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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Frankie_Spankie

    Version: 1.4 | Updated: 05/05/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii:,.:iiii,      ; 
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    iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.     ,2MMMMM ZWMMMMSMMMM 
    iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii,  ,aMMMMMMMMMB MMM@   MMMM 
    iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii: :MMMMMW MMMMM  MMM0ZMMMMi  
    iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii    ,MMS     MMMMM MMMMWMMMMM  i
    iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii:iiiii  MMXS      :MMMMM  MMMM  MMMMM i
    iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.    . ii, MM;   ZMMMMMMMMMM .MMM7  MMMMW i
    iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.     SZMMM i: ;Mr : iMMMM7XMMMMM MMMM,       .i
    iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii:.  . .;8MM MMMMM . .M0 ,i.Ma    MMMMM8 MS   :::,:iiii
    iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii:.     iW  MMMMi iMMMM   MM  i:      2MMMMM     ,:iiiiiiiii
    iiiiiiiiiiiiiiii:     XMMMMMM  MMMM   MMMMi MM      ,BMMMMMMMM, :iiiiiiiiiiiiii
    iiiiiiiiiii,     rWMMMMMrMMMM  MMM@ : MMMMMMM   MMMMMMMMMMZ,   ,iiiiiiiiiiiiiii
    iiiiii,      SM: MMMM    MMM2 MMMM: i rMMMMM   MMMMMM8:     .,iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
    iii:   ,WMMMMMMM MMMM7MMMM@   MMMM .i. MMX.  .MM0i      ,:iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
    i;;..MMMM8 @MMM  MMMMBMMMMM  iMMMM :i:     .,.,    ,:iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
    iii  MMM   MMMM XMMM  aMMMMM MMa.  iiiiiiiiii:::iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
    iii 0MMM  ;MMMB MMMM  .MMM8;     .:iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
    ii, MMM   MMMM  MMMM .      :iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
    ii  MMM   MMMW MM;   i:::iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
    ii BMMMMMMM0,      ,iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
    i.iMMMMS     ,iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
    i:2      .:iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
    Table of Contents
    1. Controls
    2. Walkthrough
    3. Techniques
     -3.1 Driving
     -3.2 Shooting
     -3.3 Running
    4. Maps
    5. Timmy Vermicelli
     -5.1 Miami
     -5.2 Nice
     -5.3 Istanbul
    6. Secret Cars
    7. Driving Games
    8. Fun Stuff
    9. Story/Characters
    10. Film Director Controls
    11. Cheats/Codes
    12. Contact Me
    13. FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)
    14. Credits
    15. Version History
    16. Disclaimer
    If you want to find a certain section quicker, just hit ctrl+f and then type 
    what section you're looking for and it'll bring you right to it. There are also
    a Table of Contents in the Walkthrough and Driving Games sections that are also
    searchable in the same way. 
    1. Controls
    Here are all of the controls you will need to know for game play, I just
    rewrote everything that's in the game manual.
    Driving Controls:
    Control:                              Action:
    Left analog stick                     Steering
    Left/right directional buttons        Steering
    Right analog stick (up/down)          Accelerate/Brake/Reverse
    X Button                              Accelerate
    Square Button                         Brake/Reverse
    Triangle Button                       Handbrake (e-brake)
    Circle Button                         Burnout
    L1 Button                             Enter/Exit vehicle
    R1 Button                             Horn/Fire weapon (when applicable)
    L2 Button                             Look Left
    R2 Button                             Look Right
    L1+R1 Buttons                         Thrill Cam
    L2+R2 Buttons                         Rear View
    Select Button                         Change View
    Start Button                          Pause Menu
    On-Foot Controls:
    Control:                              Action:
    Left Analog Stick                     Walk
    Directional Buttons                   Walk
    Right Analog Stick                    Look/Aim
    X Button                              Jump
    Square Button                         Toggle Weapons
    Triangle Button                       Holster/Draw Weapon
    Circle Button                         Reload
    L1 Button                             Enter/Exit vehicle/ Action
    R1 Button                             Fire weapon
    L2 Button                             Crouch/Roll *
    Select Button                         Change View
    Start Button                          Pause Menu
    *You will crouch when you stand, and you will roll when you run.
    2. Walkthrough
    Table of Contents (Walkthrough)
     -2.1 Miami
       -2.11 Police HQ
       -2.12 Lead on Baccus
       -2.13 The Siege
       -2.14 The Rooftops
       -2.15 Impress Lomaz
       -2.16 Gator's Yacht
       -2.17 Trapped
       -2.18 Dodge Island
       -2.19 Retribution
     -2.2 Nice
       -2.21 Welcome to Nice
       -2.22 Smash and Run
       -2.23 18 Wheeler
       -2.24 Hijack
       -2.25 Arms Deal
       -2.26 Booby Trap
       -2.27 Calita in Trouble
       -2.28 Rescue Dubois
       -2.29 Hunted
     -2.3 Istanbul
       -2.31 Surveillance
       -2.32 Tanner's Escape
       -2.33 Another Lead
       -2.34 Alleyways
       -2.35 The Chase
       -2.36 Bomb Truck
       -2.37 Chase the Train
    I'll tell you this now, if you're a good driver in driving games, always try 
    to do awesome things while driving such as peeling out at the beginning of 
    the second mission or make awesome turns with the e-brakes. When you do 
    continue game it will show you the story of the game up to the mission you're 
    on and you will see quick scenes of you driving. so if you do fancy things, 
    your loading will look better.
    You start the game in Miami although the movie shows you in Istanbul. It kind
    of tells you the end of the game although I'm not sure if that really is the
    end, I'm just assuming like the other gamers out there. =P After the whole
    cut scene in the beginning, you start in your house in Miami and you start your
    first mission.
    2.1 Miami
    2.11 - Police HQ
    You start off in your really nice house and you just have to drive to the 
    Police HQ which is the green dot on your map. Just drive to it and you can 
    explore on the way there if you want. When you get there just walk in and you 
    will go into a short cut scene. The cop at the desk will tell you to go to the
    firing range.
    This is probably the best mission to play just because you get to learn the 
    basics of guns. Just run through the doorway and shoot all the criminals (red 
    cardboard cut-outs) and avoid the civilians. (blue cardboard cut-outs) Really
    easy and quick mission, after this you'll get to the good ol' fashion driver 
    and start chasing people.
    2.12 - Lead to Baccus
    This mission I can't really help you in. When you start, get in the cop car 
    right in front of you when you start. Put on your sirens and floor it. Follow 
    the cops that are in front of you and you have to keep up so be quick and 
    cautious around corners. This mission lasts about 3 minutes if you were 
    2.13 - The Siege
    This is a reason they get you used to the guns. Right from the start you should
    pull out your gun. Run to the left right from the start. keep going around the 
    building until you reach the little doorway in the fence. When you reach the 
    doorway, you will see two enemies come out with guns, just kill them quick and 
    keep going. Then take their ammo and keep going on, kill the last two people in
    the yard and then a cut scene will come up.
    You'll see Baccus get out of the building and hop into his car. You start in 
    your car so just start peeling out from the start. Go through the same path he
    leaves then just follow him. after about a minute of chasing him he'll crash 
    into the corner of a building and blow up.
    **NOTE** JGray told me if you crash through the door Baccus escapes it'll
    skip the whole shooting part of the mission and bring you to the chase.
    2.14 - Rooftops
    You start off in your nice house again. Just hop in your car and go to the 
    hotel. Go into the arrow then go up the stairs. Go into the first door because
    you can't go any higher. Run up all the flights of stairs until you reach the, 
    second floor. Kill the person in there and grab their gun. Go right down the
    hallway and open the last door. There will be two people in there with pistols.
    Kill them and there will be an Uzi on the bed. Take the Uzi go back up the
    stairs. Go up to the roof and open the first door. You will enter a little room
    with not much in it. Open the next door and you reach the roof.
    Right when you open the door you will see three people you'll end up shooting.
    When you take your first step they'll recognize you and start shooting at you.
    Just have your gun out when you first open the door and shoot at them before 
    they see you, at least get rid of one of them before you have to fight them 
    all at once I've actually killed two of them at once on the first shot if you
    can get the right angle in. Kill those three then take their ammo and run down
    the stairs. There will be two more enemies over there waiting for you but
    they'll pop out and surprise you instead of you surprising them like last time.
    You will see them in the middle of the set of stairs. Go back up to the roof 
    you were just on and shoot them, they won't shoot at you from that far. After 
    you've killed them go up to the things that look like oil tanks and hide behind
    one of them. On the next flight of stairs you have to go up will be somebody
    with an Uzi. You'll have to do a barrel roll (L2) and go behind the other
    tank. From there you will have to run out and just keep shooting. After you 
    kill him go get his gun and go up the stairs. Go to the right of the room right
    in front of you for health and another enemy with an Uzi. Kill him or shoot at
    him until he runs around the corner, chase after him but be careful because to
    the right of you the whole time was another person with an Uzi. You can either
    take him out or run by him. After you've decided keep going to where that first
    person hid. There will be three people there, one with an Uzi and two with 
    pistols, just spray them with the Uzi and they'll be easy. Now make sure you've
    killed the other person which you had the choice in killing before. Take all
    the ammo and look for more health. Run through the last door and go into the
    elevator for a quick cut scene.
    You'll be in the garage of the hotel and there will be about seven enemies, I
    first recommend you kill the person with the Uzi which is in the little booth
    at the opposite end of the parking lot from the elevator you just came out. Now
    just run behind some car and keep ducking. Shoot them while they reload. Once
    you've killed them all, go get the health in the booth and then flip the switch
    to open the garage. Go towards the car with the arrow over it and then two
    people with Uzis will come out and start to shoot you. Go hide behind a pole
    and wait for them to blow up the car in front of them. After they blew it up,
    go hide behind one of them and crouch. Shoot when you get the chance. Now get
    their guns and go into your sweet car. =D
    Approach 1:
    Get in and slowly back out because you can't wreck the car. Pull out of the
    garage to the left because there will be a car trying to stop you to the right.
    Lose that car as quick as possible because there will be no other cars that
    will try to stop you, other than cops if you do something stupid. Now you can
    just take a nice ride down to the green dot on the map. Go to the doorway and
    you get the car.
    Approach 2:
    Slowly get out of the garage. When you get out you will see a chase car coming
    after you from the right. Back up and get back into the garage. Get out of the
    car and wait for the tail car to come near you. Shoot up the car and the driver
    and then get back in the car. Go to your destination and run up to the door.
    You now receive this car in take a ride mode.
    *Thanks to Joe for telling me you can get an Uzi on the second floor.
    *Thanks to James for telling me you can get rid of the chase car quickly by
    stopping at the entrance of the parking garage, waiting for it to come in, and
    then just shooting it up with the Uzi.
    2.15 - Impress Lomaz
    This mission is pretty cool. Just go to your backyard and get to your boat. Get
    to the docks in downtown and just quickly park your boat. You don't have to
    park it for a getaway because you won't use it again. Just talk to him and he
    will tell you to hop in the car and go to destroy Tico's construction yard.
    Just drive through all the barrels, windows, walls, and tanks they tell you
    to. When you get to the last thing to hit will be on a roof. Slowly hit the
    barrels so you won't fall off the roof and flip over for a mission failure.
    When you're done destroying stuff go back to the docks to get in a different
    car with Lomaz. From there you have to drive to the local bar and kill all the
    people in it before you start shooting it up. There are about five people in
    there. Just kill them quick because you have to shoot the bar up within one
    minute and thirty seconds. I recommend you just quickly shoot at the
    refrigerator because there are enough wine bottles in there to fill up about
    half the meter. When you're done it'll go into a cut scene and you become their
    2.16 - Gator's Yacht
    This is one of the best missions in the game and my personal favorite, it is a
    good map for sneaking around in. Go to my shooting and running techniques for a
    few tips on stealthiness.
    Start off going into your boat. Go straight to Gator's yacht pretty much south-
    south-east (SSE) of your house. Go around the front side of the yacht from a
    distance. Go to the right side of the boat and go up the ladder. There will be
    a guard to the left of you. Don't bother him and he won't bother you. Just go
    down to the right and go hit the flashing button. If you did this correctly, 
    you wouldn't have shot a single shot and you shouldn't of gotten shot at.
    Next go to the houses in the water to get the C4s. Stop some distance away from
    the house. Take out your silenced pistol and snipe out the guy there with the
    silenced pistol. Go up to it with your boat and get on the little dock. Open
    the door and just barely walk in enough to shoot the person in there with the
    silenced pistol. For some reason, the person right next to him didn't realize
    he died so you can just easily kill him too. Take the ammo and health around
    you. Next go into the bedroom and kill the criminal, not the civilian. Take all
    of the C4s and make sure you got whatever you want from the house. Walk outside
    for a checkpoint.
    Now get in your boat and go back to the yacht. Now they know who you are and 
    they will shoot at you. Drive by and wait for the people to come out to shoot
    you and then drive away. Don't drive too far away though. Shoot all of them
    then drive your boat and position it for a getaway because you will need to
    make one. Go in and go down the path on the right side of the boat to kill a 
    person had you not already killed him. Go all the way down to the switch you
    had to hit for the boat to come out. Open the door on the opposite wall. There
    will be nobody in that hallway but the next room will have two people in it.
    Kill them and plant the bomb. In the next room if you keep going straight will
    be two more people but there will be health in there. If you want to risk it,
    then go for it. If you don't just backtrack to the way you went in.
    Go upstairs and kill the person at the top of the stairs if you didn't kill him
    yet. Open the door quickly and run to the side before it opens all the way.
    There will be one person to the right and two to the left. Kill them by peeking
    around the corner and then go down the hallway and kill the person that will
    come out from around the corner. I don't know if there is anything in the rooms
    you run by if you want to investigate for health but you might run into an
    enemy. But you have to go to the bridge and there will be two people in there.
    Shoot them by peeking around the corner then place the bomb. The alarm goes off
    when you place the second bomb.
    Now you have to go down to the engine room. Stay at the top of the stairs and
    shoot the guy at the bottom. Now run down, there will be one person at each end
    and one in the middle, I suggest you run down with the Uzi if you still have
    ammo and then shoot the person in the middle and then keep going straight and
    kill the person down there. Take the health if you need it, also don't take it
    after you plant the bomb because you shouldn't run into anybody outside and
    you'll have a time limit to get off the boat. Go to the other end and kill the
    last person. Plant the bomb and then go to your boat. Now your glad I told you
    to park the boat in getaway position aren't you? Just hop in and floor it. Get
    far enough away or you will die. You will see the nice movie with the nice
    effects in it of the yacht blowing up.
    ***Thanks to Joel for telling me you don't have to kill anybody when you first
    get on the yacht.***
    2.17 - Trapped
    This one I can't really help you with. Just go to my driving techniques section
    and get good at driving. Follow the exit signs until you finally get out. At
    the end, two cop cars will come out to block the door so slow down so you won't
    hit them and take any more damage. Just quickly drive back to your hideout and
    you'll have to lose the tail so they don't know your hideout. You also can't
    do what I do and get out to shoot them, you'll have to actually lose them.
    After everybody gets out, you'll have to dump the car off in the water because
    the cops know everything about it and it's not of any use to you anymore. Just
    go into Tico's construction yard and dump it in the river. You don't have to
    jump out before you hit the water either. So if you have very low health, just
    drive into the water. You can however dive out of the car at the last second
    for a nice little ending.
    2.18 - Dodge Island
    This whole intro is very easy. Just take the car and drive down to Dodge
    Island. Go to the warehouse and you don't have to park in a getaway position.
    Go in for a little cut scene and then you'll see your car. Get into the car as
    quick as possible because there will be people shooting at you. Peel out and
    smash through the window and you have to go fast. Clear the gap and you'll have
    to get out. You can't go slow through the glass because you'll fall in water
    and you'll die before you can reach a ladder.
    ***Approach 2***
    This requires very sharp aiming skills and a gun that can blast through fences. 
    Once everyone starts shooting at you, DO NOT take the ramp with the car. 
    Instead, find cover and kill all of the shooters. Then, break the glass and 
    SLOWLY walk out. Once it gets to a slow-motion cutscene, do not move your 
    character until it is done. If you are lucky, you will have not landed in the 
    water but on a thin strip of concrete protruding from the warehouse you just 
    exited. If you landed in the water, restart. Otherwise, face right and shoot 
    out the fence. Go right and keep going until you see a trailer. Try to squeeze 
    behind the trailer and then keep running towards the mainland. When you get to 
    the bridge, it will go up, and there will be two men at the control tower on 
    your left: one outside and one inside the tower. Kill them both and press the 
    switch (in flashing yellow) and press L1. The rest is just straightforward: get 
    to your base. There will be chase cars, but just reach your base and shoot them 
    -Submitted by "Jon Ku"
    ***Approach 3***
    Just after you get in the Ferrari and jump out of the window, across the 
    canal, and land, your walkthroughs suggest either getting the car under the 
    container (nice explosion if you fail, BTW) or getting out and going through 
    the gaps between containers. I found another route, not mentioned in any of 
    your (all of you guys) FAQs. When you land, stop the car, shoot the enemy who 
    is looking out of the gap between containers if necessary, and then look back 
    towards the window you just came through. There is a raised ridge running 
    around the dock, and a ladder coming up from the canal (though the latter may 
    be PC only). You can jump up on this raised ridge, and then, walking on it, go 
    left, around the container. This leads first to a white trailer, with two 
    machine gun toting baddies, and a health pack. Get back on the edge ridge, 
    continue on and you will see two more machine gunners on your left. Shoot them, 
    continue on, and you find two more baddies on your left these are the same two 
    baddies from the normal walkthough, just before you get to the car.
    -Submitted by "Jack Diamond"
    You can drive to run over the only person that's shooting at you in the
    beginning. After You kill him, you'll have to get out of the car. Don't worry
    about the car either because you don't need it anymore. Just keep going and
    kill everybody you run by. In the first building you get to, there will be
    health if you need it.
    Get out of the warehouse and keep shooting people. After you killed enough
    people there will be another health pack. A little further will be two people
    that get out a car and shoot at you and then others from a farther distance.
    Shoot at all of them and there will be one behind the van so shoot out his
    feet. Now get in the car and just keep driving around the docks until you reach
    the entrance again. 
    Approach 1:
    Keep dodging all the cars along the way. When you reach the road again, there
    will be a van that will chase you and try to screw you up. If you can, get out
    and just shoot him through the windshield so he won't bother you at the gate.
    There will be a few people waiting for you at the gate trying to stop you one
    last time. Stay a good distance away and shoot them down. Go hit the gate
    switch and drive through the gate. Now you only have to drive to the bridge and
    your set.
    Approach 2:
    When you get to the other side of the compound, where the vans and trucks try
    to block you, you can jump in the water. While you are in the water, you can
    simply swim to your hideout.
    ***Thanks to Shane_Kallio for Approach 2***
    2.19 - Retribution
    Now it's time to kill Gator for setting you up. Follow him as you drive and
    shoot out the tires of the car that's following Gator's car. He should
    eventually spin out then all you'll have to do is follow Gator to his hideout.
    You have to get out of your car and shoot at all his guards. There'll be a few
    outside and those are the only people Lomaz will help you kill. After you get
    his shotgun and you'll also unlock it in Take A Ride mode. Go inside and kill
    the three or four people that are in there. Then when you leave the warehouse
    through the other door, there will be one person to the right of you. Kill him
    and go through the doorway. There will be on person in here and the next room,
    there will also be health too. When you reach the part that says chase Gator,
    just hop in the boat without killing the guards next to you, it'll waste too
    much time and Gator will get away.
    Follow him in the boat and then get to those little houses he's hiding out in.
    Go a distance away from the house where you can shoot at the people again but
    they can't shoot you. Now either drive your boat or swim to the house. Go in
    and right at the entrance to the left will be a person waiting to shoot at you.
    You can go in the room you should be looking at right now and there will be a
    person to the right of you and there will be health. In the hallway ahead of
    you will be another person and there will be somebody in the room you run by
    in the hallway. Go to the door and kill Gator, you should be high enough that
    you can shoot him but he can't shoot you.
    2.2 - Nice
    2.21 - Welcome to Nice
    You start off in your house getting a call to go meet Calita. Go outside and
    get into your car. Drive towards her and after you get close enough, she will
    call you saying she needs help because the locals are shooting at her. Now you
    will have to drive quick to get down there so she will have the most health
    When you get there pull out your Uzi and just shoot everybody there except for
    her. When you killed everybody, go to the room she's in and get the health.
    From there just follow her and kill anybody that attacks you as quickly as
    possible. Hide behind cars and whatever you can for cover. Keep following her
    and shooting people until you get to a big courtyard. The van will be just
    ahead. Lead her to the van and wait for her to get in. You'll go in the back
    after she gets in the passenger seat. She gives you a bunch of ammo and now you
    have to shoot the tail cars so they won't kill your van.
    This is probably the hardest part of the level since the sensitivity is pretty
    low and it's hard to hit the cars when you're making unpredictable movements
    because of bumps, turns, etc. Shoot at the drivers of the car or the grills of
    the cars and if you're lucky and you got two cars after you, the one you shoot
    at will swerve into the other and block him. Just keep shooting at the drivers
    of the tail cars until you get back to your house.
    I'm sorry I can't really help you on this mission because there really aren't
    any tactics other than the ones I listed above. This one will be up to you and
    your shooting abilities. And if it takes you a while to beat, don't worry
    because it took me about an hour to beat.
    2.22 - Smash and Run
    This is probably one of the coolest driving missions I've played in any game.
    Reminds me of Knight Rider too. You have to get all the cars into the back of
    the trailer before the trailer reaches the compound.
    When you start on your motorcycle, go left at the very beginning and go as fast
    as possible. Go on the first highway you reach. Just cruise all the way down it
    and when you reach a gap in the buildings on the right, there should be a
    parking garage underground. Drive down there, get in your car, and get out.
    Wait until you see the truck drive by you (unless it already has) and then get
    in the back of the truck. When you got in far enough, hit L1 to get out and you
    will be in the middle of the street. Get a car, any car, as quickly as
    Drive down the same road you are on all the way to the end. When you get to the
    point where you have to turn, look for a gate. Go through the gate and go to
    the garage. You have to go in the side door on the left side of the garage.
    Open the door and then the garage door will open. Hop in the car and go out the
    way you came in. If you timed it right, the truck should be right in front of
    you. Hop in the truck and then get out and find another car quick.
    Now go to the car dealer. I recommend you get out and shoot the windows out so
    you don't accidentally block yourself in the dealer. Now just get in the car
    and floor it until you reach the truck. Get in the back of the truck and you're
    2.23 - 18 Wheeler
    This is another awesome mission for sneaking around. What you have to do is
    drive all the way down there. Go to the front gate and take out your silenced
    pistol. Peek around the corner with the third person camera and wait until the
    guard turns around. Go to the gate and shoot him in the head with the silenced
    Go to the water and you will find a secret cave. Jump in the water and swim
    down to the other end of the cave. Go up the ladder and you will be inside. Get
    out the silenced pistol and shoot all the people in there from a distance.
    After you killed all of them, go get health if you need it. There will be one
    by the crates and one in a building. Go up the ladder and the crane and use it
    to get the blue crate on the trailer.
    To operate the crane, you must use the D-Pad to move it and X to pick up and
    drop crates. The crane go only go on the tracks so be patient. Go to the middle
    set of crates with two crates stacked up. So it will be the second from the
    right. Pick up the crate on the top and move it to the other side. Drop it and
    get the blue crate off the ground. No move the crane and put it on the trailer
    and move your crane back to where it was before you got on. Climb down the
    ladder and you will have to go get the truck to attach it to the trailer. Take
    your time attaching it to the trailer and then when you get it attached, just
    go through the gate because an alarm will go off and the cops will be after
    you. Go up the hill for a quick cut scene of the cop chasing you.
    Now you have to drive down to the docks and stop. There will be a lot of
    roadblocks in your way but they shouldn't stop you. Just smash right through
    all of them and you should be fine. You will probably get damaged a little bit
    and get some tires popped but you should still making it without getting
    wrecked or dieing.
    2.24 - Hijack
    Approach 1:
    This mission is a pain. Right from the start go forward. When you can, go into
    the grass and drive around the house because somebody will block the road if
    you just follow the truck. Go off a jump that's ahead of you and just follow
    the truck. Follow it until people will start shooting at you. Try to run over
    them at full speed. If you can't drive away and shoot them from a distance.
    After you've killed them all go towards the entrance but go across the street
    first. Shoot at all the people you an before you go in. After that slowly
    advance through the entrance and keep angling yourself and killing people.
    There will be one last person next to the water tower. Shoot him and make sure
    nobody else is alive. A neat little trick is to shoot out the leg of the water
    tower and it will fall but it won't kill anybody or hurt the car so you can do
    it if you want for fun. Get in the car and go out the opposite way you came in.
    Just drive fast and cautiously because if you damage the car too much, the
    mission is failed.
    Approach 2:
    Go forward and into the grass. Go over the little jump and stop in front of the
    truck from a distance. Get out of the car and use the gun with 60 shots in the
    clip. Shoot at the windshield a few times until you see the truck slowing down.
    When it stops get into the truck. Drive down to the car and don't kill anybody.
    Drive into the courtyard and get out of the truck. Now just go into the car and
    you can drive away. Go down the hill to get away.
    When you get down the hill there will be a car chasing you. Go up the next
    hill. If the car chases you up the hill, then jump down and you shouldn't get
    too damaged but the other car should jump over the wall and you will lose him.
    Drive down the road until you reach a roadblock. Drive up the dirt hill and
    then just drive to the yard and the gate will open. Drive up to the door and
    where the arrow is.
    **NOTE** JackredluM told me you could just shoot the driver of the truck and
    take the car. You should be able to drive out safely until you reach a road-
    block. I have not tried this yet.
    2.25 - Arms Deal
    Drive out of the airport and onto the road. Go down to Zeego's and wait for
    Lomaz to get out. From there you should turn around and go to your left side of
    the road. Slowly back out until you start to get shot at. Get out and crouch.
    Pull out whatever gun you want, preferably an automatic weapon. Whenever you
    want, just get out from behind the car and shoot at the people. When you got
    all of them slowly advance. When you are close to the second car, turn around
    and hide behind the building. Shoot at all the people that just came out. Now
    keep going down the alleyway and to the left will be a big garage that's open.
    There will be two people in there. Just angle yourself correctly so they won't
    shoot you but you could shoot them. There is health in that garage behind some
    boxes. Grab that if you need it and run to the truck. Get in the truck and
    There will be a damage meter that you don't want to fill or your truck will
    blow up. There will also be a timer of two minutes and twenty eight seconds.
    Drive forward but don't do a burnout. This truck has very bad traction so don't
    try to do anything fancy. Go through the cafe and go to your destination. There
    will be one car chasing you from a road on your left side. Just weave in and
    out of the trees and lights in the middle of the road. You should lose him very
    easily. From there just drive carefully to your destination. There shouldn't be
    any other tail cars close enough to you to be chasing you. Take your time but
    also go fast enough to make the time limit.
    2.26 - Booby Trap
    This mission is all about your quick driving abilities. You have to stay above
    50 MPH or else your car will blow up. You can slow down for a little while but
    there will be a meter that will slowly fill up. When the meter is full, it
    blows up. Just drive on the same road as far as you can. Make turns when the
    whole road turns and avoid light poles, cars, and trees. Pretty much avoid any
    accident that is waiting to happen. When you get pretty close to the dot, go on
    the red pathway on the left side of the street. Keep driving straight and jump
    off onto the beach but make sure you don't jump into the water. Keep driving
    straight and try to stay at the same speed as the truck driving by you. When
    you're close enough and you see Lomaz ready to jump, hit R1 and he should go
    into the back of the truck. You will see a short cut scene with Lomaz's plan
    with the car.
    Speed up from the start then go up the wall and slow down a little bit. Make
    sure you won't hit a light pole and make your first right, it should be a wide
    open street that you should be able to maneuver through quite easily. Drive all
    the way down and make your second to last right. Just stay on this road until
    you get near the end. Keep an eye on the right side of the road looking for a
    gate. When you get it drive your car into the truck. Jump out while it's still
    going when it tells you to. Jump out too early, it won't get to the truck. Jump
    out too late, you die. And I think you can figure out what will happen if you
    don't jump out at all.
    2.27 - Calita in Trouble
    Quickly get into the car and turn around. Drive out of the airport and onto the
    street. Keep going and make your first left then make your first right onto the
    street, not the alley. Speed up until you catch up with the truck. Once you can
    clearly see it, shoot at it aiming for the tires. Get close until the back
    doors open and two people will be in the back with machine guns. Be careful
    because if you stay to close they will kill your car rather quickly. Fall back
    and kill them from a distance. The truck should stop after you killed both of
    them but if it hasn't shoot out the tires and it should stop.
    Keep going until you get to Calita and there will be two guards waiting for
    you. Shoot them then go up the stairs to kill another. There will be a grenade
    launcher in the corner. Take it and shoot at the people on the ground. Just
    make sure you don't get one near Calita. If you end up using all your
    grenades just shoot at them with your gun. Once you have killed all of them
    Fabienne will start to run away.
    Approach 1:
    Go back down the stairs after the cut scene and get in the car. Floor it and go
    left. Now you'll have to follow her and she's pretty quick. Just keep following
    her until she eventually gets out of the car. She will either crash or spin.
    Just get out and quickly shoot her. It only takes about three shots with the
    M16 and she is quite easy.
    Approach 2:
    Run down the stairs after the cut scene and get out your M16 (the gun Timmy
    uses.) When you see the car, start shooting. Keep shooting at the car/driver
    from the distance and with this gun you should get her. Also if you still have
    some extra grenades handy, try and time a shot right. If you're lucky or
    skilled with time (very often lucky) you will get her with ease really quickly.
    If you miss you can just try again. If you still can't get her with the grenade
    then just go for the M16.
    **NOTE** JackredluM told me you can just take the M16 (the gun Timmy uses) and
    shoot at her car from the start and that should get her.
    2.28 - Rescue Dubois
    Drive down to the restaurant and stop once you can see all the guards out
    front. Pull out your silenced pistol and pick them off one by one. Get out an
    automatic weapon and go inside. Kill the guards in there. Once you go in two
    more will come out from a door. Go in the doorway after you have killed the two
    guards to see one running at you. After you've killed him go to the left for
    another guard. Shoot him and open the door. There will be three guards in
    there. One to the right and two to the left. Shoot them quickly for a cut
    Approach 1:
    Get in the car and make a quick chase after them. Shoot at them all you want
    because you have unlimited ammo. Keep shooting at them until their car is very
    damaged. You can also try hitting them but it's hard to catch up so you will
    have to see if they go down a route that only has one exit or if they hit
    something along the way. There will be two guards that come out of the car.
    Just run over them quickly.
    Approach 2:
    Run in front of the car with Dubois in it as fast as possible. Get hit by him
    and try to land on the top of the car. Stay on the car and then crouch and keep
    shooting at it. Go towards the back so you don't hit the engine and
    accidentally make the car explode. When the car dies it will slowly roll for a
    while. When they get out just quickly shoot them. This approach is really hard
    to execute but it is an easy mission to complete once you can get it started
    **NOTE** Mark M. told me at the start of the mission run in front of the
    speeding car and get hit by him. Make sure you stay on top of the car, then
    move to the back of the car and crouch down and aim toward the car and shoot
    until the car dies. Then when it stops, jump off and kill the two men who jump
    2.29 - Hunted
    You start off this mission in the boat. Just take your time driving to the boat
    house down the river and watch the quick cut scene of the boat being parked.
    After that cut scene will be a movie. They're trying to kill you so you have to
    get away quick.
    After the movie ends, turn around and go into the forklift. Drive up to a crate
    and pick it up by pressing circle. Slowly back out so it won't fall off and set
    it up in between the separated walkways. Leave the crate there with the crate
    up and get out. Climb up the ladder and when you're at the top they will come
    out and start shooting you. Jump onto the crate and then from there jump onto
    the next walkway. Run all the way down for a pistol with A LOT of shots. Climb
    down the ladder for health and a shotgun. Forget about the guys that torched
    the door and went through. Here is where you can make a choice, either take a
    car or the boat. If you take the car then take out the shotgun and open the
    door. Kill everybody and there will be health to the right of you. Kill 
    everybody else that will be near you and grab the car and turn around and go to
    the top of the hill. Kill all of the guards at the hill when they get in your
    way. Blow up the cars to get the cars out of the way after you've killed them
    If you take the boat, then just hop in and if you want shoot out the people in
    the boat if you want, but I recommend just taking off. Go up the river you came
    in through and get out. You will still have to take a car but this way you save
    ammo. Just drive to the top of the hill. Kill all of the guards at the hill
    when they get in your way. Blow up the cars to get the cars out of the way
    after you've killed them all.
    2.3 Istanbul
    2.31 - Surveillance
    At the start you'll have to take a right. Just keep following him and don't get
    too close. It's a lot easier on PS2 then it was on PS1 because of the pressure
    sensitive buttons. Just try to keep the meter a quarter of the way full because
    then you're not too close and if you crash you will have time to catch up
    again. When Jericho stops, you'll see him go inside a building and you have to
    find a different way in. Go around the back and go down a set of stairs. Now
    you can't be spotted.
    Now you have to be stealthy and you can't be spotted. Although you should try
    to be stealthy all the time anyways. You should be pretty good by now. So take
    out your silenced pistol and keep sneaking up the stairs shooting people in the
    head. Some of the guards will move but they will eventually stop at the same
    spot. Go into the huge room and go down the scaffolding for a nice little cut-
    scene of Jericho talking. Some guard will see you listening in and now you have
    to get out and survive.
    There will be about three guards shooting at you from across the room before
    you even get to hide or go to the door. Shoot at them and keep shooting until
    they're all dead. Now make your way up the stairs. Once you get up the first
    set of steps you will run into a guard with a shotgun shooting at you from
    point blank. When you get to the top you will see another guard shooting at you
    with a pistol. Kill him then get the health at the top of the stairs if you
    need it. Now go out onto the roof.
    There will be two people. Kill them before you actually step on the roof. Go
    out and there will be a person in between the generators. Now get an automatic
    weapon and run out and kill ht two guards that come out to shoot at you. If you
    need health, you can get some behind that small room you got onto the roof
    through. It will be on the roof, if you don't know what I'm talking about just
    look around and you will find it. Now go to the stairs but don't go down,
    instead go to the ledge and shoot at the two guards down there. Run down and
    then three more will come after you. After you've killed them, two more will
    come from the stairs but they won't run after you, they will only wait for you.
    Just angle yourself correctly with the gun with unlimited ammo then shoot at
    them. Two more will be there too. One guarding the stairs and the other
    crouching behind a vent.
    Go to the stairs and shoot the two guards in the window. They will run out a
    little but they will stop. Keep shooting them then when they die go down the
    stairs. There will be health to the left of you if you need it. Run into the
    construction site and go down the stairs. There will be four guards waiting for
    you. Go through that doorway for two more guards. Then run down the stairs. Now
    this part is kind of tricky. There will be nobody at the bottom of the stairs.
    Take out your silenced pistol and kill the people in the next room with the
    silenced pistol because there are people on the ground. Get the health on that
    little ledge if you need it and go on. Go into the next room where you just
    shot those three guards. There will be health in there too if you need it.
    Now go down the hole and get an Uzi out. Shoot at the people if you want but
    you don't have to. So get in your truck and just drive all the way to your
    hotel. Be careful because there will be cars chasing you. When you get to the
    hotel just get out and shoot them in their cars because they don't get out.
    Run to the right of the entrance or drive. It doesn't matter.
    2.32 - Tanner's Escape
    Right from the start take out your grenade launcher. Learn how far it will go
    until it explodes. When you're used to it, start the mission over. Take out
    your grenade launcher and shoot all the cops. Get all of their cars killed and
    look at your radar. When you see the light you should then time your shots. If
    the cops get too close then get out your Uzi and just shoot at them. When you
    killed a cop car with the Uzi, then go back to your grenade launcher. Keep
    surviving until you reach a cut scene. The truck will jump into the water and
    you have to swim to the boat.
    When you start in the boat go to the left. Just keep driving and the cop boats
    that look at you won't have time to turn around and they will lose you. When
    you reach a boat that you can side swipe, hit the back end of it. Just aim for
    the middle because when you get close it will start to move. If you hit the
    boat the right way, then he will spin in the opposite direction. When you reach
    two parked boats, either take one of them or keep going. Only take it if one is
    heavily damaged but you don't have to. Just keep going to the beach and go up
    the last set of stairs from the water.
    Now just get a car and drive all the way to your hotel. Drive anywhere off the
    road when you can. Drive on the trolley tracks when you can. If you drive on
    the trolley tracks then make sure you get off near the end because you will run
    into a wall. Just keep going until you reach the hotel. If the cops are still
    on you, you can just get out and shoot them.
    2.33 - Another Lead
    The chase in this mission is actually easy. The only fairly hard part is
    probably the part when you have to get out of the train yard because you keep
    sliding around. Once you get out it's easy because you have a much faster car.
    Just keep chasing him until you reach a quick cut scene of him running inside.
    Now you have to catch him without killing him. It's actually easy because he
    will be hiding in a small area where you can't shoot him by accident. Kill the
    guard that comes outside. Then kill the two inside which you can reach from the
    outside. Go in and there will be a small section in the wall around the corner
    that another guard will be. There will also be health in the first hallway but
    I suggest you save it until you need it. Keep going and turn around the next
    corner for more guards to shoot. You can just angle yourself around the corner.
    Take your next left down a hall and keep going around the corner. You will
    eventually see some health. Take it if you need it and kill the next two guards
    you will see from a distance. When you reach a little intersection of hallways,
    you will see two guards you have to kill around the corner to the left. Kill
    them and keep going forwards towards the dot on the map. You will go into a
    little booth about to shoot him but he will tell you where Lomaz is instead.
    2.34 - Alleyways
    A little change this mission and you get to play as Tobias Jones now instead of
    Tanner. Right from the start get in the car closest to you. It's also the
    fastest car in the parking lot. It looks kind of like a Ferrari.
    When you get in that car, take a right to begin with. There really aren't any
    tricks to beating this chase so you will have to rely on your driving skills.
    If the bagman makes a right after they got on the street, don't go through the
    fence and through the dirt because then you will flip over and lose the car you
    are chasing. Just keep going until you get your tires blown out by gun shots.
    Get out and hide and shoot all the people around you.
    When you killed everybody, even the people on the third floor shooting at you
    from the windows, the door will open. Go in for one person to run down the
    stairs. Get out the shotgun and shoot him quickly. Run under the stairs and
    look towards the doorway. The next guard will come after you from the left.
    Shoot him with the shotgun too. Go to the right side of the door for health
    and then run up the stairs. Kill the people outside, including the people on
    the balcony. Go out and to the left for health. There will be people shooting
    at you from above if you didn't kill the people up high at the beginning of
    the shooting part. Now take out your shotgun and run to the door. When you get
    there somebody should come out. Shoot him and go up the stairs. Kill the person
    in the next room. There will be health in the safe the person was hiding
    behind. Take that then run through the door near the safe. Forget about that
    hole in the wall. It's just there to throw you off.
    Go down those stairs and don't go through the doorway. Just wait near the
    bottom with your shotgun out. When the guard comes out just shoot him quickly.
    There won't be anybody in this room but there will be ammo. Pick it up and go
    through the next doorway. Go down those stairs and when you get down the stairs
    and stop there. Somebody will come around the corner. Go down the stairs and
    kill the two people that come out. Take the car and drive through the gate.
    Just drive down to your hideout and I suggest that you don't stop. There will
    be a few chase cars after you but you can just get out and shoot the driver.
    Keep going until you reach your hideout and go in through the side entrance.
    2.35 - The Chase
    Right from the start I am going to tell you that this is a very hard yet fun
    mission. It is an even harder mission if you're not a good driver. Also before
    you start this mission I suggest that you go to Take A Ride mode and get good
    with the motorcycle. The handling is different then most other games with
    motorcycles. If you can drive good with the motorcycle then just go ahead and
    At the very beginning you will have to reverse hold right. When you hit the car
    behind you, then hit burnout and turn left. Don't hold burnout too long though
    because if you do you will just spin out. Start to drive after Calita and when
    you reach the intersection stay on the left side of the road. On the left side
    will be a wall and a light pole, go in between those two and most of the time
    you won't hit anything. Just keep chasing after her. When you get past all of
    the back roads it's pretty easy. Keep going until there is a park to your left.
    Go in there and then keep going straight. Ahead of you will be a small court-
    yard. Go through it as a shortcut. Now you will have to keep going until you
    reach the drawbridge. I noticed that every time you chase her that she takes
    the same path, same with on the motorcycle. So if you lose her, it doesn't
    really matter as long as you got far. Just keep going and you will eventually
    learn her exact route. Keep doing that until you beat this section.
    When you get to the drawbridge, you will stop. Quickly get out and run to the
    left side of the bridge. Press the flashing button to put the bridge down.
    There is also health in there but you shouldn't need it. Once you hit the
    button quickly run back to your car. Go up the bridge but stop when you get
    near the middle. The other side of the bridge will go down slightly slower than
    the half your on. When they connect and you can go over without crashing, then
    go. Drive to the left at the end of the bridge and you will reach the
    motorcycle area.
    Watch a cut scene and go. Take a left and go to the left of the light pole in
    the middle of the street. Now all you have to do is follow her and when you
    catch up you will have to bump into her. When you bump into her she will stop
    and you caught her.
    2.36 - Bomb Truck
    This mission is actually a relief compared to the last mission. It's a lot
    easier except this time you have a time limit of two minutes and thirty
    seconds. All you really need though is the first thirty seconds. At least that
    is all the time you will need if you follow this walkthrough for the mission.
    At the very start go left. Shoot at the truck and follow him. Just keep
    following him until you are reasonably close. Try to predict what turns the
    truck will make next. If you guessed right, you should be very close to him.
    Get right next to his bumper so you're bump drafting him. Just keep unloading
    your shots and driving because all the bombs will go right over your car. Keep
    shooting until he stops. You see how easy that was?
    2.37 - Chase the Train
    This mission is really hard, especially the shooting part. Right from the start
    you should floor it. Stay on the left tracks because a train will come straight
    at you if you go to the right tracks. Stay on those tracks and ignore the
    person shooting at you from the back of the train. Drive up the left side of
    the train. If you did this fast enough then you will go on a bridge before the
    train does, if you did it too slow, then restart. Now that you're ahead of the
    train it's very easy. Keep driving and after a while you will see a message
    saying, "Get to the bridge before the train." That should be very easy because
    you're already pretty far ahead of the train. Just drive onto the bridge for a
    quick cut scene. Jericho gets out and now it's time to chase after him and
    shoot at all the guards that get in your way.
    ***Alternate Approach***
    First, floor it until you see that the slope on your left has gone all the way 
    down (you can tell when when you see the fence and highway on your left). Slow 
    down immediately and you will see a part of the fence broken off. Go through 
    the opening and immediately catch up with the train. There is always the slight 
    chance that a blind driver will hit you or you hit the curb and flip, so 
    slowing down here is always helpful. Now that you are on the road, Jericho 
    cannot shoot you (as well) and you will not have to worry about sliding as much 
    on the road as on the tracks. You will have 4 chances to get in front of the 
    train. Once far enough ahead, make a right turn on any of the intersections and 
    look to your left for a fence that takes you to the railroad. If you are in 
    front of the train, slow down gradually and the train will push you over the 
    bridge. Otherwise, floor it some more and get to the bridge.
    -Submitted by "Jon Ku"
    At the very start you should see Jericho running away. Just forget about him,
    you will catch up later on. Shoot at the people with guns. Just don't shoot the
    cops, Jones, or Vauban. Just keep going up the street and shooting all the
    guards that get in your way. There will be health near some cars. Take it if
    you need it and chances are you will. Keep going until all the people are
    shooting at cops. Pick them off one by one and take a left. There will be large
    groups of people coming out here. Just crouch behind a car and try to pick them
    off before they come close. Once you see a roadblock of cop cars, run after it.
    Just make sure you have already killed everybody else. Keep going to the
    roadblock and to the right will be an alleyway.
    When you get close enough there will be a lot of people coming out. Just run
    backwards and shoot at them. If you need cover and you still haven't killed
    them all then hide behind a car. When they're all dead go down that alley.
    There will only be about five people down there and then Jericho will be down
    at the end. Kill everybody and take your time. When there is nobody left you
    can go after Jericho. Just wait back at those big roll-off dumpsters and sit
    behind them. Shoot at him from a distance and he will move around. Just keep
    shooting at him and he will eventually die without even shooting back at you.
    And that's it! You just beat Driv3r. Congratulations!
    3. Techniques
    In this section, I will show everybody the basics and the advanced of driving,
    shooting, and running.
    3.1 - Driving
    Learn all of the controls before you even try anything here and in any other
    1. If you have to get somewhere quicker, do a burnout and you will accelerate
    much quicker. Just don't do it when you have to turn right away because you
    will spin out and do a doughnut.
    2. Learn how to make quicker and more precise turns. If it's a sharp turn learn
    how to use the e-brake. Hit the e-brake and turn, you'll make a sharp turn and
    when you want to stop turning, turn in the opposite direction. If kind of a
    sharp turn, hit the regular brakes before you get to the turn, then just floor
    it around the corner. If it's a turn that's not that sharp at all but you won't
    make it if you hold the gas, just let go around the turn and keep going. If
    it's a light turn, just hold gas all the way so you won't lose any speed.
    3. Learn how to make a quick u-turn. All you really have to do is hold the
    e-brake and turn as far as you can and you should turn around completely.
    4. Always follow the back roads and alleys. There will be less or no cars to
    get in your way and there could be more of a shortcut.
    5. Whenever you're trying to lose somebody, drive in tight alleys and swerve in
    and out of things, the best is a light pole. So if a cop is chasing you, you
    could just go up on the sidewalk and swerve in and out of the light poles until
    they hit one of the poles. Just make sure you don't hit one yourself.
    6. Another good way to lose the cops are to go into narrow alleyways and try to
    get them stuck behind buildings.
    7. Always try to lose as little speed as possible. If your making a very sharp
    turn then use the e-brake. If your making a sharp turn use the regular brakes.
    If you making a turn that's not too tight, then just let go of the brakes and
    if your making a turn that isn't tight at all then you don't have to let go of
    the gas at all.
    8. Get used to riding the motorcycles. The handling is different from most
    other games so you will need to be good near the end of Undercover mode.
    9. When driving a big rig and you have the cops after you bumping into your
    rear bumper then hit circle. The trailer will detach and they will all get
    stuck behind it. This strategy is more effective when you're making a turn
    when you detach the trailer.
    10. Sure, driving against in traffic is illegal and dangerous, but so is
    everything else you do in this game. Sometimes you will have to drive on the
    wrong side of the road just to maintain your speed. When there isn't a divider
    in the middle, drive there because it will be the fastest and easiest route to
    11. Get used to avoiding other cars and them doing unpredictable things. Don't
    think that just because you are driving toward them, they will try to avoid
    you. They want to hold their line when they drive and they're going to keep it.
    They will also make unpredictable moves such as turning towards you or away
    from you. The best thing to do is to always think they will turn towards you.
    12. When you don't want the cops following you, keep using your horn. Your
    felony bar will go up slower if you warn pedestrians out of your way. There
    will also be a few cars that get out of your way. When in a cop car, use your
    sirens. Everybody will get out of the way for you.
    3.2 - Shooting
    Get good with aiming and you will be good enough.
    1. Always try to hide. If there's a car in between you and the people you have
    to shoot, just crouch, when they reload pop out from behind the car and start
    shooting them.
    2. Try to get them while they're not looking.
    3. Try to get them from far away, far enough for you to shoot but not for them.
    4. Don't always reload, only reload when you have a time to do it or when you
    have to.
    5. If you sneak up behind somebody, always take them out with a head shot. Only
    do it when you get a good chance and if there are a few next to each other,
    then try to angle yourself correctly to kill two of them at the same time. And
    don't always try for headshots, only when they don't see you.
    6. If you're ever trying to lose the tail, you can always just get out and
    shoot the people in the car and that'll be the same as losing the tail.
    7. You can slowly move around a corner and angle yourself so they will only see
    your gun but not your body and they still won't attack you. Just shoot at them
    when they don't see you and you're all set.
    8. Your crosshair will change colors with whatever you're aiming at. If you aim
    at anywhere that you won't hit a person, the crosshair will be white. If you
    aim at a criminal, it will be red. And if you aim at a civilian or a cop
    (pretty much any "good guy") it will be blue.
    9. Use the silenced pistol when they don't see you and there is a big group of
    people. You can shoot one in the head and even if the other sees that one die,
    they won't do anything because they react to gun shots. If you don't get a one
    shot kill they will all attack you at once though.
    3.3 - Running
    The running is something you have to get used to in this game because it's not
    like other games such as the GTA series or True Crimes.
    1. Get used to rolling and jumping to avoid gun shots and other cars.
    2. You can jump up certain small walls and jump over fences so use that
    whenever you're in a gun fight with the cops.
    3. Get used to swimming good and always try to swim forwards, you swim
    extremely slowly if you swim backwards or sideways.
    4. Use the third person mode to your advantage. You can go to a doorway and
    peak around the corner and they won't actually see you.
    5. When near enemies or when your about to walk around the corner, lightly move
    the analog stick and you will walk giving you more time to decide what you will
    do and give you some stealthiness.
    6. Keep moving while your shooting somebody because you become a much tougher
    target to hit. The only problem is you'll have to be good enough at aiming that
    you can still hit them while you move.
    7. You can roll over some car hoods, mainly the small cars like the sports
    cars. If you are to the side of the hood, all you have to do is face it. Roll
    towards the hood and you will roll on top of, if not completely over, the hood.
    4. Maps
    Stefan Lewis sent me these from a Spanish site and I didn't ask for permission
    because I don't speak Spanish and then they wouldn't understand what I wrote.
    However if they do want me to remove this from my walkthrough, then just tell
    me and I will remove it in my next update.
    Here are links to the maps of each city. The map includes the location of all
    the Timmies, the secret cars, and the armories.
    If you want to keep the maps, you can right-click on the map and hit save
    target as. Just name it whatever you want and hit enter. Now you got the whole
    map on your computer without having to go online for it.
    Link to Miami:
    Link to Nice:
    Link to Istanbul:
    *E-Mail me if the links no longer work.
    5. Timmy Vermicelli
    They made their own system of hidden packages just like in the GTA series, but
    not instead of finding things hidden around the city, you have to kill Timmy
    Vermicelli ten times in each city. I got a few maps by Stefan Lewis showing
    where each Timmy is. I don't need any more sent in messages saying where they
    are. This is the only one I need. But thanks for the multiple e-mails I've
    gotten so far, you've all been a great help! I got sooo many e-mails with
    different sitings and I am very thankful but the maps basically told me every
    spot I needed. I would list everybody who participated in the mail in sitings
    except I've gotten over 50 mail-ins in one day. I will give credit by listing
    everybody's name. Thanks a lot people!
    The reason they called him Timmy Vermicelli was because they were mad at
    Rockstar because they named a mission "Two Face Tanner." So they took the name
    "Tommy Vercetti" and changed it to "Timmy Vermicelli." Also to make fun of them
    even more, they put little floaties on the Timmies. They also can't swim if you
    can get one into the water.
    They have a good gun and take a good thirty or so shots to kill without an
    automatic weapon so be careful.
    I've also revised some of the descriptions on how to get to them due to
    I listed all of the locations in the order of how they appear on the map. Go to
    the map section to find the general location of each Timmy.
    You have to go into Take A Ride mode to find Timmies!
    5.1 - Miami :
    Timmy Vermicelli #1
    Start off at your house. It doesn't matter what car your in just don't start in
    a boat or a big vehicle. Get out and go to the house across the street. Go to
    the right of the house because you can't reach the backyard from the left. Go
    to the backyard and he'll be in the corner of the yard that will be the
    farthest away from you.
    Timmy Vermicelli #2
    Start off in Tanner's house You can start off in a boat or a car, but you'll
    have to get into a boat anyways. From there just drive far away from the house
    and you'll get to the cruise docks. Now drive directly away from the cruise
    docks until you see Miami in the map (the word.) There will be a few houses in
    the water there and he is in the house that is on the dot of the second "i" in
    Miami. Get out and have your gun in hand. Open the door and sneak up on him.
    Just shoot him and he'll eventually die but he will still shoot you back. He
    won't be back after you die or restart, just make sure you save the game.
    Timmy Vermicelli #3
    Start off at the start point next to Dodge Island(southern most bridge.) Go
    over the bridge and go into the first yard at the right that you can. Drive
    towards the right side of that yard. Go into the second building to your left.
    He will be hiding in the top right corner of the empty warehouse on the
    Timmy Vermicelli #4
    This one is hard to explain so I'll just give you driving instructions. Start
    off in the start point that is next to all of the bridges. It will be on the
    west half of Miami and is the only start point on he west half near large
    bridges. Drive all the way down the road and make the last right before the
    bridge. Go straight to the end and go left down the alleyway. Go under the
    tracks until you reach a fence. Don't go in between the fence and the building.
    Instead go left. When you get to the corner of the building, go right. Keep an
    eye on the right for a short alley leading to two garages. One garage door is
    open and you can't open the other. Go in and he will be to the left of you.
    Timmy Vermicelli #5
    Go to Coconut Grove (south-western most part of map and go to the section of
    the map that looks like this:
    |   |   |
    |   |   |
    |   |*  |
    Go up some stairs right above the "S" in my little map description. He will be
    in a garage door labeled A1 that you have to open yourself. Open the door then
    you can just hide and shoot him since he's at the opposite end of the garage.
    Open the garage door by pressing L1. I put the star for his location.
    Timmy Vermicelli #6
    Go to Tico's construction yard that you had to smash up in the mission "Impress
    Lomaz." On one of the unfinished houses, he will be on the second floor on the
    edge. I can't really explain how to get to Tico's construction yard, but you
    can look at the map and once you've seen that, there should be no problem in
    finding it.
    Timmy Vermicelli #7
    He's guarding the switch to the racetrack where you can get the go-kart. Go to
    the big hotel at the west end of the map and to the side will be a long path
    filled with trees and bushes. Go down a long tunnel that looks like a drain.
    Run up the stairs at the end and go all the way and to the part where you get
    inside. Shoot him and he's guarding the switch to the track.
    Timmy Vermicelli #8
    Standing out in front of a house by the road under construction. Go to the road
    just north of the stadium in Little Havana. Go east and make your first left.
    There will be barriers there but you can just drive around them. Look to your
    left and find some houses with a basketball court. He will be out in front of
    one of the houses. Just drive into him and it's an easy kill. The houses will 
    after the road under construction.
    Timmy Vermicelli #9
    Go to the stadium and go up the ramp. The stadium is in Little Havana. Go to
    the southwestern most part of the stands and he will be hiding behind an
    overturned vending machine in a small room.
    Timmy Vermicelli #10
    Go to the hotel that you had to reach in the rooftops mission. Go all the way
    to the roof and go to the other end of the roof. Open the door and go up to the
    elevator. You will hear the *ding* and then the door will eventually open. He
    will be in the elevator when it opens, if you have the shotgun, just run next
    to the elevator door and shoot him, hide, shoot him, hide, and keep doing that
    until he's dead.
    Congratulations! You killed all the Timmies in Miami. Now go to the armory
    which is behind a house near the hotel you had to go by for the go-kart. Go in
    and you can get all the guns you'll get in Miami including the grenade
    launcher. And when you get out, all the cops will now be Timmies in Big Rigs.
    They're hard to kill (the big rigs that is) so you should try to get one. I
    shot a few grenades at it before and it still didn't blow up. Still never saw
    one actually blow up in pieces, even after six grenades.
    5.2 - Nice
    Timmy Vermicelli #1
    Start at the most western part of the map. When you start in Take A Ride mode,
    go left from the start. Take your next left and look  at the fence on the left
    side of the road. Go through the entrance when you see it and keep going down
    a little bit until you see an open warehouse. Run up the stairs and he will be
    on the catwalk to the left. And a little tip in case your one of those people
    that run around and shoot at the same time. If you go to the right, you will go
    right into a five foot long dead end and then you're trapped. Nowhere to hide
    to reload. So don't go right when you go through the door.
    Timmy Vermicelli #2
    Start off in your boat to the western most starting point. Go up the river.
    When the river makes a turn to the right, look on you left side. Behind the
    first big rock, he will be standing there. Just go to the other side of the
    river and shoot at him. You can just barely reach with the grenade launcher.
    It's also fun to try to get him into the water because he won't swim, he'll
    just float.
    Timmy Vermicelli #3
    Drive down to the airport. In the northern part of the airport in the middle
    will be a huge tower. Climb up these very long set of stairs and you'll be
    right behind Timmy and he won't know you're there.
    Timmy Vermicelli #4
    Go down to the church in the middle of the city. If you stand right in front of
    it, go to the right. He will be against the right side of the church in the
    wide open.
    *The part of the map with the church will look like this:
     _/  |
    Timmy Vermicelli #5
    Start at the second most western point. Turn around and go left. Make your next
    right and keep going down this road. When you reach the end there will be a
    beach. Go left here and keep going straight. Pay attention to the left side of
    the road. The will be a row of buildings that have a ramp. Don't go up the ramp
    but keep going down the road in front of it. In the middle of that block is a
    tight alley. On the right side of the alley will be a building with two doors.
    Go to the right door and open it. He will be to the left of you.
    Timmy Vermicelli #6
    Go to the part of the map that is a huge gray area. Drive along the main road
    that pretty much goes through the whole city until you see a small road on a
    steep hill going up by that section. Now drive up it all the way and follow the
    path. In a gazebo you will see Timmy.
    Timmy Vermicelli #7
    Drive along the shore until you find a lighthouse. Climb the long ladder and he
    will be at the top. If you don't want to climb up and try sneaking up on him,
    then try to just shoot at him from far away, he won't shoot back if you're far
    enough away.
    Timmy Vermicelli #8
    Start on the eastern most part of the city. Turn around and climb that big
    rock. On the other side will be a nice little stunt course. He will be hiding
    under the closest ramp to you.
    Timmy Vermicelli #9
    Go down to that huge peninsula on the eastern side of the map. Go in a boat and
    circle the smaller peninsula on the west part of the huge peninsula. Look for a
    cave and drive down it. He will be standing on a rocky surface behind a huge
    Timmy Vermicelli #10
    Go to the place where you had to go for the mission "18 Wheeler." Smash through
    the gate and find the building you can go in. To the right of that little house
    is a crate and Timmy is hiding in it and he's crouching. Just get him easily
    with a grenade.
    Congratulations! You have killed all of the Timmies in Nice! Now go to the
    armory which will be a blue dot on the map and will have a long pathway too.
    It will be a house filled with weapons and health. When you go in Fugitive mode
    will begin. All the pedestrians will now have guns and be against you.
    5.3 - Istanbul
    Timmy Vermicelli #1
    Start on the southwestern point. Take your first left then drive down the road
    a bit. From there take your next left. Look on the right side of the road for
    an alley. Don't go down that alley but go into the lot right after that. Go up
    the stairs outside and then go to that doorway. Timmy will be to the left of
    Timmy Vermicelli #2
    Start off at the northern most start point. Go straight and make a left. From
    there just drive straight for a while and pay attention to how many roads on
    the right you have passed. Take a right when you run out of road. Go inside the
    building to the left of you through the northern door. Run into the disco bar.
    He will be up where the DJ is at the top of the stairs. Just shoot a grenade
    through the window and he'll be killed.
    Timmy Vermicelli #3
    Start in the south-western part of the map. Make a right then another right
    when you can. Drive all the way down to the train yard. Go down the train
    tracks and he will be in a tower in between two sets of tracks. 
    Timmy Vermicelli #4
    Start off at the southwestern most part of the map. Drive and take your first
    right. Make your first left (you will have to go off the bridge.) Then make
    your second right and from there make another right. Drive all the way down
    that road. Go down the alley and keep going straight when the road ends. Go to
    that little yard to the right of the building that is right in front of you at
    the end of that alley. From there go left and he will be standing in the corner
    of the grass.
    Timmy Vermicelli #5
    Start at the southeastern most start point on the map. Turn around and take a
    right at the end of the road. Take you first left and stay on that road until
    you reach the end. Take a left at the end and at the end of this road you will
    see a long white building across the street from you and to the left. Go in and
    go down the stairs. He will be in the first room to the right.
    Timmy Vermicelli #6
    Start at the most southeastern starting point on the map. Keep going straight
    until you reach the end of the road. Take a right at the end of the road. Go
    down it to the red dot on your map. It's your hideout. Just look on the left
    side of the road and look for a big red brick building. Go all the way upstairs
    from the side entrance and go to the door right in front of you after you've
    open the door from the stairs. There will be a big room with a lot of guns and
    health. Take it if you want but you don't need to. Shoot a grenade at the
    kitchen through the beaded doorway. If that doesn't kill Timmy you'll have to
    shoot the refrigerator. It should move out of the way and behind it will be a
    darker texture. It will be a door. Open it and there will be an "L" shaped
    room. He will be in the corner after you make a turn.
    Timmy Vermicelli #7
    Go in a boat and go to the eastern bridge, the drawbridge. Go under the bridge
    and look for the stands of the bridge. He will be standing on it in between two
    building-like objects. He will be standing under the southern half of the
    Timmy Vermicelli #8
    The map is a little misleading for this Timmy so just follow these driving
    instructions. Start at the Most southeastern starting point on the map. Drive
    forward and take your second left. On your left will be a small building. Open
    the doors and it will look like a small newsstand. Go down the stairs to find a
    large cafe area. Under the stairs you walked down will be a bar. Timmy is
    behind the bar.
    Timmy Vermicelli #9
    Go down to the industrial docks which is by the western bridge. It's on the
    northern end of the bridge. Go in through the gate and look for a small tower 
    on your left side. It will be on poles supporting it and will have stairs going
    up. He will be inside that very small room so just shoot a grenade on the ledge
    and run away.
    Timmy Vermicelli #10
    Take a boat and start at the northeastern most start point on the map. Just
    drive up to the stairs in front of you. Go to past the building in front off
    you and you will see a low building with stairs going up. Run up them and he
    will be on the roof.
    Congratulations! You have killed all the Timmies in Istanbul and hopefully by
    now the game! Now go to the armory and when you get out your car will be
    invincible and they can crash through other cars, people, and breakable objects
    without getting damaged and they will fly away!
    6. Secret Cars
    Here are all the secret cars so far in the game. Miami and Nice were given to
    me by rockchivvy and Istanbul was written by me.
    Go to the maps section to find the general location of each car.
    6.1 Miami
    Here are all of the secret cars and the locations of them in Miami. The cars
    are a Go-Kart, Velocity Turbo, and a TT Cuatro Super Power
       6.11 Go-Kart
    Go to coral gables. When your at the front of the hotel go west down a garden
    path. At the end is a tunnel entrance. Go down it and you'll come out into a
    courtyard. Go up the stairs and into the building. Inside is a Timmy, kill him
    and press the switch. go back get in your car and go through the gate. Go
    through another gate and you'll come out at a race track. Find the pit lane the
    go-kart is parked there.
       6.12 Velocity Turbo
    Go to the yard where they got you to smash stuff up in the "Impress Lomaz"
    mission. Take a car with you and go to the waterfront. Drive along it, the car
    is down an alley between red brick buildings facing the river.
       6.13 - TT Cuatro Super Power
    Go to the middle bridge. There is a dead end pointing north. At the very end of
    the road is a garage. Open the garage door by running towards it and it will
    open. Go in it and it will be parked going towards the street.
    6.2 - Nice
    Here are all of the secret cars and their locations in Nice. The cars are a 
    Camper Van, Dolch Schub, and a Forklift.
       6.21 - Camper Van
    Go to Cagnes Sur Mer. Make your way right to the top of the hill. You should
    find a courtyard with a cafe. The van is in a garage next to the cafe.
       6.22 - Dolch Schlub
    Go to the airport. Drive down the runway going eastward. On your left, there
    will be a building with red doors. It's in the garage to the left.
       6.23 - Forklift
    Go as far east as you can on land down to where there's a bit of land that 
    sticks out from the rest. Go to where there are two loops of road here shown on
    the map. Now here, there's a house on its own and some more road not shown on
    the map. Go around to the right of the house and follow this road until you
    come to a left turn. It's a steep driveway. Go up here the car is in the back
    garden in a garage.
    6.3 - Istanbul
    Here are all of the secret cars and their locations in Istanbul. The cars are a
    Speedster, Racer GT, and Roadster.
       6.31 - Speedster
    Start in the south-western part of the map. Make a right then another right
    when you can. Drive all the way down to the train yard. In one of the garages
    for the trains will be a large crate. Go behind the crate and there will be the
       6.32 - Racer GT
    Go down to those industrial docks. Go to the part where there are a bunch of
    stairs and basically a big hole in the ground with a big steel wall separating
    it from the ocean. Near it will be a bunch of large crates. A big red one will
    open at the end if you run into it. There will be the Racer GT parked for easy
       6.33 - Roadster
    Go down to that impound lot or whatever it is (look at map for general
    location.) It will be in a garage. The garage is in the middle near a destroyed
    7. Driving Games
    Table of Contents (Driving Games
     -7.1 Quick Chase
     -7.2 Quick Getaway
     -7.3 Trail Blazer
       -7.31 Miami
       -7.32 Nice
       -7.33 Istanbul
     -7.4 Survival
       -7.41 Miami
       -7.42 Nice
       -7.43 Istanbul
     -7.5 Checkpoint Race
     -7.6 Gate Race
       -7.61 Miami
       -7.62 Nice
       -7.63 Istanbul
    He are all of the driving games and what to do in them. You will be timed in
    all of them.
    7.1 - Quick Chase
    In this all you really have to do is catch up do a getaway driver and wreck
    their car. You can also shoot them with a gun and they crash sometimes too. 
    Pretty fun but can get annoying sometimes.
    7.2 - Quick Getaway
    Just getaway from the cops as quickly as possible. This one is better than
    chase in my opinion. Check the Driving techniques for help.
    7.3 - Trail Blazer
    All you have to do is hit all the cones within the time limit. Each cone you
    hit will give you one extra second. If you miss one cone, you're not going to
    get all of them, there isn't enough time to turn around for the one cone just
    to get it. The only annoying thing in this driving game is when the pedestrian
    cars get in your way and especially when they park on top of the cone because
    the only way to get that cone is to hit the car and move it out of the way. It
    will waste time but it would be the only way to get all of them.
       7.31 - Miami
    Start Point #1:
     Just drive forward in between the light pole and the tree. Keep driving
    forward and then drive in the middle of the road on the grass. Keep going
    forward when reach the intersection but go on the right side of the road on the
    side of the light pole. Just keep going down this road switching lanes hitting
    all of the cones. After a while you will have to make a left. Just let go of
    the gas for a second to make this turn. Make a right at the same rate of speed.
    Keep going down this road until you have to make another left at the same
    speed. You will hit about three cones then you have to make a left to go down
    an alley. Just go straight down this alley and floor it. When you reach the end
    you will need to make a right. Keep going down this road until you have to make
    a left down an alley. You will have to make a right around a building but turn
    early because you will slide in the grass. Now keep driving forwards and you
    will get to a beach. Just keep going along the beach hitting all of the cones
    you come across until you have to make a left to go into a pool area. Just
    circle around the pool hitting all of the cones.
    Start Point #2
     Get on the street ahead of you and turn to the right. Go down the road
    swerving in and out of the trees getting all of the cones. You will have to
    make a left that you will have to let go of the brakes for. Go down and you'll
    have to make your next right at the same speed. Keep going down this road until
    you will have to make a left and go down an alley. Keep going straight until
    the cones don't go down anymore alleys. Make a loop around the gas station and
    hit all of the cones there in the process. Keep going straight and you will
    eventually make a right and at the end of that road you will make a left. Keep
    driving down that road swerving in and out to get all the cones. You will get
    to the hotel. Swerve in and out of the trees to get the cones. Then you will
    have to make a right and go down a long path. That's the path for Timmy #7.
       7.32 - Nice
    Start Point #1
     Go forwards and after hitting the first two cones, make a slight turn to the
    left. Keep going straight on this road and make a left when the road ends. Go
    through the grass to hit the cones then get back on the road. Go down the
    middle path when you reach the big fork in the road and drive on the sidewalk
    on the left side. Just be careful because you might fall off the ledge and lose
    the game. Then go back in the middle of the road and make a left to go down a
    narrow and steep hill. Hit all the cones going down the hill. If you have a
    good amount of time on the clock I suggest you slow down because there is a
    weird bump at the bottom of the hill. Drive along the ocean and keep going
    around the wall hitting the cones. Keep going until you reach a road. You will
    only hit about two cones on the road and you will have to make another left
    down an alleyway and go along a long dock. Just drive all the way down and when
    you hit the last cone watch yourself get launched into the water.
    Start Point #2
     Go straight down the alleyway and make a right when you reach the end. Hit the
    cones in the middle of the street and make your first right. Go left through a
    mall and then go to the left when you reach the end. Go through the
    intersection and go to the left of the road. Go down this path and go on the
    road. The road is actually kind of hard in this part because you're going
    against traffic. Make your first left onto a new road. Make your second right
    and then go up a narrow hill on the right side of the road. When you get past
    the hill go left and then make your first right. Then make your first left and
    make a gradual u-turn towards the right hitting all the cones in the process.
    You will go through a small market, just hit all the cones there then make a
    left. Once you get on the road again you'll have to make another right. Now
    just go to the left side of the road and go into the canal. Go up and down the
    sides hitting all of the cones in the process.
       7.33 - Istanbul
    Start Point #1
     Go straight and make a left and stay on the road. Keep going and make your
    first left. Make your next left again and then make a right and drive on the
    tracks. Drive down the tracks until you have to make a right down an alley. Go
    left at the end of the alley and then go right. Keep going straight once you've
    hit the first few cones there and you will go into a grassy field. Go through
    it but be careful because there are a lot of hills. Everything in the park will
    smash if you hit it except for the trees. At the end you will reach another
    intersection so go to the right. Go until you can make your first left. Just
    drive down this road and go into the stadium parking lot.
    Start Point #2
     Go forward and when you reach a small wall, go to the right of it and through
    the grass. Go on the road and make your first right through a large gate. Go
    through the park hitting all the cones in the way. You can go through those
    lights so don't try to avoid them. Take a left when you reach the end of the
    path. Just stay on this road until you will eventually make a right down a
    short road. At the end of that road make a left. Go to the end of that road
    and make a right. At the end of this road make a left. Now make a right and
    stay on this road until you reach the last alley. Make a right to go into it
    and go down it and make a left at the end. Make a left into another alley and
    then make another left at the end. Go down the street and make your first
    right. Avoid the trams and hit the rest if the cones.
    7.4 - Survival
    This is probably the best mini-game and most popular of my friends. At first
    you start off with one cop chasing you then you get a lot more cops chasing
    you, some are shooting at you popping tires while others are in cars trying to
    spin you out. The only thing I can do to help you in this one is to check my
    driving techniques section.
    Here are a few tricks to rack up some time. It's really dirty tricks that
    shouldn't be used if you want to have a little contest with your friends.
       7.41 - Miami
    -Right when you start go to the left. You can go to a top of a garage and none
    of the cops will ever reach you.
    -Right when you start go to the right. Go in the grass and make a few doughnuts
    in the grass and the cops will all die after hitting trees and walls.
    -Go on the highway and go with the flow of traffic. You won't run into any cops
    until you get off the highway. You can also stop on the highway and nobody will
    get you until the cops finally get out of their cars on the other side of the
    highway shooting at you.
    -If you can make it, get to the stadium. It's very hard to get to but it is
    possible. You can either go up the ramp and drive along the walkways, or you
    can have more fun by getting the cops on to the field with you. You can spin
    around in there and they will slide a lot and hit the field goal posts or
    whatever else gets in their way.
    -Get to Tico's construction yard and jump the river. The cops will usually fall
    into the water and you can just sit there wasting time.
       7.42 - Nice
    -Go up the rock slope just ahead of you to get out of the lot you are in and
    make you first right. Stay on that road and make your first right again. Pay
    attention to the right side of the road for a narrow road up a hill. Go up it
    and look for a place to hide in there.
    -Right away go to the left and get on the road. Get on the road and go left.
    Make your first right. Go down and when you reach the end make a left. You will
    immediately reach the end of the road and go right. Make your next right and
    look on the left side of the road for a parking garage. Go in it and climb up
    to the top level.
       7.43 - Istanbul
    -Look to the right before you even start. Before you reach the road you will
    see a gate in the wall. Floor it when you can start and go down the long path.
    When you reach the end go right and just hide behind the large mosque.
    7.5 - Checkpoint Race
    A fun race that you have to go from Point A to Point B with stops along the
    way. Go whatever route you want until I make a walkthrough for this section
    too. Until then check my Driving Techniques section.
    7.6 - Gate Race
    Pretty much the same thing as checkpoint except you have to drive through gates
    instead of near an arrow. Each gate you drive by will give you one extra second
    and you won't lose any time for hitting cones. The only problem is you might
    not get through the gate if you hit it.
       7.61 - Miami
    Start Point #1
     Drive forward and make a left at the lights. Keep going straight and follow
    the main road. Make a right at the second set of lights and there will be
    another set of lights right in front of you. Make a quick left there. Make your
    first right, then your first left, and your first right again. Now just follow
    along this main road. Just be careful near the construction sites because there
    will be large trucks driving around so you will have to avoid them and still
    get through the gates. Keep going along this road until you will have to make a
    right at the lights. At the end of this road you will have to go through a gate
    and into a parking lot. Go right in the parking lot and go through hitting all
    of the cones. Once you reach the big field you're done.
    Start Point #2
     Go forward and when you reach the road you will have to make a left. Now go
    straight until you reach the first set of lights. Take a right there. Go
    forward through the first set of lights and before the tracks you will have to
    switch to the left side of the road. You will have to go right at the end of
    this road and you will be on a narrow road that's not on the map. Just stay on
    this road. At the end you will have to go into the parking lot across the
    street from you. The entrance will be to the right of you. When you reach the
    street keep going forwards through the grass. Go left around the building and
    keep going straight through the grass. Keep going through all of the gates and
    you will eventually reach the road again. Go straight from the angle your at
    and drive to the end of this road. When you reach the end make a right. Keep
    going straight and after the first set of lights you will have to make a right
    through an alley. Keep going straight through the alley and when you reach a
    wall make a right. There will be a few more gates and then you're done.
       7.62 - Nice
    Start Point #1
     Go forward and make a right on the bridge. At the end of the bridge you will
    take a right and get on the road. At the first lights, make a right. Go to the
    end of this road and make another right. At the next set of lights go left and
    go into the dirt on the right side of the road. You will eventually get back on
    the road. Stay on this main road you are on and then you will have to make a
    left when you reach the end. Now stay on this road and make a right at the
    lights. Don't go up the dirt path on the left side of the road though, stay on
    the road. Keep going straight and make your first right. Make your first left
    and make another right. Just stay on this road and hit the gates along the way.
    Start Point #2
     Go forward for one gate and then get on the street. Keep getting all of the
    gates on this road and then when you get on the sidewalk, get ready to take a
    left at the lights. Keep going along this road until you reach the very end. At
    the end you will have to take a left right before you hit the highway. When you
    switch to the left side of the road you will have to go through a big parking
    lot. This part is quicker than the parking lots in Miami and you will get out
    shortly. When you get out, make a left and then a right at the lights. Just
    stay on this main road and you will switch the side of the road a few times.
    After a while you will have to go through a road on the left side. Go through
    the alley and you will have to make another right through another parking lot.
    At the end of the parking lot make a left and you are on the main road again.
    Keep going and you will have to make a left to get into an alley. Make a right
    when you reach the end of the first building down another alley. Make a right
    at the end of this building and make another right and you will be back on the
    main road. Just keep going forward and make a right down an underground parking
    lot. Go through the parking lot and when you reach the end just keep going
    straight. Go through the last few gates and you're done.
       7.63 - Istanbul
    Start Point #1
     Go straight and enter the courtyard. Keep going straight through the courtyard
    and you will be on the drawbridge. Go straight on the drawbridge and keep going
    straight after the drawbridge until you can make a left. Take that left and
    keep going forward on this road. You will eventually make a left onto the other
    bridge and go in the different direction. Just keep going straight down this
    road. After a while you will have to go up an on-ramp and just hit the gates
    and don't hit the cars.
    Start Point #2
     Go down the road you start in front of and keep switching sides to go through
    the gates. You will have to take a road under construction to the right of you.
    When you reach the end you will be on the main road again. Make your first
    right. Keep going straight and make a right down a ramp. Stay on the road and
    you will eventually reach the road you were on for start point 1 for a long
    time. Make your first right and make a left immediately after that turn. Make a
    right, left, and then another right. Stay on this road and make a right onto
    the trolley tracks and go through the last few gates.
    8. Fun Stuff
    Here will be a list of fun stuff you can do in each city if you're ever bored
    in Take A Ride mode.
    For any map you can always just go into the armory and do whatever you get out
    of it but if that just doesn't suit you anymore, you can do these.
    Here's a thing called skateboarding I saw in the message boards. I will just
    copy everything in his post.
    "I was just playing about 5 minutes ago and, woo hoo, is this fun. I've
    discovered that Tanner can actually skateboard on certain objects. There's
    different ways of doing it, but for the most enjoyment, I suggest you have the
    small Uzi or the M16 along with the infinite health and infinite ammo cheat on
    in Take A Ride. First off, find a flat long object that is able to be moved
    (you know, like when you hit a slide or an umbrella table in Miami, those are
    moveable objects). I chose a large gate with it's bars going in one direction.
    It was fairly large. Well, whatever you choose to use, shoot it out onto the
    road, or wherever you want to. The road let's you have a lot of space to go
    without stopping (if there's minimal cars). I field of grass would work great,
    too. Anyways, have Tanner walk onto one end of the object, crouch, and go into
    1st person. Get out the Uzi or M16 and fire at the middle of the other end.
    Fire the whole clip, and you will, luckily, go flying down the road extremely
    fast. It might take a few tries, because it doesn't always go straight, but
    you'll get it soon enough. Shooting in the middle of the other end gives you a
    better chance of going straight, as I've felt a slight direction change when I
    fired towards one of the sides of the object. If you're about to hit a car, the
    "skateboard" will go under it and you will get nailed by the car, whether the
    car is moving or not (purpose for infinite health). I suppose you could enable
    immunity so the cops wouldn't bother you, but whatever. If you want to go into
    3rd person to get a better view, use that large gate I told you about (parallel
    bars, in Miami) and you will barely clip the other end and you'll get a better
    view. Try this out on any objects, I even tried it on the large umbrella and it
    was spinning down the road with me like a UFO. I also used an oddly solid beach
    to well and that worked well because of its slimness. Well, I'll shut up now, I
    want you guys to try everything out for yourselves!
    This trick is really fun to do and pretty hilarious. I can only think of how
    humorous this would be for a replay, haha. Yet the replay system doesn't really
    replay what I actually do most of the time and it screws up, but what the hey,
    you might get lucky and make a good one. 
    If anyone is interested in putting this in one of their FAQS, go ahead, as long
    as you credit me for it ("discovered by lars211 from GameSpot" sounds good
    enough, haha). Well, go have fun with this trick, I gotta go play around with
    it some more, peace -"
    8.1 - Miami
    Go to Gator's Yacht to explore. It's south-south-east of your house.
    You can operate the drawbridge on the southern-most bridge. Go lift it up and
    go onto Dodge Island. Get the cop meter full and stay on that island and see
    how long you can last.
    In the southwestern part of the city, there is a skate park. Take a bike or a
    car and see what you can do. It will be on the southern half of the west side
    of the city.
    You can explore the houses down at Stiltsville. There are some pretty
    interesting things down there to look at.
    Get the cops on you and go down to the stadium in Little Havana. Get them in
    the field and start doing doughnuts. They'll miss you and smash into the walls
    and posts. After a while you might want to move though because they'll all be
    out of the car shooting at you.
    You can jump on top of the trams over here. It's hard to stay on though and you
    will die if you hit the something on the way so you won't be able to stay on
    the tram as long as in Istanbul.
    -Submitted by somebody that I accidentally deleted from my inbox. =\
    The next two were submitted by gareth mc bride.
    Go to the Red River Bar and play Snooker. Shoot the balls until they go into
    the pockets.
    Drive into the mall and smash up the stores and benches.
    8.2 - Nice
    Get the fork lift and try to toss cars into the ocean and flip cars over.
    Start at the most eastern start point. Turn around and climb the big rock wall
    and you're in a stunt course. It has two huge jumps. It also has a tunnel that
    goes underground and will eventually lead you onto a street.
    You can go into Calita's yard and go inside. There will be health and ammo.
    There will also be a dart board but when you shoot it once, it will fall off.
    Go to the airport and go to one of the main entrances. It will be across the
    street from the Nokia building. Circle around one of the parking garages that
    will bring you underground. Circle it and you will fall through the ground. You
    will keep falling into the grassy plains of hell. If you're in a car, get out
    when you hit the ground. If you jump off the grass, you will float all the way
    back up to the surface.
    Go down to the airport and get the felony bar full. Drive up and down the
    runways and watch the cops go after you.
    Turn Immunity on and get to the forklift. Go to the eastern end of the map.
    There are two large parts of land that stick down - go to the western one of
    these, the one with the really squiggly road is. there are two road junctions
    with the main promenade road - go to the western one of these, which is on a
    hill. when a police car comes, flip it over backwards. This makes the police
    car sink into the floor, and after about 3 seconds, creates a HUGE explosion. 
    -Submitted by Chris Luby
    Start off at the eastern most starting point, driver forward along the 
    motorway, around the two curves on the motorway and stop at the second set of 
    traffic lights you should find yourself on a hill point where there is a road 
    that leads off around a house on a steep hill. You should notice a telephone 
    box standing up on the pavement, just to the left of the phone box is a gap, 
    look down the gap and find it to be a dirty steep step way with people in it! 
    Take ya vehicle and smash to your hearts content. Its also funny to get some 
    police on ya and what them fly over ya and destroy their vehicle!
    -Submitted by "V. ERA"
    These are super jumps I saw them in the Message Boards a while ago and I'm just
    putting them in now. The people that listed these on the boards were nks and
    Third Gear Wheelie. If either of these people would like me to remove them then
    just e-mail me and I will remove yours. Well here they are:
    Airport Super Jump:
    Get in a truck and go down to the airport. Go into the hole in the ground
    (details on fourth thing to do in this city.) Drive into it and land on your
    wheels. Drive off the edge of the grassy plains of hell and you'll go flying.
    House Super Jump:
    Go to then eastern most start point. Go to the west and go through the first
    two tunnels. Look to the left. You will see a paved road. Don't take that but
    make your next left. It's a dirt road. Climb the rock with a car and jump over
    the wall across the street. Everything is just images and you will fall off the
    8.3 - Istanbul
    Go to the large park that you will go into near the end of the mission "The
    Chase." Go in there either with a car or with a lot of guns. Go in at full
    speed if you have a car and see how many people you hit. With guns just run
    through it as many times as you want and just spray and pray.
    There is a big drawbridge in this map. It's the eastern bridge. Get it all
    backed up and then bring it up. When all the cars come tumbling down you can
    shoot a grenade in there for a huge lag fest. =P
    Go into your armory and turn infinite mass on. Get a motorcycle and look for a
    big truck. You can cruise right through the truck and you won't fall off or
    lose any speed. You will never fall off but you will still lose health. The
    motorcycles are the easiest cars to die in. If you use a big truck to do this
    in then it will take a while until you die, especially if you get more health
    in the middle of you rampage.
    You can go into the trams in this level. You can shoot the windows and shoot at
    cars and people from it. Just be careful because it's hard to stay on. The
    trams are pretty glitchy because they weren't meant for you to go on. You will
    move around when you don't want to and you may also get on the roof because
    it's that glitchy.
    -Submitted by gareth mc bride.
    Go onto Take A Ride and select the most North circle to start from. Drive
    forward and turn right at the end of this street. Now take your next left,
    which is at the end of this street. Keep driving along this main road for a
    while and you should see a stadium in front of you. Bear right here and then
    turn left into the stadiums car park. Once in the car park turn right and head
    past the stairs which are on your left. Keep looking left and you should see
    Gold gates. Get out of your vehicle and walk up to these. They should then
    open, allowing you to walk into the stadium. Once inside the stadium there are
    soccer balls which you can shoot and score goals!
    -Submitted by Daz Man
    Put on whatever cheats you want except for Immunity. Keep Immunity off. Go down
    to the armory and get infinite mass. Now get in a car and get the cops after
    you. When there are some cops near you in a car get out. They should get out
    too and start shooting at you. Don't shoot them back and get in their car.
    Don't go anywhere in the cop car, except get out and go into another car. The
    cops will get back in their cars and chase you. Now they have infinite mass
    just like you. They will hit you as hard as you hit other cars and they can
    even knock you off the map.
    -Submitted by Dave Petty
    There is a negative part to the Infinite Mass thing in Istanbul. If you have 
    not activated the "Invincibility" cheat, then be prepared to lose some health 
    on each crash, although your car will still be undamaged.
    -Submitted by Jon Ku
    9. Story/Characters
    *This is directly out of the booklet so it is not my own work*
    "A gang of Miami car thieves attempts to ship forty of the world's most
    expensive cars to a mysterious international buyer. Taking their pick of cars
    in Miami and the South of France the gang keeps on the move and coordinates the
    sale in Istanbul, a city straddling both Europe and Asia. But in the gang of
    car thieves, posing as a getaway driver, is Tanner, an obsessive and ruthless
    undercover cop, determined to stop the sale of the cars and then discover the
    identity of their buyer.
    You play the role of Tanner as you work both for and against the gang of car
    thieves. You must use your skills in driving and firearms to infiltrate your
    way into the gang and then work out how to stop them in time.
    There are forty stolen cars. They have a street value of $20 million. But there
    is only one cop who counts.
    Tanner - Undercover cop a.k.a. "The Driver." Obsessive risk taker, with brutal
    methods, accustomed to highly dangerous undercover work. Frequent tendency to
    ignore and override authority.
    Tobias Jones - Police detective, Tanner's partner. Cool, calm, and confident,
    accustomed to working with Tanner, admiring and repelled by his methods in
    equal measure. Jones is more restrained, but no les dedicated.
    Jericho - Former lieutenant for Solomon Caine, a gangster with an empire
    stretching from Chicago to Vegas. Unpredictable and unflappable, his
    ruthlessness is matched only by Tanner, the man who's trying to stop him.
    Calita - Head of "South Beach," a notorious Miami-based car theft outfit. She
    is cold, efficient, and ambitious. They say she once killed her own crew member
    in a hostage standoff -- no one has crossed her since.
    10. Film Director Controls
    VCR Controls :
    Play/Pause - Pretty self-explanatory. You can also press up or down to speed up
                 the replay.
    Frame Advance - Slow motion, great for certain screen shots.
    Fast Forward/Rewind - Go fast forward or backwards through the reply.
    Rewind to the Beginning - Brings you straight to the beginning of the replay.
                              Can only be used while the replay is playing.
    Full Screen - Let's the replay go on without any of the overlays. Also can only
                  be used while replay is playing.
    Auto Director - Runs the replay fully and adds cameras automatically.
    Add Camera - Let's you add any kind of camera available and also any effect
    *The following are the cameras and effects you can use in add camera.
    Chase Camera - Follows Tanner of the selected vehicle to which the camera is
    First Person Camera - Changes so you see what Tanner sees.
    Rear Bumper Camera - You see your point of view while you were driving in the
    Wheel Camera - This is the classic camera they put on the wheel.
    Slow Motion - Slows down the action.
    Motion Blur - Adds a blur to the game.
    Which Car?  - Let's you cycle through cars to chose which to follow.
    Rotate Camera - Sets the camera rotating around the object.
    Tripod Camera - Fixed camera, does not move.
    Slow Motion - Slows down the action.
    Motion Blur - Adds a blur to the game.
    Zoom - Allows you to zoom in or out of the target.
    Lock Camera to Car - Locks to and follows the car's movement across the screen.
    Which Target? - Cycles through and locks onto the vehicles that are involved in
                    the chase.
    Edit Camera
    Time - Change the start and end time.
    Delete Camera Position - Another self-explanatory one.
    Save Replay - Saves replay.
    Eject - Exits Film Director.
    11. Cheats/Codes
    Enter all of these cheats in the main menu. If you put it in correctly, you
    will hear a sound. After you have put the cheat in, go to options. Go to the
    Cheats sections and make sure they are turned ON.
    I have tested all of these cheats and they DO work.
    Unlock All Vehicles : L1, L1, Square, Circle, L1, R1, Circle
    Unlock All Missions : L1, R1, L1, L2, Square, Square, Circle
    All Weapons         : R1, L2, Square, Circle, R1, R2, L2
    Invincibility*      : Square, Square, L1, R1, L2, R2, R2
    Immunity            : Circle, Circle, L1, L2, R1, R2, Square
    Unlimited Ammo      : R1, R2, R1, R2, Square, Circle, Square
    *Only works in Take A Ride mode.
    Thanks to Kevin George for telling me the unlimited ammo cheat!
    12. Contact Me
    Got any suggestions, comments, critiques, or just a simple thanks to me? Well
    you could e-mail me at FrankTheTank3388@gmail.com and tell me what you think! 
    You could tell me whatever you'd like about the game whether it is a strategy
    to use in a certain mission or just something fun to do in a city. I will try
    to get back to you as quickly as possible answering any questions you may have.
    Just make sure you have something about DRIV3R in the subject of the e-mail and
    please don't send me any attachments. I have recently gotten a virus through my
    e-mail and I had to reformat and I don't want to do that again. So please just
    don't send attachments with the e-mails because I won't download them either 
    Things/How to E-Mail me about:
    -What you think about this guide.
    -If you need any help at all.
    -Some tips for missions that aren't in this guide.
    -Anything you think would be a good addition to this FAQ/Walkthrough.
    -Make sure your subject includes DRIV3R and not to send attachments!
    Things/How not to E-Mail me about:
    -Things that don't have anything to do with the game.
    -Any 1337 typ!ng
    -DoN't E-mAiL mE lIkE tHiS, iT's JuSt AnNoYiNg AnD iT wAsTeS tImE.
    -Any file attachments.
    -Things that are already clearly discussed in this Walkthrough.
    -Any questions that are already answered in the FAQs section below.
    13. FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)
    Q: Why don't the cheats work when I put them in. I hear the sound but it never
       works. Why won't it work?
    A: Go to the Options sections and go to Cheats. Make sure the cheats you want
       are on the ON position. They are on OFF by default when you put them in.
    Q: How do I attach trailers to the big rigs and where are they?
    A: They are right behind you from the start. You can attach it simply by
       backing into it. You can also detach it so you can lose the cops by blocking
       a road. Just hit circle to detach it.
    Q: What is the armory and where is it?
    A: The armory opens for you after you have killed all of the Timmies in each
       city. It is full of guns and health and once you go in, something different
       will happen in each city. They are located in different spots in each city.
       It is the blue dot on the map.
    Q: When I come out of the armory, is there any way to turn the mode off?
    A: Only if you die. You will still have all the guns but less ammo for each.
    Q: How do you use the speedometer?
    A: It is only used for the mission Bobby Trap in Nice.
    Any question involving Timmy such as "Where is the general location?" Then look
    at the maps! That's why I included that section.
    14. Credits
    So many people sent in e-mails telling me where the Timmies were or where
    secret cars were. Here is a long list of all the people who have helped me and
    what they did. Thank you to all of you!
    In parenthesis I will include how many Timmies and secret car locations they
    submitted. If there is no number that means they have only submitted one.
    If somebody would like me to remove their e-mail address from this list, just
    tell me. I can understand that a lot of people might get enough spam mail as it
    is and they don't want anymore.
    Stefan Lewis :
    Maps of all the cities showing all the Timmies and secret car locations. Thanks
    a lot I really appreciate these maps!
    Another map came in from Alex Carruthers (Alex2449@aol.com) too here is a link:
    *Special thanks to Kevin George for finding the Unlimited Ammo Cheat!
    *Thanks to christian andersson for telling me a big mistake I had.
    Locations of Timmies:
    *These are in order from newest received to oldest received.
    jaapmulder@msn.com (2)
    chalk100@aol.com (2)
    Corey (3)
    RedLinerF50@netscape.net (2)
    mikeyr@localnet.com (2)
    EDNERDESIR@aol.com (2)
    black_dot_69@yahoo.com (2)
    Rich Wells (3)
    drummerboy82688 (2)
    Skyline059@aol.com (2)
    nyfrank55@hotmail.com (3)
    Charles D. (2)
    cw.boer@chello.nl (3)
    Tmzbinden@aol.com (2)
    monasax11@hotmail.com (4)
    nbailey20@hotmail.com (3)
    jon_leandro@hotmail.com (2)
    matt_rulz_u_barstad@hotmail.com (6)
    Faygo Man
    Dan Cornford
    trev (7)
    Gary (9)
    Location of Secret Cars:
    *These are in order from newest received to oldest received.
    nyfrank55@hotmail.com (5)
    15. Version History
    [05/05/05] v. 1.43
        -Added a new approach to Dodge Island.
    [04/16/05] v. 1.42
        -Updated e-mail address.
    [03/28/05] v. 1.41
        -Added a new approach to Dodge Island and some fun stuff.
    [03/26/05] v. 1.4
        -Added a new approach in Chase the Train thanks to Jon Ku.
    [02/13/05] v. 1.31
        -Moved a lot of stuff around and cut down the Table of Contents for easier
    [01/21/05] v. 1.3
        -Rewrote the contact section and changed the Version History a little bit.
    [10/24/04] v. 1.2
        -Fixed a lot of mistakes and added a new approach to the Dodge Island 
    [09/07/04] v. 1.1
        -Added a lot of updates. Too many to list.
    [08/14/04] v. 1.05
        -Added a good ASCII art that actually looks like the logo. Hope you like
         it. =)
    [08/06/04] v. 1.0
        -Added a lot of stuff to each section, revised some missions, and also
         added a few sections (story/characters and film director controls.)
    [08/01/04] v. 0.91	
        -Added skateboarding to the 'Fun Stuff' section.
    [07/30/04] v. 0.9
        -Found out my guides also go to gamespot so I updated that in my disclaimer
         for less confusion. Also added a little to each section.
    [07/24/04] v. 0.88
         -Added a little to each section and also rewrote a few missions. That's
          about it.
    [07/20/04] v. 0.85
         -Fixed a big mistake I had on the description on one of the Timmies. Also
          added a little to each section but not much. Also finished writing a
          walkthrough for the Gate Races.
    [07/15/04] v. 0.8
         -Added some stuff to different sections. Also revised the mission "Gator's
          Yacht" with an alternate approach to the beginning when you get the boat.
          Also finished all of the cities for survival mode. Now I got places to
          hide in each city where the cops won't reach you and you can just sit
          there to rack up time.
    [07/12/04] v. 0.73
         -Added a nicer picture up as the header. Also added a little to each
          section and all of the Trailblazers done.
    [07/09/04] v. 0.72
         -Finished walkthrough for all of the Trailblazers for Miami only so far.
          I also fixed a lot of typos.
    [07/03/04] v. 0.7
         -Finished all of Undercover mode! It's final a full guide! I also added
          some stuff to other sections. For the next update expect to see
          walkthroughs for the Driving Games and better directions to the Timmy
    [07/02/04] v. 0.6
         -I did the next mission in Istanbul, added the unlimited ammo cheat, and
          updated the maps because somebody who hates Driv3r or my walkthrough
          reported the picture as "inappropriate" and that's why I had to change
    [07/01/04] v. 0.55
         -Finished the next two missions in Istanbul. I'm getting closer and closer
          to finishing the Undercover mode. After that look for better directions
          to each Timmy and a walkthrough for the Driving Games!
    [06/30/04] v. 0.5
         -Moved maps section to right above the Timmies because nobody seems to see
          it or look for it now and I keep getting e-mails saying something like,
          "Where is 'that spot' on the map your talking about." Sorry for the
          inconvenience to all the people who know where it is and were used to it
          there. But this will really cut down my mail box hopefully. Maybe now
          everybody will see it. I also added the first mission of Istanbul
    [06/28/04] v. 0.45
         -Finished all of the Timmies. That's about it...
    [06/27/04] v. 0.4
         -A nice big update! Finished all of Nice, all the secret cars, and almost
          all of the Timmies. Now you should be able to find all of the secret cars
          and all of the armories. I might make a better description to each Timmy
          in a future update but that will probably come after I finish story mode
          just like the walkthroughs for the driving games. In the next update I
          will finish all of the Timmies. Thanks for your patience.
    [06/26/04] v. 0.3
         -Did four more missions, finished all the Timmies in Nice and I'll add
          them for Istanbul later on when I get there. I'm not going to use the
          ones people had sent me because I'm afraid those might not be detailed
          enough and I don't want people e-mailing me saying something like,
          "Where's Timmy #3 in Istanbul? Can you be more specific?" Because I
          can't. For now just look at the maps and look for the general location
          of each Timmy and I will add a description when I get to Istanbul. Also
          added stuff to each section again. Added more sections too. By the next
          update I hope to be done with Nice completely and be done with the secret
          cars and Timmy locations in Istanbul.
    [06/25/04] v. 0.2
         -Finish most of the stuff with Timmy, I don't need any more help with it
          anymore though. I got to Nice in the Story and added some other stuff. I
          also got really frustrated because instead of hitting load on the program
          I use to write this FAQ, I hit save and lost everything I had, luckily I
          had half of it on GameFAQs already so I kind of lucked out but not 
          really. I also got maps of each city by Stefan Lewis.
    [06/24/04] v. 0.1
         -I saw no FAQs at all so I decided to make one and try to add it 
          before any others are added. Keep checking daily for updates. Just
          added the first few missions and the basics. Have fun with this 
          game as you progress because I will too.
    16. Disclaimer
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    Copyright laws protect this FAQ/Walkthrough. You cannot sell this              
    FAQ/Walkthrough for a profit of any kind. You cannot reproduce this            
    FAQ/Walkthrough in any way with out my written consent. You are however allowed
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