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FAQ/Walkthrough by anarcho_selmiak

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 03/11/13

                                                        |    |
                                                        |    |
        _________  _________  _________  _________  ____|    |
       |         ||         ||         ||         ||         |
       |         ||         ||    |    ||         ||         |
       |    |    ||    |    ||____|    ||    |    ||    |    |
       |    |    ||         ||         ||    |    ||    |    |
       |    |    ||        _||    |    ||    |    ||    |    |
       |    |    ||    |    ||    |    ||    |    ||    |    |
       |         ||    |    ||         ||    |    ||         |
       |______   ||____|    ||_________||____|____||_________|
       |         |     |    |____
       |_________|     |         |
                  ____ |____     |                              ____
                _|    |____ |    |____  _________  _________  _|    |____
               |           ||         ||         ||         ||           |
               |           ||         ||         ||         ||           |
               |_      ____||    |    ||    |    ||    _____||_      ____|
                 |    |    ||    |    ||         ||        |   |    |    |
                 |    |    ||    |    ||     ____||     ___|   |    |    |
                 |         ||    |    ||    |    ||    |       |         |
                 |         ||    |    ||         ||    |       |         |
                 |_________||____|____||_________||____|       |_________|
              _________  _________  _|    |____  _________
             |         ||    |    ||           ||         |
             |    |    ||    |    ||           ||         |
             |____|    ||    |    ||_      ____||    |    |
             |    |    ||    |    |  |    |    ||    |    |
             |    |    ||    |    |  |    |    ||    |    |
             |    |    ||         |  |         ||         |
             |         ||         |  |         ||         |
             |_________||_________|  |_________||_________|

                         * VICE CITY *



  Game:                           Grand Theft Auto Vice City
  System:                         PlayStation2
  Version:                        1.00
  Date:                           11.03.2013
  Autor:                          selmiak
  Email:                          faqs (at) gmx (dot) de
  website:                        www.selmiak.de.vu

Just replace the literal transcriptions of the one button characters in my 
email and you are all set to write me to your heart's content.

There is even more:

Of course you can also view the solution in a nice html version with lots of 
links between the pages, easy navigation, the same info in better presentation
with a better navigation and more pages and also maps...

> http://selmiak.bplaced.net/games/ps2/index.php?lang=eng&game=gta-vice-city <

In case you find some ads on my page, that seem interesting to you, just check
them out! Thank you!                                            ______________

                       *       LEGAL STUFF        *

This guide  is written by  and copyrighted to selmiak  in 2012 and was exclusi-
vely written for your personal use only.

You can download or print this guide but you  are not allowed to profit from my
work  in any  way.  As soon  as you  earn  money  with  my work  you  steal  my
intellectual property and commit a  crime which  I will not tolerate  and start
legal issue against you.

If you  want to host  this file on  another  webpage than  www.selmiak.de.vu or
www.gamefaqs.com  or www.neoseeker.com   please ask me  for permission  before.
I will most  likely give  you  the  permission,  as  long  as  the  file  stays
unalterd,  but  for unauthorised   posting of  this guide I will act  as stated

For any glaring mistakes you want to point out or  additions you want to see in
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                            faqs [at] gmx [dot] de

Don't forget to pay a visit to my website. You can find it under:

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and find  some interesting  stuff there,  there is a  lot of  material gathered 
there =)

      +¦   ¦--------------------------------------------------+
       +---+                  CONTENT                         ¦-+
         +----------------------------------------------------+ ¦

           I _____ Controls ........................... [.CTRL.]

          II _____ Characters ......................... [.CHAR.]

         III _____ Walkthrough ........................ [.WLKT.]

          IV _____ Radio .............................. [.RADIO.]

           V _____ Everything else .................... [.BONUS.]

          VI _____ 100% Checkliste .................... [.CHECK.]

         VII _____ Versions .......................... [.VERS.]

        VIII _____ Thanks .............................. [.THX.]

More infos on the different chapters of the walkthrough just below, read on 
thre please.

I implemented a clever search system into this FAQ, you just have to press 
Ctrl+F to activate the search function of your browser and then enter the code 
in brackets (including the square brackets) behind the desired chapter and so 
you will be brought to the secion you wish to read.


        III Walkthrough   -    Content

  x     Preface

 _____  ________________
 [.A.]   StoryMissions


        [.1.1.] The Party                              100$
        [.1.2.] Back Alley Brawl                       200$
        [.1.3.] Jury Fury                              400$
        [.1.4.] Riot                                  1000$


        [.2.1.] Four Iron                              500$
        [.2.2.] Demolition Man                        1000$
  	[.2.3.] Two Bit Hit                           2500$


        [.3.1.] Treacherous Swine                      250$
        [.3.2.] Mall Shootout                          500$
        [.3.3.] Guardian Angels                       1000$
        [.3.4.] Sir, Yes Sir!                         2000$
        [.3.5.] all hands on deck                     5000$


        [.4.1.] The Chase                             1000$
        [.4.2.] Phnom Penh `86                        2000$
        [.4.3.] The fastest Boat                      4000$
        [.4.4.] Supply and Demand                         $

        [.4.5.] Rub Out                             50.000$


        [.5.1.] Death Row

        [.6.1.] Cap the collector                   30.000$
        [.6.2.] Keep your friends close             30.000$

 _____  _________________
 [.B.]   Side Missions

   7. CUBANS

        [.7.1.] Stunt Boat Challenge
        [.7.2.] Cannon Fodder                         2000$
        [.7.3.] Naval Engagement                      4000$
        [.7.4.] Trojan Voodoo                       10.000$


        [.8.1.] Juju Scramble                         1000$
        [.8.2.] Bombs Away                            2000$
        [.8.3.] Dirty lickins                         5000$


        [.9.1.] Love Juice                            2000$
        [.9.2.] Psychokiller                          4000$
        [.9.3.] Publicity Tour                        8000$


        [.10.1.] Alloy Wheels of Steel                1000$
        [.10.2.] Messing with the man                 2000$
        [.10.3.] Hog Tied                             4000$


        [.11.1.] Gun Runner                           2000$
        [.11.2.] Boomshine Saigon                     4000$

 _____  _____________________
 [.C.]   Property Missions


   12. VERCETTI ESTATE        5.000$

        [.12.1.] Shakedown                2.000$
        [.12.2.] Bar Brawl                4.000$
        [.12.3.] CopLand                            ~

   13. BOATYARD                2.000$            10.000$

        [.13.1.] Checkpoint Charly	        5.000$	

   14. SUNSHINE AUTOS                            50.000$

        [.14.1.] Steal the Cars(4x)       up to  9.000$
        [.14.2.] Races 
   15. PRINT WORKS             8.000$            70.000$

        [.15.1.] Spilling the Beans        2.000$
        [.15.2.] Hit the Courier                5.000$

   16. CHERRY POPPERS ICECREAM 2.000$            20.000$
        [.16.1.] Sell 50 Icecreams 	        ~

   17. KAUFMANNS CABS          5.000$            40.000$

        [.17.1.] V.I.P.                    1.000$
        [.17.2.] Friendly Rivalry          2.000$
        [.17.3.] Cabmageddon
   18. MOVIE STUDIO            7.000$           60.000$

        [.18.1.] Recruitment Drive         1.000$		
        [.18.2.] Dildo Dodo                2.000$
        [.18.3.] Marthas Mug Shot          4.000$
        [.18.4.] G Spotlight               8.000$   	

   19. MALIBU CLUB             10.000$           120.000$

	[.19.1.] No Escape?                 1.000$
	[.19.2.] The Shootist               2.000$
	[.19.3.] The Driver                 3.000$
	[.19.4.] The Job                   50.000$ 	

   20. POLE POSITION             4.000$	          30.000$

        [.20.1.] Spend 300 Dollars on a Stripper
 ______    ___________________________
 [.C2.]     Asset Properties without missions

        [.C2.1.] ... 1102 Washington Street                   3.000$	
        [.C2.2.] ... 3321 Vice Point                          2.500$	
        [.C2.3.] ... El Swanko Casa                           8.000$	
        [.C2.4.] ... Hyman Condo                             14.000$		
        [.C2.5.] ... Links View                               6.000$	
        [.C2.6.] ... Ocean Heights                            7.000$	
        [.C2.7.] ... Skumhole Shak	                      1.000$

 _____  ______________
 [.D.]   R3-Missions

        [.21.] PIZZABOY
        [.22.] VIGILANTE
        [.23.] FIRE FIGHTER
        [.24.] PARAMEDIC
        [.25.] TAXI DRIVER

 _____  ________________________________
 [.E.]   Checkpointraces

        [.26.] RC - Bandit - Race
        [.27.] RC - Baron - Race
        [.28.] RC - Raiders Checkpoints
        [.29.] Test Track
        [.30.] Trial By Drit
        [.31.] PCJ Playground
        [.32.] Ocean Beach Helicopter
        [.33.] Downtown Helicopter
        [.34.] Little Haithi Helicopter
        [.35.] Vice Point Helicopter
        [.36.] Cone Crazy
        [.37.] Shooting Range
        [.38.] Stadion Events
	    [.38.1.] Dirt Ring
	    [.38.2.] Blood Ring
	    [.38.3.] Hot Ring

 _____   _____________________
 [.F.]    Assassination Missions

	[.39.] Road Kill
	[.40.] Waste the Wife
	[.41.] Autocide
	[.42.] Check out at the Check In
	[.43.] Loose Ends

 _____  __________
 [.G.]   Rampages

        This Section is not finished yet

 _____  _______________
 [.H.]   Unique Stunt Jumps
        All 36 Unique stunts, explained in all detail, where they  are and 
        what you should do.

 _____  _____________________
 [.I.]   Hidden Packages

         Here are all hidden Packages listed.

 _____  ______________________
 [.K.]   Stores to robb

         All 15 shops you can rob

 ___                                                                 [.CTRL.]

                 ___...:::;;;=== Controls ===;;;:::...___


There are 3 different kind of controls in Vice City, that are:

A       on foot
B       in a car
C       Weapons
D       Pause menu

So, here are the buttons you might see in the FAQ...

When seeing this sign ...       it mean

      X                         X       

      O                         Circle

     []                         Square

      ^                         Triangle

      >                         Start           

     SEL                        Select          

      +                         D-Pad

      R1/R2                     R1 or R2

      L1/L2                     L1 or L2

      LA                        left Analogstick   

      RA                        right Analogstick  

               ___     __________________
		A	Controls on Foot

Button    Action                Explanation

 X        Run                   Keep pressed to keep on running. After some 
                                meters Tommy runs out of breath. But he trains
                                and can rum longer the more you run.
                                If you finished the III D 24 mission (paramedic
                                mission) you can run without ever running out 
                                of breath.
 O         Shoot                Aim with R1 and then shoot it.

 []        Jump                 They say jump, you say how high!

 ^         Get in a car         Stand next to the car and press the button.

 >         Menu	                Your order please?

 SEL       Camera               Choose from 3 different camera angles

 +         Movement             Control with the D-Pad

 R1        Aim                  Yo, nigga, in your face.

 R2        Change Weapon        Scroll up through your weapons

 RA        180° view behind     Press Analogstick.

           Look around          Move the Stick.

 L1        Camera behind you    Move the cam behind you to see what's happening
                                in front of you.

      Differnt kind of weapon   If you already have a similar weapon, but still 
                                different enough you swap weapons in your 
                                inventory. For example swap flamethrower with 
                                the rocket thrower.

 L2        Change weapon        Scroll down through your weapons.

 LA        Duck                 Press the Stick and get down on your knees. 

               ___      _____________________________
                B        Controls in a vehicle

Button    Action                Explanation

  X       forewards             speed up. Press less hard and you go slow.

  O       /                       /

  []     backwards              just like X but the other direction.
  ^      get out                When your car is parked you get out, if your 
                                car is moving (and eventually on fire) you
                                jump out and get hurt a little.

  >      Menu

  SEL    Camerview              3 different views like on foot.
                                and 2 additional views, first person and 
                                cinematic view. The latter looks pretty cool
                                but is hard to control.

  +      control                only left and right.

  R1     handbreak              use it for u turns.

  R2     look right             out of the window

  RA     special                The game will tell you if you get in a special 
                                Or just look in Chapoter III,  part D
                                R3 Missions.

  L1     Radio                  switch through the cool stations.
                                Also, see chapter IV.

  L2     look left              out of the window

  LA     honk                   to honk press the analog stick.
         controls               like the D-Pad-
         Special                2 special cars have a speacial feature when
                                pressing the LA. Have fun finding out which one

               ___     _________________
		C	Weapon control

Button    Action                Explanation

  R2      Chose weapon          To shoot or slash you first have to chose
                                your weapon.
  L2     Chose weapon           Do so with L2 or R2.

  O      Shoot                  press O and Tommy shoots whereever he is 
                                looking at.

  R1     Aim                    Keep R1 pressed and a circle appears around 
                                the person you are aiming at.

 R1 + O  shooting aimed         Sounds good, eh. But Tommy is not that 
                                good at aiming, sometimes you have to shoot
                                more than once.

R1 + R2  change target          Switch to the person to the right of your aim. 

R1 + L2  change target          Switch to the person to the left of your aim. 

If more than one gang member comes running at you, and you shoot one it might 
be possible to have to release R1 before aiming at the next person with R1 
Some weapons have a special view while aiming. The rocket thrower and the 2 
sniper rifles. You have to press R1 to shoot with them, otherwise nothing 
happens. The flamethrower has no aiming btw.

The sniper rifles even let you zoom your view.

 R1 + []        zoom in
 R1 + X         zoom in
 R1 + O         Shoot

And always remember, never kill for fun. Love one another!

               ___     _______________________
		D	Controls in the menu

Button    Action                Explanation

  X       Acknowldege selection
  ^       Cancel selection
  O       /
  []      /
  >       Leave menu
  +       Select menu items

All other buttons are no use in the menu.

II                                                                    [.CHAR.]
       ___...:::;;;===the Characters===;;;:::...___

                        e Characte

       Tommy Vercetti ................. [.CHARA.01.] 
        Sonny Forelli ................. [.CHARA.02.] 
        Ken Rosenberg ................. [.CHARA.03.] 
          Lance Vance ................. [.CHARA.04.] 
            Kent Paul ................. [.CHARA.05.] 
       Colonel Cortez ................. [.CHARA.06.] 
             Mercedes ................. [.CHARA.07.] 
    Averey Carrington ................. [.CHARA.08.] 
         Ricardo Diaz ................. [.CHARA.09.]
            the Cuban ................. [.CHARA.10.]
        Auntie Poulet ................. [.CHARA.11.]
            Love Fist ................. [.CHARA.12.]
           Biker Gang ................. [.CHARA.13.]
         Phil Cassidy ................. [.CHARA.14.]
         the Director ................. [.CHARA.15.]
         Candyx Suxxx ................. [.CHARA.16.]

            Tommy Vercetti                                      [.CHARA.01.]

Tommy is a gangster that just came out of prison, didn't say a word and crossed 
noone and kept to his family.
That's why his old boss, Sonny Forelli still likes him. So Sonny give Tommy a 
new job in Vice City.
Tommy is supposed to handle a Cocain deal in Vice City but there are compli-
cations and in the end the money and the coke is gone. So Tommy has to look at
every single gangster in Vice City and see if he has his money.

            Sonny Forelli                                       [.CHARA.02.]

Tommy Vercettis  old and new boos. Tommy didn't rat on him while he was in 
jail, so he gives Tommy a new job in Vice City. Tommy is supposed to handle a 
coke deal for him, but as Sonny played a foul trick on Tommy he now looks like 
a thief and has to pay back the money and the coke to Sonny while Sonny has 
both the money and the coke and gets it from Tommy again. Isn't he a nice 

            Ken Rosenberg                                       [.CHARA.03.]

Ken Rosenberg is a cokesnorting, totally paranoid lawyer from Vice City. He 
doesn't dare to go on the streets anymore. He is payed by Sonny Forelli and is 
supposed to help Tommy get accustomed to Vice City. He knows the right people 
and he knows which strings to pull. Does he know where Tommys Coke is?

            Lance Vance                                         [.CHARA.04.]

A not so easy to read black guy that suddenly appears and seems to follow Tommy 
and later offers his friendship. Tommy resigns at first but later sees that 
Lance is kinda helpful. Even later he is not that helpful anymore.

            Kent Paul                                           [.CHARA.05.]

Coming from great britain he has connections to the Rock Band Love Fist and 
likes to hang around in the Malibu Club. He wants to be the tough guy but 
everyone suppresses and uses him. Tommy does so too.

            Colonel Cortez                                      [.CHARA.06.]

An old army colonel that still wants to do things in his life. He tries to 
achieve something with cybercrimes and computer espionage and other things. But 
he is kinda unlucky with his french buisiness partners. But there is also the 
nice guy called Tommy Vercetti working for him, an he handles things differnt.

            Mercedes                                            [.CHARA.07.]

The young and horny daughter of Colonel Cortez. Likes to go out and would like 
to go to bed with Tommy. And everyone else.

            Averey Carrington                                   [.CHARA.08.]

He likes to build houses in Vice City and tries to get his will done, even with 
not so legal methods.

            Ricardo Diaz                                        [.CHARA.09.]

The typical cuban coke baron. Lives in his huge villa on a small offside island 
with lots of rich people. His villa is kinda inspired by the villa Tony has in 
Scarface. And in this film the Malibu is called Babylon.

            the Cuban                                           [.CHARA.10.]

Has teh big cojones.

            Auntie Poulet                                       [.CHARA.11.]

A Mix-n-Mojo Voodoo Aunt that can't stand the cubans. You take care of some 
cubans for her.

            Love Fist                                           [.CHARA.12.]

The rockband that is always stoned and still playing heavy metal. Tommy has to 
get the drugs for them and other stuff. Kent Paul is a friend of the band. They 
have a lot of groupies and also a fan that thinks they deserve to die. He is 
the only one thinking this but still very dangerous.

            Biker Gang                                          [.CHARA.13.]

Led by Mitch Baker the biker gang only cares about bikes and chaos just like 
every bikes should do.

            Phil Cassidy                                        [.CHARA.14.]

Phil is obsessed with weapons. You can buy the really expensive and effective 
weapons from him. And he likes highly explosive TNT whiskey.
He also appears in GTAIII but a little bit older and with one difference, but 
this is explained within the game.

            the Director                                        [.CHARA.15.]

Wants to film a really ambitious porn movie and you have to support him in 
doing so. You have to deliver his main actress Candy Suxxx to him, do some PR 
and also a special lightshow.

            Candyx Suxxx                                        [.CHARA.16.]

The main actress from your pron movie with the huge boobs.

III                   n                              n
              ___...:::;;;=== The Walkthrough ===;;;:::...___
      -______-                 he Walkthroug                 -______-
 -::..    :                     e Walkthrou                      :   ..::-
    `:::                          Walkthro                         :::´

 +¦ X ¦--------------------------------------------------+
  +---+                   - Preface -                    ¦-+
    +----------------------------------------------------+ ¦

You shgould read this here in case you want to complete the game 100% or just 
want to have more fun!

Lets go then.
Of course it is easy to just do what the game or someone else says to you 
(trust me, I know, I'm german). But if you want Vice City to be easier on you 
you better do what I say to you. You can either just play one mission after the 
other and sporadically look up some solutions in this guide here and then do 
all the rest that is still needed for the 100% completion. But this is useless 
as a lot of the sidequests needed for the 100% are giving you really good 
bonuses for the normal gameplay. So I want to advise you to first do the R3 
missions, even though they are really boring, but then you have them off of the 
list and you have the bonus you get from them right from the beginning. So do 
the paramedic and the pizza missions before starting any mission of the story 
at all. You can then run unlimited and have 150 health.
The paramedic mission is annoying but doable, read up on it under III D-24. And 
the pizza mission can be found under III D 21. 
And you can find a discription of the locations of all hidden packages under 
III I (thats chapter 3 and subchapter i). You probably won't be able to get 
them all before doing some missions to unlock the second island, but get all 
the packages on the first island and prawn island and get the extras for them!

And if you just want to have fun, take a look at chapter  
  V    Everything else

And now I don't want to bore you to death anymore, let's start the walkthrough.

 +---+                                                                   [.A.]
 +¦ A ¦--------------------------------------------------+
  +---+             - THE STORYMISSIOS -                 ¦-+
    +----------------------------------------------------+ ¦


        [.1.1.] The Party                              100$
        [.1.2.] Back Alley Brawl                       200$
        [.1.3.] Jury Fury                              400$
        [.1.4.] Riot                                  1000$


        [.2.1.] Four Iron                              500$
        [.2.2.] Demolition Man                        1000$
  	[.2.3.] Two Bit Hit                           2500$


        [.3.1.] Treacherous Swine                      250$
        [.3.2.] Mall Shootout                          500$
        [.3.3.] Guardian Angels                       1000$
        [.3.4.] Sir, Yes Sir!                         2000$
        [.3.5.] all hands on deck                     5000$


        [.4.1.] The Chase                             1000$
        [.4.2.] Phnom Penh `86                        2000$
        [.4.3.] The fastest Boat                      4000$
        [.4.4.] Supply and Demand                         $

        [.4.5.] Rub Out                             50.000$


        [.5.1.] Death Row

        [.6.1.] Cap the collector                   30.000$
        [.6.2.] Keep your friends close             30.000$

               ¦ A ¦---------------------------+
               +---+                           ¦
                  ¦      1. KEN ROSENBERG      ¦
                  ¦                            ¦
                  ¦     your nervous lawyer    ¦
                  ¦                            ¦
   ¦  [.1.1.] THE PARTY     ¦-----------------+
   +------------------------+       100 $     ¦-------------------------+
                          +-------------------+ Streetclothes delivered ¦
                                            ¦   to hideout              ¦

Ken is your first employer and sends you out to a party of the rich and the 
beautiful people in Vice City. There you will meet some of your later bosses.

At first drive to Raphael's (with a stolen car of course) to get suited up for 
the event. To do so just stand in the pink marking in front of the store.

Now drive to pier 2 at the marina and enter Colonel Cortez' Yacht. You will get 
to know a lot of criminals there and the Colonel's daughter.

Drive her to the POLE POSITION Nightclub. Congratulations, you earned your 
first 100$.

   ¦  [.1.2.] BACK ALLEY BRAWL¦-----------------+
   +--------------------------+       200 $     ¦

Lance sends you to the CLUB MALIBU to meet KENT PAUL there. Drive there and 
"talk" to him. He just sends you on to another guy, a cook. Yes, cook, not 
Kill him and take his mobile phone with you. Now a guy with a clean suit and an 
even cleaner slate appears, Lance, Lance Vance. Follow him around the corner 
and get into his car. Drive to the AMMU-NATION shop and then back to the hotel. 
That's it for this mission. 
- Kill all chefs that come at you after Lance appears. As many as possible as 
fast as possible if possible, otherwise they can get very annoying!
- If you got a wanted level because of that just run after Lance, get into his 
car and take the first alley to the right. Immediately turn right again and 
there is a police bribe star that lowers your wanted level. 

   ¦  [.1.3.] JURY FURY         ¦-----------------+
   +----------------------------+       400 $     ¦

Get the hammer and the car that both are there for you as a service from Vice 
City and then start racing to the northernmost whitness that is shown as a dot 
on your map. The white N with the circle around it is the sign for north on 
your map. So drive to the whitness that is located northmost, his car is parked 
in a hotel driveway under a roof. Get out fo your car, walk to the car of the 
whitness and wreck his car like you know what you are doing with the hammer 
(around 20 hits will do).

Now drive to the second whitness and now at first hit him with the hammer and 
please don't kill him (by shooting or hammering to much on him!!!). And then 
wreck his car too and you are 400$ richer.

   ¦  [.1.4.]      RIOT         ¦-----------------+
   +----------------------------+      1000 $     ¦

To not be that suspicious you have to changes clothes again for this mission. I 
think you can do this and know what to do.
Drive to the location on your radar, get out of the car, run around the people 
and punch them while you keep on running.
The door opens up and the security guys come out and you are now honored with 
the nice job of wrecking the 3 trucks in there. You can do this by shooting the 
red barrels and as they explode they set the trucks on fire. Or you hammer on 
them with your hammer or shoot on them until they go up in flames. In case you 
wasted your last ammunition on the red barrels and the trucks are still working 
you can also get into one of the trucks, drive it outside of the yard and drive 
it against some walls until it goes up in flames. Then get back and grab the 
next one, the gate stays open.

That's it for Ken for now. No more jobs from him, but Vice City has a whole lot 
more gangster bosses that want you to work for them. So let's find the next bad 
guy to work for. 

- Just go crazy and kill them all in here. Don't care about your wanted level, 
as soon as the mission is over you wanted level will be gone.
- Behind the walled in houses you can find HIDDEN PACKAGE 19. 


               ¦ A ¦---------------------------+
               +---+                           ¦
                  ¦    2. AVEREY CARRINGTON    ¦
                  ¦                            ¦
                  ¦     Building Tycoon        ¦
                  ¦                            ¦
   ¦  [.2.1.]  FOUR IRON            ¦---------+
   +--------------------------------+   500 $ ¦------------------------------+
                                    +---------+  Golfdress available at      ¦
                                              ¦     Jocksport.               ¦

Now you are told to beat up someone on the golf course. To be able to sneak in 
there you need the right clothes. So drive to Jocksports close to the golf 
course and grab the golfer dress and then head towards the gold course.
When you enter the golf course all your weapons are taken away from you except 
your melee weapons. So don't be afraid, there is a gold club waiting for you, 
but I would rather not recommend this weapon for this mission. The better 
weapon of choice is the hammer or the baseballbat(!!).
Now drive to the training course. Once you are close enough all the bodyguards 
of the guy start attacking you. So do the only reasonable thing: invite them to 
a picnic on the golf course, no wait, kill them all! If you are lucky and fast 
enough you can kill them all before your target person can get into a Caddy and 
try to escape. In this case the mission is very easy. If he manages to get into 
his Caddy car though it is getting tough. You have to follow him now. It is 
only reasonable to do so with a car, probably the Caddy you came with as you 
won't catch him on foot!
So follow him to the club house and once he gets out of his Caddy run him over. 
Better do it twice.
In case he manages to get away from you there too you have follow him again. 
Forget about your weapons, you can collect them later. He will enter a car, so 
steal his car. He gets out at once and has no other option as fleeing by foot. 
Now you can again run over him as you are in his car already or you get back to 
the club house and collect all your weapons again and kill him off with them or 
you invite him to a picnic on the... shut up already!
In the worst case, when he gets on the car and drives away you better pray for 
a comet standing in front of the clubhouse so that you can catch up to him. It 
happened to me that no car was there to hunt him down and once I finally found 
a car the mission was over. 


- It is easy to jump on the small bridge with a PCJ 600. The bridge spans over 
the main road crossing the golf island. Drive up the nother hill to the right 
of the bridge with a small angle and Tommy will land on the bridge most of the 
time. Then you still have all your weapons on the gold course and eventually 
can snipe the target. At least you can get after him faster than with the 
To the west of the club house is a ramp to get out of the golf course with 
every vehicle.

  -> Hint by alldead:
- you can jump over the small fence onto the golf course and keep all your 
weapons this way :) 

   ¦  [.2.2.]  DEMOLITION MAN   ¦-----------------+
   +----------------------------+      1000 $     ¦

Well, well, the missions are getting more interesting now...

So that Avery Carrington can build his buildings whereever he wants he needs 
space. Kinda stupid that right there, where he wants to build already a 
building is located... kinda good that he knows ruthless people like you.
Walk down the street to the TopFun Van. Of course you get into the van now.
So what you have to do now is really cool: you have to navigate a remote 
controlled small helicopter with a bomb attached to it to the correct location 
and then drop the bomb over the target.

So practise flying in the huge open area before you start the mission. The 
timer starts ticking down when you pick up the first bomb.

Let's go, you have to plant 4 bombs.

        1. Bomb.... into the 4th floor

Fly over the street, enter into the small door and fly up the stairs to the 2nd 
floor. Once you exit the stairs turn aorund by 180° and get in right next to 
where you just came out and then just rise up to the 4th floor. Up there get 
out of the staircase and to the left. Drop the bomb there.

In case you have 4 minutes left by now this is more than enough.

        2. Bomb.... into the 3rd floor

Just like the first bomb but you fly into the 3rd floor, not the 4th this time, 
you exit the staircase and turn west and drop it there!

        3. Bomb.... ground floor

Cross the street and drop it into the pink ghetto firepit.

        4. Bomb.... into the 2nd floor

via the stairs you get back into the 2nd floor, turn to the right and then pass 
the wall on the left and behind it there is the place you want to drop you 

- Don't let the workers come too close. If there are too many of them after you 
it can happen that the bomb lands on their heads and doesn't count as a hit. 
Then you have to pick it up again an place it better this time. And when they 
start picking on your helicopter it is getting really hard, so you better:
- kill the workers with the rotor blades of your heli :)
- You can enter the building before actually picking up the first bomb and kill 
all the workers in here with your rotor blades without a timer running against 
you. Don't wreck you heli though. 

  -> Hint by Andi:
 - My hint for this mission is to keep the bomb for the 4th floor as the last 
bomb so you don't have to make the long way back.

That's it for Averey, he is on a short vacation now. To be able to play the 
next mission from him you have to finish some missions by Ricardo Diaz first.

   ¦ [.2.3.]  TWO BIT HIT      ¦-----------------+
   +---------------------------+      2500 $     ¦-------------------------+
                             +-------------------+ Call by the Cuban       ¦
                                               ¦ shortly afterwards        ¦

Now we drive to Raphael's in Little Haithi and dress up like a Haitian. At 
least the game tells you to drive to Raphaels, actually it is just a run down 
shop. So whatever, drive to the funeral now.
Absolutely unexpected as it is your target person will flee from you again as 
soon as you approach the marker on your map that is the graveyard. Drive after 
him, or better next to him because they throw explosive stuff from the hearse. 
So just drive-by-shoot with the Uzi should handle thing pretty quick and easy. 
If this won't do the trick get the driver of the gar on foot. 

 -> Hint by alldead:

- you can shoot the guy with the sniper rifle, I did this once but it doesn't 
work all the time. 
 -> Hint by Andi:
- You can easily get the job done by not going into the alleay where all the 
guys are but enter a small alleay behind it in the garden like area.
Park your car next to the fence, jump on the car and then kill the guy with 
your ruger gun without having to mess around with other enemies. 

Averey Carrington will from now on work for you.

               ¦ A ¦---------------------------+
               +---+                           ¦
                  ¦    3.  COLONEL CORTEZ      ¦
                  ¦                            ¦
                  ¦     Hating the french      ¦
                  ¦                            ¦
   ¦ [.3.1.]    TREACHEROUS SWINE  ¦-----------------+
   +-------------------------------+      250 $      ¦

Gonzales, the traitor has to be killed. And it your duty to do so. So drive to 
Kill all and everybody that comes in your way and try to survive. He only has 2 
guards. And Gonzales the swine manages to escape. So run after him und get him 
and finish him off. But now the cops are after you.
So grab a car really quick and drive to a Pay 'n Spray to get a unchased car 
and distract the cops. 

- You don't actually have to slaughter them all with the chainsaw, you can use 
the shotgun for example. You can find the shotgun in the Ammu Nation shop or on 
the roof of the shopping mall in Ocean Beach.
So it is also easier to get rid of Gonzales in case he escapes.
- If you insist on using the chainsaw switch to the barehanded fist when he 
runs away as you will be running faster if you are not armed, run after him and 
then change back to the chainsaw, yummee!

-> Hint by alldead:
- there is a police bribe star on the grassy part between the building of the 
traitor and the pizza store.
(Annotation: If you pick up the start and your last wanted level star vanishes 
after some time you don't have to visit a Pay 'n Spray and the mission is over. 
This is rather a tutorial.) 

   ¦ [.3.2.]      MALL SHOOTOUT             ¦-----------------+
   +----------------------------------------+      500 $      ¦

A deal is planned in the shopping mall. Grab the Cheetah, that is parked at the 
pier and drive INTO the shopping mall. Yeah, I mean get into the shopping mall! 
Now get to the frenchie upstairs. The police busts the deal and the dealer 
Luckily you have your Cheetah (or another fast car) there. Get into the car and 
chase the fleeing dealer.
The cops won't catch up to you anyways. So you can either touch him with your 
car and take him off the bike or you shoot him down with a drive by shooting. 
If you rammed into him you can now either just run him over or you can shoot 
him on the open road.
After he is dead you just grab the chip, drive to the next Pay 'n Spray and 
then get back to the Colonel. Some easy money again.

   ¦ [.3.3.]  GUARDIAN ANGELS   ¦-----------------+
   +----------------------------+     1000 $      ¦----------------------+
                              +-------------------+     Diaz as a new    ¦
                                                ¦          Contact       ¦

Now you are told to watch some guys dealing with coke. Perhaps this is even 
your coke? So get into the parking lot into the 2nd floor and grab your Ruger 
there. As soon as you touch the weapon Lance appears. So take your guest with 
you too.
Drive to the meeting point and meet Diaz who appears in a bulletproof Admiral 
(more on this below in the hints). Now walk to and stand in the pink marker. 
The position the game offers you is not that great as the stairs are in your 
sight. Just walk along the edge of the roof a bit more until you are in the 
corner. This is a much better position here and it gets much easier to shoot 
from here.

As soon as the deal goes wrong shoot as many Haitians as possible. Grab the 
Sanchez after the shootout and chase the guy that escapes. Shoot the fleeing 
person. Grab his bag and bring it to Ricardo Diaz. Now he will be there for you 
as another contact person. 

- Lance's Lamborg... uhm, Infernus is not that tough. You batter use another 
car. You are in a carpark in Vice City...
- In case the better position I mentioned is not that good for you power up on 
health and armor and get a handgun with enough bullets ready and get down to 
the shooting people and do what you have to do.
- When you are on a Sanchez you can also shoot stright ahead, not only to the 
- Don't kill Lance, not by running over him, and when there are people shooting 
at him help him.
- Very interesting: Just shoot Diaz and his men as soon as you meet them and 
then get into the Admiral they leave behind. It is best to just shoot the guard 
to the right of Diaz. Diaz will just vanish then and the other guard walks 
away. If you shoot the left bodyguard first the one on the right will shoot 
So why steal his car at all? This car is a bulletproof Admiral that you can 
only find in this mission in the game.
When you are not cheating there are only 3 properties you can own and that have 
garages this far into the game, so you can only keep 3 of the bulletproof 
Admirals. You can even set the car on fire without something bad happening, but 
when you flip it over it still blows up, and it also sinks in water and the 
tires are not resistant to the nail and spike strips the cops use. So the car 
is really helpful for missions where you can use your own car and don't need to 
use a mission specific vehicle. But not for car races... 

So... der Colonel macht nun auch eine kleine schöpferische Pause um dir Zeit
zu geben  dich mit Diaz  rumzuärgern. Er wird sich zu gegebener  Zeit wieder

   ¦ [.3.4.]   SIR, YES, SIR!   ¦-----------------+
   +----------------------------+     2000 $      ¦

As the Tank is sealed off from you you just taking it you have to come up with 
a good plan to get it.
To steal the desired vehicle there are different paths:

        Method # 1
     Kill all enemies!!!

Haaaaard but doable. For the total GTA Psychos.

To do this you need a strong vehicle, like a jeep. With the jeep you ram into 
the one row of soldiers, now 3 marines are gone already.

Now turn around and mow down the 3 soldiers on the other side.

Once you got rid of these 6 marines you steal the Barracks 'Ol. These are these 
military vehicles with the 6 marines on each. These jump down once you steal 
the car and start firing at you. So run over them.

Do the same at the 2nd Barracks 'Ol.

Now there is only the annoying jeep left that wants to run you over all the 
rime. With good timing it is possible to steal this one too, but I'd recommend 
you'd rather just shoot it with your ruger or a rocketlauncher.

Now use the sniper gun to kill the last marine right inside the tank and the 
tank is yours.

            Method # 2

For the impatient GTA Softie-Psychos.

Use a car to get over the bridge to the mainroad and park the car right on the 
main road into the way of the military parade. Now someone has to remove the 
car and right in this moment you get into the tank.

           Method #3
      Waiting and stealing the tank

boring but that's how it is supposed to be done. No thrills in this :(

You drive over the bridge to the second island. There you get to the Doughnut 
shop. The shop is to the south of the Cherry Poppers Ice Cream factory. You 
know, the house with the tits on the roof. Just wait outside of the doughnut 
shop until the military comes along. This might take some time but they will 
come. Then someone will get into the shop to get some Doughnuts. Right in this 
moment you get into the tank and steal it.

Well THEN:

Then you drive the stolen tank into the garage. There is quite the happening 
happening as they try to stop you, but they forget you have the Rhino!

   ¦ [.3.5.]  ALL HANDS ON DECK ¦-----------------+
   +----------------------------+     5000 $      ¦

Ohnoes, the frenchies are coming big time!
You can split this mission into 3 (and sometimes 4) parts and the consecutively 
get harder, but fear not, you can make it.

        1. Boatattack

The French come at you with boats. Get on board and to the back of the boat and 
over the railing here. You are walking down a slope and are at the end. This 
place it the perfect position for shooting and you know that you are not 
supposed to get down here later on, as you won't be able to come back up again 
and this is pretty shitty.
So get out your Uzi, aim at the bastards and shoot them down. There are 5 of 
them you have to kill. And now it's getting black!

Let's start the second part.

        2. Helicopter attack

Now they are coming on board of the Colonel's yacht. Get to the front and grab 
the Ruger. Shoot down all the incoming frenchies and take a look to the 
horizont to the front right. Once the helicopter appears start shooting it at 
once. You are told to take care of the ship but it's better to shoot down the 
heli with 4 frenchies on it than having the 4 fresh and new frenchies on board 
In case they manage to make it on board switch to Uzi and shoot them all. Then 
switch to ruger again and wait for the next heli. There are 2 normal 
helicopters coming in.

        3. Military attack

Now the Frenchies are over the top. An Apache military helicopter appears and 
starts shooting at you. But just keep cool and kill all the Frenchies that are 
coming in from the boats (with the Uzi) and shoot the Apache helicopter with 
the Ruger. Of course this will take some more time than the normal helicopters 
but sooner or later the Apache will go down.

        4. Sink the ships (sometimes)

Sometimes you now have to get rid of the last ships now. But with the use of 
the Ruger this is no problem. 


- Always be prepared before you start the mission. Armor, weapons, etc.
- Always check back to the upper deck and grab the health heart and more 
bullets for the Ruger.
- When the heart icon is gone just follow the stairs on the upper deck and go 
down one floor and back up again.
Don't fall down at the back end!!! Then you are cut off from the heart icon and 
the extra bullets.
- If you park your car on the next pier before starting the mission (there 
where the Frenchies appear in the cutscene) a lot less Frenchies appear while 
the first part of the mission. But the first part of the mission is not the 
hardest part... 

               ¦ A ¦---------------------------+
               +---+                           ¦
                  ¦     4.  RICARDO DIAZ       ¦
                  ¦                            ¦
                  ¦           MR COKE          ¦
                  ¦                            ¦
   ¦ [.4.1.]      THE CHASE        ¦-----------------+
   +-------------------------------+     1000 $      ¦

t is best to use the Infernus for this mission as it is already parked in front 
of the mansion. So drive to the house you have to drive to and stand in the 
pink marker (twice). Once your target appears you chase him over the rooftops.
When he starts shooting you don't have to go through the flames that appear 
then, but you rather jump off the roof to the LEFT and grab a fast car as soon 
as possible and then follow him.
He drives towards the Ocean Boulevard area, around the North Point Shopping 
Mall, makes the turn and drives over the bridge towards prawn island. Once he 
stops approach him until you are at around 20 meters (65 foot) from him and 
that's about it.


- Don't kill or even ram the fleeing guy.
- If your vehicle is too slow for you tastes park your infernus next to the 
faggo at the back end of the houses or switch cars on Ocean Boulevard, there 
are a lot of fast cars to be found.
- once he stops approach him.
- Don't go through the fire on the roof but off of the roof to the left. You 
can park you Infernus there.
- On the roof is Hidden Package 30. 

   ¦ [.4.2.]  PHNOM PENH ´86    ¦-----------------+
   +----------------------------+     2000 $      ¦-----------------+
                              +-------------------+   2nd Island    ¦
                                                ¦       opens       ¦

This mission is basically an extended drive by shooting, this time with a 
helicopter. Great fun! Besides good aiming you also must watch out that you 
chopter is not hit and doesn't go down.
Note that you have unlimited bullets for the M-60 for this mission, but only on 
this mission.
On the rooftops and all around the area there are lots of the explosive red 
barrels, so shoot them and kill more than one of the enemies at once. This 
works pretty good.
It is annoying that your heli is always shaking around, but that's the way it 
is, get used to it and try to guess the movement of the heli, aim a bit to the 
side of the bad guy and shoot him with the movement of the heli.
And always shoot the guys closest to you first as their hits harm you and the 
heli the most.

        1st house:

   1st roof: 
5 guys: Go for the red barrels, this makes it easier.

   2nd side: 
and again 5 guys on different floors. 3 on the upper floor, 2 on the bottom 

        2nd house:

4 car to shoot, 1 guy in front behind the car, just blow up the car and he will 
die with it, and there are 2 guys in the pool.
Camera looking to the right, there is one guy at the hut and another one hiding 
behind the jeep.
Now flying to the tennis court, there are 2 guys directly on the tennis field 
and one close to the jeep.

        3rd house:

5 people on the roof, 3 to the left and 2 to the right. And some good placed 
red barrels...

        2nd house:

back to the second house, now 2 guys appear on top, and 3 down, while flying 
over you can catch some of them.

        1st house:

Again 3 guy appear on the roof, after this you are dropped there. Of course one 
of the last 3 guys is shooting with a fast firing assault rifle just to piss 
you off shortly before the end of the helicopter ride. Watch out and take him 

Of course Lance acts stupid and drops you off on the ground and not on the 
roof, but you know what to do. You can shoot about 6 people through the door 
without getting in and risking being shot.
After they are all smashed you enter and get up the stairs on the left. At the 
end of the stairs is a lone survivor, but you will be grateful and kill him. So 
get onto that roof and grab that suitcase.


- Keep the Circle button pressen and you have rapid fire. And use it all the 
time as you have unlimited bullets for the Phnom Penh '86 mission.
- I prefer the D-Pad for aiming over the Analogstick, but just try around what 
is better for you. 

   ¦ [.4.3.]   THE FASTEST BOAT   ¦-----------------+
   +------------------------------+     4000 $      ¦

Make sure you have full health, armor and ammunition. This is reall helpful for 
this mission.
Then drive to the harbor. As soon as you approach the building 7 armed guys 
start shooting at you. 3 are patroulling at the front and can be taken out 
seperatedly and 4 other guys in leather are waiting for you at the back and are 
most likely met all at once. So shoot back and kill every one of the guys that 
want to otherwise kill you. Probably also use a ruger or a sniper rifle from 
farther away. In case you run out of ammunition or just want some more, the is 
an uzi hidden behind the house on the other side of the shipyard.
After you killed all the shooters outside you have to get into the hall. There 
you will encounter 3 mechanics that hit you with tools. They are a lot easier 
to handle than the heavily armed guys outside. After you killed them activate 
the switch in the hall to lower the boat by stepping into the pink marker.
This also activates 5 more guys, this time armed with Uzis. After they are dead 
you jump into the boat and drive to the villa. You have around a 3 star wanted 
level by now, so the cops will chase you on water too. But they are stupid and 
drive everywhere but not in your way and after all you have the fastest boat.
After reaching the villa your wanted level will be gone for good. 

   ¦ [.4.4.]   SUPPLY AND DEMAND   ¦-----------------+
   +-------------------------------+     2000 $      ¦-----------------+
                                 +-------------------+   Trainingdress ¦
                                                   ¦       available   ¦

A boat race, nice. Don't follow the guys but take a left around leaf links 
until the wide piece of landslide from leaf links comes into sight. There you 
turn right and then, well, you have the fastest boat.
Now they follow you and you have to shoot down your followers. Just like on 
twitter. At first kill the two followers on the boat. Now turn around and kill 
the shooters on the pier (red barrels). Hit them quick and early as they tend 
to wreck your boat really bad.
After that a helicopter comes after you, shoot it. Then 2 more boats to the 
front follow and that's it. But you just have to kill the shooting guys on the 
boats, not the whole boat.


- Always aim high enough. When you hit yourn boat yourself this also damages 
your boat.

After you managed to do this you you get a call by Kent Paul (and another call 
by a confused Lance) and first have to finish the Kent Paul: Death Row mission, 
before you can continue with the next mission here.

   ¦ [.4.5.]       RUB OUT        ¦-----------------+
   +------------------------------+    50000 $      ¦

After the tarantinoesque cutscene you have to invade Diaz' house. Well, house 
sounds rather small... As it is too easy to get in through the front door we 
take the backdoor. Kill the guy standing at the corner in front and enter the 
back door. After killing 5 more guys you are standing in front of the entrance.

Now get up to the 2nd floor and kill Diaz and his guards. They are not that 
hard at all, but together they are. So keep you health meter in mind and kill 
them all!
Now you are richer by 50k bucks and you own a villa and can start the Vercetti 
missions in the villa.
You have to finish the first Vercetti Mission to be able to buy properties with 
missions in Vice City.

Now that you own the Villa you also get a call from Kent Paul offering you Love 
Fist as potential mission suppliers.

               ¦ A ¦---------------------------+
               +---+                           ¦
                  ¦       5.  KENT PAUL        ¦
                  ¦                            ¦
                  ¦       from the island      ¦
                  ¦                            ¦
   ¦ [.5.1.]      DEATH ROW        ¦

And now we are on a Death Row mission in GTA Vice City.
Before driving to the Malibu Club to meet Kent Paul go and find a big and 
massive car, like a jeep. And of course you have full health and armor before 
starting the mission. Because as soon as you start the mission a timer will 
count down and you don't have the time to search for a fitting car once you 
started the mission.
So drive with your heavy car to the Malibu Club and park it facing to the west, 
yes, towards the river in the middle of the island. Then meet up with Kent 
Paul. He tells you that Lance is held captive on the junk yard.

Finally it starts. Luckylie we park headed west, so drive over the lawn behind 
the Malibu Club and via the fastest road towards the Leaf Links Gold Club. Past 
the Leaf Links island once you are on the second island of Vice City change the 
lane to the wrong lane and do the wrong way driver right after the bridge. Take 
the sharp 90° turn to the left, right after it turn right twice and the next 
one left again. This should be the fastest way to the junk yard.

You can see the car blocking the entry to the junk yard from afar. Now you can 
either just ram into the barricading car and try to run over as many enemies as 
possible or you get out and shoot at the 2 guys standing next to the car from a 
distance. In case you try to ram into the barricades select your weapon of 
choice before getting in as you might get pulled out of your car and it is very 
handy to have to weapon already selected then. If you want to shoot the first 
two guys though it is best to snipe them or shoot like crazy at them with the 
Ruger. You might hit them or even make the car next to them explode and kill 
them this way. Also the rocket launcher makes the car explode really fast in 
case you have it at hand.
Now you have to get in one way or the other, so select your weapon of choice 
and drive in, run over as many enemies as possible. After some time even the 
best car will go up in flames, so get out before you explode with the car. Then 
fight your way through the hordes of enemies. It is best to use a light weapon 
for this so that you can run a lot, the Uzi or the Colt Python for example.

All enemies except 4 should be comming running at you anyways, so kill them 
all. There are only 3 guys guarding Lance left, and the one annoying guy with 
the Ruger on top of the yellow digger. Try to avoid standing in his field of 
vision where he can shoot you. Close to the digger is one of the places where 
he can't hit you. And from there you have a good shot at the 3 guys guarding 
Lance. After you killed them, but before you get to Lance take care of the guy 
on the yellow digger or else he might just shoot Lance on your soon to follow 
escape. Then rush to Lance.
Get with him into the Sentinel or the Trashmaster and head for the hospital in 
Downtown. I recommend the Trashmaster for you.
The bad guys will come after you now and ram you. The Trashmaster is quite 
sturdy and robust and can take much more than the Sentinel. It is slower and so 
the ride takes longer but at least you reach your destination. So in the end it 
is also faster as you won't have to replay the mission ;).
In the worst case the game has some hickups and the trashmaster just disappears 
after the cutscene where you rescue Lance, so you have to take the Sentinel 
next to the hut. But it is possible to reach the hospital with the Sentinel as 
there are only 3 guys in Comets (fast cars) after you and after some time you 
just drive away from them without them catching up.


- I know there are a lot of the bad guys so run over as much of them as 
- Yes, use the Trashmaster!
- a rocket launcher is also useful here.
- or get in there with the Rhino Tank (if you have it)
- the bulletproof Admiral is also very very helpful here, but it could happen 
that it just disappears forever after the cutscene where you untie Lance.

And all this for free...
But the next mission is waiting for you in Diaz' house, Ricardo Diaz: Rub Out.
The Colonel also calls after this mission, and offers you his last mission, 
maybe you want to play Colonel Cortez: all hands on deck first. 

               ¦ A ¦---------------------------+
               +---+                           ¦
                  ¦    6. THE LAST MISSIONS    ¦
                  ¦                            ¦
                  ¦       get your revenge     ¦
                  ¦                            ¦
   ¦ [.6.1.]  CAP THE COLLECTOR    ¦-----------------+
   +-------------------------------+     30000 $     ¦

After at least 5 of the properties are in your possession and generate money 
and you made it through all printworks missions you get a call from Lance. You 
are told to come to the printworks. So do this. The owner was beat up by an old 
friend. And now the mafia is here and wants protection money from YOU! This is 
too much! The mafia guys are traveling with Sanchez Bikes and start to demand 
their cash in the south of the second island. So as soon as you enter the 
harbour area they start there. Drive to Sunshine Autos and wait for them there, 
as this is the next stop they will make. Just kill the two guys on the Sachez 
bikes and wait for two more mafia guys on bikes. Kill them too and this mission 
is passed already.


- If the money icon is still there where collecting money but you just killed 
them before they could finish just wait there, the next two will appear right 

   ¦ [.6.2.]   KEEP YOUR FRIENDS CLOSE   ¦-----------------+
   +-------------------------------------+     30000$      ¦

Get to the stairs and stay at the top. Some mean guys come running in trying to 
kill you. Avoid getting killed by killing them first. After some time (10-15 
kills) Lance comes by. Shoot at him or run towards him. The scared pig runs 
away and onto the roof!
Make sure you have full health and Armor and only like that get out on the 
roof. Just don't care about what the game tells you, it is just money... kill 
all the guys around Lance and then Lance himself. In case you health dropped 
too low get back into the basement and load up on health. Then get to the safe.
There your old friend Sonny Forelli appears and wants to kill you. So kill him 
to make this story end.


- When you enter the roof to kill Lance go slow as there are sometimes armed 
guys in the corridor between and you cannot kill them if you run through there 
too fast. This corridor is skipped with a loading time, so in case someone IS 
standing there he will now shoot in you back which is very annoying. So kill 
him before entering the roof.
- On the roof, when coming out of the door, there are 2 guys on the left and an 
andrenaline pill.
- Forget the money the mafia steals from you, these are just peanuts, you'll 
get $30,000 for this mission.
- Once Sonny appears don't go to him directly but take the long way via the 

 +---+                                                                   [.B.]
 +¦ B ¦--------------------------------------------------+
  +---+             - THE SIDE MISSIONS -                ¦-+
    +----------------------------------------------------+ ¦

   7. CUBANS

        [.7.1.] Stunt Boat Challenge
        [.7.2.] Cannon Fodder                         2000$
        [.7.3.] Naval Engagement                      4000$
        [.7.4.] Trojan Voodoo                       10.000$


        [.8.1.] Juju Scramble                         1000$
        [.8.2.] Bombs Away                            2000$
        [.8.3.] Dirty lickins                         5000$


        [.9.1.] Love Juice                            2000$
        [.9.2.] Psychokiller                          4000$
        [.9.3.] Publicity Tour                        8000$


        [.10.1.] Alloy Wheels of Steel                1000$
        [.10.2.] Messing with the man                 2000$
        [.10.3.] Hog Tied                             4000$


        [.11.1.] Gun Runner                           2000$
        [.11.2.] Boomshine Saigon                     4000$

               ¦ B ¦---------------------------+
               +---+                           ¦
                  ¦     7.    CUBANES          ¦
                  ¦                            ¦
                  ¦         big cohones        ¦
                  ¦                            ¦
   ¦ [.7.1.] STUNT-BOAT CHALLENGE ¦----------------+
   +------------------------------+    2000 $      ¦

After you drove through the first checkpoint the time starts ticking down from 
3 minutes. Once there are only 12 checkpoints left you take the same way back. 
If you are still left with like 1:05 or 1:10 on your clock at this point of the 
race you are doing good and you don't have to worry all that much


- After the second ramp immediately the 3rd one appears. You need some practise 
for this but you will make it sooner or later!

After this missione Auntie Poulet calls you, she is the contact of the 
haithians and wants you. 

   ¦ [.7.2.]  CANNON FODDER    ¦-----------------+
   +---------------------------+    2000 $       ¦

Use a car with a least 4 seats to drive to Cafe Robina and get the Cubans into 
your car. Now drive to the meeting point. Use the Ruger to get rid of the car 
until it goes up in flames and with that kills most of the Haiti boys. There 
are 2 of them left still, so kill them with the sniper rifle or whatever you 
think fits. After a short cutscene you will need the sniper rifle again.
There is a sniper on the roof and you have to kill him. With the normal sniper 
rifle it is easier as there is a help for you aiming attached, with the second 
variety of the sniper rifle with the laser aiming it is not that easy, you will 
have to aim with the horizontal ruler at the sniper and the vertical ruler on 
the arrow above his head. That should do the trick for the laser sniper rifle.
There are now still some guys coming at you, but they are a piece of cake 
compared to what you already did in this mission. So grab the truck and drive 
back to Cafe Robina. If needed pay a visit to a Pay 'n Spray or collect a 
Police Bribe star.

   ¦ [.7.3.]  NAVAL ENGAGEMENT ¦-----------------+
   +---------------------------+    4000 $       ¦

Drive to Rico. After the cutscene you should try to kill off the Haitians as 
fast as possible because they fight for their life and try to kill you instead 
of getting killed of course. Once all of them are dead you are standing at the 
pier and still have to kill some more of them and even more you have to collect 
3 suitcases. One is in the small house at the water channel, 2 are close to the 
house. Watch out for the guys shooting from everywhere, one of them is even 
standing on the chimney of the house! And now let's go back to Roberto in his 
nice and comfy Cafe Robina.


- Get to your villa and hope for the Maverick heli on the roof. Sometimes there 
is one on the roof. If the heli is there kill all cops that are after you, 
otherwise you are busted faster than you can say Roberto. And then fly to Cafe 

That's it for now with the Cuban missions, now you have to finish all Auntie 
Poulet missions first before you can start the last and best Cuban mission. If 
you already did everything for Auntie Poulet you continue right away from here.

   ¦ [.7.4.]    TROJAN VOODOO    ¦-----------------+
   +-----------------------------+    10000 $      ¦

This is the last mission you get from Roberto. To be able to get it you first 
have to finish Auntie Poulet Haitians: Dirty lickins and of course all previous 
cuban missions.
Get a Voodoo from somewhere, you know, the jumping car of the Haitians, for 
example you can always find one parked in front of Auntie Poulets hut. Drive it 
to your Amigos.
Follow them and park where the marking is. Kill ALL of the Haitians there to 
make it very easy for you on this mission. Collect their weapons and get into 
the the 2nd floor via the stairs. This is where you plant the first bomb. Now 
run down the stairs and right there on the left you plant the second bomb. Put 
the 3rd one to the exit and now run towards the gate you came in through. This 
gate is locked, so turn to the right before this and around the corner is a set 
of stairs that you should run up. Once you are up there exit to the left onto 
the roof. Easy money, funney money!

               ¦ B ¦---------------------------+
               +---+                           ¦
                  ¦     8.  AUNTIE POULET      ¦
                  ¦                            ¦
                  ¦     hypnotic Voodoolady    ¦
                  ¦                            ¦
   ¦ [.8.1.] JUJU SCRAMBLE        ¦-----------------+
   +------------------------------+     1000 $      ¦

No matter what your PS2 tells you, don't be afraid of the cops being at the 
suitcase before you are. Better be afraid of the 2 stars additional wanted 
level you get for every suitcase you collect and you have to collect 3 
suitcases after all. So, let me calculate this through real fast for you, oh, 
wait, is this even possible, oh noes, these are, holy shit, a 6 star goddamned 
wanted level!
But after the second suitcase you are close to a police bribe star, so you have 
a wanted level of only 3 stars after the 2nd suitcase and 5 stars after the 
last suitcase. And if you make it back to the hut you earned unbelievable 1000
$ and had the FBI and army on your ass... tail.


- Don't even try to get rid of the 5 stars and drive back to Auntie Poulets hut 
as fast as possible. The wanted level stars just disappear after the mission.

-> hint by alldead!
- I always did this on foot (at least from suitcase 2 to 3, as you can use the 
backyard alleys and probably collect a polive bribe star [not entirely sure 
about that].) 

   ¦ [.8.2.]    BOMBS AWAYS     ¦-----------------+
   +----------------------------+    2000 $       ¦

Well, then drive to the TopFun Van and get in. What follows now is awfully hard 
but also doable.
Fly over to the cubans and drop a bomb on a boat. And now all other boats 
escape from the scene and you have to get them.
But wait, at first drop a bomb on the Hermes that is standing at the water (as 
long as it is still standing still, as it would start driving later on) and on 
the surviving cubans. Now you can pay full attention to the boats.

You have 3 planes you can crash on this mission. You die if you fall or fly 
into the water or if you are too close to an explosion of one of your bombs, if 
you are hit by a bullet, and so on, and so on. But try to fly very low over the 
boats as your bombs take up too much time to drop down otherwise and to baot 
you want to hit is farther away. And it is hard to guess where a boat will go 
if you are high up in the sky.
And this makes this mission very frustrating, but sooner or later you will also 
get this mission done. If you are lucky you do it as me, I bombed away 3 boats 
right at the start, then the Hermes and then there was only one boat left, and 
that's easy! Good Luck!


-> Hint by Jet Jaguar
- I think the mission "Bombs Away" by Auntie Poulet is very hard. But you can 
just run over the cubans on land with your plane and they will do nothing about 
it. Then you bomb away the empty boats and pass the mission                   

   ¦ [.8.3.]    DIRTY LICKINS    ¦-----------------+
   +-----------------------------+    5000 $       ¦

Close to Auntie Poulets hut is the marking you have to shoot from for the 
mission Dirty Lickins. You reach this place via a set of stairs on the backside 
of the building. There is a very helpful adrenaline pill under this set of 
There are 3 waves of cubans at all, so kill them all

After this mission you can finally start the last Cuban mission (Cubans: Trojan 

               ¦ B ¦---------------------------+
               +---+                           ¦
                  ¦     9.    LOVE FIST        ¦
                  ¦                            ¦
                  ¦            rock on         ¦
                  ¦                            ¦
   ¦ [.9.1.]  LOVE JUICE        ¦-----------------+
   +----------------------------+     2000 $      ¦

Use a fast car or a motorcycle to get to the said dealer to get the ingredients 
for the Love Juice. Go get the dealer, go get the stuff. Now Kent Paul calls 
you and wants some ladies for the boys.
So drive to Mercedes and get her. From now on you have 1:30 minutes of time to 
get back to the Love Fist Studio. But you still have you fast car.


- Get your car repaired after chasing the dealer or get a new fast car.

-> Hint by alldead:
- I use a helicopter to fly to Mercedes. No problem with the 1:30 there :)

   ¦ [.9.2.]   PSYCHO KILLER   ¦-----------------+
   +---------------------------+    4000 $       ¦

Drive the Love Fist Limo down the road and wait until the friendly psycho 
killer comes out. Follow him and kill him. Easy enough?


- When he turns left after the police station be careful, at the end of the 
fence a trashmaster car will come out from the right and ram into you.
- the psychokiller is a really bad driver and crashes into other cars a lot and 
thus helps you wreck his car.
- But don't lose him from your sight as he is not shown on your radar and so 
you could lose him.

Now you have to finish all Bikergang missions before you can continue with the 
last Love Fist mission.

   ¦ [.9.3.]  PUBLICITY-TOUR   ¦-----------------+
   +---------------------------+    8000 $       ¦

You can only play this mission once you successfully completed the Bikergang: 
Hog Tied mission.

A funny and also annoying mission. You better just keep on speeding and search 
for the main road all along the island. Once the bar is showing nothing just 
slightly tap the gas, when it fills step on the gas like a lunatic.

Now finally the long awaited Love Fist concert gig is on its way.

               ¦ B ¦---------------------------+
               +---+                           ¦
                  ¦       10.  BIKER GANG      ¦
                  ¦                            ¦
                  ¦       Born to be wild      ¦
                  ¦                            ¦
   ¦ [.10.1.] ALLOY WHEELS OF STEEL    ¦-----------------+
   +-----------------------------------+     1000 $      ¦

Collect the check points. Drive good. You don't have to drive perfect as in the 
turn towards the Hyman Condo all Bikers fall from their machines. And after 
this happened you can continue a bit more relaxed. But you should atill hurry 

   ¦ [.10.2.] MESSING WITH THE MAN ¦-----------------+
   +-------------------------------+    2000 $       ¦

This mission is hard in case you don't know what to do. So let me tell you, 
everything counts, stealing, murdering, destroying, running over pedestrians, 
killing cops, and so on. Killing cops adds the most to your chaos meter. Once 
you killed some of them even more cops because of your wanted level. Exploding 
copcars add even more to your chaos karma. Once a copcar exploded keep on 
shooting it, this still counts :)


- start this mission with full health and armor, you will need it.
- rapid fire with the flamethrower is very effective!!!

        !!!! ATTENTION !!!!

After the mission you have at least 4 wanted stars, so you better search for a 
Pay 'n Spray.


   ¦ [.10.3.]       HOG TIED      ¦-----------------+
   +------------------------------+    4000 $       ¦

Buy weapons at first, some kind of Uzi will do. Get full armor then grab a 
bike. Ride over the huge stairs in front of the Ammu Nation in Downtown (Unique 
Stunt 2) and jump onto the roof on the other side of the road.
Get rid of the 3 guys on the roof and now position yourself on the top of the 
stairs. Now, in a seemingly endless stream there will be coming a lot of guys 
that you kill all one after the other.
Once there is no one coming anymore (yes, it really stops) get down all the 
stairs and get the bike and drive it our just like you came in. That means 
drive up the stairs and with a wheelie over the rim of the roof. Bring the bike 
to Big Baker and you can start the Love Fist: Publicity Tour mission. 

               ¦ B ¦---------------------------+
               +---+                           ¦
                  ¦     11. PHIL CASSIDY       ¦
                  ¦                            ¦
                  ¦         Armed Fool         ¦
                  ¦                            ¦
   ¦ [.11.1.]     GUN RUNNER      ¦-----------------+
   +------------------------------+     2000 $      ¦

To be able to play Phil's missions you have to first complete all missions for 
the Malibu Club. But this assett costs 120.000$, but after this you can play as 
much of Phil as you want.

There are 4 Walton trucks around, all loaded with weapons. They are grouped 
into groups with 2 trucks each. One of the trucks of a group has a guy in 
leather jacket on it that shoots at you. He sadly won't fall down when you ram 
the truck to make the weapons fall down. The best thing to handle him is with a 
well aimed shot from a Colt Python or with a shotgun of your choice.
So start the mission and get with the partiot on the main road and drive right, 
well, to the south. 2 of these Walton Trucks will come at you. Ram one of them 
or even better ram them both. If you did it right the boxes with the weapons 
fall down, break and you can pick up the weapons. If not, just ram the truck 
again or drive over the fallen crate. And watch out for the trucks and their 
mad drivers, the mission can stop immediately if you get under their wheels. So 
try to avoid this.
So kill the driver with a well aimed shot or drag him out of the car and run 
him over. Handle the guy on the back of the truck as mentioned above. And with 
the Ruger you set the truck on fire pretty fast. Or you drive it against a wall 
for as long until it goes up in flames. The thing is, you have to destroy the 
car. So collect the weapon and continue to your next victim.
After 2 collected weapons the guys call for backup that also comes, it comes in 
form of guys with leatherjackets on scooters. Drive away from them as far as 
possible, the scooters are not that fast. And when they catch up to you, you 
will be warned by the sound of their engines. When they are coming you better 
drive away pretty fast or otherwise they'll pull you out of your car and shoot 
you and take away some 100 health points or more. You can also kill them and 
get even 100$ for every leatherjacket guy. But for every guy you kill there 
will another one as replacement. And by your progress in the game up to now 100
$ are nothing.
And you still have to stop two more trucks and get their weapons. Once you 
collected all 4 weapons your boss demands that you kill all weapons dealers. 
But he doesn't mean the leatherjacket guys on scooters but the trucks! So it's 
better to have some of the wrecked before the leatherjacket guys appear.
After all 4 trucks exploded the mission is over.


   ¦ [.11.2.]   BOOMSHINE SAIGON  ¦-----------------+
   +------------------------------+     4000 $      ¦

Now you even get to know why Phil only has one arm (he reappears some years 
later and older and without blood on his arm in GTA III). But without an arm 
you lose quite some blood.
So start driving towards the hospital. But you shouldn't have smelled his TNT 
Whiskey. Now you are on a weird trip and the road is very bouncy. Your car 
reactly delayed and the view is blurred and the camera tilts.
But Phil doesn't want to go to the hospital, so you continue your funkey 
funride for some time and drive towards the Cafe Robina (of the Cubans). There 
you drop off Phil, grab your 4000$ and from now on you can buy the heavy guns 
at his place.


- Let Phil die once and look at the text displayed. There is something wrong in 

Hint by alldead:
- There is one setting you can change so that the camera just tilts and all the 
other crap is gone, but I don't know how it was called ... :(
... well, me neither, maybe YOU know this, so come on, drop me a line about 

 +---+                                                                   [.C.]
 +¦ C ¦--------------------------------------------------+
  +---+            - THE PROPERTY MISSIONS -             ¦-+
    +----------------------------------------------------+ ¦


   12. VERCETTI ESTATE        5.000$

        [.12.1.] Shakedown                2.000$
        [.12.2.] Bar Brawl                4.000$
        [.12.3.] CopLand                            ~

   13. BOATYARD                2.000$            10.000$

        [.13.1.] Checkpoint Charly	        5.000$	

   14. SUNSHINE AUTOS                            50.000$

        [.14.1.] Steal the Cars(4x)       up to  9.000$
        [.14.2.] Races 
   15. PRINT WORKS             8.000$            70.000$

        [.15.1.] Spilling the Beans        2.000$
        [.15.2.] Hit the Courier                5.000$

   16. CHERRY POPPERS ICECREAM 2.000$            20.000$
        [.16.1.] Sell 50 Icecreams 	        ~

   17. KAUFMANNS CABS          5.000$            40.000$

        [.17.1.] V.I.P.                    1.000$
        [.17.2.] Friendly Rivalry          2.000$
        [.17.3.] Cabmageddon
   18. MOVIE STUDIO            7.000$           60.000$

        [.18.1.] Recruitment Drive         1.000$		
        [.18.2.] Dildo Dodo                2.000$
        [.18.3.] Marthas Mug Shot          4.000$
        [.18.4.] G Spotlight               8.000$   	

   19. MALIBU CLUB             10.000$           120.000$

	[.19.1.] No Escape?                 1.000$
	[.19.2.] The Shootist               2.000$
	[.19.3.] The Driver                 3.000$
	[.19.4.] The Job                   50.000$ 	

   20. POLE POSITION             4.000$	          30.000$

        [.20.1.] Spend 300 Dollars on a Stripper

 ______    ___________________________________________
 [.C2.]     Asset Properties without missions

        [.C2.1.] ... 1102 Washington Street                   3.000$	
        [.C2.2.] ... 3321 Vice Point                          2.500$	
        [.C2.3.] ... El Swanko Casa                           8.000$	
        [.C2.4.] ... Hyman Condo                             14.000$		
        [.C2.5.] ... Links View                               6.000$	
        [.C2.6.] ... Ocean Heights                            7.000$	
        [.C2.7.] ... Skumhole Shak	                      1.000$

               ¦ C ¦---------------------------+
               +---+                           ¦      GENERATES:
                  ¦     12. VERCETTI ESTATE    ¦    +-----------+
                  ¦                            ¦    ¦   5.000$  ¦
                  ¦     nun gehört sie dir     ¦    +-----------+
                  ¦                            ¦
   ¦ [.12.1.]  SHAKEDOWN       ¦----------------+
   +----------------------------+      2000 $    ¦---------------------------+ 
                            +-------------------+     You can purchase       ¦
                                                ¦      Properties now        ¦


The people don't want to pay their protection money. You have to do something 
against this! You better crash their display windows!
Park the Stinger in you garage, you will need it later on. Then use the 
Infernus to drive to the NorthPoint Shopping Mall (NPSM). You enter through the 
east entry, turn to the right to the juweler, shoot the 3 windows and on the 
other side of the building (when going towards the juweler turn left and then 
all the way through the shopping mall) 2 more windows. Now run into the middle 
of the NPSM and use the escalators up the the 2nd floor, turn right to the 
record store (6 windows), then run all the way up on the 2nd floor to the south 
and destroy all windows of the Gash! shop up here, the go back to ground floor 
and destroy all windows of the Gash! too. Now you only have to pay a visit to 
the Tarbrush Cafe and destroy 2 more windows and you are done. 


- You can change clothes in the Gash! or tooled up, but this is not that 
effective as you pile up with stars right after changing clothers. 

   ¦ [.12.2.]     BAR BRAWL      ¦-----------------+
   +-----------------------------+     4000 $      ¦

Get into the Sentinel and take the 2 guys with you to the Front Page Bar. The 
two guardians in front of it can just be run over with the car. Now you can 
talk to the boss. He refers you to the DPB Security, and this is exactly where 
you go now. There you take care of 5 guys, preferably with a shotgun.
Now two PCJs crash through the wall, so you have to follow them. They won't be 
that fast, so the Sentinel is good enough for this job. And then you have to 
kill the guys on the machines, this is the best part of the job as a mobster, 
isn't it!


Hint by alldead:
- You can use a motorcycle and drive it right into the mall. 

   ¦ [.12.3.]      COP-LAND       ¦-------------------+
   +------------------------------+ Polizeiuniform in ¦
                                ¦   Washington Beach  ¦

Your first job is to get a wanted level. You can do it, I's sure, just shoot a 
cop or something. You need 2 stars. Now you lure the cops into the garage, put 
on their uniforms and get into the police car behind the fence around the 
corner. Now head for the North Point Shopping Mall. Park in front of the 
shopping mall and let your car face east.
Now enter and drop the bomb. Stupid thing is, the timer is set to 5 seconds and 
Youhave to escape with a wanted level of 5 stars. You will have all these 
anoying FBI-Rancher Jeeps on your tail, so have fun! But if you make a U-turn 
and collect the police bribe star you don't have to deal with the FBI any more.


- To get a wanted level you can also rob a shop. Just use an autoaim weapon, 
get into the shop and aim at the person at the register. And stop at 2 stars 
and drive to the garage!

- Get out of the car in front of the garage. If you wait inside of the garage 
the cops might park in front of the garage so that the door won't close. Then 
you have to drive the copcar away first and this needs time and you could get 

- When you are standing in front of the North Point Shopping Mall search for 
the police bribe star. Some way beyond the star is always a civilian car. Steal 
it and drive it in front of the North Point Shopping Mall entrance door, so 
that it faces east. Now do your stuff, get in the car, speed up, do the U-turn 
and grab the star. Now you can drive without the FBI hassle to a Pay 'n Spray 
and get rid of your wanted level. The civilian car is important as the Pay 'n 
Spray won't change the police car.

- It is even easier if you arrive here with a police helicopter. You can get it 
behind the police station in Downtown. Now get in, do you stuff run out, shoot 
the cop or else he will bust you while your helicopter is warming up and then 
just fly home.

- You can also use a Police Cheetah, the car is fast and also accepted in the 
Pay 'n Spray to lower your wanted level.

- Don't care too much about Lance if he misses it to get into your car! Rather 
get rid of your wanted level first and then pick him up with zero wanted level 

               ¦ C ¦---------------------------+
               +---+                           ¦           COSTS:
                  ¦        13. BOATYARD        ¦       +-----------+
                  ¦                            ¦       ¦  10.000$  ¦
                  ¦        in VICE PORT        ¦       +-----------+
                  ¦                            ¦         GENERATES:   
   +-------------------------------------------+       +-----------+
   ¦ [.13.1.]  CHECKPOINT CHARLIE  ¦-----------------+ ¦   2000 $  ¦
   +-------------------------------+      5000 $     ¦ +-----------+


Here you had to steal the fastest boat for Ricardo Diaz, in case you don't 
remember, drive the main road on the second island all the way south until the 
road forks. Now stay on the left lane, even though there are people coming at 
you and after 200 meters there is the boat yard on your left. It is a bit 
hidden behind netting wire.
Now you have the choice between a Squalo and a cuban Jetmax. Both boats are in 
the water already and just waiting for you to get in. I can handle the Jetmax 
better. Now you can collect checkpoints till you're dizzy. But this mission 
will take you some time as there are mean jumpramps along the course.
Once you reach them you know what I mean. If you are looking for help here 
because of this, I can only tell you to practise, then practise some more, and 
in the end only practise can help you here!
I can also tell you that if you havbe 1:50 left after the 3rd jump ramp it it 
looking fine, if you have 1:40 left it is gonna be a close call and with even 
less time left it will be very hard.

               ¦ C ¦---------------------------+
               +---+                           ¦         COSTS:
                  ¦     14. SUNSHINE AUTOS     ¦      +-----------+
                  ¦                            ¦      ¦  50.000$  ¦
                  ¦      in Little Havanna     ¦      +-----------+
                  ¦                            ¦        GENERATES: 
                  +----------------------------+    +---------------+
                                                    ¦  up to 9.000$ ¦




	++++ LIST 1 ++++


You can find the Landstalker driving everywhere, it looks like the Rancher with 
a apre tire on the back.
You can always find it at the Testdrive in Downtown and at a house on Starfish 
Island. To get to the house drive to the left (west) from Diaz' mansion until 
you reach the next T-crossing, turn right (north) there and follow the road 
until the end and then turn left. On the right side an open gate will appear 
and there it is.


Nowhere to be found always, but driving around in Little Haithi, Little Havanna 
and Downtown.


Same as the Idaho, but a bit rarer.


Drive around on Prawn Islans and you should find one of these. Or look around 
where the Idaho is to be found. No fixed location.


Is everywhere to be found. The Rancher looks like the Landstalker only without 
a spare tire. If you are driving around with the Landstalker some Ranchers 
should also appear. Or you are totally badass and gat a 5 star wanted level and 
steal a FBI Rancher. Then bring it to a Pay 'n Spray and search for a normal 
Rancher with the FBI Rancher, as the FBI Rancher is not accepted at Sunshine 

Blista Compact

The Blista Compact has no fixed place where it spawns. It looks like a Honda 
from the back. You can find it in Ocean and Washington Beach and in Little 
Haiti and Havanna.

Once you found all these and delivered them, Sunshine Autos will start 
generating $1,500 a day and you unlocked a new car you will not find anywhere 
else, the Deluxo. This is like the deluxe version of the Blista Compact.

Back to the top of the page.

        ++++ LIST 2 ++++


Mainly found on the second Island in Little Haiti and Little Havanna.


In Downtown and on the main roads.


The Sentinel can be found everywhere, one is even in Sunshine Autos.


Find the Limo next to your mansion on Starfish Island.


Nearly eveywhere. But if it doesn't want to he won't come for another 3 hours. 
Then you can go top the pizza restaurant in Downtown, behind that there is a 
FBI-Washington. Use this to drive around and attrack a normal Washington, as 
the FBI versionis not acceptet at Sunshine Autos.


You can find the Admiral in Ocean/Washington Beach or in Little Haiti/Havanna. 
There is one fixed place for it on Starfish Island. Exit your villa and go left 
(west). Take the second to the right (north) and you will come towards a closed 
gate. Park in front of it and use your cars front lid to jump over the fence to 
find the Admiral. There is a ramp in that garden that lets you jump into the 
next garden where the gateis not locked.

Once you found all these and delivered them, Sunshine Autos will start 
generating $4,000 a day and you unlocked a new car you will not find anywhere 
else, the Sabre Turbo, the delux version of the Sabre.

Back to the top of the page.

        ++++ LIST 3 ++++


The Cheetah is found everywhere, but rather rare. There is one parked nextto 
the pier where you recieve your missions from Colonel Cortez.


There is one in front of your villa on Starfish Island. Really hard to miss.


The Banshee is found everywhere. One is parked on Starfish Island. On the 
driveway of the westernmost house of the 3 houses in the middle.


You find it also pretty fast everywhere, especially in Washington/Ocean Beach. 
There is also one parked on Starfish Island at the northernmost house.


The Comet, that somehow looks a bit like a Porsche 911 is pretty rare. But 
there is one parked on... no, not Starfish Island, but in front of the Leaf 
Links Golf Course.


Either you still have the Stinger from the Copland mission in your garage or 
just take a look around the garden of the middle house of the 3 houses in the 
middle of Starfish Island. You can enter there via the house to the west of it. 
Jump over the fence from there.

And now you already earn $6,500 with Sunshine Autos. And you have a brand new 
Sandking Monstertruck. Quite fun cruising around with it.

Back to the top of the page.

        ++++ LIST 4 ++++


The Voodoo is the cool hydraulic car (on R3) the Haitians use for a ride. So 
you mostly find it in Little Haiti. One parks next to the house, ehrm..., hut 
of Auntie Poulet.

Cuban Hermes

This Hermes variation looks cool, it has flames all over it. You find it all 
over Little Havanna.


This is the Gold Caddie, not the Taxi, that is called Cabbie. Try your luck on 
the golfcourse or close to it. Sometimes you can find one there. There is also 
a Caddie hidden in the bushes near the lighthouse in the south of the first 


At the airport at the air field.


Behind every single one of the 3 pizza shops.

Mr. Whoopee

Maybe at the Cherry Poppers Icecream factory? To make one appear there you have 
to own the factory. Just $30,000.

Yeah, you made it, now you have them all and make $9,000 a day and also got a 
Hotring Racer in your Sunshine Autos showroom. 

[.14.2.]        The Races 

So what is this all about? Well, drive good and cross the finish line at first 
You can earn good money with the races at Sunshine Autos in GTA Vice City. The 
best idea is to use a fast car(!!!) like the Hotring Racer (if you unlocked it 
already) or a Cheetah.
And you can either race normally, what is also doable, or you cheat a little. 
You could shoot all you opponents with the rocket launcher before the race 
starts, or you crash into them with the Rhino tank from the back into them all. 
If you didn't hit them all with the tank shoot the guys that escaped or wait 
until they come back to the start/finish line. Now you have all the time in the 
world to finish the race.
In case you don't want to cheat that hard, but still want (or need) an 
advantage drive close to the standing cars really fast and hit one of them a 
little bit. The race starts now and the others still have to get to their race 
speed while you are gone already.


Length : 1748 m
Cost: $100
Award: $400

There is a mean left turn on this course, watch out.


Length : 2656 m
Cost: $500
Award: $2,000


Length : 3100 m
Cost: $1,000
Award: $4,000


Length : 3924 m
Cost: $2,000
Award: $8,000


Length : 4603 m
Cost: $5,000
Award: $20,000


Length : 9721 m
Cost: $10,000
Award: $40,000

The last course (V. C. ENDURANCE) is well suited to make fast money. But save 
before every race you start as you can also lose you money.

               ¦ C ¦---------------------------+
               +---+                           ¦         COSTS:
                  ¦      15. PRINTWORKS        ¦      +-----------+
                  ¦                            ¦      ¦  70.000$  ¦
                  ¦      in Little Havanna     ¦      +-----------+
                  ¦                            ¦         GENERATES: 
   +-------------------------------------------+      +-----------+
   ¦ [.15.1.] SPILLING THE BEANS  ¦-----------------+ ¦   8.000$  ¦
   +------------------------------+     2000 $      ¦ +-----------+

Drive to the Malibu Club to meet Kent Paul. You might also use a Taxi as is 
introduced at the start of the mission. This costs 8$ though. So meet Kent 
Paul, this guy always knows everything that's going on in Vice City. There is 
also Billy Jean playing in the Club, but that shouldn't interrupt your mission.
From the Club you drive to the harbour in Vice Port to the big ship. Here you 
use your sniper rifle to snipe the P.I.G. gang. At least the guys you can see, 
as they like to shoot a lot otherwise. Then sneak on board, if they find you, 
run! Well, viewed from the front of it you have to sneak to the left end of the 
ship and climb up some stairs there. At the end of the stairs a guy from the 
triad waits for you. After you made him talk you have to get back to the 
printworks with a 2 star wanted level.


- You can use a helicopter to fly to the Malibu Club and then land on the roof 
of the ship. But watch out for the P.I.G. guys, 2 or 3 of them will still get 
Then just jump over the shiprail back to solid ground. If you run fast enough 
you can make it.
- On the other side of the ship is an armor.
- Under the left ramp is a health heart.

   ¦ [.15.2.]  HIT THE COURIER    ¦-------------------+
   +------------------------------+     5.000$        ¦

Drive to the port really fast and wait for the courier with the printing 
plates. Don't enter the property or you (or you car) will be taken out pretty 
fast. You better wait outside to catch the courier. Steal the printing plates 
from him and drive back to the printworks.


- You cannot just open his door and pull the courier out as his doors are 
- But you can shoot the drive through the window.
- After this mission and if you have bought enough properties you can start the 
second to Last Missions: Cap the collector. 

               ¦ C ¦---------------------------+
               +---+                           ¦      GENERATES: 
                  ¦ 16. CHERRY POPPER ICECREAM ¦    +-----------+
                  ¦                            ¦    ¦   2.000$  ¦
                  ¦    SFI to LH then right    ¦    +-----------+
                  ¦                            ¦
   ¦ [.16.1.]  SELL 50 ICECREAMS   ¦-----------------+
   +-------------------------------+  $$$ per ice    ¦


Get into the Mr. Whoopee and press the R3 Stick. Now the Mr. Whoopie melody 
sounds and attrackts customers. Once you stop somewhere the game will tell you 
if there are customers near or not. If they are coming don't sell more than 4 
icecreams (or whatever it is you are selling) at once, otherwise you will get a 
wanted level star. In case this happens turn off the melody and drive around 
until your wanted level is gone or drive into a Pay 'n Spray. It is also 
possible to sell your Ice close to a Pay 'n Spray after all and then just rush 
into it.
It is also a good advice to use the very distant view as you can see the cops 
coming at you from afar. You change the perspective of view with the select 
button. Once you sold 50 icecreams in a row (that means without getting out of 
the car or the like) drive back to the Cherry Popper Icecream yard and get out 
of the car only there.
Now Cherry Poppers Ice Cream generates 2000$ a day. 

               ¦ C ¦---------------------------+
               +---+                           ¦          COSTS:
                  ¦      17. KAUFMANN CABS     ¦       +-----------+
                  ¦                            ¦       ¦  40.000$  ¦
                  ¦        in Little Haiti     ¦       +-----------+
                  ¦                            ¦         GENERATES: 
   +-------------------------------------------+       +-----------+
   ¦ [.17.1.]        V.I.P         ¦-----------------+ ¦   5.000$  ¦
   +-------------------------------+      1000 $     ¦ +-----------+


You have to get to Starfish Island to pick up a passenger. As soon as you are 
there you competitor picks up your guest. SO get him! Preferrably with a drive 
by shooting. Afterwards take the customer to the airport.


- The other cabdriver always drive the same route, through Little Havanna, past 
Sunshine Autos to the airport. Once he reached the airport the mission is over 
and lost. 

   ¦ [.17.2.]  FRIENDLY RIVALRY   ¦-----------------+
   +------------------------------+     2000 $      ¦

Now you have to take out 3 taxis from your competitor. You best do this with 
another drive by shooting. So get enough ammunition for you Uzi before starting 
the mission. Could be stupid to run out of ammo while on the mission.

   ¦ [.17.3.]    CABMAGEDDON      ¦-----------------+
   +------------------------------+ Geld generiert  ¦

a mysterious call comes in in the taxi center telling you that Mercedes Cortez 
wants you to pick her up from the port. But as soon as you are there a real 
taxi inferno comes over you. So keep you cool and drive away from the others. 
Just keep driving in circles. And you can't even escape as the gate closes. But 
you can drive into the corner at the gate so the other Taxis come at you, but 
they circle you and can't ram into you anymore at all. Then wait a minute and 
the other Taxis disappear and the big boss of all taxidrivers in Vice City 
appears, the Boss of Vice City Cabs in his bossy Zebra Taxi.
You can shoot him or ram him, or you get out of your car and dodge his attack 
and then drag him out of his cab so you can steal the Zebra Cab and run him 
over. This way you can keep the Zebra Cab and save it in one of your garages, 
Sunshine Autos seem to fit well here for example.


- You can shoot the Zebra Cab with the rocket launcher. This is short and 
painless, but then you cannot keep the Zebra Cab of course. (except when you 
push the burnt out trash into the garage in Sunshine Autos and hope it gets 
repaired once the gate reopens. But for this it's not worth it to save time by 
using the rocket launcher...)
- Before entering the area you can get a bomb build into your car by 8-ball. 
Then bomb away all the other Taxis. But then you are rather defenseless in 
front of the Zebra Cab, but this should be doable.
- You earn more money on the Taxi Missions if you drive with the Zebra Cab.
- If you steal a Kaufmanns Cab now you don't hear radio but commands from taxi 
central voice by Deborah Harry, aka Blondie. 

               ¦ C ¦---------------------------+
               +---+                           ¦          COSTS:
                  ¦      18. MOVIE STUDIO      ¦       +-----------+
                  ¦                            ¦       ¦  70.000$  ¦
                  ¦       on Prawn Island      ¦       +-----------+
                  ¦                            ¦         GENERATES: 
   +-------------------------------------------+       +-----------+
   ¦ [.18.1.]  RECRUITMENT DRIVE   ¦-----------------+ ¦   8,000 $ ¦
   +-------------------------------+      1000 $     ¦ +-----------+


Drive to Downtown to pick up your main artist Candy Suxxx. But her pimp or 
whatever he is is faster. Don't get hung up with the guys appearing and 
shooting, but rather follow the pimp with a fast car like a Cheetah. Ram him 
and shoot at him and still don't get hung up by the guys.
Once he is history drive back to Candy and take her to the Pizza Restaurant in 
Downtown. There Mercedes is waiting for you. Bring both of them (in a car with 
4 seats obviously) to the movie studio to complete the mission.

   ¦ [.18.2.]     DILDO DODO      ¦-----------------+
   +------------------------------+     2000 $      ¦

To advertise your movie you have to spread all these leaflets. Use the Skimmer 
behind the movie studio (walk all around it) and take off. Now fly around the 
second island like a charm, from checkpoint to checkpoint.
There really is nothing more to this mission, if you should really fail it, 
just keep on doing it and get some experience with thze plane and you will get 
it done.

   ¦ [.18.3.]     MARTHAS MUG SHOT     ¦-----------------+
   +-----------------------------------+     4000 $      ¦

This mission has one of the best opening cutscene ever.
Harrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Well, anyways, watch Candy with the Sparrow. Fly after her 
until she arrives. Get into the hotel and take the pictures. But then you are 
discovered. By Candy! Stupid bitch! Because of her you now have a 5 star wanted 
level and have to take care to get out of the hotel alive. Don't run, but walk 
down the stairs. Once someone demands you give him the camera watch out, right 
below you are 2 heavily armed guys that want to kill you. Shoot them or throw 
some grenades at them. There are 3 waves of 2 guys each.
Once you are outside you can fly back or drive back.
In case you are flying fly in a loop to the movie studio as there is the FBI in 
front of the movie studio waiting for you and shooting at you.
If you drive, drive to a Pay 'n Spray pretty fast and get a new paintjob. And 
watch out, the FBI is still waiting for you outside of the Movie Studio even 
through you don't have a wanted level anymore. So just crash through the 


- on the rooftop where Candy is in the pool you can also find the HIDDEN 
- Follow Candy to the Limo, snipe the driver and get in. Now you first have to 
take a ride through town, but as soon as Candy got out you can drive the golden 
limo around and park it in a garage and keep it and then even come back and 
finish the mission. The golden stretch limo can only be found in this mission.

by alldead:
- I just flew to the roof of the building on the other side of the road and 
took the pictures there. Then you can just fly back from there and won't have 
to worry about the 5 star wanted level. :) 

   ¦ [.18.4.]     G SPOTLIGHT     ¦-----------------+
   +------------------------------+     8000 $      ¦

This is one of the coolest mission in Vice City, you drive into and elevator 
with a PCJ 600 and reach higher places than with a helicopter and now you jump 
from roof to roof. And while doing so you complete 3 Unique Stunts and crash a 
thousand times...
You have a lot if time for this, the complete night is yours. And once you did 
it you have a remaining memory that greets you every night.
So drive careful and not too fast and watch out where you are going to land.


- In case you crash down from the roofs and have to go back, make sure to steal 
a new PCJ 600. While you are still on your PCJ there are lots of new PCJs 
appearing, but once your motorcycle is destroyed there won't be that many 
appearing for ages.
- You have to complete some roofs in one go without stopping inbetween.

               ¦ C ¦---------------------------+
               +---+                           ¦          COSTS:
                  ¦       19. MALIBU CLUB      ¦       +-----------+
                  ¦                            ¦       ¦  120000$  ¦
                  ¦         in Vice Point      ¦       +-----------+
                  ¦                            ¦         GENERATES: 
   +-------------------------------------------+       +-----------+
   ¦ [.19.1.]      NO ESCAPE?      ¦-----------------+ ¦  10.000$  ¦
   +-------------------------------+      1000 $     ¦ +-----------+


For you big coup you need a beagle boy first. Sadly he is imprisoned and waits 
for his deportation. So drive to the police station in Washington Beach and 
park your so that you can easily escape to the Pay 'n Spray.
Now enter the police station and dress in a police uniform in the dressing 
room. And don't even thing about entering the police station while you still 
actively have a gun drawn. This will end bad!
Now get into the 2nd floor and pick up the keycard.
Now get to Cam Jones in the basement and open the door for him. You now have a 
wanted level of 4 and have to bring Cam home. But after a visit to the Pay 'n 
Spray this is easy.


- Right next to the keycard you can find HIDDEN PACKAGE 18
- Cam lives in Little Havanna, not in the Malibu Club! 

   ¦ [.19.2.]     THE SHOOTIST    ¦-----------------+
   +------------------------------+     2000 $      ¦

Now we need the shooter.
Drive to the Ammunation in Downtown, get into the backroom, the shooting range. 
There you'll meet Phil Cassidy. He wants to duell with you. You have to get at 
least 60 points on this mission to pass it. You have 3 levels for it. Practise 
makes you better...

After you passed this mission the shooting range is unlocked. Just exit the 
shooting range area and get back in to start it by stepping in the new pink 
marker. This starts the Shooting Range mission. In case this is not possible 
yet you first have to complete all the Malibu Club missions.

   ¦ [.19.3.]     THE DRIVER      ¦-----------------+
   +------------------------------+     3000 $      ¦

Just like in every good ganster film you need a drive. But the drive is only 
willing to drive for you if you beat him on a road race. The mean thing is that 
he drives a Sabre Turbo and you only drive a crappy Sentinel. Have fun, and to 
make it even better, after the first turn the police is on your tail as they 
figured illegal street races are indeed illegal.
This mission is really hard indeed, to complete it nontheless you should not 
drive fair as the situation is unfair to start with. Just drive the course once 
normal to get used to it (you WILL drive it more than once anyways, so this is 
no lost for you.)
After you got used to the course it gets really dirty. At the first turn (at 
the police quarter, where they appear) try to drive into the back of your 
opponent in such a way that he gets turned 180° but you still grab the 
checkpoint. Now he first has to turn around what takes him a lot of time while 
you drive off with full speed. Your advantage should be enough, but please 
don't crash into anything now. Watch out for police cars that appear behind the 
highest points of bridges. Take the bribe star at the pizza restaurant with you 
to be sure.

I found someone on the internet wrote that he took one of the trucks with a 
ramp on the back and put it into the course so that the Sabre got thrown out of 
course and this way he got an advantage. I tried it and the Truck either 
disappared or the opponent just avoided it.
Another idea is to change cars. So if a Cheetah crosses your way do what you 
please, but in my opinion and experience this takes too long. I never won with 
changing cars. But if you already completed the 4th list from Sunshine Autos 
you can park the Hotring Racer somewhere near, switch cars and drive with the 
Hotring Racer. The Hotring Racer has not the best handling but the very best 
top speed.

   ¦ [.19.4.]      THE JOB        ¦-----------------+
   +------------------------------+    50000 $      ¦

Now you got your crew together for your big coup.
Make sure you have enough health and armor before entering the bank (at least 
125 health (hooker...), 100 armor).
Enter the taxi and drive to the other island and park in front of the bank. 
Cross the road and make sure noone from your crew gets run over.
Inside the bank you walk up the stairs to the first desk and 2 guards will 
appear. Kill them with a good aimed shot from a Colt Python or a shotgun. Turn 
around and climb another set of stairs. Watch out, as soon as you step through 
the door they start shooting at you. Kill the guard and continue. In the 
opening in the wall is another guard. Now enter the elevator.
Down there is another guard waiting for you.
Now Cam tries to crack open the safe. But he need the manager for this. Get the 
manager, to do this take the elevator up again, and get back there, where the 
first guards appeared and a bit farther. Take him to the safe.
Now get out to Phil. If you need it, load up your health, there is a heart icon 
and an armor inside the bank. Now there is a swat team coming in as a surprise.
Kill them all.
Load up your health with the remaining icons and then get out. Your car is 
parked outside. If you have a Ruger at hand set the Swat team Trucks on fore. 
And then rush to a Pay 'n Spray. After that get to Cam and split your shares.


- If your health is looking good when you are coming up from the safe don't 
refresh just yet and waste the icons. You'll need them sooner or later more.
- Cool and easy: If it takes too long until all the guys are in your escape car 
kill Cam (and by no way Phil). You will recognise him by being bald.
- The Cops in front of the bank are annoying? Take a rocket launcher with you 
and shoot at the SWAT trucks. There is a rocket launcher in the swimming pool 
south of Sunshine Autos or just collect enough Hidden Packages.
- Steal a car before the mission starts and park it in the nice and silent 
alley next to the bank. When you come out it is still there.

After you passed this mission you will get a call from Phil and can start doing 
missions for him. See B 11
And furthermore you can play the Shooting Range mission after completing this 

               ¦ C ¦---------------------------+
               +---+                           ¦          COSTS:
                  ¦      20. POLE POSITION     ¦       +-----------+
                  ¦                            ¦       ¦  30.000$  ¦
                  ¦        in Little Haithi    ¦       +-----------+
                  ¦                            ¦         GENERATES: 
   +-------------------------------------------+       +-----------+
   ¦ [.20.1.]       STRIPPER       ¦-----------------+ ¦   4.000$  ¦
   +-------------------------------+      -600 $     ¦ +-----------+


This is one of the most ambitious missions in Vice City. And the worst thing 
is, you even lose money in the mission. But for something nice. Enter the Pole 
Position club and get into the back chambers and have a seat in front of one of 
the strippers. As you will see, your money decreases. Now you wait and wait 
until you spent $300. Go brew and have a coffe or go to the toilet or whatever, 
this takes some time...
It really are only $300 and no $600 you have to spend on the stripper in the 
Pole Position in Vice City.


Wait, what, you need hints for this mission? Well then:
- You don't have to spend the $300 at once, you can do it in more than one 
session, but after all you have to spend $300.
- After the Club generates the $4.000 for you, if you go out and back in you 
can see another girl dancing for you.
- After the Club generated money for you another backroom is opened up where a 
cowgirl dances for you. 

 ______    ___________________________________________
 [.C2.]     Asset Properties without missions

        [.C2.1.] ... 1102 Washington Street                   3.000$	
        [.C2.2.] ... 3321 Vice Point                          2.500$	
        [.C2.3.] ... El Swanko Casa                           8.000$	
        [.C2.4.] ... Hyman Condo                             14.000$		
        [.C2.5.] ... Links View                               6.000$	
        [.C2.6.] ... Ocean Heights                            7.000$	
        [.C2.7.] ... Skumhole Shak	                      1.000$

[.C2.1.] ... 1102 Washington Street              3000$


This appartement building is right on the other side of the street from Ken 
Rosenbergs bureo, where you got your first mission. 

[.C2.2.] ... 3321 Vice Point                      2500 $


This house is located northeastern from the North Point Shopping Mall. On the 
other side of the road.

[.C2.3.] ... El Swanko Caso                        8000$


You will find the El Swanko Casa by going south from the hospital on Vicepoint 
or when you are coming from prawn island to Vice Point, taking the corner at 
the Northpoint Shoppingmall and then continue just straight on and once you are 
at the end of the road you are standing in front of El Swanko Casa. If you 
still can't find it check out the map that came with your game.

[.C2.4.] ... Hyman Condo                          14000 $		


The Hyman Condo is to the west from the AmmuNation in Downtown to the end of 
the road, then right (north) until there is a branching to the left (west) to 
Hyman Memorial Stadion. 2 meters before this branch is a small alley top the 
right (east) and right there is the Hyman Condo.
It is quite nice to have to Condo as fast as possible.
But also not, in case you haven't found all 100 hidden packages yet as the 
extras you get for collecting all the hidden packages only add up to that many 
that you already found when you buy the Hyman Condo.
This is a stupid bug, so watch out. (The Hyman Condo bug was possibly removed 
in later versions of Vice City.) 

[.C2.5.] ... Links View Apartment                    6000$


The Links View appartement is one block south from the Pay 'n Spray in Vice 

[.C2.5.] ... Ocean Heights                           7000$


The Ocean Heights Appartement is on the very southern end of Ocean Beach, right 
on the other side of the street from the Pole Position nightclub.
There is no need to buy this nice small appartement flat all too early within 
the game, especially if you are low on money because the Ocean View Hotel is 
right around the corner and you can save there and collect your extras. 

[.C2.7.] ... Skumhole Shack                          1000$


Skumhole Shack is one single run down room that you will find when you walk up 
the stairs on the other side of the road from the bikergang.
It is very cheap and in case you got to the second island in the beginning of 
the game, maybe before you even started a single mission it is perfect to save 
your game on the second island. 

 +---+                                                                  [.D.]
 +¦ D ¦--------------------------------------------------+
  +---+                  - R3 MISSIONS -                 ¦-+
    +----------------------------------------------------+ ¦

        [.21.] PIZZABOY
        [.22.] VIGILANTE
        [.23.] FIRE FIGHTER
        [.24.] PARAMEDIC
        [.25.] TAXI DRIVER

               ¦ D ¦---------------------------+
               +---+                           ¦
                  ¦     [.21.]  PIZZABOY       ¦
                  ¦                            ¦
                  ¦  hungry people everywhere  ¦
                  ¦                            ¦
   ¦           5000  $          ¦------------------------+
   +----------------------------+       150 Health       ¦--+
                              +--------------------------+  ¦

                Which Vehicle

You play the Pizza delivery mission with the PIZZABOY. That's the scooter that 
looks like the Faggio, but has a square box on the back for all the Pizzas. The 
Pizzaboy can be found behind every one of the Pizza Restaurants all over Vice 
City. In case there is none to be found, just drive around the block and there 
will be one there.

                What do you do

You have to reach level 10. So, level 1 means deliver one Pizza to one customer 
and throw it towards the person like on a drive by shooting (look left or right 
with L2 and R2 and throw the Pizza with the O-Button). Then drive back to the 
Pizza Restaurant and get more customers. Level 2 means you have to deliver 2 
Pizzas, and so on.
You can only carry 6 Pizzas in your Pizzabox, so beginning in level 7 you have 
get back to the restaurant to get more pizzas for your customers.

You are given 5 minutes for every level. The time left is not added up.

In case nothing really stupid happens this is ready.

                Other important stuff

Completing Level 10 means delivering exactly 55 Pizzas.

You are given 5 minutes for every level.

The money you get from the customers is not worth it.

But once you complete level 10 you get a bonus of $5,000... that's better!

Even more your maximum health increses to 150 and no longer these sad 100 

Sometimes your customers are standing right behind a lamp post or a traffic 
In that case you cannot hit them all that good with the pizza. So if that 
happens or if you missed a customer with your Pizza and don't want to drive 
back to get a new one just drive against the pizza box and push it towards the 
customer. This doesn't work all the time but when it works it takes less time 
than driving back to the restaurant and getting new pizzas and then coming back 

               ¦ D ¦---------------------------+
               +---+                           ¦
                  ¦   [.22.]   VIGILANTE       ¦
                  ¦                            ¦
                  ¦       Kill yourself?       ¦
                  ¦                            ¦
   ¦         open end           ¦------------------------+
   +----------------------------+       150 Armor        ¦--+
                              +--------------------------+  ¦

	       Which Vehicle

You start the vigilante mission with every police car available, that are 
Police, Barracks OL, Enforcer, FBI Rancher, FBI Washington, Rhino, Hunter, and 
the SWAT cheetah.
It is a lot easier with the Hunter (Apache Helicopter in the military base), 
but then the mission is called Brown Thunder.

                What do you do

You have to reach level 12 and finish it. You have to kill the criminals in the 
cars. That's what I call radical police work! It is very easy with the Hunter.

                Other important stuff

- Do this mission with the Hunter!

- If you start the misson over the rolling fields of the airport most of the 
gangsters also appear there and are easy to get.

- You get 150 Armor after finishing it.

               ¦ D ¦---------------------------+
               +---+                           ¦
                  ¦   [.23.]    FIREFIGHTER    ¦
                  ¦                            ¦
                  ¦          weeeeuuuuh        ¦
                  ¦                            ¦
   ¦         open end           ¦------------------------+
   +----------------------------+       fire resistant   ¦--+
                              +--------------------------+  ¦

                Which Vehicle

You drive the firefighter mission with the FIRETRUCK. This is the huge red 
truck with the hose on top.
To get the firetruck you have to start a fire, which you can easily do with 
Molotov-Cocktails or the flamethrower, once you set some people on fire the 
firefighters will be there soon. But watch out, starting fires also attrackts 
the police.
And even better is stealing a fire truck. The cops won't find out about this so 
easily. The only firefighter department in Vice City is in Downtown on the 
second Island. Just get to the AmmuNation in Downtown and walk down the street 
to the south. Then get through a hole on the fence on your right (west) side. 
There you can find the fire truck. If none is there, just drive around the 
block and there will be one.

                What do you do

You have to reach level 12. Level 1 means you have to put out one fire. Level 
two means you have to put out 2 fires and so on.
You control the hose of your fire truck with the right analog stick and spray 
your water with the O-button.
For every level you beat you get the time left on your clock added to your new 
time. So hurry up!

                Other important stuff

Level 1	        $50	   1 car	-----
Level 2	        $200	   1 car	1 person
Level 3	        $450	   1 car	2 persons
Level 4 	$800	   !! 1 driving car	3 persons
Level 5	        $1,250	   2 cars	3 persons
Level 6	        $1,800	   2 cars	4 persons
Level 7	        $2,450	   2 cars	5 persons
Level 8	        $3,200	   2 cars	6 persons
Level 9	        $4,050	   3 cars	6 persons
Level 10	$5,000	   3 cars	7 persons
Level 11	$6,050	   3 cars	8 persons
Level 12	$7,200	   3 cars	9 persons

And so on and so on...

As you get more money for ever level you play there is no big sum you get at 
the end of level 12. So you can continue fighting fires after you finished 
level 12 and make even more money. I once bet level 23, but afterwards it is 
just too heavy.

Extinguish the cars at first. Only once they stopped burning start caring about 
the people running away, otherwise the car might explode on you or drive away.

You can also extinguish people on the fly while putting out a car. For example 
aim for the second car and put out the people that are running out of the first 
car while doing so. These stupid fuckers run away from you while they are 
burning and don't come to you, the firefighter, ...

!!! Don't run over burning people with your truck !!!

While you are headed for the next fire aim your hose to the front while 

Don't get a wanted level.

If it happens though, eat a police bribe star as fast as possible..

Some people fall to the ground when you hit them with water. Just keep on 
spraying on them until they are no longer on fire!!

Some people just walk on while they are on fire.
There you should just roll along with them and make them wet while doing so.

Be really fast. You have to be 1000 times faster than for the paramedic 
mission. Your car will not get wrecked (except when you manage to land it 
upside down) and you have a hard time navigating it.

People falling into the water (or getting sprayed there, hehe) extinguish 
themself with that.

               ¦ D ¦---------------------------+
               +---+                           ¦
                  ¦   [.24.]    PARAMEDIC      ¦
                  ¦                            ¦
                  ¦         help me sir        ¦
                  ¦                            ¦
   ¦           15000  $         ¦------------------------+
   +----------------------------+     unlimited running  ¦--+
                              +--------------------------+  ¦

	       Which Vehicle

You need the Ambulance for the paramedic mission. This is a white loud big 
To get the ambulance you either have to kill someone or you steal the car. If 
you shoot some pedestrians the ambulance comes with loud sirens. But be 
careful, amok activities also attract the police.
So it might be better to just steal an ambulance. The stupid cops won't 
recogise this. I found an ambulance at the hospitals in Ocean Beach, in Vice 
Point and in Downtown. I didn't find one in Little Havanna. In case there is no 
ambulance at the hospital because he has to take care of the corpses you 
produced just drive around the block and there should be one there.

                What do you do

You have to reach and finish level 12. Level 1 means you have to pick up one 
hurt person and take the person to the hospital. Level means picking up 2 
persons and so on.
You get extra time for every hurt person you pick up. But sometimes you get 
less time once you drop them off at the hospital and completed a level. This 
can be confusing at first.
So drive safe and bring a lot of time with you, as the paramedic mission can 
take up to 45 minutes and more.
The paramedic mission is very annoying, but somehow worth it a bit.

                Other important stuff

Level 1	        $50
Level 2	        $200
Level 3	        $450
Level 4	        $800
Level 5	        $1,250
Level 6	        $1,800
Level 7	        $2,450
Level 8	        $3,200
Level 9	        $4,050
Level 10	$5000
Level 11	$6,050	
Level 12	$7,200	+ $12,000 + unlimited running

!!! Don't run over people !!!

I prefer driving in Vice Point because the paths to the beach a nice and wide.

The people move... what to they need an ambulace for? Don't aim for the arrows 
at the beach, but a bit next to them.
If you drove too far SLOWLY back up as the people come running after you.
In the very moment they touch your door and one moment before you can already 
start driving again.

Drive really really careful, you are no Taxi, you have to stay in the same 
Ambulance all the time and the car has to survive 78 people transports!!

If you passed level 6 and think you made it halfway through... that't so wrong, 
you made it not even 1/3 through it.
The halfway point is reached after the first 3 people of level 9.

Only 3 people fit into the Ambulace, you have to drop them off at the hospital 
before you can pick up more people. Get used to it from level 4 on.

If you are driving around Vice Point keep in mind that Prawn Island also 
belongs to Vice Point.

               ¦ D ¦---------------------------+
               +---+                           ¦
                  ¦   [.25.]   TAXIDRIVER      ¦
                  ¦                            ¦
                  ¦   Greetings to Mr. De Iro  ¦
                  ¦                            ¦
   ¦        open end            ¦------------------------+
   +----------------------------+       Pogo Taxis       ¦--+
                              +--------------------------+  ¦

 	      Which Vehicle

You can use a variety of different cars for the Taxi mission.
You can use the normal Taxi, a yellow car with a taxi sign on top which you can 
find literally anywhere. Then there is the so called Cabby. The normal Cabby 
and the Kaufmann Cab. Both are slower than the normal Taxi. Later on there is a 
special variation of the Cabby to be found called the Zebra Cab, but you get it 
so late in the game so that it is not worth it to wait for it to do your Taxi 
driver mission. So I recommend the normal Taxi for this mission.

                What do you do

You have to pick up 100 passengers and take them to their destination.
The time management is very easy. If you are fast enough and have time left 
over after you dropped out your passenger you get this time added to your time 
for the next passenger.

                Other important stuff

Once you drove 5 passengers in row without totally wrecking your Taxi or 
getting out of the car (which would end the mission) you get $500 extra. For 10 
passengers in a row you earn $1.000 and so on every 5 passengers.

If you are really fast you get a speed bonus.

If a passenger gets out when the timer hits exactly 0 the time gets turned off 
and you have unlimited time.

When no more passengers want to get into your Taxi because it is so wrecked you 
can get it repaired at a Pay 'n Spray. Do this to keep your current passenger 
count active and earn more money every 5 passengers.

Sometimes Haitians seem to not like to travel by Taxi, so don't worry if you 
can't find a new passenger once you dropped of your last guest at Kaufmann Cabs 
or at the Pizza Restaurant in Little Haiti. Just get back to the main street.

When you are driving with the Zebra Cab your passanger won't complain if you 
need too much time.

You don't have to drive your 100 passengers in a row.
To get it done somehow anyways get a sixpack and take a sip of beer after every 
delivered passenger. After about 50 passengers it gets really funny but also 
harder to control the Taxi. If you don't like alcohol, this also works with 100 
pieces of chocolate or 100 gummybears. Or challenge yourself to only drive on 
the left side of the road.

But you need to drive 100 passengers at all for the 100% completion of GTA Vice 

 +---+                                                                  [.E.]
 +¦ E ¦--------------------------------------------------+
  +---+             - CHECKPOINT RACES -                 ¦-+
    +----------------------------------------------------+ ¦

        [.26.] RC - Bandit - Race
        [.27.] RC - Baron - Race
        [.28.] RC - Raiders Checkpoints
        [.29.] Test Track
        [.30.] Trial By Drit
        [.31.] PCJ Playground
        [.32.] Ocean Beach Helicopter
        [.33.] Downtown Helicopter
        [.34.] Little Haithi Helicopter
        [.35.] Vice Point Helicopter
        [.36.] Cone Crazy
        [.37.] Shooting Range
        [.38.] Stadion Events
	    [.38.1.] Dirt Ring
	    [.38.2.] Blood Ring
	    [.38.3.] Hot Ring

¦ E+------------------------+
+--¦ [.26.]  RC-BANDITS     ¦-----------------+
   +------------------------+       100 $     ¦

The RC-Bandits race is shown on your map, that came with the game. You can find 
this checkpoint race on the beach in Vice Point.
This strange line is the race track. Get there and get in the TopFun Van. So, 
but now I can't help you that much more and give you hints on how to win the 
race as you will have to practice this a lot and get used to the turns and get 
to know how fast and in which angle you take the turns, where to speed up, 
where to slow down and so on.
You can blow up your car with the O-button in case you totally screwed up on a 
try. You can find the TopFun Van to the south of the course.

And of course you need this for the 100%.

¦ E+------------------------+
+--¦ [.27.]  RC-BARON       ¦-----------------+
   +------------------------+       100 $     ¦

You can find this TopFun Van on top of the North Point Shopping Mall car park. 
And as with all these RC races you have to practise a lot. After 3 tries you 
already might have a chance of winning. One lap on the course takes you about 
2.45 mins.
Don't fly too high above the checkpoints or you will miss it. Take a lead from 
the start and don't give up that position. Watch out at the one point past the 
hospital close to the pier. Here an advertisment billboard is totally in the 
way. I hit it every single time...

You need this mission too for the 100%

¦ E+------------------------+
+--¦ [.28.]  RC-RAIDERS     ¦-----------------+
   +------------------------+       100 $     ¦

This RC mission features small helicopters. When driving towards the Escobar 
airport drive to the left to the luggage (instead of right to the terminal). If 
you see a blue sign on a building with ESCOBAR and more stuff written on it you 
are in the right place. To the right of the sign behind the fence is the TopFun 
Van. You fly this without competition, you're only competing with your own 
skill. The controls are mean. Now get all 20 checkpoints.
I wrote down where they all are:

1) One some freight containers

2) Helipad

3) right on the rollfield

4) next to the red radar thingy turning around there

5) between the first and the middle ramp

6) Hangarroof

7) between the last and the middle ramp

8) !!under the plane !! GET IT REALLY CARFUL

9) between hangar and house

10) at the tip of the antenna

11) behind the panel

12) next to the ramp

13) under the gangway

14) !! under the roof !! GET IT REALLY CARFUL

15) Under the gangway

16) Surfadvertisment (Monsterstunt 10) in front of the terminal

17) Hangarroof

18) behind the panel

19) Hangarroof

20) Between the containers close to 1)

And you need this mission for the 100%.

¦ E+------------------------+
+--¦ [.29.]  TEST TRACK     ¦-----------------+
   +------------------------+       100 $     ¦

This course is also painted into the map that comes with the game. It is the 
crazy line stuff in the north of downtown. The course is this muddy dirttrack 
that you hopefully find easily. It should be no problem when you use the map 
that came with the game. The task is really simple, you just have to drive 
along the course two times. Take care to not flip over, the Landstalker likes 
to do this.

You also drive the Trial by Dirt mission on this track, so while you are here 
already just get this off the list too.

And you need this mission for the 100%.

¦ E+------------------------+
+--¦ [.30.]  TRIAL BY DIRT  ¦-----------------+
   +------------------------+       100 $     ¦

you play this on the same dirty mudtrack in the north of Downtown as you play 
Test Track with the only difference being that you use the Sanchez this time 
around. After half a lap it starts raining (every damned time, this is 
programmed by the game, so this cannot be avoided in any way) and the track 
gets harder to drive on. And to make it even worse gangmembers start appearing 
and shooting at you. And explosive barrels are in your way too so you better 
not run over these. Other than that it is pretty easy. So you better bring an 
Uzi with you for the gangmembers.
When driving over the corrugations stand up by pressing the analogstick or D-
Pad up, this eases this part of the track.

And guess what, you need this for the 100% too.

¦ E+------------------------+
+--¦ [.31.]  PCJ PLAYGROUND ¦-----------------+
   +------------------------+       100 $     ¦

Straigt opposite of the police station in Washington Beach are some palm trees 
and behind them, in the corner of the hotels there is a PCJ600. Once you take a 
seat on the hot bike the mission starts.

You task is to collect 24 checkpoints in just 2 minutes time. Where these 
checkpoints are and how you do this is noted down in the following gonzo 

1) and 2) can be collected in one go, just drive up the ramp to the roof, then 
get down from the roof and jump via the stairs (used as a ramp) to the 3) ... 
4) and 5) are on the ground... now get good momentum and speed up over the 
stairs to 6) and continue onto the roof on the other side of the road. There is 
the 7). Get down from the roof. 8) 9) 10)... now turn left and not too fast 
over the pile of wood to 11)... 12) ... road and traffic crossing ... 13) get 
to 14) slowly and turn left to 15)... pass the pillars on the right and collect 
After the pillars turn right and get 17)... through the underground walkway 18) 
watch out for the post 19) 20) down the street to the right 21) ... 22) now get 
momentum and grab 23) and 24).

If your PCJ gets wreckt too much right before 23) or 24) you can steal another 
PCJ in the yard before 23).

On the roof where this checkpoint race end you can just start the Ocean Beach 
Helicopter Checkpoint mission.

If you screwed up and want to cancel the mission just get into a car.

And again you need this mission for the 100% completion.	

   ¦ [.32.] OCEAN BEACH HELICOPTER ¦-----------------+
   +-------------------------------+       100 $     ¦
If you just finished the PCJ Playground mission you are standing right next to 
the heli you need for this mission. Just get in and the mission starts. Just 
collect the checkpoints. This is very easy as noone is shooting at you, no 
timelimit is set and yeah, even you can do it.
So in case you are searching for this heli read on: Go to the right from the 
Ocean Beach hotel into the first road crossing, and then continue nearly 
straight on through the underpass (that might be absolutely useless in this 
location there besides having a police bribe star in it) and now you are 
standing right in front of the house with the helicopter on the roof.
So you either fly there with another helicopter or you continue on the road to 
the right, then turn the next one left, left again into the yard, steal the PCJ 
standing there and then get good momentum and jump over the stairs that are at 
the end of the yard to the next roof. From this roof you have to jump one roof 
farther and then you are there.

And of course you need this mission for the 100%.

¦ E+-------------------------------+
+--¦ [.33.]   DOWNTOWN HELICOPTER  ¦-----------------+
   +-------------------------------+       100 $     ¦

This mission is quite similar to the Checkpoint Races: Ocean Beach Helicopter 
mission. You just fly around and collect stupid checkpoints flying around in 
midair and that's about it. You just have to watch out that you don't wreck you 
heli. You can find the heli on a side wing of the building from which you drive 
up with the elevator for the Movie Studio: G Spotlight mission.
Another description is: get to the police station in Downtown and get up the 
long set of stairs behind it. If you are lucky there is a police Maverick to be 
found here. And a little bit below on one of the buildings right next to here 
you see another helicopter. So fly there and start the mission.

And of course you need this for the 100%.

¦ E+-----------------------------------+
+--¦ [.34.]  LITTLE HAITHI HELICOPTER  ¦-----------------+
   +-----------------------------------+       100 $     ¦
Drive on the road to the sout of the Moist Palms Hotel towards Phil's place. 
Pass by the first T-Section and enter the second road to the left. This is an 
alley, not a big road. Speed through under the police bribe star and you should 
find the helicopter.
The police bribe star and the ramp a part of UNIQUE STUNT 5.

¦ E+---------------------------------+
+--¦ [.35.]   VICE POINT HELICOPTER  ¦-----------------+
   +---------------------------------+       100 $     ¦

On the other side of the road from the Pay 'n Spray in Vice Point/Leaf Links 
Appartement is a huge building complex with a police bribe star in the middle 
and lots of gardens and fences.
Search for the heli in one of the fenced placed to start this checkpoint 
collecting mission. Lift od and fly from checkpoint to checkpoint and collect 
them all. There is nothing more to this mission, noone is threatening you, you 
have all the time you need.

As always you need this for the 100% completion.

¦ E+---------------------------+
+--¦ [.36.]   CONE CRAZY       ¦-----------------+
   +---------------------------+       100 $     ¦

So what would you expect, of course you have to collect a lot of checkpoints in 
this mission and even more you have to be carful while doing so. In case you 
trip over one of the red white striped cones the mission is failed.
You find the fitting car, that is a Stallion on the roof of the car park in 
Ocean Beach. The one with a lot of green plants on it. The one where you once 
pick up a Ruger for the Colonel and meet Lance for the Colonel Cortez: Guardian 
Angels mission.

So get in and start. Get the checkpoint right in front of you at first, be 
careful though. Drive past the middle cone on the left so that you can get out 
of there backwards pretty quick, driving around there takes too much time. When 
getting out there backwards follow this with a U-turn and you should be right 
in front of the next checkpoint. Find a way through to it and then get out 
there quick. Now drive to the 2 checkpoints on the ramp. Be careful, there is a 
cone on the ramp. Drive past it on the left, well on the inside.
Now you are in the perfect position for the last checkpoint. Drive there and 
get it!.
That's it for Cone Crazy.

Of course you need this for the 100%.

¦ E+---------------------------+
+--¦ [.37.]   SHOOTING RANGE   ¦-----------------+
   +---------------------------+       100 $     ¦
After the Malibu Club: The Job mission the shooting range opens up in the 
backroom of the Ammu Nation in Downtown. The mission is to shoot 3 different 
far away puppets. Each puppet is made from 4 body parts and one head part. You 
have to take out every part of the puppet to get the points for it. The puppets 
in the front row give you 1 point each, the middle row puppet gives you 2 
points each and the backrow puppet give you 3 points each.
If you scored at least 45 points you weapons will reload faster now. This is 
quite useful. And you need the 45 points on the shooting range for the 100%.


Hint by alldead:
Shoot the 4 body parts only out from the puppet in the first and middle row and 
then only go for the puppets in the back row.

¦ E+---------------------------+
+--¦ [.38.]   STADION EVENTS   ¦

Every night from 20.00 o'clock to 23.59 o'clock the Hyman Memorial Stadion 
invites you to join a special event.

There are 3 different events, such as::

     [.38-1.] Dirt Ring

$15,000 < 5 minutes
$10,000 < 10 minutes
$5,000 > 10 minutes

You drive around with a Sanchez in dirt pool and try to collect a few check 
points. Some are easy to get, others really frustrating.

If you manage to collect them in less than 5 minutes you are rewarded with 
$15,000, for less than 10 minutes you get $10,000 and for everything above 10 
minutes only $5,000. And it will take some time!

If you want to make a lot of money really fast have a look at the glitches 
chapter  V 7-h) 

     [.38-2.] Blood Ring

You have to get more and more time to continue by collecting the checkpoints 
while sitting in a Bloodring Racer. It is easier to not start with the others 
and wait 1 or 2 seconds and then start collecting the first checkpoint. But 
then you are right there where the action happens and have to find a way to 
win. Every Checkpoint you collect gives you additional 15 seconds. Sometimes it 
is better to not turn around at all but continue driving backwards. The best 
thing to do is to avoid contact with other cars. But this is easier said than 

When you win you get $1,000 and $100 extra for every car you blew up.
And also a good choice of Bloodring Bangers waits for you then on the left side 
of the Stadium.

      [.38-3.] Hot Ring

In this mission you have to rank in the first 3 ranks in a hard 12 lap race 
while driving in a Hotring Racer. There is a war on the road going on, you 
better fasten your seatbelt!
For the 100% you of course have to finish in the first rank!

The tactic that works best by now: Fight you way to the 5th rank at least right 
right at the beginning and you have a chance of ranking good in the end. Behind 
the 5th rank you will get shaken and rammed all the time. To get so far right 
from the start steer left and fight your way there on the inner lane right from 
the start. Watch out for crashing cars in front of you, you better avoid these.
If there is something happening in front of you go slower and don't speed into 
it uncontrolled as your car likes to slide a lot. Avoid crashed cars by far but 
watch out, some of them like to speed up once you are next to them and then 
just crash into you.
If your are on first or second rank (first rank is better of course) and you 
are in a lap higher than 6 and you lapped some cars already you might consider 
driving out to the right and repair your car. Repairing up to 2/3 or 3/4 is 
enough most of the times, otherwise you'll lose too much time. In case you are 
first before you drive out get back into the ring once the 2nd drives by and 
pushes your back to 2nd place as you still have to accelerate. And then drive 
save and look ahead, just like I already explained above.

To drive the hot ride called Hotring Racer you drive within the hot race also 
on the streets of Vice City you have to complete the 4th list from Sunshine 

 +---+                                                                  [.F.]
 +¦ F ¦--------------------------------------------------+
  +---+           - ASSASINATION MISSIONS -              ¦-+
    +----------------------------------------------------+ ¦

	[.39.] Road Kill
	[.40.] Waste the Wife
	[.41.] Autocide
	[.42.] Check out at the Check In
	[.43.] Loose Ends

¦ F+-----------------------------+
+--¦ [.39.]      ROAD KILL       ¦-----------------+
   +-----------------------------+       500 $     ¦

Right after you finished the Ken Rosenberg: Riot mission you get a call 
pointing you towards this assassination mission.
You have to take a call in a phone booth between the gas station and the 
shopping mall in Washington Beach. You will find the phone booth via the pink 
marker in front of it.

The mission should be no problem for you. Just grab a fast car, as your target 
is really fast and with a motorcycle you just crash too much when driving fast. 
Then find the Pizza Boy, ram him to make him fall from his scooter and then run 
him over. Or drive next to him and shoot him with an Uzi. Voila. He has 50 
pizzas to deliver, and you can take all this time he needs to deliver his 50 
Pizzas for this...

¦ F+-----------------------------------+
+--¦ [.40.]       WASTE THE WIFE       ¦-----------------+
   +-----------------------------------+      2000 $     ¦

The call for this mission happens after you finished Colonel Cortez: Mall 
You find this telephone when you drive towards the beach from the pizza 
restaurant in Vice Point on the first island and then turn left on the long 
main beach road. There take the first road to the left and there is the phone.

What you have to do is explained pretty fast and also explained in the game, so 
I don't rewrite this here, but keep the following in mind: Ram the car as long 
as it needs for it to go up in flames. Then get away. AND USE NO WEAPONS!!!

¦ F+-----------------------------------+
+--¦ [.41.]         AUTOCIDE           ¦-----------------+
   +-----------------------------------+      4000 $     ¦

You get your mission briefing for Autocide on GTA Vice City on the same phone 
at the shopping mall in Washington Beach you already got the Assassination 
Missions: Road Kill from. You get the call on your cellphone the earliest after 
finishing the Ricardo Diaz: The fastest Boat mission. And of course after 
finishing the previous assassination missions.

Finally a sniper mission as assassination mission! So grab a fast car or a fast 
bike. Then grab the sniper rifle and Uzi and here we go. Both weapons are 
hidden in a garden to the west of the phone at the road crossing. You can see 
it on your radar marked with the turquoise marker. In front of the garden there 
is always a PCJ 600, but a fast car is better for this mission. But no matter 
what car you bringt to this mission, as soon as you receive the call to start 
the mission the car you brought is gone. But there is a 65% chance that a (red) 
Infernus is parked on the parking lot of the shopping mall. That's fast and 
good enough for now. Until you find a better fast car, as the Infernus tends to 
wreck really fast.

Victim #1: Mike Griffin
Your first victim is located high up in the air, on the billboard in Washington 
beach. There you have to look up high. It is best to approch him from the west 
as you can only see him from there. And get away fast as there are a lot of 
cops around the shopping mall.
Is it just me and my bad luck or are there really more cops around everywhere 
once you started this mission? And they are even more aggressive. So watch out! 
It should calm down again after you pass the mission though.

Victim #2: Dick Tanner
Nice name, eh. Well, don't get too close to Numero 2, otherwise you have to 
take out a Securi-Car, and this takes a lot of time. Approach him from the 
north. There you will also see the police bribe star you shall take after 
shooting him. Climb on the scaffolding at the end of the road and shoot him 
with your sniper rifle through his front shield window from the roof on the 
other side of the road. Make sure you land a headshot on the first try. 
Shooting his chest won't kill him and he will drive away in the secury car.

Victim #3 + #4: Marc Hammond & Franco Carter
Shoot number 3 and 4 just like you did with the number 2 through the windshield 
but from even farther away. These two guys are very nervous (were they planning 
to rob the juwelry store?) and tend to drive away easily. Approach them from 
the north again and keep really close to the norther wall of the building along 
the road (the wall of the building where the guy in the Ricardo Diaz: The Chase 
mission lives). If you are close to the middle of the walkway they will see you 
and drive away, and this will get annoying, so keep close to the wall. Then 
shoot the driver of the Jeep first or he will drive away. Once the drive is 
killed the codriver will get out and run towards you. Shoot him quick or he 
will kill you with 2-3 shots from his shotgun.
Afterwards you will have at least a wanted level of 2, so one police bribe star 
is inside and in the middle of the building complex right behind you, another 
one is on the open lawn close to the pizza joint. Grab them both, this makes it 

Victim #5: Nick Kong
The 5th guy on your list is on a yacht, you can easily snipe him out there with 
your sniper rifle. So drive into the hotel complex to the north of him up to 
the wall, get out fo your car, don't get stuck in the pool, jump over the wall, 
and approach the yacht. He won't flee as this would be plain unfair. So shoot 
him, run up the hill back to your car and drive out of the hotel complex 
towards your last victim.

Victim #6: Charlie Dilson
And the last and 6th victim will be killed with a drive by shooting. Or just 
run him over. But he is on a PJC 600 and drive pretty good, so just follwing 
him won't do the trick. You should better drive parallel to him and hope he 
turns into your direction and then run him over.
And no matter how careful you approach him, he will always speed away. This is 
what you need the fast car for!

¦ F+---------------------------------+
+--¦ [.42.] CHECKOUT AT THE CHECK-IN ¦-----------------+
   +---------------------------------+      8000 $     ¦

You receive your mission objective at the public phone at the airport. So get 
inside there for real, with giving up your weapons and all.

Park a fast car outside the airport, preferably at the left entrance. Then get 
to the phone. Grab the weapon and get towards the exchange taking place but 
don't get too close. After they exchanged their goods shoot the receiver, then 
his bodyguard coming at you. Then grab the suitcase he lost and speed to the 
Ammu Nation.


- If you miss the guy he runs to the left gate. You still have the chance to 
get him there.

- Pick up the gun and get too close to the woman. Repeat this until you have a 
lot of ammunition. Otherwise these shells are pretty expensive.

- When escaping to the Ammu Nation use short cuts and expand on them..

-> Hint by alldead:
- I always used a helicopter for this mission, landed on the green area outside 
of the airport, got the suitcase and then flew directly to the Ammu Nation. 

¦ F+---------------------------+
+--¦ [.43.]     LOOSE ENDS     ¦-----------------+
   +---------------------------+      16000 $    ¦

You collect this mission on a public phone in Little Havanna. Drive towards the 
second island from Starfish Island and turn right on the main road. Quickly 
take the next road left and at the T-section turn left again and there is the 
phone already.

Before you start this mission you should know it is pretty hard, so load up on 
everything before starting, health, armor, ammo, especially your sniper ammo. 
You will need it. Then save your game at the printworks or Sunshine Autos (or 
the cherry popper ice cream factory, but people reported glitches when saving 
there so this is not recommended) and then get to the phone in Little Havanna.
Now you have to fight and especially shoot your way through here. So aim at 
every single one and shoot him until he is dead. Once you made it to the roof 
you have to grab the bag and fly to the heliport at the airport. You can also 
drive there but the Maverick is really inviting there.


- On the billboard in front of the factory are also some bad guys.

- Once you reached the roof take care, there are 3 guys hiding behind the 
ventilations and will suprise you. Once they are dead you can easily fly to the 

->Hint by alldead:
- Just land on the roof next to the suitcase with a helicopter and then snipe 
everything that moves.

 +---+                                                                  [.H.]
 +¦ H ¦--------------------------------------------------+
  +---+           - UNIQUE STUNT JUMPS -                 ¦-+
    +----------------------------------------------------+ ¦

The unique stunts are listed by area, I hope my descriptions are good enough so 
that you will find themk all. If not please leave a comment below or drop me a 
line directly. You are encouraged to do the same if you have a better 
description or other improvements.


        STUNT 1

Location: Part of the Mission Movie Studio: G Spotlight.

Notes: Only partially accessible before. G-Spotlight is part of the movie 
studio asset missions.

        STUNT 2

Location: Drive from the police station in downtown in northern direction 
towards the Ammu Nation. There will be a huge set of stairs appearing to your 
right. Use these stairs to jump to the roof on the other side of the road.

Notes: Part of the Bikergang: Hog Tied mission.
But this stunt is always accessible, without the need to be on the mission, 
unlike Stunt 1.

        STUNT 3

Location: Part of the Mission Movie Studio: G Spotlight.

Notes: Just as Stunt 1 only partially accessible before. G-Spotlight is part of 
the movie studio asset missions.

        STUNT 4

Location: Part of the Mission Movie Studio: G Spotlight.

Notes: Only partially accessible before. G-Spotlight is part of the movie 
studio asset missions.

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                        Little Haiti

        STUNT 5

Location: To the south of the Moist Palms Hotel get into the road to the west, 
heading for Phil's place. Cross the first T intersection and then enter the 
next small alley to the left.

Notes: Get good momentum from the other side of the road. If you fly by a 
police bribe star you are on the right way. You have to jump over the billboard 
otherwise you fail the unique stunt. In front of the billboard is the 
helicopter for the Checkpoint Races: Little Haiti Helicopter mission.

        STUNT 6

Location: The ramp to the north of the wrecked school bus.

Notes: Drive to the end of the alley and then jump over the schoolbus.

        STUNT 7

Location: Over the sewer channel that goes straight through Little Haiti is a 
police bribe star. To the west of it is a wooden ramp. Jump over this ramp with 
enough momentum.

Notes: ---

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                        Little Havanna

        STUNT 8

Location: Ramp: Behind the Cherry Popper Ice Cream Factory is a huge open 
square with palms and an adrenaline pill. In the soutwestern corner of this 
square is the ramp. Drive it up and then to the left.

Notes:Get momentum: From the printworks to the south. Through the backyards 
towards the ramp and up we go.

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                        Escobar International Airport

        STUNT 9

Location: In the northeaster corner of the airfield is a pushable stairs. Jump 
over it towards the building.

Notes: ---

        STUNT 10

Location: To north of the terminal of the airport is a billboard. Surf it up 
and on until you are on the roof of the airport :)

Notes: ---

        STUNT 11

Location: At the end of the one runway that goes across the other are two 
ramps. Jump over the higher one on the left.

Notes: Jump over the fence to the other side of the road.

        STUNT 12

Location: The stairs leading over the easter gangway.

Notes: ---

        STUNT 13

Location: The stairs at the western gangway close to the terminal.

Notes: ---

        STUNT 14

Location: Another set of stairs to jump over at the western gangway. The one in 
an angle in front of a plane.

Notes: Under and on top of the plane are hidden packages #91 and #92. Jump over 
the gangway.

        STUNT 15

Location: The stairs to the west of the red tower.

Notes: Make sure to jump OVER the tower.

        STUNT 16

Location: The yellow number sign in front of the red tower.

Notes: The same as with stunt 15, make sure to jump OVER the tower.

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                        Starfish Island
There is only one stunt on Starfish Island. Easy to find, hard to do...

        STUNT 17

Location: Coming from Washington Beach you drive onto Starfish Island. Take the 
first road to the right and the third house on the right has a locked gate. 
Drive on a bit and there is a small alley going to the right. Turn right from 
that alley and you are in front of that house. On the southern side of the 
house are some stairs. This is your ramp!

Notes: You can get momentum from another garder where the gate is open.

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                        Vice Point

        STUNT 18

Location: The concrete block to the south of the Malibu Club.

Notes: You have to make it to the other side of the river. Get straight onto 
the ramp.

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                        Washington Beach

        STUNT 19

Location: From stunt 18 just go south through the grass to find another 
concrete block you can use as a ramp.

Notes: ---

        STUNT 20

Location: The construction site of Averey Carrington. You will need a PCJ600 
here. Drive all the way to the top and jump from the steel beam extending to 
the north.

Notes: Start all the way back to get as much momentum as possible. And drive in 
a straight line!!!

The other steel beam going southwest has the hidden package #20 on the end.

        STUNT 21

Location: To the west of the Washington Beach police station is another 
concrete block.

Notes: Jump to the other side of the river.

        STUNT 22

Location: The same as for jump 21 only backwards.

Notes: Jump over the pile of dirt.

        STUNT 23

Location: The ramp to the south of the Malibu Club. Hard to miss, it is at the 
beginning of the alley for stunt 24, 26, 27 and 30.

Notes: Get momentum from the Malibu and hope that noone comes against you. Then 
speed over the ramp and jump over the first roof.

        STUNT 24

Location: The stairs Tommy is standing on while the Colonel Cortez: Guardian 
Angels Mission.

Notes: Fahre mit leichtem Rechtsdrall an, da du auf das Dach auf der anderen 
Straßenseite springen musst, um den STUNT erfolgreich zu beenden.

        STUNT 25

Location: The stairs Lance is standing on during the Colonel Cortez: Guardian 
Angels mission. Drive it up coming from the east.

Notes: land in the green of the police station.

        STUNT 26

Location: Some more steps in the same alley as stunt 24, just a bit farther to 
the south.

Notes: just like for stunt 24.

And while you are here, there is the hidden package #11 on the end of the roof.

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                        Ocean Beach

        STUNT 27

Location: Still in the same alley even farther south there is a small ramp made 
out of 2 paletts.

Notes: Get lots of momentum and shortly before jumping crash into the wall to 
get pushed to the left so you fly to the left. Otherwise you will crash into 
the house on the other side of the road and the stunt won't count.

        STUNT 28

Location: From stunt 29 over the stairs to the next roof and over the ramp on 
the left end in the same direction.

Notes: ---

        STUNT 29

Location: From the southwestern end of the roof of the shopping center you get 
momentum and drive to the southeastern end. The slope up there will be the 

Notes: Hidden package #8 is really close by and there is also stunt 28 really 

        STUNT 30

Location: Drive farther on the alley to the south from stunt 27. There are 2 
more paletts that you should use as a ramp.

Notes: drive there coming from the south, going north.

       STUNT 31

Location: From the roof of the parking lot with the green plants on the outside 
(you enter here to get Lance and the weapons on the Colonel Cortez: Guardian 
Angels mission) jump over the concrete block in the corner to the next roof in 
southern direction.

Notes: Jump to the south, not to the west.

        STUNT 32

Location: Look at your map. To the west of the parking lot is a place where an 
upside down L shows an alley. Drive this alley to the south, over the street 
and through the yard and up the stairs (next to the armor icon) and jump over 
these stairs.

Notes: You also pass through here in the Checkpoint Races: PCJ Playground 

        STUNT 33

Location: The house you land on after you completed Stunt 32 has another ramp 
on the roof. Jump over it.

Notes: ---

        STUNT 34

Location: Drive into the open gate on the docks (to the north of the Colonel) 
and turn left. Now jump over the water with full speed.

Notes: Continue on to stunt 35, so keep your balance.

        STUNT 35

Location: Right after stunt 34 there is yet another ramp over the water.

Notes: To reach the main land again jump to the left now.

                        Prawn Island
        STUNT 36

Location: On the roof of the broken houses to the east of the film studio.

Notes: Drive a PCJ over the ramp and jump one roof farther. Then get momentum 
from the farthest back you can get there and jump all the way into the movie 
studio area.

                        PRAWN ISLAND

              STUNT 36

Location:     Auf dem Dach des kaputten Häuserkomplexes östlich des

Beachte:      Fahre mit ner PCJ über die Rampe hinweg, springe ein Dach weiter
              und dann vom äußersten Rand Anlaufen und bis ins Filmstudio

 +---+                                                                  [.I.]
 +¦ I ¦--------------------------------------------------+
  +---+              - HIDDEN PACKAGES -                 ¦-+
    +----------------------------------------------------+ ¦

Well, well, the hidden packages in GTA Vice City. You have to suffer a lot to 
find them all but once you found them you are well prepared for the game, so 
get into it...
And you earn $100 for every Package you find, and the last one, the 100th 
hidden package earns you $100,000. That's nice, isn't it?
And in case you came here via a seatchengine of your choice because you are 
missing exacly one package and now you want to know which package you are 
missing, well, you will have to check the whole lits because nobody can and 
will know which package you are missing. But Number 45 is always worth a try...

All the descriptions refer to buildings in this part of town the package is in, 
if not this will be noted especially. So let's get it on. I hope I manage to 
get the descriptions quite accurate...
If you can reach a package only by helicopter this is also mentioned. It can 
also be possible to reach the package without helicopter but it is a lot easier 
if you come there with the heli, and yes, this is also noted. Of course you can 
just grab a helicopter and collect all the packages in one go.
A helicopter can often be very helpful but also very deadly sometimes. But it 
is worth a try to get all packages in one go, because you just cannot reach 
some hidden packages without the helicopter. And when you first have to search 
for one then it can be very annoying. But if you are already flying around with 
one this is pretty handy. So what does this mean? Maybe that you should really 
try to get them all with the heli.

In case you are missing a single package and you didn't drop down into a hole 
yet then look for the Hidden Package 45 on Prawn Island. This is probably the 
best hidden package ever in GTA Vice City.

So what do you get for all the collected hidden packages? Here is the complete 
list, for every 10 collected hidden packages you get something delivered to 
your hideout(s).

10 Päckchen : Armor
20 Päckchen : Chainsaw
30 Päckchen : Colt Python
40 Päckchen : Flame Thrower
50 Päckchen : Sniper Rifle (Laser)
60 Päckchen : Minigun
70 Päckchen : Rocket Launcher
80 Päckchen : Sea Sparrow
90 Päckchen : Rhino
100 Päckchen : Hunter + $ 100000

All up to the Sea Sparrow are weapons that can be found at the Ocean View 
Hotel, the Vercetti Estate and the Hyman Condo. The Sea Sparrow Helicopter only 
appears on the helipad behind your Villa on Starfish Island. The Rhino is a 
nice tank and the hunter is an Apache War Helicopter, both only appear within 
the Army Base on the second island. It is said that the Hunter sometimes 
appears on the helipad on the southend of the first island, but I've never 
found it there. 

            OCEAN BEACH

        Hidden Package 1

On the beach at the southwestern end of the island is a lighthouse. The package 
is on the stairs in leading up the lighthouse.

        Hidden Package 2

The fountain well on the southern end has a house to the south of it. On the 
backside of the house is a small set of stairs with a door, to the left of this 
is the package.

        Hidden Package 3

From the fountain well to the southwest there is a rock formation in the water. 
You cannot see the package from the mainland. So get a boat from the pier and 
drive there. It is on the rocks.

        Hidden Package 4
Helicopter required
or boat

Even farther to the southwest there are 3 fishing huts in the open sea. The one 
farthes away and most destroyed has hidden package 4. There is also a rampage 

        Hidden Package 5

On the pier (on the other side of the meeting point for Colonel Cortez) is a 
underground car park. In the far left edge you will find the package.

        Hidden Package 6

To the south of the hospital are 2 white buildings. behind the 2nd one seen 
from the hospital the package is located.

        Hidden Package 7

Under the bridge to the 2nd island. Enter from the north via the grass area, 
there is a path under the bridge which lead directly to the package.

        Hidden Package 8
Helicopter useful

To the east of the shopping mall there is a building with the package on the 
roof. Just do the UNIQUE STUNT 29 and get to the right (south) from the roof 
you land on. Use the ramp here or use a helicopter.

        Hidden Package 9

To the east of the shopping mall is a building with a round GGs Open with 
scissors. Follow this sign around the corner. You will see a red white red 
building and to the right of it a really high bright red hotel. It is in the 
pool of the hotel right next to an armor. 


        Hidden Package 10

Behind the buyable asset building 1101 Washington Street, on the other side of 
Ken's office.

        Hidden Package 11

From the UNIQUE STUNT 26 (the 2nd ramp made from stairs in the alley behind the 
Ocean View) you land on a roof. In the southwestern corner of this roof the 
package can be found.

        Hidden Package 12
Helicopter needed

To the south of the police station is a blue white striped huge building. Land 
a heli on the roof and search.

        Hidden Package 13

On the southern end of the bridge from PACKAGE 11 to the Tool-Shop. When coming 
from package 11 it's on the right side close to the water.

        Hidden Package 14

Drive straight towards the beach from the police station and keep driving 
straight. If you keep straight you should land at the hut with the package on 
If not search all the huts around here. Maybe to the north...

        Hidden Package 15

To the west of the Tool-Shop is a hotel komplex with a flat part of the 
building in the middle. In the southeastern part of this you can find the 
package hidden in a corner.

        Hidden Package 16

In the same hotel building complex as Package 15. Inside the shower cabins on 
the northwestern edge. You can find it in the orange colored shower boxes.

        Hidden Package 17

Under the bridge to starfish island. But still on the Washington Beach side.

        Hidden Package 18

On the 2nd floor of the police station in an office. In the Malibu Club: No 
Escape? mission you pick up the keycard right next to it.

        Hidden Package 19

Behind the SpandEX building. These are to the east from the meeting point with 
Averey Carrington. You have to start a fight in the Ken Rosenberg: Riot mission 

        Hidden Package 20

There is an unfinished building close to Avery's meeting point. Walk along the 
steel beam showing to the southwest all the way to the end. The beam leading to 
the north is used for the STUNT 20. 
                VICE POINT

        Hidden Package 21

To the west of Averey's construction site is a row of houses. On the backside 
is a path leading in to the water. The package is on it.

        Hidden Package 22
Helicopter needed

On the roof of the building to the southeast of the Malibu Club. There is a 
pool on the roof. Look in the southwestern corner of the pool.

        Hidden Package 23

Behind the Malibu Club. Nothing more to say on that one...

        Hidden Package 24
Helicopter needed

On the roof (with pool) to the north of the Malibu Club. The house is part of 
the Movie Studio: Marthas Mug Shot mission. (Candy and Alex are having fun in 
the pool there.)

        Hidden Package 25

Inside the Pizza Restaurant.

        Hidden Package 26

Behind the stairs of the white building to the northeast of the Pizza 

        Hidden Package 27

Behind the WL Chariot Hotel (to the east of Package 24), on the other side of 
the pool.

        Hidden Package 28

Behind the counter of the juweler.
See also: Robbing shops

        Hidden Package 29

At Mercedes' house (coming from Leaf Links the first one on the left) get up 
the first ramp, via the second one to the pool and the left at the emergency 

        Hidden Package 30

Walk along the way over the roof that you run along in the Ricardo Diaz: The 
Chase mission until you are on the second roof. There is is hidden.

        Hidden Package 31

At the end of the roofs you run along for the Ricardo Diaz: The Chase mission 
and where you can also find the Hidden Package 30 there is a pink house. On the 
other side, behind the fence the package hides.
It is still inside the building complex with the many fences and the police 
bribe star. Very to the north of this.

        Hidden Package 32

At the hotel with pool at the very sharp coast road walk up the stairs and 
right at the very sharp turn you will find the package. But still inside the 
Hotel area.

        Hidden Package 33

On the highest diving board of the hotel at the sharp turn.

        Hidden Package 34

At the southern end of the concrete post of the bridge to Prawn Island. Search 
at the end of a walkway.

        Hidden Package 35

On the beach. Search for the RC Bandit Race. In the map you got with the game 
it is also shown. It is hidden behind the sign with Jocksport on it.

        Hidden Package 36

To the east of the North-Point-Mall are 2 buildings. On the northern side of 
the northen building is the package.

        Hidden Package 37

The North-Point-Mall has two entrances to the north. Right inbetween these 2 
entrance is package numero 37.

        Hidden Package 38

Inside the North-Point-Mall on the 2nd floor, the upper floor in the last 
corner in the northeast. In front of a shop where there are a lot of Sale signs 
inside the window.

        Hidden Package 39

Just like package 38 in the upper floor of the NPSM, and this time exactly on 
the other side, inside the clothes store The GASH!

        Hidden Package 40

This package is in the parking lot to the west of the North-Point-Mall. And it 
is right on the level you enter. Isn't this nice. 

              PRAWN ISLAND

This is just a tiny small island but there are quite some packages hidden here. 
And to find them all you just have to read on :)

        Hidden Package 41

In the part of the houses that is cut off from the road to the east of the 
movie studio. There it is in the southern blind alley that you can enter from 
the east. And it's really and alley, no road.

        Hidden Package 42
Helicopter needed

Next to the Studio D is a blue building. Right on top of it. Use a helicopter 
to land here. This is easier than jumping up there via one of these trucks with 
ramps on their back and stop right there.

        Hidden Package 43

Inside one of the storage buildings on the northeaster edge of the are of the 
film studio. In the dark.

        Hidden Package 44

In the northern part of the island. On the veranda of the western house.

        Hidden Package 45

And again in the northern part of Prawn Island. This package is probably the 
best hidden, hardest to find package in GTA Vice City.
In the northern part of Prawn Island you enter the eastern house. You also 
enter here in the Ricardo Diaz: Phnom Penh 86 mission and kill some guys. So if 
you enter this house now through the door you can see a crashed and crumbled 
balcony to your right and a hole in the wall. Now walk up the stairs to the 
second floor (1st floor in america) and from there SLOWLY drop over the edge of 
the balcony into the hole. You will probably land on the broken wall, so turn 
around and jump into the hole. Fear not, there is a heap of trash in there 
helping you out again, and also and more important, there is the hidden 


On the Leaf Links Goldcourse all hidden packages are not accessible from the 
road, and when you enter the area you have to deposit all your weapons at the 
To not be unarmed just beat up a golfplayer and your fist are also still there.
If you beat up a golfplayer the paramedic van will come towards the scene after 
some time and you can steal it. I don't want to know how he made it through the 
barricades, but who cares you now have something to drive and don't have to 
walk everything. Well, it is not the best car (actually, it is the worst), but 
noone forces you to do it this way, SO DO IT NOW!

        Hidden Package 46

Under the bridge leading from the Leaf Links Goldfcourse island to Vice Point. 
Not accessible from the road.

        Hidden Package 47

Well, this is hard to describe, I'll do my best.
Seperate the northern part of Leaf Links into a western and an eastern part. We 
are now talking about the eastern part. In this eastern part of the norther 
part you get to the very west. Alright? There is the pratice shooting range, 
all the way in the north there is the hidden package.

        Hidden Package 48

To the northwest of the main and entrace building a S-formed road crawls up the 
hill. Look for the package in a sand bunker at the very end of the S-shaped 

        Hidden Package 49

Now please enter the southern part of the Leaf Links island.
Right in the middle of the big island is a pond. There is a small island in the 
pond. And right on this island is the object of your desire.

        Hidden Package 50

On the small and narrow bridge connecting the two southern islands. 

                          STARFISH ISLAND

        Hidden Package 51

Next to Diaz' or your house, all in the east of the area, at the stairs leading 
into the water.

        Hidden Package 52

In a small and narrow alley between the westend of your property and the 
neighbouring property. Really at the end of the alley, almost in the water.

        Hidden Package 53

In the western property of the the two houses in the middle of Starfish island. 
Who lives there? When I'm living on such a small island I want to live at the 
water! Not even the Rockstar symbol in the pool sells it for me. Well, the 
package is up the stairs at the backdoor of the house with the Rockstar symbol 
in the pool.

        Hidden Package 54

In the whirlpool of the house in the east of the island. The house with the 
basketball baskets.
And really close is also package number 55.

        Hidden Package 55

In front of the front foor of the house in the northeast of Starfish Island. 
The house has a purple roof and package 54 is also really close. 


        Hidden Package 56

At the eastern waterside, close to the water, above, well, nothern to the 
bridge coming from Prawn island. Here it is hidden in a small alcove in the 
wall of the white house.

        Hidden Package 57

On the sculpture of modern art inside the V.A.J Finance building.
You pick up Candy Suxxx here in the first Movie Studio mission.

        Hidden Package 58

In front of the Hyman Kondo a wild path passes. Follow it to the east and you 
will reach Mars Cafe. Behind the Mars Cafe is the package.

        Hidden Package 59

On a parking space in the northwest of the Hyman Memorial Stadion. That's about 

        Hidden Package 60

In the lowest level of the parking house of the hospital in DOWNTOWN.
The Hospital is called Schuman Health Care Center. Ask a passenger for the way 
or beat him up or shoot him in the head.
Or let him beat you up instead, if you go KO you will wake up in the hospital 
if all this happens in downtown.

        Hidden Package 61
Helicopter helpful

When coming over the bridge from downtown you see a huge house to the right. 
This is the News tower of Vice City.
Get out of your car and search for an open door to the north of the bridge but 
still close to the road. Enter it and you will reappear on the roof. If you are 
lucky you can even find the heli of the news agency. And there is a helipad on 
the roof. And between the helipad and the door, on an alcove the package is 
You can also get here with a helicopter, but this is not neccessary.

        Hidden Package 62

Inside the office building you enter for the Movie Studio: G Spotlight mission 
to reach the elevator. It is behind a desk to the right of the elevator.

        Hidden Package 63

Behind the Moist Palms Hotel, almost in Little Haiti already, behind the 
parking lot in the farthes corner next to a ramp with Hi Press Gas Hot Steam 
written on it. 

                         LITTLE HAITHI

        Hidden Package 64

Behind Phil Cassidy's junkyard in the northwestern corner of the waterside 
really close to the water.

        Hidden Package 65

Inside the hut on Phil Cassidy's junkyard.

        Hidden Package 66

Behind the house 2 houses to the north of Kaufmanns Cabs some stairs lead up. 
At the end of the stairs the package is waiting for you.

        Hidden Package 67
Helicopter helpful

Coming over the bridge from Leaf Links follow the road along the long 180° 
turn. Once the road faces away from Leaf Links there is a small side road to 
the left. On this corner you can find the building with the hidden package 67 
on the roof. You can get there without a helicopter but of course it is easier 
with one.

        Hidden Package 68

To the east of Kaufmanns Cabs are a lot of wrecked houses. On the stairs of the 
house closest to Kaufmann Cabs is the package.

        Hidden Package 69

On the graveyard. The graveyard is like a backyard behind the Funeraria Romero 
to the south of the Pizza Restaurant. This is where the people meet that later 
throw explosive corpses at you in the Averey Carrington: Two Bit Hit mission.

        Hidden Package 70

Drive the road to the south of Print Works all the way to the western end. 
Continue north here. The road turns to the right, to the east in a longer turn. 
On the roof of one of the buildings to the souteast of the turn in the package, 
somewhere between generators and air contitioning vents.

        Hidden Package 71

To the east of the Print Works is a property with a wooden fence. After that 
the road goes all the way to the north (and also to the east, but that doesn't 
matter). Search inside the fenced in area. On the outside there is an 
advertisment with Life is a Bitch written on it. 

                           LITTEL HAVANNA

        Hidden Package 72

Inside the Laundromat. This is a shop you can rob, check the link.
From the Print Works take the road to the west, then left, right and enter the 
shop with Laundromat written on it.
PACKAGE 73 is also close by.

        Hidden Package 73

On the other side of the road of the LAUNDROMAT. Look for direction for the 
laundromat under PACKAGE 72. It is on the entrance of a house with FOR SALE 
written on it.

        Hidden Package 74

To the north of Cafe Robina, the meeting point of the Cubans, a road to the 
north goes away from the road. Here you enter an alley to the north and branch 
off to the east and enter a fenced in area.

        Hidden Package 75

Follow the road to the west from Cafe Robina, and at the place where another 
road leads to the north there is ahuge billboard advertising Kaufmann Cabs.
The package is on the billboard. You reach it via all the backyards behind the 
billboard and get up the stairs there. Use the sniper rifle to view the package 
from the ground, it is located at the left end, farthest from the closest 

        Hidden Package 76

Behind the counter of the Doughnutshop. This one is to the south of the Cherry 
Poppers Ice Cream Factory.
You can also rob the doughnut shop, check the link.

        Hidden Package 77
HeliCopter helpful

Drive to the west from the Doughnutshop. You come to a fork to the left and 
right behind it another turn to the right. At the corner of the fork to the 
left is a house with package 77 on the roof. 

                      VICE PORT

        Hidden Package 78

Inside the Sunshine Autos house on the first floor (2nd in america) close to 
the window next to the Sandking... if you have it already.

        Hidden Package 79

On the other side of the road from Sunshine Autos are two huge reservoir tanks. 
They are connected by some pipes. Under one of these pipes you can find the 

        Hidden Package 80

In the fenced in area with the huge tanks (from package 79) in the southwestern 
corner between two trailers.

        Hidden Package 81

From the bridge from Washington Beach to the south you pass by a lot of green 
white striped houses on the right side.
Even before you enter into the port area with the barrier. It's on the parking 
place in front of the 6th house from the north.

        Hidden Package 82

On the eastern freight ship. On the eastside of the ship, quite in the middle 
of the length.

        Hidden Package 83

Close to the road right in the port area is a house with a sign with Vice City 
Port Authority on it. Behind the sign you can find the package.

        Hidden Package 84
Helicopter needed

On the southwestern freight ship. You need the helicopter to get on here.

        Hidden Package 85

Drive the road to the south from Sunshine Autos and then towards the airport. 
But don't turn north to the terminals but turn left before towards the south 
and then drive until you are at the water. To your left (east) is a huge hall. 
Inside a small office like seperate room inside this hall is the package.
From here you can easily access Package 87!

        Hidden Package 86

Search for 8-Ball's bombshop. It is at the edge of the area where the many 
taxis attack you on the Kaufmanns Cabs: Cabmageddon mission, and in the 
northwestern corner is also the package. 


Hidden Package 87
Helicopter helpful

On the roof of the building on the other side of the hall from Package 85. At 
the southeastern end of the airport area.

Hidden Package 88

Directly on the southernmost Helipad.

Hidden Package 89

On the northeastern end of the runway that is going across the two parallel 
runways. At the 2nd hangar hall from the end of the runway. But on the side 
facing the runway. You can easily reach it with a jump from one of these 
concrete blocks.

Hidden Package 90

On the eastern gangway. On the southermost tip.

Hidden Package 91

Right in the southwest there is an airplane parked at the western gangway. 
Right on top of the plane is the package. And Package number 92 is also really 
close, it's right below it.

Hidden Package 92

Right in the southwest there is an airplane parked at the western gangway. 
Right under the plane is the package. And Package number 91 is also really 
close, it's right on top of it.

Hidden Package 93

To the west of Package Number 92 is a hanger with a plane in it. Under one of 
the plane's big wings you can find the package.

Hidden Package 94

In the northwestern corner of the maneuvering area is a firefighter station 
with a red antenna on the roof. Behind this building you will find what you are 
looking for.

Hidden Package 95

Inside the airport. In the southwestern corner behind a wall in front of the 

Hidden Package 96
Helicopter helpful

On the roof of the airport building. Fly here with heli or surf up via the 
Unique stunt 10.

Hidden Package 97

Inside the airport building. On the first floor (2nd in america) at the eastern 
gangway. This time from the inside. Above the gangway there is GATE 8-1 

Hidden Package 98

In the direction towards Little Havanna there are a lot of advertisment 
billboards. Behind one of them you will find number 98.

Hidden Package 99

To the north of the airport building is yet another maneuvering area with a 
turn in the runway. On the western end of the runway is a plane and under the 
wing of the plane is the package.

Hidden Package 100

Behind the sign Air Reserve Fort Baxter Air Base. Fort Baxter is in the north 
of the airport area.
Attention, if you are not wearing a police uniform at the moment the military 
will shoot at you, so better wear one or come here with full health and 

 +---+                                                                  [.K.]
 +¦ K ¦--------------------------------------------------+
  +---+              - STORES TO ROB -                   ¦-+
    +----------------------------------------------------+ ¦
You can earn some quick money by robbing 15 stores in GTA Vice City. This also 
accounts to your 100% completion of the game.
To rob a store just enter the described shop, draw your gun and aim at the guy 
at the register. He then throws his money at you as long as you don't stop 
aiming at him. Of course your wanted level rises the longer you take his money, 
but you also get more money the longer you aim at him.
You can get a maximum of 4 cash packets from the cashier, the first is worth 
$50, the second is worth $100 and one wanted level star. The third cash packet 
is worth $250 and a second wanted level star and the last one is worth $500 and 
a third wanted level star. But if you stop holding up the cashier with no or 
one wanted level star you will still get 2 wanted level stars after that so it 
is well worth it to take all 4 cash packets and risk the 3 wanted level stars 
and then just drive into the next pay 'n spray.
Another way is taking only 2 packs of money and as soon as you have the first 
star you just shoot the shopowner before he can trigger the alert. This doesn't 
work all the time though.

You can rob every store as much as you want, but for the 100% you only have to 
rob each listed store once. You have to pick up at least one of the packs of 
cash so that the shop is counted as robbed.
          Washington Beach

 1      Bunch of Tools

To the west of the Washington Beach Policestation (over the channel) close to 
the bridge to Starfish Island.

          Vice Point

 2      Juwelery Store
Coming from Leaf Link towards Vice Point take the 2nd road to the right. There 
it is on the right side.
Behind the counter you can also find the Hidden Package 28.

 3      Corner Shop

On the Road from the Vice Point hospital to Prawn Island is a bright red 
building without a name close to the hospital. Looks like a supermarket from 
the inside.

 4      Dispensary Plus
One block to the west of the Corner Shop (mentioned above).

 5      The GASH!

In the North Point Shopping Mall..

 6      Tooled Up

In the North Point Shopping Mall.

 7      MusikStore

In the North Point Shopping Mall, 2nd floor.

 8      Juwelery Store
In the North Point Shopping Mall.


 9      Juwelery Store
On the other side of the road from the Pizza Restaurant and 50 meters to the 
north. On ground level there is a green shop.

 10     Dispensary Plus
To the south from the juwelery store, around the corner and right on the right 

            Little Haithi

 11     Ryton Aide Pharmacy

The huge building to the north of the Pay 'n Spray in Little Haiti.

             Little Havanna

 12     Coffee Bagels Donuts

On the other side of the road from the police station.
Don't forget the Hidden Package 76.

 13     Screw- This

From the Doughnut Store to the west and all along the road after about 150 
meters on the left side.

 14     Cafe Robina

Meeting point of the Cubans.

 15     Wäscherei (Laundromat)

From the Printworks take the road to the west, then turn left, then right and 
take the store with LAUNDROMAT written on it.
Don't forget the Hidden Package 72.



               ___...:::;;;=== Radio ===;;;:::...___


The various radio stations

    [.RADIO.01.] ....... V-Rock
    [.RADIO.02.] ....... Radio Espantoso
    [.RADIO.03.] ....... Fever 105
    [.RADIO.04.] ....... Wildstyle Pirate Radio
    [.RADIO.05.] ....... Wave 103
    [.RADIO.06.] ....... Emotion 98.3
    [.RADIO.07.] ....... Flash FM

    [.RADIO.08.] ....... VCPR   - Vice City Public Radio
    [.RADIO.09.] ....... K-Chat - talkradio

Here are the playlists for the first 7 channels, as the talk radios play no 
music but are funny as well.

                   V-Rock                                        [.RADIO.01.] 

01. DJ Lazlow Intro
02. You've Got Another Thing Comin' - Judas Priest
03. Too Young to Fall in Love - Mötley Crüe
04. Peace Sells - Megadeth
05. Dangerous Bastard - Rockstar's Love Fist
06. Turn Up The Radio - Autograph
07. DJ Lazlow Halftime
08. I Wanna Rock - Twisted Sister
09. Bark At The Moon - Ozzy Osbourne
10. Madhouse - Anthrax
11. 2 Minutes To Midnight - Iron Maiden
12. Raining Blood - Slayer
13. Cumin' Atcha Live - Tesla
14. Yankee Rose - David Lee Roth
15. DJ Lazlow Outro
16. Exploder
17. Thor 

                Radio Espantoso                                   [.RADIO.02.]

01. Pepe Introduction
02. Super Strut - Deodato
03. A Gozar Con Mi Combo - Cachao
04. Me And You Baby (Picao Y Tostao) - Mongo Santamaria
05. Mambo Mucho Mambo - Machito & His Afro-Cuban Orchestra
06. Jamay - Xavier Cugat & His Orchestra
07. Pepe Intermission
08. Mama Papa Tu - Mongo Santamaria
09. La Vida es Una Lenteia - Unaesta
10. Expansions - Lonnie Liston Smith
11. Aguanile - Irakere
12. Maracaibo Oriental - Beny Mor?
13. Latin Flute - Deodato
14. Mambo Gozon - Tito Puente
15. Pepe Outro
16. Fernando's Medallion Ad
17. Think Your Way To Success 

                     Fever 105                                    [.RADIO.03.]

01. DJ Oliver "Ladykiller" Biscuit Introduction
02. Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' - Michael Jackson
03. Automatic (Extended Version) - The Pointer Sisters
04. Act Like You Know - Fat Larry's Band
05. Juicy Fruit - Mtume
06. Behind The Groove - Teena Marie
07. DJ Oliver "Ladykiller" Biscuit Halftime
08. Get Down Saturday Night
09. Ghetto Life - Rick James
10. Shame - Evelyne "Champagne" King
11. All Night Long - Mary Jane Girls
12. Summer Madness - Kool & The Gang
13. I'll Be Good - Various,Angela Winbush,Rene Moore
14. And The Beat Goes On - Whispers
15. Dj Oliver "Ladykiller" Biscuit Outro
16. Salivex
17. Yuppie And The Alien 

                   Wildstyle Pirate Radio                         [.RADIO.04.]

01. Wildstyle DJ Intro
02. Rockit - Herbie Hancock
03. The Message - Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five
04. More Bounce To The Ounce - Zapp & Roger
05. Wildstyle DJ Mr Magic
06. One For The Treble (Vocal Mix) - Davy Dmx
07. Bassline - Mantronix
08. Wildstyle DJ Halftime
09. Hip Hop Bee Bop (Don't Stop) - Man Parrish
10. Al-Naafiysh (The Soul) - Hashim
11. Clear - Cybotron
12. Wildstyle DJ 3rd Quarter
13. Looking For The Perfect Beat - Afrika Bambaataa & The Soulsonic Force
14. Wildstyle DJ Mr Magic Premier
15. Rock Box - RUN DMC
16. The Breaks - Kurtis Blow
17. Wildstyle DJ Mr Magic Super Blast
18. Magic's Wand - Whodini
19. Wildstyle Dj Outro
20. Degeneration
21. Maibatsu Thunder 

                         Wave 103                                 [.RADIO.05.]

01. DJ Adam First Intro
02. Two Tribes - Frankie Goes To Hollywood
03. Pale Shelter - Tears For Fears
04. Kids In America - Kim Wilde
05. Atomic - Blondie
06. I Ran (So Far Away) - A Flock Of Seagulls
07. (Keep Feeling) Fascination - The Human League
08. DJ Adam First Halftime
09. 99 Luftballons - Nena
10. Love My Way - The Psychedelic Furs
11. Gold - Spandau Ballet
12. Hyperactive! - Thomas Dolby
13. Never Say Never - Romeo Void
14. Sunglasses At Night - Corey Hart
15. DJ Adam First Outro
16. Sissy Spritz
17. Synth And Son 

                        Emotion 98.3                              [.RADIO.06.]

01. DJ Fernando Intro
02. Africa - Toto
03. Crockett's Theme - Jan Hammer
04. Missing You - John Waite
05. (I Just) Died In Your Arms - Cutting Crew
06. Waiting For A Girl Like You - Foreigner
07. Broken Wings - Mr. Mister
08. DJ Fernando Half Time
09. More Than This - Roxy Music
10. Tempted - Squeeze
11. Keep On Loving You - Reo Speedwagon
12. Sister Christian - Night Ranger
13. Never Too Much - Luther Vandross
14. Wow - Kate Bush
15. DJ Fernando Outro
16. Knife After Dark
17. Petstuffers 

                         Flash FM                                 [.RADIO.07.]

01. DJ Toni Introduction
02. Out Of Touch - Hall & Oates
03. Four Little Diamonds - Electric Light Orchestra
04. Billie Jean - Michael Jackson
05. Your Love - The Outfield
06. Life's What You Make It - Talk Talk
07. Run To You - Bryan Adams
08. Dance Hall Days - Wang Chung
09. DJ Toni Mid Party Announcement
10. Call Me - Go West
11. Running With The Night - Lionel Richie
12. Self Control - Laura Branigan
13. Kiss the Dirt - Inxs
14. Owner Of A Lonely Heart - Yes
15. DJ Toni Outro
16. Blox Radio Commercial
17. Just The Five Of Us  


             ___...:::;;;=== Everything else ===;;;:::...___

                              verything els
                               erything el
                                rything e


        (((  1   Wheelie ........................... [.BONUS.01.]

        (((  2   Nose wheelie ...................... [.BONUS.02.] 

        (((  3   Keep up the ball .................. [.BONUS.03.]

        (((  4   Left Analogstick .................. [.BONUS.04.]

        (((  5   The Rhino - Tank .................. [.BONUS.05.]

        (((  6   The Hunter - secret vehicle ....... [.BONUS.06.]

        (((  7   Cool Glitches ..................... [.BONUS.07.]

        (((  8   At once to the second island ...... [.BONUS.08.]

                ((((  Wheelie  ))))                               [.BONUS.01.]
                      - 01 -

To do a wheelie you have to sit on a motorcycle. Then pull the Analog Stick (or 
the D-Pad) back and press X to speed up a bit. The best bike for Wheelies in 
GTA Vice City is the Sanchez Dirtbike. There you just have to let go of the X-
Button and keep back pressed. But then every now and then still press X for a 
The best places to do wheelies are the bridges or the runways at the airport.
You can't do a wheelie with the heavy biker bikes like the Angel.

                ((((  Nose Wheelie  ))))                          [.BONUS.02.]
                         - 02 -

To do a nose wheelie you need a motorcycle of course.
To finally do a nosewheelie go full throttle (sounds fast...) and then totally 
break and press to the front on your D-Pad or Analog Stick. If you are fast 
enough your back wheel moves up and away from the ground, your are only in 
contact with the earth with your front wheel and slide through the game world. 
As long as you don't crash into something and stay on your vehicle the time is 
taken until your back wheel touches the ground again.
You can reach quite some times this way.
In case you want to do more and exaggerate the whole thing (I'm quite sure you 
want to) you just need a motorcycle with front wheel drive.
There are only 2 vehicle in the whole world of Vice City that are like that. 
There is the Faggio Scooter and the Pizzaboy.
The Pizzaboy can be found behind every Pizza Restaurant, the Faggio can be 
found on the beach promenade. There is also always a Faggio a bit to the north 
of the Pay 'n Spray in Vice Point behind the trashcontainer at the corner.
So once you are on your wheels speed up (sounds fast? it isn't!), break, press 
up and this is what you know already. Now, once the back wheel reacht the peak, 
just step on the gas again, because the Faggio and the Pizzaboy have front 
wheel drive you can drive your nosewheelie just like a normal wheelie on the 
Just don't forget to keep up pressed and maybe correct you path a bit by 
steering like you would normally do, but not so strong.
This way you can reach a lot longer times
So have fun practising and beating highscores.

                ((((  Keep up the ball   ))))                     [.BONUS.03.]
                         - 03 -

In one of the swimming pools on Starfish Island there is a ball hidden.
You can kick it and keep it up like a Footbag. The game statistics counts your 
highscore for this pasttime in Vice City.

                ((((  Left Analogstick  ))))                     [.BONUS.04.]
                            - 04 -

2 cars in Vice City make something fun hapopen when you press on the Left 
Analogstick while all other cars just honk the car horn.
The first one is the Voodoo, the haitian ghettocruiser. If you press the left 
analogstick while in the Voodoo the hydraulic of the car lifts it up. Press it 
again and it goes down again.
The other car is every Taxi, after you delivered 100 passengers..

                ((((  The Rhino - Tank  ))))                     [.BONUS.05.]
                            - 05 -

What is the Rhino

Rhino is short form for Rhinoceros. And just as you don't want to get run over 
by a Rhinoceros you don't want to get run over by a Rhino tank.
The Rhino is a very well armored vehicle that can stand lots and lots of damage 
and has a cannon on board, what better thing is there to go on a rampage with 
in Vice City? If you collide with other cars these explode and open up the way.
If your wanted level reaches 6 stars the military comes along whith a Rhino 
tank, but they never use the board cannon.
The Rhino tank is bulletproof but weak to fire, like from Molotov Cocktails or 
from the flamethrower.

getting the Rhino - tank

There are a lot of methods to get the tank, the easiest is by cheating. You 
will find the cheat code in the (soon coming) Cheatcodes Section. The Cheat 
looks something like this:

O O L1 O O O L1 L2 R1 ^ O ^

But to get the Rhino this way you have to cheat and this is shown in your game 

Also cheating is no fun for a fun game like Vice City so let's see what else 
there is...

In the Sir, Yes Sir! mission by Colonel Cortez a Rhino tank is the main 
objective. And you can steal it! So do as mentioned in the text for the Colonel 
Cortez: Sir, Yes Sir! mission to get into the tank. But you are still on a 
mission while sitting in the tank. And if you just let the timer run out the 
tank explodes.
So drive to one of your houses really fast, perhaps the Hyman Condo and park 
the tank in the garage. Get out and stand in front of the garage door so that 
it won't close. Now wait until the timer to runs out and tank explodes. Now 
step away and let the door close, then open it again and you have the tank in 
your garage.
If you are running out of time when driving to the Hyman Condo read on in the 
hints section a bit below.

There is also the possibility to steal the tank from the military base after 
collecting 90 Hidden Packages.
To do so put on the police uniform from the police station in Washington Beach 
(you can find it there after completing the Vercetti Estate: CopLand mission), 
and then get to Fort Baxter. And get into the Rhino.
If you don't want to put on the police uniform for you own reasons you can 
start the rampage next to the military base and all military guys turn into 
gangmembers that don't care about you and don't shoot you anymore.
Or you just say screw it, and drive a car through the barrier, run to the Rhino 
and get in. You will get hit by some shots this way, but the Rhino is 
bulletproof. To get the Rhino this way you have to find lots of packages.

There is yet another way to get the Rhino:
Once your game progressed enough you can have 6 wanted level stars. Once you 
have 6 stars on your level the military comes at you with the Rhino. But they 
are very angry at you so you will get busted pretty fast once you sit in the 
So what can you do? Get into Sunshine Autos and get to the second floor. Shoot 
all windows and then party hard with your guns. It won't take long to reach the 
6 stars on your wanted level. Once the tank is coming shoot the tank driver 
with the sniper rifle through the small slot in the tank and then kill all the 
Cops, FBI guys and military guys to have a chance to get into the tank, 
otherwise you will get busted.
Now you drive into your own Pay 'n Spray in Sunshine Autos and get rid of the 
Cops, but have the Rhino.
For this you have love to have fun and survive hard action.


To drive faster with the Rhino tank to get away from the Army or to just move 
faster turn the turret to the back with the right Analogestick and shoot 
everything you've got. And you have unlimited ammo, so you will get a nice 

                ((((  The Hunter  ))))                           [.BONUS.06.]
                        - 06 -

What is the Hunter

The hunter is a military combat helicopter that is based on the Apache 
helicopter. The hunter has an onboard machine gun and an onboard rocket 
launcher. Both with unlimited ammo.
With the Hunter it is very easy to finish the R3 Missions: Vigilante mission 
and it is even fun to do so.

Getting the Hunter - Combat Helicopter

The Apache like Hunter appars on the Fort Baxter airbase once you collected all 
100 Hidden Packages. With some luck it appears on the Helipad on the southern 
end of the first island, but in almost all versions of the game the Hunter only 
appears there once you completed the game 100%. Your game stats will tell you 
how many percent you already completed.
Otherwise you will find it in Fort Baxter after collecting the 100 packages. To 
reach the Hunter alive you either fly with another heli into Fort Baxter, jump 
out and get into the hunter very fast and get away even faster.
Or you take a slower approach, to do so get into the police station in 
Washington Beach and get the police uniform (you can get it there after 
completing the Vercetti Estate: CopLand mission) and then get to Fort Baxter. 
Now the military doesn't want to kill you any more. So just walk to the hunter 
and get your reward for collecting all 100 packages.
The rocket launcher on your Apache is pretty much worth it alone, just try it! 

                ((((  Cool Glitches  ))))                       [.BONUS.07.]
                          - 07 -

There are a lot of glitches in GTA Vice City. A glitch is something like a bug, 
but not gamebreaking but you can exploit it to do other funny stuff with it. 
There are so many glitches in GTA that mean people tend to call the game Glitch 
Theft Auto sometimes. But besides that I will some really great glitches for 
GTA Vice City here, probably not all known glitches as there are way too many. 
If you know a cool glitch write it into a comment or drop me a line.

  [.BONUS.07.h.] ..... 0.00 at Dirtring
  [.BONUS.07.g.] ..... Phnom Penh Suicide
  [.BONUS.07.f.] ..... Cars in Tommy Villa
  [.BONUS.07.e.] ..... more cars in a garage
  [.BONUS.07.d.] ..... Hands up
  [.BONUS.07.c.] ..... Bike Morphing Glitch
  [.BONUS.07.b.] ..... Drunk Glitch
  [.BONUS.07.a.] ..... Mysterious Ghostworld


  [.BONUS.07.h.] ..... 0.00 at Dirtring

Grab a Sanchez (for example from the Trial by Dirt Mission) and drive to the 
Hyman Memorial Stadion with it. Drive the Sanchez through the open door through 
that you enter the Stadion event missions. Get down from the bike in there and 
the mission starts. Well, you should check that the next station event really 
is Dirt Ring ;).
Now you are inside and there 2 two motocross machines in there. Get onto the 
Sanchez that has no pink marker under it and collect all the pink checkpoints. 
Once you got them all get onto the other Sanchez, the real deal with the pink 
marker underneath it. Now the mission starts and you already collected all 
checkpoints. So you did the mission in 0.00 seconds and get a lot of money! 


  [.BONUS.07.g.] ..... Phnom Penh Suicide

This is a funny glitch you can reproduce only at the start of the Ricardo Diaz: 
Phnom Penh 86 mission.
Drive a motorcycle to Diaz' villa and park the cycle in the pink marker. As 
soon as the cutscene starts press triangle. Once the scene is over you are 
still on your bike and not in the chopter, but you are talking to Lance. So 
drive somewhere from where you can see the helicopter above the house. Get out 
the rocket launcher and shoot the helicopter. After 3 hits it goes down and you 
die as you are in the helicopter. Great! 


  [.BONUS.07.f.] ..... Cars in Tommys Villa

If you try to get into the Villa on Starfish Island with a car the car always 
disappears. If you still insist on driving around your mansion with a fast car 
or a bike (who wouldn't like to do that) then this is pretty easy to do:
Get a fast car, for example the Infernus in front of the mansion and drive 
halfways through the door. This makes it easier to aim. Now drive backwards 
down the stairs in front of the house and then speed up and drive full throttle 
towards the door. Just a moment before entering the door you jump out fo your 
car and there you go, the car drives into the mansion. You need a lot of speed 
for this glitch so it doesn't work with every car. 


  [.BONUS.07.e.] ..... More cars in a garage 

This is pretty easy and works the same in GTAIII. Just park one car in the 
garage. When you come along with the next car, park it in front of the garage, 
get out, and get into the garage. Get in the car already in the garage and 
drive is halfways out so that it is halfways inside, halfways outside. Now the 
garage door won't close anymore. And this makes it easy to park the other car 
inside the garage and afterwards also park the first car inside again.
But be careful, a garage can not store more than 4 motorcycles. Every 
additional motorcycle will just disappear afterwards.
You can also use the garage as a cheap repeair shop (cheaper than Pay 'n Spray) 
for your wrecked cars. Just drive a wrecked car into the garage, let the door 
close. If you get in the car afterwards it is all repaired. 


  [.BONUS.07.d.] ..... Hands up

Get the Katana, the japanes sword. When pressing the action button to strike a 
blow while you are running Tommy holds his hand up. If you walk onto a pink 
marker to start a mission like that Tommy still holds his hand up like that. 
Even when you strike some more blows Tommy still holds his hand up like this.
Also when having the chainsaw selected when receiving the call for one of the 
assassination missions Tommy looks quite strange on the phone... 


  [.BONUS.07.c.] ..... Bike Morphing Glitch

You need a motorcycle for this glitch, preferably a PCJ600. Drive you 
motorcycle to a shop where you can change clothes. Park your bike directly on 
the marker for the clothes. Get off from the bike and get on it again so that 
you also change clothes at the same time. Now you are grown into your bike. You 
cannot fall off from the bike anymore now. To get out of this mutation press O. 


  [.BONUS.07.b.] ..... Drunk Glitch

This Glitch only works on the Last Missions: Keep your friends close mission, 
the very last mission.
Watch out there is a SPOILER ahead!

Some time into the mission you have to kill Lance on the roof of your mansion. 
After you killed him don't go back into the mansion to Sonny, but jump from the 
roof to normal ground. Blow up all the limos in front of your door. After they 
all are done grab the Infernus and drive to the western island. Now drive north 
or south, it doesn't really matter, but north works best. After some meters you 
map will disappear, this is interesting already. Now watch your surroundings 
while you speed along the road in a fast car. Everything becomes a blur and 
looks like you are drunk. 


  [.BONUS.07.a.] ..... Mysteriöse Geisterwelt

You absolutely need a Gold Caddy for this Glitch. You find a lot of them on the 
Leaf Links island, but most of them are in the fenced in area, but sometimes 
there are golfers driving around outside of Leaf Links. Also you can drive out 
of the gold course via the ramp to the west of the club house. Or you search 
for the Caddy in the bushes around the lighthouse in the southeast of the first 
island, there is one hidden there. Once you have a Golf Caddy drive it to the 
Northpoint Mall.
I like to save my Caddy in the garage of the El Swanko Casa just because the 
Glitch is so cool and I sometimes want to activate it just for fun.
So, drive your Caddy to the NPM.
Maybe you noticed you can't drive into the Northpoint Mall with a normal car as 
you don't get it through the narrow door. But you can drive a motorcycle into 
the NPM, the game loads and you are inside and can drive around in here. But 
with the Caddy you can make it through the first open door of the NPM. That's 
cool, isn't it?
No?, well then drive on, you can now drive through the black wall at the back 
of the entrance area as these walls are non blocking. That's cool, isn't it?
Now you are inside this rather strange looking Northpoint Mall. Get out of your 
Caddy and take a look around, explore the ghostly escalators and so on. Then 
try to leave the Northpoint Mall. Suddenly you are inside the normal NPM and 
your Caddy is also still in here. Well, do you have an idea what great thing 
you could do now?
Right, get in the Caddy and leave the same way you came in.
You enter a really cool and strange ghost world where peope are hovering 
through the air, cars do so too and you can see all the weapons and icons.
Have fun running into invisible walls :) 

                ((((  At once to the second island  ))))          [.BONUS.08.]
                               - 08 -

Officially you can only reach the 2nd island after completing the Ricardo Diaz: 
Phnom Penh 86 mission, but getting to the second island of Vice City without 
ever having started a single mission has some big advantages for you. But we'll 
cover that later, first we have to get there.

One (and my favourite) method is to jump into the movie studio area with a 
PCJ600, then get one of the trucks with a ramp, park it to face towards the 
bridge to downtown and then jump over the truck to the bridge and head off to 

Another possibility to get to the second island early on in the game is in the 
harbour of Ocean Beach. I never did it this way, but a lot of people claim this 
is possible so welcome to the list. It is said to be possible to park and 
ambulace backwards in front of the gate next to Cortez' gate and then jump over 
the gate via the ambulance.
But is is easier to get there with a PCJ600. the harbour looks like that with 
the gates:


So grab the PCJ600. There where the circle o is, is a tree. Crash into the 
place that is marked with the X. Of course do it at an angle so that you are 
thrown to the path behind the gate. Drive towards the X, check it out and then 
drive backwards over the path and then full throttle against the fence. This 
doesn't work all the time but very often.
Once you are over the gate, one way or the other, steal a boat and drive over 
to the second island.

The third option is to get onto the stone bridge between the first island and 
prawn island and wait for a boat. Then jump onto the boat and drive it over to 
the second island.

So, I'm on the second Island without having started a single mission, what do I 
do now?

Good questing, you can collect all hidden packages here, that is great because 
you can also steal a helicopter now and get all packages without having started 
one single mission. Then you save your game with 100 packages and no mission 
started and once you want to replay the game you start with this savegame and 
don't have to track down all 100 packages anymore but have all the advantages 
already. Of course having cleared the R3 missions also helps.
And you can buy the Scumhole Shack for just $1.000 and then save on the second 

            ___...:::;;;=== 100 % Checklist ===;;;:::...___

                             00 % Checklis
                              0 % Checkli
                                % Checkl
                                % Check

This chapter has every mission and tidbit needed for the 100% listed.
Print it out or save it to a txt file and check everything you did.

[_] The Party
[_] Back Alley Brawl
[_] Jury Fury
[_] Riot 
[_] Four Iron 
[_] Demolition Man
[_] Two Bit Hit
[_] Treacherous Swine
[_] Mall Shootout
[_] Guardian Angels
[_] Sir, Yes Sir!
[_] all hands on deck
[_] The Chase
[_] Phnom Penh '86
[_] The fastest Boat
[_] Supply and Demand
[_] Rub Out
[_] Death Row
[_] Cap the Collector
[_] Keep your friends close
[_] Stunt Boat Challenge
[_] Cannon Fodder
[_] Naval Engagement
[_] Trojan Voodoo
[_] Juju Scramble
[_] Bombs Away
[_] Dirty lickins
[_] Love Juice
[_] Psychokiller
[_] Publicity Tour
[_] Alloy Wheels of Steel
[_] Messing with the man
[_] Hog Tied
[_] Gun Runner 
[_] Boomshine Saigon
[_] Shakedown
[_] Bar Brawl
[_] Copland
[_] Checkpoint Charlie
[_] $300 for a stripper
[_] Kein Entkommen?
[_] Der Schafschütze
[_] Der Fahrer
[_] Der Coup
[_] Spilling the Beans
[_] Hit the Courier
[_] V.I.P.
[_] Friendly Rivalry
[_] Cabmageddon
[_] Sell 50 Icecreams
[_] Recruitment Drive
[_] Dildo Dodo
[_] Marthas Mug Shot
[_] G Spotlight
[_] The Races
    [_] Terminal Velocity
    [_] Ocean Drive
    [_] Border Run
    [_] Capital Cruise
    [_] Tour!
    [_] V.C. Endurance
[_] Cars 1
    [_] Landstalker
    [_] Idaho
    [_] Esperanto
    [_] Stallion
    [_] Rancher
    [_] Blista Compact
[_] Cars 2
    [_] Sabre
    [_] Virgo
    [_] Sentinel
    [_] Stretch
    [_] Washington
    [_] Admiral
[_] Cars 3
    [_] Cheetah
    [_] Infernus
    [_] Banshee
    [_] Phoenix
    [_] Comet
    [_] Stinger
[_] Cars 4
    [_] Voodoo
    [_] Cuban Hermes
    [_] Caddy
    [_] Baggage
    [_] Mr. Whoopee
    [_] Pizza Boy
[_] Taxi         100 Passengers
[_] Paramedic    Level 12
[_] Pizza        Level 10
[_] Vigilante    Level 12
[_] Firefighter  Level 12
[_] Road Kill
[_] Waste the Wife
[_] Autocide
[_] Check out at the Check In
[_] Loose Ends
[_] Hot Ring
[_] Dirt Ring
[_] Blood Ring
[_] Ocean Beach
[_] Little Haiti
[_] Vice Point
[_] Downtown
[_] RC Bandits
[_] RC Baron  
[_] RC Raider  
[_] Cone Crazy
[_] PCJ Playground
[_] Test Track
[_] Trial By Dirt
[_] Shooting Range 45 (!) Points
 [_]with Mission
[_] The Malibu Club
[_] Print Works
[_] Kaufman Cabs
[_] Boatyard
[_] Cherry Poppers Ice Cream Factory
[_] Film Studio
[_] Sunshine Autos
[_] Pole Position
 [_]without Mission
[_] Ocean Heights
[_] Links View Apartments
[_] 1102 Washington Street
[_] 3321 Vice Point
[_] Skumole Shack
[_] El Swanko Casa
[_] Hyman Condo
[_] Bunch Of Tools          - Washington Beach
[_] Juweler                 - Vice Point 
[_] Store without a name    - Vice Point
[_] Dispensary              - Vice Point
[_] The Gash!               - Vice Point (North Point Mall)
[_] Tooled Up               - Vice Point (North Point Mall)
[_] Music Shop              - Vice Point (North Point Mall)
[_] Juweler                 - Vice Point (North Point Mall)
[_] Juweler                 - Downtown
[_] Dispensary              - Downtown
[_] Ryton Aide              - Little Haiti
[_] Doughnut Shop           - Little Havana
[_] Screw This              - Little Havana
[_] Cafe Robina             - Little Havana
[_] Laundromat              - Little Havana

[_]1  [_]2  [_]3  [_]4  [_]5  [_]6  [_]7  [_]8  [_]9  [_]10
[_]11 [_]12 [_]13 [_]14 [_]15 [_]16 [_]17 [_]18 [_]19 [_]20
[_]21 [_]22 [_]23 [_]24 [_]25 [_]26 [_]27 [_]28 [_]29 [_]30
[_]31 [_]32 [_]33 [_]34 [_]35 [_]36
[_]1  [_]2  [_]3  [_]4  [_]5  [_]6  [_]7  [_]8  [_]9  [_]10
[_]11 [_]12 [_]13 [_]14 [_]15 [_]16 [_]17 [_]18 [_]19 [_]20
[_]21 [_]22 [_]23 [_]24 [_]25 [_]26 [_]27 [_]28 [_]29 [_]30
[_]31 [_]32 [_]33 [_]34 [_]35 [_]36 [_]37 [_]38 [_]39 [_]40
[_]41 [_]42 [_]43 [_]44 [_]45 [_]46 [_]47 [_]48 [_]49 [_]50
[_]51 [_]52 [_]53 [_]54 [_]55 [_]56 [_]57 [_]58 [_]59 [_]60
[_]61 [_]62 [_]63 [_]64 [_]65 [_]66 [_]67 [_]68 [_]69 [_]70
[_]71 [_]72 [_]73 [_]74 [_]75 [_]76 [_]77 [_]78 [_]79 [_]80
[_]81 [_]82 [_]83 [_]84 [_]85 [_]86 [_]87 [_]88 [_]89 [_]90
[_]91 [_]92 [_]93 [_]94 [_]95 [_]96 [_]97 [_]98 [_]99 [_]100
[_]1  [_]2  [_]3  [_]4  [_]5  [_]6  [_]7  [_]8  [_]9  [_]10
[_]11 [_]12 [_]13 [_]14 [_]15 [_]16 [_]17 [_]18 [_]19 [_]20
[_]21 [_]22 [_]23 [_]24 [_]25 [_]26 [_]27 [_]28 [_]29 [_]30
[_]31 [_]32 [_]33 [_]34 [_]35

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Version 1.00   11.03.2013
Finally translated this 10 year old guide into english. Have fun

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