Review by bbears

Reviewed: 04/18/05

Original yet Flawed and Unpolished Stealth Game

INTRO: James Cameron’s Dark Angel in my opinion was one of the best TV shows to come out in a while. The media quickly liked and it took off. But for some reason it got canned after the 2nd season. Which happened to be right before development got full swing on this game. Meaning even without a show to back it up this game had to be released contractually. So we are left with an unpolished game that nobody wants to play. Honestly though, despite its flaws this is an entertaining game. Even gamers not a fan of the series can enjoy.

GRAPHICS: The graphics are really a major weak point for this game. All of the environments look like each other and are very bland. The game also has a very grainy look to it. Everything has a lack of detail. The game just looks like it was shoved out to get the project done. The main character models are the only thing that don’t look bad, but this could actually because of the contract.
Score 4

SOUND: The voice acting is very good. With voices from the show this can be expected. Most of the other sounds including music are forgettable. All of the voice acting is original and is one of the few thins that gives this game any sense of presentation.
Score 6

CONTROLS: The camera behaves itself for the most part unless you get yourself in a corner, which you will be doing because this is a stealth game. The control layout is responsive, although not all of the controller is used. The fighting system is very basic and you will master it in a couple hours. Even the most advanced actions the game respond well, but I would not call it intuitive.
Score 6

STORY: The story is supposedly entirely new. But I honestly can not remember anything about it. Just a general collage rip off of the series.
Score 3

REPLAY: There is none. All though fun for a while and you will want to finish the game, there is no incentive for multiple playthroughs. All of the goodies are unlocked from the get go and only fans of the series will appreciate them.
Score 3

GAMEPLAY: This is the one redeeming factor of the game, which it should be. Basically a stealth action game that takes stealth from Splinter Cell and the action from brawlers. The stealth play is actually pretty fun and well thought out. There is a shadow indicator like Splinter Cell. And on harder difficulty settings the enemies are actually pretty quiet. A little more attention this aspect of the game and better presentation would have earned the game some merit. The action part is where the gameplay needs some obvious tweaking though. the combat system is very basic and requires very little skill. And since whenever your discovered the game turns into a brawl fest this can become repetitive.
Score 6

BOTTOM LINE: In the end this game is nothing more than a well concepted game that fails in presentation and half of the execution. Rent only if your a fan of the series or are looking for new thing in the stealth action genre

Rating:   2.5 - Playable

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