(Voice)CalitaMichelle Rodriguez
(Voice)JerichoMickey Rourke
(Voice)TannerMichael Madsen
(Voice)Tobias JonesVing Rhames
Animation Production Co-ordinatorSimon McKeown
Art ManagerDave Oxford Senior
Associate Project ManagerTony Roberts
Cut Scene DirectorMaurice Suckling
DesignerSteve Boland
DesignerMartin Edmondson
DesignerCraig Lawson
DesignerMark Mainey
Development DirectorMartin Edmonson
In Game ArtAndreas Tawn
Istanbul City LeadPhil Baxter
Lead AnimatorGavin Williams
Lead Programmer / DesignerMartin Edmundson
Miami City LeadDaniel Oxford
Mission ProgrammerRobin Wardle
Nice City LeadDave Oxford Junior
Physics Team LeadChris Jenner
Project ManagerGareth Edmonson
ScriptingSteve Boland
Sound EngineerSeb Thomas
Storyboard ArtistPaul Davidson
Technical LeadChristopher Philips
Tools & Technolagy ManagerPhilippe Paquet
Vehicle ArtistSimon Auchterlonie
Vehicle ArtistPaul Dykes
Voice of BaccusIggy Pop


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