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Story Translation/LIPS guide by DingoEnderZOE2

Version: 0.9 | Updated: 02/07/2006

                      Sakura Taisen Tales Mysterious Paris
			       サクラ大戦物語 ミステリアス巴里
		     	   Story Translation/LIPS guide
				 Version 0.9
Copyright 2005 Tenchi(Tenchiharasaki@yahoo.com) As always please respect all 
my hard work by asking for permission if you would like to post this on 
WebPages or any kind.

This FAQ contains a few Japanese text in S-JIS encoding.

Sakura Taisen Tales: Mysterious Paris by the wonderful people of SEGA and 
RED Entertainment

I'm not trying to be fluent in Japanese. I'm just trying to learn and 
understand it more. Since I'm not perfect or Japanese I do not Guarantee a 
100 % accurate translation so I welcome any comments and suggestions that 
you feel would help improve this File. I'm doing translations for the fun of 
it, to hopefully improve my Japanese more, and to give you a better 
understanding on what's going on and what's being said during the scenarios 
I translate. Of course its also better to own the game(ESPECIALLY Sakura 
Taisen) and enjoy the experience while playing as well instead of just 
reading. I will most likely ask for help and run into problems while 
translating so Please feel free to send your comments or suggestions to 

In this game you get to play with two main characters. And just like Sakura 
Taisen 5:Episode 0 their names are already decided for you. The name's of 
the main characters are Set as Kojirou Akechi and Miki Akechi.

Stuff you should know:

What is LIPS?
LIPS stands for Live Interactive Player System and it's the way we've been 
interacting with characters and events in the games since the original Sakura Taisen. In 
this version of Sakura Taisen you are once again using this system as a way to gain trust 
and love points, There are also four new types of LIPS in this version of Sakura Taisen:

Regular LIPS: This is the usual timed LIPS you will be getting most of the entire game. 
During certain parts during a conversation/event a box will pop up with 2-3 choices for you 
to choose from and you have a limited amount of time to select one of them. Also letting 
time run out counts as a choice(Although its rarely the correct answer.).

Untimed LIPS: Like the Regular LIPS except with no time limit.

Analog LIPS: The Analog lips are encountered in situations where your line or action is 
already decided for you and you have to choose how much emotion you will put into your 
words or action based on the position of the line in the window with your controllers Analog 
stick. There is like one exception where positioning the line all the way to the bottom of the 
window will change your line.

Button LIPS: This type of LIPS (along with three others) is exclusive to this game. It's pretty 
simple too, You are to just rapidly press the circle button as fast as you can until the light in 
the window fills all the way to the top before the time runs out. 

Lever LIPS: Another exclusive LIPS style for this game. It's actually Similar to the button 
LIPS, You just have to wiggle the analog stick in circles as fast as you can until the light in 
the window fills up all the way to the top before the time runs out.

Shooting LIPS: Yet another exclusive LIPS for this game. This one requires more precise 
timing, and a good aim, its still pretty simple however. You simply have to just shoot all the 
targets on screen before the time runs out.

Precise<Just>LIPS: The final exclusive LIPS style for the game. For this one you have to 
have good eyes, and decent timing. You just have to make sure the line that's moving fast 
back and forth in the little small rectangle window stops in the red box. Thankfully the 
speed of the moving line isn't that drastic so even this LIPS style is simple.

How to earn points with the girls
During LIPS events with certain girls in the game, just choose the correct answer,do well 
on certain LIPS events, or Give items that the girls would like to them. The more points you 
earn with the girls the better the odds of winning the game with the girl of your choice.

However it is possible to lose points with the girls as well. It happens when you select an 
incorrect answer during a LIPS event, or when you give away an item they don't like.
You will know when your doing something right or something wrong in those cases 
depending on the sound of the chimes that play.

There are two types of Chimes that play:High(Which equals good) and low(Which equals 
bad), Short chimes(Which is decent.) will be marked as "+" or "-" and Long chimes(Which 
is better or worse depending on how you got a high or low chime.). long high chimes will 
be marked on this guide as "++", Short high chimes will be marked as "+". Low high 
Chimes will be marked as "--", and Low chimes will be marked as "-".  

Take note that not all LIPS will net you a point no matter which option you choose.

About the life bar
In this installment of Sakura Taisen, While playing as Koujiro Akechi, You will have a life 
bar displayed on the upper left of the screen that you have to keep an eye on. At some 
points during the course of the game, you will be in danger of having damage inflicted 
upon Koujiro, when that happens your life bar will decrease based on how much damage 
you took. 

If your damage accumulates to a certain point without being treated and it reaches zero, 
you will be greeted by the GAME OVER screen and a continue timer. To avoid that fate, 
you simply have to watch your life bar and when necessary, simply use a healing item or 
cake from your Item case by selecting a healing item and dragging it to your life bar and 
you will be able to re-fill it.

Of course, How much life is restored varies on what type of healing item you use.

Free roams
Free roams are handled differently then the previous Sakura Taisen games. There's no 
time limit, and there will be times when not every location will give you an event(or anything 
at all)when you visit them. There will be times when you visit a location that's just 
completely empty and un-eventful. 

However visiting those locations can also net you hidden Cat food if you click on the right 
areas of the screen for that location. When you are looking for cat food, should your cursor 
turn into a magnifying glass while you are searching, that means click on that area and you 
will find one hidden cat food. 

When you locate the cat food be sure to give them to Colette the flower girl and she will 
give you roses for each Can of Cat food you give her. You can then use the flowers you 
receive as gifts to the girl of your choice. 

About Honorific titles
-San:>As some of you guys may know(Especially if you watch a lot of Subbed Anime), this 
is the most common honorific you will hear. -San is the American equivalent to 
Mr.,miss,ms.,or Mrs. It can be used in any situation where politeness is required. To put it 
simply, This is THE honorific to use if you want to address others in a formal polite way.

-Sama:>This honorific is the more formal version of "-San",  It's used to confer great 
respect for those with much higher rank than themselves. Example:This would be used for 
a butler or slave(^_^;) to address his master. It can also be used in commercial and 
business settings to address and refer to customers.  If I were to translate this, it would be 
the American equivalent to "Lord-" or "Master-"

-Kun:>This Honorific can be used in three different ways. It can be used from girls as an 
informal and intimate honorific mostly used for males. It is also used by superiors in 
addressing inferiors, by males of roughly the same age and status in addressing each 
other, and in addressing male children. In a business settings young women may also be 
addressed as kun by older male superiors. Which is why Ohgami always addresses 
Sakura,Sumire,Orihime,etc with -kun.

-Dono:>This is a old honorific, like Samurai Era old(You will hear this honorific a lot if you 
check out Rurouni Kenshin.) Although it may not be used as much(If at all) in daily 
conversation,it's still used in some types of written business correspondence. It works the 
same as -Sama.

-Chan:>This is the informal, intimate, diminutive equivalent of san, used to refer to children 
and female family members,pets, close friends and lovers. Chan is also used for adults as 
a title of affection. It gives a sense of childish cuteness thus making It very babyish, which 
is why some people are less forgiving with being address with it than others.

-Senpai:>is used to refer to or address teachers, doctors, lawyers, politicians, or other 
authority figures. It is also used to show respect to someone who has achieved a certain 
level of mastery in an art form or some other skill. It's most often used In school settings, 
where underclassmen refer to their upperclassmen as "Senpai". This may be a bad 
example but: Say you're a new employee at your job, everyone there is your Senpai 
because most of the people at your job have more experience then you do. To put it 
simply, in the workplace, it's used when a newer employee addresses an employee who 
has seniority(I.e. more experience)in the company.

-Kohai:>Simply the opposite of Senpai. Used toward underclassmen in school or 
newcomers in the workplace. 

Ver 0.5 - 2005.11.15
- All right, I may be working on Sakura Taisen 5, but who says I can't work on another 
Sakura Taisen game as well? Anyway, Once again I'm starting off small, extremely  small 
in fact but a starts a start right? 

Ver 0.7 -2005.11.28
- Completed the guide up until you meet Elsa again in the dressing room.

Ver 0.8 -2005.12.20
- Completed the guide up until after the conversation with Grand Mere.

Ver 0.9 -2006.02.08
- Completed the guide up until you meet Lobelia.


"Dear beloved Big brother,
	Are you doing well? It's already been three months since I've come to Paris but Miki 
is doing really well. I get along with my roommate Elsa too, so everyday is really fun." 

{Miki}:(.....Is this how it should be? Ah, but....it looks like the ribbons position might be 
messed up. Hmm, I guess I should rearrange the collar a little.)

= Just LIPS Begin =
- Clear -
- Fail -

- Fail -
{Miki}:Ahhhh, I can't fix this very well. I won't give up until I'm satisfied!!)
- Do over -

- Clear -
{Miki}:(Okay, perfect!)
= Just LIPS End =

{Elsa}:Miki! How long are you going to be glued to your mirror?
{Miki}:Sorry, I'm coming right now!

-Elsa Flobelle-

{Elsa}:Gimme a break....I'm beginning to get pretty tired of waiting you know.
{Miki}:Sorry, sorry. I'm finished now.
{Elsa}:Ah, I see some Jam on the tip of your lips!
{Miki}:Eh!? You're kidding...
{Elsa}:Gotcha, just joking, joking.
{Miki}:Honestly....Elsa you're mean.

Once a cursor is displayed you are able to  click on people and things. During this same 
time you can also use items. Please use both Items and clicking to advance the story.

== Click LIPS Begin ==
-- Click on Elsa --

{Miki}:(This is my roommate Elsa.....The two of us work together as dancers at the Chattes 

-- Talk to Elsa -- 

{Elsa}:Still, you're pretty enthusiastic so early in the morning. Did you eat something bad or 
{Miki}:It's nothing like that. It's just that I...
{Elsa}:It's just what?
{Miki}:I Had a dream about my big brother for the first time in so long, so I feel something 
good's going to happen today.
{Elsa}:Ah, yes yes....That must be your talent huh?
{Miki}:Why are you so surprised?
{Elsa}:Now listen....Though you may have said sweet things about him a number of times, 
you can't marry your blood brother. Plus, you know if you keep going on like that, you're 
never going to get a boyfriend.
{Miki}:I don't want a boyfriend.
{Elsa}:Haah...What a thing for a girl your age to be saying.
{Miki}:Let's forgot about that, aren't we going to be late if we don't leave soon?
{Elsa}:You're right. Now now, shall we get ready to go to work at Chattes Noires?

== Analog LIPS Start ==

-- Bar all the way at the top --
{Elsa}:Oh, That's the spirit! All right then, shall we run to the Chattes Noires then?
{Miki}:Honestely now, Elsa....

== Analog LIPS End ==

== Click LIPS End ==

{Elsa}:Did you make sure to lock the doors?
{Miki}:Yeah, everythings fine.
{Mell}:Oh, Are you two getting ready for work?
{Elsa}:Ah....Mell-san, Ci-san. Good morning.

- Ci Capric    Mell Raison -

{Miki}:Good morning. Are you getting ready too?
{Ci}:Nope. I've forgotten something so I had Mell come with me.

== Click LIPS Begin ==
-- Click on Ci --
{Miki}:Ummm...Did you walk here from the Chattes Noires wearing that outfit?
{Ci}:That's right, Is that strange?
-- Click on Ci -- #2
{Miki}:(This is Ci-san, a salesgirl from the same workplace as me. Although she's older 
then me she's pretty cute....)

-- Click on Mell --
{Miki}:Ummm...Did you walk here from the Chattes Noires wearing that outfit?
{Mell}:Yes that's correct. After all for us, these are like our everyday clothes.

-- Click on Mell -- #2
{Miki}:(This is Mell-san, a private secretary from the same workplace as me. She's as 
serious as always. )

-- Talk to Ci --
{Ci}:As always you two seem to be getting along. Roommates really are best when you 
have someone you can relate to. I don't think I would have been able to live alone if it 
wasn't for Mell.
{Mell}:If that's how you feel then, why don't we switch who prepares dinner for this week?
{Ci}:Eeeh, That's a different issue.

-- Talk to Ci -- #2
{Ci}:Haaah......I just want to skip work today.

-- Talk to Mell --
{Mell}:Well then, we shall see you at Chattes Noire later. Come now Ci.....Let's hurry, It's 
almost about time for Owner to come to work.
{Ci}:Yees m'am.
= The pair enters their room =

{Elsa}:Now, we should get going ourselves.

{Miki}:(I have to go to Chattes Noire.)

Movement around the town is executed by using the map. You can open the map by 
moving the cursor to the black part of the screen or by pressing the triangle button. At the 
map screen other then moving, by pressing the START button, it is also possible to 
execute a save or a load.

* Free Movement Town Start **
~~ Locations covered in free movement  ~~  
- Cafe(カフェ)
- Flower Shop(花屋) 
- Chattes Noire (シャノワール)

[Inside the Chattes Noire]
- First floor seatings(一階客席) [Can be Skipped]
- Bar(バー) [Can be Skipped]
- Dressing Room(楽屋)
- Secretarial office(秘書室) = Managers office(支配人室)
- First floor seatings(一階客席) [Can be skipped]
- Stage setting room (大道具部屋)
- Bar(バー) 
- Elevator Hall(エレベーターホール) = VIP Room(貴賓室)
- Kitchen(厨房)
- Lobby(ロビー)

~~ Cafe(カフェ) ~~
{Eva}:Oh it's you two, Are going to work now?
{Miki}:Ah, Eva-san......Good morning.
{Eva}:Morning. If you still have time, You should eat something.
{Elsa}:Would it be your treat?
{Eva}:What are you saying.....Of course, you would pay a fee.
{Elsa}:Oh.....Well in that case, we'll pass. Our wallets are pretty much penniless.
{Eva}:Is that so? Well, when you have money stop on by. I'll give you a proper serving.
{Miki}:Okay, We're counting on you when that time comes.

~~ Flower Shop(花屋) ~~
{Colette}:Oh, morning you two.
{Miki}:Good morning, Colette-san.
{Elsa}:How do you do.
{Colette}:Take these, if it's okay with you, 
= Obtained Flower bouquet =
{Colette}:Everyone at Chattes Noire are my best customers, so I should give them special 
service once in a while you see.
{Miki}:Thank you very much. I'll display them in the dressing room.
{Colette}:Fuu fuu, That would make me happy.

== Click LIPS Begin ==
-- Click on Colette --
{Miki}:(This is the Flower Shop's poster girl Colette-san. She's as charming as usual...)

-- Show Colette Koujiro's photo --
(It's important that you do this, otherwise You won't be able to meet her as Koujiro and as a 
result you'll miss out on events involving her. You also won't be able to trade her cat food 
as Koujiro.)
{Colette}:Oh, what a dreamy person. Could this be your boyfriend?
{Miki}:N-,No....My big Bro......My brother.
{Colette}:Hmmmm....So this is the Big Brother I've heard about. Fuu fuu, I see.
{Miki}:Elsa....You didn't tell Colette-san anything weird did you?
{Elsa}:C'mon now, That's called paranoia.

- Chattes Noire (シャノワール)

- Erica Fontaine -
{Erica}:Elsa-san, Miki-chan, Good morning!

== LIPS Begin ==

-- Option 1 -  "Good morning" -- (Erica +)
-- [After time passes]Option 2 - "Good evening"-- (Erica -)
-- Time Over -- (No effect)

-- Option 1 -  "Good morning" -- (Erica +)
{Miki}:Good morning, Erica-san.
{Erica}:Ahhhh, Miki-chan, You're cute today as well! Ah, Elsa-san you're beautiful as well. 
So much that I want to eat you two.
{Elsa}:H-, Hi.....(.....As always she's a high Tension person.)
{Miki:(Yea, Yeah....)

-- [After time passes]Option 2 - "Good evening"-- (Erica -)
{Miki}:Good evening, Erica-san.
{Erica}:Eeeeh!? It's already dark out? I didn't notice at all that I've been standing here all 
day.....-Sniff-, I didn't get to eat lunch.
{Elsa}:Erica-san......Please don't take this child's jokes so seriously.
{Erica}:Oh, so it was joke. You really surprised me there.
{Elsa}:I figured as much....

== LIPS End ==
{Erica}:We have such nice weather today.この恵まれた日を神様に感謝しながら一

== Click LIPS Begin ==
- Click on Erica -
{Miki}:(This is Erica, one of the top dancers. She's always bright and pleasant....)

- Talk to Erica -
{Erica}:Won't the person hurry and arrive~~.
{Elsa}:Are you waiting for someone?
{Erica}:I've been waiting here for the arrival of Glycline's guest. This should be the time 
when they're supposed to arrive....My legs are starting to turn into poles.

- Click on Erica -
{Miki}:Erica-san you're.....

== Untimed LIPS Begin ==

-- Option 1 -  "Such a reliable Senpai" -- (Erica +)
-- Option 2 - "Very clumsy aren't you."-- (Erica -)

-- Option 1 -  "Such a reliable Senpai" -- (Erica +)
{Miki}:Such a reliable senpai. I admire that.
{Erica}:Really? Erica is so moved!

-- Option 2 - "Very clumsy aren't you."-- (Erica -)
{Miki}:Extremely clumsy aren't you.
{Erica}:Ugh....That even my Kouhai Miki-chan would say that to me.....is quite a shock.

== Untimed LIPS End ==

- Talk to Erica -
{Erica}:I wonder if that guest is still coming.....
{Elsa}:Miki, If we don't hurry we'll be late.
{Miki}:You're right.

== Click LIPS End ==

{Elsa}:Well, I'll go ahead of you to the Dressing room.
Elsa departs.
{Miki}:(I should get going to the Dressing room too.)
The map is used mainly to move within the Chattes Noire as well. Please move by placing 
the cursor on the black area of the screen or by pressing the triangle button.

~~ First floor seatings(一階客席) [Can be Skipped] ~~
{Dominik}:Yo, morning.
{Miki}:Ah, Dominik-san.......Good morning.
{Dominik}:I keep telling you it's okay to call me Dominik, Guess no matter how  much time 
passes you can't fix that.
{Dominik}:Well it doesn't matter. Let's do our best again today.

~~ Bar(バー) [Can be Skipped] ~~
{George}:Oh, Miki-san......Good morning.
{Miki}}:Good morning, George-san.
{George}:Fresh new wine has been delievered to us some time ago,would you like to have 
a taste?
{Miki}:Ah, Umm.....I'm a minor.
{George}:Oh yes, that's right.....I'm terribly sorry.

~~ Dressing Room(楽屋) ~~
{Elsa}:It looks like everyone still hasn't arrived yet.

== Click LIPS Begin ==
- Click on Elsa -
{Miki}:Elsa, You've got a nice figure.
{Elsa}:Yeah well you know. After all I don't just stuff myself with sweets like a certain 
someone I know. 
{Miki}:Ohhh....Elsa you're mean.
{Elsa}:Ah ha ha, Kidding kidding. Your figure isn't too bad either. Especially this still 
growing small bulge that I could get a nice grip on your heart!
-- {Not 100% sure on the translation for 特にこの成長過程の小さなふくらみがお姉
さんのハートをワシ掴みだねっ!} --
{Miki}:Kyaah! Don't touch me in strange places like that all of a sudden.

- Talk to Elsa -
{Elsa}:I would like for us to hurry up and become well known like Erica and the others.
{Miki}:That's impossible.....I've only been here for three months, and you've only been here 
for no more than a year haven't you?
{Elsa}:That's true but.....Don't you want to dream big? 今メイン張ってる5人のうち4
人はシャノワールに来てすぐピンでやらしてもらえたんだってよ? 前例が
ある分、望みはゼロじゃないって。 I don't want to be a humble back dancer forever.
{Dancer}:Ahem....What does that "Humble backdancer" make me after working for three 
{Elsa}:Now now. Don't sweat the little details, don't sweat it.

- Talk to the Dancer -
{Dancer}:Say, did you two hear? A very important guest is arriving today.
{Elsa}:For Glycline-san right? We heard from Erica-san.
{Miki}:But, there's not even a public performance so what do you think is going on?
{Dancer}:From what I heard, He's rich and he may issue a loan to Chattes Noires.....I'm 
certain he's a young businessman.
-- {Not 100% sure on the translation for 聞いた話じゃ、相当のお金持ちでシャノ
な?} --
{Elsa}:A rich man, that sounds great! Do you think I should go after that treasure?
-- {Again not sure on 良いねえ、お金持ち! ことのついでに玉の興を狙っちゃ
おうか?} --
{Miki}:Yuck...What are you going to do if he has a face you can't even bear to look at?
{Elsa}:Of course, Marry and then Divorce.あーだこーだって不満をでっちあげて慰
謝料ふんだくるに決まってるじゃない。 You think so too don't you Miki?

== LIPS Begin ==

-- Option 1 -  "You're such a bad person." -- (Elsa -)
-- Option 2 - "The privileges of women huh?"-- (Elsa +)
-- Time Over -- (No effect)

-- Option 2 - "The privileges of women huh?"-- (Elsa +)
{Miki}:The privileges of women huh?
{Elsa}:Oh, So you do understand.

== LIPS End ==

{Dancer}:You two are such....
{Mell}:You seem to be enjoying yourselves.
{Elsa}:Ah, Mell-san. Did you manage to find what you were looking for?
{Mell}:Yes. Ci has just returned to her working station. More importantly.....Elsa-san, 
Miki-san, The owner is calling for you. Please report to the Managers office at once.
{Elsa}:Geeh...Grand Mere?

== LIPS Begin ==

-- Option 1 -  "I don't wanna go." -- (Mell --)
-- Option 2[Disappears once timer is reduced by half] - "Okay, We'll go right away."-- (Mell 
-- Time Over -- (Mell -)

-- Option 1 -  "I don't wanna go." -- (Mell --)
{Miki}:I don't wanna go.
{Mell}:Miki-san, Please don't be silly and head towards the Managers office at once.

-- Option 2[Disappears once timer is reduced by half] - "Okay, We'll go right away."-- (Mell 
{Miki}:Okay we'll go right away.
{Mell}:Please do. It appears to be of great importance.

== LIPS End ==

{Elsa}:No choice....Let's go, Miki. Aaah....Let's hope a storm doesn't happen.
{Mell}:Fuu fuu fuu.....It's all right. When I met her earlier, she seemed to be in a pleasant 
mood. Well then, that was the report.
Mell departs from the Dressing room 
{Elsa}:I can never tell if Mell-san's Friendly or unfriendly. Well in any case, Let's hurry to the 
Managers office.

~~ Secretarial office(秘書室) = Managers office(支配人室) ~~
{Elsa}:Pretty nerve-wrecking entering the Managers office isn't it....

- Talk to Mell -
{Mell}:If you two don't go quickly the Owner will be upset.

- Enter the Managers office -
{Miki}:Excuse us.....
{Grand Mere}:Ah....Elsa, Miki. I've been waiting for you.

- Grand Mere -
{Grand Mere}:You two, stand right there.

-- Click on Grand Mere --
{Miki}:(Grand Mere, Chatte Noire's biggest higher-up. She seems gentle on the outside 
but when angry she's scary...)

- Talk to Grand Mere -
{Grand Mere}:So getting straight to the point, How would you two like to perform in an 
opening act?
{Elsa}:Yo-, You mean us?
{Grand Mere}:Who else do I mean?

== LIPS Begin ==

-- Option 1 -  "Please let us." -- (Elsa +)
-- Option 2 - "I'm not confident..."-- (Elsa -)
-- Time Over -- (No effect)

-- Option 1 -  "Please let us." -- (Elsa +)
{Miki}:Please let us!
{Grand Mere}:My my, Aren't you high-spirited. 

== LIPS End ==

{Grand Mere}:An opening act is nothing to get all worked up over. It's a little bit more like 
what Mell and Ci does. Plus, It's not going to be right away....It's something that will happen 
in the next month, after we have you be trained diligently so you can rest easy.
{Elsa}:Wow...That sounds harsh.
{Grand Mere}:Did you say something, Elsa?
{Elsa}:N-, No...I'll train even if it kills us!
{Grand Mere}:Miki, you understand as well correct? Starting today, We're going to have 
you undergo training even if it kills you.
{Miki}:Okay, I'll do my best.
{Grand Mere}:That's all for this conversation. You may leave.
{Miki}:Yes, Thank you very much. If you'll Excuse us.

{Elsa}:All right! We're going to be a part of an opening performance! A clean graduation 
from a backup dancer don't you think?
{Miki}:I can't believe it. I can understand you, but me....
{Elsa}:日頃の行いってやつじゃない? Wow, Grand Mere is not only scary but she 
knows a good thing when she sees it. In addition, it's just as you said today Miki, today 
was going to be our lucky day.
{Miki}:Yup,we owe it to my Big brother.
{Elsa}:Ahhh well, let's just leave it at that shall we? Anyway, we've got to have a party. We 
have to celebrate today for such a special occasion.
{Miki}:Wouldn't that normally be.....AFTER we accomplish our goal?
{Elsa}:Don't worry about it. It's what we call Celebration anticipation.
{Miki}:Honestly....You just want to start an uproar don't you?
{Elsa}:Ah ha ha ha.....Did I expose myself? But tonight won't be horseplay, I've decided to 
go for a fancy restaurant.
{Miki}:A restaurant huh.....Now there's something we don't do everyday. 
{Elsa}:Well then it's decided! Tonight we meet in front of the Restaurant. Now then, I should 
head back to the dressing room. I'll see ya!
Elsa departs from the room.

~~ First floor seatings(一階客席) ~~ [Can be skipped]
{Dominik}:Yo, I heard the news. You've been selected to be in an Opening performance? 
That's pretty amazing for someone who's only been with us for three months.
{Miki}:Ah, yes...thank you very much.
{Dominik}:I got it! Since this is a rare occasion let's celebrate. On your next break how 
about I treat you to a movie?
{Miki}:Oh, Oh no.....I don't really want to....
{Dominik}:C'mon, C'mon. Or would you prefer dinner?
{Elsa}:Now now, Don't just go seducing her just because she's valuable. Can't you see 
she's uncomfortable? This girl's not really used to this kind of thing so you shouldn't be so 
{Dominik}:Oh well now, her sidekick's here now, there's nothing left to do but withdraw 
Dominik run's away.
{Elsa}:Miki you should really become a Japanese who knows how to say "No" when you're 
Elsa departs.

~~ Stage setting room (大道具部屋) ~~ 
{Erica}:Ah, Miki-chan! You've come at just the right time.
{Miki}:What's the matter?
{Erica}:The thing is Grand Mere asked me to do some cleaning. Lobelia was supposed to 
do it with me but I don't see her. I'm begging you Miki-chan. Won't you help me?
{Miki}:Sure, my pleasure.
{Erica}:Kyaah, Miki-chan I'm so grateful! C'mere!!
{Miki}:Eri-, Erica-san....You're hurting me, and you're heavy!
{Erica}:Ah, I'm sorry.
{Miki}:Well, where should we start?
{Erica}:Let's see....First let's start off with carrying this!
{Miki}:You mean that big barrel?
{Erica}:Right. It's quite heavy so please try to be careful. Now then, here we go.  Altogether!

== Precise LIPS Begin ==

[Success] Erica +

{Miki}:And there we go.
{Erica}:Whew....That should do it. Miki-chan you're quite the muscleman.

[Fail] Erica -

{Erica}:Ouch! Awww, it crushed my finger.
{Miki}:So-, Sorry....
{Erica}:Stuff like this really is a man's job.....I'll ask someone else later.

== Precise LIPS End ==

{Miki}:We do we do next?
{Erica}:Let me think....Shall we untangle those tangled ropes over there? Miki-chan, you 
un-tangled those ropes and send them my way. Then, I shall roll them up.
{Erica}:Now then, let's get cracking.....Haee yaah!
{Erica}:Hel-, Help me......Un-tangle me.

== Lever LIPS Begin ==

[Succeed] Erica +

{Miki}:Ar-, are you okay?
{Erica}:Whew....If it wasn't for you I would have been close to being called to heaven.

[Fail] Erica -
{Miki}:Aaah.....This rope is too....
{Erica}:Lord....Erica is coming to your side.....
{Miki}:Hang on! I'm cutting the rope now!
Miki barely cuts the rope.
{Erica}:Whew....I was well on my way to being called to Heaven. Since this rope is 
dangerous I'm throwing it away.....Eeh!
The rope flies in the opposite direction.

== Lever LIPS End ==

{Miki}:What's next?
{Erica}:I should be fine by myself right about now. All that's left is to carry these color 
lightbulbs.....Kyaah! Sto-, Stop them from falling!

== Shooting LIPS Begin ==

[Success](Perfect) Erica +

Miki avoids a Crisis.
{Miki}:(That was a miracle even for me....)
{Erica}:Amazing! Miki-chan, you're a genius!!

[Perfect Failure] Erica -
The lightbulds shatter into small pieces.
{Erica}:Aaaaah, I've done it again.  

[Minor Failure(Miss at least two of them)] Erica +

{Miki}:(This much just might be my limit....)
{Erica}:Miki-chan, you're pretty amazing. You're almost just like Coqulicot.

== Shooting LIPS End ==

- If you completed all three LIP tutorials without error - Erica ++
{Erica}:We've managed to finish this with no problems at all. This is all thanks to you 
Miki-chan. Truly, Thank you very much!
Erica leaves with a smile.

- If you've completely failed all three LIP tutorials - Erica --
{Erica}:It looks like I've cause more damage then I should have. I'll go apologize to Grand 
Erica leaves with slumped shoulders. 

~~ Bar(バー)  ~~
{Lobelia}:Yo, is that you Miki?

{Lobelia}:What are you wandering around for?
{Miki}:That goes for you too....Erica-san was searching for you earlier.
{Lobelia}:Haah.....Like I would do something as irritating as clean up the Stage setting 

								- To be continued..... 

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