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Story Synopsis by Arcor

Version: 0.30 | Updated: 02/19/2003

Tales of Destiny 2 Story Synopsis v0.30  By Arcor (Mike Wu) 20/02/03 

Copyright Mike Wu 2003

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disclaimer.  This FAQ is owned and copyrighted by me, Mike Wu, 2003.  The game 
Tales of Destiny 2 is  copyright Namco, 2002.   All other copyrights and 
trademarks  are acknowledged  and   respected  that are not specifically 
mentioned here. 

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v0.30-Almost completed Chapter 3                   20/02/03
v0.15-Completed Chapter 1 and middle of Chapter 2  04/02/03



I made up the chapter names myself so please bear with it if it doesn't suit
your taste.

Chapter 1- The fateful meeting.  Line 57
Chapter 2- The journey of becoming a hero Line 228
Chapter 3- Across the misty continent Line 414


Everything starts off with a FMV showing the epilogue of TOD1 where Stahn and 
co saved the world by destroying ダイクロフトwith the help from Swordians.

18 years later....

*Chapter 1 -- The fateful meeting*

|クレスタ (Cresta)|

Here we see Kyle and a few children being chased by bears, a quick flashback 
explains that the children wanted a real adventure so Kyle promised that he'd 
protect them since he has the blood of Stahn inside him.  Now the flashback 
finishes and just as Kyle is about to fall prey to the bears a rescuer arrives 
identifying himself as Loni Dunamis, Kyle's brother-like figure who left to 
become a templar solider a while ago.  After fending off the bears, Kyle 
collapses due to fatigue.  

Kyle wakes up on Loni's back as they arrive in クレスタ Loni explains to Kyle 
it's nice to be back and after a small wondering around they head off to the 
Dunamis orphanage where they both grew up.  Dunamis orphanage is now 
maintained  by Rutee, Kyle's mother and one of the four heroes that saved the 
world 18 years ago.  After arriving at the orphanage, Loni tells Kyle that 
it's still crappy as usual and he's got an idea for coming up with the $$ 
needed for a refurnish.  Just happens that there's been a rumor floating 
around about a massive Lens being located in ラグナ遺跡 which is easily worth 
than 3 Million gold.  Kyle becomes extremely excited at the idea and begs to 
tag along for the Lens search, Loni hesitates but succumbs to Kyle's constant 
begging.  Loni finally agrees to bring Kyle along but only with Rutee's 

After a happy reunion with Rutee, they sit down and Rutee asks Loni how are 
things in Cult.  Loni tells Rutee that he thinks the Cult is acting really 
strange lately, especially after a woman called エルレイン showed up, people with 
Lens are getting priorities in medication and praying which isn't right when 
everyone should be treated equal.

Kyle then asks Rutee if he can go out on a adventure with Loni and Rutee 
blatantly says no due to the fact that she thinks Kyle is still too young for 
this sort of stuff.  Kyle then complains how Rutee herself was already a Lens 
Hunter at his age.  Rutee says that Kyle will only be a burden to Loni but 
Kyle rejects by saying he has his father's blood in him and he won't be a 
burden.  Rutee thinks otherwise and tells him that why she's worried because 
he has Stahn's blood in him.  Anyway Rutee ends the conversation and sends 
Kyle off to sleep.  Kyle is determined to go either with or without Rutee's 
consent, since he believes it's his job to look after the orphanage till Stahn 
comes back.  In Kyles dream that night, he saw Stahn and Rutee being attacked 
by a mysterious figure and he wakes up just as Stahn is about to be slashed...

After usual morning call from Rutee, Kyle meets Loni downstairs and Loni 
decides to take Kyle with him but he would withdraw immediately if he thinks 
it's too much to handle.  So off they go to ラグナ遺跡 without Rutee's consent.


As they arrive at the ruins, so does the scout team from Atamoni Cult (the 
cult Loni works for).  Kyle and Loni hides while the scout decides to check 
out the forward entrance, since they don't want to be caught they decide to 
take the back door entrance.

After getting to the most inner part of the ruin, they come to face a massive 
Lens which explodes into shards and a girl emerges from it.  While the duo are 
still in a state of shock, the girl talks to herself saying that her job is to 
find a hero, a hero that has the power to change history.  Kyle over hears the 
mumblings and rushes up to the girl telling her that her search is already 
over since he'll become a great hero one day.  The girl stares at Kyle for a 
brief moment then wonders off saying that Kyle isn't the hero she's looking 
for.  Just as Kyle and Loni is about to go after the girl in comes the Cult 
scout team, they both end up being accused of thieves responsible for the 
disappearance of the big Lens.  When Loni said he has had enough with the Cult 
and wanted to break through by force he and Kyle gets knocked unconscious and 
taken to ダリルシェイド where further interrogations await them.


Loni screams at the door for a while and Kyle slowly gets up and gets 
unusually excited, Loni thought Kyle's head must've been whacked pretty hard 
but it turns out that he's excited about this "adventure" and decides to start 
adventuring for real after they return to クレスタ.  Kyle names his adventure as 
"the adventure needed to become a hero", he wants to find that mysterious girl 
and let her understand that he has what it takes to become the hero she's 
looking for.  Loni thinks it's pretty cool idea and decides to tag along, 
saying that after this incident he knows that the Cult isn't the place where 
he belongs and along side Kyle is where he should be.  Loni then says he 
always thought he could be a replacement as a fatherhood figure for Kyle after 
that day....

A laughter comes from the top and a slim figure wearing a mask jumps down from 
the top and scoffs at Kyle's idea of becoming a hero.  Kyle then asks why 
can't he become one and the masked person says hero is a label given by 
people for one's deeds and not something you can try and grasp, the more you 
try to become one, the further away you're actually from the path of being 
one.  Loni comments that this masked person is talking as if he's a hero 
himself (sarcasm).  Masked person says that he isn't a hero himself but he 
knows at least 4 people who are eligible to be called one.  Loni then laughs 
and tells him that not only do they know them, they're actually Kyle's 
parents.  The masked person then realizes who he's actually talking to, Kyle 
then starts complaining how they have to find a way out of this place before 
that girl wonders off too far.  The masked person says he has a good idea to 
get them out of this place, Loni quickly tells Kyle that he shouldn't trust 
someone who hides their true identity under a mask.  Kyle says there isn't 
time to worry about such things and asks the masked person if he has a name. 
Masked person replies saying that names are meaningless to him and Kyle gives 
him the name "Judas" (wonder where he got that idea from).  

Judas then proceeds to knocking down the front door with his sword and leads 
everyone out.  The way out is guarded and just as Kyle and Loni is running out 
of ideas Judas gives Kyle a sorcerer  ring(S.Ring) and explains that even 
though this place was rebuilt into a monastry after Oberon company collapsed, 
secret passage that the president Hugo once used still remains.  Kyle asks why 
Judas knows about all those things, and Judas says there is no point in 
further discussion and then tells him to move on. 

As they reached the exit of underground sewer, Judas complains how he could've 
escaped a lot faster if he was by himself.  Loni tells Kyle to leave this 
place and away from this weirdo, Kyle says Judas is a nice person cos he lead 
them out of the prison even though he could've escaped alone.  Judas surprised 
by Kyle's remarks almost asked if he could join them on their journey but in 
the end he still left wishing Kyle "luck" in trying to become a hero.

|クレスタ (Cresta)|

After they arrive at the orphanage, they see the lights are still up 
indicating that Rutee hasn't slept yet.  Loni said he'll volunteer to talk to 
Rutee about Kyle's journey if he finds it too hard to talk to her about it. 
Kyle declines his offer and says that he must tell her himself, he approaches 
Rutee who slaps Kyle for returning so late and tells him that he's too early 
for any sort of journey.  Kyle retaliates by saying that he wants to become a 
hero like his dad and gets slapped again.  Rutee then runs out, Loni asks Kyle 
if he's ok and Kyle replies by saying that he'll try again tomorrow.  Loni 
says don't worry, since if Kyle's serious about it then he's sure that Rutee 
will understand.  Rutee now sits outside the oprhanage and starts talking to 
herself about she slapped Kyle and he's too much like his father and should be 
more like her.

Next morning Kyle goes downstair and sees Rutee all cheerful and happy, just 
as he wonders what's up Rutee tells him to sit down and have breakfast.  Kyle 
tries to tell her about his decision but she changes the topic constantly, 
finally Kyle lost his patience and just when he's about to yell out to Rutee, 
she tells Kyle that he's going on a journey with Loni right?  Kyle shocked by 
the fact that he hasn't said a word yet, but Rutee said she's been his mother 
for 15 years so she knows what he's thinking, and brings out some items that 
Stahn used to use along with some cash.  Rutee then tells Kyle that she 
doesn't know what to in this kind of situation so she just wishes Kyle luck 
and don't give up easily when he encounters difficulties in the future.  Loni 
comes in and Rutee tells him to take care of Kyle and off they go on their new 

*Chapter2 -- The journey of becoming a hero*


Kyle tells Loni that the first thing they have to do is to find that girl, 
however he has no clue or what so ever.  Loni tells him to use his brain and 
states that since she said she's looking for heroes, there are only four 
people right now she could be on her way to.  No one knows the whereabouts of 
Stahn and she didn't come to see Rutee so that only leaves Firia and Woodrow 
and meeting either requires her to travel through the town アイグレッテ. So with 
their first destination decided they now need to pass ハーメンツヴァレー in order 
get to アイグレッテ.  

Upon arriving at ハーメンツヴァレー only to find the bridge connecting the cliff 
broken.  A merchant tells them that they came at a bad time, Kyle gets worried 
and talks to himself that if he doesn't hurry up he'll lose track of the girl. 
The merchant overhears this and asks him if it's a girl in pink dress and Kyle 
becomes excited and asks where she went, the merchant points down the cliff so 
off they go.  Along the way they find a pendant on the ground, Kyle 
immediately recognizes it and smiles at he picks it up.  Loni tells him not 
smile like a pervert.  Not far ahead they find the girl desparately seeking 
for something with a weeping face.  It took them a couple of hails to get her 
attention but she says she doesn't have time to deal with them right now. 
Loni says that a pretty cold remark for to say to people who helped her find 
her lost property.  Kyle gives back her pendant, the girl seems a bit 
embarassed and says thanks but please don't get involved with her anymore and 
then runs off.   Loni says that felt pretty bad and wonders if she's really 
worth going after.  Kyle says he won't give up until she recognizes him as a 


After passing through ハーメンツヴァレー and finally arriving at アイグレッテ, Kyle 
astounded by the size of the city.  As they enter the local inn, innkeeper 
greets them and starts rambling on about staying, just as Kyle is about to 
explain that they're here to collect info, a person comes rushing in and tells 
everyone that エルレイン (Ellane) is here and then everyone rushes out to see her 
leaving only Kyle and Loni in the inn.  Kyle wonders who Ellane is and Loni 
gives a brief explanation saying that she's the head of Atamoni cult who just 
appeared one day and impressed everyone with her "miracles" thus gained a 
bunch followers.  However Loni says he doesn't like her since the cult became 
strange ever since she appeared.  Kyle seemed to have taken in the word 
"miracle" and tells Loni go to outside so he can shake her hand or get her 
signature.  Loni tells himself that he's dumb for talking to Kyle seriously.  

Outside they see Ellane being surrounded by townspeople and starts performing 
miracles.  People are amused as their sickness goes away all of a sudden 
(blind people being able to see again), Kyle is among the amused people but 
Loni points out that the pendant Ellane's wearing looks familiar.  Kyle 
recognizes it as exactly the same as the girl's pendant and rushes out yelling 
at Ellane to give it back.   Loni quickly steps out explaining to Ellane that 
they're sorry for being rude but Kyle's just a little impatient cos the 
pendent Ellane's wearing is remarkably similar to that girl's.  Ellane becomes 
interested and says she thinks she understand the situation and explains that 
this pendent is indeed her own and everybody here can prove it.  Kyle 
apologizes for being so abrupt and after asking both their names, Ellane 
leaves hoping they'll meet again sometime. 

The crowd dissolves and everyone goes back doing their own thing, upon 
returning to the inn after a brief chat with the innkeeper reveals that he saw 
the girl they're after heading for ストレイライズ大神殿.  Kyle rushes out with Loni 
chasing after him but the way to ストレイライズ大神殿 is blocked by guards who 
won't let 
them through since today isn't a day for praying.  Kyle asks Loni if there's 
an alternative way into ストレイライズ大神殿 and Loni remembers a rumor that his 
told him a while ago about an old ruin that's linked with ストレイライズ大神殿 near 


After passing through ストレイライズ遺跡, Kyle and Loni find themselves at ストレイ
As they proceed towards the church's door, they overhear the girl's 
conversation with Firia (one of the 4 heroes from TOD).  The girl asks Firia 
how she can find the hero she's looking, but Firia then asks her why she's 
looking for a hero.  The girl says she needs power, power that's strong enough 
to change the fate of a world.  A defintion of hero, from the girl's point of 
view is someone that not only can affect people around him but also has the 
power to alter the future/fate of the world.  She needs to know the source of 
powers like that and if possible weild it herself.

Firia says she already sense great power from the girl but the girl objects by 
saying that it's not enough at all.  Firia then proceeds to ask the girl what 
she'll do when she finds the hero and has the power she's seeking in her 
hands.  The girl doesn't know what to say, Firia then says she must be the 
hero she's looking for.  After apologizing, the girl tells Firia that she 
gurantees she's not seeking to abuse the power.   Firia says she understands 
but was just curious what would a girl with such power would want.  Just as 
the their conversation is about to continue, a black hole appears wrapping in 
a blue haired warrior.  

He approaches Firia, asking whether she was one of the 4 heroes that destroyed 
the God's Eye.  Firia demands to know who he is but he thinks his name isn't 
important to someone who's about to die.  Firia tells the girl to run and a 
second later Firia is down on the floor with the blue haired warrior 
commenting how disappointed he was with someone who was once called a hero. 
Kyle and Loni charges in just in time before he was about to land the 
finishing blow on Firia.  After a furious battle just as Kyle thought he had 
defeated the blue-haired warrior, a strong pulse knocked his sword out of his 
hand.  Suddenly a sword flies over from distance and seriously injures the 
warriour, it turns out to be Judas who also throws Kyle's sword back to him. 
Kyle lands the decisive blow and the warrior retreats telling them his name is 
"Barbatos" and he's looking forward to their next meeting.

After some emergency healing from the girl, Firia's life is no longer in 
danger.  The girl still feels awfully sorry and powerless that she couldn't
have done more to help the situation.  Kyle then says it's not good to regret
since it just makes you stranded to the past.  Firia recovers consciousness
and agrees with Kyle saying that she was once under depression a for a long
time when she found out that she was actually helping the arch-bishop doing
evil deeds with "God's Eye".  It was Stahn who told her that regret can't 
produce anything and brought her back from depression.  Firia says it was 
because of Stahn so she could be who she is today and sadly she does not know
the magic to find a hero but she does not what the girl needs.  Comrades is
what the girl needs like Rutee, Woodrow and Stahn was like to Firia.  Firia 
says those comrades made her realised powers she didn't believe she had and
gave her the motivation to move on.  Kyle suddenly jumps out and holds the 
girl's hand saying that he'll become her comrade and they'll be together
forever.  The girl agrees after identifies herself as "Reala", just as they
are celebrating, Judas slowly sneaks away.  Kyle senses this and goes after
him with Loni behind.  Firia tells Reala that she must believe in herself 
since she did save Firia and she does indeed have the power to save people.

Just as Judas is about to sneak away, Kyle catches up with him and requests 
that he joins them.  Judas declines but then 2 guards comes up searching for 
suspicious people that have infiltrated the temple.  Judas stands out the most 
due to his mask and Kyle tells the guards that Judas isn't the person they're 
looking for since he's their "comrade".  They mislead the guard off elsewhere 
and sorta forced Judas to join them since he didn't say anything when Kyle 
told the guards that Judas was with them.  

In order to visit "Hero King" Woodrow, they'll have to take a ride from 
アイグレッテ port.

| アルジャーノン号 |

Inside the ship Loni suggests that they split up so everyone can have some 
free time.  Loni goes off trying his chances with the females aboard, saying 
Kyle should make a move on Reala on his way out which gets Kyle all worried 
denying any weird thoughts.  Judas leaves too telling Kyle that he wants to be 
alone to think about some things and not to follow him.

Kyle finds Reala on a platform near the mast, unlike previous times Reala is 
really cheerful and they have a good chat.  Kyle is surprised by Reala's 
cheerfulness and thought she was a cold person based on their previous 
encounters.  Reala apologizes saying that her thoughts were filled completely 
with hero seeking that she didn't have time for anything else.  Reala then 
asks why Kyle wants to become a hero, Kyle then says he wants to become like 
his father who was strong and kind at the same time.  Kyle then asks Reala why 
she's looking for a hero, Reala seems a bit reluctant to reveal her motive and 
just says she has her own reasons.  A big ramble then shook the entire ship, 
the team gather back together to investigate what happened. According sailors 
aboard, the monster that attacked the ship is called "King of the Devil Reef", 
Kyle and co went to the deck and managed to fend off it's tentacles but then 
another sailor panicked and told them it's now attacking the hull of the ship. 
After defeating the boss at the storage room, the ship's now sinking because 
of the damage.  Kyle and Loni tells everyone to go to the main deck and 
they'll come up with something, Judas tells Reala to use her powers but Reala 
thinks she doesn't have enough to do anything.  Once everyone's gathered on 
the deck, Kyle thinks hard for a way to save everyone but alas there's nothing 
he could do.  Judas says the only way out of this situation is for Reala to 
use her powers, Reala starts praying even though she still lacks confidence 
about her abilities.  A white aura suddenly surrounds the ship and lifts it 
above the water, Reala reliefed at the result faints due to fatigue.  

While Reala's resting, Kyle and everyone else goes to speak with the captain 
who starts flattering the party about being Saint and Heroes.  kyle becomes a 
bit impressed with himself but was soon scorned by Judas who says they don't 
have time for this and needs to find a way to Snowfiria.  Captain suggests 
that he'll drop them off near リーネ village and after Reala recovers they can 
travel to ノイシュタット where the captain will be waiting after he returns to 
アイグレッテ port and finishes fixing the ship.

* Chapter 3 -- Across the misty continent*

| リーネ |

After explaining their situation to Lilith (Stahn's sister for those unfamiliar
with the previous TOD), she says that they're more than welcome to rest here 
for the time being.  Kyle asks Lilith a few things about Stahn and he was 
surprised that his father was rather normal like everyone else when he grew 
up.  After talking to the villagers they sleep at Lilith's house, during the 
night Loni asks Kyle whether he was disappointed about his father's image. 
Kyle thinks exactly the opposite, saying that he's actually quite pleased to 
find he and his father so much alike.  Loni says Stahn is like "life" to him
and he often says the most important thing is to trust someone no matter what
happens and everything will be fine in the end.  

In the morning Lilith wakes up Kyle with the old frypan method she used to 
use on Stahn everyday.  A brief talk with Loni reveals Reala is outside.
Kyle finds Reala and she apologizes for keeping everyone worried, Kyle commends
Reala for her miracle but Reala still seems to lack confidence with her own
abilities and wonder if she can pull it off next time.  Kyle tells her not to
worry and they head back to regroup with Loni and Judas.  After breakfast
they decide to depart and head for ノイシュタット after saying farewell to Lilith
who welcomes them to come back anytime.  

| 白雲の尾根 |

After departing リーネ and heading slightly South, the surrounding suddenly 
becomes foggy.  Loni explains how this region was hit by Velkurnt 18 years and 
thus transformed the geoscape to what it is today.  

After going through mines interconnecting each other, Kyle and co comes across 
a small wooden cottage where they think it'll be a good place to rest.  Judas 
volunteers to stay awake and keep an eye out for things while the rest sleep. 
Judas then talks to his sword, Chaltier(his swordian) and comments on the 
simliarities between Kyle and Stahn and it must be fate that brought them 
together.  Loni wakes up and asks Judas what he was talking about Kyle, Judas 
tells him harshly that it's nothing and he should go back to sleep.  Loni 
stays silent for a moment then tells Judas that while he doesn't know his true 
motive for travelling with them he better not trying anything funny on Kyle or 
else... Judas scoffs at Loni's threats and says if he keeps on acting like 
Kyle's guardian then Kyle will never grow up and mature.  Loni now pretty 
pissed off yells that he cares about Kyle more than anyone else, Reala awoke 
by the argument between the two asks Loni what's wrong.  Loni says it's 
nothing but Reala says he's lying since she saw his tensed face when she woke 
up, Loni then shouts at Reala saying it's NOTHING which kinda scared/surprised 
her.  Loni realizing that he's not being himself apologizes for his harshness, 
everyone falls silent for a moment then they hear Kyle mumble everyone's name 
during his sleep and how they'll be together forever.  Loni tells Judas it's 
time for him to take a rest and he'll be the lookout from now on.  In the 
morning Kyle seems all pumped up and ready to travel, everyone else gives 
"..." since obviously Kyle didn't know what went on last night.

| ノイシュタット |

Upon entering the harbour, Kyle sees a sailor surrounded by a few people who 
doesn't seem happy at all.  They go up to see what the fuss is all about and 
it turns out the ship hasn't been fixed yet with no estimated time of 
completion. Just when they're thinking of what they should do during this time 
a business man approaches them for a favor cos they look mean and tough (ok 
maybe not mean). Kyle gets above himself again and reckons he must be glowing 
with some form of heroish aura.  They proceed to the business man's apartment 
and it turns out he wants them to retrieve some form of treasure that was 
believed to be in Oberon company's vault years ago but somehow is now located 
in the Oberon ruins.  Judas starts getting suspicious and questions the 
business man where he got this info from and this info wasn't recorded 
anywhere except on "her" will.  The business man starts getting nervous and 
states that he doesn't know anything about Ilene's will which leads to further 
questioning from Judas since he only mentioned "her" and nothing about 
"Ilene".  The sly business man just about had it and was about to call off the 
deal when Kyle agreed to retrieve the treasure without further questions.

| オベロン社廃坑 |

After activating the Lens engine and coming to a hidden cave, the party finds 
a box which contains some form of mineral.  Judas explains the box contains a 
special type of rock which was used to build Velkrunt (Dycroft's cannon), it 
acted as an lens amplifier.  With the discovery of this material in theory 
it's possible to build another Velkrunt, however it's impossible now since no 
one knows how to manipulate the material.  Oberon was analyzing the 
possiblites of the material before the company ceased to exist.  

Further inside lies a beautiful garden like location which surprises everyone. 
Reala says that flowers and grass must've flourished because of the sunlight 
that came through cracks from the roof.  Judas notices a tomb like stone slab 
with some writings on it, after reading it he starts laughing alone saying how 
sarcastic those writings are.  Everyone comes up and Loni reads out out the 
writings slowly.  Those words were engraved by Ilene and stated she came 
across those rocks by accident and it's a product of light and chemical 
effect. She sincerely hoped that those rocks can be used to harness the living 
quality of those living in ノイシュタット and create a society where poverty 
exist.  Judas says Ilene took the wrong route and decided to take shortcuts in 
order for results to happen fast and that lead her to her demise.  Reala 
believes that Ilene's intentions were good but just carried out in the wrong 
way and the engravings on the slab pleads anyone who reads it to protect this 
secret garden from being ruined.  Loni thinks they were nearly as bad as the 
ones that only thought of using the rocks for military purposes since they 
only saw the rock's potential as a weapon of great destruction.  

| ノイシュタット |

Upon returning to the business man's building they overhear a conversation 
between the sly business man and his friend saying how he found the will in 
the vault when he bought the Oberon building and those adventurers are really 
stupid for just going out like that.  Even if they die somewhere it won't cost 
him a cent.  Kyle and co steps in and the business man asks if they have 
brought back the treasure and hope they weren't hurt in the process. Loni says 
what a fake that guy is as Kyle hands over the rock they found, the business 
man looks confused as it looks like a piece of junk and asks what is it.  Kyle 
replies he doesn't know and that's the thing that looked most likely to be a 
"treasure", the business doesn't seems very happy but some "kind" words from 
Judas made him pay up without hesistation.  Pleased with the "screwed" look
on the business man's face, the party makes way towards the port and with 
the ship ready they go on board for a ride towards スノーフリア.

| アルジャーノン号 |

Kyle is alone by himself again, as he wonders around the ship he overhears 
Judas and Loni talking.  Judas seems to think Loni is suspicious of him but 
Loni says he's just interested in how old he is since he knows about Stahn and 
Ilene and somehow Judas always accuse him of being suspicious.  Kyle steps in 
and says since Judas doesn't want answer the question then the conversation is 
over, but Judas thinks otherwise as another person wants to know his true 
identity as well.  Reala steps out from nowhere and says she's interested in 
who Judas really is as well, Judas says she must be concerned with why Judas 
knows stuff about her.  Judas then say if she can tell everyone else who she 
really is then he'll tell everyone who is too.  Reala hesistates and can't 
bring herself to do it, Judas says since they can't bear to travel with 
someone without knowing their true identity his journey with them is over and 
he'll leave as soon as the boat docks in.  Judas slips away and Kyle proceeds
to search for him.  Upon finding Judas Kyle says he trusts him no matter 
how old or who Judas really is.  Judas surprised by Kyle's remark asks him 
why does he trust him even though he's hiding everything from them.  Kyle
says it has nothing to do with secrets and he likes Judas including his 
secrets too and wants to be with him (sounds gay I know -_-).  Before Judas
can reply Kyle says he's said all he wanted to say and leaves.  Loni and Reala
comments on how they can see スノーフリア and Reala feels kinda sad that this trip
is coming to an end.  Kyle tells her not to worry as she can take the boat 
again when they return, Judas suddendly runs up and tells everyone to prepare
themselves as if nothing has happened.  Loni apologizes to Judas again, Judas
apologizes too saying that he shouldn't have argued with a "child" whose
mental age is lower than his.  Loni gets semi-pissed again while Kyle and 
Reala laughs as they all get off the ship in peace.  

* Chapter 4 -- Woodrow, the Heroic King *

| スノーフリア |
Kyle comments on how cold this place, Loni says they better go to ハイデルベルク 
he freezes to death.

| ハイデルベルク |

As Kyle and co walks into the palace, they're stopped by 2 guards telling them 
that meeting with King Woodrow without an appointment in advance will have to 
be a couple of weeks later.  Kyle can't believe this and says they can't wait 
this long, but the guards won't negotiate.  Loni goes up to the guards and 
whispers if they can just pass on this message to the king saying that Stahn's 
son would like to meet him.  One of the guards sort of realises who their 
visitors are and agrees to pass on the message.  Kyle asks Loni what he did 
and Loni says it's a small thing not worth mentioning.  Judas isn't impressed 
by Loni's method and goes off to kill time saying that Kyle can meet Woodrow 
without him.  Just as Kyle is about to stop Judas from running away the guard 
returns and tells them that an audience with the king Woodrow has been 

Just they enter the throne room, they notice someone is already inside so they 
have to wait.  The scene switches and inside the throne room we see Elrane 
speaking with Woodrow.  It seems that Elrane hopes that Woodrow can provide 
the large amoount of Lens ハイデルベルク current is keeping in its vault so she 
use it and improve the living quality of people living in スノーフリア.  Woodrow 
says while he doesn't want to become suspcious of Elrane's intention, previous 
incident with the Arch-Bishop 18 years ago demands him to be more cautious so 
history won't repeat itself.  Elrane concludes by saying that it seems time 
and effort will be needed to presuade the king and she'll end the discussion 
here today.  

Upon leaving the throne room, Elrane meets Kyle and co waiting in line.  Elrane
says it's nice to meet them again and somehow Reala's pendent starts glowing 
brightly as if it's reacting with Elrane.  Elrane somehow surprised by this,
walks off without further comments.  Reala seems to know who Elrane but she's
keeping the information to herself right now. 

As they enter the throne room, king Woodrow greets them and says they shouldn't
have cut in line.  Kyle becomes really embarassed and doesn't know what to say
but Loni says that it was his idea so please don't be harsh on Kyle.  Woodrow
laughs and says as long as they know what they've done is wrong that it's ok,
he wasn't thinking about punishing them at the start.  Woodrow tells Kyle since
he's the son of Stahn, he's also like a son to him so from now on he won't have
to reserve an audience to meet Woodrow.  Woodrow asks Kyle his purpose for 
all the way from クレスタ to meet him, Reala walks up to Woodrow and sort of
analyzes him but shakes her head in disappointment.  Woodrow asks Kyle what 
was that all about, Kyle explains Reala's quest to him and somehow Woodrow
doesn't fit the criteria as well.  Woodrow gives Reala an advice, that is 
never give up and everything will turn out well in the end, it's a phrase
that Stahn often used.  Loni then asks Woodrow about Elrane saying that she
must've came to ask for Lens.  Woodrow shows them what he has collected in his
vault and they were amused by the amount collected across the continent.  
Woodrow says since the incident 18 years ago he wanted to prevent people from
being too reliant on Lens that's why he has all those Lens collected and kept
in control.  

After they come from the throne room they meet up with Judas, Kyle excitely 
goes on about what a great person Woodrow is, especially because he said Kyle 
seemed to have inherited hero's talent from his parents.  Judas then says by 
the look on Reala's face Woodrow wasn't the person she's looking for and she 
has no clue on who to visit next.  Judas then scolds Kyle being carried away 
with himself and says that no one in this castle including Woodrow is taking 
Kyle seriously since they all just look at Kyle as "Stahn's son" rather than 
Kyle himself and a person who gets carried away with himself while his 
comrades are troubled (Reala) definately can't become a hero.  Kyle deeply 
hurt by Judas's comments, runs out.  Loni gets exteremely mad and tells Judas 
the way he's said it was too harsh, Judas tells Loni that he's no better than 
the people in the castle since he used Kyle as "Stahn's son" as well when 
acquiring a meeting with Woodrow.  Judas says Stahn was a hero that cared 
about his comrades under any circumstances, if Kyle wants to become a hero 
like his father then he has to realise that even though if it means hurting 
his pride.  Reala then runs out to check on Kyle.

Here we see Kyle walking on the street kicking pebbles, Reala runs up to him 
and Kyle apologizes to her for not being more considerate.  He said he felt 
like an idiot after realising what Judas said to him was all true and felt so 
embarrased so he ran off.  Kyle tells Reala that she can go back first and he
wants to stay out here a while longer to cool down a bit.  Reala then invites
him for a walk so they proceed to a park in ハイデルベルク.

Here they both comment how beautiful the scenery is, snowfields of スノーフリア 
extending out beyond the horizon.  Reala says even though the scenery is 
magnificent, she feels insecure when she sees snowfield without a foot print 
extending out towards the unknown.  Kyle says he feels excited since it'll be 
fun figuring out what lies beyond the snowfields.  Reala says Kyle is really 
great since just by looking at the same scenery their feelings were exactly 
opposite.  Kyle is eager to find out what lies beyond the snowfield cos he 
can't see the end but Reala is afraid since she doesn't know what lies beyond 
the snowfield.  Kyle says he thinks that way because he's simple minded like 
Judas and Loni always say and maybe he should think seriously a bit more 
sometimes.  Reala thinks otherwise and beleives that is where Kyle's charm 
lies, being lively all the time and positively affecting those beside.  She 
says Judas and Loni must all really like Kyle and she shares the same feeling 
with them.  

Just as the atmopshere is starting to get romantic a huge dragon flies towards 
the castle and crashes into it.  Loni and Judas finds Kyle and Reala and says 
apparently the castle is in some form of crisis.  

To be continued..........


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