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Tales of Destiny 2 is the latest entry in the series following Tales of Fantasia, Tales of Destiny, and Tales of Eternia. While inheriting the world view of the previous game Tales of Destiny, the characters and scenarios that appear are completely original.

It has been 18 years since Mictlan's ambitions were blocked by the activities of the heroes Stan of the previous work. In the city of Cresta, the kingdom of Saint-Garde, Kyle, the son of Rooty, one of the heroes who once saved the country, lived. Kyle didn't know his father's face. His mother, Rooty, didn't say much about it. But Kyle believed that his father was Stan. And he dreamed that he would one day become a hero like him...

Mutsumi Inomata was appointed character designer and her world view is expressed with the high graphic performance of PS2. It should also be noted that Mai Kuraki was appointed as the opening theme songs' composer to make the game more exciting.

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