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FAQ/Walkthrough by cnick

Version: 0.4 | Updated: 06/25/03

     J   A   M   E   S         C   A   M   E   R   O   N   '   S
   _____    __    _____   _  _       __    _   _    ____   ___   _
  |  _  \  /  \  |  _  \ | || |     /  \  | | | |  /    | |   | | |
  | | | | | || | | | | | | || |    | || | | | | | |  ||_| | |-' | |
  | | | | | || | | | | | | |/ /    | || | |  \| | |  |    | |_  | |
  | | | | | || | | |_| / |   /     | || | |   \ | |  |___ |   | | |
  | | | | | __ | |  _ <  |   \     | __ | | |\  | |  || | | |-' | |
  | | | | | || | | | | | | |\ \    | || | | | \ | |  || | | |   | |
  | |_| | | || | | | | | | || |    | || | | | | | |  || | | |_  | |__
  |_____/ |_||_| |_| |_| |_||_|    |_||_| |_| |_|  \____| |___| |____| 

    FAQ / Walkthrough  Version 0.4                   Written by cnick
    Last Updated: June  25th, 2003               (seamanci@yahoo.com)

                       Copyright (c) 2003 cnick

Seriously, for 10 bucks, it’s not too bad. Highly recommended for any fans

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  *                 t a b l e   o f   c o n t e n t s                 *
  * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

                       1. updates
                       2. game overview 
                       3. walkthrough
                       4. appendix
                          - story
                          - equipment list
                       5. thanks and disclaimer


Version 0.4  (June 25, 2003)
 - Minor corrections made.

Version 0.3  (June 8, 2003)
 - Spelling corrections done.
 - Appendix section 100% done.
 - Game overview section 100% done.

Version 0.2  (June 7, 2003)
 - Minor spelling corrections.
 - 22/22 missions done.
 - Game overview section 99% done.
 - Added trick to beat mission 17 from contributions
 - Next update: Spelling corrections, and new appendix section

Version 0.1  (June 4, 2003)
 - 19/22 missions done. Game overview section 90% complete.


 [ Controls ] ------------------------------------------------

Merely a quick look at the general controls of the game. Move on to the
next section for explanations on the different moves in the game.

Left analog stick - * Move character
                    * View Left/Right when in Super Vision Mode

Right analog stick - * Camera rotate
                     * Zoom in (when in Super Vision Mode)

Directional Pad - * Down activates inventory
                  * Up deactivates inventory
                  * Left and Right cycle through items

Triangle Button - * Grapple
                  * Wall Stealth

Circle Button - * Jump

X Button - * Kick
           * Rage Execute

Square Button - * Punch
                * Rage Execute (same as X button)

R1 Button - * Action

R2 Button - * Fight Target Lock

L1 Button - * Super Vision Mode

L2 Button - * Crouch
            * Sneak

Start Button - * Pauses game
               * Displays Mission Objectives
               * Displays Option Menu

Select Button - * Calls up Logan's transmission

 [ General Moves ] -------------------------------------------

While the game is based on basically button mashing punch and kick, 
there are specific moves that can help you get into good position to
utilize that mashing. God forbid a game complicates the battle system
over adding cool-looking flips.

Hitting Switches
Switches are usually computers. Simply press R1, and Max will do her
thing. Computers range from unlocking doors to powering up other 

Fight Target Lock
Press R2 to enter this, and Max will lock onto an opponent. Seems like
a decent feature (similar to the 3D Zeldas), but I've never needed it.
Considering it’s easy for enemies to get behind you, locking onto one
enemy may be the last thing you want. I went through the game on normal
difficulty without using it once with any problems, so it’s not a 
necessary skill to use.

Wall Attacks
Wall attacks are useful when a have a bunch of guys fighting you, and
you need an easy way to knock them down. As far as I know, there's two
types of wall attacks. To do them, jump against a wall, and either press
the circle button again, or the square button. Hitting the circle button
causes Max to do a backwards flip kick that does a good job of knocking
guys on their ass. Pressing square has Max turning around to do a 
sweeping kick that's very damaging. Personally, I like hitting circle
again, but that's just me ^_^

Jump towards a wall, then press circle again as you hit the wall. Max
will jump off the wall in a backwards flip, knocking down anyone in
her way. There's tons of ways to knock down enemies, so this move isn't
necessary. Personally, jump kicks are a much better knock down move, as
they can hit more people. Still, this looks pretty damn cool. Make sure
you actually hit whoever you plan on hitting. There is a decent lag
time between landing and be able to move again with Max. This leaves
you open to grapples and attacks.

Another flip is to press the left analog stick in the opposite direction
that you're facing, plus the jump button. Max will do a jump move similar
to the back flip you do against the wall.

Rage Mode
On the lower left screen, there are at times, three gauges. The top one
only appears when you're fighting someone; that's your enemy's life.
The next gauge (in green) is Max's life. Note that the picture of her
face is part of her life. The last gauge, in red, measures your rage.

To raise your rage gauge, you'll have to fight. After many combos of
punches and kicks (or four stealth kills), the bar becomes full.
Press down the square or X button (it doesn't matter which one), and
you'll enter rage mode.

Basically, rage mode allows you to attack more often (by 'slowing down'
everyone else) and makes your kicks, punches, and jump kicks more
powerful. This continues on until the bar goes down. Then, rage mode
ends, and you have to rebuild the bar to full gauge. If you end a battle
in an area, rage mode will automatically end. This is a nice feature,
because if you kill off a group of enemies fast, you won't have to 
fight as long to reach rage again. 

Lastly, rage + tonfas equipped = unbelievable damage.

 [ Stealth Moves ] -------------------------------------------

Like any military-beat'em up, we're forced to use stealth on certain
missions.  With the default controls, hit the L2 Button to crouch, which
will slow you down, but will keep you quiet enough where guards/soldiers
won't hear you. You may also roll; hit the Circle Button and the
direction you want to go.

Breaking Necks
The most used move in the game. To break an enemy's neck, sneak up 
behind him (using the crouch button), and press triangle. Max will lunge
forward, and attempt to grab the soldier. If she connects, Max will 
automatically kill the soldier. Remember, other enemies can see you
do this, so make sure another soldier doesn't come around the corner
when you're off killing someone. It does take a couple of seconds to do

Wall Stealth
Press Triangle and you'll go up to the wall Solid Snake-style. For the
most part, this move is pretty useless. Why? Because using the right
analog stick to look around gives you a much better outlook of your
surrounding area. There are moments when you DO want to use this. When
you press Triangle, you'll automatically grapple a soldier near you.
And the range for this is absolutely amazing; they don't need to be
as close as when you use triangle to kill normally. But I note when to
use this in my walkthrough, so you may want to experiment with it a bit,
but I suggest don't waste your time and screw it. 

The controls once you're against the wall are horrible (like, try to get
off the wall without endangering your stealthiness). Heck, sometimes press
Triangle against the wall is hard to do (you really need to be on the 
wall, looking at it). Unfortunately, when you goof up, you end up doing 
the grapple motion, which could lead you straight into discovery and the
restart screen.

Super Vision
Press L1, and you'll move into a first-person view. If you have the
stealth gun equipped, pressing R1 will shoot (assuming you have ammo).
Even if you aren't using the gun, its still worth to use this as the
game's camera angles suck at certain times, and this may help the 
situation some. Unfortunately, Radical decided to add some sort of
blurry crap around everything, so it’s hard to use this much. Still,
the zoom-in feature (check game's controls to see how to use this)
allows you to see sections of the level from a good distance. Besides,
anything related to the stealth gun can't be too bad.

Ceiling Hang
This move can only be used in certain areas. Look for yellow chevrons
indoors (white/black). When you're in this area, press circle to jump,
followed by the triangle button to grab onto the ceiling. Press the
grapple button to drop down. If an enemy approaches Max underneath her
press the triangle button to execute a leg scissor lock.

Similar to the Metal Gear move of knocking on a wall, pressing L1 when
against the wall forces Max to whistle. If an enemy is close enough,
the guard will move from his normal patrol. This is a great move to 
separate a guard from a group, so that you can easily kill him without
being detected by the other enemies in the area. It's not really a move
you need (I didn't even know about it personally until mission 20 ^_^),
but I do use it sparingly in the walkthrough. Since I didn't use it much,
I definitely recommend the experimenting types to use it.


Start a new game and choose the difficulty. This guide is based on the
Contend (normal) mode, so pick that.

Also, my directions are based on always looking behind Max. That may
sound obvious, but in a game with a full 3D camera, it's hard to
point out exactly where to go.

Mission 1
- Locate the lumber yard to reach west central Seattle
- Avoid capture by the -I- Corporation Asset Recovery Team

Immediately, you will be attacked by three -I- Corp lackeys. As your
first fight this shouldn't be tough. Still, play around with them a
bit, experimenting with the battle system. It's worth it to spend the
extra time here, instead of later when the game gets harder.

One of the three guys drops Keycard 1. Logan will contact you shortly
after, explaining the use of these guys. Exit out of the alley and take
a right towards a police car block. Grab the health, then turn around
and run forward towards the gate. Walk up to the computer console
on the wall, then press D-pad down and hit X and Keycard 1. Logan will
contact you when you pass through the gate. 

After demolishing the next couple of enemies, take Keycard 2. Afterwards
jump onto the hanging ladder on the left wall (opposite wall where you
originally put the first keycard in). Take the health, then jump back
down. Jump onto the roof with the search light, and take the health
and the XS Stealth Gun. Equip that.

Run into another group of baddies, and you'll get a lighter. Run towards
the tunnel to pick up a couple of health items. Otherwise, go up to the
large group of red barrels and use the lighter on it. As you 'make your
own exit', a serious amount of baddies show up. I recommend using your
rage here; grabs/throws are nice as they can push multiple people down,
plus rage looks really cool.

Keep moving along, grabbing a bunch of health items and through
another gate, using Keycard 3. Eventually, we'll come to your toughest
fight yet. I'm not too sure if they all have guns; only one fired
anything. So I'll assume only one of the police baddies uses it. That
means you need to concentrate fully on him; do not let him get any
shots off.

Eventually you'll get into a short automated sequence with Max
destroyed a SUV. As the dust settles, 6 or 7 guys run towards you. No
gun to worry about this time, but rage works well too isolate one or
two guys at a time for you to pound on. Remember, any attack you do will
knock down a couple; just switch back and forth to whoever is up and
attacking; forget about the one's that are on the ground.

Pick up another lighter destroy another bunch of red barrels (these
are a bit harder to see; assuming you're looking the way when you first
entered, it’s on the right side.

                               On the Run

Mission 2: The Roadblock
- Locate the marketplace and find a way inside
- Expect a large concentration of forces around the Marketplace

Logan says you'll need to quietly make your way to the next gate.
As the short scene shows you the quick path towards it. But you need
a keycard from one of the soldiers, so you'll have to take out the
four guys anyway. One of them as a gun, so take him out first. With
keycard in hand, head towards the gate and go through it. Logan, as
usual, gives another useful transmission.

The second group of enemies need to be dealt with quick. You only have
a certain amount of time before the cavalry show up. This is shown by
the timer on the bottom of your screen. Once you pick up the keycard
for the area, it will stop and you're home free... for the time being.

The upcoming areas are all straight-forward stuff you should be 
perfectly fine with. When you get past the first area using the lighter,
you'll run into some more baddies. Another one drops a lighter, which
you will use on a group of red barrels blocking your path to a hanging
ladder. Destroy them, then jump onto the ladder. On the upper level,
run across and go inside the small opening.

Mission 3: Express Lane Checkout
- Neutralize the Sector Captain and escape from the market
- Staying hidden will improve mission efficiency

Unlike the last mission, you can't afford to be seen. Although you get
roughly a minute to take out the Captain, there are simply too many
baddies for you to take out in this short amount of time.

If you use your three shots of the stun gun you've collected on the 
first three guys you see, you'll lower the amount of enemies almost in
half. Once you do that, jump onto the hanging ladder near the first
searchlight to grab some enemies. Be careful when you do this, as the
jump will attract a guard if he's nearby, and start the timer.
Unfortunately, the timer won't go away if the guards stop looking for

At this point, you have a choice. Spend some time to sneak past the
remaining guards, or just run to him. Surprisingly, you can forget about
sneaking past the other guards and just worry about the Captain. Simply
concentrate your attacks on him, and you'll be able to kill him, use
the keycard, and go through the exit. I was able to do this on my first
try, and was usually able to do this every other attempt. It may be
cheap, but it’s better than redoing this over and over again.

                               The Message

Mission 4: Sista in Trouble
- Reach Max's apartment
- Watch for searchlights in the area around your apartment.

I hate this mission.

Turn around and jump onto the hanging ladder to your right. This will
allow you to pass the first couple of police baddies, as well as give
you a couple of items.

With three shots with your Stealth Gun, you'll want to use them wisely.
Since we've already skipped two, don't waste them on those!

Move on, and sneak behind the next guy and hit Triangle. You'll break
his neck. I've found that the last two baddies here are almost 
impossible to kill without getting the alarm going. Solution? Use your
stealth gun to take them out in a heart-beat. I believe one of them
should drop the lighter; I haven't been able to confirm this. I do know
it comes from one of the black t-shirt, bold head wrestler guys, but
I'm not sure who. Which shouldn't matter anyway. Worst case scenario
is you have two guys to take out in one minute.

To get the items behind the fence, punch or kick a weak part of it
near the second hanging ladder in the area. The fence will break, and
you can grab a health and the walkie-talkie.

Another possible way to do this is use your stealth gun on the first
three guys you see. Then, equip your Tonfas, and go medieval on anything
that moves. You should be able to kill all of them within the time 
limit. It didn't take too much skill when I tried it; so if you're
having some troubles doing the 'sneaking' part, try the 'come in 
shooting' strategy.

Once you have the lighter, the time for reinforcements goes down. The
red barrels are just ahead of where you dropped down from the lower 

The next alley has three searchlights to dodge. They're all fairly 
simple to dodge. At the end of the alley, you should see a guard.
Sneak up on him, and break his next. Now, turn around and take a peek
at the white truck. Two tough soldiers are waiting there; one with
a gun. The camera angle gets pretty crappy here, so my best advice is
screw the sneaking up part, and go Neo-style on their asses. Remember,
the guy with the gun hurts. Kill him first.

Break the yellow sign thingys, and enter into your apartment (these
are a bit tough to see, but they're next to the white truck).

Mission 5: Welcome Home
- Neutralize all fares in the lobby and board the elevator

About as simple as missions are going to get in this game. You face
three guys, but they're probably the toughest so far in the game. They
tend to grab you in the most unlikely situations (like, when you're
pounding on their ass).

So any more bright ideas? Try to separate each one from the others, so
you only have one to worry at a time. Knock one down, knock one that
just gets up, and so on. It's when you get surrounded by these guys
is when they are able to grab you and do some decent damage.

After the fight, the elevator door opens; go in.

Mission 6: House Cleaning
- Defeat the Security Team and save Original Cindy

Like the previous mission, this is another short, 'go all out' mission.
Instead of three tough guys, this time you're faced with seven fairly
easy guys. Kick, punch, and jump your do some damage, and get your
rage meter up. Use it when you can, and the rest of the baddies will
go down fast. Don't waste any health or Tonfas here; this is very, very

After you kill the last bad guy, you'll automatically end the mission.

Mission 7: Bug Spray
- Rendezvous with Logan at his apartment
- Reports show many armed soldiers entering the sector

As the mission begins, you should notice three soldiers patiently
awaiting their death. Use the truck as a shield, and silently kill off
all three of them. There's two more soldiers further down the level;
there's no real reason to try and take them out silently, so charge
in and wail them. The last soldier will drop a lighter. Destroy
the group of red barrels sort of near the white truck in the beginning
of the level.

This group is nothing special, and I won't go into much detail about
fighting them. As usual, one of the guys carries a gun. Do anything
possible to knock it out of his hands; keep an eye on the gun to make
sure no one else picks it up. When they hit, they hurt! And, before we
move on in the walkthrough, but doesn't Max pick the damn gun up. 
Seriously, it helps things nicely.

Pick up Keycard 1 and use it on the following gate. Logan will send a
transmission warning you of a new enemy. The next group of soldiers
are in the alley to your right. There's a bunch of them, so I recommend
trying to stealth kill a couple. The first guy right at the entrance
should be easy. The others...well... try your best. IF things get hairy,
equip some Tonfas and wail on anything that moves. Remember, guys with
guns are evil; take'em out first. Grab Keycard 2, and move further down
the alley. When you approach the first left, take it; there's a bunch
of items to get. Go back to the main path afterwards, and use the
keycard to unlock the gate.

This last area introduces us to a new character: the Yellow man!
Luckily, he's asking for an ass-whooping, and it’s likely he will just
stand for you. Excellent. Take the final keycard and use it on the
kraazy looking door at the end of the area. As you enter, you're
introduced to the first boss of the game: Beetle.


 Don't worry about dying; if you die, you'll simply have to restart the
 battle with Beetle (and not through this entire mission). I fought this
 guy maybe three or four times and still had problems with him. As you'll
 see quickly, he attacks in this basic pattern: shoot, charge up, roll,
 then freezes for a couple of seconds. The green gloop called his gun?
 is very easy to block. Just keep your distance, and you will have no
 problem dodging. The hard part is when he does the quick roll. The best
 advice I can give you is to again keep your distance, and time a jump
 just when you think he's going to roll. After he does this, simply walk
 up to him and combo him. Multiple this by 5, and you got yourself a 

I should note that I didn't dodge one fricking 'roll attack' Beetle
used, and I still had plenty of health when I killed up. So it's not
much of a priority to dodge it.

                          Explosive Infiltrator
Mission 8: The Warrior Awakens
- Shut down the main alarm system
- Reach the Atrium and board the elevator
- Extreme security expected around the Atrium; remain hidden

Before I start, I want to note something about items. This place is
loaded with them; pick up every single one! Not only will you need them
in this level, but you'll really need them later.

Most of this level you'll face nothing special. Which means I'm not 
going to go in-depth much. Instead of a lighter to blow up old gasoline
barrels, you'll use C4 explosives to blow open doors. To complete the
first mission, you'll go through a number of small hallways and rooms;
each with about five enemies each. Most times, one of them has a gun,
but that shouldn't mean much to you (at least, it shouldn't). Each
'control' room has a console on one of the walls; press R1 to access
it, and a door will open (usually letting in a crapload amount of 
enemies in).

In the third control room, you'll turn off the main alarm system. Now,
it times to enter stealth mode. 

Enter the only door available to you, and knock out the following four
soldiers out. Personally, I had a hard time sneaking behind these guys,
so I just nailed them with the Stealth Gun (I had saved up six shots).
Unfortunately, since this has been a long level, it’s not very fun to
mess this up trying to break these guys neck. 

The last area of the level is in this weird-looking glass room with
three soldiers on balconies, each armed with a rifle. There are also
four or five guys on the ground level, with one fully armed. I suggest
forgetting about the guys on the balconies. It's not worth Stealth
Gun ammo to take them out. The key thing in this room is to keep moving,
and they should miss you for the most part. Plus, you should have so 
much health that it isn't even funny. Meaning, don't worry about getting
hurt. I do recommend rage/tonfa on the guys on the ground. You don't
want to stick down their too long. Pick up Keycard 3 from the last guy
down (excluding the soldiers on top), and run towards the elevator in
the back of the room. Mission successful baby.

Mission 9: Flashback Basement
- Locate the basement exit and escape
- Avoid detection while in the basement hallways

You're immediately in a fight with three guys as the level begins. 
They're nothing special, but they aren't easy too. Take advantage of
throws and wall flips to knock multiple guys down; you want to isolate
them so that you don't have to worry about getting hit in the back.

Following this, there's more stealth involved. The first guy you run
into is pretty simply to sneak up on. Considering the crappy camera
angles in this hallway, you'll have a hard time taking out the next
two guys. Which shouldn't be a problem; with 45 seconds given until
reinforcements, you have plenty of time to take these guys out without
relying on stealth tactics. Thank god for that, because it’s damn near
impossible to try and sneak up on them with the camera angle here.

The next room takes you into a small hospital room with beds. Use the
beds as cover, and crouch to your right, and take out the yellow
soldier. Next, retrace your steps and kill the second yellow guy. This
is much easier then killing the soldier, as the soldier turns his back
to you to give you an easy kill of the other guy. With the two yellow
baddies down, the soldier is easy to kill.

The following hallway has a couple of armed soldiers. Nothing special;
attempt to sneak up on them if you can. If you can't, just go into
rage, and you can take them out fairly easily. The next room has two
more yellow guys in them. Do whatever the heck you want; in my opinion,
breaking their necks is more fun, but it's definitely harder to do.

The last hallway in this group involves three soldiers. Shockingly,
they are all lined up perfectly for stealth kills. Just wait until 
their back is turned, crouch, and press triangle when you reach them.
This is good practice for a very significant move; please get good at
doing this, and the rest of the game will go down easily for you. 

At the end of the hallway, a short scene occurs that introduces Gekko.
You regain control of Max in a large room, and Gekko appears once again
for the kill. 


 Gekko is pretty much like Beetle, only easier. His 'roll attack' is
 much easier to dodge (don't even have to jump over it this time). So,
 wait until he charges up, and dodge his roll (he needs to be close to
 you before he actually does this though; stay too far away, and he'll
 just run towards you until he reaches the correct distance). As long as
 you're constantly moving, the roll move never hit me once. After you
 dodge, throw/combo him, then back off or you'll get caught up in his
 charge up (you know, the green sparkling thing he does before he
 attacks). I noticed if you accidentally button mash too much, and begin
 to attack him while he's on the ground, he will charge up and hit you.
 So the main idea here is to combo, and get the heck away from him!
 He takes a bit more pounding, but I found him to be much easier!

With Gekko dead, go through the door opposite where you came from, and
take out the 3 guys standing there. They are just normal guys, despite
the fact that they're just standing there. Don't waste a Tonfa for this.

Enter the elevator when you're done cleaning up.

Mission 10: Battle in the Boiler Room
- Defeat the Boiler room security forces

I'll make this as simply as it needs to be. Get your rage up, use it,
then kill everything in sight. Like any fight with tons of baddies,
throws and wall flips are great moves to knock down tons of guys. Heck,
simply a rage punch/kick combo knocks anyone in site. Don't bother using
a Tonfa; you'll want to save those up for the next level.

When everyone is dead, following Sylan and her evil kidnappers through
the only available door.

Mission 11: Burning the Devil's Bridge
- Cross the Devil's Bay Bridge and enter the Marine Control Center cargo
- Look for Soldier Captain; he has the security passes to gates
- Find a way to restore power to security gates as needed
- Extreme resistance has been detected outside the final gate

To pass the first gate, we need to take out six soldiers. Unfortunately,
we can't go all out and kill them before the reinforcement timer shows
up. However, you should have no problem sneaking up and killing the
first four soldiers you see: two by the white truck right where you
start, and two a little bit further up. We've gone too far into the
game where this shouldn't be hard at all. 

Right after you kill the fourth soldier, knock the wooden fence down,
and go all 1337 on the last two guys here. Forget about sneaking up on
them, there's plenty of time to kill them. The final soldier carries
a keycard. With it in hand, open up the gate towards the mission 
section of the level.

This next part is a little bit tougher. Notice the two soldiers moving
back and forth; where one is a bit slower than the other. Take 
advantage of this, as you can sneak up on one while the other is
walking in the other direction. But don't approach the second one
yet. There's a third soldier right behind the crates to your left! He's
fricking tough to see; I didn't even see him until my third attempt at

After these three guys are gone, just beat up the rest. Rage mode offers
plenty of damage to kill them off. Grab Keycard 2, and move off to the
right side of the bridge. Jump down onto a catwalk, and use the keycard.
Press R2 on the computer thingy, and it unlocks the gate to the last
section of the level. Continue moving forward, up a hanging ladder,
and past the newly opened gate. A short scene occurs that shows you 
the crap you need to get past (yay). 

The third section of the level is a real pain in the butt (as if any
part in this game isn't a pain in the butt). I was never really 
successful in taking out any soldiers quietly, so going all out with some
tonfas/rage should do the trick. Still, I recommend attempting to kill
off as many as you can before you do this; this level's a pain to have
to redo. But from my experience, you shouldn't have much trouble even
if you don't take any out.

Now, take a breather. We're just past halfway; take a small break as
I'm sure the last half has taken at least 30 minutes. 

The next section is simple. Notice how the robots fly on each opposite
side, then move in the middle. The best thing to do here is crouch
and go through the middle path (bridge is divided by the boxes). Don't
worry too much about the guy slightly ahead of this. He won't see you
until you're past this section. After you get past the robots, the
rest of this is easy. Take out the guys fast; throws and jump kicks
are the best way to knock down a large group. Then, single out one and
kill him. Rinse, and repeat.

Moving on, I'll be brief on this final section of the bridge. Equip your
tonfas, and go rage on anyone you see. You got one minute to kill
everyone; its plenty of time. I'm pretty sure this is the only way to
do this part. Please, if you found some sort of stealth strategy where
you can kill two or three of the guys here, please say something!

... but what's there’s more! Grab the lighter and use it on the red
barrels on the fence to your right. 5 guys will approach you, along with
a couple of snipers on the building to your right. Forget about the '
snipers, they can't hit you from here; beat up the guys that DO approach
you first. Take the C4, and run towards the left side of the building
and blow up the white door. As long as you're moving, the snipers 
shouldn't get much of a chance to hit you. When you set the C4, run back
so that you don't blow yourself up, as well as leave you in a good
position to get sniped.

                            The Devil's Bay
Mission 12: Something Smells Fishy
- Restore power to the cargo crane
- Find security passes as needed to bypass checkpoints
- Gain entrance to the Marine Control Center
- Recon is showing a possibility of snipers in the area

The first areas in the mission are cookie-cutter Dark Angel. Beat guys
up, use lighter/keycard, rinse, and repeat. Note that there are tons
of items in this level; health, stealth ammo, etc.

There are two switches you have to hit to power the crane. They're right
next to each other; simply jump on one, push switch, and then jump up on
the second platform turning on the crane.

Moving on, you'll run into three more guys. They can all be taken out
through stealth, so definitely use that. The final baddie will drop
Keycard 2, so use it on the upcoming gate to continue.

When you approach the three guards at the pillars, you'll have to
stealth kill them. No problem. Using the pillars, you should have
absolutely no problem taking out each one. Seriously, this is as easy as
it comes, and I expect you to be able to do this.

                             Sinking Ship

Mission 13: Boarding Pass
- Power up generators for the bridge
- Locate the Activation Terminal and bring the bridge down
- Escape to the MCC Rooftop before the boat pass

You'll approach a hallway with two guards inside. Finish them off, and
move on into the next room. Max will talk with Logan about a computer
screen, and what the ships doing. Three blahs later, we're back in
control with Max.

After using C4 to make your way through the level, a bunch of guys
will approach you. A bunch meaning = holy shit, that's a lot of guys!

Through the easy hallways, you'll eventually run into a short scene
that introduces your next foe: Stingray!


 Like the bosses before, this guy has basically the same combination of
 attacks. However, he does actually shoot some green gloob at you, which
 you can easily dodge by constantly moving perpendicular of him. After
 he misses, run around him so that he charges up. Stay relatively close
 to him, and he'll do his radius blast attack. Simply run away as he
 begins the motion of the attack (it’s very similar to the other attacks
 previous bosses have been using). After he misses with this attack, he's
 stunned for a few seconds. Quickly run up to him, and punch/kick him
 down. Rinse, and repeat.

Go into the door opposite the one you came in from (the only one that can
be opened). Note there's a second door that we haven't used it. We will
be soon. Inside the room, hit the switch, which does whatever it needs
to do. Leave the room, and enter the door on the right side of the large

Here, you'll have 1:30 to kill these guards. I had no problems running
in there and taking out all eight soldiers here. You could use some
stealth tactics, but I've found this too be too slow. Simply rage and
use some tonfas if you have any left. At the end of the hall, the
elevator will open when the last guy is dead. Go in, and the level ends.

Mission 14: Signal Lost
- Locate a source of explosives
- Find and destroy the satellite dish

Run and grab the items on the wall. As you approach the left turn,
crouch, and continue moving to kill the first soldier you see. Stop,
and wait for the guard right next to you to turn around so you can get
behind him. The next two guys are sorta tough; I'm still not exactly sure
why we can do this without being detected, but we mind as well as take
advantage of this game's shortcomings. Below, a diagram explains the

     a      b
-----|     |-----
     |1    |
     |     |

Crouch and move along wall 1, and snatch soldier A. Soldier B won't see
you, so quickly move back a little behind him, then kill him. You'd think
he would see his friend die considering how close he is, but oh well.
And just to note, I found that you can't kill soldier B first, as A will
notice you doing it. Strange no?

The last two guys at the gate should be shot with the stealth gun. 
There's no reason to waste precious time. With the last guy dead, grab
the keycard and open up the gate.

This following section leaves you with a couple of choices. How many 
times do you want to repeat this level? I was able to rage kill these
guys, and had time to finish the level. But I only did this once, yet
I saved tons of stealth ammo in the process. The easy way to do this is 
shoot as many of the soldiers as possible with the stealth gun. However,
you'll likely have little ammo left. That's not a bad thing though, as
the next levels don't require that you need any. It's up to you, of 

Since this is the last area, take your time! But don't fret over this.
Get through these guys, and move on to the end of the level. Using the
second keycard ends the level.
                             Face to Face

Mission 15: Blue Collar Soldier
- Neutralize the security team protecting the crane
- Activate the crane and move the container blocking the entrance
- Breach the ship's entrance
- Crane must be activated without being detected

Note: Be careful of the many searchlights in the area. They are easy to
dodge, but were you to accidentally walk into their path, mission over.

You start here:

\C  B          A   I/
  \          H    /
    \           /
      \       /

Okay, quickly crouch up to the weird looking part of the ship. We'll
use this as a shield, so that soldier A will walk past us, and we can
get the easy kill. Do that ^_^. Grab the stealth ammo located at I. Make
sure you get this; we'll need it.

Soldiers B and C are both very easy kills. Simply wait until they're
looking the opposite way; no problem with them.

The fourth guy is a little further down where soldier C is. Luckily, he's
the last guy to deal with here, so you don't have to worry about another
soldier coming out of nowhere. He drops the keycard need to activate the
crane. The crane is located right around where you killed the fourth
soldier. Jump on the hanging ladders, and activate the crane using the
keycard. Jump back down, and you'll be attack immediately by four guys.
Fortunately, these guys are nothing special; simply wail on them during
rage mode, and they'll go down quickly.

Make your way towards the back of the ship, where you'll either see, or
get shot at by a sniper. I took him out with my stealth gun; there's no
reason to get your health wasted on one single guy. 

The door into the ship is at end of the path. Go inside, and the level

Mission 16: The Rescue
- Locate the prison cell terminal
- Escape the ship with Sylan

I must say, for being in the center of a prison ship, this level is
extremely easy. To give your eyes some rest, I'll make this level 
walkthrough short and sweet (for the most part).

The road to Sylan involves nothing but good ol' beat'em up fun. The
straight-forward run has numerous rooms with three to four guards in
each. They're all simple guys to take out; none of that stealth crap
here (although, I recommend enjoying this fun, as the game gets 
significantly harder after this mission!). Once Sylan is free, continue
on through some more easy fights.

Eventually, we'll run into Stingray.... again! For Pete’s sake, we just
fought this guy. But, he's a boss nonetheless.


 Like the bosses before, this guy has basically the same combination of
 attacks. However, he does actually shoot some green gloob at you, which
 you can easily dodge by constantly moving perpendicular of him. After
 he misses, run around him so that he charges up. Stay relatively close
 to him, and he'll do his radius blast attack. Simply run away as he
 begins the motion of the attack (it’s very similar to the other attacks
 previous bosses have been using). After he misses with this attack, he's
 stunned for a few seconds. Quickly run up to him, and punch/kick him
 down. Rinse, and repeat. Oh, and on a related side note, was it just me,
 or was it harder to dodge his shot this time around?

Continue on through the opposite door you entered from. There's a couple
more rooms with your average John Doe fighters. Take'em out, and move on.
We will eventually run into a room with some bodies, as well as some
chick telling Max she has a sister. 

Max leaves the room, and we return to a fairly large room with some
water tanks on the sides. Sylan shows up, but Max uses her powers of the
force to find out that it really isn't Sylan! 

  Sylan, plus two bald guys

 As you should know, the bald guys love to grab and throw it. And Sylan
 isn't no slouch either, so a lot of times you'll be attacking one 
 person, and one of them will come up on you. So what's the best course 
 of action here? Simply run, jump, and press X to do the bicycle kick. 
 Rinse and repeat until the two guys are dead. Now, you can focus 
 completely on Sylan, where she doesn't seem as tough as she first did. 
 If you find that you're having a hard time comboing her, just finish her
 off with jump kicks. Heck, the A.I. in this game is cheap, so why can't 
 you, no?

With Evil Sylan dead, the level ends.

                              All Aboard

Mission 17: Break and Enter
- Obtain key card for restricted area
- Activate and power up satellite generator
- Use the satellite system to unlock door and enter train
- Heavy resistance expected; mission will be lost if spotted
Note: I needed 11 stealth ammo for this mission; is there any way to
cut down on this?

God I hate this level. Worst. Level. Evar. Radical should die an ugly
death for this. 

Is that enough foreshadowing for you? 


Huge note here. Apparently, there's a cheap way to beat this level. I
highly recommend doing this then ;)

At the beginning of the level, walk up next to the guard next to the
fence (if you've done this mission before, the one with the keycard).
Jump up and down (or whistle; whatever, just distract him), then walk
past the searchlights and lean against the wall next to the opening 
(on the left side, the searchlight can't hit you). Wait for him to come,
then kill him. Grab the keycard and move on through the rest of the 
level; WITHOUT ANY ENEMIES!!! w00t! Awesome trick! Makes one of the
hardest levels very, very easy.

The problem with this level is that its ultimately one long ass stealth
mission where you can't be seen. Unfortunately, there are no checkpoints
or breaks into the mission. One of the longest and hardest levels in
the game. Like, multiple the Devil's Bay Bridge level times ten.

To begin with, run straight and around the front of the train. Quickly
crouch, and hang against the train as you move past the first two
search lights. As you past the second, move yourself towards the fence,
and wait for the third searchlight to end its path and return towards
you. Crouch pass the small opening, and wait for the searchlight to 
come towards you (be careful, it does pass the opening more than you
would think). As the light begins to move away from you, you'll notice
that the guard looks at the opening. Wait until he looks back, then
quickly crouch towards the opening, and nail him with the stealth gun
(you should have tons of ammo for this!). Quickly return back outside
this small alley section (you could make a run to safely inside this
area, but you should notice the closest guard ends up turning around
as you do this, and can catch you making the dash; to play it safe,
wait until you can easily do it).

When the closest guard to you starts walking the other direction,
crouch and move inside; stop right against the red box, and wait for the
guard to pass you. Kill him when you do. Now, lean against the same
red box, and peer to your left. Arm yourself with the stealth gun, and
aim. You'll notice that you can't hit this guard. That's where you want
to be. Further back, you'll see a guard with white/black military suit;
when he is in your sights, stun him. All of a sudden, a third guard
closer to you will come out of nowhere. Shoot him too.

The last two guys are simple stealth kills. I won't go into detail for
them. When the last guy (why would he patrol that area ^_^) is gone,
grab the keycard, and carefully exit this box section. 

Note: If you're using the trick described above, this is what you need
to do next, minus the fact that there's enemies here.

Go further down the train and past some boxes. Don't go left; keep going 
forward until you see two guards on top of the train (you should see this
shortly after the fork). Stun the guy further away from you, then crouch 
and  walk against the train. Surprisingly, the guard won't see you, and 
you'll have easy access to the gate; use the keycard. When you open the
gate, don't go inside first. Get your stealth gun aim out, and kill the
soldier in the distance. Now, run through the searchlight area (much
easier this time), and stun the two soldiers in the watchtowers.

Grab the walkie-talkie in the corner, and hit R1 on a console in another
corner. Now, you'll have to return back to the fork. Remember, the
soldier on top of the train is still there, so crouch along the train
until your danger meter is barely green.

This next section is a bit easier. Shoot the guard with the blue/white
uniform on. This will cause the soldier next to him to 'investigate'
the area, and leave him perfectly open for a stealth kill. Be fast
though; if he gets back to his original patrol, there's a third guard
to worry about. After these two are dead, the third guy is simple.

Run down the alley; when you get towards the end where it opens up to
a larger area, drop a walkie-talkie, a run like hell back towards the
beginning of the alley. A soldier will move towards the walkie; use
your stealth gun to nail him. Run towards him, and use the console.
Now, we need to return back to the original three searchlights.

From where you're standing now, see the hanging ladder on the train
past the first searchlight. We need to use it. Carefully past the 
searchlight, and jump up. Run down the top of the train, and hit a 
switch. Return back to the ladder, and carefully jump down. Make sure
the first searchlight you dodged is to your right (as you jump). Dodge
the other two, and go around the front of the train to where you started
the level. Hit the switch next to the door near the front of the train,
and the level will end. Damn.

Mission 18: Routine Physical
- Override office train car lockdown computer
- Reach Dr. Van der Mescht before the lockdown is reactivated
- Remain undetected throughout the mission

Yay, another stealth level. And I changed my mind. Worst.Level.Evar.

To begin with, stay where you are, except make sure you're crouching.
If you move, you'll get up slightly, and the soldiers can see your head.
Now that I think about it, remember this for the whole level, as this
can get you caught in many areas of the level.

Okay, back to the walkthrough. The soldier on the right will stop and
turn around first. So, wait until the guard on the left turns around
and kill him. Wait for the other guard to come back (you could run
straight for him, but he gets rather close to the third guard in the
room; do whatever you please). The final guard looks back and forth
and nothing more. Move on him as soon as he looks the other direction,
and he's an easy kill.

Examine the console, and Logan tells you we have 5 minutes and 30 
seconds to get to the good doctor's room. Gotta move fast. The next
room has two scientist type guys. Crouch and walk behind the box. Wait
until the scientist further from you moves, then make your move on the
one closer to you. By the time the first one is dead, and you're able
to move again, the second one will have moved back to this original
position. Quickly move behind him and kill him. You should be at 5:10
after you've gotten used to this level.

The next room is weak sauce. Here's my best description of how to do
this. Even with this knowledge, it’s likely you'll need to spend about
an hour on this damn level. You should get to the door leading into this
room just around the 5 minute left mark. When the bald guy turns around,
carefully move up to the middle block. Here's a small diagram to help
us out through the rest of the room.

[  a  ]            [  c  ]
         [  b  ]

At point b, wait until you have about 4:45 left. This has both soldiers
on the left and right on the opposite side of the room looking the other
way. Also, the bald baddie is looking the other way. Quickly kill him,
then run back behind box c. Now, this time of 4:45 can be variable; so
they may take a few times for you to find the exact time to do this.
But I must've did this room 15 times, and 4:45 was always the perfect
time to do this, and make it okay.

Waiting at c, wait for the guard to your left to stop just in front of
box a. Carefully go around box c, and kill the guard ahead of you. 
Quickly go into the door, to the next danger room.

This one is pretty simple, despite what it may look like. Enter the room
when the woman closest to you is looking to the left. Run up and kill
her, simply stand where you are, crouched. Surprisingly, the others
won't see you. Wait until the man in white goes back to the computers
on the right; quickly run straight into the exit. I wasn't (and didn't
even want to try) able to see a way to successfully kill both of them,
but it’s not very important. It's easy to simply run past them into the
next room.

Our next danger room (so far, this is room 9) is very easy. Since the
second guard in the back will always looking forward, simply crouch and
kill the guard moving whenever he turns his back on you. The second one,
obviously, is a simply kill.

Room 11, is again, fairly easy. Quickly crouch behind the box, and wait
for the soldier patrolling to turn his back. Quickly kill him. The other
two peeps in here all are stationary, and easy kills. As we leave this
room, I only have one question; why aren't all of this rooms this easy.
And according to Logan, this is the halfway point. If you're leaving this
room with less than 1:30, it's likely you won't make it to the end.

The following rooms all have guys with their backs turned to us. If 
you're running out of time, simply charge in these rooms (crouching, of
course). Keep going, and we'll eventually enter the doctor's room.

After the scene (coolest.death.evar), backtrack a bit towards where
you started. After a room or two, you'll be ambushed by a soldier, who
has aim that rivals Clint Eastwood. Take him out, grab the keycard,
then go back to the Doctor's room. Use the keycard on the door, and exit.

Mission 19: Don't Feed the Bear
- Defeat the reinforcements

Fortunately for us, the reinforcements is only Bear, the exact same boss
we've been fighting since day 1.


 Bear's first move in his very predictable pattern is a charge move. It's
 somewhat easy to dodge; I was about 50/50 on it. It's not too important
 that you dodge every single one of them, but I'd doubt you could beat
 him if he nailed you every single time. After his charge attack, he'll
 charge up to do his radius attack. Simply keep close to him, and he'll
 do both attacks. The radius attack is similar to the other bosses we've
 fought. When he jumps up to start the attack, run away from him. After
 the attack, run up to him and combo him. I noticed the X,X,X combo did
 the most damage against him.

With Bear dead, the level immediately ends. Anyone know why Max leaves 
the train in the first place? I could've sworn she goes back into the
same one.
                            The Final Test

Mission 20: Process of Elimination
- Infiltrate the -I- Corporation Headquarters and reach the upper level
- Due to extreme security, your presence must not be known

Note: Soldiers in this level can see further then ever before. Be 

Immediately run forward until the path turns left. Crouch against the
box, and wait for the soldier to turn his back. After killing him,
run towards the end of the truck, and angle your camera so that you
can see two guards. The guard further back has great eyesight, so don't
attempt to move towards the closer one until he moves back behind the
front of the truck. Kill the second guard when you have the chance, then
lean against the very front of the truck (but still stay on the left
side). When the chick walks past you, press triangle, and you will reach
out and kill her. Turn around, and kill the fourth soldier right 
on the other side of the truck.

Quickly run up to the boxes covered with the brown sheet before the guard
that patrols around it can see you. Lean against the wall, and move as
far as right as possible (even if it seems like he could see you). When
he walks past you, snap his neck and get off the wall. 

Notice the two guards coming up. This is a tough one to get past, and
it recommends waiting for awhile. I imagine there's another way, but I
haven't found it. Get behind the red barrels so that you're as close as
possible to these two baddies. Now wait. Although there appears to be
enough time in certain situations to kill the one on the left, there 
isn't enough time except for a couple of situations. You'll know these
situations when both guards are right in front of the red barrels. At
this point, both the guard on the left goes left, the guard on the right
goes right (at roughly the same time). At this point, go after the guy
on the left, and get behind the back of truck next to him. Wait for
the guy to turn his back, then snap his neck.

Move on until you see another guard. Lean against the boxes that he 
patrols on top of (assuming you're below those boxes), and whistle. 
Run back a bit, and wait for the guard to come, then stop, then turn
around. Take this opportunity to kill him. Wait until the second guard
a bit further down turns his back, then kill him as well. Isn't this just
a killing fest?

Move down a bit and we'll run into another group of enemies. This part is
a bit hard so bare with me. Get into the corner of the red barrels and
the large box that hides you against the chick that patrols closest to
you. Jump up, then quickly run back a ways to hide (around where you 
killed the last guard). Make sure you were right against the corner. If
you did this right, the chick should be walking against the red barrels.
That's good. Put a walkie-talkie between a good hiding place and her,
and she'll walk right next to it. When she turns around kill her.

The following two guards are as easy as kills come in this game, so
I'll hold off the details on them. Eventually you'll come up to a ladder;
jump up. Go through the door and kill the three guards inside (thank god
we don't have to do this undetected). With them dead, grab the items
inside, and hit R1 on the computer inside. Go back down to the ground
floor, and back to the first large warehouse door you use. Use R1 on
the switch to the right of the door, and kill the baddies inside. 

Take the keycard, and use it on the other large warehouse door. Killing
the enemies inside gives us some explosive charges, which we use on the
vents inside this very same room. Blow it up, then go in through the
large silver door.

In this large area, you'll face two groups of three enemies. They're
nothing we haven't seen before, but they are very grabby grabby. I
suggest tons of jump kicks to knock their health down, then a quick
rage to finish them off. Remember to grab the items in the area, then
go up the elevator (where the guards come from) to finish the level.

Mission 21: The Rematch
- Locate the hidden elevator leading to the Corporate office
- Informants have tracked information of new Genetic Warriors at this

Note: The three bosses you fight here are basically the same ones you've
killed in previous missions. My boss strategies are basically the same,
but I felt I should include them here.

In the room you start in, notice the three computer consoles ahead of
you. Each one unlocks a door (A,B, or C), and you can only open one at
a time. Choose the one of the left (A), then exit the room and cross
the bridge into the middle tower. Go through the now opened door A,
cross the bridge and into the room. You'll face Bear again.


 Bear's first move in his very predictable pattern is a charge move. It's
 somewhat easy to dodge; I was about 50/50 on it. It's not too important
 that you dodge every single one of them, but I'd doubt you could beat
 him if he nailed you every single time. After his charge attack, he'll
 charge up to do his radius attack. Simply keep close to him, and he'll
 do both attacks. The radius attack is similar to the other bosses we've
 fought. When he jumps up to start the attack, run away from him. After
 the attack, run up to him and combo him. I noticed the X,X,X combo did
 the most damage against him.

Return back to your starting position, and open door B (the middle
computer). Inside, you'll face Beetle once again.


 Beetle has his same attacks in the pattern: shoot, charge up, roll,
 then freezes for a couple of seconds. The green gloop is very easy to 
 block. Just keep your distance, and you will have no problem dodging. 
 The hard part is when he does the quick roll. The best advice I can give
 you is to again keep your distance, and time a jump just when you think
 he's going to roll. After he does this, simply walk up to him and combo 
 him. Multiply this by 5, and you got yourself a victory.

With Beetle dead, go back to open door C. Inside, you'll face Gekko.


 Gekko is pretty much like Beetle, only easier. His 'roll attack' is
 much easier to dodge (don't even have to jump over it this time). So,
 wait until he charges up, and dodge his roll (he needs to be close to
 you before he actually does this though; stay too far away, and he'll
 just run towards you until he reaches the correct distance). As long as
 you're constantly moving, the roll move never hit me once. After you
 dodge, throw/combo him, then back off or you'll get caught up in his
 charge up (you know, the green sparkling thing he does before he
 attacks). Although Gekko does blend with the background, I never had
 a problem with this.

With the last of the rematches done, return back to the central tower
and use the now functioning elevator. One level to go!

                            Family Reunion

Mission 22: Sibling Rivalry
- Confront Beka      

I knew Beka would be evil. Like the previous fight with Sylan, Beka
fights with two lackeys.

  Beka, with two lackeys

 Jump kick to get your rage up, as well as take off as much damage 
 possible on the two bald guys. Make sure you don't miss; if you do,
 these guys have a tendency to beat the hell out of you with punches,
 kicks, and grapples. And shit, do they hurt! With your rage up, go
 hardcore on there asses. I found that kicks work nice against Beka,
 as she tends to only use punches and your kicks have a longer range.
 The two lackeys should be dead or close to death when you rage, so that
 you can concentrate fully on Beka.

With Beka dead, the game ends. Go through the credits to watch Original
Cindy and Max go hardc0re with their 1337 dance moves.                   


 [ Story ] ---------------------------------------------------
(from the instruction manual)

In the year 2009, the United States was hit by the Pulse - an 
electromagnetic shockwave unleashed by terrorists. Ten years later and
still suffering from the aftermath of the Pulse, the US has become a
third world nation. Welcome to Seattle, this is Max's world, a city that
epitomizes what it would be like to live in the wild West.

Max is a genetically enhanced human prototype created to be the perfect
soldier. As a child, after witnessing one of her siblings being shot, 
Max and 11 others escaped from Manticore - an organization devoted to
the development of the perfect soldier at any cost. After escaping, they
separated in order to avoid capture. Since then, Max has made a life for
herself on the cutthroat streets of 21st century Seattle; her obsession
with locating her siblings has been her main driving force.

Max has spent the majority of her free life in search of her humanity -
a way in which se can identify herself as something other than a lethal
fighting machine. Her genetically altered physiology has always provided
her with a combat advantage, but it continues to alienate her from the
people around her. Never allowing herself to be vulnerable, Max believes
that by finding her family she can overcome the battle that rages inside
her. The soldier she was trained to be has always confronted the woman
she wishes to become.

Max teamed up with Logan Cale, a idealistic underground cyber-journalist,
to expose the corruption that is rampant in Seattle. In exchange Logan
has assisted Max in locating her siblings and played a key role in 
helping Max destroy Manticore. In the days following the destruction of
Manticore, a new and more aggressive threat has arisen. It seems that
Manticore was not only organization aggressively researching and
developing genetically engineered soldiers. The -I- Corporation has
emerged as an equally ruthless threat to humanity. They have identified
Max as an excellent genetic sample and have made Max's capture their
utmost priority. The -I- Corporation also holds vital information that
would further uncover secrets from Max's past.

 [ Equipment List ] ------------------------------------------

EMF Jammer: Causes electronic devises to temporarily stop functioning
Explosive : Use to destroy locked doors
Health    : Heals 25% of Max's health
Keycard   : Unlocks doors, gates, etc.
Lighter   : Use to destroy gasoline (red) barrels
Map       : Used to guide Max along her journey
Stealth   : With ammo available, stuns enemy indefinitely
Stealth   : Stealth Gun requires these to fire
Tonfas    : Equip to increase Max's punch damage; tonfas break eventually
Walkie    : Used to distract patrolling guards within a small range

  CJAYC <www.gamefaqs.com> - For creating the coolest site on the net and 
    hosting this FAQ.
  Ryan - For trick to beat mission 17.
  Amanda - For trick to beat mission 17 and reminded me to whistle ;).


This GUIDE is (c) 2003 cnick.  This guide may be not be reproduced at all
except for personal, private use. This guide is not to be used for 
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