’s a warning note about these ruins.' This building material was used
in the Heavenly Capital, the 'Organic Metal'. Since it’s most precious
commodity, it’s no longer carried. '"

[Couple that speaks to the south]
NOTICE: "They are discussing the 'Area of Effect.' Want to listen?"
-> Yes
Ultra-Veteran: At this juncture the enemy appeared in a "Field Effect On,"
I did not know where to put your hands.
Son: And 'what is called in short a CDE, Dad. There are two major species,
these benefits the enemies
within their range, so your skills can fall.
Ultra-Veteran: If it happens, I put my hands on.
Son: And 'early to give up, Dad. Saving time and increasing the blows
inflicted, there is also the possibility
you can reduce the effects, and when you give them the coup de grace, we will
cancel it altogether.
Ultra-Veteran: If it were beneficial to me, it would be better to let one
person in the front rows
techniques to use, right?
Son: And 'right, Dad. However, the strategy should change depending on
different situations.
In the event that they are enemies to be at an advantage, using the Spectacles
can control their situation.
Ultra-Veteran: Yeah, now that I think these young people today tend to
abbrevviare anything.
Son: (E 'a little' late to say this now, Dad ...)
-> No
Kyle: I'm on my way!

[Stones left after climbing the ladder]
"There is a huge fortress. Perhaps it belonged to the period of the war between
heaven and earth."

[Debris right, after having climbed the ladder]
"These are parts from the flying dragon .... It seems to have been abandoned
after the end of the war between heaven and earth."

/ Dialogue \
Kyle: Here she is ... Heeey, Nanaly ...
Loni: Wait, Kyle.
Kyle: Huh?
Nanaly: Here I am, Lou. Today good things have happened. I‘ll tell you.
Nanaly: Oh, I think I talked about Stupid Loni and Emo Judas, right?
Nanaly: Well, I found the kids they were looking for, Kyle and Reala.
Nanaly: They’re both very good guys. Especially Kyle. He’s a little crazy,
and unwise ...
Nanaly: ... If you were still alive, you’d have been approximately the same
age as Kyle ...
Nanaly: He’s completely different from you, in way of personality, but I think
you’d have been good friends anyway.
Reala: That grave, is ...
Judas: I think it’s the grave of her younger brother.
Loni: When she returns home after a trip, if good things have happened, She
tells him.
Kyle: So, this is ...
Nanaly: Ah, excuse me. When I come here I spend a lot of time.
Reala: I heard ... That’s it’s the grave of your brother.
Nanaly: Yeah, that's it. He died of a illness when I was little.
Kyle: You didn’t take care of it?
Nanaly: It wasn’t possible using normal methods.
Kyle: Normal methods ... Are there other ways?
Reala: ... There are. Swearing devotion to the Sacred Order of Fortuna,
healing is possible through the miraculous power.
Nanaly: Neither I nor Lou have chosen to do so.
Reala: But why? Using the power of the Goddess Fortuna, you could have ...
Nanaly: But in exchange for that, we would spend the rest of our lives in
Nanaly: Sure, it's clean, but ... I can’t say if it would be a nice place
to live.
Reala: I see ...
Nanaly: So, Lou and I came here.
Nanaly: Before he died ... It was a brief period, but he always smiled. He
got on very well with all others in the village.
Nanaly: So I have no regrets. I’m proud of this village.
Loni: Aaaah, I‘m really thirsty. Well, how about a drink at the items shop,
before dinner?
Loni: Eventually, we haven’t been able to tell you what happened to us yet.
Nanaly: What, really? Well, let’s get to the house.
Loni: And while we're there, I wouldn’t mind putting a little something in
my stomach.
Loni: Even if the things you’ve made aren’t edible.  I wouldn’t want to miss
Nanaly: You know how much I care, you can make it even less. Kyle and the
others will enjoy their good meal!
Kyle: Cabbages, Loni is just an egomaniac.
Judas: ... Heck, how off.
Kyle: Huh?
Judas: He thinks of you highly. Both you and Reala, right Nanaly?
Reala: Aah ...
NOTICE: "Loni got the title: 'Stupid Loni'."
NOTICE: "Judas was awarded the title: 'Emo Judas'." ( Amazing titles.)

Loni: Auntie, bring us tea, tea!
Loni: Well, now it’s up to us. Let’s talk about everything we did. Of course,
I’m sure you have mountains of things to tell!
Kyle: Yeah, sure!

-> Skit (auto)
Loni: I understand ... However, it gives me a strange feeling. The Future
of Aigrette.
Judas: I heard that its efficient and safe as a company. However, I am sure
that this creates an aura of malaise.
Loni: Discomfort for those who are deprived of the things they used to live
with, is not ...
Nanaly: The Goddess of Fortune and those who’ll do anything for them, that's
why it's over.
Kyle: Hmmm ... I Don’t understand it.
Reala: What ... Don’t you understand?
Kyle: Well, if this goddess has so much power, she should be understanding,
right? So then why would something like that happen. Newborn babies can’t
live with their Mom and Dad,
and are known by numbers instead of names.
Reala: But it’s also like that, to make people happy,  so ...
Kyle: Maybe it’s for their happiness ... But I don’t like it. I don’t need
a Goddess who makes everything happen.
Reala: You don’t need ... A Goddess!?
Kyle: Yeah! In fact, I’d much rather live like Nanaly does here in Hope Town.
Nanaly: I feel the same Kyle. That's why I came here bringing Lou.
Reala: ...........
Kyle: Reala? What is it?
Reala: Huh? Oh, so- sorry. It's nothing ...
Kyle: Really? So, it’s nothing ...
Loni: ... Oh, look at the time. Nanaly Hey, lets eat, it’s time to eat.
Nanaly: Right. It’s just beans. All you‘ll get from me.

-> Skit
Kyle: Ah, I'm starving! Who knows what Nanaly will have made! I can’t wait,
how about you, Reala?
Reala: .......
Kyle: ... Reala? What happened?
Reala: Huh? No, no! Just ...
Kyle: I see. So it doesn’t matter ...
Reala: ... Look, Kyle. About what you said before, that a God ..
Loni: Heeey, if you keep mucking around ! We’ll leave you behind.
Kyle: Alright got it! Well, come on, Reala!
Reala: ... Oh, ok ...

-> Skit
Loni: It was very fortunate that we managed to get together. I just couldn’t
handle the mercy of those brats ...
Kyle: Huh? But I saw you and Judas playing together with them, it seemed to
me that you had a lot of fun.
Loni: Liiiiesss! Tell me what a "game" is so fun. Pretending to fight against
monsters that were real for
their training. Before you came, me and Judas were lumpy and covered with
wounds on all our sides ...
Judas: I have always dodged to avoid being damaged. You would do well to stay
here a while to improve yourself, you know?
Nanaly: Hahaha, you said it. Tell the children to put up with him for a while.
Loni: Ggghh ... Come on now, stop joking ...

-> Skit
Reala: Why Nanaly hasn’t asked for help from the Sacred Order of Fortuna,
I wonder ...
Judas: ... Have you not understood yet?
Reala: Yes, but ... She adored her younger brother, right? So ...
Judas: It’s because she loved him, she decided. To make him live a life as
a human being, until his final days.
Reala: .......

-> Skit
Nanaly: Alright, follow me. You'll all be dying from hunger, right? ... What's
wrong with you, Loni?
Loni: Beeeeh, I'm starving, that's true, but ... Thinking about the dinner
that I’ll eat soon, I don’t know why, but I can’t move.
Nanaly: So then you can just stand here for a lifetime.

/ & Various NPC \
[Child with brown purple dress]
Brave: Judas, this time I can get your mask!
Nanaly: Hey hey! That’s not any way to treat guests!

[Child with blonde hair and orange jacket]
Gutts: Heyy! There are two more people who are monsters!
Nanaly: These two have had a long journey and now are tired, if you want you
can kill Loni.
Loni: Uuuh ... Wait a second, my stomach is a bit '...

[Child with the brown hat]
Justice: Loni, you have to teach the rest us your ways to get chicks.
Loni: Idiot! If you say it out loud, she ...
Nanaly: What a bastard ... Stop teaching inappropriate things to my children!

Kyle: Here lies Nanaly’s brother ...
Loni: Come on, Kyle, we're going to eat dinner ...
Judas: Well, it's certainly something to be contemplating.

/ Dialogue \
Nanaly: Wait a bit. Everything will be ready in a second.
Kyle: Alriight, we get to eaaattt!
Kyle: W-wow! You did all this, Nanaly?
Nanaly: What do you think? I’m good with these simple dishes.
Loni: Well, every human being has at least one positive side, after all.
Nanaly: ... Loni. Hey, you can skip dinner.
Loni: Good in the kitchen, she's good with a bow, and has the strength of
a man! Whaa, Teacher Nanaly, you're a legend!
Nanaly: You could spare me the speech on the strength of a man!
Kyle: Seriously, everything is really good! Especially this soup, its the
best! Don’t you think, Reala?
Kyle: ... Reala?
Reala: Huh? Wh-what?
Nanaly: You're not eating anything. Isn’t it to your taste?
Reala: Oh, its not that ... Yes, it's delicious!
Nanaly: So, nothing ...
Judas: That's fine fiddling while eating, but shouldn‘t we me discussing
essential things?
Kyle: Essential?
Judas: The past ... Or rather, a way to return to our time. Reala, you got
any ideas?
Reala: Ah, yes. Speaking of that ...
Loni: In other words ... If going back to the past is possible, but isn’t
it enough, that we have the power of the lens?
Reala: Yes it would also be good, but to bring everyone back there ...
Nanaly: I know something about it. I heard rumors of a giant lens which is
in Kalviola, near here.
Loni: Kalviola, you say. I seem to remember that there was a temple of the
Holy Order of Atamoni.
Nanaly: But it may be because your Kalviola is completely different from this.
Nanaly: In the past, that place was prosperous, it belongs to, the knights
who protect the Goddess.
Loni: I know that... But I still can’t believe it. How can there be a goddess
living in this world ...
Nanaly: The period from which you come, I believe it was ten years ago or
so, right?
Nanaly: It’s said that the Goddess’s descent is exactly in that period.
Kyle: When we were there, this is just, a rumor ...
Reala: Kalviola ...
Loni: What's Real? Something unpleasant happened to you there?
Reala: No, no, not at all.
Reala: Right ... If we want to return to the past, I think it's better to
head to Kalviola.
Kyle: Well, for now let’s go to Kalviola! To return to our time!
NOTICE: "Nanaly got the title: 'Good Witch'."
NOTICE: "The party is now composed of five members. The first four members
in the Main Menu, fight in
the battles. "
NOTICE: "You can change the order of the characters by pressing the 'Triangle'
while the cursor is over them."
NOTICE: "The fifth member will become an additional member, but the
experience points will be divided equally among all
the members. "

-> Skit
Nanaly Judas ... You just don’t ever laugh.
Judas: Why, I have no reason to laugh.
Nanaly: So, this means that you don’t enjoy anything?
Judas: I do not have the requirements for the fun ...
Nanaly: ... Well, it seems that you have your reasons, but why not try venting
sometimes? That's what friends are for.
Kyle: Hey, Loni, there’s a fungus here, and it looks delicious. Is it a
poisonous mushroom?
Loni: Well, why don’t you eat it and see?
Kyle: Hey, Loni, my body feels ... It is ... ir ... Th ... den ... do.
Loni: Idiot! Did you really eat it! SPIT IT OUT IMMEDIATELY!
Kyle: Ueeeghhhhh!
Judas: ... And you think those two are reliable?
Nanaly: I'm sorry ... I'm sorry.

-> Skit
Kyle: Hey Nanaly, how many lenses are there in Kalviola?
Nanaly: Who knows ... Throughout the world believers of Fortuna don’t give
her that, so we should certainly find a ton there.
Loni: Even in Heidelberg it was the same. Who knows what they want us to do,
with all those lenses ...
Reala: .......
Judas: But for now our priority is to return to the present. We will then
discover the plans of those people.

-> Skit
Reala: Listen, Kyle ... If I were ...
Kyle: What is it Reala?
Reala: .... Forgive me, it's nothing.
Kyle: ... What happened to you, Reala? You know, after this dinner, you seem
very strange.
Reala: Really, nothing happened, so don’t worry. We must hurry to go to
Kalviola ...
Reala: ... We must hurry for that ...

-> Skit
Kyle: Look, why not marry Nanaly, Loni? It would save you a lot of trouble.
Loni: Idiot! Don’t say things that harm my reputation. It's not that any girl
will do.
Before I marry, I have to select carefully ...
Nanaly: Well, I don’t think I happen to pass THAT accurately . Heeeeh ...
Loni: ... Yes, Miss Nanaly, Why are you cracking your fingers in that way?
No, wait!
I'll try to redo my calculations! No, I‘ll do it now! So, leave my elbow ...!
NOTICE: "Nanaly has obtained the title: 'Mistress'."

-> Skit
Kyle: Loni, don’t you think Nanaly, kind of reminds you of Mom?
Loni: Stupid! What are you saying! Comparing her to Mrs. Rutee would be like
comparing a spoon to the moon, seriously, comparing her to Mrs. Rutee, would
offend her!
Kyle: Hmm, but I think they have a lot of similarities. They work hard, and
have a great strength of will, but they can also be kind ...
Loni: That's it, Kyle. Open your eyes and loook better. Mrs. Rutee, has a
feminine beauty ...
How can you say there is feminine beauty in this crazy wild girl!
Nanaly: Kyle. Ya know would losing a member of the team, cause you problems?
Loni: Uwaaah! Ow! AHIIIOOOOHHHH! Please let go of my elbow ... It’s ...!
(I’m liking this game more and more…)

-> Skit
Kyle: What happened with, Mr. Woodrow ... We must hurry up and go to Kalviola,
and get back to the present.

/ & Various NPC \

(Nanaly‘s House)
True: Pheeew ... Watering was tiring.
Nanaly: Thank you. You are always a great help.
(Talking to again)
True: I am not able to hunt like Nanaly or the boys, but when it comes to
water or cooking,
I can do well.

~Outside of Hope Town~

-> Skit (auto)
Kyle: Hey Nanaly, where do you go to get to Kalviola?
Nanaly: There should be a road, but only the Templars of Fortuna, can use
it. So we can go around it from the back, past the mountain, near the sacred
soil of Kalviola  ... It’s  located ... .
Loni: He-hey hey, we’re rock climbing that mountain!?
Nanaly: Why don’t you ever listen until the end! At the foot of the mountain,
there is an old landfill.
Using the road from the landfill, from within the mountain pass,
we should be able to come out on the other side.
Loni: A mountain of waste ... I already feel bad.
Kyle: But we can’t do anything about it, there’s no other way. Now, let's

~Trash Mountain~

/ Dialogue \
Kyle: wooow! A mountain of trash!
Nanaly: This is the place that was used as a dumping ground, for waste during
the time of the war between heaven and earth.
Nanaly: Actually I don’t like near here, but this is the only road that leads
to Kalviola.
Loni: Oh people, having to go through the middle of this mountain of garbage

-> Skit
Kyle: Reala ... You don’t seem well. What's up?
Reala: I am, I'm fine ... It’s just that there’s a horrible smell here ...
Nanaly: Because there’s poisonous gases in the air. Not a place for long

-> Skit
Loni: Aaah ... What a lovely fragrance ... It’s making my head spin, I don’
know why, but I feel divinely ...
Nanaly: Ugly idiot! You’ve breathed in poisonous gas!? This isn’t just a
landfill, watch out!

-> Skit
Kyle: So, how did they make so much garbage.
Judas: This is proof that the Celestial Troops ... Or rather, the Eteriani,
led a life full of luxuries.
When something stopped working, they would throw it away.
Loni: So they thought: "Let‘s just throw this from the sky, hello hello",
and down they’d throw away stuff. Heeey, do something, Nanaly.
Your ancestors were laudable, right? They lived here then.
Nanaly: Why don’t you go and tell the managers, then. If we return to the
past, you can tell them directly, don’t you think?
Loni: Hey hey, if you please. I already took my trip through time, thanks.

-> Skit
Nanaly: Passing Trash Mountain, Kalviola is in diddly squat. As we keep going,
we need to watch out for the poisonous gases.

/ & Various NPC \
NOTICE: "The door was closed heavily. On the door it says '(number)' in small

~Kalviola Sacred ground~

/ Dialogue \
Kyle: This is the Holy Ground Kalviola ... What a strange shape it has.
Judas: It's a cathedral-style building. It’s amazing how much has changed
in its appearance, in ten years.
Loni: ... Hey, don’t you find it strange? Before it was so hot, and now it‘s
Loni: And look. This place is made of sand. Why isn’t there even a speck here?
Nanaly: This place looks like its from outside of this world ...
Judas: ... Shh! Someone's coming!
Judas: It seems the  functions are just finished.
Loni: Now’s our chance. Hurry quickly before they come back.

-> Skit
Nanaly: Well, let's hurry and find the lens, before we get found.
Loni: Oh hell, I’ll become a thief from the past ...
Judas: If you do not like it, you don‘t have to come. We can leave you behind
in this time.
Loni: I understand, I‘ll look already!

-> Skit
Loni: Alright, let’s just find one lens, and then say goodbye to this
Nanaly: Excuse me if I live in an "age of disaster."
Loni: Nothing would make me happier then to get outta here.
Nanaly: How dare you?
Judas: Shut up, both of you. Do you want us to be find out?

-> Skit
Judas: I do not know when they Templars will come back. Hurry and find the

/ & Various NPC \
[The strange "monument" to the center of the room downstairs]
Kyle: Uh ... "The Goddess is the Light, the light and heat. Light and Warmth
offer to the Goddess."
Loni: sounds like a slogan. Heat and Light ...

[To the north door of the hall on the lower floor]]
NOTICE: "The door is closed heavily."

/ Dialogue \
Kyle: Hey!
Acolyte: Damn! What are you doing here!
Loni: Urgh! Damn it! They’re already back!
Acolyte: You insolent, you intended to sully the abode of the Goddess! Get

-> Skit
Kyle: What do we do, we’ve been discovered ...
Judas: It’s too late now. If the lens will right away, we will move through
time immediately, we shouldn’t have problems.
We will pass though the gate that we opened earlier.

/ Dialogue \
Kyle: Great, it’s as big as the one we saw in the Laguna ruins!
Nanaly: What are you talking about, this wont do?
Reala: Yes, but rather ...
Reala: ... Your there, right? Answer me, Fortuna.
Fortuna: ... Finally you come. Our Holy ...
Kyle: What-what's this!?
Nanaly: Reala, you really told Fortuna!?
Loni: Then, this is ...
Judas: Fortuna ... The Living Goddess ...
Kyle: It’s true ... Just ... A true Goddess ...!
Fortuna: I understand the reason why you came here. With my power, I will
grant your wish.
Fortuna: But before that, I am forced to ask you something.
Reala: ... Yes.
Fortuna: Elraine has already determined what you have set out to do.
Fortuna: She has already moved in this direction. She earned the trust of
many people.
Reala: ... Maybe so. But ...!
Fortuna: I understand. This means that you have decided to go a different
route from that of Elraine.
Fortuna: Two Saints, two roads ... This is the fate that I have given, both
to you, that at Elraine.
Fortuna: However, although the roads are different, the thoughts must be the
same. Reala, you never forget, ever, our goals!
Kyle: A, wait, Reala!
Kyle: The two Saints, guiding people ... What do you mean?!
Reala: That’s ...
Fortuna: The Two Saints, are my agents. They exist to guide people to safety.
Kyle: Agents ... For a Goddess!?
Fortuna: The desire for the salvation of people, gave me light. Similarly,
I have given birth to two saints.
Fortuna: One is Elraine. And there is another, Reala, here before you.
Fortuna: The two went different ways, and are traveling to find a figure able
to save all mankind.
Loni: Well, well, then! What has Elraine made up her mind to do ... Not save
Kyle: It can’t ... It’s a lie!
Kyle: Why did you attack Mr. Woodrow using Barbatos, and has stolen lenses!
Fortuna: This happened because Elraine believed that this would lead to the
salvation of the Gentiles.
Kyle: You can’t ... Your wrong! He's done nothing but hurt Mr. Woodrow!
Fortuna: I’m wrong? ... Why do you think so?
Fortuna: Have you not seen Aigrette? In that city people live blessed, and
it is safe and serene.
Nanaly: After all, it’s said that ignorance is bliss.
Nanaly: But ... To rip children from their parents, too, is a bliss?
Nanaly: Living losing the sense of real life, is really a blessing?
Kyle: That's right! Youre very mistaken! Fortuna and Elraine are ridiculous!
Kyle: Reala, you think so too!? Tell him! That is not happiness!
Kyle: What's wrong with you, Reala! Why are you silent!
Reala: As far as I'm concerned ...
Kyle: Huh?
Reala: As far as I'm concerned, you are mistaken Elraine.
Reala: But Elraine has the power! Thanks to her, people have found happiness!
Reala: ... However, I have no power! And there are no heroes!
Reala: I can not make anyone happy, and I can not understand how to do that
Kyle: It's not ... That‘s not it! In fact, Reala, you have a great power ...!
Reala: Stop it! You don’t understand, therefore, don’t say irresponsible
Kyle: I don’t understand anything ... I do!
Reala: You don’t understand anything! Neither the weight that this mission
has had on me, nor what is the real power!
Kyle: That‘s not true!
Reala: You don’t understand!
Reala: Because you Kyle, you're not a saint ...
Reala: And you're not exactly a hero!
Kyle: ... Huh!?
Reala: ... Fortuna. Send us in the past ten years.
Fortuna: Very well. Go ahead, my Saint.
Fortuna: You are blessed ... When everything is finished, we will meet again,
NOTICE: "Real won the title: 'Saint'."


/ Dialogue \
Loni: This is ... Heidelberg?
Judas: It seems so. It seems we're back to our time.
Loni: Pheeew what a trip. It was really hard, huh Kyle.
Kyle: .....
Reala: ....
Loni: ... Well, Maah, anyway. We’re back safe and sound, in our present. We
must celebrate, no! No?
Nanaly: ... What idiots. You could force yourself to read between the lines,
every now and then.
Loni: Just shut up! You just say mean things, go back to, back to ...
Loni: Oh, wait a second!? What are you doing here!?
Nanaly: How should I know. I was enveloped by the light, and when I regained
consciousness I was here!
Reala: Forgive me, Nanaly! Immediately sends you in the future ...
Nanaly: Stop! I just decided to go with you.
Loni: ... What did you say!?
Nanaly: Elraine is changing the course of history at her convenience, right?
Nanaly: I’ll try to stop it! I won’t let her do what she wants!
Judas: But isn’t even that trying to change history, after all?
Judas: And also, the story has been changed so much that, you a human being
who does not belong at this time, is here.
Nanaly: If this is true, won’t it have been a problem for you who had came
to our time?
Loni: Yeah, so it’s normal ...
Nanaly: So, we’re in the same boat. Don’t say it makes more sense now.
Nanaly: Anyway, I’m coming with you! It’s already decided!
Judas: ... What do you do, Kyle? It's up to you to decide.
Kyle: ... Alright. If Nanaly joins, it's good enough for me.
Nanaly: Well, that's it  then!
Loni: ... Damn, the Wild girl will follow us ... Oh hell, why she ohihohi
Nanaly: Did you say something, Loni!
Judas: Forget it!
Judas: ... First, let’s find Woodrow.
Judas: And then let’s try to understand what happened to the Heidelberg

-> Skit
Loni: Eventually, we were sent into the future shortly after Mr. Woodrow lost
Judas: More than his condition, I am concerned about the movements of Elraine.

-> Skit
Nanaly: Heee, so this is the world ten years ago. Not that it’s changed that
Loni: You can’t change that much in just ten years ... It says so in theory,
but in practice it’s changed a lot.
Nanaly: If there’s time I’m taking a trip. However, I don’t think that I can
do that right now.
Judas: I'm sorry for you, but that’s exactly it. I am also concerned about
Woodrow. So hurry up.

-> Skit
Kyle: Let's go to the Heidelberg Castle and find Mr. Woodrow.

-> Skit (out)
Judas: Kyle! Where the hell are you going to go!? Let's hurry to get to

/ & Various NPC \

(New Town)
[Boy shoveling snow at the entrance of Heidelberg]]
Young: Welcome to Heidelberg, the warmest city in the world!
Kyle: ....
Young: What? It looks to me that your heart is rather cold ...
(Talking to again)
Young: Take a stroll through the city. You'll experience first hand the warmth
of its people, and also it will warm your heart.

[Woman next to the left of the fire]
Woman: Hey, did you hear?! His Majesty Woodrow was attacked!
Women: How can his Majesty Woodrow get hit ... It’ll certainly be infamous!
Loni: You said, infamous. Might be Barbatos or Elraine ...
(Talking to again)
Women: How can his Majesty Woodrow get hit ... It’ll certainly be infamous!

[Boy in front of the building to the west]
Young boy: I’d have enlisted among the knights even against the will of my
Young boy: If I did, I could fight with the rest of the castle against the
invaders ...!
(Talking to again)
Young Boy: Although the castle is very serious in those conditions, my father
continues to lead the life of ... More. It’s not a inconceivable thing!

[Man in front of the item shop in the east]
Lord: We were really surprised. Who would have though that they would attack
the castle. We’ll run to help.
Lord: It’s brought back memories of the disaster eighteen years ago and I'm
scared, I couldn’t do anything ...
I can not let go like that!
(Talking to again)
Lord: I no longer am afraid of the shadows from eighteen years ago! I'll do
what I can do!
First, I’ll give a hand for the reconstruction of the castle!

[Child in red in the center of New Town]
Child: His Majesty Woodrow has been injured, surely it was done by a great
evil. It's definitely a serious matter, said my dad.
Child: And then Daddy said: "We have to go and help him!" He Said so!
Child: So I’m thinking about what to do! I'm also doing a lot of services!
(Talking to again)
Child: I’m taking a little break from my special training to become stronger
than the Great Woodrow!
Today I’m helping around the house!

[Old person a little south of the entrance to Old Town]
Old person: Haaah. I froze my chest, and I feel as if my heart would freeze.
Old person: I have no money ... Come out, Sun .. I'm cold ... Come out, Sun
Old person: ... I've tried at least ...

[Woman in front of the entrance to the Old City]
Woman: Haaah ... the end. And to think that I had studied so hard to be a
perfect guide ...
Woman: The castle was attacked. I do not think that there will be more tourists
to visit us ...
Kyle: But .. Mr. Woodrow has no intention of giving up! So don’t be discouraged
even you, Miss!
(Talking to again)
Woman: King Woodrow did not give up ...? Although the castle is in those
Judas: If you want to become a guide, you should know. If he had been a quitter
so easily, this nation would not have been rebuilt so far.
Woman: I see ... You're right. If he managed to get up eighteen years ago,
then he always will!

(Equipment shop)
[Boy in purple on the left]
Merchant: Right now I know that we are in danger. At a time like this, I will
offer my handy weapon at a special price!
Merchant: From handle you can pull out another knife, a longer blade than
normal, it’s ultimately the sword!
To defeat enemies in front and behind!
Merchant: I've called, "Bilam Sword"! What do you think?!
Loni: You can use a much more dangerous stuff!
(Talking to again)
Merchant: Dohoh ... I was wrong ... I knew it, I have no talent for business

-----------Going to do later
Winters: Yo, Kyle. You have found the "Belserium"?
Kyle: Yes! Here it is!
Winters: Ohhoohhh! It’s great! Did you find it really!
Winters: Well, what about you? Kyle! In return for this, what do you want
to do? I'll do it with passion, so I do not see
time to complete anything you want!
"Go ahead" "No thanks"
-> No thanks
Winters: I understand ... I'm sorry, that's it then. If I return the desire,
to talk back.
-> Go ahead
Winters: Evva! Well, I start to work immediately!
Winters: Finished! I called him: "Set of Equipment - Low Level"!
Winters: Huhuh ... I've done a great job, try a little '!
NOTICE: "You've got the equipment set - Lower Level."

[Old person dressed in brown]
Old person: Even if they told me that the nation is in danger, the owner of
this inn did not bat an eyelid.
Old person: When I asked why so much serenity, I was told: "I believe in this
country and it’s king."

[Old woman with pink shawl]
Old woman: No matter how many times the King will be hurt, I know he will
bounce back ...
Judas: I'm worried about the health of Woodrow. Kyle, let's hurry.

(Accessory store)
Lord: Have you heard a noise like fireworks going off?
(Talking to again)
Lord: If they do the fireworks, I don’t think its fair?
Lord, I know that later I will go for a ride with my girlfriend.
(Talking to again)
Lord: I have to hurry to buy a souvenir and return to my girlfriend.

(Library in Heidelberg)
[Young Blonde]
Young: Was it a flying dragon that attacked the castle!?
Young: They must have used some more advanced techniques with a phenomenal
lens! ... But why did they chose this city?
(Talking to again)
Young: Why did a flying dragon come to this city?

Librarian: It's weird ... Mr. Green is always reading books around this time
Librarian: I do not say  that he was involved in the riots out here ..?
(Talking to again)
Librarian: It’s weird ... Mr. Green is always reading books around this time

(Old Town)
Old entrance]
Old person: If this city has been rebuilt up to this point, it's all because
of the Great Woodrow.
(Talking to again)
Old person: The first to gather the materials from the rubble to rebuild this
city was the Great Woodrow.
Old person: The rest of us old people do not have time to be killing. We should
follow in the footsteps of the Great Woodrow.
Kyle: Heeeh, what a beautiful speech.
(Talking to again)
Old: I would not hesitate a moment to throw my old life, if it's for the good
of the Great Woodrow.

[Man shoveling snow]
Lord: I heard that the castle is in a serious condition, but I can not do
anything but shoveling away the snow.
Lord: If nothing else, I will continue to shovel the walk to help the people.
Hahahah! I do help much.
Nanaly: Don’t say that. You’re doing everything possible. Isn‘t it worthy?
(Talking to again)
Lord: A scoop for the good of all! Via two scoops for the good of the Great
Woodrow, is ... saaah!

[Man in front of the door]
Inspection Officer: This is the gathering place of the patrol troops .
Inspection Officer: All of us will preserve the peace of this city! Do not
worry, continue your tour.

[Woman with orange skirt]
Lady: Aah ... My little Billy is in the castle, who knows if he’s  OK ...

[Young person in the ingredients shop]
Young person: Hmpf, you're depressed. I see it in his eyes.
Young person: I know! This cold it hurts the belly! Right!?
Loni: You're stupid! We have to run to the castle!
(Talking to again)
Young: What's the harm ... It hurts my belly ... Even you are depressed because
you hurt the pa ... uuuh!

[Child in yellow in the north]
Child: It saw a dragon in flight ... What a bore!
Nanaly: A Dragon?
Loni: Yeah, a flying dragon. It was he who attacked the castle, which is why
it’s now so bad.
(Talking to again)
Child: Who knows where she's flown the dragon ...

[Girl in purple]
Ginny: My name is Virginia, but for you I am Ginny.

[Woman with pink shawl]
Woman: Her name is Virginia, but her friends call her Ginny.
(Talking to again)
Woman: This girl is like a daughter to me.

(Memorial Park in Heidelberg)
[Old  person at entry]
Old person: You guys, before you head to the castle ... Oh! What happened
to the castle! And His Majesty Woodrow!
Loni: Well, many things have happened ... By the way, let's move!
(Talking to again)
Old: Majesty ... I pray you are well!

[Young person in the middle of the park]
Young: Hah ... I got dumped so many times now that I've lost count ... I feel
so alone ...
I’m no man ...

[Girl on the right]
Misha: Cursed Lark, that worm is disgusting! He ran away suddenly leaving
me all alone!
Misha: What do you mean "Whatever happens, the power of love will protect
you"! All men are worms!

[Girl in the east, to the bottom floor]
Girl: Coosa? If you want to try it with me I’ll say no, I've stewed. (???)

~Heidelberg Castle~

/ & Various NPC \
[First room: Soldier kneeling right]
Soldier: ... Shit! What kind of soldier am I, if I can not even protect His
Majesty ...!

[First room: Soldier of the left foot]
Soldier: This castle was attacked ... And even his Majesty ...!

[First Hall, the left corridor: Soldier]
Soldier: It’s over ... right? ... His Majesty ... Is he safe?

[Second room: Maid]
Maid: All the soldiers ... are wounded ...

[Second room: Soldier left]
Soldier: His Majesty's good, right?

[Second room: Soldier of the right]
Soldier: I'm fine. ... But, Your Majesty ...!

[Tower: Soldier]
Soldier: ... The Peace Bell ... How could ...

/ Dialogue \
Kyle: Are you okay!? Mr. Woodrow!
Doctor:  Kyle! Don’t worry, we've just completed the emergency care.
Guard: A moment ago we called a doctor, that’s due to arrive.
Loni: You guys haven’t seen anything of what happened to that Elraine? She
can’t be left unscathed ...
Doctor: Actually ... Elraine went away, without doing anything.
Judas: What do you mean?
Kyle: Judas?
Judas: The King and the subjugated masses in disorder, would be a great
opportunity to take the lead. The best moments, I guess.
Judas: But they did not ... For what reason Elraine has dealt the coup de
grace to Woodrow?
Reala: Nothing is impossible with the power of Elraine, yet ...
Doctor: Your Majesty '!
Kyle: Mr. Woodrow!
Doctor: Your Majesty! Use caution!
Woodrow: The Slow ... The lenses are safe ...!? If she has stolen ...!
Doctor: Calm, Your Majesty. Elraine has left without touching anything.
Doctor: No one has approached the place where you hid the lenses!
Woodrow: But ...!
Kyle: Mr. Woodrow, we’ll go check immediately!

-> Skit
Reala: I never thought Elraine would do this for no purpose ...
Judas: If his purpose was not to take the life of Woodrow, then ...
Kyle: Before we think about that, lets make sure that the lenses are safe!

-> Skit
Loni: Save the talk. For now, let's check if the lenses are really there,
and reassure Mr. Woodrow.

/ & Various NPC \
[ Medic,  to the left and right]
Doctor: Just now we called a doctor, I'm sure he will soon be here.
(Talking to again)
Doctor: Elraine went away without doing anything.
(Talking to again)
Doctor: Be calm, we just finished with emergency care.

Woodrow: The, The lenses are safe ...!? Hurry go and see ...!

/ Dialogue \
Kyle: This can’t ...!
Loni: There’s been not even a shadow of those lenses!
Judas: The assault on Woodrow was a pretext. The real goal of those people,
were the lenses.
Kyle: But, but how did they just take away ...
Reala: ... With her powers, it’s not a problem for Elraine to teleport
objects. And even  to people through time travel.
Reala: Ma.. What on earth will you do with so many lenses!?
Judas: Nanaly. You said the descent of the goddess Fortuna was ten years ago.
Nanaly: Ah, yes, I think so ... What’s this got to do with now?
Reala: ... What is ...
Medical Guard: Mr. Kyle, what's ...
Medical Guard: No it! The lenses are gone!
Medical Guard: Hurry up and go to report it to all units! We’ll search every
corner of the castle!
Medical Guard: Yes, yes sir!

-> Skit
Kyle: The lenses are gone ... Anyway, let's report to Mr. Woodrow!

/ Dialogue \
Woodrow: ... Your expressions ... I knew ...
Kyle: ... Yes.
Woodrow: How ... Can it be possible! I can tolerate an invasion ... But even
the lenses ...!
Kyle: Mr. Woodrow! If we can ...!
Woodrow: .. Thank you for your ... The proposal. Forgive me ... Of this, we'll
talk tomorrow ...
Doctor: For now stay at the castle. His Majesty feels more comfortable this
Kyle: Got it ...

-> Skit
Nanaly: Forget the discussions, and lets go to sleep. More than anything,
I think only tomorrow  will we understand better how to act.
Judas: Well, maybe. It’s better to go to sleep and let it rest.

-> Skit
Loni: Damn ... We went in without thinking of the consequences ... Nanaly,
how will you return to your world?
Nanaly: It's 'a bit' not a worry. Our priority now is to find the lenses,
right? We can think about the rest later.
Loni: Haaah, here is another person who never thinks about the consequences

-> Skit
Kyle: For now we’ll stay at the Heidelberg castle... We’ll go to the room
prepared for us.

~~~Well this ends my part for now.~~~

Part 9 - NarcolepticSloth

Txt version

~Heidelberg Castle~

/ & Various NPC \

Woodrow: We will discuss our counterattack. Rest until tomorrow, Kyle.

Soldier: This is your room. Would you like to turn in for the night?
"Rest" "Not Yet"
-> Rest
Soldier: Sleep well.

/ Dialogue \
Loni: Back from our trip through time, and without any lens. What the heck,
just one trouble after another!
Loni: Never two problems pop up without a third! After meeting with Reala,
we've yet to have a moment of peace!
Loni: ...Huh? What's wrong, bud?
Nanaly: Idiot! Think before you speak!
Loni: Oh, no, you're wrong! It's not that I meant to say our misfortunes are
because of Reala!
Loni: I was just saying that it's nice to never have a moment of peace...right,
Kyle: ... Eh? What? I'm sorry, wasn't listening.
Judas: ... Let us rest. We have nothing to do for today.

Nanaly: You probably never expected to hear my opinion, eh?
Reala: Nanaly ...
Nanaly: I know that this might not be my business, but there is something
that worries me.
Nanaly: Can you tell me why you are grieving?
Nanaly: One reason I know is that Elraine will begin to descend the  Goddess.
Nanaly: And another is...Kyle. You think you hurt him badly.
Nanaly: Well, right now your mind is invaded by both of these thoughts ...
Am I wrong?
Reala: ... Bingo.
Nanaly: Well, leave aside the discussion on how to stop Elraine.
Nanaly: The problem is Kyle ... Do you have any remorse for what you said
to him?
Reala: I think...that I do.
Reala: I figured it would end like this, though, but it's a little painful..
No, it hurts a lot.
Nanaly: What?
Reala: I mean, I said some horrible things to Kyle...
Nanaly: ... I know, I often quarreled with Lou. A lot of times.
Nanaly: I screamed at him, and even raised my hand to him.
Reala: With your brother? But I only wanted to do good...
Nanaly: It is because we love each other that we fight, right? Human beings
all argue, right?
Nanaly: To understand each other. To realize our mistakes. To eventually
Nanaly: If we didn't really care about that person, we wouldn't even bother
to argue, right?
Reala: ... Yes.
Nanaly: So, when you don't understand, don't just let it go. All of us.. we
all mean business.
Nanaly: And in the end we just have to fight. Our opinions will  clash, we'll
scream, get angry, cry ...
Nanaly: And thanks to that, we come to understand each other.
Reala: ....
Nanaly: Arguing hurts, and it is painful.
Nanaly: But that once that phase passes, you can make up, and be happy.
Nanaly: Your opinions have clashed for the first time, and for the first time
you fight.
Nanaly: And I think this is just a beginning. Not an end.
Reala: ... Nanaly, you're happy now?
Nanaly: It seems obvious to me. Otherwise, I wouldn't I'd be making this
Nanaly: Perhaps I was not the best sister in the world, but ...
Nanaly: I think I understood Lou better than anyone else.
Nanaly: I think so because we quarreled seriously, many times.
Reala: .....
Nanaly: And so will you.. Lighten up.
Reala: But will there will be ... A  from now on?
Nanaly: Of course there will! What are you thinking?
Nanaly: Fwaaaah ...saying serious things make me tired.
Nanaly: Now go to sleep.
Nanaly: It's only the afternoon, but we've been awake ever since we left Hope
Nanaly: So goodnight, Reala
Reala: There may be a future for us after all...

Loni: Hmmm, it's already morning. It feels like I only slept for a second!
Loni: Yo, Nanaly! ...Wait. You're not with Reala?
Nanaly: Disappeared...
Judas: What?
Nanaly Kyle! Wake up, Kyle!
Kyle: ... Mbwha? Aah, 'mornin...
Nanaly: Don't sit around dreaming! Get up now!
Loni: Hey, what the heck is going on?
Nanaly: That little girl ... Reala, she's gone!
Nanaly: When I woke up, she was nowhere to be found! I've looked everywhere,
but ...
Loni: H-hey, let's be calm.. She may be out for a walk, don't you think?
Nanaly: You're wrong!
Nanaly: Aaah, grrr, for now, let's go see Mr. Woodrow!

-> Skit
Kyle: Something happened?! What  is the meaning behind Reala's
Loni: Be calm, Kyle. Mr. Woodrow may know something, right? Let's go to the

/ Dialogue \
Woodrow: Forgive me if I summoned you here on short notice. We talked about
the lens ...
Kyle: That's ... before talking about that, have you seen Reala?
Woodrow: Reala? No, I did not...
Nanaly: She didn't come here? Well, then where did she go?
Soldier: In regards to this, I am not sure if it will help you, but ...
Soldier: Tonight, I was guarding the main gate, when I saw a person come out,
just before dawn.
As she was suspicious, I called out.
Soldier: It was Miss Reala. She murmured something like "I gotta go", and
was surrounded by a beam of light and disappeared.
Soldier: I thought it was a hallucination, so I did not report it, and yet..
Kyle: Reala, where did you go!?
Judas: I believe she may be in Aigrette. Let's discuss this with Elraine in
Loni: But it's too risky ... it's full of enemies on both sides.
Nanaly Kyle, hurry, we have to save her!
Kyle: ......
Loni: Oi, Kyle! She could be hurt if we don't hurry!
Judas: Wait.
Judas: ... You're afraid, right?
Kyle: Huh?
Judas: To be rejected once more. Are you afraid of being hurt?
Kyle: .......
Judas: ... It was the same for me. I was afraid of being hurt, and could not
Judas: And so, I lost my friends and the person I loved. In the end, all I
have left is this mask to hide my face.
Kyle: .....
Judas: I do not have the right to tell you what to do or what path to follow.
However, I can give you some advice.
Judas: ... Fear not, Kyle! Beyond this lies the goal you seek!
Kyle: Judas ...
Loni: ... That's weird. For once, I agree with him.
Loni: What do you think, Kyle? It isn't like you to wallow in doubt.
Loni: There is nothing to think about. What counts is just your feelings,
nothing more.
Kyle: ......
Kyle: Maybe there is no need for me now. Maybe I am not the hero Reala needs,
and am just like any other person.
Kyle: But, even if ... Even so, I want to save Reala!
Kyle: So all of you ...
Loni: ... I will go, Kyle! You know that I will be with you until the end
of the world!
Nanaly: And me too! It would be awful if I abandoned my companions now, after
coming this far!
Judas: I have no reason to refuse. I await your orders, Kyle.
Kyle: All right. Come on, guys! Let's go to Aigrette!
Kyle: Come on, let's save Reala! And take back the lens from Elraine!
Woodrow: Wait, Kyle.
Woodrow: This is a problem of political order between Heidelberg and the
Sacred Order of Atamoni.
Woodrow: If the situation were to come to violence, and if the conflict is
inevitable, it could spark a war.
Woodrow: Kyle. You said you wanted to become a hero like Stan.
Woodrow: Being a hero means to save many people. Do not you think that you
have  decided to take the exact opposite path?
Loni: You may be right, but..!
Nanaly Kyle ... What will you do?
Kyle: ... Mr. Woodrow. I think you're mistaken.
Kyle: Someone who is not able to protect a single person... The person who
is important to him ...
He can never be a hero!
Kyle: And that's why I will go. I will go, and I will save Reala!
Woodrow: ... You will go at any cost ...
Woodrow: Forgive me, Kyle. I decided to test you.
Kyle: Mr. Woodrow ...?
Woodrow: Take this.
Kyle: This is ...?
Loni: "He who possesses this letter is, at my royal order, the head of the
lens retrieval operation!"
Loni: "If he is subject to armed threats, halt immediately in my name,
under all circumstances. "
Loni: "The Sovereign of Phandaria, Woodrow Kelvin." ... But this is a real
Woodrow: Do as you wish. I will take care of the rest.
Kyle: Mr. Woodrow, then ...!
Woodrow, 'Go, Kyle. To become  Reala's hero!
Kyle: Yes, sir!
Woodrow: ... What happened to him? He looks totally different from yesterday.
Woodrow: With this trip, he is undeniably growing. If only you could see your
son ...
Woodrow: Son ... Yeah. I'd better stop calling him the "Son of Stan."
Woodrow: Now, he has become a man named Kyle Dunamis ...
NOTICE: "Kyle was awarded the title 'Head of Lens Reconquest'."

-> Skit
Kyle: Reala ... why would you go alone...
Nanaly: I've been told she thought our time together 'finished'. Maybe she
thought she could no longer count on anyone, and so ...
Loni: So, she decided to go to end it all by herself ...
Kyle: Shit ... Wait for us, Reala! We're coming to your rescue!

~Out of Heidelberg~

-> Skit (auto)
Loni: If you disappear in a beam of light, perhaps it means you are taken
to Aigrette.
Judas: The way I see it, you could only get there by flying.
Kyle: Flying ... But how?!
Judas: Near here, there is a garrison of ground troops from the period of
the war between heaven and earth. If my memory serves me correctly, there
should be a flying ship.
Nanaly: A flying ship to take us into the sky?!
Loni: Hey, how do you know. .. Well, that's okay. Our priority is to save
Reala, for now.
Kyle: Well said! Well, lead the way, Judas!
Judas: Let's head southwest from here. Hurry.

-> Skit
Kyle: For now ... we think we should go Aigrette. Once we get there, where
should we look?
Judas: Think about it. Reala is going to stop Elraine. If it were up to you,
where you infiltrate?
Kyle: Don't tell me... At the Great Straylize Temple!?
Judas: Yeah ... Perhaps she managed to infiltrate the temple, or maybe she
was captured, but at any rate, I'm sure Reala is there.

-> Skit
Nanaly: That guy, Woodrow, will he recover? It seemed that his wound was
pretty deep ...
Judas: For him, that wound shall not be a problem. He may be one that likes
to work hard, but he is  not the man to do crazy things to the point of failing
to fulfill his duties as sovereign.
Loni: Hmmm ... You seem quite knowledgeable  about Mr. Woodrow ... Don't tell
me me you ...
Judas:  .. What?
Loni: You're in love with him?
Judas: Be silent, you insolent...!

-> Skit
Loni: Kyle, that's enough, it's time to sleep.
Kyle: When I think that Reala may be in danger, I can't sleep...
Loni: Heeh ... I understand how you feel, but if you do not rest properly,
you will not be able to move when you need to.
Kyle: Yeah, you're right ...

-> Skit
Loni: And with that, the mystery of Judas thickens.
Kyle: Yeah, who knows what the heck is up with that guy.
Loni: He wears a mask, but he says that he is not the ruler of any nation
Kyle: He wears a mask, but he says that he is not the only survivor of an
ancient civilization ...
Nanaly: No, even if he wears the mask, he might actually...
Judas: Leave my mask alone!

-> Skit
Nanaly: I feel terrible... If only I had taken better care of her, this would
not have happened.
I know she's in a tough spot, but I never believed she would make such a hasty
Loni: In this situation, I could say the same. I say things without stopping
to think about the feelings of others...
Judas: It's no use crying over spilled milk. Chase Reala, without wasting
a minute. Just think about that.

-> Skit
Loni: Now that I think about it, I have not met the "Future me." I'm sure
that he has become a lord, composed and elegant ... Hey, Nanaly. Have you
ever heard of the fascinating "Loni Dunamis" who lives surrounded by a
multitude of women?
Nanaly: Not ever.
Loni: Well, he may have committed too many wrongs, and was killed by jealous
Nanaly: You know, I'd be willing to bet everything you were killed for
harassing women!
Kyle: Oh, I think so too!
Judas: I vote for that.
Loni: You guys don't get a vote!

-> Skit
Judas: If we want to meet up with Reala, we should head to the ground troops'
military base.
It is located southwest of Heidelberg, next to a large crater.
Kyle: Yes, I understand! ... Wait for us, Reala! We're coming!

~ Abandoned military base~

/ Dialogue \
Soldier: Stop! Beyond this point is forbidden!
Soldier: It's strictly prohibited to unauthorized personnel! It'd be better
for you if you move away immediately!
Judas: We act on behalf of King Woodrow. Here is his message.
Soldier: But, but this ...! Forgive my rudeness!
Loni: Yuhuu! Great thing, these imperial mandatesl!
Judas: I don't understand why you're so excited, and it's quite embarrassing.
Judas: Moving on, is the IXI Fossler is still here?
Soldier: It's there, but ... The hangar was sealed, and you can not access
the ship.
Soldier: We are merely responsible for protecting the dell'IXI Fossler. We
are not aware of the method to break the seal.
Judas: I see. We'll figure out that part.
Nanaly: Hey, Judas, what's a  IXI Fossler?
Judas: You'll understand once you are there. For now, follow me.

-> Skit
Kyle: Hey, Judas. Is there anything inside? Before you mentioned an
Judas: I do not have time to talk, wouldn't you agree? If you have time for
idle conversation, use that time to move your legs.

-> Skit
Kyle: It 's quite an ancient building... from what time is it?
Nanaly: If it is a military base for the land, it should date from the time
of the "War between Heaven and Earth".
Kyle: Wars between heaven and earth?
Nanaly: You don't know about it? It was a  terrible war, which involved the
whole world
more than a thousand years ago.
Judas: History class ends here. We have no time. Come on.

-> Skit
Loni: Did you know the names of the aircraft troops of Phandaria who lost
their lives?
It 's almost as if there were things that even you don't know, Judas.
Judas: ... Do you think this is the time to talk about these kinds of things?
Loni: Don't get on my case. I'm just sick of having all these doubts. I don't
really want to ask anything now. And even if I did, this wouldn't be the time.

-> Skit
Loni: This was a military base, right? Yet I only see mediocre weapons...
Nanaly: The ground troops re-used their resources, which were few and barely
allowed them to fight.
Loni: I knew about it, but I never believed the troops were this ragged..
Now I completely understand why they wanted to change the tide of battle with
the swordians.
Kyle: What are you guys talking about?
Loni: Hm? We were saying it's bad to be beggars.
Kyle: ... Huh?

-> Skit
Judas: The abandoned site of this military base is protected by several seals.
We will break them one by one.
Our goal is a step away from us.

/ & Various NPC \

Soldier: Inside the room where the seal is applied, there should be a statue
you must break.
Soldier: How will you conduct your search?

[Soldier on the right]
Troops supply: We supplied the troops.
Troops supply: Go when you want.

Note: (by Sair Lenneth)I’d like to mention that you won’t be able to buy Items
for a long while, after you finish here, and will have two upcoming boss
battles, so if you feel your weak or don’t have enough items to follow through
it, I suggest you make sure your ready.

[Soldier on the left]
Soldier: If you are tired, rest well here.
"Let us rest" "We decline the offer"

[The strain near the save point]
NOTICE: "There is a bud just above this mysterious strain. Do you want to
take it?"
"Take it" "Leave it alone"
-> Take
NOTICE: "You've got a spear."
"There's a log.  It seems to possess some mysterious power."

(Sealed Room)

NOTICE: "Returns the object crucial to its place of origin."
NOTICE: "Seal of the tree."
NOTICE: "Seal of the water."
NOTICE: "Seal of Fire."
NOTICE: "Seal of the wings."
NOTICE: "When you do, you will be given the power."

NOTICE: "You are rejected by the seal. You can not go any further."


NOTICE: "Even in a place like this, there is a vegetable garden. Oddly enough,
the snow is absent from there.
Plant the seedling in the orchard? "
"Try to plant" "Do not do it"
-> Try to plant
NOTICE: "You have planted the seed."

"'The little garden where you buried the “seed.”"
"It seems that  the garden does not feel the cold. It gives the impression
that it is driven by some mysterious power."

NOTICE: "The stove is not broken. The stove gives off mysterious energy."

(Room pillar)
[Pillar of Ice]
NOTICE: "You find a pillar of ice. It gives off a mysterious power.."

[Coal placed in the south]
NOTICE: "There is coal. It seems that you can still use it, do you want to
take the coal?"
"Take" "Forget it"
NOTICE: "You've got the coal."

NOTICE: "The stove is not broken. Do you want to throw the coal in the stove?"
"Throw it" "Never mind"
-> Throw
NOTICE: "You threw the coal into the stove."

/ Dialogue \
Loni: A flying ship...just what I've been waiting for!
Judas: This is the IXI Fossler.
Judas: It seems that the Agency used Oberon to find this remnant of the era
of wars between heaven and earth, and it now rests here.
Nanaly: Remnant of the war between Heaven and Earth, you said ... will a thing
so old still be able to move?
Judas: There is no need to worry about that. The one who built it was Dr.
Harold Belserius.
Loni: Dr. Harold Belserius, you mean the same one that created the Swordians?
Judas: Even the Swordians were set aside for a thousand years after the
disaster. Yet they still worked perfectly.
Judas: It's created by Dr. Harold. Still works now, just like that time.
Nanaly: After all, he was a brilliant scientist.
Kyle: Well, let's move! We have to save Reala!
Loni: By the way, who is going to handle it?
Judas: I have experience in driving.
Judas: We're taking off! Hang on!
NOTICE: "Judas was awarded the title of: 'Pilot'."

~Great Straylize Temple~

/ Dialogue \
Loni: You also thought to land on the roof, Judas.
Judas: I only imitated their techniques. If we make a surprise attack, this
is the most effective method.
Vigilante: Cursed intruders! Do not think you can get out of here alive!
Kyle: But, but, but what happened!?
Vigilante: Get out!

Elraine: Reala, this lens also looks ...
Elraine: With this large number of lens, the dreams and hopes of people will
become reality.
And 'the proof of my love for those people whom I want to save.
Elraine: Saving those people, I also made myself happy.  And because of that
they have chosen me.
Reala: The world that you wish to create is truly free of pain and anguish.
Reala: But it also lacks fun and joy! I do not think people want a world like
Elraine: So then, how did you find yourself here?
Elraine: You are locked up there all alone, without any power, and with no
Reala: ...! It's because...
Elraine: People are afraid of pain and anguish. However, by themselves, they
can not escape from them.
Elraine: It is precisely for this reason that we serve The Goddess and her
holy angels ...
Loni: They had already prepared the surveillance. There is no doubt that Reala
is here now.
Loni: We have to find Elraine. Go to the cathedral. She is definitely there.
Kyle: The Cathedral ...Hurry up guys!

-> Skit
Kyle: This time it's up to us to invade their camp! Reala, the lens, we will
take it back. Without fail!
Nanaly: Awesome! I see you're pumped to the max!

-> Skit
Loni: To leave so many watchdogs around, Elraine must be very prudent!!
Judas: What she means to say is: "Let me do what I want without any obstacles."
Kyle: ... Reala!

-> Skit
Kyle: I'm worried for Reala! She's just inside the temple!

-> Skit (entering in the ruins)
Kyle: Not the time to make detours. Hurry up.

/ Dialogue \
Kyle: Hmm, I feel something ...
Kyle: Reala is right beyond here!
Elraine: When Fortuna descends in her complete form, our task will end.
Elraine: But there is no reason to be sad. Because that will be the time when
all nations will be filled with the Goddess'  love.
Elraine: A world full of love of the Goddess ... A world completely free of
pain and anguish.
This is also a form of salvation ...
Elraine: ... What a strange girl. An angel of the Goddess like you should
not depend on anyone.
Elraine: What do you want? Perhaps a hero with whom you have traveled, who
comes to your rescue? Or ...
Reala: .....
Elraine: I can not understand ... You know what you expect will only end in
tragedy, yet still continue to desire it?
Reala: ... Kyle will not come. Right, there is no reason to...
Reala: But I wanted ...!
Elraine: Do not worry, Reala. Every wish that has not come true will be brought
to fruition.
Elraine: And also all your pains will disappear ...
Elraine: The time is now!
Elraine: O spirit of the Goddess Grandiose, revealed here! And bestow your
blessing to all nations!
Kyle: Reala!
Reala: Kyle ...!?
Elraine: ... This means that he too, like you, chose a tragic ending. How
silly ...
Elraine: Surrender. Your efforts are futile.
Kyle: Let go of Reala!
Elraine: ... Do you oppose me to the point you intend to ruin the salvation
of all people!?
Elraine: In that case ... there will be no mercy!

Elraine: Fools ... What have you ... Wait ... And only tragedy ... But ...
Reala: ...
Elraine: ... Well, it means nothing ... you're 'too late ... The next move
... is already ... Without ...
Elraine: Even ... this time ..
Judas: She's gone ...
Kyle: Reala!
Kyle: Thank goodness, we made it. If something had happened to you, Reala...
Reala: ... Why?
Kyle: Huh?
Reala: I thought you'd never come. I also said those nasty things. I was sure
you would have hated me.
Reala: And even so... Why did you come, Kyle!?
Reala: Why, you come for me ...!?
Kyle: I think I told you, when I first met you. I am the hero that you're
looking for.
Kyle: And the heroes always save the girls in trouble. No matter what happens.
Reala: Kyle ...
Reala: Oh, oh ...? You're wrong, Kyle! I'm not sad at all!
Reala: I'm not sad ... But ...

/ Cutscene \
Kyle: ... Reala!
Kyle: huh ... this is ...?
Reala: Were you really ... You! Kyle ...
Kyle: Reala ...
Reala: You are ... My ...

/ Dialogue \
Kyle: Come on, Reala! We must pursue Elraine!
Reala: Yes, Kyle!
NOTICE: "Kyle has got the title: 'Real Hero'."

-> Skit
Reala: I never thought ... you'd ... really come. I thought that after I told
you those nasty things you would not ... come to my rescue ...
Kyle: Reala...
Reala: But, I waited! I wanted you to come and save me, more than anyone else
I wanted it from the bottom of my heart ... And then, Kyle ... You came...
Kyle: If  you are suffering, Reala, I'll join you, even if it's all the
suffering in the world. Because I ...
I'm your hero, Reala.

/ Dialogue \
Philia: Kyle!
Kyle: Miss Philia!
Philia: The lens that I kept for research purposes, they are all gone! I know
not where they are!?
Judas: The lens...is missing?
Kyle: Wha-what's going on?!
Loni: Shit! It must have been easy to escape!
Judas: Don't tell me the lens were on that flying dragon ...!
Philia: Well, sir Kyle. What on earth is ...
Kyle: We're not sure, but ... Elraine ran away with the lens.
Philia: Eh?
Reala: She wants to use the power of the lens to bring down the Goddess.
Philia: She cannot ... You are not that kind of person ...!
Kyle: Maybe you can't believe it ...but we would never lie.
Philia: .....
Kyle: Goodbye, Miss Philia.
Phil: Wait, please!
Philia: This ... This  will certainly be helpful.
Philia: It is an object that can detect objects that are not visible to the
naked eye, objects that you would not notice.”
Philia: Using this, you should be able to find things you cannot see.
Kyle: Miss Philia ...
Phil: Your eyes do not lie. So ... I believe you.
Kyle: ... Thank you, Miss Philia! Well, we'll be going!

-> Skit
Loni: I was thinking ... The power of flight of the flying dragons, and our
flying ship ... Really, the lens are something impressive.
Judas: Simply taking possession of those lenses, the Holy Order of Atamoni
would be an even greater danger ...Just as dangerous as the Oberon company
once was.

-> Skit
Judas: You are not to rest! We pursue the flying dragon! We climb aboard
dell'IXI Fossler immediately!
Loni: Will we really capture that thing? That flying dragon appears to be
much more powerful than us.
Judas: Surely we can not beat it in terms of power, but are lighter than him.
We will win in speed.
Kyle: And even if we lose in speed, we will give it all and take it back!

/ & Various NPC \
Philia: Kyle...I believe in you..

/ Dialogue \
Judas: We're in the IXI Fossler now! We follow the flying dragon!

Judas: We'll launch the anchor against the flying dragon! We will move behind
him! Are you ready?
Kyle: Ready as always!
Judas: Well then! Unhook the anchor!

~Flying Dragon~

/ Dialogue \
Loni: We have reached the flying dragon, now what?
Judas: Even though we have to take back the Lens, this quantity is not
Judas: We'll stop the flying dragon. We can only do so by  sinking it into
the sea.
Loni: You can't be serious ...
Judas: Let's go to the core, it's this way!
Loni: Aaah! I'm too late!
Kyle: What the heck!
Judas: No, maybe it's useless. The flying dragon is a machine that's basically
closer to a living creature. Even when hurt, it regenerates immediately.
Kyle: Well, so what we do!?
Judas: Destroy control devices that are within the flying dragon.
Judas: If you break them all, this lock should shatter.
Judas: Kyle, you have the Sorcerer Scope that Philia gave us? Using it, you'll
find the control devices..
Judas: To use it, press the L2 button. However, it consumes more lens than
the Sorcerer Ring, so be careful.
Kyle: Got it!
Judas: And this is just an assumption... But perhaps this flying dragon is
headed to Kaviola.
Nanaly: On the holy ground ... The Goddess will be summoned in that place.
Judas: If we continue to the center, we'll reach the control devices. There
is little time.
Kyle: Got it! Let's hurry!
NOTICE: "Judas was awarded the title of: 'Instructor of S-Scope'."

-> Skit
Judas: To open the door to the core energy, we should destroy any device
controlling the flying dragon. We'll be using the "Sorcerer's Scope”  given
to us by Philia!

-> Skit
Loni: If we don't hurry, there will be trouble, Kyle. With the speed of this
beast, we will arrive at their destination in no time.
Kyle: I know!

-> Skit
Kyle: So just what is the Sorcerer's Scope?
Judas: One of the remains of the Oberon Company. And an object that can detect
things that are not visible to the naked eye, or that no one notices. Using
it, we can find things that evade the naked eye.
Kyle: ... Heeeh! Well, then using this, maybe we can find things that we
haven't noticed in all the places we have visited so far!
Loni: Well, only if we get out of here alive.

-> Skit
Loni: That Elraine, shortly before she disappeared she said something like:
"The next move" ...
What the hell does that mean?
Judas: Who knows ... However, if we take back the lens here, her next move
will be interrupted.
Loni: Excellent! We'll block her next move!  And in addition to the damage,
we'll give her a nice slap on the butt!
Nanaly: There he goes again with pats on the butt. What a pig.

-> Skit
Judas: Kyle, we seek control devices using the Sorcerer's Scope. If we mess
around, we'll run out of time. Hurry.

/ & Various NPC \

(Middle section)
[Port to the north of the save point]
NOTICE: "." <yeah I have no idea what this notice was trying to say.

[Casket bottom left]
NOTICE: "The treasure chest was a fake."

(Elevator Passage)
[Going down the elevator at the bottom right]
NOTICE: "With the O button you can place or remove a ladder.(You can only
place the  ladder from above.)
[Examining a removable ladders]
SELECT: "Go down the ladder" "Remove the ladder"

[While holding a ladder, consider the places where you can put them]
SELECT: "Reuse the ladder" "Do not reuse the ladder"

[After the  compulsory battle on the west side]
NOTICE: "You broke a control device."

(Passage of the portal)
[Going towards the west]
NOTICE: "Going up the chain returns to the IX Fossler, and you will be able
to stock up on items or rest."

[After the battle required the room to the west]
NOTICE: "You broke a control device."

(Shift to the left)
"You will take damage from digestive fluids.”

(After several failed attempts)
Nanaly: You seem to be having problems, you want me to help you?
"Help me, Nanaly" "I can do it"
-> Help me, Nanaly
Nanaly: Leave it to me!
Nanaly: There we go.
Kyle: That's great! We've saved.
Loni: You have the strength of a man!
Nanaly: What did you say?

[After the room with the digestive fluids, after the compulsory battle]
NOTICE: "You broke a control device."

(Right path)
[Entering the room]
"In this room, you feel clues have been scattered around..."

[Approaching the transition to the west]
NOTICE: "A physical structure keeps you from following the path."

[Trying to pass the ring to the west]
NOTICE: "The sorcerer's ring makes a tickling feeling!"

[Using the sorcerer's ring on the mother cell]
NOTICE: "You have burned the mother cell."

[After the battle required the room to the west]
NOTICE: "You broke a control device."

/ Dialogue \
Garve ... You have arrived. Barbarians incapable of understanding our
superior designs.
Nanaly: Yes, yes, we are barbarians. But ... we will not let you use the lens!
Judas: We'll be taking the lens from you. If you dare stop us ... we'll take
you down!
Garve: Reala ...are you're really happy about this?
Garve: Being in league with those who reject the salvation of God. I do not
think it's a behavior worthy of a saint.
Reala: ... The hero that I was looking for was Kyle.
Reala: So, no matter what the consequences, I shall follow him. I decided
Kyle: Reala.. ...
Garve ... You are totally different from Elraine. This decision will not lead
to salvation.
Loni: Shut up and cut out the nonsense. If you don't move from there, you'll
see be seeing stars.
Garve: You're  going to stop the flying dragon, at all costs, eh. So ...!
Garve: This Grashara Bolas will stop you.
Loni: hey hey, but that's not fair!
Nanaly: What are you doing, with those shaking legs? Weren't you going to
make him see stars?
Judas: Enough with the chatter. Here it comes ...!

Kyle: Was...was that it?!
Judas: Having lost the power of the lens, the dragon began to descend.
Loni: Aaah, I understand. ... Hey, wait, this isn't the time to relax! We
must do something immediately!

-> Skit
Kyle: He's falling! The flying dragon, is falling!?
Loni: No time to chatter! Let's get out immediately!

-> Skit
Reala: If the lens will end up in the sea along with the flying dragon, Elraine
too, will...
Nanaly: Think about it later! For now let's get away from here!

-> Skit
Kyle: Uh, uh, where are we going...
Loni: hey hey, Kyle! What are you doing daydreaming! If you don't move you'll
be in trouble!

-> Skit
Judas: Let's talk later! Now we have to escape!

/ & Various NPC \

(Middle section)
[Trying to use the teleporter to the south]
NOTICE: "The transport devices do not seem to work. It must be broken."

(Elevator passage)
[Button next to the elevator to the south-west]
NOTICE: "You pressed the button to activate the elevator emergency."

~IXI Fossler~

-> Skit (auto)
Loni: Pheww! We really scraped by...
Kyle: But yet, we were unable to recover the lens ...
Judas: There were no other ways. We had no choice.

/ Dialogue \
Loni: Hey! We'll be sucked in too!? What are you doing, Judas! Let's run away!
Judas: Shit! We can not compete in power! What's going to happen to us!?
Loni: Oh no! We're not going to make it!!

~Beach Cave~

/ Dialogue \
Kyle: Uh, Uhmmm ...
Kyle: W-where are we ...?
Reala: Kyle ...
Kyle: Reala!
Kyle: You alright, Reala? You're hurt?
Reala: I am fine. Rather, how are the others...?
Loni: Somehow it seems that we are alive. No, this time I really thought we
were done.
Nanaly: Don't worry. You look like someone who does not die even if you kill
him. I guess that means you're bad luck.
Judas: I'm glad we're safe. But where we have we been taken, Reala?
Reala: I do not know. I only focused on a place where everyone would be safe.
Reala: But ... That distortion in the sky, which is ...
Reala: I have a bad feeling. Let's get out of here.
Kyle: Right. Let's head outside!

-> Skit
Loni: So that was a decoy ...Elraine tricked us.
Judas: She had the power to transport a large number of lense with or without
a flying dragon.
However, making use of our line of thought, distracted us with a huge flying
dragon. GHH! Our plan backfired...
Nanaly: Well, as I always say, it's no use crying over spilled milk. For now,
how about trying to get out of this hole? These wet clothes don't suit my

-> Skit
Kyle: I wonder what just happened.  Suddenly, everything became black before
me ...
Just as if the world were falling ...
Loni: Hm? Same thing happened to you? I too thought I was dizzy due to anemia
Nanaly: Heh! You do not seem the type to be anemic.
Loni: Cooome on! And how do you know that I am not a beautiful young
unfortunate man, harassed by an incurable disease!
Nanaly: Beautiful young ...?
Reala: More than anything else, you are not at all ... a young man.
Kyle: I would say that you're an old man.
Judas: ... Hmpf.
Loni: But, but, whyyyyyyy?!!

-> Skit
Kyle: What the heck happened to us? Let's look around.

-> Skit (auto)
Kyle: We went outside, but where are we?
Nanaly: Who cares where it is? It's much better than that disgusting cave.
I was beginning to get depressed...Oh? What's wrong with you, Loni?
Loni: He, hey, what's that?!
Kyle: Huh?
Judas: That's ... Dycroft!
Loni: ... Why, that thing is here ... That had been destroyed 20 years ago
by Mr. Stan!
Kyle: But, but then, this is ... The past!?
Reala: It cannot be! I have not performed time travel. This is neither the
past nor in the future ...!
Judas: That means ... That this is the present.
Loni: But it can't be! Not with that thing floating there!
Judas: You saw the light earlier. It was light lens. It was not the work of
Belcrant. Probably, the dome is supplying some kind of energy. Dycroft
appeared twice in the past, and both times had never supplied energy to the
Reala: Elraine ...!?
Kyle: EEH?
Reala: You mean Elraine did it!?
Judas: Maybe.
Loni: Hey, what does that mean. Explain, Judas!
Judas: If we did not take action, this would have been our present. However,
it was completely rebuilt by Elraine...already.
Kyle: She can't!
Reala: ... It's possible. Elraine was able to travel into the past, after
all. If you change the past,
you also change the present. You can change the world.
Kyle: Well, for now, let's go there! Maybe we'll earn more.

-> Skit
Loni: I understand, that's it! I understand, this world is but a trick!
Kyle: Right, Loni!?
Loni: Yeah, this is ... A dream! Since everything is upside down and
meaningless, it can only be the dream of Kyle!... So ... WAKE UP! UGLY BASTARD!
Kyle: Ahiahiahi! I'm awake!
Loni: You're wrong! You're daydreaming.
Kyle: huh!? But then...
Judas: Stop it, idiots. We are looking for a city.

-> Skit
Kyle: Plains beyond ... Plains here ... Everywhere you look, it's always the
same landscape, how boring.
Nanaly: And there no signs of human life... unlike our world.
Loni: This is really unsettling.
Judas: We have to search for a city, even just to make sure that there are
other people here besides us.

-> Skit
Nanaly: Floating in the sky would make it difficult to dry the laundry, or
find a shady spot ...
Loni: But you would also take in a little more sun.
Nanaly: Don't worry about it! This would be an excellent opportunity for you
let your brain get melted by the sun.
Loni: How dare you!
Nanaly: How dare I?
Loni: Uuuh!
Nanaly: Uuuuuh!
Judas: Come on, duo of idiots.
Loni: I don't get paired with this idiot!
Nanaly: Don't pair me  with this fool!

-> Skit
Kyle: Aaaah, but how does that immense thing float without falling...
Loni: If you say screaming like that with your nose in the air, you may stumble
and fall.
Kyle: Hahahaha. But I'm not as clumsy as I look ... AHIOOO!
Judas: Hmpf ... For better or for worse, he's a man who never betrays his
expectations ...

-> Skit
Reala: Elraine ... Just what have you done ...
Kyle: Reala. It's better to not think too hard right now. Just take a deep
breath....and your heart will become empty.
Reala: My heart will become empty?
Kyle: Yes, do not think about anything, and your heart will return to being
safe and empty...
Reala: He ... Hey Kyle, what's wrong? Suddenly, he collapsed on me ... Hey,
Nanaly: Hmmm ... he seems to have fallen asleep.
Loni: Haaah....empty in the heart and the head, it seems.

-> Skit
Nanaly: If this is another world, how do we return to the normal world?
Kyle: Hmm ... When you get lost, you have to take the same road back from
where you came. Let's go to the beach.
Judas: And then what do we do? When we arrived here it was only thanks to
the powers of Reala.
Kyle: When we got there, Reala had focused on a place where "All would be
so this time, let's focus on “Where we'll be in terrible danger!”
Loni: This is why you always lose...

-> Skit
Kyle: Hey, isn't there a possibility.. That this era is one in which my father
and the others made their move? You see, Dycroft is still here.
Reala: Hm ... I think it is another.
Judas: This place is clearly different from the era of disorders from the
Eye of the Goddess ...
No, I think it would be better to say that is completely different from the
world to which we belong.
Kyle: Hehehehe, I thought so ...I was just thinking I might have been able
to see Dad again...

-> Skit
Judas: Now our priority is to gather information on this world. Let's search
for a city.

/ Dialogue \
Kyle: What is it, Nanaly?
Nanaly: While walking on the cliff, I thought I saw a medicinal herb ...
Nanaly: If you look with that thing that you received before, the Sorcerer
something, maybe you can find something interesting.

~Celestial Capital - Gospel~

/ Dialogue \
Loni: And so the dome ... It was a city! It seemed as if a gigantic lens was
covering the entire city.
Kyle: It's strength...!
Judas: Rather, What do you think of all this secrecy? It was designed to
completely protect
the city from the outside world.
Nanaly: Why would they need such a thing? It's true, the world out there is
ruined, but it is not unbearable.
Judas: For some reason, they were forced to isolate themselves from the
outside world ... By the way...
Citizen: You, you people, come from outside!? Are you well!? What has become
of your lens!?
Loni: ... And you seem to have a lens stuck in your face?
Citizen: But how did it ...
Citizen: Aah! Your brains have been damaged after being exposed in the open
air! Heck, what an ugly thing ...
Kyle: What are you saying! We're not...
Judas: ... You're right, it seems...my companions do not remember anything.
Kyle: Judas!?
Judas: It's all right, shut up. This will make it easier to get information.
Judas: Pardon me, would you care to inform us ? About Lens, and this city.
Citizen: Ok, I understand. In difficult times we must help each other, after
Citizen: This is the Heavenly Capital, Gospel.
Citizen: And what you have lost is something called "Slow Life".
Citizen: Possessing these lens of life, people can live without being
contaminated by the open air.
Citizen: And 'the light of hope given to us, those who could not live unless
within the dome, was
from our savior Elraine.
Kyle: It.. was Elraine!
Citizen: Ah, you remember the Supreme Elraine. Thank goodness ...
Citizen: It is not surprising, Supreme Elraine is a special person, who has
given us the strength to continue to survive in this cathedral.
Nanaly: I don't believe this ...
Citizen: I would advise you to go right away to talk with the staff of the
Sacred Order of Fortuna.
Judas: The Sacred Order of Fortuna?
Citizen: Yes, the Holy Order of Fortuna is the place where we gather all
supporters of Supreme Elraine.
Citizen: They will care for you, will definitely be friendly with you, and
will advise you well.
Judas: ... We understand, thank you.
Judas: ... I am sure that this is our world. The name Elraine is the proof.
Nanaly: But it's changed completely??
Loni: The Lens of Life and everything else, and even the cathedral ... It
seems that this world is being controlled by Elraine as she pleases!
Judas: She seems to have conducted large-scale changes in history. What the
hell happened ...

-> Skit
Judas: We need to collect even more information to understand what caused
the world to change in this way.
Kyle: What are you talking about? The cause was Elraine, right?
Judas: I know it was her. What is important is to know where she is this and
what Elraine did.
If we don't find out,  we miss a hand.

-> Skit
Kyle: Hmmm ...
Loni: What's wrong with you Kyle. You have a thoughtful face ... Something
Kyle: That's ... Some time ago, we gave fire to dry leaves collected on the
ground with the lens, and then roasted potatoes, right? With a giant lens
that covers this city, who knows how many potatoes you could do.
Judas: Kyle ... You should be nervous about things much more distressing ...
Kyle: It's okay. We're all together, after all.
Loni: Hahahaha! You said it, Judas. But Kyle isn't that kind of guy.
Reala: Yeah, right.
Kyle: Hm? Why are you all laughing?

-> Skit
Kyle: Well, now that we've collected information, we should look for a place
to rest. Maybe some good ideas will come in our dreams.
Loni: But once awake, you forget....
Kyle: Ah, you suck, Loni! I remember them! ... But only a little bit.

/ & Various NPC \

[Lord dressed in blue who walks]
Lord: It's been a while since people have come from outside.
Loni: And how long, exactly?
Lord: How long ... Right. Since the child was born there.
Lord: You see that girl over there? Before this one child was born, a person
came from outside.
And he was the only one to have done so since then.
Judas: By that, you mean that there were passages of people for about ten
Can you tell me exactly how many years?
Lord: I do not remember so precisely. Just from before the birth of that child.
I could not go into detail.

[Girls in the lower right]
Child: .......
Kyle: Hello! What is it? These gentleman with me are  weird?
Girl: ..........
Girl: ..........
Loni: It seems that she was really impressed. Hey, Judas, stop scaring her.
Don't you feel sorry?
Judas: I did not do anything. Perhaps she was scared of your coarse ways?
Girl: .........

[Lady ]
Lady: Be good and greet these gentlemen. Say “Hi.”
Lady: Please excuse me. This is the first time my daughter has seen people
from other cities.
Kyle: Huh? But I'm old enough. She has never gone to other cities?
Lady: We lead a life without problems here, why go to other cities?
Lady: Out there is only contaminated air. I do not see why we would need to
go to other cities,
deliberately risking danger.
Loni: I mean ... You never walked out of this city?
Lady: Yes, exactly. It is also rare that people are outside.

[Seller Rune Bottle]
Rune Bottle seller: Here we trade in Rune Bottles.
Rune Bottle seller: A bottle is (price) gald, buy a Rune Bottle?
"The buy" "I bought 5 (totalx5 Gald)" Course "Refine" "I do not need"
-> I do not need
Rune Bottle seller: You can create wonderful objects using rune bottles.
-> The buy / I bought 5
Rune Bottle seller: Thank you so much for buying.
-> Refine Course
Rune Bottle seller: What you would like to know?
"1. What is the Refine" "2. Transforming objects" "3. Summary of arms" "Next
"4. On slot" "5. Refine accessories" "6. Armaments on which you can use the
Refine" "Previous Page"

[Young man to the  North]
Young: Today the sun's rays are very strong. If you're not careful, you might
pass out.
Loni: The sun's rays are strong ... But you are covered by a cathedral, right?
It 'impossible that the sunlight affects you directly.
Young: Of course. If we expose ourselves to direct sunlight, it should be
for the end of our lives.
Young: If it were not for the Cathedral, we would be exposed to direct
sunlight, and no one would survive.

(Distribution Point)
Woman: But you ... Wear clothes rather unusual. Do other cities distribute
this kind of clothes?
Nanaly: Distribute? Do you not know about sewing clothes?
Woman: Sew ... which means what? We need to do similar things? After all,
it is Elraine which provides us with everything.
Woman: The clothes, housing, food. We all are guaranteed by Supreme Elraine.
Woman: So, to do things by themselves would be to deny the blessings of the
Supreme Elraine.
Nanaly: But I just don't get it. Wouldn't you love things made by your own

[Machine Shop]
Machine Shop: Welcome. What do you need?
"Items" "Ingredients"
Machine Shop: Thank you.

(First floor)
[Priest at the center]
Priest of Fortune: What happened, you have problems? We of the Sacred Order
of Fortuna will give you every answer.
"What is the Sacred Order of Fortuna?" "Where do we stand?" "To go shopping?"
"We're going"
-> What is the Sacred Order of Fortuna?
Priest of Fortuna: We help the Sacred Order of the Supreme Elraine, through
her leadership,
to improve the lifestyle of the people.
Priest of Fortune: The name "Fortuna" was given to the sublime Goddess, who
created this world.
-> Where do we stand?
Priest of Fortuna: Use the "medical lens shelter" which is located on the
first floor. Thanks to the powers of Lady Fortuna, your energy or your wounds
will be healed in an instant.
Loni: Heh? There are inns?
Priest of Fortuna: Inn? What is an inn? Without the hospital medical services
lens, you would not be able to live, right?
-> Shopping for?
Priest of Fortuna: You went to the distribution point on the first floor?
There you will find the essentials.
Judas: You use Gald to buy?
Priest of Fortuna: Buy? That is a way of talking about that which existed
in the distant past, when there was still something called economy.
-> We're going
Priest of Fortuna: If there are any problems, please do not hesitate to call

[Old Woman walking to the north]
Old: The gentleman of the Sacred Order of Fortuna there, is really wonderful.
Old: He checks my physical condition, and volunteers to chat with me ...
I have only him to thank, really.
Old: If you were to have problems, do not hesitate to confide with him. I'm
sure it will help you.
Old: The Supreme Elraine did not send us only the lens, but these wonderful
Old: In order to repay this debt of gratitude, every day I have to offer her
my prayers, without forgetting to thank her.

[Couple to the south]
NOTICE: "They are discussing the 'Degrees of Battle.' Want to listen?"
-> Yes
Veteran: But what is this “GRADE”  at the end of battle, eh?
Greenhorn: It 's something that shows your "Bravery in battle” and your level
of fighting.
The proportion of the damage, the shots were missed, even though it was
recorded several times using the same technique.
Greenhorn: If you want to aspire to the highest results, you must continue
to seek the Technical Smash and do as much damage as possible using enchants
along with them.
Greenhorn: It is said that when you use an item during the battle, or healing
techniques, or if you change your equipment, you lose a lot of GRADE.
Veteran: If I have high GRADE, something good will happen, eh?
Greenhorn: I am conducting research on it, senior.
Veteran: Maah, you better brush up on my techniques freely, without putting
too much weight on them.

Greenhorn: Excellent senior, I will go to study.
-> No
Kyle: I'm on my way!

/ Dialogue \
Kyle: This place should be fine. Let's relax.
Loni: I don't get it. She really succeeded in changing the world up to this
Judas: Speaking of that, I realized something.
Judas: It 's been a while since this cathedral was erected. At a minimum one
hundred years.
Reala: In other words, it is a long time since this world has been changed.
Judas: Maybe, by manipulating the story of the past, the Cathedral has become
old as well.
Kyle: Well, where in history did she change?
Judas: That much, I don't know.. It seems that you will need to visit another
city, if we want to find out.
Kyle: Right. Let's go collect information in the next city!

-> Skit
Kyle: Hmmm ...
Loni: Why are you staring at the lens, Kyle?
Kyle: No, you know, everybody in this world has a lens in their face, right?
I was thinking it would be better to stick a lens onto us, to blend in.
Judas: Do you enjoy thinking about all this crap?
Kyle: No problem for you, Judas. All you have to say is "I have it stuck under
the mask!"
Judas: You just had to bring the mask into it..
Kyle: If we were to all wear masks, we'd need five...
Loni: That would ensure that we were in the public's eye.

-> Skit
Loni: What is with those people? They think they should be thankful for the
lens and then put their lives in hands of Elraine. And then the fact that
they are "grateful" want to "thank her”  for controlling them is strange,
isn't it?
Judas: I understand, but you can not live without the sun or air, and doesn't
that mean that your life is in the hands of the sun or air? Or, should you
should resent the sun or the air?
Loni: You ... Just the same, but ... The sun and air are different things
than Elraine and her lens!
Judas: I feel the same.. More than anything, the lens are for the people.

-> Skit
Judas: Let's visit other cities. Then we can get a better picture of what's
going on.

/ & Various NPC \

[Old ]
Old: Isn't this fountain interesting? All it does is repeat water in the same
shape, over and over.
Reala: It certainly has an odd shape. Why was it made  this way?
Old: This fountain expresses our relationship with the Supreme Elraine.
Old: The Supreme Elraine was the leader of the blessing to our Earth. As a
token of gratitude for the blessing that we received, we forward  our prayers
to the great Elraine, always.
Old: This fountain expresses that relationship.
Old: Our relationship with the Supreme Elraine...it is why this fountain is
always crowded.

Waitress interested in commerce: I can explain the way to the Capital, Purple,
for 5 lens?
"We want to know how to" "We can do it alone"
-> We can do it alone
Waitress interested in commerce: Wander forever, not my problem.

PART 10 - NarcolepticSloth

Txt version

~Out of Gospel~

-> Skit
Nanaly: Well, folks, lunch is served!
Kyle: Uhyoooo! Can't wait!
Nanaly: At a time like this, it is important to eat well.
Loni: Hey, Kyle! Bigger goes first, that means me!
Nanaly: Oh, you've never heard of the saying: "Ladies first"?
Loni: But there's no lady here, so we don't have to worry about that! Come
back when you're a lady!
Nanaly: Look who's talking. You've got a lot of guts to call yourself great
when you do nothing...
Loni: How dare you!
Nanaly: Why shouldn't I?
Kyle: Stop it, both of you!
Judas: You removed the carrots and peppers? I'm happy as well.
Judas: What are you doing? Hurry up and eat, or we can move on.

-> Skit
Loni: In the city there are men and lens, and in heaven ... there is Dycroft.
Hey ... are we really sure that we're not in a dream?
Kyle: A dream?
Loni: Yeah. In the real world, right now I'm surrounded by beautiful girls!
So this is just a bad dream. No, it must be so. There's no way it can be
otherwise! Hahaha!
Nanaly: Let's test if it's a dream.
Nanaly: See! This is reality.
Loni: But why did you have to use karate moves instead of just pinching my

-> Skit
Loni: Yeah, it must be my nerves. This sky ...
Nanaly: What are you whining about now?
Kyle: Well, it's like when those guys named Hugo and Leon tried to purge the
world, right? Back then, that thing called "Dycroft" was floating in the sky.
Loni lost his family during that battle ...
Judas: .......
Nanaly: Humpf! ... He's not worrying about that. Why did he not try to revive
Kyle: Oh! Wait, Nanaly!
Loni: Gwaaah! How could you say such a thing, damn tomboy!
Nanaly: Who would be the tomboy!? You swine!
NOTICE: "Nanaly got the title 'tomboys'."

-> Skit
Kyle: People have said the air outside is contaminated, right? But that
doesn't seem to have happened yet.
Judas: It might be because they have always lived so sheltered, with purified
air. Their immune system is not at the same level as ours.
Kyle: "Immune System"? What's that?
Judas: The "immune system" is, in other words ...
Loni: It's no use for you to explain. Okay, let me give it a shot.... Hey,
Kyle, could you walk comfortably in the mud?
Kyle: Sure. Carefully.
Loni: You are careful because you don't want to get dirty. Yet a woman with
an expensive dress would never even think about entering the mud at all,
Kye: Uh-uh.
Loni: The people in the town are all like the woman with her dress.
Kyle: Geeh! Those men were all women?!
Judas: Huh ... Like you said, it is useless to explain ...

-> Skit
Kyle: The Swordian Team was active during the period of the war between heaven
and earth, and the battle in which my father and the others fought in. When
these people became heroes, Dycroft was in the sky. In other words, if this
continues, even I...
Judas: I thought I told you earlier. The title of hero is bestowed by the
people for the merit of ones actions, it is not something you can decide
yourself. On top of this, there is no hero who wished to become one. If you
want to become a hero, solve the problems closest to you.
Kyle: Ah. Heck, I get it! I just wanted to raise a little morale. I also know
I can't become a hero so easily.
Reala: But you're a hero, Kyle.
Kyle: Huh?
Reala: Kyle, you are my hero. Of that there is no doubt.
Kyle: Oh, eheheh ...
Reala: So I decided that, whatever happens, I will follow you forever, Kyle
... Whatever the consequences ...
Judas: .......

~ Ruins of the Heavenly Capital~

SELECT "Will you rest here?"

~Wild Forest~

/ Dialogue \
Loni: Hey, is this a jungle?
Nanaly: Really, it's beautiful. I have never seen a jungle so big before.
Loni: Can we really make it through here?
Nanaly: It seems that there are no other roads. We'll get through here by
Loni: ... Haah, as I expected.

-> Skit
Loni: Anyway, what a huge jungle, eh...
Nanaly: Judging by his appearance, people must not pass through here.
Judas: Perhaps it is because the contact between the different cities is close
to zero in this world.
Life begins and ends only in the Cathedral.
Kyle: That means that there are no adventurers. What a shitty world!

-> Skit
Kyle: Ah, it's hot! I'm melting! My clothes are stuck to my skin! Gross!
Nanaly: Calvalese was hot too, but here is just terrible. It's like being
blasted by a jet of warm water...
Loni: The humidity here is really high. It's almost unbearable ...

/ & Various NPC \
[Approaching the withered plants]
NOTICE: "A dried plant blocks your way."

/ Dialogue \
Kyle: Useless...our fire is not enough.
Loni: Nothing to be done. Why not tear them down?
Judas: You couldn't tell by looking that they're poisonous? I refuse.
Kyle: But we have other items that may cause  fire besides the Sorcerer's
ring ...
Nanaly: Be on your guard.
Nanaly: I knew it, they are poisonous plants. They're dangerous to the touch
and must be burned.
Nanaly: This is high quality bark, so while the fire did not hurt it, when
heated up to to a high temperature, it should work.
Loni: Oooh, you're great Nanaly. Growing up in the wilderness makes you
... Well, shall we burn it?
Nanaly: Use your head, City boy! We'd better start gathering combustible
Loni: ... Wait, we have to capture monsters?
Nanaly: Duh.
Loni: ... As it turns out, growing up in the wilderness makes you wild yourself
NOTICE: "Nanaly got the title: 'Wild Girl'."

/ Dialogue \
Nanaly: Ooh, is that a Garm! His fangs should seriously burn. Grab five of
Kyle: Right! Let's put our courage to the test and grab em!

-> Skit
Nanaly: Using the Garm Tusks, we should be able to torch those plants.

/ & Various NPC \
[As he tries to take the Garm Tusks]
Nanaly: Don't bother, we'll never catch him. Let's look for where we can dig
Use your Sorcerer's thing!

[When catching a Garm]
Kyle: Gotcha!
"You've got a Garm Tusk."

[When a Garm falls into the pit]
"The Garm has fallen into the pit."

[When the player falls into a pit]]
"You fell into the pit."

[Using the Garm Fangs on the withered plant]
NOTICE: "You set fire to the Garm Tusks."

~Scarlet Hope - Capital~

/ Dialogue \
Kyle: While this city is covered by a dome ...
Judas: It seems like a boxed garden. The shape is similar, and life is
concentrated in one place.
Nanaly: A man made city ... or?
Reala: Yes, but ...
Child: Ahahahah! Stay away!
Child: Wait! Wait, stay back!
Reala: They all look so serene.
Judas: Artificial Happiness in an artificial town, huh? This really is a boxed
Reala: ... I agree.
Kyle: Anyway, let's go gather information. Even if it's just a little. We're
just looking for some clues.

-> Skit
Nanaly: Hah ... The one which we believe in will always be the Glorious
"Praise and Glory to Elraine". What are these guys thinking...
Reala: ... But because of her, they are happy.
Nanaly: Reala...?
Reala: When you are happy, it doesn't matter whether it's true or false. There
is no true or false happiness. In that case, what Elraine's doing is...
Nanaly: Stop! Say another word, and I'll seriously get angry.
Reala: ....
Loni: Hey, come on. Wait, did something happen?
Nanaly: Nothing at all. Come on now. Reala, I'll pretend you never said
Reala: ....

-> Skit
Nanaly: "Boxed Garden”, huh....Judas has a way with words.
Loni: It's almost like...even the people in here are just dolls in Elraine's
toy box.
Judas: Not knowing the outside world, just being Elraine's dolls ...
Reala: .... However, despite all that, it seems happy ...
Judas: They're happy because they know nothing... But we do. We know that
there is another world besides this. And that world is the one we desire.
Reala: ... Right.

-> Skit
Judas: Let's go around the city, and collect information on this world,
whatever it may be.

/ & Various NPC \

[Woman with blue hair]
Lady: Oh, no, good heavens, you don't wear a Lens of Life! What happened to
Lady: And to make matters worse, one of you has some weird thing on his face!
Loni: It seems as though your mask is even more bizarre in this world.
Lady: But you people still manage to live without lens!? And you also have
that weird thing...

[Blond woman walking]
Woman: Yesterday I read in the shade of a tree, taking a stroll today. What
to do tomorrow ...
Kyle: ... No one ever has any doubts here? Nothing like “why we can live only
in cathedrals”, or something.
Reala: But everyone seems so happy ...
Woman: Well, no matter what I do tomorrow...every day is happy.

[Old man, left]
Old man: There is no land out there suitable for human beings. But in here,
are children are full of health ...
Old man: When I look at those children, I think with all my heart that this
cathedral is a godsend.
And we give thanks to Elraine.
Loni: Isn't it strange to only be able to live in the dome? No one here seems
to think so ...
(Talking to again)
Old man: Oh my God, stop running. If you trip, you'll get hurt, y'know?

[Child to the West]
Child: Heeeey, hurry, hurry! Faster!
Kyle: It seems you're having fun. Better not get in their way. ...
Child: Heeeey, hurry, hurry! Faster!

[Child facing south west]
Kid: Hey, wait a second! I was already tired ...

[Couple that's talking to the north-east]
NOTICE: "They're talking about being 'passive'. Do you want to listen?"
-> Yes
Veteran: Sometimes I fall to the ground, defeated.
Greenhorn: It's a really hard feeling, Senior. However, if you press "Square"
in the exact moment when you hit the ground, you can become Passive.
Veteran: I have done that, yes..
Greenhorn: You may still be damaged by the fall, but you will recover SP and
TP. Great, eh.
Veteran: Oh yes.
-> No
Kyle: I'm on my way!

[Seller Rune Bottle]
Rune Bottle seller : Here we trade in Rune Bottle.
Rune Bottle seller: A bottle is (tot) Gald, buy a Rune Bottle?
"The buy" "I bought 5 (totx5 Gald)" Course "Refine" "I do not need"
-> I do not need
Rune Bottle seller: You can create wonderful objects using the Refine Rune
-> The buy / I bought 5
Rune Bottle seller: Thank you so much for buying.
-> Refine Course
Rune Bottle seller: What you would like to know?
"1. What is the Refine" "2. Transforming objects" "3. Summary of arms" "Next
"4. On slot" "5. Refine accessories" "6. Armaments on which you can use the
Refine" "Previous Page"

(Station of recovery)
Girl: It's nice to stay inside the cathedral. I never even think about going
Kyle: I can't imagine spending all my time here...

(Distribution Point)
[Machine Shop]]
Machine Shop: Welcome. What do you need?
"Objects" "Ingredients" "Weapons" "Armor"
Machine Shop: Thank you very much.

Lord: You're from the outside world? And you don't even have any lens! Are
you sure you're okay!?
Nanaly: Oh my goodness. Even here they say the same things to us ...
(Talking to again)
Lord: Heaven tell me, how can you even think of leaving the cathedral, without
even having lens of life!
You are playing with fire!

(First floor)
[Boy walking]
Citizen: ... That's cool! It's the first time I've seen her!
Kyle: Wa-wait what?
Citizen: It's the first time I've seen outsiders. And it's also the first
time I've seen girls so cute!
Citizen: But I'm sure that the Supreme Elraine is much more beautiful than

[Boy in red in the south entry]
Boy: Uuwaaah! No, stay away from me!
(Talking to again)
Boy: Nooooo! Why are you coming closer!?
Kyle: Why are you running away?!
Boy: No, that's...you're from the outside, and you'll get germs all over me!

/ Dialogue \
Kyle: This is it?
Loni: There are buttons ...Let's press em.
Loni: Uwaah! What, what!?
Judas: It seems to be a world map.
Judas: But this is ...
Nanaly: It's the same.. The mountains, rivers, are all in the same places!
Judas: You can not go wrong. As we thought, this world is the same as ours.
Loni: But cities are different, right? And there's no Ridge nor Aigrette or
Judas: The names of the places are different. Perhaps a clue regarding the
changes in our history ...
Judas: ... Hm?
Judas: ... Are you serious? It's no different from the period of the war
between Heaven and Earth!?
Kyle: Judas, what's wrong with you?
Judas: Oh, no ...
Judas: It seems that Hope and Gospel were names of cities dating back to the
war between Heaven and Earth.
Judas: In other words, once the wars ended, in the process of reconstruction
of destroyed cities, they changed their name.
Judas: However, that has not happened here ... The story has been distorted.
Kyle: I get it ...
Nanaly: Hey, isn't that city in the same spot as Heidelberg?
Loni: Let 's see ... the city is called “Reality”? Well, now we have hope.
It doesn't seem to be too far away.
Judas: Judging from the map, it seems to be a big city. Maybe we can find
more information there.
Kyle: Well, there we go! To Heidelberg ... I mean, Reality!

-> Skit
Loni: The air inside the cathedral is really clean, but I feel so
Nanaly: What the hell is this bad feeling...
Kyle: ... It might be ... The smell?
Loni: Right! In a place inhabited by human beings, one feels a certain smell
of life, and it's the same everywhere. This artificial world has a strange
smell, and people are tasteless ...
Kyle: Hm ... It's a terrible feeling.

-> Skit
Kyle: I thought we would find at least one of the cities  we know ...
Loni: All destroyed, perhaps ...
Judas: That would be plausible based on the alteration of our history.
Loni: Our proof is the city called "Reality" which is located in the same
place as Heidelberg.
... Thinking about it is useless. Let's just go there.

-> Skit
Kyle: The city that is located in the same place as Heidelberg, "Reality"
... If we go there, maybe we'll find Mr. Woodrow ...
Judas: I'm afraid it's unlikely. But maybe we can get some new clues. It's
a good idea to go.

/ & Various NPC \

(Distribution Point)
Lord: You are perhaps heading to Reality, the capital of twilight?
Kyle: Yeah, why, what happened?
Lord: Look, I have a favor to ask. Would you hear me out?
Reala: A favor ...? What is it?
Lord: Nothing difficult.. I would just ask you bring something to my son in
Reality ...
Judas: Huh.. So even in this era, there is contact between the cities.
Judas: But what to do, Kyle ? We must hurry. We have no time to waste with
useless matters.
NOTICE: "Take the lens to the capital of the twilight, Reality?
"I accept the job" "I do not care"
-> I accept the task
Lord: Thank you very much! I wish for you to bring this to my son who lives
in Reality.
Nanaly: It's a ... Lens?
Lord: That's right. It belonged to my wife, who died a few days ago.
Lord: My son is named "RE-54609". If you tell him it's from SP-3116, will
understand immediately.
Lord: Well, I believe in you.

~Capital- twilight Reality~

/ Dialogue \
Loni: Gospel, Hope, and now, this Reality ... Even though this city is
indistinguishable from the others.
Loni: It's may be true, in the Dome is life easier, and there are no problems,
but ...
Loni: It doesn't make me feel better ... To be honest, it's just depressing.
Judas: Same happiness in the same cities, huh ...
Nanaly: Happiness should be special and different for everyone.
Kyle: You're right. This place is too weird.
Judas: How did this happen ... I hope we find our clue in this city.
Kyle: If we don't start moving, we'll never find out. Come on, guys!
Reala: ... However, if this cathedral is the same for everyone, and it's what
makes the people of this world happy...
Reala: My task should be to...
Kyle: Reala! Hurry up!
Reala: I-I'm coming!
Loni: I can't even imagine it...there's not even a shadow of the castle.
Judas: This is not Heidelberg, for there is no castle, nor is there Woodrow.
Kyle: ...

-> Skit
Reala: Look, Kyle ...let's say we were born into this world not knowing
anything else...would we be happy?
Kyle: ... What are you saying, Reala? I don't think so ...
Reala: But we wouldn't  have homework or responsibility. We wouldn't be sad,
we wouldn't suffer ...
Kyle: But ...we would never meet in that world. We met because you were looking
for a hero, right?
Reala: Yes .. I know. But ...I'm sorry, I was being weird. Forget it, Kyle.
Kyle: Reala...

-> Skit
Kyle: Hey, Nanaly. What do you think of Reala's recent behavior?
Nanaly: Why do you ask?
Kyle: Well ... once we arrived here, I feel like Reala changed a lot. She
was once stronger, and more relaxed...but now she's like when we first met.
Nanaly: Rather than "she's like when you met" ... I think she feels lost.
Kyle: Lost? What did she lose?
Nanaly: How do I know. I'm not her, right? So ...Let's try and understand
I don't want her to suffer all alone and run away again.
Kyle: ... Yeah. You're right.

-> Skit
Loni: What's up, Kyle? You have a distressed expression. If something
depresses you, please ask your “Ultra Super Well Traveled Brother: Loni!”
Kyle: ... So, Loni. What do you think of  Reala's behavior lately?
Loni: Oh, my favorite topic? This is my specialty. Listen Kyle, I'm sure Reala
Judas: Do you think she's ready for such a thing?
Loni: Hey hey, Judas, outta the way. Kyle asked me!
Kyle: "Ready for something" ... What?
Judas: For the journey of life as a saint. In other words, the path you now
take, too,
as you have been recognized as a hero. Now everything is as you wanted.
Kyle:  So?
Loni: You used to tell me. You were the one who kept saying "I want to become
a hero 'till I drop”, weren't you?
Kyle: Yes, but ... not now. ... How should I say it ... Don't you think nothing
I do surprises Reala anymore? She doesn't seem to notice me anymore ...
Loni: Oh? Now you remind me of Judas.
Judas: ... Indeed, I did not expect this. He seems to have decided to throw
his dream on his own ...
Loni: Throw it away....what?
Judas:  Think about it.
Kyle: Reala...

-> Skit
Judas: A city that is located in the same place in Heidelberg ... Reality.
I'm sure we will find some clues here.
Loni: Well, it would be nice ... But I can't believe this city could have
been Heidelberg. That's another topic.

/ & Various NPC \

(Recovery Center)
[Woman in yellow]
Kyle: Is there a man here named Woodrow? He should be nicknamed the King of
Town: Woodrow ...? You must be confused with the Supreme Barbatos?
Citizen: If you want a hero, be the Supreme Barbatos. He was the man who saved
the world alongside the Supreme Elraine.
Kyle: Barbatos is the hero who saved the world!?
Citizen: You do not know? If you ask the staff of the Sacred Order of Fortuna,
they will explain.
Judas: No, we want to find out for ourselves .Is there a library in this city,
where one can do historical research?
Citizen: A place to do historical research ... I heard that at one time, there
was such a place.
Citizen: But no one went there, and nobody knows where it is now.
Judas: I understand ...
Kyle: Barbatos has become a hero? What the hell!?
Judas: Probably Elraine made it up in the course of history. Barbatos gave
her a hand.
Loni: The answer to the mystery may be in the library. However, the location
of the library is a mystery in itself...
Kyle: He said no one ever used it. Well, does this mean that the people of
this place have no
interest in their history?
Reala: I think, if every day is happy, studying the past loses its meaning.
Judas: People study history to reconsider the mistakes of the past, and to
build a better future.
Judas: But in this world, Elraine to decides the future. There is no longer
any reason to study the past.
Reala: But, perhaps this is evidence that up to now, this world was really
at peace ...
Kyle: ... That may be so, however, that's too weird. No one should be able
to decide the future of others!
Reala: Yes ..
Judas: Let's try the library. We can unravel all the mysteries there.

-> Skit
Loni: That bastard Barbatos is a hero, that's stupid. Heck, what the hell
has happened to the history of this world?
Kyle: That man attacked Mr. Woodrow and Philia, and made us feel despair.
The bastard...!
This world is so strange! How can you call that being a hero!
Reala: Kyle ...
Judas: Calm down, let's find out the point where history has changed.
Loni: You're right, Kyle. Hold the anger until we kick his ass.

-> Skit
Nanaly: The Library should be in this cathedral? That's amazing, how do you
forget such a place...
Judas: It seems all the people in this city.. No, all those who inhabit this
world, have this lack of
interest in history.
Reala: ....

/ & Various NPC \

(Recovery Center)
[Woman in yellow]
Woman: Why should history matter? What's important is the present.

[Old man by stairs]
Old man: No matter how many pills I take, my body cannot work on its own..
Old man: Maybe you're approaching the right moment. It's good to die for
future generations.
Loni: Hey hey, wake up. Do you intend to commit suicide?
Old man: I have already lived long enough. It's only natural for me to create
space for those who come after me, isn't it?
Loni: But even then, suicide is not something to be taken so calmly, right?
Reala: But ... This is not the result of a happy life ...?
(Talking to again)
Old: The old must die. It 'only natural that I want to clear the field to
those who come after me, no?
(Talking to again)
Old man: And then, once dead, you can enjoy eternal blessings from the goddess

[Chest to the north on the upper floor]
NOTICE: "You picked up the recipe of 'Foil Roast."
NOTICE: "Have you learned to cook the 'Foil Roast."

(Ground floor)
[Man in yellow in the south]
Lord: This dress is too worn. I'm going to buy a new one.
Kyle: But if none of you work, how do you get money?
Lord: Work? What are you talking about? Gald is handed out to all in equal
measure, did you not know?
(Talking to again)
Lord: We buy what we need with our periodic Gald, did you not know?
[Boy who walks to the south-west]
Boy: The Supreme Elraine heals us from disease, and gives us hope when we
suffer, but most of all she allows us to live.
Boy: As long as the Supreme Elraine continues to exist, we will live free
from suffering.
(Talking to again)
Boy: As long as the Supreme Elraine continues to exist, we will live free
from suffering.

[Rune Bottle Seller]
Rune Bottle seller: Here we trade in Rune Bottle.
Rune Bottle seller: A bottle is (tot) Gald, buy a Rune Bottle?
"The buy" "I bought 5 (totx5 Gald)" Course "Refine" "I do not need"
-> I do not need
Seller Rune Bottle: You can create wonderful objects using the Refine Rune
-> The buy / I bought 5
Seller Rune Bottle: Thank you so much for buying.
-> Refine Course
Rune Bottle seller: What you would like to know?
"1. What is the Refine" "2. Transforming objects" "3. Summary of arms" "Next
"4. On slot" "5. Refine accessories" "6. Armaments on which you can use the
Refine" "Previous Page"

[Couple talking to the east]
NOTICE: "They are discussing the 'Degree of Battle Difficulty.' Want to
-> Yes
Veteran: I increased the level of difficulty of the battles, but what's the
Greenhorn: Well, if you have increased the level battle difficulty, the world
will never be a peaceful place. However, according to rumors, your opponents
should drop the best weapons.
Veteran: But they will also fight at their maximum power.
Greenhorn: But, as you know, raising the level of difficulty of the battles,
the enemy's attack power and intelligence increase,  and also a point against
you is that you can not use many attacks to the same effectiveness.
Veteran: I'm going to preserve world peace with the NORMAL difficulty, then.
Greenhorn: No idea what you just said, but those are the facts.
Greenhorn: Second is a moderate degree of difficulty, so if you want to
receive even higher levels, I do not know what you need to do.
-> No
Kyle: I'm on my way!

[Woman in east]
Woman: We offer our prayers to the Supreme Elraine, and the Supreme Elraine
will send us her blessing from the heavens.
Woman: It is the way of our world.
(Talking to again)
Woman: We offer our prayers to the Sum Elraine, and she sends us her blessing
Aah, the world could not be more beautiful.

Lord: We can continue to live in this world thanks to Lady Fortuna and the
Supreme Elraine.
Lord: Never forget to give thanks for this, even for a moment.
Loni: I don't live like you and continue to survive ...
(Talking to again)
Lord: We can live through the power of Fortuna and the Supreme Elraine. We
must never forget that.

(Distribution Point)
Kyle: Hey, are you Mr. RE-54609?
Citizen: Yes? RE-54609 is actually my name, but ...
Kyle: That's good. You see, we brought this from your father..
Citizen: This is the lens of my mother ... I understand ... Mom is dead.
Loni: Yeah ... That lens is her memory.
Citizen: I thank you for bringing her to me. Uh, and you would be?
Kyle: Kyle Dunamis.
Citizen: Mr. Kyle ... So? A very unusual name.
Citizen: Anyway, thank you very much. Mother went up to heaven.
Citizen: Well, time to destroy this lens!
Kyle: Wha-what are you doing! That lens is the memory of your mother!
Citizen: Her body was dissolved, she returned to the earth ... And at the
same time, when we send the  lens back to heaven, the soul of the deceased
can finally achieve eternity.
Citizen: In doing so, the next child to be born will inherit the lens. This
is perfect
Judas: This world's customs put everything in the hands of children ...
Citizen: Thank you so much. Now Mom can get to heaven without any problem.
Citizen: This is to thank you. Please accept it.
NOTICE: "You've got, 'Elixir'."
Kyle: Well, are you sad? Your mom is gone ...
Citizen: Sad? Why should I be sad?
Kyle: It's really quite strange, this world ...
(Talking to again)
Citizen: Thank you so much. Now, Mom can go to heaven without any problems
[Machine Shop]
Machine Shop: Welcome. What do you want?
"Tools" "Ingredients"
Machine Shop: Thank you.

(First floor)
[Lord who walks in yellow in the north]
Lord: A while ago, my grandfather died. He was very relaxed  when he died.
Kyle: ... Why are you smiling? Don't you feel sad?
Lord: Sad? And why? He finished his life cycle, it is normal to die.
(Talking to again)
Lord: Let us die to give birth to new babies ... that is nature.

[Woman walking east]
Woman: Is it true it's really cold outside?
Loni: In the Cathedral it's never too hot or too cold. What a bland atmosphere.
Reala: But ..this way no one dies of cold. That's good, right?
(Talking to again)
Woman: Here, there are no seasons or temperature. We live at ease.

[Little blonde girl in south]
Girl: Sir, you go around without glasses and have no problems, it's great!
Kyle: What's that?
Child: The Supreme Elraine gave you a special power, right? You must see very
(Talking to again)
Girl: I want to be loved by Elraine as much as you all!

(Second floor)
[Little girl left in the south of the elevator]
Child: Supreme Elraine, we thank you for allowing us to live today.
Kyle: Even a tiny baby is trying to please Elraine ...
Nanaly:  In Aigrette it's the same thing. From the moment we can think we
must praise Elraine.
(Talking to again)
Child: Supreme Elraine, we thank you for allowing us to live today.

[Child right of the elevator]
Child: I want to be part of the Sacred Order of Fortuna. I want to live next
to the Supreme Elraine.
Child: So, I am praying that the Supreme Elraine will choose me!
Judas: Even these very young children have been hypnotized for good...it's
(Talking to again)
Child: I want to be part of the Sacred Order of Fortuna. I want to live
alongside the Supreme Elraine.

/ Dialogue \
Kyle: Hm, what is this?
Judas: It seems to be a projector. It could be used to transmit information.
Loni: Information on film, eh. This might just be what we're looking for.
Nanaly: We're not here to chat. Let's hurry to conclude our investigation.
Loni: Ahh! St, stupid...!

/ Cutscene \
"At one time, this world was divided into two parts.
One was the floating city in the heavens, Dycroft, which was the Celestial
The other were those who dwelt on the earth's surface, and were controlled
by Dycroft, the Terrestrial Kingdom.
Tired of having to receive the orders of the Heavenly Kingdom, the inhabitants
of the United Earth began to
spread dissent.
These are they which were called the "Wars between heaven and earth," the
most terrible conflict in human history.
The Terrestrial Kingdom was opposed to building the Dycroft Radisrol, the
great flying ship of war.
And from there they launched the attack.
However, tested by the power of the heavenly troops, ground troops were
The wars between Heaven and Earth ended with the triumph of the forces of
Once the conflict ended, the map of the world  found itself totally changed,
and the land lay barren and devoid
of life.
The woods had been burned,  mountains became rubble, the rivers dried up.
The people had lost their homes.
It the land was ruined, and the Celestial Kingdom decided to cleanse them.
At this point, people began to think that there was no other way than that
of destruction.
Everyone was plunged into despair.
It was then that someone reached out her hand.
The Goddess, sent her messenger on earth. Her name was Elraine.
Elraine gave lens to the nations. Those lens made the people able to continue
living on this earth,
which had lost its hospitality. They were enveloped by a special power.
People who received the lens, found themselves finding hope once more. And
finally, they built a kingdom with their hands.
They were extremely grateful to the Goddess who had granted them salvation.
Never forget it.
We can live now, but it's only thanks to divine salvation.
And it will never happen again, the errors that humans have caused, with their
own hands ... "

/ Dialogue \
Judas: That explains it. As we expected, the story was changed. By Elraine.
Judas: She reversed the winners and losers of the war between Heaven and
Earth, and created the world she wanted ...A world where people constantly
revere and praise the Goddess.
Loni: Hey, Judas. It 's something that I've been thinking about ...
Loni: If this world is our world, the world we know is...
Judas: Unfortunately, it's what you're fearing. As Elraine changed the past,
our world no longer exists.
Loni: Shit, but how the hell could ...!
Nanaly: Now everything is clear. This is a fictional world.
Nanaly: ... But I could never believe in human beings who accept anything
by saying: "Yes, I'm fine!"
Kyle: It's not fine! I'll never forgive Elraine for building such a world!
Reala: But ... In this world everyone is happy.
Kyle: Huh?
Reala: ... Look, Kyle. Do you really think this world is wrong?
Reala: It's true that this world was created by someone with a biased view.
Reala: But, as a result ... Now everyone can live happily, right?
Reala: If she's correct, then my mission would end, and Kyle, you and I could
Kyle: Reala!
Kyle: What's got into you, Reala! Reala, how can you say this is right!?
Reala: Here ...
Kyle: I don't want this! I don't know anyone!
Kyle: Neither Dad or Mom or Miss Philia or Mr. Woodrow ... No one!
Kyle: If all the ones I know are gone, then I ... I don't want to be here!
Reala: Disappear ...
Judas: If those people are missing, the history they built vanished with them.
Judas: This world is denying those people their story ... I will not tolerate
Reala: Judas ...
Reala: ... I understand. Excuse me, all of you. I said some strange things
Kyle: ... Not a problem, if you understand.
Kyle: Let's do it, folks! We're returning to our world!
Loni: Yeah! Let's show Elraine how stubborn we are!
Nanaly: Okay, but how do we go back?
Judas: It 's simple. Just as Elraine changed the past to her own liking.
Judas: Reala also has the power to do so.
Reala: To travel through time.
Kyle: ... Right! Just carry us to the period of the war between heaven and
earth, and we'll cancel out Elraine's crap!
Kyle: Let's go now, Reala! Bring us all to that time!
Judas: It 's impossible.
Kyle: Why?
Reala: I do not have the power to bring all of you into the past ... If I
had the lens, perhaps ...
Kyle: Oh, I see ...
Voice: All inhabitants of the Earth  ... Open the doors and go outside. By
doing this, you will receive God's blessing ...
Loni: That voice was ... Elraine!
Kyle: Get out here!

-> Skit
Kyle: That voice ... it was!
Reala: Without a doubt, Elraine! It came from outside!

/ Dialogue \
Kyle: She's not here ...?
Judas: Look up, Kyle!
Voice: That the blessing of God allows you to believe ...!
Citizen: Ooh ... My strength ...!
Citizen: We are grateful, we are grateful ...
Kyle: What the heck is going on ...!?
Judas: I think she's using Dycroft to infuse strength to the lens of the
Loni: So she's just using Dycroft... Heh! And it's believed to be a Goddess.
Judas: Wait ... Yeah, I never thought of that!
Kyle: What is it, Judas?
Judas: If you're looking for lens to travel in time, there's a mountain over
Judas: That shine you see  is the power of the lens. That means there is a
Dycroft lens up there.
Loni: Right! Then we use that lens!
Nanaly: And finally we can bring Elraine down a peg! I won't be happy unless
she puts up a good fight!
Kyle: Well, it's decided! So ...
Kyle: Hey, is Elraine there too!?
Citizen: Yes, that's it. She monitors us from that castle.
Kyle: Well, how do we get there!?
Citizen: You have to pass through the "Temple of Light." Do not you know?
Loni: The "Temple of Light"?
Citizen: It is the holy temple which is said to connect Dycroft this world.
Loni: Then if we go there, we can get to Dycroft?
Citizen: Hahaha, it's not so simple. Only those who meet the appropriate
requirements can rise to Dycroft.
Citizen: The temple of light exists to test those worthy.
Citizen: I want to go there one day. It's why I live and breathe.
Loni: Humans who possess appropriate requirements ... I wonder if we have
Kyle: It doesn't matter if we do or don't. We're going to Dycroft anyway!
Come on, to the Temple of Light!

-> Skit
Loni: Hey, Kyle. You are more relaxed than I thought. I thought you would
make way more noise
Kyle: I decided not to think too deeply. I can't imagine a world without mother
or the little ones. Thinking about that makes me feel heavy.
Loni: Yeah. Above all, keep your head.
Kyle: So I'm thinking only one thing. "Take back our world." Only that!
Loni: Hahahaha, it's up to you. And I'm going to think so too..

-> Skit
Judas: From now on we're heading into the  enemy stronghold. You need to
prepare adequately.
Kyle: But we'll be fine. Whatever happens, I will carve the road with genuine
feelings and courage..!
Loni: Wait a second! And who would be the genius? You jump headlong into things
without even taking the trouble to think about what could happen!
Kyle: So ... I will lead the road with "courage" ...
Judas: I already said, there is a difference between "courage" and
Kyle: Eh .. hmm ... here is ... Then how about with "passion" ...
Loni: In short, do as you always do.

-> Skit
Nanaly: The people in this place have no doubts about their lifestyle, but
I wonder if any of them could define happiness.
Loni: I doubt it,  because they know no other way of life, right? They live
according to the prefix scheme laid out for them by Elraine, which decides
everything.  However, living normally means to experience difficulty and
pain, but isn't the happiness created as a result worth much more?
Nanaly: ..... Heeeh.
Loni: What are you laughing at? Did I say something funny?
Nanaly: No. .. I was just thinking, "He sometimes says things that make
Loni: Co, how can you say that I never say ...! Maybe you just don't listen

-> Skit
Kyle: No adventures. No new encounters. Nothing exciting. How do the  people
of this
the world  bear to live like this?
Loni: Well, if it were you, you'd be in a panic in three days.
Judas: But one thing is obvious. The word “adventure” means nothing here..
Kyle: Urgh ... We need to bring the world back to normal or I really will

-> Skit
Loni: So Elraine is in this castle that floats in the sky ...
Reala: ... We must try to stop it. And then, bring the world back to normal
Kyle: Well, Reala ... You said it first, right? "The people of this world
live happy lives. So, this could be a nice place. "
Reala: It doesn't matter to me. Kyle, you think that this world is wrong,
and you want it back to normal. So I will do as you say.
Kyle: But...are you alright with this?
Reala: I am fine. Because after all, you are my hero.
Kyle: Reala.
Reala: Well, let's go, everyone. To Dycroft!
Kyle: ......

-> Skit
Kyle: Hey, weren't your ancestors  Eteriani, Nanaly?
Nanaly: Mh? Well, since I come from Calvalese, its likely.
Kyle: That means that in the history of this world, there might be a Nanaly
at Dycroft?
Judas: Changing the course of history, they also change the way people live
and their personality. It's unlikely we'll see an identical Nanaly. The
chances aren't quite zero, but..
Nanaly: Stop it. I could never even think of living in a place so high with
people always watching.
And even if there was a girl with my own appearance, she would be completely
different from me.
Loni: Logical. The world would never tolerate the existence of two or three
women so scary.
Nanaly: ... Yeah. To take your breath away, the world only needs one.
Loni: Gwaaah ... it's true ... No, can't breathe ...

-> Skit
Nanaly: A life spent inside a cathedral polishing  glass... I could never
endure such a life.
Loni: Exactly. If  people have the time to polish lens, they should spend
it trying to become like me.
Nanaly: ... And how is that an improvement? I just see a brick.
Loni: Hmpf. You could also try to improve yourself as a woman now and then.
You don't fit into the mold.
Nanaly: How dare you!?
Loni: I dare all right!
Kyle: Aaargh, here we go again ...
Reala: Do you want to fight too?
Kyle: I don't know why you'd want to see us fighting...
Reala: Well, yes, but ... I'm pretty jealous, they have something to compare

-> Skit
Nanaly: Even if we were to travel ten years into the future of this world,
I don't think we'd find ourselves in the world I came from.
Reala: Probably. The story of the future of this world would be different
too ...
Nanaly: In other words, I lost my home.
Kyle: Nanaly ...
Nanaly: Come on, don't look back! And our world will continue, right? "Our
Loni: Finally, we will take back the era of my woman charming!
Judas: We can not take back periods that have never existed.

-> Skit
Loni: Anyway, how we are getting to "Dycroft" by this "Temple of Light"? You
don't mean to say we're gonna climb a huuuuuge staircase or something?
Nanaly: What kind of nonsense are you talking about?
Loni: For me it's a matter of life or death, of course! You should try and
put yourself in the shoes of one who has many years over you...
Nanaly: Aren't lots of people older than us? You have only an insignificant
number of years compared to many people, right?
Loni: ... Insignificant ...
Kyle: Ah, hit and sunk ...

-> Skit
Kyle: Those who live inside the Dome have never felt wind on their skin.
Loni: Yeah. And they never felt a sudden rainfall after days of heat. They
don't know that refreshing feeling!
Nanaly: It may be a good life in terms of not worrying about winter or
sicknesses, but besides that, not worth it.

-> Skit
Kyle: The people of this world never travel. All their cities are the same,
and their food is too.
Loni: Also, the outside air is dangerous for those guys, right? No one could
come out even if they wanted to.
Kyle: And if someone did, they would be just like you, Loni.
Loni: Hmm, How so? You mean I'm an adventurer, I hope.
Kyle: Not at all. It would be a person seeking girls in other cities because
all the ones in his own rejected him!
Loni: Oh ... Well ...

-> Skit
Kyle: Let's go to the mountains north of Reality, to the "Temple of Light."
Then up to Dycroft!

~Temple of Light~

/ Dialogue \
Kyle: What's this? The pedestal that takes you to Dycroft.
Soldier: What do you want? The only people allowed through here are those
chosen by the Supreme Elraine.
Soldier: Stay back... Hey, hey!
Kyle: Do you hear us, Elraine? We will not hide from you! Bring us to Dycroft!
Elraine: ... I knew you were coming. Okay, I will do as you wish ...
Soldier: What... this is ...! The road to Dycroft is ...!


/ Dialogue \
Kyle: This is...the Capital of Heaven, Dycroft ...?
Loni: She must respect us to invite us here. Or maybe she's underestimating
Nanaly: Either way she's going to regret her decision.
Kyle: That's right! Let's go!

-> Skit
Judas:  Dycroft ... I never expected to arrive here like this ...
Kyle: What's wrong with you, Judas? All you've done since we got here is
whisper stuff ...
Judas: It's nothing. Come on, come on!

-> Skit
Kyle: I want the world to return to normal once we defeat Elraine...
But when it happens, what will become of the people of this world?
Loni: Looking back, in our world people wore lens too.. maybe they'll all
Judas: If you think things will disappear, you begin to doubt yourself. Right
now it's better to think they'll return to the way they should be. Freed from
the frozen lives given to them by Elraine.
Kyle: Sure! I'm not really sure I get it, but I think I do!

-> Skit
Kyle: This is Dycroft...My father and the Swordians fought here.
Judas: I have no time to get emotional. This is enemy territory. I must be
on guard.

-> Skit
Loni: Well, let's kick Elraine's ass and get out of this useless world!
Nanaly: Did you already give up on the girls here? You were refused the moment
you got here.
Loni: Tse! And because the mountain is high, the conquest is more satisfying!
In this world without entertainment, I should be very popular!
Judas: Especially if you have never seen someone like this before ...
Loni: You said one word too much! Shit ... However, let's move on!

-> Skit
Loni: You've taken the trouble to invite us. We'll give you the ass kicking
you've been asking for!
Kyle: Yeah! Will be stopped! At all costs!

/ & Various NPC \

(Back of the temple)
Soldier: The pentacle is governed by the will of the Supreme Elraine.

/ Dialogue \
Dantalion: Mr. Kyle. And you, Miss Reala.
Kyle: And you ... Who are you?
Dantalion: My name is Dantalion. I'm the one who acts out the orders of the
Supreme Elraine.
Dantalion: Please recognize your folly. ... Mr. Kyle, please, leave this
Kyle: ... It 's impossible. We must meet Elraine, whatever it costs.
Kyle: And if you dare stop us ... we're gonna wipe the floor with you!
Dantalion: Maybe this is what it means to say things cannot go two ways ...
Dantalion: So, I follow my own beliefs. The belief of the Supreme Elraine

-> Skit
Kyle: Wait for us, Elraine! No matter what your reasons, we're taking our
world back!

** Note:  I suggest you leave and buy items, if that battle took a toll on
you. There will be one much more easy boss soon, I just wanted to point this
out.  - Sair Lenneth

Part 11 - Sair Lenneth

Txt version


/ Dialogue \
Kyle: Elraine!
Elraine: As I thought, you're here ...
Kyle: It’s because of you ... The worlds changed so much, right!?
Elraine: Of coarse, it was in order to revolutionize the world. However ...
Because there was no, human species, that desired to have it.
Elraine: A world without suffering or pain. A world where there is only joy
Loni: And this would be a happy world, where if you don’t have a lense, you
can’t live!? What kind of idiocy is that!
Elraine: We are still in a transition period. When the Goddess finally
descends in her complete form, a perfect world will emerge, and perfect joy.
Kyle: Full form ...?
Elraine: To be honest, the descent would have to be complete in a shorter
Elraine: As a messenger of the Goddess, I have faith in the people, showing
them miracles.
Elraine: The faith thus collected, would give me greater divine power, giving
her the perfect shape.
Elraine: However, time is running short. She will not continue to exist as
long as there are beings who reject this, the Goddess
can never get enough power ...
Nanaly: It looks like us residents of Hope Town, are here on duty.
Elraine: Being that way, there can be no complete goddess, nor a perfect
Elraine: With this in mind, I decided to collect lenses to increase the power
of the Goddess.
Elraine: However, even that plan was thwarted by you people ...
Elraine: In any case, the only way to go, was to return to a more remote time
in the past, and change the world to where all the people have worshiped the
Elraine: And the result is what you see. I managed to accumulate such a large
number of lenses in which, they reside in the faith of the Goddess.
Judas: And you have served in the war between Heaven and Earth.
Judas: You have sent Barbatos to turn the tide of conflict, and you have
brought ruin to the earth.
Judas: And that's where the savior appeared, she extended her saving hand.
Judas: The savior, acting on behalf of the interests of the Goddess, has taken
up the faith of all nations into one body ...
Correct? How dramatic.
Elraine: And to think that I had set up a such a good script. I no longer
want to hear actors that do not rely on my script, speak.
Judas: ............
Reala: How your doing this is wrong! Distorting history, to change the past,
I do not think this makes people happy!
Elraine: ... Reala. Have you not understood?
Elraine: Everyone has a past,  so painful that they decided to leave it, how
many more beautiful words will you speak.
Elraine: For example, yes, Judas who we have here ... Or rather, Leon Magnus.
Loni: Leon Magnus!?
Nanaly: The one who betrayed the four heroes, Stan and his friends, during
the disaster of the eye of the Goddess?
Elraine: Exactly. He died with no regrets, but was given another chance.
Kyle: Don’t talk nonsense!
Elraine: Whether it’s nonsense or not, ask the person himself ...
Kyle: Why didn’t you say anything!? Tell, tell me your not Leon, do it, Judas!
Judas: It’s true, I am Leon ... Leon Magnus.
Kyle: N-No way, it can’t be true ...!
Kyle: Damn it!
Elraine: My Goddess! Show your great ... spirit!
NOTICE: "Judas was awarded the title 'Leon Magnus'."

Reala: Uh, uuh ...
Reala: Huh, this is ...!
Elraine: Did you finally, wake up. What are your impressions of the new world?
Reala: Elraine! What the heck are you doing ...!?
Elraine: Do not get excited. They are all immersed in a dream granted to them
by the power of Fortuna.
Reala: Dream ...?
Elraine: In a dream you can experience all those things which in reality would
be impossible. And do not feel pain or distress.
Elraine: This is the divine will. The perfect bliss, that all humans want
Reala: This is wrong too! What does it mean to find happiness in a dream!?
Elraine: It makes sense. Why you will not ever wake up from that dream.
Elraine: A dream from which we can not wake up to realities, its equivalent.
The happiness of an eternal dream, that will remain eternal ...
Elraine: And with that, all people are led to happiness. It’s the only
effective method.
Reala: ... You're wrong, absolutely wrong!
Reala: Where are Kyle and the others!? Where did you send them!?
Elraine: They too are immersed in an eternal dream. Your voice can not reach
them now ...
Reala: That can’t ...!
Elraine: There's no one who can answer you now. Your job is finished.
Reala: It is not finished at all!
Reala: Kyle, will definitely respond! So ...!
Elraine: ... Now, your just pining in vain. Even if you could get into their
spiritual world, they will not be able to wake up.
Elraine: There is no one who discards the divine eternal. Human being’s are
weak and ephemeral.
Elraine: It is for this reason, that they need a deity and divine salvation.
Reala: No, I believe in them. I believe in the power of human beings ... I
believe in Kyle and the others!
Elraine: Even in the event that you manage to wake them, tragedy is just
waiting for you ...
Elraine: But, why do you continue to act, causing everyone pain?
Reala: ... I thought about looking at the world you had created.
Reala: If this had been the happiness that people want, my job would be
and I would be relieved from my post.
Reala: So I could be with Kyle, forever ...
Reala: But all that was wrong ...
Reala: And he said that people's happiness, lies not in the result, but in
the process to get it done.
Reala: So I want to go along with Kyle ... I don’t care what the results are
Reala: Because I want to be with Kyle ... Because I love you Kyle!
Elraine: What a fool ... And because of this love, your suffering will
increase ...

~Bridge, in the dream~

/ Dialogue \
Reala: This is ... Cresta?

-> Skit
Reala: A past so painful that they decided to erase it, buried deep in their
hearts ... I wonder if Kyle and Loni,
who are always so strong willed, have had a past history like that ...

-> Skit
Reala: I’ve done nothing but get saved by others all the time ... So this
time I'll save all of them!

-> Skit
Reala: I do not care what the consequences are ... Therefore, I must find

-> Skit
Reala: Kyle ... Where are you!?

/ & Various NPC \

[Lady with scarf on her head that’s walking]
Lady: Listen a while ! Stan is about to return from his long journey!
Reala: Stan ... Kyle's father? Why so suddenly ...
(Talking to again)
Lady:  Kyle will see his father, after so long. Surely, he is the most happy!

[Old Man walking]
Old Man: Oh? Miss, you are not a familiar face.
Old Man: I do not know where you come from, and here there is not a face we
don’t know.
(Talking to again)
Old Man: Miss, there's nothing here that you are looking for.

[Man with two buckets]
Man: Kyle and Loni are so happy.
Man: And if those two are happy, so are we.
(Talking to again)
Man: We are so happy every day, it's almost scary ...

[Girl with cat hat]
Girl: Kyle was so happy when we talked. He said that his father will return
(Talking to again)
Girl: It's been so long since I saw Kyle so happy. I do not know why, but
now I'm happy.

[Boy walking]
Boy: Cresta is at peace. Isn’t it wonderful to be that way forever?
(Talking to again)
Boy: It's rare to have strangers in Cresta. Did you come from Darilsheid?
Boy: I want to live in a big city like Darilsheid.

(Inn & Grocery)
[Old Person]
Old Person: This is a nice place, peaceful and quiet. How I wish that this
happiness would last forever.

( House)
[Old Person]
Old Person: Stan will soon return from his trip. Kyle and Loni are merely
gloating this morning.
Reala: Kyle ...
(Talking to again)
Old Person: But also Stan, going on a trip leaving Kyle alone. Well, the
important thing is that he's okay.

/ Dialogue \
Reala: Kyle ...? It’s you Kyle!
Kyle: ... Who are you, Miss?
Reala: Right ... Your memories have been erased.
Reala: You continue to live in a world of a happy dream, forgetting the bad
things ...
Kyle: Remember what? Erased? Hey, what are you talking about?
Reala: Maybe you're so happy, but ...!
Reala: I beg you, Kyle. Wake up!
Kyle: Hey, Miss, you're hurting me ...
Reala: This is the world that you want!? Are you happy as well!? You're wrong,
Reala: Try to remember! All of us! Our trip!
Kyle: Remember ... Trip? The journey ...
Kyle: Uuuh!
Kyle: What's this pain! My head it hurts, young lady!
Reala: I know it's painful. I know you wouldn’t want to remember!
Reala: But ... Only you! The person to whom I can rely on ... Only you, are
my hero!
Reala: So ... I beg you, Kyle. Wake up!
Kyle: H. .. e ro ...
Kyle: ... It’s true, I am ...!
Reala: Kyle ...
Kyle: ... This ... It’s a dream, this isn’t ...
Kyle: It felt so warm, so sweet, but ...
Kyle: This ... It’s just a dream ...
Kyle: Loni ...
Loni: ... Kyle. I suspected it was just a dream.
Kyle: Yeah ...
Loni: It was a beautiful dream. There was Mr. Stan, Mrs. Rutee, you and me,
were all there ...
Reala: Loni ...
Loni: But dreams are dreams. Things like that do not make sense. We are alive
Kyle: ... Yeah!
???: No, don’t get any closer! I‘m not, I'm not afraid of someone like you!
Kyle: They’re  ... us!?
Reala: It’s Barbatos ...!?
Loni: This means that ...!
Barbatos: I don’t care for you brats. They should be here, those named Stan
and Rutee.
Kyle: Hey let go! Get out of here!
Barbatos: You want to die, Babe!
Loni: Run, Kyle!
Stan: Loni!
Loni: Mr. Stan ...! No, don‘t come over here! Escape!
Reala: ... It‘s pointless. These are your memories. Your voices ... They can
not reach them.
Kyle: Dad ...
Barbatos: Stan is that you? If you care for the life of this kid, immediately
lower your weapons!
Rutee: Take me instead! Leave him alone!
Stan: What is your goal? Money, Lenses?
Barbatos: I want your lives ...!
Stan: Gwaaaaahh!
Kyle: Da-Dad!
Rutee: Loni! Take Kyle and run!
Barbatos: Die!
Kyle: Mom!
Barbatos: And these were the heroes who have destroyed the Eye of the Goddess.
Heh, pathetic ...
Kyle: Da. .. Dad ...?
Kyle: Wha ..., Dad ...Daaad? !
Loni: ... If I had not been captured by that unfortunate jerk, Mr. Stan
probably wouldn’t have died.
Loni: Yeah, it's like ... I killed Mr. Stan.
Kyle: Loni ...
Loni: But until now I’ve always kept it hidden. Better that he didn’t know,
it would be better for Kyle ...
Loni: And doing so I’ve deceived my best friend, to feel at peace with myself!
Loni: ... Forgive me, Kyle! I ... I ...!
Kyle: ... Thank you.
Loni: Eh?
Kyle: You protected me, at the cost of your life. If it weren‘t for you, Loni,
I would not be alive now.
Loni: Kyle ...
Kyle: So then, you and Mom, decided to make me believe that thing about Dad,
Kyle: So as not to hurt me. Not to leave painful memories.
Kyle: It’s for this reason that I can tell you "Thanks."
Loni: Kyle ... hh!
Kyle: Dad ... Now I know ... I feel ... Really, I feel a little sad, but ...
Kyle: ... But, I ... I got you, Loni! ... So, I'm fine!
Loni: ... Aah, aah!
Loni: Don’t worry, Kyle. I'll protect you!
Loni: I'll protect you, as Stan would!
Kyle: ... Yeah!

~Hope Town, in the dream~

/ Dialogue \
Kyle: This is ... It’s Hope Town. So then ...
Loni: These are Nanaly’s memories. So, we should start looking for her.

-> Skit
Kyle: I don’t know, this feels very different from the last time we came ...
Loni: Now that I think about it, you're right. It doesn’t have that annoying
Reala: Probably because this is a dream world. And an exact copy of the real
one, but in future things are different, in the world of dreams ...

-> Skit
Reala: Nanaly’s past was painful, because of the death of her brother ...
Loni: Heh! We‘re talking about Nanaly here, every man has left. So there‘s
nothing else to do.
If you continue to be so brutal, all men will run away.
Kyle: Hahaha. Even if you say that, you seem to be the most concerned about
Loni: Hey, moron! That‘s not true! Enough, let's go looking.
Reala: Heheh. It’s true. No one can take you seriously!

-> Skit
Loni: Enough. I‘m telling you, we should just go look. You totally
misunderstood me.
Kyle: Okay, okay. No need to apologize.
Reala: We understand, Loni.

-> Skit
Kyle: These are the memories of Nanaly ... Where is Nanaly?

/ Dialogue \
Nanaly: There you are, Kyle! You got here at the right time. Come on, come
with me!
Kyle: Huh? Go with you ... What happened?
Nanaly: Look, harvests suddenly became plentiful. The food is building up
Nanaly: The whole village can eat, it‘s endless. No work either!
Kyle: Heh, it's weird. Those things don’t grow in Hope Town, right?
Reala: Kyle. We are in Nanaly’s dream now ...
Kyle: Oh, I see ...
Nanaly: What are you two whispering? What I don‘t count!
Kyle: Oh, no, hahaha ...
Loni: But if you’ve gotten so much stuff to eat, the graves will be a mess.
Nanaly: Grave ...?
Loni: Did you fall outta the clouds. You‘d sell things every time you pick,
at the grave of your brother?
Nanaly: What are you saying, Loni, Lou ...
Lou: Nanaly big sister!
Kyle: Nanaly, this child ...
Nanaly: This child ... But how come you act like you don‘t know, I've always
called him "Lou".
Nanaly: Hey hey, folks, do you know what your talking about?
Kyle: Oh, nothing ...
Lou: Hey, big sister Nanaly. It‘s dinner time!
Nanaly: Yeah, sorry, sorry. Well, come on, people.
Loni: ... Reala. She has, indeed ...
Reala: Yes, he has forgotten everything. That her brother actually died ...
Loni: ... Grr!
Nanaly: Heey! Move!
Kyle: Oh, ah, Excuse us!

-> Skit
Loni: Why ... Because Lou is still alive!? ... Is that why she has no doubts!?
This isn’t how it goes, Nanaly ...!
Reala: Loni ...
Loni: Kyle. We're going to wake her up, this is stupid!
Kyle: Yeah!

-> Skit
Loni: This can’t be the happiness that you want! Wake up, Nanaly ...!

-> Skit
Nanaly: What’s wrong with you guys? Look around, your are all weird. It’s
not the first time you’ve come here, right?
Kyle: Oh, yeah, but it’s just so ...
Nanaly: What‘s wrong with you guys, why are you all weird now?
Loni: You're the one who is strange ...

-> Skit
Kyle: Anyway, let's do something, we need to wake Nanaly up ...

/ & Various NPC \

[Lady who’s walking upstairs]
Lady Camille: Hey, hey, we have enough for you to eat, too! Until you fill
your belly.

[Girl with hat]
Justice: Since I can’t eat any more, I’ll just use these pies to throw  in
people's faces!

[Child beside the fountain]
Brave: We have so much food we don’t have to work anymore ~!

[Man in front of the tent and left of the fountain]
Man: Heheh. If I eat anymore, I can’t even move.
Man: Really. We can continuously eat, it‘ll never end.

True: I hate tomatoes, so you eat them!
Nanaly: Hahaha. Everything’s abundant, you can eat whatever you like.

/ Dialogue \
Reala: What is it?
Lou: ... I don‘t like it, here ...
Nanaly: ... I  ... Being here makes me sick...

Lou: ... I don‘t like it, here ...
Nanaly: ... Look, Lou why are you saying, that! There’s only graves... (not
sure on this line)
Loni: ... Come for a moment.
Nanaly: He-hey Loni! Let me go!
Lou: Big sister, big sister!
Kyle: Loni!
Nanaly: I hate this place ... I don’t know why, but it makes me grit my heart
in my chest, it hurts ...
Nanaly: So, let's go. There’s nothing to do here ...
Loni: Nanaly!
Loni: ... Okay, listen carefully. The Lou, who is here with us ... Is a fake!
Nanaly: A fake ... Well ...
Nanaly: Why are you joking, Loni! He’s always been around ...
Loni: Do you think this is the face of someone who's kidding!? Lou died of
a disease!
Nanaly: It’s not true ... Lou is right here and just fine ...
Nanaly: ... Uuh!
Nanaly: It hurts ... My head ... Because ... ghh!
Loni: You did say it. You were the one to kill Lou with your selfishness.
Loni: If you had obeyed those of Fortuna, they would have given you medicine,
and Lou would not be dead now.
Lou: ... Nanaly big sister. What is this man ... saying?
Nanaly: Lou ... Uwaaah!
Kyle: Nanaly!
Reala: Wait, Kyle!
Kyle: But!
Reala: ... Believe in Loni.
Loni: Did you have any regrets ... You know, you had no regrets because you
didn’t want to let him die.
Loni: But ... This is the reality. Lou is dead!
Lou: Nanaly big sister! I am alive, right!? I'm not dead, right!?
Nanaly: ... Lou ... no... it ... Lou, you don’t ... aren’t ...
Loni: You are living in a wonderful dream created by a goddess. Look at the
reality ... Is this is the happiness you were looking for?!
Loni: This is not how it goes! The happiness that you were looking for was
to live each day struggling with Lou!
Lou: Nanaly big sister! I am not dead!
Loni: Living with Lou, you could get a lot of things!
Loni: The importance of life, the desire to protect those you care about,
Lou was giving you all these things!
Lou: Nanaly big sister, look at me! I am here!
Loni: Try to remember, Nanaly! How things really are! What is your true
Nanaly: ....
Nanaly: "Here lies Lou "......
Nanaly: ... I, see ...
Lou: Nanaly big sister ... I'm alive ...
Lou: Nanaly big sister ...?
Nanaly: ... Your big sister was stupid ...
Nanaly: I’ve always been sorry I let you die ...
Nanaly: In a corner of my mind, Lou continued to live. I did nothing but think
about that ...
Nanaly: And finally, this ... I ended up living this dream. And I was ...
satisfied ...
Nanaly: The time I ... spent with you ... I ended up totally forgetting ...
Lou: Big sister, I ...
Nanaly: But even that’s ... now finished. ... Finally, your sister, she
remembered everything ... So ...
Nanaly: Bye bye, Lou ...!
Loni: ....
Nanaly: ... Loni ... I. .. I. .. I can‘t!
Nanaly: ...!
Loni: ... Never mind, you just cry. I’ll cover your face.
Nanaly: ... Loni ...
Nanaly: Uuuh ... Uaaah ...! ... Uwaaaaaah!
Loni: ... It was painful.
Loni: However, even if it was ... So much the better. Am I right?
Nanaly: Yeah .. Yes ..!

~Cave, in the dream~

/ Dialogue \
Judas: ... Another nightmare. They always begin here, don’t they Chal.
Kyle: So the last one is the memories of Judas ...
Loni: To be more precise, these are the memories of Leon Magnus.
Nanaly: Wait a minute, someone‘s coming!
Stan: What are you doing, Leon!?
Leon: Exactly what you see. If you pass, you must first defeat me.
Rutee: What are you saying, silly! Don’t you understand that this is an
Leon: It has nothing to do with that. I am only carrying out the part that
I have been given. That is, to kill you.
Woodrow: Open your eyes, Sir Leon! Do you not realize that Hugo is
manipulating you!?
Leon: You're right. I’m nothing but a pawn in the hands of Hugo.
Philia: I do not believe it ...! If you understand, then why ...?
Leon: There is someone I need to protect. That's it.
Leon: Get ready! I am against you, Stan!
Leon: ... Gaah!
Stan: ... Leon, why ...
Leon: Stan ...
Stan: Wh-what!?
Leon: ... The clock is at the end... It is ... Moving ... No one ... Can  ...
Stop ... The ...
Woodrow: This sound ...!? It’s not possible, the water’s begun to flow!?
Woodrow: This is bad ... We must flee, quickly!
Philia: But, Master Leon!
Rutee: No, he won‘t make it in time!
Elraine: What a fool ... Why are you still grieving?
Elraine: Say one thing, "I want to change the future." If you say so, you
will be freed from this pain.
Elraine: You want people to praise you as a great hero for the times to come,
and not despise you as a vile traitor, right?
Elraine: And there's something else, you want to get to your loved one, right?
Elraine: Love and glory ... They were both in front of your eyes and then,
is that what thou wants?
Judas: ... Why? ... Hmpf, you ... You do not understand ... At all.
Judas: I ... I was prepared ... for this end ... And also the life ... Marian
... Everything ... I ...
Judas: If it's for ... what ... I can ... tolerate ... any curse ...
Elraine: So you're saying that that's what you want. The future we want. A
future where you can get, both love and glory.
Judas: ... That thing ... Is not ... I wish ...
Judas: A Love ... Or a fake glory ... Created by you ... They have no sense
Elraine: ... You mean you want to repeat this nightmare forever? Leon Magnus.
Judas: ... Hmpf, that's why ... Whether you ... You do not understand ...
Nothing ...
Judas: ... I ... I am not ... Leon.
Judas: ... I am ... ... Judas!
Elraine: So, as you wish, this nightmare will last forever ...
Kyle: STOP!
Elraine: ...!
Kyle: I won‘t let you do as you wish!
Elraine: I do not understand ... Why take the defense of this man?
Elraine: This man ... Leon, is a traitor who abandoned his comrades for his
own interest, am I wrong?
Loni: Leon? We know nothing of him.
Nanaly: We're only saving a comrade of ours. Our precious friend named Judas!
Judas: You ..
Elraine: Do not you understand that this man could betray you one day?
Elraine: And now that you know everything, you still can believe the words
of such a person?
Kyle: To know or to not know, it doesn‘t matter! I believe in Judas!
Kyle: I always have! And I'll do it again!
Judas: Kyle ...
Kyle: Alright, let's go back, Judas! To our world!
Reala: And we can continue with our story ...
Judas: ... Yes!


/ Dialogue \
Elraine: .....
Loni: We‘ve been thrown. Into our abominable past, eh.
Elraine: I do not understand ... Why have you chosen the path of pain, of
your own volition?
Elraine: If you would understand the power of the Goddess, all your wishes
will be realized.
Nanaly: But having it made like that, what kind of value would that be?
Nanaly: It’d be meaningless! If we‘ve struggled to get it, then we have value!
Judas: You can not always choose the right path. And that's why anyone who
has a painful past or sad memories, understands.
Judas: But even those errors that should never be repeated, and those
countless regrets, are proof that we exist.
Judas: No one can deny such a thing. No. .. you can not make anyone deny it!
Elraine: Maybe for you it is. However ... For them it's different.
Elraine: Everyone is trying to be free of pain. They want their hopes to become
Reala: No, people have only forgotten.
Reala: Have you forgotten how useless it is fictionus bliss is. And that true
happiness lies in the work people do.
Reala: One day they will surely learn. Like how Kyle and others did.
Kyle: Right, we've found it. Thanks to Reala ...
Reala: Kyle ...
Kyle: So, we’ll be going back to the story that you’ve stolen!
Kyle: And also we’ll get our true happiness back! At all costs!
Elraine: ... Cease pining in vain. No matter what you think, it will not change
Reala: But it will change. The strength in the feelings of the people, is
capable of anything. So ...!
Reala: Now we will travel in time. The time is ... The war between heaven
and earth.
Loni: To bring the story back to normal!
Nanaly: We‘ll definitely fix it!
Judas: I am at your service!
Kyle: Reala, come on! Let's reclaim our history!
Reala: Yes!
Elraine: What fools ... Not to expect anything how sad ...

~Ground Troops Military Base~

/ Dialogue \
Kyle: This is the world a thousand years ago, the period of the war between
heaven and earth ...
Nanaly: Ok, we‘re here now and that’s all fine, but now what?
Judas: First, we collect information. On how Elraine intends to turn the tide
of the conflict ...
Judas: If you do not find out, we can not move accordingly.
Loni: By the way, this place ... It’s not the military base of ground troops?
Look, there's IXI Fossler.
Judas: Apparently, yes. Very good, from here it will be easier to get
Kyle: Well, then let's try to talk to people here.

-> Skit
Reala: Hey, this is a military garrison, right? If you look around you’ll
see, we might look, suspicious here ...
Nanaly: Hmmm ... Now that you mention it, you're right. A closer look at us...
Shows we have the air of a group of soldiers.
Loni: Huh, yea, let's assume that, alright? If they suspected us for something
... What would become of us?
Judas: We would be immediately arrested and confined. And if they mistook
it for spies of Heavens army,
They would take us in front, and we would be court-martialed and sentenced
to death ... It could end this way.
Loni: Oh, ehiehi, don’t bring us bad luck! ... What should we do, Kyle? It’ll
be best not to wander around here.
Kyle: Hmmm ... However, I think we need to keep walking.
Loni: But you just don’t understand the importance of what you’re told ...?

-> Skit
Judas: For the moment, we just have to stay in this place. Let's move quickly.

/ Dialogue \
Kyle: ... What?
??: Look! You guys here I am! You hear what I have to say!
??: You can’t be crazy enough to enter the failed experiment parts section!
You get it!
Loni: What is this?
Nanaly: Boooh ...
??: Don’t you idiots understand that you have to be still! You’ll be reduced
to scraps, and go straight into the garbage!
??: Wha-what's ...
??: HEEEYYY! I think I told you I‘m your master!
Reala: Well, excuse us ...
Judas: It’s useless, Reala. She’s too taken up with her things.
Kyle: U-uwaah!
Loni: Hey, hey you! Why are you hiding?!
??: Sorry, guys! I think I need to fix you!
Loni: ... You were referring to us?
??: And who else could hear me here?
Loni: This isn’t any of our business!
Judas: It seems like that thing you considers us their enemies.
Loni: And you think it’s appropriate to say that so calmly?
Nanaly: Look, there's no time to mess around!

Kyle: Pheww, scared me!
Loni: What the heck, to get involved in something like this all of a sudden
Loni: Hey, baby. You're not hurt, right?
??: ........
Loni: ... What, what? Do I have something on my face?
??: ... TIE '!
Loni: Deeh! That, that, that ... What the heck's wrong with you, you freak!
??: Like what, now we're even.
Loni: haah!?
??: You destroyed my model HRX-2, didn‘t you? That's why we're even.
Loni: We're even ... It was you who said you should "fix" it!
??: No problem. Or would you like me to bring this matter to the court martial,
I’d be delighted too.
Kyle: Court Martial!? But then, so this part is ... The Operator of the ground
??: Well, there's nothing to do. Since you come from the future, you can’t
understand the circumstances.
Kyle: W-wait a minute! We haven’t said anything, how did you. ..
??: Oh, I've guessed right? The first thing I said was the most absurd thing
I've come up with.
Judas: In other words, we took the bait. We fell for it.
Judas: ... But even then, what makes you think that we come from the future?
??: Basically, there are thirty-six counts, with a transformation that
occurred in the atmospheric compounds caused by a
space-time distortion, and the way you yawn.
??: Ah, but the biggest thing was the "style"!
Reala: Style ...?
??: Sure, the style of women exceeds the chaos theory. Don’t you think?
Kyle: Hey, hey, is this "chaos theory"?
Nanaly: Dunno ...
Loni: Anyway, this girl is dangerous. Cut the rope!
Judas: However, to maneuver the robot, she must be part of the army.
Judas: And also, if she knows how to run the gadgets, she could be an assistant
of Dr. Harold.
Kyle: Dr. Harold is the one who built the IXI Fossler we used, right?
Judas: And by the Doctor, perhaps we could learn something more on the
intervention of Elraine.
Judas: Also, the Doctor has a twin brother, Karell, who is the best
strategist. He should be informed about the developments of the war.
 If only we could confer with Dr. Harold ...
??: You called?
Kyle: No, we didn‘t call you!
Kyle: But, but ... That person is really a scientist?
Loni: I would have doubts about her. She seems unlikely to be the assistant
of a genius scientist capable of calming even a desperate child?
??: Well, you called me?
Kyle: I said no!
??: But you just talked about a "genius of science." Weren’t you referring
to me?
Loni: ... It's not you. Your boss ... I mean, I don’t know but, do you know
by chance, Dr. Harold?
Judas: If it were possible, we would like to meet him. We want to talk to
??: Want to talk? Well then that’s very simple.
Kyle: Really? Then lead us to where the Doctor is!
??: No need. Come on, talk.
Loni: Hey, hey hey, not that kind of talk! We need to discuss something  with
Dr. Harold ...
??: You can do that very well here. Your so incomprehensible!
Loni: Yooouu ssstooop saying that! We need to talk with Dr. Harold, and since
you're his assistant ...
??: Assistant? I? Assistant who?
Judas: ... Are you not the assistant of Dr. Harold?
??: I am not an assistant.
Loni: Hah ... She’s crazy ... Alright, let's go.
??: Why I'm Harold.
Loni: Ok, ok, we understand, we understand. You’re Harold ...
Kyle: Huh? Wait, really ...?
Harold: Yes
Judas: Stop it with these silly jokes. It is not possible that you are Dr.
Harold ...
Harold: What’s on your back, isn’t it Chaltier?
Harold: The blade is slightly curved, length 67.3 cm. Including the handle,
the total length is 81.7 cm.
Weight 2.64 kg.
Harold:  On Chaltier’s handle, there are several grooves to hold it with both
hands. It’s sculptured in a raised zig-zag.
Harold: Its element is Earth. Only possible to use mostly spells of stone
or rock ...
Aah, you want to learn more about the early stages of spells?
Judas: To have such detailed information ...
Harold: As I naturally should. I’m the creator.
Loni: But, whaa! Dr. Harold is a man!
Harold: Oh, I knew it would end like this!
Harold: Baaah, because I have a male name,  you people are always wrong.
Harold: I bet, in the end you all fall! Geheh, geheheh!
Reala: So, then ... She really is Dr. Harold ...
Harold: Yes, but call me Harold. "Doctor" sounds a bit too stuffy, and it’s
not pretty.
Nanaly: Not at all nice, huh ...
Harold: Well, let‘s go alright?
Kyle: W-wait a second. Go, but.. where ...
Harold: I’ll introduce you to the others. To my subordinates, I mean.
Harold: It’s also easier to move in Radislow, aren’t I right?
Harold: ... Though, switching to serious things. At this time, you have to
keep this all absolutely a secret.
Kyle: Yeah, okay! I won‘t say anything to any other person then you, Harold.
Harold: Hah no, no! You have to keep it a secret from me too!
Kyle: Huh? But ..
Harold: If you gave me the answer to a problem, that’s suddenly so
interesting, it’d end up boring!
Harold: Got it? While engrossed in my thoughts I definitely want answers!
Harold: Well, to the Radislow! Let's go!
Kyle: ... Alright, well, come on guys ...
NOTICE: "Harold joined the party."
(…I think I just met a new form of insanity…)

-> Skit
Harold: Anyway ... About the state of the experiments, you’ve managed to break
my HRX-2 model.
Kyle, you're much stronger then meets the eye. How interesting! Hey, why not
go out with me later?
Reala: Eh? But, that’s not good!
Harold: Hm? So you want to see the dissecting too?
Reala: Dissecting ...?
Harold: Yeah. To investigate more on his physical abilities.
Reala: Oh, I..I can do without that ... Only you can do that Harold.
Kyle: W-wait! Only Harold can! Dissect me!?

-> Skit
Loni: What a surprise to discover that Harold Belserius was a woman! I can
imagine the surprised faces of history!
Judas: Even if you went back to the present and spoke to students, they would
not believe you.
Harold: Those who passed on the story are all to busy in their own way. Revolt
chores for their own benefits, how stupid.
When said, rumors walk alone.
Loni: Rumors walk alone ... Don’t say that, they'll be deliberately attacking
Harold: Guhuhuh! I managed to get away for a thousand years, it's all going
according to my expectations!

-> Skit <-
Harold: Right. I would like to clarify one thing, I highly recommend you do
not say anything at all, even by accident, about the future.
Kyle: We understand. Until you’ve finished thinking, we wont tell you
anything, alright?
Judas: It's not just for that. Try not to confide in people other than Harold.
Those who do not believe you, would think
You’re just weird, but if someone came to believe you, there is a possibility
that, they would use this for evil purposes.
Kyle:  Evil?
Judas: Knowing the future, one could use that information for military
strategies, and distort the story to his liking.
Harold: Exactly. Despite wearing a really weird mask, you say a few things
that make sense.
Judas: ... Hm. So there is nothing to worry about. Nobody could ever believe
nonsense from you all.
The only one that could even believe it is, someone like Harold, a "true
eccentric." Is the only one who would believe such a story.
Harold: Hm. Well, that's true. Surely only someone with a genius equal to
I, would go with something like that.
However, I like you just fine. Maybe it's just me, but your captivating.
So is there some particular reason you wear that mask?
Judas: GHH, do not touch my mask!
Loni: Oooh, Judas had to bite his words... I like this ...
NOTICE: "Harold was awarded the title: 'Eccentric'."

-> Skit <-
Nanaly: Hey, Harold. Wouldn‘t you like to the know the future?
Harold: And why? If you were aware of the future, It‘d ruin all the fun.
Loni: Well, that's true, maybe. But if you knew the future, wouldn‘t it make
the battle easier?
Harold: You’re really dumb! If I knew the answer that‘d solve the problem,
it wouldn‘t be any fun.
Reala: So ... For you, it’s only about whether it will be fun or not ...
Harold: Yes! That‘s why I‘m working with you, because it seems fun. Being
face to face with people from
the future, that can travel through time, its a unique experience!

-> Skit <-
Harold: Let's go deeper into the ground troops military base.
And there I'll introduce you to all the others.

/ & Various NPC \

(Outside to the South)
[Examining Harold’s robot]
Harold: Return, return ~!
NOTICE: "You've got: 'Battle Costume'." (Making mental note to figure this
out when I get here playing the game)

[Soldier who’s walking in the area]
Soldier: You guys have rather unusual armor. Which squad do you belong with?
Nanaly: Squad? I don’t understand military matters.
Soldier: What are you talking about? Ah, then you are temporarily conscripted
civilians, right?
Soldier: How sad, that civilians should take up arms ... The militias have
their own dignity.
(Talking to again)
Soldier: Soldiers should exist to protect civilians.
Soldier: I've really fallen down on the job, if they request the assistance
of civilians.

[Soldier who’s walking in the south-east]
Soldier: Heh, could you believe it? We’re supposed to go into battle using
weapons like swords and bows, against Belcrant?
Soldier: We will get destroyed. We can not win.

[Soldier wearing blue in the south-east]
Soldier: I am a new member to the military. And to think that until now I
had been living without any
relationship with the army ...
Soldier: The military is real hard. You must continue to stand even in the
midst of a storm ...
(Talking to again)
Soldier: Oops, if I complain, my superiors won‘t be happy. I have to do  my
job guarding well.
Soldier: But it’s so cold, I’m at risk of freezing to death.

[Guards at the gate to the south-east]
Guard 1: Come on! No enemy targets have been sighted for several days now.
Guard 2: As long as the conditions don’t change, we will continue to take
care of surveillance.
(Talking to again)
Guard: Come on! Are you careless or what?
Judas: No, sorry to have disturbed you.

[Commander in the North-east, wearing a blue coat]
Supplies Commander: I was told that the food supply chain was intended to
be sold illegally, in the neighborhood.
Supplies Commander: What do they think they are, luxury goods? If I find the
culprits, I will discipline them well.
(Talking to again)
Supplies Commander: Food, equipment, all these things are not enough.
Supplies Commander: The morale of our troops is high, and we can still do
something to
ward off the discontent, but we can not use to much, we are at our limit.

[Officer and three subordinates, after exploring other areas]
Option C: GROUND TROOPS! ( Little one-sided here aren’t we? Lol)
(Talking to again)
Option A: HURRAH '!
Option B: HURRAH'!
Option C: HURRAH '!
(And yet again)
Submitted to: URRA '!
Option A: HURRAH '!
Option B: HURRAH'!
Option C: HURRAH '!

[Seller Rune Bottle]
Seller Rune Bottle: Here we trade in Rune Bottle.
Seller Rune Bottle: A bottle is (tot) Galdo, buy a Rune Bottle?
"The buy" "I bought 5 (totx5 Galdo)" Course "Refine" "I do not need"
-> I do not need
Seller Rune Bottle: You can create wonderful objects using the Refine Rune
-> The buy / I bought 5
Seller Rune Bottle: Thank you so much for buying.
-> Refine Course
Seller Rune Bottle: What you would like to know?
"1. What is the Refine" "2. Transforming objects" "3. Summary of arms" "Next
"4. On slot" "5. Refine accessories" "6. Armaments on which you can use the
Refine" "Previous Page"

*Note: I’ll come back and mention what’s what, about the supplies, like
whether they are Items or Ingredients etc.. I’ve been working on script then
playing some, and making corrections here and there.

( Southern section)
[Man in the intermediate landing]
Supplies Commander: We strictly control food. Even if your in the army, it‘s
not going to be free.
Supplies Commander: Come back again.

[Woman with scarf on her head to the bottom floor]
Ingredients Seller: The supplies are running out! How terrible.
Ingredients Seller: I guess, we’ll all die of hunger.

[Crate to the South]
"There are barrels of food on which the mold is growing."

[Angry Woman]
Lady: You! Listen for a moment!
Lady: Some foolish soldier, said he does not sell his goods to us refugees!
Lady: I do not know how it will affect the stocks, but we also have the right
to live!
(Talking to again)
Lady: What the heck! These soldiers are not accommodating at all!

(Middle section)
[Man in green and the next]
Black market: Heheh ... Hey beautiful! I have some beautiful merchandise.
Want a look?
Harold: Hey, you! Aren’t those for the army!? It’s illegal to sell that armor!
Seller: Uwa! Wow! Your part of the army!
Black market: Sorry, sirs and beautiful! Come back again with this young lady!

(Eastern section)
[Two men]
Instructor: What is the federation of the heavenly army?
Instructor: It is Miktran and his subordinates, who want the power of
Dycroft, it is he who sparked a war.
Instructor: This war has been generated by the ambitions of Miktran and his
minions, how absurd.
(Talking to again?)
Instructor: ... Days ago, I was awarded the rank of commander. I never thought
that one like me could be in charge of novices.
Instructor: Well, that's the way things are. The real bad part is that they
don’t pay attention to appearances.
Instructor: It’s true that my subject is pathetic. I would not want to spend
the rest of my life
 instructing novices with no experience.
Instructor: Never move someone like him forward!
(Uncertain on this part, I’ll take a look at it when I play)

Official: If a comet were to fall, all militias armed for the maintenance
of public security
would fall.
Officer: Of course, even more staff would be able to distribute food to no
Official: Can we really fight Belcrant with nothing more then these wooden
poles ...?

[Huge weapon like a crossbow]
"There are rifles  280 mm down from earth'."

(Workshop West section)
[Soldiers around the desk]
Soldier: The more days go by, worse it gets. Can we really win against the
heavenly troops?
High-ranking officer: Soldier. Your job is not to think. It’s to move.
Official: Right. I understand, Colonel Raiker, we must think. Let Lieutenant
Dymlos deal with it.
Official: The rest of us  are only weapons, we have to obey the orders given
to us.
Soldier: Yes sir!
(Talking to again)
Soldier: What is the birthplace of Captain Messer?
High-ranking officer: Hey, soldier. That question has a price.
High-ranking officer: Great, if you really want to know the past of the
Captain, it will cost 300 Gald.
Official: Wait until you have 500 Gald, so we can divide them equally.
Official: Again, if you manage to live until then.

[Bottles to the right of the door downstairs]
"There are bottles of wine that give off a strong odor. It’s called moonshine
Soldier: That’s alcohol for the paramedics. If you drink it to get drunk.
Well, it would be useless in combat.

[Food in south]
"There’s emergency food stored here."

[Angle on the walkway below]
"There is a passage blocked by chains. It seems that this section is not used."

(Outside North)
[Officer with the blue coat who’s walking in the neighborhood south of the
Official: In the battle a few days ago, my squadron has reported heavy losses.
The result of my wrong commands.
Official: The responsibility is all mine. I intended to stick to the opinion
of the court martial.
(Talking to again)
Officer: I understand how painful it is to take the responsibility of people's
Official: Colonel and Lieutenant Raiker and Dymlos bear that pain. Those who
are so great ...

[Soldiers in the space in the middle]
Soldier A: Hey, brother! You know the story about the group called the "Dark
Soldier B: Yes! Of coarse. Your talking about the special squad, that moves
Soldier A: I'm sure its members are the elite weapon! How I wish that I come
close to them! (…………… interesting)
(Talking to again)
Soldier B: "Dark Wings", eh! I want to meet them on the battlefield!
Soldier A: Absolutely! If we are hiding behind, we‘ll live!

[Man with orange cap in the east]
Non-commissioned Special Abilities: We use rifles made from scrap wood, but
better than nothing.
Non-commissioned Special Abilities: Anyway, who knows for how long we can
fight with equipment like this ...
(Talking to again)
Non-commissioned Special Abilities: It’s a problem to do maintenance with
this storm.
Non-commissioned Special Abilities: But this is my job. I can not even

[Officer in the upper area to the north]
High-ranking officer: Lately, there are more and more open criticism about
our army.
High-ranking officer: Both civilians and soldiers should stay quiet and
follow orders!
(Talking to again)
High-ranking officer: Providing ground troops for body and soul! Only this
way, will you get victory!

[Shelf and stretcher]
"There are stretchers for the paramedics to use for simple afflictions. All
of them are really worn."

[Medicine on the cabinet to the left in the south]
"Only a few medicine bottles are found."

"The fire seems to burn endlessly."

Soldier: The great men on board the Radislow can not understand the sufferings
we undergo.
Soldier: We could lose our life right here. It would be so nice if services
would improve, even slightly.
(Talking to again)
Soldier: Well, being as high as the suffering is, I wish they’d also
understand that,
we suffer, and we fight at the cost of our lives.

(Weapons & Armor Shop)
[Armor Seller]
Armor Seller: I have already sold all of my best pieces. I still have
something, what do you need?
Armor Seller: Come back again.

[Weapons Seller]
Weapons Seller: The inventory is scarce. And even if you are of the army,
I may not deliver
the goods for free.
Weapons Seller: Until next time.

[Heavy equipment in the center]
"It seems like some kind of engine? But who knows what it’ll ever be ..."
Boy: This is a piece of the reactor at the Heavenly Capital. I took the trouble
to drag it here from the capital of
Heaven, that had collapsed.
Boy: An valuable piece. To build something like it with our technology, would
be unthinkable.
The people of the past were really great.

[Boy on the right of machinery]
Boy: I will become a scientist, and help build many cars all over the world!
Boy: So I am studying a lot right now.

[Girl with the red cape]
Girl: Every day I have nothing to do. Why can‘t we go far away from here?
Girl: This war is a pain.
(Talking to again)
Girl: Lately, distribution is scarce. Mom is worried.
Girl: Why not eat until we can fill our bellies?

[Scholar on the shelf]?
Scholar: This is a gimmick that we are currently developing, the wheel.
Scholar: It’s missing parts, so the work can not continue. Unfortunately,
you can’t use it in
fighting for now.
(Talking to again)
Scholar: If only we had the appropriate parts, we would be able to finish
it right away.
Scholar: Well, I will build it slowly after the war ends.

[Woman dressed in orange and green]
Girl: For how many years, will we not see the sun?
Girl: I don’t even remember the blue sky.
(Talking to again)
Girl: I wonder if it will stop snowing before I become an adult.

/ Dialogue \
Harold: This is a court-martial. It seems to be full.
Harold: The most important person is Raiker. Then, it goes Dymlos, Chaltier,
Igtenos, and Karell my brother.
Dymlos: What are you doing, Harold? We are discussing now, come back later.
Harold: Wait a second, I'll hurry. You see these, are my new subordinates.
Treat them well!
Dymlos: New subject ...? Who gave you permission?
Igtenos: These simple kids? What are your intentions, Harold?
Harold: If I tell you who killed my model HRX-2, would you’d agree with me,
Chaltier: They killed that!? But it's a great ...
Dymlos: But ordinary mortals are mere mortals. And they are just kids. There
is no reason that I approve of this.
Kyle: W-wait a second! Only kids ...
Dymlos: It’s better for you to remain silent!
Harold: Any way’s, that's it. I will put these kids in the squadron engineers.
Harold: And the engineer in charge of the squadron would be me, right?
Dymlos: I do not approve. The responsibility of all squads is the lieutenant,
and that is me.
Harold: Oh yeah? Very well, from now on, we’ll take different paths.
Harold: It's up to you to develop a strategy to penetrate Dycroft, right?
Karell: Hey, Harold!
Raiker: Enough.
Raiker: I recognize them as official soldiers of the ground troops.
Dymlos: Colonel Raiker!
Raiker: Lieutenant Dymlos. I am in charge of final decisions of the army,
Raiker: ... It's up to Harold. Once she gets something in her head, she won’t
wait to hear any answers.
Harold: Great, you understood my speech!
Karell Harold! Don’t address the Colonel like that ...!
Raiker: Come on, Lieutenant Karell.
Raiker: Anyways, how about telling us who you are?
Kyle: Oh, right!
Kyle: I'm Kyle Dunamis.
Loni: Like him, I’m Loni Dunamis.
Reala: My name is Reala.
Judas: Judas is my name.
Nanaly: Nanaly Fletch.
Raiker: Hm, pleasure.
Raiker: As for Harold‘s matter, you will be assigned to the squadron
Dymlos: But if you make mistakes, it will be our trouble. I give the
directions. You MUST obey my orders.
Harold: Yeah, they understand.
Harold: Anyways, Dymlos. You were explaining a strategy? Could you start
Dymlos: Are you going to make yourself listen to this?
Harold: I am my own escort, after all. Any problems? If so ...
Dymlos: All right, all right.
Dymlos: The objectives of this strategy are twofold. The first is the rescue
of the development team that Belcrant has
vowed to cooperate with our army.
Dymlos: And then ...
Kyle: Uh ... What’s Belcrant?
Loni: Look, they just said it before. It's a weapon that’s in Dycroft.
Dymlos: ... I could go?
Dymlos: And then the other, saving two comrades who had taken the
responsibility to stop Miktran’s plans.
Dymlos: That job will be for, Sir Clemente and Atwight.
Judas: Alright. What is our task?
Harold: You’ll help us move toward Dycroft. When we get there, you can give
us a hand.
Nanaly: A hand ... But we don’t know how to use those machines!
Harold: Oh, I'll manage that. It’s just a fish in the wreckage.
Reala: Fishing ... in the wreckage?
Harold: Well, you'll know when we get there.
Harold: Dymlos, we done for today? Well then, we‘ll be leaving.
Dymlos: I trust you, Harold. I‘ve put up with your whims. But next time, you'll
be. ..
Harold: Yeah, yeah, I understand.
Harold: Alright, let's go!

-> Skit
Judas: Harold, your older brother Karell, is definitely a brilliant
Harold: Of course. We are twins, and the blood is practically the same. Its
unrivaled even among the heavenly troops.
Once I tried to fight with him seriously.
Reala: The quarrel between you two would be the largest in history ...
Loni: What a irritating speech ...

-> Skit
Loni: Harold, you're Mr. Karell's twin sister? But your not like him at all.
Harold: My brother has a big head, and he’s super serious as you’ve seen,
the opposite of me. Really, who knows where he went wrong,
to become that way.
Loni: No. .. No one could be as wrong as you are.
Harold: Oh, what’s necessary to a scholar, is the flexibility of thought and
If I used common sense, I wouldn’t be able to invent anything.
Loni: Well, I beg of you, try to use a little more common sense ...

-> Skit
Harold: Presentations concluded. For now, Let's go to the materials storage.

PART 12 - Sair Lenneth

Txt version


/ & Various NPC \

(Strategies Hall)
[Karell, man from behind]
Karell: Oh my goodness ... Poor you, your stuck with Harold.
Karell: I know you will go through much suffering, but please, treat her well.
( Well isn’t that reassuring)
Harold: What do you want? Will you stop treating me like an endangered
(Talking to again)
Karell: She may be over eccentric, but she isn’t a bad person. I'm sorry,
but I would like to collaborate with her.

[Dymlos man with blue hair]
Dymlos: You are under my command. If you keep acting of your own free will
Harold: Ah, stop repeating it over and over, I already get it!

[Chaltier man with blond hair] (Blonde…)
Chaltier: Even if Mr. Dymlos doesn‘t agree, I'm glad you've joined us.
Chaltier: The more aid we have, the better. Dr. Harold assured us that you
are strong.

[Igtenos man with brown hair] (Brown?… I guess color got changed in the PS2
Igtenos: Her decisions are absolute. Once she dictated her conclusions, I
must stick to them.
Igtenos: However, the battle will show if you guys are really trustworthy
people or not.

[Raiker man with silver hair]
Raiker: I've decided to trust you, you have been approved by Harold. I want
you to continue to support us.
Kyle: Yes, Mr. Raiker. We’ll work hard!

(First basement)
[Officer with blue cloak]
Official: Both Lieutenant Raiker and Colonel Dymlos, are the type of men who
keep their problems to themselves.
Official: they always appear tough, but on the inside, maybe not.
Official: They have much-needed support from those around them.
(Talking to again)
Official: Sage Clement is my superior.
Official: He does not seem to be very active, but when I see him, I get shivers.
Officer: And if you suggest he retire, he begins to scream. Dear God ...

*The dictionary of me* Frigate: “A type of warship”
Official special abilities: Do you think the Radislow, is a frigate?
Official special abilities: It’s really not a frigate. It’s just a military
transport ship.
Official special abilities: We have no guns or weapons on board, that’s proof
enough, right?
(Talking to again)
Official special abilities: If we don’t have any weapons, how will we deal
with Dycroft? It’s Unthinkable!
Official special abilities: It’s suicide come under enemy fire in this state.

[Various points equipped the room] (??? Will come back to)
"There are weapons lined up, that need repairing."

[Man in the north]
Lord: I plan to go overseas to the mainland when the war is over.
Lord: I heard that there are many refugees overseas. I want to build a city,
and join forces with them.
(Talking to again)
Lord: Who knows what they will think of us.
Lord: Anyways, it’s a sad time, when war is so bad, you can not even paint
a picture.
Lord: And that's why we're working hard. We want people to understand.

(Men's room 1)
"In the box there a variety of foods."

[Container with a 'G' on it]
"Sketch of a 'costume Canbara Bear'." ( Ok… are they talking about an Eggbear?
I’m am clueless in this)

[Soldiers around the table]
Soldier A: What will you do, when this war is over?
Soldier B: Dunno ... I never thought about the future.
Soldier A: I'm thinking of building a village somewhere in the mountains.
(Talking to again)
Soldier B: A village in the mountains, eh. A life of cultivating fields?
Soldier A: Not a bad life, right? I've had enough of wielding swords.
Soldier B: You're right. If we survive, I’ll go with you.

[Soldier below]
Soldier C: Yo. Folks, where are you from?
Kyle: From Cresta. (…)
Soldier C: Cresta? Never heard of it.
Loni: Hey hey, Kyle. This is the war between, Heaven and Earth, there is no
Cresta yet.
Kyle: Oh, right ...

(Room of soldiers 2)
Child: My Dad joined the army.
Child: But hasn’t returned since he left.
Child: The other gentlemen soldiers say "Dad went to the kingdom of heaven",
but where is it located?
(Talking to again)
Child: I wonder if Dad will come back!

Soldier: Lately we’ve been distributing more than alcohol. What I would give
for a Bottle recur.
"Give him a Recur Bottle" Or "Do not give it to him"
-> Give him a Recur Bottle
Soldier: Oh! You want to give me a recur Bottle!? Thanks!
Soldier: As a reward, I will teach you something.
Choose from the following:
"The secret of Belserium"
"The secret titles of combat"
"The Secret of the Sorcerer Scope"
-> The secret of Belserium
Soldier: Belserium is a mineral that can be used as material to build powerful
Soldier: If given to blacksmiths, could create something.
Soldier: It seems that you are more likely to use Belserium to make a "Cava
-> The secret of fighting titles
Soldier: There are many titles that you can receive when you finish a battle.
Soldier: If you do something different from usual, maybe you will get one?
Soldier: Even stupid things. Try to do different things.
(Reminds me of Symphonia, if you make Sheena escape then, not escape, from
battle several times, you get the “Indecisive” Title, very fun stuff)
-> The Secret of the Sorcerer Scope
Soldier: Don’t think for a second, that you have found every secret place,
on your journey.
Soldier: There were many streets or strange places you can visit.
Soldier: Using the Sorcerer Scope you can make new discoveries. For example,
the entry of certain ruins.
(In case you have didn’t have a recur Bottle)
Kyle: We don’t have a recur Bottle.

[Box with 'L' above]
"It seems to be a box used for a ballot. ‘Beauty contest for the ground
troops'." (Well… that was interesting)

[Basket top right]
"It’s a basket of laundry. There’s dirty clothes packed in here."

[Book on the table]
"There is a book entitled: 'Experiments on the odds.' Picking a card e. ..?"
"Red card. 'The probability of drawing this card is 128 to 1024'."

(Harold’s personnel laboratory)
[On the left of the Snowman]
“It’s 'the idol of Phantomile. It has adorable long ears, and is very

[Computer to the right of the doll]
"A car suspected of comprising representatives, suspect data. Perhaps it’s
a  crazy research of Harold’s."
Harold: I'm not doubtful.
NOTICE: "Harold was awarded the title of 'Suspects'."

[Little dragon on the desk in the middle of the laboratory]
"'Dragon lens with an artificial intelligence'. ... A machine invented by
the suspicious Harold."

[Notes to the center of the desk]
"It’s a map of the Swordian project. It explains in detail the method to infuse
personality Core to Crystal. "

[red machinery below]
"It says 'Motor-experimental IXI Fossler'. It’s a giant machine. Maybe in
the future, this engine will be
IXI-implanted Fossler ... "

[Mobile on the right, a little further down the bed]
"There are many well loved accessories by Harold ..."
"On a mirror there are letters engraved. 'Belserius East'. Is it the real
name of Harold?"

"It’s Harold‘s bed, typical of a girl who has typical hobbies girl.
Her clothes are scattered on the bed ... "
"Looking at the embroidery on a dress ... It says Belserius Catherine on it
"Looking at the embroidery on a different dress ... It says Belserius Camille
on it ..."
"I don’t understand this at all ..." ( You and me both Kyle)

[Log  to the north of the Mobile]
"It looks Harold’s diary ..."
"If you look at the characters on the cover ... It says Jennifer Belserius

[Red plushie north of the mobile]
"It’s 'the plush of a character you've already seen, somewhere ..."

[Machinery of the prototype with Swordian]
"It says, 'Swordian - First Exemplary Experimental'."

(Chaltier and Igtenos’s room)
[Computer on the table]
"It's a car belonging to Igtenos. Ordinates of the theses have appeared on
the strategies of war."

[Diary on the table]
"It’s 'the diary of Chaltier.' ... I want to be as strong as Lieutenant Dymlos
soon, then I’ll make those who made fun of me see ...'."
"... It would be better not to read any further."

[Mobile right next to the bed]
"In here there are Chaltier‘s books. 'A life of fun', 'I will not lose against
the pressure',
'How to distinguish a greater good from a bad one.' "

[Items to the south]
"Personal items of Igtenos. It’s 'a locket containing the portrait of a

( I am finding this entertaining, fun to get to know them on a more personal
level, I’d be scared of Clemente’s  room though)

(Karell's Room)
Soldier: Do you want to rest?
-> Yes
Soldier: I wish you a good rest.
Soldier: Time to wake up.
-> No
Soldier: Come here to rest whenever.

[Cabinet by the door]
"There seems to be a backpack used by Karell."

[Book on the desk]
Kyle: Here it is!
NOTICE: "You have found the many riddles quiz book!"
NOTICE: "New quizzes have been added."

(Dymlos’s room and the congress hall)
[Items on the northern wall]
"They are many resources maps with military positions, gathered here."

[Desk to the left]
"It’s Dymlos's desk. There is even a superfluity."

"Dymlos’s bed is extremely simple. It looks like what the other soldiers use."

(Second basement)
[Soldier with three children]
Instructor: If we are defeated, it's up to all of you take up arms!
Instructor: And again, you let your children inherit your pride!
Child A: Sir! Yes sir!
Child B: Sir! Yes sir!
Child C: Sir! Yes sir!
(Talking to again)
Instructor: Starting tomorrow we will start a physical training base!
Instructor: Work hard, and become exemplary soldiers!

[Material stacked around]
"Materials for the Radislow. It seems that the ground troops use these in
the recycling process."

[Girl walking]
Girl: We are all tired. Cabbages, I’ve had enough of this life.
Girl: If the war doesn’t stop soon, my spirit will collapse.
(Talking to again)
Girl: It seems that we won’t have food for another month.
Girl: Even if we win the war, we can‘t stay here.

[Old man with green cap]
Old man: If the troops lose this war, what will become of our world?
Old man: Maybe we’re all going to die, following the orders of the heavenly
(Talking to again)
Old man: Because I have lived so long, it is not so bad, but the kids ...

Chef: The necessary ingredients for pie are: crust, potatoes, onions, cabbage
and tomato.
(NOTE: The mess would be the "Borsch", ie a kind of soup / Russian pie.
Appeared even earlier, probably here translated as minestrone. Even soup can
be good, I think.) < - -* Not my note, original translator* -Sair Lenneth
Chef: I'm looking for the ingredients. If you find them, will you bring them
to me?

[Woman on the upper floor]
Weapons Seller: You need something?
Weapons Seller: Thank you.

[Lady in the northeast]
Lady: We adults, are well accustomed to a life as refugees, but I feel sorry
for those children who are still growing.
Lady: Stuck in this place, without friends, without anything to eat.
Lady: So please, if nothing else, will you keep those children company.
(Talking to again)
Lady: Damn that Miktran. He is said to have started this, and all for his
lust for power.
Lady: I would not have any regrets if you killed a man like that.

~Ground Troops Military Base~

/ Dialogue \
Kyle: Hey, Harold. Could you tell us where we’re heading?
Harold: The "Materials Deposit" East of here. But it was hit by Belcrant,
so for now it can‘t be used.
Loni: What are we going to do there, then?
Harold: I told you. Fishing in the wreckage.
Harold: To travel safely, every ship needs a steering wheel, right?
Therefore, we will build it by collecting usable parts.
Harold: So follow me, and no more saying anything! Once we get all the pieces,
it‘ll be a breeze to build.
Nanaly: I don‘t mind following you, but ... You know, we don’t have a map
for this age.
Nanaly: E 'in the East, I agree, but how do we get there?
Harold: I already have thought of that. Here is a map for you! With this you
should understand, right?
NOTICE: "Harold was awarded the title 'Chief of Engineers Squadron'."

-> Skit
Loni: Hey, Harold. You’re a brilliant scientist, right? So, I ask only one
thing, turn me into a more desired man. A man capable of getting girls
screaming "Great, Wooonderfullllll Loni! Kyaaaaaah!", from all around the
world. Can you do this? Eh eh, eh?
Harold: Sure. It’s an easy job.
Loni: Great! Alright Harold, I put my fate in your hands!
Harold: Well, first of all, we must change your gray matter.
And then, I'll have to make improvements to every part of your face ... No,
maybe if I change everything from the neck up, it’ll take less time ... Oh,
by the way, I still have pieces from the
HRX-2 model.
Loni: No, never mind ... Sorry I asked ...

-> Skit
Harold: Let's go to the materials storage. It’s located in the East from the
ground troops military base.

~Materials Storage~

/ Dialogue \
Reala: This, is the materials deposit?
Nanaly: It looks like it was hit by falling stars.
Harold: We stopped designing the building. But I've seen worse. It hasn’t
been directly affected, for this was so.
Loni: I just don’t understand. Why did they have to build something like
Belcrant ...
Harold: And why not! It was built to generate a new surface! I‘ll have you
Kyle: Huh? It was made for that?
Harold: Initially, Belcrant was suspended in the sky, able to finely grind
the surface.
Harold: By suspending the stones and rocks, it could have created a new
continent floating in the sky.
He had to build towns and cities.
Judas: Initially, all human beings would have to migrate to this floating
Judas: However, only human beings from the privileged classes, called the
Eteriani, will use it.
Nanaly: And the land who opposed this decision, unleashed a revolt, known
as the war between heaven
and earth.
Judas: That's right. And as soon as the conflict started, they changed
Belcrant into a deadly weapon ...
Harold: Well, that’s the way things are. There’s no doubt that it can be used
as a weapon ~ When firing at full power,
not even a bird can fly.
Reala: A machine built to help people, has become a means to kill them ...
Reala: The group that developed it must have been really cruel ...
Harold: It's just like my Swordians. A tool for killing can also become an
instrument of salvation.
Harold: However, if we want the next strategy to be a success, there's still
time! Let's get to work.
Kyle: All right!
Harold: Wait a second! ... I sense a strange smell.
Harold: Argh, what a mess! The chemicals caught fire.
Judas: Poisonous gas? We can’t get ...
Harold: Oh, okay, no problem! It’s certainly dangerous, but, hopefully you
should be able to bear it, for 10 minutes.
Loni: Seriously?
Harold: Seriously.
Harold: Listen to me. The object of the mission, is kept in a container that’s
at the deep level of the storage materials. Got it?
Harold: But, to open it, you have to break different protections.
Harold: They should drop keys "Keys to Unlock the Guards" here and there.
You’ll find them all.
Kyle: Un-understood.
Kyle: But, but is it really safe to enter!?
Harold: I think I already told you, that if we only spend 10 minutes there,
it won‘t be a problem.
Harold: ... However, past 10 minutes, I can’t guarantee your life. Got it?
Ten minutes, ten!

-> Skit
Loni: Even though you knew about it‘s terrible powers, no one cares about
Harold: If we lost to this war, we’d have to obey the other side forever.
This war is just what I‘m looking for. To think they can reverse the conditions
of inequality, hah what a joke!
Kyle: Your having fun?
Harold: There's no fun in solving a problem that you can easily find the answer
for. Instead, solving an equation
considered "impossible", it's really very fun.
Judas: Well ... Can you solve that equation?
Harold: The answer is you who come from the future, already know how, right?
So then, there is no need to rush,
the answer will appear soon. They are the Swordians I built with my brother
and the others.  (This line confuses me a tiny bit)

-> Skit
Harold: The thing we’re looking for should be in a container under
surveillance by security, so, first,
we must see to find all the keys to unlock the safe.

(Internal storage)

-> Skit
Kyle: Hey, hey, Harold. Is it really safe to be here? My head‘s starting to
Harold: Hm. Perhaps those of the future have less resistance to gas, than
we do? It’s a matter of
interesting study.
Loni: Then that means only you'll be fine, and that we’ll all fall on the
ground first!?
Harold: You'll be fine. If you were to fall, we’d implanted artificial lungs
in you. Or, why am I only limiting it to the head? I could make you completely
into a machine.
Loni: Ah well then! We don‘t have time to be standing around chatting! Let's
look for those keys!

/ & Various NPC \

(First room)
Memo: "... It seems that we have been targeted by Belcrant. Unfortunately
we had to leave the materials
on the shelves. I decided to leave the method to disabling the  protection,
in the event that this
place and materials must be used. "
Memo: "To disable the lower security level, these three chips are needed:
Bio-Chip, Cell-chip, gene chip.
By disabling the lower level of security, you will get the universal key.
Memo: "To unlock the high level of protection, these three keys are needed:
The Universal Key, Bio-Key,
Cell-Key. Collecting all the keys, you will be able to open the container
that is at the deepest level of the warehouse. "
Memo: "In addition, for your safety, make sure not to bring external chips
or keys with you.
This is a structure that will disintegrate to temperature change. ... I pray
that these materials are
used in order to end the war. The person in charge. "

[Various points around the room]
"There is nothing special."

[Container bottom right]
NOTICE: "Bio-chip, Cell-chip and Gene-chip, this container needs of all three

[Putting all the boxes in the machine]
NOTICE: "You've got the Cell-chip."
Harold: It’s a key that turns off the lower level of protection. There should
there be two others like it. "
Harold: Ah, right. You can’t get out of here with this.
Kyle: Huh, why?
Harold: It's sensitive to changes in heat! If we take it with us and cause
a change, it would fall to pieces in no time.

NOTICE: "This container needs the Universal key, its protected by the
security system."

(Room on the bottom)
NOTICE: "There is a large container. It seems that it needs these three keys:
Bio-Key, Universal Key and Key-Cell."

Harold: Ah, there is the laboratory latter. We can‘t go there.
Kyle: Laboratory? How do you know?
Harold: Before, when I came here ... When there was still gas, eh, I happened
to glimpse something.
I used it to build the Swordians, at some point
(Looking at again)
Harold: Ah, there is the laboratory later. We can‘t go there. I used it to
build the Swordians, at some point.

[Container down in the room]
NOTICE: "You've got the Gene-chip."
Harold: It’s a key that turns off the lower level of protection. There should
be yet another one. "

[Small containers in the room]
NOTICE: "You got the Bio-chip."
Harold: With these three keys we get the universal key. It should be here

[Coming down the destroyed staircase]
NOTICE: "Do you want to jump down to the floor below?"
"Jump down" Or "Don’t do it"

-> Skit
Harold: You can’t leave here with those keys. If the lower levels undergo
a radical change in climate, it‘ll, swish, and,
Vanish. Got it?
Nanaly: So we have to hurry up and find the other keys.

/ & Various NPC \

(First room)
[Container bottom right]
NOTICE: "You've got the master key using the Bio-chip, the Cell-chip and
Harold: This is the Universal Key. With this, we can disable most of the
Harold: The Key Universal won’t disintegrate with the temperature changes,
so we can go out for a second and rest.

-> Skit
Harold: The Universal Key tolerates changes in temperature, so it's okay to
go! It might be good to go outside for a breath of fresh air ~ Okay?

/ & Various NPC \

[Looking at the container holding the Universal Key]
NOTICE: "You've got the Bio-Key."
Harold: This is the key to disable the security level.
Harold: "Universal Key", "Cell-key", "Bio-Key." Using these three keys on
the container materials,
we can disable the security.
Harold: However, both the "Cell-key" and the "Bio-Key" are sensitive to
So you can‘t go outside now. If you went outside with this, it would fall
to pieces!

[Container in the room]
NOTICE: "You've got the Cell-key."

(Room on the bottom)
[Looking at the container with the Universal-Key, Bio-Key and Cell-Key]
NOTICE: "With all three keys, the Bio-Key, Universal Key, and Cell Key, you
have disabled the protections."
Harold: Hmm, well, the pieces we need are this valve, the spout, these
heat-resistant materials, ah. ..
Harold: Good. These should be enough right here. We just have to assemble
Kyle: Can you really build a vehicle that can fly, by mixing this junk?
Harold: Normally, only those ingredients aren’t enough to build it?
Loni: ... Uh, no, I guess you’re the only one who could actually do that.
Harold: I don‘t get what your saying, at all.
Harold: Well, the mission is complete. Let's get out of here right away.

-> Skit
Harold: Alright! Now that we have taken this, we just have to get back and
build a rocket.
Kyle: "Build", huh ... You say it like it’s easy.
Harold: Why it is easy. It‘ll be just one night to assemble a worthy one.
Loni: And we should, get on this thing that’s been made in "one night" and
"worthy" ...
Harold: Don‘t worry. I‘ll go along with you too.
Loni: ... I don’t think you understand what the real problem is ...
Harold: I know, I know. Be quiet and leave everything to me!
Kyle: That smile of yours is scaring me...

-> Skit
Judas: Harold, what are the chances of this rescue mission, being a success?
Harold: Hmmm. If you're referring to that, we'll make it, don‘t you think
Judas: A vague answer for a genius like you.
Harold: If your asking for percentages, considering there are many uncertain
elements, I can’t give you an exact answer.
Loni: Hey, hey. Does that seem like a good idea, saying “uncertain elements”
in an important military mission?
Harold: But, since we are, we should be able to get away, even without
predictions. Am I wrong?
Loni: Haah. Well, thanks to a certain someone, we’ve been involved in manny
"battles that we don’t know the fate of"
and every time we‘ve managed through it. So the end should be ok, right?
Reala: Yeah
Nanaly: Yep
Judas: Hmm..
Kyle: Wh-why are you all looking at me ...?

-> Skit
Loni: Okay, because the ground troops were sent to the custody of Clemente
and Atwight, they’re called team Belcrant?
An old man and a woman doctor, can’t be much help, huh?
Harold: You're an idiot.(Right on Harold) When we surrender to the enemy,
you can’t just send only simple soldiers
as messengers, right? They can’t tell what might happen, it would only create
Loni: Now that I think about it, that‘s true. Having to do with weak
scientists, I guess these guys are better suited
to lower their guard.
Judas: Even assuming that this is so. Why did they not escort the soldiers?
Harold: Grandpa Clement insisted that there was enough protection without
him. We got a compromise,
and then we gave him an escort of a few people, and we told him he had to
protect too.
Loni: Oh my God ... What a annoying old guy. ( Ok this skit is iffy)

-> Skit <-
Kyle: So, now we’re even talking to people a thousand years ago, and we’ve
gotten them to cooperate with us?
It’s a great thing.
Nanaly: That‘s true, and I come from ten years after you, Reala, and then
Judas, who is from eighteen years before .
Of all the people who are from your same age Kyle, there’s only one non-good
Loni: And who exactly is good for nothing! ... To tell you the truth, if I
think about it, we're really a bunch of idiots.
Kyle: But, I still can’t get over it. It’s like we’ve known each other all
our lives.

-> Skit
Kyle: Not only the Radislow, all the technology from this age is fantastic!
Harold: To speak this way means that the technology of the future has not
made much progress.
Loni: Well we weren‘t born crazy, like some people.
Harold: Hmm. But there‘s pizza.
Loni: How wonderful, however! If you weren’t born, it would be a disaster.
( Not sure)

-> Skit
Harold: Well, we’ve gathered the essential materials, lets return to the
ground troops military base.

(Outside world)

-> Skit
Nanaly: Alright, that's it! Though I'm not sure if it’ll please the people
of this century.
Harold: Yes, yes! Well done, well done! It looks delicious!
Loni: Oooh! Luxury stuff! Well, I’ve got a good appetiiiito! ...... By the
way, you don’t cook, Harold? An essential feature
for a woman, is that she’s good in the kitchen.
Harold: This is a male bias. Naturally I cook when I get hungry during an
Although nooooo one ever eats what I cook.
Kyle: Heeh, why?
Harold: Normally, cooking with beaker and flask, its weird, right? ... In
addition, we sometimes use the experiments
For cooking to create new medicines, evil right?
Loni: ... Hey, Kyle. Let's never let this one in the kitchen ...

~Ground Troops military base~

/ Dialogue \
Harold: Alrighty, I’ll begin the production of the machine right away! You
guys go report to General Raiker.
Kyle: Eh? W-wait a minute!
Harold: Rocket fllyyy, flyyy ~! It spits gasoline, light and fire ~!
Loni: ... Hey, shouldn‘t we let someone else take care of her?
Nanaly: Dunno ...
Kyle: An-anyways, let’s go find Mr. Raiker.
NOTICE: "Harold was awarded the title of: 'Beautiful, intelligent, special,
and in tune.'"

-> Skit
Reala: What is it, Judas. You have a strange look on your face.
Judas: No, I was just thinking if the kidnapping of Atwight and Clement was
a fact, that was historically established ...
Reala: Perhaps it's because of the intervention of history, because of
Elraine ...!?
Judas: I don’t think so ... If the development team Belcrant had known about
the surrender before, it would have been too easy to fall
in that trap.
Loni: If that happened, the very existence of the Swordians would be in danger
If the winners were the troops of heaven, this world would be ... Become a
world where the land can
only live inside the cathedral ... Shit! I won’t forgive you for that!
Kyle: No it’ll be fine. This is exactly why we’re here, because we have to
work and change the story back to normal, right?
Judas: ... Speaking of strange expressions ... Kyle, you know you sometimes
actually talk sense.

-> Skit
Loni: Haah, we came back from a destroyed lab, and now we’re in a base full
of rednecks ...
I can’t see how I’ll gain anything, I really don‘t see.
Kyle: Gain?
Loni: Oh, I understand that this is a battlefield. But .. No, this is precisely
why there should be some
essentials here! Yeah, like ...
Nanaly: Like what, prey?
Loni: No, just like ... Na-Nanaly dear? Why are you cracking your fingers?
And so loudly!?
Nanaly: No it's just that, I was thinking that maybe what you need is a
Loni: Stop, Nanaly! What your doing to me is not a massage, its another
distortion of my muscles ... GWAAAAH!

-> Skit
Kyle: Let’s leave the job of building the rocket to Harold, and go report
back to Mr. Raiker.

/ & Various NPC \
Merchant in Black: Heheh ... Young men, I have some nice little things. How
about giving them a look?
Merchant in Black: Heheh ... Until next time.

Seller: Hey, how about a Bottle recur?
Merchant in Black: Heheh ... The price of those is a little inflated. The
stocks of alcohol are valuable.
Seller: Grr, you did what you wanted again I bet you that these were removed
unlawfully from the army!
Seller: Shit, those army bastards. How much longer are we going to live this

/ Dialogue \
Dymlos: Still not able to make a sketch of the interior in Dycroft? Time is
running out.
Karell: Its structure is quite complex, we have continued to produce sketches
all night.
We can not do more.
Dymlos: But ...
Karell: I don‘t want to say it, but it is too soon to plan a strategy, like
Karell: Under normal conditions, I would never plan a battle with so little
extra time available.
Dymlos: I know. But we have no time.

Loni: ... I don’t think it’s right to enter this atmosphere.
Karell: For now, there is no reason to hurry. As you know, until Harold has
finished her vehicle, we can not move.
Dymlos: However, Harold is too slow. If someone’s here selling gas ...
Kyle: ... Let's go, guys.

Raiker: Ooh, you all. What news do you bring?
Kyle: We have collected the essential materials. At the moment, Harold is
starting assemble everything.
Raiker: Hm, well done. We will wait until Harold’s vehicle is completed.
Kyle: That's ... Hey, we're not too tired. Is there anything we can do for
Dymlos: No need. Take a break until the beginning of the operation.
Kyle: Alright, but ...
Dymlos: This is an order.
Karell: Hey, we are grateful for the thought. Thank you, Mr. Kyle.
Kyle: Yeah ..
Karell: Dymlos, when the plan is completed, you would do well to go to your
room. Go to bed too.
Dymlos: ... Okay, I'll leave the rest to you.
Karell: Phew, poor me ...
Raiker: Do you feel anxious, Karell.
Karell: To be honest, Dymlos must have a license to worry about his subjects.
Sometimes it doesn’t hurt.
Nanaly: Worry his subjects ... Your talking about Mr. Dymlos?
Karell: Aah, you don’t know. He is the most popular among the soldiers.
Karell: One reason is his strength, which earned him the nickname "Storm
And besides that, the relationship he has with his subordinates.
Karell: He makes no favoritism or distinction, he is always impartial. He
encouraged them in difficult times
and shares his joy with them.
Karell: Well, no wonder he’s popular.
Loni: Heh ... So that‘s how it is. Honestly, it would seem.
Karell: Dymlos is very busy.
Karell: Next, you absolutely must succeed. That’s why everyone is very tense.
Kyle: I see ...
Karell: So, it’s not a bad idea to him. Once this operation begins  Dymlos
will be the same as always.
Kyle: Yeah, okay!

-> Skit
Kyle: Mr. Dymlos is really on edge.
Loni: Or maybe he doesn’t like us. And Harold took us there, saying that we
were subjected. Bah.
Nanaly: But, judging by the members of the Swordian group, Harold’s boldness
is one problem every day.
Judas: To not be cocky, and very patient, would not be her.
Loni: If you let her be as she is, it’d be hard enough to make her go eat.
Judas: I agree, maybe to her superiors, Harold is a source of headaches.
Loni: Hahahaha! How you blame her!
Nanaly: Well, if you always leave everything in the hands of Harold, we’ll
have many headaches.
Kyle: Hahaha! Maybe so!
Loni: ... Kyle, that was not funny.

-> Skit
Loni: We're done with the report. Let‘s follow his word, and rest a little.
Reala: I think he said "Go and sit in the room set aside for officers."

/ & Various NPC \

(Congress Strategies hall )
Karell: Wait till the vehicle is done. With that we will be able to penetrate
into enemy territory,
but by at the same time we also need your help.
Karell: I think that the operation will start tomorrow. Get ready. If you
want to relax, use my room as well.

Raiker: I hope that Dymlos’s impatience doesn’t backfire against him during
the operation ...

(Dymlos’s room)
Dymlos: This operation will put the Ground troops all around the world, at
stake ....
Dymlos: If we succeed in saving the Belcrant development team, then ...
Kyle: Mr. Dymlos ...
(Talking to again)
Dymlos: This operation will put the Ground troops all around the world, at
stake ....
There can be no mistakes ... Never.

/ Dialogue \
Soldier: Rest here until the beginning of the operation.
"Rest" Or "Do not rest"
-> Rest
Kyle: I'm really nervous! We get to fight alongside the Swordians!
Judas: If you get too excited, you'll get hurt.
Kyle: I know, I don‘t need you telling me that!
Loni: Well, there's nothing to do. We are talking about the Swordians, the
team of legendary heroes.
And they have boundless fame.
Loni: It’s totally useless to tell him to calm down. After all, thinking about
this guy's passion for heroes,
It’s natural to be so exalted.
Reala: Heheh! Right.
Kyle: Oh, not you too, Reala! You guys are mean!
Reala: But ... The way I see it, Kyle, you're a wonderful hero.
Kyle: If, if you say so ...
Nanaly: Yes, yes, of course! After all, Kyle is a hero just for Reala.
Loni: Aah, ridiculous. When your sad about something, you’ll get praise from
Loni: I’m going outside for a moment to get a little air. ... Hey, Nanaly
come with me.
Nanaly: And why should I go with you!
Loni: Try to read the atmosphere, stupid.
Nanaly: ... Ok, I will. But don’t get any ideas! Like you have any other
Loni: Alright fine, now let's go.
Judas: I'll go see about Harold.
Kyle: Oh, hahaha ... It seems that they all left...
Reala: ... Kyle. What I have said before ... Was not a joke.
Kyle: Huh?
Reala: They way I see it, you're a wonderful hero.
Kyle: Oh, hahaha ...
Reala: Kyle, yes, I believe, you will be able to fulfill my wishes.
Kyle: I-I‘ve got it! Good night, Reala.
Reala: I believe in you, Kyle. Understand my wishes.
Reala: ... Whatever happens, understand them ...

-> Skit
Reala: So in the end, Harold was able to complete her rocket?
Judas: So it seems. Although it is impossible to believe that she completed
it in one night ...
Loni: Guys, she’s really a special girl. The sister of Mr. Karell, and also
the same age?
Yet she has a nice face! Are we sure that she’s not a robot or something?
Nanaly: As usual, you say such shameless things. Of course, Harold is a little
unusual, but she’s a pretty and nice girl. She seems strange, but you don’t
have an eye for women.
NOTICE: "Harold was awarded the title 'Miss Face girl'."

-> Skit
Nanaly: Oh, Kyle. How strange, you're up early.
Kyle: Heheh ... I do what, I need to do ... I need to help everyone ...
Nanaly: Yeah. That‘s one way to put it, before this mission. Bravo, bravo!
Loni: Nanaly, you are a simpleton. This one is still asleep ... He's just
Nanaly: Huh ... wait really?
Loni: Really. Just watch ... TWWRAAAH!
Kyle: Ahiaaaa! ... Ah, Loni, good morning. I'm hungry.
Loni: You see?
Nanaly: Uh, huh ...

-> Skit
Judas: We need to go to the meeting room and see the rocket. Let’s move
everyone. Hurry up.

/ Dialogue \
Raiker: Just in time. We were beginning the explanations for the mission.
You can start, Dymlos.
Dymlos: First, we will land on Dycroft using the power of Harold‘s machine.
Next, we will divide
into two groups.
Dymlos: Group A, will save both the Belcrant development team, and also
Clement and Atwight.
Dymlos: Group B will have to distract enemies. Once group A has rescued them,
into the control room. Momentarily paralyzing all aspects of Dycroft.
Dymlos: At the interval in which Dycroft will be paralyzed, Group A and Group
B will meet.
The Radislow will return to the ship in a lifeboat.
Chaltier: Uh ... Can we not use the vehicle to return?
Harold: No, we will use it for the assault, and its a scheduled one-way trip.
Igtenos: If we used that machine for their return, we would let other people
watch it, the non-destroyed enemies.
Igtenos: In this mission, only a small number of privileged, will have to
raid, to deploy more military forces would be a wrong move.
Dymlos: Exactly. Alright, I will announce the assignment to each group.
Dymlos: In group A I'll be there, along with, Igtenos, Chaltier and Karell.
Dymlos: In group B, it will be Harold. Her escorts will be ...
Harold: Kyle and of course the others. You won‘t mind, right?
Dymlos: Roger ... concluded, are there any questions?
Dymlos: This absolutely has to go through. No matter what happens.
Dymlos: We are in your hands!
Raiker: The conference ends here. Everyone should go to the hangar. We will
wait for the winners.
Judas: Dymlos was great. As was to be expected from the supreme commander
of the Ground troops.
Even just before a mission, he can keep a cool head.
Loni: I understand, this is why he is so popular among soldiers.
Harold: ... Poor him. It's like my brother says, he’s too busy.
Kyle: Huh? But Mr. Dymlos seemed quite composed ...
Harold: You said the things he always says.
Reala: What he always says?
Harold: Yes, just before a mission, he always says that to his subordinates.
"Come home safe and sound."
Nanaly: Well ... What a nice guy, he wants his subordinates to live.
Harold: But today he said. It‘s different, fate will play a big role.
Kyle: I see ...
Harold: Well, for now let's go to the hangar.

-> Skit
Loni: Kyle, listen to me, we can’t get anything once we are in, Dycroft.
So make sure everything is good and ready, before we leave, then go up on
that machine. Got it?

-> Skit
Kyle: Let's get ready as we can, and then get on the rocket!
Harold: The hangar is in the basement of the building which is located just
out of the Radislow.
Kyle: Alright, let‘s go!

/ Dialogue \
Dymlos: After your alone. Climb on board after having prepared.
NOTICE: "Are you ready?"


/ Dialogue \
Kyle: Ahiohihiohiohio ... How the hell does this work! We’ll all end up
Harold: I'm not at all discombobulated. I entered the orbit after the
fluctuation is calculated carefully for the impact!
Loni: ... Wait a minute. This means that you have flown it before on purpose?
Harold: If it weren’t for all the incredible disruption, there‘d be no reason
to fly, right?
Kyle: ....
Harold: Yes, yes, all the calculations are fine. We landed in the hangar.
Harold: Look, here are the rescue ships. Remember this.
Soldier: The ground troops have landed with force! Send them against the
guards block G!
Do not let anyone live!
Karell: Terrible, it’s come much earlier than we thought.
Dymlos: No, sooner or later we would have had to anyhow. This is just sooner.
Dymlos: Well, the mission is launched! Harold, I leave the job of distracting
them, to you. All others, with me!
Kyle: We are your opponents! Let‘s go!

Loni: Very good, one less! Ok, now we go ...
Harold: Wait a second!
Kyle: What is it, Harold?
Harold: Have you ever fought against these monsters?
Kyle: Huh? Yes, we've fought them ... Why?
Harold: I see ... They come from the future, just like you people.
Reala: What does it mean?
Harold: I’ve never seen this kind of monsters.
Harold: There are some who look like normal, but these guys have evolved quite
Harold: In other words, it’s as if they were brought here by someone from
the future. Do you have any suspicions?
Loni: Making us have to fight them. It's all that damned Elraines fault.
Judas: Probably, her subjects have already infiltrated the heavenly troops.
They're giving them a hand.
Harold: Hmpf, hmpf ... In other words, your goal is to correct the course
of history.
Harold: That damned Elraine, going to let them win the war, supporting the
troops of heaven.
Harold: And you have come to stop her at this time.
Reala: Yes, exactly. We came here to protect the history from Elraine‘s
Harold: Disrupting the story seems pretty funny. Playing to the god, that
Reala: No, I would not call her a god. She's using her power to bring down
a goddess.
Harold: The power of a deity itself!? So then, you’ve declared war on a
Kyle: Well, yeah, I guess we have.
Harold: ... Huhuh, huhuhuh!
Kyle: Harold!? Wha-what's wrong!?
Harold: It's becoming more and more fun! Declaring war on a goddess, is the
Harold: Fiiine! You’ll have proof that my brain is able to overcome even that
of a god!
Kyle: Oh, ahh ...
Harold: Well, as I understand it, let's go stop staaanding around !
Harold: The mission continues! Come on, people!
NOTICE: "Kyle has got the title: 'One who has declared war on a god'."

-> Skit
Nanaly: ... Ow! Ahiahi, I think I twisted my ankle.
Loni: Hey, is everything ok, Nanaly? Do you want to lean on my shoulder?
Nanaly: Bleeeah, I'm sorry! If you were thinking of me leaning on you, you’d
be the one to get hurt.
Loni: Heh. If you can talk like that, it means you're still in pretty good

-> Skit
Harold: Huhuh! To fight a god, you sure are smart. This is so much more fun!
Reala: Harold, it seems like you're having fun ...
Harold: Exactly, that's it! The clash with a goddess who travels in time to
intervene on the storyyy!
I shudder just thinking about it!
Loni: Wh-what ... really?
Harold: Yes! I’m interested in experiments on the distortion of space-time,
and under the pretext of this
War I can gather a lot of data.
Kyle: Se-seems quite promising, and, staggering ...

-> Skit
Harold: You’ve declared war on a goddess ... Guhuhuh, I suddenly got some
inspiration! Alright, the mission continues!

/ & Various NPC \
Robots moral support: Choose from the menu to your desires.
"Supplies" Or "Cure (795 Gald)"

[Monsters on the ground]
"The monsters lie defeated."

[Automatically going forward]
NOTICE: "If you use the Sorcerer Scope you‘ll see hidden monsters. Saves a
lot of trouble."

/ Dialogue \
Dymlos: Harold, you're safe! Have there been losses?
Harold: As you can see, all the members are well.
Dymlos: Hoh ... To be your first experience in battle, you‘ve done well.
Harold: Are you guys all well, too?
Dymlos: As you can see, yes. But we can not open this door. We will have to
destroy ...
Harold: My, my, why are you wasting your time here?
Harold: They’re behind this door, right? The one’s we need to save now and
go home.
Karell: Do not talk nonsense, Harold. We need a password to open the door,
and perhaps only Miktran can ...
Harold: Is that so, brother?
Dymlos: It seems that your sister does not use common sense, Karell.

Dymlos: All members of the Younkers division of ground troops. I am Admiral
Dymlos Timber.
We will drive you back home immediately!
Atwight: Dymlos ...! His Excellency ...
Clement: Oh, Dymlos! You finally arrived.
Dymlos: Sir Clement, fortunately you are safe.
Clement: Well, I certainly could not perish in such a place. After all I am,
"An old soldier that never dies."
Dymlos: We came here by order of General Raiker. We came to pick you up.
Raditz: As a representative of team Belcrant development, I offer our thanks.
Thank you, Dymlos.
Igtenos: Hurry, Admiral Dymlos. Soon the reinforcements will arrive.
Dymlos: Hm, okay.
Dymlos: Let’s head back to the hangar, we will need your help, getting through
the enemies. Do not ever leave from us, please.
Dymlos: As planned at the beginning, let‘s get into the control room, and
pause Dycroft‘s functions.
Harold: Leave it to us!
Dymlos: The exact moment you get into the control room, the focus will shift
all of the enemies in that area.
Pay close attention.
Harold: We understand. Anyways, you hurry up.
Dymlos: Young Kyle.
Kyle: Y-yes!
Dymlos: I recommend Harold. We look forward to seeing you at the hangar.

Loni: He’s finally begun to notice us, it seems.
Kyle: ... Yes, that's it!
Kyle: Ok, we'll make it! Come on, guys!

-> Skit
Harold: Well, as you heard, the next step, is the control room.
Judas: Tell me, Harold. He said that we would occupy the control room. Have
you ever had to deal with the troops Heaven’s systems ?
Harold: No, no. I‘ve never had to do either.
Judas: You have never used any of them...? Will this be ok?
Harold: Well, we'll get along. Anyways, now let's go. I can’t wait to find
out which systems to use against our dear enemies ~!
Loni: No, I don‘t even want to know why, it will make my head spin ...

-> Skit
Harold: Kyle, we have no time for taking it easy. We must hurry and get to
Dycroft’s control room.
If Dymlos and others get caught, It‘ll be all over for us!

/ Dialogue \
Soldier: Hey, it seems that the intruders arrived. It’s said that the Ground
troops landed here is some weird machine.
Soldier: Oh well, let’s continue to protect our position. They can’t attack
us here.
Soldier: You're right, nor is it possible that a handful of men can take down
I don‘t care who they are, those little people won‘t win!
Soldier: What, what are you doing!?
Kyle: We are the little people from the Ground troops!
Soldier: What do you mean?! Then they are i. ..!

Soldier: Attack the enemy in the control room ... Call for reinforcements
immediately ... Gwhaah!
Judas: But even if we have deprived Dycroft of control, can you really handle
Harold: The word impossible does not exist in my vocabulary!
Harold: Got it? Just let me have five minutes, and I’ll be able to hack into
the central computer.
Kyle: Sure! In the meantime, we’ll protect this place!

Kyle: They’re here ...! You won’t be laying a finger on Harold!

Harold: Let others work for (tot) a minute (tot) and seconds ~
Nanaly: If you plan to go lightly with me just because I am a woman, you’ll
end up with some good bruises.
Go away if you don’t want to suffer bitterly!

Harold: Let others work for (tot) and minute (tot) seconds ~
Loni: Here they come again. Unfortunately we are busy, be content to say

Harold: Let others work for (tot) a and minute (tot) and seconds ~
Reala: I will fight until every ounce of my strength is gone. I will do
everything I can, now ...!

Harold: Let others work for (tot) a minute (tot) and seconds ~
Loni: Wow, how hard do they work, man they never learn. I don‘t think they
know the meaning of, quitting.
Judas: If your speaking these impudent speeches, it means that you are
comfortable. Enraged at the most.

(Repeat until the end of time)

Nanaly: You still have long, Harold? We'll be at our limit soon!
Harold: That was, fufu, fuuun! Fufufufu, fuuun!
Loni: Don’t just stand there and sing all quiet! You get us, Harold!?
Harold: 3, 2, 1 ... 0!
Harold: And with that, except for the rescue ships, all the functions of
Dycroft were shut down.
Even Belcrant is asleep.
Kyle: Alright, let's run away, too! Let’s get to the flying hangar!
NOTICE: "Harold was awarded the title of: 'Super Hacker'."

-> Skit
Reala: This mission went well, so we managed to stop Elraine’s mad
Loni: Let‘s talk about the details later! For now, let’s escape too!

-> Skit
Kyle: Heheh! I never thought it would go so smoothly! We're awesome, right!?
Harold: You know what time is when your most likely to be defeated?
Kyle: Heh?
Judas: When you think you have won, negligence increases. In other words:
"Do not lower your guard yet."
Kyle: I see. Right. As a child, I was taught that: "When you're in the woods,
leave a trail of sticks until you get home."
It’s the same thing right?
Nanaly: What an easy example to understand ...

-> Skit
Nanaly: Ok, now we just have to run too. Let’s say goodbye to this place,
before the reinforcements arrive!

/ & Various NPC \
NOTICE: "Looks like we need electricity for the elevator to go to the upper

/ Dialogue \
Kyle: It looks like we’re in time!
Atwight: Thank goodness ... Everybody is okay.
Dymlos: They could get reinforcements! Let's move!
Barbatos: Huhuh ... Too late, Kyle Dunamis.
Kyle: You, you are ...!
Dymlos & Kyle: Barbatos Goetia!?
Barbatos: Ooh, His Excellency the Admiral of the Ground troops, Dymlos. Do
you remember an officer
insignificant as I am, indeed, this is the highest honor!
Dymlos: Why are you here?! I thought I killed you with my own hands ...!
Barbatos: It’s true, I died once. But the unquenchable hatred I felt for you
has brought me back to life!
Barbatos: Well, here we go ... You are the next to die, Dymlos!
Dymlos: Stop it! If your back, all I have to do is beat you again!
Dymlos: Both you, and your fate is suppressed ... We will put an end to this
once and for all!
Dymlos: GHH, impossible! How could he so easily avoid my sword ...
Barbatos: Is that all? Okay, now it's my turn!
Barbatos: ... You have disappointed me, Dymlos.
Barbatos: Traveling in time I was able to fight various heroes. This explains
the new inequality of forces!
Barbatos: What a bore ... As a result of boring. Not even you, are you able
to quench my thirst!
Barbatos: So let me entertain myself, at least until the end. ... Yes, let
me hear your cries in agony.
Barbatos: You’ll be cut it into pieces. I'll start ... From the right leg!
Atwight: Stop, Barbatos!
Atwight: Those who killed you, did it just for your passage to the heavenly
army, after having betrayed your comrades!
Atwight: And yet, you came back to life as if nothing had happened. And your
trying to take your revenge ...
It is not nothing but resentment toward a phony misunderstanding!
Atwight: If you had a little pride as a soldier, you would have sheathed your
sword and immediately withdrawn!
Barbatos: ... It's always been that way. Atwight, you will continue to protect
this man, even at the cost of your life?
Barbatos: Rather, then becoming my girlfriend. You get everything you want
this way.
Power, money, even the eternal fame!
Dymlos: Enough, Barbatos! Do .. Do no ... Do not extend your hands to Atwight
Dymlos: You still have the nerve to mock me. ... You're just a wimp!
Barbatos: ... Wait. Hmpf, found. Here is the way to hurt you as much as
Barbatos: And this is, your weakness!
Atwight: ...!
Dymlos: Stop it, Barbatos! Your opponent is me! Leave Atwight!
Barbatos: Ghghghgh in the short time that remains, you're sure to enjoy a
pain that will soften your death.
Kyle: He's gone ...!
Dymlos: Wait, Barbatos!
Dymlos: ... Gh!
Kyle: Mr. Dymlos! Are you all right!?
Dymlos: Young Kyle ... Yes, no problem.
Kyle: ... Mr. Dymlos, wait here. We’ll go find Atwight!
Reala: Having Atwight with him, he couldn‘t have gone too far. He should still
be around ...
Dymlos: ... No, just run away. Go up to the shuttle immediately.
Loni: What are you saying! Your companion was taken hostage! And your telling
us that we must go home
abandoning her?
Dymlos: We managed to save the team members. To make sure there are no other
we retreat without losing a second.
Dymlos: You are a soldier. You should always be ready to face mortal danger.
I advise you to have faith
in what I say.
Kyle: Incredible ... Are you serious, Mr. Dymlos!? I can’t understand it!
Kyle: Wasn‘t, it was you who told us! We must all return safe and sound!
Dymlos: That's an order!
Dymlos: ... Let’s return to the Radislow. Let's move!
Harold: Okay, okay! If you said go back, it's back we go! Embark!
Kyle: Hey, what are you doing, Harold!
Harold: You're okay, right?
Dymlos: ... I'm sorry, Harold.
Harold: To be honest, even I don’t understand you.


/ Dialogue \
Dymlos: ...  Concluded. And with that we end the report of the results for
the present day.
Raiker: Being able to save the development team without problems, I can
conclude that the operation was successful.
Ladies and gentlemen, good job.
Raiker: Now, speaking of Atwight who has been captured. We will decide whether
to start that research in a later
conference with the highest levels.
Reala: I do not believe ...!
Kyle: Why not go find Miss Atwight now!?
Dymlos: We can not.
Kyle: But for what reason?!
Dymlos: With the collaboration of the Belcrant development team, the weapons
that Harold was planning, will
soon be completed.
Dymlos: When finished, we will proceed. We are postponing the final and last
battle against the forces of heaven,
we can not move for something insignificant right now.
Kyle: It's not insignificant! Without Miss Atwight, this war will be ...!
Judas: Kyle!
Dymlos: We can not endanger other people just to save a single woman.
What on which this organization is, an army.
Kyle: But she is a companion who fought with you! And I think that Miss Atwight
believes in you!
She hopes that her friends will come to rescue her!
Dymlos: Just because she is our companion, I hope you will understand that
my decision is not wrong.
Kyle: Do you really believe that!? Miss Atwight ... May be killed!
Dymlos: ... It is important for the victory.
Kyle: I ... I always thought you were a hero.
Kyle: Stronger than anyone else, nicer than anyone else. A true hero, capable
of giving his life for his friends.
Kyle: But you're not at all like that! A true hero would never dream of leaving
Miss Atwight!
Kyle: You're not a hero! You’re a coward!
Dymlos: ..............
Clement: That's enough, enough. Have you warmed up enough.
Clement: No doubt this decision seems inhuman, but sometimes those in command
must deal with similar atrocious questions.
Clement: I would like it if you would try to understand the difficulty of
it all.
Kyle: .........
Raiker: Well, the conference ends here. Each of you is on alert until further
Raiker: How Dymlos said, the final day of the battle is near. Rest well and
gather your strength.

-> Skit
Kyle: That's right! Because no one objects!
Harold: Yes, yes. If you get to angry, your not very used head, will overheat,
and you wont be able use it any more. For the moment let’s leave the ideas
to them, and freshen up.

/ & Various NPC \
Raiker: As an admiral, Dymlos must persist, it is also because of me.
Raiker: If he did his own thing, it could cause trouble for me, who is his
direct superior ....
(Talking to again)
Raiker: If he did his own thing, it could cause trouble for me, who is his
direct superior ... Dymlos.

Karell: At this time, Dymlos is in a delicate position. We can not rely on
him ...

Igtenos:  Admiral Dymlos‘s decision is, for this context the most accurate
and the most rational.
Igtenos: As an officer, I will not argue his conduct ...

Chaltier: My hands are tied ... We can’t do anything in spite of Miss Atwight
is suffering ...!

Clement: They  should have taken me, rather than Atwight. I do not have long
to live ...
Harold: So what? And what about all those who wanted to save you, Gramps?
Clement: ... It’s exactly as you say. I'm sorry, Harold.
(Talking to again)
Clement: It may have been none other than the crackpot Barbatos, to kidnap
Atwight. How terrible ... (Nice language~)

Dymlos: Like you said, I'm a coward. However, I have duties as admiral.
I have submitted to protect.
Kyle: And Miss Atwight is not among those people?
(Talking to again)
Dymlos: I can not put them in jeopardy, only to save Atwight ...
That’s how it works, in an army.

Part 13 - Sair Lenneth

Txt version

~Ground Troops military base~

/ Dialogue \
Kyle: I want to leave right now ...! Leaving friends is something that should
never be done!
Harold: And that's why he chose not to save her.
Loni: Hey hey, but it’s completely different. If you never abandon your
friends, why wouldn‘t you go and save them?
Harold: Hmm, have you ever heard of the saying, the weight of human life?
Loni: Huh?
Harold: Dymlos has the responsibility of all soldiers from the Ground troops,
on his shoulders.
In other words, the weight of many human lives.
Judas: ... So to say, Dymlos preferred to make the soldiers lives top
priority, rather than the single life of, Atwight?
Harold: That's right. And once you've made that choice, you have to bring
it to fruition.
Harold: This is the meaning of the title "Admiral".
Kyle: ........
Harold: Hey, can I ask you something? Soon I'll start to complete the
Swordians, and I need to hurry.
Harold: So in this case, remember that door we didn’t open, when we were in
the resource collection?
There is definitely something that I need do over there.
Harold: So, could you come with me again to the materials deposit?

-> Skit
Loni: Look ... Let’s ... Let's just say Mr. Dymlos didn’t go and rescue
Atwight... What would happen?
Harold: Hmmm. As I’ve thought, if Atwight were missing, the story would be
changed ... And maybe it would,
be the result in a parallel world ... ~
Loni: Pa. .. Parallel? ... And what would that be?
Judas: If the story flows, in a way that we do not know, this means that there
will be a different world ...
For example, a world similar to the one where everyone could live only in
the cathedral.
Loni: GHH! But then, coming to this time would make no sense! What a huge
Kyle: No it‘s not!
Loni: Hm?
Kyle: This isn’t the story! One where an ally was kidnapped. And he didn‘t
go and save her!
Reala: Kyle ..... Yes, you're right!

-> Skit
Kyle: What can we do to convince Mr. Dymlos ...
Harold: Hey, hey, you better not think anything bad up. Leave the thinking,
to people like me.
Loni: Alright, then, what‘s your good idea?
Harold: Well, for now you just come with me to the materials deposit. Maybe
then I'll think of something!
Loni: Uhg so much mockery ...

-> Skit
Judas: Kyle, did you notice? ... When Dymlos looked at us, he stopped chasing
Barbatos ...
Kyle: When he looked at us!? Then ...
Judas: I'm sure he did not want to get us involved.
Harold: If you‘d have chased after right then, you’d be fired at without even
thinking, you idiots wouldn‘t have used your heads, and so everything
would’ve deteriorated. So please, don‘t be annoying idiots and think things
Loni: Ghhh, leave us alone! ( Not totally sure about this skit)

-> Skit
Kyle: Hmmm ...
Harold: What? Have you given up on Atwight?
Kyle: Of course not! How could I give up so easily!
Harold: And you people?
Nanaly: Of course!
Reala: I’m with Kyle.
Judas: Once he‘s decided something, there‘s nothing else I can do.
Loni: Right. And that's exactly why we ended up in this time.
Harold: Fun~ fun! It’s always getting more fun.

-> Skit
Harold: For the moment, let’s head to the materials deposit. Dymlos ... Well,
I'll think about that later. I Promise.

~Material Storage~

/ Dialogue \
Harold: Here we are. Thank you for coming with me.
Harold: If you need something, ask my brother. There’s problems everywhere.
Reala: Good luck with the finishing touches on the Swordians, Harold.
Harold: When I finish, I’ll tell you. See-ya
Harold: Oh, by the way. Those two love each other.
Kyle: Those two, who?
Harold: You know, Dymlos and Atwight.
Kyle: So why did Mr. Dymlos ...!
Reala: Because of the responsibility ... I think.
Reala: Faced with particularly heavy responsibilities, he must put aside his
feelings ...
Kyle: Reala ...
Judas: And why do you say this only now?
Harold: Catalysts.
Loni: Hah?
Harold: If you don’t provide a internal cause, for someone who’s poisoned,
someone seeking confirmation on the changes due to an external cause.
Harold: Oh, but I think you’re the antidote, so don’t worry.
Loni: ... Hah. I'm not sure I understood anything ...
Harold: Oh ~, I’m sorry, I’ve seen it in the results of my experiments ...
Loni: Well, what do you think, Kyle? It's up to you. Are you going to keep
going on this?
Kyle: Yeah, I’ll try to persuade Mr. Dymlos again. And even then if he says
no ...
(Harold’s last couple lines confused me some so they might be off)

-> Skit
Kyle: We have to try to convince Mr. Dymlos again!
Loni: I feel like I might go crazy when I think that Harold is just doing
this for her own pleasure, but we have no choice.
Judas: Maybe what you just said, is what we all expect from her.
Loni: Maybe. Damn, what a wicked genius.

-> Skit
Nanaly: If I were, captured, like lady Atwight, who knows if anyone would
Loni: I'd come to your rescue.
Nanaly: Loni, you ...
Loni: Because if I left you, you‘d wipe the kidnapper across the halls! If
I couldn’t save you before you killed him, I’d never sleep at night.
Nanaly: He is not the culprit that needs saving!
Loni: GHH, look, look now. .. Careful! I ... Didn‘t mean, you're amaz ...
zing ... ah ... GWEEH!

-> Skit
Kyle: If I become famous, just like Mr. Dymlos, I couldn’t ever move freely
Loni: Of course, in your case that wouldn’t be a problem.
Kyle: Thanks Loni! You know me so well.
Loni: So you can’t succeed in becoming famous. Don’t worry about it.
Kyle: ... I was wrong to ask you, Loni ...

-> Skit
Judas: So for the moment, Harold has chosen another path ... Finally we can
sleep peacefully.
Nanaly: Why do you say such sour things. But I bet you miss her!
Loni: It's just your sensitivity is ultra-developed and you don’t notice.
The other night when I woke up,
I saw someone with a sharpened knife, humming in a low voice! And I kept
thinking of when someone might cut open
my stomach, so I couldn‘t get back to sleep!
Kyle: Me too, me too! This morning I couldn’t wake up because of a medicine
that she made me drink ...!!
Reala: It was not the medicine‘s fault, Kyle!

-> Skit
Kyle: We can’t leave things as they are ... Let's try talking to Mr. Dymlos

/ & Various NPC \

(Swordian Laboratory)
[One of the researchers walking around]
Researcher: Serbian envy towards Dr. Harold ... The genes do exist ...

[Researcher further to the left]
Researcher: You are the ones that rescued us. Thank you so much for what you

[One of the researchers walking]
Researcher: Belcrant ... We built something scary.

[One of the researchers whose walking]
Researcher: Inside ... Engage a personality ... ... The strength properties
... ... Blah, blah ...

[One of the researchers walking about]
Researcher: Um ... Where is the data?

[Researcher near the latch on the right]
Researcher: I hate war! I never imagined I'd end up participating in this

[Researcher with a white and blue dress]
Raditz: It would be wonderful if we could get rid of the sin we created,
Belcrant, by using the Swordians ...

Harold: Hey hey, don‘t bother me while I‘m doing research. I'll give you this,
now go go.
NOTICE: "You've learned: Pikohan." (Aka Pow-Hammer)
(Talking to again)
Harold: Hey hey, don‘t bother me while I‘m doing research. Carry out your


/ Dialogue \
Kyle: Mr. Dymlos, we should talk.
Dymlos: ... I'm tired. We’ll talk later.
Kyle: Mr. Dymlos! Let's go find Miss Atwight!
Dymlos: Do not repeat the same things. Search results for Atwight will be
decided later...
Kyle: It doesn’t matter! You and Miss Atwight are in love, right!?
Dymlos: ... That cursed Harold. She’s said too much ...
Dymlos: ... It’s true, Atwight and I, are in love. But, in this case ...
Nanaly: It has nothing to do with it, right? But it seems to me that your
Nanaly: You can’t even move because Miss Atwight’s been captured, and you
don‘t want to mix your private life with your public one, right?
Dymlos: .......
Soldier: His Excellency, Dymlos!
Dymlos: What is all this fuss?
Soldier: We found this.
Soldier: I recognized it. This is Atwight’s bracelet, right Colonel!?
Dymlos: ... Why is it here!?
Soldier: The patrols found it. It seems that it was at the gates of the
And with it, there was a letter ...
Soldier: It only said : "I'll wait in the Spiral Cave" ...
Dymlos: ... I see. You may go.
Soldier: His Excellency, but this is ...
Dymlos: Leave.
Kyle: Mr. Dymlos, this is definitely a challenge letter from Barbatos!
Dymlos: ... Or, it could be a trap concocted by him. I can not take the bait
so easily.
Kyle: Even if it’s a trap, you must go. Don’t you want to save Miss Atwight!?
Dymlos: Wait, where are you going?!
Kyle: I'm going to save Miss Atwight!
Dymlos: Do not make rash moves! Whatever the case, you are part of this army
Kyle: So we’re fired!
Dymlos: Wha ...!
Kyle: What will happen from now on, is no longer your business, Mr. Dymlos.
We’ll do everything on our own.
Loni: He-Hey, Kyle!
Dymlos: ... Just tell me one thing.
Dymlos: It’s I, who has always been there for Atwight, but you, who are total
strangers ... Why are you doing this?
Reala: I think Kyle can’t stand the thought of idly being silent and losing
a loved one, Mr. Dymlos.
Dymlos: A loved one ...
Reala: That‘s why Kyle is doing this. He might be rash, perhaps a little too
much ...
Reala: ... It might be, his "rashness," that gives us trouble, but ...
Reala: But, that's why I believe in him. I know we can do it.
Dymlos: My decision, it was not wrong. It was not ... wrong.
Kyle: I’ve decided to go to the Spiral Cave on my own ... Will that be ok?
Reala: If only we could all think like you. Come on, Kyle.

-> Skit
Kyle: Come on! Let's hurry to the Spiral Cave! If Mr. Dymlos can‘t do it,
we’ll  do it with our own hands and save Miss Atwight!
Judas: I'm glad you're so stirred up, but do you even know exactly where the
Spiral Cave is?
Kyle: Oh ...
Judas: At least look at the map. It’s north of the Ground troops military
base . In our time, its more or less
south-west of Harmentz Valley.

-> Skit
Kyle: I was wrong about Mr. Dymlos. Leaving his beloved ...!!
Judas: If you were in Dymlos‘s position, what would you do? ... Would you
endanger all your fellows, leaving them to the mercy of the enemy, to go save
one life? ... It isn’t something so
easy to decide.
Loni: ... I see. So even for you it was hard, Judas.
Judas: You know, Kyle. That same choice could happen to you sometime. It's
up to you to decide what will be
the answer ... Do not leave any regrets behind.
Kyle: Yeah ..

-> Skit
Kyle: Look, Loni ...
Loni: "I must go and save Miss Atwight on my own?", Is that what you wanted
to tell me?
Idiot, we‘ve already started following. As usual we always follow your  crazy
Kyle: Hehehehe. Thank you, Loni.

-> Skit
Kyle: Alright, let's save Miss Atwight!
Loni: Spiral Cave is located to the north of the military base.
We need to head along the mountain path.
Kyle: Alright, let’s go!

/ & Various NPC \
Dymlos: ... Spiral Cave ... huh.

Maid: Would you like me to explain the way to Spiral Cave in exchange for
5 lenses?
"Tell us" Or "We‘re fine"
-> We’re fine
Maid: If you want to wander forever and ever, it’s none of my business.

~Out side of the Radislow ~

-> Skit
Kyle: I think, it’s obviously a trap from Barbatos.
Reala: Maybe ... yes.
Kyle: Maybe, what I‘ve done is wrong? Maybe I shouldn’t put everyone in
danger, I ran without thinking about
anything else ...
Reala: Alright enough.
Kyle: Huh?
Reala: Kyle, it's all right. Running into this, is true to your thoughts.
Maybe sometimes you stumble,
but then, I'll be there, and all the others, to help you.
Kyle: Reala ...
Reala: So you believe in yourself, Kyle. Because I ... I believe in you.
Kyle: Okay!

/ & Various NPC \

(Entry hangars)
[Scientist on the stairs]]
Scientist: We are making preparations for the rocket launch. Please do not
stop here.

~Outside of the base~

-> Skit
Loni: Barbatos, kidnapping a woman! He’s a disgrace to all men.
Nanaly: I'm sure you're the last person whom Barbatos would like to hear that
I think your the "disgrace".
Judas: I fear that the "dishonor" may be contagious.
Kyle: So its better to keep it out of reach from children.
Loni: Do not treat me as like I’m a health hazard!
(Translator's note: This skit was based on the play on words "kazakami okanai
wo", which literally means
"Do not leave the upper hand", but is used as a figure of speech to mean "to
be the dishonor
(Of someone or something). "Unfortunately, in Italian is untranslatable.)
<- -  Original Translator not from me.   -Sair Lenneth

-> Skit
Reala: Hey, Nanaly, if you'd found yourself in the same situation as Miss
Atwight, would you have wanted
Mr. Dymlos come to your rescue?
Nanaly: Well, being a woman, it’s normal that the man you love should want
to come and save you.
Reala: Yes .. Right.
Nanaly: And you should understand that better than anyone else. Why are you
asking that, you‘ve already been saved by a hero, after all.
Reala: Yes .. That's true, but ... There may be a time when he chooses not
to ...
Nanaly: ... Reala?
Reala: Aah, so-sorry! I said something wrong! Right now let’s just think of
saving Miss Atwight!
Nanaly: Yeah, right ...

-> Skit
Loni: Thinking about Swordian Dymlos, who was with Stan, and Swordian
Atwight, who was with Rutee, and each of them were lovers, cabbages,
looks like a twist of fate.
Kyle: Yeah, I want to be happy as much as possible. Even for the sake of Mom
and Dad ...
Loni: Yeah ... You're right.

~Debris of the Sky Capital~

 SELECT: "Do you want to rest?"

~Spiral Cave~

-> Skit
Loni: Aaaah!?
Judas: What is it, do you have a problem?
Loni: Aah, I almost made a huge mistake ...
Judas: And what might that be?
Loni: We decided to save Miss Atwight. And once that’s done, of course, Miss
might lose her head to this great cool guy. And so when the time comes to
return to our
time, it could happen that she ends up following us? And as a result the
Swordian team will lose a member,
and end up with another change in history,  Barbatos ... Shit!
What the hell indeed, I congratulate the enemy for his cunning plan ... ...
Gwwwghaa GHH ... Ughhhh!
Nanaly: Since you’ve been walking around raving, I’ve decided to give you
a cure for drowsiness.
Judas: Well done.

-> Skit
Judas: I do not know when we will set off the trap ... It would be best to
proceed with great caution.
Kyle: But, as we move on with caution, what if something happens to Miss
Atwight, what would we do?
Judas: ... What are you doing?
Kyle: Moving in lockstep! If we were to activate the trap, we have to avoid
the trap.
Loni: In other words, the same as we always do.
Nanaly: Well, we‘ve always gotten away with it before right?
Judas: ... Hell, you all will never change ...
Reala: And what about you Judas, you think that is how it will end?
Judas: By now I’ve figured out, these simple-minded idiots "not falling into
the trap" is useless.
Loni: Hahaha ... So, we’ll rely on you to get us out of this trap, my dear
smart-aleck of a Judas!

/ Dialogue \
Kyle: There she is! Miss Atwight!
Judas: Wait, Kyle! They‘re coming!

Kyle: Miss Atwight! It‘s ok, we‘ll be there in a second!
Atwight: ...! No, go away!
Kyle: Eh ...!?
Loni: Wha-what is this stuff!?
Reala: It’s a magical barrier!
Barbatos: Dymlos that bastard, he was too afraid ... But that's OK, since
you have come to take the bait,
that you may please me for a while.
Kyle: Barbatos, damn you!
Barbatos: Aah, I forgot to tell you. Once you’ve touched the magic barrier,
you can not get out.
Judas: Shit! You are all far away from the wall!
Barbatos: You will die all at once. This way, you will not feel alone! Ghghgh
Barbatos: What's up? Don’t know where to run!? Ghghgh ... Ahahahahah!
Dymlos: Haaaaaaah!
Judas: That was ... A spell?
Kyle: This means that ...
Dymlos: I am the opponent, dammit Barbados!
Atwight:  Admiral . . Dymlos!?
Barbatos: Dymlos ...!
Harold: Here I am, Atwight, you okay?
Atwight: Harold!
Harold: I'm sorry, we‘re a little late. It took some time to drag him so far.
Dymlos: I've got around fine. You said this was a test to try out new weapons
Harold: But, after all, you can use it on him as you please, right?
Dymlos: Yeah, you're right!
Barbatos: That sword is ...!
Dymlos: I will make sure the value of these new weapons ends you!
Barbatos: Hah doing me a favor! Think you can win against me just because
you have a Swordian!
Dymlos: I see you're very good at analyzing the situation.
Barbatos: What ...!?
Kyle: Barbatos get ready!
Nanaly: You’ve done nothing but fight us lately! And, now I’ll return the
favor, and for the second time!
Loni: You used a really nice trick a while ago. How about drawing back? Your
against seven.
Barbatos: ... Tsk! You’ve slipped your mind...!
Kyle: Mr. Dymlos!
Dymlos: Forgive me, Young Kyle. It was my fault, you had this bad experience.
Reala: Don’t worry about us. Hurry and go get Miss Atwight.
Dymlos: ... Yes.
Dymlos: ... Maybe you’ll say "about time". Or perhaps you will scold me for
having abandoned you.
Dymlos: But ... But, despite everything, I have always wanted to come to your
rescue. Why, I do not ever want to lose you ...
Reala: Ah, Miss Atwight ...!
Atwight: You not only endangered your life, but also that of many of your
subordinates and Kyle,
that had nothing to do with this.
Atwight: And all your personal feelings ... For a single woman.
Atwight: ... I will never forgive you for what you did. You are a incapable
Atwight: But ...
Atwight: But I love you anyways!
Atwight: ... Seeing you here makes me so ...!
Dymlos: Atwight ...!
Reala: Thank goodness ...
Kyle: Yeah! They both seem so happy.
Reala: It’s normal. The person who loves her, has come to save her.
Reala: I can understand how this could make her happy.
Kyle: ... I see.
Reala: ... Say, Kyle. Suppose ... Suppose that ..
Reala: If you had to choose, just as Mr. Dymlos has, involving something very
important, or me, which of the two ...
Kyle: Of coarse, whatever happens, I’ll choose you, Reala!
Reala: ....
Kyle: ... What is it? Don’t tell me you thought that I wouldn‘t have chosen
Kyle: That's terrible! I’ll choose you, Reala, it will alwaayys be that way!
Reala: ... Yes you're right ...
Harold: Heeey, Dymlos. Flirt as much as you want, but first give me back the
Dymlos: We're not flirting ...!
Atwight: How dare you, Harold!
Harold: Okay, okay, okay, I understand.
Harold: Now both of you go back to the Radislow. There’s still a lot to do,
Dymlos: Right ... There is still something we must do.
Harold: Oh, we should take another route, so the two of you, well we‘ll see
you later~
Dymlos: Harold!
Dymlos: ... Ah, uh-huh! Come on, Atwight.
Atwight: Yes ..
Nanaly: Heeh, you are more sensitive than I thought, Harold. Leaving those
two alone.
Harold: Well, sometimes it's better that way. From now on you’ll see both
of them very happy.
Judas: His going to save Atwight, without waiting for the consent of the
higher ups. He will not avoid punishment.
Kyle: ... I see.
Harold: Well, shall we go back?
NOTICE: "Harold joined the party."

-> Skit
Kyle: Heheh! I knew you'd come, Mr. Dymlos!
Loni: What are you doing. It’s strange that now your talking like you trust
him, when you called him a coward only a short while ago.
Kyle: But I always believed in him. If Mr. Dymlos was a real hero he would’ve
come anyway, right?
Judas: ... That reasoning is unfounded.
Reala: But Mr. Dymlos did come ... I think Kyle has listened to honesty.

-> Skit
Loni: Ok! Let‘s get back to the military base.
Judas: With the Swordian team all together ... The next step will be soon.
The final battle against Dycroft.
Reala: We will win ... of course.
Nanaly: Just as the story is meant to be.
Kyle: We will win! After winning, we’ll destroy Elraine as planned! And then,
we’ll fix our world!

-> Skit
Kyle: Hey, Harold. Could you create Swordians for us?
Judas: Stop that. There are only six Swordians. You can not change history.
Kyle: I understand, but ... If we had Swordians, the next battle would be
soooo much easier.
Harold: Hmm. I can build them fine, but in any case, we’d have to check whether
or not you’re compatible.
Kyle: Uh, check? And how do you do that?
Harold: Nothing in particular. We simply administer different medications,
open up the belly, open up your head ...
Kyle: Aaaaah! No, enough, enough! When you talk like that, I never know if
you're serious or not!
Harold: How  rude. It's all true.

-> Skit
Nanaly: Miss Atwight seemed so happy. Well, to be expected. Her beloved went
to save her violating even his orders.
Reala: Do you like that kind of thing, Nanaly?
Nanaly: Hm ... Well ... I’m a woman, after all.
Kyle: Ah! Loni! Don‘t pull on me like that!
Loni: Bwhahahahah! You're still so delicate, and small, Kyle! In this world
where it’s the law of the jungle!
Yes, it's a world where only the strongest can eat!
Nanaly: ... But I’d never be saved by that type.

-> Skit
Judas: There’s something that worries me ...
Kyle: What worries you?
Judas: Well, it's Barbatos ...
Loni: Uohoh! We discovered the Secret Passion of Judas! The words he means
are: "I'm worried about Barbatos"!
What will be the conclusion of this love between two enemies, that goes beyond
the normal sex?
Judas: What I am concerned about, is that he knows when to retreat.
Kyle: That's true, he always disappears so quickly ... Ah, I know, maybe it‘s
because we‘re so much stronger!
Harold: You're all stupid. It’s because he isn’t impatient, he can recognize
when it's convenient to retire, right?
Nanaly: If he disappears quietly ... It means that every time you defeat him,
he’ll continue to come back?
Judas: That’s a good line of thought ...
Reala: This means we weren’t hard enough on him ...
Kyle: Heh! If we're going all out on him, we can’t lose against him this time!

-> Skit
Harold: Right now, let's go back to the Military Base. Besides, we'll talk
about stuff when we’re there.

~Outside of Spiral Cave~

-> Skit
Kyle: By the way ... If Swordian Dymlos is finished,  does that mean the other
five are to?
Harold: Who knows? What do you think?
Loni: How can you say that ... Hey, you're the one who built them!
Harold: I suspect that it happened today ~! And while I was there, I gathered
information on the magical barrier around you.
Loni: GH, so you we’re already there!

-> Skit
Loni: Aaah ... In the end, we were saved by Harold ...
Judas: In other words ... We were all in her hands.
Harold: Why do speak of it as past tense. Wait, you think you aren‘t now?
Loni: Hah ... Give us a break ...

-> Skit
Kyle: After we saved Miss Atwight, a lot has happened ... The violence of
the war between
Heaven and Earth has increased, and with it, so have Harold’s experiments...
I became Kyle, Master of the Swordians, after undergoing three operations
... Even Judas, as a result
of testing, has changed in personality, and does nothing but get drunk every
day ...
And when you try to take away his mask, he starts crying like crazy, and makes
things even worse ...
But the most surprising is Loni. In the end, it was discovered that he was
a woman. And from that day, Loni
stopped chasing skirts, and has shifted his sights on me. My priority every
has become to run away from those evil hands ... Who knows, when these terrible
days  ...Continue a. ..
Loni: Hey, Kyle. Try not to sleep while you walk!
Kyle: Oooh! ... It was just a dream, thank goodness!
NOTICE: "Kyle was awarded the title 'Master of the Swordians'." (Kyle…I
question your dreams..)

~Ground Troops Military Base~

/ Dialogue \
Soldier: Dr. Harold. General Raiker wants an audience with you. It’s urgent
that you meet with him, please go to the meeting room.
Kyle: I knew it, it must be about Mr. Dymlos ...
Harold: Got it, we‘ll head there.

-> Skit
Kyle: If they‘re looking for you, Harold ... It must be about Mr. Dymlos.
Harold: Well, we‘ll know when we get there.

-> Skit (out)
Harold: This is the exit. The Radislow is located at the bottom of the military

/ & Various NPC \
Soldier: Dr. Harold. You have an audience with General Raiker. Please head
to the policy room.


/ Dialogue \
Raiker: Now that Harold is here, we can begin.
Raiker: Admiral Dymlos. Regarding the relationship that I heard about you
earlier, I want to make of certain something.
Is that all right?
Dymlos: Yes, without a doubt.
Dymlos: During Dr. Harold’s experiment with the new weapons, I acted on my
own free will to rescue Atwight.
Dymlos: The action that I have undertaken was not decided by the higher ups.
I understand if I am not forgiven.
Kyle: Mr. Raiker, wait, please! It wasn’t Dymlos‘s fault! I was the one who
made him...!
Dymlos: Do not worry, Young Kyle.
Kyle: Mr. Dymlos!
Dymlos: I have committed a crime. Therefore I must be punished.
Dymlos: And also, I am a leader. If I wasn‘t punished for this, it will set
a bad example for my subordinates.
Kyle: But ..! Hey, Harold, say something, too!
Raiker: Harold. Are there any discrepancies in Dymlos’s testimony?
Harold: There are none.
Kyle: Harold!
Raiker: ... Understood.
Raiker: Admiral Dymlos, I’ll announce your sentence.
Raiker: For arbitrary acts during a military mission, and for ignoring the
directions of your superiors,
deserves a severe punishment.
Raiker: Then, as Admiral, you are required to drive the front lines during
the Assault mission
on Dycroft.
Dymlos: ... Hah? What d-do you mean, General!
Raiker: The first lines are the most likely to die in the battlefield.
I decided it was the punishment that fits best.
Dymlos: Do not make fun of me! It was already decided that I should be part
of that post ...!
Clemente: Ohoho, you decided this while I was gone?
Clemente: Before I got abducted, I thought that I was to be in command of
the first lines?
Dymlos: You, however! Since you're older, I spoke to Karell so that I could
Karell: Sure, we talked about it. But it was a promise. Nothing that had
anything to do with official orders.
Dymlos: Karell, you ...
Raiker: Surrender, Dymlos. The decision has already been made.
Dymlos: General ...
Raiker: I know you have a responsible position.
Raiker: However, I sympathize with you, that you do not want to leave her.
Dymlos: ... Alright.
Dymlos: I humbly accept the post of commander in the first lines for the
assault mission on Dycroft!
Raiker: Well, it’s decided, your the first commander of the fronts lines.
Now I will discuss the assault mission ...
Karell: Harold, the Swordians?
Harold: Tested in battle! All that’s left are the final adjustments. They‘ll
be ready soon.
Raiker: So, the team will head to the Swordian laboratory along with Harold.
Raiker: I would like you to get educated on the Swordians, and learn to use
them well, before the mission starts.
Raiker: I'm finished. Rest now!
Raiker: Young Kyle.
Raiker: As a general in the army, and also as a friend of Dymlos, let me give
you my thanks.
Raiker: ... Thank you, thank you both for making sure that Dymlos and Atwight
are safe.
Kyle: So, what do we do now?
Harold: Since your in this time, I’m sure you’ll want to see it right?
Kyle: See it ... Wait don‘t tell me!
Harold: The moment in which the Swordians are born. Yep, its your reward for
helping Dymlos.
Harold: By the way, you’ll be my escort to materials deposit!

~Material Storage~

-> Skit
Kyle: Finally the Swordians will be born! Hey, come on!
Loni: Alright, ok! I got it, try not to run ... Don‘t you ever listen? Kyle!
Hoi! Hooo!

-> Skit
Nanaly: General Raiker is really refined. I guess he’s called a "man of high
You should learn from him, Loni.
Loni: No way! There can be no man of greater caliber than me. No matter what,
if I ever meet
a beautiful woman, of any race, I’ll accept her on the spot, whoever she is!
Nanaly: That’s not called "high caliber" that’s "no distinction", ugly loser!

-> Skit
Loni: Hey, Harold. You decided to take a boy's name, just to deceive
Harold: Hmm, not exactly, there are twenty-three reasons why I did it. But
maybe that's the only one that you’re
able to understand.
Loni: That reason is incomprehensible enough ...

-> Skit
Kyle: Finally the Swordians will be completed! We’re probably going to
witness an epic moment ...!!
Loni: Don’t you think your a little too optimistic? Let's talk about Harold.
If you ask me, she might just want us there to test the sharpness of the
Swordians on our skin ...
Harold: Mhnya! Sounds like fun. Thanks for the thought ~!
Loni: Oh ...
Judas: "A long tongue is the source of all misfortune" ... after all.

-> Skit
Kyle: Being in the place where the Swordians will be completed ... Let’s run
down to the lab right away!

/ Dialogue \
Harold: Alright, let's finish them off.
Harold: So this should ... okay!
Harold: Alrighty, guys? You want to see this moment that’ll make history!
Kyle: Wow ... so cool!
Nanaly: How the hell does this work? It’s so bright that you can’t  see
Loni: I-it’s fantastic ... These are the Swordians ...!
Dymlos: I am amazed, they are much easier to use than any other artifact.
Igtenos: This is ... Truly a sword? I did not even notice it in my hands.
It’s just as if it were a part of me.
Chaltier: I can feel how great it is. I feel that with this sword, no one
can defeat me.
Harold: That‘s not even all of it. Why the Swordians have a power far more
Karell: Much more impressive ...?
Harold: Hold on a second, big brother.
Harold: HAAAAH!
Harold: Argh, broke that stone.
Karell: Wh-what ...!? That (?)
Harold: I think Dymlos already knows. Those who possess this sword, are able
to use special spells.
Harold: The spells have different characteristics from each other. All six,
to be repaired
their shortcomings.
Harold: What do you think, fantastic right?
Karell: You are truly a genius. Although you are my sister, I must say that
sometimes you scare me ...
Harold: Oh, and only now you realize it? Cabbages, what fool you are, brother.
Dymlos: By the way, Young Kyle. I'm sorry, but will you report this to the
Dymlos: We have to have Harold teach us the use of the spells.
Kyle: Sure. Leave it to us, Mr. Dymlos.
NOTICE: "Harold was awarded the title of 'S.O.S'."

-> Skit
Loni: Well, let's hurry and get back to the military base. They'll all be
dying to get news on the Swordians.
Kyle: Heheh. Everyone will be happy!
Judas: We expect the final battle against Dycroft will be soon. We have no
time to party, Kyle.
Kyle: I know! We’ll make certain the ground troops win, and we’ll resume our

-> Skit
Kyle: Now that the Swordians are complete, the final battle will be soon!
Loni. Yeah. Thanks to the great efforts of the Swordian team, the Emperor
Miktran will be defeated, and the Ground troops
will come out victorious ... In other words, the right story.
Nanaly: We can’t let anyone interfere with it, we ought to get busy!
Judas: The Swordian team will be the end of,  Miktran ...  (not positive)
Nanaly: What is it, Judas?
Judas: Nothing ... We'll talk later. First comes reporting to Raiker. Hurry
Reala: Y-yeah ...

-> Skit
Reala: Quick, let's tell everyone that the Swordians are ready.

/ & Various NPC \
Harold: Meh, see you later.

Dymlos: Would you go to report to the General, that the Swordians are ready?
Dymlos: We have to learn spells from Harold.

Igtenos: This is ... Truly a sword? I do not even notice it in my hands. It’s
just as if it were a part of me.

Atwight: Between the spells, there‘s even more?

Clement: How lightweight ... I feel virtually no weight ... Oh, no hoisting

Chaltier: This is a Swordian ...

Karell: This is called Swordian Belserius.
Karell: Each Swordian reflects the personality of the user ...
Karell: In this, there is the personality of Harold.
Karell: I am her master ... The personality of Harold ... This way, Harold
and I can spend more
time together. It will be my strength. (. . Good luck with that)

[Senior researcher from the left]
Researcher: You are the ones who saved us. Thank you very much for all you
have done!

[According to research from the left]
Researcher: I wish this war would end soon.

[Third researcher from left]
Researcher: Every day we work late into the night ...

[Fourth researcher from left]
Raditz: It would be wonderful if we could get rid of the sin of having created
Belcrant, with these Swordians ...

[Fifth researcher from left]
Researcher: Dr. Harold is a genius ... But I can not understand her usual
actions ...

[Sixth researcher from left]
Researcher: I can not help but watch.

[Seventh researcher from left]
Researcher: Seeing the goal of our research here, is complete, its a special
feeling ...
The purpose of the life of a researcher is not in the results, as in the search

/ Dialogue \
Kyle: Let's hurry, we need to tell Mr. Raiker, that the Swordians are ready!


/ Dialogue \
Kyle: Mr. Raiker. The Swordians have been completed!
Raiker: I see, about the Swordians ...
Raiker: Very good, go inform the workshop. They need to hurry with the
preparations for the Radislow‘s departure.
Soldier: Oh, General, at last ...!
Raiker: We need to wait for the Swordian teams return. Then we will launch
a general attack on Dycroft.
Tell the soldiers on guard duty, to rest.
Raiker: Drink until they fall asleep, in a small doses of coarse.
Soldier: Alright, they will all be happy!
Raiker: Good job, young Kyle. It will be better, if you go rest.
Kyle: Okay, Mr. Raiker.

-> Skit
Kyle: Tomorrow, we’ll begin our fight with Dycrof, finally. Ghhh! I'm burning
to go!
Loni: Hey, hey! If you get too hot, you'll be burned up before tomorrow.
Kyle: I won‘t burn up! I’ll burn a hundred thousand times more tomorrow than
Reala: Huhuh. I'd be curious to see your fire burning in the people around
you, Kyle!

-> Skit
Loni: Kyle. I'm glad you're happy, but it’s still best to get some sleep and
prepare for tomorrow.
Judas: Right. If I you overslept like usual, you’ll lose the battle.
Kyle: Ch! I’ll get there ...

-> Skit
Kyle: Let's get ready for tomorrow's attack, lets rest in one of the rooms,
in the Radislow.

/ & Various NPC \
Raiker: Tomorrow we will land at Dycroft. It would be best, if you rested.

/ Dialogue \
Kyle: Finally, the decisive battle!
Loni: I never would have thought, I’d participate in the war between heaven
and earth, alongside the legendary Swordian team.
Nanaly: Miss Atwight, will also be there. We just have to stop Barbatos at
Dycroft ...
Kyle: We can‘t let him change history!
Judas: And Karell will die ...
Kyle: Mr. Karell died ...
Judas: Do you not know the end of the war between heaven and earth?
Loni: The Swordian team defeated Miktran the Heavenly Emperor, and everyone
lived happily ever after, right?
Judas: No doubt. However, you missed something important.
Judas: The Swordian team fought hard against the absurdly powerful Miktran.
Judas: But if one of them had not directly attacked Miktran, piercing him,
at the cost of his own life,
perhaps no one would have won.
Reala: And this ... It was Mr. Karell.
Kyle: I can’t believe it ... So, what can we do!?
Kyle: That's right! We’ll ask the Board to remove him! This way, Karell won’t
Judas: Impossible, that too would change history. Are you going to do as
Kyle: Oh ...
Judas: ... Anyways, let's keep this from Harold.
Nanaly: Honestly ... It makes me feel bad, having to hide something.
Loni: Yeah, keeping all quiet about a person's life ...
Judas: Men die sooner or later. It’s only a matter of time.
Judas: ... And so, let us have no illusions.
Kyle: ...
Reala: Everyone, certain death ... sooner or later ...
Reala: ... Sooner or later, I will too ...

-> Skit
Kyle: What are we going to do about Mr. Karell ... Wouldn’t it be better if
we said something to Harold ...!
Judas: We have already ended this discussion ... We came here to correct
history. Do you think it would be a good thing, if we distorted the story
Kyle: I know, I know, but ...!
Reala: Kyle ...

-> Skit
Loni: Come on, Kyle. If we keep hanging around here, thinking, we’ll never
get anywhere. Let’s go find the Swordian Team first.

/ Dialogue \
Kyle: Sorry for the wait, Mr. Raiker.
Raiker: We were just about to begin a discussion. You all listen in too.
Raiker: Ladies and gentlemen, on this day in 1300 we will launch the an
offensive against the enemy base, Dycroft.
Raiker: This single battle will decide the fate of our planet, literally.
I wish that we all fight
with every ounce of our strength.
Dymlos: Agreed!
Raiker: The key to this mission, is of course the, Swordian Team.
Raiker: Especially you, Commander Dymlos and deputy Karell. Whatever
happens, you must defeat
the final objective, the enemy commander Miktran.
Karell: Leave it to us. I will make sure to end Miktran’s life with these
Dymlos: The rest of you, will be assault units, you are responsible for
distracting the enemy.
Dymlos: Because of the previous mission, enemy surveillance has been
Dymlos: I know you will be able to get them though. I trust you, young Kyle.
Kyle: Yes! Leave it to us!
Dymlos: There is only one thing I would like to say.
Dymlos: Fighting with every ounce of your strength, and fighting to the death,
are two different things.
... Come back safe and sound!
Igtenos, Chaltier, Karell, Atwight, Clemente: Got it!
Raiker: Let the mission begin! Radislow depart!

/ Cutscene \
Soldier: Target identified! It’s heat sources are at eleven! It’s ...
Raiker: It does not matter! Continue the rise!
Raiker: Let’s break Dycroft before the next attack.
Soldier: Understood! Full power!


/ Dialogue \
Kyle: Uh, uuuuh ... You alright, Reala ...?
Reala: Yes, I‘m fine. But the others ...?
Loni: I’m fine... stayed dry at least!
Chaltier: I'm more or less, well. I just beat up my shoulder.
Harold: Man, General, you like to do crazy things. If I was a hair wrong,
the whole crew would’ve gone to another world.
Karell: A man capable of even shocking Harold. Try not be scared, General.
Raiker: Here I‘ve dug myself in a pit. However, we were able to infiltrate
it. Let’s pass to the next move, immediately.
Dymlos: Yes! Let us go, Swordian team!
Kyle: Come on, let’s go too!
Reala: Alright!

-> Skit
Kyle: Wow, first-person fighting, in the war between heaven and earth that
I thought was ancient history ...
Ghhh! How exciting!
Judas: Do not overreact. By doing so your name will be engraved on a grave,
like the one’s of the people who have
made history.
Loni: Tombstone ... No, thanks. I’m still at the age of falling in love.
Nanaly: Yeah yeah, you’ll continue to say that all your life.

-> Skit
Kyle: Come on, let’s go too! We need to follow the Swordian team!

-> Skit (descending)
Kyle: There’s no need to make detours, now. Hurry up.

/ Dialogue \
Dymlos: Alright ... come! It seems that our enemies have prepared to
Karell: Well, it's time to test our new weapons in battle!
Dymlos: Fearful Flare!
Igtenos: Cyclone!
Chaltier: Press!
Atwight: Mr. Clemente!
Atwight: First Aid!
Clemente: Do not mock me just because I'm an old soldier!
Clemente: Meteor Storm!
Karell: Well, now me ...
Karell: Black Hole!
Kyle: The Swordians are magnificent. In only a second, they swept away all
those monsters ...!
Dymlos: Well, we have pioneered. Let’s go, everyone!
Dymlos: We part here, young Kyle.
Kyle: Eh?
Dymlos: The rest is up to us. It would be better that history be made by those
who belong here ...
Am I right?
Kyle: Mr. Dymlos, how can you know ...!
Dymlos: If we were the ones who build the future, will not that mean, that
we too are important?
Kyle: Mr. Dymlos ...
Dymlos: You must go your way. Only we can bring the story back to normal.
Kyle: Yes!
Dymlos: Do your best, Young Kyle!
Loni: Okay, let’s get going also.
Loni: If Barbatos should turn into a problem before it‘s over, the efforts
we’ve made so far, would be for nothing.
Harold: Well said! Alright, let's go!
Kyle: Wait, Harold!
Kyle: Harold, if you chase Mr. Dymlos and the others. You should still be
in time!
Judas: Kyle!
Kyle: I know! I know, but ...
Kyle: I can’t! I can’t keep quiet ...!
Harold: ....
Kyle: Harold!
Harold: You're a fool.
Harold: Your aim is to correct the story, right? So, all things that distort
it are prohibited.
Kyle: But Harold, won’t you be sad! You think it‘s right!?
Harold: Do you want to know what I would do if I could change history? In
order to avoid unpleasant results?
Harold: Are you kidding! If I did something like that, I would be on the same
level as the Goddess, right?
Kyle: Harold ...
Harold: I care about the future. And even if I knew, I wouldn’t change my
I would only do, what I’m doing now.
Harold: It’s so that groping human beings can make history.
Harold: I don’t have the slightest desire to cheat. Got it?
Kyle: .... I understand.
Harold: Very good! Then, again, let's ...
Reala: Wh-what!?
Harold: It’s the sound of Belcrant‘s shot. It‘s too soon, what the hell, we
can‘t do anything.
Judas: It is possible, Belcrant is hitting indiscriminately!?
Kyle: Let’s hurry guys ...! We need to get to the control room!

-> Skit
Reala: Listen, Harold. Why did you ...
Harold: I told you, no. I won‘t be a cheater. I love to solve problems alone.
If I were given the first answer, it might help solve the solution, but I
don‘t like doing it that way.
Reala: ... Your strong.
Harold: Strong ... you say. Oh, I’ve never been called that before,  it's
a really adorable compliment!
Although I don’t think it‘s exactly the right term.
Reala: No, no, Harold, you are strong ... Yes, people are strong ...

-> Skit
Kyle: Umm, Harold ... Wouldn’t it be better if we went with Mr. Karell ...
Harold: Sheeeeesh! You're so stubborn, I’ll close that mouth, by filling it
with formalin!
He'll be fine, if all six Swordians join their forces, they won‘t have any
rivals left.
And don’t tell me that you yourself would be able to stop Belcrant?
Kyle: You're right about that ... But ..
Harold: Look, if you have time to talk, use it to go to the control room.
If we don’t stop it soon,
the earth will turn into an arid desert.

-> Skit
Kyle: Hey, Harold. Belcrant’s control room, couldn’t we destroy the
mechanisms properly?
Harold: We could try, but ... If you were to short circuit it, in the worst
cases Belcrant explode.
Kyle: But we want Belcrant to be destroyed!
Harold: But with that, Dycroft would go with, and it would be, farewell
everyone. And a continuous rain of
" Various parts from the exploded Sky city," would fall all over, we can say
goodbye to the land. What do you think?
You still want to break it?
Kyle: Fo-for the moment I’d say no ...

-> Skit
Harold: Okay, if we hurry up, and stop Belcrant, we should be able to protect
the land. Soon, soon.

-> Skit (to teleport)
Harold: Let my brother and others to deal with that. We’ve directed to
Belcrant’s control room.

/ & Various NPC \

Raiker: Anyway how, we were able to infiltrate. Move to next step,

[Person with blue cloak]
Emergency medical service: Do you want first aid?
"Yes (765 Gald)", Or "No"
Emergency medical service: I’m always available.

Supplies: We supply the troops.
Supplies: We are always available.

/ Dialogue \
Soldier: Shit! First we were taken out by a bunch of weird little kids, and
now the enemy
ground troops!
Soldier: Yeah, the good fortune of Miktran, is low, no doubt ... Hey, let‘s
ditch him!
Soldier: And where would we go! Instead, we should try and get captured by
the ground troops.
You never know what they could do to us!
Kyle: Let’s go!
Soldier: T-the brats from last time!?
Judas: You can not run away! Obey, and come out!
Soldier: What, should we do!?
Soldier: You're done putting us through the carpet! Take this!
Loni: Shit! That elevator is taking too long to come up!
Nanaly: It's inevitable! Save the anger for later!

-> Skit
Nanaly: Save the anger for later!
Loni: Oh oh, that’s it ~, stand back!  ( I think ? )

/ Dialogue \
Kyle: Oh my God ...

Kyle: All of you, throw down your arms and surrender!
Enemy soldier: Ground troops! ... We are already at this point.
Enemy solider: All right! We surrender!
Loni: Alright, where are the doors to the control room?
Enemy Solider: We lost ... What will become of us now?
Nanaly: We won‘t kill you. Expect only a thousand years of hard life, in exile.

-> Skit
Judas: We secured the entrance to the control room. We just have to go in
and stop Belcrant.
Harold: Well, let’s enter at once, and stop it right away!

-> Skit (another elevator)
Nanaly: Don’t you think it’s kinda useless to go up from here?

/ & Various NPC \
[Soldier higher]
NOTICE: "You got the: Sinking Rod."
(Talking to)
Enemy solider: How dare you! How dare armed kids from the ground troops, touch
me, an ether!
Enemy solider: Hmpf! Soon a new war will break out, we and the damned Earth,
will sink to hell!

[Soldier nearest station to the north]
NOTICE: "You got the: Flax Sword."
(Talking to)
Enemy solider: What will become of us now ... It is said that if you get caught
by the ground troops,
you will not be allowed to live ...

[Soldier closer to the save point]
NOTICE: "You got the: Spear Strength."
(Talking to)
Enemy solider: Those who oppose Miktran will be killed ... We could not refuse
his orders.
We, too, are soldiers affiliated with the Eteriane military, we are victims.
Enemy solider: We had no choice if we wanted to continue living. None of us
wanted this war.

[Soldier on the left of the one closest to the save point]
NOTICE: "You got the: Nimble Hunter Bow."
(Talking to)
Enemy solider: He made me act against my will! It is a lie!
Enemy soldier: Listen, I beg you. Believe me.

[Soldier farther to the north of the elevator]
NOTICE: "You got the: Chance Razor."
(Talking to)
Enemy soldier: You are lucky to be on the winning side.

/ Dialogue \
Barbatos: Finally you’ve come ... I've been dying to see you, Kyle Dunamis!
Kyle: Barbatos! I know what your doing!
Reala: We will not allow you to continue playing with people’s stories!
Barbatos: People’s stories ...? Hah! I do not care about that anymore, now!
Kyle: What do ...!?
Barbatos: Now, I do not care about Dymlos or those scum they call heroes,
Barbatos: My goal ... Is you, Kyle! I just want to destroy you!
Harold: I see, even if you're empowered, you haven’t been able to beat Dymlos.
Barbatos: ... What!?
Harold: You don’t care if it’s Dymlos, you just need an opponent. You’d even
be satisfied with a monkey!
Harold: If you want to be a good villain, you‘d at least try to change the
end of the story to something you‘d want.
All that work, put to shame.
Barbatos: ... Hmpf, are you saying that you would change history?
Harold: ... Are you talking about?
Barbatos: During the battle against Miktran, your brother will be shot dead.
This will happen with the normal
course of events.
Barbatos: But if you were to run to him now, you may still have time to stop
that. You could change history.
Barbatos: Well, let me see your commitment, are you going to change history!
Harold: ..........
Kyle: Barbatos, you bastard ...!
Barbatos: Exactly, that look, Kyle! I’ve trembled to see that look, that’s
so full of anger!
Barbatos: It shows that the urge to kill! Your next Kyle! In fact, you will
quench my thirst!

External voice: Blocks from A to J are tender! The enemy troops also invaded
block M.
Let us call for reinforcements, urgently, ask ...
External voice: Where is Miktran!? Shit, he failed to receive us!? Our army
has several injuries,
we had to accept and surrender ...
Kyle: Fall back, Barbatos!
Barbatos: What a bore ... This age is not good ... I need ... I need a good
Kyle: Wait, where are you going, Barbatos!?
Barbatos: In the place most suitable for a clash between you and me ...
Barbatos: Kyle Dunamis ... First time travel ... I'll be waiting in front
of the '"Eye of the Goddess "...!
Kyle: Finally, he ran ...
Judas: Barbatos will not interfere more than that. I'd better leave him alone.
Loni: Hey, Kyle ...
Kyle: Right, Harold ...!
Harold: You lock it, already. It would be a big problem if Belcrant fires
Kyle: Harold ... Uh, about what Barbatos said, first ...
Harold: ... I told you, right? Even if I know the future, I'm not going to
change it.
Harold: I'll do what I do ... Only that.
Kyle: Harold ...
Harold: ... Finished. Well, come on guys.
Harold: ... To Miktran‘s throne room.

-> Skit
Kyle: Hey ... Harold ...
Harold: ... What's wrong with you, Kyle? Come on, come on.
Reala: Harold ...

-> Skit
Kyle: Maybe we still have time! Let’s run to the throne room!

-> Skit (another elevator)
Loni: We're not on a picnic! Hurry up!

/ & Various NPC \
Ground troop solider: It looks like the situation continues to lean towards
our troops.
Only the monsters guarding Miktran, remain.
Ground troop solider: I think that concluded pretty fast. Alright, if the
war ends well, I'm not complaining.

[Soldier in blue cloak]
Ground troop solider: Ha-Harold, great job. Let us take care of these others.
Harold: I trust you. ... Bring them to the headquarters, ok?
(Talking to again)
Ground troop solider: Alright, you guys. You will be transported to
I want to see you marching with his heart on your shoulder!

PART 14  - Sair Lenneth

Txt version


/ Dialogue \
Kyle: Here they are! Mr. Dymlos and the others are here!
Karell Miktran, be prepared!
Miktran: I, who have been called Emperor of Heaven. Will not die in vain!
Karell: GWAAAAH!
Karell: ... Do not ... cough! ... Do not let ... go!
Harold: My brother! Hold on, little brother!
Karell: Harold ... ... Haha, how strange ... Am I ... having hallucinations?
Karell: ... She ... just ... call me "brother" ...
Harold: Don’t talk, your wounds will get worse!
Karell: ... What is it, Harold? Are ... ... are you crying?
Karell: I have ... been ... taken ... around? ... Do .. not ... worry about
... ... Your big brother ...
I ... protect ... In a flash ...
Harold: I told not to speak!
Karell: ... Your brother ... will ... ... alwa ... pro ... ... tect ... I
Karell: ... I. .. you ... .... yes ..........
Harold: Brother ...?
Harold: Brother! Wake up, brother!
Dymlos Harold ... ... Karell is already ...
Harold: ... hey ... brother ...

~Ground troops military base~

/ Dialogue \
Raiker: You, soldiers of the prosperous ground troops! Today, we finally put
the war to an end,
a war that threatened to go on for centuries.
Raiker: Miktran, the heartless tyrant is dead.
Raiker: Both heavenly troops, who now and then boasted of its overwhelming
military power, and Dycroft,
symbol of hate and terror, have been erased forever, with it’s death.
Raiker: We shall never forget the glow of the lives, of all the heroes who
have died, beginning with
Karell Belserius.
Raiker: We will also, carve him in our hearts. This victory paved the way
for a new future.
It’s a first step towards the future.
Judas: The proclamation of the end of the war, by General Raiker, known as
the extraordinary prayer.
Who would have thought, that I would hear this in person.
Nanaly: And ... Listen to this spirit, too.
Kyle: Hey, Loni ... Did we really do it?
Loni: Hm, what are you talking about, Kyle?
Kyle: We could have saved Mr. Karell.
Kyle: If we had done as Barbatos said, and let ourselves be lead by Miktran,
then perhaps ...
Harold: You're a fool. Yeah, you're at the same level as that ape.
Reala: Harold!
Harold: I told you, right? Those who know the future should not change the
story just for their own comfort.
Kyle: I see. But ..
Harold: And, my brother's death was written in destiny. He didn’t die in vain.
Harold: My brother has lived up to the end following his style. This is the
Harold: So I’ve no regrets. I think he had a happy life.
Kyle: Harold ...
Reala: Even knowing that death awaits them, they live up to the end, happiness
Harold: ... Man, you're depressing. I get it, get it over, with that speech!
Harold: So then, from now what will you do?
Kyle: We plan to pursue Barbatos.
Judas: "Before the Eye of the Goddess", perhaps he is in Dycroft, shortly
before the disaster happened.
Judas: You want to decide your own destiny in the place where you decide the
fate of the world ... He’s consistent with his thinking.
Reala: But, the lens ... The power of the lens is not enough to allow time
Harold: That's what you think.
Kyle: Harold, but these ...
Harold: The Swordians represent the essence of the lenses technology. If it
turns into energy, they‘ll work.
Nanaly: Gotcha! How cool is that? Saved us the trouble of looking for other
Kyle: Well, Harold. Thanks for ...
Harold: Up, towards the future, let's go!
Loni: ... Hey, what are you doing?
Harold: I told you before, right? I'll give you proof that my gray matter
exceeds that of a Goddess.
Judas: You can not mean ... Are you going to come with us? ( I can see the
horror on his face)
Harold: I won‘t leave the Swordians alone, so if you don‘t want me. .
Loni: ... Haaah. What we do, Kyle?
Kyle: It’s better! If Harold is with us, we'll have more help!
Harold: Because you think so, they’re yours!
Kyle: Alright! Reala, let's go! Our goal is eighteen years before the present
... The age when Dad lived!
Reala: Understood. ... Come on, guys!

~Floating Land~

-> Skit (auto)
Kyle: Here we are ...
Judas: Above the crust. During the recent disaster, Miktran is in Dycroft
for action.
Harold: How, did Miktran return? How stubborn.
Loni: Well, it‘s better not to wait, let’s go greet Barbatos, that bastard.
Judas: According to his words ... It will be in front of the Eye of the Goddess
in Dycroft.
Kyle: Ok, let’s go!

-> Skit
Judas: Harold ... Forgive me. I knew what would happen to Karell even before
that battle.
Harold: But how! ... How could you ... This anger ... Won’t go away, until
I have dissected you.
Judas: ... Uuh!
Harold: Buugia ~ I know. I know. You pretended not to, so you could protect
the story, right?
So, you're like me, mmmh ~! It's rare that someone is at my level.
Judas: Yeah, forgive me ...
Harold: ... Hmmmm.
Judas: Wha-what ...?
Harold: To see you apologize so honestly, is a very rare phenomenon, you know.
I just need to see it,
to feel satisfied.
Judas: Hmpf. I just wanted to lend you a shoulder to cry on.
Harold: Okay, okay. I don‘t mind me, continue to do so.

-> Skit
Kyle: That damn Barbatos, what the heck is planning to do in this world ...?
Harold: Hmmm ... Well, the things he can do, there’s many. For example, erase
your existence.
Kyle: No way! Barbatos will never take me out! I‘ll just fight him hard!
Harold: Hmm. You're just a fool.
Kyle: Bu-but how!
Harold: If your parents were killed, what would happen?
Kyle: Heh? Erm ... I would be very sad.
Harold: That’s not what I meant. You’ll be born here shortly, and if your
parents die here.. So in other words, you‘d be cancelled.
Kyle: ... That’s not true!
Harold: Well, it's up to you to make it true.

-> Skit
Loni: Hey, Kyle. If we were to meet Mr. Stan and Mrs. Rutee, make sure not
to reveal your identity.
Kyle: Ahh! Right! ... Ah, but how do I? I don’t have anything else to dress
myself in ...
Loni: ... Maybe you could borrow Judas‘s mask?
Kyle: Oooh! What a great idea! So Judas, how about giving me your mask ...
Judas: And thus reveal my identity. And long before they would recognize an
unborn child. Think some.
Loni: ... Pfff! Ahahahah! IIIH! M-MY STOMACHAHAHAHAH!
Kyle: Hey! Loni, he teased you!

-> Skit
Loni: Hey, Judas. If we end up meeting Mr. Stan and the others, what will
you do?
Nanaly: Right. You have many things ... You could not tell them, right?
Judas: I'm not going to justify myself. I swore to myself that I would not
deny the past.
Loni: But ...
Kyle: ... If Judas decided it, it‘s fine with me.
Judas: Kyle ...

-> Skit
Kyle: Let’s get through the labyrinth of the crust, and aim for Dycroft!

~Dycroft Entrance~

/ Dialogue \
Rutee: Who, who the heck is this!? He can‘t be beat, don’t underestimate him,
boys! And I’m referring to especially you, Stan!
Stan: I-I‘ve got it! You be careful too, Rutee!
Loni: Heh, hey! Look, Kyle! That’s ...!
Kyle: Da-Dad, and Mom ...!?
Reala: Kyle, they need help!
Kyle: We-well, let's go! Let's give them a hand, guys!

Barbatos: You're just in time, Kyle! I needed an opponent to kill time ...
These guys do not satisfy me.
Kyle: Barbatos, you bastard ...!
Barbatos: If I could kill them both together, it would be even more fun ...
Barbatos: What are you doing, Kyle Dunamis! It is this, that quenches my
Stan: What power ... amazing!
Kyle: Dad ...
Kyle: ... Mr. Stan! Let's hit him together!
Stan: ... Okay, let's try!
Barbatos: Haaah!
Barbatos: Mbbwwww ...!
Stan: Thanks for saving us. That was a close one.
Stan: ... Of course you were just great. I never thought of being able to
launch a perfect attack in
such harmony, with an unknown ally.
Kyle: ... I’m not exactly unknown.
Stan: ... Eh?
Rutee: Stan!
Rutee: Thanks for getting rid of that guy. We were saved thanks to you. You,
what's your name?
Kyle: It’s ... Kyle. My name is Kyle Dunamis.
Rutee: Dunamis, huh ... It means "Dynamic", right. That’s a nice name.
Stan: Kyle is cool too. If I have a kid in the future, I might give them your
Stan: ... I-I‘m, kidding, kidding!
Rutee: Quite talking nonsense, and let's hurry. We don‘t have time.
Kyle: Ah, your going there already? But your still injured from the previous
battle ...
Stan: Yeah, we need to go. Were fighting at the cost of living. Just like
Kyle: .........
Stan: Alright, let’s go ...
Kyle: Wait, Mr. Stan!
Kyle: I know ... No, go, its definitely for the best!
Stan: ... Thank you. Good luck to you.
Kyle: The rest is up to them. Right, Dad ...
Loni: ... You're not happy?
Kyle: ... I am!
Nanaly: Well, now what? By the looks, that damn Barbatos is still alive.
Judas: He probably went to the Eye of the Goddess. Let's go there too.
Loni: Shouldn’t we follow Mr. Stan and the others?
Judas: And you think we ought to follow them like a humble bunch of lost sheep?
We use another route.
Judas: We can continue using those stairs over there.
Kyle: Ok, let‘s move!

-> Skit
Kyle: Loni ... Do you think I became stronger by chance? So I wouldn‘t shame
my father...
Loni: Alright here ... "You put an end to Barbatos, and have returned the
story to normal, and will have saved the world" ...
That the answer you wanted?
Kyle: You're right ... Ok, let’s hurry up!

-> Skit
Harold: Hmm ~ ~? Our boys have a rather happy face. Did something happen?
Reala: It’s  natural. Kyle was able to meet his father, who he had lost a
child, and Loni could protect
the man, who he’d failed to protect when he was little. While Judas was able
to save comrades
who he had previously betrayed, this is perhaps what makes them so happy ...
Nanaly: Yeah ... They’re all ... so radiant ... They‘ve got very happy faces.

-> Skit
Judas: Having extended my life, has given great meaning ...
Loni: Don‘t get all happy just because you saved your old friends. You still
have much to work with.
Nanaly: You're not too honest yourself. I bet what you’d like to say is "I
want you to live again, after this."
Loni: Oh shut up! We need to catch that bastard, Barbatos right now, and put
an end to his life
once and for all!

-> Skit
Kyle: We don’t know what Barbatos is planning. Let’s hurry to the place where
we can find the Eye of the Goddess!

~Eye of the Goddess Room~

/ Dialogue \
Dymlos: It's okay, Stan. We have lived long enough ...
Stan: .......
Woodrow: Hurry, Stan! Or this place will fall apart!
Stan: ... GHH, shit!
Loni: He-hey, look at that!? Nothing happened!
Nanaly: It can‘t be! When struck by the Swordians, the Eye of the Goddess
would unleash a power that
to break the crust, right?
Harold: The Eye of the Goddess’s energy only slightly exceeds the power of
the Swordians ...
Harold: Because of this I’m not able to control the Eye of the Goddess. He
did something ...
Kyle: What should we do, what ...!
Dymlos: It’s been one thousand years ... Young Kyle.
Dymlos: ... However, for you it was not such a long period.
Kyle: ...! ... This is, Mr. Dymlos!?
Dymlos: Unfortunately, it's like Harold said. It seems that our power alone
is not sufficient.
In this way, we will not go anywhere ...
Kyle: But, because of this, we totally can’t give up! There must be a way,
of course ...!
Dymlos: There is only one way. However, this is an impossibility ...
Kyle: We'll never know if it’s impossible, unless we try! Tell me what it
is, Mr. Dymlos!
Judas: Do not fuss, pay attention, Kyle.
Kyle: ... Judas?
Judas: Shut up and watch.
Chaltier: Hello, I’ve been waiting for, guys. Forgive my tardiness.
Dymlos: You-you're ... Chaltier!?
Clemente: Oh, how perfect your timing is, for a rebel like you ...
Atwight: All of the Swordians are present. Surely, we can ...!
Barbatos: Have you finished playing at being heroes! You will die here, with
Kyle: Ba ... Barbatos!
Judas: This world must be saved by Stan and the others.
Judas: We will catch that damned ... And make him pay dearly!

Kyle: You have no other place to escape. Be prepared Barbatos!
Barbatos: KHH, ghghgh ... Get ready!? A brat like you thinks I could be put
Barbatos: No one can defeat me! No one caaaaan!
Kyle: Ba ... Barbatos!
Barbatos: Do not misunderstand, Kyle. You did not defeat me.
Barbatos: I did, I chose to die by my hand! Heheheh ... AHAHAHAHAAH!
Kyle: W-wait, Barbatos!
Dymlos: ... He chose his own volition even the place where he died. A selfish
act to the end ...
Igtenos: We have no time to discuss this. At this rate we will be engulfed
by the power of the Eye of the Goddess.
Kyle: Judas! What are you going to do!?
Harold: It’s Chaltier. With him, the Swordians will exceed the power of the
Eye of the Goddess, and can control it.
Harold: Then, the Eye of the Goddess will go into overload, destroying the
crust with it.
Loni: Right! Judas, being Leon, was carrying a Swordian!
Reala: But this ...
Dymlos: ... Serves you right, Leon? You have decided to separate yourself
from Chaltier.
Judas: I seem to have said. This world must be saved at the hands of Stan
and the others.
Igtenos: ... The Swordians are one with their owner. They can only be
destroyed by the hand of
their teachers ...
Clemente: Fate is a cruel a thing ...
Judas: ... Forgive me, Chal. I ...
Chaltier: It’s all right, boss. Did you hear what Dymlos said earlier? We’ve
already lived long enough.
Chaltier: And, to be honest, I got a little tired trying to always protect
you, boss ... you know.
Judas: As it happens, I was also thinking about not having to listen to your
Chaltier: Well then, let‘s go, hurry up and get it over with.
Chaltier: Ah, wait a moment.
Judas: ... What is it, again? You tell me to hurry, and there‘s not much time.
Chaltier: Sure, I'm tired of being with you, boss ... But I enjoyed it so
Judas: ... Me too. Thank you ... for everything.
Chaltier: That‘s not like you, boss.
Judas: And that‘s not like you, Chal.
Judas: Come on, Chal!
Chaltier: Alright!

/ Cutscene \


/ Dialogue \
Nanaly: I think it’s all over.
Loni: Having defeated Barbatos, I'd like to believe that.
Judas: .......
Kyle: Anyways, let‘s find Mr. Woodrow. We need to talk about the stolen lenses
right away.

( Normal time ! Yay~)

-> Skit
Kyle: We're finally back. To our world!
Nanaly: But it's been a while. We thought we were finished in the strange
world, but turned out that
it was manipulated by Elraine ...
Harold: And to fix it, you came to my era.
Loni: But again, to follow Barbatos, we went to eighteen years ago ... Huh,
we went everywhere. ( That’s a understatement)
Reala: But in this era, it’s as if no time has passed. And besides, no one
knows that in the meantime
the story has been changed.
Judas: No one should know ... right?
Kyle: Yeah, no one should know. "This is the world we belong in," and this
is enough.
Loni: ... Yeah. Well, let's go Kyle. We must talk to Mr. Woodrow about the

-> Skit
Loni: Let‘s go repost to Mr. Woodrow. We need to reward his
kindness and for having received given us imperial mandate.

-> Skit (out)
Kyle: Let's go to the Heidelberg castle, and meet Mr. Woodrow.

~Heidelberg Castle~

/ Dialogue \
Woodrow: Ooh, Kyle. And all of you ... It seems that you have completed the
mission safely.
Kyle: Yes, we managed to save Reala. Except that, the lens in Phandaria ...
Woodrow: I have received the report. They have been sunk into the depths along
with the flying dragon.
Kyle: I'm sorry. I wasn’t good enough ...
Woodrow: There is no need for you to apologize. You have preserved a plethora
of lenses, and that is enough.
Woodrow: As a representative of the people of Phandaria, thank you. Thank
you, Kyle.
Kyle: No, it's a privilege to have helped.
Woodrow: I would like to reward your successes, but all I can do for now,
is have you stay at the castle.
Woodrow: What do you think, Kyle?
Kyle: Thank you very much. I’ll accept the offer.

-> Skit
Kyle: For now, let's stop for a rest ... Let’s go to the room we used before.

/ & Various NPC \
Woodrow: All I can do for now, is let you stay at the castle. I'm sorry, Kyle.

[Soldier Room]
Soldier: This is your room, sir. Will you rest for today?
"Let’s rest" Or "Not Yet"
-> Let’s rest
Soldier: Have a good rest.

/ Dialogue \
Reala: Hey, Kyle, wake up.
Reala: Come on, Kyle!
Reala: Heyyyy, Kyle! You have to waaake uuup!
Kyle: ... Fwha? Hm, hey Reala. ... It‘s late. Need more....
Reala: What are you saying! It’s been days, days! Hey, wake up, Kyle.
Kyle: A little more... Only a little ...
Reala: Hey, I came here on purpose, aren‘t we going somewhere?
Kyle: Are you going somewhere... I'm sleeping ...
Reala: Dammit, so Kyle, you're actually refusing a date with me?
Kyle: Rejection, refusal ... I have no dates ...
Kyle: .... EH, DATE!?
Reala: Yes, a date! Come on, Kyle!
Reala: For the spot ... Yes! Let’s go to the park. That will definitely be

-> Skit
Reala: Right now ... Everything that happened to us so far, seems like a  joke
to me. It's all so serene and peaceful ...
Kyle: ....
Reala: ... Kyle? Did something happen?
Kyle: Oh, no, no! I was just thinking.
Reala: Hmmmm ... Considering its you, Kyle, you're thinking, it will rain
donkeys today!
Kyle: Oh, you're so mean, Reala! You don’t turn to me like that!
Reala: Ahahahahah! But it's your own fault, Kyle. Although you have a date,
you get lost in your thoughts,
its unfriendly towards a lady.
Kyle: Oh, hm, right ... Hahaha! Okay, let's be real.
Reala: Yes!

-> Skit
Kyle: Uh ... We need to go to the park, right?
Reala: Yes! Today the weather is nice, we’ll definitely feel better!

/ & Various NPC \
Woodrow: This is just a personal opinion, but the peace now, seems like the
calm before a storm ...
I have this impression.  ( Thank you for that vote of confidence)


-> Skit
Reala: Hmm, it feels good ~ Walking around the city in the morning is the
best! ... Although, it does feel a little cold.
Kyle: For you, it’s just a little. But it makes me bitterly cold ...
Reala: Don’t be so vulgar, Kyle. I do not think it's a "word that is
appropriate for a hero who saved the world".
Kyle: Bu-but ...
Reala: Or ... Don’t you want to go out with me?
Kyle: No, that’s  not the problem! It's just that, it was so sudden, that
it surprised me...
Reala: Heheheh! Kyle, you're so funny! Your all backwards!

/ Dialogue \
Reala: Hmpf, I'm tired of walking. Let’s rest a little.
Reala: How quiet ... Looking now, the disasters from a short time ago, seem
like a lie.
Kyle: What a strange feeling. The last time we came, this was the city of
Reala: It had changed so suddenly, it didn’t seem possible to restore it ...
Reala: It seemed that Elraine had achieved her goal, going to change the story
in its fragility.
Kyle: But the story hasn’t changed.
Kyle: Mr. Dymlos, Miss Atwight, and Mom and Dad ... Their strength has
protected the story.
Reala: And you've helped a lot, Kyle.
Kyle: Yo-you think, heheh ...
Kyle: I still can’t believe it.
Kyle: I met a mysterious girl at the ruins, I began a journey around the world
with my friends,
I have traveled in time and I could fight with the heroes of the past.
Kyle: I wonder if this isn’t just a dream ...
Reala: If that were true, what would you do?
Reala: If you were to wake up one morning and suddenly I was not there anymore,
Kyle, what would you do?
Kyle: ...? Why are you asking that so suddenly ...
Reala: Answer me, Kyle ...
Kyle ... I don‘t want you to.
Reala: Huh?
Kyle: I don’t want you to disappears, Reala!
Kyle: If you were to disappear ... I'd do anything to be able get you back.
Reala: Kyle ...
Reala: Eh ...!?
Kyle: Wh-what ...!?
Reala: What ... What's going on!?
Loni: Kyle!
Kyle: What the heck was ...!?
Loni: Kyle! There you are!
Loni: Something wrong with you!? You're all white!
Kyle: No, it's nothing ... Anyways, did something happen?
Loni: Ah, yes, yes! Harold is calling us. We need to return at once.
Loni: There’s something that’s distorting time, a disaster or something like
that ...
Loni: Anyways, let’s get back! They’re all at the castle.

-> Skit
Kyle: What about the "unfortunate thing" that Harold‘s found, what is it?
Loni: Oh, er ... Anywho, if the brain of the magnificent Loni is unable to
understand it,
Then it surely must be something very complex.
Kyle: I don’t know why, but it seems like, you make it sound like its not
that important.
Loni: Oh be quiet! Let’s just get back to the castle!

-> Skit <-
Kyle: What the hell has just been ...
Reala: ....
Loni: Heey, because you just sit there numb? Did I not say that we look for
Kyle: SCU, Excuse us, Excuse us!

-> Skit
Kyle: It looks like Harold’s obtained information on something ... We should
hurry back to the room where we stayed!

~Heidelberg Castle~

/ Dialogue \
Nanaly: Ah, here they are. We’re fully booked now.
Kyle: What do you need to tell us? Loni said something, but I didn’t understand
anything ...
Harold: My "Analysis version 2.2" detected an abnormal enlargement and
distortion of the world’s time axis. ( Not positive if it’s “world”)
Harold: To put it into more understandable words, the passage of time is
really in a very critical situation.
Kyle: Critical situation?
Harold: In short, the future is going to disappear.
Nanaly: The future will be no more ... What is that supposed to mean!?
Harold: I don’t know what will be the tangible consequence, but it seems to
come from the future of
this time, against interference.
Harold: The effect of this will lead to the disappearance of the future that
should have been.
Kyle: This means that Elraine intends to change time that way?
Harold: If that’s right, up to this point it won‘t be easy to fix.
Harold: If that happens, changing the future of this time, will have terrible
effects on a large scale.
Harold: And unfortunately, those signs have already been seen. Even before
I observed the distortions in space-time.
For a moment, present and future are almost overlapping.
Reala: Kyle, that’s it ...!
Kyle: Y-yeah ...
Harold: You guys have some clues?
Kyle: ... We saw it.
Nanaly: Seriously?
Kyle: ... Heidelberg, distorted and disappeared ...
Harold: The end of the world already ...
Loni: The end of the world ... What do you mean, Harold?
Harold: It‘s really clear. If Elraine has decided to cancel this world, it
won‘t only destroy the future.
Nanaly: It’ll delete the whole world ...! But why would she do that?!
Harold: Well, I don’t know the reasons. Only she can answer those direct
questions, right?
Judas: Only she can know. But who knows where the heck Elraine is ...
Harold: Oh, well that‘s not a problem. We just have to follow the Pars waste
of space-time.
Harold: It’s about eighty thousand and seven hundred hours from here, ie,
hence ten years. Roughly, anyways.
Loni: In other words, our next problem will be to get enough Lenses for time
Loni: The ones that were in this castle, have been plunged into the sea ...
Harold: You have used the IXI Fossler, correct?
Harold: So, why not use those lenses? They’re the same like what the Swordians
are made from.
All my creations are full of extraordinary energy.
Judas: But we do not know where we’ll be going to crash.
Judas: I'd like to remain on earth, but since we will be involved in space-time
Harold: Huhuh! It’s just for situations like this, I can give us an automatic
Loni: ... As far as I know, she could be cheating, guys.
Harold: I call myself more "scrupulous" than anything else. However, it
should’ve set off auto pilot,
and now should be back in its place.
Loni: In other words, our goal now is, to get to the hangar in the abandoned
military base.
Kyle: All right, come on guys!

-> Skit
Kyle: Reala ... Using the power of the lens, the world can be destroyed?
Reala: I think it's impossible, maybe. But perhaps it would be possible if,
as like with Belcrant, the lenses were
combined with something else ...
Judas: But it's not so easy to build such a thing. However, both the result
of research by Harold
is the hallucination that you have seen, they are signs of the end of the
world ... Which means she never intended
to use them for this purpose?
Kyle: For now, let's go back to the future!

-> Skit
Loni: That stupid Judas ... I doubt he‘s healed at all, since he keeps talking
about Chaltier.
Kyle: It's no wonder. He said he’d been with him since he was a child, and
they were almost like brothers.
Reala: And Harold, continues to behave happily, but sometimes in my sleep,
I hear her say Mr. Karell‘s name.
Nanaly: I understand them fine, having lost my brother. It’s not easy to be
separated ...
Loni: That’s right, but... Sooner or later he’ll have to get through it.
Reala: It’s the power of people, allowing them to do so ...
Kyle: Harold and Judas, will move on! Both of them are strong!
Nanaly: Yeah you're right. So we just have to wait and believe in them.

-> Skit
Kyle: Destroying the future ... What the hell is Elraine thinking!?
Judas: It seems like Elraine is, rather than trying to control people, and
get rid of them instead.
Reala: Why ...!? However even though they are different ways, our goal would
is to drive
people towards happiness ...
Loni: Probably, seeing as we have averted her every move, she’s lost her mind.
... Shit!

-> Skit
Loni: By the way, Kyle. You went out with Reala in the early morning without
telling me. Damn! Patpatpatpatpatpat!
Kyle: ... N-no. It‘s not what your thinking.
Loni: Come on, you don’t need to hide it. After all, your at that age, Kyle.
... Damn, you're left alone
my poor, sneaky guy. Damn, damn Damn ~! Damn! So perverted! Disgusting! Shit,
shit, shit!
Kyle: Ahiahiahaih, that hurts! Loni, your not really angry right!?
Loni: Hmm no I‘m not angry! Hahaha! Shiit!
( I question Loni’s language sometimes)

-> Skit
Kyle: Let's go to the north-west of Heidelberg, to the abandoned military
Using the energy from IXI Fossler, we’ll get back to the future!


-> Skit
Reala: When we finally returned to this world, I thought about it again. There
is no need for those Cathedrals.
People live healthy and strong even without the protection of Fortuna.
Nanaly: Yeah, exactly. Even in a land that’s terribly cold, people went back
to work and continue
to live happy. And in my country its the same. Happiness isn’t something that
a God can give you
It’s something that only we, can get for ourselves, with our own hands.
Loni: Alright, you smack that Elraine down hard!

~Out of Heidelberg~

-> Skit
Harold: Hey, Loni? I just made this myself, it’s done ~ ~ already!
Loni: Your too suspicious ... Who says, that you didn’t just mix up a few
weird medicines?
Harold: Hm hm. I can assure you I didn’t put in anyyyything odd. It only
contains some extracts from ~ my ~ king!
Loni: Hehehe ... And who’d ever believe words like that. Nanaly, let me eat
Nanaly: Ahh! Huh, wait ...!!
Loni: Gwaaah ... So, what ... Is, in this  ... my ... FEET... Are going ...
Harold: Bwahahaha! BINGO ~! Since I knew you wouldn’t eat mine if I’d asked,
I exchanged my pot with Nanaly’s~
Loni: I ... I've been made a fool of ...
Harold: Don’t slander, I didn’t tease you. I told you, I didn‘t “put” anything
Alrighty, I’ve collected the data! I collected the data! Fufufufufuhmmm ~

-> Skit
Loni: Harold, last night. I didn‘t see you anywhere, were you doing that
"inspection on the space-time" the whole night?
Harold: Yeah. And after, I think I had to do a little researching ~
Nanaly: Heeeh. I bet you used your books as pillows. Well, what were you
Harold: ~ Hmm ... Even if you’ve ask me, I can’t tell you exactly what I've
read, since I’ve read all
The many books in the library.
Loni: Haah!? You read all those books in one night!? ... Hey hey, stop joking
around, come on.
It’s not possible that a human being is capable of so much reading!
Harold: Well, at least for a human idiot like you.
Loni: Nggh, grrrr ... Well, if that‘s what you think, I just have to challenge
you! what’s that,
Reading that seven hundred page book, that’s on the left, on the second shelf
from the top shelf of the fourth
From the left, called? Answer me that!
Harold: The fourth chapter of "Lectures on the Science of Lenses", right?
Well, it was quite interesting,
but there wasn’t really anything new written in it. It seems like all
thousands years, science hasn’t
made great progress ... Next question?
Loni: Bu-but are serious about ... No, no! I need to go and see for myself!
Eh, eh-em ...
Which shelf, shelf, and what, and what book and what page it was?
Judas: He who can not even remember what he said, can not deal with a genius.

-> Skit
Nanaly: Here, Loni, this is ... Take it.
Loni: Hot water? What is it, Nanaly. You've made this just for me?
Nanaly: Yes .. Your stomach is hurt from that bad food, after Harold’s
experiments in the kitchen, right?
So, this is a special menu for easy digestion.
Loni: ... I see ... Whatever you say, so in the end you're in love with me
... And I accept your love ...
Nanaly: What are you saying, stupid!
Loni: Aggghh! Ghhh ... Uuuuhhhh ... Muo ... OWWWW ....
Judas: Food poisoning, followed by a physical attack ... A mortal wound.

~Abandoned military base~

/ Dialogue \
Kyle: That's so cool ... It was built so earnestly.
Harold: That’s obvious, right?! Who do you think built it?
Harold: Here it is, let‘s take it. It‘s kind of small, but I think this alone
is plenty enough to amplify the pendant‘s power.
Reala: Well, uh hey ...
Kyle: Reala, what is it?
Reala: ... Kyle, I have a favor to ask.
Reala: Promise me that from now on ... Whatever happens, you will defeat
Kyle: What's got into you, Reala. It’s obvious that we ...
Reala: Please Promise.
Kyle: ... I alright.
Kyle: I promise, Reala. Whatever happens, I’ll try to stop Elraine, at all
Reala: ...... Ok.
Reala: So, let's go. Into the future ...!

~Great Straylize Temple~

/ Dialogue \
Kyle: This is ... The Great Straylize Temple, in the future ...?
Soldier: Hey, you guys!
Soldier: What are you doing in a place like this!?
Kyle: Ah, we’re here...
Reala: Where is Elraine?
Soldier: And what do you want?
Soldier: Heh, hey! That pendant!
Soldier: No, you can‘t be, the, the holy ...!?
Soldier: The supreme Elraine, is not here.
Reala: Well, then where?
Soldier: Well, really ... We were ordered to never give her locations.
Reala: The matter is urgent. Answer me, where is Elraine?
Soldier: ... Eh, she’s in Kalviola.
Loni: Kalviola, right, that wass the place near Nanaly’s village, where there
was an enormous lens.
Judas: I wonder what she's scheming, damn ... We better hurry now.
Kyle: Yes, I know. We’re going to, Kalviola!

-> Skit
Nanaly: Fuuh ... Finally we’re able to return to my time.
Loni: Nanaly, there’s no need for you to continue following us. We don’t know
for sure if we can come
Back to this time again, you'd better go back to your country ...
Nanaly: Are you kidding! Should I give up to a unknown Titan, who plays with
the world?
If I were to shut up and let her run this world, I wouldn’t be worthy of
Loni: ... I knew you'd say that ... Beeh, then again ... If you weren’t here,
I’d suffer
a lot ... That is ...
Nanaly: Well ... Beeh, if that’s true, then I guess ... It’d be the same for

-> Skit
Loni: There's more obstacles. We just have to stop Elraine’s madness!
Judas: All right, but let‘s not get in over our heads. No one can predict
what might happen.
Reala: I have a terrible premonition ... Let’s find Elraine now.

-> Skit
Reala: Elraine ... We will stop you ... Absolutely! ... Whatever ... happens

-> Skit
Kyle: If your in Kalviola, Elraine, you must feel safe. We‘ll find you, soon!

-> Skit (going in the ruins)
Reala: Kyle. We don’t need to go through here, don‘t you think?

/ & Various NPC \

[Priest near the old woman to the north]
Priest: If you’re here for the cheap lenses, head inside the great temple,
and pray.
To receive the blessing of the Goddess Fortuna.
(Talking to again)
Priest: I wish the supreme Elraine, was nearby.
Priest: Of course, she must visit the other nations.
Kyle: I don’t know about her visits, but I know for a fact that she’s committed

[Old lady to the north]
Pilgrim: I consider myself a lucky person, I got to visit the great temple
before I die.
Pilgrim: When I go home, you can be sure that I will share the glory with
my husband.

[Priest rightmost]
Priest: .... Rooonf …( yea I don’t know…)

[Old lady in the south]
Believer: Haaah, I made many offers, how nice. And with this excuse, I was
able to explore the interior of the temple.

[Woman on the steps at the bottom right]
Pilgrim: You know, last year my village had a enormous abundance of fruits
and vegetables.
Again, this is the work of the great goddess Fortuna.
Pilgrim: I came to visit the great temple from far away, to give my thanks.
(Talking to again)
Pilgrim: We can live only by the great goddess Fortuna.
Pilgrim: No matter how far from here your country is, if I did not visit the
Great temple at least once,
I‘d never sleep.

[Boy next to the monument]
Pilgrim: Do you have any lens on you? I've only got 15. Can I find happiness
with these?

Priest: In the era of violence caused by Hugo, it seems that beyond this point
the room housed the giant lens
named "Eye of the Goddess."
Priest: Now there's nothing, this place has been sealed, along with its gory

(Aigrette Square)
[Woman in orange in the north]
Woman: In the past, we were subjugated by boring things like work and life.
You could not believe it all.
Woman: Now we have nothing to do, and we can think only of our happiness!
(Talking to again)
Woman: We don’t even get sick anymore, and we have a lot of free time now.
What a luxury ~

[Man with blond hair and purple clothing]
Man: This life has all the comforts, I don‘t even know excitement anymore.
Man: Not just ten years ago I led a poor life, and I wonder if it was just
a dream.

[Man in yellow shirt and purple pants]
Man: Lately, I don’t like my name anymore.
Nanaly: Right, sure. And apparently it’s not  oh so strange to have a number
as name.
Man: No, it’s not that. I want a better number.
Man: For example, if my name was F-46107, it would be closer to, Fortuna’s,
right? I would love a name like that.
(Translator's note: this is a game of signs, unfortunately, be translated
into Italian. In Japan, due to different
readings of the characters, numbers can have different readings depending
on the character they are side by side.
Then why, it is sometimes possible to construct sentences of all numbers,
with which, however, means the
construction of a word, sometimes rough. In Italian, for reasons we all know,
is not feasible, except in rare cases. In this case, the code of numbers and
letters F-46107, can be
read about: YO-F (n)-RO (ku)-TOU-NA (n), namely: FYOROTOUNA, that much closer
to the
pronunciation of 'Fortune'.) < - - Original translator’s note, not mine -
Sair Lenneth

[Woman with blue maid's uniform]
Woman: What do you think of this dress? It was a dress once worn by servants.
Woman: What a strange thing, a person who works in the service of another
(Talking to again)
Woman: Don’t you think we should all be the same for the Goddess?

[Man in orange]
Man: What? Why are you staring? Look, I don’t sell those strange ships
Kyle: But what about people who need them.
(Talking to again)
Man: Until the citizens of Aigrette, live up to their responsibilities, they
can live without working.

[Woman with braids]
Women: Ever since I was little, I‘ve had the thought that I used to have a
name, and not a number...
Woman: But I can’t remember why this changed ...
Judas: You mean you do not remember how you have lost your name ...
(Talking to again)
Woman: Well, even if I don’t remember my name, it’s not a problem. I don’t
mind that much.

[Man in brown and green]
Man: It seems that there is still scum in the world, those who will not accept
the customs of Aigrette.
Nanaly: It's not that we want to create conflicts ... It’s just that living
in a greenhouse isn’t really our style. ( You tell him!)
(Talking to again)
Man: Give up passions, and offer yourself wholly to the Goddess. Of all good
things ...

[Girl with hat]
Girl: In the future I would like to become a farm manager in the Holy Order
of Fortuna.
Girl: I'll have to study more in order to pass the entrance exams!
(Talking to again)
Woman: If I'm not a great person, I can’t become an excellent manager capable
of raising kids. (Ok that is just scary)

[Food Seller]
Food Vendor: Now that I look back, I had a shop in the past. If you want,
buy something.
Food seller: How do I ... that box Somewhere, there must surely an opening

~Out of Aigrette~

-> Skit
Kyle: That damned Elraine, collecting lens pretending to be faithful ...
She‘s plotting something again, right?
Judas: Yeah ... The problem is what does she need with all those lenses ...
Loni: It must be something 100% horrible! Really guys, that woman becomes
more and more stubborn ...
Kyle: But this time we’ll finish her. Right, Reala?
Reala: .......
Kyle: ... Reala?
Reala: Eh? Hm, yeah. We must do away with her this time!

-> Skit
Reala: Listen, Kyle.
Kyle: Hm? What happened, Reala?
Reala: I enjoyed our date.
Kyle: Hey! Why are you talking about that, so suddenly!
Reala: Nothing. It’s just that I wanted you to know.
Kyle: Yo-you liked it, Reala ... So just ... The two of us, then ...
Reala: ... Yeah ... Just ... The two of us, then ...

~Aigrette Port~

/ & Various NPC \
[Ticket Seller]
Ticket Seller: This is the boarding dock.
Ticket Seller: From here you’ll go to Cherik. Take the ship?
"Let's go to Cherik (960 Gald)" Or "Do not take the ship"

~ On the Ship~

/ & Various NPC \
Sailor: Boy, keep a look out! Storms, sea battles, ghost ships, the sea is
full of dangers!
(Talking to again)
Sailor: Get it, boy? Being at sea, you’ll always find yourself face to face
with danger.
Sailor: But you have nothing to fear ... And the reason is, I‘ll be aboard!
(Talking to again)
Sailor: When danger sees me, it runs away with its tail between its legs!

[Sailor in front of the ladder]
Sailor: The hold is below. Sorry, but customers are not allowed.

[Hammock in the room]
"It’s a hammock. Maybe the Captain uses it."

Captain: Hey, lads. I’m the captain of this ship. Are you enjoying the trip?
Captain: Are you ready to get to the port?
"Yes" Or "Not Yet"

~Kalviola Sacred ground~

-> Skit
Kyle: When this battle is over, everyone will go back to their old homes right?
Nanaly: Well, you know, because we're all friends to the end, it’ll be hard
to separate.
Loni: Idiiot! If you go and get depressed right now, what will you do after?
Don‘t think about it, until after we‘re separated.
Judas: Hmpf ... Sometimes you say things that make sense.
Harold: Maybe it's the effect of the medicine that I made him drink the other
Loni: I always say sensible things, oof!
Reala: Heheh. However, it’s as you say, Loni. Now we just have to think of
defeating Elraine. Yes, only that ...

-> Skit
Harold: Well, we’re finally here, to get to meet with the great goddess. My
hands are getting itchy ~!
Kyle: It’s good that you wanted to stick us, though, are you really going
to follow us to this battle?
Harold: You don’t have to worry about that. The one who said she‘d fight that
goddess was me after all.
Though, if you wanted to send me back right now, to my time, I could buddy
up with the goddess and destroy this world~
Loni: That coming from you, I’m not even sure if it’s a joke ...

-> Skit
Harold: Uuuuh ... Finally, I’ll be face to face with Elraine.
Loni: Huh? Why are you trembling? I knew it, even if you're a great scientist,
you have some signs of a little girl.
Harold: Well, Elraine, was nicknamed "the Holy one", correct? If that were
true ... Ghghghgh ...
I could get some interesting data. I'm so excited. I'm shaking more and more
Loni: No. .. I’m thinking you‘re the more dangerous one, here?

-> Skit
Harold: Look, I’ve got one favor to ask you all, will you listen?
Judas: What happened to you? You're more sober than usual ...
Harold: Who is surest to die in the final battle? Let me gather information
about you now ~
Judas: Hey, are you stupid! You will bring us bad luck!
Nanaly: Heheh. None of us will die. Right, Kyle?
Kyle: Yeah! That’s obvious!
Reala: Yes .. I will not let any of you die.
Harold: Got it ~ Well, then after the battle, let me at least once have a
All except Harold: NO!

/ Dialogue \
Kyle: The lens is gone ...
Nanaly: That indescribable feeling. Elraine must definitely be here.
Kyle: Ok, let‘s move on!

-> Skit
Loni: Apparently Elraine lies beyond that secret passageway in front of us.
Damn, look at what kind of
strange mechanism she’s invented.
Judas: There may be other mechanisms besides this. Do not let your guard down.
Kyle: He's right. If we relax, we’ll fall into a trap.
Judas: ... I refer especially to you.

-> Skit
Kyle: Elraine is somewhere at the bottom of this shrine ... No doubt she’s
up to something. Let‘s hurry!

/ & Various NPC \

(The Catacombs)
[Spider obstructing the passage]
NOTICE: "A spider is blocking the way. It’s impossible to remove with your

[Using the Sorcerer's Ring on the web]
NOTICE: "The sorcerer's ring turned the spider web into ash’s."

[Eggs in a nest in one of the rooms]
"There are eggs? ... But, I think it‘s better we don‘t touch them, and leave
them alone."

(Altar of Darkness - NE)
NOTICE: "There are letters written on the stone."
NOTICE: "1: Suffer the 'sin', 2: Accept the 'punishment', 3: Head for the
'death', 4: Fall in the 'darkness'."

(Altar of punishment - SE)
NOTICE: "There are letters written on the stone."
NOTICE: "If you like rebirth, turn on the 'seal' using the 'flame'. Please
ring the 'bell' using the 'flame'."

(Altar of sin - NW)
NOTICE: "There are letters written on the stone."
NOTICE: "Pay attention! 'Darkness' is 'fiction'! Lighten the 'darkness' with
the 'eye of truth'!"

(Altar of Death - SW)
[Note next to the skeleton]
NOTICE: "Beside the skeleton, there is a note."
NOTICE: "'Hit by fire ... the candle ...', 'In the right order ...', 'Those
entries ... they are wrong ...'."

NOTICE: "The inscriptions on stone were scraped away, you can not read

[After lighting the last candle]
NOTICE: "A bell should have rung somewhere."

(Gate of rebirth)
[Central Gate]
NOTICE: "A huge lithography is blocking the road. It will not crack."

/ Dialogue \
Garb: Have you ever once tried to understand the superior design of, the
person you hate, that you’ve continued to oppose, and as a result, you will
be harmed...
Garb: No need to save you now. And even if the Supreme Elraine forgives you,
I never will.
Loni: Heh! They way you care so much, about your salvation, is disgusting!
Kyle: If you want to stop us, we'll move you by force!
Garb: I will not let you meddle in the plans of the Supreme Elraine. I will
put an end to you all, forever.

-> Skit
Loni: Pheew ... Elraine sure has a lot of guards, why not just give up and
Judas: After all, we are "unexpected guests" who could we otherwise be.
Anyhow, we must consider we will meet many more of her allies.
Kyle: Alright! At this rate it’ll be all over soon!

/ Dialogue \
Kyle: Stay there!
Kyle: What are you planning this time! What are you going to do to our time!
Answer me, Elraine!
Elraine: Are you here ... Unfortunately, time has already elapsed. Finally,
the arrow has been shot.
Kyle: Arrow shot ...? What does that mean!
Elraine: The arrow of light, which struck the earth a thousand years ago,
is again, shining ...!
Loni: Uuugh, I-it’s ...
Nanaly: What the heck is this, this painful light?
Harold: The arrow of light, from a thousand years ago ...
Harold: ... I see, that‘s her then. If you want to be called a goddess, it’s
normal to do things big.
Loni: I don’t understand it all, explain it, Harold!
Harold: You know what happened to the world a thousand years ago?
Loni: Of coarse, the war between heaven and earth, right?
Harold: A little before that. That’s, the reason that triggered the war, the
Kyle: The cause ... that sparked a war between heaven and earth?
Harold: The cause of the wars was the project of creating a city suspended
in the sky, and to leave the land in ruins.
Harold: Members of the privileged classes who came to this city, controlled
it with a power that, overwhelmed the military on land.
Harold: The people on the land got scared, and they began the war between
heaven and earth ...
Kyle: The history of the war we know, but what does it have to do with this
lens ...?
Harold: Let me finish!
Harold: Why would the city have to be floating in midair? Because the land
was completely ruined?
Judas: Collision with a meteor.
Harold: Yes, about a thousand years ago. This planet collided with a huge
The majority of the population died in an instant.
Harold: The dust that erupted from the collision, covered solar radiation,
and the earth
turned into a frozen wasteland.
Harold: So there was a reason for a city floating in the sky, higher than
those powders.
Harold: Using the hitherto unknown power of the lens, the comet had brought
with it.
Loni: Yeah, and what would that have to do with this lens!?
Harold: You don’t know yet? Elraine wants to repeat that tragic event once
Harold: The collision with the meteor that brought humankind to the brink
of extinction ...
Kyle: Destroy the world, then that‘s it. But why, right now ...!?
Elraine: To save you.
Elraine: I'll destroy everything, not just to save you, but to save the planet
Harold: Your logic is clearly distorted. Destroy to save? It’s total
Elraine: I do not make mistakes!
Elraine: If the Goddess descend in perfect shape ... All mankind will be able
to feel the extreme joy.
Elraine: To make sure of that, I changed the story. However, this experiment
has been reduced
to nothing. ... And by your hands!
Reala: ...........
Elraine: So I had to choose a last resort. Destroy the earth's surface by
dropping a huge comet,
also called the Egg of the Goddess.
Elraine: Due to the collision of these two heavenly bodies, it will cause
a terrific energy,
that will make the descent of the goddess possible.
Elraine: Yes, the goddess ... Will be complete!
Kyle: Wait, Elraine!
Kyle: If you say your going to destroy everything to save everyone ...
Kyle: Where do we fit in? What are we human to a goddess?
Elraine: Miserable beings, pathetic, helpless, in need of being saved by a
deity. Nothing more, nothing less.
Kyle: Your lying!
Kyle: I’ve seen with my own eyes, how strong the people who built the story,
Kyle: The history so far, is proof of man's life!
Kyle: No one can ever erase all of that!
Elraine: You have nothing to fear.
Elraine: Even if you all die, due to the descent of the goddess, I can create
a new
human race.
Elraine: And the new human race, will enjoy perfect happiness in a perfect
Elraine: Even now, for the good of the human race itself, everything will
have to be rewritten.
Kyle: Destroying history is for the good of man ...!? Your kidding!
Elraine: Fool ... You still do not understand?
Elraine: Those men with the power of the goddess, may shy away from all
passion, and be able to obtain
the absolute joy.
Elraine: Why can you not recognize its validity?
Kyle: In this world there is an absolute joy!
Kyle: People search for happiness because there’s also pain and anguish! And
it's something they get on their own!
Kyle: True happiness is to live every day looking for happiness. And so that
people make history!
Elraine: ... There is no point in discussing it.
Elraine: The arrow has already been shot. And you can not stop me.
Kyle: We can! We‘ll defeat you, and manage to prevent the collision!
Elraine: There is no way to defeat my countenance here, not now.
Elraine: I have been cast by the goddess. Reborn to infinity, to create a
perfect world.
Kyle: So ... We’ll kill the goddess!
Kyle: So, you won‘t ever rise again!
Elraine: Kill the Goddess... right.
Elraine: I figured you would not be able to understand the truth. Reala ...
Kyle: ... The truth!?
Reala: ...........
Elraine: So, I'll explain it to you. Reala and I are ...
Reala: Stop it, Elraine!
Elraine: Reala and I are the Goddess ...
Kyle: Reala is ... The goddess!?
Elraine: So if you kill the Goddess, Reala will also ... Die with me.
Kyle: I-it‘s not true! Reala isn’t a goddess ... You can‘t be!
Loni: Don’t be fooled, Kyle! It’s all nonsense, nonsense!
Elraine: believe it or not is up to you. The truth is only one, though.
Kyle: It's not true, Reala? You’re not a goddess, right!? Elraine is being
Reala: ...........
Kyle: I beg you, tell me it's a lie.
Reala: No. .. Both saints were created by the Goddess. We are her incarnations
Reala: If the existence of the goddess was destroyed, then I too, and Elraine
Kyle: .... You can‘t...!
Elraine: Yes, as I thought, you are not able to kill the Goddess.
Elraine: If you have realized, you can go back now. And you can choose to
place your own free will
which will be allocated on the day of judgment.
Elraine: This is the ultimate joy that is granted.
Loni: Wait, Elraine!
Nanaly: We won’t run away!
Loni & Nanaly: UWAAAH!
Reala: Kyle ... I‘m sorry, I did not tell you sooner.
Reala: ... However, Kyle. There is another method. If you do not kill the
Goddess, this world will be ...
Kyle: ... Stop it. I don’t want to hear it anymore right now.
Reala: Kyle ...
Kyle: I don’t understand ... What should I do.
Kyle: I don’t understand ... I don’t understand anything!
Judas: And by staying here you won‘t be making any progress. Let's go back,
for now ...
Reala: .........
NOTICE: "Reala has obtained the title: 'Goddess Incarnation'."

PART 15 - Sair Lenneth

Txt version

~Abandoned Military Base~

/ Dialogue \
Loni: It’s great to be back, but the problem now is, what to do ...
Kyle: ..........
Loni: Poor us ... Especially now that Kyle’s in this condition.
Nanaly: It’s not unreasonable. It’s only natural that he’s depressed, after
hearing that.
Reala: Kyle ...
Judas: Even so, staying here with our arms folded, will not change anything.
Judas: Elraine is going to make us collide with the Egg of the Goddess.
Something is going to happen.
Kyle: ... Judas.
Judas: Kyle, no matter how much you’ll suffer, you can not change reality.
Judas: It‘s not my place to decide. What will become of this world, and what
will become of Reala.
Loni: Hey, you ...!
Kyle: ... What should I, do?
Loni: Kyle ...
Judas: I told you. You have the responsibility of deciding what to do.
Judas: No one else can make the decisions about that. Only you, you've become
Reala‘s hero, you can.
Kyle: Hero ... Right, heroes!
Kyle: There are so many heroes, in this world. Miss Philia, Mr. Woodrow, and
even Mom.
Kyle: Maybe they’ll know, what would be best to do right now. What should
be done ...!
Loni: I got ya, you want to consult with the older heroes. That's not a bad.
Nanaly: Alright, let's go! If we keep standing here, nothing’ll happen.
Harold: Alright, better move these legs.
Loni: Yeah, moving from side to side is more comfortable.
Harold: That's right! Ok, let’s move, move!
Reala: Come on, Kyle!
Kyle: ... Yes, let's go.

-> Skit
Reala: Hey, you guys. Lunch is ready!
Loni: Oh! Hey how come this one‘s smaller, then those one‘s?
Reala: Ah! Those are for Kyle ...
Loni: Hmmmm. I don’t like this treatment ... Then, it's up to me ...
Reala: Nooo! Give it back!
Kyle: Reala ... Doesn‘t seem upset. Even though she’ll disappear ...
Nanaly: ... Right now that girl is, trying to live the most of every second.
I completely understand.
It was the same with Lou.
Kyle: ...
Nanaly: You too, stop standing there all depressed, you should try to morally
support Reala.
You’re the guy, after all.
Kyle: But, I ... I don’t know how to look her in the face ...

-> Skit
Kyle: Listen Harold, you're a brilliant scientist, right? So, tell me what
I should do,
at a time like this ...
Harold: I don’t know. I‘m not you.
Loni: You can’t get rid of problems in two short phrases!
Harold: I could answer, but that certainly wouldn‘t help him.
Loni: Well, never mind her, talk to me then. If your curious to know the
opinion of a great genius.
Harold: Okay. If I had my way, I’d slay the goddess in a heartbeat. And stop
the collision.
Kyle: But then, what about Reala!?
Harold: Well, if I chose Reala, say goodbye to the world. And once it was
gone, who knows what might
happen to everyone ~
Loni: haah ... I’m an idiot for asking you.
Harold: But the fact I’d said from the beginning, "that would have been
helpful." This isn‘t something just anyone can decide. You must decide for

-> Skit
Harold: Oh! A Ladybug, a Malgrunner, and I found a mantis! ... No, joking
nothing’s different ... Over a thousand years,
they didn‘t evolve? Hmmmhhh ...
Loni: Hey hey hey, you think this is the time to start taking insects! ...
God damn you.
Harold: How rude. I'm always serious. Hey, how about you explain the depth
of this research, I don’t understand.
Loni: But  you're researching has nothing to do with the current problem,
the world could be destroyed in the meantime.
Harold: That’s one thing. This is another. Ooh! A cute beetle Chakratan, here
it is!
NOTICE: "Harold was awarded the title: 'Crazy Insect Lover.'"

-> Skit
Kyle: Hey, is there no way we could defeat Elraine, without killing Reala
Judas: Shouldn’t you ask Reala?
Loni: You idiot! Such a thing should never be asked!
Judas: Why not? Isn’t it better to ask that person, whether there are other
means of saving the person it’s concerned about?
Loni: But .. But it would be ...
Judas: I understand that you do not want to accept reality ... However, if
you do not accept it, we can’t go forward.
Kyle: ... Shit! What the hell should I do!

-> Skit
Nanaly: Anyways, let's talk to the so-called "Philia" and "Mr. Woodrow". We
don‘t gain anything, standing around.

~Heidelberg Castle~

/ Dialogue \
Woodrow: Hm, it’s you Kyle. What is it? Your expression concerns me.
Kyle: Mr. Woodrow. Please, listen to me ...!
Woodrow: I understand ... As I imagined, Elraine is not a normal human being
Woodrow: And also ... Fate is so cruel. To submit young people like you, to
such a thing.
Kyle: I don’t know what I should do ...
Woodrow: .............
Woodrow: Say, for example, that there is a small village on a river and a
huge city.
Woodrow: The village, which lies at the source, uses river water to grow
vegetables for their fields.
Woodrow: And for that, the city which is located towards the mouth has always
had a shortage of drinking water.
Woodrow: The natural course of things that would break out between the two.
Obviously, would be dispute over the rights to that water.
Woodrow: Kyle. What would you do in a situation like that?
Kyle: If you ask me ... Both cities have their own reasons, I can’t answer
Woodrow: I understand, it is a plausible opinion.
Woodrow: But if you were in my position ... In other words, if you were the
king, and if I fail to reach a deal.
Woodrow: Because it is a matter of life or death for your citizens.
Kyle: Well, then what would you do, Mr. Woodrow?
Woodrow: I would think.
Kyle: Think?
Woodrow: Yes, I would think, and I would think, it is a hard thing to think
Kyle: And if you don’t find an answer?
Woodrow: I still think on, until you find the answer.
Woodrow: And once found, whatever happens, I would keep faith in it until
the end.
Woodrow: I think it is the responsibility of those who have to decide.
Kyle: The responsibility of those who have to decide ...
Woodrow: Maybe you feel like it is an irresponsible way of speaking ... But
you suffer, and think.
Woodrow: You should find an answer that you yourself can accept, you also
have to spend an infinite time, toiling, suffering, and being sincere, for
Woodrow: Maybe it will be difficult, but no one can take your place. Do not
beat yourself up, Kyle.
Kyle: Okay ... I'll think, to the end.
Woodrow: Young Reala. It will be painful for you too ...
Reala: It is fine by me. Because I trust Kyle!
Kyle: Reala ...
Woodrow: ... I see. I do not need to worry about you too then.
Reala: No, thank you sincerely for your concern. Mr. Woodrow ... Thank you.
Kyle: Thank you, Mr. Woodrow. Let‘s get going.

-> Skit
Kyle: Let's go talk with Miss Philia, at the Great Straylize Temple.

/ & Various NPC \
Woodrow: I hope my talk has been of help to you.

~Out of Heidelberg~

-> Skit
Harold: "I didn’t like this building at all, I wanted badly to break
everything down and rebuild it from the beginning,
Just like how children build. "
Judas: You're talking about Elraine?
Harold: Yeah! These problems stem from a naive mentality and a lack of
flexibility ... Heeeeh, Aaahhh!
What is this stuff!? There’s an external element in the data that took soo
much effort to collect!
Excuse me, Kyle! Let me test your blood again! Don’t worry! It won’t hurt!
Judas: I doubt your of the same species ...

~Great Straylize Temple~

/ Dialogue \
Philia: Oh, Master Kyle! All of you are here. It has been a while.
Reala: Hello, Miss Philia!
Kyle: ... Miss Philia, I came here today to ask for your advice.
Philia: ... From your appearance, it seems that you are suffering a lot.
Philia: Please tell me. If I can do something, I'll try to help.
Phil: So this that’s it ... As a member of the sacred order of Atamoni, I
find it terribly difficult to deal with.
Philia: Master Kyle, Miss Reala. I'm sure that for both of you, this must
be painful to think about.
Reala: It’s not a problem for me. It is nothing compared to how painful it
is for Kyle.
Philia: ... You are so strong, Miss Reala.
Kyle: ... Miss Philia, I’m suffering here. What should I do? I can’t find
an answer, so then ...
Philia: ... I understand. Perhaps it will be of help, but I will speak of
our past.
Philia: I assume that you already know it, but we ourselves, during the trip
cause by the Eye of the Goddess,
we were forced to make painful choices.
Philia: We had no other choice but to fight our friend.
Philia: His name was Leon Magnus. He was a person who hid a warmer, more then
spirit than anyone else,
behind eyes as cold as ice.
Kyle: Wasn‘t is painful for you, then, Miss Philia?
Philia: Of course, it was a painful struggle. Much more painful than any of
them since then ...
Philia: But I have no regrets. Even now that eighteen years have passed since
then, my feelings do not change.
Kyle: But he was an ally in battle! I, can‘t, no ...!
Philia: To have no regrets, must be a decision you've made all by yourself.
Kyle: Chosen myself ...?
Philia: Until then, I always fled from the idea of having to make decisions
Philia: And consequently, the Eye of the Goddess was stolen from the temple,
and the world was endangered.
Philia: And I was saved by Stan, Rutee, and Master Leon.
Kyle: My father and the others ...?
Philia: They taught me the importance of living according to my principles.
Philia: And at the same time, the severity of ...
Philia: I can only imagine now, but I think that even the little gentleman
Leon, did not have any regrets about his choice.
Philia: He taken a noble decision, to protect the person he loved ...
Judas: ...........
Judas: Even your decision ...
Philia: Huh?
Judas: Even your decision, as well as that of the boy, Leon, was not wrong.
Judas: If he were here now, he would agree.
Philia: ... Thank you, sir Judas.
Kyle: Miss Philia ... Thank you.
Kyle: I almost ... I really have the impression that you understand what I‘m
going through.
Philia: Oh, really. If I’ve been helpful, I feel happy.
Philia: ... Kyle wait, one last thing.
Philia: Maybe because you're wrapped in pain, this will sound cruel, but ...
Philia: You absolutely must not misjudge. Only you alone can decide.
Philia: Just because you're the only true hero for Miss Reala ...
Kyle: Yes .. I understand ... I think.

-> Skit
Kyle: Say, Judas. When you traveled with them, did you like my father and
Judas: Hm? Why are you asking ... that, here ...
Loni: You won‘t say, but you want lady Rutee to be well right? "A magical
love triangle for Stan," ehhh ...
Judas: Id-idiot! She's my ...!!
Loni: Hm? My ... what?
Judas: No-not my ... type. A woman that rude and without any shred of tact
Loni: Ehhhh! How dare you say that about my lady Rutee!
Nanaly: "My"?
Loni: Uh ... I mean ... "M-my ... My foster mother, Mrs. Rutee" ...
Nanaly: You'd even dare ... With Kyle‘s mother!
Loni: Hiiiih! It‘s not like that!
Judas: Hmmpfff ...

-> Skit
Kyle: Let's go talk to my mother ...
Loni: Lady Rutee, a member of the four legendary heroes, will be able to help.
Kyle: Yes, let's go back to Cresta!

/ & Various NPC \
Philia: That's ... Mr. Judas. ... Have we already met somewhere?
Judas: ... No. We have never met. You must have the wrong person.
Philia: ... I see. Forgive me, I'm confused.
(Talking to again)
Philia: Anyhow... . He should not be alive now ...

~Out of Aigrette~

-> Skit
Kyle: Hey, Loni ... Since we started this trip, haven‘t I grown a bit?
Loni: ~ Hmm, I don’t know. Your always still terrible to wake up ... And most
problematic, is that you continuously
to stick your nose into matters that don’t concern you ...
Kyle: Uugh ...
Loni: ... But, well, having challenged yourself to solving all those
problems. You really grew up ...
Kyle: Are you serious ...?
Loni: You’ve traveled back a thousand years in time, and have saved the world
several times!
You can go to Mrs. Rutee meet her head-on!
Kyle: Yes!

-> Skit
Nanaly: Right, Rutee, one of four heroes, runs the orphanage where Kyle and
Loni, grew up. Seems interesting.
Judas: You care that much? About his hometown.
Nanaly: I-I wasn’t talking about that dirty pig!
Judas: You just said "that guy". I did not say anything about Loni.
Nanaly: I-I was only ...! I just wanted to compare it to my village ... that
is ... Aaah! Heck! The nerve!
Loni: Ouch! You hurt me, you evil woman! Why are you punching people so
Nanaly: Just shut up! The blame is always yours!

*** (Ooook, so ignoring the games will, and visiting another
important person real quick, which you can skip if wanted.)


/ & Various NPC \
Lilith: Kyle, WELCO ... What is it?
Kyle: ... No, it is ... nothing.
Lilith: How can it not be nothing? If you’ve come here, it must be for
something important.
(Talking to again)
Lilith: I guess you don’t want to talk ... About what’s happened.
Kyle: ... I'm sorry, Aunt Lilith.
Lilith: No need to apologize. But ... But it's not bad to confide in someone,
during difficult times.
Lilith: You're surrounded by people who are really reliable. Especially from
your mother, the heroine who saved the world.
(Talking to again)
Lilith: If it’s painful for you, you should confide in someone. So, go talk
to Rutee.


-> Skit
Loni: Lady Rutee ... This man, Loni Dunamis, ended his long journey, now,
to see you ...
Nanaly: What are you doing. We'll leave you behind!
Loni: Stupid! I was reciting the touching scene of when I get back ... Hey,
hey! Guys, wait!

/ Dialogue \
Rutee: Oh, Kyle! Welcome back! Why so suddenly?
Kyle: Mum, I ...
Rutee: Ah ~ ah. Let me guess, your worried about something strange, right?
Kyle: Ehh!? Ho-how did you. ..?
Rutee: You probably don’t you know it, but your face and nose, have tics from
time to time. Your father had the same little tics.
Kyle: Dad ...
Kyle: Excuse me, guys. Would you leave for a little bit?
Loni: Yeah, sure.
Rutee: I see, you remember when your father was killed.
Rutee: Since you’d lost your the memory of that day, Loni and me decided not
to talk about it ...
Rutee: We thought it would be better that way, and instead I’ve hurt you.
Forgive us, Kyle.
Kyle: No, I’m alright about that .. .
Rutee: But, I never thought that you’d become a hero, and end up having to
decide the fate of the world.
Rutee: Good blood doesn’t mind, as they say. Heheh ...
Kyle: Mum, I’ve been thinking about lots of things.
Kyle: But, I can’t find an answer at all ...
Rutee: I don‘t have the answer your looking for. Only one thing can give you
Rutee: This.
Kyle: My ...?
Rutee: The answer lies in your heart.
Kyle: ....
Kyle: But, Mom ...!?
Rutee Kyle ... It’s hard to ... And very painful ...
Rutee: To decide with your own hands the fate of someone who loves you ...!
Kyle: ... Mom!
Rutee: ... However, Kyle. You have to decide.
Rutee: And not because you're a hero.
Rutee: But because you’re a kid. And because you're in love with her ...
Kyle: Mum, I ...!
Rutee: Even for that girl its difficult. So you have to decide. Be a man!
Rutee: Whatever the consequences, she trusts you, I‘ll bet.
Kyle: Yeah, yeah ...!
Rutee: And there‘s lots of them, right? People who believe in you so much.
Rutee: So ... Give back to them.
Rutee: Bring out your courage, Kyle. I know you can do it. After all, you're
my son and your fathers, right?
Kyle: Y ... yes!
Rutee: Ok, go now. I’ll be waiting.
Kyle: Thanks, Mom ... I‘ll go now.
Rutee: Kyle.
Rutee: When everything is finished, I'll be here waiting along with everyone
else ...
Rutee: We all believe in you. Even, Stan ...

Loni: Are you finished now, Kyle?
Kyle: Yeah, sorry for making you all wait.
Harold: No problem at all, but could you lend me your garden for a second?
Nanaly: It’s for restructuring the IX Fossler. We need it to continue
Harold: Look, I said it’s just fine! As for improvements, I’d like to increase
the range of the rocket launchers.
Harold: It’ll take time before the restructuring is finished, so, use that
time for sensible things.
Reala: Hey, Kyle. There’s a place where I want to go with you.
Kyle: Huh? Where, is that?
Reala: The ruins of Laguna!
Reala: I’ve wanted to go. It’s the place where we met for the first time,
Kyle: ...............
Loni: Go on, Kyle. We'll let you know when the changes on the IX Fossler,
are over.
Kyle: ... Alright. Come on, Reala.
Reala: Ok!

-> Skit
Kyle: Right. We met in the ruins ...
Reala: Heheh. I do not know why, it feels like a long time since then.
Kyle: .....
Reala: ... So, Kyle, are we going?
Kyle: Yes .. yes.

-> Skit
Kyle: Let's go to the ruins of Laguna, south of Cresta. On the top floor of
the ruins ...
We met ... In that place ...

~Laguna Ruin~

-> Skit
Kyle: So, Reala, about what you wanted ...
Reala: I'll tell you when we reach the place where we met ... It’s very
Very, very important.

/ Dialogue \
Reala: Hey, look, Kyle! It's exactly like that day.
Reala: These flowers, this fountain, the birds, and sky ...!
Reala: ... Well, that's normal. It wasn’t too long ago.
Reala: But, how strange. Time hasn’t really passed, but I have always been
with you, Kyle.
Reala: Compared to the flow of time, it‘s only been a short time, but I’ve
spent so many hours ...
Reala: Really, what a strange feeling! Heheheh ...
Kyle: ... Why?
Kyle: Why are you laughing Reala?
Kyle: You ... You could die, you know!?
Kyle: Then why are you so relaxed, with that expression!?
Kyle: Why ... Are you showing me that smile ...!
Kyle: Seeing your face, I ...!
Reala: Kyle ...
Kyle: ... But why me ... Why should I choose to kill you!
Kyle: I've had enough! I don’t want to fight anymore! I don’t want to be a
Reala: You want to stop being a hero ...!
Reala: Change that attitude, Kyle Dunamis!
Reala: Only you can do ...
Reala: No, it’s because you can do that, I am before you now.
Reala: Sure, maybe my death will make you suffer more.
Reala: ... However, I believe in you. Do not run away from what you decide,
my beloved Kyle.
Reala: Because your my Kyle.
Kyle: Tell me, Reala ... What should I do, I ...!?
Reala: You have to understand, too, Kyle. ... And well, your answer isn’t
Kyle: But if I had to choose that road, what will happen to you, Reala ...?
Reala: I will cease to exist in space-time.
Kyle: But you're not afraid of being erased?
Reala: ... I am not afraid.
Reala: I told you, Kyle.
Reala: Any calamity were to expect... The important thing is to continue with
our intentions.
Reala: It’s proceeding so that you can finally get the real joy.
Kyle: Reala ...
Reala: Like you, Kyle, you opted to bring back the history of man, I too have
chosen the same.
Reala: I chose to walk together with you Kyle ... Together with the person
I love.
Reala: No matter what result will happen ... I will not give up.
Reala: Because my happiness is right in along the same path with you, Kyle.
Kyle: ..........

/ Cutscene \
Reala: The moments of joy and sorrow ... And all the time I spent with Kyle
so far ...
All that is only thanks to this little one.
Reala: For this, I want to believe. In the power of this pendant ... And the
power that binds us together, Kyle.
Reala: I beg you, Kyle! Believe with me!
Reala: Do you believe in a miracle ... that enables us to meet ... again!
Kyle: I believe, Reala. We’ll meet again, I'm sure. I too believe in that
Reala: ... Kyle!


/ Dialogue \
Loni: Kyle! Hey, Kyle, wake up!
Kyle: Hmmbbhh ... tiiired, Loni ...
Loni: This is no time to sleep! It’s appeared! The '"Egg of the Goddess"!
Kyle: ... Appeared ...? Egg ...?
Kyle: Eh '"Egg of the Goddess "...!?
Loni: If your awake, come on! Everyone’s waiting!

-> Skit
Kyle: The "Egg of the Goddess" appeared ... I can’t stand here, I need to
hurry and get out!

/ & Various NPC \
Rhym: Oh, welcome back, brother Kyle! If you have laundry to do, take it out.

Rutee: I'm waiting for the hot soup to finish cooking. I highly recommend
it, anyways do your best.

Salt: Kyle, you look like one of the heroes in the books. That's cool ...

Yunie: Hey, look, look! This skirt I made it!
Kyle: Yunie, you did great. You’ll be a good wife one day.

Basil: Oh, it's Kyle. Welcome back! It’s nice to venture out, but don’t try
too hard.
Kyle: ... Don’t say the same things as Mom ...
Basil: But Kyle, you’re careless, reckless, I don‘t want you to get pounded!
(Talking to again)
Basil: But Kyle, you’re careless, reckless, I don‘t want you to get pounded!

Cinnamon: When I get a little bigger, I aim to become a hero like you, Kyle!
Kyle: ... No, I want you to stay here to protect mother and others.
Cinnamon: I understand, you're right ... When Kyle and Loni leave, I’m here
to protect this place ...
(Talking to again)
Cinnamon: Leave the orphanage to me. I‘ll defend it.

/ Dialogue \
Loni: Ah there‘s, Kyle!
Kyle: That's ...!
Loni: There’s no doubt ... It must be that thing Elraine called "Egg of the
Reala: ...........
Loni: What should we do, Kyle?
Judas: There is no more time. Have you found your answer, Kyle?
Kyle: Harold, how are the preparations on the IXI Fossler?
Harold: All OK! We can go when we want!
Nanaly: So, Kyle ...
Kyle: Yes, I've decided. We’ll defeat the Goddess, with our own hands.
Judas: ... I see. A wise decision, Kyle.
Nanaly: If you’ve decided so, we’ll believe in you and give our support.
Loni: Come on, Kyle. Lets rip the Goddess to pieces!
Kyle: ... Thanks, guys.
Harold: Alright, let’s go. Ok, move, move!
Kyle: ... Come on, Reala!
Reala: Yes ..!

~Out of Cresta~

-> Skit (auto)
Kyle: Come on, guys!
Loni: Alright!
Nanaly: Whenever your ready!
Judas: I will not let her do what she wants!
Harold: Well ... Let‘s move then!

-> Skit
Kyle: Ok, let's fight. For our future ...!
Reala: Yes! For a future, in which we will meet again!

-> Skit
Judas: Chal ... Are you watching me? If you're looking, there's only one thing
I would ask ...
I already died once ... It's just that ... I would like to protect the lives
of the others, will you do that for me?
... I may be in a group of hot heads, they need help in their future ... And
then, Rutee ...
I do not want to see her cry.
Kyle: Heeeey! Judas! Has your wound from last battle healed yet?
Judas: You worry too much. If you have time to worry about others, use it
to worry about yourself.
Kyle: Grr! Sorry I bothered to worry about you ...
Judas: I entrust them to you ... Chal.

-> Skit
Kyle: Hey, Loni. Cresta ... Was it always really that small?
Loni: Yeah. It hasn’t changed at all since we left.
Nanaly: Kyle. You really grew up. Believe me ...
Kyle: You think? But I don’t seem to have grown much.
Reala: No, no. Kyle, you‘ve definitely grown. Since we first met ...

-> Skit
Kyle: Harold. Don‘t you want to go back to your time? There’s no guarantee
that you can come back safe and sound.
Harold: I’ll worry about that when I’m there. I'll be fine in some way, relax
Kyle: But ...
Harold: Pears, apples, tomatoes, Kalviola, vegetables of the past! You're
just my lab rats!
It’ll take another thousand years before we can argue about my opinions.
Kyle: Heheh, I understand. I will leave it to you, Harold.
Harold: Yeah, yeah ~ Even if my opponent is a god, I can’t lose my brain against

-> Skit
Nanaly: When this battle is over ... I, too, have to return to my old time
Loni: ... Yeah. On second thought ... At that time, you’ll still be a nine
year old brat ... heheh!
Nanaly: How can you, laugh like that ...
Loni: Basically, you're not evil. If you were educated properly from now,
you may become the woman of my dreams ...!
Nanaly: What kind of a bastard are you! I will destroy you on the spot!
Loni: Gwaaah! Ahiahiahiahi! ... I need to retreat! So barbaric, your
impossible to be educated!

-> Skit
Loni: That's right, Kyle. Our Miu is lively as usual. And has big beautiful
breasts ...!
Nanaly: That’s all you think about! Breasts, breasts, what the heck do you
believe in women!
Loni: Oh, ahiahiahi! Idiot! You’ve mistaken me! I was talking about a kid!
The kid that we raised at the orphanage!
(lol poor goat)

-> Skit
Kyle: The egg of the Goddess, is in the sky above Kalviola. We need to land
on the egg of the Goddess with the IXI Fossler.

~Bridge~ ?

-> Skit
Judas: I thank you ... Reala.
Reala: Eh?
Judas: He came to himself.
Reala: ... Heheh. You are kind, Judas.
Judas: No, do not misunderstand! I'm just thinking about the morale of the
whole team ...!
Reala: Thank you ... Concerned about the good of Kyle.
Judas: Hmpf. Think of it as you want.

-> Skit
Nanaly: Where did Kyle and Reala go off too?
Loni: It was .. In the ruins, a place called Laguna Ruins. It’s a place of
memories, its where they met.
Nanaly: Heeh ... A place of memories, huh ...
Loni: But you’ve forgotten something important.
Nanaly: Something important?
Loni: That "I was there"!

-> Skit
Reala: Right now, most people don’t know that the world is in grave danger.
Kyle: Yeah.
Reala: Even if you save the world, no one would know that you're a hero, Kyle
Kyle: It‘s fine. I'm not fighting to become a hero.
Reala: ... You are a hero, Kyle. Why you’ve saved so many people in different
Kyle: Really? I thought heroes were more of mythical things.
Reala: I thought it was a very special person ... However, the reality is
another thing.
He was a young man like many others, simply lively, usually laughing, gets
angry, cries, but what makes him that
Valuable is because he can give his best.
Kyle: Reala ...
Reala: It does not matter if no one notices. Why, you ... You are a hero,
at least to me.

-> Skit
Nanaly: Loni listen, have you ever made a wish ... watching a shooting star?
Loni: How could. Even someone like you believe this sort of thing!
Nanaly: ... You aren’t paying attention to me! I want to know, have you ever
done that? Or not?
Loni: Maybe or maybe not, when I was a kid ... Hmm, you really want to know?
Nanaly: No, I was wondering if a shooting star would help make my dream come
Loni: Falling Star ... You mean the '"Egg of the Goddess"?
Nanaly: Well, with it being so huge ... It would really be a turning point.
Loni: ... Hahahahn. Let me guess, you want to ask to stay with me forever,
Nanaly: No, I would never ask for such a thing ...!!
Loni: Try to pray ... After all, it's free.
Nanaly: Ah ... If you’ll say you‘ll do it too... I think I can accommodate
Loni: Damn ... Why can’t you ever be honest with yourself ...
Nanaly: Just shut up! Look! I'm fine, I'm praying!
Loni: You are ...

-> Skit
Loni: Kyle ... Do you remember? When we were kids, we went up on the roof
of the orphanage, and tried to catch the falling stars with a stick.
Kyle: Hahaha ... Yeah. You‘d catch me by the arms, and we’d fall off the roof
... I remember I thought I was above the country!
Loni: As if stars were coming down to us.
Kyle: Let’s tell our little one’s about that, when we come back from this
long, long, long adventure.

PART 16 (optional) - Sair Lenneth

(The first half of this, contains missed Various NPC in places
you haven‘t gotten to go during this time, a Mini game, and
a side quest mission. Halfway through this part, it‘s all side
quests and events.)

**Note: This is just dialogue, for the various events, not the cheats.

Txt version



(Outside the northern section)
[Man walking in the north]
Lumberjack: I'm planning to enlist in the Holy Order of Atamoni to overcome
the weaknesses in my heart.
Lumberjack: I think that in the presence of the Goddess, I will be shown the
way to go so I can get rid of everything.

[Women chatting in the square near the north exit]
Woman A: Lately, a lot of my friends are going to Aigrette one after another!
Woman B: Oh, and are you going too, ma'am? It’s said that the people of the
Holy Order of Atamoni do whatever they want!
(Talking to again)
Woman B: No you can’t just enroll in the Holy Order of Atamoni without giving
them Lenses!
Woman A: Well! If not money, why are lenses so necessary! Without them the
people won‘t help you!?
Woman B: The Sacred Order of Atamoni’s new ways are more than you think.

[Man in Blue walking towards the northern section ]
Citizen: Do you know about Basilisk scales? They are a ingredient for miracle
medicine that can cure any illness or injury.
Citizen: However the basilisk, is extremely violent.
(Talking to again)
Citizen: Do you know about the item called a Magic Pot? It’s a mysterious
pot, you never know what will come out of.
Citizen: I heard that there’s special object that can only be found in the
Magic Pot.
But of course you need luck to find it.

[Girl in orange in the south of the northern section]
Sister: Ugh ... Our grandmother ... Ever since my sister went to Aigrette
to get married,
does nothing but complain every chance she gets.
Sister: "A heiress of the Eteriani is indecent" and "If only we had not lost
the war
between heaven and earth ", not anymore.
(Talking to again)
Sister: The great ancestors of the people of Kalviola Eteriani were defeated
in the war between heaven and earth.
Sister: They lost the war and became criminals that got deported to Kalviola.

(Side Quest)

(Items & Ingredients Store)
[Woman with braids near the entrance]
Woman: I'm looking for vegetable seeds that grow in arid lands.
Woman: Would you mind helping?
"Listen to her" Or "Not"
-> Talking to her
Woman: The village where I live is desertifying.
Woman: We don’t even have rich sources of water like in Hope Town.
Woman: At this rate, soon we’ll have food shortages.
Woman: That's why I came here to seek Cherik vegetables that can grow even
in arid soils ...
Woman: I've heard of seeds that are gold, and produce vegetables even in arid
Woman: If you find these golden seeds, will you bring them to me?
Woman: Forgive me if I have not introduced myself, my name is Helen and I
live in the land of the desert without a name.
(Talking to again)
Helen: Did you find golden seeds?
"We found them" Or "We haven’t found them yet" Or "We haven‘t started looking"
-> (Have not found them yet)
Helen: When you find them, tell me.

[Ingredients Seller]
Ingredients Seller: Welcome! Would you like fresh fish?
Ingredients Seller: Come back again.

[Items Seller]
Items Seller: Are there any Items you need?
Items Seller: Come back again.

[Man on the second floor]
Man: Ah, manual labor is terrible when you have an average salary!
Harold: Salary doesn‘t even count. The soldiers of the ground troops all work
for free.
(Talking to again)
Man: In Cherik you can only work part-time as a fisher, there is no steady
Men: Every year there are less people, I think it's the end for Cherik.

"There’s luggage piled in mountains. This place is probably used for

[Sailor outside in the back]
Sailor: Houses on the water are great! It’s typical of Cherik!
Sailor: But many stand here and wretch, so I get out of here when that happens!
Kyle: I’ll be leaving now ...

[Rooster in cage]
"There's a rooster."

Torshe: Hello! Travelers! My name is Torshe! Long ago I was a renowned knight!
Torshe: At that time, I fought against monsters along with Stan, one of the
four heroes!
Of course I killed monsters in a second!
Kyle: Now that I think about it, at some point, Dad told me he had saved a
boy from an attacking snail.
And I think his name was Torshe ...
Torshe: ughh! Ho-how did you know that?
(Talking to again)
Torshe: Yeah, your right! I was saved by Stan! After all, at the time I was
still just a kid!
Torshe: Heh! But it’s true that I am a renowned knight, you know? After meeting
with Stan, I got
serious in practicing with my sword.
Torshe: Thanks to that meeting, my life changed dramatically. Mr. Stan is
a true hero!

Chef: Curry mixed with Seafood?

(Outer south-east section)
[Boy with a white shirt and red vest]
Rich boy: This place is so miserable, it’s very different from Heidelberg.
Rich boy: It must be because there’s no illustrious of King Woodrow.
(Talking to again)
Rich boy: This place has nothing on Heidelberg, which is made of stone. And
it‘s so hot here.
Rich boy: Anyways the culture in Cherik is really interesting.
Rich boy: It’s a pity to the people starve to death ...

[Seller Rune Bottle]
Seller Rune Bottle: Here we trade in Rune Bottle.
Seller Rune Bottle: A bottle is (tot) Galdo, buy a Rune Bottle?
"The buy" "I bought 5 (totx5 Galdo)" Course "Refine" "I do not need"
-> I do not need
Seller Rune Bottle: You can create wonderful objects using the Refine Rune
-> The buy / I bought 5
Seller Rune Bottle: Thank you so much for buying.
-> Refine Course
Seller Rune Bottle: What you would like to know?
"1. What is the Refine" "2. Transforming objects" "3. Summary of arms" "Next
"4. On slot" "5. Refine accessories" "6. Armaments on which you can use the
Refine" "Previous Page"

[Girl walking by the piano]
Rich girl: I came to visit from Heidelberg ...
Rich girl: For those who grew up in the snow, its way to hot here...
(Talking to again)
Rich girl: In Heidelberg there are lots of landscapes. It’s a beautiful memory
Rich girl: But this temperature and humidity ... It’s imprinted in my mind
like bad memories ...

[Material covered by green cloth]
"Objects have been left outside."

[Lady in purple]
Old Lady: I still long to live, at least until I can meet the Goddess of
(Talking to again)
Old Lady: It is said that the goddess is beautiful. I would like to see her
one day.

[Woman with blue skirt]
Darie landlady: Welcome! Are you an group?
Kyle: It looks like business is going well.
Darie landlady: We’re in the center of Cherik, its normal for people to stop
Harold: But you don’t know what can happen from now on.
Darie landlady: Well, that’s just the fashion of Atamoni. I like a little
noise though.
Darie landlady: But whatever happens, we will protect this inn.
(Talking to again)
Darie landlady: We have lots of rooms for guests, there is no other inn!
Darie landlady: If the young gentlemen wishes, you can stop here!

Inn keeper: Welcome to the Darien inn!
Inn keeper: It’s 520 Gald per night, want to stay?
-> Yes
Inn keeper: Have a good rest.
Inn keeper: Wake up.

[Man in orange]
John: I am John of the "Dark Wings", yes and yes! We are the famous Lense
Hunters, eh yes yes!
"We know that" Or "Never heard of you"
-> We know
John: Our boss is a great person, yes yes! "Bowing his head in front of a
is outrageous! "he announced, yes  yes!
John: I’m really proud, yes yes! I’ll follow our leader as long as I live,
yes yes!
John: By the way, I wonder how he plans to pay the bill for the inn, maybe
he already has?
(Talking to again)
John: We couldn’t eat for a week one month, we could not sleep under a roof,
but still we continue to follow our leader, yes yes!

[Chef on the back, the lower one]
Chef: To make Fruit Punch you need these ingredients: kiwi, strawberries,
bananas, apples and yogurt.
Chef: I see that you have them.
Chef: Would you like to learn how to make Fruit Punch?
-> Yes
Chef: Alright, wait a moment. Soon the Fruit Punch will be ready.
NOTICE: "You have learned how to prepare: Fruit Punch."
(Talking to again
Chef: Like the Fruit Punch?

[Chef to the north]
Chef: Cherik has plenty of ingredients, so I enjoy cooking many different

[Boy on the second floor]
Greed: What do you want? Perhaps you want to tell me that you know I'm the
magnificent Greed, leader of the "Dark Wings"?
"That‘s it" Or "Nope"
-> That’s it
Greed: Heheh, I am famous, so of coarse you knew!
Greed: Having the name "Dark Wings" is an honor reserved for those with
excellent gifts!
And there is nobody who does not know of us!
Greed: So come on! I‘ll bet that, you want to pay the inns bills for us!
(Talking to again)
Greed: Our predecessors have crushed that worm Hugo, by fighting with the
four heroes.
Greed: But we will surpass over them! The people of tomorrow will remember
our faces!
Greed: So come on! I‘ll bet that, you want to pay the inns bills for us!

[Girl in the Room]
Milly: I’m Milly of the "Dark Wings". Soon we will be the most famous Lense
Hunters, throughout the world.
"I know you" or "Never heard you"
-> I know
Milly: I'm glad you know. But I bet it was only through gossip, right?
Milly: Oh, if only that idiot Greed would make more commitments.
Milly: When we were on a ship, our baggage fell into the sea, when he had
to make a delivery, then we got lost on the road, we caught him sleeping as
he walked, that’s how committed he is.
Milly: Haaah. Why should I stick with this .

(Armor shop)
[Shop Fittings]
Armor Seller: The best defense is attack! You just grit your teeth and wear
out that enemy!
Armor Seller: Come back again.

(In Weapons Shop)
Knight: That sword is good, that hammer is good, who knows where I've gotten
all these weapons.

[Weapon Shop/Gun shop] (Yeaa ok a bit odd)
Weapons Seller: Attack is the best defense! This is the best gun shop in
cut our weapons destroy any armor!
Weapons Seller: Ok, come back next time.

[Boy with the purple shirt]
Boy: For a few months, in a area nearby, a terrible epidemic broke out.
Boy: Many people are under the care of the Sacred Order of Atamoni and got
But many among them were strange people.
Boy: Saying that they didn’t want to rely on a goddess, they migrated to Hope

"It must have been exposed to the sea air for a long time. It’s falling apart."

[Boy with hat]
Mach: There are many in this world who have a passion for running.
Mach: It looks like there’s a place in Noischtat where the brave meet to race.
Mach: Someday, I‘ll also race hard in Noischtat.
(Talking to again)
Mach: They say you can get a title for running for the fans.
Mach: In your case it’d be "Mach Masked".
Judas: Masked Mach ...

(Outer south-west section)
[Man with cape]
Scholar: The Sacred Order of Atamoni Kalviola is building a sanctuary.
Scholar: Why would they build a shrine in such a remote place?
(Talking to again)
Scholar: According to rumors, they brought a lot of lenses to the sanctuary.
Scholar: Hmmm, what the heck are they doing?

[Boy next to the box]
Boy: Welcome. Like fruits from the South?
Boy: Huh! It's so hot! Without even thinking, I ate my wares!

(Mini Game)

[Woman in Blue]
Woman: Would you help me find ... The lenses that fell from the sky?
"Let’s help her" Or "Sorry we‘re busy"
-> Let’s help her
Woman: Find 100 lenses that have fallen from the sky. If you do it within
a given time, I’ll give you a prize.
Do your best to beat the best time.
Woman: If you want to stop, press the SELECT button and choose from the menu.
Woman: The best time so far is shown below: (results)
Woman: The best time so far is shown below: (results)
Woman: Which course will you choose?
SELECT: "Course 1"
(Talking to again)
Woman: I’ll announce the results ...
Woman: The time is XXX.

[Sailor walking in the south-east]
Sailor: I don’t know why, but lately more and more people leave Cherik.
(Talking to again)
Sailor: Well, it is more livable in Aigrette then this place.
Sailor: It‘s too hot here!

[Women at the center of the square]
Lady: It seems that sooner or later everyone forms into a group of emigrants.
Lady: But I definitely won’t go to Aigrette.
Lady: I'd rather live in Hope Town. It’s much better.
(Talking to again)
Lady: I'm not going to leave the country in where I grew up. I was born here,
and here I will die.

[Ticket Seller]
Ticket Seller: This ship will head to either, Noistchat or Aigrette. Where
will you go?
"Let's go to Aigrette (960 Gald)" Or "Let's go to Noistchat (1288 Gald)" Or
"Do not board".
-> Do not board
Ticket Seller: Is that what you choose gentleman? If you don’t hurry, the
ship will leave!

[Warehouse to the north]
"It seems to be a warehouse. Vegetables are kept here."

~Hope Town~

[Woman with in blue dress on the upper floor]
Woman: Hmm ... Do you know a cure for a disease?

[Boy on the top]
Boy: I love working! It’s the best to drink water from a bottle, after sweating
through seven shirts!

[Brunette Girl]
Girl: Today is really warm ... Erm ... The guy with the mask. ... Aren‘t you
too hot?
Judas: ...

[Boy walking near the fountain]
Boy: In this place, we all live helping each other. We share joy and hardships.

[Blonde Girl]
Girl: Water is the source of life ... If there wasn’t any water no plants
or animals could live.

[Old lady with the green skirt]
Old Lady: I can not understand why a child should suffer like this ...
Old Lady: The goddess of Atamoni will reward people's efforts!

[Blond boy]
Boy: The people here are nice, but a little nosy! They keep asking for the
secret to cure an "illness".

[Boy with blue jacket]
Billy: Shit! They won‘t get better. I feel sorry for those poor children!

[Girl with braid and wearing orange]
Camille: That little girl is truly amazing! She made a huge journey carrying
her sick brother.

[Seller Rune Bottle]
Seller Rune Bottle: Here we trade in Rune Bottle.
Seller Rune Bottle: A bottle is (tot) Galdo, buy a Rune Bottle?
"The buy" "I bought 5 (totx5 Galdo)" Course "Refine" "I do not need"
-> I do not need
Seller Rune Bottle: You can create wonderful objects using the Refine Rune
-> The buy / I bought 5
Seller Rune Bottle: Thank you so much for buying.
-> Refine Course
Seller Rune Bottle: What you would like to know?
"1. What is the Refine" "2. Transforming objects" "3. Summary of arms" "Next
"4. On slot" "5. Refine accessories" "6. Armaments on which you can use the
Refine" "Previous Page"

[Puddle in the middle of the square]
"It’s a pit full of clear water."

"It’s a grave ... I wonder who it belongs to."

(Items, Weapons, and armor Shop)

[Armor Shop]
Armor Seller: Welcome. We sell armor here.
Armor Seller: Come back again.

[Weapon Shop]
Weapon Seller: Welcome. We sell weapons here.
Weapon Seller: Come back again.

[Items Shop]
Items Seller: Welcome.
Items Seller: Come back again.

[Ingredients Shop]
Ingredients Seller: Welcome.
Ingredients Seller: Come back again.

[Meat and fish hanging in the middle]
"There’s fish and meat hung to dry. It looks like the people in this region
prefer to preserve food."

Innkeeper: It’s Gald 660 a night, want to stay?
-> No
Innkeeper: We await your return.

[Green Box in the back room]
"What a beautiful treasure chest! ... But it’s empty inside ..."

(Nanaly‘s Future house)?

[Barrels to the right]
"On the barrel it says: 'Wheat from Cresta'. It’s stuff imported from distant

[Material in the kitchen]
"There’s a spicy smell. Calvalese seems to have intense spices."

[Among the speakers downstairs] (Speakers?)
NOTICE: "You've got: Belserium." ( Side Quest item)

[Speakers downstairs after collecting the Belserium]
"Rotten wood is stored here, probably retrieved from Trash Mountain."

~Aquaveil~   ( yaaay finally get to go here)

[Lady dressed in brown]
Old Lady: Oh my Gosh, you people aren’t from Aquaveil. I knew right away
because of your clothes.
Kyle: That’s true, the people here are wearing unusual clothes.
Kyle: In the past, my father told me that this is Eastern culture. European
countries are different from here...
(Talking to again)
Old Lady: I never have spoken to people from other nations, this is such an
isolated culture.
Old Lady: Traveling across the sea, it’s rare that people come here from

Chef: I have the recipe for Rice Balls, want to buy it for 10 Gald?
-> Yes
Chef: You’ve bought the Rice Balls, recipe.
NOTICE: "You have learned how to prepare: Rice balls."
(Talking to again)
Chef: I have the recipe for the Pickles, it’s 100 Gald, want to buy it?
-> Yes
Chef: You’ve bought the Pickles, recipe.
NOTICE: "You have learned how to prepare: Pickles."
(Talking to again)
Chef: I have the recipe for Sashimi, It’s 1,000 Gald, want to buy it?
-> Yes
Chef: You’ve bought the Sashimi, recipe.
NOTICE: "You have learned how to prepare: Sashimi."
(Talking to again)
Chef: I have a recipe for stewed meat, want to buy it for 10,000 Gald?
-> Yes
Chef: You’ve bought the Stewed Meat, recipe.
NOTICE: "You have learned how to prepare: Stewed Meat."
(Talking to again)
Chef: I have the recipe for Shrimp Sauce, it’s 10,0000 Gald, want it?
-> Yes
Chef: You’ve bought the Shrimp Sauce, recipe.
NOTICE: "You have learned how to prepare: Shrimp Sauce."
(If you don’t have enough money)
Chef: Not enough money.

[Blue tarp in front of the shop]
"In business for 300 years. The store has been around ever since the time
of the legendary feud Moryuu:
General Markets Moryuu'm here! '"

[Seller Rune Bottle]
Seller Rune Bottle: Here we trade in Rune Bottle.
Seller Rune Bottle: A bottle is (tot) Galdo, buy a Rune Bottle?
"The buy" "I bought 5 (totx5 Galdo)" Course "Refine" "I do not need"
-> I do not need
Seller Rune Bottle: You can create wonderful objects using the Refine Rune
-> The buy / I bought 5
Seller Rune Bottle: Thank you so much for buying.
-> Refine Course
Seller Rune Bottle: What you would like to know?
"1. What is the Refine" "2. Transforming objects" "3. Summary of arms" "Next
"4. On slot" "5. Refine accessories" "6. Armaments on which you can use the
Refine" "Previous Page"

[Person in black]
Client: Sluuuuuuurp ~
Client: Such good tea. If you drink it like this, then, you’ll relax.
Kyle: Really, honestly, I‘ll drink some too. Sluuuuuuurp ~
Kyle: ughhh! It’s bitterr! Bleh, bleck, eh!
(Talking to again)
Client: Hm, this flavor is also ...One of the wonders of tea.
Kyle: Seriously? Is it really that tasty!? Let me try too!
Kyle: ... UGGGGHHH! BITTERRRRRR! Water, water, please!
Client: Hohohohoh. To outsiders, perhaps this flavor is a bit too pungent.

[Tea Shop]
Tea shop owner: How would you like to have some tea while you shop?
Tea shop owner: Alright, goodbye.

[Man on the right of the shop]
Man: You and me, will always be as free as the wind ... Soon I will say "Bye"
to my days in captivity ...
Man: I'll live as I please ... Just like a man without his KITE ROPE ...
Man: Do you hear! This hot BEAT! Do you believe? In the passion that burns!
That charges on!
Man: ... Yeah, I'm ... ... "The man who loves freedom" ... ...Like no one
else, so that is what they call me ...
Man: When I came to this bay ...
Man: No ... There is no reason to remember ... Those little men that make
something like
a DIARY full of memories, will die soon ...
Man: You ... Do you follow the fun WHEELS chosen by others? What we have,
is the courage to break those chains called restriction, respect for
ourselves, and hot Soul
 ... Don’t you think so?
"I don’t understand what you mean" Or "I don’t think so" Or "I think so"
-> I don’t understand what you mean
Man: It will always be like this ... The name alone, in the raging sea breeze
of my heart ...
However, it’s a nice breeze ...
Man: The lonely freak who pretends to understand the conspiracies of people
I'm tired ... And also ... I opted to be free ...
Man: The sea breeze named Solitude revives the painful wounds of my heart
Deeper and deeper ... It dig ...
Man: But, remember ... Every time you hurt, the heart rises stronger and more
vigorous ...
Remember ...
-> If you said, you don’t agree
Man: SYNCHRONIZE your soul ... It’s he most important thing ... The exchange,
which is called life ...
Why do people meet ...?
Man: If you can SYNCHRONIZE your soul ... Maybe I could give you something
Until then, forget about all of this ...
-> I think so
Man: Those damned titles ... You do not nurture any doubt? Do not nurture
any doubts against nicknames
you are given from others? I'll say it again ... Do you not feed them? I doubt!
Man: Nobody has the right to give us nicknames ... Well! I am the, "Man who
loves freedom" ...
Man: ... The fate of your will. I decided ... With my own hands!
Man: What I can do is push a little more ... What I can give you, is the "Title
Available" ...
The rest is up to you! Decide! And for you, and no one else in the world!
Man: Oh Kyle, free your SOUL! Even if your body is forced, your SOUL can not
ever be linked ... For eternity!
Kyle: I feel ... Oppressed ...

"Enter the name of the title."
"Decide", "Default", "Delete"
Default: FREEMAN
"Hiragana", "Katakana", "Alphabet"
NOTICE: "Is it okay 'XXX'?"
-> Yes
NOTICE: "Kyle has got the title: XXX"
Man: Reala Oh, men have always been free ... And if for some time, should
the freedom to steal from your heart ... Then it would be ... THE END, yes
Reala: ... What a strange person ...
"Enter the name of the title."
"Decide", "Default", "Delete"
Default: LIBERTY
"Hiragana", "Katakana", "Alphabet"
NOTICE: "Is it okay 'XXX'?"
-> Yes
NOTICE: "Reala won the title: XXX"
Man who loves freedom: Loni Oh, go to the massacre of hearts! Steal a boat
and go 'by sea! Even without a goal!
In the darkest nights, even when the sun has not risen in the morning ...
Loni: But who wants to ... This ...
"Enter the name of the title."
"Decide", "Default", "Delete"
Default: BOMBER
"Hiragana", "Katakana", "Alphabet"
NOTICE: "Is it okay 'XXX'?"
-> Yes
NOTICE: "Loni got the title: XXX"
Man: Oh Judas, people shine in an instant! After all, a night of HEAVEN!
We do not need these warm days! Shine on, or time!
Judas: ... Pff ...
"Enter the name of the title."
"Decide", "Default", "Delete"
"Hiragana", "Katakana", "Alphabet"
NOTICE: "Is it okay 'XXX'?"
-> Yes
NOTICE: "Judas was awarded the title: XXX"
Man: Nanaly Oh, believe in your ability! The road has a thousand forks!
All we can do is throw a run NOT STOP ...
Nanaly: ... But, did you drink?
"Enter the name of the title."
"Decide", "Default", "Delete"
"Hiragana", "Katakana", "Alphabet"
NOTICE: "Is it okay 'XXX'?"
-> Yes
NOTICE: "Nanaly got the title: XXX"
Man: Harold, do as you please!
Harold: H-how dare you!
"Enter the name of the title."
"Decide", "Default", "Delete"
Default: Selfish
"Hiragana", "Katakana", "Alphabet"
NOTICE: "Is it okay 'XXX'?"
-> Yes
NOTICE: "Harold was awarded the title: XXX"
Man: For one day this body becomes a borrowed container ...
Perhaps, this title is a momentary light ... When the light will fade away
... When he is about to disappear ...
Man: Once again from me! When you are about to forget your boiling SOUL
come back to me! You blow in again ... The light of freedom!
(Talking to again)
Man: ... The beginning is always sudden, so ... then, is the beginning of
the end, so ...
Man: Freedom is not unlimited ... Freedom is different from disorder ... I
have some doubt about what
I once believed that "freedom" is ... It’s different from the "true freedom"
Man: But if that does not change human destiny ... It would be nice if it
also changed
our policy ... No one would have to reproach themselves ...
Man: Well, you want to change your titles ?
SELECT: "Kyle, Reala, Loni", "Next page"
SELECT: "Judas, Nanaly, Harold", "Previous"
(If changes)
Man: OK! From now on (name) will be "XXX"! No one can force you with that
title ...
( Oooook, I didn’t fully understand this, I did what I could)

[Child in blue]
Child: Want to play with me?
Child: Let’s jump rope, and play with a Kendama, there’s lots of things.
Clang, clang, clang!
Kyle: I don’t have time to play now. But if I return, we can play then. ...
I promise!
(Talking to again)
Child: Clang, clang, clang! Next time we’ll play together.

[Lord in dark blue]
Mr Jan: Oh! Do you want me to make something?
Mr Jan: I build homes! I'm still building! Do you want me to do something?
Mr Jan: You want me to build you something, I can read it in your soul with
my intuition!
Mr Jan: Have you ever used "Refine"? Gh! What are you up to!

"It’s an oddly shaped lamppost. It has the Tourou on it."

Ingredients seller: If you want something, please, just ask.
Ingredients Seller: Goodbye, see you next time.

[Girl in yellow with purple hair]
Toukei: Come on, look at this. There’s a lot of rare and curios things.
Toukei: Come back again.

Fisherman: What do you think, look at how cool it is! It's all natural stuff,
caught in these seas!
Fisherman: Don’t be stingy! Buy something.

[Pond with fish]
Kyle: There are so many fish. But what do they eat?
Loni: Hahaha! These are, fishing goldfish, its a particular game in this

[On the shelf with bonsai]
"There are maps of strange shapes."

(General Market Moryuu)
[Armor to the right]
"They’re bizarrely exposed."

[Cushion on the floor]
"There’s a cushion on the ground."

[Boy walking through the shop]
Client: When I came here to shop, the old man told me this.
Client: This blade penetrates any armor, and this armor, rejects any blade.
Client: Undaunted, I replied. Well, if you hit it with this knife on this
armor, what happens?
Client: What do you think the damn old man answered me with?
Loni: ... Something like: "I don’t understand, son?"
Client: Wait until you buy them, to find out, he said. I began to laugh and
I bought them both.
(Talking to again)
Client: Right after I bought them, I tried them out. The armor broke the blade,
while the knife pierced the armor.
Client: At that point I was no longer able to return them. The old man was
not lying about this shop, eh.

[Weapons Shop]
Weapons Shop: Ikkitousen: Welcome. We sell weapons here.
Weapons Shop: Ikkitousen: Come again.

[Armor Shop]
Armor Seller: Welcome. We sell armor here.
Armor Seller: Come back again.

[Man in black at the center]
Owner of Moryuu: Welcome to the General Market: Moryuu! Our shop is always
the same,
but its totally different from what it once was.

[Items on the upper floor]
"There are some curious tools never seen before."

[Items Shop]
Items Seller: Strange people. We also accept Gald.
Items Seller: Come back again.

(Hotel Shiden)(Geee I wonder who that’s named after)
Innkeeper: I welcome you to Shiden. The hospitality is not the most gorgeous,
but I trust that you will find it restful here.
Innkeeper: It’s 890 Gald a night. Would you like to stay?
-> No
Innkeeper: We will await your return.

[Man in Black]
Citizen: Have you ever heard songs by the great Johnny? If you come back again,
you may hear him. ( I think?)
Citizen: Why there have been those who, just by hearing wrong, could not wake
up for three days
and three nights in a row.
(Talking to again)
Citizen: How boring, sometimes he doesn’t show in the public square.
(For those who played the first game in English, Johnny is Karyl’s Japanese

[Gate in the North]
"It opens onto a garden full of greenery."

[Ornaments on the wall on the floor]
"They reflect the culture of 'wabi-sabi' in Aquaveil.' Sober and frugal
furniture." (. . .)

(Feudal Building)
[Woman behind the counter]
Riarna: Travelers, please enter. My name is Riarna.
Riarna: First, my husband would like to speak.
Fayt: Customers, I welcome you to Aquaveil. I am the lord of this manor, Fayt.
Kyle: Pleased to meet you. I'm Kyle Dunamis.
Kyle: ... Uh, by the way, where’s Mr. Johnny?
Fayt: He isn’t here now. Have you ever met him?
Kyle: No, I never did. But my father knew him.
Fayt: Your father ...? You can‘t be, Stan‘s son!?
Kyle: Yes, Stan Aileron was my father.
Fayt: Oh gods! Stan’s son has come here from afar! Right, your face ...
Fayt: ... Oh so then, your mother must be, Rutee?
Kyle: You know her?
Fayt: Yes, certainly. Your parents are indeed good friends of my wife and
Fayt: So, now I even get to meet their son, a dear friend. Take your time.
(Talking to again)
Fayt: Your parents are indeed good friends of my wife and me.
Fayt: So, now I even get to meet their son, a dear friend. Take your time.

NOTICE: There a letters carved on here."
Harold: Let me read it?
"Read" Or "Don‘t bother"
-> Read
NOTICE: "Sun of the Desert, in the light that consumes, white and unreachable
depths of the mountains,
over the idol sunk in distant oceans. Vestiges of the megalithic civilization
1 "
NOTICE: " The remains of the megalithic civilization 2. Near the lake covered
with deep green, the white island where
no one lives, the green garden. Other nations, a circle dug in the ground.
NOTICE: "The island associated with mists, the island that appears in maps,
behind the small cabin,
not contaminated by any of the islands. "
NOTICE: "In the land of dense fog, in the highest place, there is a prairie.
In chest of the mountain in dense fog.
There you will get proof of the accident. " ( yay rhymes . .)

[Girl behind the counter]
Riarna: So, your Mr. Stan and Mrs. Rutee’s son ...
Riarna: Both of them have really helped my husband and me. We sincerely thank
Riarna: I hope that from now on you’ll be our dear friends too, to Fayt, and
our daughters, Emily and Claire.
(Talking to again)
Riarna: I wanted to you to meet my daughter Claire ... But she is out with
her future husband.
Riarna: On the other hand, you can talk all you want to Emily.

[Display of weapons]
"These are spears, halberds and swords all lined up side by side."

Emily: My name is Emily. What's your name?
Kyle: M-me? I’m Kyle.
Emily: Sorry, I wasn’t talking about you. I was talking to that nice beefy
guy, there!
Loni: Oh, me? I’m Loni.
Emily: Oh wow ... Loni Aah, that’s a beautiful name!
Emily: I think I‘m madly in love. So, nice to meet you!
(Talking to again)
Emily: Loni Sir, you are so good-look-ing! Give your Emily a kiss!
Loni: Heh, I‘ll pass~ I don’t go with girls who 14 years old!

[Things laying on table in the middle]
"It looks like a sacred object. A kind of bun on top of a mysterious box."

[Objects in the hallway at the bottom of the ladder]
"These look sacred."

[Mysterious door]
NOTICE: "There’s an entry that gives off a sinister light. It’s sealed with
immense energy, you can’t enter."

(Leaving Aquaveil and I guess exploring various places)

~Cabin~ (Reviewing skits)
Mysterious Woman: This is the place where memories are awakened ...
NOTICE: "In this place, you can view skits that you’ve gotten up to now."
NOTICE: "To decide the number of skit you want to see, press the 'O'.
To stop the playback, press the 'X'. "
NOTICE: "In addition, you can not view a skit that you have not seen yet."

~Tent Smith~ (Basically like the customization shop in Abyss I think,
or Synthesizing in Vesperia etc.. I‘m not positive because I‘m not playing,
I‘ll visit there when I‘m up to it in my file and check.)

Smith: I’m a novice blacksmith.
Blacksmith: Would you like to contribute to the development of my original
equipment with funds?
Blacksmith: My skills as a blacksmith are still low, so I can only create
poor equipment ...
Blacksmith: But one day I’ll become a great Blacksmith.
Blacksmith: I hope.
NOTICE: "The blacksmith will be encouraged to study through small
contributions from the player.
After he accumulates enough experience, the Blacksmith will increase by one
level. "
NOTICE: "Increasing the level he will be able to create advanced equipment.
He also will increase the speed of production. "
NOTICE: "With small contributions provided to the Blacksmith his
development, objects will be returned
To you for the fee. "
NOTICE: "The over time the expense will go down. Until the fee vanishes. "
NOTICE: "It will take time before the blacksmith can take commissions. "
NOTICE: "Finally, it will take a while, so be patient."
SELECT: What do you want do?
"Contribute" Or "Request for equipment" "Explanation of the system"
INFORMATION: Ranking of the smith: smith - Amount paid as a fee of
development: 0 Gald - Status: Accept commissions

~Katz Village~

[Items Shop]
Items Seller: Welcome meow! Would you like to buy something meow!
Items Seller: What a shame ... meow

[Brown Katz]
Katz: This is the "Katz Village" meow.
(Talking to again)
Katz: The hot springs are hot, meow.
Kyle: You don’t take baths in a bath tub ...?
Katz: In the bathtub you bathe, I hate it, meow.
(Talking to again)
Katz: All you do in those is splish splash, meow.

[One of the three Katz talking in the lower left corner]
Chime: I don‘t know your name, strange, meow ~

[One of the three Katz talking in the lower left corner]
Xylophon: You don’t have a house here, how strange, meow ~

[One of the three Katz talking in the lower left corner]
Chime: Where are you from, meow ~?
Xylophon: What is your name, meow?
??: I don’t know, myu ...
Judas: I see ... Your not an inhabitant of this village.
Kyle: How do you know?
Judas: He has a different way of speaking.
??: I have visited many places, but for some reason I love the ones where
snow falls.
I want to live here and have a name, myu ~
??: ... I ask of you, myu. I'd like you to give me a name, myu.
NOTICE: Give it a name?
"Sure" Or "No"
-> Sure
??: Myu ~ Thanks. I think that’s a cool name, myu!
NOTICE: "You decided to think for a while what name him."

[Large cat shaped billboard]
NOTICE: "Want to make an offer?"
"Do it" Or "Do not do it"

[White Katz at the bottom]
Ingredients Seller: Welcome meow! Would you like to buy something meow!
Ingredients Seller: What a shame, meow ...

[Katz on the top left]
"It’s a cat in snow."

[Katz in front of the snow]
Kyle: Cats ... Is it a disguise?
Katz: Oh please ~! Stop it, meow ~ ~!
Kyle: Oh, here's the zipper ...

[Climbing on the flower]
Katz: Get Down, meow!

[Katz fishing]
Katz: This place has no, “so-called“ structure, meow.
(Talking to again)
Katz: The fish won‘t bite, meow ~ ...

[Katz near the igloo]
Katz: Miaaao! Miaaao! Miaaao! Miaaao!

Mushroom Shop: Do you like Noko mushrooms?
"Yes, meow" Or "Sorry, meow"
-> Sorry, meow
Mushroom Shop: What a shame, meow ...
-> Yes, meow
Mushroom Shop: Wait a second, meow.
Mushroom Shop: Please take this, meow.
NOTICE: "The party has been healed."
(Talking to again)
Mushroom Shop: Noko's ears will grow back, meow.
(Translator's note: You lose a lovely play on words. In Japan, mushroom is
called "Kinoko".
The name is of a pet "Noko," and then "Nokonokinoko". Moreover, it is an
onomatopoeia indicating nokonoko
a way to do casually.)< - - *Original translator’s note, not mine)- Sair

[Sign in front of the igloo]
"Noko breeding place"

[Noko walking]
Noko: No ~

[Noko nearby]
Noko: No!

(Old Man’s house)
Old Man: AHO '!
Old Man: It’s strictly forbidden to enter with shoes on, meow! If someone
dared to come into my house
with shoes on, well ...
Old Man: You can enter only after removing your shoes by the "the skimpy
bathing carpet" that’s right there, meow!
NOTICE: "Do it?"
"Yes" Or "No"
-> Yes
Old Man: Great! Thank you very much, meow!

[Bonsai cabinet on the left]
"It’s a wonderful bonsai."

[Sheet on the wall]
"'A cup of rice a day. Eating rice once a day.'"

[Cabinet north]
"It’s a closet. There’s nothing hidden in it."

[Old Man]
Old Man: At this age, friends are always hard to find, meow.
(Talking to again)
Old Man: No more hassles at least, meow, but sometimes I would like a companion
to talk to, meow ...

[Katz hidden in the bathroom]
??: Mmgh! You found me, meow!
??: I am a Ninja Katz, I‘m, a "Katininja" meow.
Katininja: I am a ninja because I ninninininin while moving ... yes, meow!

[Child with hat]
Gori: This hat makes me unpopular ...
Gori: Maybe because it does not have "cat ears" ...

[Pendulum Clock]
"If it was a bit bigger it wouldn‘t fit."

[Girl with cat ears hat]
Kipuruchi: My dress is torn, it‘s being fixed, meow ...
Kipuruchi: I hope that my "Katz dress" is repaired soon, meow.
Kipuruchi: I want my outfit soon, meow.

[In the kitchen]
"It‘s curry!" (Well consider I never cook in these games, I guess this is
one way my character‘s get to eat.) )

[Cabinet in the north]
"It’s a closet. There is nothing hidden."

[Big Katz behind the table]
Katz: This rug is soft, soft, perfectly suited for me, meow.
(Talking to again)
Katz: The houses in this village have underfloor heating with hot springs,

Side Quests

*Note: There’s no more Various NPC, it’s all just extra’s now.

~Cresta inn~
[L2 in the hallway on the second floor]
Kyle: There's something here ...
NOTICE: "You've got an: Apron."
Kyle: This ... Maybe it's Mr. Nelson’s hobby ...

~Inn in Noischtat~

[Man on piano]
Sakuraba: Do you want to listen?
"Later" Or "Yes"
-> Yes
"Sakuraba is playing the piano. Using X will make him stop."
Sakuraba: If I drank wine I’d be better ...
-> Later
Sakuraba: If I drank wine I’d be better ...

[Winters store of weapons and armor]
Winters: Yo, Kyle. You have found any "Belserium"?
Kyle: Yes! I have it!
Winters: Oooh! That‘s it! You found it!
Winters: Well, what do you say, Kyle! In exchange for that, what can I make
for you? I‘ll work for you with pleasure, so waste no time!
"Yes, thank you" Or "No thank you"
-> Yes, thank you
Judas: Alright, make something then!
Winters: Hahahaha! Kyle, you're lucky! I just an amazing thing!
Winters: Well, take it! It’s a collector's item by Winters!
NOTICE: "You've got: Mom's Pain." ( Wha? ? )
Kyle: Uwaa ... It’s beautiful! Thank you, Mr. Winters!
Winters: It’s ready! I called it a: "Accessories box / Accessories - High
number X"!
Winters: Hehehehe ... I must say that I really did a great job. It should
be able to hold lots!
NOTICE: "You've got: "Accessories box / Accessories - High number X"!

[Chef in the food store]
Chef: Want to learn how to make salad?
-> Yes
Chef: I'll teach you to make salad.
NOTICE: "You have learned how to prepare: Salad."

~Chelsea’s Cabin~

/ & Various NPC \

(With the blade of Heidelberg)
Chelsea: Kyle. Did you find what I needed?
Kyle: Of course! Here it is.
Chelsea: Oh yes, this is it! Thanks, you saved me!
Chelsea: Ok, as a reward, take this bow!
NOTICE: "You've got the: Moon Bow Hunter."
(Talking to again)
Chelsea: I'm sorry to ask you this, after the last favor you did for me ...
But can I ask something else?
Chelsea: Will you get me, 1 pick, to dig with.
-> Yes
Chelsea: Alright, I'm in your hands ~
(Talking to again)
Chelsea: Young Kyle, have you got what I asked you for?
Kyle: Excuse me, Miss Chelsea, what was it again?
Chelsea: Well, don’t forget. Remember it this time.
Chelsea: Please bring me a Pickaxe.

(After getting the pickaxe in Hope Town)

Chelsea: Kyle. Have you got what I asked for?
Kyle: Of course! Here it is
Chelsea: Oh yes, this is it! Thanks, you saved me!
Chelsea: Ok, as a reward, take this bow!
NOTICE: "You've got: Dragoon Battle Bow."
(Talking to again)
Chelsea: I'm sorry to ask you this, after the last favor you did for me ...
But can I ask something else?
Chelsea: Will you bring me, a hammer to build a house.
-> Yes
Chelsea: Alright, I'm in your hands ~
(Talking to again)
Chelsea: Young Kyle, have you brought what I asked for?
Kyle: Excuse me, Miss Chelsea, what was it again?
Chelsea: Don’t forget this time.
Chelsea: Please bring me a hammer.

(After getting the Hammer in Aquaveil)
Chelsea: Kyle. Did you bring what I asked for?
Kyle: Of course! Here it is
Chelsea: Oh yes, this is it! Thanks, you saved me!
Chelsea: Ok, as a reward, accept this bow!
NOTICE: "You've got: Dancing War Bow."
(Talking to again)
Chelsea: I'm sorry to ask you this, after the last favor you did for me ...
But can I ask something else?
Chelsea: Will you get me, 1 saw, to build a house.
-> Yes
Chelsea: Thanks again.
Chelsea: Alright, I'm in your hands ~
(Talking to again)
Chelsea: Young Kyle, have you brought what I asked for?
Kyle: Excuse me, Miss Chelsea, what was it again?
Chelsea: Don’t forget this time.
Chelsea: Please bring me a saw.

(After getting the Saw in, Noischtat)

Chelsea: Kyle. Did you bring what I asked for?
Kyle: Of course! Here it is
Chelsea: Oh yes, this is it! Thanks, you saved me!
Chelsea: Ok, as a reward, accept this bow!
NOTICE: "You've got: Giant Siege Bow."
(Talking to again)
Chelsea: I'm sorry to ask you this, after the last favor you did for me ...
But can I ask something else?
Chelsea: I want to bring me a, 1 planter for a house.
-> Yes
Chelsea: Thank you, it will go perfectly, Kyle.
Chelsea: Ok, I'm in your hands ~
(Talking to again)
Chelsea: Young Kyle, have you brought what I asked for?
Kyle: Excuse me, Miss Chelsea, what was it again?
Chelsea: Don’t forget this time.
Chelsea: Please bring me a planter.

(After getting the Planter from Snowfreer)

Chelsea: Kyle. Did you bring what I asked for?
Kyle: Of course! Here it is
Chelsea: Oh yes, this is it! Thanks, you saved me!
Chelsea: ... Kyle. Thank you, really everything is going wonderfully.
Chelsea: It must’ve been exhausting, right? Really, thank you.
Chelsea: To show my deepest gratitude, this time I have prepared a special
bow. Take it.
NOTICE: "You've got: Wellkingochic Bow."
Kyle: This bow ... Looks pretty worn.
Chelsea: This bow was built by a certain person.
Chelsea: He was my grandfather's apprentice. He was really nice and
Chelsea: He went everywhere with that bow ... A hunting adventure ...
Kyle: A precious bow ... Your ok with us having it?
Chelsea: It’s just because I’m happy, I want to give it to you. After all,
Kyle, you've given me a lot of help.
Chelsea: And, even if I don’t have it any more, I will always remember this
So, don’t worry!
Kyle: That man ... What does he do now? Why not see him?
Chelsea: Now he’s in a place where I can no longer reach him ... So, we can’t
Chelsea: Anywyas, come on! I prefer to only keep good memories, you know?
Chelsea: Inside of me, that man ... Will remain an eternal prince.
Kyle: ... Miss Chelsea. It looks like, you have the heart of a girl.
Chelsea: Excuse me if, I have the heart of a girl!
Chelsea: ... Anyways, take it.
Chelsea: This is my thanks for all you’ve done, Kyle.
Kyle: ... Ok! Thank you, Miss Chelsea!
(Talking to again)
Chelsea: Kyle. Thank you, really everything is going wonderfully. Thank you
Chelsea: Use that bow with care! Its power is guaranteed!

/ Dialogue \
Chelsea: The heart of a girl ... Heheh, maybe! For the "prince forever."
Chelsea: ... However, it’s true. In my heart, you'll always be a prince.
Chelsea: ... Oh wonderful Woodrow.


Side Quest: Riml the fighter

Entering the Arena

/ Dialogue \
Kyle: Uwaaargh!
??: Sorry ...
??: ... Oh, you're ...
?: No, no ... Nevermind ...
Loni: What was wrong with that little girl? She didn’t even stop to
Judas: So, you want to chase her down and fight? She‘d most likely defeat
you in seconds.
Loni: Heh! As if I could lose to a little girl!
Judas: And that's why you will lose. That girl is not an ordinary person.
You would have no chance
against her.
Nanaly: Heeh, strange that you’d something like that, Judas.
Judas: When a person is strong, I recognize it, that is all. It's just that
there are so few worthy opponents.
Harold: But, the fact that you’ve recognized her strength ... It makes me
Judas: Whether it makes you laugh or not, the fact remains that she is a little
girl, whom I do not  ever wish to fight.

~Noischtat Arena~ (After exiting and coming back in town)

/ Dialogue \
President: She’s strong! That overwhelming force! Defeated the ferocious
monsters as if she were stealing
candy from a baby!
Loni: Ooh, we‘ve got to see!
Nanaly: It looks like there’s someone with amazing strength. I wonder if it‘s
a monster?
Kyle: Uh? That person ...
Manager: Damn, where did she go!? The reward was not enough!?
Manager: Ah! Hey, you guys!? Did Riml pass through here?
Kyle: Riml? Who‘s that?
Manager: She looks like a comet, and is the strongest fighter in the world,
Manager: A terrifying girl, able to erase every monster from the face of the
earth, in a second, with her sword!
Judas: I understand ... It’s her!
Loni: The first girl? We met a little while ago ...
Manager: Did you see her!? Well, did you see where she's gone!?
Reala: She ran out of here a while ago. Maybe you still have time to chase
her ...
Manager: See you then!
Kyle: That girl is really that strong ...
Judas: I told you, right? She is not an ordinary person.
Judas: Probably not in the arena to gain fame or riches. She does this to
test people.
Loni: That's why she left without even taking the reward. She’s very vigorous.


/ Dialogue \
Kyle: Oh! That's ...
Villain: Oh, oh, Missy! You think you're a champion of justice, eh!
Villain: Heh! We‘ll take you down right now.
Riml: ... I‘ll never go down.
Villain: What’s this! She wants to die!
Kyle: What do we do, we need to help!
Judas: I do not think she needs it. Keep silent for a moment.
Villain: How about you just disappear, eh!
Riml: If you don’t want to be injured, back down now ...
Villain: I can’t stand this anymore ... Hey, let's make out!
Riml: ... You can rest now. As long as you never bother me again ... My sword
is crying ...
Villain: So, strong ... ... Too much for ... me ...
Riml: ... You ended up on the wrong path, it seems. Hm, I’ll travel to find
better opponents...
Girl: Thank you! I'm so grateful! What can I do for you...
Riml: No need. I’ve only done my duty ...
Kyle: That's so cool ... She really took that guy down in one fell swoop ...
Judas: Probably just a fragment of her true power. Really, what skills.
Loni: Wh yare you staring Kyle?
Kyle: Dunno ...

/ & Various NPC \
Girl: Ah ... Miss ...

~Noischtat~ (go out and come back in town)

/ Dialogue \
Riml: Your ...
Kyle: Miss Riml, right? Hey, what were you doing?
Riml: ... I was thinking.
Kyle: Thinking? About what?
Riml: How become strong ... I was thinking how I could become stronger than
I am now.
Loni: Even stronger than you were a few hours ago?
Riml: I don’t care what becomes of me, I want to become stronger ... Only
Riml: At the moment, I have tricks up my sleeve. A strong trump card, capable
of turning any
disadvantage ...
Riml: If only I had an ace up my sleeve, I could soar much more. I was thinking
about that.
Kyle: Hmmm ...
Loni: Fiuuu ~ Fast like the wind!
Riml: If only I could run longer distances ...
Riml: I think yout traveling the same route..
The way of your sword, its the same ...
Riml: ... Running ... ... The same path ...
Riml: Around ... Running ... ... If only I could, run that long distance ...
Riml: ...!!! Right! I found it!
Loni: ... What's got into you?
Nanaly: Dunno. Maybe she came up with some good ideas?

~Noischtat Arena~ (exit and come back in town)

/ Dialogue \
Spectator: Hi, Hiiii ~!
Spectator: It‘s here! Run away, quick!
Kyle: Wh-what!?
Loni: Ghhh!? But why would a monster be is in a place like this!
Harold: Maybe it came from a fracture in the arena? I can’t think of anything
Loni: ... It noticed us.
Nanaly: Here it comes, boys!
Kyle: Miss Riml!
Riml: Leave it to me!
Riml: ... HAH!
Riml: ...
Reala: He-Hey, what happened?! It was too fast, I didn’t see very well ...
Judas: No, she just cut in half. What a great speed.
Harold: I‘ve got it, its an offensive technique that knocks the enemy back,
turning the acceleration into energy. Very useful.
Judas: You can not dodge it at that speed. It’s really a lethal sword.
Kyle: That's amazing ...

~Noischtat Arena~ (After exiting and coming back in town)

/ & Various NPC \
Girl: Want to fight in the arena?
"Single-mode" Or "Team Mode"
-> Single-mode
Girl: Select the degree of difficulty.
"Single beginner" Or "single intermediate" Or "Advanced Single" Or "Single
-> Advanced Single
Girl: Who will enter?
"Loni" Or "Next page"
"Harold" Or "Previous Page"
-> Kyle
Notice: Kyle will participate in the battle.

/ Dialogue \
President: Arena, single advanced level. Let the first round begin.
Kyle: Leave it to me!

Kyle: I did it!
President: Arena, single advanced level. Let the second round begin.
Kyle: Come on!

Kyle: I'm strong, huh?
President: Arena, single advanced level. Let the final match start.
Kyle: I'll show you my power!

Kyle: Say hello to the hero Kyle!
President: Alright, one last obstacle awaits the challenger whom fortune has
smiled up until now!
President: And there could be no obstacle more strong, or bigger!
President: But, until you overcome this obstacle, they will emerge as the
real winner!
President: The barrier that awaits you is the champion of this arena!
President: Who appeared on a day like a comet, beating all the opponents in
a blink of an eye.
A woman seated on the throne as queen!
President: Some call her the strongest fighter in the world, and still others
call her the unbeatable!
President: But her name is ... Come on! Folks, let's face say it together!
Kyle: Riml!?
Riml: ... Kyle. I couldn’t wait! The arrival of this moment!
Kyle: Waiting ... For what?!
Riml: If you win, I'll tell you ...
Riml: Alright, bring it on, Kyle! This will be a reckoning! To prove who is
the strongest among us!

Riml: I lost ... You were great, Kyle ...
Riml: You really inherited the blood of the hero Stan ...
Kyle: Eh? How do you know. ..
Riml: I know all about your father ... My mother told me.
Kyle: Your mother ...
Riml: My mother, is Lilith ...
Kyle: Eeeeeeeh!? T-then, you and I, Riml, we’re ...
Riml: Yes, first cousins ... I'm sorry I didn’t tell you earlier.
Kyle: Why did you keep it hidden?
Riml: If I didn‘t, you'd have gone easier on me, right? And such a thing would
never be a real clash.
Riml: I wanted to fight with you wholeheartedly ...
Kyle: Riml ...
Riml: But, since I lost, I conclude that my training isn’t enough ...
Riml Kyle ... I‘ll go on a trip! Just like you have, and become much stronger,
you'll see.
Riml: So ... Want to fight again someday?
Kyle: ... Of course!
President: Congratulations on the victory.

(If you lose)
President: Unfortunately, you have lost the battle against Riml, in the
Loni: He-hey, are you all right?
Kyle: Hm, yea...

Side Quest: Ginny's Christmas

~Heidelberg: Church~

/ Dialogue \
Priestess: It will be Christmas soon.
Ginny: Yes! Santa Claus will come this year, right?
Priestess: What do you want, Ginny?
Ginny: Ehhhhmm ... Maybe a pretty ribbon.
Priestess: I understand ... I'm sure that Santa will give it to you.
Ginny: Yay, I can’t wait.
Ginny: Oh no, now that I think about it, I’d promised to play with little
Ginny: Granny, I’m going out.
Priestess: Ok, ok. Be careful.

/ & Various NPC \

Priestess: On Christmas Eve, Santa Claus brings you wonderful gifts.
Priestess: I take the dreams of children, seriously.
(Talking to again)
Priestess: That girl lives in this Church, Ginny.
Priestess: She’s a very innocent girl.
(Talking to again)
Priestess: It will be Christmas soon.
Priestess: I have to prepare gifts for the children.

Saga: I’d like a piano ... But maybe it’s impossible.

Ginny: I'd like to meet Santa Claus.

(Church, again)
Priestess: That little girl, really believes in Santa Claus.
Priestess: It’s so adorable.
(Talking to again)
Priestess: Ginny has no family, she was raised in this church.
Priestess: She’s a very good girl.
(Talking to again)
Priestess: Ginny is a very honest girl.
Priestess: I would like to achieve her desires.

/ Dialogue \
Saga: Santa Claus doesn‘t exist in the real world.
Ginny: Yes he does! It’s him who brings presents.
Ginny: I got some warm gloves that I had asked him for.
Saga: You sure it wasn‘t the priestess.
Saga: While we sleep, the priestess comes and leaves us gifts.
Ginny: But that’s not true, Father Christmas is coming!
Saga: Ginny, wait.

Priestess: Oh no, what happened?
Ginny: You know, little Saga said that Santa Claus doesn’t exist ...
Priestess: Santa Claus doesn’t exist?
Ginny: But instead its actually the priestess who brings gifts ...
Ginny: Well, it is true that Santa Claus doesn’t exist?
Ginny: That the gifts, are brought by the priestess?
Ginny: D-did I make Santa mad?
Priestess: That’s absolutely not true, you always give us a hand with the
work, Ginny.
Ginny: But ...

/ & Various NPC \
Ginny: I really believe it.

Priestess: Saga is a down to earth little girl.
Priestess: But it would be better if she cultivated more dreams.
(Talking to again)
Priestess: Saga is a good little girl, but it is the opposite of Ginny.

Saga: I said a bad thing.

/ Dialogue \
Saga: That's right, Ginny. Ask if Santa Claus really exists by writing him
a letter.
Ginny: A letter? To who?
Saga: Philia, at the Straylize Temple.
Ginny: Philia?
Saga: Yes, and if Philia says yes, then it must be true.
Priestess: That's right, what a good diea.
Ginny: Ok, I’ll do that.

"Good morning Miss Philia."
"I have something to ask Miss Philia today, so I wrote a letter."
"It’s about Santa Claus, who brings gifts on Christmas Eve."
"Until now I have always believed that Santa existed ..."

Ginny: Phew, I wrote it.
Ginny: But I have a problem.
Ginny: I don’t know how to deliver this letter to Philia ...

/ & Various NPC \
Saga: I hope she writes a good answer.

Ginny: By any chance, do you know Miss Philia?
"Yea, I‘ll take it to her" Or "We’re too busy now"
-> I’ll take it
Ginny: Really? Thank you!
Ginny: So, could you deliver this letter Philia at the Straylize Temple?
NOTICE: "You have obtained Ginny‘s Letter."
Ginny: Thanks, I trust you.

Ginny: Actually, I’d already figured it out ...
(Talking to again)
Ginny: Maybe if I’m told the truth, I’ll grow up a little?
Ginny: But it would be so sad.
(Talking to again)
Ginny: I'll stay here and wait for Philia’s answer ...

Priestess: I saw what Ginny wrote.
Priestess: Who knows what Philia, will say.
(Talking to again)
Priestess: I hope that she gives a good answer ...

~Straylize Temple~

/ Dialogue \
Philia: Oh, hi.
Philia: A letter for me? Thank you very much.
Philia: This is ... A big problem.
Philia: I will write a reply, wait a while, please.

"My dear Ginny,"
"I read your letter."
"Your question is whether there really is Santa Claus? ..."

Philia: This is my answer. Give this to little Ginny.
NOTICE: "You have obtained Philia‘s response."
Philia: I‘ll leave it you.

/ & Various NPC \
Philia: Please deliver it for me.

~Heidelberg~ Church

/ & Various NPC \
Saga: What did Philia say?

Priestess: Philia answered?

/ Dialogue \
Ginny: This is Philia‘s answer?
Ginny: Thank you very much.
Saga: What is it? Won‘t you read it?
Ginny: In my mind, I thought it would be better if I’d never got my answer.
Priestess: You do not have to say ...
Ginny: Yes, I know. Don’t worry, Grandma.

"My dear Ginny,"
"I read your letter."
"Your question is whether there really is Santa Claus? ..."
"Of course there is a Santa Claus."
"As for what your friend said, it is true, no one has ever seen Santa Claus
"But the fact that no one has ever seen him, that does not really mean he
isn‘t there?"
"To not believe in Santa Claus just because you can not see him?"
"I think he's wonderful, he continues to bring hope, dreams, love and
consideration for many people."
"He has done this so far, and I really hope that he will continue to do so."
"Because I believe that just as dreams and hopes, are abstract and invisible
things, there are compelling reasons they exist."
"If you Ginny, will end up believing that Santa Claus does not exist, then
there will be no Santa Claus."
"I think the really important things in this world, are invisible to the eye."
"" Not believing in things, because you can not see ", is so sad."
"If you only believe it, Ginny, Santa Claus exists in your heart, I'm sure."
"Close your eyes and think of Christmas nights."
"Turning over in bed excited, and how you could not sleep."
"Excitement in finding gifts in your old shoes, just wake up."
"That is what Santa Claus is."
"As long as the children in the world have a good heart, good heart, he will
live on forever in their hearts."
"I pray that Father Christmas will remain forever in your heart, Ginny."
"I hope to become your friend. Philia Phillis."

Ginny: Yes, that's it.
Ginny: I forgot my precious things, and I'm worried about stupid things ...
Ginny: Mr. Kyle, it's all right now. Thank you very much.
Ginny: Greet Miss Philia, tell her thanks and tell her that Ginny has been
doing better.

/ & Various NPC \
Ginny: I believe in Santa Claus.
(Talking to again)
Ginny: If I stopped believing in Santa Claus, I’d be a little ashamed.
(Talking to again)
Ginny: I want to meet Miss Philia.

Priestess: I want to maintain the good heart of Ginny.
(Talking to again)
Priestess: Thanks to Philia, the girls have not lost their smiles.
Priestess: I am extremely grateful.
(Talking to again)
Priestess: The dreams and hopes ... Even as adults, we must not forget.

Saga: The words of Philia opened my eyes.
(Talking to again)
Saga: It’s true, isn‘t it. I was wrong.
(Talking to again)
Saga: I didn‘t believe it at first...
Saga: I forgot one important thing.

PART 17 - Sair Lenneth

(Back onto the story)

Txt version

~Egg of the Goddess~

/ Dialogue \
Loni: So is this, '"Egg of the Goddess" ... ... It‘s kind of disturbing.
Judas: The Goddess will change shape within the shell of the comet ... I see.
... It’s really a "Goddess of the Egg."
Harold: What's more, even the same shell is formed by all the lenses. Oh dear,
who knows what could happen.
Nanaly: No matter what may happen. We‘ll beat it by force! Like we always
Kyle: ... Man, I don‘t know whether to be happy or sad, this is the last battle.
Kyle: We have to destroy and defeat the Goddess!
Reala: ... Your right! Come on, Kyle!

-> Skit
Kyle: We won’t ever lose! We'll let you taste our spirit!
Loni: Hey, Kyle. If you get over excited like usual, you‘ll make it hard un
the rest of us.
Nanaly: Look who's talking, try not to get too captivated by Elraine‘s charm.
Judas: Good Lord ... You people never show signs of stress until the end ...
Harold: Look at yourself, you insult them a little too much, so that means
you heart every one of them ~
Judas: I was only ...!!
Reala: Come on, Judas, let‘s go. Everyone’s waiting.

-> Skit
Kyle: Elraine should be in the deepest layer in the egg of the Goddess. Let‘s

/ & Various NPC \

(Egg of the Goddess - the top layer)

(Sign 1)
Kyle: The floor of this room is very slippery.

"Ow ..."

(Sign 2)
[Small trucks]
NOTICE: "Want to ride?"

"Square: From the head"

[When the elevator stops]
NOTICE: "Do you want to get off?"

(Sign 3)
NOTICE: "You shrunk."

[Returning to normal]
NOTICE: "You're back to normal."

"Ow ..."

[Coming down from a hill]
NOTICE: "Want to jump?"

[Trying to jump to another platform when small]
NOTICE: "You're too small, you can’t get there by jumping."

/ Dialogue \
Nanaly: This looks like a terminal. What on earth is this place? The walls
are mirrors, and the floor has
strange drawings ...
Harold: The '"Derris Emblem." Is what’s on the floor, it’s a 'magical emblem
which holds the distortions of
time and space.
Loni: What‘s this, mirror then. And don’t tell me it’s an everyday mirror
Loni: Urrgh! This is not a normal mirror!
Reala: ... This mirror does not reflect people's appearance, but their
Kyle: It reflects their spirits?
Reala: You remember, when Elraine forced you all to dream, right? It’s the
same thing.
Reala: Inside this mirror there’s an alternate world that represents the
memories of everyone ...
Judas: It’s a world of memories. Hm, one thing is however distorted.
Judas: Most likely, this thing called the Derris Emblem, is able to restore
the distortion ...
Kyle: If Elraine lies ahead, we must continue. Come on, guys!

-> Skit
Kyle: To keep going, we’ve got no choice but to enter the mirror that’s in
front of Derris emblem.

/ & Various NPC \

(Egg of the Goddess, the middle layer)

"Harold Berselius, imbued with heretical knowledge that betrayed the
Goddess. Therefore she will be condemned."
"Nanaly Fletch, unbeliever who has rejected the authority of the Goddess.
Therefore she will be condemned."
"Leon Magnus, a traitor who has forgotten his debt to the Goddess. Therefore
he will be condemned."
"Loni Dunamis, a fool who has abandoned his faith in the Goddess. Therefore
he will be condemned."
"Kyle Dunamis, a public danger, he has chosen the Goddess as his enemy.
Therefore he will be condemned."
Loni: Heh! Condemns others as she pleases. Let her talk all the crap she wants.

/ Dialogue \
Judas: This ... It’s the abandoned Oberon mine. It looks like these are my
NOTICE: "There is a 'fragment' of something that exudes a sinister light.
You have a bad feeling, will you take it anyhow?"
"I'll take it" Or "Do not take it"
-> I'll take it
NOTICE: "You’ve got a piece of the Derris Emblem."

/ Dialogue \
Nanaly: This time it seems to be my turn. This mountain of waste, is  Trash
Mountain ... alright.
NOTICE: "There is a 'fragment' of something that exudes a sinister light.
You have a bad feeling, will you take it anyways?"
"I'll take it" Or "Do not take it"
-> I'll take it
NOTICE: "You’ve got a piece of the Derris Emblem."

/ Dialogue \
Harold: Oh? I think this is the ground troops base. ... It’s even more
disastrous than usual.
NOTICE: "There is a 'fragment' of something that exudes a sinister light.
You have a bad feeling, will you take it anyways?"
"I'll take it" Or "Do not take it"
-> I'll take it
NOTICE: "You’ve got a piece of the Derris Emblem."

/ Dialogue \
Loni: The Great Straylize Temple ... So it's up to Reala?
Reala: Hmm. I can not use this type of magic. I think it's you, Loni.
NOTICE: "There is a 'fragment' of something that exudes a sinister light.
You have a bad feeling, will you take it anyways?"
"I'll take it" Or "Do not take it"
-> I'll take it
NOTICE: "You’ve got a piece of the Derris Emblem."

/ & Various NPC \
NOTICE: "The Derris Emblem, which is able to fix the time and space
NOTICE: "To those who seek his true form, it appears in each world, in every

/ Dialogue \
Kyle: The Laguna Ruins ... My world of memories ...
NOTICE: "There is a 'fragment' of something that exudes a sinister light.
You have a bad feeling, will you take it anyways?"
"I'll take it" Or "Do not take it"
-> I'll take it
NOTICE: "You’ve got a piece of the Derris Emblem."

/ & Various NPC \
[Emblem on the floor, next to the save point]
NOTICE: "On the floor the Derris Emblem is painted."

[The door]
NOTICE: "It seems that fragments can be inserted here. Do you have those?"
-> Yes
NOTICE: "You entered the fragments."

/ Dialogue \
Reala: The door opened! Show us the path of truth ...!

-> Skit
Kyle: We’ve completed puzzle to the Derris Emblem ... Elraine is near!

/ & Various NPC \

(Egg of the Goddess - the bottom layer)
[Save Point]
NOTICE: "The entry and exit points are connected. You can now teleport."

NOTICE: "Do you want to teleport to the exit of '" Egg of the Goddess "?

( I love these wonderful teleporters.)

/ Dialogue \
Kyle: Hey ...! Over there ... It’s Elraine!
Harold: I can finally get head to head with the oh so great Goddess!
Nanaly: It’s been a long road, to get here...
Judas: But it's not over yet. If we are defeated here, everything will be
Loni: Hey don’t bring us bad luck, we will win! Right, Kyle?
Kyle: Of course! We’ll win! We. .. We will get rid of all this!
Judas: Yes, we’ve reached the end. We don‘t know what will be in store. We
should prepare ourselves for the finale.
Loni: Boy, you are sure cold and austere right up to the end.
Judas: You only think this, because you are a daredevil.
Nanaly: Ok, that's it! Damn ... Will you always continue like this, even at
the end?
Harold: Isn‘t that good? Much better then being all tense and things.
Loni: ... Hahah, right you are!
Loni: Alright, let‘s go now!
Nanaly: Yeah, we'll show her!
Harold: I'll show her the proof my brain can beat down even a goddess!
Judas: We will show her the power of being a accursed human being!
Reala: Come on, Kyle!
Kyle: Yeah, come on guys!

-> Skit
Kyle: There, that’s the giant lens, and there’s Elraine. We have to stop her!

/ Dialogue \
Kyle: Elraine!
Elraine: Why are you here? You cannot kill the Goddess ...
Nanaly: Don’t underestimate us! We came here to fight you. Of our own free
Elraine: ... Although you know you are going to kill?
Kyle: We're ready ... For the worst.
Reala: Elraine ... The two of us, were entrusted with the same mission, the
salvation of all nations ...
Reala: But in the days I spent with them, I discovered that people do not
need to be saved.
Reala: They believe that happiness will come someday, and are able to deal
with the pain and anguish, they are strong.
Elraine: You do not understand anything ...
Elraine: People are fragile and ephemeral. They can not even erase the
suffering that they themselves create.
Elraine: For this, people need to be protected by the Goddess, to survive
and give thanks to the Goddess.
They must be saved by the Goddess.
Loni: Heh, your joking!
Loni: What we want is not artificial happiness! It doesn’t matter how small
it is, we want the real thing!
Harold: What’s the joy without being sad, its us who gets to decide, dont’cha
A deity has nothing to do with this!
Nanaly: It’s true, life is suffering! But you take what happiness you get
in the meantime!
Judas: Happiness is not something that can be granted by others! If you do
not get it with your own hands, it has no value!
Elraine: The salvation of the Goddess, the true salvation. Do not you
understand ...
Elraine: The Goddess will descend soon ... Yes, in her perfect form, perfect
to bring salvation to the nations ...
Elraine: If you dare to object this ... I will give you to the goddess with
my own hands.
Elraine: It is the only way I can to save you ...
Kyle: Our thoughts are those of all others. And that is why we are here ...!
Kyle: We don’t need divine salvation!
Kyle: We won’t hesitate any more! I’ll defeat the Goddess with these hands!

Elraine: I ... I ... save ... The ... people ...
Elraine: If ... I only had ... The ... power ... God ... would be ... can

Fortuna: Reala, my holy ...
Kyle: Wh-what!?
Reala: Fortuna!
Fortuna: Unfortunately, Elraine failed to lead human beings
towards the eternal blessing.
Fortuna: Well, it's your turn. What response will you give me? I ask you to
Fortuna: The true salvation, the real blessing. How will you give it to humans
Reala: ..............
Reala: Fortuna ... You must not do anything.
Fortune: Must, not ...?
Reala: Yes .. Because true happiness is found here.
Reala: All human beings carry happiness with them.
Reala: It is their heart, that can find happiness even in pain.
Reala: It is their heart, who believe in a happy future.
Reala: It is their heart, who wishes to obtain happiness all alone.
Reala: It's something that can not be granted, even with the power of a god
Fortuna: Reala ... You understand what your words mean?
Fortuna: You're denying your own reason for existing.
Reala: No, you're wrong. There's a reason why I came to this world.
Reala: It was to ... Meet Kyle.
Reala: With Kyle I suffered, I suffered, and in the end ... I found happiness.
Reala: Yes, because I was born to meet Kyle ...
Kyle: Reala ...
Reala: For this, I can say without conviction.
Reala: ... Unfortunately, you and I, we have to disappear. At the hands of
these people ...
Fortuna: What a fool ...!
Fortuna: You're saying we should leave this world in the hands of its people!?
Fortuna: Human beings should not be able to achieve happiness by their own
efforts, they are so small ...!
Kyle: Yeah, from your point of view, we’re insignificant beings.
Kyle: But we continue to move forward. We were able to create our own story
without the help of anyone.
Kyle: So ...
Kyle: There’s no need for a Goddess!

/ Dialogue during the battle \ (incomplete)
Fortuna: How is it possible?! I was born from the desires of people! Why do
you deny those people!
Fortuna: I exist to guide all people to happiness! Why do you want to destroy
You are not human beings too!?
Fortuna: I will Destroy this story. Just like Elraine wanted!
Kyle: How ...!?
Fortuna: Do not worry. Even if the story disappears, a new story will be
Fortuna: Just as a thousand years ago ... As a story is finished, so a new
story has begun.
Fortuna: A story that has no purpose has no reason to exist.
Fortuna: It’s a failed experiment.
Fortuna: What value can there be in this?
Kyle: Don’t underestimate the story! All those who continue to struggle to
create our history!
How can it be a failure!?
Fortuna: I will get rid of, humanity's past. Along with your story!
Kyle: We won’t let the story be destroyed! You will disappear! Fortuna!
Kyle: Help me ... everyone!

Fortuna: I'm dying ... I can not disappeareeee!

/ Dialogue \
Kyle: What ...
Reala: Yes, it’s the lens that makes up the core of the goddess Fortuna. I.
Reala: You have to destroy it.
Kyle: ..........

/ Cutscene \
Kyle: This ...
Kyle: This will destroy everything...
Reala: ... Kyle?
Kyle: How do I ...? Do I know it's for the good of the world ... But to kill
you, just me ... I don’t ...
Reala: Kyle ...
Kyle: Please Reala. A word. I just need to hear one word. Tell me you don’t
want to disappear. Please ...
Tell me you don’t want to disappear! Reala ...!!!
Reala: Kyle ... I ... I am not afraid of dying. What I fear, is being reborn
as part of the Goddess.
However, if you destroy the lens, you can save me, and so, maybe I will be
reborn again, maybe
I will meet you again as a human being ...! So ...
Reala: Kyle, destroy that lens!

Mixed-voice-(including Lilith also saying: "Brother, you're an idiot!" XD)
Fortuna: You do not want her to disappear ... Does it hurt? Isn’t it painful,
it hurts? If only there was a Goddess, she could save
people from the pain ...! But you wanted to kill her. You will have no
opportunity to be saved.
Nobody will come to soothe your pain.
Kyle: that’s not true ...
Fortuna: There is no future for you that you have rejected the Divine
Kyle: That’s not true ...
Fortuna: But ... Pray to the Goddess ... Need the Goddess ... The Goddess
could comfort you all. Your pain, your pain.
What you people want to be ...
Kyle: That’s not true ...
Fortune: How, is not it ...?
Kyle: The pain and suffering ... In my heart ... Are mine. The Goddess can
not heal them. She could never do that!
Kyle: So ... I can’t let it all fall into the hands of the Goddess. My future
is not something created by you!
My future ...is here. It starts here!
Kyle: GO AWAY!
Reala: Yes, the thread of destiny is woven by human hands. And for that matter,
there are infinite possibilities.
Kyle: ... Reala!
Reala: Kyle ...
Kyle: Reala!
Kyle: I ... I don’t
Reala: So I believe in the future that you will build.
Reala: I believe in a future in which we ... will meet again. For this, I
Kyle: ... Reala!
Reala: Thank you, Kyle. I’m glad we met ...!
Kyle: Reala ...

/ Dialogue \
Loni: Kyle ...
Nanaly Kyle ...
Harold Kyle.
Judas: ... Kyle.
Kyle: ........ I, I ...
Loni: Wh-what ...!?
Harold: The distortion of space-time is becoming more violent ... Its
repairing the story.
Nanaly: ....? What do you mean?!
Judas: With the destruction of the Goddess, any interferences with the
passage of time are being removed.
Judas: Both the descent of the Goddess started by Elraine, the designed
massacre of the heroes, by Barbatos.
Judas: ... And everything we've done so far. Everything will be erased.
Harold: Of course, our memories of it will be destroyed too. We’ll forget
our trip,
and our memories together.
Harold: In other words ... It‘ll be as if we never met.
Loni: Everything start over again, like it was before, that is ...
Kyle: But ...
Kyle: But, our relationships won‘t be erased.
Kyle: The bond that has united us throughout this journey, it can never be
erased, ever. ... I'm sure!
Harold: Not so very scientific ...
Harold: But it couldn’t hurt, if that were true.
Harold: After all, the shape of people's desires is what gives power to
science ...
Harold: Oh! I now this idea could become a new subject for me to work on!
Harold: Oh, oh, I‘m going back tot the basics.
Kyle: ... Harold!
Harold: Thank you. I got some good experience from this.
Harold: I just know that there’s a future with people like you, stay lucky,
Harold: Well, bye bye ...!
Nanaly: I think next is me.
Kyle: ... Nanaly!
Nanaly: Don‘t look so sad. The orphanage children would laugh at you. Your
their big brother, right?
Nanaly: Get busy and become a top model for all of them. You‘ll be great.
Loni: Hey, Nanaly. If you were ...
Nanaly: We live in the same time period. So, I'm sure, somewhere, we’ll meet
Nanaly: And that’s why I won’t say goodbye.
Nanaly: ... We'll meet again! It‘s... a promise!
Loni: He-hey, Nanaly!
Loni: She's gone ...
Judas: At the end ... It's up to me.
Loni: Judas ... Where will you ...?
Judas: I do not know ... There never was a Judas, in any place and at any
Judas: Maybe I will waner space-time, or disappear as Leon Magnus ...
Kyle: I won’t believe ...! That you're right, Judas!?
Judas: I was prepared for this, since I decided to live as Judas.
Judas: Ever. .. Since we met.
Judas: It was the greatest happiness that a already dead man, could ever
Judas: And I tried. I have no regrets.
Kyle: ... Judas!
Judas: I wanted to help, but maybe it was you who actually helped me ...
Thanks, Kyle, Loni.
Kyle: Judas ...
Judas: Farewell ...
Loni: Well, now it’s ...
Kyle: Loni!
Loni: Ok, I'll try to tell you before disappearing.
Loni: Since I failed Mr. Stan, I always was around as your guardian angel.
Loni: For me it was an honor, a joy, though at times I felt the weight of
that burden.
Loni: ... But suddenly, you no longer needed that guardian.
Loni: Looking for someone to protect, you become a guardian for yourself.
It was then ...
Kyle: But I wasn’t able to protect Reala. I wasn’t a good guardian for her
Loni: No. ..
Loni: But you did protect Reala. That was the only way that you could save
her. And then ...
Loni: Only you could do it. Kyle ...
Kyle: ...........
Loni: ... We've all been helped by you.
Loni: I knew you were great. I'm proud of you, little brother!
Kyle: ... I too, am proud ... To have a friend like you, Loni!
Loni: Thanks.
Loni: ... Well, you see. Kyle.
Kyle: Loni, Judas, Nanaly, Harold ...
Kyle: Thanks to all of you ...
Kyle: The future is here ...
Kyle: It starts from here ...
Kyle: Each of us will build our future with our own forces ...
Kyle: We don’t know what will happen, but ...
Kyle: But the tie that binds us ... Won’t disappear, ever ...!
Kyle: Isn’t that right ... Reala?

/ Dialogue \
"... What does it mean to be a hero? Lately, I often ask myself."
"A hero is someone who saves the world? One who helps everyone?"
"Eighteen years ago, Dad and the others saved the world, I know."
"... But in this world that’s now so beautiful and at peace, there is surely
no need for a hero."
"I live to search for that answer."
"Somewhere, something ... someone ..."
"Is waiting."
"I have this hunch ..."

Kyle: Tah, hah, deeeeh!
Stan: What's wrong with you, Kyle! The tip of your sword is falling! Are you
already tired!?
Kyle: Shit, not again!
Kyle: Deaaaaaahh!
Stan: Wh-whaaat!?
Stan: ...!
Kyle: Haah, aah ... There, I did it ...!
Stan: He-hey! You're right, Kyle!?
Kyle: Heheh ... This is my first win right, Daddy?
Stan: Ah, yeah right. Okay, I give up.
Stahn: Yet another step, for you to become a hero.
Kyle: No, no, you're wrong.
Kyle: People can’t become heroes themselves. You can’t become one just
because you want it.
Kyle: Right, Dad?
Stan: Oooh ...
Loni: Oh, you're giving in, Kyle!
Kyle: Ah, Loni!
Loni: Well, the bread the store. Never sold.
Kyle: Thank you, you're always helpful ...
Voice of Children: Yaay!
Cinnamon: Yaaay!
Basil: Bread, bread!
Rhym: What I hungry!
Blue: Lunch! Lunch!
Salt: Let‘s eat, yaaay!
Jean: I was starving!
Mina: What good bread!
Tonia: Loni, thank you!
Salt: Hooray! Hooray!
Loni: He-hey, I seem to be more liked ...
Stan: Hahahahahaha! Who are you to talk!
Kyle: ... Hmmm, I think  Mom and Dad are heroes.
Stan: Alright! Let‘s hurry up and eat it all!
Kyle: Ok!
Stan: Loni, when you leave, come and stay with us again.
Loni: Well, of course! Have some, Kyle!
Kyle: Thank you, Loni! See-ya!

Rutee: ... And then, his wife gave out a loud cry, and threw the whole bag
of flour,
And he became all white from head to toe!
Rutee: It was too funny, too funny ...
Stan: That’s quite typical of Mr. Gazel. Ahahahah!
Kyle: ..........
Kyle: Dad, Mom, do you have a minute? I want to talk to you.
Rutee: What is it? You‘re so serious all of the sudden.
Kyle: I'm very happy. I have you all, Dad, Mom, and the little ones. I live
happily every day.
Rutee: ... And?
Kyle: Knowing this, what I want to ask will be kind of selfish, but ...
Kyle: I want to go on a trip. Just me and my legs, in this big world ...
Rutee: A Journey!?
Rutee: What are you saying! You're too little for these things!
Kyle: That's not true.
Kyle: Mommy, when you were about my age, you were already a Lense hunter,
Kyle: And besides, I’ve got the blood of my father.
Rutee: And that's what worries me.
Rutee: Anyways, no means no! And you, don’t say a thing and just shut up!
Stan: .......
Kyle: It‘s no use stopping me. In fact I’ve already packed up.
Kyle: So if you're against, I’ll still go and that's it.
Rutee: Kyle, you ...
Stan: I'm not going to stop you. You should go.
Rutee: Hold a second, Stan!
Kyle: Dad ...!
Stan: But on one condition.
Stan: On this journey, I want you to, find something irreplaceable. Even
anything is enough.
Kyle: One irreplaceable thing ...
Stan: If you do that, I’ll let you go in silence.
Kyle: I see ... Thanks, Dad.
Rutee: Aaah, now I look like an idiot. You make me seem like a horrible woman.
Rutee: ... Fine I agree. If you‘ve decided this Stan, I won’t oppose.
Rutee: Be careful, Kyle ...
Kyle: Thanks, Mom.

Kyle: Dad, Mom, and all of you ... I'm going!
Loni: H-hey, you wait!
Kyle: Loni!? What ...
Loni: What the heck, you wanted to go on a trip without telling your best
friend. What kind of a heartless person are you.
Kyle: I-I'm sorry. It‘s, because ...
Loni: I’ll make sure that you don’t make any false moves. I always have, ever
since you were a kid, right?
Loni: You might have passed with them, but not me.
Kyle: Huh?
Loni: Mr. Stan and Mrs. Rutee, aren’t the only one’s who care about you.
Loni: Well, whatever you‘ll see, come on!
Kyle: ... Yeah. Your right, how could I leave without out you, Loni!
Loni: Ooh, you've finally got it! Hahaahh!
Loni: Well, let's start. To the unknown world!
Kyle: ... Yeah!
Kyle: Dad said during the trip, I need to try and find something irreplaceable
to me ...
Kyle: I don‘t know what it is, but ...
Kyle: But, I'm sure I'll find it! With you too Loni!

-> Skit
Kyle: The other night, I had a strange dream. There was a huge lens, between
the roots of a few trees ...
And a girl came out of that lens, but, its not something that could ever
happen, it seems like a fairy tale.
Loni: That would never happen, so ... Hey, wait up a bit. Where are you
Kyle: Where ...

-> Skit
Loni: Hmm ... It‘s getting better, soon I’ll be there ~
Kyle: ... Heheh, are you talking about your stomach?
Loni: Stupid! Stop saying things that make my fan girl‘s dislike me! Can’t
you see I’ve got a six-pack?
Kyle: Alright, so what?
Loni: It's my skill, my skill. My special technique.
Kyle: Heh ~! So you awakened your martial arts!
Loni: And who said anything about martial arts? Words of love, words of love!
See! That’s lethal!
"To touch the sky with tears"! "A glance furtively at the speed of light"!
Kyle: I'm more stupid for having admired you ...

-> Skit
Loni: Even with this peace Mr. Stan and Mrs. Rutee have safeguarded all this
time, perhaps someday it’ll be
broken by someone ...
Kyle: So then, they‘ll come back and fight again. Mom and dad, are still here,
so we'll get along.
Loni: You‘re mistaken if you think they‘ll come back and fight again. There‘s
no more Swordians.
Kyle: Well then, I’ll fix things.
Loni: Heh? Someone like you would save the world?
Kyle: It’s not a bad thing ...!
Loni: .... No. ..  It’s not bad thing ... Alright! Then I'll give you a hand.
( No, I refuse, no more tormenting this world!)

-> Skit
Kyle: Who knows what adventures await us. Maybe we’ll defeat a evil emperor
intent on ruling the world,
and become heroes, or maybe we’ll face denizens from the underworld come to
invade the surface,
and become a heroes, or fight a gigantic monster, and become heroes ...
Loni: Stooop! That‘s what you want to happen, eh. According to my predictions,
instead ... A beautiful girl will be kidnapped by a villain, and will become
infatuated by me, the legendary champion of justice. Or maybe the queen of
a certain country will fall in love with me, a man in disguised who happened
to pass her by, or a pretty girl will collide with me on the street corner
and for some reason, obviously will become infatuated me at first sight ...
Kyle: But, all of that is impossible, Loni! A giant monster a thousand times
bigger then a city is just as believable as that happening...
Loni: Huh for me, the ultimate dream is, a hundred princesses more beautiful
then any woman appearing is perfect ...

-> Skit
Kyle: By the way, Dad recently bought a strange mask from a street vendor
Loni: A mask!?
Kyle: Yes .. Why?
Loni: You'd better be careful with masks. Because the wearer is a evil person.
Kyle: You don‘t think right. For example, he isn’t ...!!
Loni: Hm? Who are you talking about?
Kyle: "Who ?"... Well, I was referring to the conversation  you started,
Loni: ... Who were we talking about?
Kyle: Yeah ..? ... Who were we talking about?
Loni: Dunno ...?
( T^T )

-> Skit
Loni Kyle. You know the saying: "Hero’s have weak passions"?
Kyle: "Weak passions"?
Loni: That is: "Heroes are all heart-throbs." So, if you aspire to become
a hero,
you should try to court a couple of girls.
Kyle: No, no thank you ...! I don’t think my father is a great ladies man'
And ... And then I ...
Loni: "I"?
Kyle: I ... What? In short ... I already have someone in my heart ... It feels
Loni: "Someone in your heart "............ Hah! Don’t tell me ... THIS IS

-> Skit
Loni: Well Kyle, so what we will do from now on? Is there anywhere where you
want to go?
Kyle: That's right ... Eeeehm.
Loni: You're the one who said you wanted to leave. You should have some
destination, right?
Kyle: Ahahahahah. In fact, I really dont ... Although, you never know if
something good is about to happen
somewhere. So I wanted leave on a trip, carried by the wind or my feelings,
and if something interesting happens, I'll try to stay involved ...
Loni: Yeah. This story again? ... Damn, you're not really able to do anything
serious ...
Kyle: Grr! Loni, do you want to just stay behind?
Loni: Oh don’t say silly things.
Kyle: Silly?
Loni: Even with a crazy route in mind, I have to come as your protector.
Kyle: That‘s! Then don‘t blame me, for what I decide to do!

-> Skit
Kyle: Let's go to the Laguna Ruins!

(Alright so these skits might not be perfect, I’ll look through them again
when I revise)

/ & Various NPC \

[Boy with purple shirt]
Joe: Gwhahahah! "Loni Girandolone"! Are we going to refine our techniques?
Loni: Joe, that‘s all fine and good, but try not to lose the shop. You can‘t
keep putting it off.
(Talking to again)
Joe: I remember the good old days we had, and even today, I continue flipping

[Noble in front of the inn]
Rich man: I came to visit my son and daughter during the holidays. But I never
thought it was such a rustic town.
Rich man: But they are both so happy. How nice, thank goodness.
(Talking to again)
Rich Man: The important thing is to be happy even in misery! Don’t you think?

[Girl with cat hat]
Girl: Are you on a journey? Loni!  You especially, be careful!
Loni: Wait, are you saying he‘s more reliable?
Girl: Yeah. Lately, Kyle seems to much more mature than you.
(Talking to again)
Girl: Have a good trip! You two, try not to get in trouble.

[Man nearby]
Man: Have you been to Aquaveil? It’s a city where both the buildings are and
the customs are unusual.
Man: Aquaveil is in the north, from the bridge by the sea. I’ve been there
(Talking to again)
Man: Aquaveil is in the north East, from the bridge by the sea. I’ve been
there once.

[Man with buckets]
Man: What is it, Kyle? You are playing secret adventures, you want kept hidden
from Rutee, again?
Kyle: I'm not playing! This is a serious adventure!
Man: Hahaah! All right. Going on an adventure, and becoming a hero, has always
been your dream.
(Talking to again)
Man: You’ll definitely become a hero. Because you have two worthy models near

[Old man with orange jacket]
Old Man: Hey, you two bad boys. Where are you racing off to?
Kyle: Heheeh! A adventure, ad-ven-tu-re!
Old Man: Hmpf, adventure, eh. See that your back for dinner.
(Talking to again)
Old Man: See that you back for dinner, you two.

[Old Lady at the village entrance]
Old Lady: Kyle, you're back to playing games? It's dangerous!
Kyle: I'm not playing, it's a true adventure. Danger is part of the adventure!
(Talking to again)
Old Lady: Hell, you shouldn’t try to become a hero just because your parents
are ...

Librarian: I intend to write a book on the four legendary heroes, so I came
here from Heidelberg, to do a documentary.
Librarian: I was able to meet Mr. Stan and Mrs. Rutee, and both  welcomed
me warmly.
(Talking to again)
Librarian: I thought that the four legendary heroes were extraordinary
individuals, but their both simple and polite.

[Old Lady in purple]
Old Lady: Kyle, how about you go find a girlfriend? I’ll also travel to search
for a new love.
(Talking to again)
Old Lady: One day a prince will come to take me away on his white horse.

Child: When I get a little bigger, I’ll try to become a hero like you, Kyle!
Kyle: No, I’d like you to stay here and protect mother and everyone else.
(Talking to again)
Child: That's right. When Kyle and Loni are gone, I'll have to protect Cresta.
(I think they forgot to change this kids script)

[Boy sitting at table]
Nelson Lightning: Yo, Loni. Where are you going?
Loni Girandolone: On a mission, to seek a meeting of destiny.
Nelson lightning: Meeting of destiny? Hahaha! You won’t manage to find it!
Loni Girandolone: What a terrible thing to say to me ...
(Talking to again)
Nelson lightning: I’ll soon be a father. Time goes by fast.
Nelson lightning: Kyle, before you know it, your days as a kid will be over.
Do all the crazy things while you can.

[Ingredients Seller]
Ingredients Seller: Welcome, Kyle! Sit back.

Innkeeper: Want to stay the night?
Innkeeper: We’’ await your return.

[Old person on the second floor]
Old Person: I've always wondered how the children in the orphanage can  be
so happy.
Old Person: However in the end, I understand. With Mr.Stan and Mrs. Rutee
as parents, they are like one big family.
(Talking to again)
Old Person: When I saw that the orphanage had financial problems, I intended
to take some of the children with me,
but it seems that there is no need.

[Woman on the second floor]
Woman: Your mother has never taught you to cook?
Woman: You should learn from our personal chef then.

[Chest on the terrace]
NOTICE: "You've got a: Bridal Gown."
Woman: Hey, stop! Don‘t touch others, things!
NOTICE: "You put the wedding dress back."

[Woman on the terrace]
Woman: My parents came to Aigrette to see how I was.
Woman: My parents ... No matter how grown up I am, still worry about their
child ...
Loni: The Mr. Stan and Mrs. Rutee don’t worry that much about Kyle.
(Talking to again)
Woman: I wonder if his mom understands him better then, mine understands me?

(Items and Equipment Shop)
[Equipment Seller]
Equipment Seller: Hi! Stay in shape!

[Items Seller]
Items Seller: Oh, welcome!

Salt: Kyle, you seem like a hero from a book. That's cool ...

Cinnamon: Ooh, Kyle’s not drowsy, he's up early today!

Yunie: Hey, look, look! This skirt I made it!
Loni: Oh, but that’s really admirable! You’ll be a good wife someday Yunie!
Yunie: Eheheh ~ I'm making clothes for everyone. Want me to make something
for you, Loni?
(Talking to again)
Yunie: Right! I’ll make a skirt like mine for you, Loni!
Loni: Uh, no, I don’t wear skirts ...
(Talking to again)
Yunie: Ok, ok! I’ll make a skirt like mine for Loni!

Basil: Oh, it's our Kyle. Welcome back! It’s okay to venture, but I forbid
you to do too much.
(Talking to again)
Kyle: ... Don’t say the same things as Mom ...
Basil: But Kyle, you're a unpredictable daredevil, you make my heart jump
in my throat!
(Talking to again)
Basil: But Kyle, you're a unpredictable daredevil, you make my heart jump
in my throat!

Rutee: Oh, what is it, Kyle? You’ve already finished playing adventures?
Kyle: This isn’t a game. And no, it's not over yet.
Rutee: Huhuh. Alright then, get busy looking for that something
"irreplaceable" to you ~
(Talking to again)
Rutee: Who knows what you'll find on this trip ... We‘ll impatiently wait
for you.

Stan: On my journey eighteen years ago, I found something irreplaceable to
Stan: It wasn’t the title of hero, or the power.
Stan: It was the friendship of my comrades and the person I’ll love for a
Stan: I'd like it if you found what I’ve found myself.
(Talking to again)
Stahn: Bye, Kyle! I'm sure you’ll definitely find something.

Rhym: Awh, the laundry is diiirty! Aaaah, I'm busy!
Rhym: When big brother and Stan were practicing sword fighting, all the
clothes got dirty, sigh!
(Talking to again)
Rhym: Big brother Kyle, please give me all your dirty clothes.
Kyle: Ok ..

~Out of Cresta~

-> Skit (auto) <-
Loni: There’s a nice breeze.
Kyle: Yeah.
Loni: When the wind blows, I always have the impression, I might make a good
Kyle: Really?
Loni: It could happen to you. "The meeting of destiny."
Kyle: The meeting ... of destiny.

-> Skit
Loni: Two men walking alone and defeating monsters  ... Maah, I don’t mind,
but, you know, there’s...
There’s no "buds".
Kyle: Blossoms? Loni, you want some flowers? Do you want to pick some up
Loni: Haah, you don’t understand ... With "buds" I meant "women". I would
like to take some nice lady with us, during this trip.
Kyle: Hmm ... But, if we did, you’d just want to take more girls along.
Loni: Uh ... Right. I want peace ... But it’s hard to resist a new meeting
... Aaah! What should I do!
Kyle: You’ll know when the time comes ...

-> Skit
Kyle: When this journey is over, I’ll teach the little ones my lethal
Loni: Maybe when you get back, they’ll be stronger than you. Especially if
Mr. Stan teaches them how to use swords.
Kyle: Heyy! I can’t lose against them! I better think of some original  lethal
"Super Hurricane rotary cutting of chaos!" NUOOOOOOOHH!
Loni: Idiot! If you turn round and round like that you‘ll... huh, huh, hey!
Kyle, the tree! There’s a tree there!
Kyle: Gwaaaah ... This technique is terrifyingly lethal ...

-> Skit
Loni: Hey ... You went hunting alone with Mr. Stan, right? Three days of
"Exclusive relationships between a father and son."
Kyle: Yeah, we went.
Loni: Well, were you instructed about some secret fantasy?
Kyle: ..........
Loni: Huh? So nothing really happened?
Kyle: No. .. He only promised that he’d coach me, but both of us, are ...
Really weak in the morning,
But by the time we woke up, the sun had set ... Aaah, although! Dad taught
a safe place where you can sleep until the evening! Under a tree, or in the
shade of a boulder!
Loni: I think that’s the only secret you’ve inherited ...

-> Skit
Kyle: I heard Mom and Dad did nothing but fight, so then why did they get
Loni: Haha! Our little boy Kyle doesn’t understand yet.
Kyle: Grr. How dare you, make me seem like a kid!
Loni: They traveled with a common goal of saving the world. They passed a
series of hardships.
And putting up with that joy and pain, it‘s no mystery that their friendship
turned into love, right?
Kyle: Hmmm ... Is that really so ...
Loni: Hm? Wait ...
Kyle: What is it?
Loni: Nothing. According to this theory, between you and me, Kyle, you may
one day blossom into love ...
Kyle: ST-ST-stop joking!
Loni: I'm not joking at all. To be honest, your eyes ... They seem different
from usual. Oh Kyle ~ ...
Kyle: Y-you aren‘t making sense! Leeeaaaave me alooone!

--------------To fix
-> Skit
Loni: Now that I think about it, when you were little and you’d get lost in
the woods. And since then, when you saw something
unusual, you went running to the right and left ...
Kyle: But what you say. Speak thou, that for a dancer's butt chasing errant,
we gave up for lost ...
Loni: ... Well, Beeh, since we are both grown, and we both stopped being so
self-absorbed c. ..
eh-hey! Kyle, where you go!
Kyle: No, it just seemed to me to see a living being really weird ... Aaah!
Found! I do not run away!
Loni: Damn ... I take back what I just said ... Hm? Hey! Kyle, did you see
the beauty that has just passed?
Aaaah! I do not care if it is an illusion or not! I have to chase it!

-> Skit
Loni: Hey, Kyle, before you leave, have you said all your goodbyes to
everyone? Adventurers don‘t always stay in their native country. You should
make sure to say goodbye to the people you care about.
Kyle: Heyy don’t treat me like a child. Of course I said goodbye properly.
Both Mom and daddy, and Mrs.
Viletta and Mr. Joe, and then everyone in the orphanage ...
Loni: Hm, hm.
Kyle: And then, all the animals, Miu, Arnold, John the cock, and more ...
Loni: You even said goodbye to the animals!? What an honest guy ...

-> Skit
Loni: Eeexcellent. Traveling around the world, I’ll get to see a lot of girls.
And so, I shall find the perfect girl... Hey, wait! Wait!
Kyle: Hm? What were you doing alone, Loni?
Loni: What ... Uh I got punched in the face by some violent guy ...
Kyle: Punched ... By who?
Loni: Hm? Yeah, right, who knows who ...

-> Skit
Loni: Say, Kyle. The Mr. Stan‘s younger sister, her name’s Lilith, right?
Where can I find her?
Kyle: Loni ... Look, she's already married.
Loni: That’s not what I meant ... I only wanted to visit her! She’s the sister
of the great hero Stan Aileron, after all!
Kyle: Sure ...?
Loni: Oh! Why do you have that dubious look! Have I ever told a lie before?
Kyle: Oh! Look over there, it’s a woman who’s traveling all alone!
Loni: Miss! Although this world is at peace now, traveling all alone is too
dangerous. Let the great Loni Dunamis accompany you during your trip ... No,
for all of your life ...
Kyle: You have no persuasive power ...


~Great Straylize Temple~

/ & Various NPC \
Philia: Oh, are you by any chance ... Master Kyle?
Kyle: Yes! How did you know?
Philia: Huhuh! Why you look like the same person with whom I once traveled
the world with.
(Talking to again)
Philia: I welcome you, sir Kyle. As you can see I can not provide you with
great hospitality,
but make yourself at home.

~Port in Aigrette~

/ & Various NPC \
[Ticket Seller]
Ticket Seller: From here you’ll go Cherik, want on?
"Go to Cherik" Or "Do not take the ship"


/ & Various NPC \
Captain: Ready to get off?
"Let's go" Or "Not Yet"

~Hope Town~

/ Dialogue \
Nanaly: Lou ... My younger brother got sick ...
Nanaly: I brought him to the people in the Sacred Order of Atamoni, but ...
I was told that only
a miracle could save him ...
Nanaly: But I can’t give up ...  I have to look for a way to cure your disease!
Nanaly: I tried lots and lots ... But I found nothing!
Nanaly: Even though Lou is suffering so much, I can’t do anything for him
... What should I do, I don’t know!
Loni: It's okay ...
Nanaly: But it’s not all right! Nothing is ok!
Loni: It's okay ... We'll take care of it!
Nanaly: Mr., you're doctors!?
Loni: Well, something like that ... Wait a bit, we’ll see what can be done!
Kyle: Loni ... How can you promise such a thing!?
Loni: Just shut up ... I can’t let his go ... Don‘t you agree!
Kyle: Yes! I think we should definitely help! ... But how can we ...
Loni: Well, for what ... I'm sure Miss Philia knows something!
Kyle: Miss Philia ... Well, the let’s go to the Great Straylize Temple.

-> Skit
Kyle: Hey, how about how about sometime we bring children to Hope Town?
Loni: Aaah. I wouldn‘t mind, though, ... I’d prefer a place full of beautiful
women ...
But, there‘s just kids here, right?
Kyle: What are you talking about, Loni. One of those children could be your
future bride.
Loni: Stoppp that! That’s something that’s neither in heaven nor on earth.
I’ve set out to just go with "mature girls".
Kyle: I see ... It's just that I had a feeling, that there might be ...

/ & Various NPC \
Nanaly: You guys! Have you found a cure for Lou!?
Loni: Hmm ... Hang on, you have to wait some more ... It's okay, just wait,
and don’t worry.

Lou: I’m sorry ... big sister ...

~Great Straylize Temple~

/ Dialogue \
Philia: ... I see. Such a thing happened, in Hope Town ...
Loni: The life of that child ...
Philia: Unfortunately ... The deduction of the doctor was right.
Philia: A disease with these symptoms can only be cured by a miracle ...
Kyle: There‘s no other way!?
Loni: But! We have to save him at all costs!
Philia: ... You just have to work a miracle ...
Philia: There is only one medicine for this disease, from ancient times.
Preparing this medicine is almost like a miracle.
Loni: What should we do?
Philia: To prepare this medicine, you need the flower Belser.
Kyle: The flower Belser? The flower that only grow on the edge of the world?
Philia: No. .. I have a seed here.
Kyle: Alright, how do we get it to sprout?
Philia: The fact is that it can no longer germinate.
Loni: What do you mean?!
Philia: This plant can not germinate without absorbing the energy of a
particular mineral.
Kyle: A particular mineral?
Phil: It’s a mineral that was once used to amplify the energy of lenses ...
Philia: A stone that’s very dangerous, its said to have been the one to
generate the destructive power of Belcrant,
the weapon of the celestial capital Dycroft ...
Loni: Don’t tell me it's ... The "Eye of the Goddess"?
Philia: Just that ... The last mineral in the world yet we destroyed it,
eighteen years ago.
Kyle: Well, this means that it no longer exists anywhere?
Philia: I do not know ... But I think that the chances of finding it are zero.
Loni: ... However, the fact that the chances are zero doesn’t mean that it
can’t ever happen ...
Philia: Uh ..
Loni: Give me that seed! I'll be able to make the flower bloom.
Loni: I don’t understand why I’m so committed to this child, but ...
Loni: I don’t care, I’ll just save him!
Philia: ... I see. In the event that you manage to make the flower bloom,
bring it here to me, please ...
NOTICE: "You've got the: Belser Flower."
Phil: I hope that this flower will respond to your strong feelings ...

/ & Various NPC \
Philia: I hope the Belser flower will respond to your strong feelings ...

~Abandoned Oberon Mines~

/ Dialogue \
Loni: Hey, Kyle! There’s something written on this stone monument, it’s about
the mineral that increases the power of the lens!
Kyle: Loni! The flower ... The Belser flower ...!!
NOTICE: "The flower has blossomed."
Loni: Very good, Kyle. Let’s hurry up and take this to Miss Philia!

( Wait and go back to Hope Town after these events)

~Heidelberg Castle~

/ Dialogue \
Woodrow: I am Woodrow. Welcome to our kingdom.
Kyle: Nice to meet you, King Woodrow. I am Kyle Dunamis!
Woodrow: Kyle Dunamis ...? By chance, are you, Stan and Rutee’s ...
Kyle: Yes, they’re my parents.
Woodrow: Their son has already gotten so big! Oh good heavens, this means
that I'm getting old.
Woodrow: Hmm, yes, the resemblance is there. The blond hair, and eyes that
light ...
Woodrow: During our adventures, Stan had your own eyes.
Kyle: Oh uh thank you, King Woodrow, I feel a little nervous...
Woodrow: King, so much formality. A son of those two, is like a son to me.
Woodrow: Just call me Mr. Woodrow. And I will simply call you Kyle.
Kyle: Thank you, Mr. Woodrow!
Woodrow: I seem to see that you are on an adventure ... Do you aim to become
a hero just like Stan?
Kyle: No, you're wrong. You can’t become heroes simply by willing it.
Kyle: I understand that I’ll be called that if I do something big like daddy,
or you, Mr. Woodrow.
Woodrow: ... Hm, I can only agree with you. However, it is already clear your
admirable at this age.
Kyle: No-not true ...
Woodrow: Well, Kyle. I'll ask again, why did you leave on a adventure?
Kyle: I made a promise to my father. I'll have to find at least one thing
that’s irreplaceable to me.
Woodrow: Huhuh typical of Stan. Well? Do you already know where to find it?
Kyle: I don’t know ... But, I'm sure I'll find it!
Woodrow: ... Such a beautiful look. As long as you have that light in your
eyes, you'll surely find it.
Kyle: Yeah, I’ll do my best!
Woodrow: Kyle. Well when you want to see me, come back, your always welcome.
Woodrow: Obviously, not as the son of Stan, but as the man named Kyle Dunamis.
Kyle: Mr. Woodrow ... Thank you!

-> Skit
Loni: We got to meet the Hero King so easily, so what does that mean then
Are we serious business?
Kyle: No. .. We’ve only been recognized because of Mom and Dad‘s influence.
Loni: Oh! Look at you, Kyle. You got flattered. Usually you go all crazy...
Kyle: Heheeh! I grew a lot, on this trip... Well, it feels like some time
in the past someone else told me that.
Loni: Hmmm ... Well, I hope one day I’ll recognize you for who you are.
Kyle: Yeah!

-> Skit
Kyle: Dad and Mom both are great, but always being in contact with them, it
doesn’t feel like they are heroes.
Loni: Well, who would you call a hero, then?
Kyle: Hmmm ... Even for Mr. Woodrow its the same, so I guess I‘d say, the
hero‘s from the war between, Heaven and earth. Mr. Dymlos, Miss Atwight, Mr.
Clement, and Harold ...
Everyone seems to legendary heroes.
Loni: Harold? By Harold, do you mean Dr. Harold Belserius? He was a scientist,
I don’t think you
can define that as a hero, don‘t you?
Kyle: Yeah, right ... Harold, however, didn’t seem give very much like a  ...
a scientist.
Loni: Haah? What are you talking about? And why do you refer to "Harold" as
a it? All other members have
used "Miss" or "sir" ...
Kyle: Why ...? I don’t know, I thought it was more natural that way ... Hmmm

-> Skit
Kyle: Mr. Woodrow is amazing! When I grow up, I want to build a kingdom of
my own ~
Loni: Hahaah! The "Kingdom of Kyle!" Hahaah! With a name like that it wouldn’t
even last a year.
Kyle: Grr! How dare you! The "Kingdom of Kyle" is wonderful! For example,
every day would be Sunday, a party would happen
throughout the year, and no work! You eat what you want, you only play what
you want,
no one will be mad if your too late, and nobody will get up early in the morning
Loni: I correct myself, wouldn’t last more than three days ...

/ & Various NPC \
Woodrow: I hope you manage to find something irreplaceable ... The thing
you're looking for.

~Chelsea’s Cabin~

/ Dialogue \
Woman: Oh guests! What happened? Have you lost your way?
Kyle: No, it’s not that ...
Kyle: Miss, you live here all alone?
Woman: No Miss, I’m Chelsea. Chelsea Torn.
Chelsea: I have things to do here.
Kyle: Right here?
Chelsea: Yeah, things I can only do here.
Chelsea: Long ago, a city once stood here. It wasn’t that great, but for me,
it was a city full of memories.
Kyle: Was there a town here? But there‘s nothing now?
Chelsea: Yeah, it disappeared. Eighteen years ago.
Loni: I understand ... It was destroyed during the disasters by Belcrant ...
Chelsea: Yeah, it disappeared after suffering an attack from Belcrant. It
was called "Janos".
Chelsea: I intend to rebuild the city.
Kyle: Why do you want to rebuild the city? Isn‘t that too hard?
Chelsea: Yeah, it’s certainly tiring. Because of Belcrant, the soil has gone
Chelsea: But ... For those of us who first lived there, it’ll always be the
mother country.
Chelsea: I ... I can well understand the pain of those who have lost a house,
a home, a place they can‘t return.
Chelsea: Because of that, I want to build a house where they lived.
Chelsea: And I want to bring them back to live with their loved ones.
Kyle: Back with their loved ones ...
Chelsea: Did something happen?
Kyle: No. .. I, just, I thought ... The same thing, maybe.
Chelsea: Yeah ... You also want them back.
Kyle: I don’t understand it but ... Maybe so.
Chelsea: Well, then we are friends. Let‘s work together!
Kyle: Alright!

/ & Various NPC \
Chelsea: Both you and I, we live to bring back what we lost. We’re comrades.
Chelsea: Let's get inside, both of you! I hope you manage to take back what
you lost.

~Abandoned military base~

/ & Various NPC \
Soldier: These ruins are under the control of the Phandarian Kingdom. It is
forbidden to enter, but see
not to damage the inside.

/ Dialogue \
Kyle: What is this feeling ...?
Kyle: I don’t understand why, but it feels like I’ve been here before ...
Loni: It looks fun. Let’s climb aboard.
(Wait they must have gotten the ship back?! I’m a tad confused here, I’ll
come to it in my game when I get there)

-> Skit
Loni: Gwaaaaaaaah! I‘m siiiiick!
Kyle: What's wrong with you! Why are you crying  so suddenly ...
Loni: Enough! I like older women, their sexy! I will never be one that goes
with little girls!
Kyle: Hm ... but ...
Loni: But ... But ... Why does that name Nanaly make me ssoooo so interested!
Kyle: ... I don’t understand it too well, but it seems dangerous to me ...
Loni: Hey, Kyle! Don’t walk so far away like that!

~Out of Aquaveil~  (Basically you get a skit for going in and

-> Skit
Loni: "Aquaveil" was so beautiful. It reminds me of this out of fashion  game
called "Odaikansama" in which girls
dressed in "kimono‘s" parade around wearing this belt, called an "obi".
Kyle: As usual, you think about women ... I don’t even want to make sure if
that’s true or not.
Loni: Stupid! Every man has similar risky dreams!
Kyle: It would be better to have more appropriate dreams ...
Loni: Ok, let's not be silly! Wait for me ~! Sushi! Tenpura! Fujiyama!


/ & Various NPC \
Lilith: Kyle ... Your Kyle! It‘s been a long time!
Kyle: It really has, Auntie Lilith!
Lilith: The last time I came to see my brother ... What ha sit been ten years
Lilith: You've really grown ... Well, what a surprise!
(Talking to Lilith again)
Lilith: You're on a trip now? A journey to become a hero?
Kyle: No, it‘s not that. It’s a journey to find "something irreplaceable"!
Lilith: Did my brother tell you this? Heck, he never changes ... Well, did
you find it?
Kyle: That's ... Eheheh, not yet.
(Talking to Lilith again)
Lilith: Well, let me know when you find that "something irreplaceable"!
Lilith: Do you hear me Kyle? When you're in trouble, return to the starting
Lilith: The reason you started this journey, is a feeling in your heart,
something that will stimulate it ...
Lilith: I think that can be considered as "irreplaceable things."
Kyle: Something that will stimuli ...
(Talking to Lilith again)
Lilith: Perhaps it will be hard to find what your looking for, but ... Don‘t
give up, Kyle!
Kyle: Yes! Surely I'll find it! I promised Dad ...
Kyle: ... No, not just Dad. It’d important that I made a promise to someone
... I think.
(Talking to Lilith again)
Lilith: Perhaps it will be hard to find what you are looking for, but ...
Don‘t give up, Kyle!

~Great Straylize Temple~

/ Dialogue \
Philia: I can not believe it ... The Belser flower has really blossomed ...
Loni: Miss Philia, I'm sorry to disturb you, but please ... hurry!
Philia: A-laright ... Got it! Just give me this flower, then you simply boil
it ...
Philia: Ready! Here is the secret Belser Medicine!
NOTICE: "You've got the: Secret Belser Medicine."
Kyle: This will be enough to cure the disease, right?
Philia: No. .. After taking it, the physical abilities of the patient
temporarily decrease.
Philia: At this juncture, the sick person will need to be cared for, for
several days without sleep, to
ensure that the patients conditions do not worsen.
Loni: It’s hard to the end ... Well, for now let's give this medication to
that child.

/ & Various NPC \
Philia: I hope you are able to cure this person, and continue your journey

 ~Hope Town~

/ Dialogue \
Nanaly: You guys! Have you found a cure for Lou!?
Loni: Yes! Except that ... After this medicine is taken, the physical
abilities of the patient will only drop a little.
Loni: So then, we will need someone to take care for him for several days
without sleep,
to ensure that his conditions don’t worsen ...
Nanaly: I’ll see to it!
Loni: Heh?
Nanaly: You’ve done enough, gentlemen. Now it's my turn!
NOTICE: "You have given the secret medicine to Nanaly."
Kyle: Will you let us know if things change?
Nanaly: No problem! This time I'll protect Lou!

/ Dialogue \
Nanaly: I gave him the medicine! I'll take care of him now!
Loni: Be sure not to over do it ...
Nanaly: He‘ll heal don‘t you think?

/ & Various NPC \
Nanaly: No problem! This time I'll protect Lou!

[Exit and get back in town]

/ Dialogue \
Nanaly: Lou’s ... Fever is so high ...
Nanaly: Even if I put his head in a wet towel, it dries quickly ...
Loni: Don’t worry ... It’s the evidence that he’ll be better soon. We’ll stay
and help!

[Go to sleep at the hotel for 5 nights in a row]

/ Dialogue \
Nanaly: Lou ... It's all right ... See, your big sister ... Is here beside
you ...
Nanaly: When ... Your better, your big sister ... will play with you, so ...
Therefore, you must be strong ...
Loni: Right! Be strong! You‘ll be better soon!

[After the 6-nights at the hotel]

/ Dialogue \
Nanaly: Thank you, guys! It looks like Lou is really healing!
Loni: What did I say? It’s a magic medicine.
Nanaly: Mr., are you a magician?
Loni: ... Look ..
Loni: It's okay, but could you stop calling me "sir"?
Loni: I don’t know why, but when you're saying it, it gives me a really bad
feeling. Bothers me, but I don’t know why ...
Nanaly: Well, what should I call you?
Loni: Loni ... I just like that.
Nanaly: Well, then you can, just call me Nanaly.
Loni: Yeah, okay, Nanaly.
Nanaly: It’s okay with me, Loni.
Loni: Heheh. That's much better ...

/ & Various NPC \
Nanaly: Loni, thank you very much!

Lou: zzzzz ...

[After ^ 7 night hotel]

/ & Various NPC \
Lou: Thank you guys. Now I'm fine!

Nanaly: Loni! You went to other towns to visit girls, didn‘t you!
Loni: It’s a hard life for a man so popular! Uooh! Nanaly lower that bow!

Official end of the game

~Laguna Ruins~

/ Dialogue \
Kyle: This place ...?
Loni: These are the Laguna Ruins.
Loni: They used to be called the ruins of heaven, but since they’ve been
explored they have completely zero archeological value.
Kyle: ..............
Loni: What is it? Is there something bothering you?
Kyle: No, not that. It’s just that being here, I have a strange feeling.
Loni: Strange feeling?
Kyle: I can’t say it in words. It’s as if someone’s calling me, and its someone
I know very well ...
Loni: Hey, that’s a bad feeling. If it were a dead woman with grudges ...
No thanks!
Loni: If you're so worried, go ahead. I’ll wait here.
Kyle: Yea, alright I’m going. Sorry, Loni.

-> Skit
Kyle: ... There’s no doubt. I’ve already come here, I'm sure. But .. When
and where?

/ Dialogue \
Kyle: Why? I have this feeling it’s not the first time I’ve been here ...
Kyle: What is it? This ache in my heart ...
Kyle: ... Am I imagining things?
Kyle: Loni is waiting for me, I gotta go ...

/ Cutscene \
Reala: Kyle ...
Reala: Kyle!
Reala: ... Kyle!
Kyle: Reala ... It’s ...
Kyle: ... Reala!

The End ^ ^

"Keep the game data over. Warning! Hour data saving, history will restart
from the beginning."

"Congratulations on finishing the game!"
"Using the points received (able) to finish first in battle, you can restart
the game using
various conditions. "
-> Not using them
"You are saved preserving the degrees. This time you can not use them, but
you should do so the next game
it starts again. " - Original Translators note. - Sair Lenneth

Ok so that’s that !
I’d like to thank, Kirameki, for creating this script in
Italian, and for Google translate being awesome with its
translating magic, and for NarcolepticSloth’s great help!
With this script done, almost every main title Tales game,
not released in the U.S., has an English script. All of which
were done by other people, but I’d like to mention them, so
everyone knows that they’re out there.

Tales of Destiny Remake: has an mostly translated English
script, many skits were not done, but it was still very good,
and gets you through the game. It can be found at

Tales of Destiny 2: Obviously this one here.

Tales of Rebirth: A great script all complete. It can be found

Tales of Innocence: Has a English translation patch, I know
of no actual script.

Tales of Hearts: Has a full English story script, skits are
not included. That I know of, it was taken off, so contact
me for it.

Tales of the Tempest: Has a complete English script, skits
included. It can be found here:

If this link does not work, contact me for the script.

If you need any of these scripts, contact me, I’ve saved them

Hope you enjoyed the game ! ~

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