Famous Quote

  • "Who does this guy think he is? Now I gotta dress like a chump as well as hang out with him??..... I like this shirt."

    - Tommy Vercetti, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

    Contributed By: GingerGuy90.

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Connection to Other Media

  • This game pays homage to the mafiaso movie, Scarface. One aspect of the relationship between the movie and game is the final mission, "Keep Your Friends Close..." The only difference is, unlike Tony Montana, Tommy Vercetti lives to see another day.

    Contributed By: Sempiternal9.

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  • Tommy cannot fly the helicopter and shoot an SMG gun at the same time like the T-1000 does in Terminator 2. The T-1000 morphs a third arm in order to do both, and Tommy can't do that.

    Contributed By: HandsomeRockus.

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  • In the G-Spotlight mission, there is an initial Jump using a PCJ-600 motorbike, which is very similar to a scene in Terminator 2 where T-1000 breaks through the windows and hangs onto a police copter.

    Contributed By: HandsomeRockus.

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