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Guide and Walkthrough by Arcor

Version: 1.12 | Updated: 03/26/2003

Zone the Enders:The 2nd Runner Walkthrough V1.12 By Arcor  26/03/03


Copyright Mike Wu 2003

///////////////////Legal Notice//////////////////////////////////////////////
This FAQ is for personal use only, and is not to be sold or reintergrated into 
any other guides for this  game or any other game.  DO  NOT POST  this FAQ  or 
any  part  of  it anywhere. This  FAQ is authorized for posting ONLY  on the 
following websites.  If this FAQ is being hosted ANYWHERE else, please notify 
me  immediately via the above email address. 

GameFAQs: www.gamefaqs.com 
IGN:      faqs.ign.com
Kuren's ZOE2 Page: http://www.genesoul.net/zoe/     

You may ask for permission to post this guide via the email at the top of this 
guide, but chances  are slim unless  I know you personally.  If permission is 
granted, the  only conditions this guide  can be posted under are if I get 
full credit for my work and  this FAQ is posted  in its entirety with  this 
disclaimer.  This FAQ is owned and copyrighted by me, Mike Wu, 2003.  The game 
Zone of Enders: 2nd Runner is  copyright Konami, 2002.   All other copyrights 
and trademarks  are acknowledged  and   respected  that are not specifically 
mentioned here. 

/////////////////End of Legal Notice/////////////////////////////////////////
-------------------------FAQ History-----------------------------------------

26/03/03 Corrected more typos, added a character summary (incomplete).

12/03/03 Corrected some typos here and there and added a few tips that people
         have been sending me.                                      V1.11

01/03/03 Completed Spoiler Section and added in bits here and there V1.1

27/02/03 First revision released                                    V1.0


-Walkthrough (Spoiler Free)
-Character Summary (spoiler)



|Close Range Combat|

Square-normal slash, can be repeated up to 4 times.  The last hit can end with
either Triangle or Cross for a upward or downward strike.  For example, 
Squarex3,Triangle=Enemy will be propelled upwards after the final hit.
Squarex3,Cross=Enemy will be propelled downwards after the final hit.

| Grab (Default Subweapon)|

Circle- Grabs the closest enemy or object.  After grabbing an enemy, pressing
square will allow you to use them as a weapon.  Circle will allow you to throw
them onto your currently locked target, repeately pressing Circle will cause
Jehuty to swing the grabbed target in circles and release it.
Note that throws will only do damage if the object thrown actually hits a hard
surface, for example walls or other robots. 

| Burst |

R2 is the burst button, pressed while moving allows Jehuty to suddendly 
accelerate in a certain direction.  Pressing Square button while Jehuty is in 
its dashed motion will make him unleash homing lasers which you'll be using a 
lot throughout the game. If you're close to your target (lock on icon orange) 
then Jehuty will perform a charged stab that's significantly stronger than his 
average sword slash and faster also.

Pressing R2 while Jehuty standing still while cause Jehuty to glow brightly, 
pressing the Square button while right after Jehuty starts glowing will result 
in the following actions based on how far your target is.

Close-Jehuty will unleash a power 360 degree burst slash that will 
breakthrough enemy guard.  There is a slight delay with this maneouver so use 
with caution in a fast paced sword fight, can be linked after Squarex3 in most 
cases too.

Long-Jehuty will raise its hand and an energy ball will appear above it.  The 
longer you hold down the Square button the larger the ball will become and 
hence the more powerful it is.  After releasing the square button Jehuty will 
shoot the ball towards its target and it'll explode in a large radius.  This 
move can't be blocked by enemy normally, only some bosses can avoid its damage 
by moving out of its way.

| Guard |

R1 is the guard button and it will protect you completely from standard 
attacks but not the more powerful ones (Mummyhead's laser beam and Cyclops 
dashing punch for example).  Guard is very useful when an enemy catches you 
off guard and starts doing a combo on you, by pressing R1 right after being 
hit will make you unharmed by the rest of the strikes.  Note that some missle 
attacks will drain your Subweapon gauge after being blocked.  You can still 
guard after your Subweapon guage reaches zero though.

| Lock On|

By default the game will auto lock on for you but in case there's someone else
you would like to lock on, pressing the L2 button will cause you to scroll
through the targets available.  Holding down L2 for about 2 seconds will cause
lock on cursor to disappear, useful when trying to reach/grab something without
having to face your foes all the time.  Lock on isn't only limited to foes but
you can lock onto replenshments such as Metatron and Sub Energy too.

| Subweapons|

Holding down L1 button will pause the game and cause the Subweapon menu to 
come up and you can change them without having to access the main menu. 
Pressing up or down on the digital pad will allow you to change the subweapons 
too without pausing the game though.

| Communication with Ada |
By pressing L3/R3 you can respond to Ada's suggestions and comments during
the game.  (L3 and R3 are the analog buttons)

L3 = Positive response
R3 = Negative response

For example somewhere in-game Ada might suggest that you change to Geyser
Subweapon for the current situation.  Press L3 will approve Ada of her 
suggestion and your Subweapon will change to Geyser, ignoring her suggestion
or pressing R3 will keep everything as it is.

Another example:
When Ada tells you "Enemy destroyed" 

L3 = "Yoshi Ikuze!" (Yeah baby let's go!)

R3 = "Nande Ore ga konna me ni" (Why do I keep getting into crap this)


At the start you'll only have grab as your subweapon, as you progress through
the game you'll be gifted with the following:

* Geyser *

Jehuty throws out white flashing powder like things that paralyzes
foes upon contact (provided that they didn't block it).  Not exactly useless
but there are better ones around.  Note that the distance Geyser travels
is dependent on how hard you press the circle button.

Subweapon Gauge Usage-1/5  (1 being the lowest, 5 being the highest)

* Gauntlet *

Jehuty will shoot out a missle like projectile that can't be blocked
, will do 2x damage if the target being hit crashes into a wall.  Very useful
IMHO, works well against bosses too.

Subweapon Gauge Usage-1/5 

* Comet *
Jehuty will shoot out a blue homing energy attack that can't be blocked 
but the damage vs gauge usage ratio doesn't stack up too well and you'll find
yourself running out of Sub Gauge after a few shots.

Subweapon Gauge Usage-2/5


Jehuty will dump a decoy of itself as a cannonfodder.  I've only used it
once so can't really comment on its usefulness.

Subweapon Gauge Usage-3/5

* Phalanx *

Jehuty will release burts of small energy shots that works well against
groups of small targets as well as a single target.  Takes a while to kill
foes with more HP but the Sub Gauge consumption isn't too bad.

Subweapon Gauge Usage-2/5

* Vector Cannon *

The ultimate Sub Weapon, you'll only be using this for story
elements mostly but still this is ultimately the most destructive weapon in
ZOE2.  It takes a long time to charge up (15s~20s approx) and eats up Sub
Gauge like there's no tomorrow but when you can pull it off it's absolutely
satisfying to watch enemies vapourize.  Can only be executed when Jehuty's
feet is touching the ground.
Subweapon Gauge Usage-5/5

* Halberd *

Jehuty shoots out a huge unblockable laser beam similar to the ones 
used by Mummyheads except it's blue.  Does impressive damage but sorta eats up
Sub Gauge fast and it's easily interrupted if there's a foe beside you.

Subweapon Gauge Usage-3/5

* Wisp *

Jehuty's Wisp is different to Ardjet's and can't be used to deal damage
directly, it's more like a telepathic grab which can be handy since it can't
be blocked but I never got around to using this much except for picking up

Subweapon Gauge Usage-2/5

* Mummy *

Jehuty will put up a shield that looks identical to Mummyhead's 
appearence, Jehuty's HP will slowly regenerate while having the shield up and 
he's almost invulnerable to all attacks.  

Subweapon Gauge Usage-3/5

* Homing Missle *

This is argueably the best Sub Weapon in the whole game, Jehuty
basically shoots out up to 16 Fin Funnel look alikes that will home in on 
anything within its proximity.  The damage is awesome as it never takes more
than 2 hits to kill a normal foe.  The best thing about this is the fact you
don't have to aim at all, just make sure the enemy is in vincity.
How many missles are launched depends on how long you hold the Circle button
for and how much Sub Gauge you have left.

Subweapon Gauge Usage-4/5

* Floating Mine *

Jehuty places a mine floating in the air and it'll explode if 
a foe gets too close.  I've yet to see a normal foe survive a direct blast
from this but it's not very convenient to use so I still prefer homing missles
most of the time.

Subweapon Gauge Usage-4/5

* 0 shift *

This is one of Jehuty's most unique actions, it drains no Sub Gauge at all. 
Jehuty will move extremely fast to the target's location and damaging anything 
that's blocking its way.  Basically you'll feel like Anubis when you use this 
ability.  Teleporting while holding the analog in your target's direction will 
cause Jehuty to teleport towards it, holding the analog in the reverse 
direction will cause Jehuty to make a teleporting escape. By pressing 
Triangle+Circle or Cross+Circle you can 0 Shift upwards
or downwards as well.  (Thanks to Spencer Leung for the info)

Subweapon Gauge Usage-None

---------------------------Walkthrough (Spoiler Free)------------------------

Plot points are marked which will be explained later in the plot section.

Note at most times there will be a green square like display in front of Jehuty
indicating which direction you will need to go in order to advance.

| Callisto |

After the first cut-scene you'll be controlling Dingo's mining robot.  Use 
Triangle button to jump then R2 to propel yourself forward, can be done twice
in the air.  Once you reach over the ramp a cut-scene will occur and you'll be
in Jehuty from now on.


Your first battle will be against 2 Raptors, dispatch them with sword  slashes 
easily. Ada will then present you with the training screen where you can 
choose to brush up your combat skills or just choose the bottom option to 
continue into the game. 

Now you'll face hordes of mosquitoes, they're tiny fighters that comes in large
groups but doesn't really deal any damage.  A good time to practice your homing
laser as well as drool at the impressiveness of the ZOE engine.

Keep fighting through the raptors and mosquitoes till a cutscene occurs with 
Ada telling you that the wall is breakable by a burst ball attack.  


* Boss1-Ardjet *

Ardjet isn't really too hard if you follow the right tactics. It has the 
following attacks.

Wisps (small)-It shoots out 2~3 wisps at you, can be easily avoided by dashing 
or destroyed with homing laser.

Wisps (Large)-She'll activate a horde of wisps and throw them at you in a fashion
similar to Funnels from Gundam.  Use 2 waves of homing laser to clear them out 
while dashing side ways.

Sword Slash-She'll do some basic sword combo if you get close to her, not really
too threatening and most of the time you can get the upperhand just by button

Grab-She'll grab you and make you eat her Wisps, quite damaging but usually 
you won't see this move unless you keep turtling (Guard all the time).

Charged Beam-After Ardjet's life goes below 1/2 it'll transform itself into a 
cocoon like shape and start charging up, after about 5seconds of charging 
it'll release a huge beam that can't be blocked and quite damaging if being 
hit by it.  Can be dodged easily just by dashing left or right.

There are many ways to beat Ardjet, I prefer going close while spreading out
homing lasers to keep her busy.  When I start slashing and she starts guarding
I do a burst slash usually which does decent damage and breaks her guard.
Usually after a Large Wisps/Charged Beam attack she'll have a few seconds of 
vulnerbility, go close while firing a spread of homing lasers and land a combo 
on it.  Squarex3,burst slash works well here if you can register the opening 
hit.  Just be careful to clear out all the wisps before advancing since they
can be quite damaging if not cleared out properly.


| Inside Bahram Battle Cruiser |

Here you'll encounter a new type of enemy, Spyders.  Those are mini walking
tanks that aren't as dangerous as a standard OF but can be annoying in groups.
They have the ability to guard as well but usually it's easily broken by a 
flurry of slashes.  Grab works well on them too.
Mummyheads from ZOE makes a return here as well, they're good at ranged 
attacks so get up close and either grab them or slash them.  Becareful of 
their twin yellow beam attack which is unblockable.  

Inside the cruiser you'll make way through a series of rooms, the first room
consists of raptors and spyders which you should have no problems dispatching.
Once you enter the 2nd room, Ada comments on how you can use the poles as a 
weapon, simply move close to one and you'll see a grab icon appearing beside it.
While wielding a pole, you can swing it around by  pressing Square or shoot it
towards your target by hitting Circle.  Poles attacks are very powerful and
can't be blocked, however note that Jehuty will move a little slower while
carrying a pole and swings much slower than it does with its sword.

Inside room 2 you'll encounter a wormhole like entity that's called Solar,
as long as you don't destroy it it'll constantly pump out enemies so make
sure destroying it remains your first priority.  

Inside room3 you'll encounter another wormhole located below the main platform.
Kill it as soon as you can and deal with Raptors and Mummyheads afterwards.


* Boss-Nephitis *

This battle can be finished in less than 15s if you know what you're doing,
Nephitis is invulernable to all of Jehuty's attacks so Ada suggests you use
poles against it.  Simply turn off the lock on feature and position yourself
to a stack of poles that can be located at the sides.  Turn back lock-on and
continuously throw poles at it till one hits and then the fight will be over.


* Boss-Anubis *

There's no way to win this battle so just play around and eventually Anubis 
will grab you and the battle will end.


| Deimos Station |


Fly out of the store room, after proceeding a bit down the corridor a cut-
scene will take place.


Now your objective is to find Taper who's hiding in one of the containers.
If you hit the wrong container you'll have to go to another room and search
over again.  Every time you make a mistake Taper will leak out more info
about the container he's hiding in.  4 out of 3 times I found him in a blue
container marked 5123-D.  Other people have experienced him hiding in 6859-A.
If Taper is hiding in the storage room you're currently in he'll make a "Eeek"
sound whenever you shoot the walls in that room. 

Update: 6915B is also a possible solution thanks to Spencer Leung.  

After receiving Geyser from Taper, now you have to bring him to the shooter
so he can be catapulted to Mars.  Press start button to bring up the map, the
red square is where your destination lies.  Pick up Taper using grab and be 
on your way, note that you should release Taper when going into combat and 
try to save him when he's getting attacked by throwing Geyser or just taking
out his attacker.  You shouldn't have too much problem since Taper's health 
doesn't go down very fast on normal difficulty.  Beware of the new Cyclops OF
which is more powerful than Raptor since it can shoot out Rail guns and can do
some damaging melee attacks.  It even has a red-fist charging attack that's 


After releasing Taper to Mars you'll have to deal with a couple of OFs, 
commander types should now appear, those should be taken out at first priority 
since they will increase the whole group's attacking ability.  

| Mars |


* Boss-Vic Viper *

Vic Viper has 2 modes, flying mode and melee mode.  
During flying mode it'll attack with weapons like the ones it uses in Gradius

Here are the list of actions Vic Viper can do while in flying mode:

Options-V2 can call out up to 3 options that will mimick it's firing 

Laser-Shoots out lasers that should be relatively easy to dodge by dashing.

Ripple-Harder to dodge than Lasers because of its large radius but the damage
taken from it doesn't make it life threatening.  Note that you can stand in
the center of the ripple and it won't hurt you.

Missles-Those slightly homes and mostly like you'll have a few on you at once
due to options so just dash like mad to loose them.

Yellow energy blasts-This is the most damaging of all V2's ranged attacks, one
hit from it will repel you back and more than often you'll hit a wall which 
will cause you to take even more damage.  Luckily it isn't very fast so
can be easily dodged if you see it coming.

V2's attack in melee mode:

Yellow energy blasts-Same as his flying version.

Sword Slash-V2's quite quick so don't find it suprising if it catches off
guard with a combo.  Just guard as soon as you get hit and you can block off
the rest of the hits easily.  

Keep dashing!  Never stop moving since V2 will be throwing stuff at you all
the time, chip off its HP with homing lasers and energy shots (square at a
distance).  Sometimes a burst ball can hit too for massive damage.  
Once it turns into melee mode let it get close to you then guard its full
sword combo, it'll end with a flurry of thrusts and after that you can 
retaliate with your own Squarex3, burst slash combo which will deal a good
amount of damage.  If you ever find yourself dashing into a boulder or 
something, immediately guard so at least you'll be immune to damage before
you find your directions and start dashing again.


After V2 leaves, you'll be assaulted by a new type of OF called Narita.
Those OFs are extremely fast and possess an unblockable charging attack.
Nail them with Gauntlet and homing lasers and you shouldn't have too much
of a problem. 

Now proceed to Magaritifier canyon, Ada informs you that you'll need to bring
down the two power generators before you can proceed through the main gate.
Use the map to get a good idea of the layout.  After destroying one of the 
power generators you'll acquire the Phalanx subweapon, it's quite useful for
clearing out hordes of enemy with aid from your homing laser.  Gauntlet
is highly recommended when dealing with OFs since there are a lot of walls
around meaning most shots from Gauntlet will cause double damage.

After entering the main gate, Nephitis appears for a boss fight.

* Boss-Nephitis *

This battle can be quite challenge for 1st timers that doesn't know the trick.
Nephitis's actions are listed as followed:

Red homing laser-similar to Jehuty's but doesn't track as much, does decent 
damage if you fail to block the first one since the rest will hit as well.

Weapon attack-When you see Nephitis brings out the circle spiked ring like
weapon on its back and advances towards you, run back cos you can't guard
this attack. 

Charging Attack-This is Nephitis most powerful attack, one hit from will
take away almost 25% of your HP and it'll break through your guard normally.
When Nephitis stops and glows red, it'll transform into a Jet and charge
towards you at an insane speed, nearly impossible to dodge if you're too
This attack is also the only weakness to Nephitis's shield system.


A while into the battle Dingo will complain to Ada that Nephitis's
shield seems invulnerable and there are no poles around like last time.
Now what you have to do here is grab a metal plate that's lying around on
top of pillars or in stacks on the wall.  Once you have a plate in your
possession, guard with it when Nephitis does its charging attack.  
Nephitis repelled back by the reinforced guard and she'll lose her shield
system for a few brief moments, charge in with homing lasers and do a full 
combo on her.  Grab another plate and wait for it to do the charging attack
again.  Rinse and repeat, the battle ends when Nephitis reaches half HP.
Remember to disable lock on by holding down L2 button to make it easier for
grabbing metal plates.

| Pacilia |

* Boss-Nephitis *

This time the battle takes in arena surrounded by orange energy fields.
OFs touching it will be paralyzed briefly giving their opponent a chance to 
strike.  Nephitis attacks doesn't change from previous battle but now you'll
have to make use of the Orange field in order to create an opportunity for 
you to strike.   Keep your distance away from Nephitis until it does its
charging attack, quickly dash to the side and Nephitis will hit the orange 
field causing it to be paralyzed for a few seconds.  Now immediately go up
and do 4 slashes, when Nephitis recovers you can push it into the field again
and do another 4 slashes.  After it recovers the 2nd time it'll fly away so
you can't just cheese it to death.  Just repeat the above and the fight 
should be over pretty quick (Nephitis only has half HP).


Your goal will now be eradicating Spyders while protecting both LEVs and 
buildings.  Note that LEVs will fire randomly when they see a Spyder so it's
best to intercept those as soon as you can.  Sometimes when you see a LEV
hitting a building use a Geyser to calm it down and destroy the Spyders around
its vincity.  The red square box appearing in front of Jehuty informs you 
where the Spyders have spawned so head towards there as soon as you can.
Make sure you aim your homing lasers well this time cos points will be 
deducted if you destroy buildings.  Gauntlet and melee attacks works well


| Pacilia Train |

Your objective here will be to destroy the armored train that's heading 
towards the UNSF LEVs.  You'll be given 10 mins to do the job and that's 
plenty of time so take it slowly and just make sure you don't die.

Each section of the train will be guarded by turrets and OFs, knocking the
OF back will often result in it being thrown out of range thus counted as

Note OFs will appear as each section of the train gets destroyed so be 
prepared for them, always use L2 to target your closest foe.

Section 1 of the train is only guarded by turrets that shoots out red energy
bullets and a few OFs.   Ball burst attack works well if you can pull one off
but never attempt to charge it or else you'll be interrupted by the turrets.
The trick with dealing the OFs here is to use Gauntlet so most likely the OF
that you're attacking will smash into the wall and thrown out of range.

Section 2 is pretty much like section one except there are beam turrets now,
you can still block those however so don't worry.  Just move around and use
homing lasers to clear them out while using Gauntlet to take care of the OFs.

Section 3 has a main cannon that shoots out a massive beam that you can't 
block, luckily it only aims at the middle so moving to the side will ensure
you that you won't be (don't forget about the OF and other turrets though).

Section 4 is about the same as section 2 so it shouldn't pose a problem.

Section 5 is the final section and it has no weapons or escorts so just feed
a burst shot into it to end this scene.

| Energy Supply Facility |


Proceed through the waste, picking the Metatron on the way.  Head into the

* Boss-Nephitis *

This will be your last battle with Nephitis and is probably the most 
challenging one yet.  The battle area will be filled with enemy OFs and a new 
type of OF will appear called "Cloud".  Normally Cloud is quite dangerous as 
it can grab you and feed you a piledriver for massive damage but soften them 
up with a few slashes them grab them.  Use them to guard Nephitis's charging 
attack in order to create a striking opportunity.  Gauntlet can penetrate 
Nephitis's shield too but don't rely on it too much since your Sub Gauge will 
run out well before you can kill it.  The most annoying thing about this 
battle is the lock on, Nephitis will run around causing you to lock on to 
something else and while you're dealing with that particular OF Nephitis will 
do a charge attack from elsewhere making it very hard to dodge. The key is to 
grab an enemy OF and guard when you hear AI Viola yell out the phrase when she 
does her charging attack.  After you give it a little spanking it'll run away 
for about 10s before it appears somewhere near you for another charge attack. 
So time your grabs so that the OF you're grabbing doesn't struggle to free 
itself when Nephitis is about to charge. After this battle Nephitis is gone 
for good.


* Boss-Ardjet *

This battle is quite tricky and it took me a few tries before I figured out 
how to do it properly.  Basically Ardjet is now being possessed by AI Viola 
and you'll have to find a way to delete the AI without physically destroying 
Ardjet (Ken's still in it).  

The trick is to swing your sword right when Ardjet is about to swing its own, 
your swords will lock together and after repeating a few times (4 times max) 
Ardjet will be repelled backwards and at this moment immediately go up to it 
and grab it, this will cause Ada to start deleting the AI.  At the start it 
only takes one weapon lock to repel Ardjet, after that it slow increases and 
stablizes at 4 weapon locks before you repell Ardjet.  

Ardjet's attack pattern is identical to the first you met it with an 
exception, it'll do a self-destructing charge time to time and its own HP will 
decrease.  Always try to be close to it otherwise it'll do the self-
destructing charge if you're too far.  


Your objective now is to escape from the Energy facility now that you have 
Vector Cannon in your possession.  Pick up Ardjet and fly upwards in the 
direction indicated by the green sqaure box.  You'll need to kill a few OFs 
along the way that holds the key to opening up the yellow barrier which will 
prevent you from ascending.  Ardjet can remain afloat for short period of time
while you take care of enemy OFs without falling, but if you leave her lying 
mid-air for too long Ken will yell at you and she'll start dropping.  If 
Ardjet reaches the lava pit its HP will decreases and if you don't pick it up 
by grabbing or wisping then it'll just explode which means gameover for you.

If you leave Ardjet in the lava and have Ken complain to you for about 3 times 
then you get to see Ken in a slightly different outfit in the next cutscene.


| On the way to Fortress City |

This is the least-interesting part of the game and there're no shortcuts 
unless you can memorize the whole layout.  
Here you're out on the desert on your way to meet Lloyd, Ken will give you
instructions on where to go and you better follow them if you don't want to
walk into landmines and blowing yourself up in the process.
Basically if she says xxx "Migi" it means you'll need to turn right a lot.
If she says xxx "Hidari" it means you'll need to turn left a lot.  

On the way you'll be assaulted by missles, make sure you guard to prevent any 
damage.  Turn lock-on off when you encounter any foes and just run through 
them since lock-on will alter your course of movement possibily lead you into 
a landmine.  After you pass through 2 craters you'll reach the fortress city.

| Fortress City Top |


Lloyd is now testing your ability to see if you can your way into the city.
The top level is divided into four sections with elevators branching into
one another and your objective here is to find the elevator that descends
down into the inner depths of the city.  
There are 8 elevators in total and here's a layout including which elevators
you should take in order to proceed.

| /-\                            |                              /-\ |
| | |                            |                              |2| |
| \-/                            |                              \-/ |
|                                |                                  |
|                                |                                  |
|                                |                                  |
|                               /-\                                 |
|                               |3|                                 |
|                            /-\\-//-\                              |
|                            \-//-\\-/                              |
|                               | |                                 |
|                               \-/                                 |
|                                |                                  |
|                                |                                  |
|                                |                                  |
|                                |                                  |
| /-\                            |                              /-\ |
| | |                            |                              |4| |
| \-/                            |                              \-/ |

| Fortress City Inner |

Here you'll have to descend throw 3 rooms filled with moving pillars, be 
careful not to be caught when the pillars are closing or you'll get squished.
It's sometimes hard to see whether pillars are closing due to the camera so
the safest way is either lure enemies to safe places to fight or use ranged
weapons like Halberd or homing laser to take them out from a distance before

After the 3rd room you'll end up going into a boss fight with Inhert.

* Boss-Inhert *

There are two parts to this battle, let's take a look at the first part.

For the first part the battle takes place in a large room full of pillars, 
luckily they're just there to obscure your views and for you to destroy.  
They don't hammer into each other so you won't have to worry about getting

Inhert moves incredibly fast and he can dump decoys to distract you, my 
suggestion here is to use Comet Subweapon since it homes on the target. 
Inhert has the following attack patterns:

Spread red laser-Inhert fires those while standing still, easy to dodge just by

Missles-Inhert fires red homing missles that you should destroy at once with
homing lasers.

Sword Slash-Inhert slashes 3 times and charges a bit and follows up with an
unblockable slash.  

Mine laying-Inhert flies everywhere around the arena and lays mines behind 
him, destroy them with homing lasers while trying to get ahead of him and
nail it with a dashing thrust.

Try and close in on Inhert as often as possible since melee is the only thing
that will hurt it significantly.  Zig zag towards it while firing homing 
lasers to distract it.  Once you're within melee range exchange a few slashes
with it and if it manages to lock you in a combo, guard and wait for it to do
its charged strike then retaliate with Squarex3, burst Slash.  Similarly if
it guards your slashes, break it with a burst slash.  Fire your comets at it
and while it won't do too much damage, it's better than nothing.  
It'll start flying around, laying mines and spewing lasers at you after it 
sustains some damage.  Try to predict its course and nail it as it flies
past with a dashing thrust.  After it reaches half life the battle will 
switch to a different form.

Part 2

Now Inhert switched all the lights and now you'll have to rely on Ada's
instructions to help you locate Inhert.  

Basically if you don't understand Japanese then you'll have to memorize
what Ada is saying and act based on that (you'll probably die a few times).

Inhert's Attacks:

Missles-Just block those.

Red Mines-You'll have to either dodge left or right depending on what Ada 
says, it's very easy to make a mistake and get nailed by those.  1 hit from
those mines takes away around about 25% health.

Sword Slash-Identical to part1, it'll only use it when you've gotten within
melee distance.  

At the start of part2 battle you'll probably need to dodge a few red mines
and block a couple of missles before Ada successfully locks onto Inhert.
After locking on to Inhert you'll have to dash towards it like a madman, 
while avoiding the stuff it throws at you.  After you successfully get within
melee range repeat the melee tactics for part1, Inhert will run away after 
a certain amount of time so do as much damage as you can before it runs away.
After it runs away you'll have to repeat the whole process of reaching it 
again.  It'll take a few tries before you get the hang of things, but after
that it should be ok.


You can't win this battle too but you'll still die if you let Anubis get all 
over you.  The battle will end after you take away about 5% of its HP.


| Battleship battle |

This is one of the coolest parts of the game, here you're up against five 
Bahram Battleships and you're going to have to take them out with the help of 
Vector Cannon.

Close in on the nearest battleship while avoiding its main beam cannon, go 
around to its back and clear out all the escorting OFs.  Now it's time to use 
the Vector Cannon, make sure you have plenty of Sub Gauge and is facing the 
generator of the battleship (located behind the main beam cannon), charge up 
the Vector Cannon and vapourize the generator to destroy the ship.

Repeat the same steps for all four other battleships, just watch out for 
escorting OFs that can be annoying when you're trying to charge up your 
Vector Cannon.

* Boss-Zakat *

This boss is the biggest OF you'll encounter in the game but thankfully it's
not nearly as hard as it looks.

Zakat's attacks:

Main Beam Cannon-Just dash like mad to either left or right to avoid it.

Multiple up&down beams-Becareful when dodging those, mindless dashing will
make you regret.

For the first half of the battle, Zakat's weak point lies in the pillar shaped
support inside it's frame.  Dash into it's body and hack away at the pillar, 
after some damage it'll back away and put up a field protecting its weakness.
In order to disable the field you have to grab orange plates that are placed
around the field and throw them away.  After you have thrown away four plates
the field will dissipate and you can go in and hack away at the pillar again.
Note that you can deal much more damamge by throwing Zakat's own plate at its
pillar.  (Thanks to Spencer Leung)

After it reaches half life it'll change form and the weakness now lies on its
head, just go hard on the head and it'll eventually go down.  Even if it puts
up a field you can break it by constant slashing. 

| Massive Field Battle |


Get ready for one of the most epic battles in any kind of action game, the 
gameplay here is very similar to Dynasty Warriors series in a sense that you
have a mini map full of green and red dots.  Green dots represents your LEV 
allies and red dots represents enemy OFs.  The objective here is to protect
as many LEV as you can while cleaning out enemey forces.  Homing Missles 
are essential here as it's the fastest way to kill efficientally.  
Run into a group of enemies and release 16 Homing Missles and watch them go
splat!  This is what I do Homing laser-Homing Missles-Homing laser repeat..
How many homing missles you release depends completely on how many OFs you 
think are surrounding, it'll be a complete waste to fire 16 missles when 
there are only 2~3 OFs around.  When you see a LEV burning on the ground, you
can throw a Geyser at it to heal it, however I hardly ever do that since 
I believe offense is the best defense in this case.  

At the start head immediately head towards the area where there're a lot of
enemy OFs gathering, take them out with Homing Missle+Homing laser combo
then proceed to the next location with most enemies.  After you've cleared
out a path for your middle LEVs, go back and help either the right or the
left side depending on which side has more surviving LEVs.  There will be
a massive enemy reinforcement sometime in the middle of the battle, make sure
you clear out a path for the LEVs located in the middle first before worrying
about left or right side since the majority of your LEVs are located in the 
center.  This section ends when you have destroyed all the enemy OFs on the 

SS Rank - Keep all 40 LEVs alive at the end.
 S Rank - Keep 80% or more of the LEVs alive at the end.
 A Rank - Keep 50% or more of the LEVs alive at the end.
 B Rank - Keep 25% or more of the LEVs alive at the end.
 C Rank - Anything below 25% survival rate.


| On the way to Aumaan |

Right now you would've just acquired 0 Shift Subweapon, this is a good time
to practice how to use it since you'll be using it constantly from now on.

Proceed downwards within the huge factory like complex and you shouldn't
be having any problem with the new and improved Jehuty Ver 2.  

For difference between the different versions of Jehuty please refer to 
secret section.


After you reach the bottom, you come across a long tunnel with a massive Rail 
gun firing shots periodically.  The only way to advance is dash forward like 
mad and when you see the gun charging up immediately grab a metal plate 
that're stacked on either side and block the incoming shot with it.  Repeat 
the process till you're close enough to and then attack its charging intervals 
with burst shots.

Now you'll reach an orange barrier which you'll have to penetrate with Vector

* Boss-Anubis *

This will be your first real battle with Anubis, the fight ends when Anubis's
HP reachs half.  This form can be easily beaten simply by chasing it 
constantly with 0 Shift and overwhelm it with your sword attacks and 
eventually it'll fall.


* Boss-Anubis *

Due to the story you will be fighting with Damaged Jehuty from now on till
the end of the game.  Damaged Jehuty can only do burst slash, dash, grab
and 0 Shift, all other abilities have been lost but you won't need them
for fighting Anubis anyway.

Ok this will be a long battle since Anubis takes many hits to take down and
you'll have to drop its HP to zero to end this.

Here is a list of Anubis's attacks:

Homing projectile with blood particles-This is the attack that you'll have 
to watch out for since mis-timed 0 shift will make you eat it whether you
like it or not.  One hit takes off around about 25% HP.

Red homing lasers-Those lasers travel in zig zags while they advance towards 
you, just 0 Shift through them.

Melee-Anubis will swing with its staff/pole but you can always overwhelm it 
by button mashing.  

The key here is patience, Anubis's attack are easy to dodge once you get the
hang of it but dealing damage to it will be slow since it likes to 0 Shift
away before you can complete your standard combo.  Anubis will 0 Shift 
randomly 2~3 times before executing an attack.  When it's about to make
an attack, wait for about half a second to see if it's the blood particle
attack.  If it's that then wait for it to come and then dash sideways to avoid
it, 0 Shift to it right afterwards and hopefully you can land some hits.  
Just do a burst slash if you think it's gonna 0 Shift away.  If it's not 
not doing the blood particle attack just 0 Shift towards it and hack away 
like mad.  Personally I've died too many times just by 0 Shifting towards
it too closely and bumping into the BP(Blood Particle) attack.

It's better to be safe then sorry.  

(Tip Submitted by Roy Chan for fighting Anubis during 2nd play)

Alternative ways to fight Anubis

Upon obtaining the damaged Jehuty, proceed to fight Anubis in the boss fight 
with the mummy sub weapon. The mummy sup weapon will block every attack that 
is being inflicted to damaged Jehuty. 

Keep blocking as the sub weapon gauge is infinite, when you get near Anubis or 
vice versa, he would use his melee attacks. Wait until he finishes his attacks 
an then counter attack. This tactic works for all Anubis and you may even win 
the battle with full health. (Be warn that this method may take a long time 
but it's one of the best tactics available)      

(Tip Submitted by Artemio Urbina for fighting both forms of Anubis)

You can shoot down their BP attacks with Jehuty's homing laser (Only works
during 2nd play and onwards though)


| Surface of Phobos |

Just walk to a seemly dead Anubis and it'll slip by your fingers again, ignore 
those Nephitis clones unless you need the Metatron they drop and chase Anubis 
through the crack.  

* Final Boss-Aumaan Anubis *

You'll now be in a weird dimension made up of hexagons.  Time to settle the
score with Nohman once and for all.

Aumaan Anubis behaves similarly to its previous version with a few differences:

-It can now regenerate its HP
-Executes the BP attack a lot less frequently 
-Enhanced melee ability, you can still overwhelm it but it'll take more sword
locks to get a slash in.
-Weaker defense, takes more damage per hit.

Tactics:What I did was constantly chase it with 0 Shift, slash it till it 0 
Shift away then I 0 Shift after it again with my sword swinging.  Since it 
doesn't use the BA attack nearly as often this tactic is pretty safe, in case 
you suddendly see it execute a BA attack in the middle of your 0 Shift, press
left or right so you won't run into the projectile.  

Once you take away all its HP you can now perform the finishing blow with 
the weapon of your choice.  I did with Vector Cannon just to be stylish.

Congrulations, you have no finished the game.  Sit back and enjoy the ending
and time to unlock the secrets.

Note there are special ending pics for both Rank S and A.


---------------------Secrets Section------------------------------------------

* New game+ *

After completing the game once you can now load your clear game save and 
start a new game+, you'll be represented with the following.

-Jehuty (default)
-Jehuty Ver 2 (Immune to normal beam attacks, 3 options to fire more beams)
-Damaged Jehuty (Can't guard, fire homing lasers or do burst shot, infinite 
Sub Gauge)
-Naked Jehuty (Immune to normal beam attacks, upgraded attack power, infinite
Sub Gauge)

Sub Weapons

-Unequip (default)
-Equip (Equipped with all Sub weapons at the start)

* Ex Mission Files *

1. After destroying the enemies in the 3rd room of the Bahram ship, go back to 
the 2nd room and there should be one floating near the doorway.

2. Zoradius: While fighting Vic Viper, blow up a rock in the north above the 
entrance to the canyon. A mission file will be there but it will be 
unreachable. Use Wisp to retrieve it. This is only available on a 2nd playthru 
using an Equipped Jehuty.

3. While fighting the Naritas at Margaritifer, access a mini-mission by 
responding to ADA's comments with L3. If you succeed the mission, a file will 
appear on top of the entrance to the canyon.

4. At Margaritifer, there's one hidden inside a rock.

5. At Margaritifer, there's another one hidden inside a rock.

6. At Margaritifer, there's one hidden in a corner near the bridge with the 
crashed train.

7. The left path in Margaritifer canyon has another route you can take to the 
left. Go all the way to the end for the mission file.

8. In the vertical rooms with the smashing pillars, one is in the corner on 
the floor of the top room.

9. In the vertical rooms with the smashing pillars, another one is in the 
opposite corner on the floor of the top room.

10. In the vertical rooms with the smashing pillars, one is adjacent to the 
door on the floor in the bottom room.

11. When fighting the first battle with Inhert, there should be one on the 

12. In the first part of the descending route towards Aumaan, there's a flat 
structure on the ground. Go under it and there should be one there.

13. In the first part of the descending route towards Aumaan, there's a 
metallic beam in the lower level. A file appears after you destroy the beam.

14. In the second part of the descending route towards Aumaan, there's one on 
top of a pillar.

15. In the second part of the descending route towards Aumaan, there's one at 
the very end on the floor. 

16. When you land on Aumaan, there's one on the ground near the metal floor.

17. When you land on Aumaan, there's one in the sky. 

18. After destroying one of the Nephtis on Aumaan, one should appear.

19. After destroying another Nephtis on Aumaan, another one should appear.

20. Load your Clear Data save after you clear the game once, and start a new 
game. Clear the game again and you will get the last 2%.

After you complete getting 100% highscore on all the extra missions you'll
be represented with a title screen change.

* Versus mode *

- 7 Orbital Frames will be unlocked after completing the game once.

The other 3 have to be obtained by collecting their respective dolls
(only available for 2nd play+).

Naked Jehuty - At the end of the 2nd part of "On the way to Aumaan", just 
before the exit there will be 2 cargo holes being blocked by red laser.
Shoot at it to disable the laser and beat Naked Jehuty that's inside to
obtain its doll.  Note that you can't acquire Naked Jehuty while using 
Naked Jehuty, Metatron will just appear as a place holder. (Thanks to Spencer Leung
for reminding about this)

Inhert - Located on the 2nd room of "Fortress City Inner" where those
crushing pillars are, it's well hidden by the 2nd or 3rd set of pillars
I think and you can only see it when the pillars contract.  Spam the L2 
button so you don't miss out on it.

Aumaan Anubis - At the place where you're required to bring down 2 power
generators to open the main gate.  Proceed towards the left and there will
be a route diverting off the main one near the end.  Turn left into the other
route and come a place blocked by boulders, blow it up with Vector Cannon 
and go inside the vent.  You'll be in a place with big rotating fans, ignore
or kill the OFs that come at you and when you finish head towards the other
side of the vent and you'll encounter Aumaan Anubis, defeat it to obtain its

----------------------Character Summary (Spoilers)---------------------------

| Dingo |

Dingo's true identity revealed him to be much more than just a mere miner.
He was actually the ace pilot of Bahram's main squad 6 years ago but left 
Bahram after an incident that totally destroyed his faith in Bahram.

His squad escorting huge amounts of Metatron to Antilia was ambushed by an 
overwhelming force of UNSF in a very well planned attack.  Dingo was the only
survivor among his squad and believed that his superior Nohman must have 
betrayed them by leaking out crucial info about their mission to UNSF.  

A depressed Dingo goes into hiding and ends up as a miner in Calisto vowing
never to fight for Bahram again after experiencing what he went through.

Little does he know that his fateful meeting with Jehuty and Ken not only
changed the course of his life but also the fate of Earth and Mars...

During the course of the game, Dingo shows without hesistation why he was
considered an ace pilot back in the days.  He also developes somewhat an 
intimate relationship with Ken who originally only saw Dingo as a tool for
helping her to uncover the truth behind her father's death.  

From the outside Dingo may seem cold and stubborn but inside he really cares 
about his comrades more than anyone else and that's clearly shown by his 
reactions when Nohman informs Dingo of the real truth behind his squad's 
demise.  What Dingo really wants is merely nothing more than to release Mars
from the shackles of UNSF.

| Ken |

Currently working as OF runner directly under Nohman's command, Ken's sole
reason for joining Bahram and getting close to Nohman was to uncover the 
truth behind her father's death.  

When she first met Dingo she immediately knew this was her chance to take 
action.  By saving Dingo's life from the edge of death, she was able to 
partialy convince him that she's actually an UNSF spy working undercover.

She gives Dingo a chance to settle his scores with Nohman by semi-forcing
him to aid her with the destruction of Auuman.  Their relationship with each
other wasn't exactly on the good side when it all began, with Dingo constantly
showing signs of opposition.  As the story progresses, they go through some 
tough situations together which eventually lead them towards being more 
truthful to one and another. 

From the outside Ken often takes a firm stance when dealing with matters and
will often resort to threats in order to get things her way (pulling the plug
on Dingo).  She also has a high pride which clearly shows when she refuses to 
plead for her safety when Dingo attempts to get back at her for giving out
orders to him.  Deep down she's just an ordinary female who cares deeply for
those she has feelings for and won't hesistate to sacrafice herself for the
destruction of Aumaan.  


* 1.1 *

The sequence starts of in Callisto where Dingo in his mining LEV picks up 
an high Metatron response and decides to check it out.  Inside he finds an
Orbital Frame and at the same time Bahram's force strikes and destroys Dingo's
LEV.  The tremor caused by the attack shakes the container and Dingo has no
choice but to slip into the pilot seat in order to ensure his own saftey.

* 1.2 *

Here we see Dingo's friend Rick in danger of being assaulted by the Oribital 
Frame Ardjet, the female pilot asks Dingo to hand over Jehuty. Dingo demands 
to know what the hell is Bahram doing here, the female comments on Dingo being 
more than just a mere miner.  Dingo tells her to get out of his way and of 
course a fight ensues soon after.

* 1.3 *

Dingo questions the female if their mission is to retrieve this OF and who's
their commander, the female refuses to answer and retreats into the cruiser.
After saying farewell to his mining collegues, he follows Ardjet into the 
cruiser hoping his actions will prevent futher harm being done to Callisto.

* 2.1 *

While looking out in the space, Dingo talks to himself wondering if Bahram's
motive was really to capture Jehuty.  Ada asks him whether he boarded the 
cruiser just to check this, Dingo said there's also something else that 
he wants to confirm.

* 2.2 *

As the newly awakened Nephitis makes its appearence, Dingo receives 
communication from a voice that he recognizes, could it be Viola?  He says to 
himself. Ada then tells Dingo that Viola is already dead in the incident 2 
years ago.  Nephitis is now piloted by an AI version of Viola that was created 
by incoporating a part of Viola's personality that's battle related. Dingo 
said Viola was the only person he didn't want cross blades with when he was in 
Bahram.  Ada also informs that the person who lead the attack on Antilia 2 
years go was Nohman.  Dingo seems to be familiar with this name.

* 2.3 *

Nohman surprised to see Dingo still alive tells him to meet him in his room. 
On his way to meet Nohman, Dingo meets the female pilot who punches him asking 
him why did he board the cruiser.  Dingo said he came to make sure that if 
anything happens to people living in Callisto he won't forgive them. Nohman 
appears and tells Ken(female pilot) to stand back, he introduces Dingo the 
person who was an ace pilot in his main squad 6 years ago to Ken.  Nohman 
talks to Dingo as if he's returned as a member of Bahram. Dingo digusted, 
accusses Nohman of murdering his comrades 6 years ago and he is no longer 
prepared to devote himeself to Nohman's war games.  Nohman gives Dingo one 
last chance to return to his army, Dingo rejects and starts walking away. 
Suddendly Dingo finds himself being shot several times by Nohman.  Nohman 
walks away telling Ken to get rid of Dingo's corpse after he dies.  After 
recovering from a state of shock due to Nohman's actions, Ken says to Dingo 
"If I help you then you'll help me ok?", Dingo loses consciousness before he 
could respond.

* 3.1 *

It's been 2 months after Dingo was shot and Ken brought him to Deimos station 
in order to prolong his life.  Here we see a few medical experts patching 
dingo up and while they question whether this was really commander Nohman's 
order, Ken assures them she wouldn't have spent 2 months looking after him if 
it wasn't Nohman's direct order.  They move Dingo into Jehuty's cockpit and by 
connecting Jehuty's power to Dingo's mechanic heart (his heart/lung was 
replaced with mechanical parts) Dingo wakes up after a serious of electrical 

Ken asks Dingo how he feels and Dingo told her he feels like vomitting.  Dingo 
asks Ken what happened to him since he thought he was dead.  Ken said she 
carried him here and kept him alive all this time while keeping a low profile. 
Ken tells Dingo that Jehuty's power supply is keeping his mechanical heart 
going and stepping outside of Jehuty would mean death for Dingo.  Dingo thinks 
Ken's smoking crack so he stands up from the cockpit, just when he thought he 
had proven Ken wrong his heart stops functioning and the pain forces him to 
return to the cockpit.   Dingo isn't impressed to say the least by  Ken's 
method of keeping him alive, but Ken said she'll give him a proper operation 
after he finishes working for her.  Dingo refuses saying that he'd never work 
for Bahram again but Ken says she's actually a spy from UNSF.  Kens then says 
since this isn't a safe place to talk, Dingo's first priority is to reach the 
Catapult Shutter so he can travel to Mars.  Dingo kinda hesistates but Ken 
assures him that since they both have the same goal which is to stop Nohman, 
it'll only be good for him if they co-operate.

* 3.2 *

Dingo receives a SOS signal which he immediately tells Ada to ignore but
Ken tells Ada to setup communication with the source.  Dino is reluctant
to help but Ken threatens to disable his life-support system if he doesn't
co-operate.  Dingo reluctantly responds to the SOS signal and it turns out
that the person who's sending out the signal is a UNSF soldier named Taper.
He lost all his allies to Bahram force and needs help with reaching Mars, 
he claims to be on a mission to support his remnant UNSF allies who have
just acquired the Vector Cannon, the only weapon that can penetrate Aumaan's
shield.  Ken tells Dingo to help him out since they'll probably need Vector
Cannon as well.  Taper tells Dingo that he's hiding in one of the containers
and hopes he can come and pick him up.

* 3.3 *

After sending Dingo sends Taper off to Mars, he sees Nephitis coming after
him so he takes the catapult and heads for Mars too.

* 4.1 *

After arriving at Mars, Dingo comments on the terrible state this location is
in.  Ken tells him that approximately half a year ago Baharm launched a main
attack on all the UNSF troops located around all the counties.  UNSF troops
were no match for the OFs and after massing the remaining LEVs, they launched
a desparate attack on Bahram's base in Pacilia.  The outcome was predictable
as UNSF force on Mars was nearly wiped out completely, however there was one
thing gained out of all the sacrafices and one team managed to obtain Vector
Cannon which is the only weapon capable of penetrating Aumaan's shield.
Ken then explains to Dingo what Aumaan actually is, it's bascially a huge
military fortress that Nohman's father started developing and now in Nohman's
hand after his father passed away.  It uses a huge amount Metatron and as a
result the destructive force it's capable of if completed would be thousands
times more powerful than Anubis's.  Anubis and Jehuty were developed in 
parallel with Aumaan, serving as the "key" to activate the fortress.  Now
that Nohman has Anubis in his possession he wants to get rid off Jehuty since
it's the only OF that can possibly interefere with his plans.  

Right now UNSF can't even come close to matching Bahram's military power, so 
the only thing that stop Nohman is Jehuty and Dingo.  Should Aumaan be allowed 
to be completed and set in motion, both Earth and Mars will become enslaved by 
Nohman.  A fast moving object readily approaches Jehuty as they're talking so 
Dingo cuts off the transmission and prepares to deal with this somewhat rough 

* 4.2 *

Dingo tells the pilot of V2 that he doesn't belong to Bahram, the pilot 
questions what other organizations he could possibly belong to and Ada asks 
the pilot if he's Leo, the previous runner who piloted Jehuty 2 years ago in 
ZOE.  Leo seems less hostile now and seems relieved that Ada still remembers 
him.  Dingo asks him why did he dump Jehuty on Callisto, Leo says it's none of 
his business and requests Dingo to come down from Jehuty at once.  Dingo 
replies that he won't be getting off this OF even if he dies, Leo asks why and 
Dingo throws the "none of your business" remark back in Leo's face. Leo 
proceeds to ask Dingo what he plans to with Jehuty, Dingo jokes about selling 
it for a high bid but Leo asks seriously if he's going to Aumaan. Dingo says 
so what if he's going to there, Leo asks if he's planning to self-destruct 
Jehuty inside Aumaan.  Dingo surprised to hear this, asks Ada what the hell is 
going on, Ada explains she's programmed to self-destruct inside Aumaan as it's 
the purpose of her existence.  Dingo seems pretty mad at Ada's "no reason" 
self- destruct mission and says he'll take out Aumaan so Ada won't have 
anything to self destruct.  Leo says he's going to take out Aumaan himself 
since he doesn't want Ada to be invovled in further battles and tells Dingo 
don't hand Jehuty to Bahram at all costs.  Dingo promises Leo and then Leo 
takes off saying he'll head towards Aumaan after he aids the remants of UNSF.

Ken then sets up a communication and tells Dingo how to get inside Pacilia
and states that she'll meet him in Mars soon since she's departing Deimos
station in her OF as well.  

* 5.1 *

After dispatching Nephitis, Dingo overhears transmission from UNSF troops 
encountering attacks from Bahram patrol.  Taper checks in and requests Dingo 
to help his comrades.  Dingo gets pretty upset about those UNSF troops 
starting a war in Pacilia since there are still civilians around, the leader
of the UNSF squad says people of Pacilia are all garbage so it won't hurt
killing them.  Ada asks Dingo whether he wants to protect the UNSF LEVs or
the civilians and a pissed Dingo says he'll protect both.

* 5.2 *

The UNSF commander becomes pretty hostile at Dingo for interfering with their 
battle, Dingo asks them if slaughtering civilians is considered to be a 
battle.  The commander says since those civilians are trash it won't matter if 
they die, a pretty pissed Dingo then tells him to get out of his face before 
he blows him up.  An armored train then passes with OFs as escorts, Dingo then 
receives a distress call from Taper telling him that their hideout has been 
revealed and the armored train Dingo just saw is filled with OF and is heading 
towards the UNSF hideout in order to eradicate them.  Dingo says he'll try his 
best to blow up the train before it reaches the hideout.  

* 6.1 *

Having stopped the train, Dingo reaches the energy facility which show signs 
of fresh battle, LEV remains can be seen scattered with no signs of anything 
alive.  Ada comments on LEV force seems to have been completely wiped out. 
Dingo enters facility only to find Nephitis and Bahram forces waiting for him.

* 6.2 *

After defeating Nephitis for the last time, Ada commends Dingo on his 
accomplishment as Ada's calculations didn't expect Dingo to win the battle. 
Dingo says he doesn't feel good about killing an old comrade, Taper overhears 
the word "comrade" and becomes extremely angry after Dingo admits he used to 
be a Bahram soldier.  Taper points the gun at Dingo saying that he must've 
helped him previously so he could locate their hideout.  Ardjet then appears 
to meet Dingo which results in Taper losing his sense since he doesn't know 
what's going anymore.  While talking with Dingo, Ardjet's foot is grabbed by 
Nephitis's remain and AI Viola somehow manages to manifest itself onto Ardjet. 
AI Viola doesn't let this chance of destroying Jehuty slip by and starts 
attacking with a helpless Ken still stuck inside.  Taper escapes while Ardjet
wrecks havoc upon the surroundings.

* 6.3 *

After deleting the AI from Ardjet, Dingo sees Ardjet having trouble moving
herself since Ken has no experience in controlling without the AI.  Dingo 
wants Ken to beg him for help since he's always been taking orders from her.
Ken refuses to beg due to her pride and Ardjet drops down to the bottom of
the core.  Dingo gets really worried and rushes to pick her up.

* 6.4 *

After successfully escaping from the energy facility, Dingo thinks they have 
to find a way to bring Jehuty up to par with Anubis and the only person who 
might be able to help is Lloyd, Barhram's military scientist.  Dingo says he 
knew Lloyd since his training days at Bahram and he might come up with a 
solution against Anbuis's teleporting ability.  Ken says she vaguely knows
where Lloyd is now residing and hops into Jehuty in order to provide Dingo
with clear instructions on reaching Fortress City.

* 7.1 *

After passing the minefield, Dingo arrives at Fortress City and receives a
transmission from Lloyd who tells Dingo that he's glad to see him still alive.
It seems Lloyd already knows the reason why they came and tells Dingo that he's
waiting at the most inner part of Fortress City and Dingo will have to prove
themselves in order to reach him.

* 7.2 *

After defeating Inhert, Lloyd tells Dingo to come and pick up the program which
will unlock Jehuty's true potential since he can't move.  Ken volunteers to go 
and Lloyd tells them to hurry since he knows Anubis is closing in on this 
location fast.  Ken computes away at the hacking device, Lloyd also tells
her that the true purpose behind Aumaan isn't to dominate but rather is to
destroy.  Ken starts uploading the program to Jehuty, but Lloyd says this
program isn't like others and will need time to sink into the system before
the effects show up.  He tells Dingo to run away now since he'll be no match
against Anubis in Jehuty's current state.  Anubis breaks in as the program's 
uploading finishes, Ken couldn't make it back to Jehuty in time so she hides
into Inhert's cockpit for the time being.  

Anubis comes in and Nohman is surprised to see Dingo still alive, Anubis 
starts firing at the damaged Inhert since Nohman knows Lloyd has betrayed him. 
Dingo gets pretty mad by this and his fury reaches peak when Nohman tells him 
that Anubis and Jehuty were made from the Metatron that Dingo's team escorted 
to Antilia 6 years ago on their last mission and says Dingo should be thankful 
that he could be a part of Aumaan.  Dingo outraged by Nohman viewing his 
comrades as expendables attacks him and forgets about what Lloyd told him 
about not taking on Anubis till his new program starts working.  

* 7.3 *

Almost overwhelmed by Anubis, Lloyd saves Jehuty just in time by pushing it
out of they shutter with its decoy.  Nohman crushes Inhert's cockpit killing
Lloyd in the process for interfering.  

Dingo is on the run and he receives a transmission from Ken.  Ken tells Dingo 
she's currently hiding under the debris, Dingo says he'll be back right away 
but Ken tells him not to come because Anubis is still around.  She asks Dingo 
to promise her that he'll destroy Aumaan even if she dies.  Dingo seems 
uncertain about this then she asks him if they're comrades, after a long pause 
Dingo admits they are.  Ken says just like his comrades that died 6 years ago, 
the surviving ones have the responsibility to inherit the will from the ones 
that passed away, so his responsibility will be to destroy Aumaan even if Ken 
dies.  Ken's transmission is suddendly cut, Ada attempts to ease Dingo's pain 
by saying that Ken must be safe.  While Dingo griefs over what might happen to 
Ken, Leo sends in a tranmission telling Dingo that he's gathered all the 
remaining LEVs in the canyon ready to make an assault on Aumaan.  Just as 
Dingo says he'll be right there, he encounters 5 Bahram battle cruisers that
looks as if it's heading towards the canyon.  Without a second thought Dingo
engages the fleet while telling Leo to safe guard the LEVs.

* 8.1 *

Dingo arrives at the canyon but Taper tells all the other LEVs not to be 
fooled by him.  Elena from Atlantis who is in charge of the LEVs contacts 
Dingo, Dingo tells her it's simply foolish to try and take on Aumaan with just 
those LEVs. Elena says those LEVs aren't here by orders but volunteered 
themselves, some wants vengence for their lost family, some for their lost 
comrades.  Dingo asks Elena if she knows anyone by the name of Ken Marinaris 
in UNSF working as a spy under Bahram, Elena says such character doesn't exist 
in UNSF's database. 

Dingo is then told by Elena that Jehuty is a possession of UNSF and he should 
surrender it to them now.  Dingo refuses and Elena commands all the LEVs to 
attack Jehuty.  Leo stands out to stop the attack and tells Elena that who's 
piloting Jehuty isn't important, the important thing is that he shares a 
common goal with them so they should see him as a comrade.  

Dingo says it's true that he used to be with Bahram and in the past he may 
have killed UNSF people but right now his only goal is to destroy Aumaan and 
anyone who thinks they can fire upon someone with the same goal can go ahead 
and do it.  The LEVs seems to have reached an understanding and lay down their 
weapons.  Elena decided to pass leadership onto Dingo after seeing LEVs 
response and persuasion from Leo.  As a team they start heading towards 
Clevas with V2 and Jehuty as escorts.  

* 8.2 *

After breaking through Bahram's main force, Leo and Dingo leads the surviving 
LEVs to Clevas where they will safe guard the entrance to Aumaan.  Jehuty goes 
under a transformation as the program Lloyd provided has now finished settling 
within Ada.  Jehuty is now changed into Jehuty version 2 equipped with 0 shift 
which is the teleporting ability that Anubis possesses.  Right now Jehuty can 
stand toe to toe with Anubis in terms of its abilities, the only deciding 
factor now is Runner's ability.  Dingo tells Leo and all the other LEVs to 
guard the entrance and prevent any OFs from back attacks while Dingo will 
pave a way to Aumaan.  

* 9.1 *

Dingo receives a transmission from Ken, she tells him that she's in the 
Underground Fortress now and he shouldn't come near Aumaan since Nohman is
extremely dangerous.  She also confesses to Dingo about her fake identity
as a UNSF spy, in reality she's just a Bahram Runner.  She asks Dingo why
he doesn't seem all that surprised, Dingo tells her that he thought it was
unusual at the start for a spy being able to live so long while working 
under Nohman but asks why she lied to him in the first place.  Ken says she
knew Dingo wouldn't have believed her if he finds out she's just trying to 
start a revolt by herself.  Ken goes on further by saying she believed Dingo
has the responsiblity to stop Aumaan, for her dead father's sake.  Ken's
father died 6 years ago and she joined Bahram in order to uncover the truth 
behind her father's death.  Ken tells Dingo that her father was in his squad
and Dingo tells her the name "Richard Marinaris".  Kens tells Dingo it's ok 
now and don't come anymore near Aumaan then Nohman abducts Ken from behind.

Nohman says he's ready to send Dingo back to hell again and Dingo says he's
already decided who he's going to take on his trip to hell.  

* 10.1 *

Leo joins the fight after Dingo does some damage to Anubis and manages to 
bring it down to the brink of destruction.  Just when Dingo feels something's 
wrong about the Anubis they're fighting, the real Anubis teleports behind Leo 
and proceeded to lay waste to V2.  It happens that it's actually Ken inside 
the Anubis clone and the battle before with cloned Anubis was nothing more 
than an interesting show to Nohman.  

Ken tells Dingo that this place isn't Aumaan, the real Aumaan is located in 
Phobos and this place merely exists as a control center.  Nohman then shows 
what Aumaan is capable of by initiating attacks upon Palicia, Nohman comments 
on that new forms of energy have always lead humanity onto a new future, but 
what kinda of future holds for using Metatron?  Destruction is the only future 
Metatron will bring.  Everyone is then sucked into the catapult linking Photos 
and Pacilia.  Jehuty was damaged by Anubis's Metatron attack and now the real 
duel starts....

* 10.2 *

Severly damaged Anubis falls onto the surface of Phobos, Dingo comes up close 
and tells Nohman it's all over but Nohman just laughs and suddendly Anubis 
gets sucked into Aumaan's central core.  Elena sends a tranmission to Dingo 
begging him to stop Aumaan since it's real power is to compress the energy 
within Metatron and release it which have disasterous result on the entire 
solar system.  Dingo attempts to bargain with Elena by proposing if he stops 
Aumaan then Earth will promise never to interfere with Mars again since people 
living on Mars have a will of their own.  Elena promises and Dingo warns her 
if they ever break that promise then they better be prepared to take on Dingo 
himself.  Ken calls in basically telling him don't die, Dingo tells her to 
just wait and he'll be back as soon as possible. 

* 10.3 *

Jehuty lands the final critical blow to Anubis and Nohman's existence has come 
to an end but Aumaan's activation has already begun.  The only viable way to 
stop Aumaan from activating would be for Jehuty to self-destruct. Leo is 
strongly against Ada self-destructing and rams V2 into the growing pulse of 
energy in an effort to supress it, but Ada states it's not enough and begins 
to activate Jehuty's self destruction sequence counting down from 200 seconds. 
Dingo tells Ada to charge the growing energy sphere with Jehuty's full power, 
if that doesn't work then Ada can proceed with the self destruct sequence. 
Jehuty charges into the energy pulse and gets swallowed into the vortex, 
Jehuty becomes extremely severed but then Dingo sees Anubis's upper body 
part floating nearby.  Dingo speaks something to Ada and they grab what 
remains of Anubis.  Just as V2 is about to be swallowed by the vortex, Jehuty 
appears and escapes with V2 at top speed as Phobos glows brightly as if a 
huge explosion is going to take place but somehow the light grows dimmer
and shrinks back.   

Ken waits outside in the cloned Anubis, after the light fades away completely
she sees Jehuty along with V2.  Anubis and Jehuty proceed to embrace each other.
Ken gets out of the cockpit and tells Leo to call for ambulance while she 
checks whether Dingo is alright.  Ken takes off Dingo's helmet and he slowly
recovers consciousness, Dingo tells Ken that he used Anubis since Jehuty and
Anubis were made to be equals so if Jehuty can provide what it takes to repel
Aumaan's activation, so can Anubis.  Ada wonders if it's ok because she 
disobeyed the order to self destruct, Leo tells Ada things are ok as it is
and don't worry too much.  Dingo comments on Anubis being perfect for that role
and medical people arrive to move Dingo to a hospital so he can be properly
treated.  Ken accompanies Dingo and the camera zooms out covering Mars and
UNSF fleet.  

This brings closure to ZOE2 and credits starts rolling with a movie of Jehuty
self recovering (Beyond the Bound plays as ending theme).  

Yielding a S rank will give you the opportunity to see Dingo fully recovered
with Ken along his side. 

Final words from me:

Instead of putting up a review I'll just say this is one of most amazing 
action games I've ever played.  I wasn't intending on writing a FAQ for it 
initially since the US release was just around the corner but I was so 
impressed with the game that I thought it's only fair that people who have 
imported it can experience the game in the way it's originally intended.
Thank you for reading my FAQ and if there's a ZOE3 then you can be pretty
sure that I'll be around supporting it.


- Spencer Leunge, JL Lee and Aumaan/John Carter for taking their time to compile
a complete list of Ex File locations.  The Ex file list in my FAQ is a 
compilation done by Aumaan.

- Spencer Leung (spencer_leung@hotmail.com)
for giving me various tips on Extra Missions and the following contributions. 
*Pointed out that Inhert actually uses Decoy and not 0 Shift. 
*0 Shift upwards and downwards. 
*Geyser's throwing distance varies with button pressure.
On a whole for just being very helpful to Luna (Make sure to check out his
FAQ on ZOE2 as well) and myself about giving us finer details on things.

- Kuren for hosting it on his fantastic ZOE2 site.

- www.gamer.com for supplying the whereabouts of the 3 hidden dolls.

- www.gamefaqs.com for hosting this.

-Artemio Urbina(aurbina@junkerhq.net)
 For pointing out that you can use homing laser to shoot down Anubis's BP

-Roy Chan (cwchee@msn.com)
 For contributing his tip about using Mummy against Anubis.

Any suggestions, comments, corrections or contributions please sent them to
ywu026@hotmail.com with information on how you would like to be credited.

Till next time my friends....

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